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A Father’s Day Tribute To The Dads Of The Star Trek Movie June 21, 2009

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: List,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

For a movie that promised not to be "your father’s Star Trek," the new Star Trek film sure has a lot of fathers in it. Today on Father’s Day, TrekMovie.com celebrates the dads of the new Star Trek.



Each of the fathers or father figures in the new Star Trek movie, represents one of the key virtues that makes a great father.

Nero – Discipline
Yes Nero was the big bad evil guy of the movie, but what was it that made him that way? Nero tells Pike how how had chosen a life of ‘honest labor’ to provide for his wife and expectant child, and it was the loss of that wife and child that pushed the humble miner over the edge to give him a path that he stayed on unwaveringly. And for 25 years he held that crew of tattooed Romulans together while they were lost in time, that kind of focus and determination requires quite a bit of discipline. 

Sarek – Wisdom
In the Star Trek movie we learn that Spock’s emotional kryptonite is his mother Amanda. Like calling Marty McFly a ‘chicken’, pretty much any mention of Spock’s momma and you better get ready to rumble. But, it was Spock’s father who was imparting the life lessons for the half human, half Vulcan. It was his eminently logical father who set him straight both as a child after fighting the bullies as well as an adult after fighting Kirk, wisely telling him "what is necessary is never unwise" and supporting him by telling him he was ‘grateful’ for him. It is Sarek’s wise counsel that allows Spock to return to duty and help Kirk save the day.

George Kirk – Sacrifice
The best fathers know that theirs is a life of service to their children and spouses. While Nero represents a twisted version of this idea (he remains in service to his family and planet after their destruction although one wonders what his wife would have thought of his vendetta), George represents the pure notion of sacrifice and service. In one of the best sequences in franchise history, George Kirk’s heartbreaking sacrifice allows not only many in his crew to survive, but his wife and child. Kirk gets the miracle birth associated with all great mythological characters, and audiences are reminded through George that a humble life of sacrifice and service is an honorable path.

Capt. Pike – Encouragement
While Superman may have popularized the sentiment "The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son" the very best dads know if they do their jobs properly, their sons and daughters should surpass them in accomplishments. Fathers don’t compete with their kids, they encourage them to be better. As a father figure, Christopher Pike gives Kirk the encouragement he needs by ‘daring’ him to surpass his real father. And Pike has a faith in the young Kirk that he does not have himself, which we see when he promotes him to first officer. And is proud when his adoptive son surpasses him at the end of the film. Indeed, it may very well be that Kirk was heading down the same path as Nero (both being "salt of the earth" people whose loss of a loved one affected them in harmful ways) if not for Pike’s encouragement.

Spock Prime – Love
The time traveling Spock is a father figure to young Kirk and Spock, and by extension, the rest of the crew. And it is entirely appropriate that the elder Vulcan, who long ago (for him) realized that logic was merely the beginning of wisdom, represent the greatest of emotional connections between fathers and children: love. It is Spock’s love of his own crew, especially Kirk, that sets him upon his mission in the film. Spock implores his younger self to stay with Kirk and the crew, telling him of "the friendship that will define you both." And like a proud father seeing his child walk for the first time he wistfully recites "thrusters on full" as the crew he loves heads out, again and for the first time, on their mission to the final frontier.




1. lukas - June 21, 2009


2. The Galactic Battleburger - June 21, 2009

Perfect cap to a Trek Father’s Day. Thanks :)

3. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - June 21, 2009

Just one question…where did you all get these shots of the movie from? I’m pretty sure other than the Sarek shot, none of these shots are in clips available in trailers and such…

Oh yeah, happy Father’s Day! For those few of you that happen to be fathers out of pure luck anyay….


4. EMH22 - June 21, 2009

Very nice, good aspect on the new movie.

3. Yeah, where did those shots come from?

5. That One Guy - June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day to all!

6. JimJ - June 21, 2009

That was a NICE artile. Thanks for that. This is my first Father’s Day as a father. I really enjoyed this tribute!!!

