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Viral Video Leads To ‘Klingon Empire’ Website October 25, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,Great Links,Marketing/Promotion , trackback

The Klingons were created in the 60s to be the Star Trek stand-ins for the Cold War ‘Red Menace’. This week an impressive new video was uploaded to YouTube titled ‘Klingon Propaganda’, which runs with the notion by creating a motivational cartoon from the Klingon perspective in the style of 20th century Communist Propaganda. And it is so well-made, it raises the question as to whether or not it is ‘Fan Made’ or something more.


Klingon Propaganda
One Friday the following video was uploaded to YouTube under the name "Klingon Propaganda".

That is pretty impressive, not just for the production value, but for quality of Trek-ness, right down to Kor licking the Klingon knife. But, what is this for? The video description is:

A transmission recently received from an extraterrestrial source. Prepare for battle.

It was uploaded by an account (tanastvar) with no other videos. It just so happens that ‘Tanas‘ was an off-screen Klingon character referred to in the DS9 episode "Sons and Daughters."

Video leads to website
The final frame of video shows Klingon letters in what appears to be a website address.

Web address in Klingon

 Translating the Klingon letters into English gives you the web address, which turns out to be a real website with a distinctively Klingon interface.

The website

The left side menu of the site has four sections, the first being ‘movie’ which shows the same thing that is on YouTube. The second section is called ‘Mission’, which is told by "Tanas T’var" who is a "fellow Terran" explaining how the Klingons are coming and how that is a good thing because we will all become part of the Empire, which is better than the current state of being "a deeply flawed Species" that wastes resources, etc. The third section includes desktop downloads from some of the images from the video and the final section allows you to sign up (via email) to join the Klingon Empire.  

Join the empire?

What is this all about?
Checking the ‘WHOIS‘ record for the website doesn’t illuminate anything as it lists the owner as "Tanas T’var" from "tlhIngan yejquv." It is unclear when the site went live, but it was registered on May 1, 2009 (the same day that the ‘tanastvar’ YouTube account was created). However when you right click on the website you can see that the Flash Animation was made by "Bad Monkey Studios" which is an animation studio in San Francisco run by a Mark Farinas, who is certainly a Trekkie since he has a profile on Memory Alpha, and he even has a review of the Star Trek 2009 movie on his blog.

It is not clear if this video and site are something that Farinas has done on his own, or is for a client. The client list of Bad Monkey is mostly made up of left-leaning political groups like Greenpeace, PETA and the ACLU. It is possible this is somehow related to a campaign for a group called Breakthrough regarding immigration. In 2008 Bad Monkey made a Star Trek parody animation for Breakthrough titled "Don’t Deport Me Scotty" (watch that below).

So for now "Klingon Propaganda" is cool animation that may be part of some campaign, or just a fun project for a creative Trekkie. TrekMovie will keep an eye out for more.


Thanks to Ulrich for the YouTube find



1. Michael Monroe - October 25, 2009

My first thought is Star Trek Online.

2. MrData - October 25, 2009

Wow, this is crazy stuff.

3. Will_H - October 25, 2009

Yeah, if they’re starting Beta soon it would be a good time to start viral marketing of STO. Looks cool, though, what ever it is.

4. I am not Herbert - October 25, 2009

Pretty KEWL!!!

5. Devi - October 25, 2009

It’s totally Star Trek Online viral marketing.

That animation is spectacular. The production value is high. The artwork is awesome, the color palette, the animation and the shot selection. It’s probably professional.

6. Wes - October 25, 2009

anybody else thinkin bout the sequel…come on, in 2006 the big poster for this year’s movie was the teaser poster showing the dated uniforms which let us know the film was a prequel and the era it would be in…….could this be a sign who the next villains are?


7. Hat Rick - October 25, 2009

Not to be picky, but the crashed Enterprise is way too small. :-P

Still and all, it identifies the Klingons as a cross between the Soviets and the Japanese Empire. Something about the very first sequence, and the last, is reminiscent of Tokyo Rose and some kind of antiquated Orientalism.

Gotta say, love the Pakled.

8. jefv88 - October 25, 2009

Death to the Empire!!

9. Hat Rick - October 25, 2009

I’m also waiting for the Federation version of this video. You know — how the Federation is the last, best hope for peace, justice, and freedom, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Complete with the Amer– I mean, the Federation flag waving in the background as Supe– I mean, a typical Federation explorer stands proudly gazing upward in that classic heroic stance.


10. The WIld Man of Borneo - October 25, 2009

Whoever thinks this is not fan made is off their rocker. And if it’s not fan made… I hate even more what star trek has become.

11. The WIld Man of Borneo - October 25, 2009

And besides, it has TOS Federation era ships. Not the Abrams fed ships.

12. VOODOO - October 25, 2009

Is it at all possible that we just found out who the villians will be in the next film?

13. somethoughts - October 25, 2009

Would be cool if this was viral marketing for the next trek film, cool beans!

I can totally see the Klingons in the next movie. With the right budget/script and direction, the Klingons can finally be the next bad boys of cinema.

If this was for STO, I am def gonna try it now.

14. John Cooley - October 25, 2009

Anybody else notice Kor? How about the fact that the Kligons looked like a cross between The Original Series and the later look for Klingons? Are we getting a look at The New Universe version of Klingons?

15. 24th Century Rockstar - October 25, 2009

Holy crap – THIS IS AWESOME!!!


16. Bill Peters - October 25, 2009

This has to be fan made….hope it is something cool!

17. VOODOO - October 25, 2009

Wes #6

Didn’t see your post before I commented (#12) but I was thinking the same exact thing. That 2006 poster that came out of nowhere announced to the world that there was a new ST film and that it would be a prequel.

It seems unlikely, but you never know.

18. Imrahil - October 25, 2009

Wow, that was fantastic. :) I’m also thinking STO, by the way.

19. David West - October 25, 2009

Bad Monkey is a marketing firm in the Bay area.
Cryptic Studios is in the Bay area.
Cryptic is about to start it’s Klingon marketing focus.

My guess this is either the start of that campaign, or the video is the start of a Klingon fleet recruitment drive for the game if it is a fan created thing.

20. 24th Century Rockstar - October 25, 2009

Just where in God’s name did they find a freaking children’s choir that can sing in Klingon?!?!?!?!? Aaaaaaaah – it’s so greaaaaat! XD

– 24thCRS!

