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SyFy Wants A New Space Opera – Should It Be A New Star Trek TV Series? July 8, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Sci-Fi,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness,Trek on TV , trackback

Yesterday, to much fanfare, the SciFi Channel changed its name to SyFy. Many took this as an attempt to distance itself from ‘real science fiction’ but yesterday network executives were on the record saying they are actually looking for a new ‘space opera’ to fill the void left by Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. TrekMovie wonders, why not a new Star Trek TV show?


SyFy wants another space opera
The admission that SyFy wants to go back into space came an interview by io9 held at the network rebranding event in New York yesterday. When asked what the future holds for SyFy one of the more interesting comments from network president David Howe was the following:

we’re actively looking into developing the next space opera hopefully for the next year or the year after

io9 also talked to Mark Stern, SyFy’s creative director of original programming, who was asked to elaborate on the plans.

You know it’s so early days, I don’t have anything really specific. We’re talking to a lot of people that we already work with, about ideas. We don’t want to do something that is the same old. You don’t want it to feel recycled. So that’s the challenge of doing that. I’m a huge fan of Firefly, and shows that take that idea and take that part of the genre and reinvent it in a whole new way. I’d love to find our version of, not specifically Firefly, but similar to what Joss [Whedon] tried to do with that in terms of, "lets recast the Western in space." Love that idea, and I love that show. What’s another way to approach that? We’re talking to a number of people about that, but at this point honestly it’s about getting Warehouse 13 on its feet, getting Caprica on its feet, getting Stargate Universe going. This is a really big time for us, we haven’t really had time to think about next year.

Time for Star Trek back on TV?
Although all the buzz these days for Trek is about the 11th (and 12 & 13th) feature films, at its heart, Star Trek is a TV franchise. Star Trek’s last period on TV started with Next Gen in 1987 and ran until 2005 with Enterprise (two shows that SyFy still air in reruns, by the way). There have been 5 live-action series with 28 seasons and over 700 episodes in total.

Although the new feature film has shown that Trek can fit into the realm of summer action movies, the core idea of Trek is better suited to the TV format. Star Trek is about seeking out new life and new civilizations, and using the future to tell complex stories that teach us something about ourselves. A TV show gives you the time to explore the core themes of Star Trek, and Trek’s penchant for continuity makes it ideally suited for today’s arc-driven dramas.

Star Trek is the quintessential ‘space opera’ for television. If SyFy seriously wants back into space, is there any place better than the final frontier? And is there any better time then after the franchise has been revived with a new feature film? (and more to follow) If SyFy is thinking long-term, then a new show could be on the air in the same year or the year after the second JJ Abrams produced Star Trek feature (or around 2011-2012). No other property could really bring SyFy the built-in buzz and fanbase that a new Star Trek TV show could. 

SyFy (formerly SciFi Channel) may be the home to such shlocky classics as "Mansquito" and other low-budget fare, but is also the channel that launched the award-winning Battlestar Galactica and the well-regarded Dune and Taken mini-series. There is the capacity for them to put quality science fiction on air.

The same network that brought you "Mansquito" also successfully rebooted "Battlestar"

But, if SyFy did want to bring Trek back, there are a few hurdles.

1. Would CBS sell the show to NBC/SyFy?
Even though Paramount Pictures is currently in development for a second JJ Abrams-produced Star Trek feature film, it is CBS that really ‘owns’ Star Trek. TrekMovie has confirmed that the decision to bring Trek back to TV now lies solely with CBS. Any deal to do a new Trek show would be one where NBC Universal (SyFy’s parent) would buy episodes from CBS Studios (CBS would still own the show for DVD, syndication, merchandising, etc). NBC has bought shows from other studios before, Stargate is owned by MGM and The 4400 (which ran on NBC Uni’s USA Channel) was owned by CBS. However, Star Trek is one of the crown jewels of CBS (which is now worth even more) and so there is a question as to whether or not CBS would want to share the spoils with NBC or whether they would prefer to hold Trek for their own network (CBS) or their joint venture network (CW). And, even if they were willing to partner up for a new Star Trek series, would they want it on cable, or would they prefer more lucrative revenue from a network TV partner, like NBC, ABC or FOX.

NBC Uni has bought shows from other studios, including "The 4400" from CBS and "Stargate SG-1" (and others) from MGM

2. Could it be done on a cable budget?
Picking up on that network revenue point — to date all the Star Trek TV series have been for broadcast TV, either on network (TOS on NBC, VOY & ENT on UPN), or in syndication (TNG & DS9). Viewership on network TV is larger, and therefore the shows have larger budgets. Star Trek has always been an expensive show to do. The pilot for Voyager is said to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever shot (and not just for all the reshoots). Setting a show in an alien-filled future (presumably on a space ship) means lots of special effects, sets, make-up and likely guest stars (if they stick to the exploring new worlds idea). Other cable SciFi shows have worked around this, but most BSG episodes would be considered ‘bottle shows’ for Trek as they require few or no new sets to build (and few guest stars). And did you ever notice how almost every planet they visit in the Stargate universe looks a lot like British Columbia, Canada? To do space opera right, it has to be ‘operatic’ meaning big and grand and that means spending some money. It would be a challenge to do Trek right on a cable budget, but Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer is fond of saying that limitations are good for artists.

Can Star Trek be done on a BSG or Stargate budget?

3. Could they come up with an original spin on Star Trek?
SyFy’s Stern said they did not want the ‘same old’ or ‘recycled’ ideas. They are looking for something fresh, and likely something that will get them the kind of buzz Battlestar Galactica brought the network. The idea of Star Trek on TV is likely to be seen as the ‘same old thing’. If you look at Next Gen, Voyager and Enterprise, the shows were the same good concept recycled with fewer and fewer fresh ideas as the years progressed, which resulted in consistently reduced ratings. However, JJ Abrams has proven that an ‘old’ concept can be reinvented for a new generation, while still bringing along the core fan base. So the trick would be to find someone (or a team) that could do the same for Trek on TV.

The key to this would be a talented creative team that knew Trek, but also had a proven track record in creating and/or running modern TV shows. There are many potential candidates for show creator/show runner, including Trek vets like Bryan Fuller, Ron Moore, Michael Taylor, Rene Echevarria, Ira Steven Behr and Manny Coto as well as Trek’s new masters, JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (although one wrinkle with Abrams is that he has an overall TV development deal with Warner Brothers and bringing them into the mix could be one too many studios at the table). Coto and Fuller have already expressed interest in getting their own cracks at a Star Trek show. There are also certainly non Trek vets who would be interested (for example, J. Michael Straczynski and Bryce Zybel pitched a Trek TV reboot back in 2004). Of course a big question for Trekkies would be which timeline/universe to set a new Trek show in (Prime, JJ-verse, or new), but that is secondary to coming up with an original spin on Star Trek.

Producers on innovative shows like "24" (Coto) and "Pushing Daisies" (Fuller) have ideas for their own Trek shows

Trek will be back on TV…someday

There are no answers to these questions, yet. But it is reasonable to assume that history may repeat itself. Star Trek The Next Generation (which began a 17 year run of Trek shows on TV) was spawned in midst of the successful series of TOS era movies in the 80s. The new Star Trek movie has moved the franchise back into that level of popularity so it is inevitable to consider bringing it back to TV. I have no doubt that Star Trek will eventually be back on TV, the only questions is where and when. 

A new crew made Trek work for the movies again – why not another crew to make it work for TV?




1. MvRojo - July 8, 2009

No! SciFi (SyFy) should not get the next Trek series. They’re poorly managed and have no real idea of quality scifi (BSG notwithstanding).

2. Dr. Image - July 8, 2009

New Trek + SyFy = DISASTER!!
(First, btw.)

3. Illogical1 - July 8, 2009

I sure hope they create a new Star Trek! It would be so awesome to have a new generation of Star Trek, something for the new fans to enjoy! If only Orci and Kurtzman could get on board for this! Screw Fringe. Let’s see some Star Trek!

4. OtterVomit - July 8, 2009

SyFy deserves what’s coming to it, and so will Star Trek if it should mingle with the mutts.

5. Spectre_7 - July 8, 2009

Umm, has SyFy forgotten the Star Wars tv show on the way??
But obviously New Trek shouldn’t go to something like defunct UPN

6. Trek fan in Iowa - July 8, 2009

It would be worse to see trek on CW than on Siffy

7. Chris - July 8, 2009

As long as it’s post-Nemesis, in the original timeline, I’m down

8. Sybok's Secret Brother - July 8, 2009

Given the… umm… material… that SyFy makes, I’m not sure I would want them to go near Trek…

They should keep the re-runs on for sure though!

9. Sybok's Secret Brother - July 8, 2009

Here’s an idea for them:

Sy-eye for the Fy-guy

10. somethoughts - July 8, 2009

Let the new Star Trek series replace Lost, Fringe and Heroes. There is more than enough talent and stories waiting to be told. Would be cool to see a different ship in this new universe, intersect with movie events of the Enterprise ship. I wonder what makes more money, a successful 5-7 season run of a tv show or a few good money making movies.

Would be nice to see TOS type tv show updated like how Star Trek 09 was done in the theatres.

11. Spaceboy - July 8, 2009

We just got a good version of Star Trek back…let’s not screw it up by running it into the ground mere weeks after it emerged.

Besides, they should let JMS do a Babylon 5 reboot, this time with a real budget.

12. OneBuckFilms - July 8, 2009

If Star Trek is brought back, I’d say CBS, Paramount and Bad Robot put their heads together for a Prime Time series based in the new Trek universe.

The sets for the Enterprise are built (sans Engineering), and a style has been establushed that can be replicated fairly inexpensively.

It may not be quite as action packed as the new Trek movie, but technology has moved along enough to make a 13 or 20 part series possible. Galactica was not as much of a Bottle show as it would at first appear, there are several very well realized planets involved.

Perhaps a new series based on the Kelvin, progressing from 2233, but without Nero’s timeline, and centering on George Kirk, Captain Robau and other characters to be written. The Bridge set already exists, and the costume design is basically done, as is the design of the ship and it’s shuttles.

13. Schultz - July 8, 2009

Trek was always great on TV. I’m all for it. But they should wait a little. Let them do a few decent movies, and then we’ll see.

14. jocor - July 8, 2009

I don’t EVER want to see Star Trek on cable. And nowadays (that Star Trek is a big hit) it wouldn’t be.It would be where people can see it — on a real network.

15. Stan Wingston - July 8, 2009

Forget it- I can count the number of original Scifi channel series that weren’t cheesy on one fracking finger…

16. tman - July 8, 2009

I think Star Trek on the little screen with a little budget would be lampoon worthy. After the grand spectacle of Star Trek itself, a small show (a la Enterprise but without the budget) would be too risky. Star Trek will be back on TV for sure, just be patient. That said, remember that Sci Fi also did Dune and other good mini-series on the relative cheap. I agree with other posters that the beauty of Firefly, BSG, and many other shows is great writing, great characters, alot of humor and their mix of relatively inexpensive CGI (no people in the shots) and relatively cheap or few effects where the people are. I can imagine any number of imaginative sci fi or fantasy stories that could be told this way. I think it’s antithetical to the expectations of modern Star Trek– you have to have ridges on Klingons’ foreheads these days…

17. BPS - July 8, 2009

Umm… Stargate Universe? Just sayin’.

My only issue with SyFy is that most scripted shows don’t tend to last more than 4-5 seasons before being canceled. Granted that’s more than a lot of other shows but when you’re talking about a franchise that has mainly dealt with 7-season arcs in its recent history, plus that whole cable vs. network thing, it probably would not be successful, compared to its predecessors.

18. Julio - July 8, 2009

I dunno.. why not FARSCAPE again?

19. MORN SPEAKS - July 8, 2009

Star Trek would be “safer” on SyFy in terms of longevity because if Networks did not get the numbers they wanted, they wouldn’t hesitate to cancel it.

20. PJays - July 8, 2009

The only thing that scares me with new Trek is “does it have a chance in the new tv world?”

The reason I say this is because if you look at the new tv shows now, a lot of them take off at Season 1 and either go a little up or down from there in ratings. I find looking at majority of the Trek shows it always took at least 3 to 4 seasons to find its legs. Next Gen was 3 seasons when the Borg took Picard, Deep Space 9 was around 4 with the Dominion war got big plus the Worf addition and Voyager, most fans jumped on board in Season 4 with 7 of 9. As for Enterprise, I thought if they let it come back for season 5 it would of been awesome because Season 4 was great. Check out some of them at memory-alpha (you have to scroll down)

You don’t have to be a fan of all shows to see what my point is and feel free to disagree but a new Trek would have to be hugh in Season 1 to have staying power on tv.

Please don’t get me wrong, I still like/love the early seasons but from a rating point of view this has been the track record. What do you think?

21. Buzz Cagney - July 8, 2009

I’m with #11!

22. capt.Roykirk - July 8, 2009

I hope they do bring Trek back to T.V some day. If it’s on the SciFi, excuse me, SyFy channel that would be ok. It’s a channel I get, and I don’t think it’s going to go belly up. I remember when VOY and ENT came out, they were on UPN, which I didn’t get, and I bet a lot of others didn’t.
And I hope if a new Trek is made it will be in the Real/prime universe. If they want to make another movie or 2 with this new crew and universe, ok, but please keep TV Trek in line with the other series.

23. TrekkieRococo - July 8, 2009

I love me my Star Trek, but I don’t know if I could do another series at the moment, especially not on the identity-confused SyFy network. The only person I could see doing it, and doing it well, would be JMS, but inevitable clashing of cultures would just be too unnerving.

I want there to be another sucessful Star Trek series on TV- but I don’t think this is quite the time, and SyFy is not the network. They are so concerned with being seen as mainstream and hip, it would be called Star Trek, and end up being Gilmore Girls in Space. With the success of the movie, we don’t need to settle for a cable show.

SyFy has the right idea, go the Firefly route- it has a rabid network of fans that will follow it to the network and stay with it, it has a single creative force behind it that is used to working on a cable-sized budget and making it work (and has said that he would come back to it any time), and IMO would fit more in their realm of SciFi but not SciFi. Plus, the rights belong to Warner Bros (who loves it) so getting it back to being active would be easier too. The danger is they need to actually try to *do* Firefly, and not just do something *like* Firefly. Big difference- and the wrong decision could backfire with fans even more than the ridiculous name change has.

24. MvRojo - July 8, 2009

#12. That’d be a great way to alienate people who liked the new movie by completely ignoring its implications.

25. Anthony Pascale - July 8, 2009


I am sorry to say, but the days of a TV show being given years to get good are OVER. And I think that is a good thing actually. Keeps the writers on their toes. Lets face it, they were phoning it in during the first two years of ENT, by the time they got their act together it was too late.

