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Exclusive Preview Of Star Trek Blu-ray Vessel Simulator November 6, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

One of the cooler features of the upcoming Star Trek movie Blu-ray set is the Vessel Simulator. Using your remote, you will be able to explore both the new USS Enterprise, and the Narada. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive video preview of this feature. Check it out below



Starfleet Vessel Simulator
The Vessel Simulator lets you explore both the USS Enterprise and the Narada, here is a preview.

The Vessel Simulator feature is available exclusively on the Blu-ray set for Star Trek.

USA Pre-orders
You can pre-order the regular and exclusive Amazon and Best Buy editions below.

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ replica

3-disk set w/ badges

Best Buy gift set $27.99
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1. Norm - November 6, 2009


2. Drew - November 6, 2009

looks great!

3. Lieutenant - November 6, 2009

Wow, this looks really great! I’d love to see more of the Narada. :)

4. William - November 6, 2009

Looks as though it’s time to invest in a Bluray player

5. Lore - November 6, 2009

I hated the new ship design until seeing this. They should have released this online the day the movie was released.

6. CmdrR - November 6, 2009

The new design tends to look good from only a few angles, especially looking up from behind her (no comments, oh peanut gallery of mayhem!) The other variations on the Big E look good from almost any angle.
I will say, this version shows JJ’s E at its best.

7. la'Hom Ho'neH jorDe' vestai-VamPyr - November 6, 2009

Makes you want to go and get a Blu-Ray player.

8. steveo - November 6, 2009

agreed. I’m getting a PS3 I think for the games and blu-ray

9. zanzibar (wikiwackywoo on Twitter) - November 6, 2009

The Enterprise: Anybody besides me think she doesn’t look quite retro enough?

No complaints. Beautiful bird.

10. Steve - November 6, 2009

@#6 I actually think there are a lot of very ugly angles of the Ent D. That said, the Ent D has some great angles too, they just didn’t showcase them nearly as well as they could have during TNG.

11. John Gill - November 6, 2009

Yes, the view looking up from the back DEFINITELY makes this ship look SO MUCH better! I wish they had used that view on the movie posters.

12. Rich G - November 6, 2009

Beautiful ship.

13. ety3 - November 6, 2009

Mighty sweet looking. I can’t wait.

Hopefully they’ll have the Kelvin for a BD-Live treat? (Hint, hint …)

14. Will_H - November 6, 2009

It still gets me how the design of the new E can look totally horrible from some angles and from others badass. I mostly just hope that they get the interior right for the next movie, no more brewery and multiple cores please. The vid looks awesome, though.

15. tiki god - November 6, 2009

what an odd choice for the music on there though. That’s one of the songs that they use for MMA and NASCAR.

The entire marketing for this movie was weird to me, combined with the FLASH BANG LOOK OVER THERE camera cuts and the bright future lense flares….guh. I did enjoy it though and look forward to purchasing a bluray player for this movie ;)

16. MC Doctor - November 6, 2009

“Any chance to go on board the ENTERPRISE…”

“I, for one, am ahppy to have you at the helm. I don’t think these kids can steer her.”

17. GARY - November 6, 2009


18. THX-1138 - November 6, 2009

That Bluray stuff looks sweet. I admit that the new E has grown on me, although I have chosen to go the “ears in fingers, insisting that it is still only about 1,000 to 1,200 feet long”. But it will still be fun to mess with all the goodies on the disc. The Narada is kind of a dumb looking ship. That’s a mining ship? It looks like a squid. And the Romulans used the captured Borg technology to arm a mining ship.


19. vp21ct - November 6, 2009

I came.

20. Daniel Broadway - November 6, 2009

Why can I not go to the Vimeo link for that video?

21. Jeyl - November 6, 2009

@18: “And the Romulans used the captured Borg technology to arm a mining ship. Right………”

It actually says that in the simulator feature itself.

