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Exclusive Video Interview: JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Sequel November 18, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Interview,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the Star Trek sequel. At the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray launch party TrekMovie had a moment to talk to JJ Abrams. The producer talked about the status of the project, what he will do to boost international sales, if he will direct it, and yes, Khan, and more. See below for video. 


JJ Talks Star Trek sequel

Video taken at the Star Trek Blu-ray/DVD Party


JJ Abrams at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party

More Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Party video interviews coming up
Look for more interviews from the party from cast and crew of Star Trek.

Photo by Carla Van Wagoner

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1. Smilin Bob - November 18, 2009

Still like the idea of Khan and the Botany Bay being in the movie for like 5 seconds at the beginning before it is destroyed by either an astroid, or…wait for it…Captain Klaa using it as target practice before getting an urgent distress call to respond to the Planet of Galactic Sleaze

2. Brett Campbell - November 18, 2009

Rick Moranis could so easily play JJ in a biopic.

3. Thomas - November 18, 2009

Nice to hear from JJ. I find it pretty amazing that he can balance these projects. I would just get so stressed out.

4. Dan - November 18, 2009

JJ thank you fro Lens Flares, it’s the best lens flares movie ever!!!

5. Joe Sidney - November 18, 2009

Star Trek (2009) is already a revenge flick. Nero has already been your Khan for this franchise…just with a vendetta for Spock instead of Kirk.

Don’t go for the “revenge flick”

Just my opinion.

6. No2Khan - November 18, 2009

PLEASE dont do KHAN..boldy go where no man has gone before..PLEASE.


7. Trekluver - November 18, 2009




Doesn’t the girl on the bridge at 46:50 exactly look like Dr. Elizabeth Dehner?The simalaraties are very striking! Please help I need to know!

8. Driver - November 18, 2009

At one point they were supposed to have script in by next month. Now, it’s “We still have no ideas for the next film.”Somewhat disappointing considering the way TV scripts are churned out consistently.

9. Goivanni - November 18, 2009

I think Jim’s brother should show up in the new film, and Carol Marcus should show up and Gary Mitchell and Nurse Chapel.

10. Goivanni - November 18, 2009

#8 TV scripts are terrible, look at all the crappy dramas on TV these days.

11. HotStove - November 18, 2009

Sequel idea.

Dr. Khan Noonien Soong creates an android named Data, sends him on revenge mission against Kirk…

What? It could work!


12. somethoughts - November 19, 2009

A movie that talks about who created humans and allow the Enterprise crew to go on an adventure to solve the mystery of the origins of life. Search for new life forms and civilizations and simultaneously discover the origins of mankind. Sorta like all good things in TNG, have them move backward, and forward in time (you can then use Shatner as aged version of Kirk).

The best series/movies always involved time travel, this time instead of angry enemy from future coming back to wreck havoc, allow the crew to go through weird sci fi time travel and explore the human condition. The time travel can be done via omnipotent being/natural phenomenon or through near death experience for the crew member(s). A scene between Kirk and George Kirk would be touching, similair to a Spock and Amanda scene.

Time travel is powerful, you can showcase past advanced civilizations on earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs (ancient war between reptilian civilization and the nordics) and how humans can learn from past mistakes etc. and to understand who created mankind and why. Have another faction like the Klingons race with the Enterprise for the right to go back to their time period/home. Omnipotent being tests the Humans and Klingons to see who is worthy, Q film? or another type of alien divinity. 3 Tests, starship command abilities, problem solving and breaking/solving the universal puzzle for the opportunity to go home. Multiple time periods on earth will be used, from Jurrassic etc.

Fusing of Jurassic Park , Undiscovered Country, A Christmas Carol, All Good Things…and Voyage Home. At the very end of the film, show the Botany Bay being picked up by a Klingon Bird of Prey! Roll Credits.

13. Jim Nightshade - November 19, 2009

nice to hear jj is leaning towards wanting to direct the next trek–Any use of khan would mean they would have to include dr soon and the Augments-that enterprise 2 parter was a great background piece to khan–but i also would not want to see him as the villain-too simikar to nero/revenge etc-we need to go boldly into a better story–i wouldnt mind seeing the borg reimagined by jj and battling the enterprise crew-ever since the manga story ive liked that idea n the borg are the most popular villains next to khan probably-

14. Smilin Bob - November 19, 2009

I’d go for Kirk falls in love with Carol Marcus, knocks her up, kicks some Klingon ass, and moves onto the next planet for the next movie.

15. Lord Ravenwood - November 19, 2009

Rick Moranis would make a great JJ Abrams! Heck! By lookinng at some of the old “SCTV” videos, he could probably direct a better “Star Trek” film than Abrams did!
What type of film did you expect coming from the guy who created and directed a few episodes of “Felicity?”
Abrams has only directed 3 films, one which even isn’t out yet!

What a HACK! He should stick to TV and leave TRUE film directing to the BIG BOYS!

16. Bob Tompkins - November 19, 2009

I can only hope that JJ’s ego isn’t so massive that he believes only he could helm the next Trek, thus delaying it.
Paramount needs to open some more doors too.
Straight to DVD efforts featuring older series and stars in all eras. It works pretty well with Stargate, all versions and BSG to a more limited extent, a 4-6 month ‘fix’ for the Trekkers whoi’d like to see Picard, Janeway, Sisco, et al in the newly adjusted universes.
Just for giggles, do a couple of Enterprise straight to DVDSs too, the first one could explain how the final episode never happened when Tuck steps out of the sonic shower to the waiting arms of T’Pol saying , “I just had the strandgest dream” and wipe out all of the bad plot ideas for Enterprise!

Let the old hand Jonathan Frakes direct the next Trek theatrical release, he’ll get it out on time and under budget.

Trek’s back. We need more than a single followup evey three years.

17. Anthony Pascale - November 19, 2009


final warning for trolling

find a way to make your points without personal attacks, or leave

18. Jeff - November 19, 2009

@ # 8

Writing for weekly TV is very different than writing for a 150 million dollar feature film.

TV seasons are planned out far in advance as well. They don’t write them all in the span of a week.

As for Abrams, I hope he uses this site like he did for the first movie. Use it to see what he SHOULDN’T mess with as opposed to getting ideas from the fans here. Half of them want Kahn and the Borg, which would be a waste. There are quite a few Borg stories already.
I get the idea behind reusing Kahn but it’s unnecessary. Save it for a novel or something.

19. Hat Rick - November 19, 2009

What kind of story would work for the next Trek movie? Perhaps one could commission a poll of movie fans in general.

20. Taemo - November 19, 2009

Why are people thinking Star Trek 12 is going to be a revenge flick. Kahn cannot yet avenge anything. First he has to be marooned by Kirk , and then, 2 movies later, he can avenge hinself upon him. Except of course, they do it ala Lost, or Godfather part II and mix up different time periods, so we have Kirks first encounter with Kahn and the second one in one movie. That would/ could pave the way for Shatner. Well, no, he is too old any way.

21. I'm dead Jim - November 19, 2009

@15 Ravenwood… I envision you as a bitter old man. “You kids get outta my yard!!!! Go find some joy in life, dude, and spare us your venom!

On a higher note… Greg Grunberg as a redshirt! Hilarious!

22. screaming satellite - November 19, 2009

16 – you had me at Stargate!

sure lets get away from Trek at the movies 1979-86 style and get back to what everyone REALLY wants..a return to the Berman era bumpy headed treknobabble star trek…with a new tv show every few months and extended episodes as movies

forget Abrams, Orci making Kirk and Spock movies…lets have Berman bringing back Janeway, Harry Kim and Quark for some STDVD movies!!

oh and just for ‘giggles’ lets have Frakes directing The Rikers in Space for summer 2011

23. Darkwing - November 19, 2009

and ravenwood, how do you think the big boys became the big boys, by directing films of course, they weren’t the big boys over night. just though i’d point that out, and for trek being abrams 3rd film, i’d say he’s doin a pretty good job of getting the hang of things for film

24. screaming satellite - November 19, 2009

12 – sounds like a something Gold Key wouldve done back in the 60s

yknow i think there was something like that considered for TMP back in the day…

25. P Technobabble - November 19, 2009

I keep waiting to see what kind of films all these critics have written/produced/directed….?

I’m sure the sequel is still in the brainstorming stage, with possibly a few ideas on how to approach it. Someone sticks a microphone in JJ’s face and he’s got to say something. Give the poor guy some breathing room…

26. PJ - November 19, 2009

i vote for carol marcus and klingons. and maybe even crazyy comodore decker

27. jen - November 19, 2009

Love JJ but he’s a scatter brain

28. The Gorn Identity - November 19, 2009

I want the KLINGONS for the Star Trek sequel.

29. Captain Dunsall - November 19, 2009

New movie idea? The Alternate Universe!

30. I'm dead Jim - November 19, 2009

Greg Grunberg as a thought reading Klingon! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

31. screaming satellite - November 19, 2009

“Casting an international star would be a really good idea for Star Trek sequel to help film overseas ”

Harrison Ford – Starfleet Admiral (April?)

Megan Fox – No 1

Arnie – Klingon Emperor

Hanks – Commodore Decker

32. Paul Fitz - November 19, 2009

I would love to see big name stars, but just as extras, maybe one or two lines. . . There are plenty of Trekkie Celebs.

33. Some Guy - November 19, 2009

Amitabh Bachan for Khan…. Overseas box office numbers would explode.

34. Star Trek - Voyeur - November 19, 2009

Subplot idea for Sequel – The Search for Spock’s Mom

She’s not dead, Jim…her Katra’s still in the pattern buffer.
Scotty has tied in the transporter to the new holodeck…. ☺

35. Allen Williams - November 19, 2009

ooh megan fox as dr. marcus! (ILM can put a bumblebee easter egg in the movie)

I kinda like the idea of dr. marcus and kirk vs klingons.

