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Star Trek Takes Home Top Spike Scream Awards – Shatner Makes Surprise Appearance [UPDATED October 18, 2009

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The Spike Scream Awards were taped in Los Angeles Saturday night (to air Tuesday October 27th). The new Star Trek movie started the night with the most nominations and walked away with a few awards, including the top prize of "Ultimate Scream" as well as Best Sci-Fi Film. And in a surprise, William Shatner appeared on stage to pick up one of Trek’s awards. Details and photos below.  [UPDATE: Full list of Trek’s six wins]


JJ’s Ultimate Scream (with assist by Shatner)
Star Trek led the nominations at the Spike Scream Awards with a total of 17 nominations in 15 categories. We don’t have the full list of winners and losers, but a partial list is up at AP and DreadCentral. For the seven known categories that Star Trek was nominated, it lost four, and picked up three, including Best Science Fiction Film, and Best Director for JJ Abrams. Abrams was at the event and the director award was presented to him by Harrison Ford.

JJ Abrams giving acceptance speech forBest Director Spike Scream Award

One of the awards we know Star Trek didn’t pick up was for Best Actress. Zoe Saldana was outvoted by fans of Transformers star (and apparent Star Trek fan) Megan Fox.

Megan Fox beats Zoe Saldana for Best Actress at Spike Scream Awards 2009

The biggest award of the night was the "Ultimate Scream" and Star Trek was up against some stiff competition. Actor Morgan Freemen presented the award and after he announced Star Trek had won, the crowd got a surprise when William Shatner stepped onto the stage to accept the award. After taking the award, Shatner stated (via AP):

"J.J., I’ll handle this," Shatner said to J.J. Abrams, seated in the audience, who also won best director and best sci-fi movie for "Star Trek."

"This movie was big," Shatner said. "Imagine how big it could have been with me in it? … I’ll be waiting for your call."

Shatner nabs the Star Trek ‘Ultimate Scream’

UPDATE: Full list of Trek Wins – 6 total
Popdecay has the full list of Star Trek winners:

Red Carpet
Only one Star Trek cast member walked the red carpet at the event. Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy Karl Urban was there.

Karl on the Red Carpet

Collider had a quick chat with Karl, where he talked about how he hoped the next Star Trek would go into production next year (apparently he hadn’t got the memo that the film release is now looking like 2012).

You can watch the the Scream Awards on Spike on October 27th at 10 PM. TrekMovie will have an update when we get the full list of winners. 


Photos: Wire Image


1. Chris M - October 18, 2009

Awesome news, great to see Star Trek pick up the award for best Sci Fi Movie and even better to see William Shatner accept one of the awards! :)

2. Enc - October 18, 2009

oh no he didnt :)

3. shadow - October 18, 2009

Oh snap! The Shat strikes again!

4. CsMisi - October 18, 2009

JJ : do NOT call Shat, I repeat: do not call Shat! Thank you

5. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

95% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes: Check.

Top-grossing SF movie of the year: Check.

The Spike Scream Awards: Check.

Can Oscar be far behind?

6. Tjats - October 18, 2009

That explains why Shatner canceled his Big Apple Comic Con appearance at the last minute. :-/ Would have been nice to see him in person.

Nice to see Trek take home the big award. It’s nowhere near an Oscar, but it’s a very good indicator of Star Trek’s newfound appeal with young audiences.

Although apparently Best Actress really means “Hottest Actress Who Was Willing to Show off Her Butt Ten Times On Screen.” Saldana is definitely the better actress of the two.

7. Anthony Thompson - October 18, 2009

Karl didn’t get the memo? But the script is already half-finished! Nudge-nudge, wink-wink. The moral of the story is not to count on actors for production news. Only JJ and our dear, beloved Bob can truly be counted on to give us the lowdown.

8. screaming satellite - October 18, 2009

Freeman to Urban – ‘didnt you get the memo…?’

thatd be a sweet supporting cast for Trek 2:

Ford – Admiral April

Freeman – Admiral Nogora

Fox – No 1

Shat – the disused HoloKirk Prime scene from Trek XI (played by Spock Prime)

9. CmdrR - October 18, 2009

Hopefully, before December 21st.

10. 1000thghost - October 18, 2009


Check your numbers

Transformers 2: 402 US- 832 World
Potter 6- 300 US- 928 World
Trek 11- 258 US – 384 World
XMen 4 – 179 US – 373 World
Terminator 4- 125 US- 371 World

So Trek was in top 5 but far from number 1.

11. jonboc - October 18, 2009

Shatner looks great. Pushing 80??? I swear the man has the fountain of youth hid away somewhere.

12. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - October 18, 2009

Shatner’s appearance was a major Shat(ner) on the new movie. How dare you!

If I DVR this, I’ll skip right over the Ultimate Scream presentation, such a shame.

13. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - October 18, 2009


The Academy Awards isn’t about which movie made the most money but which one was actually good. Garbage attracts many flies as the numbers for Transformers 2 surely indicate, and remember it’s more about the “films” rather than the “movies”.

14. Shadowcat - October 18, 2009

I am glad to see Star Trek win an award even one as cheesy as the Spike Scream Awards. I am upset that Zoe Saldana did not win best actress. Transformers 2 was horrible.

15. RK - October 18, 2009

Shatner ANNOYS me hugely. He should piss off.
How dare he take an award for a movie in which he didn´t took part in any form??? unbelievable. hope to never see him again as Kirk

16. Andy Patterson - October 18, 2009

I love Shatner. Don’t care what anyone says. Him being there is the real story IMO. Said it before, say it again. Love him.

17. Ron Mosher - October 18, 2009

That’s a long time to wait for a sequel popular film. The public might not be as receptive to it so far down the road. Tastes change and right now Star Trek is riding a wave so I’d think the thing to do is make another film before the wave goes away. Unless you make the sequel take place 2-3 years after the first one. Why doesn’t CBS put Star Trek back on TV?

18. That One Guy - October 18, 2009

Okay, I don’t care if these aren’t exactly the most prestigious awards, but there is NO way that Meghan Fox should beat Saldana. Saying that Fox deserves an award for acting is just….

19. Steamblade - October 18, 2009

Too bad Shatner didn’t clock Abrams with the award. Somebody get Meyer on the phone.

20. Agentm31 - October 18, 2009

Conversation at CBS:

Executive 1: Alright people, we need ideas for shows.
Executive 2: Well, that Star Trek movie came out during the summer. That’d make a pretty good show.
Executive 1: There’s no way it could last.
Executive 3: You know, we could always ressurect Cavemen.
Executive 1: GENIUS!!!

21. The Invader (In Color!) - October 18, 2009


But, why did Shatner show up to pick up an award for a movie he’s never seen?

22. zanzibar - October 18, 2009

That was cool! Hope JJ does call Shat (does the Shat admit that he’s even seen 2000 yet?) Yah, Shat has a crabby rep but so effing what. It’d be great to see him in the next new to you Star Trek. Nimoy’s Spock was an elegant touch, but Kirk is Kirk and Shatner’s Captain Kirk IS the quintessential Star Trek icon. I even saw Rachael Ray make a ref to Shatner’s Captain Kirk on cooking show segment when her speech became sputtery as she tried to do too much at one time. So the Star Trek cultural penetration that I believe to have been precipitated by ST 2009, goes way beyond geek and sci fic TV. My point is that it all goes back to Shatner’s Kirk and it would be gemology to have him in the new to you sequel.

Speaking of the New York City Comic Con, Brent Spiner tweeted (after complaining about the size of his hotel room and the crappy weather) that he had dinner with Shatner and Mulgrew on Friday night (he said Shatner picked up the check). Wouldn’t you just love to have a movie of that repast?

23. zanzibar - October 18, 2009

I meant 2009 in the first sentence. Scuza my fumble fing3rs :P

24. Kirk's Kid - October 18, 2009

As Leonard Nimoy once said, “Shatner IS Trek.” He needs to be in the next movie to give a proper blessing to the new crew.

