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William Shatner Explains Why He Has Not Seen The New Star Trek Movie June 30, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

spockFor over two years while the Star Trek movie was in development and production, much of the debate, news and gossip about the film was about whether or not William Shatner would be in it, something he contended would benefit the film. So it is a bit surprising that two months after its release, Bill has yet to see it. While co-hosting Live with Regis and Kelly last Friday he explains why, details below.


Shatner concerned over ‘ridicule’
On the show during the ‘host chat’, Regis asked Bill if he had seen the new Star Trek movie, and Bill said he had not. Regis then asked him if he ‘cared’, to which Bill replied:

I do care, but here is the problem. If I go to the theater, it’s like, ‘there is the guy who thinks he is captain Kirk’ or something like that. Some ridicule is going to happen. So I have sort of avoided that. I don’t want to wear a hat and glasses and and a cane and a beard…just to see a movie. That is a lot of effort, I could stay at home to watch a movie.

(Select third video down w/ Shatner – Star Trek discussion around 7:00 mark)

Later in the show (video not available online), Ray Romano came on to promote Ice Age 3, but also talked about the Star Trek movie, saying he loved it, and also was surprised that Bill had not seen it.

Other Trek celebs have talked about seeing the film, including Nichelle Nichols who says she has seen it multiple times. Star Trek’s other movie captain, Patrick Stewart, also recently talked about going to see the film (with the general public). Mr. Shatner was invited to the Hollywood premiere of the film, but apparently he had a conflict and he sold his unused tickets on Ebay (for charity) after the event. There were also multiple showings of the Star Trek film on the Paramount lot, including the week when JJ Abrams and many of the cast and crew took time time out from their publicity tour to attend Shatner’s charity horse show in late April. Bill has recently said he would like to be in the sequel, so hopefully he catches the movie sometime soon to find out what it is all about. If Bill can’t arrange a screening on the lot, here is a list of theaters still showing the movie in the LA area.



1. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

Mr. Shatner, there is no “thinking” about it. You have been, are, and always will be Captain Kirk.

The movie would have been a lot better with you in it, in my humble opinion.

2. ObiWanCon - June 30, 2009


He had nothing to do with the new movie and he’ll have nothing to do with the sequel so why doesn’t everyone just move on from THE SHAT.

3. Chris Dawson - June 30, 2009

Yes you are The Kirk.

Remember they cast someone who had to look like YOU.
He did a good job too.

They could have made him something completely different all they really wanted to do was reboot.

4. Chris Dawson - June 30, 2009

meant to say “If” all they really wanted to do was reboot . . .

5. Skagen - June 30, 2009

#2 – agreed 100%

We all appreciate Bill Shatner for his epic role in the franchise, but if he didn’t go see the new movie because he was afraid of ridicule, – come on, I mean that’s asking to be ridiculed right there!

6. krikzil - June 30, 2009

I can just imagine if he was caught out at a screening with the public by the media….the whole drama would begin anew about not being in it and he’d be criticized for anything he said no doubt.

7. Andy T - June 30, 2009

It is so sad to see that someone blessed with such a rich acting career has let it make him unreasonable. Life goes on. Seems pretty lame to blame others for his not seeing it. The Shat is to blame for this one. Too bad he cannot be honest with himself and us.

8. Wes W. - June 30, 2009

Hes’ not the star, he is not going to see it! Simple as that! Also, in the ent. business, when your gig is done, that is it! You dont care about sequels, etc. which you are not involved in. He was done with trek 15 years ago! Think, that is the space between the end of TOS and Trek III or TMP and Generations. It was long ago now…

9. The Spirit of Truth - June 30, 2009


One Word…….AMEN!!!!!!!

Here’s to the one and only, the Original KIRK!

10. Krik Semaj - June 30, 2009

Poor me.
That’s what he has become.
Some captain.

11. yvaine - June 30, 2009

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

12. VOODOO - June 30, 2009

Cut him some slack. He’s pissed that he wasn’t in the movie.

Maybe he has seen the film and is pretending that he hasn’t? Maybe he doesn’t care about the film and just wanted a big paycheck?

In the end who really careS?

P.S. I hope they can find a way to get the Shat in the next film.

13. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

#2,7,8,10 — God, all the venom against the guy. It really gets disgusting. If you don’t like, don’t read about him. How difficult can that possibly be?

He is THE Star Trek icon. Without him, there would have been no movie and no reboot. That is the fact.

Show some respect or just don’t show up. We won’t miss you Shatner haters.

14. BOOZBA - June 30, 2009

i love the SHAT,he’s my first hero,i was 3 years old when i first saw star trek in 1969,but…it’s time for something new….i don’t want to see him in the sequels….let’s move on!!!

15. Spock's Uncle - June 30, 2009

His behavior during the production of this film, and since it’s release, has tarnished his image for many, including myself. I wish Bill had reconciled the fact that he agreed to kill Kirk in “Generations” with the idea that the new movie would have a hard time giving him an appearance. The new franchise needs no further appearances from former cast members. The torch has been passed to a new generation of actors playing these iconic roles. Shame that Shatner couldn’t “get onboard” and support the new cast and crew, despite not being in the movie. Following the classy examples of Nichelle, Walter, et al, would have stood Mr. Shatner in better stead. Now he appears juvenile and even more egotistical than ever. It’s sad, but he made the bed, he must now lie in it.

16. Andy - June 30, 2009

What a dick.

17. Trekkie16 - June 30, 2009

Not sure I buy Shat’s explanation. Paramount has several screening rooms and he could have asked for a private showing. I am sure Paramount would have honored his request.

Spock embraced Quinto, Nichelle embraced Zoe etc. All the other actors seemed to have nice things to say about their counterparts. Shat needs to get on the bandwagon. Not sure this is the way to JJ’s heart or a part in the sequal.

18. TerilynnS - June 30, 2009

Trekkie16 – he’s also the only actor you mentioned that doesn’t need a job. *cringe* Sorry – but it’s true.

19. GarySeven - June 30, 2009

I don’t believe him, to be honest. There are ways to see the movie privately, especially for a well known actor. Heck, some of my friends have seen quality bootlegs in their homes.
I really do not like this man, but boy I love Captain Kirk.

20. Andy T - June 30, 2009

#13 It’s not hate at all. I would love to see a sensible reaction to this whole thing. Shatner is not giving us that.

21. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

He’s also said he’s not a Trekkie, and he has a lot of other things going on in his life besides Star Trek — unlike most everyone who posts here.

22. Matthew - June 30, 2009

William Shatner will always be the one and only Captain Kirk, even after he’s gone!

23. M5 - June 30, 2009

Hey Shat…go see the movie now before your fans at the Star Trek convention August in Las Vegas BURY you for not seeing it!!

24. Scanner - June 30, 2009

I’m afraid I have to agree with “Spock’s Uncle” and “Trekkie16″. Mister Shatner of all people should understand that in his universe, Kirk died, and trying to overcome that in plot form only degrades the courageous memory that is Kirk.

There are many avenues that Shatner could have engaged to see the movie, and it seems rather incongruiteous for him to keep avoiding it when Abrams and cast took the time to attend HIS affair.

I did read however in an interview with Leonard Nimoy that Shatner has a long standing habit of “playing with” the media, in terms of acting outlandish or leading them on. However, while that makes sense with things that he said when asked about he and Abrams and whatever “tuff” might be between them, it doesn’t justify his “it’s just too much bother!” attitude in seeing the movie.

Like your work, Bill, but gotta work on your courtesy a little more.

25. TonyD - June 30, 2009

#15 – Very well said and I could not agree more.

Shatner’s excuse for not seeing the new movie is about as convincing as his explanations for why he agreed to do Generations. His arguments don’t hold any water; Abrams held plenty of screenings that he could have attended if he really wanted to. And I’m sure Paramount would have given him a private screening if he had just asked.

The real reason he hasn’t seen the new movie is the same as why he never saw an episode of TNG or hardly ever appeared with other cast members at public events like the unveiling of the first Space Shuttle: because it didn’t benefit him.

26. Anthony Pascale - June 30, 2009


warning for personal attack. That kind of stuff is not allowed here
comments to

27. Bones Rodriguez - June 30, 2009

You guys- I can’t believe how lacking in compassion some of you are. Do you understand that he has had to live with the responsibility of being Kirk, and now suddenly he’s almost being “replaced”?

Put yourself in those shoes, and tell me you wouldn’t understand.

28. Jessica - June 30, 2009

William Shatner was/is Kirk.( Although William has played several other characters in his lifetime and is known for those parts also.) He played it better than Pine,IMO. If you don’t like The Shat then you are missing out on a whole lotta fun. I think they should have given him something in the film. I hope they do give him something in the next one. He created Kirk he deserves to be in the film somewhere,so what if Kirk died.

29. Andy Patterson - June 30, 2009


Yes. Shatner is Kirk. I’m like Decker in “Doomsday Machine” on this matter…I don’t recognize the new person’s authority. Except I’m not going to get booted off the bridge. And I seem to remember that ship having a brig.

30. Quatlo - June 30, 2009

What a load of horse malarkey Bill. I will always admire you for living life to the max but this doesn’t float or fly.


31. TonyD - June 30, 2009

#27 – In my view, Shatner pretty much gave up all rights to the character on screen when he agreed to have Kirk killed off in Generations, especially after Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley declined to participate. He seemed fine with his responsibility back then and didn’t show much compassion for Kirk when he took the paycheck and did such a disservice to the character.

#28 – Shatner has repeatedly said that he would not do a cameo; he wants a significant part and quite frankly, I don’t think he’s up to it anymore. The fact that he’s put on so much weight and looks so different physically doesn’t help either. Besides, the new cast and creative team have shown that they can carry this franchise; they deserve a chance to stand on their own.

32. T'Leba - June 30, 2009

Thank goodness Shatner wasn’t in the movie!!! Please, please, please, no Shatner in future Star Trek films.

33. TREKKIE369 - June 30, 2009

Bill, I’m disappointed in you. I can’t believe that you’re chicken to go to a theater. That’s a stupid excuse for not seeing it.

For those that are saying that “The Shat” always has been and always will be Kirk–Yes, he is the original Kirk, but now it’s time for “The Shat” to step back.

34. The Last Maquis - June 30, 2009

#1. Brett Campbell

well said.

35. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

34 – Thank you.

I wonder if Sean Connery gets asked if he bothers to continue to watch James Bond movies.

Maybe Mr. Shatner is simply tired of stupid questions.

So you’re not in the film? How does that make you feel? Are you going to watch it anyway?

And incidentally, he gave Pine his blessings in a letter and physically embraced him and Abrams at the charity auction just a little while back.

He’s handled all this more graciously than I would have if I had ever had the good fortune of being in his position.

He’s a busy man and has said he doesn’t like to watch himself on screen. He’s so busy making TV and film appearances that he probably doesn’t have much time to watch movies at all.

And he seemed pretty genuine to me about his feeling ridiculed about not being Kirk anymore. Boy, I hope I have half his energy and youthful looks when I’m pushing eighty, and his sense of humor.

36. KevinA Melbourne Australia - June 30, 2009

I understand Shat’s problem. I work in the industry and it’s hard when the media go all out for that expected comment. You can’t just go along and enjoy. Sometimes it’s all just gets to hard.

I’m surprised JJ hasn’t snent him a preliminary Blu-Ray or DVD. Given Shat is continually being asked these questions to comment on the movie, I would be making sure he saw it.

Hell I’d pick him up in my a limo and take him to my place to watch it …JJ please take note!

It would be good publicity to get Shatner up to speed now!

37. Jason - June 30, 2009

Shatner’s just been annoying me the past few years. What I don’t get is his boycotting the film. Sure, he’s a bit bitter for not being in it, but heck, other than Nimoy (who’s only in less than 10 of the film’s 126 minute runtime), no one else from Trek’s past is in the film, and yet they all have seen it and loved it.

The way I see, and my friends have agreed with me, is Shatner being bitter about not being in the new Star Trek is like if Adam West was upset about not being in The Dark Knight.

38. SirBroiler - June 30, 2009

How is it that the studio wouldn’t have honored all of the original cast by sending them screeners??? That doesn’t make any sense.

39. Trekwebmaster.com - June 30, 2009

Dear William:

I have watched you portray Captain Kirk for 40-something years and redicule would be the last thing I would think of doing to a great thespian as yourself.

I just don’t know what to think of this article…I am stumped. It’s perplexing to even think of William Shatner concerned about redicule to keep him out of a theater…I could see people ridiculing you if you jumped in front of the screen screaming ” I AM CAPTAIN KIRK,” as your alter-ego did in “The Enemy Within,” but other than that, I doubt anyone would say much. They would probably respect your privacy and let you enjoy the movie.

I am sure a PR campaign could be organized to fill the theater with Star Trek Fans (serious-minded who support both the film and William Shatner,) for this purpose. Would be a great PR event to say the least plus go along way to show the world how big a person William Shatner. After all, William Shatner made Captain Kirk the icon he is today.

I have always looked-up to William Shatner, who happens to portray, Captain Kirk, one of my role-models past and present.

