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TrekMovie Readers Star Trek Halloween Costumes November 1, 2009

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2009 has been a big year for Star Trek, including the return of Star Trek costumes from Rubies. Over the weekened a number of TrekMovie readers have shown their Star Trek pride and sent in pictures of their Trek costumes. Check them all out below.


TrekMovie readers scare up Halloween 2009

click any image to enlarge

TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino as Zombie Redshirt!

Christopher S

Amanda T.

Ben B’s boys



Dustin F

Gabby S

Gracian P

Ian P

Jake Z

Janet G

Jason R

Josh C

Joshua V

Carly, w/ sister & boyrfriend

Michael R (Starfleet)

Michael R (Klingon)

Michelle M


Sean D

Friend of Sean D’s

Tykie T

Ulrich H

Youlin K

Garen and fiancé Judith

Jade X

New Horizon

Donn and wife Renee


Thanks  for everyone sending in their photos


1. That One Guy - November 1, 2009

WOO! Happy Halloween!

2. Ian - November 1, 2009

Awesome! Thanks for posting my pic! :-) Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

3. sean - November 1, 2009


4. Rach - November 1, 2009

I’m pretty sure I gave you the redshirt zombie idea, haha. :)

5. sean - November 1, 2009

Oh, and thanks for posting our pix. :-)

6. TD - November 1, 2009

Hello Michelle M!

7. paustin - November 1, 2009



8. Amanda T - November 1, 2009

haha! Zombie Redshirt! <3 That is amazingly brilliant.
Thanks for posting my pic!

9. Kyle Cawley - November 1, 2009

Klingon masks are awesome! Well done Ulrich…

10. jamesintucson - November 1, 2009

Great Costumes everyone!

One side note I got to say though, where were all you Trek hotties when I was in high school lol!

11. Kristine - November 1, 2009

Great Costumes guys! I was a mini-skirt wearing Star Trek girl myself! My roommate wanted to go as a doomed redshirt, but we didn’t have time, so we LOVVEEE the redshirt zombie costume!

12. Hat Rick - November 1, 2009

Everyone who wore a Trek-themed Halloween constume totally rocks.

That is all.

13. Mantastic - November 1, 2009

To all the guys, you are geeks.

To all the girls, you are hot.

14. Beda of Borg - November 1, 2009

@ Joshua V
oh my god, you are so cute in youre uniform ^^

15. Melllvar - November 1, 2009

Haha these pics are great!

16. johnny - November 1, 2009

did anyone make there own

17. Dan - November 1, 2009

Wow look at all the nerds. BTW I’m a nerd too. Live long and prosper! :D

18. Ben73 - November 1, 2009

Can I have Michelle M.’s phone number?

19. Darryl - November 1, 2009

I vote Michelle for hottest Trekkie of the year.

20. sensor ghost - November 1, 2009

I was a Cardassian for the first half of the day. But my makeup was smudged off before I could take any pictures ;_;

21. John - November 1, 2009

very awsome first one was zombie red shirt? lol

22. Jim Nightshade - November 2, 2009

i thought zombie red shirt was dead michael jackson at first haha

23. Sebi - November 2, 2009

No orion slave girls? WTF?

24. Samantha_McKay - November 2, 2009

The last picture is by far the best, a nice mix of two fandoms in harmony.
Made me giggle.

25. Loskene - November 2, 2009

Gotta give props to Josh C for the dedication. Nicely drawn tattoos

26. NCC-73515 - November 2, 2009

Re 9. Kyle Cawley (Klingon masks are awesome! Well done Ulrich…)
Thank you! Got the DVD on Friday, watched the Rura Penthe scene and made this cardboard mask in 6 h.

Note that the tips of my Romulan ears have been cut off by… a mechanical gagh slicer.

I have to agree with Beda of Borg… Joshua is too cute to be human ;)

27. DJT - November 2, 2009

My people!

28. Tony - November 2, 2009

The pic of ‘Michelle M’…

Wow. That pic is great.