7. AJ - June 21, 2009


Nero murdered 6 billion people as step 1 after lashing out and killing Captain Robau for uttering an unacceptable stardate. He’s more like my ex-wife than any good father (including myself) I have ever known. No discipline at all.

You’re better off looking at all of Trek for models of what constitutes a good (or bad) father.

Discipline: Sarek. Mark Lenard. Never satisfied with Spock’s choices, but always secretly proud, he was never able to descend to Spock’s level and tell him he loved him. He maintained his veneer, and his several rifts with Spock until he died. Also file under “love.”

Wisdom: Sarek (Ben Cross). Tempered by a more open love for Amanda, and the catastrophic events of ST09, he was able to convey to Spock a more balanced view of his heritage, and why he is always in conflict. Definitely loves his son openly.

Sacrifice: Nail on the head. George Kirk. Though, it certainly throws off the “work-life balance” equation.

Inability to live up to one’s own expectations, but makes the most of it due to a paternal love instinct:

Kirk in TWOK/TSFS. Data in “The Offspring”

Biggest unforgivable prick: Kyle Riker

Dad we all want: Chris Pike (Trek09)

8. Jeyl - June 21, 2009

All these Star Trek fathers and hardly ANY DAUGHTERS.

9. Kevin Rubio - June 21, 2009

Happy Father”s Day to all dads – past present and future

10. AJ - June 21, 2009

Aww Crap. Forgot Ben Sisko. Best Dad Ever.

11. Ashley - June 21, 2009

That really was one of the best sequences in franchise history.

R.I.P. George Kirk ;_;

12. Admiral Waugh - June 21, 2009

I’d just like to point out that Spock may very well be a father… we saw Saavik get off on Vulcan pregnant perhaps.

13. Darkwing - June 21, 2009

I know that the pike pic is floating around the net (i use it as my avatar at my forum)

14. Major Shat Lover - June 21, 2009

I’ve always thought that Geordi La Forge would be a cool dad for some reason. He should have been married in one of the films imo.

Scotty was too into the Enterprise in disturbing ways to have a normal relationship with a woman, much less raise a family properly. The “ample nacelles” line was a good early reference to this fact. Maybe in the alternate reality he’ll be able to make it happen with Keenser.

But seriously, Geordi would be a cool dad and should have been paired up with a great woman (probably a tad nerdy) some time between Generations and First Contact. Would have been a good compliment to the new eye implants that he has. I suspect that Geordi would have been better at the whole husband/father thing than Miles O’Brien.

15. Major Shat Lover - June 21, 2009

#12. My understanding is that the Saavik / Spock love affair isn’t cannon, and if it isn’t canon, there are multiple apocryphal accounts of Saavik’s life.

I kind of liked a story presented in an old Star Trek comic series which had Saavik as a Vulcan-Romulan hybrid who was taken in by Spock as a young child and entrusted to Sarek and Amanda who basically raised her. There was some great dialog in that comic based on the fact that Spock and Saavik were children of two worlds and all that. I suppose this apocryphal story doesn’t exclude the possibility that she was secretly in love with Spock and later they made whoopee as a result of his genesis induced Pon Farr from hell.

16. XAi - June 21, 2009

The Kelvin opening with the death of Robau and then George Kirk’s sacrifice was the best, most emotional moment I can recall for any Trek.
Wounding and blinding the tiger temporarily while the rest escape…Trek on TV was famous for the “hook”, setting the premise before the opening to hold the viewer.

What a hook.
Jimmy, you have a hell of a daddy.

17. nonymoose - June 21, 2009

Lovely post!

In TOS, didn’t McCoy have a daughter? I wonder if she exists in this alternate ‘verse?

18. XAi - June 21, 2009

#15 Major,

canon, dude. Thanks

Cannon is ball and fodder and gunpowder and “boom!”. You want the one with one less “n”.

