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First Impressions Of Star Trek Movie Blu-Ray (+ Navigation Screenshots) October 11, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

This week Paramount held a press event promoting their upcoming releases for the fall, including Q&A’s with Star Trek director JJ Abrams (see report), and writers Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman (see report). Paramount Home Entertainment also gave a demo of some of the features on the Star Trek Blu-ray release. See below for first thoughts and some iPhone snaps of the navigation screens.


FIRST THOUGHTS on Star Trek 2009 Home Video Release

Paramount showed off the navigation for Disk 2 of the Blu-ray set, which will be very similar to Disk 2 for the DVD set, but has some additional features. The menus were very nice with a diagram of the USS Enterprise in the background and a expanding tree style of navigation options that was very easy to use.

Star Trek Blu-ray Disk 2 Navigation

The featurettes on the Blu-ray and DVD are the same, but the Blu-ray has additional ‘branching pods’ which can be accessed while you are watching the feature (when a little logo appears), or from the main menu.

Navigation showing branching pods for ‘To Boldly Go’

There are a ton of new featurettes, all done in HD. We were only able to see a couple of them, but they were exquisitely produced and filled with interviews of all the major players on the film and the entire cast. One thing that was surprising was the amount of footage from The Original Series that is interspersed with the features, especially the "Casting" segment. The interviews seemed very candid and entertaining, giving good insights into life behind the scenes. For example, in opening "Boldly Go" featurette, there is a ‘branching pod’ dedicated to the "Shatner Conundrum" where the team (primarily JJ Abrams and Roberto Orci) talked openly about the controversy and about how they tried to find a way to get Shatner into the film. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Deleted Scenes
The set contains a large number of deleted scenes (both DVD and Blu-ray), and you can watch them with or without audio commentary from JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof. At the event we only watched the two Klingon special features (Klingons Take over Narada and Prison Interrogation and Breakout). The Klingons looked fantastic, although the special effects for the Klingon ships surrounding the Narada were never finished. The interrogation scene is one that goes a long way in exposition as to who Nero is, and why the Klingons want his knowledge of the future so badly, but it can be seen how it might confuse a general audience who would wonder who the bad guys were.

Deleted scenes navigation

Starfleet Vessel Simulator
One of the cooler features available only on the Blu-ray is the vessel simulator. You can choose to get a close-up look of either the Enterprise or the Narada, which shows you a beautifully rendered image of the ship, based on the models from ILM. You can zoom in on various parts of the ship (phasers, torpedo launchers, bridge, etc). Some areas let you even do things like fire phasers. All the sections have additional information (like the Borg shielding on the Narada, taken from the "Countdown" comic books). These features really let you get a good look at these ships in a way you never got in the film with things moving around so much. You may even spot things you didn’t see before, like how the fins the back of the nacelles of the Enterprise lift up and glow when it goes into warp.

Bottom line
With just a few minutes of playing around with this set, it is clear that in November we have hours of fun ahead learning more about this new Star Trek movie. This could easily be the best Star Trek home video release ever.




The STAR TREK two-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles.  Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:


The STAR TREK single-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles.  The single-disc DVD includes the commentary, “A New Vision” and the gag reel.


The STAR TREK three-disc Blu-ray is presented in 1080p High Definition with English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital with English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.  Special features are as follows:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:


Star Trek home video releases are coming November 17th. You can pre-order your copy or copies below.

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ replica

3-disk set w/ badges






1. Master Dex - October 11, 2009

I’m rather annoyed how some of the more interesting features I’d like to see (like the starships featurette) are only on the Blu-Ray and not on the 2 disc DVD. I don’t have Blu-Ray yet because I and my family haven’t upgraded to HDTV yet (it is expensive). I will definitely be getting the 2 disc DVD, but I wish they put some more of those extra features on that as well. There is no reason aside from the obvious marketing for blu-ray that those couldn’t be put on the 2 disc.

2. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2009

When I buy the movie in Blue-Ray I’m gonna watch it twenty times!

3. VOODOO - October 11, 2009

I think Blu-ray technology was a gift from Jesus himself.

I can’t even watch dvd’s anymore

4. GarySeven - October 11, 2009

don’t forget to take breaks Harry. You have to eat, for example.

5. MrData - October 11, 2009

I have to buy a blu-ray player just for this…
Looks great though.

6. Rosario T. Calabria - October 11, 2009

Can’t wait to pick this up. Looks like we’re in for a very extensive set of extras.

The only thing I’m disappointed about, however, is that there won’t be a PiP track. That’s a bummer.

7. GarySeven - October 11, 2009

#3- I really see only a slight difference. I know, blasphemy.

8. Chris Fawkes - October 11, 2009

No deleted scenes on Blue-Ray?

9. shadow - October 11, 2009

@#7 – I was watching my dvd of Serenity this morning, and it’s picture quality was not even close to a blu-ray copy I’ve seen, and I even had up-scaling and smoothing on… and I assume that makes it better and not worse. So now I’m convinced I have to buy it on blu-ray…

10. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2009


(in my best Homer Simpson voice)

Can’t eat, watching Trek!


11. Anthony Pascale - October 11, 2009

8, it is should be pretty clear that there are deleted scenes on both blu ray and dvd, there is even a screenshot above. where did you get that idea?

12. OneBuckFilms - October 11, 2009

Lots of goodies !!!

13. AJ - October 11, 2009

Why can’t they just release it tomorrow? Darn…

14. MIke - October 11, 2009

I am wondering how long before Paramount will release a Directors cut, with the the Klingon scene finished and put back in.

15. Scott Xavier - October 11, 2009

everyone knows jesus is in charge of toshiba who invented blu ray…

16. capt.Roykirk - October 11, 2009

Wish some of the other movies would have been this extensive with the extra stuff. Or that they’d have made special ship figures with movie relases.

17. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 11, 2009


The Special Edition DVDs were pretty extensive when it came to bonus features. However, some of the features, such as “Warp Explained” seem to be there to simply explain “treknology” to new fans who are buying Star Trek for the first time.

I’ve been looking at screencaps over at TrekCore between the Blu-Ray and DVD versions of the movies that they’ve done that for, and while I do notice an increase in quality, it’s not so much so that I’m in a big hurry to upgrade to Blu-Ray or to double dip once I do (which I’m sure everyone will have to eventually). I simply prefer DVD and so far I haven’t seen much to change my mind.

