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William Shatner Unveils Wax Figure Of Kirk – Says He Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel November 4, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Shatner,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

We already knew that William Shatner’s Kirk is immortal, but now Kirk has been immortalized, in wax. Today Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood unveiled its wax figure of James T. Kirk, and William Shatner was there to help. And while he was mugging for the cameras, Bill also talked about the next Star Trek movie. See below for TrekMovie photos and video from the event.


Kirk in Wax!
William Shatner was at the Madame Tussaud’s on Hollywood Blvd to unveil the new Captain Kirk in Wax. They went with Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk, which a source tells TrekMovie was the preference of CBS Paramount. Here is video of Shatner’s reveal.

Shatner is ready to go (again)
After the unveil and photos, Shatner talked briefly to the gaggle of reporters, when asked if he had plans to be in the next Star Trek movie, the actor stated:

I have no plans, because I don’t make those plans. JJ Abrams has my fate wrapped up in his two little hands. I would love to be in the next Star Trek, if he so thought that would be good for it

More photos
And more photos from the event (click to enlarge):


1. MC Doctor - November 4, 2009

Bill looked the best in TMP and TWOK. His acting chops were great in TWOK and TSFS, TVH was a bit too hammy.

Go Bill!

2. GARY - November 4, 2009

Excellent! First!

3. MC Doctor - November 4, 2009

Hey – I got a first. Thanks Tony. Now all I need is my ST2009 BluRay disc.

4. GARY - November 4, 2009

ok ok! Second, Great likenesses from a profile view

5. GARY - November 4, 2009

ok tHIRD

6. Penhall99 - November 4, 2009

Looks like they transported Shatner from 1982 to the present day!

Great job on the wax figure.

7. Ralph F - November 4, 2009

That’s a pretty good WOK era Kirk figure. But the value will go down quickly since it’s been taken out of the packaging.

8. Imrahil - November 4, 2009

It looks good by itself, but creepy as hell with him next to it. Also, never realized how little I like the TWOK bridge.

9. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 4, 2009

I love seeing him sit in that chair!

10. Oregon Trek Geek - November 4, 2009

Shatner looked great sitting in the chair. He could have played an older Kirk just fine. I wish they hadn’t killed off Kirk….

The figure itself is pretty accurate, looks good. And the set pieces look really good–are they originals from the movie era?

Totally cool….

11. John from Cincinnati - November 4, 2009

I think if Paramount were smart, there are many many fans who would like to see a proper send off of William Shatner as James T. Kirk. Whether they work it in as a hologram or memory in the next movie or even in a future series. Kirk’s death in Generations was lame and I would like to see Shatner portray Kirk again at least once more, maybe even reflect on his tine on the NCC-1701, the crew and some of their missions together.

12. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 4, 2009

Why couldn’t they have immortalized TOS Kirk?

13. Just Another German Trekker - November 4, 2009

@10: Hehe, well look closely – it’s just a 2-D cardboard diorama (:
… fooled me at first sight, too…

14. Trekkie626 - November 4, 2009

Hmmm… not only is shatner got less hair but is now shorter?

15. MC1 Doug - November 4, 2009

Great camera work… –wink–

16. Lousy Canadian - November 4, 2009

The wax figure looks so amazing. Great work!

17. Pat Payne - November 4, 2009

That is an excellent likeness. Madame Tussaud’s does some exacting work! I’ve been meaning to go and see the Hollywood museum, now I’m going to have to go!

18. Will_H - November 4, 2009

Figure looks great, bridge looks horribly inaccurate. Shatner’s…Shatner, as always.

19. CmdrR - November 4, 2009

Nice likeness… BUT, since I’m a Trekkie, I must nit-pick. Kirk should be “doing something.” Actually, sitting in the captain’s chair, peering intently into the cosmos would be a good choice… or shooting his phaser… or leering at a chick. Something.

Anyway… Congrats, Bill.

20. dmduncan - November 4, 2009

I would LOVE to see Shatner in the sequel. And Captain Kirk shouldn’t have to beg, man.

Turn him into a fully interactive hologram provided to Kirk by Spock Prime, if you must. Just DO it!

21. MC_Trekkie - November 4, 2009

Does that You Tube video remind anyone else of the Opening of Generations? (Snapping cameras -once more on the Bridge after a new crew is there, etc)

Kinda bittersweet.

All I want is for this man to go out with some dignity, If Bob Orci reads these posts- I BEG you and your team to stop teasing this man. Figure out an honorable way for him to appear in the sequel or not, and please let that be the end of it.

It’s kinda like when Babe Ruth should have stopped but no one had the guts to tell him so.

And I am The ULTIMATE Shatner fan, and type this with (as Scott would say) a tear in m’ eye.

22. dredre2k - November 4, 2009

I think they should have busted him in a 60’s uniform! I never liked the red pajama jackets too much! Plus the kirk w/ big hair is scurrry!!!

23. S. John Ross - November 4, 2009

Finally, an action figure that looks sort of like Shatner. I honestly thought it was impossible :)

24. shatner as mudd - November 4, 2009

shatner should play harry mudd

25. Sean4000 - November 4, 2009

Not a bad likeness! Good job!

26. jas_montreal - November 4, 2009

love it love it love it !!!

Now , lets get a KHAN wax figure !!!!!