Can we get t’poll to make an appearance? that would be cool. Doesn’t even need to be a big one. She could be a friend of spock’s family or something.

Jennifer Garner as a klingon (shes already said she wanted to do it) maybe make her one of the main villians like the duras family or something.

36. the Quickening - November 19, 2009

I have said–as many have–on several occasions that a bankable, international star should be cast in a TREK film to boost international sales. This has been a constant sore-spot for TREK. It should have been done for the first film. Why is it just now being considered? And please, no mention of Eric Bana.

37. SirBroiler - November 19, 2009

Why do folks assume that a Khan story has to involve any sort of revenge against Kirk? The revenge part came long after Khan’s first encounter with the Enterprise – like 20 years later.

This is a new timeline folks! Khan was always hell-bent on power….and he can be anywhere doing anything the writers want. I’m still a big fan of the idea of the Botany Bay and crew, having been discovered by Klingons instead of the Enterprise, working to develop an army of Klingon Augments hell-bent on taking over the Earth and destroying what’s left of the Vulcan-less, and thus weaker, Federation. I mean come on! KLINGON AUGMENTS!!! It would be AWESOME!

And those Augment Klingons, under the command of Khan, happen to kill a pregnant Carol Marcus in the process. Now…there’s your revenge, but in reverse.

But…It would be even better if Khan didn’t appear well into the movie, like at the end…setting up a battle-royal third film.

38. the Quickening - November 19, 2009


Your idea does have some merit and imagination and please, I am not flaming or trolling here, but…


I think should wait a few years and movies before we go down that road again.

39. Raktajino - November 19, 2009

I am sick to death with lens flares. Can’t be said enough!

40. The Original Spock's Brain - November 19, 2009

@2. “Rick Moranis could so easily play JJ in a biopic.”

You mean like Moranis 20 years ago, and he’s retired.

41. Daoud - November 19, 2009

@22 I’m so there for RIKERS… IN… SPACE…. Just like Mel Brooks’ never done “preview” at the end of HoTWpt1 for “Jews.. In… Space…”

Of course, we’d have to retcon the USS Titan so it looked like a giant Star of Daoud spaceship. :)

@0 JJ “might” direct the sequel? So, he doesn’t see this as the major part of his proximate career? Very Very Foolish. I think JJ and K/O/L are all just sandbagging us. They don’t want to overpromise, and they’ve learned from the Engineer Scott… “always overexaggerate how long it will take you, so you are perceived to be a miracle worker.”

42. The Original Spock's Brain - November 19, 2009

@8. “At one point they were supposed to have script in by next month. Now, it’s “We still have no ideas for the next film.”Somewhat disappointing considering the way TV scripts are churned out consistently.”

TV scripts for good dramas are done by committee (even though final credit is given to one or two writers), planned out before the season begins and (again on a good show) evolve organically from what came before and story arcs.

First, the upfront costs are huge on a SFX-filled, highly-marketed, tent pole movie that ST is, so the risk is higher. A 120-minute movie (versus a 44-minute TV episode) must be self-contained because there won’t be another one for 2 to 3 years (if it crashes and burns like Nemesis, a lot longer), and must give people enough reason to drive to the mall, plunk down $10 + $date + $kids + $popcorn, in huge numbers to make a profit. BSG never had the SFX budget nor marketing of this movie. TV economics and writing demands are very different than film.

43. Lore - November 19, 2009

This time they should have Capt Picard come back from the future and they can “BALDLY GO….WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE”.

44. The Original Spock's Brain - November 19, 2009

@16. CBS TV can do anything they want with previous series or create a new one; JJ can’t hold up any of that.

45. star trackie - November 19, 2009

#15 “What a HACK! He should stick to TV and leave TRUE film directing to the BIG BOYS!”

Witness the wild success of Trek as well as the number of projects this man has in the works. Sorry to break the news, but he IS one of the big boys.

46. Lore - November 19, 2009

#16 Quantity over quality eh…..isn’t that what gave us three trek shows in the 90’s and eventually gave us movies like Nemesis. You aren’t Rick Berman are you?

47. The Riddler - November 19, 2009

Let Speilberg Direct!

48. screaming satellite - November 19, 2009

47 – Itd be fanboy dream to see someone like Spielberg direct a star trek film – but i doubt itd ever happen (although SS has never directed a space set SF film)

itd be cool for Spielberg to have some input though – bringing some of that cinematic wonder he does so well to star trek – and to see his name in the credits somewhere – like BTTF, TF etc …

49. screaming satellite - November 19, 2009

44 – lets hope not then

i dont wanna see umpteen boring spin offs souring anticipation for the next big screen outing

50. crazydaystrom - November 19, 2009

A Speilberg directed Trek would be an amazing thing, no doubt! I just don’t see it happening.

51. Morgan - November 19, 2009

Hope all these questions about Khan don’t make any impressions on the staff that they have to star him the sequel …… any how, brilliant interview. *sits back and waits for some comments from Christopher Lloyd and John Cho*

52. Ran - November 19, 2009

I really don’t care if there are Klingons or not in the next movie. I just wish for a decent story & script.

53. pat - November 19, 2009

Tom Cruise in Star Trek. What a stupid idea!! u don’t put big stars in these films, it takes away from the other main characters.

54. starquack - November 19, 2009

Do the Gorn! It can be a completely different first contact story with them since the timeline has been changed. They’ve been around since 1967 and we know next to nothing about them (from film anyway). If you want to “respect the old” but also cover new ground, what better starting place than with the Gorn?

55. starquack - November 19, 2009

Or do the First Federation (I think that was their name), the race that Balok came from. It can be a completely different first contact story with them since the timeline has been changed. They’ve been around since 1966 and we know next to nothing about them (from film anyway). If you want to “respect the old” but also cover new ground, what better starting place than with Balok?

56. nscates - November 19, 2009

@ 54 & 55 – Agreed. Balok or the Gorn would be a better choice than Khan. A lot less established continuity with those guys.

57. starquack - November 19, 2009

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Or redo that awful Lazarus episode because it has some interesting ideas that were terribly executed! I always thought you could use the “winking out” of the universe and the ani-matter universe to explain the appearance of all the “alternate earths” that appeared in the original series. Or do some other kind of story that explains why they are here, such as a cross-timeline cataclysm that whiplashed the earths of several other timelines into our own.

58. Danpaine - November 19, 2009

…another vote for The Gorn here. Lots of potential there.

59. starquack - November 19, 2009

Or Tholians. We really don’t know that much about them either.

Okay. I’ll shut up now.

60. starquack - November 19, 2009

Sorry. One more. The whole Galactic Barrier could be played out lots of different ways, even without Gary Mitchell. Maybe a story that explains it’s properties, it’s origin, it’s dimensions.

Or link Q with Trelayne as the novels do.

There is SO MUCH they can do without Khan. I’m not even against Khan someday, just not this time. But when you DO Khan, have the story take a completely different tack. Maybe the Klingons find him and wake him up. After inflicting serious damage on them, Khan becomes a hero to the Federation. Or maybe Khan wakes up on his own, takes over some planet, and the crew find him after he is already ruler of a world and have no desire to change his status quo. Just don’t do a REHASH of either Space Seed or ST II.

But hey, Orci and Kurtzman did a great job. I know they wouldn’t do a simple rehash on their own. I just hope they don’t get pressured into it.

61. ensign joe - November 19, 2009

In Star Trek (2009) we’ve seen the muppet baby version of the crew and they played that role well.

I’m interested in seeing how they handle being more mature and seasoned (not as cadets but as true Star Fleet officers).

I suspect the passage of time will help (2012 release) facilitate this as some of the younger crew members will have aged. I wonder how much canon time will have elapsed between Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek (2012)..

62. Trek Nerd Central - November 19, 2009

Hm. Seems like a whole lotta “Nope, nuh-uh, I have no news to report, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you.”

I said this in another thread, but I’ll say it again here: No matter what they do with the sequel, they have GOT to use the original intro. And Pine has GOT to say it.

63. starquack - November 19, 2009

@61…I too, wonder how much time elapsed before the “Kirk getting command” scene. It looked as if Kirk still had the same facial abrasions (more healed) that he received from the adventure, so I’m afraid the intent is that his promotion was almost immediate, which I find too hard to swallow.

I’d rather come back to the theatre in three years and find that three years had actually passed while Kirk served as first officer on the Farragut, and then start the new film with the promotion scene.

64. S. John Ross - November 19, 2009

Here’s a story strategy for you: instead of dipping into the safe and comforting well of beloved stories already told, instead pick one of the _weakest_ TOS episodes, and revisit it with new power, insight and energy in a way that makes it rock the heavens in a way we never thought it could.

That way, you’re still having fun with threads to classic Trek, but you’re also showing your chops as storytellers.

65. starquack - November 19, 2009

@64…Agreed. Pick a real turkey and make it fantastic.

66. R. F. Crowson - November 19, 2009

37. SirBroiler — “Why do folks assume that a Khan story has to involve any sort of revenge against Kirk? The revenge part came long after Khan’s first encounter with the Enterprise – like 20 years later.” — Exactly!! thank you!

… This would be a terrific opportunity to really dissect and understand the character of Khan. A backstory of the Eugenics Wars/ the launching of the Botany Bay/ the discovery and then the taking over of the enterprise… It would be an opportunity to explore more areas of the Enterprise interior as they battle royal through corridors.. kind of what made “First Contact” such a great film. Less space dogfights between ships would save money to be spent on physical sets — better engineering section, maybe a torpedo room, etc.

