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First Details On Star Trek Movie Blu-ray – including Features and Deleted Scenes June 24, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

The first details for the Blu-ray edition of the 2009 Star Trek movie have come out of Europe, complete with a release date and list of special features (including deleted scenes). Although Paramount Home Entertainment will not officially confirm any details, TrekMovie and the Digital Bits have confirmed with sources that the reports are (for the most part) accurate. Details below.


TrekMovie has previously reported that there will likely be three home video versions of the Star Trek movie: standard widescreen DVD, special edition DVD set, and special edition Blu-ray. The details out of Germany from and are for the Blu-ray, but could also apply to the special edition DVD set. Bear in mind that there can be variations between different regions, and also this is not an official release from Paramount, so this should not be considered final. However, except for some of the naming, sources indicate the below list is accurate.

Star Trek (2009 movie) Blu-ray Details


Picture: 2.35:1 (1080p)
Sound: German Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby True HD 5.1, English Audio Description, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, Italian Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: German, English and others


As for the release date, Amazon Germany has it listed for October 5th. Paramount Home Entertainment is not confirming any release dates or details. However, sources indicate that the date is likely accurate for Europe, but that the US date could be later, possibly late October or November.

Deleted Scenes show ‘origins’ got most of the cuts
As reported before, but now seen in more detail, the part of the Star Trek movie that was most affected by the editor’s blade was origin stories for Kirk and Spock plus Nero’s time with the Klingons. The deleted scenes listed above seem to be in the order that they would have appeared in the film, almost all of which would have been before the Narada’s attack on Vulcan. It seems that the brunt of the cutting was from Spock’s childhood/adolescence and Nero’s ‘lost years’ (which is also being turned into comic book series). In the TrekMovie review of the Star Trek movie, it was noted that that the origin story part of the film felt like it went by too fast, so these deleted scenes will be very welcome.  

More Spock and Nero backstory will be on the Blu-rays, some of which appeared in trailers for the film

More Star Trek Home Video for 2009
Paramount and CBS are also planning additional Star Trek home video releases, including Blu-ray sets for Original Series Season Two (late September) and the four Next Generation movies (likely October/November). As more details on Star Trek home video products become available we will provide updates.


This article was developed in conjunction with Bill Hunt of the world’s best home video site, TheDigitalBits, see his version of the story.

Thanks to Ulrich for the link and the translation


1. johnny - June 24, 2009


2. Joe - June 24, 2009

i can’t wait!

3. ety3 - June 24, 2009

Looks good. I’d like to know if the deleted scenes will have the completed effects and if they’ll be in HD.

Also, “Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank” … Why those three together? George Samuel Kirk Jr. was Jim’s older brother, which means he should exist just fine as he was born pre-Narada. Why did they switch out the name? Eh, I should just wait ’til I see it.

4. Sisko is the Prophet - June 24, 2009

someone will surely take all of those deleted scenes and turn them into a extended cut. I just wish Paramount would do it

5. Penhall99 - June 24, 2009

Awesome, but I really wish those deleted scenes were being put back into the film.

6. DannydeK - June 24, 2009

Well, I will deffinatly buy this. To bad the Z-5500 don’t support TrueHD. Guess it will transform itself to DTS?

7. elodie - June 24, 2009

French release date for the dvd is scheduled for november 15th according to

8. kitofnine - June 24, 2009

OMFG, so excited

9. James - June 24, 2009

Deleted scenes are good – but why don’t they put them into an extended cut? Paramount, please read – EXTENDED CUT = GOOD.

Of course, I’ll still buy the blu-ray – Star Trek in 1080p… yum…

10. Toothless Grishnar Cat - June 24, 2009

They should release a director’s cut version with those deleted scenes in the film. Would eliminate some plot holes…

11. Chisel - June 24, 2009

i was hoping for 7.1.

12. Pete359 - June 24, 2009

I was spoiled by the Lord of the Rings special edition extras. No movie has come close to that amount. But this looks like it’ll come close.

Can’t wait!

13. AzarN - June 24, 2009

“Sarek sees Spock Prime”???!!!

Oh my GOD, YES!

14. Jim Nightshade - June 24, 2009

yup-they should give an option to have them all play as an extended edition-i have a feeling we will love the deleted scenes as much as the rest of the movie-i also do not see any mention of a feature on the closing of st:the exp-i remember reading that paramount interviewed and filmed a lot the final weekend and that it was going to be an extra on the new movie dvd-id luv to see that maybe with new info teasers on the reopening/changes etc…is there anyone at paramount we can ask mr anthony?

15. Mottthehoople - June 24, 2009

3 Why Uncle Frank? I think that in the new time line Kirk’s mother remarried.

9. A director’s cut might not include every deleted scene. I’d like an extended cut too but maybe the director cut some scenes for time, in which case they could go back in, and some other scenes because they didn’t work or changed the pace of the film.

16. Jim Smith - June 24, 2009

Sarek sees Spock Prime? <>

17. Charles Trotter - June 24, 2009

Awesome! Can’t wait. But if all of these deleted scenes and special features are not on the DVD version, I will be immensely pissed.

18. lou - June 24, 2009

Star Trek gag reel – awesome I can’t wait to see Simon Pegg causing the cast to crack up

19. Nero, Thy Name Is Idiot - June 24, 2009

#9==maybe they plan to…in a post-DVD theatrical rerelease a la The Dark Knight :) Anthony, can you please try to convince someone who was on the production staff and/or the suits at Paramount to do so?:)

20. Trekwebmaster - June 24, 2009

Heck, I wouldn’t have minded a 4 hour SPECIAL EDITION version of the movie….I would love to see it all together…now that would be awesome to view!

21. Charles Trotter - June 24, 2009

Correction to my post in 17: Obviously, some of the features like the simulator and game demo won’t be on the DVD, but there is absolutely no reason why all the featurettes, all the deleted scenes, the gag reel, and the trailers cannot be on the 2-disc special edition. Come on, Paramount, do not disappoint me!

22. Charles Trotter - June 24, 2009

And the audio commentaries, of course.

23. Alf, in pog form - June 24, 2009

This film will always be the child of two video formats.