18. Lord Ravenwood - October 11, 2009

I won’t be buying this horrible excuse for a “Star Trek” movie on Blu-
Ray or DVD, but I did find a use for that horrible looking peice of crap Playmates’ so called ‘Enterprise’ toy!
If you’re a modeler, you can remove the lihgting assembly (be sure to disconnect that awful sound board!) and use it to light your Pegasus Hobbies’ Martian War Machine from “War of the Worlds!”
It’ll save you about 40 bucks and then you can dispose of that “Ugly Enterprise” without any guilt!

19. Lord Ravenwood - October 11, 2009


20. Enterprise - October 12, 2009

18. It’s sad people like you in the world exist.

21. S. John Ross - October 12, 2009

Menus = Purty!

22. capnjake - October 12, 2009

No 1, Hd Tvs are getting cheaper and cheaper everyday especially now that we are getting into the holiday season. heck they had a 27 inch samsung HDTV for 279.99 yesterday at my local target.
and you can pick up a entry level bluray player at walmart in the 99 to 129 range right now.

so iam sorry but the to expensive excuse doesnt work anymore.
and its funny the same people complaining about bluray haveing more bonus features over dvd are the people who drug there feet buying into dvd when it came out, and complained that dad featurettes that were impossible to do on vhs.

23. Enterprise - October 12, 2009

You can get a PS3 for under 299. That is pretty cheap. I am thinking about getting one for Trek and Transformers 2.

24. That Nutty Fanboy - October 12, 2009

#18, I have to admire one thing about you.. your consistent negative energy. Doesn’t that leave you an empty, spiteful shell?

25. Charles Trotter - October 12, 2009

The nav screens for the Blu-ray look awesome. Love the branching-out pod menus and the 3D Enterprise. Let me guess, though, the nav screens for the DVD will consist of a static 2D pic of the Enterprise with menu items that can be highlighted. I sure hope the folks at Paramount didn’t neglect the DVD menus to focus more on Blu-ray menus which a significantly fewer number of people will see or use.

I’m still not sold on Blu-ray. Personally, I find the change in picture annoying (I want to watch a movie, not a soap opera or televised play), while the change in audio quality is barely noticeable. And I sure as hell don’t want to spend two hours seeing pores, make-up seams, and stunt wires that were never meant to be seen. And let’s not forget the extra dough I’d have to shell out for an HD TV and for the movies. Yah, definitely not worth it… yet.

Rant… over.

26. Luke Sutton ("The Tenth Doctor") - October 12, 2009

Heres hoping that some content is left OFF the Blu-Ray version and put on the DVD instead, just to spite those snarky people who can actually afford all the new kit.

Only joking.

27. Dom - October 12, 2009

If you can’t see an improvement in quality between Blu-ray and DVD, then your TV and player settings are probably wrong!

In the cinema, it’s likely you will see skin pores and so on. It’s because people had the appalling quality of VHS for years, then got used to heavily-compressed DVD in the last decade, where all the grain and a lot of the extra detail had to be removed in order to squeeze the image on to an 8(-ish)GB dual-layer disc, that they think something is ‘wrong’ with the image.

Film naturally has grain; in the cinema, you see sweat, skin pores and (yes) sometimes make-up seams and wires.

DVD is unnaturally clean looking. Personally, I love the more film-like image Blu-ray provides. Then again, shows like Star Trek, which were meant to be screened on small TVs can suffer a bit. Had there been time, make-up seams, zippers, obvious wirework and so on should have been dealt with by the restoration team.

One of the worst stunt-double issues was in The Enemy Within. They really should have CG overlaid Shatner’s face over the double’s in that scene in Engineering!

Really looking forward to the new movie on Blu-ray. First, though, I’ve got Trick ‘R Treat on its way over from Amazon USA: a perfect Hallowe’en treat!

28. Lord Tribble - October 12, 2009

No starship design featurette on the dvd? WTF? >=(

I’m a student, I can’t afford a BR player along with a decent TV for it

29. Dom - October 12, 2009

Oh, and DVDs when they were the new thing, had lots of extra content compared with the VHSes. Really, Blu-ray using its extra capacity of more features shouldn’t be a surprise. I hear that next year Paramount are going to start issuing their Blu-rays about six weeks in advance of the DVDs: a similar policy to the one when DVD began to take over from VHS.

30. screaming satellite - October 12, 2009

BR aint that great

for example – wheres the TMP and TWOK DCs?

31. Dom - October 12, 2009

28. Lord Tribble

But in time you will be able to. Just as CRT televisions are ceasing to be sold, in time people will simply replace an old DVD player with a Blu-ray player.

My first DVD player in 1999 cost me £300 with Contact, Lethal Weapon 4 and US Marshals thrown in for free. My Sony Blu-ray player cost me £150 with the Spider-Man Trilogy chucked in for free. Blu-ray discs sell for similar to what DVDS did a decade ago. DVDs are now selling ridiculously cheaply, as VHSes did when they were on the wane. Realistically, the prices are a lot lower now than they were then!

32. Dom - October 12, 2009

30. screaming satellite

What’s that got to do with Blu-ray? That’s down to the studio.

33. screaming satellite - October 12, 2009

i have to say i dont think ive ever seen the sheer level of extra extras and docs on a BR not included on a 2 disc DVD

surely they could have included more on the 2 disc DVD?!

34. madcynic - October 12, 2009

Now…is the info from the SF Vessel Simulator canon or not?


35. Dom - October 12, 2009

33. screaming satellite

The DVD is still a good package! They probably can’t fit more on an 8GB disc. That’s one of Blu-ray’s selling points.

If they want people to move to Blu-ray, there have to be reasons beyond just the picture quality to tempt them.

Paramount are likely hoping that the Star Trek Blu-ray will be a major landmark release for them after their ‘wobble’ to HD DVD a couple of years ago!

36. Chris Fawkes - October 12, 2009

@11. I wasn’t looking at the pictures. I was reading the list of features for blue ray and didn’t see deleted scenes mentioned. Hence my question.

37. Harry Ballz - October 12, 2009

Funny, when Blue-ray and HD first came on the scene, I heard HD was much better for clarity and detail in the quality of the picture. Why did Blue-ray win the war? It wasn’t because of being able to hold more data on a disc, was it? Who cares about that??!!