26. VoR - July 8, 2009

The Prime universe exists in 10 movies and five series….

Let is stay there and let’s move on with the amazing new world J.J. gave us.

27. Picard Rocks - July 8, 2009

No Star Trek on TV for, at least for a while. Part of why Voyager and ENT were unsucessful because people were over exposed to Trek, at least in part. Having a new series would distract from the movies and saturate people with Trek, potentially tarnishing the franchise once again. Let JJ finish his work before a new series is started.

28. Cliff - July 8, 2009

yes yes, Capt Sulu series Please :)

29. Robert Saint John - July 8, 2009

The Invisible Man?

No. SyFy may want to pretend they’re new and improved, but they’ve become a bunch of hacks who are never satisified and KILL good television series. They should completely keep their filthy hands off of Trek before they start to bring the franchise down again. They have no respect for science fiction or its fans. Let them ride high with their “Goat Hunters International”, or whatever it is they think passes for “fatastic television”. They’re too cheap, too unfocused and will kill whatever Trek was handed to them, no matter how good.

Frankly, there’s no place for Trek on television these days, with the possible exception of premium channels like HBO or Showtime that have been showing for years that they are where it’s at. Imagine how nice a limited annual run of a new Trek series could be on one of those networks, even if it was only 6-13 episodes a year.

And to those who think it’s impossible to do an expensive effects-heavy show in that format: Doctor Who and Torchwood.

There you go. Give Trek to the Beeb. How cool would that be?

30. PJays - July 8, 2009


I couldn’t agree more. I thought the ideas for Season 5 were very interesting. I enjoyed the firsts couple of Seasons but if they have started out with Season 4, they would of made the standard 7 season….in my opinion of course.
The new show, when/if it happens will have to catch the audience right away! Hope it happens!!

31. jmralls2001 - July 8, 2009

I think as successful as Battlestar Galactica was, and also with the success of the Stargate shows, they’d be careful with Star Trek and be sure to get it right. And so would CBS. They’ve got a huge hit on their hands with the movie this year, so they would want to make sure it works out. If it ends up on Syfy it’ll surely be good because they wouldn’t let Syfy touch it unless they were going to do it right.

32. Locke for President - July 8, 2009


33. Dan - July 8, 2009

SyFy, get the rights to make seasons 5,6,7 of Enterprise… PLEASE!!!

34. Dan - July 8, 2009

SyFy, get the rights to make seasons 5,6,7 of Enterprise… PLEASE!!!

35. Cobalt 1365 - July 8, 2009

I’m all for a new Star Trek series, and I think I could handle a little bit of Trek saturation… but PLEASE not on SciFy! Reasons:
1) I don’t get SyFy and wouldn’t be able to watch it right away, I do get networks
2) Star Trek deserves the network treatment. As much as I enjoy the Stargate series after SciFi got ahold of it, Trek is way out of cable’s league. The budget and attention it would get just wouldn’t make it worth the while. Trek would be relegated once again to genre television and not get the mainstream attention it so richly deserves
3) Network TV desperately needs a breath of fresh air. After all the grim cop shows and drama, a good optimistic Sci-Fi show would be a godsend. If executed right, Trek would KILL on network tv (but please not on ABC, that would be worse than SyFy)

36. ilkers - July 8, 2009

I don’t think Star Trek is ready to return to TV yet. In the past one problem was over exposure, people get bored when they see the same franchise everywhere… not us, but other people with good minds that could actually like ST. I have forced a couple of friends into DS9 and they can’t believe they just missed it.

A retro how comeback could be cool. I’d like to see Space:1999 or UFO redone nicely.

37. Trekwebmaster - July 8, 2009

Eh Gad, I can see all of the major networks and studios sitting around a huge table with fork and knife in hand waiting to carve up Star Trek. i hope CBS will keep them at bay long enough to decide whether to show it on CBS and CW…although CW hasn’t done much to show Star Trek: Remastered in the state. One can wish for a Star Trek television series in the future.


38. Syd Hughes - July 8, 2009





39. Trekwebmaster - July 8, 2009

@ #37

I agree with you on Space:1999! That series just ended BLAM! Not much explanation except from the short video for a convention. I really hope someone sees merit in the great show which is Space:1999 and puts it back on the air with NEW series shows


Someone with big clout and you know whats sees potential in making a Space:1999 or Space:2025 FEATURE LENGTH FILM!!!


Get the right writers –> Points to Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman!

40. Ed Ramirez - July 8, 2009

A new trek series would be great! Although a lot is being said about placing it on a network, I think that would be a mistake. Although the budgets would be bigger, networks don’t seem to be able to handle big sci-fi. They tend to only last 1 or 2 seasons, if that, because they don’t get the ratings the network execs want. I think SyFy would be the perfect home. “Battlestar”, “Farscape” and “Taken” were incredibly produced! They tend to give shows a little more time to catch on.

41. Capt. of the USS Anduril - July 8, 2009

NO. No Trek show yet!

They have the perfect idea right there in their interview. SERENITY FTW!!!!

42. Colin W. Warde - July 8, 2009

You want a nice, simple, easy to shoot show? How about something like The Incredible Hulk or Quantum Leap? Use a handful of core characters in a real world setting, new locations every week, new guest stars every week; the budgets are under control, use existing locations or a few standing sets, a few recurring props, costumes that aren’t so out of the ordinary that you can get them at retail stores… Maybe not a flagship series idea, but it’s an idea. Haven’t we heard people toying with a re-launch of Quantum Leap for some years? A few cameos of Scott and Dean in a handful of episodes and you’ve passed the torch.

But yeah, I love Star Trek on TV – who doesn’t? Economically, this is not the best time for it. Enterprise reused the heck out of sets from every series since 1987 and those pieces were made for shows depicting the 24th century. This was a good thing because the art department was incredible, but those pieces are gone. The costumes were recycled from one show to the next but those are all in the hands of private collectors now. The molds for the alien character make-up as we knew them are gone. The blueprints for set design are gone, the props are sold… Patterns exist for these things of course, but relaunching in ANY time period would be a total relaunch.

43. Trekwebmaster - July 8, 2009

I am not so sure about placing Star Trek on cable. With a network, you have better potential of a good market, especially if you own both the network AND the series. Lots of brand recognition and money to be made from commercial spot revenue. Now why would CBS wish to “oursource” its crown jewel Star Trek into the unknown on another network? I woudln’t if I were CBS. It’s too valuable and with the new sequel looming in a year and a half, I am sure, if successful, all bets are off to it going to another non-CBS network or cable.

44. Commander Crooner - July 8, 2009

Hmmm, start Enterprise from where it left off (sans that darned finally!), I like that idea…

In all honesty, though, CBS would be out of their minds to even float the idea for a ST television show right now. I have no doubt about it.

So, I suggest SyFy (it’s even lame to type!) buys Virtuality from FOX and lets us know if they survive the 10 year journey! Who’s with me?

45. Trekwebmaster - July 8, 2009

Hmmm, what if they “REBOOTED” ENT? Fixed the problems and continued where it left #44 mentioned. Alot of people liked it but the production was full of problems and glitches. Production design didn’t match-up well (from overly used sets) with what was expected from that time period.

You could even include the “temporal cold war” which was never fully exploited fully to be consequences of repercussions of events which were changed in the new Star Trek Universe. Could work, if a solid reasoning system were developed which is believable and theoretically plausible.


46. Marv - July 8, 2009


SyFy changes several key shows to ‘better integrate their marketing strategy”

In a special marathon they call “SyFyDy” airing this friday, Sy Fy will change it’s current shows and a few others’ names permanently for airing on SyFy.

Eureka is now Yryka

Warehouse 13 is now Wyrhys 13y

and after a marathon of these shows, SyFy plans of airing every single award-repellant movie it has ever made.

One of the movies SyFy has grown famous for is the infamous “Mynsqyto” or “Mansquito” which will air continuously on a marathon coming up in the next month.

Other shows such as They Came to Boogie from Outer Space and Night of the Mosquito will air continuously.

SyFy has also announced the cancelling of att Styr Tryk and Styrgyt: Ynyvyrse shows as they seem to have been ‘too populous’ and their quality is ‘unacceptable to our current standards.’

The Vice President of SyFy, Mr. I. M. Monotinee said “The standard we have set is constantly challenged by shows made with budgets of more that $100 per episode or $1000 per movie. We cannot afford to have such an unusual quality of product, and we know the viewers will be pleased with the SyFy Yrygynyl Myvyes [Sci Fi Original Movies] we have produced in mass quantity over the last ten years, and will continue to do so.”

Mr. Monotinee also said that they will follow ‘time-proven’ examples of ‘altering the bar’ as they have done so many times by removing so-called “Fan Favorites” such as Stargate SG1 which ran for 10 seasons, being the longest running science fiction show on television, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the Anime block-programming of Saturday mornings which garnered a reasonable viewership, Stargate Atlantis, and all Science Fiction cinematic movies that garnered over 100 million.

“These sorts of programs will continue to challenge us to create more elaborate programs and look outside the small-town acting agency that we’ve grown accustomed to doing business with. We simply can not allow that to happen.” said Mr. Monotinee as he drove away in his Rolls Royce, garnished with “I love NBC” across the back, etched in to the paint.

We later found out the car was stolen from Paramount Executive Leslie Moonves.

As SyFy continues to alter it’s programming, prepared for what Mr. Monotinee described as “Quality Entertainment for the Whole Family” which will include Pro Wrestling Marathons twice a month, the complete removal of all sci fi classics such as the Twilight Zone, and replacement programs such as “ShamWOW in Space” and a variety of paid programming that Mr. Monotinee calls “an absolute exhilaration” to watch.


OK it was a joke. But that’s where SyFy’s going. Trek needs to go to CBS.

47. Spockish - July 8, 2009

Since when the Sci-Fi channel announced it’s change to Sy-Fy around the end of March 2009 (and then the name looked just as bad) they stated with things like No-Star Wrestling trying to connect more with the reality people (i.e Reality Shows). They need a show that will show us how the Future can be.

How about fantasizing about NASA’s return to the Moon by 2020. If they are looking for funding they could become NASA’s how the future will be channel.

I’ll ask my brother who is working on the electronics or as they label it computronics of the Aries Launch rockets. See if he can not plant the idea that may help return Sy-Fy to Sci-Fi from the preplanned body holds & Punches and the pain screams of the No-Star Wrestling.

48. Trekwebmaster - July 8, 2009

LOL, man that is some “onion-ey” post there….here’s some chewing gum for your breath.

Funny tho…:)

49. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 8, 2009

“Prime” Trek is long overdue for a shot. The new movie series is its own universe. The closest we got to the original series was the “Through a Mirror Darkly” episodes of Enterprise. Each sequel series from Next Generation departed more from the vision. To me, the simple sets, costumers, and ship designs of TOS still look more futuristic to me in their simplicity than, for example, the brewery engine room of the new movie. Technology displayed in TOS had progressed so far that the simplicity took on its own life and believability. I’d love nothing more than an original series spinoff on another ship…maybe the Exeter? And if all else fails, Captain Sulu comes to mind albeit with a design scheme that logically would have to be based on the early Trek movies.

50. Dovile - July 8, 2009

It’s too early in the new ST universe for a series, as it’s not clear yet where will the movies go. They should wait a bit, maybe after a few movies, and then make the series. OTOH, they can always turn to the prime universe, where everything is established already. Continuation of Enterprise with a proper ending this time would be cool.

51. Ben - July 8, 2009

ENTerprise Mini Series – with the good that men do, kobayashi maru and the Romulan War…

52. Phasers On Stun - July 8, 2009

No to a TV series for a long while. Lets just enjoy the next few movies. When its time for a reboot again, then they should decide which way to go. And when they do, they should consider limited runs on HBO.

53. ken1w - July 8, 2009

Continue (or restart) “Space: Above and Beyond” (perfect name for a show about space Marines), which was basically “Starship Trooper” on a TV show budget (and please note that the TV show came before Verhoeven’s movie take on Robert A. Heinlein novel).

54. Sean - July 8, 2009

Do NOT put it on SyFy. It would be a death sentence. The BSG reboot worked, but I don’t think lightning will strike twice in that regard. Star Trek needs to be on one of the old “antenna” channels like CBS (they own it already, duh) or (gasp!) UPN. Make it available to a wider audience.

Also, make it a blockbuster mini series, then see where it goes. That’s probably the ONLY thing that a new Trek show should take from the BSG reboot.

55. Scott Xavier - July 8, 2009

Post appocalyptic borg invasion world. The federation lies in ruins and is more a loose confederation of klingon colonies and federation outposts. See what makes the future and how to maintain technology when routes are cut and technology advancement is stalled.

Of course its not the prime universe but it could work.

56. Spockish - July 8, 2009

If they do start a TV series, right now after one hit is kind of rushing things. How about give movies 10 years and have the new series start a month before we return to the moon. ST:TOS last Prime Time air date was June 13th, 1969, that’s five weeks before the landing. This way if the new show based on JJ Abrams Trek Universe have it start 50 years plus a week to give a new birth to a rebooted Concept.

57. toddk - July 8, 2009……unless you can sign all of the cast of ST09 to do one season instead of making a movie sequel. or what about both? no way to low budget trek except fan made productions.

58. Enterprise - July 8, 2009

Star Trek is on Spike. The reruns on there constantly. It would make no sense for SyFy to have a new Trek series on that station while the reruns are all over the other networks.

59. Green ink - July 8, 2009

I’m with 11, just let JMS reboot Babylon 5, that show still has plenty of potential and it could really do with being retold on a real budget.

Or maybe… let them come up with something new!
Why bother with trying to find a new spin on some old property or a show that’s been succesfully reinvented for film, when something completely new could be made?

Naah, just get Bryan Fuller to do Lost in Space.

60. elodie - July 9, 2009

Then, they should’nt have cancelled Farscape (which is not in their “shows” listing). Before discovering Star Trek (I haven’t seen any episode of any series but 8 on 11 movies), I discovered Farscape and BSG. But to my mind, Farscape has been cancelled too early and this show must go on. There’s so much to explore! As for Star Trek, continuing this universe through movies is the best thing to do, I don’t wanna say “not another Star Trek series” but the big screen fits more than tv.

61. Alex Rosenzweig - July 9, 2009

Realistically… The best way to blunt the box office potential of the next Trek film would be to rush it back to TV. If I were Paramount, the very last thing I’d want is a TV series drawing audience away from the focus on the film(s).

But if it were to come back to TV, then it would have to be very distinct and different from the films. So…

1] Make it in the prime/original universe. Leave the films to explore the Abramsverse for the time being. There’s more than enough material in the original universe for a dozen TV series, in any era, and doing this would keep a focus on the new continuity in the films.

