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Playmates Star Trek Toys Put On Hold November 25, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: ST09 Creative,TOS,Toys , trackback

While this year has been an incredibly successful year for Star Trek, Playmates Toys has told TrekMovie that it is placing its future Star Trek line on hold for possible reorganization. TrekMovie has the details.



Playmates Trek On Hold

In 2009, Star Trek fans and collectors were greeted with a sight unseen for nearly a decade: the return of Star Trek toys to mainstream retail stores. One of the companies responsible for helping bring Trek items back to retailers was Playmates Toys whose line of 3.75", 6", and 12" action figures, along with role playing, playsets, and toy ships was one of the most extensive toy lines ever produced for a Star Trek movie. Playmates Toys is one of a very small group of toy companies that has the ability to bring items to the shrinking number of retail toy stores and had been successful in convincing stores to take another chance on Star Trek (2009) items.

 Bridge Playset and Figures + Enterprise toy- just part of Playmates first wave of Star Trek toys released in April

Playmates recently released a few more items, such as the Star Trek Movie Utility Belt role playing set and two 12" action figures, Sulu and Pike, which are exclusive to Toys R Us. For this autumn, an entirely new wave of action figures was planned, including accessories to help complete the bridge playset and toy versions of the Narada and Jellyfish ships. In addition, there were possibilities of 3.75" action figures based on the original television show and other lines announced at a recent toy fair.

Star Trek utility belt role play toy released over the Summer

Unfortunately all future lines of Star Trek items from Playmates Toys plans are currently on hold. Some major retail stores have not yet made decisions about future orders pending what happens with their current stock of the April line of toys and online presales were not as much as required to justify the production of a second wave of figures. Some retailers such as some Target stores have reduced the price of Star Trek items to clearance and removed them from the regular aisle. Those fans who have placed preorders with online retailers should contact them for more information. Playmates Toys has told TrekMovie that they are committed to Star Trek and hope to continue the line in the future if sales make that a possibility.

Regardless, Playmates is currently working on a plan to help collectors finish their bridge and transporter playsets. Some of the pieces for the sets were set to be included in Wave 2 figures. TrekMovie will report when Playmates has more details on those bridge pieces.

Some of the figures from Playmate’s Star Trek wave 2 – now on hold

The issues with toy sales is not unique to Star Trek. In the Summer Playmates cancelled their plans for a second wave of toys based on Terminator Salvation.  Other movie toy lines have also had issues, including Hasbro’s GI Joe. And even though Hasbro’s Transformers toys have sold well, many retailers over-bought the line expecting even greater sales. Bottom line is that the weak economy has not been good for toys, and so Star Trek’s big comeback to the mainstream retailers is on hold. That being said, Playmates is still hopeful for the future and still bullish on Star Trek. Playmates VP of marketing Paul Fish tells TrekMovie that they hope to pick up the license for the 2012 Star Trek sequel, and they expect that film to be even more "toy friendly."

TrekMovie will bring any information about the future of the Playmates Toys Star Trek movie line to fans as we get the information. For those wishing to complete their collection, many Walmart and Toys R Us are selling Star Trek toys, both online and at retail stores.



1. Will Decker - November 25, 2009

This is horible news. First!

2. BB43MAN - November 25, 2009

First! Too bad about the cancellation. Make sense, though, from a financial standpoint.

3. Kosher Coder - November 25, 2009


4. Lore - November 25, 2009

Star Trek isn’t really a 4kids production, it never has been. It was and is an action drama that happens to take place in the future. The fact that the toys don’t sell well is no surprise.

5. NX01 - November 25, 2009

Can the Enterprise maneuver effectively through space with half a bridge?

6. DavidJ - November 25, 2009


Agreed. They really should have gone after the collector’s market with bigger, higher quality sculpts.

Heck, even most kids out there probably thought those Playmates figures were too small and cheap-looking. lol

7. Bryan - November 25, 2009

As strange as it is, my Daughter who is 4 years old is totally into the Star Trek toys (with absolutely no encouragement from me) She sits and plays with them, but wasn’t able to get an Uhura… so this has completely devestated her because everywhere I look I cannot find one.

8. Alex Prewitt - November 25, 2009

It does suck for the folks who have purchaed the first wave I suppose. I hope the license will end up going to AA/DST. Their overall quality is far better than what I”ve seen from Playmates. That Enterprise ship toy is pathetic!

9. ryanhuyton - November 25, 2009

I’m not at all surprised by this. Every store that I have been to where they sold these Playmates toys still had lots remaining on the shelves even after the discounts. Unfortuneately, the overall demand for toys in general appears to be decreasing due to the economy. Kids today are more interested in video games. It’s just the way it is. As for plans for toys for the sequel, I would expect a smaller line with all figures in one size. As for for Playmates doing the Narada or the Kelvin, those hopes are now dashed unfortunenately. Hopefully, Art Asylum gets a lisence to do the next movie for the collectors while Playmates goes for the younger crowd.
But I wouldn’t count on it.

10. Eric - November 25, 2009

This makes total sense. has anyone seen these toys, they are garbage. The figures do not look anything like the movie characters and that bridge play set is terrible. The Trek figures in the 90s were fantastically sculpted. Here is a word of advise for the toy maker, if your product looks dumb then no one will by them.

11. Sean4000 - November 25, 2009

Damn, I guess the Jellyfish and Kelvin ships will go on my list of models/collector toys that will never get made….right next to the Scimitar.

12. TerilynnS - November 25, 2009

Also – the second movie has been pushed back to 2012…the stores will get no new free advertising push from any new movie or DVD sales. They’re going to wait to see what Paramount does I think. It’s always, always connected somehow…Playmates or the retailers they deal with aren’t about to place themselves into a weak sales position when Paramount doesn’t know when the next picture will be.

