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Leonard Nimoy Does Not Expect To Be In Star Trek Sequel September 20, 2009

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Fringe,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

In a new radio interview with NPR, the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, says that he feels that he done the job he was required to do for this year’s Star Trek movie, and he doesn’t expect to return for the sequel. We have the full audio and text excerpts from that interview below, plus a recent comment from Damon Lindelof, who is working of the story for the Star Trek sequel with Bob and Alex.



Nimoy: no need for me in Trek –
The inclusion of Leonard Nimoy’s Spock in this year’s Star Trek was a clever way to tie the ‘prime timeline’ of Star Trek history to the new ‘JJ-verse’, but the actor was also an excellent endorser of the new team and film. However, Nimoy seems to now feel that his work is done for the new era of Trek, telling NPR:

I know why they wanted me in this last film, which was to create a bridge between the original cast and the new, but that’s been done. So I would suspect that there’s no need for my presence again.

Nimoy says that he would read a Trek script if they sent him one, but he doesn’t expect it. Although he will not say that he is finished with Trek, Nimoy has handed the baton to the new Spock Zachary Quinto, noting:

I’m proud of what he did in the film. I think it’s very good work. I think the character is in very good hands

Although he seems to be re-retiring from Star Trek, the actor is still popping out of retirement for JJ Abrams and his FOX show Fringe. He talks about that and his latest photography projects in the full audio interview below. (via NPR) .

Lindelof: Cool ideas for next Star Trek
Speaking of the next Star Trek movie, Damon Lindelof, who is working on the story with Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman, gave a brief update a week ago to the website SciFiCrush, saying:

It’s in the preliminary stages. We’ve thrown around some cool ideas, but that’s it.

This comment is in line with recent comments from Abrams and Orci (here and here), making it appear that work on the screenplay for the Star Trek sequel wont begin until they finish with the story, and that is just starting to be discussed. According to early reports, the script for the second Star Trek was due around the end of the year. Since then Abrams and Paramount have also put Mission: Impossible: IV into development, with a script for that due also due around the end of the year. Both films have been reported to be in line for 2011 releases, but Paramount have yet to set dates for either.




1. GreggyBoy - September 20, 2009

Leonard Nimoy is right. The baton is passed on to another next generation and everything else would seem forced (including, unfortunately, a walk-on by the Shat)…

2. Iowagirl - September 21, 2009

The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go…

3. Vardonir - September 21, 2009

Ala-Star Trek VII (GEN), then?

Then again, I agree with #1. Depending on what story they could come up with, a prime-timeline character might seem forced.

…And the GEN cameos did seem forced.

4. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 21, 2009

I enjoyed Nimoy in ST2009, but I too agree it would seem forced when Quinto has the job well in hand, and has a lot of ground to cover as younger Spock.

5. DOm - September 21, 2009

Having Leonard Nimoy in the last film was playing it safe, although it made sense on paper to feature him. While it was great seeing his return, it turns out the film would have been fine without him, as the new cast was excellent and the film looked great!

6. Captain John C Baron - September 21, 2009

It was lovely to see him on screen for Trek 09.

As a fan of Trek since the 70s, it was like spending time with a dear old friend who I’d not seen for many years. As much as I’d love him to be in the sequel, I think he’s had a good send off here – and I’d only want him in it if he was an integral part of the story.

7. USS Enterprise B - September 21, 2009

I’m not expecting any more prime timeline characters to pop up in the new “JJverse” timeline, but if one happens to have a cameo of some sort, I will be pleasantly surprised. But either way, I have high hopes for this sequel!

8. toddk - September 21, 2009

hopefully he will be in the sequel, where spock can restore the timeline and free kirk from the nexus!

9. Paulaner - September 21, 2009

I loved the new movie and I’m excited about the infinite possibilities of the new JJ Verse, but I was kind of disappointed by Nimoy’s Spock in ST09. I felt it was disjointed and not too confident.

10. Chris Fawkes - September 21, 2009

I would have liked to have seen some next gen crew passing the baton in the film also.

Like if they started in the future with Nero destroying the enterprise and the next gen crew before chasing nero into the black hole. Even if that scene had been a part of Spocks mind meld.

It would have cranked up Nero’s status as a bad guy and given the next gen guys a send off consistent with all the dignity afforded the Shat only fans would have enjoyed watching it.

Nimoy was great.

11. Trek fan in Montreal - September 21, 2009

Spock Prime was one of the grandiose moments in the new movie.
He is now part of the new time line and I see no problem whatsoever with him coming back in any future movie. Young Spock may turn to him for guidance.

Star Trek 2009 is a masterpiece. I love it.

12. Third Remata'Klan - September 21, 2009

Nimoy is in no way, shape or form NEEDED for the next movie. I would not, however, be opposed to his returning.

Even a small cameo would be nice.

But either way would be okay.

13. Admiral Shatner - September 21, 2009

Well there goes most of the reason I saw 11. Not that I don’t like Zachary Quinto, (or Karl Urban or Bruce Greenwood) it’s just the rest of the movie.

If none of the real Crew is in 12 I doubt i’ll see it.