2] Perhaps consider, instead of a weekly series, a group of telefilms, either as a sort of anthology (exploring many areas of the Trek Universe) or an ongoing storyline.

3] Avoid Kirk and the Enterprise, so there isn’t audience confusion between what’s happening in the films and what’s happening in the TV project.

Either way, I’d be very careful about how this got handled, because one wouldn’t want to squander the excitement that’s being rebuilt for Trek (even if it was a [ptui!] reboot). Remember the adage about those who fail to learn from history. ;)

62. captain_neill - July 9, 2009

I want a new TV show but I want it set in the Prime universe and mayvbe perhaps go forward instead of backwards

63. VulcanNonibird - July 9, 2009

Even if I like the novels like Destiny lately I think normal viewers don’t have all the trek knowledge to follow those as a movie.

Why not making a “next” Next Generation, starting about 150 years after the events of Voyager / Deep Space Nine / Nemesis. This way you can mostly start anew like GR did in 1987. If you want you can still bring in guest appearances of TNG/VOY/DS9 stars in the ocasional time-travel episode…

64. pock speared - July 9, 2009

i’d like to see “petticoat junction” re-booted on syfy.

65. SciFiFan - July 9, 2009

As long as its in the prime universe I be ok with it. For one it seems to hard to place the new star trek in to a tv show, it couldn’t be about the new alternate reality crew because no way in hell could you afford a tv show for it.
Also if its set after the new movies then that would suck cause then that kills the one of the major points of the new star trek movie, not knowing whats going to happen (for the most part).

However syfy are still morons and I don’t want them touching star trek at all. Because those guys are cancel happy sobs. Holy crap we lost one viewer this week better kill the show off!

Personal what I want to see in any new sci fi show is exploration. No not forced exploration in like the way bsg was (loved bsg, except the ending), and the way the new star gate is. I loved to see the next equivalent to star trek, Babylon 5, star wars etc..

66. -A- - July 9, 2009

yes why not? let go no man gone before!

67. Cap'n Kirk - July 9, 2009

#23 – You’re right, we need Firefly back. The special effects guys are done doing Battlestar now, & you know Joss will pick it back up.


#33 – Yes! Season 4 was soooo good, they should totally pick it up!

But, as good as Eureka has been, & Warehouse 13 might be if the pilot is any indication, SciFi (Can’t we call a spade a spade? Same reason Trekkers can’t be proud to be called Trekkies like those of us who aren’t bothered by ‘normal’ people’s opinions I guess) shoots on the super cheap, non-union, in Canada, & Trek has always been old school. If SyFy produces, it’ll diminish the quality Trek deserves, regardless of timeline, ship, or crew. Trek vets might help, but it’s dangerous.

Anybody else curious if Joss Whedon might be interested in developing a new Trek series? Buffy – Angel – Firefly. And Dollhouse isn’t great, but neither is it cancelled … yet. Anyone else think his brilliant snappy dialogue would lend itself well to Trek?

68. Cap'n Kirk - July 9, 2009

#35 – Totally agree with points 2, & 5

69. Cobalt 1365 - July 9, 2009

Space: Above and Beyond! yes, that show was great. I watched the first and only season on DVD a couple years ago, and I must say it was terrific.

Anyways, I like the idea of going back to the Original Universe further into the future, or back before Kirk & Co. (although that may crowd ENT a little bit), but I think more outside-the-box ideas should be explored, like a series focused on the “lower decks” and enlisted personnel. Perhaps making “ensign ricky” the main character, his friends keep getting killed, etc. The main characters (kirk, spock, mccoy)
could only be guest stars.

70. Cap'n Kirk - July 9, 2009

Talking about the period pre-Enterprise, what about something not too far in the future, like the book “Federation” by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who also masterminded the return to form of ENT – season 4? The real world is so far from where we thought we’d be in ’66 with TOS, & even ’87 with TNG, what say we inspire the real world by showing them a path that isn’t as far removed as the 24th century? Focus on how we can really do it, by working together with optomism. TOS had some pretty out there ideas, & thanks to it we have cell phones, medical devices, & even warp drive doesn’t seem so far-fetched. What about bringing Trek even closer to reality so more people can grasp the connection?

71. SciFiFan - July 9, 2009

I found this quote from the reboot of alien nation. The man is talking about sci fi channel/alien nation. This also shows the concern people have said about star trek on syfy

“It’s absolute perfect timing for this type of show,” Carlisle said. “They’re looking for more grounded sci-fi and close-ended episodes, and at the heart of Alien Nation, it’s a cop movie. It’s grounded. And it has a tremendous amount of dramatic possibilities and humor.” This is from scifiwire.

This is why I hate syfy. Grounded sci-fi, aka cheap sob. The close-ended thing is so they can cancel even faster with out pissing off people when the cancel a series with along story arch. One reason I don’t want them to get a new star trek show.

72. James - July 9, 2009

I’d be very much in favour of a Star Trek miniseries… but I don’t want SyFy to do it.

A miniseries would be good – maybe 10 really high quality episodes, budgeted properly with a distinct storyline arc.

I’d want to see it set in the Prime Universe – leave the new movies to explore the Alternate Universe. But when do you set it? Post-Nemesis? Maybe. Although I think that post-ST:VI but pre-TNG would be quite cool.

73. ilkers - July 9, 2009

#55 I really like your idea…
Borgs and the dominion are still under exploited…

74. penguin44 - July 9, 2009


75. Mr. Anonymous - July 9, 2009

No!! Sci-Fi programming has always been terrible, aside from MST3K.

76. ChristopherPike - July 9, 2009

38. & 44. Gets my vote. Enterprise Season 5 mini-series or 13 episode serialised arc please.

Especially sensible since Archer and his NX-01 crew exist in some form in JJ’verse. A few tweaks and the USS Kelvin sets and corridors can be adapted to fit the 22nd Century. Get Doug Drexler and John Eaves back to bring the Earth and Romulan fleets back to life.

^ Brief music video showing a Romulan assault on an Earth Starfleet convoy circa 2157. Stunned Coalition of Planets members look on, as their dream of peaceful co-existence begins to fall apart. Captain Archer learns his place in history won’t come without personal sacrifice.

^ Season 5 title sequence….

77. Will - July 9, 2009

I hope they do a series eventually but that they don’t just do “JJ Abrams Trek on TV.” I honestly think they need to do what they should have done instead of Enterprise- go forward in the timeline from Nemesis. There’s a crap load of stuff they could do if they keep going forward and making new stuff instead of going back and shoe-horning things into the “past” of Trek. You don’t need to wipe out what came before and “reset” things in order to write new stories(the relaunch books have proven that), you just have to keep going FORWARD in the timeline and introduce new characters, new tech, new political problems between planets, new races, new conflicts, new weapons, heck, even new areas of the galaxy, more powerful engines to explore further out. It’s endless if you quit trying to shoe-horn stuff into the past and make it fit.

That said, that won’t be what happens. They’ll do some sort of JJ inspired Trek series eventually, I have no doubt.

78. Dom - July 9, 2009

Nemesis was such a dire film that they couldn’t return Trek to the cinema for seven years.

The TV shows had become such a pathetic piece of fanwank that no one with a modicum of street cred would admit even to having heard of them.

Trek has just come back as a movie series and is doing well. A TV show right now will destroy that.

We need one, possibly two, more Abrams movies to wash away the bad taste left by TNG-ENT before any kind of TV show should be considered. And, even then, it ought to be overseen by Abrams, Kursman and Orci!

79. ChristopherPike - July 9, 2009

If the impossible were to happen, Jeffrey Combs back as Shran, crewmember aboard Enterprise, give him Major role commanding the MACOs.

80. SciFiFan - July 9, 2009

Dom go troll some other place. That are you the stereotypical Trekkie that thinks only TOS is star trek and the rest isn’t.

81. SciFiFan - July 9, 2009

Err meant to say thinks only TOS is the only real star trek and the rest isn’t but that’s what you get with comments only. Can’t edit and people can troll 10x easier.

82. Loccy - July 9, 2009

I came here to suggest a Kelvin series and note that a few others have already mooted such an idea.

One point, though – if it was set pre-Nero’s incursion, it could be considered to be set in both prime and JJ timeline. It could be marketed to old-school fans and those whose introduction to Trek came via the new movie. The only problem would be that we all know how it would “end” – but hey, it never stopped George Lucas with his prequels.

83. DJT - July 9, 2009

Let the idea lie fallow for a few more years. A new TV show would be premature at this point, I think. There is only so much of a demand for Trek out there. Demand that was admittedly increased by making such a visceral, unexpected movie. But by quenching that demand so early, you lessen the turnout for ST11. I want it to be another event movie. Not another episode. Dig?

84. Holger - July 9, 2009

I’d say any Trek which isn’t JJ’s… err, whatever you may call that stuff, is a fine idea with me.

85. Jeffery Wright - July 9, 2009

They should work with Harlan Ellison on a remake of “The Starlost”!

Case closed, next!

86. Brett Campbell - July 9, 2009

The biggest problem with all the Star Trek spin-offs, IMHO, apart from the incessant technobabble, was that they all became soap operas in space, which TOS never was.

SyFy-OhMy should look for a good science-fiction show, not a Star Wars clone space opera.

87. TNC1701 - July 9, 2009

I’d like to see Star Trek on SyFy, for sure!!! But as a soap? Maybe with drama being a background plot, but exploration and bolding going should definitely be at the forefront. I’d like to see them “Boldly Go where No One has Gone Before” rather than to see them bolding going with a love triangle on their hip. Uggh, surely as the sands pour from the hour glass, so are the Days of our Trek :D

88. screaming satellite - July 9, 2009

i say its important to leave any new Trek OFF the tv for the next few years….concentrate on THE MOVIES ONLY so Trek will feel more of an event every 2 or 3 years (like 1979-86…those films were all BIG deals and major events – much more so than any of ones following…until now). I would like to see a new tv show eventually but not until after at least the third movie…

in fact it could be argued that the introduction of the TNG era shows dampened anticipation and enthusiasm for the movie series somewhat – making a trek film less of an event….ok i know its difficult to be sure as the first film to come out after TNG was Trek V…but Trek VI didnt do as well as Treks I-IV (although that could be due to it being part ‘6’ and coming after TFF…)…and with the TNG film era it really felt overcrowded with several new tv shows showing at once as well as the movies (although the last 2 werent great so that obviously didnt help the movie series)…however i remember reading a review of First Contact saying although it was a good movie it felt less of a big deal due to all the tv shows and how less is more…

I guess the same could be said of Superman and Terminator with Smallville and TSCC maybe dampening enthusiam for Superman Returns and T4? – maybe thats a reason why they didnt do as well as expected

i believe that was Harve Bennetts view on the matter too – he said something along the lines of the tv shows were like fans having their turkey every week (tv) instead of just thanksgiving (movies)

maybe theres something to that as theres no new ST tv shows on now and look at the box office the movie is doing!

so anyway i say no new TV show for a least 5 years and concentrate on the movies….anyway it’ll give new fans the chance to catch up on all the previous tv shows

89. Kristophe - July 9, 2009


Star Trek
The Next Generation

Begin right after “All Good Things”
Fill the gaps between the movies!
Show us what Picard and Crew did during the Dominion War!
Give us more adventures of the Enterprise-E!


90. AdamTrek - July 9, 2009

73. ilkers – July 9, 2009
#55 I really like your idea…
Borgs and the dominion are still under exploited…



91. Kirk, James T. - July 9, 2009

The next Star Trek on TV should be a cartoon shown on Nickelodeon to keep the kids interested in Star Trek.

After the possible 3rd movie has been shown then Paramount, CBS can start to think about Star Trek on TV.

The problem with putting Trek on TV again is that it will undoubtedly confuse people at this time and push people away from getting into Trek.

the studio has to ease people back into the universe and not just make Star Trek for the fans, movies is a great way to get people back in and all the great Sci-Fi franchises of the time have stuck to just movies.

less is more – more is history repeating itself before Star Trek has really had a chance to stretch it’s mainstream muscles.

92. Cynic - July 9, 2009

@ #2 Dr. Image

Clearly you are not first. FAIL!

93. rangerone314 - July 9, 2009

Replacing Lost with Star Trek would be silly… Lost only has one more season left and it is done… story told.

I think they should do a post-TNG era, like that idea I heard where someone unleased Omega particles all over the galaxy and the Federation was fragmented…

94. Eric Holloway - July 9, 2009

I hate to say it but we don’t need another ST show right now. I agree with the general thinking here that too much ST equals low movie box office and little interest. Besides ENT just went off the air in 2005. Give us time to miss ST. I am not suggesting that we wait nearly 20 years like we did between TOS and TNG but at least a year after the third JJ movie. Then come out with a miniseries like BSG did and generate a buzz. But don’t be obvious about it, bring the minseries out in November and make us wait til the fall of the next year to get a series. Anticipation is a great thing, just look at the current movie and how long we waited for that, remember how strung out we were when the opening date was changed from December to May?

Hopefully by the time the third JJ Trek movie comes out technology will have made doing special effects much cheaper and easier and hopefully the economy will have turned around by then making new Trek a reality instead of always poised on the chopping block because it is too expensive.

Oh and one final thing. Put it on either Tuesday or Wednesday night in whatever time slot and leave it alone!

95. Andre - July 9, 2009

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

That’s what the next Star Trek TV series should be and it should be set in the new universe where the movie left off.

Admiral Pike (in wheelchair) should be the Commandant

96. Klatch - July 9, 2009

My Vote.

Firefly, Maybe Next Generation style. Since Fallon is busy with Castle.

97. jastrek_montreal - July 9, 2009

god sakes ! PLEASE , don’t bring it back on TV. Thats the reason why it collapsed in the first place… TOO MUCH DILUTION of the universe ! Lets just leave it in the movie universe please !

98. SCYFY GUY - July 9, 2009

They should go back and reboot Enterprise.

Star Trek Enterprise was HORRIBLE. The whole concept was a mess.

They should return to the same time and reimagine it and this time do it right and do the Earth-Romulan War in the style of BSG and how it was described in Balance of Terror TOS episode.

Basically, submarines in space lobbing nuclear warheads at one another with a shaking Alliance of Plants fighting the Romulan-Klingon Axis

99. Schiefy - July 9, 2009

ENT was good in its 4th season but it struggled before that to find its footing–I think one factor that I have not seen mentioned is the impact of 9/11 on the storytelling. In their effort to be relevant to one of the major events of this new century the writers got too caught up in the 9/11 event and creating their own Trek version–it became too much of a one-trick pony for an entire season.