13. Bob - November 25, 2009

I knew something was up.

Unlike some, I actually liked the line especially the Enterprise.

Perhaps it was a bad idea to have so many different size figures. They should have just narrowed it down do just one size. Personally I would have just picked a size of 5″, which was right between the 3.75″ and 6″ figures they did come out with. Plus the 5″ size would have fit in nicely with their older Star Trek lines.

If they do continue the line, perhaps one way to cut down on costs is to offer the line as a store exclusive at a national chain.

I’m crossing my fingers that they continue the line.

14. Prologic9 - November 25, 2009

Yeah shitty toys don’t sell, big surprise.

Their Enterprise wasn’t bad for what it was meant to be (and was probably the top seller in the whole line). I would have picked up a Kelvin for sure.

Of coarse, its just another reason they did poorly. Everyone asked for the Kelvin, since before the movie was even released. Did they make a Kelvin? No.

Yeah, big surprise.

15. I am not Herbert - November 25, 2009

These toys are not selling because they are low quality products based on a franchise reboot that holds no interest beyond the initial “entertainment”.

Yes, they are toys, but they should be aimed at collectors, not kids IMHO.

Kids are not stupid. They can recognize “stupid” toys. These peg cloggers will be in the bargain bins in no time…

I’m GLAD that Art Asylum / Diamond Select did not get this license!

16. I'm Dead Jim - November 25, 2009

Geez! I hope the economy doesn’t jeopardize the creation of model kits. I think it’s crazy that we still don’t have a decent high quality model of the Enterprise yet and news like this makes me wonder if we will before 2012.

17. SirBroiler - November 25, 2009

Art Asylum! Best Trek figures hands-down.

18. Enterprise - November 25, 2009

Um, look at those pics. No wonder this toyline bombed.

19. Daniel Broadway - November 25, 2009

Round 2 said they plan to do a Kelvin model kit eventually, so not all hope is lost for a Kelvin.

20. richpit - November 25, 2009

I agree that, all in all, the Playmates toys were crap. I bought the phaser, communicator, tricorder and Enterprise and they were low quality and badly designed (IMO).

I would love to think that AA/DST would get the license for the next movie, but that’s not going to happen. They’re not a big enough company to get “major” retailers like WalMart and Target interested. Plus, they’re always at least a year late on promised delivery dates.

21. David C. Roberson - November 25, 2009

The economy has nothing to do with this–the economy is an excuse. The fact is, these toys look atrocious. Playmates aimed to market cheap, ugly toys that look nothing like their movie counterparts to young children in the hopes that these children would want the toys regardless. Kids know when things aren’t right. Kids don’t care if the package says it’s Captain Kirk. If it looks like a startled Toby MacGuire wearing a yellow sweater made of chain mail, they’re not going to want it.

22. Brandon - November 25, 2009

More of you should read Art Asylum’s Q&A’s its recently been talked about that DST and Playmates were going to be jointly working on TOS figures so these would probably have had better sculpts and articulation. By not getting behind this line alot of collectors probably drove a nail into the coffin for any future revenue that DST could have garnered from these figures going mainstream. Star Trek Wave 5 by DST is looming dangerously close to following the Borg Wave into cancelation too. Just thought everyone who passed on those Playmates movie figures should know.

23. Ensign RedShirt - November 25, 2009

Playmate’s other Trek toys sold quite well to adults for a number of years….I wonder if this is an indictment of the design aesthetic of the film; there are those of us that wouldn’t take a new Enterprise model or bridge set if it were given to us for free.

Selling the bridge set in pieces to force people to buy figures they might not have wanted was pretty cheesy too.

24. McCoy's Gall Bladder - November 25, 2009

Dear Lord!

They’re making the Vagina Monster into toys?

The human race is doomed. Millions of boys will be scared for life.

25. Flake - November 25, 2009

Solution = Star Trek Cartoon for kids.

26. Brandon - November 25, 2009

25 That should be obvious to the powers that be at Paramount! Why can’t they grasp that animated Trek would bring in the kiddies the same way Clone Wars is for Star Wars?

27. THX-1138 - November 25, 2009


Thanks. That made me laugh.

Playmates didn’t so a lot of promotion for these toys that I saw. I mean, except for here. I would go to their site before the movie came out and saw nothing about Star Trek. I did my part and bought an Enterprise, communicator, phaser, and tricorder. And I buy DST/AA’s stuff as well. Round 2 will be putting out the Enterprise and I saw a review of a garage mold of the Kelvin model that didn’t look too bad. But this is what we get for Playmates involvement in the Trek toy line. If you look at other lines they carry it would seem that they are ill-equipped to handle or deliver in the modern market and economy.

So let’s translate this into how well the movie was marketed to those outside of Trek fandom, particularly kids. Any opinions?

28. J.R.Q - November 25, 2009

no15 I wish Art Asylum got the License Maybe Kirk would have look like Pine.

29. CmdrR - November 25, 2009

You hit on the heart of the problem in the article without saying it outright. “Terminator Salvation.” The “GI Joe Movie.” “Transformers.” “Indiana Jones.” “Batman.” Even “The Hulk.” They’re all competing for shelf space with action figures that essentially could exist in the same universe of the imagination. No matter how quickly the movie comes and goes (how many times in the last week has someone mentioned “Watchmen?”) if it spawned genre action figures, those suckers are still on the shelves. And don’t even get me started on “Star Wars.”

If you have an unlimited budget, it’s great. But, if you’re a Trekkie who just wants to spark a childhood memory or two, it’s overload. Hollywood certainly includes these items on their spread sheets. But, do we really need every character from “Wolverine” immortalized in plastic?