My answer to the poll is
Star Trek Sequel should have:

G- Shatner.

Hmm The first one? I thought that everyone thought was too slow, you know V’ger and so forth.

14. Sarah S - September 21, 2009

Boo-hoo!!! I would have loved to see him in the sequel. If he’s going to stop playing Spock, then I’d like to at least see him portray a story role that will explain why elder Spock isn’t around–instead of his just dropping off of the story line like a rock off of a cliff. Quinto is a GREAT Spock. I love the way he has taken hold of that role. Still the same, Nimoy’s Spock just dropping out of the story line that way, well that is like the Scooby Doo Mysteries with Scrappy in place of Scooby. People would be wondering why Scooby’s not there.

15. Admiral Shatner - September 21, 2009

Well there goes most of the reason I saw 11. Not that I don’t like Zachary Quinto, (or Karl Urban or Bruce Greenwood) it’s just the rest of the movie.

If none of the real Crew is in 12 I doubt i’ll see it.

My answer to the poll is
Star Trek Sequel should have:


Hmm The first one? I thought that everyone thought was too slow, you know V’ger and so forth.

16. CmdrR - September 21, 2009

I agree with Leonard, and I’ll repeat this til I die: Enjoying the new crew takes nothing away from loving the characters and actors in the Trek I grew up with.

There’s so much going on with Bill and Leonard. I truly wish for just a fraction of the “fun” they’re having in their 70’s… and wish them all the best.

17. Spockish - September 21, 2009

Spock in STM:11 was just like Kirk in STM:7, passes the baton from one stream of actors to the new stream. Was Kirk in any of the TNG based films but the first, the same will go with Spock. They both will get talked about.

Spock being in a a new film would be like a movie being made on the history of America from the peple Nina, Mina, and Santa Maria until now and George Washington giving a State of the Union speech Congress as 2010 begins.

They are wanted to build the foundation that the future is built on, but all that is really needed is the frame work they gave. You do not need to see the cement foundation the house sits on to build the roof or even frame the front door.

Kirk would be a attraction in STM:12 but if you are going to build your own new home to live in Shatner does not need to be the one that instals or test the door bell at the front door. But The Shat being in the next movie only verifies one thing, that is a ego needs to be re-energized before it is crystalized into history. If it was any thing but an ego, bill would have seen the movie many times and be giving examples of how he would have improved the eleventh movie if he was in it.

I’m not hating Kirk or demoting him, The Shat needs to fight his own battles and win them, and by the way I’m only the mute squinting mouse in the corner and bill is the 800lbs gorilla on the main stage.

JJ has the talent to make the correct and proper selections for what ever becomes STM:12

18. Locke for President - September 21, 2009

I’m sure this has been brought up by someone at some point in time, but technically old Captain Kirk could be alive and well in the new timeline. So they can now bring back William Shatner without having to deal with that whole “being dead” thing.

However, it would be lazy storytelling to go back to the well again with a time travel story. Time travel stories in Star Trek are generally cool, but only when used on rare occasion.

Although it would be kind of interesting to see William Shatner as alternate timeline old Kirk somehow trying to restore the timeline to its original course. With young Kirk and crew trying to stop him.

19. LordCheeseCakeBreath - September 21, 2009

I hope the steer clear of trendy light blinding bumpy camera work. It would also be cool if the movie wasn’t rushed! All and all it was a good movie.

Did we ever find out what the function of the barcode scanners were?

20. Mitch - September 21, 2009

Big difference is that Shatner and Nimoy play the same characters that the movie features.

Nimoy only added to the movie, and he’s the last survivor of the prime universe. Or is he? Could that be a movie in and of itself?

Of course, if they would use him and just kill him off, then they should just leave it be. Unlike Generations, Spock Prime’s fate is open and he’s looking to continue on to his next chapter. Much different then just throwing him against a mountain with no funeral or eulogy.

Sure beats some plot where they whine about health care or whatever issue they choose to shove down our throats rather than just make a fun movie.

21. Ran - September 21, 2009

Maybe they can pass the baton to a serious writers…

22. Demode - September 21, 2009

I think they should film a scene with Shatner and Nimoy for a future Trek film soon, and then add it to a Trek film 6 or 7 years down the road or so. That would just mess with everyones minds! These guys ain’t getting any younger, so why not do it? Just get these two in front a green screen, and add the rest in years later.

23. sherlockfreak - September 21, 2009

I’m good either way.

If they decide to explore the rebuilding of Vulcan at all, or include Spock in a kind of mentor role (like Pike) it would be wonderful to have Leonard in the next one. If they decide to just have the crew soldier on and only concentrate on this ship and its adventures “out there… thattaway” then I don’t think he needs to be in it.

More Leonard is always good, but like I said, I’m good either way. :)

24. Mitch - September 21, 2009

22—that would arguably be one of the most ingenious and brilliant moves ever.

25. Daoud - September 21, 2009

Just because Nimoy isn’t “in” the sequel, doesn’t mean that Spock Prime can’t still be in the sequel in other ways.