24. LoyalStarTrekFan - June 24, 2009

21, I agree. It is most likely that the simulator and game demo won’t be on the DVD but I’m confident that most of the rest, from all of the deleted scenes to the specials like “Gene Roddenberry’s Vision” will be on the DVD. I had the special edition version of “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” on DVD and from what I can tell, almost everything on the Blu-Ray versions are on the DVD versions. Granted that those DVDs are released by Sony but the “Star Trek Movie Trilogy Collection” DVD set has almost all of the same special features that the Blu-Ray version does so I’m confident that the Special Edition DVD for the new Star Trek movie will as well.

25. Charles Trotter - June 24, 2009

As an addendum to all previous posts: I am still hoping for an extended cut of the movie which adds back all of the deleted scenes in some fashion. In fact, I would prefer that to a disc with the deleted scenes separate. This way, the deleted stuff can actually become canon. Just make Spock’s birth a flashback or something (assuming it was meant to be the opening scene) and leave the rest as they were meant to be. That’s what I would love to see.

26. Charles Trotter - June 24, 2009

24. LoyalStarTrekFan — That’s great to hear! I hope you’re right and they do include all the special features and deleted scenes. Personally, though, I would prefer an extended cut of the movie. :)

27. siobhan - June 24, 2009

i would love to see more spock and uhura in the next one!

28. Jimmy - June 24, 2009

Why would the US release be later? Aren’t US movies usually released in the US first both in theaters and on DVD?

29. Toonloon - June 24, 2009

Is no one interested in what the new klingons look like? Or has this already been mentioned?

30. Dom - June 24, 2009

Yeah, I’d like an extended cut on Blu-ray/DVD. I know Abrams considered the Klingon sections to be a pacing issue, but you kind of accept that ‘Special Editions’ might not have quite the theatrical version’s pace.

31. KevinA Melbourne Australia - June 24, 2009

Although DVD has seemless branching, Blu-Ray has the ability to automatically take you out of the movie and into features and back again.
Please Paramount use this facility even if you are hoping to rip us off again with an Extended edition next year!

But hang on, this is the studio that has enjoyed Star Trek sales on VHS, LaserDisc, Single Episode and Series versions of TV series, HD TOS on HD, DVD and now Blu-ray. All the movies, then special editions on DVD, now all the movies on Blu-Ray but NO Extended editions. And now Star Trek09 theatrical version only making way for us to buy the whole enchilada next year by selling us the whole libary again as Blu-Ray Special Editions! Will it ever end and I haven’t even mentioned downloads and enhanced versions re-released for TV!

It’s any wonder Paramount could not let Star Trek die 4 years ago. How many other fans shell out so many times for something they already own 10 times over? Talk about double dipping gone mad!

32. Dom - June 24, 2009

31. KevinA

Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see TMP, TWOK, TUC, ST09 (and potentially even TFF) released in seamless branching special editions with less DNR and better colour timing just as the next film hits the cinemas!

33. Commodore Kor'Tar - June 24, 2009

I’d love to see an extended cut on the Special Edition standard DVD , and hopefully and Text Commentary by Mike and Denise Okuda . So they can help point out all those little easter eggs and cameos we keep on missing LOL

R2-D2 where are you ?

*looks through floating debris*

34. Darren - June 24, 2009

“The Shatner conundrum”….. interesting! I guess they talk about how they could of used him in the film, and the dilema of fitting him in.

All sounds very good, hopefully it’ll all be there on the official release!

35. ken1w - June 24, 2009

@ 23. Alf, in pog form

That’s very clever… :)

36. Jeyl - June 24, 2009

“Kirk apologizes to the green girl”

Kirk apologizing? That could have actually given him some likability.

37. Spockish - June 24, 2009

If the Directors cut does not include all the cut part I know I’ll be trying to piece them in. If not me someone will and start looking for salesmen with a wooden leg, an eye patch and a bird for a pet. And the ones that get caught will try to make money off it.

Or figure every two years they will market a newly cut version, as they try to earn more money.

38. greenappleman7 - June 24, 2009


I saw Oct 5th and I’m thinking yes! Then I see: Probably later in US, maybe late October or November, I think NOOOOOOOOO!

Why later. My b-day’s in the middle of October. Please be early Oct for US, please, please me.

39. Holger - June 24, 2009

No way I’m gonna buy that movie on DVD, Blu Ray, VHS or Betamax.

40. Jim Ertel - June 24, 2009

The release date for Germany has moved from October 5 to december 31. In France the release date is still for november 17, for DVD and Blu Ray.

41. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

sounds like a great package for features

I look forward to the deleted scenes and documentaries.

looking forward to getting TOS season 2 on blu ray and getting the TNG movies

42. spock - June 24, 2009

Why can’t they put those deleted scenes back in using branching so we can watch both versions. Paramount is really stupid sometimes, okay most of the time.

43. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - June 24, 2009

Maybe it’s too early for a “Director’s Edition”, but I would have enjoyed seeing both the movie as it was released, as well as a version where the deleted scenes were restored.

Oh, well. I’ll just have to “suffer” with the “inconvenience” of using the extras menu. :)

44. Melissa - June 24, 2009

WOW it went straight to DVD. Never came to my home town. :(


45. Third Remata'Klan - June 24, 2009

Man, I was really, really hoping we’d get an extended cut, not just deleted scenes, but I knew that wouldn’t happen.

At least we should be able to see them….

46. TonyD - June 24, 2009

Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing what JJ’s Klingons will look like and some of those deleted scenes really sound intriguing. When it comes to Trek you can never have too much of a good thing and an extended cut with those scenes would be great. With BluRay’s branching capabilities, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal either. And do my eyes deceive me, or will we actually be getting a blooper reel??!! My brother and I have been eyeing a Panasonic 54″ 1080p plasma TV; this may be the last piece of convincing we may need to pick it up. Can’t wait for this one on BluRay.

47. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

I hope JJ did not screw up the Klingons

LOL, what does it matter the new movie aint canon

48. captain_neill - June 24, 2009

I would be interested in seeing the Klingon look

49. Matt T - June 24, 2009

Just to be a little nitpicky (hey, I’m a Star Trek fan), the “Director’s Cut” would technically be the version we saw in the theater since (iirc) JJ had final say in the theatrical cut. Normally, studios have final say in the theatrical cut and sometimes they butcher it (e.g. Blade Runner theatrical cut)

50. Matt T - June 24, 2009

Also, it’s interesting that this is the first officially sanctioned “gag-reel” for Star Trek. Previously, TPTB wouldn’t in include a gag reel because they felt it would take away from the realism of the show.