38. Darren - October 12, 2009

Very nice, but no pictures from the actual extras themselves?

39. Dom - October 12, 2009

36. Harry Ballz

Better marketting, more companies and studios backing it, an easier name to use (HD-DVD is clunky: DVD-HD would have been better from a marketting perspective.)

Blu’s picture detail is definitely better when there’s a good encode: check out

There’s a heckuva difference where a single-layer 15GB capacity compares with a 25GB capacity, especially as films such as The Godfather Part II might have ended up on two HD-DVD discs.

As someone put it a while back: HD-DVD was an evolution, while Blu-ray was a revolution.

40. Harry Ballz - October 12, 2009

Dom, thanks for the lowdown!

41. Bren - October 12, 2009

I spotted the glowing fins in the film. I also spotted the variable-geometry of the deflector’s focussing array. Look for it in the closing shot.

42. Shat Hands - October 12, 2009

I want…..NOW

43. richpit - October 12, 2009

I plan on buying a Blu-Ray player specifically for this release.

44. somethoughts - October 12, 2009


I just purchased the Blu Ray version of the Wrath of Khan, looking forward in getting Star Trek 2009 also. HDTVs are very inexpensive and pretty much standard these days, you can really get one for under $700 if you looked around and the PS3 slim is only $299. Perhaps this makes a good xmas or boxing day gift for you?

I wished JJ had kept everything into the movie, it would have been a lot more epic. I can’t wait!

45. Michael - October 12, 2009

I still am shaking my head and wondering WHY Paramount couldn’t have added the tv spots and movie trailers? WTF? Who the hell cares about a DAC copy in pc and mac…not all of us play games…..or care about limited trial copies! Bluray holds 6 times more than HD ever did, and no trailers????????????????? You’d have thought this was a given…epecially since STTMP had numerous tv spots and LONG trailers, and they managed to get them ALL on standard dvd!!!!!!!!!! Again, WTF?! I’d have traded this over the pathetic and BORING BD NASA news crap hands down!

46. falcon - October 12, 2009

@15 – Sony invented Blu-Ray; Toshiba invented HD-DVD.

Both will soon be eclipsed by people’s desire to simply download the movies. Blu-Ray still lags behind in market share, despite having “beat” HD-DVD in the format wars.

However, Sony was smart (again). In the ’70s, when BetaMax began flopping like a suffocating fish, they repurposed the technology and created BetaCam – a news-gathering and video production tape format that is still around today. They’ve done the same thing with Blu-Ray, but they did it at the beginning. They turned the technology around, did a little fiddling with the discs (putting them in cartridges) and call the new file-based technology XDCAM.

So even without a huge share of the market, Sony has found a way to make money off the format. The same cannot be said of Toshiba.

47. falcon - October 12, 2009

@28 – My daughter recently bought a 26″ Sanyo 720P HDTV at Conn’s for about $250. 19″ 720P sets (like the Insignia brand from Best Buy) retail for less than $200 (in some cases, less than $150). They all have HDMI inputs, component HD, and antenna hook-ups. And Blu-Ray players, as has been reported here before, are continuing to come down in price (a few months ago, Walmart had a Magnavox for less than $100). Granted, that’s not a pittance on a student’s income (or lack of it), but it does point up the fact that these prices are coming down as demand goes up.

48. KingDaniel - October 12, 2009

Important question: On the Starfleet vessel simulator…how big is the Enterprise?

Just kidding – it doesn’t matter ;-)

I do wish the simulator was on the DVD, though. There’s no excuse.

I do love the swirly blue computer interfaces from the new film. I hope the DVD has similar menus (that said when it comes to actually watching the films i hate long, drawn-out animated menus).

49. Dom - October 12, 2009

45. falcon

That said, you’re assuming that a lot of countries have the infrastructure to handle mass downloading of movies and that there are still plenty of people who like a physical copy of things they’ve bought.

I can’t see much replacing Blu-ray now in terms of physical acquisition of films, as anything higher quality is wasted on most people as they simply don’t have room for 50″+ TVs.

There’s a section of freaky types who had a thing about HD DVD, who are desperate for Blu-ray to fail and slap it down every chance they get. Blu-ray’s more of a slow-burner as people will take it on as they replace SD CRT TVs with HD-Ready and Full-HD TVs.

Personally, I have no desire to download films. I keep my DVDs in softcover albums storing 250 discs and I’m reasonably selective about Blu-rays. I think there will always be a market of a physical purchase of items, just as people still buy CDs (and hopefully Blu-ray Audio in time) alongside low quality MP3 downloads.

The UK, for example, doesn’t have the sort of fibre-optic networks to handle mass downloading of movies and neither do many countries, including large portions of the USA. Neither are a lot of countries likely to any time soon.

When I first had DVD in 1999, it had been around for a couple of years and it wasn’t until about 2001 that the DVDs really started to push VHS off the shelves. And that was with an SD-ready system that had only fought a momentary format war with DIVX.

HD is steadily coming in in a lot of countries and as more people replace their TVs, more people will look to HD disc formats, Sky HD and so on.

That everyone will start downloading films en-masse in a couple of years is a bit of a myth.

50. Dom - October 12, 2009

47. KingDaniel

I hate long-drawn-out menus that show important moments from the film or TV show!

The X-Files season 8 set shows a major supporting character die in the before the options appear!

51. Gary - October 12, 2009

What I want to know is how much crap (logos, ads, trailers, “Don’t copy that floppy”, etc.) does the user have to suffer through before being allowed to view the disc’s content.

52. AJ - October 12, 2009

I’m willing to bet that, in two years, finding a standalone DVD player will be as easy as finding a VHS VCR. With Blu-Ray machines down at $100, there is simply no need to NOT have Blu-Ray if you are shopping for a player.

One thing that has happened is that Blu-Ray has failed to spark ‘replacement fever’ like DVD’s did over tape, and overall disc sales are weak. Many people are satisfied with their upconverted DVDs in hi-def, even if they are full-screen titles incorrectly fattened for a widescreen TV.

53. Lore - October 12, 2009

#51 With a global recession on, I think dvd may be around longer than you think.

54. AJ - October 12, 2009


For sure.

