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Star Trek One Of Paramount’s Films For Award Season Consideration November 29, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

JJ Abrams Star Trek has been doing well with the ‘popularity contest’ type of awards (Scream Awards & Hollywood Awards), but now it is time to get serious. With the end of the year comes the beginning for awards season. This is now being kicked off by the "For Your Consideration" promotional campaigns from the studios. For 2009, Paramount has around 20 eligible films, and they have selected four for their awards campaign, including JJ Abrams Star Trek.


Consider Star Trek
Paramount has launched a ‘for your consideration’ website at The site is currently promoting four films, two typical high brow films coming out in December, and two of its Summer tent poles:

Paramount has not yet put up its list of which awards it is suggesting for Star Trek, but it would not be surprising if it included the traditional big awards, like Best Picture and Best Director for JJ Abrams. The film was well received by critics and has already been mentioned as a possibility for Best Picture now that the Academy has extended the rules to allow ten nominations. The site does have its list of ‘considerations’ for Transformers 2. 2007’s Transformers picked up three Oscar nominations for technical awards, but this time Paramount is suggesting members consider the sequel for many of the big awards (including Best Picture, Best Director for Bay and Best Adapted Screenplay for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman). Transformers 2 was Paramount’s biggest film of the year, although it did not garner the same kind of critical praise as Star Trek.

Of course, with the expanded Best Picture list, other studios are also coming up with some interesting suggestions. Warner Brothers is proffering the comedy hit The Hangover for Best Picture, and Sony has followed suit with their Summer comedy Bruno.

A Star Trek first?
No Star Trek film has won an Academy Award, however there have been a number of nominations. The last Star Trek feature film to get an Academy Award nomination was Star Trek First Contact, for Best Makeup.  Star Trek VI was nominated for Best Makeup and Best Sound Effects Editing. Star Trek IV had four nominations: Best Cinematography, Best Sound Effects Editing, Best Original Score, Best Sound. Star Trek: The Motion Picture had three noms: Best Set Decoration, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score. For the Golden Globes (which has fewer categories), the only nomination was for The Motion Picture for Best Score.

The campaign begins
The next step for Paramount will likely include advertising in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and other places where potential Academy members can be found. More importantly, Paramount will be arranging screenings for the Star Trek movie for Academy members and guild members as well.



1. Abaddon - November 29, 2009

It Deserves it!!

2. THESMOKE - November 29, 2009

How cool would it be if Star Trek got an Oscar?

3. grover sald - November 29, 2009

Best Picture for Transformers?? Hmmm.

4. Chain of Command - November 29, 2009

Would be nice to see one of the films finally get some sort of award

5. MvRojo - November 29, 2009

I’d wish that Paramount expended less effort in promoting Transformers 2 for the top awards. The stuff that Transformers 2 is going to get nominated for (effects, sound, etc.) doesn’t really need a big push by the studio.

6. NFXstudios - November 29, 2009

#2: It can’t hurt to try. Although I suspect TF2 will have a much larger presence at the Raspies than at the Oscars.

7. MvRojo - November 29, 2009

Let’s hope they actually do hold some screenings for Trek since all they have now is a placeholder telling people it’s on home video (i.e. go watch it somewhere yourself). A lot of the other studios have been holding screenings starting back in Sept/Oct. and Paramount is just starting.

8. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

As far as I’m concerned, they should give EVERY Academy Award this year to ST2009.

Yes, I am THAT much of a fanatic about this movie. ;-)

Seriously, though — Best Picture, please? Pretty, pretty please?

If no awards, then — harumph — who needs ’em, anyway?

9. Happy Russia - November 29, 2009

Seriously, what Oscars could this film win? Best makeup? No. Because I’ve seen better. Best score? No. Because I’ve heard MUCH better. Best screenplay? Yeeeaaah…ha-ha-ha…heh…. Woo…. *wipes tear from eye*

Nominations are abound, I’m sure, but is this Trek film really that worthy of any of these wins? TMP was robbed of the “Best Score” Oscar, TUC was robbed of the “Best Sound Editing.”

Now, if this film is nominated for “Best Picture,” then I’ll have lost faith in humanity and in the film industry.

10. Captain Jack Bauer - November 29, 2009

Yeah, Paramount’s push for Star Trek would have a lot more credibility if they weren’t also pushing for Transformers 2.

Looking at the list of awards for TF2, it probably has a shot at Visual Effects (and may win that one, the effects on the Transformers were fantastic), Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. It doesn’t get a whiff on any of the others.

At least they weren’t delusional enough to submit any acting ones.

11. Enterprise - November 29, 2009

And the winner for Best Use of Lens Flare in a movie – JJ ABRAMS! WOOO!!

12. MvRojo - November 29, 2009

#8. It might get Visual Effects and Sound nods (hard to say since there are a lot of other impressive films out this year to compete against – Transformers, Avatar, 2012, etc). The makeup was generally unimpressive as nothing stood out, and a lot of the good makeup work they did ended up in scenes cut from the film (Vulcan/Romulan ears and an Orion ain’t gonna cut it). Costume Design is possible. As time has gone by and the buzz over Trek has died done, and the buzz over a lot of other movies have increased, I think its chances at nominations for the big awards have diminished significantly.