21. John Cooley - October 25, 2009

As for the Constitution Class starship there that could be a representation of an Original Series ship or if this is part of something for The New Universe it’s apperance could be explaned as simply the artistic choice of the Klingon Ministry of Propaganda.

22. Gary Sebben - October 25, 2009

No body has mentioned that it could be for a new animated series. I mean, neither the movie or the game are cartoony. I think an animated series would be wild.

23. John Cooley - October 25, 2009

22. Gary Sebben

Good observation Gary it could indeed. And the era depected in this piece could only be good news for fans of The Original Series!


24. somethoughts - October 25, 2009

Very creative, A+

The video did it’s job and garnered interest and getting us folks talking about it and speculating what it is all about, btw, JJ is notorious for these kinds of viral videos, cough cough Cloverfield.

25. sarah - October 25, 2009

yeah, deff star trek online.

26. AJ - October 25, 2009

Looks like a grass-roots campaign for a left-of-center organization with a fairly wide-ranging agenda. It refers to the Earth’s very 21st Century problems.

The work is fantastic, however. I’d like to see more!

27. Adam E - October 25, 2009

First thought here was also Star Trek Online.

After reading the “mission” and details in the article I’m also thinking it could be a fan’s indepent environmental / anti-violence agenda.

Either way, very interesting and exciting!

28. Daoud - October 25, 2009

Someone should check over on the forums to see if any of the expert Klingonists were involved.

I find it strange they’ve got both types of Klingon fonts in use. That’s totally weird to see Mandel characters mixed with the Ad Astra (oft called Okuda/TNG) set…

As a former Klingonist… I must say that propaganda cartoon is the most superb thing I’ve seen. I’ve lost my fluency, so checking the tlhIngan Hol for accuracy would take work, but I really really think there’s a strong hint of Dr. Okrand at work!

29. The Bear - October 25, 2009

Is that a Pakled next to the Andorian prisoner? Great video! Has anyone bothered yet to run the song through their universal translator?

30. Hat Rick - October 25, 2009

29, yes indeed, a Pakled.

31. Sean - October 25, 2009

I don’t see how this could be for STO. The era clothing and weaponry for the Klingons is all wrong. Not to mention the era of the Federation ships it looks like the Klingons are destroying. It all points to TOS era, so I really have no idea what this is for. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

32. Cato the Llama - October 25, 2009

HA!! Did anybody else notice that in the “Don’t Deport Me Scotty” parody, Sulu said that the melacortz ramistat was malfunctioning?

The redundant melacortz ramistat was part of the B.S. that Riker made up to confuse the Ferengi pirates that took over the Enterprise D. Just kinda neat to see them throw that in there. Now THAT is technobabble!

33. Enterprise - October 25, 2009

Some viral sites for the DVD coming out in a few weeks?

34. Daoud - October 25, 2009

After some reflection and multiple viewings…

this almost 2 minutes of Klingon Propaganda… almost left me feeling as satisfied as the almost 2 hours of Star Trek ’09.

Whomever is truly responsible for this piece… *completely* understand the potential of Star Trek doing a Klingon story right.

Oh if only….

It’s almost like someone read John Ford’s Klingon books, and thought about everything for once.

Can we have this kind of “deeper” please on the screen?

35. Anthony Thompson - October 25, 2009

Viral for ST Online? Not likely, because that game won’t take place within the TOS era.

Viral for JJ’s sequel? Even less likely because Bob & Co. haven’t decided on the direction their story is going to take. But it won’t be unreconstructed TOS era, in any event.

So just enjoy it and don’t worry too much about where it came from and what it’s purpose is!

36. Hat Rick - October 25, 2009

Since people are giving their second thoughts, my second thought on this video is that the size of the Enterprise is actually probably correct. I think that I was thrown off by the size of the flag the Klingons were waving, which, upon pullback, might be disproportionate.

37. Newman - October 25, 2009

My first thought was also of Star Trek Online.

But after reading the mission statement, I get a feeling this is for some kind of left-wing outfit à la Greenpeace.

But it’s an interesting notion. The way we are destroying our planet and killing each other, would we be better off under Klingon management?

38. Sebi - October 26, 2009

Wow, could someone please translate the whole thing?

Ah, and btw:

‘ej HumtaH ‘ej DechtaH ‘Iw
‘ej Doq SoDtaH ghoSpa’ Sqral bIQtIq

Now everybody sing along!

39. Your Friendly Neighborhood Mobile Emitter - October 26, 2009

It can’t be viral for STO…as has already been mentioned, everything about this video screams “Original Series.” STO is post-“Nemesis.”

I like Gary Sebben’s suggestion…what about a new Animated Series? I’ve heard rumblings that Paramount is interested in getting Trek back on the silver screen in a weekly format…maybe this is some sort of precursor to that?

40. ety3 - October 26, 2009

Remember that company which put out TOS desktop themes a few months ago? Maybe they’re working on a Klingon version.

41. NCC-73515 - October 26, 2009

I wrote a comment (as LMUli) and translated the pIqaD…

42. Locutus - October 26, 2009

I watched the video and my first reaction was : WTF!!!?
The song used in the video is a Turkish children song about birds… I used to listen to it in Turkish national TV maybe 20 years ago… How the makers of this video found this song and used it in is a mystery to me… :)
Anyway, here is a video of the song, sang by a group of children…
By the way, this is not the only Turkish reference in the movie…
– At 0:47, when three Klingon are eating around a table, the one who speaks says “Merhaba efendim”, which means “Hello sir” in Turkish… Also, the table setting is very similar to a traditional Turkish table setting…
– At 0:50, while a Klingon troop is marching, the voiceover mentions “Yeniceri”, which is the turkish word for “Janissary”, an elite Ottoman warrior…
Well, there seems to be at least one Turkish guy behind this production, I must say… So, “merhaba efendim!” :)

43. Locutus - October 26, 2009

I am unable to see the link in my previous post… I’m trying to post it once more :

44. greenapple7 - October 26, 2009

Klingons as the next villain??
How can everyone be so narrow-minded?!! That’s so obvious it’s not even funny! How about something original? Klingons could be a minor villaing in an opening battlee or something, but I’d really like to see a vulcan!



It would be perfect! with their planet destroyed and everything there would be some cool way to do that!