55. Bob - October 12, 2009

This maybe the first hint that Target will be carrying the Enterprise DVD Case in the U.S.

In the list is the following.

“Paramount Star Trek (2009) Starship Enterprise DVD Case – Target exclusive”

Now Target doesn’t have a listing up yet, but I would assume it’ll be up by November at the latest if indeed Technicolor is correct.

56. Dr. Image - October 12, 2009

My Toshiba HD-DVD player runs like crap. Always crashes, etc., even with regular DVDs
WHAT a waste of money.

So… all you BR owners, what machine should I buy? Cause I’m gonna need one now!

57. William Kirk - October 12, 2009

# 18 I like your commentary. I also will not buy it :-) Honestly, I have no Blu-Ray player :-D.

58. PJ - October 12, 2009

if expense is your issue, pace youself. get the player so you can watch your 3disk set, then get the high def tv when u can afford it. the pictue wont b high def d what u can when u can if u really want to the 3 disk.

59. Eli - October 12, 2009


Could I trade the digital copy on disk 2 of the DVD for the Starship Simulator? I don’t have an ipod or anything so I’m never going to get into this digital copy fad.

I know I could shell out the hundred bucks now for a basic blu-ray at Wal-Mart to get all the features, but I’d rather not have to to get all the cool features. And I’d really not have to move to Germany or Australia to get that replica Enterprise DVD case that they’re getting the 2-disk DVD in!

60. mooseday - October 12, 2009

#1 … apart from disc capacity.

Honestly, if anybody is thinking about switching to HD it really is worth it. I cheated and just got a Sony Laptop with BluRay ( yay, business expense tax right-off ) and it’s just a HDMI or VGA cable into the TV. Watching 2001 or The Thing really makes the difference and another great first blu-ray pickup was Planet Earth ( that even convinced the wife it was worth it ).

#55 Just note I think bluray players will be down in the $99 by Xmas which may be worth hanging on for ( the lasers are coming down in price as there is more production) . The PS3 @ 299 really isn’t bad for the price, but the best reviews seems come for the Samsungs. Again, the laptop option isn’t bad if your thinking of it.

61. THX-1138 - October 12, 2009

Yeah, I’m going to buckle and get the BR player. There is a discount outlet store in our area that sells the returns from Costco at about 1/2 what they are new. If you look around you can get a top of the line Sony player for $119. Most of them haven’t even been hooked up to a TV, just taken out of the box by a home consumer who couldn’t figure out how to hook it up or had the wrong cables.

This place is great right after the Super Bowl. Lot’s of TV’s. There is a 50″ plasma there (actually, several) for about $1200. And if you can deal with the rear projection variety, they have 63″ HD model for $750!

62. iso2ren - October 12, 2009

What the?! The blu-ray has 3 dvds yet no movie teaser/trailer or tv spots?!

63. VOODOO - October 12, 2009

I don’t think dvd’s will disapperear anytime soon. Many people will be ok with regular dvd’s.

Blu-ray sales will continue to grow and will make up the majority of sales sometime within the next five years or so as the economy recovers and more people upgrade to high-def tv’s.

Downloads will also play into mix sometime soon. The problem with downloads is that they can’t come close to matching Blu-ray quality at the moment.

I think Blu-ray’s could very well be nothing, but a niche market for people who really care about getting the best possible quality picture. Only time will tell.

I can’t say enough good things about the Blu-ray format. I have a high end Sony high def tv. Combined with my Blu-ray player it gives as close to a theatrical presentation as you will ever get.

Old films like “The Godfather” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” actually look like films rather than tv movies on Blu-ray. Their grain content comes through and the films look sharper than ever. New films look absolutely flawless and watching TOS on Blu-ray is like watching the series for the first time. The image quality is significantly better than dvd.

64. Harry Ballz - October 12, 2009


I’m one of the silly people who bought an HD player when they first came out.

I haven’t bought a Blue-Ray player yet, but I’ve heard that the Pioneer Elite is best. Opinions?

65. The Six Million Dollar Man - October 12, 2009

Shame there’s no Betamax/VHS release :-((

Hopefully, the soundtrack will be come out on 8-track though, we live in hope…………

66. rm10019 - October 12, 2009

I was hoping for a releason on RCA VideoDisc, nothing like watching video on Vinyl!

67. Cesar Eslava - October 12, 2009

Blu-Ray rocks I wish everyone could have it and a HDTV. Star Trek is just one of those things that you really want to see all the details especially of the ships. I’m disapointed they didn’t add the U.S.S. Kelvin to thier Starfleet Vessel simulator. Or some of those hard to see fleet vessels which looked awesome but you really couldn’t quite see. But it being blu-ray maybe they’ll add stuff via BD-Live.

68. AJ - October 12, 2009


Harry, I bought an HD-DVD player too. Huge bulky thing, because PARAMOUNT ANNOUNCED THAT TREK WOULD BE EXCLUSIVELY IN THAT FORMAT.

Pioneer Elite products are generally superlative. I have two of their DVD players (one chipped for multi-region), and they are solid with a bit of heft (fewer vibrations = better sound). They tend to go for the ‘piano black’ facings, so it depends on your decor.

I think, at this point, the format itself is impervious to the technical specs of the machine. Unless you’re super-anal about CD sound (in which case, you should have a separate CD player), any of the big names will probably perform fine.

69. Michael - October 12, 2009

Hmmmmmmmmm,,,though every reviewer and listing has omited the fact the BD HAS trailers included……..I just noticed it in fact DOES..according to the top page menu…it’s there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally be 100% excited about this Bluray release! My Toshiba HD player works fine..plays regular dvd’s fine, and just watched a title last night! I now have a multi-region player(standard dvd), 5 disc standard dvd player , HD & BD player. Soon to have a VHS/DVD player/burner machine to transfer my vhs tapes over to dvd.

70. John from Cincinnati - October 12, 2009

I still want an extended edition with all the deleted scenes completed and put in with the movie.

71. Captain Dunsel - October 12, 2009


Your side-bar survey is missing an important option – Hi-Def and Blu-Ray on the computer, with no “TV” connection at all…

72. Mr. Anonymous - October 12, 2009

Heh, someone ought to use those DVD menu’s on computer screens for a fan production. You shoot them just far away enough to not read the text, and you’ve got brilliant starship-bridge menus. =)

73. Canadianknight - October 12, 2009

#45 – Sorry, but off on most points…

Firstly, downloading. Folks who think downloading will take over are ignoring a few facts. Many homes do not have the Internet bandwidth to conduct such downloads.