Name dropping for example. Throwaway lines that add context… “My other self is rather busy leading the new Vulcan Council on P’Jem. I doubt he would be available.” (By the way, major bonus points for Orci if the writers have the Vulcans resettle on P’Jem.)

Furthermore, with age makeup applied, Quinto could portray Spock Prime also if the *character* is needed briefly.

26. Julie - September 21, 2009

The baton keeps getting passed and they keep stumbling and dropping it. There is a letter writing campaign to get Shatner as Kirk Prime in the next movie. If I can think of a way to bring him back surely professional writers can think of an even better way.

27. AJ - September 21, 2009

No more baton-passing, please.

Let this qualified new team have their own stories.

28. Ky Kiske The angel Of Light - September 21, 2009

Nimoy did great for his part now its Shatner turn now JJ

29. Ky Kiske The angel Of Light - September 21, 2009

oh let this trek sequel focus on all the characters for now on.

30. THX-1138 - September 21, 2009

Bring Back Vulcan.

That would be my biggest nit to pick with the new movie. I didn’t like it as a plot point and I never will.

31. VOODOO - September 21, 2009

Any Star Trek project would be better with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner included in it.

32. Jeyl - September 21, 2009

I’m sorry, but I do not like where this is heading. When I saw Leonard Nimoy as Spock telling Zachary Quinto’s Spock to put aside logic for emotion, something in me kind of died.

It was like Leonard was saying “Spock never needed logic. He works better without logic. Let him be like everyone else.”

Ya, because the primary of characters are all so alien to us that having Spock act like a logical being would definitely make this NuTrek look too Alien for movie audiences. Just throw away one of Spock’s most unique features he brought to the series and reduce him to an emotional spaz.

33. Nata - September 21, 2009

30 – word!
I wish they could include both Nimoy and Shatner in the new movies as long as they are willing and able, it could only be better with them – as legitimately old guys who still got it – man, just look at them at the last two conventions!

And it doesn’t have to be baton passing. With Unification to Countdown to Romulus/Vulcan destruction, Spock!Prime has the juiciest and most meaningful storyline which is far from closure and which would be a shame to drop.

34. CJS - September 21, 2009

Nimoy and Spock Prime served their function in establishing the new reality. No reason for either of them to reappear. No need to even mention Spock Prime unless it is somehow relevant to the new story. No need to mention Vulcan settlers on new planets, we can assume that the survivors are living somewhere. Unless refugee Vulcans are somehow important point in your plot, who needs the distraction. And leave Shatner out too. Time for this new crew to stand on their own.

35. BOOZBA - September 21, 2009

No time tavel in the next movie please!!!!!
Concentrate on the KIRK-SPOCK-MCCOY relationship.

36. Dr beckett - September 21, 2009

No Shatner, no Nimoy, no time travel and NO Khan for ST12. Please.

37. Gul B. - September 21, 2009

I liked the way they passed the baton in ST09. (And least they didn’t throw a bridge on Nimoy). Let’s move on with the new crew now.

And btw, they didn’t totally close the door for Spock Prime’s return: he can always do a cameo in the style Kate Mulgrew did in “Nemesis” – giving info from a screen (which shouldn’t be too taxing a shoot for an actor his age), or maybe sitting at a table with Pine and/or Quinto.
But while I would be delighted to see him again, it has to be necessary to the story.

As for Bill and the others: o.k. if the writers can come up with a logical explanation for them turning up in one of next movies. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any.

38. tman - September 21, 2009

I think remuniating on rebuilding of vulcan limits the scope of star trek. I would prefer they expand the scope of their universe with a story that has no tie whatsoever to the events of the 1st film. That means no Vulcan settlers, no Spock prime, no Nero, preferably no Romulans, no mention of Nero’s time in Klingon hands, no time travel. This is important to establish the new franchise, I feel. You should be able to see the 2nd movie without having seen the 1st and be very comfortable with the world they present.

39. richpit - September 21, 2009

My opinion: enough of this “passing the baton” stuff. It doesn’t have to be done. We all know what came before…we don’t need a forced scene (like McCoy in “Encounter at Farpoint”) just to remind us that “that was old, this is new.” We KNOW!

Agree with #35: No Shatner, No Nimoy, no time travel and NO KHAN in the next movie. Let the new crew, who did a fantastic job, STAND ON THEIR OWN!

40. dmduncan - September 21, 2009

Damon Lindelof: “It’s in the preliminary stages. We’ve thrown around some cool ideas, but that’s it.”

Somebody gag Damon before he gives away the whole plot.

41. ChristopherPike - September 21, 2009

Looking at the headline picture of Nimsy… his outline, especially the shoulder pads… he looks a lot like Future Guy’s from Enterprise. :)

42. Geoffers - September 21, 2009

I’d like to see Shat and Nimoy in the next one.. just another guys opinion..