29. The First Son of Krypton - November 2, 2009

*GASP* I’m so pleased nobody stole my ‘Zom-Bones’ idea


30. CmdrR - November 2, 2009

Kayla, you’re probably the hottest dead chick I’ve ever seen. Guess I’d better watch my brains.

31. P Technobabble - November 2, 2009

Nice job, Trekkies n Trekkers!

32. Allen Williams - November 2, 2009

I think Nehalia Is cute. So I’ll forgive her for having pink instead of an actual TOS color.

33. Mr. Anonymous - November 2, 2009

Heh, how come none of the pretty girls I know like Star Trek? :)

34. matt - November 2, 2009


35. Sean4000 - November 2, 2009

Very well done!

36. Ampris - November 2, 2009

Awesome costumes, guys! Josh C’s is probably my favorite, very authentic and I love the attitude. :D Great year for trek costumes.

(Sadly I didn’t get a picture of mine sent in in time. :( But there’s a link up there, if anyone wants to see… crooked wig and all. Haha.)

37. zanzibar (wikiwackywoo on Twitter) - November 2, 2009

Way cool. Looking good, everyone! If you’d-a showed up at-a my house you woulda gotten a bag full of Snickers!

38. garen - November 2, 2009

#24 Thanks Samantha! That’s me!

39. Tiberius Kirk - November 2, 2009

How nice it is to see a younger generation embracing Star Trek!

Thanks JJ Abrams!

40. Bradley1701 - November 2, 2009

Hello Joshua V!

41. New Horizon - November 2, 2009

Here’s my costume, if someone wants to post it.

42. Michael - November 2, 2009

I was shocked myself how many Trek costumes @ the club there was this year. Usually 1-2…but I saw 6-7 this year. It was a mix of TOS/TNG and Trek 09′.

43. New Horizon - November 2, 2009

…and another shot.

44. garen - November 2, 2009

wonder what is blurred out on Christopher S’s picture. Second pic from top. See the wall on the right side of the pic? Something we shouldnt see, i guess! lol teenage mutant ninka turtles??? cant tell!

45. SerenityActual - November 2, 2009

Got my wife to dress up in a TOS outfit for her school Halloween day on Friday, wish she’d get the pics in for that.

Everyone looked great, hope everyone had a good time this weekend!

46. frank - November 2, 2009

Han Solo ,and Star Trek together heresey! Just kidding.

47. NCC-73515 - November 2, 2009

Oh and my beard was green because it was drenched in Romulan blood…

48. Dr. Image - November 2, 2009

And here’s mine!
Didn’t know you guys were putting these up!
(Me and wife– Donn & Renee)

49. frederick von fronkensteen - November 2, 2009

I dig the one with the old-school red skirt. Funny how the 60’s version is shorter and better-looking than the new movie version.

50. frederick von fronkensteen - November 2, 2009

Christopher S makes a good Vulcan.

51. garen - November 2, 2009

Looks great Dr Image!!

52. Bren - November 2, 2009

Wow, there’s some amazing costumes there!

I went as a Borg many years ago – spent hours casting the implants and applying makeup and latex to my face. I ended up shaving my head because some of my hair became trapped in the latex… not fun.

Ok, it was fun! It’s just a pity I didn’t know I’d have to shave my head BEFORE halloween, it would have made the costume better :p.

Trekmovie’s readers are a beautiful bunch (particularly the ladies!) Michelle M has gotten a lot of love, so I want to shout out to the rest of you – sincerely, you’re all bloody gorgeous!


That’s an expensive looking TNG phaser, the uniform too! You really look the part – I’m straight, but I can say that you look good in uniform!

(saves own dignity)

Renee looks great! Startled at her sudden arrival in the 21st/24th century, hehehe.

fantastic attention to detail, both of you!

53. New Horizon - November 2, 2009

Yeah, some really awesome looking uniforms. :) I hope to take the quality of my own costume up a step. This year, I just went with whatever I could find and made it a mash up of original series Spock and “The Cage” Spock.

54. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 2, 2009


Kids looked very cute and I love the starfleet zombie

55. New Horizon - November 2, 2009

Will any new pics be posted? I posted a link to mine…or do I need to send it to someone?