22. THX-1138 - November 6, 2009


That makes it no less ridiculous. At least to me. The Romulans went about galactic dominance all wrong, as it turned out. They should have had the labor class lead the battle. The military apparently didn’t have the good gear.

23. Zack - November 6, 2009

What’s the music?

24. Darkwing - November 6, 2009


Well, what about the Scimitar?

25. Daniel Broadway - November 6, 2009

Weaksauce Anthony, you set it to private video.

26. Enterprise - November 6, 2009

One weak ass drilling ship almost destroyed the entire Federation.

27. Marcel0815 - November 6, 2009

öhm, it is on the 2 disk blu ray to!

28. LCDR Arch - November 6, 2009

If the secondary hull was shrunk back (meaning aft) the ship would be much better…. that and stop all the silly talk of the ship being larger than the original by a factor of 10 just because they filmed the movie in a brewery! You can see the windows are the same size an location of the orginal! You don’t triple the size of the ship and just make the windows bigger! (for really tall people that need on window over 4 decks!)

29. Joseph Coatar - November 6, 2009

Music: Saliva – Ladies And Gentlemen

30. Trekluver - November 6, 2009


The Scimitar was Romulan Tech and not Borg/Romulan Tech hybrid. This was also an era before Borg tech was needed to inhance the fleet, it just turned out to be an invincable ship from the outside! Bad @$$ Romulans!

31. mntrekfan - November 6, 2009

The video really does make the E look nice. i’d be curious to see what it would’ve looked like with reddish-orange ranscoops

32. Enterprise - November 6, 2009

The Enterprise looks great. I really liked the new movie design.

33. NCC-73515 - November 6, 2009

THX, read Countdown ;)

34. EvilSean - November 6, 2009

I really like the way the ENT goes to warp. No rainbow of colors, no stretching of the ship, no starburst, just *poof*, she gone. Me likey.

35. Jim Nightshade - November 6, 2009

Yah that music adds to the bad assness of the simulators ships angles-good thing they didnt have some nerdy kinda music playing or I might have thought I was being nerdy enjoying it! HAHA

36. Jim Nightshade - November 6, 2009

Actually the BALLS on the back of the Nacelles git bRIGHTER and brighter as it powers up to go to warp….now If I didnt just watch that vessel simulator I would not have known that….

37. Connor - November 6, 2009

Wish I could watch it. The video continues to say its for private use.

38. Imrahil - November 6, 2009

Modelers should enjoy this. The music was awful, of course, but I assume that’s only for the commercial.

39. somethoughts - November 6, 2009

They should have played Enterprising Young Men for this trailer.

40. captain_neill - November 6, 2009

I am still not a fan of this new Enterprise.

It does not have the beauty of the Original and refitted constitution clas Enterprise

I do like the film but this Enterprise disappointed me.

I prefer the original con TOS Enterprise and Enterprise D and E over the new redesigned Enterprise

41. Chris M - November 6, 2009

This is cool, the Big E and Nerada look awesome! I’ve got the Blu Ray set and now all i need is the player which i should be getting soon…….

42. HotStove - November 6, 2009

November 17 = The day I buy a Blu-Ray player.

43. Imrahil - November 6, 2009

42: Wait for Black Friday deals. Profile 2.0 players under $150, possibly under $99.

44. David D. - November 6, 2009

#4’s right. Time to get a blue ray.

45. Jeyl - November 6, 2009

@22. “The Romulans went about galactic dominance all wrong, as it turned out. They should have had the labor class lead the battle. The military apparently didn’t have the good gear.”

Maybe the Romulans don’t like things ending too quickly. There might be reasons why they didn’t use this technology at first. Maybe it would have ended things too quickly. I don’t think the Romulans would like living in a universe without adversaries. That is after all what they relish.

Romulan Commander: “A gift for our homeland. Another war.”

So now that their home world is gone and their potential adversaries are coming willfully to their aid, I guess some Romulans think that their time is over, and they want to go out and leave as much of a mark as possible on the galaxy.