45. Clark - October 26, 2009

I’ve never posted before, probably never will again – but I had to say that this is one of the coolest Star Trek Universe things i’ve ever seen.

Short animated internet vignettes like this could be a cool way to expand the universe and really flesh out the great species that we know and love (or hate!). Imagine the minutiae we could learn about the Trill, Andorians, etc.

46. NCC-73515 - October 26, 2009

Here’s what the pIqaD says:

tlhIngan ra’ghomquv jabbI’ID (Klingon High Command data transfer)
ghatlh Qapla’ (dominate success)
betleH rach lulbalt (bat’leth ? ?)

Who knows what “rach” and “lulbalt” mean?

47. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 26, 2009

Loved the first Video and hated the second. The Klingon Video was great. Having Kor looked as he did in the Tos and some other klingons look as they did in Enterprise and in the Tng era was great. maybe a Sign that the Augmentation was reversing as seen from Enterprise. I hope they do more videos as i love what they did. It would be kool to see a Propaganda of the Terran Empire as well. Long Lve The Terran Empire.

48. - October 26, 2009

This is so Weird and Sooo Wonderfull … GORGEOUS!!!!

49. Happy Russia - October 26, 2009

The propaganda vid is just ingenious. So ingenious, in fact, that I HIGHLY doubt that it’s anything to do with Star Trek XII. The writers aren’t *that* smart.

If it’s for STO, I’m so tempted to go and buy it.

tlh’Ingan j’IH! Hahahaha!!!

50. CmdrR - October 26, 2009

Great stuff!

51. Crusade2267 - October 26, 2009

Very nicely done, though I would like to know what the narrator is saying, as my Klingon is a little rusty.

52. I'm dead Jim - October 26, 2009

@44… Well, that’s thinking outside the box but I still think it would be interesting to see re-booted JJ Klingons.

53. Randall - October 26, 2009

LOVE IT. This is brilliant! And yes, HOPEFULLY it’s something to do with the next film—because THAT is what the next film needs—some good old fashioned “Kirk kicking Klingon ass.”

The Klingons are and always have been WONDERFUL and FUN villains, and it would be a delight to see the sequel centered around a struggle with them, if we have a fun (not darkly psychotic) Klingon “lead villain” that the crew could spar with. It’d be a major thrill. Enough “dark and disturbed” Neros, Khans, and Shinzon or whatever the hell his name was—enough with the deeply melodramatic “revenge” themes—let’s have a good, normal, stable villain—not actually “evil,” just in opposition to Kirk and company—and the best choice for that is the Klingons.

AND this video, if it has something to do with it, retools the Klingons BACK into their original 60s paradigm—as stand-ins for the “red menace,” and THAT is in keeping with the return to the origins of Trek which the first movie did so well. It’d be brilliant! Kirk fighting a Klingon opposite, and then the story resolves out where they leave as enemies, but not “bitter” enemies—they’ve come to understand each other a bit more and respect each other. Love it. THAT’S what the original series did so well. We need a Klingon like Kor, Koloth, or Kang. Someone Kirk can fight, but still feel a little…. affinity with. AND WE as the audience need a villain we can kinda “love.”

Yes! Do it! Are listening Orci and Kurtzman? DO IT!!! Do that and I’ll forgive every silly liberty you took with sense and science in the first film—though god knows I LOVED it. And so did my kids—who previously HATED Star Trek.

54. David_Alexander - October 26, 2009

They’ve gotta use that shot of a constitution-class crashed on a planet in the Star Trek sequel…

55. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - October 26, 2009

Why does the article here not mention anything about the fact that although these are obviously meant to be TOS Klingons, they have the ridiculous TNG Klingon foreheads? Does that inconsistant detail bother anybody else? Or am I the only person who even noticed it? Come on, people….

56. Ben - October 26, 2009

Great video! Glad to see then Klingon Empire isn’t going to sell my e-mail address or spam me after I signed up to “join” them.

My guess is that it’s somehow related to STO. If it were Star Trek XII then it would be an awesome and yet painfully two years to wait and see more awesome work like this.

I want to believe too that this may be a new push from CBS promoting a new Star Trek series. Remember those cartoon characters from earlier this year. Perhaps this is an extension of that.

57. Imrahil - October 26, 2009

#47: Not quite–Kor has ridges in the video (albeit subtle ones, like Chang’s from Trek VI), and he didn’t in TOS.

58. Navy - October 26, 2009

Greenapple7 I agree with you. Take is a step further. Sybok.

He has the force of will to build a huge group of supporters pressuring for a federation – romulan war… The federation decides that vengeance for nero’s actions would not be in the best interest of peace and will not support an open war against the Romulan Empire.

Sybok, filled with hate, realizes he can capitalize on the klingons desire for revenge on the romulans. Sybok has significant emotional pull with Spock since the loss of their mother. This puts the enterprise and crew in dangerous water and the new fresh kirk/spock friendship is put to the test. Some how Kirk’s desire to be the best starfleet captain… by a long shot of course… puts him in even greater conflict with Spock’s emotional views because suddenly he realizes and bears the weight of the responsibility that is being Captain of the Enterprise. Spock, perhaps becomes angered because Kirk won’t go barreling in there right away to help Sybok…

59. frederick von fronkensteen - October 26, 2009

I’m wondering why it can’t be just a fun video by a professional fan who thought it would cool to make. It doesn’t have to be promoting anything. Am I too naive in this day and age?

60. Imrahil - October 26, 2009

Well it’s definitely promoting something, otherwise why the signups on the webpage?

61. Navy - October 26, 2009

In any case I would say it would have to be fan made or produced by someone with rights to use the star trek product.

Otherwise if it’s someone like greenpeace or peta(who i don’t support due to their support of disarming civilian populations) I hope Paramount sues them stupid.

62. T'Cal - October 26, 2009

Don’t believe them! Don’t trust them!!

63. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 26, 2009

#55. I think this is keeping in line with canon. On Enterprise we had the Augments that the Klingons experamented on and then the results caused them to lose there forheads and caused them to look like they did in the Tos series. Then over time they were able to reverse it and be normal looking as they once were. Remember in the Ds9 Episode Trials and Tribbleations we see Worf fighting the klingons from the Tos and he was about to give the explanation when the fight eurpted because a Klingon insulted the Enterprise and Scotty was not to happy about. So this Video to me is keeping in line with Canon.