43. CAPT KRUNCH - September 21, 2009

I’m still counting on Nimoy in MI4 as Paris!…I agree with Mr Nimoy…there is very little reason for him to be in TREK 12…other than it is just so much fun to see him in the role….and wouldn’t that chap SHAT’S A… if he were!
I love Shat…realize all he has done for TREK in the last 43 years…respect him and all…pandering or not …there is no place for him in the future of TREK as JT Kirk….It seems to me that he has made his intentions clear by claiming he hasn’t even seen it yet…I don’t see why he would deserve to be there anymore than Walter, Nichelle, or George…even Grace Lee Whitney or John Winston(he still alive?)….
Don’t care if they have Khan, Cyrano Jones, Decker, or whomever…it’s time to move on without the older generation….

44. Viking - September 21, 2009

As much as I originally wanted to see The Shat in the new one, the deal has been settled. The whole concept of trying to shoe-horn him into a plot is a little past it’s sell-by date now, IMO. We got Nimoy, which was perfectly fine by me – I think the writers actually pulled off that crossover in a clever way. But to queue up Shatner for the next one would seem too contrived, like they’re using the remaining bullpen of veterans solely for the sake of filling seats. That would give the impression that – rightly or wrongly – the writers and/or studio didn’t feel they wrote a script strong enough to stand on its own merits.

It’s time to put The Shat out to pasture, unless he could be brought back as a pudgy old Borg. Hell, I’d buy a ticket to see that.

“You. Will be…….assimilated!” LOL :-)

45. I'm dead Jim - September 21, 2009

I agree it’s not necessary to have Nimoy in next movie but it could be an interesting side story to have young Spock dealing with having his older self in the same time. But a TV show would have time to explore that along with the plight of the Vulcan people. A 2 hour movie needs to move on to other things, adventures.

46. SpocksinnerConflict - September 21, 2009

It seems like a lack of Nimoy means no Vulcan stuff. The last film implied Spock Prime would have a big hand in the Colony.

Let me guess: every time the Enterprise stops by, Spock Prime is just out the door.

“Ah, you just missed him. He had to go to earth for some random reason.”

47. sean - September 21, 2009

Seems to me he’s not ruling it out, he’s just saying ‘I don’t think they need me’.

48. Sci-Fi Bri - September 21, 2009

this really is the worst time to be a trek fan… we’re still months away from the DVD… the script isn’t formed so we can’t flame the writers about the nacelles or some junk… we don’t even have DAC for the PC!

…this really is the off season…

49. I'm dead Jim - September 21, 2009

I would prefer a new adventure. Nimoy could do a cameo in which young Spock calls Spock prime to wish him a happy birthday. ;-)

50. Enterprise - September 21, 2009

I think Spock should be in a background of of a scene, just to show he’s still there checking up on the crew. Maybe Kirk could call him in a scene, or Scotty.

51. Gorn Captain - September 21, 2009

31. You’re getting it wrong. Spock had a realization in TMP, “Logic is not enough.”

Being half human and embracing his emotions once in a while is what makes him unique among all Vulcans. He is in no way suggesting abandoning logic. He’s simply telling his younger self something that took decades to figure out.

52. Dom - September 21, 2009

Maybe they could make a lower-budget straight-to-DVD companion film that stars Leonard Nimoy, set on the Vulcan colony!

53. fatman bruno - September 21, 2009

actually 48# you don’t have to wait months….trek 09 is actually out there now!! if you know what i mean!!!
I’ll still want the BR disc though.

54. Trek fan in Montreal - September 21, 2009

I agree with the Gorn captain (comment #51).
Also, in ST 6, Spock told Valeris(?) that logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.
Pure logic might only be found with characters like the Borg. Vulcan use logic to control their animal passions of the past. Sometimes relying on emotion is ironically ‘the logical thing to do”. It means that some life situations are so complex, have so many variables, that it is near impossible to come to a certain logical conclusion, therefore the use of emotion (certain kinds) can be justified.

For example, in ST 2009, the logical thing to do was to return to the fleet as Pike ordered, but Kirk used the emotional type behaviors like common sense, love for Earth, intuition that not acting right away would end in failure, etc to conclude that engaging Nero was imperative. Young Spock conclude otherwise because he had to deal with too many unknowns (variables) and had limited information.

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. It is a foundation. Some types of emotion are justified in situations with too many unknowns. Kirk and Spock complete one another, that is one of the reasons why ST is fascinating; it is that struggle for people to understand when, and in what balance, logic and emotion should be used.

55. MC1 Doug in Norfolk, Va (for one more day) - September 21, 2009

My only gripe about any of the TREK films is the loss of intimacy that was fostered on the small screen. With the smaller budgets of a TV episode we get philospophical discussions; personal moments between the principal characters; more opportunities to focus on the secondary characters and smaller scale stories that can build upon the mythos.

With the big screen we get big explosions, lightning speed action and the like + we have to wait 2-3 years between movies (sequels).

That said, I do VERY much enjoy the movies, just not the trade offs.

For a topical idea, it might be interesting if the Vulcan colony inadvertently became an interplanetary version of Israel… a new tribe that accidentally intrudes upon an already established planet that perhaps exists on a different plane of existence. Of course, as logical as the Vulcans are that dilemma would probably be resolved rather easily.

56. CarlG - September 21, 2009

@54: That was an awesome post, I couldn’t put it better myself!