Keep an open mind regarding Khan, guys. There’s a lot that could be done — and it wouldn’t be a rehash of ST II by any means. There’s no revenge to be had.

67. CarlG - November 19, 2009

@64: That’s… kind of brilliant, actually. Which one would you go with?

I’d pick “And the Children Shall Lead”. Creepy brainwashed kids playing mind games with the crew could be downright terrifying, if done well.

68. Cyberghost - November 19, 2009

Maybe someone could help me?, after watching ST 2009 a couple of times on blu Ray, how could Planet Vulcan explode? And what about Spocks mom, how can she die? Do we just forget “Planet to Babel?”. Did all these things not happen in the alternate timeline? If so, is Vulcan gone for good, along with spocks mom? Does the next movie put us back into the more cannon time line. I thought by watching the movie a couple of times it would help explain, but it didn’t.

Sorry for my ignorance, I just need some clarification.

Thx to anyone who answers my question.

69. Rastaman - November 19, 2009

@ 5 – Joe Sidney

“Don’t go for the “revenge flick” ”

Seeing as Khan and Kirk haven’t even met yet in this alternate reality, it wouldn’t really be a “Revenge flick”

Whatever story they tell with Khan will have to be substantially different from the original. But it would be more like “Space Seed” then “Wrath of Khan”.

70. Rastaman - November 19, 2009

@ 68 Cyberghost –

I don’t think there is any going back on things after this movie. What I mean is this is an entirely new Star Trek reality if that makes sense to you. Nothing will unfold the same. Vulcan is gone. Spock’s mom is dead. Amanda won’t be there to encourage Spock to save his father in “Journey to Babel.”

It will all be substantially different.

71. AdamTrek - November 19, 2009

I hope he directs. He needs a trilogy to his name like Bay got for Transformers, Peter Jackson for Lord of the Rings, and Sam Raimi for Spiderman. Bob and Alex picking Star Trek: Something Something over Transformers 3 is a good call, IMO. I just hope that Paramount doesn’t overanalyze what will work or not work for the followup stalling the scriptwriting process into oblivion for rewrite after rewrite. That’s what hurt Superman before Returns came out.


72. Kingons - November 19, 2009

Top 5 Worst TOS Episodes to make better….possible sequels….

1. The Way to Eden
2. The Lights of Zetar
3. Turnabout Intruder
4. Spock’s Brain
5. Plato’s Stepchildren

Just some ideas…

73. starquack - November 19, 2009

@68…Yes, JJ’s version is an alternate timeline in which Vulcan is gone and “Journey To Babel” can never play out as it originally did. Watch the scene on the bridge where the crew talk about “whatever paths our lives would have taken” and they realize that their futures have been forever altered by Nero’s appearance.

Its a different approach to time travel than the TV series did. This one is based on current theories that time travel to the past would automatically create an alternate timeline while leaving the “original” timeline intact.

74. doug_skywalker - November 19, 2009

for hte love of everythin that is good and proper, please stop wanting the following:

-Time Travel
-Megan Fox (sorry, but eye candy doesn’t mean a better movie)

A Klingon/Romulan/Starfleet battle of the now vacant Vulan space would be intriguing, and then they could have a VULCAN VILLAIN. in there somehow…just to shake things up.

and just to get my two cents in, i’d like to see:

-Harrison Ford as Commodore/Admiral April
-Number One (the one from the John Byrne series in command of the USS Yorktown) and actually give her a name, like oh say, Commodore m. Barrett
-Carol Marcus (played by an actresst hat can display both intelligence and grace) in both flash-backs to SF: Academy and ‘present day’ to show baby/toddler David

…seriously, let us all just kick back and let those that brought us so much joy this past May and November do their jobs…please?

75. Craiger - November 19, 2009

I have an idea for the main bad guy in the sequel, how about George Kirk, Jr. He and Jim were both raised by their Uncle and he was mean to them. They could have that effect George more than Jim and make George mad at everyone. They could have it be brother against brother.

76. GeorgeLucas - November 19, 2009

Does JJ look like he’s aged quite a bit compared to last year? I think he should slow down, except where Star Trek is concerned :o)

77. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

JJ can’t decide if he’ll direct until he sees the script???

May we infer from a “no” choice that he doesn’t think the script is that good?

On the blueray: I saw the phase 1 and phase 2 bridge designs. The phase 1 was awful,, but the phase too was GREAT. But they decided it was “too reverential.”

What? Are you kidding me? Too reverential my buttocks.

Okay, I get it. Sure, it’s more fun as a designer and a director when you don’t follow what someone else did before you; you get to express your own creativity and make your own contribution.

But this is STAR TREK. This isn’t something you build from the ground up. That’s the nature of this beast. “too reverential”??? You mean sort of like the uniforms? The phase 2 bridge was perfect. It had the old feel and the old COLOR to match the uniforms. I think JJ made the wrong choice on which bridge design he okayed.

If they had built that bridge, no person who wasn’t a fan before would ever complain that the bridge was “too reverential” when they saw the movie. But the fans would LOVE it. I’m betting the only two people with that complaint were JJ and Chambliss. Wrong choice. They should’ve built the phase 2 bridge. It’s not that I don’t like the phase 3 bridge we got, but the phase 2 is so much cooler.

In any case, watched the movie 2 more times, and yes, it’s still as good as I remember it. It just gets me. Thanks JJ, Bob, Alex, and crew. Great job.

Another thing I noticed: When Pike promotes Kirk to first officer, nobody is more surprised by that than Kirk, who says incredulously, “WHAAT?”

See? That’s Pike practicing a little of that “leap without looking” mindset he admired about Kirk. It was a totally outrageous and daring decision to put Kirk so close to the captaincy—but it saved the Earth.

And Greenwood is so cool as Pike. Please don’t kill him off.

78. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009


Why is it “way to early” to talk about themes for the sequel?

Why is the team “not even at that stage yet”?

Why has the team has “has not even figured out” what they may use from original Trek for the sequel?

Why if he is available to direct it “in theory” and “it would be fun to do”, can’t he decide until there is a script?

If I recall correctly, the sequel script got a greenlight a month before the film opened. These guys have had 8 months to think about the next movie. Is it really possible they don’t have one single idea to discuss? I realize they have all been busy with other projects, but the movie has been out of the theatres now for a couple of months, and presumably, they’ve already cashed the check from Paramount to start working on the next one long ago.

And since JJ is going to produce the sequel and his friends Orci & Kurtzman (who slammed this movie out of the ballpark with their script) will be writing the next one, and they are all going to develop the concept together (unlike the first film that they had already written before JJ became involved) – how can he not know if he is going to direct until he sees a script? Isn’t he in a position to dictate a script he really WANTS to direct?

I’d like him to speak to those questions, and not just repeat the same things they’ve been saying for the last 7 months since the first film came out.

79. P Technobabble - November 19, 2009

I don’t worry as much about seeing specific characters, or plotlines, or political scenarios, etc., as much as I want to see the characters continue to display the sort of qualities we always loved about them in the first place. I want to see a James Kirk who puts his crew and his ship before all else. I want to see Spock wrestle with the strain his emotional half puts on him. I want to see McCoy as the curmudgeon with a heart of gold…. and so forth. Whatever they end up doing — based upon the direction the story takes them — these aspects of their character need to be there, because when push comes to shove, this is who they are. IMO.

80. brian - November 19, 2009

Perhaps in the future an iPhone compatible video could be posted alongside the flash version? (Youtube embed, QuickTime etc…)

Thanks and keep up the good work!


81. EFFeX - November 19, 2009

I can’t believe this guy isn’t flat out saying “no Khan” in this movie. The fact that he’s considering it is disturbing.

82. BigBangTheory - November 19, 2009

How about Jim Parsons (Sheldon) from Big Bang Theory as KHAN!!! It is an alternative universe right? You could explain his lack of muscles from no exercising for 200 years.

83. Do You Wanna Dance - November 19, 2009

@75: We already had a brother vs. brother – Spock vs. Sybok.

Instead of dealing with another alien race hellbent on destruction of humans, how about an internal struggle or deception within the Federation?

– Captain April gets demoted in some altercation with Commander Pike (love triangle with Sarah April?).
– Commander Pike becomes Captain and leads the Enterprise on her first mission, where it should have been April in the original timeline.
– Embittered Commander April and close comrades forge a secret alliance with the Klingons and sabotages Federation facilities and starships, killing Captain Pike in the process.
– Captain Kirk and crew battle Klingon warships and renegade Federation starships.

84. Michael - November 19, 2009

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll have a Khaniption if they retread that old tire again!
I’d like to see an origion of a older or newer race and and story about the crew interacting, exploring, defending, etc.
Do we REALLY need to re-tell The 3 Little Bears, or 3 Little Pigs again for the generation Y or X crowd?
Gee, let’s try something……say…..let’s see…hmmmmm…well….OH….ORIGINAL????????????????????
Do we have to satisfy little geek boy living in his parents basement over and over and over?

85. No Khan - November 19, 2009

Who cares about overseas box office numbers & whether Greg Grunberg is in it or not? Then the Khan thing yet again. Isn’t there any fresh questioning ideas out there?

I reaching a point where i hope they do Khan next just to get past him & onto something fresh.

86. jetfire prime - November 19, 2009

i know people keep sayin no time travel but what if they do something based on city on the edge of forever? but instead of goin back in time they go forward & end up in the original series timeline & meet the future versions of themselves. or they could go back in time & kirk gets 2 meet george kirk right before he takes off in the kelvin. that could be a good emotional moment because kirk knows hes heading off to his death. thats just my idea

87. No Khan - November 19, 2009

And please no Carol Marcus first fling. Do we need to rehash that. Is that all some want is a re-do of the Movies. Next we will be hearing about whales!