TOS was at its best when respected sci-fi writers contributed beautifully written (or re-written!) episodes that stood on their own without a lot of concern for continuity or story-arcs. While I enjoy a good space opera (e.g., soap opera in space drag) I think it is difficult to build an audience after the initial season because you have so much catching up to do on the story-arc that it has to be exceptional (i.e., Lost) to be successful in that format.

What made ENT season 4 better was the stories, while building into an arc also delighted us with stand-alone episodes that also appealed to the fan base. I think a new Trek could do something similar but I would de-emphasize the soap–I mean, space–opera concept and concentrate on compelling one episode stories that don’t require a lot of Trek or previous episode background to enjoy. TOS developed its own “continuity” because of the characters not because of some long, drawn out story line. Even STII:TWOK worked because the story stood on its own and provided the necessary background to set up the Kirk-Khan conflict. And with the Voyage Home you again were able to establish very quickly the background and get into the main story.

For me, Trek was always about the characters (esp. Kirk-Spock-McCoy), an entertaining story that caused you to reflect on life in the here and now, and hope for a future we could all agree on regardless of political, philosophical or religious beliefs. While continuity, canon and nitpicking are fun they are not the heart and soul of good Treks.

100. Archer - July 9, 2009

I was so disappointed when I first saw what they did with Enterprise. I wanted a link between First Contact and The Cage and All I got was Meh

Where was the United Earth Space Probe Agency?

Where was the Earth-Romulan War?

101. Raphael Salgado - July 9, 2009

Richard Hatch from BSG (old and new) has been trying to launch his space opera, The Great War of Magellan. It’s in comic book form right now.

102. Dennis Bailey - July 9, 2009

I’d rather see them lure Moore back for another series – he’s supposedly under contract to develop a big space movie, and there could be some synergy there.

Or go back to the folks who created Farscape.

Either way, we might get something energetic and a bit unpredictable. The world does not need the 478th “Star Trek” television series that badly, even assuming that CBS were willing to burn the Franchise off producing a basic cable show.

103. Buck Rogers - July 9, 2009

Redo Buck Rogers, BSG style

104. westendgonzo - July 9, 2009

This story covers everything that frustrates me about modern science fiction, in particular television and movies.

In science fiction, you have the entire universe to play with, you’re not even bound by the laws of physics. You can do a love story on another planet, a hi speed chase around a black hole, you can do anything you want at all, there are no restrictions.

However, we keep wanting to dip back into the same old well. Let’s do something different, something we’ve never seen. I don’t know what that is, but I don’t get paid 6 figures for a script. As a viewer, I’m sicking of seeing the same stories revisited over and over again.

105. Jim Smith - July 9, 2009

A Star Trek series needs to be more popular, to pull in bigger audiences and have a bigger effect on the zeitgeist, than yer BSGs or whatever ever manage. To be popular, mainstream, populist, BIG is part of the point of Star Trek.

106. Nmajmani - July 9, 2009

I always hope that they’d take the new cast into an alternate original series, exploring much the same ideas but having to deal with new alternate reality issues (no Vulcan et. al).
I also would still definitely like to see a visit to Talos IV in the new timeline, because from how the movie played out, it’d have to be Kirk and not Pike who would lead the mission

107. garen - July 9, 2009

captain riker and the Titan. bring it.

108. Woulfe - July 9, 2009

What SyFy wants is the following…..

1. Space Opera
3. No story arcs

Lost In Space, anyone, anyone, Buelar, Buelar…. ?

– W –
* Tongue firmly planted into cheek *

109. cw - July 9, 2009

They should do a new Quantum Leap, or re-do Sliders, maybe pick up Sarah Conner but do something more Syfy-like. Trek is a really big deal and BSG might have been just the Diamond in the rough that can’t be reproduced without big network support.

110. Holger - July 9, 2009

I believe, contrary to what many fellow fans here have stated, that Trek has always been at its best on TV. This new movie may be an all-time low of the quality of Trek, IMO, but that not withstanding, none of the movies quite managed to live up to the standards of Trek on TV, not even the best ones. (Obviously I’m not talking about the quality of VFX here, but if the quality of a production equals the quality of VFX for you, we’re not even talking about the same ballsport then.)
So I’m all for a return of Trek to TV – forget about the big screen. Too much assimilation to brainless blockbuster cinema required there.

111. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - July 9, 2009

My concern with a Star Trek series on TV is that it would probably HAVE to be set in the JJverse. While many of us would like to see some version of the “Prime” universe depicted, it’s the JJverse that’s getting all the buzz. Therefore, when a new-to-Trek viewer–who’s only seen or been interested in the ST09 version of Star Trek–tunes in, when they don’t see the JJverse, they could very well be turned off.

SyFy is trying to broaden its audience from its traditional “freak & geek” numbers. Given that, I don’t think they’d risk doing something as isolating as running a program that didn’t have as wide of appeal as the JJverse Star Trek does. And, since a television budget–especially SyFy’s television budget–couldn’t handle the visual scope and grandeur of the JJverse, it’s best to leave Star Trek to JJ and his crew.

Give it a few years, and maybe the time will be right to have new Star Trek on the little screen again. But not now.

112. KevinA Melbourne Australia - July 9, 2009

Give Manny Coto a season 5, 6 & 7 of ENTERPRISE. He was nailing it in season 4. I really miss ENT. As much as everyone hangs on the 1st two seasons, non of the the spinoffs including Next Gen really took off until their 3rd and 4th seasons.

Next Gen stepped up in season 3 when they bought Crusher back and ended with BOBW part#1.

DS9 took off with Worf and the Defiant in season 4.

Voyager took off with 7 of Nine likewise.

The season 3 Xindi arc of Enterprise was phenomenal and Manny Cotto took us to Vulcan, explained the Klingon “affliction” and bought Trip and TPal together. It was a great season (except for Bermans disgusting finalle which should be written off as a next gen dream)

I’m sure the sets are saved and CGI models saved somewhere so it wouldn’t cost as much to resurrect as a new show. It’s already HD. The show sould be relaunched with a retrospective sort of episode telling the story of Archers father and the building of the NX-01 – then jump forward dare I say ” Desperate Housewives” style 5 years to a continuation of the mission.

Let’s make it so!

113. steve2 - July 9, 2009

“i’d like to see “petticoat junction” re-booted on syfy.”

“…lots of curves, you bet. Even more, when you get…to the Junction.”

I agree with Lost in Space. But…do it right. Do it seriously.

Or “My Favorite Andorian”

114. ChristopherPike - July 9, 2009

Some might say they had a proper space opera show with reruns of Enterprise. When Sci Fi gained the show and started running marathons, those ratings gave brand new BSG a run for its money, even beating it on several occasions.

115. Gummy - July 9, 2009

If SyFi can do a new Trek as well as they did BSG, then I’m all for it.

116. Dom - July 9, 2009

80. SciFiFan (or should that be SyFyFan these days?)

I discuss stuff with people here regularly and have done since this site opened. Cut the finger-wagging and argue details with me – the self-righteous pomposity of your post is almost suffocating. FYI I have DS9 (a good example of what a spin-off show should be!) on my shelf as well.

Put simply, the public perception of Star Trek had reached a low where it was seen as a geeks-only club: a dreary self-referential fantasy universe that had little to do with ours – that’s what we call fanwank!

The TNG movies were mostly dreadful: not only were 75 percent poor films, but they were poor TNG. TNG at its best was good TV. But none of the films manage to capture that. Some of the decision-making was also laughable: the prime example is Data.

The point of Data was that he wanted to be human and was gradually evolving. Series viewers knew that. So you get Generations, the first TNG movie and what do you do? You introduce the unemotional android to a cinema audience (which will include plenty of newbies) and you stick a chip in his head that turns him into a hyper-emotional Jerry Lewis wannabe (at least if he’s turned into Jerry Lee Lewis he could have set a few pianos on fire!) Congratulations, guys! You just killed your first TNG character! How many audience members felt excluded right away? And that’s before Lursa and B’Etor (who?) turn up again!

You might think it’s ‘trolling’ to say what the man on street thinks, but I’m a fan of Star Trek as populist entertainment and the man on the street’s view is entirely relevant to that. The last time Trek on TV was populist was over 15 years ago. The last time a TV show-related Trek film was populist was 13 years ago.

Star Trek has shown that the formula works on a large scale with a sense of adventure and a spring in its step. It’s needs to be aimed at the sort of people who don’t have any interest in watching a TV show every week. The new film worked very well giving old fans some fanwank in the form of Spock Prime while being fresh for the rest of the audience. Personally, I’d have favoured an out-and-out reboot without the time travel, but the team knew they’d have to placate mouthy nerds who complain about things like Chris Pine’s eye colour!

I might sound harsh about why TNG to ENT Trek ultimately failed (face it: TNG, Voyager and ENT are essentially one long show that died after 18 seasons) but I have every right to post here and sometimes you have to be honest about what pigeared embarrassment Star Trek became.

And it might be useful to read your posts before submitting them rather than writing ‘TOSfangobblegobble.’ I ***can*** edit but pompous self-aggrandising nerds post 10x faster! ;p

117. Eldon - July 9, 2009

FARSCAPE 2.0 !!!!!!

118. Drew - July 9, 2009

A new Trek series would HAVE TO be on network TV. CBS would certainly make sense. There have to be ideas about this flying around at Paramount, especially with a successful 2nd movie.

119. Capt Krunch - July 9, 2009

I don’t want SYFY touching TREK…like I have said before STAR TREK: Manticore…or TREK: Haunted Enterprise…. how bout
STAR GATE : The Next Generation…
I though originally it would have been cool if Sci Fi could have taken over Enterprise..continued to the Romulan Wars..etc…
SPACE 1999 would work..they had lots of campy B monsters ..though the 3rd season of TOS had the same….
Buck Rogers….yeah!!

120. P Technobabble - July 9, 2009

I am very leary of a new Star Trek tv series. The big question, for me, is: In WHAT WAY would this new series be any different than any of the Trek series that came before?

The only latter Trek series that I thought could have been worthwhile was Voyager. Unfortunately, Voyager’s execution left a lot to be desired.
DS9 was a very decent show, but it was Star Trek by association only. Debatably, t could have been Babylon5, hm? Enterprise, TNG, and TOS, were, fundamentally, the same show.

If there is a new series, I think it best to go with the new, alternate time-line premise, in order to maintain a break from the past. I really don’t want to see rehashes of previous Treks any more than is absolutely necessary.

Of course, I don’t expect anyone at SyFy (or any other network) to pay attention to me…

121. MC1 Doug - July 9, 2009

If SyFy (ugh) is on record as saying they want to do a sci-fi (there, that’s much better) space opera, they should join up with Steven Spielberg and film “When World Collide” as a mini-series, then use the sequel novel “After Worlds Collide” as the springboard for a TV series.

That would rock!

122. Edwin - July 9, 2009

Please let’s have an origin story set in the Prime Timeline. Kirk on the Republic and then the Farragut. Spock on Pike’s Enterprise. This would be fantastic if it were done gradually in a Smallville kind of way.

123. Simon - July 9, 2009

Enterprise 5th season or a “Titan” series could work well.

124. CaptainRickover - July 9, 2009

Man! A damn thing that I just life here in boring Germany and not in the USA and also damn the fact that I haven’t a high post in the management of CBS.


But please not on Syfy (what an idiotic name!)

Beside that, I would prefer a show in the 25th century, a few years after ST-O, back with action, adventure and a sense of wonder like in TOS, combined with the intelligence of TNG and the drama of DSN.

PS: Dear CBS, If you need a concept for a show with at last 64 episodes, ready to be filmed and aired plus a nearly completed planing for the marketing campaign…. call me! ;)

125. Dom - July 9, 2009

Realistically, the new Trekmovie series’ tech needs to be super-advanced, so a show set in an era beyond it would force them to make the current movie version ‘retro’ in some way. Clearly, the new Trek has been set up as an up-to-date version of the future, so they’re better off doing something set in that era.

Maybe get Bruce Greenwood to play Christopher Pike in an HBO Star Trek series.

126. George - July 9, 2009

New Trek is not going to be on TV anytime soon. With the successful relaunch of the movie franchise and the huge amounts of money it brought in, no executive is going to mess with it.

As for the SyFy (?) network, they have only proven themselves capable of writing a check – not producing winners. Flash Gordon anyone ? Anyone?

So let’s set our sights on something a little more realistic…

A reboot of Space Above and Beyond….perhaps? Or Lost in Space?

127. Kyle Nin - July 9, 2009

I thought “Stargate Universe” was their new space opera. At least, that’s how they’ve been describing it.

128. Irishtrekkie - July 9, 2009

give them enterprise season 5 , i know most fan dont like enterprise but i do , and if it fails it fails , plus you dont have to worry about prime and what not timelines.

129. CaptainRickover - July 9, 2009

# 125

Moneywise it’s better to revisit the prime-universe in a new TV-show. Many props are left from the older series, costumes and some pieces of sets that can be reused (everything that is not scraped or sold by Christie’s). And besides that, a series in the Abramsverse would mess up with the new movie-series and limiting the storys of the movies and of the show.

To make the technology super-advancend is a must-be in the new show. They can’t come back with the old TNG-stuff.

130. MC1 Doug - July 9, 2009

Sadly, Scott Bakula is already engaged for a TBS series.

That said, I think Manny Coto has already proven he can do ENT and do it QUITE well. I’d love to see ENT taken to its logical conclusion… the Federation-Romulan War (and bring back Cmdr. Tripp too).

Bringing ENT back for seasons 5, 6 and 7 would be great. Not gonna happen, though.

AND then there is this: SciFi doesn’t exactly have a good record on doing quality scyence fyction (I am never going to do that again… ugh).

Does anyone remember their take on “Flash Gordon?” It got better towards the end, but it was pretty much a waste of film dollars… the same could be said for their movie projects; most have been mindless crap that sullies the idea of inventive science fiction.

I am not sure I want SyFy touching TREK in any way, manner or form.

131. Andy Patterson - July 9, 2009


Yeah. should be TOS universe. I always wanted to see those academy days. We were kind of cheated out of all Kirk’s academy lessons from the new movie that were eluded to so many times in the old show. Great professors, great text books, great classes, great love interests, great characters. None of that though….”3 years later”

132. MC1 Doug - July 9, 2009

#126: Gee George, great minds think alike (re: Flash Gordon).

133. refuge5 - July 9, 2009

The Magic word was in the interview – Firefly! We’ll get Trek somewhere some day on TV

134. braxus - July 9, 2009

I agree with some others. Its too soon the bring Trek back to tv. And they’d need to get some stellar writers this time around to avoid rehashing old plot ideas and come up with some new adventures. And I’d doubt they’d get the new cast on a tv show when they were very good in the movie format. Funny how Star Trek originated on NBC to begin with. I don’t get the Sci Fi channel here, so Im unaware how the treat other shows. I do know they recycle a lot of old shows to play over again today. We’ve got our own Canadian version of the Sci Fi network here. And I don’t see anything wrong with it being shot in BC Canada. There are more diverse locations here then many other places in North America.