If you view “HD” downloads next to a 1080p signal from BluRay, you’ll notice a massive difference. “HD” downloads simply don’t have the quality. Plus, you don’t get all the extras, like commentaries and such, which you can’t discount the value of.

People will still want a physical product. I know many movie aficionados who have no desire to own a downloaded file. They want a product they can see and touch.

Now… As to Sony being so brilliant, they didn’t repurpose Betamax as Betacam. Betacam was introduced 7 years after Betamax. While Betamax was still on the market. Although there is a superficial similarity between Betamax and Betacam in that they use the same tape cassette, they are really quite different formats.

From Wiki: Betamax records relatively low resolution composite video using a heterodyne color recording system and only two recording heads, while Betacam uses four heads to record in component format, at a much higher linear tape speed, resulting in much higher video and audio quality. A typical L-750 length Betamax cassette that yielded about 3 hours of recording time on a Betamax VCR at its B-II speed, only provided 30 minutes record time on a Betacam VCR or camcorder.

Besides, Betamax failed due to bad marketing and Sony’s shear stubbornness to control the market with a self-created “industry standard”, (like the older u-matic) that was more expensive to make and sell than JVC’s competing product. In many ways, Beta WAS superior… but Sony screwed up.

But to compare the Beta/VHS war to BD/Download/DVD is just wrong. Two entirely different situations.

I, for one, am happy that BD won the HD format war. Had HDDVD won, we’d all be reliant on Microsoft codecs. Imagine the horror. :)

74. Your Friendly Neighborhood Mobile Emitter - October 12, 2009

So first “Countdown” comes out, and we’re led to believe it’s officially considered a “tie-in” with the film.

Then Orci & Kurtzman come on this website, and say that “Countdown” is NOT to be considered “official” in any way.

Now on the DVD, information from “Countdown” (Borg shielding) will be referenced.

Which is “Countdown” going to be…canon, or not canon? I really don’t care either way, but I wish someone would make up their minds.

75. OneBuckFilms - October 12, 2009

73 – Countdown is an Official Tie-In, but the rule has always been that only On-Screen events are Canon, which is what they are referring to.

Whether Countdown is considered Canon or not is a matter of debate.

My personal inclination would be to make it Canon.

I also believe that Paramount, or JJ and the Writers, should state that Countdown is officially Canon, and the one exception to the On Screen Only rule.

76. Spockish - October 12, 2009

First #18) Lord Ravenwood must be a Masochist, He appears to hate any thing Trek, but he keeps coming back to this Star Trek orientated site. How much you want to bet he has a Mirror-Mirror pain booth for when he gets to happy with himself.

Second #55) Dr. Image, in selecting a BR player, do you have a high speed internet, if so then you can use BR Live to have a chat channel with other BR users. Get hardware updates and other hiden content, and even DL to view some SD not HD movies (this feature is also on the new Dish 9700 1 Terabyte Storage boxes). If you want any of those features get a BR player with a Ethernet jack. Some can even stream video (the Dish 9700 series can also do that)

As for HDTV I just got a e-mail from for a 73″ DLP 1080p set for under $1600, and I’ve see 37″ 720p LCD’s for $550 and 1080p ones for $100 more. And they have 65″ 1080p DLP’s for the same price I bought my 42″ 720p DLP for in 2006. But I like the 1.2″ thick 56″ LCD for 2 grand.

77. Duncan MacLeod - October 12, 2009

28. Lord Tribble – October 12, 2009

No starship design featurette on the dvd? WTF? >=(

I’m a student, I can’t afford a BR player along with a decent TV for it

hehe, just joking of course, there are a lot of people who work full time and go to school and don’t have much money left over.

78. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - October 12, 2009

Can’t wait to see the ship specs.
Ten Forward Ten Shmorward
Our E is so big it has an entire Budweiser Brewery!!!

79. screaming satellite - October 12, 2009

74 – i view Countdown to be as much canon as the Animatrix is to the matrix films or the Riddick anime is to the Pitch Black films

in fact it wouldve been great if they had made CD as a 50 minute anime instead of a comicbook (getting the voices of the TNG cast, Nimoy, Bana etc – kind of an Animated last TNG film) and had it on the dvd

80. tHE tRUTH iS oUT tHERE - October 12, 2009

55. I have the Samsung BR home theater with a 61″ Samsung DLP LED TV. It shows a beautiful picture and with Netflixs, I can stream movies without even having a disk. They are not in BR format when you stream but still look pretty darn good. I am a biased fan of Samsung (TV, Phone, BR, Computer Monitor) so don’t let persuade you….lol…

81. Zebonka - October 12, 2009

I’ve got a Blu-Ray player after long last, can’t justify the expense of replacing movies that I already have though… to be quite honest, from where I view the new TV, normal DVDs don’t look all that bad.

82. Jeyl - October 12, 2009

So Anthony, when are you going to do a commentary track for this film?

83. kahhhhhn - October 12, 2009

VHS RULES,ITS STILL THE BEST QUALITY PICTURE,BETTER THAN BLUE RAY.Just kidding with that of course.But im still sticking with DVDs for now,after I make the transition to blue ray,and buy all the Star trek movies again thinking they will be preserved for ever,Im sure they will have something else to grab our money,and blu ray players will be found at dollar stores across America

84. Jim Nightshade - October 12, 2009

Ok I found a used ps3 with support to play my ps2 games and ordered it….Looking at hd tvs there are some in the 250-500 range but they are all 720p the cheapest 1080p i found was almost six hundred…soooo those in the know..for a bedroom and a ps3 is 720p good enuf? or should we only buy a minimum of 1080p?

But for now I should be able to play blu ray movies on my regular tv with regular outputs although of course it wont be high def….

so anyone know which brands of hdtv are best and cheapest at same time? Plasma??Lcd only? Does lcd require the fast mhz speed?

85. Jonathan - October 12, 2009

Can’t wait to get this on Blu-Ray, too!

For those of you who haven’t upgraded, I have to say that usually I am resistant to these sorts of things (re-buying what I already have), but the TOS Blu-Ray sets are nothing short of astounding and a quantum leap over the original DVD sets so you are definitely getting something for your money.