As for Nero expressing his desire to rid Romulas of the Federation? Well, he’s a ‘by the book’ 2Dimensional character who just wants to blow things up.

46. Michael - November 6, 2009

If this site keeps dropping spoliers on the Bluray features, I won’t be surprised by anything come Nov. 17th!

47. Will - November 6, 2009

That would have been much better without the pseudo hard rock music behind it, in my opinion.

48. redshirt - November 6, 2009

“Unlock the Ultimate Experience”?

It’s just a bunch of movie clips right?

49. Canadianknight - November 6, 2009

@45 – Nope. It’s completely interactive. You zoom around the ship(s) to whatever spots you want, looking at detail… zooming in and out, getting all sorts of details and so forth. Check out the review on TheDigitalBits.com.

Sounds like one of the best interactive BD features to date…

50. Canadianknight - November 6, 2009

er… that was directed at poster 48… redshirt.. oops…

51. LegalizeRomulanAle - November 6, 2009

I just crapped myself.

52. VulcanNonibird - November 6, 2009

“exclusive to Blu-Ray”….)-:

And don’t say it won’t work…..they put an interactive CGI tour of a space station on a Doctor Who DVD….

But nevertheless better than in germany: They only have the Single-DVD – and if you want the special features you’ref orced to buy the BD. That’s why I’ll order the Double-DVD from the UK….

53. Prologic9 - November 6, 2009

^^You can’t do that on DVD.

54. Spectre_7 - November 6, 2009

Hate the use of rock music, soo american of them.

55. Enterprise - November 6, 2009

54 – Lol, it’s an American ad.

56. DJT - November 6, 2009

I wish I could pimp out my ride like *that*!

Those bussard collectors look badass btw.

57. Jim Nightshade - November 6, 2009

I wonder how many are getting a bluray player mainly for the new trek movie-i got a ps3 a month ago-have to save up for a hd tv tho-

58. Cliff - November 6, 2009

@22. “The Romulans went about galactic dominance all wrong, as it turned out. They should have had the labor class lead the battle. The military apparently didn’t have the good gear.”

well the romulan ship time traveled how far into it’s past?
the Romulans Klingons and Federation progressed together sharing or stealing each others tech just like the US USSR cold war.
imagine the modern nucliar aircraft carriers and subs in the first world war, just ONE modern aircraft carrior could take on most if not all of the first world war fleets.
mind you once thier ammo ran out they would be in big trouble but a handfull of nukes would dominate not only the war but the entire world.
so yea, if you take a big freighter and arm it with todays balistic nukes and phalanx guns and antiaircraft missiles and a few modern antisub munitions then yes a frieghter could dominate the world war 1 fleets

59. Captain James T. Kirk - November 6, 2009

It’s on now im getting this

60. MaoMan - November 6, 2009

I wonder if they ever figured out how big the Enterprise is?

And if it really makes sense this time?

61. The Six Million Dollar Man - November 7, 2009

Dang! Shelookslikeonemeanmofo………..!!

62. Orin - November 7, 2009

The Blu-Rays have been released here in Oz – and that preview pretty much gives the whole thing away. There isn’t much more than that – other than it being in a higher resolution than what is shown in the trailer

63. David B - November 7, 2009

Those of you from Australia, has anyone bought “Legends of the final frontier” movies 1-10 box, it has better artwork in my opinion from the illustration compared to the UK 1-10 box.

If anyone has bought it, any chance you could upload some photos of the actual box and contents?


64. SciFiMetalGirl - November 7, 2009

I’m loving this! Because it was so hard to get a really good look at the new Enterprise while watching the movie. The ships have always been one of the cast of characters to me.