If you decide to go or not, I will understand, but I wouldn’t let worrying about how people decide it for me.

“The answer is no, therefore we are going anyway!”

Much Respect and Admiration, as always!

40. jonboc - June 30, 2009

Despite the foot stomping by some people, the man doesn’t have to see the new movie if he doesn’t want to. He’s William Shatner.

41. Atari Baby - June 30, 2009

I remember he regularly told the press he couldn’t comment on “Next Generation” because he hadn’t seen it. It all boils down to he’s not getting paid to associated with the film in any way, so he’s not going to promote it in any way. That’s how he operates.

42. Trekwebmaster.com - June 30, 2009

@ #36

I agree, it would be a VERY COOL PR move to take William Shatner in hand, even if JJ and company went as a group. That would be cool and hopefully, might even be a productive evening, minus the media in a closed theater, to go and enjoy the movie.

I would do it.


43. Pete Fernbaugh - June 30, 2009

Ummmmmm…the simple reason Shatner hasn’t seen the film… He’s busy!!!! Shatner has an active acting career, a huge family, breeds horses, hosts several charity events, oversees a new comic book line (which just launched and is trying to get traction…not an easy thing to do nowadays), co-authors books, has a talk show, etc. etc. etc. etc.

More than being a celebrity, Shatner is a work-a-day laborer who has to get up and earn a living each day. I think those of us outside of the entertainment industry tend to assume that these people live magical lives. They really don’t. They have to work the same 12-14 hour days that the rest of us do, and when you’ve been around entertainment all day long, I highly doubt that the first thing you want to do as soon as you get done for the day is go see a movie, especially one with which you were not involved. (In many cases, going to premieres is “work” for actors.)

I’m an ordinary joe, and I never get to the movies. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Apart from my full-time job, I work in local theater, do stuff for my church, have family responsibilities, etc. etc. etc. Heck, in order to see “Star Trek,” I had to go to a 9:30 p.m. showing on a Sunday night.

Give the man some slack. Entertainment isn’t a priority for all of us. And besides…what’s he’s going to say other than what he’s supposed to say, “Gee, it was great. Chris Pine really impressed me.” In fact…Shatner could save himself some controversy and just say that now…and still never see the movie!!!

Damn him for being so honest!!!!!!

44. iacon3000 - June 30, 2009

Excuses!,,excuses!,,,,I’ve always been a fan of shatners,,,but he’s handled this situation like a spoiled child,,and made himself look like an ass in the process,,he hasn’t seen the movie cause he’s pissed he wasn’t included,,,,he doesn’t deserve to be in the sequel,,,

45. Jeff - June 30, 2009

One of Shatner’s arguments that Abrams should have had him in the film no matter the story line is that it was a good business decision. Hmmm… Star Trek seems to have made plenty of money without the Shat. Don’t think him being in the film would have upped the booty. Maybe he’s peeved that they can make a successful, entertaining film with Kirk and Spock without William Shatner.

46. Trekwebmaster.com - June 30, 2009

Personal note to William Shatner:

I know I write too much, but I don’t care about prime or alternate universes, you are still the TOS Captain Kirk to me, and always will be so. If I were the big players at the studio or anyway connected to the old and the new films, I would try every effort to incorporate both the old and new while they are here. Tomorrow is not ours.

In STAR TREK, no one is left behind or forgotten. That is one of the most important points of the philosophy. I wouldn’t tread too harshly on it.

47. Trekwebmaster.com - June 30, 2009

@ #45

Jeff, maybe William is not ready for it (Star Trek) to be over with from his perspective. I would feel the same way, to some extent. It’s not an easy thing to do or confront.

No one wants to feel or think they are obsolete. It’s a painful thing. The best course of action would be one of compassion.

48. Jordan - June 30, 2009

So stupid. He looks like a crybaby this way.

49. Trekwebmaster.com - June 30, 2009

@ #43

Indeed, honesty is brutal. I took it to mean he is really interested in seeing the new film. But you have to acknowledge the “hint” and allow for respect by not making the man ask. After all, this guy (William Shatner) did make Kirk who he is today.

Are people in the industry really THAT busy to stop for a minute and realize what people are “really” saying even in the media?

50. martin - June 30, 2009

I don’t blame him. While he states he is interested, he is not a fan in the same way that we are. In addition to that, by all accounts, he is incredibly busy all the time between work, and probably wants to give his wife and his grandkids as much time as possible.

Plus at my age, 41, sitting through a movie is not the most comfortable thing. I would rather have my own refreshments, my own bathroom, and my own recliner – I am sure at 78, he feels even more like that as well.

Additionally- even if he is not recognized (and there is zero chance of that) – the audience is often annoying – on phones and talking and standing up to go to the bathroom and such.

What is surprising is that Leonard Nimoy or JJ Abrahms haven’t had a Blu-Ray already sent to him so he could watch it in his home theater.

51. James T. Kirk - June 30, 2009

William Shatner is as big a legend as his most famous role Captain Kirk.

Although I lamented his absence from the new Star Trek film I DID understand J.J. Abrams reasoning for an older Kirk NOT being there.(Basically, in addition to providing the single WORST death for a major character EVER, “Star Trek:Generations” RUINED the possibility of Shatner being in the new film because they’d have to spend precious screen time to explain why that Kirk was no longer dead.) Now I DO think that TNG people just wanted to eliminate the competition(Remember how BEFORE “Generations” there was all this “Who’d win, Kirk or Picard?” stuff, and Kirk ALWAYS won? TNG people KNEW it and stopped it by killing off Kirk. Shatner SHOULD have listened to Leonard Nimoy’s advice and NOT done it. Anyway what’s done is done. CLEARLY the ORIGINAL series is where it’s at and Shatner CAN now be in the sequel along with the intriguing return of the best villain in ST history KHAN!(I DID think of how cool that would be myself along with the return of Shatner after seeing the new film on opening day) I CANT WAIT!

52. Dennis Bailey - June 30, 2009

That is one lame, weak excuse.

53. Scott B. here. - June 30, 2009

Re: #35 – That sounds about right, Brett. Bill’s just got better things to do. Maybe he’ll catch it on DVD or something, but it’s just not a big priority for the guy. I really wouldn’t read so much into his not making the effort to see it in the theater, folks. If it weren’t for having to make an appearance at the premieres of his own Trek movies, I wonder how many of those he would have bothered to go see.

Scott B. out.

54. Buzz Cagney - June 30, 2009

If Bill doesn’t want to see it thats his business. Its a shame though, as he would certainly enjoy it. It must be hard for him though.

55. Charles Houston - June 30, 2009

I Cant believe Mr Shatner has not seen the movie.Chris did an excellent job and if anything Bill should be flattered how in some scenes he hit the character dead on.

56. CarlG - June 30, 2009

He’s entitled to watch / not watch whatever movies he wants to.

To be honest, as much as Shatner is fun to watch on TOS, I think he needs Star Trek a lot less than we (and possibly he) thinks.

About this “there is only one Kirk and he is the Shat” stuff, does it follow, then, that there can be only one Hamlet? Or Sherlock Holmes? Or James Bond? Or Doctor Who?
A hundered years from now, when they’re picking the 20th actor to play Kirk, all this drama is going to look pretty inane.

57. Valar1 - June 30, 2009

WAaaay back when on the Arsenio Hall show in the 90s was the last time bill actually spoke the truth about this thing where he never ever manages to see the new Treks where he isn’t in them.

Arsenio asked him why he hadn’t seen TNG which was on the air then, he said, I’m in a sticky situation, if I say I saw it then someone will want an opinion, and I have to take a stand for or against and I have friends on both sides of the issue.. I’m paraphrasing, but that was essentially his point. All these years later, and he still sticks to that line.

58. James Tiberius Kirk - June 30, 2009

“What is a Man, but that…lofty spirit, that sense of…ENTERPRISE! That devotion to something that cannot be sensed, cannot be…realized, but only…DREAMED: The HIGHEST Reality!!!!”

59. Kevin - June 30, 2009

I haven’t seen it either… and I have no intention of doing so.

60. Supervisor194 - June 30, 2009


Kevin….I admire that.

61. Will_H - June 30, 2009

If someone gives him crap he should just flip them off, I dont see why he cares. Its making a bigger scene by him not seeing it.

62. Harry Ballz - June 30, 2009

Afraid people would recognize him?

He could always take off the hair weave and girdle, wear a pair of sunglasses and walk into the theatre……but then you’d have people pointing and shouting, “Hey! I thought Dom Deluise was dead!!”

63. Dennis Bailey - June 30, 2009

#54: “If Bill doesn’t want to see it thats his business.”

Absolutely it is his business and no one else’s.

Making up transparent and nonsensical excuses as he does is childish and self-absorbed, though.

64. Baroner - June 30, 2009

Shat is full of crap – he’s just pissed off, and he doesn’t want the attention (although, by not seeing the movie, now he’s got it anyway). Still, he is Trek and that’s that. The whole epic nature of this franchise owes itself to HIS Kirk. He inspired all the dreams. Don’t go telling me that Spock and/or Nimoy are responsible for all of this in the first instance. Kirk was the main, kick-ass character – he’s what stirred a generation.

So stop hating Shat. Accept that he’s human but acknowledge that without him, Trek very probably would have just been a semi-cool 60’s show that no one cared about years later (except for a few viewers on TV Land).

65. Sci-Fi Bri - June 30, 2009

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz…….. is it Summer ’11 yet?

66. Joanna - June 30, 2009

IMO if you don’t like Williams Shatner’s Kirk (the one and only) then you are not a “True” Trekkie.

67. sean - June 30, 2009

Eh, if Bill wanted to see it he would have. I’m not sure why these excuses are necessary. Just say it isn’t a priority and move on.

And honestly, I’m not in favor of a lot of the nastiness that’s spewed in his direction, but some of you act as though he’s the busiest man in show business.

68. Sisko is the Prophet - June 30, 2009

Obviously Shatner’s excuse is BS as he could have attended the premiere or the private screenings at Paramount. But putting all that aside, lets just analyze his reasoning…he is basically admitting he is a coward. He is afraid of ridicule.

Yes it is his ‘business’, but for two years he lectured Paramount and JJ Abrams about what a bad ‘business’ decision it was for them to not put him in the movie (yes clearly it has been a disaster!). And he is still talking about being in the sequel! JJ Abrams brougth his whole gang to kiss the ring at his horse show, and yet he cant be bothered to go see this movie?

Compare shatner to basically everyone else, he is the only one stil acting like a child. it is really sad. This is just like on the new Blu-ray with the Star Trek Summitt when he said (seemingly proud) to Patrick Stewart how he had never watched a single episode of TNG. Well done Bill, nice way to insult your ‘friend’

I cant understand the ‘bill can do no wrong’ crowd. It is patently obvious this man is the ultimate ego-ist who has no interest in anything that isnt about him. I love his portrayal of Captain Kirk. I only wish there was some of that great character in the man who played him.

69. Drew - June 30, 2009

Bill has an ego.. always has and always will. If he isnt the center of attention, then the hell with everyone. (in his mind)

Its time to grow up Bill.

70. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

53 – Thanks. I agree. It seems to me to be pretty much the “Occam’s Razor” explanation.

71. Robert H. - June 30, 2009

Chris Pine did an excellent job of being James T. Kirk. But Bill Shatner, how shall I put it?

I can see him fearing ridicule, but just remember that he is still Kirk as well. Chris Pine isn’t replacing him, he is succeeding him. Two totally different things.

72. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

67 – Certainly one of the busiest at least — without question.

73. Brett Campbell - June 30, 2009

47 -Trekwebmaster — Very well said and a very good point.

74. RetroWarbird - June 30, 2009

Plenty of people wait for DVDs, still in this day and age. I’m sure he’ll see it eventually.

75. Greg2600 - June 30, 2009

Big deal he hasn’t seen it. He likely hasn’t seen a Trek film since Generations. Frankly, Shatner doesn’t seem like he attends many premieres at all. Though I agree with most here that it sounds like he doesn’t want to see it. Yes, that explanation is a bit bogus, but what do you want him to say? “I have no interest in seeing this movie, piss off!”

76. Horta's R' Us - June 30, 2009

#68- Yes, I still do not understand how in the Captains Summit he stated he had never seen TNG yet he was able to “write” all of those books that took place within the TNG era with Kirk. They all contained very informed info on the Picard era.
How was he able to “write” with such detail about TNG if he had never seen a single episode?

77. sean - June 30, 2009


He keeps busy, no question, but to act as though he’s too busy to see a movie is just ridiculous. He can see the movie if he wants to.

78. sean - June 30, 2009


The Reeves-Stevens were likely responsible for the TNG era stuff.

79. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 30, 2009

I could care less if Bill’s seen ST 09 or not. He’ll still always be my favorite actor, who cares what he sees or doesn’t see? As much as I enjoyed the new movie, I’d have enjoyed it more with him in it.

80. 31 Falvius - June 30, 2009

Kirk will always be a Hero & Role Model…
Shat was not liked by the Co-Stars simply because of his lack of respect for them……and now he shows his lack of respect for the amazing people who put Trek back on track.