135. LJ - July 9, 2009

I don’t really want to see another TNG era series (though I immensely enjoyed them all). I’d love to see a series set in the period between now and Enterprise. Perhaps just after first contact with Vulcan.

There is no United Earth yet. Many nation states have their own programs of exploration: certainly the US and Russia, the UK (several ships carrying HMS prefixes have been referenced on computer screens in TNG), China). The crew is human-only: no aliens. There is little contact with Earth due to distance. Technology is limited: no transporters; no phasers, etc.

It would be pure exploration: we could see how humans really coped with the tough new (final) frontier – alone, far from home, and scared. Imagine the story possibilities. For example issues never really touched on in previous series could be explored: for example religion (Earth still has organised religion in this period, say).

I’d set the series aboard a British ship (HMS Enterprise, say), and have Commonwealth characters so we can use nationalities that have never been seen on Trek before…and yes I know there is a British Isles character in nearly every series (VOY is the exception, I think…Scotty, O’Brien, Bashir, Reed) – what I mean is nations like India, Pakistan, Australia, NZ, the African nations, Malaysia, etc, etc.

I’d throw in a few story arcs…a serial killer (how do you deal with a murderer in the remoteness of deep space: marooning, death penalty…and the implications)….a ‘phantom’ a la Master and Commander, delivering hit and runs every few episodes (maybe turns out to be Romulan)….issues of food, water, fuel…what if there is a pregnancy…rare messages from home (hinting at political trouble, change, war back home), which gradually become rarer with distance…real first contact with the Klingons (never satisfied with the ENT depiction – I thought the event was supposed to be disastrous).

Basically I’d plan a seven season arc: Seasons 1 & 2: outbound journey – some stories featuring Earth colonies and ships and our ship as a 17th/18th Century style diplomatic mission (Royal Navy style); S 3-5: Distant Exploration – strange new worlds, new life, new civilisations; S 6,7: Journey home, and the consequences of some of the crew’s actions…

The events of such a series could lead to/encourage United Earth and the foundation of UESPA…

Sorry for such a looong post.

136. steve2 - July 9, 2009

121 – Or, in the same vein you could make the show very immediate and relevant to the present with a “Ahhhhhhhhh! Worlds are Colliding!!”

137. JessIAm - July 9, 2009

I’d much rather see Babylon 5:Crusade.

138. Dennis Bailey - July 9, 2009

Here’s what Howe had to say about the kind of “space show” he favors:

“I’m a huge fan of Firefly, and shows that take that idea and take that part of the genre and reinvent it in a whole new way. I’d love to find our version of, not specifically Firefly, but similar to what Joss [Whedon] tried to do with that in terms of, “lets recast the Western in space.” Love that idea, and I love that show. What’s another way to approach that? We’re talking to a number of people about that…”

Good for him! This guy may actually have some taste and imagination.

139. SChaos1701 - July 9, 2009


I LOVED Space: Above and Beyond

140. J.R.Q - July 9, 2009

SyFy bid for new Star Wars tv show.

141. RD - July 9, 2009

#130 – SADLY Scott Bakula is already engaged? I say thank God. I’ve never seen an actor more miscast in the role of a Starship captain than Bakula (except perhaps James Spader in “Supernova”). Bakula had no business being the first Captain of the Enterprise. While there can and should only be ONE Kirk, Archer needed to be more of a Pike at a minimum. I have never seen so much pacing from an actor in anything – the man literally could not stand still to deliver even one line. They cancelled the series just before they had to replace the deck plating for excessive wear.

Enterprise wasn’t a bad series and there were some quite good episodes, but writers tend to write for the actors as the series evolves and I blame Bakula in part for dragging down the overall writing. The very things that worked for him so well on Quantum Leap were sorely misplaced as the Captain of the Enterprise. Writing for those strengths only diluted the character and subsequently the stories.

I say good riddance.

While a new series would be fun, It would only confuse new audiences Paramount is hoping to build with the franchise reboot. There was no Trek on TV besides the re-runs of TOS for almost a decade while ST: I-IV were in theatres. At least they should wait for the sequel. A new series cannot compete with the action on the screen and few if any of the actors would be available for anything but a possible guest star, meaning a whole new crew, whole new ship, possibly a whole new time period.

142. Nathan - July 9, 2009

as much as love star trek. Stay away from TV for now. Star Trek should stick to the rebooted movies for the time being and maybe in a few years after this dies down we make a new series with a new enterprise B and new crew.

at least thats my opinion.

If SyFy wants a new space opera, then go get the rights to Firefly/Serenity and bring that back. Firefly should be brought back as a show and it’s just as good as star trek.

143. Holger - July 9, 2009

I never understood what people have against Bakula playing Captain Archer. I think he was great in that role and Archer was a superb captain.
I had never watched Bakula in any role before I watched ENT, well, except maybe for some obscure baseball movie. Could it be that some people who did watch him playing other characters before ENT are reading those other characters into Archer?

144. Rah - July 9, 2009

I agree that the stargate universe often looks like British Colombia, but the Star trek universe often looks like California, and how often have those rocks that were part of vulcan (in the movie) been in star trek?

145. James Heaney - Wowbagger - July 9, 2009

No. Trek wouldn’t work on cable – it’d be bad for SyFy and bad for Trek. I used to support an ENT Season 5 on SciFi (back in the TrekUnited days), but I’ve been well-persuaded I was dead wrong.

Here’s my question, though: why not just bring back Firefly? You want buzz? You want to dramatically expand your fanbase? You want damn good quality science fiction? Firefly gives you all that in one.

Plus, if they bring back Firefly, I’ll actually watch the channel. :P

146. Randy - July 9, 2009

Here’s and idea: How about a new cable channel called TREK. Would be a great place for a new series to launch. There is more than enough shows and movies for Star trek to have its own network.

147. Closettrekker - July 9, 2009

Now is not the time.

Even the inevitable return to tv is something I am a bit wary of.

Although I really did like some of the 3rd and 4th season ENT episodes, specifically those under Manny Coto’s creative influence, I never cared for the “spinoffs” as a whole. I actually watched very few of them during their first runs—but have, over the years, seen all of them in syndication.

For me, they were always missing the magic of the original characters—and sadly, I doubt that kind of magic is ever going to be matched.

It’s a nice thought—-but I think that, for now, I would prefer a series of films with Bad Robot at the helm. Any scenario in which Abrams would produce a Star Trek series seems unlikely, given the obstacles.

If it has to happen, Manny Coto heading up a series set in the altered 23rd century (featuring a new crew) could be decent. But I still think that is best suited for after at least 2 more movies.

But forget SyFy….If it is going to be done, do it right.

148. John from Cincinnati - July 9, 2009

Star Trek should only be back as a new TV series as long as they do it right. Putting it on some cable or tiny network would spell certain doom. No a real network like CBS, doing it the right way could work.

149. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

could never get into BSG,Farscape,Firefly or any of these shows….because I missed the first episodes…….the cool thing about trek is that you dont have to study it to watch it and be entertained….thats all……….its more viewer friendly and doesnt come across as presumptive and pompous……thats really all

150. RD - July 9, 2009

#148 – putting a SciFi show on a major network is what spells “certain doom”.

There is simply not enough profit there for the size audience the show would bring. Stargate SG-1 ran 10 seasons on SciFi … there are very few network shows that can claim such lengthy run, much less a Sci-fi series.

Trek ran just fine for over 16 years on cable/syndication and tiny networks (UPN/CW). TOS barely ran 3 years on NBC.

If you are OK with Trek being rebooted only to run one or two seasons, then by all means put in on CBS … it’ll look great during its short run and will most likely be many more years before they can afford to try it again.

151. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

If they are going to do a Star Trek Tv show at least let it stick to a formula that worked for TOS…..let us “really” get to know the crew of the Enterprise……same cast/same crew…..let their characters develop…let the actors grow “into” thier characters……..let us become familiar…Remember that most of the cast was dedicated enough to Trek…to do the voices on on TAS…….Thats the dedication these kids should have…..they have lucked out to be playing such iconic roles……..How about showing some ownership for thier characters and taking some risks…..after all; they are the crew of the Enterprise…….Another show that would work would be an animated Titan series……both Frakes and Dorn have been known for doing cartoon voices and commercial voice overs and such….Im sure many of the TNG cast and crew would be onboard for Captain Riker…or a chance to further explore that timeline…..a little and also give them a chance to develop new characters and such wich could arc between canon of prime and nu universe…my only question is … it more affordable to do animation or live action?

152. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

If they are going to do a Star Trek Tv show at least let it stick to a formula that worked for TOS…..let us “really” get to know the crew of the Enterprise……same cast/same crew…..let their characters develop…let the actors grow “into” thier characters……..let us become familiar…Remember that most of the cast was dedicated enough to Trek…to do the voices on on TAS…….Thats the dedication these kids should have…..they have lucked out to be playing such iconic roles……..How about showing some ownership for thier characters and taking some risks…..after all; they are the crew of the Enterprise…….Another show that would work would be an animated Titan series……both Frakes and Dorn have been known for doing cartoon voices and commercial voice overs and such….Im sure many of the TNG cast and crew would be onboard for Captain Riker…or a chance to further explore that timeline…..a little and also give them a chance to develop new characters and such wich could arc between canon of prime and nu universe…my only question is … it more affordable to do animation or live action?

153. ss - July 9, 2009

Why do a series? Seems to me that there a ton of sci fi short stories out there that could be made for a reasonable cost. Just look at Larry Niven’s collections of shorter works. Maybe SyFy should stop looking for a “space opera” and consider the “Twilight Zone” model instead.

154. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

sorry it double posted

155. sensor ghost - July 9, 2009

I hope they don’t do it on SyFy. Not everybody has cable, a lot of people wouldn’t even be able to watch it. Make more sense to put it on network where more people can see it without having to resort to downloading episodes off the internet.

156. Jordan - July 9, 2009

It’s too soon for another TV series! We run the risk of over-saturating the market with too much Trek product again, and that’s what nearly killed the franchise before! Let’s allow momentum and demand to build for the next film, and then assess the situation at that time….

157. thenewK2 - July 9, 2009

I’m going to have to agree with many of the posters, here…SyFy and Star Trek should never dance together, except in reruns. SyFy won’t/can’t spend the money necessary to do Star Trek justice. All their other “original” shows look cheap.

158. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

#13 That is how it is different is because with the other movies we knew the actors and thier characters from tuning in to hour long shows weekly.Now we only get to see them on the big screen for a short period.We got to know them more intimately(the crew) on T.V….now it is reversed??

159. Jordan - July 9, 2009

thenewK2: you have a good point but I would argue that Battlestar Galactica is a major exception. That said, I’ll stick to my original contention: that Trek needs to stay OFF the small screen. The franchise feels more epic and special if it’s limited to the silver screen.

160. Jeffery Wright - July 9, 2009

Space: Above and Beyond was great, but it seems like the new BSG did what they were trying to do, and did it much better…

Still, Marines in space? All for it!

Has no here heard of the Starlost?

Lets stroll down memory lane:

The show had Walt Koenig, Barry Morse and John Calicos as guest stars.

Done properly, its intriguing storyline would be an unparalleled hit!

Its begging for a modern reboot.

161. AJ - July 9, 2009



One thing is for sure, success on the big screen does not guarantee it on the small screen. The “Sarah Connor” stories didn’t attract enough viewers to stay afloat, regardless of the worldwide acceptance of “The Terminator” as an iconic set of films. I heard the series was good, too. But it failed on a network.

Even without a film, a show like “Heroes” continues to teeter on the edge of cancellation. I mean, “American Idol” gets 30m viewers. Those are real numbers. When Enterprise croaked on UPN, I think it had around 2.5m. And, as Anthony mentioned earlier, I don’t think a show can have two seasons of duds before it gets going, as TNG et al did. It has to be a smash out of the gate. Can Star Trek do that today on TV?

162. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

Does any one know anything about the rumoured live action Star Wars TV show that Kevin Smith is supposed to have the reigns to?

163. DARKbase - July 9, 2009

– IMHO this is an excellent ideea , because all this retro – altering fashion starts to become a crap thing..

164. istewart - July 9, 2009

I think what CBS really needs to do is license TNG and DS9 for online streaming, like how TOS is on YouTube now, and build interest in their share of Star Trek through that. Once you’ve built the fanbase back up through people who missed it the first time around or didn’t catch all the episodes, THEN you think about a new series. Maybe the revenue numbers don’t work out for streaming vs. cable reruns yet, but I’m sure they will in the next few years.

Of course, it seems like CBS’s plan right now is to focus on milking the existing hardcore fans through licensed products like the comics, Pocket novels, and Star Trek Online. They’re finally building something comparable to the “expanded universe” that Lucas Licensing maintains for Star Wars, although it may end up being equivalent in quality, too. However, having all the old shows available online would aid in driving people to those products, if nothing else.

165. Toothless Grishnar Cat - July 9, 2009

Enterprise miniseries or direct-to-dvd movie, written and produced by Manny Coto? That’ll get my vote. However, I feel it’s too early to be talking about a new series.

166. Alec - July 9, 2009

Before Trek comes back to TV, the movie trilogy should, first, end. This way, the hype will build and build with each successive film (if they are done well, of course) and the concept will become popular again. When it happens – and, I think, it’s pretty much inevitable that it will happen – it should be done properly. Don’t rush it. It needs, first, to have a fully worked-out concept that’s interesting, fresh, and innovative. It needs to be on the big stations and supported by a big budget. And it needs to hark back to the acme of Star Trek’s storytelling: TOS, TNG, and DS9. It doesn’t matter in which universe the story takes place; though, it would make sense to continue with the new one. We need tales told in the style of Gene Roddenberry: concerning exploration, adventure, and discovery. But bring them into the 21st century, and beyond, as J.J & Co. have with Trek 11.

I agree that the Star Trek concept was beginning to get tired from the start of VOY onwards. We had recycled stories and recycled characters. I.e., in the case of characters, we had ‘the’ Klingon, the Vulcan, etc. It was nothing new. I think a good way of assessing the respective crews (and the heart of the story is the characters) is to think of how many characters from each crew would be in the ‘dream crew’. I can’t think of anyone I’d want from VOY or ENT…perhaps there’s a place for the stand-out character from ENT: Porthos.