64. ns - October 26, 2009

”Otherwise if it’s someone like greenpeace or peta(who i don’t support due to their support of disarming civilian populations) I hope Paramount sues them stupid.”


65. Sebi - October 26, 2009

Damnit, I wanna know!

Just hope Vreenak doesn’t show up..

66. Sebi - October 26, 2009

@63 – Worf wasn’t about to give an explanation because “Klingons don’t discuss it with outsiders”

67. Eli - October 26, 2009

^ It would be within Paramount’s right to sue for use of their licensed property without permission for marketing purposes.

And It’s not nice to call someone an idiot simply because you disagree with them on certain issues.

Greenpeace and Peta are two organizations preventing the United States from producing their own fossil fuel reserves for energy and keeping us dependent on the Middle East and Canada.

68. Trekluver - October 26, 2009


Mabye some Klingons fall into the Singularity Spock created and end up in the JJ-verse. I’m hopeing they bring Kirk back to life and drop him in it to go find Spock, it could be called “The Search For Spock 2″! LOL If JJ Abrams could get Shatner in it and some how make the Prime Kirk meat the New Kirk it could have a lasting impact on where they take the series, just as it did with Prime Spock. Or just throwing out ideas here they could have Kirk go into the singularity to find Spock while the new Kirk finds Khan’s sleeper ship. After new Kirk awakens him and kidnaps the whole crew, remenicent of the episode Space Seed, Kirk Prime comes and rescues them and takes Khan and drops him on Seti Alpha VI, makeing sure he don’t make the same mistake he did when he put him on Seti Alpha V!

69. Trekluver - October 26, 2009


They allready did that! A.k.a.- Star Trek V????

70. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 26, 2009

#66 Point Taken. But there were questions asked of him and he was not Comfy with Answering them. But was kool seeing Worf beating up on Tos Klingons.

71. NCC-73515 - October 26, 2009

Here’s what I hear:
tlhIngan wo’ ghan maH.
la wa’maH chanuvomoH Day
‘ej Saqvam Sichjaj laghojjaj yuQ SaSIq ‘a’? chay’a?
Ha’DIghoS cha mu
qaqaq ‘ej tlhIngan yoQ tlhu’pu’ wo’ chyughoch
nIbejjIQ tayqeq oghqang ‘ej majQa’ yISop tlhIngan maj yenIcherI la wIghaj
maywI’ yoH tepbIn ghey yotDaH wo’ mutlh.
‘ej la neng long qaj lo’wo’ pe’vIl poQ yuQvam wogh
tlhIng SIghajjey ragh’ach
qelqe’ ghaj chIqwI’ pagh DaH vajay.
lu’ghomlIj rogh ghaj
chImghey poSmoH ghaj
je yap je tlhIngan wo’ mov
SIbe’ Su’ach ‘a’ chang ruv boS SIbI ‘a’

72. Sebi - October 26, 2009

@70. Agreed!

73. THX-1138 - October 26, 2009

The Klingons were responsible for the Cloverfield monster crashing to earth and destroying New York.

It’s so obvious a caveman could see it.

74. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 26, 2009

#73 I think you might be on to something. But it could be Nero in a last ditched attempt to destroy Earth somehow sent this creature from the 23rd century and from the Planet Delta Vega to our Earth. I think that could also be possible.

75. MC1 Doug - October 26, 2009

“It is unclear when the site when live…”

um, perhaps the author meant ‘went’ ?

76. qurgh - October 26, 2009

@71: There are pIqaD subtitles on the video on Here’s what I get from them and the audio:

tlhIngan wo’ngan maH
law’ wa’maH cha’ nughoHovtay’
‘ej Sachvam SIgh’ jaj law Hoch law
yuQ DaSIgh’a’
Ha’ jIghoS. chav muv
qaghaqchej tlhIngan yuQ tlvpu’
wo’ cheo Hoch
mIp ‘ejIQ tayqeq
‘ov ghang
‘ej majQa’ yISop
tlhInganmaj janISSary
lawwlghach maywl yoH
tep bInge yotghachvo muv
‘ej law’ negh yongghach lo’wo
pe’vIl potlh yuQ Qan wo’ tlhIng
SIghghach je raghghach qelqItghghach
HI’tIy’pagh Dapvajay’
nuHHomlIj roQghach
tlqmey poSmoHghach
je yach je tlhIngan wo’ muv SIbI
Su ‘ach ‘a chargh
ruv boS SIbI’a’

Unfortunately it has pretty bad grammar. This is the best translation I can come up with (and I’m a professional Klingon translator):

We are inhabitants of the Klingon Empire
be many, 12, (??? – something about arguing)
and expand-this, it influence’s, many day, many all
Do you influence the planet?
Let’s go, we apporach you. He joins achivement
I contribute, he enjoyed the Klingon planet
Empire’s (??cheo??) all
Civilisation (??’ejIQ) wealth
He competes, he ends prematurely
and Well done! Eat!
Our Klingon janISSary
The brave “be-manyer-ness”‘s “be fairer”
You take away cargo, from invadeness he joins
and soliders “get-in-ness” users are many
Forcefully the empire’s Kling protects something importants planet
“Influence-ness” and “decay-ness” “consider-be-possible-ness”
(???) Dictator-?-zero nonsence-!#?curse*@#-more-cursing
Your small arms (NB: weapons) put-down-ness
hearts scattered around cause-to-be-open-ness
and he strokes and immediatly he joins the Klingon empire.
Ready. but but conquer Immediatly collect justice?

77. Sebi - October 26, 2009

Cool, pointed nacelles on the constitution class… just recognized it…

78. The Beezer - October 26, 2009

Has anyone noticed that when you watch the film on the website that there are subtitles that go along with the narration?

Perhaps there are those of you out there who could translate it for us? That way we’d know what this propaganda film is saying.

79. somethoughts - October 26, 2009


They are dying….


80. NCC-73515 - October 26, 2009

77 good hint!
I’m on it, I can read pIqaD without having to check them all the time.
I’ll post the translation as soon as I have it, but I’ll have to get home first. Expect it in 2 hours.

81. somethoughts - October 26, 2009

Does anyone see the resemblance of the Klingon licking the knife to the modeled after the joker in the Dark Knight? Would be cool if they created a Klingon leader in the form of the Joker, crazy, nutty and off the wall drama.