#9. “At least they weren’t delusional enough to submit any acting ones.” — That would have been hilariously awesome if they put Megan Fox for Best Actress.

13. Schultz - November 29, 2009

I don’t care. One thing is certain, however: deserves the award for the best film fan site of the year. Thank you for your awesome work.

14. Ran - November 29, 2009

If Trek will win something, it will probably be for the visuals. As for the screenplay, I rather watch the movie with the MUTE option set to ON.

15. Captain Morgan - November 29, 2009

+ 1

Great job and great work JJ & company.

16. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

12, all I can say is that ST2009 is by far and away the best movie I’ve seen this year. Sure, I’ve only seen about two movies this year, but still….

Okay, okay — so let’s look at the other contenders:

Harry Potter: Lost interest in it about two sequels ago.

Ice Age: Ditto.

Transformers: Ditto. (Even though it IS the second sequel.)

2012: Come on.

Up: Kid’s movie.

Angels & Demons: Superstitious much? (No offense to the religious, and BTW, A&D ain’t religion.)

New Moon: Oh, come ON!

The Hangover: Look — I’ve done Vegas, and this ain’t Vegas.

NATM: Smithsonian: See “Up.”

So, of the top ten grossers, this leaves ST2009, which is by far and away the best of the bunch.

And let’s not forget:

Wolverine: Panned.

Watchmen: Good, but not as good as ST2009.

Terminator: A CGI Arnie just doesn’t cut it, dude.

Race to Witch Mountain: See “Wolverine.”

Land of the Lost: Lost.

Fame, Amelia, Other Chick Flix: No reason to think they’re Oscar-worthy.

So, what about the “arty” films, you ask?

Someone help me out here?

All in all — 2009’s best film of the year can only be: ST2009.



17. Ran - November 29, 2009

@ 16

Go and watch “Moon”, then go and watch “District 9″. Two of the best Sci-Fi movies of the year.

18. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise I-XI - November 29, 2009

“Starring Shia [Le]Beouf, Megan Fox and giant robots“…

Wow, how old were the people writing this proposal…5?

19. Enteprrise - November 29, 2009

As long as Watchmen is ignored, I’ll be good.

20. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

Okay, I’ll grant you that if I see them, they might register significantly on the intellect-o-meter. But as far as cultural significance, they lose.

Best Picture has never been about intellectual rigor, or how would you explain LOTR: ROTK (2003), Shakespeare in Love (1998), not to mention Slumdog Millionaire (2008)? (Or Rocky (1976) or Oliver! (1968) or ….)

Let’s face it: Best Pic is about popularity of a different kind, and maybe cultural significance.

That said, they’ll probably give this year’s to UP.


21. CmdrR - November 29, 2009

We want nom noms.

22. VZX - November 29, 2009

I don’t think it will win best picture, but it has a great shot of being nominated in that category. JJ has a great shot as best director nom. Even though the actors were good, I don’t think they will be nominated. I alos think that Gianchino will be nominated against himself for Up as well.

23. JHero - November 29, 2009

@Hat Rick

Ok, you clearly didn’t see UP. It was the most emotionally resonant and mature films I’ve seen all year. Just being animation does not guarantee it will be a “kiddie flick”.

As for the article, I think Star Trek has a significant shot at a Best Picture nom. There haven’t been many other obvious choices this year, and there are ten slots! However, someone at Paramount must have been high out of their MINDS to ask the Academy to consider Transformers 2 for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay! Whatever he was smoking, I want some! :)

Anyway, here are the films I could see getting a nomination.

Star Trek
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Those films are all being talked about, and with 10 slots, are almost guaranteed. These final 6 are films that probably will be nominated.

District 9
The Lovely Bones
Where the Wild Things Are
Inglourious Basterds

I’ll give Best Actor to Sam Rockwell in Moon, Best Actress to Vera Farmiga from Up in the Air, Best Supporting Actor to Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds, and Best Supporting Actress to Monique in Precious. Best Director will probably go to either Tarantino, Eastwood, or Reitman, but I’d vote for Tarantino.

As for Best Animated Feature, it had better go to Coraline. It was one of the best films I saw all year, and if it loses to some mediocre craphill movie that only got nominated because it happened to be animated and was halfway decent, or UP, then I will lose all hope in humanity. UP deserves Best Picture. Let Coraline have its day.

Remember, these are just educated guesses, but still…

24. Syn4Ever - November 29, 2009

Ahaha if Transformers wins best picture I’ll dye my blood green!

25. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

Yeah, they’re damned good guesses, 23, I would say. I hope that you’re right about Star Trek. The others… meh. Whether those other ones get nominated or not is unimportant to me.

Esteemed Academy folk: If ST2009 doesn’t win BP, then at least it should be nominated for it. I’m not asking for the Moon, here. Sheesh.