While I’m at it, I might as well mention my ‘dream crew’. Off the top of my head:

Captain: KIRK, PRIME
(He’s a great man)
First Officer: PICARD
(As No: 1 to create the perfect balance of yin and yang with Kirk)
Science Officer: SPOCK, PRIME
(No one does science like Spock, Prime)
Medical: BASHIR
(He’s been genetically engineered: he does know the difference between a preganglionic fiber and a postganglionic nerve )
Chief Engineer: SCOTTY, PRIME
(He’s a miracle-worker who, in the films, works in a futuristic-looking engineering.)
Helm: DATA
(He’s an android: very intelligent; very knowledgeable; very handy)
Tactical: WORF
(He’s a warrior)
Security Chief: ODO
(He’s a shape-shifter; nobody eludes him)
Counsellor: TROI
(Partly telepathic: very useful)

167. Crusade2267 - July 9, 2009

Give it to Straczynski in about 10 years.

Babylon Trek: The Crusade Generation

168. Enough With TV Trek - July 9, 2009

MORE Star Trek? Again? Still?

Let it go already. How about something new.

Imagine if, in the mid-60’s, people had the attitude they have now. There wouldn’t BE Star Trek in the first place because they would’ve made a Flash Gordon spinoff. Nor would there have been a Star Wars…just a Forbidden Planet remake.

What if, by demanding and consuming all these remakes/spinoffs, we’re missing out on something cooler than yet-another-Star Trek?

169. AJ - July 9, 2009

I agree with some that the next version of Trek should be animated. While “Clone Wars” is unmitigated crap, it still puts Yoda, R2 and 3PO in front of the kids every week, the three main characters that are ‘entry points’ for kids to all of Star Wars. Kids love Star Wars endlessly these days because there is always content of some kind to be consumed. Iron Man, X-Men, Batman, etc. are all out there as cartoons as well.

Yet, Star Trek has a pre-existing tradition of telling more grown-up and nuanced stories in its animated form. It could tell stories of the new TOS crew with new voice actors, and even get some good writers to come in from time to time to shake things up.

170. SpocksinnerConflict - July 9, 2009

How hard is this:

A USS Kelvin show. That way its connected to the new film AND takes place in the original continuity.

It’s a sequel to Star Trek: Enterprise
AND a prequel to the new film.

Everyone, fans and non fans seem to like the Kelvin sequence a lot.

I know people have already suggested a Kelvin show, but it’s potential to fit perfectly into the Trek TV history time line has not been discussed.
It usually just boils down to: a Kelvin show would be cool.
There are a million different ways to put trek back on TV, but when you consider the history of Trek in that particular medium, it’s obvious that Star Trek: Kelvin is the way to go.

171. Andrew - July 9, 2009

CBS should keep Star Trek for itself. I want SyFy to bring back Farscape in one form or another – full revival of the original series ? spin-off ? Going back into that universe would be a good place to go. Or perhaps a Firefly / Serenity revival / spin-off ? Remember Lexx ??

172. SpocksinnerConflict - July 9, 2009


I do agree.

but did you know that Lucas actually wanted to make a straight Flash Gordon movie, but he couldn’t get the rights so he wrote Star Wars instead.

I don’t understand why they can’t have both.

Why does a channel, dedicated to science fiction, only want ONE space opera.

Did i mention i hate the sci-fi channel, I don’t care what they call it.
it’s lame. (except for BSG, but thats over)

173. Adam C - July 9, 2009

Everytime I shut my eyes I picture what Star Trek 2010+ series would be like. Makes me a sad panda, not having it.

174. Elliot - July 9, 2009

How about a live-action version of Star Blazers? or maybe Charmed Second Generation about Chris and Wyatt with occasional guest stars from the original show…

175. screaming satellite - July 9, 2009

170 – the Kelvin sequence wouldnt be so cool anymore after 5 seasons of a tv show…

just leave trek off the telly and concentrate on the MOVIES!!

the star trek concept leads itself better to a movie budget anyway…

176. James "Tiberieus" Pewterschmidt - July 9, 2009

three words…

The Duras Sisters…

177. PonnFarr6996 - July 9, 2009

How about another Space western……….How about smugglers ,pirates,…..Han solo

178. Andy - July 9, 2009

Star Trek on CBS wouldn’t bother me. They have the rights to the TV portion of the franchise. CBS is one of the big TV networks. The CSI franchise right now is the largest non-reality show on TV. So if Star Trek were on CBS, it could be seen more by a non sci fi crowd.

179. Chadwick - July 9, 2009

Thats IF two new movies are made to become a trilogy, so with that uncertainty I voted YES new TV series (on syfy I guess,) really I don’t care which network, just make it and put it on. Would be nice for Star Trek to be on big name main TV channels and not just sci fi channels. I don’t think it would hinder the new movies, but waiting after the movies might offer more ideas. Even though I want a new series now, I doubt it will be made before the “new movie trilogy.” One can dream.

Oh yea I remember Lexx with all the attractive German women. I loved that show, as weird as it was I loved it, not so much any more. I have always been a fan of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, I can’t wait for Universe. I love firefly and the new battlestar. But they weren’t Star Trek, there was no Federation, no hopeful future, no Starfleet ships, no Klingons. They all brought something to sci fi, they had things Star Trek didn’t and as great as those series are, they just don’t cut it for me, I love them but they don’t satisfy the way Star Trek does. There is that indescribable quality in Star Trek that I know we all feel but cant put into words. Maybe its the morality, humanity or slight utopian quality…….nah its more than that. As I said it a quality beyond words. I still regret that there was no Phase II Star Trek in the 70’s, a Star Trek TV series from 1972-1977 would have been great, a little 5 year show which would have been during those golden years of sci fi and enough time to make the Motion Picture for 1979. Don’t let the Star Trek TV series end on a flat note, yea the new movie was a hit, but don’t wait for the third movie to be released do it after the second movie. If you have a great idea for Star Trek use it, do it, don’t shove it under the table for a few years, Paramount and CBS, go with your gut and do it.

180. Closettrekker - July 9, 2009

#150—“putting a SciFi show on a major network is what spells ‘certain doom’.

There is simply not enough profit there for the size audience the show would bring. ”

Given that it hasn’t been done with Star Trek since the 1960’s, I’m not sure that is necessarily true. Even TNG was a syndicated show, was it not? DS9, VOY, and ENT were on an abscure network with somewhat limited access.

There is reason to believe that if the current system of television ratings had been in place during the initial run of TOS, it would never have been cancelled to begin with. The network simply did not understand who its audience was, or what time slot in which to place it to bring in the biggest viewing audience.

I don’t think it is time for new Trek on tv either, but I wouldn’t dismiss it eventually appearing on CBS. However, I think that–absent of the iconic K/S/M–the CW is more likely.

181. SpocksinnerConflict - July 9, 2009


I really don’t think a tv show would have any effect on that sequence. That opening is good because of it’s execution, the way its put together.

If anything that opening would be a great ending for the show. The last ep could be just before the Kelvin runs into the Narada, and a whole bunch of character arcs could lead up to that tragic day. Decisions and experiences shown in this hypothetical series could resonate in the actions of Cap Robau and is crew during that last crisis.

I hear your concerns, but I can’t see it being a problem.

182. Dom - July 9, 2009

179. Chadwick: ‘just make it and put it on.’

And with that attitude from Mr Berman and team, Trek died! ;)

183. Thorny - July 9, 2009

I don’t think the idea of an Enterprise restart is bad at all. None of the cast is doing much these days, and most were expendable anyway. (Malcolm is reduced to doing bad “Please turn your cell phones off during the movie” shorts for theaters.) Use the novel’s idea to bring back Trip by showing his death was faked so he could go undercover in Section 31.
Since this is pre-Kelvan, there is no conflict with Mr. Abrams’ rebooted universe.

“Family Guy” and “Futurama” came back from the dead, why not “Enterprise”?

184. tman - July 9, 2009

I think for Star Trek, the best move would be to wait 10 years after JJ’s last film and then remake Star Trek TOS (the early years) on TV without referencing any cannon. If you look at Buffy and Ten Things I Hate About You, you will note that a movie and a TV property are not the same thing.

Until then, I would hope that Sci Fi finds new sets of characters for us to invest in and hopefully here or there some meatier stuff. One of the advantages of a new show is that the writers can take a fresh piece of paper and write something exciting and interesting.

There are any number of old ideas they could easily revisit:

Martian Chronicals is now many years old and badly done versions like Earth 2 have been forgotten. There’s no reason you couldn’t make a story of people building a new life on a new planet, possibly the second or third set of people who are trying to do the same thing over 100’s of years, the previous expeditions having mysteriously been lost. If there’s similarity to Lost in that idea, then hopefully the writing lives up to that standard, but the story can be completely new and go in a completely different direction. I can imagine it can be marketted in a way that it is not an obvious rip-off of Lost (it’s essentially an unoriginal retelling of the story of Roanoake, with other elements thrown in).

Hell, if you want to get period costumes, you could tell exactly the story of Roanoake except to add some slowly creeping element of mystery or mysticism or supernatural, but I don’t think the sci fi/historical genre works well. You could take Brotherhood of the Wolf and make a TV serial version of it or similar to it (a historical/mystery/romance/action/horror film with Asian martial arts. Hercules and Xena worked well from a budget standpoint for these shows. You could make something darker and x-files like.

If you look at the Prisoner, Gattaca, Equilibrium, Fehrenheit 451, the Island, THX-1138 and Huxley’s Brave New World, Ape and Essence of course, but Jack London’s Iron Heel as well there is certainly a part of Science Fiction that is mostly overlooked recently (AMC at least is remaking the Prisoner, but there’s alot they can do with relatively low cost, and it can be compelling if it has enough action and suspense). I would argue that Kings on TV was just badly done and Caprica as well will be too much soap opera and too little action.

185. Mitch - July 9, 2009

While I do think that Trek on TV is a good thing, this isn’t the time and I doubt they’d get the right people to do it.

If they want a cool sci-fi concept, redo Voyagers, or Land of the Lost (without making it a stupid comedy).

186. DonDonP1 - July 9, 2009

If there is a new “Star Trek” television series that CBS Television Studios and Bad Robot are planning to co-produce, whether it’ll take place in a post-Nemesis prime universe or the alternate timeline (like in “Star Trek XI”), then it should be made either as an hour-long, adult-oriented primetime TV series made for either CBS or the CW (since “The Cleaner” is the final show from CTS to air on a network–broadcasting or cable–rather than CBS or the CW) or a half-hour kid-friendly animated series for The CW4Kids. If a new Trek series is an hour-long, live-action series and neither CBS nor the CW are picking up, then it may be perfect for to air on weekends as the first weekly first-run syndicated “Star Trek” series since “Deep Space Nine” with CBS Television Distribution as distributor and syndicator, and station groups, including CBS Television Stations airing either an hour before network programming or after a late local newscast.

187. tman - July 9, 2009

Thinking about it, there’s no reason they can’t re-make Lost in Space, make it less campy, maybe expand how many people are stranded, ignore the last film, and make it tense and scary.

188. Trekker Chick - July 9, 2009

I got it!

Steam-punk Trek… No continuity issues…low cost!

189. J W Wright - July 9, 2009

There have been at least 3 remakes of LIS I can think of, in various incarnations, some awful, some not bad at all, the premise is still interesting.

This one, I thought had real promise:

Though, not very canon at all.

If the original premise was treated seriously, it could really work. I thought the movie was very good.

I have been scrapping around with a script for a pilot for Moonbase Alpha, which takes place a few generations after the television show, got the characters, locations and setting pretty much worked out.

I focused on a little more realism that was relied on in the original series.

190. Star Trackie - July 9, 2009

Sci-Fi proved they were clueless when they canned Farscape. It’s best that Star Trek steers clear of “Syfy”. If the show turned out to be spectacular, the “I don’t know who I am anymore” network would cancel it inside of 6 months so wrestling could be expanded into another timeslot.

191. iplaicawd - July 9, 2009

i agree with #3.

192. tman - July 9, 2009

189- If the original premise was treated seriously, it could really work. I thought the movie was very good.

I would think it would be really easy to pitch. “We want to do ‘Lost’ in Space. From what SyFy’s creative director said above, I can’t see why they wouldn’t want it.

193. SciFiMetalGirl - July 9, 2009

If it was done right, why not?

I don’t know how they did it with Stargate SG-!, but that show lasted 10 years, and has had several spin-off shows, and is still going strong!

If they could get the right team on-board, then I’d be all for it!

194. nobull-23 - July 9, 2009

Put it on the new Paramount Pay Channel, I know CBS owns the rights, I also know I and many others would pay to see it.

195. Triton - July 9, 2009

I presume that NBC Universal wants to trademark the name and they cannot trademark Sci Fi Channel. Thus we have the uninventive Syfy.

I really wish that we could get the next great science fiction franchise and not yet another remake/re-imagining of a “classic” science fiction series. Frankly, I am burned out on “Star Trek.” Can’t they come up with something original?

196. Diamond+bamboo+groundup minerals=BOOOOOMMM!!! LOL - July 9, 2009

NEW TREK SERIES: should be by the people who made Farscape, on a similar budget and scale/style… I’m down with the Kelvin idea, but make it be BEFORE 2233, obviously… and lead up to the Kelvin’s destruction or have the series end shortly before then… another thing to address is casting… if its not a Kelvin series then they cant get the same class of actors they did with old-guard Trek… they need actors people know from other genre shows and other shows in general… Alexis Denisof from the Buffy spinoff Angel, and depated Heroes cast like Brea Grant and maybe Kristin Kreuk from Smallville, also people who will appeal to the MTV crowd…

197. SpocksinnerConflict - July 9, 2009

I’m just glad this thread isn’t filled with those folks that try say Trek isn’t space opera.

Like Space Opera is a dirty word. As if “thoughtful” and “space opera” can’t be combined in anyway.

More and more I see absolutism becoming the norm, especially in the internet. It’s just ONE or the Other with most folks, it seems.

And it’s depressing the hell out of me.

198. Topaz172 - July 9, 2009

Just have syfy give BBC the budget to do Dr Who or Torchwood or Blakes 7 on a US budget level.

Honestly we Brits have been doing excellent scince fiction on less than a shoestring for half a century. It is possible.

just don’t let them do yet another quantum leap retread where the only element of science fiction is that the main character knows the future or speaks to the dead.

Being serious for a second, they should pick up David Weber’s Harrington novels.. its humans fighting humans…no call for extra make-up.

199. MC1 Doug - July 9, 2009

Looking at all these messages saying do a remake of [fill in the blank] illustrates the real problem with some fans, with SyFy and with Hollywood in general (and yeah as much as I’d like to see Enterprise re-upped, it’s not necessarily a great idea); that being, why not do something bold, something new, SOMETHING original?

How about mining some good books for a series? AND especially hiring some decent writers experienced in the world of science fiction?

That would be truly cool… but I doubt SyFy (gawd, I hate that new name) can pull that off, to be honest.