51. Ryan O'Brien - June 24, 2009

Some things change. For example the abusive uncle played by one man was replaced to a stepfather played by Greg Grunberg over the telephone.

Sarek sees Spock Prime will be good.

Some of these scenes just may provide errors based on how the recut the film. We’ll see

52. brady - June 24, 2009

Come on people….If you have Windows Movie Maker, just make your own extended edition. I know I will.

53. Julio - June 24, 2009

Looking most forward to “The Green Girl” featurette… that was one hot Orion!!! :)

54. Denise de Arman - June 24, 2009

Alf, in pog form#23- LMAO!

Cannot wait to see the extra scenes and the gag reel. Considering that it will probably be available in November, the movie would make a great Christmas gift for friends.

55. Driver - June 24, 2009

Deleted scenes probably will be 480i and watermarked. Have to protect against bootlegs, y’know.

56. Charles Trotter - June 24, 2009

52. brady — not really the same thing. I want an official extended cut so the stuff that was deleted becomes canon.

57. Scott Gammans - June 24, 2009

No 7.1 audio? No intergated branching? BAH!

If this is accurate, once again Paramount will have released a subpar video disc. Will they ever learn?

58. Stef* - June 24, 2009

Sarek sees Spock Prime *eek*

When, where, how, …. ?????????????

This will be amazing, cannot wait.

59. Cyberziggy - June 24, 2009

@47 “LOL, what does it matter the new movie aint canon”

The vast majority of Trek fans feel that the new movie needs to be treated as cannon.

So yeah… it “is” cannon.

Becasue the needs of the many… outweigh… you

60. Jorg Sacul - June 24, 2009

according to quantum mechanics, EVERYTHING is canon. Somewhere.

61. Darren - June 24, 2009

I too would like to see a branched “extended version” on the blu-ray, but for those of you complaining just remember it’s the Director’s decision whether he feels the film requires that or not… so none of this “sub-par disc” crap.

62. Sara - June 24, 2009

The special features sound great, but I would like to add my voice to those who are requesting that Paramount release an extended version of the movie with the deleted scenes restored instead of including the deleted scenes as part of the special features. That would really be great. In fact, I would have happily sat through an extended version of the movie in the theater that included the deleted scenes listed above.

63. aaa - June 24, 2009

Oh god, I want those deleted scenes so much it hurts. Why does the good stuff always get cut, huh? Star Trek was fast paced and didn’t feel long; an extra twenty minutes could have put some really good stuff in IMO.

64. Raphael Salgado - June 24, 2009

Someone give me the URL to the pre-order page, and I’ll set it to auto-refresh… ;)

65. Bob - June 24, 2009

As others have pointed out, Paramount better include all of those special features on the Special Edition DVD set that can be ported over. Not everyone owns a Blu-Ray player yet.

I was really hoping to see all of the TV spots included as well. Including the Super Bowl spot.

I knew it was a long shot, but it would have been neat to have the Burger King, Esurance and other tie-in tv ads on the dvd as well.

Well at least I have most of those recorded.

66. CardassiaPrimera - June 24, 2009

And DVD???

67. jastrek_montreal - June 24, 2009

can’t wait for it !!!! Just wished they can put both the original cut of the movie and a extended cut of the movie in one set. Oh well, lol. I’m still pretty happy about the package details non the less !

68. Loskene - June 24, 2009

Regarding the George/Johnny conundrum, I had always assumed that Johnny was just James’ stepfather’s son, and George Jr. was off-planet with his mother.
Every little nitpick in this film is easily explained away, and it’s much more enjoyable to watch when everything makes sense. The only problem is you shouldn’t have to work it out for yourself

69. DannydeK - June 24, 2009

Hope some creative people will make a fan-cut with the new scenes in it. But for that to work, they need to be long. I doubt they will be long enough to make into a cut.

70. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#68—“I had always assumed that Johnny was just James’ stepfather’s son, and George Jr. was off-planet with his mother.”

Well, that might be cleared up in the deleted scene. I have to admit that “Hey, Johnny!” bothered me a bit. We were told long ago that the kid had been cast as Sam. I failed to see the point in changing his name to Johnny.

If “Johnny” is Frank’s son, at least that would give it some reason. The way I understand it, the novelization (and perhaps the original script) suggests that the car had once belonged to George Kirk, and “Uncle Frank” planned to sell it. This explains, of course, why young James would rather drive it off a cliff than see Frank profit from the sale his father’s antique corvette—-particularly if Frank is depicted in a negative light.

71. Chris Rod - June 24, 2009



I . CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

72. Smitty™ - June 24, 2009

I love audio commentaries and I for glad this has one too. Be great hearing these guys rapping about their movie etc.


73. FarDreaming - June 24, 2009

Another voice to PLEASE give us an extended cut and not just slop a bunch of deleted scenes in a separate file. Let us have the option of seeing them as they were meant to be seen in the context of the film!

74. Aragorn189 - June 24, 2009

Sounds good. I said this for May, but now I’ll say it for October. October can’t get here fast enough

75. steve2 - June 24, 2009

#23 – LOL

76. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009

Deleted scenes?? Ooooooh, gimmee!!

77. CaptainRickover - June 24, 2009

Delted scenes seem interesting. I think I’ll buy the 2-disc DVD-set, even if I’m not an all too big fan of the new movie.

78. VOODOO - June 24, 2009

I’m interested in seeing the Shatner conundrum part of the dvd.

Although we pretty much know what went on behind the scenes at this point. It would be cool if they included the scene they wrote for Shatner in the Blu-ray.

79. Jason - June 24, 2009

Just wondering, the Blu-ray is 2 discs, right? Paramount seems to be a fan of those, at least looking at the long list of 2 disc BDs they’ve done, it’ll be safe to say so. Can’t wait. Only thing that’s missing is that I hate how Paramount hasn’t embraced Digital Copies (for itunes, etc.) yet.

80. Derf - June 24, 2009

The laws of hibatiousness dictate the director’s cut versions will be available a year or two after these come out.

Peter Jackson, [insert favorite deity] bless him, was kind enough to let us know exactly what, when, where, how, why before anything was up for sale, to allow us to make informed purchasing decisions. He is, unfortunately, the exception. Maybe it’s a New Zealand thing. I don’t suppose they have a citizen exchange program?