Just one more observation, though: Ever notice how when Spock thinks he’s “failed” at being a Vulcan he retreats into logic and tries to out-Vulcan the Vulcans?
We saw it in TMP, how cold he acted after the botched Kohlinahr ritual, and we see it a lot in Trek 09 (until you talk smack about Spock’s momma, but that’s another story ;) ) .
Maybe this is what Nimoy!Spock was talking about when he said to put aside logic. Just my $0.02.

Anyways, Seeing Nimoy as Spock in the last movie was incredible, but I think it’s time for the new crew to stand on their own feet.

57. Tom - September 21, 2009

Don’t say that Leonard,. You and Bill should be asked for a cameo that will be intregral to the story. This will take nothing away from the new cast. JJ won’t make the mistake Berman did and leave the old crew out. It worked out well in the first film and could be valuable in the sequel

58. Shane - September 21, 2009

The torch is passed. No more original cast.

59. Spockish - September 21, 2009

#54) Logic is the begining of a answer to things, the problem is emotion has such power to erase the logic.

If you desire proof just look at America since WW One. One side of government likes numbers but the other uses emotions to create ill-logical solutions but they have the power of emotions behind their gain to power.

I could go on for days on what would be a big fight but doing so has nothing to do with the Star Trek Universe. And Logic and Emotion will always e a battle.

How’s ths for an idea, a Worm hole is found that goes to the Beta or Gamma Quadrants. on the other end is a almost picture perfect copy of Vulan and it’s star and solar system. Some or most Vulcan’s go and it gets called New Vulcan. The only bad thing is it makes Vulcan’s show emotions, but it takes many years to develop.

The purpose of New Vulcan being far away is to get humans to explore the Milky Way Galaxy. The purpose of emotions developing on New Vulcan’s is to show how Emotions can mess things up, just as no emotions can also

Plus the New Vulcan can be just on the other side of the Romulans and they can in time reunite. Also one day they will discover why emotions erupt in Vulcan’s so they will understand how Vulcans became Romulans.

I do not think it will solve the Earth/American question of left or right in government but it can give us questions to answer so this problem gets looked at. Thus others may find answers. And as in Trek Lore the 21st century is where we develop answers to create a good sociaty. I did not say great because that was used as a label in 1965 by LBJ and we are living in it right now.

We need a good society and not with every question answered, only time and progress will answer those. We just need a good one that functions for all equally. And not the 20th century version of Equality.

60. Hat Rick - September 22, 2009

I think the question of whether we can escape reality is in the long run the actual existential issue of science fiction. I think that the answer is obvious that we cannot, if the question is meant literally.

I want to reference the Watchman movie, at the point wherein the most powerful hero decided that he couldn’t bear to live with humanity and, at least before the end of the movie, believed that whether humanity lived or died was ultimately not a question he could resolve — or that he really cared about any more (if he ever did).

Although I am a big Trek fan, I do doubt, honestly, that Trek can deal seriously with the greatest existential issues that plague humanity. There is too much triviality in culture for any one current to truly overcome, and thus this is less a commentary on Trek than it is, actually, a commentary on the faults of human nature.

The fault is not in Star Trek, but in ourselves.

61. Lore - September 22, 2009

#60 Something you learned from Dr. Bashir?

62. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 22, 2009

I wonder if they will ask Shatner to do the second movie so maybe he will stop whining about not being on the first movie.

63. Closettrekker - September 22, 2009

I would have been surprised to hear that he expected to be in the next one. I thought all along that it would be a one-time deal…

Shatner and Nimoy both have appeared in 7 Star Trek feature films…and that’s plenty.

This cast is quite capable of standing on its own two feet and making its own mark on the franchise. I look forward to the sequel with great anticipation.

I look upon this as the “real next generation” of Star Trek.

64. Closettrekker - September 22, 2009

#51—I agree. It was during the V’Ger incident that Spock realized that the total purge of emotion was not the path for him…Like V’Ger, Spock was searching for his place and continued purpose in the Universe. It was at this point, I believe, that Spock began to view his half-human heritage as a source of strength, more than as a “weakness” he felt compelled to deny, hide, or downplay in significance. More than anything, that, to me, is the fundamental difference between Spock in TOS and Spock in the movie-era. He has embraced who he is, human frailties and all…and he is a stronger person for it.

65. tony - September 22, 2009

cant ever get enough of nimoy hes the man

66. Brian Kirsch - September 22, 2009

Nimoy = Class, no way around it.
I would love to know this man in person.

Compare his “they don’t need me at all, but if it’s a good script, I’ll consider it” attitude to the “they need me in the film, but I won’t consider a supporting or cameo role” attitude. ‘Nuff said.

As I posted here light years ago on several threads, if they use Nimoy at all it should only be to kill off Spock Prime, very early on, preferably in the prequel. Cut the ties to the Prime timeline and move on, quickly.

The writers could even include Kirk Prime if they wish, as a dying Spock Prime remembers his life and best friend in flashbacks. Maybe the last time he saw Kirk Prime. Imagine a final scene with Shatner and Nimoy that does them justice and erases the bad taste of Generations. A fitting goodbye to both, once and for all, and to the “old” ST. Then, quickly, on to the “new” ST.