I imagine as the holidays approach that many Blu-Ray player deals will surface…I expect many players to go below $100 even.

Hopefully, more folks will then be able to upgrade and enjoy the BD discs for Trek (and other movies, too).


86. Michael - October 12, 2009

I own a BD player with BD live capabilities. I have been able to uitilize games, trivia, info. on actors, etc. brand new Wizard of Oz Warner Bros…….title…once and only once have I been able to download and play a trailer! My system tells me the network signal is poor, locks up and I can’t use the remote or manually shut it off! It goes to black screen.
I have to unplug and reset.
I even added a 8Meg flashdrive to hold more info./storage. So even though I have cable speed link….through a lesser known smaller cable co.,….my experience w/ BD has been limited or less than hoped for.
Who knows if the Trek NASA will even function.

87. anon - October 12, 2009

Bluray has so much better image quality, it’s gorgeous, but the implementation with all it’s DRM crap is so extremely bad, I won’t buy a single disk until this behavior will be resolved or worked around properly.

Sorry Bluray industry, you already lost me as a potential customer because of this DRM crap.

88. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - October 12, 2009

DLP is the best bang for your buck. You get the biggest screen and a picture just as good as Plasma. Drawback is size. They are a bit bulkier 9not nearly as bulky as old rear projection CRTs) than LCD and plasma and can not be hung on a wall. I don’t care about a thicker setup though and have a Diamond mitsu DLP 73″ in the livingroom and a Diamond DLP 65″ in my bedroom. They just came out with an 82″ if you want to have a wall. Personally I prefer the Mitsu’s for picture quality and bang for the price.

89. sean - October 12, 2009

People are still buying VHS tapes for goodness sake! DVDs aren’t going to disappear any time soon.

Also, if you claim you can’t tell the difference between Bluray HD and standard definition then you simply have never seen true HD. Most HDTV’s in stores are connected to standard def signals, so you can’t go by that. The difference is plain to anyone with working peepers.

90. ron - October 12, 2009

To Master Dex

Blu-Ray can hold up to 50 gigs. Thats why it has more features. quit complaining. People are paying MORE money for the blu-ray, which mean they paid a lot of money for a blu-ray player and an HDTV. Sorry, but higher paying customers always deserve more for their money.
My advice is to just go buy a PS3. only $299 and then you can easily play that free game it comes with

91. Derbo - October 12, 2009

It all sounds so great and I’m looking forward to purchasing it on BR. I just wish there was an option to play the movie with the deleted scenes placed in the proper order instead of watching them all bulked together at the end of the movie.

92. Star Trek reboot blu ray menus and features - - October 12, 2009

[…] Star Trek reboot blu ray menus and features Just had this link posted on my facebook page, I thought it looked very good. Bring on Novembe this is one of my most anticipated releases this year. First Impressions Of Star Trek Movie Blu-Ray (+ Navigation Screenshots) | […]

93. Michael - October 12, 2009

If I recall, the first Xmen movie came out months later with a 1.5, or 2.5 ed. and you could went an icon came on, add a scene that was a deleted scene and it played…not quite adding it into a seamless play but not bad….and this was old dvd standard technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

94. The Realist - October 12, 2009

You can not go past Samsung products! They are simply the best!

95. John from Cincinnati - October 12, 2009

Why would anyone with half a brain buy a video game console to watch movies?????????? First of all, you’re going to burn out your console, secondly, if you want the best selection of games and exclusives (the reason for owning a video game console) then Xbox 360 has the best of both on the market. I own a xbox360 for games, and a blu ray player to watch movies. Eventually, direct digital downloads are going to replace everything anyways.

96. Enterprise - October 12, 2009

93. it takes LONG time to burn out the laser on a game console. Tihis isn’t the 80s.

97. AJ - October 12, 2009


John: The PS3 is one of the top selling BR players in the world.

Also, the Xbox 360 is well known for its 54.3% fail rate (Gamespot) reported in August. PS3’s failrate is 10% (also crap, but not 54.3!)

98. VulcanFanatic - October 12, 2009

I am excited about this new Movie coming out soon, and i plan to buy the BluRay and DVD sets. I upgraded to HDTV a few months back and got a BluRay player at the same time. These were as cheap as what i paid for my analog TV and my DVD player about 9 years ago, so i went for it. I still have my old TV and DVD player setup to play my different Star Trek series DVDs because they look better on it, but my Bluray Star Trek Movies look outstanding, with a noticable improvement. Star Trek The Motion Picture looked the best on BluRay i thought. Its worth the money to upgrade, because HDTV channels look so much better than regular analog, well worth the cost and as a few others have said, the cost is not like it once was, it is very affordable now. You will be happy with it. I just cant wait to get this movie now, especially on the BluRay!!!

99. Anthony Pascale - October 12, 2009


The deleted scenes on Blu-ray are listed in the Blu-ray features above, mentioned in the article and displayed on the picture, Not sure what else we can do. They have also been mentioned in multiple articles here before.

100. Matt Wright - October 12, 2009

Looks like a killer offering by Paramount. I’m really anxious to see it in person :)

101. cd - October 12, 2009

The lens flares are MUCH clearer in Blu-Ray than on DVD.


102. Capt. of the USS Anduril - October 12, 2009

Woo, now I’m really glad I bought my friend’s PS3 from him. Hehe, sucker. Nice looking menus and I can’t wait to get up close and personal with the big E. Just wish I had an HD tv as well.

103. somethoughts - October 12, 2009


The PS3 is perfect if you do not have a blu ray player and have not purchased a next gen console. I have held off for the longest time before upgrading from my ps2. When it was on sale for 299, I couldn’t resist, it was perfect timing to get a new game console and also a blu ray player at the same time. I enjoy the blue tooth wireless controllers, online broadband capability and free online playstation network, as the ad says, it does everything. The 360 does not have free gaming network, blue tooth technology, blue ray and true 1080p HDTV through blue ray movies. Also mentioned was the higher fail rate, I have to go with the PS3 if it came down to functionality and price.

Wrath of Khan blue ray on my ps3 was amazing, the color, grain, quality was like I watched it at a theatre in 1982. The trailer was also included with commentary, highly recommended. They also included the star trek 2009 trailer, and that was hot also.