26. MORN SPEAKS - November 29, 2009

I love the movie, it’s great! BUT it’s not worthy of a nomination. At least best picture. Technical, make-up, score (i was personally disappointed by Giachinno’s score) definitely. It’s not to say Star Trek wasn’t better than some past Oscar winners i.e. Crash, but if we’re basing this on the best of the best… doesn’t cut it. I’m sorry.

First off there’s nothing really original about this movie and there were many faults that I found with it. Nero to name one (underdeveloped) It’s not even my favorite Trek movie, maybe 4th or 5th on the list. There are many other movies more worthy than Star Trek.

As a huge fan, I hate to say that, but it’s the truth.

27. Penhall99 - November 29, 2009

Excellent film, but it’s not gonna get nominated or win for any of the major categories. Stuff like set design, effects, ect, its got a good chance, though.

28. fred - November 29, 2009

transformer could go all the way and win all 13 i feel its the best picture of the year if fact i dont re- call seeing a better movie in the last ten or so years or as mccoy might say in a pigs eye

29. Enteprrise - November 29, 2009

If UP wins Best Picture, I know the Oscars are rigged, because PIXAR is so effing overrated.

30. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

26, as a fan of the franchise, I would pick the cultural significance angle, at least, and run with it. There’s no reason that ST2009 should not win if Rocky could win.

Let’s face it: If JJ had never made the movie he made, the Trek franchise would be in the state that the Trek novels have been (ouch, I know, ouch) relative to the SW novels — or even Halo, etc., mass market paperbacks. I mean, every time I go to B&N or Borders, I look for how much shelf space Trek novels have and, over the years, it has shrunk — and shrunk, and shrunk. Even now.

And that’s bad.

But it’s 180 degrees different with respect to the movies. These days you can’t swing a sehlat without reading some kind of laudatory praise for the movie, the DVD/BD release, and the new originals that ST2009 created. (Yes — CREATED. Because these were new versions of classic characters … interpretations, as it were, of archetypal icons. And interpretations are creative …. so say I.)

And because of the movies, Kirk is no longer remembered as a man in his fifties or sixties, but a man of action, a figure of dynamicism, Ethan Hunt in space, as it were. And so it is, also, with the rest of the Classic crew. It is a new spring — an advent, a renewal, a renaissance, if you will.

Culturally, there is nothing this year that came close, is my argument.

Quick — what was the name of the protagonist in UP? In Moon? In District 9?

Betcha can’t remember. But now everyone remembers Kirk, Spock, and Bones.

ST2009 deserves Best Picture.

31. jocor - November 29, 2009

Star Trek has deserved a good half dozens Best Score awards if nothing else.

32. Anthony Pascale - November 29, 2009

Actually I wrote the stuff in parentheses, mostly for the first two films. The ‘giant robots’ thing was me being funny

or maybe not

33. Allen Williams - November 29, 2009

I liked star trek 2009 a lot, but every thing i didn’t like about the movie can be summed up in one name: JJ Abrams. Lens flares. budwiser, all him. So best director? I’ll choose transformers over star trek. Best picture (im assuming this means over all movie and not video) Definately star trek.

34. Chinese Theatre Tour guide - November 29, 2009

Hey there this might be nitpicking but Bruno was released by Universal Studios not Sony pictures.

35. AJ - November 29, 2009

The Oscars are fading rapidly as a significant indicator of what is or is not a good film. As the show becomes increasingly tedious to watch, and the financial power of the Oscar to boost film revenues dissipates, the amount of attention paid to it by the studios will continue diminishing.

The Academy Awards are a storied institution for sure, but it seems as if contemporary film has become blockbuster oriented, and all-too fixated on launch slots like TV networks.

Let’s face it. With the Sopranos, dramatic TV made a major leap forward in quality. Yet, regardless of the message of “Dark Night,” that filmgoers can handle darkness and sophistication, and will spend a billion dollars on it, Hollywood has yet to up the ante. “Land of the Lost,” and “Year One” were horrid star vehicles for past-their-prime comedians. “Transformers 2,” “Terminator 4,” and “Wolverine” were all bad movies but made money because of the genre/franchise power. “Watchmen” was dark, but too long, gratuitously violent and, honestly, a bit silly. “Up” was this year’s Pixar entry (yawn already), and Harry Potter was Harry Potter.

“Star Trek” breaks the mold somewhat by introducing superior newbie ensemble acting into a fast-paced sci-fi environment, with a decent, but choppy story, and a large dose of nostalgia. It’s also upbeat regardless of the massive tragedy depicted in seeing two populated planets decimated. Regardless of what some here think of JJ Abrams, he’s a gifted young director with an incredibly bright future.

Give “Trek” a shot. If the Oscars begin trending toward lower-budget, arty, or foreign films for Best Picture contenders, they will be relegated to YouTube in a few years.

36. Z Remorca - November 29, 2009

IMO, only District 9 stands in the way of an ST2009 Oscar victory.

37. Enterprise - November 29, 2009

36 D9 will not be nominated for anything aside from technical awards. The Academy hates anything Sci Fi.

38. S. John Ross - November 29, 2009

I can definitely say that, of all the films I’ve enjoyed this year, Star Trek is definitely in my personal Top 30 (saw it twice). Heck, maybe even Top 25.