Actors have egos! but being actors they hide it very well…

but Shat was never a good actor.

Who cares if he see it WE did WE love the new actor’s.

81. Horta's R' Us - June 30, 2009

78- So did he actually write any of them or was his name slapped on to sell more copies?

82. Mike B. - June 30, 2009

I grew up loving Shatner as James T. Kirk. I read his books watched his other stuff. Star Trek kinda died for me with Generations. With the new film, nobody was more surprised then me to actually enjoy Chris Pine’s Kirk more then Shatner’s. It still seems insane but true. Also, as I’ve moved into my thirties I kinda feel like more of a Spock fan then a Kirk fan. Weird.

83. James - June 30, 2009

Shatner should spare himself the indignity of watching the new movie. It’s screwup-trek not star trek.

84. Pete Fernbaugh - June 30, 2009

Regarding Shatner’s ego…

We all have egos, larger than any of us are willing to admit. I don’t know why people look down on others for having egos.

Most of us who post on this board have egos. Who really cares what we think about something? No one really cares what I have to say…except me. And five minutes after I’ve posted this, I really won’t care about what I had to say either.

When the Original Series stars complain about Shatner’s ego, isn’t it because they have egos, too, and he allegedly bruised theirs?

All this crap about Shatner’s ego is disingenuous…there is not one of us on this board who wouldn’t be pissed off at Abrams if we were in Shatner’s shoes.

And why would we be pissed off?

Because he disrespected us and hurt our egos.

And actually…from our perspectives…that would be a pretty valid reason for being pissed off and not seeing his movie!!

85. Harry Ballz - June 30, 2009


Do you even have to ask? The Shat’s books are like his hair. In both cases he pretends that he is responsible for it, but he purchased both! Sad!

86. Mr. Delicious - June 30, 2009

He’d go if Paramount paid him.

87. Jack - June 30, 2009

37. Jason – “The way I see, and my friends have agreed with me, is Shatner being bitter about not being in the new Star Trek is like if Adam West was upset about not being in The Dark Knight.”

86. Mr. Delicious – “He’d go if Paramount paid him.”

Amen. I want to marry both of you.

88. cagmar - June 30, 2009

oh, wow, okay… so how’s this article as a sample of objective reporting? haha… Calm down, AP. It’s no hair off anyone’s back if Shatner doesn’t attend the movie. He has that right. We can all choose to see or not to see any movie we want. That last paragraph there is almost scalding… Opinions of Shatner plummeting among the trekmovie columnists?

Nevertheless, to each his own. Rock on, Shatner.

89. Wes W. - June 30, 2009

“13. Brett Campbell – June 30, 2009

#2,7,8,10 — God, all the venom against the guy. It really gets disgusting. If you don’t like, don’t read about him. How difficult can that possibly be?

He is THE Star Trek icon. Without him, there would have been no movie and no reboot. That is the fact.”

I was actually a charter member of the official Shatner fan club! I love him! Great actor and a talented man!

90. Wes W. - June 30, 2009

“It’s no hair off anyone’s back if Shatner doesn’t attend the movie”

of course, we cant say it is no hair off shatner’s head! Because he has none! LOL!

91. sean - June 30, 2009


I’d say all the ‘Kirk is the center of the universe’ stuff is Shatner, and all the background details and TNG stuff is the Reeves-Stevens.

92. Engon - June 30, 2009

By my rough calculations, Captain Kirk has been played by:
William Shatner 98% of time…
Chris Pine 2% of the time.

Pine will catch up around the time he makes “Star Trek: LXI” (i.e. “Star Trek: 61″). With two years to make each film, Pine should be about 130 by that time, and he will probably be just as interested as 78-year-old William Shatner is in spending two of his remaining hours watching yet more “Star Trek.”

93. DaveK69 - June 30, 2009

People need to leave Mr Shatner alone. If people took the time to look at all this man does (aside from being Captain Kirk), then I’m sure they would realize that he can see the movie when he’s ready to see it. I’m sure Leonard Nimoy doesn’t give him grief about it, and if Nimoy doesn’t give him grief then no one has the right to.

94. sean - June 30, 2009

In other news, Shatman is pretty hilarious in that new Priceline commercial where he inhales laughing gas.

95. BrF - June 30, 2009

I’m stumped by the negative reaction to Shatner here. So he’s human. So he’s got an ego. So it’s on display. So what? Consider his situation. Consider that he gave us Captain Kirk! Shatner may be a flawed, complicated human being, but so are we all. Shatner gets a pass.

96. Penhall99 - June 30, 2009

Please Mr. Shatner, see the damned movie so I don’t have to keep listening to all the whining and moaning from Trek fans. PLEASE!!!

Its interesting how quickly many fans turn on one of the men responsible for Trek’s success. Pretty sad.

97. Trekee - June 30, 2009

Surely it’s his choice and if he just doesn’t want to see it in public then that’s his call. Maybe he just doesn’t want to see at all but would rather not come out and say it in case people jump down his throat. He’s in a no win scenario, and we know his alter ego’s thinking on that.

98. Chuck Fu - June 30, 2009

blah blah blah…

i’m 47 years old and I haven’t seen it. I could go into a deeeeeeep psychoanalytical reason but I really don’t like going to see movies in public places anymore. I really don’t like being anywhere in public anymore unless i’m drunk.

and it is rather hard to see people that could practically be my grandchildren (eek) playing these roles. yes, some of these people acting in the “new” Star Trek look about 11 years old. Just wait a few years and you’ll see the same thing…

99. Illogical - June 30, 2009

I really can’t believe have the shit I’m reading from these vitriolic posters, I mean really, isn’t this a site devoted to Star Trek, primarily TOS? Isn’t William Shatner one of the reasons TOS is what it is? What a bunch of opinionated, fare-weathered f-ing turncoats some of you creeps are. I’ve read a lot of weird stuff over the last nearly three years, but this one’s really pissin me off.

Who are any of us to judge why he has not seen the movie? Can any of you even relate what he might be going through? Christ sakes this is William Shatner, the guy that did not just PLAY Kirk, he made everything about the character what it is! No some of you say good riddance? This whole thing from the start has been so overblown and at times taken out of context.

100. ken1w - June 30, 2009

What’s the big deal? If he’s not interest in seeing it now, I’m sure he’ll see it when it comes out on DVD.

101. Simon - July 1, 2009

#68 – Agree completely.

Shatner will always be the immature kid who when the spotlight isn’t on them will pout and take the toys and go home. He can’t stand the fact that not only is TREK going on without him, it’s more successful than anyone imagined.

The same Shatner who boasted he had the Generations people “over a barrel” when it came to salary negotiations.

For those who think “Kirk” is Shatner…maybe, but TREK would be just as successful if it had been Jeffrey Hunter’s Pike in command. Patrick Stewart showed that if you’re a good actor and you have good writers, people will accept another Captain. Now it’s Chris Pine in the seat, and he’s done well. That is probably more ego bruising than anything.

Nimoy has shown us how to accept things with grace and respect. Compare his behavior to Shatner’s and you’ll see why I’m so irritated at his behavior.

102. Joanna - July 1, 2009

He has every right to not want to see the movie.

I 100% agree with #99

Its a shame how bad some of you people are talking about William Shatner!

103. RD - July 1, 2009

92. Engon wrote: “Pine will catch up [playing Kirk] around the time he makes “Star Trek: LXI” (i.e. “Star Trek: 61″). With two years to make each film, Pine should be about 130 by that time”

And audiences will have no idea who William Shatner was anymore, or care.

CBS will have long since digitally pasted Pine’s face over all of Shatner’s in the original TOS episodes & films too.

And Pine will likely finish his career on a TV version of TOS, where his greatest Nemesis will be a spacefaring Matlock reboot.

104. Pyork (JE) - July 1, 2009

not sure what he’s talking about, his review is right here


105. OtterVomit - July 1, 2009

Forever our Captain.

Keep living life to the fullest, Bill!

106. Keeg - July 1, 2009

Talk about ridicule. Imagine the reviews if he HAD been in the movie.

“Shatner’s holograhic cameo was distracting because the imax screen didn’t have the capacity to show his waistline.”

Or maybe JJ would find a way to lens flare his midsection and half of his face. And most of his “hair”.

Honestly, I’m a lifelong Trekkie and James T. Kirk has been my hero since… forever. And Shatner WAS that hero. But now when I see all of his infantile vindictive snobbery against Takei, against Doohan… against EVERYONE but Nimoy and DeForest Kelley, against the very FRANCHISE, I frankly could care less if I saw him. If for some reason I need a Shatner fix, well, they have dvds for that.

Chris Pine is, in my opinion, a perfect if unseasoned Kirk. His Kobayashi Maru was better than I’d ever envisioned it, and the addition of the “Genesis Cave ‘I don’t like to lose’ Apple Gnaw” was one of my favorite moments in the film. Anyway, I’m gushing. Shat did a good job in his day, but he’s an (insert PG rated expletive) in real life, so bah @ him. Bah, I say.

107. toddk - July 1, 2009

I think bill wants to be paid to see it. Please no shatner in the sequel… I mean…why?

108. Black Fire - July 1, 2009

Lame excuse, he could have gone to the premiere. He preferred to sell his tickets online.

109. DiDi - July 1, 2009

Infantile, vindictive, snobbery…cheap insults often followed or preceded by a cheap shot about Bill Shatner’s weight and fake hair. Takes one to know one, I guess.

Personally, I’m getting over my sore feelings as a Trekkie towards Shatner. It seems like a right of passage or phase with every Trek fan- come to terms with your feelings about William Shatner. I’ve suggested it before (as a joke, but maybe I’m serious this time after reading many of these comments), but a therapy group for fans where we can all sort out our Shatner-related feelings would be freaking awesome. We can hug it out, together.

110. Nick Cook - July 1, 2009

Honestly, what’s the big deal here? If he can’t be bothered to go see the movie, so what? It’s just a movie.

111. Dr_beckett - July 1, 2009

For the record, I have been and always shall be, a fan of The Shat BUT:

Alll this talk about Shatner being MR Star Trek.. I mean, comeon – he CONTRIBUTED to the mythos, granted, but we all know the real star was Spock. Leonard Nimoy generated the most amount of fanmail throughout the show’s run.

Shatner not attending = sour grapes.

112. Dom - July 1, 2009

He’s probably just plain uncomfortable watching a Trek film that has someone else playing Kirk after it’s been such a huge part of his life.

Lots of actors are uncomfortable watching themselves in movies and TV shows (it’s obvious that Tom Baker hasn’t previously watched many of his Doctor Who episodes in his DVD commentaries) and, in Shatner’s case, he probably doesn’t want to see anyone else playing a role he loves.

End of the day, he doesn’t want to watch it. That’s his choice and his right!

113. CapnJake - July 1, 2009

#37 Jason,
You honestly can not compare Adam West, and William Shatner in a situation like this,Adam west was not the first actor to play Batman on screen, On the other hand, in the 42 years since star trek first aired up until this year, the only person ever to portray kirk was shatner.

there have been many people to wear the mantel of the bat, but until now shatner was kirk. how many other iconic characters have been portrayed by only one actor over the span of many decades?

chris pine is a fine actor, i did enjoy his take as kirk,(primarily as i look at him as not being the same kirk as shatners kirk due to childhood being different, no father and all that so it explains some of the character changes) and i enjoyed him when i went watched farragut north at the geffen playhouse a few weeks ago. but 40 years from now when people think of james t kirk it wont be chris pine who people think of, I gaurentee you it will still be william shatner.

114. captain_neill - July 1, 2009

Shatner is the only Kirk

Pine was great as Kirk but not a patch on Shatner”s potrayal.

I will always watch the following movies because the new actors are good but the originals ARE ALL BETTER.

The only thing that will lose me is if they remake all the classics into inferior dumbed down versions or Michael Bay ends up directing a Trek movie.

115. captain_neill - July 1, 2009

But I hope to continue watching new Trek as I love Trek so much.

I have now overlooked the changes from JJ Abramsbecaue it is an alternate universe, even so I will never like what JJ did to Engineering.

I know that past Trek had better writers but as long as Orci and Kurtxman don’t dumb Trek down to the level of Transformers 2, we should be ok.

116. DJT - July 1, 2009

It sounds like the first honest thing he’s said so far about his feelings towards this movie, sans promotions for all his other projects.

I think it would be cool to have a commentary by him on the DVD blu-ray somewhere. I’d like to hear what he thinks of the movie the first time he watches it.

117. Dovile - July 1, 2009

@ 66. Joanna – “IMO if you don’t like Williams Shatner’s Kirk (the one and only) then you are not a “True” Trekkie.”