There is minor noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p, go for 1080p as it is the highest resolution and will serve you for years to come. Most new games/movies are 1080p.

104. G - October 12, 2009

1. Master Dex – October 11, 2009

I’m rather annoyed how some of the more interesting features I’d like to see (like the starships featurette) are only on the Blu-Ray and not on the 2 disc DVD. I don’t have Blu-Ray yet because I and my family haven’t upgraded to HDTV yet (it is expensive). I will definitely be getting the 2 disc DVD, but I wish they put some more of those extra features on that as well. There is no reason aside from the obvious marketing for blu-ray that those couldn’t be put on the 2 disc.

A regular DVD can’t hold as much information

105. dmduncan - October 12, 2009

14: “I am wondering how long before Paramount will release a Directors cut, with the the Klingon scene finished and put back in.”

We got the director’s cut in the theater.

Make some noise about getting a FAN cut version of the movie explicitly for ST geeks in addition to, not to the exclusion of, the DVD release of the theatrical/director’s cut.

Show of hands. Who here will NOT buy a fan cut version with the extended scenes put back in?

106. somethoughts - October 12, 2009


I am sure JJ will release a special directors cut with all the extended scenes put back in with all the special effects once Star Trek 2011 is out in the theatres/available for purchase as a trilogy special box set. I am thinking there will be many more versions due out sometime in the future. I wish they would release it one time and get it over with, with all the scenes intact, so no need to buy 3 versions of the same movie with extended this or that.

107. Enterprise - October 12, 2009

Some films don’t work with all the extra stuff put back in. Take The Two Towers, for example, did we really need all that extra romance story? It takes hours to get to the end.

108. SebiMeyer - October 12, 2009

Preordered the BR 3-disc set months ago. Really looking forward to watching it with the commentary.

109. TonyD - October 12, 2009

#95 – The real question is why would anyone with half a brain not buy a PS3 as their BluRay player.

The PS3 is actually one of the better BluRay players available today. The console’s Cell processor means that discs load quickly and it can easily handle the overly complicated and over-engineered menus that often bog down other players. It comes with built-in 802.11/g wireless support so if you have wireless internet in your house or live near a wifi hotspot, firmware upgrades are a snap and practically transparent. The new PS3 Slim model even has an IR port so it will support universal remotes like those made by Logitech. And of course picture and sound quality are outstanding. My PS3 is 2 1/2 years old and it has had a lot of BluRays thrown at it. About the only gripe with the console is a scarcity of good exclusive titles, but I have my Xbox 360 for that :)

As for digital downloads, it will be years before the infrastructure is in place to support true uncompressed 1080p video and TrueHD audio downloads at acceptable speeds for the average consumer. For videophiles a dedicated BluRay player is the way to go for the foreseeable future.

110. Enterprise - October 12, 2009

If I really want a digital download, I don’t use my PS3 for that. Instead, i just use my ipod and itunes. I can always count on those to work.

111. Jimmy - October 12, 2009

I’ll probably get reamed to holy hell, but…

I honestly think HDTV and BluRay both suck. I’ve seen them in “action” and I feel that they make everything look too blurry (especially during fast pans). The attempt is made to make everything look SO real that it goes overboard and starts to look fake and the colors are much too vibrant compared to real life. It’s not like any human’s eyes actually SEE the world in a quality akin to high definition so why should our TVs try to show it that way?

I’m starting to think it’s a mob mentality. “Everyone says it’s so great, so it must be!”

Just my two cents…

112. Spockish - October 12, 2009

To Mr Duncan, I’d love a Klingon restored FAN disk of ST:TM, last week I finished getting Trials & Tribulations. I would have added a bit more of the TOS bar fight seances to the DSN version, and a bit more of the TOS why there are stopping at Space Station K7. But I see why they may have did the cuts were they did. Due to the editing of video and the matching of audio, but a good audio editor can cure much of those problems.

It looks like Pauley79 uses a MAC. But still great effects of mixing TOS with DSN, and the improved looks of Space Station K7 by Paramount.

I’d add a thousand yes votes for someone to do ST:TM but I do not work for ACORN or even give them money. And I still believe one vote for one person,not 53 votes like the DC guy could have done.

113. jonboc - October 12, 2009

I can’t wait to get this, but I sure hope I don’t have to watch the movie to get to the “pods”. I love behind the scenes special features, but I don’t want to have to wait on icons to pop up during a scene to access them.

114. Jim Nightshade - October 12, 2009

#95 I got a ps3 cuz i have lots of ps2 games an everyone here that has a ps3 loves it for games and bluray and they all told me its fine for a blu ray-hell I am still using my ps2 for our main dvd player no problems for many years…if sony did not want you to play dvds or blu rays on it they wouldnt have made it possible to do so ala nintendo wii etc….so guess I am just a half brained idiot? eheheh

115. Charles Trotter - October 12, 2009

27. Dom

TV & Blu-ray were set up fine (trust me, my friend’s good with these things). I’m not saying I don’t notice a difference. I’m saying I’m not fond of the difference with the picture, and the sound difference is negligible at best. Then again, my ears aren’t the best to go by. But I just don’t care for what it does to the picture, the camera pans, etc., particularly in regards to older movies and TV shows.

116. Captain Dunsel - October 12, 2009

#112 – Spockish – ” I would have added a bit more of the TOS bar fight seances to the DSN version…”

You must have seen a very different version of “The Trouble With Tribbles” than did I. “Seances”? (grin)

117. Spockish - October 12, 2009

For those with motion blur problems, this is caused by the image refresh rate, it use to be with LCD response time when LCD first hit the TV market.

The problem for me is Plasma, and the glass plasma tubes at high altatudes 4500ft+ and I live in the Mile Hi city (that’s 5280ft if you do not know) And they are still working to get the tubes to stop leaking the gas used for plasma, it’s gertting better now reported at 95% but I want 100%. I have a DLP and those are better than plasma and less costly than LCD. My Samsung set was one of the first LED lit ones, it’s case was made and marked for Xeon lamps that last about 15,000 hours.

If your HDTV does not do 120fps you may get motion blur. And if your unlucky first check for software updates if there is none then you’ve learned that technology costs money. And buying high-tech stuff enters you into the playing field of technology, not everyone wins, some may lose, but either way technology progresses.