56. Steve-o - November 2, 2009

WOW! Joshua V!!! very nice:)

Always nice to see hotties dress in starfleet uniforms

57. jocor - November 2, 2009

There’s some surprisingly pretty girls up there. I didn’t know there was such a thing when it came to Star Trek fans.

58. Dalek - November 2, 2009

That’s not Jason R, that’s Johnny Vegas from Benidorm lol

59. Saavik001 - November 2, 2009

Nehalia is YUMMY! Lol. Great pics everyone :)

60. The Rusted Robot - November 2, 2009

I’m putting in another vote for the hotness that is Michelle M

61. HotStove - November 2, 2009

Thought #1 – My knees get wobbly when I see those Starfleet miniskirts with fishnet stockings.

Thought #2 – Coolest costume is either the Klingon w/bat’leth and bottle of liquor or the guy dressed as Nero, tattoo and all.

Thought #3 – No DS9/VOY/ENT uniforms, and only one TNG? A sign o’ the times…

62. AJ - November 2, 2009



Go to a Star Trek convention. The one in Parsippany had quite a selection of beautiful women.

As “Star Trek” fans, we have only ourselves to blame for the “Get a life” image that still dogs us when we decide to show our true colors.

Star Trek fans are like any conglomeration of fans. The same as a baseball game or a Grateful Dead concert: All sizes, shapes, colors and creeds.

63. That One Guy - November 2, 2009

That would be me.

64. robtek - November 2, 2009

heheh i like the zombie red shirt, here in calgary we had the annual zombie walk and there was about 10 people in redshirts as zombies holding signs saying We’re DEAD JIM!!

65. AJ - November 2, 2009



Joshua the Fifth?

Gimme a break!

66. dmduncan - November 2, 2009

Kayla is the sexiest red shirt zombie I’ve ever seen. No, for real.

67. Son of Sarek - November 2, 2009

Sorry, the link didn’t copy properly the first time…

68. That One Guy - November 2, 2009

Would you prefer I be Louis XIV?

To France!

69. Check the Circuit! - November 2, 2009

Nehalia looks A LOT like Persis Khambatta. Next year she should go as Ilia.

But Gracian P…yikes! She can take my tricorder readings anytime. (Not that she’d care to…just saying.)

70. Leroy - November 2, 2009

Man, the women in star trek costume look hot!!! Who knew that those uniforms would shape so nicely. Well done to everyone!!! It go to see Star Trek alive and kickin’ it!!!!

71. captain_neill - November 2, 2009

Thank god some people are still wearing TOS uniforms and TNG era uniforms. They are still cool uniforms

72. captain_neill - November 2, 2009

Hope the new Generation get to see the Treks of the past as well.

73. captain_neill - November 2, 2009

TNG era uniform wear with alternate universe phaser from the new Abrams movie?

74. captain_neill - November 2, 2009

I am a little annoyed that there is very little 24th Century uniforms in the mix with TOS uniforms. Seems its more the new movie uniforms than the ones we grew up loving.

75. captain_neill - November 2, 2009

Dont get me wrong I do like the new movie uniforms, they are faithful to the TOS ones but just feel sad that there is not as much variety in all the uniforms for Halloween.

Have people chose to ignore the past now for this new movie?

I am a fan of the First Contact uniforms and the II-VI era uniforms

Am I the only one feeling sad that these uniforms are not being worn?

76. dmduncan - November 2, 2009

I believe Nehalia’s hailing frequency’s are open. One to beam to your place, Nehalia. Grrrrr.

77. Lt. Bailey - November 2, 2009

Well done everyone! Great job dressing up….there is some thing to be said about women who dress in Star Trek unforms: Fantastic!

78. Bradley1701 - November 2, 2009

63 – Joshua V/That One Guy

Nice! You have MSN?

Well, anyone else can add me too hahaha

79. That One Guy - November 2, 2009

Sorry, but no.

80. Bradley1701 - November 2, 2009


81. Eli - November 2, 2009

Where were you cute star trek fan girls when I was still single?