I would prefer a two episode movie with two stories tied together.

88. John from Cincinnati - November 19, 2009

I just hope they boldly go where no one has gone before along with some familiar faces from TOS past. They need to make it fun, highlight science, highlight the Federation and show why it is such a good force in the universe as opposed to “Insurrection” which almost villified the Federation.

89. Star Trek:Voyeur - November 19, 2009

@ 68 Cyberghost

Amanda? Dead? I’m not so sure. It was rather crafty of Alex and Bob to lose her during transport. We’ve learned from the various series how crafty Scotty can/will be.

Makes me wonder what other loose threads they wove in for future (no pun intended) development.

90. Captain Dingleberry The Magnificent - November 19, 2009

JJ/Orci/Kurtzman —


Listen to me now and believe me later. If you put KHAN in the next movie not only will I not go see the sequel, but I well tell everyone (And, oh yeahhhh…they’ll listen to me and heed my magnificence!) within earshot not to see it. Plus, I won’t go see any Transformer sequels, Viewmaster: The Motion Picture, or anything ELSE with your names on it.


91. Captain Dingleberry The Magnificent - November 19, 2009

#85 —

If they put KHAN in the next film you can give up any hopes of originality thereafter. Then, the Trek films will be no better than a cinematic checklist like the Batman movies.

Romulans? Check.
Khan? Check.
Klingons? Check.
Q? Check.
Borg? Check.

See how lame that would be?

Does this sound familiar?

Joker? Check.
Penguin? Check.
Catwoman? Check.

LAME-O!!! “Supreme Court” please don’t go down that unimaginative road…

So sayeth the Almighty Dingleberry!

92. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009

#86, from what I’ve read, the filmmaker’s concept of time-travel in this film is such that a new parallel universe is created each time one travels in time. Thus, George Kirk would not be Kirk’s real father, but an alternate universe copy. That’s why I believe the filmmaker’s won’t do any time travel stories. Their view of parallel realities dilutes the emotion behind the characters, unlike City on the Edge of Forever, where their own fates were in their hands.

The good news is there is nothing in the film which precludes you from viewing time travel the way it always has been depicted in Star Trek – the more powerful dramatic view – and therefore when Abram’s moves on, those stories may be told again.

But great idea … how moving would that be where Kirk has to sacrifice the thing he has probably longed for in his life more than anything else – for the good of the universe? In my opinion, far more effective with his alternate reality backstory than Edith Keeler, or any woman, ever could be.

93. tman - November 19, 2009

“Casting an international star would be a really good idea” for Star Trek sequel to help film overseas

Is there data to back up that assertion? I was just scanning the domestic vs. international gross for modern films and I would say I didn’t see any trend that would fall out regarding international casting. I can see effects associated with the expectation of a blockbuster, big budget films and effects that seem to be the headlining actors having an international draw (many of whom are in Hollywood). Based on the 1st film, I think there’s a good chance they can expect a better draw the 2nd time around. Even Raiders of the Lost Ark didn’t do well abroad in it’s first outing.

I can imagine a paranoid studio worried about leaving $2-300 M on the table in international gross, but would suggest instead of international casting they build the international draw of 1 – 2 of the main actors with some vehicles ahead of Star Trek XII coming out (Chris Pine is the best bet) and advertise the film as a mix of glib one-liners, big budget special effects, and non-stop action.

94. J.J. Abrams Talks ‘Star Trek’ Sequel And Other Projects - November 19, 2009

[…] The interview can be viewed at this link: http://trekmovie.com/2009/11/18/exclusive-video-interview-jj-abrams-talks-star-trek-sequel/ […]

95. CAPT KRUNCH - November 19, 2009

Shat as Tiberius Kirk…Jim’s granddad!…how easy was that…nuf said…
as for Khan…I don’t think eyeliner man is as big a star as Heath Ledger was for the Joker in DK….need a really big star for a role like that…still would love to see Tom Hanks as Matt Decker, or Jack Black as Cyrano Jones in small doses…love to see the next film open up with theclosing minutes of the Doomsday Machine…where Decker(Hanks) flys the shuttle into the maw of the beast and Kirk yelling ” were stronger with you…

The way TREK opened had so much action at once…TREK2 has to be more!!!!


96. Kingons - November 19, 2009

That would be cool if someone posted the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Bridges from the Blu-Ray as screen captures….

Or are they in the new Making of/Art book…. I will have to go to my local book store and check it out…

BTW…..this movie was a big re-make – re-imagining of “Balance of Terror”……lol…. It’s True, It’s True… Look at the similarities in that episode and the movie…..

97. Kingons - November 19, 2009

Shat as Tiberius Chase…..lol…. In the new Romulan Wars TV Mini-series….

98. Kingons - November 19, 2009

“In another universe, I could have called you friend”……

99. YARN - November 19, 2009

No more cameos by the old cast. The torch has been passed.

Something needs to happen so that the Enterprise can get a refit.

There are plenty of good old episodes to mine for content and plenty of bad episodes to avoid.

100. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

@94: The phase 1 and 2 bridge designs are in the blueray. I haven’t seen the book yet, but I can’t imagine that they’d leave those designs out of it.

The phase 2 is very much a modern rendition of the TOS bridge. It’s really cool. That color scheme is just part of the visual look of Star Trek.

The engine room is a spectacular version of the TMP engine room, only MUCH bigger. It’s understandable that they could not build it.

But I wonder at the combination of building parts of it that the actors are going to be moving on, with full perspective, as in a warehouse, with a green screen backdrop surrounding the built pieces, and then CGI the rest. I can’t imagine that they were actually seriously considering building the entire set that way. But would the CGI/live actions set combination have been too expensive?

101. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

Although greenscreening an entire warehouse, except for the built set pieces here and there, would probably cost a small fortune.

102. T'Cal - November 19, 2009

In my alternate universe, Frakes produces and directs 24th century Trek miniseries on the SyFy channel while JJA handles the 23rd century at the theaters…

103. Evil Spock - November 19, 2009

Anyone else seeing SPOCK being the bad guy for the next film? I can see Abrams setting up the plot so that it doesn’t look that way at first, but the movie ends with SPOCK being the ultimate antagonist, which would setup the next movie beautifully.

104. Cyberghost - November 19, 2009

#70 and others who answered my question, I don’t like it, but got to move on with the new.

Thanks for the clarification !!

105. Bill Peters - November 19, 2009

I am with #9 I like to see Klingon’s not necessarily as the main bad guy or Villain, I like to see Carol Marcus and Gary michell and Lt. Reilly. Also when Kirk and Spock are talking maybe a mention aobut a Ambasordor name Curzon or Dax. It would be fun to see Kor or Kolth in the next movie. Make the Klingons a mix of TOS and TNG Klingons and Shat as Tibirus would be cool but only if he plays an Anscestor of James T Kirk.

Like the Idea of a DVD release of new Episodes of Enterprise or TNG or DS9 or Voyager. Also Have full confidence that JJ and Crew will wow us again in 2012. Also like the Idea of use some of what was done before in a new way as long as it isn’t Khan!

106. starquack - November 19, 2009

@95… Love the idea of opening the next movie with a famous scene from an original episode! That would be fun to see in each new installment, then after the first 5 minutes we’re on to something totally new. And yes, Hanks would be great as Decker!

@105…And Spock as bad guy! Great idea! He could stumble onto a way to “restore” the timeline, but the rebooted crew has done too much and decided they don’t want it restored! Conflicts based on genuine disagreements of what is “right” to do, each side certain they are right and willing to fight to the death for it. And Spock reboot is all conflicted about bringing back Vulcan.

107. Bill Peters - November 19, 2009

Also Greg Grunberg as a Red Shirt would be cool!

108. Bill Peters - November 19, 2009

@106 Spock as a bad guy is not a good Idea maybe a Miror Spock at some point but not this new Spock…but maybe a mad Deker would be cool or Kolth or Kang or Kor.

Also include Section 31 at some point….that would be interesting!

little stuff like Curzon for the fans or a apparance of an Older Admeral Archer or T’pol would be fun or Gunin Lets try to stay away from the Borg been there done that! Data or Dr. Soong apering in one of the movies would be fun!

109. James - November 19, 2009

Bring on Kor the Dahar Master. But who could play the part????

110. the dogfaced boy - November 19, 2009

Hasn’t anybody noticed? It’s 2009. Khan didn’t happen in this timeline.

Maybe Khan beat Kirk in this one and Kirk went back in time to stop him from being born.

111. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009

#100. “The phase 2 is very much a modern rendition of the TOS bridge. It’s really cool. That color scheme is just part of the visual look of Star Trek.”

I couldn’t disagree more. To each his own. But, to me the TOS bridge, post The Cage, looks exactly like what it is: a set brought to you In Living Color on NBC in the mid 1960s.

I haven’t seen the Phase 2 drawings, so I will reserve judgement on those, but I simply would not find an updated version of the TOS bridge – color scheme intact – very credible in 2009. Not that the future can’t look that way, simply that such a dramatic interior design doesn’t seem to exist in the control rooms of anything, from 1960 or the present, as far as I know. So it is a bit out of place when imagining the future anywhere except on a low budget television show designed to exploit and sell a brand new thing called color television. Besides, no matter how we choose to imagine the future, it will most likely be wrong and people watching our movies in the 23rd century will most likely laugh at them, the same way we laugh at sci-fi movies from the 50s (and just where are those flying cars they promised?). The best way to proceed then is to create something that will appeal to a modern audiences sensibilities at the time and help sell the most tickets, exactly what the TOS bridge was designed to do in 1966.