The problem is overproduction… of kitch, and the even of the movies that spawn it. I don’t know that I have a suggestion. No one’s going to voluntarily delay his movie, or recall his or her junk.

Do I wish better films prevailed? Do I wish crappie flicks didn’t glut the googleplex? Do I wish for the days of one or two movies dominating the landscape for an entire season? Maybe. Not gonna happen, though.
Or maybe there should be shorter lines of products, but that would leave some cute moppet sobbing for want of a Sulu figure in sub-orbital dive gear and collapsible katana. (What, no Kung Fu grip?!)

As for Trek, I guess it’s pretty hard to push a complex collection like the bridge set in an age of rapid-fire genre releases. Maybe that stuff is better handled online. Dunno. Personally, I just want a TOS phaser, and the $15 2009 JJ-prise (which I never saw at Toys R Us.) Too bad for me, Santa’s elves have all gone Hollywood.

30. Trekenstein - November 25, 2009

Playmates expects the 2012 Star Trek sequel to be even more “toy friendly.”?

Really? What have they heard that none of us have? Last I knew, there was no script, no ideas, no direction, only preliminary discussions. Sounds like internally they have been discussing how to make the next movie even more kid friendly. But of course the studio is not dictating any terms.


31. Dac - November 25, 2009

They should have gone the AA/DST route and aimed for an older audience. If anything this movie was aimed at the young adult crowd moreso than the kiddy crowd, and it worked.

32. James R. Kirk - November 25, 2009


Maybe Keenser and Uhura will have a fling this time.

33. Kirk, James T. - November 25, 2009

Sad news really however i think there is still a market out there for Star Trek (2009) but it lies within the hands of the NECA’s and the Sideshows/Hot Toy’s.

In all honesty what did Paramount, Playmates, CBS expect? with nothing but one amazing 2 hours to keep kids hooked on Star Trek and nothing like a Clone Wars style TV show to keep the ball rolling through until 2012 – it’s no wonder this line died.

If they wanted kids to be hooked enough to buy the toys they should have thrown Star Trek at them with video games, cartoons and Hasbro – not Playmates.

34. thomoz - November 25, 2009

I bought the $30 12″ figures, wincing all the way to the register.

35. Trekluver - November 25, 2009

Oh man! I’d have loved to have deep roy’s character and the ice monster so I could play lunch! LOL! Anyway it is dad that it had to be but I knoticed it at my Walmart when they cut their stock just 3 weeks after the first wave. The scone wave’s first figures that were esentially a re-release where allready on their shelves so those will probably be gone soon. The Terminator Salvation line was stupid and not surprised that that failed. I am surprised that GIJoe and Transformers was considdered a fallure, they looked tile they sold well…

36. AJ - November 25, 2009

Iron Man, Xmen and Batman toys clog the bargain bins every year to this day.

At the same time, my favorite Walmart in Westerly, RI had no Star Trek items for sale at the time fans here were complaining their fave items were sold out at Toys ‘R’ Us or being sold on eBay at ridiculous prices.

Toy producers most likely overload the supply chain with every new film, and assume a certain amount goes to the bins.

Toys are the little ads in our kids’ rooms that keep these franchises alive for them between films. No toys means they’ll forget. Bad move.

37. ShotoJuku - November 25, 2009

Playmates needs to market exclusively to just ONE RETAILER just as KISS did recently with their new CD – SONIC BOOM which was sold only at Walmart!

38. Enterprise - November 25, 2009

The things that were cool were the phasers, tricorder, etc. They should just focus on those items, and not the crappy figures. Look at the Star Wars line – that’s STILL going strong. Why? Because the figures are still cool!

39. Canon Schmanon - November 25, 2009

I was always shocked by the number of toys they had coming out. Even this newer, faster-paced, more Star Warsy version is not a kid’s film. Playmates execs probably got caught up in the enthusiasm and went too far. After all, if the last year or so has shown us, most corporate execs are blithering idiots who know a lot about nothing.

40. Bill - November 25, 2009

I NEED A KELVIN and the rest of my bridge, WTF? I finally get some disposable income and I want to dispose of it! Argh!

41. garen - November 25, 2009

this was easily foreseeable. they were way over saturated. And kids werent really interested in them. The Barbie line is no available at my local Big Lots/Odd Lots store. its a shame really.

42. Jeyl - November 25, 2009

Am I the only one here who thought the toys were dreadful? They weren’t fun at all.

43. Kirk's Kid - November 25, 2009

My Art Asylum TOS phaser went on the blink about five minutes after I took it out of the box. What a waste of $30. At least these toys are cheaper, but I’m not really interested in them.

44. MikeTen - November 25, 2009

I have to say I’m not surprised. My wife picked up the playmates Enterprise for my birthday and I was very dissapointed in it. It is very cheap looking and of poor quality especially compared to the ships made for the TV shows and the TOS movies.
I put it back in it’s box and put it in the closet.

45. bones - November 25, 2009

you have got to be kidding me!!! this is such bull crap! altho I do agree with Mike Ten.

46. ryanhuyton - November 25, 2009

Nothing will compare to the mid 90’s when Playmates was putting out toys from TNG, DS9,TOS and the movies. There was a great selection of ships, props, and action figures. I still have the DS9 station, Romulan Warbird, TOS Enterprise and Klingon attack cruiser. I have a Quinto-Spock
a phaser and the Enterprise from the new movie but it just isn’t the same.
At least we have DST/Art Asylum putting out action figures, props and ships from the prime timeline, but seeing as they are a small company, I fear the day when we learn from Anthony that they went out of business.
I own the TOS props, the Enterprise-D, refit Enterprise, Enterprise-E, TOS Mirror Enterprise, and many of their action figures including a TWOK Sulu signed by George Takei. The new Playmates toys are ok but just don’t compare to DST/Art Asylum.