As a prequel, this would cut the ties, once and for all. That is something I felt ST09 failed to do, but needs to be done, ASAP. It would also provide a very emotional, tear-jerking opening to the next film, much as the Kelvin prequel did.

67. Brian Kirsch - September 22, 2009

#51, #64 –

Totally! I much prefer the Spock of the movies to the one of the OS. I feel much of the growth in the character was due to Nimoy’s influence on story, script, and direction in the films. I think the story and portrayal of Spock in the new film is a result of Nimoy’s efforts. A true, multi-dimensional, half Human-half Vulcan person with inner conflicts and battles. A person with a suppressed attraction, repressed anger, dealing with the destruction of his homeworld and the murder of his Human mother. Quinto nailed it! Nimoy is, and should be, proud.

68. PunkSpocker - September 22, 2009

I’ll drink a shot a tranya to that! Trek has been honored, Nimoy is a god, Quinto rocks! Let’s move on to explore brave new plot lines.

69. Jack - September 23, 2009

26. Julie

“The baton keeps getting passed and they keep stumbling and dropping it. There is a letter writing campaign to get Shatner as Kirk Prime in the next movie. If I can think of a way to bring him back surely professional writers can think of an even better way.”

I think we (the entire planet) should all vote on it, just to make this fair. I’m also starting a letter writing campaign to get my dad in the next movie. Seriously, Mr. Shatner doesn’t need the work – but my dad does.

67, 68 – amen. Taking the whole Vulcan suppression of emotion thing a little too literally when I was a kid required a LOT of therapy later on.

70. Gert Waterink - September 23, 2009

With all do respect, but isn’t Ambassador Spock still living in the new JJ-timeline? It was sad to see him wandering around Starfleet’s ‘Oval Office’. There must be at least one more appearance to settle his storyline completely.

Hopefully Mr Nimoy sees this as well. His character hasn’t been killed off in this year’s film, so let’s work out a proper final appearance first for Mr Spock….

71. Closettrekker - September 23, 2009

#70—-“There must be at least one more appearance to settle his storyline completely.”

I think his presence in the timeline can be acknowledged without a physical appearance by Leonard Nimoy. We already know that he has taken up the cause of aiding his people in resettlement, and therefore found his calling in this setting. Unless a future storyline somehow involves the Vulcan resettlement issue, I’m not sure why any more resolution to that character’s storyline is necessary. It is not as if the character is in limbo. He has already found (and applied himself to) a purpose, and made that quite clear in his conversation with Quinto’s Spock.

” His character hasn’t been killed off in this year’s film, so let’s work out a proper final appearance first for Mr Spock….”

I fail to see why ‘death’ is the only acceptable resolution for the character. What ever happened to ‘riding off into the sunset’? Does Mr. Nimoy’s character not deserve that ending?

I say leave it alone. The only case in which I feel that is perhaps not the best approach is if the story somehow delves into resettlement. Otherwise, I think Spock Prime minds his business and leaves ‘galloping around the cosmos’ to the young…

72. Brian Kirsch - September 23, 2009

#71 –

I respect your opinion, but I feel “death” is the best option, in my opinion. A well written, respectful, honorable death. On screen. None of the “Starfleet has announced that Ambassador Spock has died” reported by Uhura or a crewmember. That would be worse than Kirk’s death in GEN. Shatner deserved better, so does Nimoy.

As I said earlier, this “new” ST HAS to cut the ties with the “old” ST, if only to force die-hard fans to move on and embrace the new, and to attract new fans. Having Spock Prime alive, with his advanced knowledge (and knowledge of a possible future) out there just leaves too many doors open.

I can just see the messages on this board in 18 months, discussing the sequel and it’s plot…..
“Spock Prime is still out there, he would have told them……..”
“Spock Prime is still alive, he would have warned them……..”
“Spock Prime, the Vulcan Ambassador, would have told them not to go there……..”

In order for this new ST and new crew to thrive, Spock Prime with all his knowledge and secrets, must die. Close the doors, cut the ties, and allow this new crew to “boldly go’…….. free of baggage.

73. Brian Kirsch - September 23, 2009

#71 –

“I fail to see why ‘death’ is the only acceptable resolution for the character. What ever happened to ‘riding off into the sunset’? Does Mr. Nimoy’s character not deserve that ending?”

That was done in TUC. A fitting swan song for the entire original cast, I thought. Then TNG mucked it up. GEN mucked it up further. And ST09 completely mucked it up. There is no more “riding off into the sunset”. Death for all the Prime Characters is the only viable option if this new ST is allowed to grow and thrive.

74. Sarah S - September 23, 2009

Riding off into the sunset won’t work with this, not this time. Even so, when riding off into the sunset, you see somebody leave. What we’re saying is that for Spock prime to not be in the story doesn’t even provide that. Spock prime would just inexplicably disappear. For those who may not be “all-that” familiar with Star Trek, it may be a negligible footnote. For those who are familiar with Star Trek and saw the last movie, those who aren’t hanging around on this website are going to be sitting in the theatre wondering when Nimoy’s going to pop up in to the picture, and will be disappointed when he doesn’t, with a gap in the story as to why not. Elder Spock’s character can’t just roll off of a cliff. If Nimoy’s not going to be in the next movie, then the curtain needs to close on Spock prime so as to put Quinto’s Spock at center stage. I apologize for the term, but I can’t think of another to say that if this will be done well, then it’s got to be done right, not “half-assed”.