112. Thorny - November 19, 2009

Star Trek 2012 featuring Khan would probably have to be a story very much like “Space Seed”. But “Space Seed” was actually a “bottle show” (taking place entirely on the Enterprise and redressed Enterprise sets representing the Botany Bay), not one of TOS’s big offerings. As such, it really doesn’t lend itself to big-screen treatment. Mr. Montalban took a rather flimsy role and ran with it. What are the odds of that happening again?

I’m somewhat in agreement with those asking for the Gorn. “Arena” is much larger in scale, even if the second half of it is almost entirely Kirk (everyone else watching Kirk on the main viewer.) I think it has more potential than Khan, and also offers the chance to depict a truly non-human adversary, instead of yet another bumpy-forehead ‘bad guy’.

Whatever the actual story, I’d like to see Star Trek 2012 be “Five Year Mission: Year One” or something like that. The framework of the movie would be that the Five Year Mission begins. It’s a year or two after Trek 2009, Starfleet has recovered from the Narada affair and Vulcan has established a new colony. Now we’re back to the original premise of Star Trek, with Starfleet inaugurating its Five Year Mission program. Perhaps a nod to Straczinski’s proposal that the FYM was really the Federation’s effort to figure out why there are so many human-like species in the galaxy. The actual guts of the movie can by Klingons, Khan, Gorn, whatever, but it should start with Admiral Pike giving Kirk (and perhaps Commodores Decker and Wesley, among others) his orders for the FYM.

113. Allen Williams - November 19, 2009

Great ideas – gorn, and first federation. I have another idea that might be interesting. The cloud miners. I know they were talking about including it for ENT season 5. I was so disappointed that they never got that chance.

I know this is WAAAAY to early but i just had the best idea for part of the score. The movie needs an awesome hand to hand fight with the classic “amok time” fight music on top. I love that music and it would be fun to have. I even remember a futurama episode where it was the national anthem and i thought it was so cool.

114. Allen Williams - November 19, 2009

oh crap star trek 2012 – i guess we’ll never see it since the world is going to end and all. Darnit (j/k)

115. Frank - November 19, 2009

I don’t mind a movie with Khan. Though I would personally prefer some intelligent Sci-fi/Exploration story.

But please, please Mr. Abrams: A more complex villain, no more Scotty on speed and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Get some minimum scientific advice. I know it’s SF, but within the story it should be credible. No more supernovas that “threaten to destroy the galaxy”, black hole generating red matter, or traveling through black holes. All utter nonsense. Really takes out of the movie if you have a minimum scientifc education. The new characters were awesome, but storywise: No more star trek for dummies please!

To boldly go!

116. John from Cincinnati - November 19, 2009

Doesn’y the sequel have to address the state of the Vulcan colonies?

Maybe Anton Koridian is still a governor in this alternate universe and is named new Federation governor to the Vulcan Colonies…..MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

117. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

111: “I haven’t seen the Phase 2 drawings, so I will reserve judgement on those, but I simply would not find an updated version of the TOS bridge – color scheme intact – very credible in 2009.”

Then you are glad I’m not in charge of this franchise, because the phase 2 is what I would’ve done. The phase 2 design looks way cooler than the one they settled with, and who cares why they made the bridge of TOS colorful, as if you would know they did it to launch the new all-color-network and to push TVs were a historical fact you could divine just by looking at those sets. I don’t think so.

And I like how, having not seen the phase 2 design, you are “reserving” judgment while still pronouncing it.

118. Magic_Al - November 19, 2009

Hate the Khan idea, at least I hate it this soon. Love the Carol Marcus idea. Just make sure Gary Mitchell is there to tease Kirk about it.

119. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009

#117 – I reserve judgement on the designs because I do not know how the colors are incorporated. If they are used in an identical manner to the original series, then I would probably not go for them, which is more to the point of the opinion I was stating. I also do not know what inferences you are making by using the term “color scheme” – you could simply be referring to the use of the color red. I do not know you, or how you define the things you see – perhaps you are color blind.

What I disagree with the most is the notion that the 60s color scheme used in TOS is part of the “visual look” of Trek. By that definition, you don’t like anything that has come since TAS. But it is a matter of opinion. If the look of this film bothers you, so be it. Change is evolution, something this film does to Star Trek in spades, but to stay locked into a dated color scheme only limits the imagination the franchise can have. One of the most ridiculous moments in the franchise history is when Scotty orders up the TOS bridge on the holodeck in a TNG episode – talk about dated. Though I didn’t love this new bridge, I thought it was a wonderful evolutionary step. But this film was far more than the sets. It is story and characters that eliminate anything as petty as the set design’s color scheme as a major detractor from a film.

As for my “facts”, it is a well documented history that RCA, the inventor of the color television set, owned NBC at the time and chose to make NBC a showcase for its product. In fact many people bought color televisions after seeing Star Trek on one. An October 1967 TV Guide ad by RCA cited Star Trek as the reason to buy a color TV. Inside Star Trek and other Trek Books discuss this as a motivator behind many of the set changes, uniforms, etc. differing from The Cage, and in particular the lighting design that imbued many of the flat gray walls with brilliant splashes of color, also a considerably dated look. I far better preferred The Cage bridge, Matt Jeffries original conception and design, not the tarted-up retouch ordered by the network to satisfy the needs of their parent corporation. Of course this is only what I have read, but my opinion on the matter stands. But that’s all it is, an opinion. Abrams can do anything he wants and as long as the story and characters are intact, I will most likely enjoy the movie.

120. Andrew Yeah, I'm a bit of a purist - November 19, 2009

My understanding of the “rewriting” of Star Trek was to change things for the sake of artistic creativity, though I still think that are enough gaps in time that would make great storielines without doing the whole change the timeline facade. Rehashing things like Khan, in my opinion, just defeats the main purpose of this reboot. They wanted a clean slate, they should use it!

121. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

119: “I reserve judgement on the designs because I do not know how the colors are incorporated. If they are used in an identical manner to the original series, then I would probably not go for them, which is more to the point of the opinion I was stating.”

My description isn’t the illustration. There’s no way to know what I mean other than by looking at the illustration.

“What I disagree with the most is the notion that the 60s color scheme used in TOS is part of the “visual look” of Trek. By that definition, you don’t like anything that has come since TAS.”

I haven’t liked much of any of the design work done on Star Trek since TOS, except for this movie, which I did like, very much.

“But this film was far more than the sets. It is story and characters that eliminate anything as petty as the set design’s color scheme as a major detractor from a film.”

Oh, who said the color scheme was a “major detractor” from the film? It wasn’t me, bud. I love the film. But the phase 2 bridge looks way cooler than what they developed, even though I like what they made too. The engineering art also looks way cooler, but I’m not one of those complaining about the brewery, because I liked that too.

“As for my “facts”, it is a well documented history that RCA, the inventor of the color television set, owned NBC at the time and chose to make NBC a showcase for its product.”

I know the history. That’s not the point I was making. My point is the historical reasons why the show was colorful are irrelevant and invisible in the actual content of the show itself; you can’t, in other words, look at what they did and say “Oh, they must have been doing this because the network was moving to all color programming and the parent company must have been a color TV manufacturer too.” No. That’s something you read about later and is irrelevant. Its color was beautiful, regardless. And if you watch the special features of the BlueRray release, you’ll also learn a great deal about the unique language of sound effects of the original Star Trek which they tried to recapture for this movie, which was also a marvelous throwback. Yeah, the sounds of ST.09 were not coincidentally similar to what we heard in TOS, they were intentionally similar. And the sounds, like the colors, are a unique and beautiful aspect of TOS. If anything, the subsequent reimaginings were less imaginative and boringly drab. So no, between TOS and ST.09 most of the sets were yawners, as far as I am concerned. It was the old characters that carried the franchise for me in the movies, not the design work.

122. VeratheGun - November 19, 2009

Just, please, if Khan is in the sequel, let him be played by an Indian actor. Khan was not Hispanic!

Secondly, I want to propose an actress for the role of Carol Marcus, who I really hope is in the sequel: Amber Tamblyn. Whoever gets this part, has to be able to stand toe to toe with Chris Pine, and she’s got the acting chops.

123. the dogfaced boy - November 19, 2009

Amber Tamblyn? Joan of Arcadia?

I like Amber but i’m not sure she’s Kirk’s type. She doesn’t seem like the scientific genious type either.

I think the bright colors for the future (coridors and uniforms) were good too. TNG – Enterprise was shot like you were comfy in your living room, dimmed lights, the calming sound of the engines. Not very science/military in feel.

Gene bucked the system when he needed to. He did ditch the colors with TMP and then TNG. But I’ve said it before, I’m not sure he knew what made Trek so iconic.

124. Larraby - November 19, 2009

I sincerely hope Abrams finds another project as I don’t want to see his ‘style’ of Star Trek again.

125. the dogfaced boy - November 19, 2009

I meant to also say the bright colors might serve to keep your crew alert, maybe even with the help of a stimulant.

And it is now said that if a person is traumatized and they are given a drug that reduces/hampers their memory, then the effects of the trauma are lessoned. This may explain the comic remarks and the jovial atmosphere at the end of each episode, regardless of the body count.

126. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009

#123 – Well, I don’t think the bridge and set colors are what made Star Trek iconic.

Consider if you will. At the time Star Trek premiered, most households only had black & white televisions. In 1964 only 3% of households had them. CBS did not even broadcast in color until 1966. It wasn’t until 1972 that even 50% of US households had color TVs.

Therefore, I would argue that from Star Trek’s network premiere through the syndication period that launched Trek as a phenomenon, the vast majority of fans watched the series in Black & White, never knowing Star Trek’s true colors until the franchise’s future was already secured.

If anything, I think Star Trek actually works better in black & white, but it certainly doesn’t suffer either.