81. Chad N. - June 24, 2009

I’d like to add my voice to the chorus interested in an extended cut, with the origin scenes put back in the film, possibly via seamless branching.

Can’t wait to pick this up either way!

82. Spocks Left Ear - June 24, 2009

Should be:
Blu Ray: Special Edition November 1 2009
Blu Ray: Extended Edition January 1 2010
Blu Ray: Extended Special Edition February 1 2010
Blu Ray: Home Extended XP Windows 7 Special Edition March 1 2010

& I’ll buy them all

83. JohnWA - June 24, 2009

Since we’re going to end up seeing the deleted scenes any way, why not just add them to the actual movie and give us an “extended” option?

None of the previous Star Trek DVDs had such a feature. Special edition or otherwise. That has always annoyed me. I don’t want to insert another disc to see a few 60 second clips that are “out of order.” Just put them into the movie already!

84. John from Cincinnati - June 24, 2009

How does Europe get the Blu ray release before the United States? That is unheard of and insane!

85. Shadowcat - June 24, 2009

I am so looking forward to seeing the deleted scenes. I hope Paramount releases an extended cut in the Blu Ray format . My husband just recently brought a Blu Ray player from Amazon. A gag reel with bloopers would be an excellent additon to an extended cut.

86. JimJ - June 24, 2009

#47-Sorry to ruin your life, rape your childhood, and so on….but IT IS!!!!

87. RD - June 24, 2009

70. Closettrekker wrote: We were told long ago that the kid had been cast as Sam. I failed to see the point in changing his name to Johnny.

After reading this, I must admit for the first time I actually gave it some thought. If Sam is the older brother, then how much older and where was he when his father and pregnant mother were on the Kelvin? I was never under the impression that George Jr. was that much older than Kirk, especially since Shatner played him in “Operation Annihilate!” – wouldn’t a child that age be with his parents? Of course that’s not a requirement, but …

Once answer comes to mind: George sort of complicates the alternate legend of James T. Kirk. After all, George’s father died too – did he also become a rebel, or worse? Did he run away from home? Or did he cling to his mother in Starfleet? Perhaps he never made it to Deneva.

Since we already know the alternate universe timeline is already altered when Nero arrives, presumably from the First Contact incursion, George may never have been born.

Since none of the deleted scenes are canon, and Johnny could be anybody, if Sam does exist in this alternate universe, they may be saving him for something else …

88. Canadianknight - June 24, 2009

#82 – You forgot:

Blu Ray: Uber-Special Extended Edition (2011)


Blu-Ray: Starfleet Uber-Special Extended Wahoo Edition (2011)


(… and I’d likely buy ’em all…I’m so weak.) :D

89. DavidJ - June 24, 2009

I don’t really need to see the cut Spock stuff put back in, but dammit, the cut Nero stuff sounds like it would have added a LOT to the movie.

Besides, the opening scenes of the movie could probably USE some slowing down and fleshing out.

90. EFFeX - June 24, 2009

Looking forward to the DVD purchase…

By the way, I have to co-sign the extended cut debate as well. Please consider this Paramount, these were scenes fans were really looking forward to!

91. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#87—“Since we already know the alternate universe timeline is already altered when Nero arrives, presumably from the First Contact incursion, George may never have been born.”

You and I believe that, but many cling to the notion of predestination, etc., and hold steady in the belief that the ENT timeline is the same as what is being referred to as “Prime”.

As you know, it is my belief that any timeline incursion that involves *any* interaction between people from the future with those in the past results in an altered timeline—even if the result is that the outcomes of significant events are the same. By that standard, the removal of Gillian Taylor from the late 20th Century actually alters the timeline from that point in time until Kirk and company returned to 23rd Century SF Bay, even if the difference is relatively negligible in practical terms. Regardless of the significance of the changes, the 23rd Century to which our heroes return is not the same one from which they left. In other words, anything from circa 1986 to circa 2283 would be fair game for any (albeit relatively minor) changes in the outcome of an event.

As I understand it, the only difference in Bob’s application of MWI/QM (for those fans who choose to embrace that) is that such circumstances (Taylor’s departure and the removal of the whales) would have resulted in another thread being created, independent of the timeline from which our heroes left. Presumably, in that timeline, Earth’s oceans are evaporated by the probe.

“Since none of the deleted scenes are canon…”

At least for the time being, anyway.

Since the inclusion of detached deleted scenes into the category of canon is questionable at best, I think they should only be considered at such time as they are integrated into the film as part of a “director’s cut”—much like the extended engine room inspection scene from TWOK, which of course canonizes Peter Preston as the nephew of Montgomery Scott. Prior to that, Peter could have been no different than any other cadet aboard.
I think that a great many will still regard the scenes as canon as soon as they see them, and I cannot say that I blame them. In this day and age, it is almost a forgone conclusion that Abrams and Paramount will eventually want to milk this thing even further by releasing an extended edition some day, no doubt marking some significant milestone anniversary of the film’s release.

92. RD - June 24, 2009

#91 Closettrekker wrote: many cling to the notion of predestination, etc., and hold steady in the belief that the ENT timeline is the same as what is being referred to as “Prime”.

Yes, except Abrams has said that there are intentional changes from the “Prime” timeline form the moment the picture opens – meaning, there is NO WAY to ever reasonably reconcile the opening of the film with the “Prime” universe. Either way, it is always possible that George has died in an accident since then. Just like Vulcan has since been blown up. So much for predestination.

While there may be an extended cut, if Geo. Jr. was cut for some other purpose down the line, it is unlikely that material will ever be included (assuming the material makes it clear Johnny is Geo. Sr.’s son). If it was cut to avoid confusion (in much the same way Geo. Sr. being called “Captain” unavoidably – or intentionally – did), then it is a simple matter to change “Johnny” back to “George” in what we’ve seen, assuming Johnny isn’t really some other relation.

And who the hell is “Uncle” Frank? I had a step-father and I sure as hell did not call him Uncle Frank. Geo. Sr.’s brother or Winona’s (it would be frightening if WInona married Kirk’s brother)? Do we actually know via canon that the voice on the phone is Jim’s stepfather (I don’t recall how he is identified)?

93. VulcanLover - June 24, 2009

“girl with the big eyes”?!?!? Do u think they mean the Kelvin Doctor?

94. Devon - June 24, 2009

Extended Cut PLEASE J.J.