27. nx01 - November 4, 2009

William Shatner is funny in this clip.
It was great to see him sit down in the captain’s chair.
I thought that the wax figure and bridge were well done.
i loved this style of uniform#22 is entitled to his opinion.
My least favorite uniform is the Star Trek motion picture pajama look.

Thank You “Trek Movie Staff” this clip made my day.

28. That One Guy - November 4, 2009

Just put him as an Admiral on the council. If they got frakking Tyler Perry in there, they can put Shatner. Personally, I don’t really care, but that’s just a theory. Or does he HAVE to be as Kirk?

29. Pete359 - November 4, 2009

And right there is evidence that Shatner can’t play Kirk anymore.

Unless they say Future Kirk is allergic to shellfish and he just shook hands with an Antedean.

30. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 4, 2009

ERROR ALERT: The set is TMP but the costume is TWOK… IT’S A DISASTER!

… Anyway, moving right along, it must be creepy to be confronted with a pretty darn accurate life-size replica of yourself, nearly 30 years older…

31. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 4, 2009

And, oh my, will you look at all those LENS FLARES

32. Ensign RedShirt - November 4, 2009


Because Paramount is afraid the masses will get confused and think it’s Chris Pine. Sad, but true.

33. JJm1 - November 4, 2009

Enough is enough, watch the damn movie! How could he really expect to be considered if all he does is brag about how he hasn’t had the time to watch it?? And the other excuse about not wanting to go to the movies is pretty lame…we’ll see after it comes out on dvd if the excuses continue.

34. Allen Williams - November 4, 2009

Thats not WOK kirk. You need to rip open the uniform and spill blood on it. Then it would be WOK kirk.

35. Driver - November 4, 2009

So is Shatner getting shorter as time goes on?

36. bob wagner - November 4, 2009

I like the the Harry Mudd idea. Shatner’s a ham like Harry Mudd. His Denny Crane character would be even more hilarious.

37. Michael - November 4, 2009

Acutually the TOS crew HAS already been immortilized in wax…and those waxfigs and faux set were sold at auction a while back.

38. Syn4Ever - November 4, 2009

@10 – Shatner looked great sitting in the chair. He could have played an older Kirk just fine. I wish they hadn’t killed off Kirk….

Nimoy Agrees!

Loves the statue! Very cool!

39. DJT - November 4, 2009

“…it must be creepy to be confronted with a pretty darn accurate life-size replica of yourself, nearly 30 years older…”


While the facial likeness is spot on, the body is somehow off. Be it the neck length or uniform fitting, something is off.

I also concur that he should be doing something, like leaning on that generic command chair.

40. Jim Cude - November 4, 2009

William Shatner Hits Snooze Button – Says He Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel; Shatner has lunch at Pizza Hut – Says He Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel; etc etc.

41. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - November 4, 2009

One last time for the shat would be ok with me.

42. Dalek - November 4, 2009

Finally a Kirk figure that looks like Shatner!!!

I’m always for Bill appearing again. And the scene they wrote for you in the previous movie was worthy of you, it was VERY Kirk-like and worked!

43. Dan - November 4, 2009


44. Jim Nightshade - November 4, 2009

I find that the wax figures vary greatly in overall lifelikeness-some look so real they should move while others look like they are dead and preserved and some look off somehow-like someone else-i agree the closeup shot looks pretty good but it is off a little bit-partly cuz he looks too stiff just standing-i agree he needs to be doing or looking at something-maybe have kirk surrounded by all the women he had in the tv show with all of em wearing the bwrely there slinky outfits they wore..oh yeah…giggity!

45. Jim Nightshade - November 4, 2009

I have not been to the Hollywood wax museum but did visit the one in Vegas-when they first opened the last room was a theatre with a stage and they had a robot Elvis put on a ten minute show-it was very strange like chucky cheese meets vegas-i kept looking for the slot to put the quarters in haha

46. Will - November 4, 2009

They really nailed it from a few specific angles. If they bring a similar figure to NYC I may actually go in that place instead of only ever going into Dave & Busters.

47. RetroWarbird - November 4, 2009

Wow … wax sculpting has come a long way since the pretty thin ones I’ve seen in the past.

48. Rach - November 4, 2009

Why didn’t they make a wax figure of the young, gorgeous captain kirk?(season 2, anyone?)

49. Captain Lonestar - November 4, 2009

Is that wax figure using the same rug *ahem, i mean hair replacement system used by the Shat in TWOK? Or is it a replica? :) lol

“There is only one person who would DARE give me the raspberry….LONESTAR!!!”

50. Chadwick - November 4, 2009

Yea yea the wax figure is great, but the real issue here is Shatner wanting to be in the new movie. Until Shatner has the decency to see the new movie, I don’t want to hear any talk of him being in a new Star Trek. Its disrespect to the fans, to the franchise, the new actors, JJ, and most of all Gene. I saw the movie 6 times in theatres and many 4 or 5 times (in low quality) online and it still blows me away. I honestly think Shatner would have a blast watching the new movie, but he’s only hurting himself by not seeing it. Shatner as far as I am concerned, if you can’t even see the new movie you have no business being in the next one. Hell, Nichel and George hosted a special screening of the movie and you still have not seen it. Maybe you do belong in the past. Good night sir.