47. Michael - November 25, 2009

RETAILRES…TAKE NOTE: Put all those figs/role play toys NEXT to your copies oft Trek on dvd & Bluray! If they see the movie and the toys, ther’d have more impulse buys. Buy yea…otther than the pistol/comm/tric/ship, which were soo-so, ok(for small children)..the smaller figs were average. The larger figs were pretty good. The Transporter, fair. The bridge was pure crap. Buy a playset with HOPES they releaee future waves to complete? Huh????????????? A cheap piece of saran wrap that’s painted for the brdige floor mat?????????? Absolute garbage!

48. Fraser Link - November 25, 2009

I can’t believe no one has said this yet, but …


*satisfied* … aaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s still funny, even after all this time.

49. Dan - November 25, 2009

I bought the Transporter Room at Meijers for $7 a couple months ago….on a clearance shelf. I have all of the 6inch figures and the Enterprise. I was really looking forward to new ships, not more action figures. I wouldn’t mind if they dropped the second wave action figures and put out more ships.

50. Best Christmas Toys - November 25, 2009

This is sad. All though, Star Trek was not marketed to the younger crowd as much as some of the other movies like Transformers and GI Joe. I think if the marketing of the movie was better, it would have been more of a hit with the toy line. Fewer younger people are buying this line. Mainly the fans are. It’s a shame, this set looks way cool and would love to have it and see it hit the top lists.

51. Steve T In NY - November 25, 2009

So this is great news. Yes the Playmates toys weren’t that good, but they were the only ones producing a new Enterprise! So what does this hold for models? Will they be making a good plastic kit of the Big E? The Kelvin?
I’m all for high end replicas and such but hey, i’m on a budget and besides, I like building and painting a model myself. I really hope Polar Lights goes ahead and gets some kits out there. Look at Star Wars, I mean even though they are snap fit and pre-painted, they are still good model kits and they keep coming! Please, please produce some nice sized model kits for us..

52. Capt. of the USS Anduril - November 25, 2009

The only thing I hate about this is that they wanted to make mini-ships and probably one of them would’ve been the Kelvin.

Face it, no one wants the figures. Our Wal-Mart sold out of the ship in the first couple of weeks, but the figures have remained on the shelves since then.

53. Brandon - November 25, 2009

Playmates really should just put the remaining bridge and transporter parts in a box set with duty uniform Checkov and McCoy then call it a day on this line. Then later when they get their s!@t together redo the whole line with DST onboard doing the sculpts. What sucks is that was kinda the direction it looks like it was going to go. Now, who knows.

54. Weerd1 - November 25, 2009

Unfortunately Playmates brought a lot of this on themselves- the toys in both the Trek and Terminator lines were not worth the money they were asking. When you look at the very well made GI Joes, which ALSO couldn’t find a market, how could you expect people to buy faceless John Connor and lipstick wearing Kirk for seven bucks a pop?

The good news is I bought a number of figures on clearance so I can make customs. Sure did want a Keenser though…

55. William Noetling - November 25, 2009

They made so many mistakes with this movie line that it was doomed to failure before it even hit shelves.

There was NO reason for three different sizes of figures. NONE. While the 6″ were nice, they were superflous. The 3 3/4″ line was a great attempt, but poorly executed. They weren’t true 3 3/4″ size, which means compared to GI Joes, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and other current 3 3/4″ lines they’re PUNY. Plus the articulation should have been much better for the soft sculpts. This is why they’re still sitting on shelves. Using the same roll-out strategy on Terminator killed them too. It’s hard to believe this is the same company that continues to produce high-selling TMNT toys year after year.

The two playsets were fantastic items though. Well, one fantastic item (the Transporter) and one great baggie of accessories (the bridge). The toy Enterprise was nice too. The best items were the role-play, and reasonably priced too.

All-in-all though I really think it was badly handled. You don’t break up necessary accessories to complete a play set into waves of figures which may never come.

56. ryanhuyton - November 25, 2009

While I do like the design of the phaser, and taking into account of not wanting it look like a real gun, Playmates made a bad call with the shininess. It should have been a flat grey.

57. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - November 25, 2009

crappy toys based on a badly reimagined classic ship and butt ugly props.
I seem to remember calling this one way back when. This is my ‘I told you so’. Back then I said the mediocrity of the new designs would be reflected in their poor toy sales. I didnt buy a single item from these new offerings because they left me cold. Dont blame Playmates for all of this or ‘the economy’….

58. USS Manila NCC-99232 - November 25, 2009


59. SerenityActual - November 25, 2009

The only item I bought from this line was the phaser and that is just because I was curious of the design. I refused to buy the new E after comparing it to the AA Classic and TWOK E’s.

60. Balok - November 25, 2009

Ditto 56…. the Kelvin would have been the most interesting play…

61. Roy - November 26, 2009

I’m not surprised that this line failed. Every retail store I visit, I still see numerous Star Trek toys and accesories on the shelves. When I first saw pictures of this line, I thought what kind of crap is Playmates producing. This line of toys are nothing but garbage. Playmates previous Star Trek 5″ line was so much better compared this 3 3/4″ line. The figures then actually looked like the characters and they were better sculpted. I had no trouble buying Playmates previous Star Trek line. I thought they were great. The playsets and ships for the figures then were excellent. Anybody want to compare Playmates Star Trek: TNG Playset to the new Star Trek Movie Playset? Or a 5″ Captain Kirk to a 3 3/4″ Captain KIrk. There is no comparison. The TNG Playset blows the Movie Playset out of the water and the Shatner Kirk figure would destroy the Pine Kirk figure.
There is nothing wrong with numerous retailers selling the Star Trek Movie line of figures and accesories. It was nice seeing Star Trek making a comeback on the toy self again. Playmates just screwed up when they over produced on the line and made too many different sized figures. Playmates should’ve produced less overall, maybe short produced even less on a couple of their figures or had a mail away offer for a figure.
Any of you out there that still have their Star Trek Movie Toys in their boxes and are unhappy about the quality, I would strongly recommend you taking your stuff back to the store and at least getting store credit in return while the prices are still at full retail price because I’m pretty sure that after Christmas every thing will be reduced to sell quickly. I know Target has reduced the price of their Star Trek toys for a while now but Wal Mart and Toys R Us still have their Star Trek toys at full retail price.