19. Primogen - June 21, 2009

I just celebrated Father’s Day by seeing Trek again with my wife and kids. I don’t care what the commercials say — the movie is THIS father’s “Star Trek”.

In addition to being a Trek fan since seeing TOS’s premiere episode as a kid, I had a nice little trip down memory lane today:
– The son of one of the parents in our Boy Scout Troop played a Vulcan child (and his mom did Simon’s Pegg’s make-up).
– Another of our Troop families lives a stone’s throw from Vulcan (Vas Quez Rocks).
– Starfleet Academy was filmed at my old alma mater, Cal State Northridge.
– The engine room scenes were filmed at the nearby Budweiser brewery, which I toured as part of Busch Gardens as a kid.

So it was a great way to spend Father’s Day, and this article was the cherry on top!

# 17. nonymoose

The TOS episode ” The Way to Eden” was originally written by D.C. Fontana as “Joanna”, because one of the space hippies was supposed to be McCoy’s daughter. However, I think the producers changed it because they didn’t think that McCoy, as one of Kirk’s contemporaries, should be portrayed as having a daughter old enough for Kirk to date (my words).

20. Gummy - June 21, 2009

Nice and Thank you.

21. Mr. AtoZ - June 21, 2009

What about Captain Kirk (Shatner) his son David was killed in Star Trek III
They were on their way to having a good father, son relationship .

22. Cobalt 1365 - June 21, 2009

Terrific article, thanks for the wishes, Trekmovie!

23. bgiles73 - June 21, 2009

They should have made Nero to be Spocks son with a Romulan mother. Wasn’t Saavik half Romulan in the novelization of TWOK? That would have given Nero’s character more of an emotional impact in the movie and would have given him more complexity.

24. bgiles73 - June 21, 2009

It also would have given the movie a good son bad son dynamic. Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine’s characters of Kirk and Spock could have been like the good sons!

25. Josh - June 21, 2009

I saw Star Trek again yesterday and that part where George Kirk sacrifices himself made me tear up like a bitch. That is such a powerful scene. This article totally ruled. Thanks, Trekmovie!!!!!! :)

26. JeFF - June 21, 2009

“Thrusters on full…”

…I loved it when Nimoy said this. It was perfect.

27. Robert H. - June 21, 2009

Found my Next Generation toy phaser I got for Christmas over 15 years ago today, decided to give it to my son. He loves it.

28. Dad - June 21, 2009


Please take care of your spouses, sons and daughters. Be there for them.

29. Millennium Vulcan - June 21, 2009


Yeah but first he has to get a woman to sleep with him. The guy new the intricacies of warp field geometry but seemed to be inept in his interactions with the female of the species.

30. S. John Ross - June 21, 2009

George Kirk was cool; he’s one of the few elements in JJTrek that makes me just smile, nod placidly, and go “Yeah. That’s the stuff right there.”

31. Randy Hall - June 21, 2009

Very well-written piece. When I saw the movie in an IMAX theater, I felt a tear trickle down my face when George Kirk died.

I still find it almost poetic that one of the greatest disasters in Starfleet history produced one of the greatest heroes of all time.

And I still am getting over the role Bruce Greenwood put in as Christopher Pike. I hope we’ll see more of him in the future.

32. MC1 Doug - June 21, 2009

While we are addressing the movie only, let’s not forget the other great father’s from TREK long storied history (and this list is by no means complete).

Leonard McCoy (though we didn’t officially hear the word “my daughter” until TAS episode “Albatross”)
Matt Decker
Hikaru Sulu (lord only knows when that happened, though)
James Kirk

Lt. Cmdr. Worf
Jack Crusher
Dr. Soong (Data’s creator)
Chief Petty Officer Miles O’Brien

Captain Ben Sisko (one of the finest father-son relationships I have ever seen portrayed on film)

Lt. Tom Paris
Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok

Dr. Phlox

Feel free to add to the list.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

33. ERDL - June 21, 2009

As far as the Saavik question goes. She is half Romulan (at least the expanded universe books say so) and she eventually marries Spock (again, in the books). That wedding is the one Picard says he was at when he encounters Sarek in TNG.