51. Adam C - November 4, 2009

taking her out one last time :*)

52. Driver - November 4, 2009

Does it have nads?

53. Dalek - November 4, 2009

#50 Absolute poppycock. Bill is on record having said in the last 2 years (I’m sure I read it on Trekmovie) that he hasn’t actually watched any of his episodes or movies back, so why do you demand he has to see this one? He doesn’t have to watch anything. I’d love him to watch it personally, but he doesn’t have to.

He never watches Star Trek WITH Bill Shatner in it, so why should he have to watch it WITHOUT him in it, especially a movie that he he is bitterly disappointed not to be a part of.

54. Harry Ballz - November 4, 2009

Riddle me this: why does the image of current day Shatner standing next to “him” from the 1980’s remind me so much of Star Trek IV?

Answer: It shows us Admiral Kirk standing next to a ______!

55. Trekluver - November 4, 2009


Osteoporosis! He is A great actor and needs a cameo next film! Wonder if JJ ever thought about action capture or CG face lift? Not that I want that but it looked cool in Xmen Origins: Wolverine when I saw a younger Jean Lu… I mean Professor Xavier! (The resemblance is striking.) – Data, ST:Nemesis

56. =A= - November 4, 2009

no s***! wow look so real lol. i wish buy it!

57. =A= - November 4, 2009

but kirk is too tall than Shatner? oh screw up..

58. Harry Ballz - November 4, 2009

The height difference can be chalked up to Shatner no longer wearing “lifts” and shrinking with age.

They probably made the wax figure based on information from years ago.

59. Charles - November 5, 2009

That is a great likeness !

Too bad his action figures never looked that good.

60. Canon Schmanon - November 5, 2009

Please don’t put Shatner in the next film just to appease some radical Trek fundamentalists. He’ll look like the Weeble version of Kirk and it will only be sad. Kirk wasn’t meant to grow old the way Shat has. Nimoy was still believable as Spock, but Shatner hasn’t been a believable Kirk since TWOK. That’s probably why they chose to memorialize that particular Kirk.

61. Canadianknight - November 5, 2009

Great figure. Hair seems a bit large, and there is something odd about the uniform/body. Neck seems short? Dunno, but facially they pretty much nailed 80s Shat. The close-up of the figures face is pretty damn good!

Been to the Vegas Tussaud Museum. Always said the figures fall into three categories. The NotBads, the PrettyGoods, and the ItsGonnaBlink. Some don’t seem accurate, some are just off in some indefinable way, and some are scary real. Fun place to go… may have to check out the Hollywood one now! :)

62. TribbleStew - November 5, 2009

Nah, no more cameos. And certainly no Shatner as Kirk! This is new Trek, with new actors. I want to see something new! Leave the old stuff in the past…

63. DavidJ - November 5, 2009

Nice likeness, but unfortunately the cheap costume and bad hair almost ruin it.

64. Iowagirl - November 5, 2009

Awww, this is great – great figure, great Kirk, great Shatner….:)

65. Ryan T. Riddle - November 5, 2009

Great likeness! Looks real. Even the uniform has accurate detailing and insignia–wonder if they got the pattern and pins from Roddenberry.com.

66. USS Manila NCC-99232 - November 5, 2009

It’s good to see two Shatners, one real and one wax-figure!

67. Jonathan - November 5, 2009

Whether they admit it or not, when J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman came up with the alternative reality idea, they automatically came up with a way to include William Shatner in the film series. As this is an alternative reality, this new James Kirk can go on to live a long, full, rich and happy life, get married and have a family. A flashforward of an old James Kirk played by William Shatner would suffice just like when Harrison Ford made a special guest appearance on The Indiana Jones Chronicles television series.

68. Chris Pike - November 5, 2009

both versions have real hair too….

69. Chuck Watters - November 5, 2009

Would love to see Bill in next Trek but he would be required to fit into that uniform before being considered. Come on Bill you dropped the weight before !

70. The Shat for President - November 5, 2009

i don’t think it looks anything like him front on. I stumbled on this and went straight to the pics and actually wondered who it was until i saw the side view. From that angle it looks great.

I do think as well it would be great to have the Shat in some way in the next movie, maybe a mind meld scene, young Spock to young Kirk and have young Spock see himself older as a friend of old Kirk. And maybe he uses this in some way to defeat a new/old enemy. Maybe not Khan because perhaps Nero destroyed the ship accidentally, perhaps another genetically altered human or even Gary 7 who is trying to “right” the timeline.

Actually, i think i’ll get writing that one myself…

71. The Shat for President - November 5, 2009

Oh and yes, lose some of teh Puppy fat Bill!
Sorry for double post!

72. Commander Crooner - November 5, 2009

Love Bill Shatner.

That said, I hope I never see him in another Trek movie.!!

73. Vardonir - November 5, 2009

That wax figure is amazing!

Although, I agree with #19: The wax fig. sould be “doing” something. Maybe seated at the captain’s chair?
Last time I checked, standing next to the chair were Spock’s and McCoy’s thing.