62. Jim Smith - November 26, 2009

I’m still a bit disappointed that the UK wave 1 figures didn’t come with pieces of the bridge. That bridge looks sparse on its own, dammit!

For those naysaying and wailing, remember the total abandonment of the mego TMP toy line?

Star Trek went on to to fine after that.

63. Devon - November 26, 2009

# 8 – “It does suck for the folks who have purchaed the first wave I suppose. I hope the license will end up going to AA/DST. Their overall quality is far better than what I”ve seen from Playmates. That Enterprise ship toy is pathetic!”

Not a great choice. We already went through that company once. They had limited impact on the market and were not geared toward toys, etc. More expensive too.

64. Valar1 - November 26, 2009

Sucks, I wanted to get Scottys little buddy and those parachute uniforms looked cool.

65. Excelsior Prime - November 26, 2009

This comes as no surprise to me, but c’mon Anthony, though GI Joe and Transformers underperformed, they are certainly of a higher quality in every way when compared to Playmates work on Star Trek and Terminator.

I think Playmates does extremely well with non-human figures. Look at Scotty’s pal up there from the second series or the TMNT. They’re really good a non-human likenesses.

I have to also concede that the role play stuff looks great. I’m going to get a phaser and communicator as a Christmas gift to myself because they do look well made.

But the figures…meh…even at the four dollars a local WM is asking for the smallest figures or the six for the middle sized, I just can’t justify it.

Now, if those twelve-inchers hit clearance, I might have to get Kirk, Spock, and McCoy…

66. Excelsior Prime - November 26, 2009

I also forgot to say: I really want Hasbro to get the license. Imagine the quality of the figures, ships, and gear.

And the Star Trek vs. Star Wars feud would be given a whole new life…

67. devon - November 26, 2009

I hope they complete the major characters in their duty uniforms for fans to complete the crew, especially the 12″ line which was the best of the bunch in terms of likenesses to the characters! I want 12″ versions of Scotty,Uhura &Chekov.

68. devon - November 26, 2009

Not to mention, the 12″ Nero was one of the best sculpts ever with nice costuming to boot, if this gets pushed back to 2012, it kind of defeats the purpose since Nero won’t be in the next film! I hope they release the rest of the 12″ line of figures even as exclusives to toys r us as they did with Sulu & Pike!

69. Lando - November 26, 2009

Star Trek still not cool enough for Playmates toys. ;)

70. Eduardo Cordeiro - November 26, 2009

I really hope the license goes for AA/DST. Just put the Playmates stuff side ti side with the AA/DST stuff and the difference is enormous.

71. The Invader (In Color!) - November 26, 2009

Hand it over to Art Asylum or Diamond Select…

72. JBK - November 26, 2009

I just wish that we could have gotten all of the Enterprise crew in uniform. I didn’t buy any in cadet uniforms and was waiting to get them with their Starfleet uniforms for the ones that we haven’t gotten yet.

73. Buzz Cagney - November 26, 2009

Guessed things hadn’t gone brilliantly judging by the way stock seemed to sit on the shelves for what seemed like months. The Enterprise was nice- got one of those ‘for the boy’ ;-) but beyond that not really tempted. Although I thought the phaser was nice it cost £15 here in the UK. Didn’t seem worth it to me.

74. Adam C - November 26, 2009

more small starship models!!

bring back micromachines dammit

75. Jason - November 26, 2009

I was completely baffled by how poor the figures were. The enterprise ship was okay but the figures were all even lesser quality than Playmates TMNT and their previous run with the star trek license. I dunno what they were thinking.

76. Trekboi - November 26, 2009

they had too many sizes- I loved putting the 3.75 figures with the 3.75 Star Trek: TMP figures but they were too small.

I was Insulted by them mixing the uniforms & reducing the bridge into accesories to try to make me buy more?
& In Australia they didnt even have the bridge accesories in with the figures- they just left us with a placemat for a bridge- pathetic.
I didnt buy it- they failed learn anything Playmates?
Just the main Characters in uniform- in one size- bridge in one box- oh & some Promotion perhaps? it would have worked.

If They want to make a new generation of Fans- do a Star Trek cartoon for the kids – like with Transformers & keep the Films for adults & collectors which thoes kids will become.

77. Victor Hugo - November 26, 2009

I´m brazilian, and we hardly got “Star Trek” toys reaching our shelves for centuries. But as a die hard trekkie, I started my little collection of that 90´s wonderful Playmates “Next Generation” collection thru E-bay at an expensive price and waited eagerly for every single one when they arrived by mail.

Suddenly we got our shelves inundated by the new Trek products, which at first was a joy to see. But I couldn´t really buy any one those figures, they looked cheap, and worse, didn´t looked substantial, didn´t looked OFFICIAL. I wanted to like them, really, but couldn´t.

I´d rather save my pennies for the lovely “Johnny Lightning” Star Trek ship models.

78. Trekboi - November 26, 2009

Oh & using the same STAR TREK font/typeface as the film: classic Trek might have helped with recognition- like the classic Star Trek DVD’s- wht use some generic font?