127. G - November 19, 2009

Since JJ is a big Star Wars fan, I think Spock and Uhura should have a love child, and they should have the kid compete in a pod race like Anakin did, and he can go, “Yippie!!!” and, “Uh, oh!”, and “Oops!” throughout the whole movie.

128. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

126: Star Trek wasn’t “iconic” in the sixties. Both the first and second season letter writing campaigns and protest demonstrations were orchestrated by Gene Roddenberry, at least one of which was spearheaded by the man so many ignorant Star Trek fans love to hate: Harlan Ellison.

That’s right. Harlan Ellison. He did more work to actually “save” Star Trek, even AFTER Roddenberry had his script butchered, than any single Star Trek fan alive.

Why was there no protest after ST was cancelled after the third season? Because Gene Roddenberry abandoned the show after he realized it was going down, and didn’t orchestrate a letter writing campaign or protest to stop what he knew was inevitable.

Star Trek took off in syndication, when it was placed opposite nightly news broadcasts at 6 pm. That’s when it started to be iconic—in the 70’s following its cancellation.

I don’t think you have much company in the year 2009 with the opinion that TOS “works better” in black or white, and doesn’t “suffer,” particularly since it lacks the beauty of work actually shot in black and white.

Of course it suffers. A vast dimension of its intended to be seen visual beauty is gone in black and white.

129. Mr. Delicious - November 19, 2009

JJ how about using your star power to tell the state of California to stay the hell out of our living rooms. They’re not going to dictate what kind of TV I can have. SOBs. They can tear my widescreen tv out of my cold dead hands. SOBs.

130. Captain Dunsel - November 19, 2009

Not excited by Carol Marcus notion but that may be mostly to the uniformly unpleasant way she was portrayed in TWOK. Who besides me has ever really listened to what she said and the tone in which she said it? No wonder Kirk stayed away.

If we must revisit an old girl friend I think I could live with seeing Ariel Shaw again. Anybody but Ruth!

131. VOODOO - November 19, 2009

Despite what J.J. says I have to believe that they know the general direction that they are going to go with the script at this point. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go public with it so early in the process, but it seems very likely they know exactly where they are going with it…

Wasn’t it orignally reported that a first draft of the script was going to be submitted this December and haven’t several of the stars of the film mentioned that work had been done on a script?

132. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009

#128, your encyclopedic knowledge notwithstanding, my point is that it’s NOT about color. The series did perfectly well on its own from 1966 to 1973 when it had grown enough in popularity, mostly on black & white TV sets, to launch TAS for two seasons on network TV again (albeit Saturday morning) and start Paramount talking about a new series. That has nothing to do with color and everything to do with the content, which suffered not.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But whether a person finds the garish TOS color scheme personally appealing or not, does to make it iconic or even necessarily a “part of the visual look” of the franchise. That is up to the director and Abrams did a fine job in that regard.

133. Bill Peters - November 19, 2009

#125 then don’t go see it, I love JJ “Star Trek” , He and Orci and Kuzman helped Revitalize Trek so I say let them go for another 3,4,5 or 6 movies. There kinda Trek has made Trek Accessible to the General Public and created more fans, so more power to ’em!

I like to see more Characters from TOS! I also like to see a good Villain and maybe some very good nods to past Treks and in-side stuff only Older Trek fans would get without alienating the General Public’s like of new Trek!

134. Bill Peters - November 19, 2009

#131 they may have a General Idea of where the script is going but I don’t think they have Script. Also Paramount gave them more time to work on it and I don’t think wattling two years is too hard, they need time to make the next Trek film as good a possible! it would have been nice to see it 2011 but 2011 is all ready top heavy with Transformers 3 and G.I. Joe 2 and other stuff like Captain America and maybe the new Superman Flick. Paramount probably wants Trek to be the lead film of the Summer again so May 2012 works good! I rather have a good script and flim then Rush it too keep fans happy!

if they let us know a little bit of what is going on and don’t have too many leaks to make it so we know too much about the film I will be happy! I think too many leaks and such were the biggest Problems for Nemsis we knew too much before we went into see it. they Balanced what we knew just enough for this last film to keep us happy but not give away the hole plot and make the movie boring!

135. dmduncan - November 19, 2009

132: Look, I have no idea how many people became a fan of the franchise on black and white TV sets. I doubt the data for that even exists. All I know is I never saw the show in black and white. And I also doubt a market exists for Ingmar Bergman Star Trek. But to say that it wouldn’t suffer going from color to black and white seems to me as obviously wrong as saying those phony static art view screens on the bridge looked real when they did not. The color was as much a part of the show as its sounds, its design work, its cast, and its stories. When something is designed in color and meant to be seen that way, then regardless of how many people are actually watching the show in black and white, they are still missing something unique about the show that it’s makers intend to be seen.

Maybe when Paramount releases a ragingly successful TOS in black and white Blueray I’ll share your opinion that color doesn’t matter. Until then, I won’t.

To the gestalt, it all matters.

The franchise consists of a lot more than TOS. And while it may not be a part of the visual look of the franchise as a whole—anyone can look at that dull gray melon, TMP, to confirm it—it is a part of the visual look of TOS, a fact that neither you nor JJ can deny, because the evidence is on Blueray.

And the fact that I liked both the phase 2 and engineering concept art more than what we got doesn’t mean I don’t like what we got also. Do I have to post more than once in the same thread how good a job I think they all did on the movie, and that I like the phase 3 bridge we got, before you read it?

I’m not as black and white as you seem to think I am.

Pun intended.

136. Trekenstein - November 19, 2009

#125. “I meant to also say the bright colors might serve to keep your crew alert, maybe even with the help of a stimulant.”

That is classic fannon retconning right there. If that were true I would expect submarines to be brightly lit spaces painted in a palette of fun-house colors, which of course to my knowledge they are not. Star Trek is often attributed as the inspiration for many modern day improvements. However, if there were any practicality to TOS’s bright and vibrantly colored sets, it was lost on any real world applications.

137. MC1 Doug - November 19, 2009

#128: “That’s right. Harlan Ellison. He did more work to actually “save” Star Trek, even AFTER Roddenberry had his script butchered, than any single Star Trek fan alive.”

I think your characterization is a bit extreme. Considering in fan poll after fan poll, the aired version of “COTEOF’ is considered TREK’s finest hour, I would vehemently disagree with your assessment that Ellison’s script was butchered.

I’ve read both scripts, both the aired version and Ellison’s, and they are both quite good. Both are award-winning scripts. AND both stand on their own.

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Ellison, but do feel his arguments with Roddenberry in the intervening years can be traced largely to the fact that Ellison has a longstanding history of not liking to being re-written.

By all indications, Mr. Ellison did not have a clause in his contract prohibiting being rewritten. The fact of the matter, back in that day, TREK was Roddenberry’s baby. It was fully within his (and the writing staff) right to craft any author’s script to their vision.

138. Buzz Cagney - November 19, 2009

JJ is a very open and up front guy. I like that.
Please Direct 2.,1 JJ! We need your insight, imagination and flare on that level. I’m sure you could influence it as a Producer but, seriously, why do that when you could just get the job done yourself.

139. G - November 20, 2009

Why so much talk about color and black & white???? weird

140. VOODOO - November 20, 2009

Bill #131

There may not be “a script” but I’d be surprised if they didn’t have the basic premise of the story ready by now.

141. Jim Nightshade - November 20, 2009

a little off topic but i just got the bluray of galaxyquest-you know one of jjs fave trek movies haha-it has new featurettes for the 10th ann. inclkuding sig weaver rapping–and interviews with nicholas meyer too ha couldnt believe it when i watched it!by grathars hammer! never give up never surrender

142. somethoughts - November 20, 2009


Galaxy Quest was just on TV AMC, great movie and ending. The villain in Galaxy Quest looked so much better than any villains in Star Trek, I loved how his mini wings would arch up when he was mad. Would be pretty cool if a alien race did imitate Star Trek and build a real Enterprise and everything lol

143. somethoughts - November 20, 2009

Watching JJ’s interview again, he looked a bit annoyed or stress by all the questions about Star Trek sequel/over seas numbers and Tom Cruise type star. He is normally much funnier and smiley. I just hope he is not getting burnt out, perhaps some R&R down in Punta Cana/Bahamas would help?

144. Smilin Bob - November 20, 2009

I got it, I got it! Khan and the Botany Bay get caught in Apollo’s green giant hand and are held hostage by Apollo on his planet. Kirk comes along and has to rescue Khan, and Khan and Apollo go head to head with the winner the recipient of a fresh speech from Captain Kirk about how we don’t need Gods or supermen (depending on who is still standing).

145. P Technobabble - November 20, 2009

I have deliberately watched TMP in black & white. It reminded me of a classic 50’s sci-fi movie in a lot of ways, which probably owes more to Robert Wise’s style of film-making. No other Trek film plays as well in b & w, IMO.
I am very fond of b & w films, and some of those were colorized with poor results.

146. I, Mugsy - November 20, 2009

Lets have an away mission discovering an ancient artifact which can bring the dead back to life – moral dilemmas abound. Alien race uses it to build armies of the dead to fight their wars. A splinter faction of the Federation wants to use it for the same purposes and will stop at nothing to get hold of it… however there is a 3rd interested party.

Good old James T and the Enterprise have to sort this little mess out and once again save civilisation as we know it. Problem is, Spock Prime has ideas of his own regarding this alien artifact and an an friend of his. Kirk’s(young Kirk) loyalties are torn – arrest Spock Prime, or let him complete his own mission to bring back his future self?…. Will young Spock do his best to stop Spock Prime from breaking Starfleet regulations?

Just my 2 £ worth folks… Would be nice to see a story which brings lots of different strands together somehow.