34. Buzz Lancaster - June 21, 2009

WHY just “new movie” fathers….?

“Prime” James T. Kirk was a father…

“Prime” Leonard McCoy was a father…

Even “prime” Sulu was a father…!!

Strange family bonds in the future…

Congratulations, nevertheless…!!


35. Z Remorca - June 21, 2009

George Kirk’s sacrifice was one the best sequences on film ever. It takes a lot of nerve and daring to pull off a scene like that, and Abrams absolutely comes through. That scene even brought tears to my eyes… and geeks/nerds are difficult to break down. xD

36. toddk - June 21, 2009

ahh,, but let us not forget worf’s son alexander! “I don’t want to be a warrior” he said. :)

37. Hat Rick - June 22, 2009

I wish they would take out the reference to Nero in the article. He was not a father at all. He was a mass murderer — period, end of story.

Hitler loved his dog, after all, but so what? (Yes, I realize that this violates Godwin’s Law….)

38. Kirk, James T. - June 22, 2009


Oh dear,

Nero was seeking revenge for the death of his wife and unborn child. Plus the destruction of his home-world – Hitler wasn’t out for revenge because his wife was killed or home-world was destroyed, he believed what he was doing was for the good of Germany – he was a crazy dictator, Nero wasn’t crazy or a dictator and there’s a huge difference between a Dog and a Child.

39. Captain Dunsel - June 22, 2009

#38 “Nero wasn’t crazy …”

So, murdering billions of people is rational?

40. Tom - June 22, 2009

Um, guys this is where it gets creepy.

These characters are fictitious. There’s not sane reason to pay tribute to fictional fathers.

Wow, that’s why trekkers are deemed to be delusional losers.

And don’t say this is all in good fun. Most people wishing these non-existent fathers a happy father’s day are probably grown men.

41. S. John Ross - June 22, 2009

#40: “And don’t say this is all in good fun. Most people wishing these non-existent fathers a happy father’s day are probably grown men.”

Is the implication that grown men are not permitted to have good fun?

42. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - June 22, 2009

@40, If we’re all delusional losers, and you have nothing better to do than troll among them, what does that make *you*?

43. Sam Belil - June 22, 2009

Kirk was ALWAY MY #1 HERO!!!!!!
Sisko and Jake — their very close relationship reminds
me of the one I have with my 16 year-old son!

44. Shadowcat - June 22, 2009

Great article! Trek indeed has some wonderful Fathers. Even though my Dad and I haven’t always been close (my parents were divorced when I was 11) he has always been there for me. Father’s Day is a bit poignant for me this year because i just found out that my Dad has Alzheimers. Also that fact that I now live over 3,000 miles from him makes Father’s Day even more bittersweet for me.

Yes, Sisko and Jake. Their close relationship was my favorite things about Deep Space Nine.

45. SerenityActual - June 22, 2009

I also like the relationship between Ben and his own father. I really miss that crew ;)

46. CmdrR - June 22, 2009

Nah.. I think Nero and his crew woke up after a Romulan Ale bender… saw their tattoos in the mirror and said, “There is NO way I’m going home to the family looking like this!” The rest, as the say, is a quantum rewritten history…

47. TrekkieJan - June 22, 2009

Wonderful article, beautifully written! Really brought a lump to my throat. Hope all the Trek Dad’s out there had a great Father’s Day!

48. zirclet - June 22, 2009

As much as I love the new film, I think my only major disappointment with it was Ben Cross’ Sarek.
Mark Lenard scored a hat trick with every single appearance as this character; the tense, complex father-son relationship he shared with Nimoy across TOS, the films, and TNG was among the best ever depicted on film- and in true Trek tradition, one of the most realistic human relationships was one between two aliens.

49. Hat Rick - June 22, 2009

48, what did Mark Lenard score, again?