It sounds like you may have cut out some scenes that would some welcome levels of character moments. PLEASE

95. MC1701B - June 24, 2009

70. “Hey, Johnny!” would have bothered me, too, if it wrent for the fact that he actually said “Hey, Georgie!” Not as canon as we would hope, but better than a renaming that would have been as nonsensical as most of the rest of the changes.

96. MC1701B - June 24, 2009

87. Please see my previous post.

Y’all really need theatres with better sound systems.

97. RM10019 - June 24, 2009

I know people like extended cuts, but has anyone thought that just maybe the film, as released in theaters IS JJ’s director’s cut?

Seamless branching would be nice for sure, but let’s respect the art of filmmaking which includes prudent editing. More of something, is not necessarily better.

98. RM10019 - June 24, 2009

95, sorry but Bob Orci already chimed in on this and he said the name was Johnny.

99. Rastaman - June 24, 2009

Glad we’ll be seeing some of the Rura Penthe stuff.

100. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#95, #96—I’m afraid it isn’t our theaters’ sound systems. The young actor is credited as “Johnny” as well.

He was initially cast as “Sam”, so it seems obvious that at some point, the decision was made to have him play a character other than Jim’s older brother. I don’t think it is actually a suggestion that Jim’s brother is suddenly named Johnny instead of George, Jr./Sam. As has been pointed out already, the kid could be anyone—very likely Frank’s son.

101. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#92—“Yes, except Abrams has said that there are intentional changes from the “Prime” timeline form the moment the picture opens – meaning, there is NO WAY to ever reasonably reconcile the opening of the film with the “Prime” universe.”

I don’t think that anyone is still clinging to the notion that the ST09 timeline is the same one, just that some had resisted the notion that the timeline had ever been permanently altered prior to ST09.

“Do we actually know via canon that the voice on the phone is Jim’s stepfather (I don’t recall how he is identified)?”

Nope. The novelization plays it that way, and it is quite possible that the original script did as well. That is something we are likely to see fleshed out in the deleted scene. The only thing clear to me from just what is depicted onscreen is that he is an authority figure to Jim and someone who is interested in the well-being of the vehicle. However, the dialogue does make it rather obvious—“…just because your mother is off-planet, you think you can….”. I would be surprised if he is anyone else.

ADF’s book suggests that the car belonged to George, Sr. and Frank intended to sell it. This, of course, explains why little Jimmy would rather drive it off a cliff than see a man he doesn’t even get along with profit from the sale of something precious to his father.

If this is indeed something from the original script (and I suspect this is precisely what the deleted scene will show), it is mildly disappointing to see it left out.

102. Dr. X - June 24, 2009

Blooper reel! Is it wrong for this to be the most exciting bit of news?

103. Luke Sutton (The Tenth Doctor) - June 24, 2009


Very good point.

104. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#97—“More of something, is not necessarily better.”

But it very well might be.

Abrams has indicated that trimming had more to do with keeping the film at just over two hours. He says he didn’t want to remove alot of it, specifically naming the Klingon sequence.

Particularly if the sequence adds something or increases the viewer’s understanding of why something happens, it absolutely makes it better.

The Rura Penthe sequence could do alot to answer the question as to where these guys were and what they were doing for 25 years, and the Frank/Johnny/Jim scene could do alot to explain why young Jim drove the car off a cliff. If this is true, it is difficult to argue that it wouldn’t be an improvement.

The canonization of Peter Preston as the nephew of Montgomery Scott actually makes Scotty’s angst over his death in TWOK more impactful—does it not?

I think it does. And I think it is quite possible that the integration of some of these deleted scenes from ST09 (again, only deleted due to run time objectives) may very well have a similar impact.

105. mynameisgorn - June 24, 2009

Put the scenes back in where they originally belong in the movie! Just for us trekkers!

106. ML31 - June 24, 2009


If the deleted scenes are of any value, it would be great if they were incorporated into the movie. Have a theatrical version and expanded one on the same disc.

107. BaltarStar Galactica - June 24, 2009

Please JJ, make an extended cut of the film and add all those elements back in.

108. Grupp - June 24, 2009

I’d prefer to see all the scenes cut into the movie where they were originaslly intended.

109. Jeyl - June 24, 2009

#97: RM10019

We’re not telling J.J. to give us an extended edition because it would make the movie better, we’re just asking him to do a little something special for it.

Didn’t you ever see the ALIEN QUADRILOGY set? That set had ‘special edition’ version AND the theatrical version of all the movies. Of course, only 1 director preferred the Special Edition to the theatrical edition, but the other directer’s like Ridley Scott and Jean Pierre Jeunet didn’t mind alternate cuts of their films.

I just don’t want it to be billed as “STAR TREK: UNRATED!”

110. RD - June 24, 2009

#101. , thanks for that. Yes, I would go so far as to say Uncle Frank is the voice … a family authority left in charge vs. an overbearing step dad. My bet is if there is a step-dad, he’s off world too – perfect time to steel the Vet and destroy it.

In any event, Sam dies in the Prime timeline anyway. So destiny is fulfilled if Sam is already dead in the altered timeline. It gets him out of the way, for Jim to be even more rebellious and angry, because he has no one and his mother is probably gone a lot. I also rather like the idea that Johnny may be his younger half-brother who may get better favor with the step-dad, rather than Uncle Frank’s son, who would seemingly provide little additional emotional impact. Though, if Uncle Frank is baby-sitting, he too must have been devastated by his brother’s death in order not to be a better role model to Jim himself.

This is obviously a guessing game, which may or may not be cleared up with the deleted material, which may or may not eventually become canon. As it stands, they are free to introduce Sam or not as the occasion permits. Seeing Sam killed in TSFS would have certainly been a lot more effective than a son he never knew being introduced and killed within the span of a few days – something the alternate universe can now make possible. Sort of like bringing back Tasha Yar to give her a more “meaningful death”. Now if only they could do that for “Prime” Kirk.

111. Pete Fernbaugh - June 24, 2009

The Shatner conundrum? LOL!!!! Here’s hoping Paramount did pay William Shatner for all the publicity he’s given this movie. Think about it…there’s a special feature for the man on the DVD of a movie he was NEVER in!! That’s priceless.

112. RD - June 24, 2009

#104 Closettrekker wroe: The canonization of Peter Preston as the nephew of Montgomery Scott actually makes Scotty’s angst over his death in TWOK more impactful—does it not?