74. screaming satellite - November 5, 2009

that is a great likeness…they had a TWOK era Kirk and Spock waxworks at the Hollywood Tussards when i visited there in 2001 and they looked TERRIBLE…like laughable.

nice they went with TWOK era Kirk…the yellow shirt TOS version sort of belongs to Pine at the moment…

and they couldnt go with TMP version as most non Trekkies would be like ‘why is Kirk in his pjs?’

yeah they did to get Shatner in the sequel – if only to shut him up! everytime its like ‘I wanna be in the movie..’

Obvious scenario is some holo footage that Spock brought back with him of a pre Generations Kirk like was gonna happen in Trek09…augmented with CGI/retro footage to make him look younger like Arnie in Terminator 4, Pitt in Button, Stewart/McKellan in X3….otherwise itd have to be some form of flashfoward to Pines Kirk as an old man (and they probably want to get away from time jumping in the next one) or a Deadly Years rapid aging thing…

75. Dom - November 5, 2009

Lots of lens flares in those photos! ;)

76. toddk - November 5, 2009

You can’t go back..even back to 1994…You can’t undo generations…It was a decision agreed to at the time , and regretted by some now..tell me how you could have bill as kirk in a future trek movie?

77. Jonathan - November 5, 2009

76. toddk – November 5, 2009

Please read Post 67.
THAT’S how.

78. Closettrekker - November 5, 2009

#12—-“Why couldn’t they have immortalized TOS Kirk?”

They obviously could have, but as the article indicates, “They went with ‘Wrath of Khan’ Admiral Kirk, which a source tells TrekMovie was the preference of CBS Paramount. ”

Perhaps it was the hairdo…

79. Danpaine - November 5, 2009


80. GraniteTrek - November 5, 2009

Enough with the Shatner in Trek crap. And enough of the revisionism. Shatner says in his book “Star Trek Movie Memories” that he was okay with Kirk dying, and that he thought he killed him well – and that was when the “shoot him in the back” original ending was still in place. Len Nimoy looks like Spock, only older. Shatner looks like Kirk, only fatter, and do we want to see a fat Kirk and have that memory stuck in our brains? No thanks. Shat did great as Kirk in his time, but his time is over. Let it be.

81. frederick von fronkensteen - November 5, 2009

That is an excellent likeness. Looks more like Bill than Bill himself, now.

82. frederick von fronkensteen - November 5, 2009

Maybe they should update “The Deadly Years’ in the next movie, and have Shatner play “old Kirk” for much of the movie! This is a brilliant idea. :)

83. The Rusted Robot - November 5, 2009

When he sat in the chair, he should have said, “Take us out!”

84. Check the Circuit! - November 5, 2009

Enough with the begging! It’s embarrasing!

As far as I’m concerned, Shatner turned his back on Star Trek for good when he wouldn’t appear on Enterprise because the producers wouldn’t/couldn’t meet his asking price. The show (and franchise) was struggling and he could have provided a high profile shot in the arm….but he didn’t because of MONEY. Hell…he should have done it for frakkin’ free! For the fans. For the franchise. We gave him his career and he’s been whining about wanting to be involved in Star Trek again ever since he cashed his last big fat paycheck for Generations.

Dude, you agreed to kill off the character for a big payday. Don’t cry about it now.

And his books and convention appearances….don’t be fooled that it’s for the love of the fans and the franchise. It’s all about the money for that guy. I was at the New York Comic Con a couple of weekends ago. He wanted $80 bucks for an autograph. You want a picture? That’s ANOTHER $80. I love Trek. I love Captain Kirk…the character. I appreciate what Shatner means to the history of Star Trek. And I make a pretty decent living….but I’m sorry….no frakkin’ way!! It’s one thing to come out and see the fans to give them something back….but to ask us to bend over for it? Don’t think so. (He could have signed for free and thrilled fans. I’m sure the organizers of the show paid him a nice fee and all his expenses to be there…and he sure as heck doesn’t need the money. But nnnnnNNNNNOOOOoooooooo!!)

Star Trek and Captain Kirk are WAY bigger than one of the actors. They’ve outgrown William Shatner. They don’t need him…and can move along just fine without him.

End of rant…..

Ooops! Not quiet: I don’t know why there’s so much animosity between Shatner and Harlen Ellison. They’re both in love with themselves and they’ve all about the money. Maybe it’s because Harlen is honest about it and Shatner tries to make you THINK he gives a damn.

Now I’m done…

85. Buzz Cagney - November 5, 2009

Great likeness there- amazing! But PLEEEEEEASSSSEEE no more ‘i wana be in next film’ stuff. From any past Trek actors. Let the newbies have their day.

86. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - November 5, 2009

Don’t think that background is even intended to be a precise replication of the WoK bridge – its just a forced-perspective backdrop/matte if you look carefully.

As a matter of curiosity, does anyone know if any pieces of the TMP/TWoK/TSFS bridge set survived anywhere? Or were they all destroyed?

87. Lore - November 5, 2009

I can’t believe they built a life-like, moving, & talking present day William Shatner. Its great that the real Shat came by in his old TWOK uniform to see the whole thing.

88. jerrspud - November 5, 2009

why can’t they get the tunics to fit on the neck? what’s with the big gap. what a disaster!

89. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 5, 2009

That guy has always had a stellar head of hair! ;-)

90. Martin Pollard - November 5, 2009

#84 – Well said. BillShat, you will never lose the love and respect of the fans, but seriously, it’s time to let go. That goes for LN, WK, GT, and NN, as well; they’ll always have a place in our hearts, but their time has passed. To quote ST6, “you’ve done your bit for King and Country”; they’ve earned the right to rest on their laurels and let the young’uns take the reigns.