39. Charla a long time STAR TREK FAN - November 29, 2009

I will lose all faith in the Oscars if Transformers takes ANY win before Star Trek. The special effects were cool but overdone and the story was lost in all the action. That is just a couple of problems with the movie to me.

Star Trek may not win best picture because I hear the Oscars hates Sci-Fi, but I think Paramount should “give it all they got, Cap’n” for Star Trek. This movie was a mold breaker and should be given it’s due-

40. Charles Trotter - November 29, 2009

Sorry, but Transformers 2 doesn’t deserve a single nomination, let alone one for Best Picture. It was among the worst movies of the summer, right there alongside Wolverine and Terminator Salvation.

I would really like to see Star Trek nominated for Best Pic; it would deserve. I don’t think it should win, though. A great film though it was, I certainly wouldn’t call it the best one of the year. One of the best, certainly, but *the* best?

41. jas_montreal - November 29, 2009

Transformers 2 was junk .

The jokes were pathetic and racist.

42. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

JJ Abrams does, indeed, have a bright future ahead of him. He is a very young 43 and, I think, will make movies that will shake the world.

It’s interesting to think of how old the various actors involved in Trek were when they began their roles.


William Shatner: 34
Chris Pine: 28


Leonard Nimoy: 34
Zachary Quinto: 32


DeForest Kelley: 46
Karl Urban: 37


Nichelle Nichols: 33
Zoe Saldana: 31


George Takei: 29
John Cho: 37


Walter Koenig: 29
Antonin Yelchin: 20

Two obvious outliers here are John Cho, who is much older than his character as well as the character of James T. Kirk, and Antonin Yelchin, who, at 20, is three years older than his character, which would make his character 12 years younger than Walter Koenig.

Nimoy and Quinto, on one hand, and Nichols and Saldana, on the other, are the two actors who are most closely matched in age.

In any event, all of the new castmembers strike me as energetic and vigorous, and, in the case of Saldana, sizzlingly hot. They, too, have great futures ahead of them.

As much as I love all incarnations of Trek, ST2009 has changed the face of Trek, and the world is better for it.

For the future of Trek … is bright.

43. somethoughts - November 29, 2009

The future is indeed bright, Paramount has renewed Star Trek for another 25-40 years with these guys. I just hope Star Trek wins as many awards as possible, fueling more kick ass future films and larger audiences. Would be crazy to see them sweep, Best Picture, Director, Music etc.

44. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

Indeed, 43, indeed.

Also, I unintentionally omitted Scotty:

James Doohan: 46
Simon Pegg: 39

45. MvRojo - November 29, 2009

#23. You’ve overlooked “Up in the Air,” “The Hurt Locker,” “Nine,” and “Invictus” … four movies which are almost certain locks for Best Picture, especially the first two.

46. TheNeedoftheMany - November 29, 2009

Anyone think Paramount promoting Transformers 2 for this might actually hurt Star Trek? They could look at Transformers 2 and think “Are you seriously suggesting that movie to us for best picture?” and then not look at Star Trek because Paramount was so stupid for suggesting Transformers.

47. Chinese Theatre Tour guide - November 29, 2009

#23 best animated picture will go to Princess and The Frog, which is an excellent return to form for Walt disney feature animation.
I had the pleasure of watching it last weekend and it ranks right up there alongside Aladdin, the Lion King and the Little Mermaid.

#37 if thats case please explain how it was that Star Wars was nominated for best picture best director best supporting actor and how Sigorny Weaver was nominated for best actress for Aliens.

48. Hat Rick - November 29, 2009

46, since you asked, I do think that it’s somewhat counterproductive to field both films for the “fratricidal” reason you mentioned. However, perhaps the studio believes that having two chances is better than one. Further, I believe that one of the heads of the studio said that he believed that both Trek and Transformer were “tentpole” properties, and it might thus be deemed to be slighting one if the other were not equally honored with a consideration tender.

49. Enterprise - November 30, 2009

37. Yes, they were nominated, but did they win? Star Wars was never nominated for major awards after the first one was. You also missed that Alec Guinness was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but he never won.

50. JohnnyB807 - November 30, 2009

@Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman & JJ Abrams

This is a little random, I know, but from time to time i’ll pop one of the older Star Trek movies into the DVD and invite my daughters to join me, suggesting that they may enjoy it as they have some of the other movies they enjoyed at my suggestion (For example Back-to-the-Future). My suggestion is usually followed by a certain hesitant-revulsion So i’magine my shock when my two daughters asked me yesterday (after having recently purchased the ST2009 DVD), “So when are we going to watch Star Trek?” At that question, I was in serious danger of needing to change my shorts. I am now officially dumbfounded as my older daughter is watching ST2009 for a second time, while my wife & younger daughter are watching it right now. Apparently my older daughter has made up her own Star Trek Theme complete with words that go something like, “Star Trek … Star Star Star Staaarrr Treeekkk” or something like that.

For me, having my wife & daughters enjoying Star Trek for the first time is akin to the Apollo Moon Landings or the Inaugeration of Barac Obama. I’ll always remember where I was the day my daughters asked, “So, when are we going to watch Star Trek?”