82. somethoughts - October 26, 2009

Remember how the script for the next movie was due by Christmas 2009?

What if, the script is done and they wanted to keep it quiet and had this viral
video to get us talking about it.

What if, boborci and crew finished a masterpiece of a Klingon sequel and pulling the woolies over our eyes telling us they haven’t finished it yet and everything is still in talks….

83. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 26, 2009

#81. It sounds crazy. But it could be the truth. They could be misleading us and yet they could be telling us the truth. Or maybe the Court has been replaced by agents of the Klingon Empire. Bob Orci may not be him. He may be an agent who has captured him and now is trying to act like him. Hmmm. Sounds like a possibility.

84. I'm dead Jim - October 26, 2009

After reading the website, it seems clear to me that this is in support of environmental issues, perhaps an organization, and very well done indeed. It’s peculiar, however, (Spock raises eyebrow) that that would choose a fairly narrow group (Trekkers) to send their message to save the planet. Fascinating.

85. Sebi - October 26, 2009

Yep, I’m with No. 83.

After reading Bad Robo… sorry Bad Monkey’s Client list and watching some of their videos it seems obvious that this is some sort of environmental campaign, since on they state that we as a species are wasting resources. And when were Klingons ever aware of that.


I really hoped it would we viral marketing for STXII, I really did…

86. somethoughts - October 26, 2009

If you click join us, it states, “Join our mailing List and find out about newly released movies and the latest news from the motherland.”

Could they be referring to the new movie coming out in a few years?

Could this be a way of educating the non star trek fans about the Klingons ahead of time/before the new movie is released in 2011/2012? Getting the hype out early so there is no confusion later on?

87. somethoughts - October 26, 2009 leads to a Star Trek/Klingon Fan site…

88. John in Canada, eh? - October 26, 2009

Whatever the environmental sub-text this vid might have, this is not from Greenpeace or PETA. The imagery here is clearly Trek, and no grassroots organization would use intellectual property from Paramount/CBS without their permission. The symbol of the Klingon Empire and the battlecruiser are copyrighted; no way Greenpeace would risk a lawsuit for a viral campaign.
So: it’s either ST:Online, or another commercial product about to be launched. It’s not for the next movie — no one puts good money into marketing a movie that still hasn’t shot a frame of film, let alone have a release date. My money is on ST:O.

89. Kobayashi Maru - October 26, 2009

I don’t care where it’s from, it is awesome and I pray it is a reflection of where Star Trek is going….

90. Sebi - October 26, 2009

Hey, John in Canada. Sorry but that video makes no sense in connection with STO. Yes, you are right, it’s all copyrighted material, but look at the stuff they have been doing. It would be totally out of character for them to do a “real commercial”.. Especially with focus on TOS when ST:O is post-Nemesis.

.. eh?

91. NCC-73515 - October 26, 2009

tlhIngan wo’ghan maH
law’ wa’maH cha’ nughoHovtay’
ej’ Sachvam SIgh’ jaj law yoch law
yuQ DaSIgh”a’
Ha’pIghoS. chav muv
qaghaqbej tlhIngon (mistake!) yuQ tlvpu’
wo’ cheo Hoch
mIp ‘ejIQ tayqeq
‘ov ghang
‘ej majQa’ yISop
tlhInganmaj janISSary
lawwlghach maywl yoH (confusing l and I)
tep bInge yotlachvo mut
‘ej law’ negh yongghach lo’wo
pe’vIl potlh yuQ Qan wo’ tlhIng
SIjjach je raghghach qelqItghghach
HI’tuy’pagh Dapvajay’
nuHHomlIj (your small weapon) roQghach
tlqmey (should be tIqmey, our hearts) poSmoH (open) ghach
je yab je tlhIngan wo’ muv SIbI
Su ‘ach ‘a chargh
ruv boS SIbI’a’

92. somethoughts - October 26, 2009

If I was working on a new Star Trek film and wanted to get the word out and create discussions, this viral video will be a great start.

If the next villains are Klingons and they are indeed doing a Klingon back story, this is brilliant.

The TOS ships/Klingons scream potential sequel, the whole thing screams allegory also.

JJ is notorious for these kinds of viral videos, the due date was for a new script was for xmas 2009, they have rebooted Star Trek and showed how the USS Enterprise family came together, why not tell a story of how the Klingons came together.

If this isn’t for the next movie, I hope it inspires boborci and crew to write a kick ass Klingon story in the spirit of that viral video lol I’m hooked to that video/song…Imagine what they did with Star Trek in Star Trek09 and the potential for them to do the same thing to the Klingons, /drool

93. Adam E - October 26, 2009

Has anyone entered their e-mail address?

94. Mr. Anonymous - October 26, 2009

Man, I really love the look of these Klingons, too. TOS Klingons with small ridges in their foreheads. I kinda hope that’s the direction they take them in any subsequent JJ films. =)

95. somethoughts - October 26, 2009

Yes, nothing yet

96. cpelc - October 26, 2009

Here’s your culturally relevant issue – using too many resources-

Perhaps paint the Klingons in the light of the United States instead, through colonization, exploitation and the overuse of natural resources. It’d be neat to see “us” as the villans.

97. Thomas Marrone - October 26, 2009

Tags in the YouTube video point to some sort of new animated series:

Star Trek Klingon propaganda agitprop Klingons battle space torpedo trailer transmission ship cartoon culture language tlhingan hol mah animation series

Notice “trailer,” “cartoon,” “animation,” “series”

98. AJ - October 26, 2009

This video certainly brings the Klingons out of the “For Dummies” version that we had in late TNG and DS9. It brings them back as a reflection of parts of our own society which the West still considers mysterious and potentially evil and intimates that they have a government that doesn’t just stand around yelling, but actually has a firm grip on its own society from cradle to grave.

Far more menacing, IMHO.

I hope it’s not some lefty organization, but something official. I won’t write in my e-mail address until I know it’s the latter and not the former.

99. Imrahil - October 26, 2009

#96: I wouldn’t be surprised if the “series” referred to is an online one, done in flash like this.

100. johndoe - October 26, 2009

No word from Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Hmm.

101. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - October 26, 2009

95. ?????? , please go away

Hope this is real, looks good. I’d love to see the good old fashioned Commie -Ottoman – Klingon’s from TOS!!!