And if I’ve never seen a single episode of TOS, but have seen everything ST since then, doesn’t that qualify me as a “true” Trekkie? It’s not as if the whole ST universe were centered about him. LOL

I’m not a Kirk/Shatner’s hater or lover, I’ve simply always been in Spock’s fan club. I’m almost sure I will like Kirk in TOS era if I ever get to see TOS, but from what I’ve seen of Kirk in the movies, nothing’s made me to care much about his character. That’s why I vote for no Shat in the sequels, or maybe a small cameo (if it’s well scripted into the overall story and doesn’t seem forced). Similarly, I wouldn’t mind seeing others from the orig. crew in future ST movies, but only if it fits well with the story.

118. Commodore Kor'Tar - July 1, 2009

The more he talks about the new movie the more it seems like he’s taken a “Sour Grapes” stance on it .

119. Iowagirl - July 1, 2009

What, no visits to the local cinema to see Jimmy the Mirror Kid being beaten up, no cozy evenings watching 40 years of Trek history in a marathon session while crying into your Saurian Brandy, no kneeling down in front of your holy memorabilia shrine and mindmelding with the Fan Flock at the beginning of each day…

THIS IS A DISASTER! It’ really hard, but I suspect we will have to unchurch you, Brother Bill.

120. josepepper - July 1, 2009

What a foolish old man, he reinforces the fact that he is “just an actor” and is not, never was a trek fan. He also is making himself look like a bafoon with his stupid excuses. I would NEVER put him in any sequel. He didn’t even look at the new enterprise when the pics were released “remember”

He was Kirk and brought much to trek, he could have passed the baton with pride and class, instead he looks like a school boy crying to Mama that someone took his lunch money. I hope he’s reading this, grow up BILL

121. Mitch - July 1, 2009

You know what? The guy’s entitled to feel a certain way. Abrams obviously embarrassed him a little. Unintentional I’m sure, but the way the whole Shatner in the movie issue was handled by Abrams was just awful. Maybe Abrams made Shatner feel like he was not good enough to be in his film–something compounded by the fact the Nimoy was asked and he wasn’t, despite obviously wanting to be in it.

I read that Shatner had a schedule conflict with the premiere and donated his tickets to charity.

Look at how some of the people who don’t appreciate what Shatner has done for Trek are acting on this thread. This topic is obviously hitting a nerve with the man, and right or wrong, he doesn’t want to be treated like a has been, when he is nothing of the sort.

Maybe at this point, Abrams can do the classy thing, and make arrangements for either a private screening or an early DVD.

122. Mitch - July 1, 2009

Oh and 117–if you have never seen a single episode of TOS, you are not a Trekkie. Sorry–but the show is Star Trek after all. That’s like claiming to be a fan of Star Wars without ever seeing Star Wars.

123. OLLEY OLLEY OLEY - July 1, 2009

“Show some respect or just don’t show up.”

Bill didnt show up so its an indication of his lack of respect for New Trek.

124. Spockish - July 1, 2009

There are so many views about him watching the ST:TM, can’t say I really saw any undecided people. I’m sure there are some, just none that stood out as I browsed the posts.

And he wants a real part in the next one, no cameo’s, this is a part that makes The Shat be Kirk. Remember the ‘We the other actors in Star Trek hate Shatner’ and all the battles of getting show members to portray their roles as they did in the TV show. The way I would characterize those actions is, The Shat is a proud Alpha Male and him not being King of the Hill if I’m not King of the hill what fun is it to play again.

If he needs to be in the next movie how about my idea of a few days ago. The Shat in his older age in timeline Prime discovers guest star Tom Hanks has invented something that will give him GODly powers, the original Kirk to stop the action makes the machine turn him into a semiGOD. Then Hanks and SpockPrime along with the new Enterprise work to return the old Kirk back into human kirk. In the process SpockPrime must pull the Old Kirk into oblivion. In the end the originals vanish but the universe is reverted to the Prime timeline.

It solves many problems in one movie.

Gives The Shat a major part
Has a popular world wide star
fixes SpockPrime being in another Timeline
Removes the original actors conflicting the mew actors.
is not a kill them before they kill you action movie
SpockPrime and Original Kirk vanish but never really die, they could be in a Nexus?
J.J’s trek still can be different but can still be in the Original Time/Space Continuum.

**** (side note) **** That’s the first time I’ve ever seen two U’s side by side in a word, but thats what Google fixed the spelling with.

125. Horatio Hornblower - July 1, 2009

Message 43 brought up some interesting points.

I see several things interlacing here…

1.Resturaunt Syndrome- If you work at a resturaunt, you would know what I mean. After a day of working with food, smelling food, being with food… chances are, after closing shop… you’re more likely togo home to have cereal and milk for dinner than to go to a fancy resturaunt a friend of yours might own.

Nothing personal, but some people need a break. And if you watch the Captian’s Summit, he explains he likes to watch things like news and sports, not much into movies or tv shows.

2.The Image- Granted… we know, and he knows he’s Kirk. He’s ALWAYS known he’s Kirk. And as far as everyone’s concerned, he IS Kirk. So now he has someone coming up portraying him… it would be EXTREMELY awkward. What would you do if one day someone (younger and in their prime) was portraying you? Actors are fearful and insecure by nature, and he could very well be nervous of seeing the duality of him and not him in one place.

I personally, am a veteran costumer(scifi, fantasy, Anime.Video game)… and I do feel a little uncomfortable when I meet other people who wear the same thing I’d been awarded for.

It’s nothing against THEM, it’s just an unsettling paradox that eventually gets sorted out, and in doing so, you learn new things and make new friends. Doesn’t mean it’s not a lil awkward, though.

3. Publicity- I think the hassle and harassment of this big parallel lane to his career being desperately wanted to be known by people will make him want to avoid it with the pressure of people all around. Even the Private viewing rooms in Paramount, he’ll likely be bombarded by questions the second he sets foot out the door. Which leads to my next point…

4.”I could just stay at home and watch a movie.” -That very well might be his way of saying… “I’m going to wait until it becomes available for home viewing.” Mebbe the rewind/ pause/play frame/ etc features of DVD/Blu Ray make for more personal and detailed viewing of a movie. Or it could be the security of his own home, the peace of being alone, and the chance to relax and enjoy things without expectations hovering over him.

I’m neither condoning or condemning… but I am putting thought into the whys and how this relates to an aged man, an ever active actor, and someone who’d had everything and everyone one they’d known from the biggest factor of their career and life replaced by shiny bright young new things.

Some people see it as a novelty. Some might just see it as a relieving passing of a torch. Others might be a bit afraid of it.

Or maybe it’s just the intimidation of a younger him with a full head of hair.

126. steve1 or 2 - July 1, 2009

The negative comments make me…well…kind of sick.

127. VZX - July 1, 2009

He has not seen the new movie simply out of bitterness.

I’ve have been and always shall be a fan of William Shatner. But this behavior is very childish. Just go out and watch the dang thing!

128. Vera the Gun - July 1, 2009

It’s simple. He’s proprietary about the series, the role, everything. I feel for the guy. That part was his for forty years. HE was the iconic Captain Kirk. Now, some new people, people who weren’t even born when he was making the role HIS, are co-opting his hard work, all those years of love and effort.

It sucks to get older and feel like you’re being left behind, especially in something that you devoted so much of yourself. I’m no Shatner apologist, and I loved the new film, but let’s cut him some slack.

129. Charlie - July 1, 2009

He should’ve gone to the premiere, now he’s gotta’ wait for DVD/Blu-Ray.

130. dalek - July 1, 2009

You know when I first heard he hadn’t seen it, I thought that it would be horrible of him to have to go to a cinema and watch it like a fan.

Makes perfect sense he’d want to avoid ridicule.

JJ and co should have invited him to one of the official premieres. But it seems they didn’t invite him to anything except an initial meeting. No set visit, nothing.

Shatner has quite literally been ousted from everything.

To have to watch it in a room full of sci-fi geeks, the man’s gonna get harrassed.

Respect the man. If I was him I’d have snubbed the film altogether after how I was treat.

131. Star Trackie - July 1, 2009

#120 ” He also is making himself look like a bafoon with his stupid excuses.”

Hogwash. He doesn’t NEED any excuses.

Believe it or not, there is no mandate that every actor who was ever in the original series must watch the new movie. It’s not a law, it’s not required for him to continue working and it’s not carved in stone. People who have hang ups over it need to…are you ready….get a clue!

Ha! thought I was going to say “life” didn’t you?

132. TonyD - July 1, 2009

#130 – “JJ and co should have invited him to one of the official premieres. But it seems they didn’t invite him to anything except an initial meeting. No set visit, nothing.

Shatner has quite literally been ousted from everything.”


Abrams DID invite him to the official premiere; Shatner even received tickets. He declined to attend (claimed there was a scheduling conflict) and sold the unused tickets on Ebay instead (ostensibly for charity).

Chris Pine wrote him a letter and offered to get together and even invited him onto the set. Again, Shatner declined.

Abrams & Co. attended Shatner’s charity horse show; Shatner could have returned the favor and attended a premiere. Yet again, he declined.

Shatner was not ousted from anything; he was the one who agreed to have the character killed off in Generations, closing the door to any future film participation. If anyone has been doing the snubbing, its him.

I could care less if he does or doesn’t see the new movie; its his prerogative to do what he pleases. I just wish he’d be a little more honest with himself and his fans. He created one of the most memorable, beloved and enduring characters of TV and film and no one will ever take that away from him. But all these excuses of his are just unconvincing and unbecoming.

133. Capt Krunch - July 1, 2009

SOUR GRAPES!. He can’t stand the fact that is succeeds without him and noboby cares anymore if he is associated with it or not!…He was my first hero as well…I was born in ’66 and TREK is the first thing I remember… Anytime I saw Shat in anything else I made sure I watched…I want to support all of the original actors…I like De Kelley’s old westerns….
remember Doohan in some old movies…Nimoy in MI and In Search Of…
Takei as the drug lord in an old Miami Vice…Koenig in Babylon 5 …Nichols in some current movies….I loved TJ Hooker, Rescue 911, and adore Boston Legal…with several TREK alums!…

He does seem bitter to me..and for what…200 years from now he will only be remembered for Kirk!….He should move on andstop trying to steal attention from TREK’S success!…
The other survivng actors have seen the movie and expressed their admiration for it…beleive Nichols has seen it 3 or 4 times!….They aren’t bitchin about being “ridiculed.”…they understand that the show goes on with or without them….and Mr Shatner needs to as well..
Perhaps he will make it in a future TREK, but with his current attitude why would he choose to?

134. spock - July 1, 2009

Shatner is officially dead to me.

135. Danpaine - July 1, 2009

You ARE Captain Kirk, Mr. Shatner. Always have been, always will be.


136. Jarod - July 1, 2009

Reading talkbacks like this makes me realize how full of themselves the fans are.

137. NTH - July 1, 2009

#121 Mitch. Totally agree.For all his egotism,bluster and self parody he is probably his own worst critic.Kirks death in Generations was a dreadful mistake,something I guess he is painfully aware of. His fear of ridicule is I suspect genuine.It would have helped if JJ Abrams and others had not publically feulled speculation anout Bill Shatners possible involvement in the movie, this matter could have been handled privately afterall there was no speculation being expressed by them about the possible involvement of Mr.Takei, Mr.koenig or Ms Nichols.I certainly hope that if I make it to 78 years of age that I would have at least some of his energy and drive……..he is no has been.Hopefully he will see the film and make his thoughts known on it.

138. William Kirk - July 1, 2009

Great response. I like The Shat. He is a great man. It is not his “duty” to go to see the new movie in the cinema.

139. Mitch - July 1, 2009

137–exactly. The misuse of Shatner’s name for promotion purposes by the producers was terrible. The false hope they created when they never were putting him in the movie was terrible. Were these people evil jerks who intended to simply leetch off Shatner’s name? No. Of course not. But they did not handle that situation well at all.

And yes, Shatner is obviously aware Generations was a huge mistake on his part, but it was never one that couldn’t have been rectified. As good as this movie was, Shatner’s presence would have made it that much better.

Plus, at this point, Shatner would never say anything negative about the movie. First, he doesn’t do that despite the misconceptions people have of him. Second, if he did, he would come off bitter.

And if he says something positive, it looks like he’s angling for a part in the next movie. Like pretty much anyone else in Star Trek, his opinion on the movie should be taken with a grain of salt. It doesn’t mean that much.

Not to mention, why SHOULD he praise the movie and give them MORE free publicity after the way they mishandled him?

Would Abrams use him in the next movie? Until I see a contract signing, it’s more of the boy who cried wolf. It’s not happening.

Shatner owes this regime nothing. But they owe him, because without his portrayal of Kirk, there would have been no Star Trek franchise to make a movie about. Abrams and company can never repay Shatner for that.

140. trek - July 1, 2009

I personally think the man feels dissed. Nimoy was fully embraced by the production. Quinto went out of his way to embrace Nimoy . Leonard was trotted out at events touting the new movie.

Then Pine sends Shatner a letter?!! I’d be pissed too.

Shatner is the iconic Kirk, they should have gone to him and invited him to play a part in promoting the movie even if they couldn’t find a way to get him in it . I think he was treated rather shabbily.

141. zanzibar - July 1, 2009

Shatner is an amazing actor, having created two TV icons – JT Kirk and Denny Crane. Has anyone else done that?