I know most of us Trekkies (that’s right, some of us OGs still call ourselves Trekkies) can be a knit-picky & obsessive bunch, however It gives us all great joy to see our families and friends enjoying for the first time, that which (as obsessed Star Trek fans) we have all been enjoying for decades. I even had a work buddy of mine say that after having watched the movie, he was planning on buying the original series for the first time (I suggested the remastered version BTW & mapquested for him, the closest location for him to purchase them at LOL).

I know the pressure must be on with regards to the sequel. Most of society generally believes that sequels are never as good as the original with certain exceptions (ie – Empire Strikes Back, Godfather-2, Star Trek-2: The Wrath of Khan), but I think we all believe that Star Trek is in good hands (Leonard Nimoy amongs them) and pray for a sequel that is in that rare category of “Better Than The First”.

Everyone … What stories do you have to share about Family & Friends that have seen Star Trek for the first time?

51. ryanhuyton - November 30, 2009

The people who vote for the “Academy Awards” are usually out of touch with reality. The Dark Knight should have won last year and wasn’t even nominated. Ditto for Christopher Nolan, one of the best directors in Hollywood today. The rare time they got it right was when “The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King” was awarded 13 Oscars including ‘Best Picture”. Star Trek: First Contact should have won “Best Makeup”. I have the feeling “Star Trek” will get robbed again in the technical categories, losing out to such schlock as “New Moon”. “New Moon” my ass! And dont’ get me started on “Shakespeare In Love!” “Saving Private Ryan” should have won it that year instead. And here are some more movies that should have won “Best Picture”.

Termminator 2: Judgment Day
Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (my Trekkie bias of course!)
Star Wars as well as the Empire Strikes Back
The Shawshank Redemption

I’m sure their are more movies that were snubbed and others that didn’t deserve to win but it would take all day to mention them all.

As for the actual ceremony, I find it too stuffy, to boring, too pretentious, and too predictable with boring speeches, the emphasis on political correctness and the fact that the show IS WAY TOO F**KING LONG!

And finally, they should have NOT given Roman Polanski (A CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST AND FUGITIVE) an award. If it sounds like I am ranting, it is because I am. I think the “Academy Awards Show” needs fundamental change if it is to remain relevant.

52. VOODOO - November 30, 2009

Star Trek has zero chance of winning best picture, but it does have an outside chance of being nominated.

These films will be nominated.

1/ Up
2/ Precious
3/ Up in the Air
4/ The Hurt Locker

These films will most likely be nominated.

5/ Nine
6/ The Lovely Bones
7/ Invictus
8/ Avatar
9/ Where the Wild Things Are

Which leaves one spot assuming that films like Invictus, Avatar and The Lovely Bones live up to their hype.

Here are the long shots to be nominated.

1/ An Education – Has gotten solid, but not spectacular reviews.

2/ Inglorious Bastards – An ok film, but I don’t think it’s truly Oscar worthy. It does have the advantage of having Quentin Tarantino’s name attached to it.

3/ A Serious Man – Academy voters love the Coen brothers

4/ It’s Complicated – Big name cast may sway voters.

5/ District 9 – Will the Academy allow a second sci-fi movie to be nominated? Will District 9 pull votes away from ST?

6/ Star Trek – Will the Academy vote for a film named “Star Trek” for it’s biggest award?

The biggest advantage ST has going for it is that it is exactly the type of film the Academy had in mind when they opened the field from five to ten films. ST is the rare blockbuster that both critics and the general public loved. Legions of harcore fans would be sure to tune in (truth be told the only reason the field expanded to ten was to improve on poor ratings) to see how ST does on the night of the Oscars

I guess Star Trek’s Oscar fate depends on who the actual voters are going to be. I still have a hard time seeing the stuffy Academy members actually voting for a Star Trek film. There could be a backlash on the part of voters to keep the nominations for films of a serious nature. If that is the case ST has zero shot.

On the other hand if there is a younger/hipper voting crowd I could see ST being nominated. It’s not totally unprecedented for a genre film to be nominated (Star Wars, Raiders, LOTR series) The film was universally loved by critics.

While I don’t think it is likely that ST will be nominated. I do think it has a legit shot… If I were a betting man I would say that ST has about a 30% chance of being one of the ten films to be nominated for best film, but in the end I think the fact that it is a ST film will be it’s undoing.

P.S. Can you imagine what this site would be like if Star Trek actually got a best film nomination?

Here is an article that makes a case for ST.

53. ryanhuyton - November 30, 2009

I always thought that the “Oscars” should have a ‘Best Action Movie” award. The Academy always(with a few exceptions like RTOK) believes all action or sci-fi movies should take a back seat to sentimental drama.
Sure there are a lot of dumb action flicks, like “Transformers” but there are a lot of good ones too like “The Bourne Ultimatum” or this year’s “Star Trek” and ‘District 9″. And while there is a lot of good drama, there is also CRAP like ‘Crash”. Despite the fact that the Academy has expanded it’s list of best film to ten, I doubt we will see either “Star Trek’ or ‘District 9″ nominated. And that is a shame.