No Viking- Apache- tea ceramony – pseudo samurai-biker -bad prosthetic teeth – overly buried in makeup ,. Next Genie era, ruined Klingons

102. Mike - October 26, 2009

I agree with some of the other posters who are saying the vid has to be related to Star Trek in some way (next movie, possible TV project, STO or whatever).

With some of the images (mainly the Klingon logo and battlecruiser) being copyrighted by Paramount/CBS I’m sure……I don’t think even a left-wing organization would risk a major league lawsuit for something with a relatively limited appeal.

103. cpelc - October 26, 2009

100 –

What’s wrong with my idea? I’m saying that the Federation is us in the future, past our current downfalls. What we are hoping and striving to become.

The Klingons would represent what we are now, the bossy and arrogant leaders of the world, who tell others to live a certain way and do not follow it ourselves.

104. Zebonka - October 26, 2009

It’s ART, is what it is!

I’d love to hear that it’s part of some upcoming awesomeness but there’s no such thing (set in TOS era, done really well) so I’m just going to enjoy it for what it is. Fantastic work.

105. Adam E - October 26, 2009

@cpelt 95 & 102

not a bad idea. Stuff like your idea is what Star Trek has been doing since its beginning.

As long as they don’t make it so obvious in such a way to upset the audience.

106. Adam E - October 26, 2009

Oops sorry, I meant @cpelc

107. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - October 26, 2009

Wow, next thing you know, we’ll start getting emails from ContainTheThreat and getting redirects to

And for those of you who don’t remember/know anything of the Trek ARG that went on just as the new movie was released, that won’t mean a thing to ye……

108. frederick von fronkensteen - October 26, 2009

No way this is connected to the next movie. It’s too early and the script hasn’t even been written yet. Maybe it”s for an online animated series some fan is doing, though. That would be cool.

109. The Beezer - October 26, 2009

Ok, so I looked a little bit more closely at second link on entitled “mission”.

After you get through the nauseating blather about how effed up humanity is, you’ll notice the last paragraph that states “The Klingons are an honorable race that looks down upon needless violence…”

Um, what Klingons have these people been hanging out with? Sounds more and more like the left-leaning stuff that Bad Monkey has been working with on other projects.

110. The Realist - October 26, 2009

Am I the only one that thinks that it looks like crap? I was embarrassed watching it! Looks like some crap a basement dwelling nerd would put out.

111. The Beezer - October 26, 2009


No, you’re not. I wasn’t too impressed with it either.

112. Rekkert - October 26, 2009

It reminds me of the original Fallout game, not sure why.

113. UAB Blazer - October 26, 2009

I don’t read the comments but I’m sure this has already been speculated: Probably a viral video for a new animated series. There has been talk about doing a new animated series for years. It would be cool to do one as a commentary on how one sees Chino-US relations in the upcoming future while using another villain (Orion Pirates) as the 24th Century version of terrorists.

All a guess but it would be something cool to keep the Star Trek name out and in front of both children and adults alike.

114. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - October 26, 2009

Why would this be connected to the next movie? Self defeating! We like the video because it shows TOS concepts and designs which JJ CHANGED. So why would you do a viral marketing campaign for your movie that reminds the old school fans of just how much you CHANGED everything .
Why would you show an original Constitution Class starship when you decided not to USE an original Constitution Class starship.
Why would you show traditional Klingons when you decided to turn them in to trencoat wearing gestapo agents. It makes zero sense that this is part of JJs universe because all it does is remind some of us about some of the things that we loved that JJ changed. Whatever this is I SERIOUSLY doubt it has anything to do with JJ. These are the Klingons I loved in John Fords ‘The Final Reflection’…the only time that Klingons in Trek were ever fully fleshed out as three dimensional beings. Canon Trek did incorporate bits and pieces of FR but they were more like Easter eggs.
Nope, whatever this is it doesnt make sense that it has anything to do with JJ although I bet the late John Ford would get a kick out of it.

115. IS THIS A STAR TREK 2 VIRAL VIDEO ?? | - October 26, 2009

[…] video was pulled out of youtube by, and no one seems to know exactly what it is for. It can’t be just a fan made film as […]

116. Sebi - October 26, 2009

Gee, angry klingons have to lighten up a little..

117. CarlG - October 26, 2009

That was awesome in the classical sense. :D

I don’t care if it’s for a viral ad campaign or a fan project. Bravo!

@55: Yep, pretty much just you.

118. subatoi - October 26, 2009

All Klingon speakers, that’s from the YouTube User info:

law wamaH cha nughoHovtay ej Sachvam SIgh jaj law Hoch jaj
About Me: tlhIngan wogan maH!
Hometown: Q’varich Sep

What it says?

If it really IS something viral, I hope it will be as cool as the ARG, but with a better ending…

119. Trekluver - October 26, 2009


Really if JJ Abrams knew what he was doing he’d make a new incarnation of Khan! I didn’t think I’d like a new Kirk and Spock bur I do and I know I’d like a new Khan! Bring Shat Back!

120. Victor Hugo - October 26, 2009

Of course this is a fan-made movie, it´s too clever, too bold and too knowledgeable to be something “official”, and it has “home made flash animation” written all over it.

121. CarlG - October 26, 2009

@119: That particular dead horse, is not so much beaten as… liquified.

122. naHQun - October 26, 2009

And for those who can’t display pIqaD: Dunqu’!

123. FAB - October 26, 2009

There’s one possibility that nobody has posed, perhaps this actually is Klingon propaganda sent from the Empire. Is it crazy that this was the first theory that came to my mind when I watched it?

124. somethoughts - October 26, 2009


Hmms? Did I say something that offended your little brain?

125. AJ - October 26, 2009

If this is a fan-made not-for-profit video, the producers are entitled to use the Trek imagery (‘Phase II,’ etc.). But there is no disclaimer readily visible to indicate this.

126. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - October 26, 2009

Did YOU actually have anything of substance to contribute or was that it?
I love people who (try to) make clever little quips without putting any effort whatsoever in to the discussion. Like it or not my points were valid as was the reasoning behind why ths wouldnt be a JJ production. You dont tell your creative staff to change everything and then do viral marketing using designs you deemed too outdated for a contemporary audience. Thats called common sense but I guess its not that common after all.
So next time you decide to participate how about actually participating? Inane little driveby comments add nothing to the conversation. If you DONT have anything worthwhile to contribute consider maybe just reading…you may learn something.