25. screaming satellite - October 18, 2009

24- yeah just like Generations

26. screaming satellite - October 18, 2009

Although itd be fun for Shats to appear in Trek XII its not needed – and would kind of upset the symmetry that’s happened:

Shatner passed to baton from TOS to TNG in Generations…

Nimoy passed to baton from the TNG era back to TOS

All is well

27. nonymoose - October 18, 2009

Shatner didn’t need to show up and accept that award. I mean, I love the dude, but that’s just annoying.

28. zanzibar - October 18, 2009

I don’t think the “new” crew needs any blessing. They ARE a blessing. It’s the tip ‘o the hat to we Trekprime geezers that Nimoy represented in XI and I think it would be appropriate, and great fun, if Shat graced XII with his imprimatur. The aforesaid is not to diminish the “admirable” performance Nimoy delivered in XI. Amazing how much Shat has grown as an actor, particularly his comedic streak, in the intervening decades. He’d be no less that extravagantly wonderful in XII. And if not, I’ll eat your hat.

29. Neville A. Ross - October 18, 2009

#18-Meghan Fox did more heroic things in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen then Zoe Saldana did in Star Trek-also, she wasn’t nearly naked like Uhura was in that scene, either.

30. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

All right, I’ll grant that ST2009 was NOT the “top”-grossing SF movie of the year. Although, to Trek fans, such as I, it might as well be….

However, ST2009 is, indeed, the best-grossing Trek movie of all time, unless I’m mistaken. And if someone with knowledge of adjusted inflation grosses can dissuade me on THAT, then at least Trek is ONE of the top SF movies of 2009.

Trek deserves all the accolades it gets.

31. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

I meant, “inflation-adjusted” grosses.

32. Shunnabunich - October 18, 2009

@18: Megan Fox getting an award for acting is like ebaumsworld getting an award for original content? :P

33. Brett Campbell - October 18, 2009

33 Shat has the biggest nads in the universe. Bigger than any of us fanboys could ever dream of.

That, bottom line, IMHO, is the reason people love the man or hate him.

Personally, I love him. Once he was made, the mold was truly broken. Plus, there’s no video of him to see now much “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” there was in his performance at this award show. But the photo does seem to present that “I’m gonna stir things up a bit” twinkle in his eye. Khaaaaaaaan!!

Paramount — please give Nimoy, Shatner and the others a closure film set in the prime timeline — if there is no way to work them into ST XII — before they truly do grow too old (most of them stay active as performers) and we lose more of them. Who but the TOS cast could do a superb Trek film about facing life’s end with peace, courage and dignity?

34. Kent Butabi - October 18, 2009

# 17 | Hey, don’t forget the Star Wars movies were three years apart and that didn’t seem to slow down the momentum. To confirm – while there were many reasons within the films that slowed things down, time was not one of them.

35. Son of a Maui Portagee - October 18, 2009

TREK took a DMACS:

36. The Weary Professor - October 18, 2009

Shatner was at the awards in L.A. last night? I saw him appear at the Big Apple Comic Con in New York yesterday morning. I even had a photo op with him in which he was wearing the same jacket.

May we all have Bill’s energy when we get to his age!

37. Rach - October 18, 2009

I wouldn’t be surprised if they still managed to get the movie out by 2011. A lot of actors manage to film two movies almost at once, and JJ might not direct, but still would produce.

38. noel hannigan - October 18, 2009

Hopefully Bill Shatner has had his lunchdate meeting with J.J.Abrams that J.J referred to recently and this was arranged as a result.If so perhaps Bills desire to appear in the next movie AND J.J’S stated willingness to work with him might finally be addressed.

39. Viking - October 18, 2009

If The Shat accepted the award, you can bet J.J. was complicit, if not an active co-conspirator. LOL

40. Lord Garth, Formerly of izar - October 18, 2009

Um, It was a set up, a funny set up likely between JJ and Bill over lunch at Spago. SOME of you tards think Bill crashed the party, rushed the stage and grabbed JJ’s award?? Really. Please stop sprinkling lead chips in your CooCoo Puffs each morning.
Most seem to get it but an alarming number do not. Wow!

41. AJ - October 18, 2009


noel hannigan

“Hopefully Bill Shatner has had his lunchdate meeting with J.J.Abrams that J.J referred to recently and this was arranged as a result.If so perhaps Bills desire to appear in the next movie AND J.J’S stated willingness to work with him might finally be addressed.”

He’s been pegged as the director of the next film.

42. Nivenus - October 18, 2009


Ah, if only. But let’s look back on last year shall we?

The Dark Knight? The second highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes at 94% (The Wrestler topped it at 98%) Check
Top-grossing film of the year (no contest really) Check
Multiple winner of Spike Scream Awards AND numerous others (such as Empire) Check
Oscar? Well, one for Ledger

So I suppose we MIGHT expect something for say, Urban. But I expect the Academy is less amiable towards in-your-face science fiction than quasi-borderline science fiction like the Dark Knight.

43. HotStove - October 18, 2009

That could be the only time that the words “Best Actress” and “Megan Fox” appear in context with each other.

As for the Shat picking up the Trek award, it was a funny bit, inspired a bit by the Kanye West debacle at the MTV Video Awards.

44. Ian - October 18, 2009

At least Shatner didn’t pull a Kanye! Haha

45. Enterprise - October 18, 2009

One of the few times you can say “Star Trek movie wins award”,

46. Darkwing - October 18, 2009

is it me, or is shatner a selfish dick? i mean come on “imagine how big it could be with me in it?” that is complete self centeredness. it’s like he completely ignored the fantastic job that the people who actually worked on the film did. personally, i would have rathered abrams get up and get the award

47. Third Remata'Klan - October 18, 2009


I’m ecstatic about Trek’s success, but Oscar? No. Seriously, no.

I love the movie, but the plot is full of ridiculously large holes. It’s one of only two 2009 movies I’ve seen so far, and I already know it’s not the best film of the year (even though it was better than the other movie I’ve seen….)

48. Third Remata'Klan - October 18, 2009

Megan Fox a better actress than Zoe Saldana?!?!?!

F*** that!

49. Trey - October 18, 2009

@ 48 (Third Remata’ Klan): i agree with you . Megan’s ok. but Zoe is my numbah 1

50. Enterprise - October 18, 2009

46 – It’s called a sense of humor. Get one.

51. Anthony Pascale - October 18, 2009

Darkwing, warning for trolling, that kind of language is not called for

52. The Invader (In Color!) - October 18, 2009

#48 Megan is HOTTER than Zoe…ergo, she deserved the award.

Seriously, what did Zoe do that was so great in that film? I’m not saying Megan necessarily deserved it either (for acting anyway)…but really…?

53. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - October 18, 2009

Megan Fox looks pretty damned good (as always) in that little red dress.

Little red dress……………….


Put her in ST XII! Quick!

Oh I can dream, can’t I?

54. Son of a Maui Portagee - October 18, 2009

“Imagine how big it could have been with me in it?” – William Shatner

I don’t have any data to answer these questions but if over the years he has managed to build up his international recognition via, BOSTON LEGAL, IRON CHEF, syndicated reruns (BARBARY COAST, STAR TREK, T.J. HOOKER, etc.) and his many other works on screen and off, then he could be precisely the shot in the international arm that this franchise needs.

55. Greg2600 - October 18, 2009

Shatner’s appearance does something I didn’t think was possible, will get me to watch the Spike Scream Awards! Usually those are about as lame, lewd, and useless as say the Team Choice Awards.

56. sean - October 18, 2009


Since when is Harry Potter scifi?