OTOH, I’m kinda glad his Kirk is not a part of the Star Trek films going forward. The Captain Kirk I grew up with never would have gotten that fat. Denny Crane weighs in superbly at that heft. Actors go on, roles are what they are.

I wonder what the TNG crew will look like recast? It’s gonna happen.

142. Supervisor194 - July 1, 2009

Aside from me being a Shatner fan…I watched every bit of the Regis clip and didn’t find him saying anything negative about the film. What’s the big deal?

143. freddy - July 1, 2009

Don’t kid yourself into believing that shat is too busy to go see the movie – simple fact he’s acting like a spoiled BRAT. If he would have been in it, movie would have suck badly.

144. Frederick - July 1, 2009

I’m not surprised.

Mr. Shatner never watched the original series episodes, either. Not till recently did he sit down and watch a couple, nearly 40 years after making them. So, why would he make any effort to go see a movie that he’s not in? Shatner knows nothing about Trek outside of his involvement in it, and he’s just not that interested in it.

145. Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers" - July 1, 2009

Good grief, people…how stupid does Shatner think most of the mainstream media (and general public, for that matter) really are?

Does anyone here in this forum believe that Shatner couldn’t have arranged a private screening at a venue of his choice (or at least at a time of his preference) merely by picking up the phone and making some calls to Paramount in general or Abrams in particular? Or if there were “tensions” between himself and Abrams that Nimoy couldn’t have “brokered” some sort of arrangement for a screening?

We all know the answer. Of *course* he could have.

Whether you like him, this is a conscious decision on his part. Don’t for a second think its anything else.

I’ve always enjoyed Shatner’s over-the-top public persona, the way he has embraced not only his identity as Kirk but his broader “personal style” to the point of franchising himself, but its very hard for me to see his response to the movie as a bit childish and petulant. He could have leveraged for himself a greater role in the sequel by simply playing ball, but he chose this path, in effect to “take his toys and go home.” I’m not sure I have a great deal of sympathy for him. Yeah, he’ll always be Captain Kirk, but there are also 370 million worldwide pieces of evidence that demonstrate he is no longer essential to the future of the franchise.

146. TonyD - July 1, 2009

#140 – Nimoy was fully embraced by the production because he was an active part of the production and he made himself available to Quinto and everyone else involved. He was gracious with his time and experience in the role. Likewise Takei, Nichols and Koenig all made themselves available to the actors taking on their roles and were gracious and helpful in helping to pass the torch.

As for Pine sending Shatner a letter, what did you expect him to do? Show up at Shatner’s door unannounced, along with a full camera crew to record the momentous event? He offered to meet with Shatner, and Shatner declined. In spite of that, Pine has continued to praise Shatner again and again. He’s conducted himself quite admirably, I think.

I also don’t see how Shatner was treated shabbily. At every turn, everyone involved with the movie had nothing but praise to say about him. And at many points, overtures WERE made – he was invited to the premiere, he was invited to the set, the cast and crew even contributed to his charity horse show. Shatner was the one who declined, again and again. I’d hardly call that kicking him to the curb or treating him shabbily.

147. Star Trackie - July 1, 2009

#144 “Shatner knows nothing about Trek outside of his involvement in it, and he’s just not that interested in it.”

Exactly. And for some inexplicable reason, many Trek fans take some bizarro offense to that. I think his continued success, somehow, someway, rubs some people the wrong way so they try and take digs at the man for something as petty as not seeing a movie…and it just comes across as pathetic.

148. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

123 – Get a life.

149. Capt Crash - July 1, 2009

I think in all honesty, that Shatner has a little bit of a problem with letting go of the character that he made famous and probably will never admit to it, but he does not want to pass the torch on to another actor.

Sure, Shatner will always be Kirk (classic and post-classic)…..but it is time to revitalize the character…let Pine take and run with it!!!!! Shatner has a complex issue I think…and the only way he can hold on to stardom while his career is winding down…is to hold on to Kirk.

Have you noticed that Shatner is Kirk this and Kirk that ever since the reboot movie started…..anything to keep himself in the limelight!
It is time to let go Shat!!!!! Bow out gracefully…..please!

150. CmdrR - July 1, 2009

“I don’t want to wear a hat and glasses and and a cane and a beard…just to see a movie.”

So, just give your hair the night off.

Bill, Bill, Bill… it’s a fun night at the flicks. Go. Enjoy.

151. Star Trackie - July 1, 2009

#149 “Have you noticed that Shatner is Kirk this and Kirk that ever since the reboot movie started…..anything to keep himself in the limelight!
It is time to let go Shat!!!!! Bow out gracefully…..please!”

All I’ve noticed is the press keeps asking HIM about it. While promoting his new comics, or Raw Nerve, or Boston Legal or his charity, he is just answering questions. That’s hardly manuevering to keep himself in the limelight.

152. Scott Reed - July 1, 2009

I can’t imagine ANYONE ridiculing Shatner in public. But I can understand if he doesn’t want the attention. Most people go to the movies to escape from reality, after all.

153. I, Mugsy - July 1, 2009

He’s making excuses – and rather lame ones at that – for not seeing the movie. He’s not in it, and therefore has no intention of seeing it.

Let’s not also forget he had tickets to the premiere, but didn’t go. Then AFTER (key word!) the premiere he auctioned off his unused tickets to some ‘lucky’ candidate… AFTER the event.

Shatner doesn’t want anything to do with this movie/new franchise, UNLESS he is in it in some way.

It’s all rather pathetic and he’s doing himself no favours at all.

Come on Bill – show them some support for God’s sake….

154. John from Cincinnati - July 1, 2009

Mr. Shatner played the “great man” version of James T. Kirk, which is the better version. He should be proud, not ashamed.

155. zanzibar - July 1, 2009

No shortage of attention in Shat-land. Lookit the size of this comment thread. Love him stumping Priceline. He was a howl on Conan recently. That is one actor who has a long-lived and prosperous career. Can’t wait to see what’s next. But maybe not another Star Trek Nouveau. I think the franchise is at its best looking forward (and reffing backwards with subtlety and humor). I don’t want to see Kahn either, so I’m one old fogie that likes the renovation running free. But I must say, in all humility, that Spock prime in the prenuptial voyage was a great treat. But I don’t think the franchise needs him any more. Maybe on rare occasion at most.

Speaking of Spock. In the cave scene, did Pine and Nimoy ever play to each other? I couldn’t pick out one two-shot in that whole sequence.

LL&P, y’all

156. trekboi - July 1, 2009

so petty –
“I’m not in it so i wont see it but its successful so i want to be in the sequel” ? wtf?

157. FrequencySpike - July 1, 2009

Come on, people – James Kirk is a character, William Shatner is a human being. Keep them separate.

There are characters that are iconic enough to outlast the actors that played them. How many actors have played Superman, Batman, The Doctor, James Bond or Sherlock Holmes? How about Hamlet, King Lear or Othello? James T. Kirk is now one of those characters. We should be proud to have been there when it was created, and William Shatner should be proud that he had a major part in creating it.

William Shatner the person can be as flawed and/or noble as any other person on the planet, and it’s his right. You and I can have any expectations of his behavior we choose to, and it’s our right. Don’t lose perspective!


158. Jim Smith - July 1, 2009

@ 37 @ 87 Rewind a few years, Adam West complained frequently about not being the 1989 ”Batman” movie and criticised both it and ”Batman Returns” heavily for being ”dark” and ”unpleasant”.

159. Mitch - July 1, 2009

First it IS true that the press keeps coming to HIM about it. Why? It’s logical. What was not logical was leaving him and the fans hanging for as long as they did, and it IS logical that he and others would feel a bitterness toward a film like that. They used his name constantly to promote their film but never had enough respect to discuss things directly after an initial meeting. Hell, he was told by NIMOY that he wasn’t in the film.

I would LOVE to see Shatner return for this part. It’s not a question of bowing out gracefully. The door was slammed in his face despite numerous attempts to rectify a bad mistake that easily could have been fixed had the studio desired. That’s not all Abrams’ fault. That’s square on the shoulders of Rick Berman from 1994 until they finally kicked him out.

But they did NOT treat that man well regarding this movie, so if he doesn’t want to bother seeing it, who cares?

THEY didn’t want any part of Shatner, not the other way around.

160. Mitch - July 1, 2009

Oh, and you can’t compare this to Adam West at all. The character of James T. Kirk is being written as an action hero and is supposed to be the same guy. Shatner’s Kirk is just an older version. With Batman, West was a comic turn where the movie went serious. There was no need for an older Batman, and West wasn’t playing the role nonstop on the big screen until he was in his 60s. Completely different.

161. Henry V - July 1, 2009

William Shatner is totally ridiculous. He is NOT a great actor. He is over the top and campy. There are greater actors and actresses that have done greater things with far more humility and dignity.

That said, I really enjoy his contributions to the original series and the Star Trek movies. He is mostly responsible for making Kirk an iconic character who is ingrained in our cultural memory. He also created the solid framework for Chris Pine to pick up the character and make it work for himself. And, yes, we should thank him for that.

But he has always been a selfish diva. He doesn’t really care about Star Trek. He only cares about his ego. That is incredibly unappealing and not at all classy. He certainly could learn a few lessons from his former cast mates.

162. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#35—-“I wonder if Sean Connery gets asked if he bothers to continue to watch James Bond movies.”

He wasn’t complaining about not being in them, so that’s a somewhat poor analogy.

#45—“One of Shatner’s arguments that Abrams should have had him in the film no matter the story line is that it was a good business decision. Hmmm… Star Trek seems to have made plenty of money without the Shat. Don’t think him being in the film would have upped the booty. Maybe he’s peeved that they can make a successful, entertaining film with Kirk and Spock without William Shatner.”

It would have been a good business decision….for Bill Shatner.

But I don’t think it’s fair to say that he’s pissed that it was successful anyway. I think it’s much more simple than that. Bill just isn’t a Star Trek fan. His interest in it only extends as far as what it can do for him. But again…that’s okay.

#56—“He’s entitled to watch / not watch whatever movies he wants to.”


It seems clear to me that he is not interested in watching it, and that’s okay. He didn’t watch it because he didn’t want to.

I wish he would just say that instead of giving poor excuses. A private screening for Bill Shatner would have been just a phone call away.

163. Kev-1 - July 1, 2009

I’m glad he wasn’t in the movie because I don’t think they could have done his character justice; the story didn’t even give Pine much to do besides yell and say “Hello, ladies!” and “Bull****”. I think Pine could have handled more. Nimoy played a Spock who stands by and lets his whole timeline be destroyed, and has forgotten that his friend should be an instructor at the Academy, not CO. I saw the film and if it floated people’s boats, I’m happy. But I I only saw shadows of the original characters up there. Good action film, though, considering very few movies have good stories these days. Look, they wanted to make “Star Battle” and they did.

164. NTH - July 1, 2009

Mr.Orci,if you are reading this thread,how about describing to us the scene you wrote involving Bill Shatner,I am sure it would generate a lot of interest in this forum and beyond.

165. sean - July 1, 2009


He’s done that in many places, including this site. A Google search will turn them up.

166. sean - July 1, 2009


Exactly, Connery wanted OUT of Bond, so surely it’s apples & oranges. Though I’m sure Connery is asked the question quite often, the difference is he’d probably tell the interviewer to piss off for asking! :)

I think this is being made out as a battle between Shatner haters and Shatner lovers, but really it’s just about Bill being plain about why he hasn’t seen the movie. The ‘He’s too busy!’ line just doesn’t work for me. Plenty of actors are busier than William Shatner. If he wanted to see it, he would. He doesn’t, so he hasn’t. Simple.

167. RD - July 1, 2009

158. Jim Smith wrote: “Rewind a few years, Adam West complained frequently about not being the 1989 ”Batman” movie and criticised both it and ”Batman Returns” heavily for being ”dark” and ”unpleasant”.”

Thanks for reminding me of that. While 1960’s Kirk and Batman are totally Apples and Oranges, the net result demonstrated by these actors is the same. Just look at how their careers have paralleled each other, particularly in recent years. Both have found acceptance and popularity by parodying themselves. Albeit Shatner has been far more successful at it than West. But both seem to be products of the same PR school and have taken a similar approach with their public careers and private lives. If Batman had been rebooted 10 years earlier – West might have had a shot at it, but as it was, the situation is very similar to current Trek and Shatner, who could not effectively play anything other than a cameo at his age, and yet West was not even asked (or was he? I can’t remember – seems odd Burton would not have wanted to find a cameo for him).

168. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#163—” Nimoy played a Spock who stands by and lets his whole timeline be destroyed…”

How’s that??? What other choice did he have?

“…and has forgotten that his friend should be an instructor at the Academy, not CO”

Actually, he’s learned that events have already failed to unfold as he knew them in the previous timeline, and that as a result, his younger self is currently in command of the Enterprise. He obviously doesn’t believe that is the best situation—instead, he places his faith in the one person he knows is capable of stopping Nero and restoring *some* order to the timeline.