127. somethoughts - October 26, 2009


I am actually glad JJ made all those changes, I would have puked if I saw a glorified 60’s version on the big screen. It would have been a SNL skit if they had kept everything you love so dear intact. Star Trek09 would have been the laughing stock and a few hardcore fans like yourself would have had a theatrical orgasm, I rather they try to please the masses (which they did, and quite positive reviews) then make 40mil at the BO that satisfied the few hardcore fans who can’t let the past go.

128. Newman - October 26, 2009

I still agree with #88 John in Canada

129. Enterprise - October 26, 2009

Um, am I the only one who this that animation sucks?

130. ChessMess - October 26, 2009

Its high quality, but I hope its fan made, because if its an indication of Star Trek Online then man oh man has that game gone off the rails.

131. Imrahil - October 26, 2009

129 – Animation aside, the images and artistic style are brilliant.

132. somethoughts - October 26, 2009


I agree, everything is brilliant, the music, narration and art. Boborci fess up, do you guys have anything to do with this?

133. AJ - October 26, 2009

If this is the “new” direction of Star Trek, it’s exactly what the franchise needs. The imagery is very Soviet circa ’70s/’80s and gives us a view into a society which seems to glorify conquest and vilification of its enemies.

The scene where the Klingons abuse the Andorian and the Pakled can be taken right out of Abu-Graib or Gitmo. The troops marching by the crashed Starship Class cruiser can be compared to Saddam’s statue being toppled in Baghdad and Bush’s “victory” moment as the war was only commencing in Iraq.

But, it’s not us. It’s them.

Great way to prick up the ears of young minds. I hope it’s something real, and not agenda-related.

134. Arthur - October 26, 2009

I also think it’s for a new online or TV animated TV series. Meta tags of website and YouTube tags have: cartoon, cartoon trailer, series, television, trailer

135. The Orginal Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - October 26, 2009

Well, if the sequel was greenlit before the first movie came out, anything could be possible with the script by now.

136. Thomas Marrone - October 26, 2009

Keywords in the metadata of the Web site

“tlhingan hol, tlhingan wo’, klingon, klingon propaganda, propaganda, movie trailer, Star Trek, cartoon, cartoon trailer, series, television, trailer”

Looks more and more like Trek will be back on the silver screen sooner than later. :)

137. Tad - October 26, 2009

As qurgh pointed out in #76, the grammar is… creative. It seems like someone translated English into Klingon on paper, read that paper for the voice over, and then typed the paper for the subtitles (introducing more errors). Here’s my very loose ‘translation’ of what it’s roughly trying to say:

We’re Klingon Imperials
Many dozens of star systems have argued with us
and this expansion reaches many more every day.

You can influence the planet, but how?
C’mon, let’s go! Join up!

Contribute to the pleasures of the Klingon Homeworld,
the Empire is prosperous to everyone:

Wealthy and ancient civilizations;
and good eats!

Our Klingon ‘yeni cheri’ (Turkish for ‘new troops’)
are many, fair, and brave.

Take spoils from conquered species;
and many soldiers get in it for the Empire.

The Klingon empire powerfully protects an important planet
that was a slit and decaying dictatorship or some crap.

Put down your puny weapons,
open your hearts and minds,
join the Klingon Empire now!

Get ready to conquer!
Gain justice now!

138. Crewman Darnell - October 27, 2009

42. Locutus

Excellent catch on the origins of the children’s song!!
I for one salute you on that.

139. Locutus - October 27, 2009

Thanks! I was beginning to think that noone had noticed :)

140. Kang - October 27, 2009

By 101:

“Hope this is real, looks good. I’d love to see the good old fashioned Commie -Ottoman – Klingon’s from TOS!!!

No Viking- Apache- tea ceramony – pseudo samurai-biker -bad prosthetic teeth – overly buried in makeup ,. Next Genie era, ruined Klingons”

I like to think that during the TOS era, the Klingon Empire went through some kind of socialist or nationalist or fascist revolution, replacing a decaying and ancient feudal empire with a militaristic state – people from every Klingon caste were conscripted into the military for the first time – the teachings of Kahless became secondary to the state ideology.

Klingon culture wasn’t ruined by the focus on a kinda norse-samurai culture – but was ruined by how this became the only side of Klingons shown.

141. Daoud - October 27, 2009

#42 Locutus: Let me add again, good nailing of the Türkiye music, and picking out “Janissary”. Have you come across any Youtube,etc. with that children’s song in Turkish?

#137 I was getting similar analysis to yours only through a few lines when I saw your post. (So, you did a good job, I won’t continue!) It’s clear to me that they didn’t draft Dr. Okrand, or anyone from the KLI ( because if they HAD, it would have rocked all the more!! Maybe they’re reading our comments, and realizing that although Dr. Okrand would need to be paid… that the members of the KLI would probably include many who’d do the translation free of charge if this is a fan-made production. After all, KLI put together “Hamlet” in the original Klingon. I think they could handle a propaganda film!

Tad, what I find interesting is that the gist of the video is almost “recruitment”. Come, join the Klingon Empire as Janissaries really makes sense now: after all, the Ottoman Empire Janissaries were Christians and other non-Turks from within the Empire that were given full-time military units (similar to the French Foreign Legion, or the German soldiers in the American Revolution) and privileges almost to the level of full-blooded Turks.

It gives us that “you can be a tlhIngan too!” sense. That’s really zesty. :)

142. jeff - October 27, 2009

I just want to mention something that bugs me. Klingons with ridged foreheads are NOT exclusively TNG era Klingons. Klingons with ridged foreheads first appeared in 1979 in the TOS movie era TMP. And they have appeared that way in official productions ever since. And since TNG premiered in 1987, ridged forehead Klingons had been around for 8 years before they ever appeared on TNG.

And that is not even going into detail on the now canon explanation about why Klingons went through a very short period of their history without ridges. I really don’t understand why at this point there are people who believe Klingons don’t/shouldn’t have ridges.

143. Gary Sebben - October 27, 2009

Ruffles have ridges. Other chips don’t.

144. jeff - October 27, 2009

That reminds me. I once found a regular chip in a bag of ridges. Does that mean it had the Augment virus?

145. =A= - October 27, 2009

klingon should not become alike hitler! because klingons stand and act like hitler hand wave…

146. Imrahil - October 27, 2009

I think it’s just a fascist state of any variety, #144, not just Hitler’s Germany.