YES! But it still does not mitigate Scotty inexplicably carrying him to the bridge instead of heading straight for sickbay where he might have been saved.

113. N - June 24, 2009

I wish we could get a seemless branching to a Directers cut with the deleted scenes.

114. Mitch - June 24, 2009

It would be interesting to get Orci’s explanation as to why Johnny is no longer Sam.

111–good point. I don’t see how they are going to say anything about Shatner they haven’t already said. No matter what, it’ll be more of the same excuses.

115. LordEdzo - June 24, 2009

There are Klingons in the deleted scenes? Huh. I guess that explains the picture on page 36 of the July/August 2009 Star Trek Magazine.

Of course, I knew nothing of a Klingon scene because I avoided reading anything about the movie before it premiered, so this is a welcome surprise.

116. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#110—“I would go so far as to say Uncle Frank is the voice … a family authority left in charge vs. an overbearing step dad. My bet is if there is a step-dad, he’s off world too – perfect time to steel the Vet and destroy it. ”

What is clear is that (whoever he is) his role as an authority figure is rejected by the young Jim Kirk at that point, and something drives him to act out in that manner. I rather like the notion (whether originated with Alan Dean Foster or O/K) that the car belonged to his father, and Frank’s intention to sell it prompts Jim to drive it over a cliff. It certainly gives deeper meaning to an otherwise somewhat gratuitous rebellion scene.

“In any event, Sam dies in the Prime timeline anyway. So destiny is fulfilled if Sam is already dead in the altered timeline.”

That’s true, but it also precludes the eventual birth of Peter Kirk—the only surviving child of Sam and Aurelan Kirk in the Prime timeline (whose only canonical entry anyway is “Operation: Annihilate!”).

#112—“YES! But it still does not mitigate Scotty inexplicably carrying him to the bridge instead of heading straight for sickbay where he might have been saved.”

Lol. No argument there.

However, that’s only one of around a dozen or so ridiculously coincidental contrivances we seem to quickly sweep under the rug within that movie in the name of dramatic value! :)

117. Simon - June 24, 2009

To those wishing for a “Director’s Cut”…the theatrical edition *IS* the “Director’s Cut.

The scenes were deleted for a reason by JJ Abrams, and at least they are letting us have the option of seeing what was shot, unlike “Generations” where there’s a LOT of unused footage and only exists in bootleg form.

Just because scenes were “deleted” doesn’t mean there will be an extended edition somewhere down the road with them back in the film. I’ll be buying this day one on Blu-ray.

118. brady - June 24, 2009

Could it be that this IS Sam Kirk? If its the Kirk’s 1st child and they would have named him Sam, but due to the intense moments of the Kelvin/George being destroyed twould they have named him Jim? It would explain the blue eyes and why he doesn’t look like Shatner lol. Wrap your brains around that one FANBOYS lol.

119. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#118—-“The Deadly Years”, which takes place in 2267, establishes that Jim Kirk is 34 years old.

2267-34=2233. That’s Jim Kirk.

120. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#117—-There is a philosophical difference between a “director’s cut” and an “extended edition”.

Yes… Abrams himself made the choice to cut those scenes, but only due to run time goals he wished to meet in some cases. He has publicly stated that he hated to remove some of it—even naming the Klingon sequence specifically. Obviously, had he not wished to meet that run time goal, he would have preferred to keep some of it in the film.

“Run time” is not an issue on dvd. While there will not be an extended cut on the intial dvd/bluray release, I fully expect one to show up someday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it mark a milestone anniversary of the film’s release.

In the meantime, the detached deleted scenes will have to do.

121. Sunfell - June 24, 2009

OK, I’m going to have to pop for a Blu-Ray player and a new home theater system. Yep, I’m going to SPEND SOME MONEY (hear that, wall street?) and BUY SOME STUFF just because of Star Trek.

Yes, I’ll even get both the DVD and the Blu-Ray discs.

Hey, y’all- we’re Paramount’s cash reserve again!

122. WedgeBob - June 24, 2009

Seems logical that it would be a good Blu-ray movie to own, since I own Season One and The Star Trek Movie Collection from the TOS crew on Blu already, and the other two seasons, The Animated Series, and this JJ Abrams reboot will probably complete it all for me. Even tho I do like a lot of the newer Treks made over the last two decades, I’m a bigger fan of the old crew than TNG, VOY, DS9, or ENT. I mean, I do like what’s being aired on Sci-Fi and what ran on UPN, and all, but TOS is still where it’s all at, imo. I’m all for this Blu-ray release of the movie.

123. Simon - June 24, 2009

#120 – The run time goal was set by him, not the studio. Obviously it was himself not wanting to tell this story in more time that he needed to.

So he cut what he wanted for what he felt comfortable with the film’s running time.

Directors always talk this and that about extended cuts. I’m *still* waiting for that extended edition of “Terminator 3″ that Jonathan Mostow talked about in 2003.

124. Closettrekker - June 24, 2009

#123—“The run time goal was set by him, not the studio.”

That’s correct.

“Obviously it was himself not wanting to tell this story in more time that he needed to.”

Also correct. But the reason for that is also obvious. When people show up at a theater who don’t already have concrete plans to see a specific film, the run time of a film can push them in a certain direction. The general public’s collective attention span is short.

With notable exceptions, movies that run significantly longer than two hours fail to do as well as those which do not. Box office successes like TDK and LOTR (which of course run significantly longer than that) are few and far between.

Given the obstacles to making Star Trek (2009) a viable mainstream success, of course Abrams doesn’t want to further handicap it by forcing audiences to sit in theaters any longer than necessary.

What I am saying is that this is less of a concern (if it is at all) on dvd.

Abrams has made clear that it actually hurt him to remove some of these scenes from the film. It wouldn’t be any surprise to me if, 10 years from now, another cut which includes some of those scenes were to be released—-whether it is Abrams himself who does it or someone Paramount appoints to do so in his stead.

As for those who think the theatrical versions should always be left alone (at least when the director is afforded final cut in the first place), they should consider that an additional cut does not necessarily mean that the original version is no longer available.

125. RD - June 24, 2009

#116. Closettrekker wrote: “However, that’s only one of around a dozen or so ridiculously coincidental contrivances we seem to quickly sweep under the rug within that movie in the name of dramatic value!”

And that’s the the job of the fans to retcon some fannon. How about: the turbo elevators were damaged in the attack by Kahn and failed to stop on the sickbay level, it just shot to the top by itself.