54. Anthony Thompson - November 30, 2009

Oh boy. This year is going to be a joke.

55. Trekluver - November 30, 2009

Here’s the thing about pixar films: they are great and UP was great and deserves the best picture nomination at least but Disney is so stupid that they only want to cater to kids. The whole movie was like,”Hi I’m UP and I’m a kid movie! Watch me!” Not appealing to 90% of people that way! It’s the exact same reason they lost the Narnia franchise to Fox because they only want what they want, even Pirates continues to go down hill. Paramount continues to do great because they have movies for everyone. Star Trek must be nominated for best picture because it was. As for Transformrs I hated it; that’s all I need to say.

56. Remington Steele - November 30, 2009


Come on boys and girls…..

This does not deserve best picture…..

57. somethoughts - November 30, 2009


Would be funny if you are wrong, I say Star Trek has a good 25% chance of winning best picture, that would be sick, and a great way to cap the end of Star Trek 2009. I do think Michael G will win best music for Star Trek 2009 though, that is maybe 95% chance lock.

58. somethoughts - November 30, 2009


I believe the Academy gets it right less than half the time, most of the time is if you grease the wheels or attend a social function, nepotism is a sick disease.

59. p.e.b. - November 30, 2009

As long as he movie Precious is around, dont expect anything else to win best film, it’s pretty much set for Oscar gold. That said, Trek could easily get best score (stop with the lame comments about the score. just because it didnt sound like james horner or goldsmith doesnt mean it wasnt great. so get over it already) and a few other tech awards (especially with Ben doing the sound on the film). i’ll keep my finger’s crossed because i’d love to see it win and i’d love to see JJ win something. But like i said, my money is on Precious for best film.

60. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - November 30, 2009

If there is one star trek movie that can finally win an award it would be this one! Lets get it done!

61. Dr. Cheis - November 30, 2009

They won’t even consider Star Trek. The Academy Awards only focuses on “real” movies, not those big bucks “siense fikshun” things with their explosions and their aliens and spaceships. I don’t see that mindset changing. The Dark Knight was only considered because Heath Ledger died before the movie came out. He deserved that Oscar, but had he lived I’m quite sure they wouldn’t have even considered him.

62. Valar1 - November 30, 2009

The only way a Trek movie would win is if the next one focuses solely on Pike’s hardships as Starfleet’s first handicapable captain.

63. CarlG - November 30, 2009

“Transformers 2 was Paramount’s biggest film of the year, although it did not garner the same kind of critical praise as Star Trek.”

Why Anthony, your sense of understatement is positively exquisite….

@61: Yeah, pretty much what I was going to say. That’s why Up doesn’t have a chance, either — everyone knows cartoons are for kids AND ONLY KIDS [/sarcasm].

I’d love to see Trek pick up a few Oscars, but realistically, it’d probably be Best Score, or Visual Effects, or Sound (go Ben Burtt!). And maybe Best Supporting Actor. Maybe.

64. Chris M - November 30, 2009

This is AWESOME news and it would be AMAZING if Star Trek (2009) was to win the first Academy Award for the franchise! The fact that Star Trek was both a critical and box office success suggests the movie has a very real chance of being nominated for Best Picture which, considering the state of the franchise a few short years ago, would be a PHENOMENAL achievment! :)

65. Admiral Shatner - November 30, 2009


No award for Star Trek 11 this year. Not that it matters the Oscars usually suck anyway. Terminator Salvation should get best special effects. The whole movie was great, but the Arnold Schwarzenegger scene alone should win it.

66. TonyD - November 30, 2009

Personally, I thought Watchmen was the head of the class this year when it came to genre movies but it never really generated any buzz.

Star Trek may have an outside shot at receiving a few “serious” nominations because the academy received A LOT of flack last year for once again ignoring genre movies like The Dark Knight and Iron Man even though they were both commerical and critical successes. They instead once again decided to honor lesser known movies and performances which, right on cue, were almost instantly forgotten after the awards show.

The academy has always been snobby that way but in recent years declining TV ratings for the show and a growing indifference on the part of mainstream moviegoers have finally started getting to the point where the Oscars appears stuff and out of touch and even the academy is starting to take notice.

So while I’ll be shocked if Trek wins best picture or any of the other major categories, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it nominated for best picture and maybe JJ Abrams for director. Chris Pine might also have an outside shot at an award as he really seems to be gaining critical mass in Hollywood (and he did do a great job with the part). Personally, I’d love to see Leonard Nimoy get a nomination for best supporting actor (I think his performance was easily good enough), but I’m not holding my breath.

At the very least, Trek will hopefully take home the best special effects award and maybe best sound. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michael Giacchino get a nod for his score. Or the academy could once again bury its head in the sand and praise a bunch of movies that nobody’s seen or will ever care about.

67. Craiger - November 30, 2009

The new movie also deserves an Oscar for best music.

68. Happy Russia - November 30, 2009

Just because the Academy nominates films no one has seen doesn’t mean that they suck. Some of the best movies are ones that get panned by audiences.