169. Zaphod - July 1, 2009

I don’t blame him for not wanting to go through the wringer on this.

170. Engon - July 1, 2009

There is only ONE Captain Kirk…Sandra Smith.

171. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#169—-“I don’t blame him for not wanting to go through the wringer on this.”

If it were you or me, I think that would probably fly. But since when has Bill Shatner shied away from any kind of publicity? Let’s not forget who we’re talking about here.

172. Star Trackie - July 1, 2009

#161 “William Shatner is totally ridiculous. He is NOT a great actor. ”

You forgot to follow that with …

“..who has won multiple emmys and a golden globe for his ability. And these were awarded by fellow actors in the profession rather than armchair quaterback fanboys.”

I can’t imagine why you left that out.

173. DGill - July 1, 2009

I will personally cheer if Shatner gets around to seeing the film and has the guts to say, “I didn’t like it.”

174. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#160—“The character of James T. Kirk is being written as an action hero and is supposed to be the same guy. Shatner’s Kirk is just an older version. With Batman, West was a comic turn where the movie went serious. There was no need for an older Batman, and West wasn’t playing the role nonstop on the big screen until he was in his 60s. Completely different.”

In some ways, you’re right. It is different.

But Shatner’s Kirk did become a caricature along the way. To me, there is a huge difference between Shatner’s Kirk in the first twenty years compared to his later portrayals. He played the role quite seriously from 1966-1984, and even the comedic turn in 1986 was derived more from the situation in the story than anything else.

The problem was that Paramount (and Shatner, whether actively or complicitly) mistakenly attempted to adopt the humorous approach as standard—and promptly produced a turd in TFF. Compounding the issue was the complete left turn with the character itself orchestrated by Shatner. This is most evident in TFF (which Bill directed) and in GEN (in which Bill was afforded alot of creative influence with regard to Kirk). In both instances, I see James T. Kirk as William Shatner, whereas prior to 1989, it was rightfully William Shatner as James T. Kirk.

In between was (IMO) the Star Trek version of the classic “I’m too old for this sh!t” movie—-decidedly better than either its immediate predecessor or its immediate successor (and the credit for that goes to Mr. Meyer), but still light years from the Original Series and the first 4 entries in the film series.

TOS-TVH= William Shatner as James T. Kirk=great

TFF-GEN=James T. Kirk as William Shatner=not so great

175. NTH - July 1, 2009

#165 sean. Thanks for that,have located same and found it very interesting.It is a shame that the holographic scene was not included as in the first instance it would have been a nice tip of the hat to continuity in the context of a new timeline,in other words Shatner is still Kirk in this timeline…….and therefore no need for any fear of ridicule by him.Secondly as it is a new timeline all possibilities are on the table ,as JJ Abrams has noted ,including ones previously considered impossible—– therefore this scene could have planted a seed of hope regarding a resolution of the Kirk dilemma in the next movie. I have no doubt that to cut this scene out was a difficult decision and perhaps with hindsight a regretable one. The timeline may be different but the person is still the same therefore just as Quinto becomes nimoy in the future Pine becomes Shatner in the future as their respective on screen characters——-Therefore a flash forward (in time) scene in the new movie, in the context of a new timeline,showing Shatner as he is now playing Kirk for one last time would make it clear that he didn’t die in that regretable way in generations.

176. dub - July 1, 2009

Some people are just taking William Shatner way too seriously.

177. Michael Craft - July 1, 2009

He IS…….Kirok. He WILL come.

178. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#172—“You forgot to follow that with …

..who has won multiple emmys and a golden globe for his ability. ”

No denying his talent. The man has nothing to prove in that regard.

179. Shane - July 1, 2009

#134 Yeah and I bet when the Shat does pass away,you will act like you were his number one fan. Just like everyone else here talking bad about William.

It does not matter what William Shatner says or does,sees the movie or not,fools like alot of the people on this board saying bad things about him will always be there to say bad things about him,no matter what.

You people talking bad are plain stupid and not true Trekkies. Period.

William is an actor and also has a life.

180. Shane - July 1, 2009

Did any of the haters even watch Regis or this video. Even Regis said he was boycotting the film,cause the shat wasnt in it and that he hasnt watched it either haha.

181. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2009

So, William Shatner isn’t comfortable with watching himself on screen?

As Closettrekker mentioned in the above post…..from TFF thru Generations………yes, now THAT I can understand!

Shatner morphed into a bloated parody of himself…..time to leave him behind for good!

182. Jim Cude - July 1, 2009

Shatner=Douche. Yes I said it.

183. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#180—“Even Regis said he was boycotting the film,cause the shat wasnt in it and that he hasnt watched it either haha.”

I don’t imagine many 77 year old men have seen the movie, and I doubt Shatner being in it would have changed that significantly.

184. Michael - July 1, 2009

Bill ALWAYS tells interviewers he’s never seen anything he’s not involved in. His ego is as wide as the Enterprise’s saucer sect, not unlike his mid-section.

185. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#179—“You people talking bad are plain stupid and not true Trekkies. Period.”

So…let me get this straight.

A “true Trekkie” cannot ever voice an opinion which might cast a negative light on a Hollywood actor, just because that actor was paid to pretend to be Captain Kirk in 79 television episodes, 22 animated episodes, and 7 movies?

Yeah….right. It’s a good thing you don’t make the rules.

186. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2009

Anthony usually steps in right about now to put a stop to this “not true Trekkies” crap!

187. TrekVRuined My Life - July 1, 2009

What a bunch of baloney from the Shat. He cared enough about the movie to spend 2 years moaning about the fact that he was not in the movie. Who cares, the Shat has been the Shat since Trek IV, when he got pissed that Nimoy was able to make a successful Trek Movie, and that fact just blew up his ego. In response, he turned Kirk into the Shat, directed one of the worst Trek movies, and then when there was no place to go with the character in Generations, took the blood money and allowed the TNG folks to kill Kirk off.

188. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2009


m’yup, that just about covers it!

189. Donovan - July 1, 2009

Read his autobiography Up Till Now,in it he says he doesnt watch anything hes ever been in and explains why.

190. Mike Ten - July 1, 2009

Some of you Shatner haters need to realize that before Enterprise, Voyager, DS9, and TNG there was TOS.

If it wasn’t for William Shatner’s portrayal of James T. Kirk, we more than likely would not have had any of the movies or TV shows. I seriously do not think Jeffery Hunter could have pulled off what William Shatner did. Watching the remastered original pilot episode Mr. Hunter played Pike in two dimensions while Mr. Shatner filled Kirk with three dimensions. You could see on his face the wonder he had for exploring space and the love he had for his ship, things that were missing from the new movie.

If you Shatner haters need Mr. Shatner to see the new movie so bad, mail him a copy of the DVD when it comes out.

191. nscates - July 1, 2009

Boy, this debate has gotten tired!

192. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2009


I think most of us agree that Shatner did an AMAZING job portraying Kirk in TOS.

What some of us take issue with now is how Shatner, as he got older, started to lampoon his own image to the point of caricature.

If one wants to have a second career playing the part of bufoon, that’s fine, but don’t expect to be able to go back to the serious roles again….that starship has sailed!

And don’t say, “that’s why they call it acting!”

Look at Leslie Neilsen….once he did the Airplane and Naked Gun movies, his career as a serious actor was over!

Once you go CLOWN, you never live it DOWN!

193. Engon - July 1, 2009

John Wayne lampooned his own image to the point of caricature in “True Grit” and they gave him an Academy Award for it. Clint Eastwood just did the same thing in “Gran Torino” and was voted best actor by the National Board of Review.

194. RD - July 1, 2009

190. Mike Ten wrote: “If it wasn’t for William Shatner’s portrayal of James T. Kirk, we more than likely would not have had any of the movies or TV shows. I seriously do not think Jeffery Hunter could have pulled off what William Shatner did. Watching the remastered original pilot episode Mr. Hunter played Pike in two dimensions.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but you cannot possibly suggest that Roddenberry’s ideals of Star Trek were limited to the scope of William Shatner’s talent?

Had The Cage been picked up, Star Trek would still exist more or less as it does today, though the captain might likely be named Pike and the franchise might be taken more seriously and even have more fans.

While I agree with much of what Closettrekker said in #174, I think Shatner was already becoming a caricature of himself by the second season. Much of why TOS is thought of as “campy” has to do with Shatner’s mugging to the camera and larger than life portrayals, especially in the equally ridiculous 3rd season. After 10 years of trying to dig up work, Shatner sobered up again and took the role more seriously with TMP-TVH.

If you basing your estimation of Jeffery Hunter on The Cage alone, then you need to rent a few of his other films. He was an extremely capable actor with as much depth as Shatner. Unlike Bill, Hunter could play scenes subtly and get the message across without all the histrionics Shatner brought to the table, where he routinely made a meal out of the tiniest breadcrumb.

Finally, You got to see William Shatner first after Roddenberry had worked out all of the problems and had a clear direction from the network and others – a luxury few series, or actors, ever get. Even Shatner does not exhibit the “dimensionality” he would later showcase throughout the series, and he had the advantage of actually seeing what didn’t work. The fact is most pilots appear quite stilted and 2 dimensional compared to the comfortable camaraderie developed in later episodes. TNG is a perfect example of a flat pilot. Hunter on the other hand had no idea what the captain of the Enterprise should be, other than what was written or what Roddenberry told him, which in the end turned out to be completely wrong from NBC’s point of view. Had Hunter gone to series with NBC’s changes, he most likely would have brought the best of Kirk and Picard into one more successful character.

The only argument that can be made against the franchise having its current history is the fact Hunter may have died in 1969 anyway. However, I would argue Roddenberry’s vision is greater than any one aspect of the series and just like TNG, TOS would have lived on with a re-cast actor, possibly setting a trend just like Batman for regular reboots with a younger cast, allowing the franchise to be more relevant to a wider audience, not to mention unencumbered by 40 years worth of canon.

You will never convince me that Shatner IS Star Trek, because ST09 already proves he isn’t necessary – the franchise lives on quite well without him. It’s just too bad it didn’t happen sooner.

195. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

162 – #35—-”I wonder if Sean Connery gets asked if he bothers to continue to watch James Bond movies.”

“He wasn’t complaining about not being in them, so that’s a somewhat poor analogy.”

It would exactly the same thing in principle on the part of the media in grubbing for news. Sorry, Closet, I agree with you on many things, but not on this or on Star Trek V. ;-)

Basically, this is such a non-story its unbelievable.

“Famous actor doesn’t watch film. Film at 11:00. He probably won’t watch that film either.”

And the thing is (and NOTE this is IMHO), he is not missing out on much. Trekkies with stars in their eyes that Trek is back are constantly proclaiming that the new Star Trek is a great film. I do not think it is. I do not think that it is particularly good film either. It is cliche-ridden in its interpretation of Kirk as a young punk and a player (scene in bar with Uhura). As one critic has pointed out, Orci and Kurtzman are extremely lucky to be in the position that they are in. They have yet to produce, in this critics words (and I don’t remember the source, but I read it online in an article last spring about upcoming summer movies), anything better than a mediocre script.

Let the heaping of coals on my head begin. At least I’ll say what I believe.

196. ThePhaige - July 1, 2009

Cmon’ what a bunch of nonsense Shatner. What it really boils down to is hes bitter. I am sure he was invited to the premier and IMO he should have put the ego down and gone. If he thinks anyone buys this logic then hes on psilocybin. I wonder how hes gonna act if the next flick doesn’t have a spot for his mega ego. I love Shat as Kirk but as Shat not so much…

197. Closettrekker - July 1, 2009

#195—““Famous actor doesn’t watch film.”

Perhaps you meant, “Famous actor doesn’t watch film he spent two years publicly complaining about being left out of”. It’s the rest of that sentence that makes it at all worth talking about. No one would care if he saw “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” or not.

“At least I’ll say what I believe.”

More than can be said for Shatner, who has gone on and on about how much he loves Abrams’ work—-yet still has not seen the very piece of his work he publicly complained for two years about not being in.

I just wish he wouldn’t make up lame excuses about drawing attention to himself (as if any of us have forgotten who we’re talking about). If he just didn’t want to see it in public, a private screening would have been a phone call away.

I don’t think he has yet to see it because he’s angry either. I just think he’s not a Trek fan. It’s okay. I just wish he would be honest about it.

198. tman - July 1, 2009

Give the guy a break! from what’s been posted here, Nimoy sat in a chair for a while after hearing just the idea of this film. Don’t you think Shatner wants to see the film in an appropriately private environment? And do you think he would feel right calling JJ or Leonard to make some private way for him to see it? That would just not be right.

I frankly doubt I’d have enjoyed TOS anywhere near as much if Jeffrey Hunter or anyone else had played the Captain throughout the shows. I can believe TWOK Director’s comments on how he guided Shatner’s performance to dial it down, but at the end of the day, TOS was defined by Shatner’s lens hogging charisma and even TWOK’s story about aging wouldn’t have resonated as well without Shatner’s portrayal in TOS.