79. Brian from OR - November 26, 2009

As someone who collects figures, my collecting has been put on hold since I just don’t have the money to by so much anymore. The problem is that the toy industry has taken a hit this year just not with Star Trek toys but all of the big toys. Hell I still see Iron Man toys from last year at my local Fred Meyer’s. It still surprises me that people attack the movie even now and try to tie it in to movie toys not selling. The FACT is the movie is a success and Star Trek is back.

Now I have to agree that the sculpts of the toys were not good at all. The only ones that looked any good were the ones of McCoy and Scotty. The Kirk figure was just horrible, looked nothing like Chris Pine. As bad as some of the sculpts noting as bad as the Terminator Salvation figures, they were just awful.

80. miraclefan - November 26, 2009

I’ll just say it. PLAYMATES toys was the WORST choice to do ANY kind of TREK toys. They just should have given the license to HASBRO.

81. Anthony Pascale - November 26, 2009

As noted in the article, problems with toys is not isolated to Star Trek or Playmates, it is hitting all the companies. Hasbro’s GI Joe Toys did much worse and stores still have tons of Hasbros Transformers toys

82. Prologic9 - November 26, 2009

^^That doesn’t mean you can just point to the economy as the soul reason of failure.

It’s possible to do well in the worst of environments, some of playmates output you couldn’t give away.

83. Weerd1 - November 26, 2009

Those of you asking for AA/DST to pick up the license please keep in mind they do NOT have the production capabilities to support the distribution through normal retail chains- that’s why you only see them in a few outlets (Toys R US, Hastings) and in specialty stores like comic shops. Even they had to cancel their proposed Kruge/Maltz set because they did not get the preorders that would have warranted production (which was a shame, I wanted that).

I think Playmates might have had more success with more reasonable pricing. For instance, their moderately well done movie Enterprise was $30 in most retail stores (more online, and one freak on eBay wanted $175 for it), while the nearly prop quality DST ships were usually only seven to ten dollars more ($37 on Entertainment Earth). Couple the figures’ poor quality with prices comparable to the much better Hasbro products and you get poor sales.

I think GI Joe is selling poorly because it was simply a bad film. The movie didn’t have enough plot to appeal to most adults who might buys toys, and was too adult oriented between language and exploding heads to get people to want the toys for their kids. Additionally, as a long time GI Joe collector, I recognize that a number of the figures in the movie line… aren’t movie figures, but figures which were planned for collectors anyway and packaged with movie logos. The kids who may have wanted some of the movie characters are going to pass up Shipwreck, Agent Helix, and Tunnel Rat- they don’t know who they are.

84. Justin - November 26, 2009

Playmates dropped the ball on this, the look of the figures was just awful, they could had used a laser scan to get a better likeness of the actors, or even find better sculptors like art asylum or the four horsemen.

It seems Playmates waited till the last moment to work on theses and just threw crap and junk together expecting the Trek name alone to sell their lazy efforts of paint application and sculpting.

They get what they deserve, its not the fans fault or the consumers or even the economy, its Playmates alone for poor cheap quality.

85. Khan was framed! - November 26, 2009

Thank Gorn!

These are terrible toys. They are so poorly detailed, I can’t believe Playmates had the nerve to put these out on today’s market.

Hopefully Diamond Select will pick up the license to JJ TREK, They know how to sculpt a face that actually looks like the character they’re based on!!

Death to Playmates!!

86. Zebonka - November 26, 2009

Make a TOS bridge playset. It could have blue doors and one too many seats and it’d still be preferable!

87. Adrian Patrick - November 27, 2009

Playmates lines have always been sub-standard.

Here in the UK the current lines didn’t sell and are in the bargain bins at around £2 per figure…

88. The Guardian - November 27, 2009

#21: I agree!

#84: I agree!

The failure of the toyline could also reflect the fact that Paramount dropped the ball by hiring someone to helm this atrocious film who only had one theatrical film under his belt in the first place!

JJ Abrams is NOT a director! He’s a producer! He should stick with producing and hire better writers!

89. Red Shirt David - November 27, 2009

I’ve seen figures with different cards, missing paint on the eyes, ect… These were the cheapest crap ever to be put out! I am a HUGE trek fan, and have all the TOS stuff that is put out (art asylum is great), but whoever green lighted this line should’ve been sued!
Besides the Enterprise ship (which was WAY too small for $30!!!) Have you compared it to the TOS Enterprise they put out in the 90s? The new one is a joke… Even the ship that comes with the dvds in the saucer is better AND CHEAPER!
No wonder trek gets a bad name. Even my 7yr old son didn’t wanna play with the small figures!

90. Jim - November 27, 2009

This proves my point that newtrek is SHIT. Nobody wants this shit, I see these toys in every store I go to, nobody is buying this horseshit. Classic Trek > New Trek.

91. Imrahil - November 27, 2009

It’s not surprising; these are terrible figures. Playmates should never have gotten the license back.

92. Weerd1 - November 27, 2009

90- By your logic, the well made toys for GI Joe must prove it is a great film. Spurious argument at best. Please rethink your distress and try to present it in a cogent argument. Thank you.

93. robert - November 27, 2009

i wanted the 12″ nero and uhura i pased on the barbie uhura cause the hasbro one would have been 25.00 insted of 50.00+ but now i have to wait till someone in asia has protocopies or the actual toys and pay twice as much.

AA/DS hinted at a 3’line of figures, playsets, and vechals,,,,in conjunction with playmates,,,,,i think that if that truly happins (which when i found out a few days ago that it might i was happy as a clam)….then i think sales would take off and it would be a poplar brand again

oh well glad i bought cadet versons of checkov and mccoy and extras of spock and sulu so i could finish off the bridge crew….but that 2nd wave damn what a shame i wanted ayel and the other figures

94. SChaos1701 - November 27, 2009


Yeah…because you know what you’re talking about.