91. richpit - November 5, 2009

I like TOS Kirk and I like Shatner, to a point. That said, he’s an egotist of the highest order and needs to just shut up. The last thing JJ Trek needs is Shatner. He has no place in the new “reimagined” universe and he just needs to GET OVER IT.

You’ve had a long, storied career, Bill. Be happy with it.

92. Anthony Thompson - November 5, 2009

That wax figure has better hair than Shatner ever had!

93. Anthony Thompson - November 5, 2009

Wish they had used TOS Kirk. I hated those hokey costumes used in 2 thru 6.

94. No Khan - November 5, 2009

I would much prefer TOS set & uniforms. I hate those red / brown uniforms. You can’t even see the ST insignia well on them. A poor design all the way around.

95. William Kirk - November 5, 2009

Great figure. I like the movie uniforms. For me these red ones are a classic. And – of course – great Shatner :-)

96. BuckeyeTrek - November 5, 2009

Shatner or no Shatner, just give us another great story in the next movie. I think the door is wide open for older Kirk in the new movie because of the new AR. But only do it if it makes sense.

That said, watch the movie, Bill. Everyone, including your friend Mr. Nimoy, did a great job carrying the torch.

97. star trackie - November 5, 2009

If the producers of the next movie want Shatner in the film, as Kirk, he will be in the film AS Kirk. In fact, such a decision would be be met with a great deal of publicity and yes, the movie would still do great at the box office. I mean, just look at the flashes going off and frenzy when it is just the man standing next to a wax statue.

The constant blathering on about how he can’t do it or is too fat will have no effect on the producer’s decision. Thank God.

98. Dr. Image - November 5, 2009

Sorta looks like an older version of Pine.

99. Dalek - November 5, 2009

# 96 Well stated. The cameo they wrote for him in the last film was much more than a cameo. It wasn’t contrived at all and added perfect symmetry to the ending of the movie.

#97 Very well said indeed.

100. I, Mugsy - November 5, 2009

SUPERB job on the wax work – oit even has that glint in the eye as well! Excellent work to everyone concerned :D

Agreed with some other comments seeing Shatner in that chair just makes me wish for a proper send off for this legendary character. A holo-goodbye just won’t cut the mustard as he’s aged since the character was killed off.

I still wish they’d do a mini spin-off series from the new movie, following the adventures of Spock-prime. That way they wouldn’t have to rush or show-horn Shatner into the new movie. They could take their time and really come up with the goods, and see these two legends back on screen together for a proper send off! It’s so obvious I just wish someone who reads this could perhaps have a word in someone’s ear… pointed of course ;)

I never considered the Kirk in the Nexus to be ‘our’ Kirk – Kirk whisking eggs and riding horses and doing not much else with no attempt to get back to where he belongs??!? This IS NOT the Kirk we know and love – th eman of action. And getting shot in the back?? I’d gladly buy a Nexus ‘Kirk duplicate’ story at this point JUST to get the real Kirk back, and to see Shatner don that outfit one last time. We could have Spock picking up the pieces of the hunt for the real Kirk, something (we learn) that he started off years back and never got far with, until some new piece of evidence comes to light. Spock Prime could share a scene with Picard (the appearance of which would bolster the desire to see this mini series) and question him about Kirk’s death. Spock could say words to the effect that this doesn’t sound like the man he knew…. and the story could follow this hunch from there…..

Sorry for waffling folks – but need to get these thoughts out there… you know how it is being a fan ;)


I, Mugsy

101. I, Mugsy - November 5, 2009

Kirk and Spock together again, to find a way back to their universe/reality – showing over 7 nights in prime time television….

Well one can dream ;)

102. I, Mugsy - November 5, 2009

Sorry one last comment: what better send off could there be for Spock/Nimoy and Kirk/Shatner than teaming up one last time, and going back to where they made their names in the first place as these characters: television.

I want this so badly it almost hurts dammit! hahaha!

Let the new film tell IT’S story, and lets say goodbye to these characters with THEIR OWN show……

103. Martin Pollard - November 5, 2009

Speaking for myself, I do NOT want any more of the original cast members in the new movies. Okay, fine, Nimoy was in ST’09, he served as a bridge from the old to the new, great. But that’s it. Now, it’s time for the new cast to stand (or fall) solely on their own merits. IMO, putting any of the original cast into future movies essentially says, “Sure, we recast the roles, but sorry, we don’t really trust you, so we’re hedging our bets and pandering to the fans to ensure we get their butts into the seats.” It’s not fair to the new cast, who’ve earned the right to carry the ball on their own, and it’s not fair to the audience, who, let’s face it, have to be weaned off the original cast at SOME point. Please, for the sake of all, let them enjoy the retirement they’ve more than earned, and allow the new kids to mind the store out from under their shadow.

104. Buzz Cagney - November 5, 2009

Just watched the clip there and IT IS STAGGERING just how much interest there still is in Bill. I fear we fans sometimes take him just a bit for granted. He is a Legend. Whether or not TPTB put him in the next film i’m sure he’ll be earning column inches for it, as he did for Trek ’09.