199. AJ - July 1, 2009

It’s pretty obvious Shatner doesn’t care much about Star Trek anymore. He’s successful, and as some have said, has made the conversion to a comedic actor. So, he’s useless to the reborn franchise outside being a wonderful part of its history.

200. sean - July 1, 2009


“And do you think he would feel right calling JJ or Leonard to make some private way for him to see it? That would just not be right.”

You aren’t terribly familiar with the ins and outs of celebrity, are you? ;)

201. Toothless Grishnar Cat - July 1, 2009

Posts here tend to fall into the “Shatner-worship” crowd who think he’s a god among mortals, and the “Shatner-hatred” crowd who wish ill upon him due to his eccentricities/quirks.

I just wish there were more voices of reason.

202. tman - July 1, 2009

Regarding campiness, I cannot think of Star Trek without thinking of people getting 2-handed slaps in the face either to wake them up or to prove a point. There’s a tremendous amount of campiness in that show which has nothing to do with Shatner .

Shatner’s acting back then reminds me alot of by-gone stars like Christopher Plumber. I have seen alot of discussion about old Hollywood and stars who knew what angles to take, where to stand, etc. From everything I’ve read Shatner in his desparation as an actor did everything he could to try to dominate the screen the old-school way. I think alot of that helped the show. There were often times when his turns of phrase, exagerrated pauses were what kept the audience engaged. I think now, you can look at that stuff and parody, but it was serious acting on a campy TV show.

Regarding Shatner’s move to pure comedy later, I suspect he caught some incurrable disease (or frank advise) from Leslie Nielsen.

203. TrekVRuined My Life - July 1, 2009

#195 —- WOW! A portrayal of Kirk as a player!!! Where did they ever get that idea? Hmm..how about the fact that kirk boinked almost every other female that was shown in the original series??? How DARE THEY??? It was only the fuddy duddy Picard who wouldn’t touch the ladies, unless on a very rare occassion.

204. Lt. Bailey - July 1, 2009

It seems people either love him or hate him and it looks as if it is broken down in to the different camps of Star Trek i.e. TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT.
What ever you think of him as actor or writer or director, he was ther at the begining of Star Trek. Long before TNG or later versions, he was part of the group that fans rallied to see at the genesis of conventions, people wanted more and he is big part of that.

Myself, I like the guy and when I see him next month in Las Vegas, I do not plan on sand bagging the guy about why he did not see the film. This is America, live like you want to live, freedom of choice and he choose not to see it (yet). As a child watching the TOS, yes I wanted to be part of that crew. 40 some years later, I still would jump at the chance if it was reality.

205. TrekVRuined My Life - July 1, 2009

Actually Connery has commented multiple times about James Bond and his views on the later Bonds. The latest example:

I am a big fan of action movies and I really enjoyed the last couple of Bond Films. Quantum of Solace in particular was very good and had excellent cinematography to keep up with the pace. I taught Daniel Craig everything he knows!
2:02 pm, Apr 3, 2009


206. ClassicTrek - July 1, 2009

Bill, you are still the greatest starship capt of them all. long live the shat.
let him see the film when it comes out on DVD. i bet he’s got a tv the size of my local cinema anyway.

207. Darfyn - July 1, 2009

KKHAAAAAN !!!! Why would anyone want just 10 minutes in “Kid Abrams” Star Trek Sequel ?! I wonder about these Actors who spend Months (Years?) promoting and chatting about their precious few minutes in a famous film ! Is it because they are just an oversized ham or is it their ego ? There is no doubt , Bill Shatner is a good actor ! I want to see more of him , but not just 10 minutes in some “Glory Boy” Movie !

Have you seen “Of Gods and Men” ? This is a brilliant fan trek adaptation ! It has over-acting , good acting and actors who are uncertain of themselves . These are the things that make Trek truly wonderful !
That is what makes Trek so enjoyable ! And You should get a Copy !

Bill is 78 , and still has that Star Trek Mojo ! He and Leonard should get involved with OGAM , and We should have Full Length Movies about the Oldies !

And there is still room for Kid Abrams too !

208. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

203 – Shatner’s Kirk was a ladies-man, for sure.

But he never came out with stupid come-on lines like, “If you don’t tell me your name, I’ll have to make one up.”

Or crass innuendo like, “it means you’ve got a talented tongue.”

One of the reasons why he was a ladies-man and not a player was that he remained a gentleman and showed respect even as he wooed.

209. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

191 – LOL!! That about sums it up!

210. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

210 – I think that Shatner’s portrayal of Denny Crane proves that he is still capable of moving dramatic performances as well as hilarious comedic ones. Both within the same character — just like he did with Kirk.

211. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

Don’t know why I typed my own number there. Must be getting senile!

212. Jack - July 1, 2009

Okay, this “jj dissed and hurt the poor Shat” stuff is insanity. Clearly, some people are pretty angry that there’s a) a new movie that’s essentially a reboot (some of whom haven’t even seen it) and/or b) that Shatner wasn’t in it — and they seem to be projecting that on to Shatner. He’s an actor (it was a job – and one that served him pretty well) and he’s been getting tonnes of publicity off this topic.

He has, in fact, been on quite good terms with JJ etc., according to the press I’ve seen. And as a journalist — the “are you involved with the new Star Trek, what are your feelings?” question is a natural, it would be bizarre not to ask… and plenty of actors of series that get turned into movies or movies that get remade have been asked such questions (see post 205 — and I have no doubt that if Connery were to, uncharacteristically, start complaining that he was wounded by the Quantum of Solace people… well then Bond fans might react as fans are here).

But come on, Shatner isn’t being “ambushed by the press” by these questions — he’s perfectly aware of where these interviews are going to go (and he could ask that the question be off limits if it really did hit a nerve, and most outlets would honour it). He’s having some fun with all this, maybe fans should too.

213. RD - July 1, 2009

198. tman wrote: “I frankly doubt I’d have enjoyed TOS anywhere near as much if Jeffrey Hunter or anyone else had played the Captain throughout the shows. …TOS was defined by Shatner’s lens hogging charisma and even TWOK’s story about aging wouldn’t have resonated as well without Shatner’s portrayal in TOS.”

I don’t think any of us can be objective about whether we might or might not enjoy Trek as much without Shatner. Even Pine can’t adequately distance himself from that shadow. As for whether TOS is defined by Shatner’s lens hogging, I would whole heartedly disagree. I tend to omit those moments from my recall about the episodes and focus on the more real aspects of the show. Many of my favorite memories do not involve Shatner at all, but rather Spock, McCoy and Scotty, or the guest stars. TOS was like an onion, comprised of layers which can be peeled away in a number of ways to reveal yet another perspective viewing after viewing, one of the reasons it is so successful. Shatner defined TOS? Hardly. As for TWOK, TMP, TSFS, TVH and TUC, these are some of my favorite performances of Shatner’s … mostly understated and real – thankfully, as his trademark scene chewing histrionics of the 60s would have single handedly broken the 4th wall in cinema. I would say about 40% of the TOS episodes demonstrate this restraint as well.

201. Toothless Grishnar Cat wrote: “Posts here tend to fall into the “Shatner-worship” crowd … and the “Shatner-hatred” crowd. I just wish there were more voices of reason.”

Did you JUST become a Star Trek fan? Welcome to the club. Passing the Star Trek acid test by drinking the Kool-Aid causes you to lose all objectivity. LOL

208. Brett Campbell wrote: 203 – Shatner’s Kirk was a ladies-man, for sure.

Actually, that seems to be a myth. This link mostly debunks that theory. However, I am in total agreement with you about the way Kirk was depicted.


214. Christine - July 1, 2009

Here’s what I have to say: Shatner had his time as Captain Kirk, and it was awesome. Without him (and Nimoy and DeForest Kelley, I’m sure), I’m pretty sure ‘Trek wouldn’t have taken off as it did…. and as it still is. And we all can (and I dare say SHOULD) appreciate what he did for the franchise. But his time is over. Yes, it would be neat to see him make a cameo in the sequel, but I doubt I’d like it any less if he didn’t.

As for him seeing the movie or not, it’s his choice. Frankly, I wouldn’t want a media circus just to go to the theatre.

215. the shat - July 1, 2009


216. sean - July 1, 2009


It was also because we started out with him when he was 34 and a relatively seasoned starship captain. The Kirk of ST09 is roughly 22 when he flirts with Uhura in the bar. We’re very different people at 22 than at 34.

And at least Pine’s Kirk never threatened to spank a visiting dignitary! :)

217. sean - July 1, 2009


There’s a difference between ladies man and skirt-chasing man whore. Kirk was a ladies man – this is implied every time a pretty girl walks into his field of vision and they suddenly appear in soft focus. But no, he didn’t sleep with everything in sight. That’s quite an exaggeration.

That link you provided skirts over a few issues, like Kirk & McCoy’s obvious attraction to Saavik in TWOK (the turbolift scene).

218. Brian Kirsch - July 1, 2009

I love Shatner as Kirk, but that train has left the station. Presently, Mr Shatner is being ingenuous at best. Whether true or not, his comments imply a spoiled brat mentality. He was offered a part in the new film, the famous “cameo” scene, in the early pre-production phase. His response was that he wouldn’t do a “cameo”, it had to be a starring role, or nothing. So the cameo scene was dropped from the final script. Perhaps it was jealousy that his part was smaller than Nimoy’s?

I agree with many other posters in regards to Shatner not seeing the new film. It was a deliberate decision by him not to see it, plain and simple. For whatever reason only he knows. No excuses needed, they only make him look foolish.

219. tman - July 1, 2009

213- I personally believe Shatner had range. My comments about his lens stealing are based on what I’ve read of his comments and others on the show. I think they are accurate. I am not talking about going over the top which he occassionally did. Rather, his intent to make a significant performance in each scene, sometimes dialed down, sometimes up.

I think I can express disappointment were that performance omitted for the show and believe that he brought some of the magic that made star trek. I can state it accurately as my opinion, not as a fact, but I think I am entitled to it. If I work Hunter’s performance in the 1st pilot and others, I cannot see the ability to communicate thought and emotion with such ease as Shatner. There are of course be other actors who can do that or do something better, but I think what he did, how he did it was unique and brought something I enjoyed. I would say the same for Kelley’s and Nimoy’s performances and see many other things that came together to make the magic of TOS. Regarding screen-stealing, if you research the comments of Shatner and the other cast members about how Shatner felt he had to take each scene in terms of where he stood, where the camera was, etc; I think it was a defining element of the show. You can argue that if Shatner were not in bold in each scene you would notice great things from the rest of the cast and I would agree that’s quite possible. But I do think TOS was defined by this. After having read about his screen-stealing, I’ve gone back and watched many of TOS episodes and there it is. In each scene, he’s positioned himself to stand out. I stand by my comment that this ends up a defining element of TOS, for better or worse. Since I love TOS, I have to say it worked out for the better in the end.

220. RD - July 1, 2009

#219. tman wrote: “I stand by my comment that this ends up a defining element of TOS, for better or worse. “

And there you have it. A defining element, NOT THE defining element. Perhaps I read too much into what you previously wrote.

And you are indeed entitled to your opinion and it is as valid as anyone else’s. Shatner definitely helped define TOS as we know it. But I am equally convinced that another actor would have likewise made TOS his own too and Star Trek would still exist today, equally as successful if not more so, without William Shatner. Since there is no way to know for sure, this debate is about as practical as Kirk vs. Picard.

221. tman - July 1, 2009

Yes, we agree, A defining element, not THE defining element; but in my work I look at what is possible, what is probable and make a best guess. I think of course another actor could possibly have done “better” (in my view) than what Sean Connery did as Bond but the probability of it being as good (in my view) seems somewhat low. I’m a really big Patrick McGoohan fan and I find it strange to imagine his Bond fitting the early movies better. It’s also a question of where an actor is in their development, what they are going through. There’s so much chance involved, my point is not to second guess magic. And for a poor guy (back to shatner) who hit a moment of magic he can claim some part of, it’s got to be troubling to move away into other areas of his life where he may get more critical acclaim, may evolve in what he does, may understand himself and his craft better, but not be part of that magic any more. I would expect that’s a hard thing to deal with and since he did contribute some magic in my opinion, I cut him some slack in his interest to watch the movie in private. That said, if other’s claim him a whores for public attention to support his commercial interests, I don’t at all disagree. I’m just cutting the guy some slack since there is a plausible reason he wouldn’t walk into a public theatre to see it.

222. Brett Campbell - July 1, 2009

213 – Thank you for that link. I have actually seen it before.

And my main point, once again, which you seem to agree with, is that Shatner’s Kirk did not have the callow attitude towards women that Pine’s did with Uhura.

Shat’s did not display such blind hubris, for one thing. Nor did he treat women as objects. There was never any implied “hubba-hubba.” He presented himself as genuinely loving women and having real affection for the women he was attracted to, a majority of the time.

Again, thanks for the link. The ladies-man angle on Kirk was only one facet of a complex personality with an underlying isolation and loneliness at its heart.