95. The Invader (In Color!) - November 27, 2009

I still have complete sets of the TNG and later Playmates lines. They were perfectly fine. But, I had no desire to buy these latest sets from the Abrams film.

I have nothing from the new film.

No, folks, I realize some of you live in the economy proof comfort of your parent’s basements but the truth is this economy SUCKS. The reality is, people are tightening their belts and not making as many impulse purchases on things such as toys.

When you have lost your job due to layoff or suspect that might be around the corner, you don’t go out and waste money on toys unless you have a screw loose.

Regardless, I think toy companies would be wise to release their new lines around Christmas rather than during the summer, etc. Most of these toy lines would move better around this time of year.

Anyway, when the economy comes back, I would hope Art Asylum/DST gets the license for future Star Trek items…

96. Brandon - November 27, 2009

95- I agree about the economy and that these things should have comeout around Christmas. About Art Asylum/DST taking up the license- If you follow the Q&A blogs on, DST Chuck makes it pretty clear that DST will be developing TOS 3 3/4″ lines with Playmates Toys. It almost happened with the orignal Playmates line in the 90’s when Art Asylum , which was a design house was contracted for sculpts on some of Playmates better figures.(Examples of which would be Species 8471 and those larger scale Klingon and Borg figures that came out around 1999) I would imagine that today a combined effort would mean better quality sculpts that will finally be available in mainstream stores. DST has always said they cater more to a niche market so to get these out to a broader market, cooperation between the two companies is only logical. So hopefully after this recession Star Trek toys will rise again from the ashes.

97. TomBot3000 - November 27, 2009

Recession reason= baloney. Sure video games are killing old school toys ACROSS the board(they have been doing that for a long time before the Recession!), but if there really was interest they WOULD get bought. When I ask my nephews what they want, Star Trek doesn’t come up… As far as space franchises, they’d prefer Clone Wars stuff, but they will take old school Star Wars. They like Transformers, Hot Wheels, Clone Wars, that Bakugon crap(though I think it’s finally fading, thank god!) and of course, video games! Star Trek ’09 was uninspiring disposable crap entertainment- which doesn’t necessarily doom it’s toys, see Bakugon, etc. but I suspect toy fortunes and JJ would have better luck perhaps with MICRONAUTS if the movie and toys were cool enough. Imagine what could be done today with bluetooth, micro-circuitry and interchangeability rivalling Lego, perhaps like the BIONICLES… Finally, perhaps, kids and collectors are a little wiser now too. A great many of us bought into Phantom Menace and it’s toys, many of which were subpar, etc. Hasbro upped the quality immensely over the years, and now days, that stuff looks lazy compared to recent product. Maybe the ST stuff will move in the bargain bins, I vaguely recall it being rather over-priced in my opinion for figures anyway.

98. Captain Yendor - November 27, 2009

This is truly disappointing from a collecting standpoint, regardless of the substandard quality of the merchandise. The bridge set was a unique design for collectors, and it was a great selling point in order for me to buy it. Now, it appears that THIS bridge set will go the way of the Enterprise/Mayweather bridge set..unfinished. I know that those of use who are serious collectors have a discerning eye for sub-quality production, but we may have also gotten spoiled by the extremely excellent products of Art Asylum and Diamond Select. There will always be varying opinions of the Star Trek products put out by Playmates in 2009, and it would be difficult tp find two people who agree on it….having said that, however, Playmates should have taken the line and the movie more seriously.

99. The Guardian - November 28, 2009

Post # 94:

Yes! I do!

100. Khan was framed! - November 28, 2009

The biggest mistake here was to fool themselves into thinking Trek toys would sell to kids. The only people buying them are collectors, who value detail over playability.

So why go to Playmates, when you have a manufacturer like DST who can make quality figures for the people who want them?

True DST have slipped in the details a bit lately; their current waves have had loose joints & feel like they’re a bit too rubbery & yes, the loss of uniform detail between the Nemesis & DS9 lines was ridiculous, but all in all they are still the best Trek figures ever made.

Playmates ruined the Terminator: Salvation line, too.

How are they getting all this business?

Somebody call Hasbro! I want to see a line of Trek -Transformers crossovers! Imagine a Romulan Disruptor Megatron, Or Starscream as a Bird of Prey. Optimus Enterprise?

101. Ron Albanese - November 28, 2009

C’mon – I loved ’em, too, but even the ’90s Playmates weren’t that great on a technical level.

But yes, these figures were an abomination on so many levels – sculpts, paint, packaging, price point, scale, etc. it goes on and on.

They are just SO UNEXCITING sitting there on the shelves …

102. Dave - November 28, 2009

The article forgets to mention one extremely important bit of fact as far as why the sales are so low on Everything….PRICE. Lower the price and this stuff would of sold. The economy would of influenced it to some extent but the insane 50to100% price increase on all of the toys from all of the toy manufactures only compounded the problem and made it much worse then it needed to be. Their greed and for the most part unwarranted price increases are causing them to choke…as it should.

103. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - December 1, 2009

I bought several Enterprises for my collection in April.
Now for the last few weeks they’ve been about £14-15 here in the UK however coinciding with this announcment, they have gone back up to £30. Forbidden and, Amazon…
All have put the prices back up…. Christmas maybe?!?

And maybe if they listened to demand… how many here wanted a Kelvin or even the Narada?!?

104. Abortion Wannabe - December 14, 2009

Oh, *deleted string of explitives*! Granted, I couldn’t have cared less about the figs, aside from the aliens, (MORE ROMULANS PLEASE!) but the ships are where it’s at for me. The Enterprise was OK, disappointing in terms of sculpt and paint but bloody cool in terms of light and SFX, but the rest just didn’t turn me on. I’d get the belt if I could find it for a price I could stomach, but what I wanted was more bloody ships, ANY ships! I notice a lot of people agree with me here. So come on toy execs, lose the figs and bring on the ships! Personally, I want a Narada with the quote “I would sooner suffer the death of Romulus a thousand times than accept assistance from you!” so that the Enterprise could respond in kind. “Arm phasers, fire everything we’ve got!” Anyone notice that the phasers on the toy sound just like Soran’s gun from Generations?