105. Spock of Ages - November 5, 2009


106. Jake Rivers - November 5, 2009

67. Jonathan – November 5, 2009

You’re a genius! J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, THERE’S YOUR ANSWER!

107. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Did the Shat donate his old toupee for this?

108. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

The boot heels and the toupee give the wax version the extra lift. That’s why the Shat looks like a dwarf.

109. screaming satellite - November 5, 2009

wonder how they got such a great likeness?

plaster cast of the real shatner (from 1982 somehow?)

110. Kev -1 - November 5, 2009

Holy reflexive, irrelevant, inaccurate, nasty Shatner hate, Batman! Go Bill! It’s not like he did anything for Star Trek, right?

111. tman - November 5, 2009

I think you should only have Shatner playing himself. His voice and mannerisms are far too distinch. If you did an Ijon Tichy comedy skit with time space paradox in warp nacelles or computer modelling of what Pine would look like in future based on modelling of nature+environmental factors during a routine physical, I think it’s very easy to put Shatner in for a punchline (whether it works or ends up as an easter egg is a different question). I don’t think old Kirk looking back on his life in the new timeline is useful this early in the reboot because (1) it implies he is still alive when older (which defeats one of the main objectives of the new timeline and (2) wastes screen time unneccessarily (arguably so does what I mention above but I think some amount of comedy needs to be there anyways. I think cross-overs to parallel dimension or old timeline is a bad idea. The new series of films have to stand on their own and be free of the attachment to the original timeline or the series will fail.

112. tman - November 5, 2009

Instead of routine physical you could of course have a new experimental method of extrapolating all factors of DNA and environment to assess how one will age and the conclusion that Shatner ‘s image shows up as an aged version of Pike would be proof the technique clearly needs far more work (Rim shot!)

113. AJ - November 5, 2009

Shatner probably wishes the dummy were “fully functional.”

Kirk: “Sorry, Spock. My boyfriend’s back.”

Spock: “Do not worry, Captain. They gave me one as well” (Spock unveils Chris Pine as young Kirk in wax).

Kirk: “You lucky bastard.”

114. tman - November 5, 2009

Typo. Aged version of Pine.

115. They call me Stasiu - November 5, 2009

A pretty good waxwork likeness! It just needs some good lighting to accentuate the features. The collar area could do with a little adjustment; it’s riding a little low.
I think Madame Tussaud’s should swap some body parts to allow one hand on the belt buckle and a hardcover “Tale of Two Cities” tucked under the arm, just to make the figure more in context of the TWOK setting.

Congrats to Shatner!

116. The Invader (In Color!) - November 5, 2009

Damn…excellent work! A near perfect likeness of The Shat circa 1982…

117. nuSpock - November 5, 2009

NOTE TO EVERYONE AND TO J.J.: The Kirk in the Prime Universe died, yes, but theres several ways to still have Shatner in the upcoming sequel: First, by canonizing Shatner’s post-Generations Kirk novels…second, by having Shatner’s Kirk being from another timeline which was identical to the Prime Timeline in Kirk’s era, but diverged from the Prime Timeline via the Enterprise B never having encountered The Nexus, thus Kirk continued to live on in thew 23rd Century…another possibility is that Shatner would play the Terran Empire Kirk from the Prime Mirror Universe, who would come into the new timeline to fight Pine’s Kirk for supremacy, and invade the Federation… which would in fact be a tongue-in-cheek allegory to the battle between oldTrek and nuTrek…

118. screaming satellite - November 5, 2009

be cool if they redress it as TJ Hooker

119. screaming satellite - November 5, 2009

117 – yknow…i dont like one of those ideas…

120. No Khan - November 5, 2009

Any attempt to bring Kirk really back would need to include the Nexsus again. But I think they can do it with a brief pro-log.

121. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Generations was a bad dream generated by Data’s dream program. When he woke up….Kirk was in his shower.

122. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Kirk has had lots of doubles: Evil transporter Kirk, Evil android Kirk, Dead look-alike brother with a moustache Kirk, Evil mirror universe Kirk, Evil Garth-shapeshifter Kirk, Evil Iman-shapeshifter Kirk….

…and now cool wax retro 80s coiffed Kirk.

123. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Wax-Kirk could only be cooler if he were in the KHAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!! pose.

124. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Let’s put Wax-Kirk in the sequel. It’ll take care of the aging thing.

125. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Will the life size Wax-Kirk and chair be available in stores this Christmas?

126. Mr.Atos - November 5, 2009

Is that a wax chair?

127. startrekrcks - November 5, 2009

they should do a wax figure of the younger Kirk Chris Pine’s one that would be awesome

128. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

Wax-Shatner-Admiral Kirk would mop the floor Wax-Pine-Cadet Kirk.

129. ClassicTrek - November 5, 2009

great waxwork figure. Shatner looks great too – especially sitting in the captains chair…bring on the shat for the new movie…..PLEASE!