But, uh…for the record, Dark Knight was robbed of the Best Picture Oscar last year.

As far as this year goes, don’t forget to include Gran Torino. That was a fantastic film. The others? They were great too, except for Transformers. Watchmen, like Dark Knight, deserves–at least–a Best Pic nomination.

69. P Technobabble - November 30, 2009

I don’t think it really matters how Trek09 fares in the Oscar world.
The movie served its purpose, which was to reinvigorate the franchise and make Star Trek relevant again. Anything beyond that is gravy, IMO.
We should remember that awards are really secondary to those who do the voting, and so often those who vote make remarkably questionable choices.

70. LCDR Arch - November 30, 2009

Transformers was just a bunch of robots battling in the street! There was no soul there. Many non Star Trek fans that I have talked to said they cried in the opening scene of Trek. This Trek movie was really best I saw in 2009. And “it brought a tear to me eye!”

71. Crusade2267 - November 30, 2009

Best picture would be awesome, but the one I really think should happen is Leonard Nimoy for Best Supporting Actor.The man managed to capture all the feelings I had about my home city, New York, the day after 9/11, and he did it in one line: “I just lost my home…” very powerful moment.

72. Butch the Cougar - November 30, 2009

YES, YES!!! Leonard Nimoy for Best Supporting Actor!!

73. AJ - November 30, 2009


“Or the academy could once again bury its head in the sand and praise a bunch of movies that nobody’s seen or will ever care about.”

And the Oscars will be one more step from moving to cable.

The world is such now that those small movies will get some action on Netflix or PPV, but cineplexes want no part of it. The Oscars will become a niche product with a glorious past.

Then they’ll be re-booted.

74. jim - November 30, 2009

Star Trek generations wa snominated for best special effects i believe

75. Dr. Image - November 30, 2009

I finally watched my BR disc on a 60 in. screen. It really IS a great movie, but not Oscar material.
BTW, that dvd release is one of the best ever- and the special features really do spell out that JJ was the right guy for the job. VERY nice package of stuff.
Very informative, too.

76. S. John Ross - November 30, 2009

#68: “Just because the Academy nominates films no one has seen doesn’t mean that they suck. Some of the best movies are ones that get panned by audiences.”

Yes. I mean, for the record, I don’t personally remember agreeing with more than one or two Oscars in the last 30 years, but some of the reasoning here that the Academy should be focusing on popular films is just very puzzling. The awards aren’t “Most Popular Picture” or “Most Popular Supporting Actress,” etc … the Academy’s job is to highlight the best, not the best selling, and (say it with me, people) popularity isn’t quality; quality isn’t popularity. The two do not equate.

To listen to some people here, the Academy should just run a check on which movie had the biggest marketing budget, and hand the Best Picture statue over to that accounting department, and they should do this to stay “relevant” or avoid being relegated to cable or YouTube :/ Huh?

And for those who sincerely believe that popularity should be the prime factor, then “Transformers 2″ pounds Star Trek into the dirt. For those who think it should be an axis of ticket sales and critical acclaim, “Up” for the win (and so on).

The Oscars almost always (IMO) get it wrong, but if they turn themselves into a “let’s highlight movies you’re certain to have seen,” then they’ll be getting it even wronger. We have awards on MTV and Nickelodeon for things like that.

77. MvRojo - November 30, 2009

#74. No, it wasn’t.

78. sensor ghost - November 30, 2009

It deserves Best Picture. And I’d be thrilled if Transformers got nominated for that as well.

79. Ensign RedShirt - November 30, 2009

I can see it winning in some tech categories(the sound mix was outstanding), but that’s about it. It was just a summer movie, nothing more. The less said about the screenplay, the better.

80. Mark Lynch - November 30, 2009

The only Star Trek film that truly deserved an Oscar in my opinion was The Motion Picture, and it should have got them for cinematography and score…

Although the score did get a nomination, so half-way there that year…. :)

I do not believe that anything in this latest ST film deserves an Oscar. Was it a good film? Yes. Is it Oscar worthy? No.
Look at District 9, then come back.

By the way, had the chance to watch the film on Blu-ray a few times now. Still enjoy it, but bloody hell, those lens flares are getting on my nerves even more…. and they added them digitally too! Arrrrrrrgh!

81. Charla a long time STAR TREK FAN - November 30, 2009

To those of you who think ST09 doesn’t deserve best picture- Why not??

I don’t think I have to be in a heap crying during a movie for it to be awesome and deserving of a best picture award. I think best picture should consider many elements of a movie. Star Trek had great actors, a great director, story line with action, drama, humor, romance, wonderful special effects and music.

I think it could win if everything is addressed collectively.

82. OneBuckFilms - November 30, 2009

I find the Oscars very often get it wrong. For example. Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture lost to George Delerue’s A Little Romance in 1979 for Best Original Score.

I know which one is remembered and loved, and which one is virtually forgotten.

I also know which one should have one between the two.

Although, if I remember correctly, Goldsmith’s score for Alien was also nominated, so it may have been a split vote situation.

83. somethoughts - November 30, 2009


Bet you 10 tribbles Star Trek 2009 wins a Oscar for music via Michael G.