:-P ;-)

50. Gul B. - June 22, 2009

#14 In the alternate future in the last episode of TNG, Geordi was married to Dr. Leah Brahms and they had 3 children.

51. Closettrekker - June 22, 2009

#40—-We would only be ‘delusional’ if we refused to acknowledge that this is indeed fiction.

Lighten up.

52. Gul B. - June 22, 2009

Nice article, even if Nero didn’t really belong in it. (Or was that a reminder to send even not-so-good Fathers a greeting card? :))

The Kelvin scenes were a real highlight of the movie. George Hemsworth even reminded me a bit of TOS-Kirk. (More in type – and with his hairdo – than actually looking like a younger Shatner.)

Chris Pike should be voted “Best Surrogate Dad of the Galaxy” and definitely come back for the next movie.

Spock Prime, however, was not only a father figure but also a bit of a meddling Mommy. He basically told Spock jr. and Kirk (separately): “I don’t care if you don’t like that boy! I know what is good for you – Spock, Jimmy is good at sports/ Jim, Spock is good at academics – take him a bit as an example! Now you go over to him, play nice and be his friend!”
Each of his boys: “Okaaay, Mom …” (Shuffles over) ;)

53. Closettrekker - June 22, 2009

#48—-I am surprised you found that aspect of the film disappointing. What you may be missing is the fact that Sarek Prime never had cause to have such a moment with his son.

The closest he ever came was in the end of STIV.

Had he just experienced the violent loss of his wife and homeworld, followed by the subsequent concerning display of emotionally compromised behavior on the part of his son—-he may very well have been compelled to have that conversation.

In another words, the Sarek with which we are historically more familiar is the one counseling the younger Spock after the incident at school. The post-traumatic moment between Sarek and Spock felt quite natural to me…dare I say even “logical”, given the circumstances.

54. Spockish - June 22, 2009

Fathers Day is to honor the love that a Father bequests upon his children. And the children symbolicly show honor to this gift by returning the love in symbolic gifts since many children do not know the words of how to express the love in words.

To me one of the greatest values of LOVE is that for true love you value your life or the gift of your life is of more importance to give your existence before they shall forfeit theirs. Goeorge gave his life in honor of his wifes and their child. In way James T. Kirk honors his father almost every day by becoming one of the best Star ship Captain there ever was or could be.

In ways although another Time Line, Jim’s son in directly and kind of second offhandedly does the same in ‘The Search for Spock’.

A thought just flashed into my head, Star Trek may really be like a religion, we refer back to past story line the same as Holy bibles in most religions do, and we almost give chapter and verse marking points to what has happened before to embrace our statements of today. And ttending Movies can resemble passing the Donation dish. With going to the Trek Conventions almost being Holy gatherings of your local Chapter. And ‘The Great Bird of the Galaxy’ Mr. Gene Roddenberry Created the Universe, with JJ Abrams almost being human host for the almighty(The great Bird of the Galaxy).

So maybe Futurama’s 29th century is starting to form or mold into reality.

55. Shadowcat - June 22, 2009


What about Scotty’s relationship with Mira Romaine from the TOS episode “The Lights of Zetar”? I thought they made a great couple. I think they genuinely loved each other. Actually in the TOS novel “Memory Prime” by Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens, they are indentified as lovers. I know some of the TOS novelisations aren’t considered cannon, but I like to think they had a long-term relationship. Both of them are brilliant, eccentric, and yes a little nerdy. I would like to see a relationship between the both of them in this timeline. Perhaps in a novelisation or a comic book. UK actress Jessica Stevenson (Simon Pegg’s co-star from “Spaced”) would make a great Mira Romaine.

I think Geordi LaForge would have made a great Dad too. Geordi was one of my favorite characters from TNG. The right woman for him would have to be brilliant and bit nerdy as well.

I am partial to Miles O’Brien because he reminds me so much of my husband. He looks a lot like Miles and he has the Irish accent.