130. toddk - November 5, 2009

Maybe spock prime will unexpectantly find kirk prime on that suitable planet for the vulcan colony..Kirk has been breeding horses and living quietly for 25 years..hoping not to be discovered(after leaving the nexus), simaler to the way new kirk encountered spock prime on delta-vega..”How did you find me?” asks kirk prime, This of course would mean that nimoy would also have to appear in the film, which would mean that the movie may be again the “last star trek film for shatner and nimoy. so the question again would be..how does JJ Abrams “shoehorn” all this into the next movie? The answer I think is that it wont happen. It may be a good novel at the most. or could have been a deleted extra scene on the Star Trek 2009 DVD..too late for that..I think this illustrates the ackwardness of putting shatner in any future trek movie.

131. AJ - November 5, 2009

Maybe old Shatner Kirk (real, not wax) (and in the next film, not for real) (and in the future) could find wax TWOK Kirk’s body half-sticking out of the sand on a rocky coast while he’s (old Shatner, not wax, Kirk) riding a horse. He could get off the horse, kneel to the ground and yell:

Wait for it….

“Damn you! Damn you all to hell!”

132. Lt. Bailey - November 5, 2009

Madame Tussards does fabulous work. Just like # 45 Jim, I visted the Vegas museum and it is really wonderfull how they get so accurate. Granted some are better that others, but they pass muster as far as I am concerned in Vegas.

You go up to the J-Lo figure in Vegas and touch her tush, her face lights up red as if she is blushing. The Vegas museum also has (or had) a figure of Patrick Stewert. However, he was dressed in a 3 piece suit. For the 2006 Star Trek CON, the museum lent The Experience the figure of Stewert and one of Whoopi Goldberg which STTE dressed up as Picard and Guinan repsectively. You could have you photo taken with both of the figures which we did, it was great.

That is nice thing about Madame Tussards, unlike the old Movieland Wax Museum, you can touch the figures at Tussards. So what they did is have Admiral Kirk stand next to the Captains chair where everyone will no doubt wish to sit. If they had Kirk siiting in the chair, the photo op may not have the same desired effect for people and all the ST fans who will flock there in uniform to get a photo with Kirk. I know I will be doing that soon.

133. Negotiator - November 5, 2009

Thanks for the last picture. I’ll beam (photoshop) myself into the captains’ chair this weekend.

134. mp2357 - November 5, 2009

Hairweave should be curlier.

135. Mr. Delicious - November 5, 2009

It’s been sitting in a box for 20 years.

136. Tori Partridge - November 5, 2009

Looks like they were a bit generous with his hair! He should be in the next one though..

137. Hat Rick - November 5, 2009

There is no one — I SAY, NO ONE — quite like William Shatner. What a guy!

Seriously — can you name anyone who is more active at his age? Who is both an icon of such scale and a working actor?

The only other person I can think of who could qualify is Harrison Ford, but Ford doesn’t work as much.

Leonard Nimoy is iconic, yes, but not nearly as busy as The Shat Man.

Mr. Shatner, you are one amazing dude.

Almost as amazing as Kirk himself. :-)

138. Negotiator - November 5, 2009

Was JJ in charge of the video camera? That thing didn’t stop moving for a second!

139. Will - November 5, 2009

Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most … waxy.

140. Hat Rick - November 5, 2009

139: Boo, hiss. Bad form to make fun of the best line in cinematic history.


141. lostrod - November 5, 2009


Didn’t sound like Mr. Shatner was begging at all. As usual, he was asked a question (“What are your plans for the next Star Trek movie”) and he answered quite accurately.

142. Michael - November 5, 2009

I think JJ should INSIST Shatner watch the 09 Trek film in his prescence along with all the actors and give his honest impressions of the film, characters, especially the portryal of Kirk. Untill then, JJ should tell Bill politely to back off and let the new cast have a chance to shine w/o stunt casting.

143. Gummy - November 5, 2009

That figure is uncanny.

144. Hat Rick - November 6, 2009

Don’t you mean, “unkhanny”?


145. Anoying Doorchime - November 6, 2009

The hair on the wax figure looks more real than it did on Shatner in ’82.

146. Charlie - November 6, 2009

Bill IS The SHAT!!!

147. John from Cincinnati - November 6, 2009

CBS Paramount wanted the TWOK Kirk done in wax as their preference.

Yeah, because having TOS kirk standing on the original bridge would’ve been too awesome.

Bad move CBS Paramount. :-(

148. Mr. Delicious - November 6, 2009

The toupee lives long…and prospers.

149. Christopher Valin - November 6, 2009

Shatner’s had so much “work” done that the wax figure actually looks more realistic. Still love him, though!

150. Scott - November 6, 2009

Seeing old shat next to younger shat just reinforces my belief that he’s waaaay too old to ever play James Kirk now.

151. Harry Ballz - November 6, 2009

If he gains seven more pounds the Shat will deserve his own zip code!

152. Kahless - November 7, 2009

looks 95% Shatner and 5% Tom Jones

153. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 7, 2009

Seriously, Shat is EVERYWHERE. In entertaining commercials, being honored at Madame Tussauds, doing comedy segments on The Tonight Show, at The Scream Awards, launching his own line of comic books, prepping a new season of Raw Nerve. At nearly 80, the man is beloved, a true legend and a national treasure, and anyone making fun of him isn’t worthy to lick his Starfleet issued boots. I hope JJ puts him in Star Trek XII! One scene between he & Nimoy is all I ask.

154. Marcus Watts - November 7, 2009

Oh yeah, could they do a story where they pick up a ship of cryogenically frozen people from the 21st century and the leader is Denny Crane.