200. Klatch - July 9, 2009

Quantum Leap, this time a woman in a mans body?? nevermind :)

201. Garovorkin - July 9, 2009

Why Not give the Syfy Channel a crack at developing a trek series, yeah they have produced clunkers like Flash Gordon and Tremors the series, But they have alo given us Farscape, BSG, Stargate Alantis, Euriks. So i Say why the Hell not? A trek series would have a better shot on cable then it would on any of the big three networks and forget about CBS, even though they own it, Trek won’t produce the kind of big numbers that they expect.,

202. Thorny - July 9, 2009

193… “I don’t know how they did it with Stargate SG-!, ”

They bought it from Showtime, and it went downhill fast on Sci-Fi.

203. Charlie in Colorado - July 9, 2009

I don’t think this is the time for a new Trek TV series, reasons for which have already been posted above by others.

But if there absolutely *had* to be a new Trek series starting tomorrow, I would want it to be post-Nemesis. While I think Marina wouldn’t hesitate to reprise the Troi role in a USS Titan series, would Frakes put his directing career on hold to put on a Starfleet uniform again? Hmmm….

204. Olley Olley Olley - July 9, 2009

Lets not rush back into a trek series too fast.
The day to day production of a 22 episode marathon season took its tol on trek from Next gen to Enterprise in all areas of the craft.

there was some good episodes and a lot of bland fillers.

205. Scott Reed - July 9, 2009

Just sayin’.

206. tman - July 9, 2009

204- I would have thought that if they haven’t changed their model, Sci Fi (SyFy) is one place where they have so much filler available (made for TV movies Galore, re-runs of syndicated, etc) that a 13 episode run in 1 season may be palatable to them if the show isn’t that expensive, allowing them to invest less and target quality. I think they have to experiment anyways so I think shorter runs of different material is probably a smart decision until they have locked in some “winners.” Weren’t some of their other recent shows only 13 episodes? I thought 1 season of BSG was shorter.

207. BUZZZZ ALDRIN - July 9, 2009

Wait for it….

…I’ve got it…


208. Jef - July 9, 2009

New series, new crew, new ship.

It worked with TNG, DS9 and Voyager. It should work again.

209. the king in shreds and tatters - July 9, 2009

#208. Except DS9 wasn’t a ship, and Voyager *didn’t* work. : P

My suggestion? Homicide detectives in 2070 San Francisco, one from each side of the San Fransisco Treaty Zones.

210. Chuckster NCC-1701 - July 9, 2009

“Reboots” seem to be all the rage right now…how about rebooting one (or more) of the old Gerry Anderson sci-fi classics in live action, like Fireball XL5, Stingray, or Thunderbirds? I know Johnathan Frakes directed the Thunderbirds movie a few years back. Any of these could make for an interesting TV series.

211. Bob Tompkins - July 9, 2009

Cable TV series are losing the stigma of being made on the cheap and of lower quality than Tic-Tac-Toe [CBS, NBC, ABC]and Fox. Look in on fare such as ‘The Closer’, ‘Rescue Me’, etc.Their first run episodes pull respectable numbers because cable now penetrates so much of the market.

The ratings for the cable nets eat into the over-the-air viewership every year largely because of the increasing availability of these networks. In the 80’s it wasn’t uncommon for a over-the-air network series to draw 20 million viewers and be ‘on the bubble’ for renewal;. Nowadays 5 to 6 million gets an order for a back 9 and anything over 12 is a bonafide hit. CW’s magic number is much lower.

Trek will work as long as it’s fresh, no matter where it is aired. SyFy could undo a lot of their name change fiasco by buying in on The Franchise.

212. ZtoA - July 9, 2009

Why not do a USS Kelvin. I think that would be great.

213. JT Willis - July 10, 2009

JJverse should just keep on going along like the next day in a continuing story.

We’ve seen what happens when you try to “steer” it into unfamilar territory on purpose.. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

We’ve seen what happens when you try to get a director unfamilar with the territory.. Nemisis

JJ’s brilliance was in that he went and found writers impassioned with the story as if it had never ended.. the story he knew as a boy.. and then joined in as a story teller.. giving it that critical edge.. calling BS when it needed to be called.. and offering What if.. when someone one needed to..

Trek is best when it begins with a good story and just continues.. there’s something magical just about the continuity of the characters and ideals over a long long time..

Fans have contributed greatly over the years.. and I think JJ gets this.. from his Iowa shipyard based on a fans drawing.. to his reverence for Spock Prime.

A Sequel for Trek works best when it builds or continues a story.. the next day.. the what next?.. look at The Wrath of Khan.. how many years stood between that episode and the next chapter.. turn the page? whatever have happened to Khan’s wife?

Alan Dean Foster is looking into Refugee’s.. sound familar? what next for Spock Prime and the Vulcan’s?

As for JJ.. what next for the Federation.. they can’t turn a blind Eye to the future.. its like having a pile of cash and not doing something with it.. can they just walk away? They now know the impossible is possible.. time travel will be achieved.. multiverses aren’t just a possibility.. how could they possibly defend.. safe guard against it.

Wouldn’t you hold a grudge.. if a major star system were crushed out of existence.. and what of the Romulans.. talk about persecution complex.. they’re not going to know what hit them.. or why.. prejudice can be universal… it may be up to the Vulcans top save them.

They’re entire Universe just got blown up and rearranged.. there’s gotta be some political fall out from all that. It can’t just be business as usual anymore.

214. JT Willis - July 10, 2009

A new Star Trek TV show..

.. is so obvious perhaps its overlooked in its simplicity.

Enterprise was too far forward in time.. and not that much different from what was familar with in the Next Generations time.. it was more a prequel for the Next Generation, it felt disjointed, out of time.

Blame it on the Temporal Cold War.. but it was unfamilar.. foreign.. alien unto itself.

TOS really does need a prequel.. but one that connects the Now with the Then in familar yet interesting ways.

Caprica might be that kind of bridge for BSG.. it could be.. we’ll have to wait and see.

We know only a few key points in history between 1967 and Kirk’s Era, and we don’t need them as Sweeps markers for each season.. let them stand out there like Bouys on the horizon.. perhaps forever unreachable.

We had a Space program.. then it languished.. we have a series of financial and increasingly global crisis that are distracting our current history every day..

Extrapolate only a few years from now.. risk it.. how long does a TV series last?

Someday we will return to the Moon, or go to Mars.. visit Callisto and Titan.. robot probes and deep space telescopes will bring us the Stars sooner than we know and we will be planning fantastic plans to reach out there.. if we survive our own plant.. our own Solar Systems challenges.

Can there be no drama in Red Planet, Green Planet, Blue Planet? The first Colonies whether spacebound or extraterrestrial?

And what if?

What if mankind did find something on a Moon of Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune that changed the course of our culture.. a relic or artifact of alien manufacture.. or discovered Warp drive and contemplated leaving the Sol system.. what if a Solar Ship found itself on the edge of the Oort Cloud rescuing a few stellar visitors..

Heck even a show based around a San Francisco shipyard set years before the first Constellation class could be interesting…

215. Jay El Jay - July 10, 2009

I said in a previous post that they should have JJ’s Universe on Film and the “Prime” Universe continued in a TV Show….

I think having both of these would be a huge cash cow for any studio, the new fans would be able to follow JJ-Verse whilst we, the established fans could enjoy some more “Prime” Trek.

My Ideas are:

1) STAR TREK: TITAN – Set 8 years after Nemesis and just after the destruction of Romulus, would tie in perfectly with the new movie but also continue the “Prime” Timeline.

Frakes has always said that he just needs to be asked to zip up the space suit again and I’m sure Sirtis, Russ and Weaton would join them and depending on the budget, I’m sure we could see guest appearances from Dorn, Stewart, Spiner etc etc

2) ENTERPRISE Series 5-7:

Why not continue a series that was cancelled??? It would definately need a good story line e.g. Earth/Romulan War, Earth/Klingon Wars etc etc leading up to “The Cage”. We could even have an end scene where a very old Admiral Archer walks into Starfleet Headquarters with his prized Beagle, we see the transporter accident with Scotty and then he sees the designs for the NCC-1701…. Just an idea.

Either way… we need to leave JJ Trek in the movie world where it belongs, I personally cant see Pine, Pegg etc stepping down into TV-Land. If Star Trek is to live on TV where it belongs, it needs to be in the “Prime” Universe.

216. SciFiMetalGirl - July 10, 2009

Omg, somebody mentioned Thunderbirds…

As much as I loved the original show, and as much as I love Jonathon Frakes, that new movie was aweful! As much as I wanted to like it, it was painful to watch.

217. Johnny Ice - July 10, 2009

I think Star Trek franchise should stick to the movies with the new cast. We know a sequel will be release in 2011 and most likely we will have third one in 2013-14.
So there should be no trek series until after 2015. SyFy should look for something new.

218. Hawaiowa - July 10, 2009

LOL, I stayed up all night to see if there would be a special fanfare for the changeover (ala the “This is UPN” initial commercial prior to the premiere of ST:DS9). Here in bananaland, the changeover came in the middle of infomercials. So I guess the ‘imagine more’ component of the new brand is smarter wrestlers and more informative overnight infomercials!

SOOT, I liked the new series. Also, in the ‘launchup’ promo prior to the premiere of Warehouse 13, there was a lady in the background (right after the circus merry-go-round sequence) who was a dead ringer for TOS Uhura. I had to flashback my DVR several times to see if it was her image ca. 1967 p-shopped onto another body, but it turned out it wasn’t.

219. MikeyMike - July 10, 2009

I’d rather see Farscape or Babylon 5 again than yet another Star *.

220. P Technobabble - July 10, 2009

IF there were to be a new Star Trek series, I wonder if the producers would consider using some honest-to-God, actual, for-real science fiction writers. There are so many great ones out there, like Gregory Benford, David Brin, Orson Scott Card, CJ Cherryh, just to name a few… Surely, writers such as these could come up with more imaginative scenarios than someone who currently writes for CSI, or House, or Medium, or whatever.

221. Thorny - July 10, 2009

216. SciFiMetalGirl… “Omg, somebody mentioned Thunderbirds… As much as I loved the original show, and as much as I love Jonathon Frakes, that new movie was aweful! As much as I wanted to like it, it was painful to watch.”

“Thunderbirds” was a disaster because it was written for the 10-year-old set. But today’s 10-year-olds don’t have a clue what “Thunderbirds” was about and aren’t interested. Meanwhile, the audience that would have liked “Thunderbirds” and could have made it a hit are the adults who fondly remember the original show. But the dumbed-down new movie was unbearable to them.

Let’s hope they don’t repeat the mistake with the upcoming “UFO” movie.

222. jdp13 - July 10, 2009

I’ll be honest, as much as I love Trek I’d love to see a completely new space opera franchise.

Actually I thought Virtuality was a hell of an idea and I think would have fit well on SyFy (lame ass name).

223. John in Canada, eh? - July 10, 2009

The next Trek series should be (and likely will be) set in the JJ-verse — why would new producers want to be tied down to 700 hours of rigid canon, instead of launching anew? And it needs to allow for interaction (guest appearances) from the new movie cast.
SO, my prediction would be for another ship, another crew, in the JJ-verse, same time frame as the on-going movies. The ship and new captain would get a mention, perhaps a cameo, in the next movie. Quinto would guest-star in the pilot, and Nimoy will make a appearance in the first-season finale.


224. Mikey M - July 10, 2009

After Sci Fi gave up on Farscape, that was the beginning of the end for me. They have Scare Tactics and that Ghost show and some really horrible Sci Fi movies. They need to chuck those, start showing old TV shows again and get rid of the bad image they have.
Didn’t they show Braveheart once?
No more Star Trek on TV for at least 5 years. Don’t oversaturate the Market with too much Trek. Thats what killed the franchise for a while.
Keep people wanting more and they can accomplish this with the movies.

225. Robominister - July 10, 2009

Are there no more new ideas?! I’m with Mikey M, SyFy had an absolute gem with Farscape, and look how they handled it. It was the only truly innovative new idea/series the channel had- and they just tossed it away. I’ve loved Trek in nearly every incarnation, and I’m really afraid of what a severely budget motivated network would ‘sacrifice’ to make an affordable series that happens to have the name Trek. They would not be willing to pay what it would cost, to make a respectable new version of the series we love. So really, why try? I am willing to give a new original concept for a ‘space serial’ a try. Even if they made it with their usual shoestring budget. But if they’re not willing to really support it- I don’t want to see what’s supposed to be Trek- on a Mansquito budget.

226. Sean O - July 11, 2009

I have said it before and I will say it till I am blue in the face…….

USS Kelvin TV Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It can work into the new and the old but Robau is the key to success

227. old - July 11, 2009

give us trek only only big and st09 like !

not the lame scifi shit thats atm on air.

228. NCC-1701 - July 11, 2009

If TPTB have any kind of long term memory, they won’t do a new series for many years to come. They came close to killing Trek before due to over saturation, which lead to viewer fatigue, as well as writer fatigue.

If they’re smart, they’ll run with the new movie franchise for the next 6 years or so (or longer if they’re making a tidy profit). When they decide that the movie side is waning, or if it gets to where the actors don’t want to do ’em any longer, then consider a new TV show a few years down the road from that.

That being said, if/when they do a new TV show, I’d like to not only see it set far in the future, but I’d like to see it done in the new timeline. I’d also like them to get back to the ‘wonder’ of exploring the unknown, so using the far future (27th, 28th century?) maybe they could have the new hero ship be the first to have a new propulsion system that allows them to leave the Milky Way for an entirely new galaxy all together. What made TOS great WAS the unknown, coupled with Kirk and company not having the ‘tech’ edge that Picard had. When Kirk went against the unknown and they had to fight to survive, they won because of wits, not because of some whiz-bang torpedo, or phased shields, or any of that nonsense.

Putting a new ship somewhere new and NOT over explaining every bit of tech would be key. Part of what made later incarnations (Enterprise excluded) sterile (IMO, anyway) was that they over explained everything. We all knew the technical abilities of all the ships, civilizations, etc. It got to where there was no suspense when, say, the Enterprise-D faced off against a BOP, it was a no-brainer who should win because we all knew the specs of both ships. So in order to make it work, they had to come up with a convoluted explanation as to HOW that BOP is going to win. Generations is one example – a POS old retired BOP would have no chance against a Galaxy class ship, shields or no shields. Or when three Ferengie controlled BOP’s took over the big D. Riiight. Those might have worked had we not known every single minute detail about all the ships in play. But since we did, it just fell flat.

Anyway – got sorta rambing there, but ya – no new series for now. Please don’t over saturate the market again!