57. Michael - October 18, 2009

JJ has justy announced that he will indeed have Shatner on board ST12! Bill will direct and JJ will produce. Now all you fans can pull the trigger and blow your brains out. Shatner’s career will take a huge shift and he’ll be endorsing the lastest in exercise equipment. It’s call the Billbottom. Get buns of steel with Bill’s method of mass over motion technique. See William sweat profusely in a mauve spandex outfit while munching little debbie’s snack cakes. My hips are wide, my gut is going condo, but my butt is rockin’! I can crack walnuts between my cheeks!

58. Geoffers - October 18, 2009

Call the SHAT for the next one… end of story!

59. Enterprise - October 18, 2009


60. I, Mugsy - October 18, 2009

Shatner, the ‘joke’ about you not being in the new film is wearing thin now mate! You have nailed your colours to the mast by not even having seen it (or an episode of the next generation for that matter, even though you managed to work your way into that film… and get killed off… then moan about being a dead character later…) and then have the balls to still ‘pimp’ yourself as much as you can at guest appearances hoping secretly that you’ll be picked to be in the sequal.

Shatner – GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

61. Enterprise - October 18, 2009

Shatner just announced his new book, “SO I’M NOT IN THE NEW TREK MOVIE:”.

62. Andy Patterson - October 18, 2009


“As Leonard Nimoy once said, “Shatner IS Trek.”

I’ve always said that. And I believe it. I get shot down on that from some, but I believe it.

Also, I’m not one of those who think he should or has to be in these movies. What they made last time is not the Trek I know or love so I don’t think he has a place in there.

63. CarlG - October 18, 2009

@53: RED Dress?!?

My God, man, are you trying to get her killed?! :D

64. That One Guy - October 18, 2009

I certainly wouldn’t complain if “Redshirt #1864″ was Megan Fox. So long as she doesn’t make it to the end of the movie.

65. Andy - October 18, 2009


66. RD - October 18, 2009

#30. Hat Rick wrote: “ST2009 is, indeed, the best-grossing Trek movie of all time, unless I’m mistaken….then at least Trek is ONE of the top SF movies of 2009. Trek deserves all the accolades it gets.”

I don’t know why this keeps coming up. Especially from folks who have been around during some of the more heated discussions. Or why it matters.

TMP still holds the #1 worldwide adjusted slot at approx. $398M+. However, ST09 holds the domestic record at just about $22M over. But TMP is still the top grosser overall by at least $14M if not more. We my never know the true numbers for TMP but various reports put it at an adjusted $435M, retaining both the domestic and worldwide records. Nevertheless, at least here, we have all conceded the lower, but semi-verifiable numbers as the ones to beat.

Also, as long as people are making comparisons, TMP finished #3 domestically and #2 worldwide. TVH & TWOK both finished #5 & 6 respectively, and TSFS finished 8th & 7th, closer to where ST09 may finish after the holiday movies – in fact ST09 is already at 8th, worldwide well behind other movies it beat domestically. So in terms of yearly box office, this Trek did not do as well as some of its predecessors and it remains to be seen just how well it ends up for the year. I fully expect it to remain in the top 10 domestically, but it will likely be closer to15 worldwide.

And in terms of records, it was the most expensive to produce, so not only did TMP make more money overall, it also earned more profit.

But no one is arguing that ST09 is not the best performing film of all, nor that it is the best reviewed and has done more for the franchise than any other. As has been pointed out many times, 1979 was a different time and ST09 has done at least as much if not more for the franchise as TMP. Yes ST09 deserves whatever accolades it gets, as much as any film does, regardless of what you personally think. The question remains, what does it deserve? Well the answer to that is in the eye of the beholder – not in the box office numbers or annual ranking.

67. Ky Kiske The angel Of Light - October 18, 2009

Finally star trek gets the respect it needs I want it that way and im so glad true blood won instead of twilight. I like both star trek and true blood those are my favorite ones

68. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - October 18, 2009


That is indeed a flaw in the plan, but I don’t know would she look so damn sexy in a Science uniform!


Nope, red all the way!

69. Louis G. - October 18, 2009

Actually, shatner was indeed in New York for the Comic Con on Saturday afternoon,then flew to Los Angeles for the Spike awards, then flew back to New York for my 12:50pm (New York Time) photo op Sunday afternoon, what a guy!!!!

Shat Rules!

70. VOODOO - October 18, 2009


71. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 18, 2009

It’s nice to see all this interaction between Shat and JJ lately. Shows the door still isn’t closed for a Shat appearance in Star Trek XII. In fact, after bringing up the subject again, JJ should really deliver this next time. Get Shat in there in SOME role, JJ!!! If not Kirk Prime, then Tiberius Kirk or the Commander of Starfleet.

72. Smilin Bob - October 18, 2009

If there can be multiple Guinans connected to the Nexus, why can’t there be multiple Kirks? Who says the real Kirk didn’t exit the Nexus and enter into an alternate time line…


Kirk shows up, shocks the hell out of Spock. Spock asks him, “Aren’t you dead?”
Kirk then makes some slight comment about cheating death and we get on with the story. All through the story, Spock wonders how Kirk managed to cheat death, and of course, Kirk finally gives some coy, cryptic remark, everyone does their best, fake closing credits laugh, and we go on to eagerly await Star Trek 13, the Wrath of Takai.

73. VOODOO - October 18, 2009

Andy #65

If they are not forcing him in the script how can William Shatner (and Leonard Nimoy for that matter) in a “Star Trek” movie be a bad thing?

First a meeting between Abrams and Shatner. Now Shatner accepting this award… I am starting to think we see the Shat in the next movie as Kirk prime.


74. Spockish - October 18, 2009

I have an idea(dream) Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana are slave trainee’s as Kidnaped Orion Slave girls. They have a cat fight and the referee is William Shatner, both girls deside to go against The Shat and The Shat does not survive.

So The Shat dies in STM#6 and in STM#12, will the be in STM#18 and die in that one also.

And I’ll bet ya a Tribble that Shatner and his promo guys have been working on that appearance as sioon as Bill learned that the movie was a hit with out him. And the only reason Star Trek is still around is because he was the star, the plots and the idea of a better future hand only a little part in it’s popularity.

75. Trek Nerd Central - October 18, 2009

#40 Lord Garth, I agree that it’s obviously proof of collusion between Shatner and Abrams (and frankly, it gives me hope that Le Chat WILL be in the sequel), but . . .

Could we PLEASE dispense with the “tard”? I really hate the use of “retard” and “tard” as nyuck-nyuck insults. People I love have developmental disabilities. That usage is hurtful beyond description. Drives me nuts.

Thank you.

76. Smilin Bob - October 18, 2009

Overheard in JJ’s office…

Ok, Bill, you can be in Star Trek 12…and Mission Impossible 4…and Star Trek 13, too? Jesus….fine. Regarding Henry 2? Wtf? Fine….

77. Enterprise - October 18, 2009

Shatner woild be cool as the IMF boss. He and Morpheus could work together.

78. Capt. of the USS Anduril - October 18, 2009

Wow Bill…that’s a bit pushy, isn’t it?

And Megan Fox as best actress? She just came across as bitchy in Transformers 2, Zoe had zest and spunk and…well, a personality.

I still don’t understand the hatred for Transformers 2 though, can someone explain that to me?

79. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

RD wrote, “Yes ST09 deserves whatever accolades it gets, as much as any film does, regardless of what you personally think. The question remains, what does it deserve?”

I’m having trouble figuring out these two sentences, which, at least at first glance, seem to contradict each other. If the movie deserves whatever it gets, as much as any film — “any film,” mind you — does, then why is there still any question as to what it deserves?

By the way, I think it was Box Office Mojo that reported that TMP had been dethroned by ST2009.

80. RD - October 18, 2009

#78. Box Office Mojo never reported any such thing. 1) BOM mostly concerns itself with the Domestic revenue, and 2) mainly reports unadjusted grosses, therefore, almost every new moderately performing film will beat the records of even the top grossing films of 30 years ago. But, in both cases, BOM is accurate based on information available. However, they never said it beat the international record.

If you have an official report to the contrary, post a link and I’ll happily retract my statement.