155. Harry Ballz - November 7, 2009


What, I don’t get to lick his Starfleet issued boots??!!

Aw, rat farts!

156. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 8, 2009

#155 “Aw, rat farts!”

Correct. That is exactly what we all are compared to Bill. Deal with it.


157. Hat Rick - November 8, 2009

Just think: If they ever need to do a body-scanned CGI version of Kirk for a future movie, now they have a place to do it. Madame Tussaud’s. (No offense to the real Shat, but I should venture that he is no longer in the svelte form he once was.) The real Shat could do the voice but be paid as if he appeared in person.

Everyone wins!

158. I, Mugsy - November 8, 2009

Something as momentous as Kirk and Spock being reunited somehow NEEDS it’s OWN show, which would have to be a VERY well done TV movie I guess (with today’s FX and in HiDef it would still look awsome), to do it ANY kind of justice whatsoever.

As far as the sequal film is concened it needs to stand on its own two feet and have no more ‘winks’ to the original series as far as cameos are concerned.

159. I, Mugsy - November 8, 2009

Come on Paramount, there IS ONLY ONE CHANCE LEFT to get Kirk the send of he deserves, AS WELL AS reuniting him with Spock. They’re both nearly 80.

Without being melodramatic, it really is now or never.

It’s Now or NEVER. Think about it……

Considering how just about everyone would like to see the awful Kirk death in Generations rectified, not to mention those that adore seeing Nimoy and Shatner at conventions, this needs to be fast-tracked ASAP.

Dear Santa…………


160. We_Are_The_Borg - November 8, 2009

Ya know, for all you neophytes complaining about how Shatner keeps talking about wanting to be in the next movie, I’d like to point out, as someone did above:


That’s what reporters do. They ask questions. So he answered the question. What do you want from the guy?

161. Canon Schmanon - November 9, 2009

Funny how Shatner says he wants to be in the next film but hasn’t had the manners to see the first one.

It would be a travesty to put him in the next film. He hasn’t taken himself seriously in years, and hasn’t taken the role of Kirk seriously since TSFS. He couldn’t play Kirk decently in Generations, so why does anybody think he could suddenly do it now?

It is only a small group of fundamentalists who want Shatner in the next film, and it isn’t enough to impact ticket sales. In fact, I think more people would stay away with him in it. The new movies are about moving on, and making Star Trek attractive to a new audience. Nimoy handed it over quite gracefully and with dignity. Shatner would only take the series backwards, sadly enough.

Old Kirk is dead, long live new Kirk. He’s the only one we need now.

162. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 9, 2009

#161 “He hasn’t taken himself seriously in years, and hasn’t taken the role of Kirk seriously since TSFS.”

And you know this because of all those heart to hearts the two of you have had over the years? Next time, say hi to him for us.

“I think more people would stay away with him in it.”

Prove it.

163. Buddy Briscoe - November 9, 2009


May the wax Kirk star in the next movie.

164. David P - November 9, 2009

Shat in the sequel!!

165. Robert Croghan - November 9, 2009

We need to start a petition to JJ Abrams to bring back Kirk.. in the next movie.. Lets get this started.. looks like someone beat me to it.. so everyone go to bringbackkirk.com

166. Harry Ballz - November 9, 2009


You’d probably get a better performance!

167. Hat Rick - November 9, 2009

The operation of the Nexus means that Kirk is still around on his ranch chopping wood and attending to his horse. For that matter, Picard is still there, too, trying to get Kirk to join him in the fight against Soran. It’s an easy thing to Bring Back Kirk — just go to the Nexus.


168. Marcus Watts - November 10, 2009

Shatner is like Eastwood in that he is as good or better than he has ever been with age.

Not that i think he would be good reprising Kirk per se in his current condition but he is still a huge presence and capable of creating compelling characters.

If Shatner were serious about reprising his role of Kirk one last time it would be great to see him drop some weight in preparation for being offered the role.

169. Antimatter - November 10, 2009

There’s no way this old fatman can ever play Kirk again. Did I mention that Kirk is dead?

170. Antimatter - November 10, 2009

#167 Please explain how Picard and Kirk got out of the Nexus to begin with. They didn’t and they’re still there.

171. ben - November 10, 2009

The dummy is taller.

172. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2009


No, I think the wax figure is!

173. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 10, 2009


I’ve been an advocate for the Nexus Kirk but I have to admit, even though it has been introduced crudely and rudely by others, the Nexus is supposed to be a timeless place so Shatner’s aging would be difficult to explain if the narrative went that route.

About the only thing that comes to mind is that Trek’s historically been big in the “there’s a price to pay for resurrection” theme. And at that, the only character that comes to mind as being able to put Kirk in such a physical state for that price is Q.

DeLancie and Nimoy have worked on numerous projects together so it would be fun to see their characters having a go at each other.

174. Hat Rick - November 11, 2009

173, good points. In the future, CGI could allow us to use an original-age Kirk, and the currently aged Shatner could play a part as appropriate, perhaps as suggested by the Q idea. In any event, in my mind, Kirk continues to live in the Nexus, since there are an arbitrary number of Kirks that are possible.

It’s possible, for example, that Kirk’s final mental state at the time of his apparent “death” permitted him to return to the Nexus, wiser and nobler than he ever was.

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