65. Woulfe - November 7, 2009


ILM says it’s over 1,000ft

– W –
* We’re stuck with that size too as the manual that will come out will say that *

66. Hero to Fallen Trekkies - November 7, 2009

I’ve mostly made peace with the new E’s awkward design, but the warping effect needs a re-do; it looks pretty much like every other sci-fi now… I think they should at least re-add the “starburst” at the end; its what made star trek different from all those other series… Course now ST is just like all the rest, which I guess is why its so popular now LOL. I’m not saying the movie was bad, but I could totally see it as one of those Sci Fi original movie remakes like “flash gordon” or “tin man”…

67. Orin - November 7, 2009

Oh and Trekmovie definitely gets a few shout-outs in the special features

68. Ralph F - November 7, 2009

Yeah, nice bird, but I sure wish they’d strayed closer to Jeffries’ camp and used something along the lines of Gabe’s ENTERPRISE.

Looking forward to the Blu-ray and this feature. My daughter (8 yrs) was just watching it, and has set off to draw her own version.

69. John in Canada, eh? - November 7, 2009

I’m surprised at how much the Primary Hull looks like the Big E of the TMP-era. It’s not identical, but remains very true to the spirit of the movie era.
I like the slightly-curved nacelle supports, but I could live without all the other changes, to the nacelles and the Engineering Hull.
Can’t wait for Nov. 17th!

70. Praetor Tal - November 7, 2009

I don’t know if it’s Flash or what, but the clip doesn’t work for me. :-( Stills?

71. Michael - November 7, 2009

ILM really went all out on that CGI model of the Enterprise. It looks like a real physical thing and not just a bunch of pixels

72. Thomas - November 7, 2009

I can’t get the video to work either.

73. THX-1138 - November 7, 2009

To all of the folks that responded to my original thoughts: thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it.

I still have no idea why it was necessary to arm a mining ship with torpedos (along with some other issues I have with it). But what the heck. I also shouldn’t have to go look for a logical explanation in what has been called by the producers a non-canon source i.e. the Countdown comics, which did look cool, BTW.

I know that there a re a great many people on this site that think all the nit-picking by the ship people (such as myself) is nothing but whining. But for a lot of people their favorite character was Kirk or Spock or McCoy. Mine was the Enterprise. And really, all of the ships. I have had issues with ships in Star Tek before so it isn’t confined to this movie. It’s just that this movie is the most recent and recieves most of the commentary.

The Narada is just an illogical ship to me. And it’s not Star Trek’s first.

74. Hat Rick - November 7, 2009

Video rocks.

75. Eli - November 7, 2009

What? I thought the tour of the ship was going to be on the DVD too! Man, we’re getting the short end of the stick here!

76. Dr. Image - November 7, 2009

I’m liking the blue nacelle caps. I didn’t at first. They really scream, “I’m JJ’s Enterprise!” And that’s ok- he earned it.
Looks like a nice hi-res model too.
The dvd sales are going to be HUUUGE.

77. SciFiMetalGirl - November 7, 2009

Oh yeah! Huge props to TrekMovie and Anthony for scoring such an awesome exclusive! WTG!

78. Capt. of the USS Anduril - November 7, 2009

I have to say I’m really glad this ended up being the actual model of the ship from the movie. I must admit I was worried that it’d end up being just like the “Augmented Reality” thing they did before the movie came out. I hope that there’s an option to view how the navigational deflector moves when the ship’s about to go to warp.

79. VOODOO - November 7, 2009

The Digital Bits just posted their stellar review of “Star Trek” on Blu-ray.

” For my money at least, this new Star Trek is just a completely fun movie. I can’t begin to tell you the pure joy I feel in the idea that this vision and these ideas, that so inspired me as a kid, are fresh and bold and new again! But you don’t have to be a Trekker to watch this film. ANYONE off the street can thoroughly enjoy themselves. It’s just a rip-roaring good time at the movies – a classic summer blockbuster that transcends its genre while also managing to honor the franchise. It’s also easily one of the best Blu-ray releases of the year. If you buy only one new film on the format in 2009, Star Trek is definitely the one to get!”