75. Jack - September 23, 2009

What if he fades away and joins Obi Wan in the shimmery force? Oh, wait.

“For those who are familiar with Star Trek and saw the last movie, those who aren’t hanging around on this website are going to be sitting in the theatre wondering when Nimoy’s going to pop up in to the picture, and will be disappointed when he doesn’t, with a gap in the story as to why not.”

Well, they sort of gave a workable explanation (new Vulcan etc.). Personally, I think Spock just kind of being out there (as he was through all of TNG etc.) keeps open some interesting possibilities, like another reboot in 15 years. They could have killed him off (again) in this last flick, but didn’t – and I didn’t find that s.prime being there took the spotlight off Quinto. I wonder of a death scene might do exactly that (shift the focus from Quinto’s Spock). Granted, Mr. Nimoy is aging like the rest of us, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a reason to rush to kill the character.

76. Sarah S - September 24, 2009

Oh, I don’t want for Spock prime to be killed either. I just don’t want for his character to fall off of the story page without any explainaton as to why not, that’s all. Personally, I’d much rather see Nimoy in the next movie. In fact, my personal druthers would be to see him have a bigger part. If he can’t be though, I believe they need to adjust the story line to close any gaps his absence would leave. I know his character was a cameo on the last movie but really, he was a major character–a pivotal part of the story, especially in relation young Kirk and Spock.

77. Closettrekker - September 24, 2009

I totally disagree with the notion that “death” is even close to necessary for Spock Prime.

As for anyone who thinks that his knowledge of the future is a problem….well, that’s just nonsense. First of all, it is made quite clear through the film’s dialogue that what would otherwise have been considered “the future” is no longer certain. The reprecussions of the alterations to the timeline are going to have considerable ripple effect which is practically unlimited in scope. Any knowledge on Spock Prime’s part of “future events” would be restricted to occurrences common to both timelines. As for the possibility that Spock Prime would be either willing or able to provide assistance that involved such information would be completely dependant upon the story.

Would he offer our heroes the “easy way out”, despite the logical conclusion that giving them the answers might actually hinder their development? After all, they would someday have to function without him, unless Spock Prime has also become immortal…

And would instant contact with him even be a reasonable course of action under a given set of circumstances that may or may not (from the perspective of the younger characters) involve something of which Spock Prime has prior knowledge? I would say that is something easily rendered moot by a single throwaway line in the story’s dialogue. It happens all the time….”Communications are down”, “We’ve lost warp power”, “Transporters are inoperative”, etc., etc.

The bottom line is that Spock Prime’s death has already been done, and it couldn’t possibly be anything but a letdown the second time around.

Killing him (onscreen or otherwise) serves no purpose. No issue with his presence exists. He is there, he has a purpose, and no logical reason to interefere with the growth and development of his younger counterpart or his friends by giving them the answers to a pop quiz he knows is on the horizon. He knows they are capable of solving these dilemmas on their own, and that the bumps and bruises they get along the way are actually part of what makes them stronger as the years go by. Why take away the benefit of learning something the hard way? Haven’t you ever learned more from a few mistakes along the way than you would have if someone had handed you the solution to a problem without being required to go through the process of finding it on your own?

I don’t think something as elementary as that would be lost on Spock Prime…I would be disappointed if it were.

78. Closettrekker - September 24, 2009

#76—“… I don’t want for Spock prime to be killed either. I just don’t want for his character to fall off of the story page without any explainaton as to why not, that’s all. ”

There has already been an explanation. He has discovered a purpose in the new timeline, which is to focus upon the resettlement of the surviving Vulcan population, allowing his younger counterpart to boldly go where no man has gone before…Once again, unless the Vulcan people’s displacement is a part of the story, there is no need for Spock Prime to even be mentioned going forward.

We know where he is, and we know what he’s doing with the remainder of his years.

79. Sarah S - September 24, 2009

Well regardless as to whether Nimoy’s in the next movie or not, I’ll still see it. I’m still a Trek fan, Spock is still my favorite character, Quinto portrays that character very well, and if Nimoy’s not in there then I’ll just grin,bear it, and enjoy the movie.

80. tribble - September 25, 2009

hm why not bring all chars one last time into the sequel???

and of course the captain! Shatner!

81. Brian Kirsch - September 25, 2009

#77 –

I totally disagree. Spock Prime has already “interfered” in the current timeline with his conversations with Kirk and Spock. Obviously it was done to help both of them. His knowledge of “future events” prompted those conversations. What, he then takes an oath of silence thereafter?

You also assume he will take on a logical, non-interference policy. That’s a big leap. He’s already expressed his desire that both Kirk and Spock fulfill their destinies, as he knows it. He’s already “all-in”. You have to acknowledge where Spock Prime is at this point in his life. He has learned to balance logic with emotion, not just rely on logic. And often, emotion takes precedence over logic.