– M

147. I, Mugsy - November 20, 2009

(bring back Kirk’s older self I mean i.e. Shatner!)

148. Closettrekker - November 20, 2009

#77—-“JJ can’t decide if he’ll direct until he sees the script???

May we infer from a “no” choice that he doesn’t think the script is that good?”

Not necessarily, but I would feel better if he was shown a script that he liked enough to commit to directing in a rather timely fashion—-before his future schedule makes it even less likely. Abrams is very talented, but he is also the type who simply cannot stand still.

But no, I don’t think that would be an appropriate inference. He may eventually read a script he likes very much, but by that point, already be committed to another project that takes up too much of his time. As much as I would like the continuity of Abrams as director, my gut feeling is that he will only produce. I think that desire to begin working on directing films based upon original characters and ideas is already weighing on him.

Thusfar, all we’ve seen from him are movie adaptations of classic television series, and he has made it clear already that he wants to do something else. So although I don’t think we can infer that his refusal to direct would be an indication that he didn’t like the script, I do believe that his acceptance of the task would indeed suggest that it is something he finds to be so good that he cannot refuse.

149. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 20, 2009

There was a time when the thought of Steven Spielberg directing a Star Trek movie was unthinkable. And it probably still would not happen today, but it sure would be cool!

Spielberg and Abrams are friends, Spielberg visited the set several times, and frankly, Star Trek was a much better movie than Indiana Jones 4! Still, Spielberg doesn’t strike me as the type to jump into the middle of someone else’s franchise. If he didn’t do it for his buddy Lucas in the SW prequels, he won’t do it now. I’d love to see it, though!

150. Jefferies Tuber - November 20, 2009

I like the idea of Khan showing up and doing something heroic, thus setting him up for a far more destructive betrayal later. In other words, it’s only interesting if he is NOT stopped early and he’s NOT left in the Ceti-Alpha system.

151. G - November 20, 2009

I want to see shots like THIS in the sequel. I don’t know where this pic of the Enterprise came from, but it looks awesome! Looks more natural than CGI for some reason (probably isn’t CGI)


152. dmduncan - November 20, 2009

@145: Unfortunately, even when it’s in color, TMP almost looks black and white, so it isn’t much of a stretch.

153. dmduncan - November 20, 2009

137: “I think your characterization is a bit extreme. Considering in fan poll after fan poll, the aired version of “COTEOF’ is considered TREK’s finest hour, I would vehemently disagree with your assessment that Ellison’s script was butchered.”

Saying that COTEOF was better than most other aired Trek episodes doesn’t speak for its quality relative to the original script. And I don’t care if Ellison doesn’t like being rewritten. He’s right. His version was better, from how the Guardian looked, to the City which was the namesake of the story which we never even saw in the aired version, to poor Trooper’s largely meaningless existence, to the remarkable ending, Beckwith’s horrible fate, Kirk’s choice, and the beautiful words Spock had to say about that choice.

And guess what? There was no Scotty dealing drugs anywhere in it.

154. Dom - November 20, 2009

All I know is that Abrams’ new film beautifully reversed the fate of James Kirk.

At the end of Generations, William Shatner’s aging Kirk falls to his death into a ravine; in ST09’s opening post-titles scene, we get a young, bad-ass James Kirk driving over the edge of a ravine and climbing out. Intended or not, it beautifully sums up Trek’s rebirth.

Certainly the sequel needs to be epic, but in a different way. ST09 focusses on setting up the new Trek universe. Ideally (for me) the next film will move on about three years to the early days of the five-year mission, giving us the calm, collected, confident soldier Shatner played in the first season of the original show.

I’d love to see the next film as the ultimate TOS-era adventure: a story that could have appeared in the 1960s had there been a vast budget and the technology for the effects.

Also, I don’t think the team should worry too much about keeping all the supporting cast alive. Kirk, Spock and McCoy are essential, but all the others are, arguably, allowed to be ‘mortal’! If they decide to kill off, say, Sulu, Chekov or whoever, that’s cool with me!

155. Trekenstein - November 20, 2009

#154 – Scotty really needs to be there too, if you include McCoy. And Abrams has already showed us that McCoy’s role is replaceable by Uhura. For me, Kirk needs a team, like the president. He needs an intellect to reason through problems, he needs a conscience to make the most just decision, and he needs a technician to engineer a solution. Given the Enterprise is a central character in Star Trek, unless it now has self-healing Borg technology, it needs a dedicated caretaker. Scotty is the personification of the Enterprise, he makes her tick and makes her do sometimes impossible things. McCoy is at the most basic, just a doctor. His friendship and trusted moral advice make him an important character, but those traits can be easily applied to any other character – even to Scotty. But it is the diversity of characters that embody our strengths individually that makes the ensemble great. Uhura has now taken on the mantle of advisor, if not to Kirk, then Spock, in a way McCoy never could. Truly it is Chekov and Sulu who are expendable … and either Uhura or McCoy next. Then Scotty (I mean how many engineering and transporter geniuses are there in the Federation?). Truly only Kirk and Spock are essential to telling the story, which is why they were the only ones who were truly developed in the latest film.

156. Dom - November 20, 2009

155. Trekenstein

No, I don’t think Uhura took over from McCoy in terms of the team. I’m really not sure where you got the impression Bones has been replaced by her. Even when Kirk went looking for her after the ‘lightning storm’ was announced, it was with Bones by his side.

Granted Bones is shifted out of frame a bit in a couple of places, but that’s more a peculiarity of this film’s purpose. Kirk’s relationship with Uhura is really more a case of her being someone he ran up against in college occasionally and knew through other students (Gaila for example) and who happens to be bonking his first officer.

In a ‘get the gang together’ film, Uhura had a part to play as the girlfriend of Spock, just as Sarek has some important input, but by the end, it’s clear that the crew has come together in old, established manner.

It’s perfectly possible for any of the main three characters to have a girlfriend, but the KSM team looks as intact as it’s ever been to me!

Scotty is really the ‘lead actor’ of the second-tier cast. He is dispensable, along with Uhura, Sulu and Chekov (indeed, those four could really have been replaced after TWOK) just rather less so than the other three.

Personally, I want to see heck of a lot more of Karl Urban in the next movie. His version of Bones is partly what sells the film so well and he will be invaluable in the years to come, especially when we come to the classic Spock/McCoy-logic/compassion discussions. Uhura’s role, I would assume, would continue to be as the manifestation of Spock’s human half!

157. BigBangTheory - November 20, 2009

I’d like to see Khan the hero saving humanity somehow through a twist of fate/circumstances. After all, in the first movie Spock was actually responsible for the destruction of Vulcan. Maybe Khan could be put in a position to save the Earth/Federation??? I’d like to see him go up against the Klingons!!!

158. dmduncan - November 20, 2009

156: “I’m really not sure where you got the impression Bones has been replaced by her.”

Several graphics (I think posters?) create that impression with the triad of Kirk-Spock-Uhura instead of McCoy, although I did not get the impression from the movie itself that McCoy was replaced by Uhura’s more expanded role, as I didn’t get the impression that anyone was replaced by Chekov’s expanded role.

I think Uhura on the poster (or graphics) was more of a marketing strategy than a telltale sign of relationship adjustments within the movie.

For me, Spock and McCoy were opposites: Spock was too logical, McCoy was too emotional, and Kirk represented the balance between them that was necessary for commanding the ship. Kirk’s command intuition was the result of an ideal balance between reason and emotion.

In The Changeling we saw Kirk use logic better than Spock in causing Nomad to self destruct, and Kirk is always up for opening a can of whoopass on Spock in tridimensional chess.

That’s why Kirk is Captain and Spock is not, and ST.09 continued this theme with Spock’s thwarted blunder of heading to the Laurentian system vs. Kirk’s insistence on giving chase to Nero. Had Spock gotten his way, Earth would have been destroyed; athough Spock’s reasoning that they needed more ships to “balance the terms of engagement” against Nero was logical and made sense, Kirk’s natural intuition to give chase and think up something logical to do along the way, saved the day.

Not only did Kirk’s balanced leadership save the Earth, but it saved Spock from what surely would have been a devastating realization that his decision killed the Earth.

Two planets gone in one day would probably be more than even he could’ve absorbed.

159. Loretta - November 20, 2009

How about a new twist on the classic Star Trek episode THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER which starred Joan Collins…..wow that was a powerful one ! I could see that plus a few other episodes being drawn into one great movie ! I just watched the new DVD movie and am hooked on Star Trek just like I was hooked on it sitting on the floor in our house growing up in the late 1960’s when I was a little kid. Me & My dad wer true original trekkies ! :)

160. Dan - November 21, 2009

The Eugenics Wars never happened in 1990’s, so Khan is out!

161. screaming satellite - November 21, 2009

154 – regarding Prime Kirks ravine death…

i wonder if the way they had Kirk hanging off stuff all the time in ST09 was a sort of foreshadowing of his death – the way he died in Generations? (and the way he almost did at the start of Trek V)….he was hanging off stuff so much in this film – the iowa cliff, the drill, the ice hole, the narada end scene

also spocks line of ‘you of all people should know – a captain cannot cheat death’ (yeah i know he meant his father but it also applies to James Kirks demise)

i wonder if that was a sub textual thing the writers came up with – the amount of times he was seen hanging off stuff etc – some kind of reference to Trek V and Generations foreshadowing his eventual death?? (esp at the end jumping from one thing to another nearly falling, like jumping on the bridge in Generations)…

162. Dom - November 21, 2009

158. dmduncan

Yeah, Bones always drew the short straw in the publicity materials for Trek films, even though I think Deforest Kelley gave probably the best performance of an actor in any iteration of Star Trek.