Not sure I follow your confusion about my statement. Every film deserves what it gets, because the majority of opinion has weighed in on it and it has therefore done its job. For each person, what it deserves is going to be different and that is the distinction I was making. But ultimately how well it did at the box office is not a valid assessment of anything, whether you liked the film or not. Transformers 2 is likely going to be the highest grossing film in the US for 2009, by over $100M. Did that film deserve to make that much? And since it did, does that validate any other awards it may receive?

81. Enterprise - October 18, 2009

Can we just agree TMP blew?

82. capnjake - October 18, 2009

Number 9 you do realize that the Mayans never said the world was going to end on december 21 2012 right? quite a few Mayan desendants have been talking in interviews about how annoyed they are that people pin that on the fact that the calender ends on that date.

there is one Mayan desendant who is prominant expert on the mayan civilzation who said that the whole 2012 nonsense was started by superstisous people in western civilzation who are always looking for something to tie to a doomsday. and that everyone always seems to forget all the prior “DOOMSDAYS” predicted to happen that never occured.

number 26, shatner’s apperance doesnt need to throw off the symetry, ive said it before and i will say it again. they can very easily have shatner aged kirk if they were to reimagine a story like the deadly years,(which by the way airs in syndication tommorrow)

83. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 18, 2009

# 80 … No, we can’t. Great movie.

84. capnjake - October 18, 2009

72 you are absolutely right, as gunian said a part of her remained in the nexus, why would that not hold true for everyone who entered it.
I always thought that saying kirk died in generations was a poor excuse to not have shatner play the part again, when in reality a part of kirk was still alive in the nexus.

on a side note its a shame that we never got to see in televison or movies the fates of characters like chekov,sulu or uhura in the next generation timeline like we did with spock, Mccoy, Scotty,Sarek. true sulu was in voyager but it was in tuvoks mind.

85. Smilin Bob - October 18, 2009

William Shatner will play a cryogenically frozen Denny Crane in Trek 12. Discovered on a sleeper ship, launched in 2010 from an underground hangar beneath 20th Century Fox. Almost immediately after being thawed out by the Enterprise crew, Denny attempts to take over the ship. The cries of “No, I am Captain Kirk” are heard from the bridge all the way down to the Budweiser plant on the main Engineering Deck. In the end, Denny Crane is defeated and sentenced to exile…in syndication.

86. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 18, 2009

On a related note, I’ve read some interesting news items on other sites recently that I don’t believe have been reported here yet. Namely, a) Malcolm McDowell saying he hated the way Kirk was killed in Generations (McDowell aptly describes Kirk as “one of the great icons of American television”) and b) Shatner saying that his appearance, the fact that he looks so different than he did in the 60’s, is what kept him out of JJ’s movie.

Very, very interesting comments, particularly the latter.

87. Smilin Bob - October 18, 2009

I saw that on another trek website, too. Reminds me, Generations is one of the few Trek movies I do not own. Just not a good movie. When the writers, who perpetrated the mess on the moviegoing public, says it’s not that good of a movie, you know it’s bad.

Seriously, wonder if they really could ignore Generations. Not like they paid much attention to anything in Trek V, either. Did anyone ever hear if Scotty and Uhura made it past home plate? No? Didn’t think so. Still, I would steer clear of time travel. Do inter-dimensional, but no time travel. Kirk steps out of the Nexus–he’s the real Mccoy–and the plot goes on from there.

It’s either Kirk comes back or we get Jack Black’s Harry Mudd and his Space Hookers.

88. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

I think I read on Box Office Mojo an inflation-adjusted account that supports my statement. If not BOM, then somewhere else. The exact chart I have in mind eludes me at the moment. Nevertheless, I WAS able to find the following:

Note the statement that ST2009 has edged out TMP in total attendance. You could make all kinds of distinctions — domestic versus international, gross versus net, etc. But there you have a fairly good indication in and of itself of the success of ST2009.

Also, I find your explanation of your statement ever more confusing. The first part of it can only be circular, but if so, what is its significance to the second if not to show its irrelevance? If every movie deserves what it can get, then what it should get is what it deserves.

89. Capt. of the USS Anduril - October 18, 2009

#80 Maybe you should go back through THIS site’s archives regarding the final results of Star Trek’s box office run. They went through and compared it to all the prior movies adjusted for inflation, and ST09 beat TMP solidly.

I just realised the perfect role for Bill Shatner in the next movie. Not Kirk Prime. Not Tiberius Kirk. Lord Garth of Izar. Inflated egolomania. Perfect role for Shatner.

90. The Original Spock's Brain - October 18, 2009

Gotta love the Shat!

91. Jim Nightshade - October 18, 2009

I think jj should direct the shat in a musical version of Caesar–et tu bru-tay!

92. VOODOO - October 18, 2009

Lord Garth #40

You are correct.

Shatner and Abrams were both in on this. When you combine this with their recent meeting (I swear that I read they were having some type of a meeting) it gives me hope that Shatner returns in the next film.

93. RD - October 18, 2009

#87. That article supports exactly what I was saying. It is reporting only domestic information, not worldwide. And that is not in dispute. Attendance is derived by dividing the average ticket price of $7.18 into the domestic gross. We do not know how BOM arrived at that figure, but suffice it to say if domestically ST09 grossed $22M more than TMP which is not in dispute, then it goes to figure it will divide into more parts. That figure may not account for IMAX sales which BOM in another article also noted would likely reduce ST09’s overall attendance since the tickets per seat cost more.

You will not find a chart on BOM that shows ST09 beating TMP worldwide in adjusted dollars, because it did not happen. But what does it matter for your argument?

Let me see if I can clear my statement up for you.I know it will earn some awards. Obviously any awards it receives it will have earned from that body. Since we don’t yet know which awards it will earn, it is up to us to form an opinion about what awards we think it deserves, whether we agree with the outcome or not. Simple. Whether or not it broke any box office records is irrelevant to whether it deserves an award or not, unless it is the award for breaking a box-office-record.

94. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 18, 2009

#92 “I swear that I read they were having some type of a meeting”

You’re correct, VOODOO. JJ said last week that he & Shat have a lunch coming up. It was at this time that JJ repeated that he’s still open to having Shat in XII. They really just need to make it happen. Even if Shat appears only as a memory of Spock Prime, they should work it out.

95. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

“It is reporting only domestic information, not worldwide. And that is not in dispute.”

Thanks for clarifying that. I’m primarily interested in domestic performance, not worldwide grosses, as you might guess.

Further, consider that TMP cost $46 million to make. Its worldwide gross is slightly more than three times that figure. By comparison, ST2009 cost about $100 million and returned close to four times the cost.

“We do not know how BOM arrived at that figure, but suffice it to say if domestically ST09 grossed $22M more than TMP which is not in dispute, then it goes to figure it will divide into more parts.”

Where do you get the $22 million figure from? ST2009 grossed considerably more than $22 million more than TMP. Are you talking about adjusted dollars?

Concerning whether box office is the sole indicator of how many awards ST2009 should get, I don’t believe I ever said it should be.

96. RD - October 18, 2009

#89. – Check this out:

You have to add the figures in the charts yourself, but TMP domestic is listed as $239 and ST09 domestic is listed as $258. TMP international is listed as $169 and ST09 international is listed as $127. The respective totals are TMP $408 (adjusted for inflation) and ST09 $385.

TMP is the highest grossing worldwide
ST09 is the highest grossing domestic

97. Jim Cude - October 18, 2009

“JJ, I’m going to let you finish, but William Shatner has the biggest toupee ever made….” -Shat-ye West

98. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

TMP worldwide is listed as $139 million at:

That would put TMP behind ST2009 worldwide using the same adjustment as in Post 96.

99. RD - October 18, 2009

#95. So you don’t think the rest of the world matters?

My apologies for misunderstanding your post.

However, you have your figures wrong.