147. NCC-73515 - October 27, 2009

The Terran salute was similar… and so was the Romulan ;)

148. Trekluver - October 27, 2009


Khan and Kirk are the best archnemisis team up EVER! If a new Khan fought a new Kirk with the aid of the old Kirk that would be wonderful! Let the new Kirk be beaten by a new Khan and have Khan start takeing over and have old Kirk teach him some tricks to finish him off! That idea could be turned into a great story because Chris Pine’s Kirk is a more troubled fugue than Shatner’s Kirk. It makes prefect sense too! Plus they need to bring Carol Marcus into the picture as well and shed some light on that. It would be a backwards Star Trek 2 and a very interesting movie!

149. Alternate Opinion - October 27, 2009

Don’t forget that the DVD of Star Trek ’09 is coming out next month. It would make much more sense to be marketing the DVD over a sequel. On ABC’s website, they are already marketing the Lost season 5 DVD with their own videos recreating the “In Search Of” TV show.

150. Daoud - October 27, 2009

#147 Well, you know in the original timeline, and in the script of TWOK, it says David Marcus is a twenty-year old genius. If the year of TWOK is indeed 2285 +- 1… then 2263 is a good year to place the ST^2 sequel, and have a 5 years later Captain James T. Kirk teaching some sort of “Creative Thinking” course at the Academy while the Enterprise is undergoing a refit (cough cough building an engineering set) which includes a non-traditional student Gary Mitchell (Tom Cruise) who introduces Jim to his sister, a blonde Starfleet Biophysics Lab director, Carol Mitchell. Anyway… of course, they’d have to be working with the Klingon augment virus for some reason…. and there you’ve got your Klingons. And Carol’s dating a Captain Jonathan Marcus… and…
We’re bored, aren’t we.

151. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 27, 2009

Heil to the Klingon Empire! Seik Heil!

152. Sparkiller - October 27, 2009

Some mentioned that the video would not fit into the modern era of “Star Trek Online”. On the other hand:

153. Jon Evil - October 27, 2009

There is so much I like about this video – the crest at the beginning surrounded by swords, spears, and pain sticks, the formations of troops marching past the wrecked federation ship, the female klingon pointing the disruptor at the pakled, the reference to this propaganda poster: and SO MANY propaganda films

but most of all, I liked that they sort of synthesized the look of TOS and modern Klingons. The really contrived ret-con with the augment DNA just never sat well with me, I wish they’d just let people deal with the fact that in 1966, Star Trek only had enough money to make aliens with shoe polish and fake eyebrows, and smiled to themselves.

154. AJ - October 27, 2009

Here’s a montage from Russia/USSR. This stuff is closer to home than you think.

The Young Pioneers existed into the 1990s.

155. Jon Evil - October 27, 2009

this Chinese propaganda video even moreso:

Even though they were a stand-in for Russia, TOS Klingons had vaguely “oriental” sensibility about them because it gave viewers a sense of ‘otherness,’ of an incomprehensibly non-American culture. Now that China really is the US’s competitor politically and economically (and they really have risen at an incredibly fast rate to threaten American dominance), the Klingon metaphor works even better.

156. JJ Savard - October 27, 2009

@150 Sparkiller I think that was from a demo, where a 25th century ship used the gaurdian of forever and whent back in time (PC Gamer magazine if I remember correctly) this is likely not for STO, because it is still set in the 25th century.

157. Pat Payne - October 27, 2009

@145: The salute was not by any means exclusively Nazi or fascist — it was originally called the Roman Slaute, as it was one supposedly used by the Romans when making oaths (for instance in the famous painting by Jacques-Louis David, “The Oath of the Horatii”). The US even used a variant of the salute, in what was known as the Bellamy Salute, originated in 1892 by Francis Bellamy for the Pledge of Allegiance, the hand remained over the heart until the phrase “To my Flag” (later “to the Flag of the United States Of America”), when it became the Roman Salute. This was changed to just the hand over the heart in 1942, when unfortunate comparisons with the Nazi salute forced a change.

158. Pat Payne - October 27, 2009

@140: That’s an interesting surmise — that the Klingons were a feudal society till shortly before TOS — that might also explain to the layman why there is an “empire” without an “emperor”. Personally, I like the “proud warrior race” angle for the Klingons a bit more than the very-ill-defined (to my mind, at least) “space-commie” analogue of TOS (even Kor came off as more of a “proud warrior race” type). It brings a bit more depth to the race, in my opinion. Now, did they become somewhat neutered once they became allies of the Federation? Yeah, as they lost their tension edge and became “just another forehead race” for the Feds to interact with.

159. Last-C - October 28, 2009

I found the Turkish song used on this video..

I can’t understand why someone makes such a video. I hope those who come up with this bright idea will care to explain.

160. Last-C - October 28, 2009

#42 Locutus i didn’t see that you’ve already posted the link to the song, sorry.

I don’t know fellow Turks, but i’m offended and i want an explanation.

161. C.S. Lewis - October 28, 2009

Hooyah from the land of the Star Spangled Banner.

Did you see the Klingon Lenin statue? At the same time, its obvious variegated Oriental portrayals take us back to the 1950s when the USSR, Red China, and their proxies provoked the USA at every turn, esp. Korea and Viet Nam.

I do wonder though, if the political establishment’s recent rehabilitation of Mao Tse Tung has anything to do with the timing… oh I hope not.

C.S. Lewis
TDY near Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland

162. Klingon Propaganda - October 28, 2009

[…] is speculation that this is a viral marketing video (it leads to a Klingon website), but the product is not yet evident. It could be the new Star Trek […]

163. T.'. - October 28, 2009


This has to be a new viral for the next ST movie; if not, the damn thing is brilliant regardless. As has already been discussed, every detail is congruent with a logical direction for JJ and Co to go for a sequel, from the retro-stalinist Klingon Empire with common characteristics from ALL previous Klingon incarnations, to the viral nature of the promotion itself. Again, brilliant. I even think the connection to a left wing media company is cool, from a beautifully synergistic perspective — how many side arguments have their been about the Federation’s ‘socialist’ nature, or lack there of, etc. etc? (It would really be a kick if, someday, they could actually really explore the ambiguous relationship between the Federation citizen and the UFP state itself.)



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