Closettrekker wrote: “but it also precludes the eventual birth of Peter Kirk”

As you point out, not much is done with Peter in canon except provide an heir for the Kirk name … and GEN showed us just how important that was for Picard. All that is required of the alternate universe then is to produce an heir for the Kirk name, assuming the legacy of his and his father’s name is not enough. It doesn’t have to be Peter.

All things considered, even Peter would have been a better candidate for the Klingon’s to murder in TSFS than to introduce a heretofore unknown son, which Kirk knew all about.

126. RD - June 24, 2009

#116, And when I think about it, the alternate universe provides all kinds of time and women for Kirk to father a child with, about whom he knows nothing … perfectly acceptable and believable in this day and age, whereas such a thing would have tarnished Kirk’s image in the 60s and even Picard’s in the 80s. Actually, that was one of the better episodes in TNG:Bloodlines when he is led to believe he has fathered a son. I was sort of disappointed that they did not follow through with that storyline and “make it so”.

127. Anthony - June 24, 2009

I would have loved if TNG’s two-parter “Unification” had been included as a special feature.

128. Dan - June 24, 2009

Wow all this quality in a release, but nothing this good with the first 6 Shatner Nimoy films. :(

129. JimJ - June 24, 2009

You can bet there is even more, that will be launched on us later….like when the next movie is released, and then the 10 year anniversary, etc. But this sounds VERY good for a first time release!

130. Driver - June 24, 2009

I just hope Paramount doesn’t STP with this one like they have done with so many Star Trek DVD/BD releases. Proof Read! Over and over with a fine tooth comb. No DNR. No EE.

131. Simon - June 24, 2009

#128 – They prepare the extras these days while the film itself is in production (watch the latest Pixar films, like “UP”: they even have a “DVD Production” credit!) Nothing of the sort existed during the time of the originals. With VHS/LD you got the film, and if you’re lucky a trailer. That was it.

132. Jim F Kelsey - June 24, 2009

Haven';t read all the comments, but I wholeheartedly agree with Sara.

133. brady - June 24, 2009

The actual reason why most movies try to come in at about or under 2 hrs is the number of times they can be shown inna day. less viewings= less money made.

134. Negotiator - June 24, 2009

I’m hoping the Blu-Ray disc will include a “flare free” version of the film.

As for the sequel, it would be nice to see stunt people that look nothing like the actors they’re filling in for like in TOS.

135. Sam Kirk - June 24, 2009

@ #3

Maybe the name “George” became too painful for the family following George Sr.’s death. Maybe he was back on Earth, visiting his uncle who had nicknamed him Johnny. Who knows…

I really think the Supreme Court botched this portion of the film. Sam Kirk was James Kirk’s older brother. We should have seen him in the film somehow with a better explanation. He was, after all, part of the Prime Universe, and should have existed. I get JJ’s reasonings, though: The impact of the Kelvin death scene would have been less dramatic, less focused between George Sr. and Wynona if he were saying goodbye to the both of them, ESPECIALLY after the birth of James.

136. Sam Kirk - June 24, 2009

Also, I think we’re lucky to see whatever deleted/extra scenes we can. After all, the script was delivered pre-Writer’s Strike. No additional scenes were filmed due to it.

137. dep1701 - June 24, 2009

Re: # 50
“Also, it’s interesting that this is the first officially sanctioned “gag-reel” for Star Trek. Previously, TPTB wouldn’t in include a gag reel because they felt it would take away from the realism of the show.”

Actually, that’s not the reason for no gag reels on the other series/movies.
as it was explained to me, the primary reason is financial.

Gag reels for series are made up of cutting room floor pieces of more than one episode. In order to release all of the blooper clips to home video, Paramount would have to fork over money to the directors of the various episodes ( or their estates ). Also, in the case of the original series goody reels, clips and music from other Desilu shows were often cut in as well, which would demand judicious editing unless TPTB were willing to shell out money to use those beneficiaries as well. Add to that the fact that they would have to get permission from the actors to use the clips ( which would probably mean even more money ).

Many actors are not comfortable about their mistakes being placed out there for the whole world to watch over and over again. Blooper reels are generally slapped together for wrap parties, and are intended only to be shown privately, and usually only once. Sometimes, blooper reels also include alternate takes of scenes, which are not mistakes per se, but an actor simply trying a different interpretation of a line. A perfect example of this is in the TOS first season reel where Shatner adds a bit of ‘flair’ to his response to Trelane asking, “Are you challenging me to a duel? “. This then cuts to a shot of Deforest Kelley and Nichelle Nichols breaking up during a reaction shot. This could be considered embarrassing to Shatner, as it implies that Kelley and Nichols were laughing at his delivery of the line ( which is probably not the case ). Some actors feel that what goes on during a shoot is private, and would feel they were not free to take risks with a scene if it became common practice for goody reels to be included on home video.

Of course, now it’s common for seasons of recent series on DVD to have gag reels appended ( and contracts with actors and directors probably include provisions for such ), but back when Trek was originally shot, no one even dreamed of home video, so the logistics and economics probably make inclusion cost prohibitive.

138. RachelMarta - June 24, 2009

I agree with (5.) that the deleted scenes should be put back in the film; not as a separate bonus feature. Wouldn’t this be the Director’s Cut? I especially want to see the original scene at Kirk’s hearing where he and Spock have a much longer debate. I am going to finally buy a BluRay player and this movie will be my first BluRay purchase.

139. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2009


Everybody got that??!!

140. Canon Schmanon - June 24, 2009

Somebody might have said this, but I don’t have time to read tonight. So, I wish there would be a version that edits these scenes into the film. It’s cool to have them in any way, but I’d really like to see a Director’s Cut.

Everybody got that??!!

141. Sebi - June 25, 2009

@104 Closetrekker.

If you use “angst”, please use it right. If you meant pain, its the wrong use…

Anyway I’m all for Extendet Cut!!! Who wouldn’t be?

142. New Horizon - June 25, 2009

Don’t worry guys. You’ll get the extended cut when Paramount releases “Star Trek: The Double Dippers Edition”.

Surely it’s a predictable business model by now. :(

143. Merzmensch aka kosmopol - June 25, 2009

I just hope, at least “Trekker alert!” is about Star Trek ARG… Hmm… Or have they hid the ARG extras like easter eggs, as they did it with Cloverfield?