223. logic - July 1, 2009

spock rocks, he’s the man.

shat wtf, makin a fool out of yourself, now i hope you aren’t in the next. actually, forget the time travel thing all together.

shat-kirk = respect for women?? maybe an easy woman, he’s a perve!!

224. LetKubrickMakeTheArtMovies - July 1, 2009

Slow news day?

225. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2009


Your post name is SO yesterday! :>)

226. Iowagirl - July 1, 2009

It’s rather funny that most people who didn’t want Shatner in the film in the first place, now taunt him for not having seen it. LOL

227. Thom Osburn / Feed Your Head Music - July 2, 2009

re: #27:

“You guys- I can’t believe how lacking in compassion some of you are. Do you understand that he has had to live with the responsibility of being Kirk, and now suddenly he’s almost being “replaced”?

Put yourself in those shoes, and tell me you wouldn’t understand.”

What do you mean “almost replaced”? Howabout COMPLETELY REPLACED? He doesn’t want to see the movie because he’ll be caught in public crying, and justifiably so. They made a great movie with Kirk in it, without him. Oh, the humanity!

228. Jack - July 2, 2009

222: Well, as written in that scene, he’s 22, miserable, not dealing with serious abandonment issues, going nowhere and drunk out of his head. He’s no Captain Kirk yet. And yet I thought he was still rather charming. That has not a lot to do with Shatner or Pine as actors — it’s the writing and direction. People here seem to confuse the character with the actor.

And what’s this “the responsibility of being Kirk stuff?” It was a role that he was paid for on a TV show and one of many he auditioned for over the years. Does he also have the responsibility of being T.J. Hooker, or a killer-of-the-week on Columbo, or the hero in Kingdom of the Spiders? I’m not saying I wasn’t a TOS Kirk fan (especially the first season), but come on. He got a job in a TV pilot that became a series, memorized lines others had written, stood on the mark as told, did his job as he was trained, did multiple takes, was paid for it and when the shooting was over he drove home, likely forgot those lines, cashed his cheque and, from what I’ve read him say, that was pretty much it for the Captain Kirk stuff. The camaraderie, the adventures, the great lines — were all mainly because of the script, direction, editing and good casting. And yes, some decent television performances.

He did it all well. And got paid well for it. But William Shatner isn’t actually Captain Kirk or T.J. Hooker or Denny Crane. He doesn’t actually speak Esperanto. I’m not saying this to be a jerk — Jack Klugman isn’t really Quincy, either.

Why is this bugging me so much?

229. Anthony Thompson - July 2, 2009

He is such an ass! On so many levels!

230. Star T rackie - July 2, 2009

#229 “He is such an ass! On so many levels!”

…who will always have more money and fame than you. Amazing his continued success…on so many levels… over the past 50 years could be the envy of so many. Hmm. Fascinating.

231. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2009


Awww, another illusion shattered!!!

232. Locke for President - July 2, 2009

He was to be an honored guest for the premiere, and he took his invitation and put it online to sell for charity. That was the time for him to go see the movie — he didn’t need to dress up and hide behind a mask and cane.

It’s all an ego thing.

233. ger - July 2, 2009

Well, I can only repeat myself. You guys are idiots.

234. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

231 – re: 228. LOL!! He is rather a master of the obvious, isn’t he?!

233 – Then why don’t you go hang out with all of your MENSA pals?

235. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

230 – Also LOL! Touche!

236. Closettrekker - July 2, 2009

#233—-“Well, I can only repeat myself. You guys are idiots.”

I guess you should have stayed in school!

237. Thomas Jensen - July 2, 2009

I know Shatner’s antics. He’s been up to this kind of stuff since the 70’s. It really doesn’t matter, he’s basically out now and the new guy is in.

However, his portrayal of Kirk will be the one remembered, if only for the larger number of hours he was able to be a part of. The new group of actors probably won’t have the large ‘body of work’ to offer after all is said and done.

Kirk’s great. Shatner isn’t. He’s a fine actor, I’m sure a fine person to his family in private and all that, but his time is done with Star Trek.

Unless the writers find something for him to do.

238. TrekVRuined My Life - July 2, 2009

This is hillarious:

“And my main point, once again, which you seem to agree with, is that Shatner’s Kirk did not have the callow attitude towards women that Pine’s did with Uhura.

Shat’s did not display such blind hubris, for one thing. Nor did he treat women as objects. There was never any implied “hubba-hubba.” He presented himself as genuinely loving women and having real affection for the women he was attracted to, a majority of the time.

Again, thanks for the link. The ladies-man angle on Kirk was only one facet of a complex personality with an underlying isolation and loneliness at its heart.”

What the heck? The link proves nothing, because almost everytime a female was presented as a main or semi-important character in the TOS, Kirk had his paws all over her. There was no implied sex because they couldn’t show that in the 60s on the boob tube.

239. PonnFarr6996 - July 2, 2009

At least Pine can now have the dilithium crystals needed to take Kirks Role Transwarp…….Use Shatners indifference as fuel kid!

240. IMPORtain - July 2, 2009

William Shatner, is, and always will be the REAL Kirk. Even the inclusion of a new Kirk is placed in an ‘alternative’ timeline.

I hope William holds out on the sequel, and does the THIRD movie. I have a feeling there will only be 3, and it would be a nice bookend to have the older Kirk in it, seeing how Spock prime featured in the first one.

241. Closettrekker - July 2, 2009

#213—“Actually, (the notion that Kirk is a ladies’ man)seems to be a myth.”

Where the commentary on that link fails is in its perspective.
The author of that commentary treats the subject as if we are all supposed to assume that what amounts to only about a combined year of this man’s life depicted in the television series represents the sum of all his exploits with women—-a completely unreasonable way of looking at it, IMO.

We’re only seeing a combined 9-12 months worth of time in this man’s life directly depicted in 79 episodes of TOS, although spread out over what most consider to be about 3 years, and over several of those months he is involved and occupied in a monogomous sexual relationship with a woman he has taken as a wife.

In that limited amount of actual time depicted in TOS, he has sex (or is at least implied to) with 3 women, runs into 7 past girlfriends, falls in love two other times, is shown lip-locked with 8 more women, and successfully utilizes his sexual charisma an additional half dozen times.

This does not even account for the instances in which he is admittedly not in control of himself or his actions.

If you spent a year with a male friend, and in that time you witnessed him
run into 7 past girlfriends, have sex with 3 new ones, fall in love an additional 2 times, kiss 8 more women, and take advantage of his natural sexual charisma to get what he wants (however honorable the objective) another 6 times—-wouldn’t you pretty much classify that person as a “ladies’ man”?

I think it’s a little different when you look at it that way.

People in the 24th Century think of him as a ladies’ man. At least Ben Sisko does—“Kirk had quite the reputation of being a ladies’ man.”

McCoy makes comments like “All my old friends look like doctors. All of his look like you”, and, (after seeing him once again end up kissing what appears to be a female)”What is it with you?”.

Kirk’s legendary status as a ladies’ man is as deserving as the source material of any legend, IMO. Does it tend to be exaggerated? Sure. Most legends are.

But the author of that needs to re-examine his perspective, as far as I’m concerned. Geez…what if that’s just an average year in the man’s pre-middle age life?!?

242. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

238 – Glad you find the truth so humorous. Sorry that you’re so jaded and blind.

243. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

238 – “There was no implied sex because they couldn’t show that in the 60s on the boob tube.”

Actually, there was plenty of IMPLIED sex. What they did not show was actual sex., genius.

244. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2009

Brett…..remember, young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant! :>)

245. DJ Neelix - July 2, 2009

Well, it’s not like he’s missing something really… I totally understand his explanation though.

246. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

244 – Yes, Harry. You’re right. Thanks for keeping me in check. Pouty face: :-(

I’m sorry, 238. But I still do not agree with your take on Kirk. He wasn’t that animalistic with women. And there were quite a number of episodes with beautiful women that other crew members such as Spock, Scotty or Chekov had as a love interest while Kirk stuck to his duties.

245 – Don’t you know that voices of reason are not allowed in this thread? ;-)

247. Negotiator - July 2, 2009

Everything Shatner “says” in public need to be taken with a grain of salt.

This is show biz.

248. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2009

C’mon, Kirk would do it with a snake…..if he could hold it down long enough!

249. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

Harry, did you ever see that piece of cartoon artwork with Kirk makin’ it with a female Gorn? Ewww …

250. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - July 2, 2009


Looks like the female fans put together a tribute. Pretty funny. the comments are the best…

251. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2009

Brett, I think so………..and I LIKED it!!

252. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

249 – Nice clip.

I’m a straight man, but he was a handsome guy back in the TOS days!

253. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

250 – Harry, you worry me a lot sometimes! : D

254. Anthony Thompson - July 2, 2009

230. Star Trackie and 235 Brett

You did put me in my place. As Brett said, touche! But…one thing bothers me. If wealth and fame are indeed markers of superior talent and character, then I’m kinda pissed that (by your measure) Bernie Madoff is an even finer example of humanity than our very own Shat! Life ain’t fair.

255. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

254 – Hope there are no hard feelings…

We goof around here a lot sometimes.

And I have to admit you have me stumped, as I have no idea who Bernie Madoff is!

But I will certainly agree with you on the “Life ain’t fair” point!

But at least that keeps it interesting most of the time. I think Shat does too.

256. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - July 2, 2009

255 Hey, Brett, you never heard of Bernie Madoff? You are prime jury material!!

Oh. Wait. Too late, he just got 150 years.

257. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

256 – Gene – I don’t have a TV right now and I don’t listen to the radio much.

I don’t bother much with newspapers — too many great books to read, plus, after they discontinued “Calvin and Hobbes,” what’s the point?

I think Michael Jackson was dead three or four days before I heard anything about it.

When I get called up for jury duty, I say “hang the b@st@rd!” for parking violations to try to get out of it.

258. Anthony Thompson - July 2, 2009


He’s been in the news a lot recently. A former pillar of Wall Street recently convicted of a multi-billion dollar Ponzi Scheme (fraud) and sentenced to 150 years in prison.

259. Jack - July 2, 2009

Hey, Brett — you’re getting more than a little insulting here.

234. Brett Campbell – July 2, 2009
“231 – re: 228. LOL!! He is rather a master of the obvious, isn’t he?!
233 – Then why don’t you go hang out with all of your MENSA pals?”

242. Brett Campbell – July 2, 2009
“238 – Glad you find the truth so humorous. Sorry that you’re so jaded and blind.”

260. Jack - July 2, 2009


243. Brett Campbell – July 2, 2009

238 – “There was no implied sex because they couldn’t show that in the 60s on the boob tube.”

Actually, there was plenty of IMPLIED sex. What they did not show was actual sex., genius.

261. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2009


262. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

Well, Jack, one was a retort to people calling us posters idiots. One was a retort to someone ridiculing one of my comments. And I later apologized to him when Harry Ballz pointed it out that maybe I crossed a line. Also, one was meant to be bantering with Harry.

But, you’re right. I see your point, and I apologize. I will try harder to be more civil in disagreeing with others.

I usually try to be a pretty decent guy, but I do get too pissed off sometimes when some posters denigrate my comments and viewpoints. However, that doesn’t mean that I should give it back in the same manner.

Thank you for calling me on it. I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else. I’ll behave more gentlemanly.

263. Harry Ballz - July 2, 2009

Ooooh, Brett, you old smoothy, YOU!!

264. Brett Campbell - July 2, 2009

Well, Harry, sometimes I do get out of line. Growin’ into a crotchety old b@st@rd.

Now if you know of any PYTs that think I’m an old smoothy, let me know ;-)

Did you check out the new article about Shatner at the top of the main page.

Some pretty funny clips.

BTW, have fun with your Gorn babe!

265. ilkers - July 3, 2009

I do not believe neither his alibi nor the claim that he has not seen it yet. It’s a double lie.

We love you for all you have done so far Shatner… Just relax.
Don’t put yourself into insincere situations lke this. You’ve got the respect and the love. Just stop being bitter and carry on. We are all getting old.

266. Stacy Hildebrand - July 3, 2009

Shatner’s being a baby – period, space, space.

267. Dan - July 3, 2009

You know Bill all you had to do was go over to the Maverick’sTtheater after you ate lunch at Cafe Firenze and you could have seen the film. It’s not like anyone ever goes there, or anyone really knows it’s there.

268. Klingon to something !!!! - July 4, 2009



269. Neville A. Ross - July 4, 2009

194-I agree completely.

270. ilkers - July 5, 2009

Wow, yes, I have started to post after being a fan of trekmovie.com for quite a while…
and I’m surprised for some of the reaction my post received.
Opposing views and proof that an opinion is wrong is always welcome.
Considering this is a die-hard fans’ forum like place, I am startled to find insults in the entries, as it is against the very essence of Star Trek.
I am not saying we’re all angels with wings but wow, it is still surprising. Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome, and, Closetrekker, you’re my man!

271. Phoenix - July 24, 2009

Hmmm i just hope that Mr. Shatner gets peace in life!
Im very happy seeing him on television out and about….i just saw an episode of Boston Legal for the first time….i couldn’t stop smiling=D

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