TMP budget was $35M and grossed $139M, a Return On Investment ratio of 4/1. ST09 budget was $150M and grossed $385M, an ROI of 2.5/1.

The TMP $46M figure includes costs for the abandoned Phase II series. However, even if you calculate the ROI using the higher budget figure it is then 3/1 and it still a higher ROI than ST09.

But what does it matter?

100. RD - October 18, 2009

#98 – please do the math and show your work. I don’t follow how you have TMP coming in just behind ST09 worldwide.

My adjustment is based on BOM’s own inflation calculator. Anthony has used the Cost index adjustment and comes in higher at $408M

101. RD - October 18, 2009

FYI, these are the two methods being used:

Box Office Mojo uses the average ticket price for 1979 of $2.51. Divide that into TMP $139M gross and that results in 55.4M tickets sold. Multiply the number of tickets by the BOM 2009 average ticket price of $7.18 and the adjusted-for-inflation Box Office is $397.6. That is $12.7M more than ST09’s total. If one uses the cost of living index, then TMP is $407M, and grossed $22.1M more.

102. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

$408M / $169M = a factor of about 2.4

2.4 * $139M [not $169M] = about $358M [not $408M]

Also, on your Post 99, three things: TMP budget figure is given as $46M, period, without qualification, in the Wiki article I referenced. Further, ST2009 is assumed to be about $100M or, at most, about $110M, not $150M. Third, why $139M and not $169M, which you cited earlier?

103. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

Re: 101: This clarifies where you get the $22M now, but you’re playing with numbers. BOM still comes out with more tickets sold, which means that one of you (you or BOM) is in error or just using different assumptions. Also, how can the cost of living index result in $407M given the discrepancy between $169M in 1979 dollars and the figure you yourself used in Post 99?

My questions in Post 102 still stand, as well.

104. RD - October 18, 2009

Hat Rick, where is this $169M figure coming from?

Also, READ TMP article on Wikipedia. It says specifically the budget grew to $46 because of the Phase II costs being absorbed, which budget started at $15M.

And why are you so willing to rely on one Wikipedia article that says TMP is $46M budget, when the ST09 Wikipedia article says it’s budget was $150M?

Every media source out there says ST09 budget was $150M.

105. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

Correction to 102: $46M does include Phase II costs according to Wiki. Re: $150M, although this is the most prevalent figure, at least one source I’ve read states that ST2009 actually cost closer to $100M. Some sources state “over $100M” without being more specific.

106. RD - October 18, 2009

Oh, I see where you get $169M

From Trekmovie’s adjusted for inflation franchise charts

US $239 (adjusted)
INT $169 (adjusted)

US $258
INT $127

107. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

$169M comes from your Post 96:

“TMP international is listed as $169 and ST09 international is listed as $127.”

108. RD - October 18, 2009

#105, well which sources are those? Variety, Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, Box Office Mojo and Trekmovie have all listed it as over $140M, with most major sources reporting $150M.

109. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

I misinterpreted your $169M reference. If your citation of TrekMovie’s figure are correct, and if TrekMovie’s adjusted figures are correct, it seems likely you are correct that worldwide gross for ST2009 is smaller than that of TMP.

110. Smilin Bob - October 18, 2009

Since some of you feel dirty debating film budgets, why not just pay Harlan Ellison equal to how much Star Trek 1 cost in 1979 so they can use the Guardian of Forever in Star Trek 12, so Spock can use it to go back and try and save Kirk. In the process, canon is rebooted to 1986 and all is well in the Trek fandom. At the end of Trek 12, Spock does strongly advise his friend to not direct their next adventure after the conclusion of their whale adventure. To the cheers of the fans, Kirk agrees.

111. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

108, many major sources will also state that home video and other contributions are much more substantial today than in 1979. As for the specific source you asked for, I’d have to look into that.

TrekMovie has also stated that home video and other sales will probably propel ST2009 well beyond its current gross. See:

112. Will_H - October 18, 2009

Wait, Megan Fox can act? Seriously, that’s news to me. Safe to say if this had not been fan votes she would have come in last, but I guess too many of us guys out there get having a rocking body and the ability to act (at all) confused. Not that I honestly think Zoe is the greatest ever, but she gave a really solid performance in Star Trek, especially considering how little she’s been in before hand. As for the Shat bit, I think he just pulled a Kanye West, but I’m pretty sure this was probably staged, though I didnt actually watch it. Glad to see Trek came out ahead of that garbage that was Transformers 2.

113. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

Megan Fox can act flirtatious while straddling a motorcycle. Hey — these days, that counts, apparently.

114. RD - October 18, 2009

#111. Nobody is debating that home video and other sales will probably propel ST2009 well beyond its current gross. I fully expect ST09 to earn $250M in DVD sales. But in terms of sheer box office, TMP is the top earner.

There is no way to know how much TMP has earned from home video, but I would be surprised if over the last 30 years TMP has not earned at least that much if not much more, going from VHS & Beta rentals, to VHS & Beta home purchase, to VHS replacement of obsolete Beta, to VHS director’s cuts, to Laser Discs, to DVDs, to Blu-Ray, and all the various editions thereof.

115. Hat Rick - October 18, 2009

“But in terms of sheer box office, TMP is the top earner.”

Could you refresh me on why this is so important, given the larger scheme of things? I thought that box office wasn’t that critical to the merit of a movie.

There may be no way to know how much TMP has earned from home video, but we do know that home video and cable casting is probably much more important today than in TMP’s day. If there is no way to know how much TMP has earned from revised formats and editions (despite the fact that these are historical facts, but let’s just let that go), there is certainly no way to know how much more ST2009 will earn from the same, except that it will probably earn even more, proportionately speaking, based on the overall tendency we do see toward nontheatrical and customized versions of movies.

116. RD - October 19, 2009

#115 – LOL I have been asking you that! I corrected your information and you told me I was wrong. I could care less. But facts are facts. And you kept insisting they were wrong or I would have stopped posting long ago. And yet you keep making an issue out of it by debating whether ST09 will make more in home video. And then you bring up cable without recognizing how important network TV was in the early 80s. Well guess what, we’ll never know for sure so it is academic.

The most important thing about ST09 is how much mainstream attention it has brought to the franchise. NOT how much money it made at the box office or is likely to make through DVD and other ancillary sales. Paramount paid a lot of money to market and distribute the film and will pay more still to market and manufacture the DVDs. And, there are residuals which must be paid to the actors for TV, Internet and DVD, so it’s not so much about the money as it is about the film doing well enough to generate a sequel and investment in the future of Star Trek.

Whether you love or hate ST09, the franchise is back and has a future for the first time in 6 years. That’s all that matters.

117. Enterprise - October 19, 2009

At this point, I’m glad Trek 09 made money, but the Classic Trek films seemed to have better staying power at the box office. Trek 09 seemed to be in and out of theaters pretty fast. I remember seeing TWOK in the summer it came out, and later on in the fall, It was STILL PLAYING! You rarely see that these days. Of course these days, movies come out on DVD faster. I’m sure Trek 09 will make ass loads of money on DVD.

118. Spockish - October 19, 2009

It seems since there is such an argument over who leads (STM#1 or STM#11). We’ll know when the figure out was JFK done in from the bank tower or the sewer drain or the guy on the grassy hill. How about let whom ever believe their version is their view and another view is just another angle on the story.

When there is a counting system created to give valid #1 counts then all movies after that can be graded, until then all views are personal beliefs. Any other arguments let the Supreme Court give the answer.

It does not matter to me which is #1, I’ll trust a coin flip more than a personal belief.

119. Son of a Maui Portagee - October 19, 2009

#115. Hat Rick

For me the issue is a consistent metric over time.

As first reported in the September 27, 1981 in section F page 3 of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER in an article by Desmond Ryan, Inquirer Movie Critic,

“The hugely publicized STAR TREK made $100 million but that rosy figure looks slightly less cheerful when one remembers that the film cost an astronomical $42 million to make and that a picture has to bring in three times its production costs to break even.”