Here is the link

80. Samsung HT-BD1250 Blu-ray Home Theater System | ln52a650 - November 7, 2009

[…] Exclusive Preview Of Star Trek Blu-ray Vessel Simulator … […]

81. JohnWA - November 7, 2009

Apparently, the Romulans stole their technology from the Galactic Empire. If ILM’s estimates are accurate, then the Narada is about the size of a Super Star Destroyer. But considering how massive the Enterprise is, this is to be expected.

I, for one, don’t mind the change in scale.

I like the new, muscular Earth with all the arcologies and skyscrapers. And I like the bulky feel of the new ships too.

The Federation’s infrastructure (i.e. the studio’s VFX budget) has always seemed terribly small for a supposedly powerful interstellar organization with 150 members and thousands of colonies. The “made for television” scale of Star Trek has always made it look more cheesy than it should. And I’m glad they’ve finally gotten around to correcting that flaw.

82. Capt. of the USS Anduril - November 8, 2009

#81 I have to agree with you on that. I’ve always had a problem with 23rd century’s human achievement is the same length as a 20th century aircraft carrier and is designed to carry less than a tenth of the crew complement.

83. Anthony Thompson - November 8, 2009

The music? Appealing to the lowest common denominator. UGH!

84. Anthony Thompson - November 8, 2009


Arcologies. You’ve been to Arcosanti! I hope the film makers use Arcosanti in a sequel and use CGI to “complete” it. That would be awesome!

85. Boris - November 8, 2009

The size is now seriously converging on 2379.75 feet (725.35m), with more and more official publications supporting this figure, but there’s still no indication of how many decks there are. Only “Experience the Enterprise” has tried to suggest it by using deck letters, which would indicate there are probably no more than 26. The combination of a letter and four numbers was used in the ship’s corridors onscreen, but it didn’t seem to change in an orderly fashion when I was freeze-framing the movie recently.

86. William Kirk - November 8, 2009

The size of windows on decks shows it is almost the same size as the original Enterprises. But as the nacelles are BIG, maybe ALL alternate is BIG, the people too, so they need to have double sized ship. Everyone says the movie is BIG. Yes, the ship too :-) LOL

87. Michael - November 8, 2009

CBS is playing serioius HARDBALL with buyers of standard dvd format. They are releasing a bar-bones-teaser release of Trek 09′.
The BD format is LOADED with featuettes/branching stuff, the dvd will NOT have on it.
Just like the HD/DVD combo had the Enterprise tour(now avail. on Bluray), Pic within a pic commenatry on seasons 1&2(foremerly on HD season 1)on Bluray only. Too bad Toshiba had funded that, and after season 2 was nixed in HD, only 2 episodes were in can to be utilized for season 2 on BD. I can’t even imagine I’m saying this….but the video commentaries On season 2(I would have gotten had HD survived as a format), the abliity to switch from classic to Remastered FX, WNMHGB restored, to a lesser extent the Con features, and BD quality of episodes, is beginning to sway me to buy the 3 season boxed set when released! Lord help me! I now own the TOS on standard DVD season sets, TOS-R season sets, and now on BD?
The standard sets still are the ONLY means to get stills gallerys and Red Shirt Diaries(brief featurettes), so need to hang on to those.

88. Boris - November 8, 2009

Maybe the decks are simply double-spaced? ;)

89. Capt. of the USS Anduril - November 8, 2009

#86 That’s a huge negative on that. The refit Enterprise’s windows were small, apparently. This is going by cutaways that say the outer rim of the saucer is only 2 decks tall, with a window near the bottom of the deck and one near the top. Apparently if you’re on the refit Enterprise and you want to look out into space, you need to be either really tall, or a midget. No, the “official” size of the refit Enterprise is ridiculously small for what they used. Especially the recreation “deck”. That set was huge, yet somehow it was only two decks high? Doubtful. The new Enterprise’s size is far more logical.

90. Capt. of the USS Anduril - November 8, 2009

d’oh, forgot to make my point about the new Enterprise. The recent super-duper high definition picture of the Enterprise in front of Saturn further proves that the new Enterprise’s windows are for one deck, making the new ship’s saucer about 4 or 5 decks high. Either that, or those are some TALL ceilings.