56. k7 - June 22, 2009

nice to know I’m not alone in liking the Scotty/Mira relationship

57. Chris - June 22, 2009

That George Kirk scene on the Kelvin was just a masterpiece.

58. Tim Thomason - June 22, 2009

A partial list of fathers (only around main characters):

* Henry Archer
* Richard Bashir
* Benaren
* Jack Crusher
* Data
* Magnus Hansen
* Paul Howard
* Admiral Janeway
* Kela
* Keldar
* John Kim
* Kira Taban
* George Kirk
* George Samuel Kirk
* James T. Kirk
* Kolopak
* Edward M. La Forge
* Captain Mayweather
* David McCoy
* Leonard McCoy
* Mogh
* Michael O’Brien
* Miles O’Brien
* Odo
* Owen Paris
* Tom Paris
* Phlox
* Maurice Picard
* Robert Picard
* Stuart Reed
* Kyle Riker
* Rom
* Nikolai Rozhenko
* Sergey Rozhenko
* Sarek
* Mr. Sato
* Sek
* Benjamin Sisko
* Joseph Sisko
* Noonien Soong
* Hikaru Sulu
* John Torres
* Ian Andrew Troi
* Charles Tucker II
* Charles Tucker III
* Tuvok
* Worf
* Lewis Zimmerman

59. Christine - June 22, 2009

Aww, yaay, cute~ ^____^

Nice list, #58. But how’d Odo get on there..? That is, unless you count his “marriage” to Lwaxana Troi in “The Muse”…

60. Shadowcat - June 22, 2009


Thank you. I know a lot of TOS fans hate “The Lights of Zetar” but it is one of my favourite episodes. Actually, Mira is described as a brilliant technician in the the episode and in the novel “Memory Prime” In the novel she comes across as more than an intellectual match for Scotty. Brilliant people are often misunderstood and are often characterized as a little strange. It isn’t uncommon for brilliant and perhaps nerdy people to have difficulty meeting others they can relate to. This is often true of the opposite sex. My huband and I didn’t get married until we were in our late forties. They are thought to be nerdy, geeky, or just plain eccentric. I think Scotty is just a bit shy and sensitive but covers it up by behaving like a wisecracking smart arse. This seems to be more true in this timeline than in TOS. Remeber from the episode that Mira is also a telepath. I think her special abilities made Scotty care about her even more. In the original timeline they never married because of their Starfleet careers. I always thought they spent their free time together as much as possible. I hope they get married and possibly have childen in this timeline. Perhaps in a ST-09 comic/graphic novel or even a novelisation.

61. ML31 - June 23, 2009

Very nice.

But… I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I never understood Spocks muttering of “thrusters on full” to himself/the audience. It seems an odd thing for Spock to say and it conveys nothing really to the audience.

62. Closettrekker - June 23, 2009

#61—“…I never understood Spocks muttering of ‘thrusters on full’ to himself/the audience.”

Really? I found it to be a perfectly fitting metaphor.

63. zirclet - June 24, 2009

# 53:

I guess I didn’t find that *aspect* of the film disappointing, just the casting choice and subsequent performance. The Sarek/Spock scenes were great, but were also the only ones where I found myself wanting an actor that captured the ‘soul’ of the character- thinking back to Mark Lenard’s super performances on TNG, where he was so full of regret and heartache (albeit in his dotage/senility), I wished for a bit of that to show through via Ben Cross- imagine if he had chosen to show a bit more, dare I say it, emotion- you’re right in noting that his wife and planet were freshly gone; if he had shared some of that visible pain, and connected with Spock on that level, those scenes would have been just beautiful.

64. Some random dude - December 2, 2009

The George Kirk scene was sad, but it was a great example of sacrifice, and I think that it fits nicely.

65. George is HOT! - April 21, 2010

I totally want to have George as my dad. That would be so totally awesome! He made a heartbreaking sacrifice, and he deserves to get more recognition in the future.

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