This article, TREKKIES TREMBLE AT SEQUEL TALE on page three of the October 2, 1981 BOCA RATON NEWS,,286832

is a reprint of it as carried by Knight-Ridder.

It seems clear the hurdle demanded of TMP after its run was to exceed 3 times its budget in domestic gross.

Now if you are going to rely on BOM’s numbers for the 2009’s gross. I’d expect that would compel you to regard their budget reporting of $150 million as equally respectable.

As for Ryan’s reporting TMP’s domestic gross as $100 million, I believe that is owing to the way projected grosses were reported first and that it took much longer for Paramount to gather and calculate the actual total receipts back then – not to mention circulate them to the media. So $82,258,456 got rounded to $100 million.

As to what infotainment reporting means:

120. Anthony Pascale - October 19, 2009

I am not sure why people want to obsess over TMP and if it sold more, since that is a different era, etc. In the end ST09 will make more money due to the much larger home market today. TMPs numbers are only a bit higher at theatrical because of the international number that is listed on some websites, which I have not been able to confirm, and also running that number assuming 1979 levels of inflation, when really most intl sales were actually in 1980 and so the number goes down. I actually believe that ST09 outsold TMP, but i havent been able to get paramounts real intl’l numbers. ST09 certainly outdid TMP in the biggest markets. I am not sure where all the sales came from

but as I said, if ST09 is 5% more than TMP or 5% less, does it matter…not really. Paramount only cares about today and how Star Trek performs relative to their other films, other competitive movies at other studios and relative to their investment. Right now they couldnt be happier and they are very much looking forward to all the Q4 home video cash the movie is going to bring in, which will exceed home video sales of TMP by many factors.

There is really only one measure of ‘success’ of TMP vs. ST09 that matters and that is that after TMP, Paramount brought in a new team, and even before ST09 premiered Paramount cut deals to ensure they had the same team for the next movie.

but sure, please call paramount and say ‘but TMP sold more overseas than ST09 adjusting for inflation…it is a huge failure, waaaah’

121. McCoy's Gall Bladder - October 19, 2009

“Hopefully Bill Shatner has had his lunchdate meeting with J.J.Abrams that J.J referred to recently and this was arranged as a result.If so perhaps Bills desire to appear in the next movie AND J.J’S stated willingness to work with him might finally be addressed.”

He’s been pegged as the director of the next film.

Shat’s the ST12 director? Oh, my…

But seriously folks, there would be no Trek without Shatner. Proof of that happened in 1966 when they dropped Hunter and approved Shatner.

And NONE of us would be here if Shatner hadn’t hammed it up at all those conventions lo so many years ago that if you read Nimoy’s books were an inconvenience to the other actors until they too got into the spirit of it. Remember that Doohan complained about being typecast and he hated Scotty as much as Nimoy hated Spock until the late 80s early 90s.

Long live the Shat!

Hail! Shat! Hail! Savior of the Universe!

122. S. John Ross - October 19, 2009

#120: “I am not sure why people want to obsess over TMP and if it sold more, since that is a different era, etc. In the end ST09 will make more money due to the much larger home market today.”

Because some (many? most?) Star Trek fans obsess over trivia and this detail is, as you’ve so ably demonstrated, trivial :)

“There is really only one measure of ’success’ of TMP vs. ST09 that matters […]”

I can think of dozens that matter … not matter to Paramount, perhaps, but matter in the long run. Money can’t predict (for just one example) 70 years from now, which one will people be watching more often, citing in articles, making references to in other fiction, imitating and emulating (or if, indeed, both films will be forgotten by all but the faithful).

123. greenapple7 - October 19, 2009

@10 Silly person he said number one sci fi:
Transformers, not rlly sci fi more like just special effects,
potter (sci fi???) fantasy
Xmen- superhero but still not rlly scifi
Terminator: yes sci fi

124. Crusade2267 - October 19, 2009

Shatner is having fun with this, I bet you!

125. Hat Rick - October 19, 2009

There is only one that really matters in this debate: STAR TREK LIVES.

May it live long and prosper. :-)

126. denny cranium - October 19, 2009

Re Bill Shatner

Shat I love ya,(see my moniker below) but stop goading JJ in public about being/not being in the last/next film.
Let them write the story first and if they can find a way to write you in then great. I would love to see you as Kirk one more time.

Re if ST-TMP grossed more than the last film, WHO CARES?
Remember there wasn’t any live action Trek for 10 years so it was a big deal.
Star Trek 2009 was/is a success

127. shane - October 19, 2009

i’m beginning to really hate william shatner… i mean…. just go away!!! put him in the next movie and he will only try to (unsuccesfully) steal every scene he’s in plus he’ll dilute the quality. theres no need for him to be in any way involved in anything star trek… ever… again.

128. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 19, 2009

#127 “i’m beginning to really hate william shatner”

Why? because he, JJ and the producers of the Scream Awards arranged this fun stunt? You sure are easily manipulated. Your mind must be made of Play Doh.

129. Magic_Al - October 19, 2009

Balloon dad Richard Heene’s plans for a TV show included speaking to William Shatner about hosting:

Shatner is everywhere!

130. AJ - October 19, 2009

I am interested in gauging Trek09’s success vs. the others because I want Trek to be a success guaranteeing its tentpole status at Paramount for films and to get CBS to put it back on the tube.

A three-year hiatus is going to require tons of marketing support so that it doesn’t have to re-introduced to the public, especially any new fans which came in this year. If Trek09 was truly considered a success by TPTB, then we’ll get something to hold us in the interim.

131. Nata - October 19, 2009

Yay Shatner appearance, that was a hoot!

And him and JJ obviously setting up this joke gives me hope for Shatner in ST-12.

Please use him in the next movie, and most importantly – let him and Nimoy play off each other while they still got it and willing and able!

Those guys are a legend, Star Trek owes so much to them and they still rock – see their latest DragonCon shtick, it’s epic!

As for how to resurrect Kirk – whatever, it’s Trek.
Just drop it casually in a conversation – “Oh, by the way, did you hear they got Kirk!Prime out of Nexus?” – and then cut to the two old geezers bantering and arguing and enjoying each others’ company either in S-F or on New Vulcan.
Maybe make them comment on the happenings of the movie, as means of exposition. They can be arguing about what young Kirk and Spock are doing, with old Spock defending young Kirk and vice versa. :)
Just show them banter about anything, that’s enough, they got it to a T by now. :)

132. Kirk's Kid - October 19, 2009

I just want one more movie with Kirk Prime and Spock Prime so they can go off into the sunset together. Instead of a last memory of Kirk Prime under an effing bridge with Picard just standing there watching him die.

133. bill hiro - October 19, 2009

How rigged are these Scream so-called “Awards”? I assume Paramount and/or CBS owns some stake in Spike and thus drummed up inconsequential “awards” to bolster their own property to publicize the imminent DVD release? Its not like these “Scream Awards” mean anything. They’re about as meaningful as a People’s Choice Award.

134. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 19, 2009

#133 … Who cares? All awards shows are baloney if you ask me. Like the MTV Movie Awards, these Scream Awards are not stuffy, they’re fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And Star Trek *was* one of the most popular films of the year with the Spike tv demographic (young men), so why not show it some love?

135. Brygida - October 19, 2009

If anyone had seen JJ at Shatner’s Annual Charity Horseshow for severely handicapped kids, you would know that JJ loves the man and that Shatner in return has the greatest respect for JJ. JJ helped make the last charity show a resounding success and brought all his people with him (Kurtzman, Orci, Quinto, Urban, Pine, Greenwood, and more). Shatner has a wicked sense of humor and does not do anything (that I have ever seen) that is malicious or harmful. If he didn’t answer you at a convention, he probably didn’t hear you (very bad hearing).