I’m not saying he would give them the easy way out. But given his investment in his two proteges, would he allow them to die needlessly without a word of warning?

Yes, Spock Prime has already died once before. But this time it needs to be final, No Genesis Effect. That is the only way this new ST can continue on it’s own, without the baggage. I hate to make this analogy….but….. imagine if Obi Wan had not died in the first Star Wars film, retired to Tattooine, and refused to give advice or guidance to the rebel force….

Maybe I’m selfish, but I don’t want to wade through endless fan comments on what Spock Prime would have suggested/done/implied/warned, etc. in the next movie. I’d prefer that Starfleet and the new crew realize that they are on their own. That their connection to any possible future is gone, there is no more safety net.

That’s the Star Trek I want to see next. Cut the ties, once and for all. No open threads.

82. Closettrekker - September 26, 2009

#81—“Spock Prime has already “interfered” in the current timeline with his conversations with Kirk and Spock. Obviously it was done to help both of them. ”

Helping both of them is a collateral effect. Spock Prime “interferes” as a reactionary measure to counter Nero’s prior interference and restore some degree of balance to the altered timeline….and he has done so. Spock Prime’s goals were quite specific…facilitate Jim Kirk’s ascension to command of the Enterprise, and provide assistance only to the degree of what is necessary to defeat Nero, who is the catalyst for what has gone “wrong” with the timeline to begin with. Spock Prime is only willing to “interfere” in matters for which he feels a degree of responsibility, which is why, at the end of the film, he chooses to dedicate himself to aiding what remains of his father’s people in establishing a new homeworld.

Nothing in the story suggests that he would be willing to interfere for any other reason, and certainly not in order to rob them of the benefits of solving problems on their own.

“…given his investment in his two proteges, would he allow them to die needlessly without a word of warning?”

It’s a stretch to begin with that the writers would allow Spock Prime to be in a position to affect their lives and decisions in such a manner in the first place. Spock Prime has his own purpose and task at hand, which he has made clear already in his dialogue with Quinto’s character. Why would he be in a position to do what you are suggesting, and more importantly, why would those characters need such help to avoid a “needless” death to begin with? Although you may have forgotten who these characters are supposed to be, I guarantee you that Spock Prime has not. If he had so little faith in their capabilities, why would he have been so adamant that Jim Kirk *must* assume command of the Enterprise, altered timeline or otherwise?

“That is the only way this new ST can continue on it’s own, without the baggage. ”

It could only become “baggage” in the event that the writers become careless enough to put him in position to affect the outcome of a given situation. Those in creative charge have already given the man something to do. Why would they willfully create “baggage” for themselves by involving him in a potential future story that puts those characters in legitimate jeopardy?

That scenario is far too simple to avoid without resorting to killing the character once again, which (again) could only end up being a letdown.

Killing him just to avoid having to save a throwaway line of dialogue is like using a .50 caliber machine gun to kill a snake that is already headed in another direction…and it’s just lazy storytelling.
The writers have already afforded themselves an “out” to that scenario, which requires very little imagination to make use of, and subsequently allowed themselves to send one of Star Trek’s most beloved characters off into the sunset. Why on Earth would they choose to move backwards, only to stop and shoot themselves in the foot? If the writers had wanted to remove Spock Prime from the equation, they could have already done so in a much more meaningful manner by having him die quite meaningfully in sacrifice for his younger counterparts in ST09. And doing so now could only be anti-climactic and cheap in comparision…not to mention, completely unnecessary.

If that’s the story you wish to see told, then forgive me for saying so, but I hope you are thoroughly disappointed…



84. Cato - October 4, 2009

Let’s not kill Nimoy or just let him fade away: there are many interesting plot developements that can take place involving Spock Prime in a sequel.

He holds the technological keys to the kingdom and could speed the Federation’s advance enormously. The weapons systems, the propulsion and computers could all benefit greatly from his knowledge.

They could soon find themselves a match for the Borg well before their first encounter in the Delta Quadrant.

They might even attract Q’s attention as a result of their accelerated development. All it takes is a readiness on Spock Prime’s part to conclude this technological gift is needed to secure the now diminished Federation. They just lost one of their strongest allies and there are many more threats on the horizon that Spock is well aware of.

Spock Prime has unalterably changed the timeline already. To withold all knowledge of the future is to condemn innocent people to preventable deaths. This literally adds up to billions of people over the course of his own timeline. Surely he has some insightful tips he would be morally compelled to pass on—as he already has to young Kirk.

85. bbgon - October 18, 2009

I would like to see Nimoy as well as Shatner in the next movie. The ‘original’ Kirk and Spock deserve to be one more time together in a story, and they definitely need a happy ending, where they ‘go together in the sunset’. It would be such a beautiful end to their story.
But killing off Spock Prime is NOT a happy, or beautiful, or necessary, or good end. People don’t be so cruel, Spock has already died once, let him live.
And, as much it is sad to say, Shatner and Nimoy are old, it might be the last chance to do it.

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