“sigh” man, not enough Star Trek cons come to minnesota…

82. AnotherQ - November 2, 2009

O M G!!!! Girls in trek costumes are the
H O T T E S T ! ! ! !

Super job everyone!

83. garen - November 2, 2009

whats the problem with the above uni’s? The vast majority of the above are NOT the new movie uniforms. Most of these are either homemade, vintage rubies, or TNG era rubies. I only see a few new movie uniforms.

84. captain_neill - November 3, 2009

I agree with 81

Where were you girls. I am still single and you girls look hot in the starfleet uniforms.

mini skirts for 23rd Century and skin tight for 24th Century, Yummy.

85. NCC-73515 - November 3, 2009

Joshua / That One Guy
Where are you from? Greetings from the Klingon guard / Romulan prisoner :D

86. Dr. Image - November 3, 2009

HEY GUYS- That last pic is not “Garen and Judith!”
That’s “Donn and his wife Renee”- us!
Please correct!

87. Gracian - November 3, 2009

#69 (Check out the circuits!)

Not sure of what you meant but… That pic turned out very creepy. LOL!!! The light is better (and I’m less drunk) on this one, before I left home. :P

88. Dr. Image - November 3, 2009

Just for historical record, can we correct the names on my picture now?
Is there a problem??
Credit where its due… please?

89. fuzbuz - November 4, 2009

Amanda T is one sexy vulcan. Live long and good luck to you.

90. Marissa - November 4, 2009

NO! Dr. Image,

Captioned images traditionally have the people in them listed from left to right, so it should read…

Renee and her husband Donn

Of course if in fact you are the shorter one in the picture and you are a tranny trekkie, I stand corrected. In that case great job you make a very passable female. ;)

91. Dr. Image - November 4, 2009

Yes. I’m the shorter one. Impressive make-up, eh Marissa?
(Passable?? Indeed…)

92. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 4, 2009

Pretty cool – about 94% of them are wearing TOS uniforms. I approve.

93. Tony M - November 4, 2009

Very, very nice!

94. Dolores - November 4, 2009

Don and wife, Renee look great! They rock!!

95. AdamTrek - November 5, 2009

All of you should be proud to represent Trekdom this past Halloween. Y’all look great.


96. NCC-73515 - November 5, 2009

Sad thing is, no one recognized me as a Klingon or Romulan…

97. bulldogtrekker - November 5, 2009

Hello Michelle M –

Thanks for posting the photo. Is there a Captain Kirk in your life?

You are hot! hot! hot!

And your uniform look great also. Is it store bought or did you make it?

98. thomoz - November 6, 2009

re: #87 Gracian aka gracliper:

I really love your Twitpic. you were born to wear the uniform!

99. Check the Circuit! - November 7, 2009

@ 87 Gracian

I guess I don’t flirt any better on-line than I do in the real world. To clarify: I think you look amazing in your costume. Prettiest woman in Starfleet…IMHO. Comely eyes, sculptured cheekbones, full lips.

(Uh-oh…there go the tricorder readings. Off the scale!)

100. Gracian - November 8, 2009

@Check the Circuit!

LOL!!! That would be the 23rd century version of playing doctor? ;)
Sorry, you delivered a smart line there, it was me that couldn’t understand the meaning implied. English is not my primary language. :)
Thanks for the compliments.

101. Check the Circuit! - November 8, 2009

@ 100

I’ll schedule my next check up right way!

(And you’re welcome. I just call them like I see them.)

102. Gracian - November 9, 2009


Thanks! Wait till I have my vulcan ears! :D

And next year I’ll be Marleena in the MIrror Universe, if I could find those boots!

103. Kenneth Kraft - December 30, 2009

Lots of good ideas here! There is a retail chain in New York called Ricky’s NYC that has a ton of fun costume ideas, including some you discussed here. You can check it out online at or .

104. Edward Pinkins - December 30, 2009

Lots of good ideas here! There is a retail chain in New York called Ricky’s NYC that has a ton of fun costume ideas, including some you discussed here. You can check it out online at or .

105. Welcome to ZombieSpace - Prepare to be Eaten - January 21, 2010

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