On the Big Apple Con thing…. I was there, in NYC on Saturday the 17th. Shatner was there before noon. THEN, took a jet back to LA. THEN, got right back on a plane to meet his Sunday commitment at Big Apple Con!!!! He’s a man who keeps to his commitments and cares about THE fans. All this at 78. May we all be blessed with good health to keep his kind of schedule at that age.

136. AJ - October 19, 2009

Spike TV is a division of MTV Networks, which is held in the same umbrella as CBS and Paramount.

It used to have loads of ‘Trek’ on it in the early days.

137. Trek Nerd Central - October 19, 2009

#135. Amen. I hope I’m that energetic in my late ’70s. He seems sharp as a stick.

138. Trek Nerd Central - October 19, 2009

#135. Tack. I meant “sharp as a tack.” See, I’m not 78, and I can’t even keep my cliches straight.

139. Colonel West - October 19, 2009

haha, excellent work by the shat!

don’t take everything so seriously guys, i’m sure it was all prearranged beforehand for the shat to pick it up, good to see him and jj poke fun at the whole thing.

don’t be so naieve to think that the shat just legged it up there to hog the limelight peoples!

140. Losira - October 19, 2009

The last laugh. For the leary trekkies to attended the awards in costume did not getted mocked! We trekkies …and the shat did all the laughing! And guys again don’t take. Bill so sreiously! Yo know it was planned and again the last laugh was for our selvies! And joy too for trek to do so well! Can’t wait to see DVD sales! And so trek is 2012! I’d rather wait for high quality. Thenwaste from haste!

141. dmduncan - October 19, 2009

Not only will ST.09 kick butt in DVD sales, but the movie has re-release potential written all over it. Throw it back out in a few years. Maybe in 3D. Better yet, shoot that Shatner scene (would have been beautiful), and advertise that new ending in the re release and see what happens.

Re release TMP and your audience will consist mostly of crickets. Nonpaying ones.

142. girl6 - October 19, 2009

This was the viral advertising for Shatner being in the next movie. JJ knows what he’s doing.

143. Lulu - October 19, 2009

JJ you better call the Shat! Come on guys he is a freakin legend. Bill is a huge reason why we watched the orignial show!
The top five reasons why Bill should be in the sequel:
1. He is William F***in Shatner
2. He made the show along with the rest of the cast.
3. He is a brilliant actor – there I said and I mean it. (Don’t mock him)
4. He has a right to be in this movie – he created the character along with Gene and should be given the same chance that Leonard had. BTW Leonard was AWESOME.
5. Hello – Leonard and Bill on the screen together! They are pure magic!
*6. My plug is to have all the orginal cast members show up in some way – you cannot love Star Trek without adoring all these actors. It brings a tear to my eye they are not all with us

144. Losira - October 19, 2009

Well put 141 a re release would be fun I 3d!

145. Edwin - October 19, 2009

I spoke with Bob Orci at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show dinner in April and he mentioned that Shatner was definitely going to be in the next Trek film. I thought he was kidding but he seemed quite serious about it. It is very clear that JJ Abrams and Bob Orci and the rest of the team involved in ST 09 have a great deal of respect for Mr. Shatner and there does not seem to be any animosity between them.

146. P Technobabble - October 19, 2009

Absolutely no doubt the Shatner thing was all in fun. Whether Shatner is in the next film or not, I’m sure both he and JJ know how good it is too keep things happening in the marketing world. Shatner is good for Star Trek, and always will be, whether people love him or hate him… and why anyone would hate the guy, I’ll never know… JJ obviously understands how important William Shatner will always be to Star Trek, just as Nimoy, Kelly, Doohan, etc. will always be. He is not about to get into any sort of “Bay/Fox” bickering in the media. I believe just as Shatner got along quite well with Patrick Stewart (derailing all those who said they’d never get along because of Shatner’s ego), he gets along famously with JJ, and I’m sure JJ has great respect for Shatner and the amazing career that goes along with him.

I don’t think Shatner should be in any film just for the sake of putting him in. If the writers come up with some clever way to make him part of the story, that would be great, and I’d be happy to see Shatner get a better curtain call than he got in GEN. But does anyone really think the writers are going to bring in “older Kirk” after they just got done bringing in “older Spock?” Would that not seem redundant, as well as contrived?

I do not think the writers are going to give us “The Search for Kirk.” It may simply be time to acknowledge that the new cast is now the crew of the Enterprise and move on from there…

147. Edwin - October 19, 2009

How about a remake of the Deadly Years? Chris Pine “ages” into Shatner for half of the movie. Contrived? Yes! Cool….? Absolutely!

#146- I don’t think Shatner should be in any film just for the sake of putting him in. If the writers come up with some clever way to make him part of the story, that would be great, and I’d be happy to see Shatner get a better curtain call than he got in GEN. But does anyone really think the writers are going to bring in “older Kirk” after they just got done bringing in “older Spock?” Would that not seem redundant, as well as contrived?

148. VOODOO - October 19, 2009

145. Edwin – October 19, 2009
I spoke with Bob Orci at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show dinner in April and he mentioned that Shatner was definitely going to be in the next Trek film. I thought he was kidding but he seemed quite serious about it. It is very clear that JJ Abrams and Bob Orci and the rest of the team involved in ST 09 have a great deal of respect for Mr. Shatner and there does not seem to be any animosity between them.

No offense Edwin, but why would Bob Orci tell you this three years before the movie comes out? Why wouldn’t have this somehow leaked to the net?

149. screaming satellite - October 19, 2009

148 – it was Bob Orci Prime back from 2012

150. dmduncan - October 19, 2009

One clever way to get Kirk Prime in the movie as a thinking character without violating any principle they’ve already established:

They already wrote a scene which includes a holo movie of Kirk Prime which wasn’t shot.

So let’s take that one step further.

Spock comes from the 24th century in ST.09, and is a contemporary of Picard, who’s a contemporary of Janeway, which means Spock is a contemporary of the Voyager. The doc in Voyager was a fully interactive hologram, so that technology is contemporary with the time period that Spock left.

So let’s say Spock Prime left something for Kirk where he would find it. So you wouldn’t necessarily need Nimoy back to pull this off. That’s right, a holo emitter. Of Kirk Prime.

And just like that, Shatner has a meaningful role, not a cameo. And since he’s a hologram, he can’t really challenge Kirk Pine. There’s still only one real Kirk and the most holo Kirk can do is advise, criticize, sympathize with, crack jokes, give Kirk Pine information about their father he never knew, withhold information from Kirk Pine he thinks he shouldn’t know or have, etc.

151. Lord Ravenwood - October 19, 2009

Just proves that there is no accounting for taste!

152. John from Cincinnati - October 19, 2009

Yes, JJ and Bob and Alex have a great respect for Shatner as they should. But JJ, Bob and Alex are talented in what they do and know quality when they see it. Too bad the younger audiences don’t have that same perspective to see Shatner was great as Captain Kirk and because of his greatness he was characterized by many people including comedians. Newsflash, if Shatner wasn’t good, he never would’ve had so many impersonators and Star Trek never would’ve made it out of reruns.

153. Capt. of the USS Anduril - October 19, 2009

A thought…how does the Kirk/Spock scene on the bridge qualify as a “fight scene”? It looked more like a “Spock beats the crap out of Kirk” scene. Which it was. Which is how it should be. The only fight in that whole movie that Kirk had a chance at winning was the bar fight. the rest of his fights were against an enraged Vulcan(which anyone who remembers “The Naked Time” and “This Side of Paradise” should know that this ended exactly how it should) and pissed off Romulans. Both races have greater strength and speed than humans, so I don’t get why people complain about Kirk getting beat up. It happened all the time.

154. dmduncan - October 19, 2009

Shatner is great. And that’s discernible next to Hunter’s Captain Pike who was eh. And Shatner hit the ground running from Where No Man Has Gone Before onward. Anyone could have played a character named Kirk, but William Shatner turned him into an icon that represented the balance between logic—Spock, and emotion—McCoy.