Short, I want to see on this DVD also something about our ARG.

Anyways, really cool complication.

144. rob - June 25, 2009

you guys are such idiots, the movie was a piece of shit

145. Ian B - June 25, 2009

I’d like to add my voice to the chorus asking for an extended cut, with the deleted scenes reinserted in their correct places in the narrative. This seems to me to be the obvious right thing to do.

146. Closettrekker - June 25, 2009

#141—-“If you use “angst”, please use it right. If you meant pain, its the wrong use…”

I chose that word because this is precisely what I get from the expression on Scotty’s face coming out of the turbolift with the critically injured Peter Preston in his arms—intense dread, severe worry, and/or anxiety.

Where I misspoke in #104 is with the phrase “over his death”, when really I was specifically thinking of the scene when Scotty turns up on the bridge with Peter. He obviously was not dead, but severely injured in a life-threatening manner. Sorry for the confusion…but nevertheless, my (intended) use of the word “angst” is correct.

147. Closettrekker - June 25, 2009

#144—“you guys are such idiots, the movie was a piece of shit”

How profound.

I think you might be lost. This is—-not AICN. We don’t refer to each other here as “idiots”, and we try to keep discussions both civil and “family-friendly”.

As for your opinion of the film, you’re free to dislike it. Obviously, alot of people disagree.

148. Balok - June 25, 2009

Some year, we’ll get an extended cut. Mka emoney now on deleetd scenes. Then release an extended edition to make more money later.

149. Dave in RI - June 25, 2009

144. rob – June 25, 2009
you guys are such idiots, the movie was a piece of shit

[Laura Petrie] Oh Rob! [/Laura Petrie]

150. Where No Budget Has Gone Before - June 25, 2009



I have other priorities that need my full investment first before I go re-investing thirty times for special, exclusive, limited production, extended and director’s cuts DVDs. Not wasting my money this time around Paramount, sorry.

Extended Cut for November, or no purchase. I know a lot of people who are in the same boat as me – not by choice. By budget.

151. MC1701B - June 25, 2009

98, 100. So, by your logic, the SPECTRE agent killed at the beginning of “Thuinderball” is named Col. Boitier, because that’s what’s in the credits, rather than Col. Boivard, which is what James Bond calls him after he slugs him.

Wasn’t it Star Trek, after all, which originated the concept that “what’s on screen is canon?”

What’s on screen is “Georgie.” Watch the movie again.

152. Closettrekker - June 25, 2009

#151—-Lol…I’ve seen it four times, once in a regular theater, and 3 times in IMAX. Each time, he says “Johnny”—not even remotely close to “Georgie”.

Although I would love to make time to see it again, I certainly wouldn’t do it just to confirm that what I and everyone else heard the first four times and saw in the credits is true, simply because one random guy on the internet thinks he heard something different…

153. somethoughts - June 25, 2009

I wonder if the film would have been better if all the deleted scenes was found in the theatre release. I’m sure JJ had a mandate to keep it in the 2 hour range and for pace reasons, but man, those deleted scenes would surely elevate it to super epic status. Kinda scary considering the final version of the film, received such universal positive reviews.

154. Simon - June 26, 2009

#150 – Assume much?

You are probably still waiting on getting TREK III, IV, V, GEN, FC, INS, and NEMESIS, all of which had deleted scenes and NO “Director’s Edition”.

155. Vardonir - June 26, 2009

Sarek meets Spock Prime?! Holy Q!

I hope that’s in for the DVD, too!
(In or out, I’m still buying it, anyway.)

156. MC1701B - June 26, 2009

152. Still invoking the credits? Sounds (no pun intended) like you’re not so sure what you heard the first four times. Which is what I suspected all along,

And I just love being called “one random guy on the Internet.” By the way, how many Star Trek characters have been named for you?

157. Closettrekker - June 26, 2009

#156—-“Sounds (no pun intended) like you’re not so sure what you heard the first four times.”


As I said before, I’ve seen it four times and heard “Johnny” each time—just like everyone else. You are the only one I have ever seen suggest anything different—-hence the “one random guy” bit.

“By the way, how many Star Trek characters have been named for you?”

I’m not sure what that is supposed to suggest. What difference would that make either way? It won’t make the dialogue in the film any different…It is still “Johnny”.

It’s “Johnny” in the dialogue, “Johnny” in the credits, and “Johnny” in the title of the deleted scene.

158. Robert H. - June 26, 2009

Hope they will still do regular DVD

159. MC1701B - June 26, 2009

157. It means that if the answer is anything less than “one,” you have no business insulting me about anything regarding Trek.

160. Mac - June 27, 2009

Never seen so many geeks on one site at one time. The movies was great, but “Canon”? It’s a movie not religion. Well, for most of us anyway.

161. Closettrekker - June 27, 2009

#159—-I don’t recall insulting you at all.

I simply pointed out that you were incorrect. I don’t know you, nor do I have any way of knowing that what you claim (having a character in Trek named for you) is in any way credible. But even if I did know that, and accepted the word of some “random guy on the internet”, that wouldn’t make you any less incorrect.

As I said, it’s still “Johnny” in the dialogue, “Johnny” in the credits, and “Johnny” in the title of the deleted scene—–whether your name is ‘random guy on the internet’, MC1701B, or James Tiberius Kirk…

162. SciFiMetalGirl - June 27, 2009

I saw the blooper reel from ST IV at a convention once! Leonard Nimoy had brought it with him and showed it to us, and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Seriously! I was hoping that it might have made its’ way onto the Director’s Cut edition, but no such luck.

163. bluray player reviews - June 28, 2009

We are awaiting for the deleted scene of star trek, very glad to hear that.

164. miz - June 29, 2009

Paramount say it with me: EXTENDED CUT. Also, CAST COMMENTARY.


165. tman - July 14, 2009

Part of me wants to see Klingons, hopefully with Battle Cruisers, not BoP’s, part of me is concerned that will take away some of my excitement for the next film…

166. pokey - October 5, 2009

Can’t wait

167. crazy deal man - October 23, 2009

Looking forward to the release!

168. Bluray Trailer - September 22, 2010

too good…want to see more

169. Fussball Transfers - May 23, 2011

El classico! Great…the release is outstanding!

170. Blu-ray Schnäppchen - January 12, 2012

Such a great movie. When I think back, never seen a better scene… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.