161. screaming satellite said ; ‘i wonder if the way they had Kirk hanging off stuff all the time in ST09 was a sort of foreshadowing of his death’

No, Bob Orci said that this film gives Kirk a ‘fighting chance for life.’ With the original version of history wiped (hey, they never talked about quantum universes in the film itself!) it’s unlikely that, in this universe, Kirk will find himself getting killed off in a cheap B-movie plot.

Kirk climbs out of every ravine and back over every ledge this time, sticking two fingers up at how he ‘died’ before. Kirk’s indestructible: if he can’t come back to life as William Shatner, he’ll reboot the entire universe and still return as a different actor.

I like to think, retrospectively, that Shatner’s ‘Oh my . . .’ in Generations was him catching a glimpse of the USS Kelvin blowing up as he’s reborn in the new universe! Does that sound overly poetic? Maybe, but, in Trek canon, Vulcans have immortal souls, so why can’t humans?

163. Trekenstein - November 21, 2009

#161. screaming satellite – NOW THAT WOULD BE BALLSY.

I would LOVE to see JJ kill Kirk in an appropriate setting, i.e. going out fighting, just like his dad. And it makes a certain amount of sense. When this cast gets too old or loses interest, (I give it 6 films total) – what a great way to reboot again and give a new production team and director the same kind of freedom to reinvent it.

And what a message: none of us can cheat death, not even a captain. Even though I know the Kobayashi Maru was a construct of Meyer/Bennett, in a way it is almost certainly the thing that haunts Kirk throughout his life (even in TOS). He couldn’t win, so he “changed” the rules, but still like TWOK, never really faced it and in his gut he knows it is the one thing he never truly beat.

If he did go down with his ship in a blaze of glory saving his crew, not only would it be poetic, but most likely the only thing they could do to top the destruction of Vulcan. And it would properly honor the death of James T. Kirk, regardless of which universe it is in. Honestly as much as I enjoyed the first 6 TOS films, I really did not need to see Kirk get old. He needs to live as a young, vital man at the top of his game. The fact we have the 80’s Shatner/Kirk is really all we need, and I’m glad we have it for the MacArthur-esque “old soldiers” portrait of such a great character. But 60’s Kirk is the guy we all remember and want to see again and again.

Then, they bring in a new and younger Kirk and have them pick up on adventures back in the prime universe during that 5 year mission we only saw a fraction of, especially now that everyone has forgotten about canon problems and been distracted for a decade by something completely different.

164. screaming satellite - November 21, 2009

149 – “If he didn’t do it for his buddy Lucas in the SW prequels, he won’t do it now. I’d love to see it, though!”

i think he wanted to and Lucas was intending him to direct Ep 2 or 3 (at least that was the rumours back in the late 90s)

165. Stargazer - November 21, 2009

The time line is alln wrong. from TOS to VOY and Nemesis.. Was Spock Prime’s Time line. Now that Nero destryoed Vulcan, the time line is now changed for young Spock. Amanda lives in Star Trek IV, She lives in some episodes on TOS in Spock Prime’s time line. Messing with the time line causes pr oblemmes with now the original Star Trek from TOS to Voy to Nemesis which is a different Time line from which this new Star Trek Movie now starts. If Spock Prime dies, that old time line dies with him since now he’s in the 23rd cent instead of the 24 century. Does that mean that Lt Saavik does not exist in the New Time Line, since Vulcan has been destroyed? if there are only 10,000 Vulcans left in the Middle 23 century, 2258… by the 24century, there should be somewhere around 100,000 to 500,000 Vulcans. Depending when the common Vulcan Female is able to have a child. B4 there was 6billion Vulcans to keep the species well. Now they are endangered. One normally does not go back to change past to forge the future the future time like will now lead a new path in the case of the Nero Factor. Temporal Mechanics is a mind boggling theme. Comments????

166. S. John Ross - November 21, 2009

#163: “I would LOVE to see JJ kill Kirk in an appropriate setting, i.e. going out fighting, just like his dad.”

But his dad was a hero. Kirk … this Kirk, anyway … is just a whiny little douche.

167. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 22, 2009

#163 & 166 …

You’re both full of it. Kirk will not die on screen again.

168. Dom - November 22, 2009

165. Stargazer: ‘Comments????’

Paragraphing helps! ;)

‘The time line is alln wrong. from TOS to VOY and Nemesis.. Was Spock Prime’s Time line.’

Actually, given how history was regularly altered, we don’t know that the Spock who fell through the black hole was the TNG version of Spock. He’s supposed to be a version of Spock from the 24th century. We don’t know which 24th century.

‘Now that Nero destryoed Vulcan, the time line is now changed for young Spock.’

Yes, that’s the point of the film.

‘Amanda lives in Star Trek IV, She lives in some episodes on TOS in Spock Prime’s time line.’

I know, but arguably, in dying, she unites her son and husband and brings about some self-acceptance in Spock of his conflicting natures. her death, in effect, achieves what it took her years longer to do by living!

‘Messing with the time line causes pr oblemmes with now the original Star Trek from TOS to Voy to Nemesis which is a different Time line from which this new Star Trek Movie now starts.’

Bob Orci says that this is a separate quantum universe. ‘TOS to Voy to Nemesis’ won’t happen in this universe, at least not in the same way as before. There’ll be similarities, certainly, but it’ll be very different.

‘If Spock Prime dies, that old time line dies with him since now he’s in the 23rd cent instead of the 24 century.’

See the quantum explanation. Spock Prime is a kind of a paradox, but if he dies, wherever he came from goes on without him!

‘Does that mean that Lt Saavik does not exist in the New Time Line, since Vulcan has been destroyed?’

Who knows? Perhaps her Romulan heritage is now linked to the events of the new film? Her Vulcan parent could be a prisoner of the Romulans captured while fleeing Vulcan’s destruction.

‘if there are only 10,000 Vulcans left in the Middle 23 century, 2258… by the 24century, there should be somewhere around 100,000 to 500,000 Vulcans. Depending when the common Vulcan Female is able to have a child. B4 there was 6billion Vulcans to keep the species well. Now they are endangered.’

That depends: say we assume Vulcans live for about 200 years, based on Sarek’s age at death (203.) Perhaps Vulcan women can carry children to term safely for about 75 years, meaning all the surviving women (say 5,000) could conservatively have 35 children over the next 75 years. If all their children start sprogging up at about the age of 20, natural births will lead to a small but significant population. Then again, there are other possibilities: artificially-induced pon-farrs. Breeding with other races, particularly Romulans, which could equally lead to issues about ‘racial purity – something for a potential ‘Neo-Next Generation.’

In-vitro cloning via artificial wombs is, of course, is a major option. There are, doubtless labs all over the Federation where blood supplies and tissue samples exist. Also, the Vulcan elders are presumably carrying a number of Katras from the Katric Ark within them, meaning clones of some Vulcans could be based on ancient, important Vulcans with their souls restored via the fal-tor-pan ceremony. Even Surak could return if necessary!

‘One normally does not go back to change past to forge the future’

In the case of James T Kirk, it happened more than once!

‘the future time like will now lead a new path in the case of the Nero Factor.’

Yep! Exciting, isn’t it? Brand new adventures where literally anything happened. In the days of TNG on television, Trek movies were handcuffed by TV continuity. You couldn’t have destroyed Vulcan in Star Trek VI, for example, because the fan Nazis would have gone berserk.

‘Temporal Mechanics is a mind boggling theme.’

That it is! :)

169. S. John Ross - November 22, 2009

#167: “You’re both full of it. Kirk will not die on screen again.”

I’d go so far as to predict that for the next several years, Kirk will continue to not BE on screen again, dead or alive. In his place, we’ll have Anakirk, doing some pod-races for us.

170. Stargazer - November 22, 2009

Thanks DOM… I typed it rathre fast, so I did not have time to paragraph it. I have been writting several Star Trek Based Storeys lumped into one time line. Different century from the current Star Trek line of events. Now since temporal mechanics is now involved since the Nero Factor, im at a loss where to continue or start anothre chapter. I am based on Spock Prime line of events over the centurys. I have been writing since I was 15. In my Storey there is a Tempoural Prime Directive. We Scan time for inconsistancies, apparently there is one. It has changed the events in my century I am writing about.

What year did Romulas’s star become supernova? I dont need the star date. Will it Supernova in the new time line, It should. Or a reoccurring paradox of events.


171. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 22, 2009

#169 … Whatever you say, dude. The Star Trek party will go on whether you show up or sit at home pouting. ;-)

172. S. John Ross - November 23, 2009

#171: I’m too busy being one of the people actually helping Star Trek live on, “dude.” I’m not pouting … I just want _courage_ in my Trek, and I’m not ashamed to say so. The new film was good, but was was cowardly to the core.

173. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 23, 2009

#172 “The new film was good, but was was cowardly to the core.”

Well said. Good and cowardly often go hand in hand.

174. willi523 - November 24, 2009

Thee words for a slam dunk sequal. Temporal Cold War!

175. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 24, 2009


Well, Ellison IS on record as being interested:


176. martin - December 3, 2009

Its easy to bring Shatner back. How do we know he’s not still in the Nexus just like Whoopi Goldberg? Anyway, I never did understand how Kirk got from riding his horse to suddenly being back in Death Valley at the exact moment of Piccard’s choosing (didn’t choose a very good moment did he – better to have gone back to Zoran’s birth!).

177. Aeo - December 7, 2009

Seems to me the Romulans were pretty well genetically enhanced. that ought to scare the everliving crap out of Starfleet. It would give the new time line a very… different… view of Kahn’s work.

178. Tom Peters - December 9, 2009

One word:


Do the freakin borg and it will be the best trek movie of all time… maybe have Q make an appearance just for fun… or not…


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