91. Preview del la versión Blu-Ray de Star Trek: Simulador de vuelo - November 8, 2009

[…] ver el video completo en TrekMovie. Compartelo Hide Sites […]

92. Dr. Image - November 8, 2009

#9 Ryan Church was going for a “60’s architecture” look with his Enterprise design- something I didn’t pick up on at first.
So, given that fact, “retro” it truly is!

93. Jeff - November 8, 2009

I wonder if the Kelvin is in the simulator ?

94. Alex Rosenzweig - November 8, 2009

#83 – “The size is now seriously converging on 2379.75 feet (725.35m), with more and more official publications supporting this figure,”

Might seem to be a small thing, but the more they try to cram this “supersize Enterprise” stuff down my throat, the more, and faster, they drive me away. No Blu-ray purchase for me! Probably no DVD purchase, either, at this rate.

95. NCC-73515 - November 9, 2009

52. VulcanNonibird
“But nevertheless better than in germany: They only have the Single-DVD – and if you want the special features you’ref orced to buy the BD. That’s why I’ll order the Double-DVD from the UK….”
There is a Steelbook 2-disc DVD abailable in Müller (drugstore, not bakery)!
It has the special features (deleted scenes, aliens, casting, score).

96. Ed Morgan - November 9, 2009

# 15

I think the song is ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ by Saliva. I like them so I was quite surprised to hear them on the vid.

Simulator looks awesome though- can’t wait till this comes out!!

97. The Only True Fan - November 9, 2009

I can’t afford a blu-ray player. I’ve got a family to support and food and shelter are a little more important. It’s unfair that these features aren’t available to us poor folks who can only afford a $29 Apex DVD player from Wal-Mart. It’s not all bad, though. I loathe the Abramsprise and don’t really care to see it up close and personally anyway. That ship is ugly in its purest form and doesn’t deserve to wear the name “Enterprise”.

98. Penhall99 - November 9, 2009

I really wish the blu-ray was coming out in the “steelbook exclusive” that Target and a few other places are gonna have. But it’s only the regular DVD that’s gonna have it. Bummer….

99. Al Hartman - November 9, 2009

I’m not a big fan of this design, but the video DID make it look good.

100. Trekenstein - November 11, 2009

#94 – “the more they try to cram this “supersize Enterprise” stuff down my throat, the more, and faster, they drive me away. No Blu-ray purchase for me! Probably no DVD purchase, either, at this rate.”

Oh who are you kidding? First, you need the DVD to do a frame-by-frame analysis. But more importantly, how does this one incongruity ruin an otherwise entertaining film. You either enjoyed it or you didn’t.

In fairness to you, this detail along with a number of other things in the movie also leave a sour taste in my mouth. I certainly look upon the filmmakers differently now by the way they have handled themselves when confronted with their harshest critics.

However, this was a fun movie with a lot of ties to the Star Trek I remember. I will definitely want to watch it several more times and it deserves a spot in my collection of enjoyable Trek yarns.

If you didn’t enjoy the film, and have no desire to see it again, then by all means, don’t spend your money on it. I did just that when Star Trek V was released on VHS, bought Star Trek VI and then never bought another one again. But not to buy a film you otherwise enjoyed because an impossible fantasy ship may not be depicted 100% technically accurately is foolish.

I look for such things in films too and am by far the worst nit-picker I know. But I was never once distracted by the dimensions of the ship during the course of the film. If anything you have to look at it as one continuity error, the discrepancies of which will hopefully be fixed in the next one. However they arrived at it, I have no problem with the justification that the Enterprise has become a massive vessel using the original design. So I fully expect them to render the next ship to match the published specs, which may mean that there are more and smaller windows, and the docking ports are shrunk.

101. onan fanboy - November 11, 2009

slather the whole thing in a bunch of KY jelly and jam in in real hard. yesssssss… enter PRIZE..

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