My toss up is get a PS3 or Samsung BR player or go for a Western Digital media player that plays movies from 2 USB Hard disks upto 4 Terabyte big and in 1080p via a HDMI cable.

The WD media is $100 + hard drive (a thumb drive or a Terabyte HD)

BR player $130 for Samsung at CostCo.

A PS3 (old PS2 compate $400 or new not PS2 compat. $300)

What should I go for?

118. spider1981 - October 12, 2009


The human eye can see comparatively higher resolution than the 1080 lines of High Definition/Blu-ray .
As for the color, where have you ‘seen it in action’? If its been in a store, know that display models in store are generally set to a god-awful ‘vibrant’ mode which terribly over-saturates the image and makes it look cartooney. I dont understand why they do this, but apparently they think it will attract customers. When set up correctly, the color is incredibly life-like and as close to what the director intended as possible.

119. Matt Wright - October 12, 2009

What #118 said :)

120. Lord Ravenwood - October 12, 2009

“Star Trek XI” sucked SO BAD! Why would anyone even want to buy this horrible peice of crap on DVD or Blu-Ray?

121. Jim Nightshade - October 12, 2009

gee lord ravenwood itbis one of my fave trek movies–my Ilia probe hallmark ornament made me wanna see tmp again-30 yr anniversary-wow—the directors edition especially-aside from jjs reboot is the grandest looking and most cosmic of all the movies–and the jerry goldsmith music-his best since logans run(another fave of mine) is majedtic and goes beautifully with the epic scope–spock realizing thru vger that pure logic is not the perfection it seemed to be and to shed a tear for vger, ahh spocks evolving almost mirroring vgers-the new life form emerging from man and woman and love and machines–deeper more heady stuff than say terminators machine attaining life–the beautiful shots of the best enterprise —i know many disagree but i find a lot to love about tmp! happt anniversary-

122. Enterprise - October 12, 2009

120. I don’t know. I wonder the same about people that watch every Stargate series.

123. Penhall99 - October 13, 2009

Anyone else find it a bit odd that they would cut out the whole Klingon/Nero escape subplot solely because it would confuse non-fans, but decided a gaping plot hole was okay to leave in?

I guess explaining what the hell Nero was doing for 25 years wasn’t all that important, because hey, it would have confused non-fans to see the Klingons!!!

124. Lord Tribble - October 13, 2009

If they had the klingon stuff in the film, the start would have had to becompletely re-arranged. They couldn’t go from young kirk in a car back to just before he’d been born, and having the shuttles flying away from the narada to the logo and back to a narada shot would have been weird.

125. Dom - October 13, 2009

117. Spockish

Which reminds me I need to update my Samsung TV’s firmware! Smearing is kind of inevitable on LCDs running 24hz, though.

123. Penhall99

Yeah. The only way it could be read perhaps is that Nero looks no different 25 years later and seems to be waking up in the first shot of him, which maybe means he spent 25 years in suspended animation.

Like I say, I wonder if there’ll be an extended edition released to tie in with the next movie!

126. Dom - October 13, 2009

Although, having just run the update, it seems rather better than before!!

127. Jim Nightshade - October 13, 2009

Well I got my used ps3 today and even connected using the standard rca video and audio jacks and a regular tv and vcr I can play ps3 games ps2 games and watch blu ray dvds….I just now finally watched the Farewell to the Star Trek Experience on teh star trek evolutions disk on the 4 tng movie blu ray set….it was wonderful….Now next on my list is to try to install a netgear wireless so I can get online using the ps3 We have one of those digital transceivers from comcast that give us digital tv, and high speed cable internet and phone service as well….anyone know if I will have any problems just installing the netgear rangemax wireless router?? it says to unplug the modem but its not really a modem and if I unplug it will temp lose cable and phone hahaah oh welll maybe I will try to install it later this week…

128. VOODOO - October 13, 2009

Jimmy # 111

Sorry, but your wrong. Blu-ray/HD is superior to what has come before it.

129. Spockish - October 14, 2009

A fine eye can see upto 1250 lines when the image is still and around 650 when it is in motion of 30fps. If interlased then the resolution is about half because the frame rate is 15 not 30 per second. That is why you see plenty of stair stepping with Tube TV’s.

When UHD TV comes from Japan around 2020 you’ll have to feed the industry again. At that resolution your eye may not even see lines on still pics. The UHD video format is 4x the data and 4096×20?? (the ?? can be 1920 or 2025 or 2160 depends on the lab) And on one 37″ picture tube (actually array since tubes are history) it is said the images look as good as 35mm photos. The military has has this res sensors since the mid 90’s, how do you think they can almost read your newspaper as you sit in central park in NY while they are in space. And with fractal scaling software they can read 99% of common typeset stuff, hand written is much harder.

130. Dom - October 14, 2009

129. Spockish

I don’t see the point in any higher resolution on a 32″ TV than 1080p. Arguably 720p/1080i is enough on this size of TV. It boils down to what amount of space people have for televisions.

With TV companies only just moving into HD, I can’t see that the pixel scale of most people’s TVs will change for a fair while.

131. DVD release of Star Trek is missing features « Eccentric but Lazy - October 14, 2009

[…] Source […]

132. Son of a Maui Portagee - October 14, 2009

Science shows us how marvelous the human visual system. But even at that, it is far from perfect. For one, it tends to fill in the blanks. This is why many stage magic illusions work so well with nary as complicated a setup as people imagine, and DNA evidence shows eyewitness accounts not to be as reliable as most people think. Here’s the latest on what people are perceiving when they look at HD,

133. Jimmy - October 14, 2009


You’re entitled to your opinion, as am I.

I’ll stick with my 26″ tube TV and standard DVD player.

134. Michael - October 16, 2009

Then I’ll stick to my top-loader vhs and b/w 12″ tv! HA! Change is hard…..
It does suck HD tv’s reveal soooooooooooooooooooo much bad w/ older standard dvd’s image/sound. But I refuse to REBUY every bloody vhs title I own, that once replaced w/ dvd… BD!

135. ttuthill - October 17, 2009

So is Abrams and Co going to give us a directors cut with all the footage put back in the film?

I guess I have been spoiled by Pete Jackson and I would rather see the film with all the content put back in than having a flashy GUI.

Thanks for goin’ all out JJ and Co. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.