105. tribbleman - December 17, 2009

hard to say, but I think the crappy Star Trek Generations action figures where the uniforms did not match up with the screen versions was much better than these new Star Trek action figures.

106. devon - December 22, 2009

Any possibility of still releasing the already sculpted 12″ versions of Scotty,Uhura & Nero as ToysR US Exclusives as they did with Pike & Sulu? Even if you hated the smaller figures you have to admit the 12″ versions were bang on, especially McCoy and Wave II’s Nero & Uhura are 3 of the best ever!!!! PLease release these and I can wait for 2012 to get a Chekov! The Nero is a real missed opportunity as he won’t be in the next film and this is the only chance to get it out there to fans!

107. rich - December 27, 2009


I agree with you!! I desperately want a 12 inch Nero for sure!!! I own all of the Command Collection (12 inch) action figures and I want to finish the collection!!!

I think Playmates should work a deal with one of the big box retailers and give them exclusives on the rest of the ST items from the new movie.

KISS did it with Wallmart in regard to their new CD, Playmates should follow suit. Wallmart ghets the exclusives, ST fans get to finish their collections!!!


108. Macster - December 31, 2009

so are we going to be able to get the second wave figures by any chance whatsoever…I’ve been collecting and I’m really disappointed if I can’t finish…..

109. John - January 3, 2010

It has nothing to do with the economy, or even the figures themselves.

It’s pretty simple – kids just don’t like toys anymore.

As soon as the Xbox was out, toys were pretty much obsolete. The only time I see anyone use toys anymore is either for collecting purposes, or for a quick Robot Chicken-style joke. Most kids spend their entire days on video gaming or just spending time with friends. Most kids who still play with toys would be in the age group of eight and under, and they don’t tend to be interested in figures themselves, only accessories. And personally, I’ve seen the Phasers, etc. selling much better than the figures themselves.

Personally I’ve bought of all the 3 1/4″ figures in Wave 1 by this point, and am hoping to get the Bridge and Transporter. And I’m still waiting on Wave 2.

I think Hasbro as aforementioned would be a good bet however. Star Wars and Transformers are some of the best selling figure franchises, and even with three years between each Star Wars film released to date, Star Wars figures haven’t stopped selling since 1995.

110. Phil Sinney - January 16, 2010

I don’t understand why a company as large as Playmates Toys would take the chance on a franchise as old as Star Trek. God only knows they couldn’t keep up with the previous issues of all the series and movies. I know every time I went on a “toy hunt” to find the latest release, the stores never seemed to have enough of them or I just missed that “one in a box of 1701″. I had to resort to completing my collection from over-priced likes of eBay, collector websites, local comic book stores, etc. I had hoped with the new collections there would be enough. Well, my wish came true, they flooded the market. I’m like the previous post that stated perhaps they should have limited the collections to say a 6″ and the more detailed 12″ with fewer role playing sets. Perhaps the time spent in getting this line to market could have been explained by the time spent in getting the detail just a little bit better. That brings up Art Asylum. The best detail ever of any Star Trek series or movie. I was genuinely impressed with the detail of the figures when Enterprise debuted. The interchangeable parts, the facial features, the joints…my god, they were close to perfection. But they fell short just like Playmates in getting things to market when it came to completing a collection. I’m still waiting on the final section of the bridge for Mayweather to take his rightful place. What a disappointment. I couldn’t see investing more money in a collection that would be like its predecessor, half complete. I continue to add to my Hallmark collection each Christmas, though. At least they consistently issue two to three figures each year. They realize there are collectors out there and issue these without hesitation. Perhaps Playmates could learn a lesson. Issue a limited amount, number them, get a feel for what sells by limiting the stores that carry them, and continue to issue a collection until the franchise dies a slow death. I don’t see Star Trek suffering the throws of death any time soon. So, pull your heads out, Playmates, eliminate one of the sizes, cut back on the production, spend just a little more time on the detail, limit the stores that carry them, continue the collection and perhaps the collectors out there will be the ones to save your collective asses.

111. anthony - January 20, 2010

phil sinney.., you nailed it; i could not agree with you more.

112. Rob - February 3, 2010

I wish to holy hell that Playmates would have released the bloody things in the 4.5/5 inch scale. The only figure I purchased was Nero, and within an hour I had popped off his head, boots, gloves and jacket and forced them onto an old Worf to make a Playmates scale Nero. I would have bought the whole collection if Playmates would have made them a little closer in scale to the old line!

There will never be a better, more complete line of Star Trek toys than 90’s Playmates…

113. Matthew - February 14, 2010

@ 90

So let me get this straight….the poor quality and bad reception of the Playmates toys “proves” that Star Trek XI was a bad movie?

If you had brains, you’d be dangerous. The film was a quality movie….it was a success. The Playmates toys were low quality and overpriced, and they failed. There is no relationship between the two beyond the name Star Trek. I fail to see the logic in your ‘argument’.

114. Andrew - February 24, 2010


I don’t like that the toy line was put on hold.

115. Andrew - February 24, 2010

i’m thinking about ordering the Classic Playmates Star Trek figures off ebay.

116. j-spock - April 5, 2010

These figures were horrible, i was so upset with my purchase. i bought the galaxy line and never again will i buy anything from playmates! I want to see Hasbro get this line for the next picture, those figures would do good with the kids and with the collectors, Hasbro would have my money.

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