155. dmduncan - October 19, 2009

153: Kirk getting his ass beat was a rarity in TOS. Even when he enraged Spock in Naked Time or This Side of Paradise, it wasn’t to provoke a fight to see who could beat whom, it was to snap Spock out of the dangerous emotional absorption he was in.

Even in ST.09 Kirk wasn’t challenging Spock to a face off, he was trying to make Spock look as bad as possible to force him out of command.

It would be nice to see this in future episodes as just another part of Kirk’s strategic skills, i.e., you’ll get Kirk right where he wants you, and while you’re gloating about his near-to-be demise he’s fixing to steal your gun and put a hole in your gut.

In addition, if Kirk is an expert in hand to hand combat, as I think he is supposed to be, the extension of Spock’s arm while choking Kirk—for those who know anything about jiu jitsu—is a rather easy vulnerability to exploit if he was looking to do that. Brute strength will not count for much against a superior strategic thinker, which I would presume Kirk is.

156. Hat Rick - October 19, 2009

It’s a fair bet that Kirk might have won the bar fight had Uhuru not reacted indignantly concerning his inadvertent physical contact with her during same. And had there been fewer than, oh, twenty furious cadets arrayed against and/or ready to clobber him.

157. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - October 19, 2009

Good lord, just put him in the movie already. And by the way, think about writing, and filming his scenes soon! He is 78 years old, what are we waiting for? Just shoot ’em and put ’em in the can.

And as much as I love Trek (TOS only, please), it is nothing more than entertainment. I really don’t care about the story contrivance they will have to come up with to put him in the movie. Will it be more unbelievable than the slapdash exposition they put in Nimoy’s mouth in this year’s movie?? The man is the original Captain Kirk, with whom we all grew up. He appears willing to play the role again. He is alive. What is the problem? If John Lennon and George Harrison were alive and said they wanted to get the Beatles back together, would someone argue that they shouldn’t? Nimoy and Shatner are part of The Beatles of American Television. A reunion would be FUN. Movies are supposed to be FUN. You can’t go home again, but you can come close. Light. En. Up.

158. dmduncan - October 19, 2009


159. LOO-SER! - October 19, 2009

LMAO. I love William Shatner lol!

160. Hat Rick - October 19, 2009

158, LOL. I can still see that grin on his face. ;-)

161. Iowagirl - October 19, 2009

We reach, sis. :)

162. bbgon - October 20, 2009

YES Mr. Abrams, please do call Shatner!
Kirk and Spock deserve to ride into the sunset together. Any way you want it, but let them have a happy ending for their story.
It would make so many fans happy, and it means: they all will watch the movie several times! Personally, I promise you at least ten, if both Shatner and Nimoy are in it.

163. Dan - October 21, 2009

Leaving Shatner in the next one would be wrong!!!!

164. Dan - October 21, 2009

Correction: Leaving Shatner out of the next one would be wrong!!!!! It’s late

165. Closettrekker - October 21, 2009

#81—-“Can we just agree TMP blew?”

Certainly not….

166. dmduncan - October 21, 2009

TMP didn’t suck totally, but it’s a fan film through and through. I feel like a total geek watching it because the film has very little I can recommend to non fans that average folks could get absorbed into and enjoy, and I think that’s crucial to Star Trek’s success in the future.

I can’t watch 30 minutes of it without getting a thousand yard stare anymore.

It was just so slow, even from the beginning with the Klingon vessels running from V’ger at like 7 mph.

167. dmduncan - October 21, 2009

Today if you shot that scene over, the Klingons would warp out and V-Gers fireball would warp after them, then you’d see some high octane Klingon Battlecruiser maneuvering like a fighter plane as it tried to shake the fireball off its tail at warp speed before getting zapped right in front of a Federation space station along the Neutral Zone.

168. 790 - October 21, 2009

I was at the show and it was hilarious!!!
Shatner came out to accept the Ultimate Scream award for Star Trek even though Abrams was in the front row. He received a standing ovation he then accepted the award on behalf of Star Trek 5, The Undiscovered Country.
It was pretty funny.

He then kinda begged Abrams for a role in the next film….

169. Lord Ravenwood - October 21, 2009

I don’t care how much box office “Star Trek XI” did, it still sucked!

I actually enjoyed “Star Trek: TMP.”
At least it had a viable story that was not full of illogical plot holes. It was well directed, well photographed, and had a minimum of lens flares!

170. Harry Ballz - October 22, 2009


….and you could go out to the lobby for popcorn and a bathroom break without missing a thing! Bonus!

171. Shatner_Fan_Prime - October 22, 2009

#170 … LOL, Harry! Good one. Even though I like TMP, I do understand the criticisms.

172. Lord Ravenwood - October 22, 2009


Same with “Star Trek XI!” I walked out on that polished turd and still didn’t miss a thing!

173. Harry Ballz - October 22, 2009


Thanks! :>)


Say what you want, but Trek XI was anything but boring!

174. Closettrekker - October 22, 2009

TMP didn’t have much to offer me as a child, but as an adult fan I have come to admire it very much. Of the original six feature films, I would have to say that I like it only slightly less than TWOK, and only slightly more than TVH.

But I would have to agree than a casual viewer would likely not find much about it that was appealing. I enjoy it because I am invested in the characters, and the V’Ger incident is an important part of their journey in the film era. Without that “built-in” interest, I certainly would not have seen it at least 50 times in the three decades since it has been released. But that interest in the characters is there—-and so I have.

175. Harry Ballz - October 22, 2009

Closettrekker, you are one smooth-talkin’ son-of-a-gun!! Kudos!!

176. Son of a Maui Portagee - October 23, 2009

# 169. Lord Ravenwood once observed ”I actually enjoyed “Star Trek: TMP.”
At least it had a viable story that was not full of illogical plot holes. It was well directed, well photographed, and had a minimum of lens flares!”

I did too. And it was a “success”,

“Production has begun on STAR TREK II, Paramount’s sequel to its successful STAR TREK – THE MOTION PICTURE.” – BOXOFFICE, December 1981 issue, Vol. 117, No. 12, page 8, in the column HOLLYWOOD REPORT under the subsection PRODUCTION & DEVELOPMENT, 4th paragraph

“STAR TREK successfully journeyed from small screen to big as STAR TREK:THE MOTION PICTURE.” – BOXOFFICE, July 1987 issue, Vol. 123 No. 7, page 30, in the article PARAMOUNT: STILL THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN under the subsection A DECADE BEYOND, 9th paragraph

But I suspect TMP largely gets a bum rap because it isn’t experienced in its proper venue.

“I still love my movies to be seen in the cinema. That’s where they’re meant to be shown.” – Robert Wise, Director

177. Son of a Maui Portagee - October 23, 2009

114. RD,

Brace yourself, I stumbled across this at the LA TIMES:

apparently in fact checking DeForest Kelley’s obituary post publication back in 1999 they came up with this:

“Of the first seven STAR TREK movies, the most successful was the first, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE which grossed $138.8 million worldwide, according to Exhibitor Relations Co., which tracks box-office receipts.” – Elaine Woo, TIMES Staff Writer, LOS ANGELES TIMES, June 12, 1999, article: DEFOREST KELLEY, ACTOR BELOVED AS DR. MCCOY ON STAR TREK, DIES AT 79, under the section: FOR THE RECORD

According to ERC’s FAQ:

they’ve been at it for more than 30 years.

178. Amy - November 2, 2009

Star Trek 2009 is great!
And considering that the franchise was dead, so this ST2009 IS THE MOST SUCCESFUL MOVIE!!
Let this clear, nobody gave a shit for a STmovie until this amazing reboot!

JJ will kill the new movie if get Shatner to act there! C´mon think about it! Do you really want to see a fat and old Cap Kirk? I don´t.
Please! It will be a nightmare!

179. jezza - December 9, 2009

Pity The Hangover was shut out though

180. Eric - May 12, 2010

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