229. james vincent - July 11, 2009

219. MikeyMike – July 10, 2009
* I’d rather see Farscape or Babylon 5 again than yet another Star *.

I also would like a Farscape or Babylon 5 story, but let it be a continuation not a remake.
I love Trek, but with the new movie and possible next new movie, I say leave it to that, the movies (for now)
And hopefully they get a good budget and good writers with new stories.

230. Jon B - July 11, 2009

I would like to see a show based on the movies, maybe even a computer-animated one where the actors voice the roles.

231. VulcanNonibird - July 11, 2009

@198 – agreed BBC Sci-Fi was mostly great, really enjoy the remastered old & the new “Doctor Who”. Plus who can forget “Tripods” or “U.F.O”?

Next to the BBC there were also some nice but very, very, very ill-budgeted canadian Sci-Fi like “Starhunter” or “Mission Genesis” – nice story ideas but the effects and sets were soooo bad as they had no money….

@228 – far future: way to go. But at that time I think it’s nearly no way to distinguish from old or new timeline except for that timelines history books. And yes, why not having a Federation spanning the whole galaxy and utilizing the first ships with slipstream or transwarp drive to venture out off the milky way – would truely be cool….

And I always wondered about one thing: How would it be if The Dominion would clash with the Borg – and the Federation in the middle of it – now that would make a cool and intense TV-movie series…

232. Holger - July 11, 2009

165: I’m all for a return of ENT, and your suggestion may be the most likely way it could happen, but still, sadly, I’m quite sure it won’t happen. ENT is perceived as a failure by many fans and surely by execs. I can’t imagine anyone investing money in what is so perceived.
I believe things would be much different if Berman and Braga had really put up an effort to continue the show with another network.

233. Captain Sidney - July 11, 2009

Trek in the form of a an animated p-13 series would be excellent!! Can You Say TITAN?? I’m telling you, stylized animation or even better CG would be fantastic. This is a show where efx budgets wouldn’t matter, you could realize fantastic worlds, action sequences, and have the original actors voice their characters!! Titan’s crew is perfect for animation!! Just my two bars of latinum worth!

234. Captain Sidney - July 11, 2009

Uh…I meant “PG-13″ btw!!

235. Captain Sidney - July 11, 2009

Y’know I’d be down for a Sulu set of tv movies too!! Just Sayin’

236. RD - July 11, 2009

180. Closettrekker wrote: “I don’t think it is time for new Trek on tv either, but I wouldn’t dismiss it eventually appearing on CBS. However, I think that–absent of the iconic K/S/M–the CW is more likely.”

Here’s the thing: the big 3 networks are struggling to distinguish themselves from cable. They are rapidly evolving to keep up, but during that transition, they have leaned toward delivering homogenized entertainment which will appeal to as many people as possible, if for no other reason than to maintain their ratings and significant operating overhead. Occasionally a network has tried to step into niche cable programming and has generally met with failure. The main thing they have going for them, like the major record labels which are quickly becoming dinosaurs themselves is marketing and the fact that they appear on and are easily receivable on the VHF dial – a distinction that is quickly becoming meaningless since the transition to digital, forcing many to cable or satellite, so they traditionally have catered to a the widest possible captive audience.

All one has to do is look at the network lineups from year to year. Traditional SciFi simply has no place in the big three. One could argue that it simply hasn’t been done correctly, or more accurately that those types of programs simply don’t appeal to a wide enough Neilsen audience to attract enough ad revenue to support it. SciFi is very expensive. One could analyze the hit phenomenon LOST all day for alternate explanations, however, when it debuted it was a much wider audience friendly, mainstream mystery show. The first two seasons of LOST pulled over 16 million viewers. Following its third season dive into hard core SciFi, the ratings have been in steady decline to their present levels around 8 or 9 million (these are the same numbers Fringe pulled on FOX leaving its renewal in question). It’s not because the writing is bad, or the acting is bad or the show isn’t interesting. But I find it most coincidental that it corresponds to the major introduction of SciFi. Even Heroes which has a huge fan base and a lot of media popularity is struggling to stay on the air. Unfortunately the top shows on TV, that keep getting renewed every season are the ones that draw 12 to 24 million viewers every episode. Falling under 10 million is a death march should they not improve. Ironically such numbers are considered great for FOX & CW.

Ultimately, the question is, would Star Trek (with K/S/M) draw a large enough, sustainable audience every week to justify the sizable production costs? We know Trek has sold around 30 million tickets in the US. But how many of those are multiple repeat viewings? How many of those were just casual movie goers who were seeking a high octane adrenaline rush with Trek being the only real choice offered at the time? If it is shown at least 15 million single ticket purchasers were aged 18-42 and were existing, or became new Trek fans, guaranteeing repeat visits, then CBS or any major network would jump at the chance to produce Trek. Chances are, that’s not the case. A lot of Trek’s audience was likely under the age of 18 or over 42 which draw the least amount of ad revenue. Also, there is no way the TV series could begin to achieve the level of action and vfx the movie did on a weekly basis, which probably eliminates some new fans which liked the movie for the intelligent spectacle alone, plus there’s no way to know how that aspect of Trek translates to the TV on a weekly basis. But the bottom line ultimately is, how many of the people who bought tickets in that demographic group are also members of the Neilsen families?

I guess my point is, ultimately cable channels like SyFy know they are attracting more than just what the ratings reflect, they are catering to niche audience and niche advertisers who cannot afford to advertise on the majors find a market there, finding the proof is in the resulting sales. Networks like FOX and CW who sustain themselves with smaller numbers can help define themselves with programming like ST and attract an audience for their other shows, whereas CBS would most likely use their other programming to attract new Trek viewers. So, I’m not saying Trek could not draw that many viewers, I’m saying the wide sampling of viewers is not likely to reflect the true numbers – and the big three are mainly interested in catering to the widest possible demographic. Of course that could change at anytime in the future, but right now, I don’t see it happening.

Now if you were talking CSI:Enterprise, or S.F.C.I.S., then maybe you’d have a show CBS could sell for a few seasons.

237. Christine - July 11, 2009

Let me say this: Yes, I would love to see a new ‘Trek series. I think 98% of the franchise’s finest moments happened on the small screen… I’m not afraid to admit that I thought parts of DS9 and even ENT were WAY better than some of the movies shelled out to us.

On the other hand, I am scared of what would happen in the latest ‘Trek series was made by SyFy. That’s scary. I think it would be great if we could get awesome writers like Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Ira Steven Behr, Manny Coto, and other notables (maybe even Rick Berman, if we’re desperate) to pick up a new series. But with SyFy leading production… well… I say leave it to the big broadcast companies. Star Trek + Low Budget is not usually a success story.

If they were to make a new series, I’d either like to see something in one of these three eras:

1) ENT, between “Terra Prime” and “These Are the Voyages…” (awful ending) just because Season 4 was SOOO AMAZING and there were 672489062904689 places to go with that series. AND I NEVER GOT TO SEE WHAT TRULY BECAME OF TRIP AND T’POL’S RELATIONSHIP. D:

2) Pike era! I want to see Captain Pike commanding the Enterprise. I like new faces.

3) A far-future era, like the 2550’s. We already know from ENT there’s an epic war going on between a now-huge Federation and the Sphere Builder people (‘member them?). It would probably be ridiculously expensive, but I want to see an Enterprise-J and really epic starships! (That, and I loved the Dominion War. I LIKE TV WARS. :D)

238. Holger - July 12, 2009

237 Christine: ad 1) Just think of the fact that Coto had an episode planned where Archer makes first contact with the Ardanans in their cloud city.

239. Amazing Bizarro - July 12, 2009

A new spin on STAR TREK huh.. ok.. Dr. Beverly Crusher and her medical ship USS Pasteur travel through space etc, etc.

Think of ER only in space!!!

240. Which Show Would Give SyFy The Space Opera They Deserve? | MoviesB.Com - July 12, 2009

[…] shows) constantly talking about his desire to create a new Trek TV show, it almost seems like fate. TrekMovie even made the case for Syfy launching a new Trek, leading the network’s Craig Engler to respond “A good, new, affordable Trek would be […]

241. LordEdzo - July 12, 2009

You want space opera, SyFy? Then call up Manny Coto pronto and get him onboard to FINISH “STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE.” The show was on the brink of the Earth-Romulan War and could end its run with the foundation of the United Federation of Planets in 2261.

Sounds like SyFy isn’t looking to start this thing right away, so they’ve plenty of time to round up the original STE cast and get ’em signed.

“Maestro” Manny Coto was responsible for some of the BEST Trek prequel stuff in the 4th and final season of STE. The show was finally finding its space legs, and I just hate that it was left unfinished. STE was destined to fight the Romulan War and end with the foundation of the Federation … so let’s get busy!

242. zintradi - July 13, 2009

there’s a fan-produced series in development – “Star trek Phoenix”
It seems to be a professionally produced piece of fan fiction. They had trouble getting out the first episode because everything is done with volunteers, but still looks good.

243. RD - July 13, 2009

#242. – at some point CBS is going to have to shut these guys down or license them. Every year the acting, vfx and most importantly the production values improve, getting ever closer to TV quality as the average consumer has access to more and more pro equipment and becomes increasingly sophisticated as to Hollywood’s production techniques.

Even though this is all not-for-profit, the copyright and trademark is still being traded on and diluted, creating an ancillary market which CBS has no control over. Though I think, CBS is licensing all of these productions now so that even though they don’t make money, CBS owns all of the underlying rights to the material, if they don’t they should as it could open up lawsuits in the future since everyone has undeniable access to the internet.

244. Son of a Maui Portagee - July 15, 2009

This is probably not news for some but FWIW:

apparently CBS does have the capability of producing budget ($50M) Trek theatrical films but one has to assume that their license to Paramount must have some sort of “no compete” clause.

“CBS Films, established in 2007, plans to produce four to six movies a year spanning all genres, with production budgets up to $50 million per film.” – CBS

These deals are complicated but it seems the Trek genre is broad enough that it isn’t obvious how a low-budget CBS DS9 theatrical film, for example, released in a year which Paramount plans no Trek film, would dilute Paramount’s Trek market or fanbase.

Ultimately, as RD points out, dilution of the brand is CBS concern.

245. ChristopherPike - July 18, 2009

241. I’d make whatever deal necessary with the devil for that to happen…

246. Diognewmen - July 22, 2009

I think I should be Apart of the Making & Writing of the New Star Trek Series.
I’m Tired of Cheap-Looking Sets, like Star Gate. :(

Star Trek can be done Cheaply, if they don’t try too Hard with CGI.
CGI was Noticably poor with the Enterprise Series. (Atleast I noticed somethings)

If Paramount doesn’t make the Next Star Trek Series, then their WILL be no Star Trek Series!!!!
Not like the Shows we’ve seen in the 1990’s. TNG Era Series were Definitly the Best, and you could See the Effort they Put into it.

Effort! That’s all you have to put into a Star Trek Series for it too be Sucessful!!
There’s a Reason none of the TNG Series (TNG, DS9 & VOY) didn’t get Cancelled.
There were Well Made TV Shows, that go People’s attention!
Enterprise was pretty good, but it Through people off, as it took place in a so Retro Time-table – In the Past.

247. Son of a Maui Portagee - July 28, 2009

#246.”If Paramount doesn’t make the Next Star Trek Series, then their WILL be no Star Trek Series!!!!” – Diognewmen

Paramount no longer has a say in the matter. They have been reduced to merely a licensee of cinema Trek from CBS They could not make a Trek TV series even if they wanted. It’s CBS’ call.

248. Katie the new Trekkie - July 29, 2009

If they made another Star Trek series I would DEFINATLY watch it.. but if they were to make another show it would be much more awesome if they used the cast of Star Trek 2009! Cuz new trekkies (like me) are more fermillier with them and they (in my opinion) are the PERFECT for the roles (besides the orignal cast)

But even if they didn’t use the cast of Star Trek 2009 I would still watch it plus they would most likely make alot of money off it!

249. Richard Todd - August 9, 2009

I was on the net the other day and stumbled across a Star Trek film entitled
Of God and Men which I later learned that it was a mini series.
I would love to see it on SyFy, it’s based after the events when Kirk died, no not the Picard days. After the Nexus took Kirk, I saw about ten minutes of it and it looked awesome. Renegade Studios is attached to it.

I’ve all ways wanted to learn what happened after Sisko left DS9, which was the end of the show. A mini series would be perfect.
Personally I think mini series is the way to go to further the old trek, in my regards there are two different Star Trek Universes now. One’s JJ’s and the other is Gene’s. Both can co-exist, quiet easily, it’s just there can be a way to mix the two together.
One last thought, when I saw the last episode for Voyager I felt cheated once they got home. How about a mini series to find out what happened once they got home.
Two different Universe’s and Spock should have realized it when he was pulled back in time.

250. Strange Lights - August 16, 2009

The new Str Trk franchise should just start a new HD station and called Evolve or something like that. Base their quality VFX on some kind of ILM Team. Later pull in some other super quality pilots and shows.

251. Syfy that really works! | Blogisbeautiful - October 31, 2009

[…] SyFy Wants A New Space Opera – Should It Be A New Star Trek TV Series?… Sphere: Related Content […]

252. Syfy for Lovers. | Blogisbeautiful - November 1, 2009

[…] SyFy Wants A New Space Opera – Should It Be A New Star Trek TV Series?… Sphere: Related Content […]

253. Amanda - July 20, 2010

The people at SYFY are dingbats! I mean seriously you had a cheap show like Starhunter/Starhunter 2300 and they are asking can a show be done on a low-budget. Please they are like dead Armadillo. They stink

254. Amanda - July 20, 2010

I was on the net the other day and stumbled across a Star Trek film entitled
Of God and Men which I later learned that it was a mini series.

Of Gods and Men is more like a high prod fan film. Pretty cool. If you like that check out starship exeter and Star Trek New Voyages A. K. A. Phase II

255. Whatever - January 13, 2011

I only have one request. We have so many crap medical, cop and reality shows now, and all the mindless drones love them. But if you do it, no matter what network gets it, or what it’s based on. Make it with quality and heart. If the budget isn’t there but the quality of writting is. We’ll watch.

Also give it time to develope an audience, don’t play with the schedule, and don’t put it against another highly popular show. It also may be better to give it a summer release. Oh and for goodness sake, a reall 22 episode seaon, this 13 episode crap is boring. Give it time, unlike the short time given to Firefly. Such a mistake on SciFi’s part.

256. Brad - January 17, 2011

Personally, I’d much rather see Showtime, HBO, or AMC attempt a Space Opera. Something with great writing, and a focus on actual science would be a wet dream. And why bog a new series down by making it conform to Star Trek canon? I’d rather the overall spirit of Trek be taken, and let the writers do what they want with the details.

257. ZACH707 - March 15, 2011


258. Vice Stojčić - January 30, 2012

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