Star Trek 2009 will walk away with 1 Oscar/Academy Award.

84. S. John Ross - November 30, 2009

#81: “To those of you who think ST09 doesn’t deserve best picture- Why not??”

Because I can think of at least 20 other movies of the past year that rocked my world to its foundations a lot more impressively than ST09 did. Simple as that.

“I don’t think I have to be in a heap crying during a movie for it to be awesome and deserving of a best picture award.”

I agree.

“I think best picture should consider many elements of a movie. ”

I agree.

“Star Trek had great actors, a great director, story line with action, drama, humor, romance, wonderful special effects and music.”

Different strokes for different folks :)

85. Buzz Cagney - November 30, 2009

I wish Trek and the people who made it the very best of luck.
I’d be so juiced to see Trek win a ‘biggie’!

86. Buzz Cagney - November 30, 2009

#80 yes, I also found the lens flares far more distracting watching it on my tv that I did at the cinema.They did bring a good look to the film and keep them in the next film by all means, but tone them well down I think.

87. MvRojo - November 30, 2009

#83. I think he has a better chance of winning for his score for “Up.” That was beautiful and really emotional.

88. Ensign RedShirt - November 30, 2009

Giachinno’s score was ok, but nothing special. He’s done better work in other films. I’d say it falls in the middle of the pack as far as Star Trek scores are concerned.

I agree that the lens flares are even more annoying at home than in the theater; they need to tone them down for the next one.

89. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2009

Hey. Ill take any award that rek can get. The more the better. More means that there will be more movies. Also could mean another series and manny Cotto has said he would be involved with another Trek Series. I for one would love the series based on the Romulan wars.

90. TonyD - November 30, 2009

#76 – I don’t think folks here are saying that the academy should recognize popular films just because they’re popular. However, when a popular film is also praised by the critics then yeah, it should be recognized but often isn’t.

Dark Knight was a perfect example of this. In addition to being wildly popular with moviegoers, most critics went out of their way to praise the smart story and excellent performances. But once Oscar time rolled around it was reduced, like every commercially successful movie before it, to largely the technical awards (the sole exception being of course Heath Ledger’s Best Supporting Actor nod) while movies which were received far less warmly by the critics (like The Reader ) suddenly jumped to the fore.

The academy has always had trouble recognizing commercially successful films, preferring instead to heap praise on obscure movies and performances that would otherwise go unnoticed. They’ve also historically turned their noses up at genre films (the sole exception I can think of in recent years being the third Lord of the Rings film). If they continue go too far in that direction then they risk alienating the very audience they’re trying to attract.

They need to strike a balance between what they view as praiseworthy and what audiences can relate to. That doesn’t mean that Transformers should suddenly get nominated for best picture; a turkey is still a turkey no matter how much money it makes. But if a good genre movie does come along, it shouldn’t be marginalized just because it is a genre movie or because it has managed to attain commercial success.

91. Enteprrise - November 30, 2009

So much whining in this thread. It’s a wonder the new Trek was even a hit. I’m glad all three of you whining stayed home.

92. freddy-f - November 30, 2009

by reading some of the posts here you would think that Watchmen, Terminator, Wolverine should all be nominated for best picture???!?!??One was more boring than the other…….

for the latter two seems that they don’t even bother putting a decent script together, just going by name recognition especially wolverine.

But for Star Trek 09 is was a great movie from start to finish with people who you get a sense that they truly cared for source material and should be nominated.

Also The Dark Knight should be nominated this year to make up for the snub from last year………

93. S. John Ross - November 30, 2009

#90: “I don’t think folks here are saying that the academy should recognize popular films just because they’re popular.”

Hm. I can only answer that we must be reading those posts differently, then.

“However, when a popular film is also praised by the critics then yeah, it should be recognized but often isn’t.”

But as I pointed out in my earlier post, if critical recognition is key then there are still movies that bury Trek … both on the sheer number of thumbs-ups and the sheer number of thumbs-up that weren’t encrusted with qualifiers. A lot of (most of?) the major-venue reviews praising Trek did so in a kind of lukewarm-hug fashion, while other films were much more enthusiastically lauded, without qualifiers, provisos, etc.

“Dark Knight was a perfect example of this.”

I agree that Dark Knight was brilliant and award-worthy.

“But once Oscar time rolled around it was reduced, like every commercially successful movie before it, to largely the technical awards […]”

This I disagree with as an overstatement. Many big Oscars have gone to commercially successful films, at every stage in the history of the Oscars.

“The academy has always had trouble recognizing commercially successful films”

I think this is demonstrably untrue.

“They’ve also historically turned their noses up at genre films (the sole exception I can think of in recent years being the third Lord of the Rings film).”

I think this is demonstrably true, at least as far as it goes.

“If they continue go too far in that direction then they risk alienating the very audience they’re trying to attract.”

I think this presumes a lot about their intentions. It may be true of the awards _program_ (the producers of which, being producers, presumably care about the viewing numbers) but there’s no reason it would be true of the Academy itself, or the Academy’s goals. The Academy should not be concerned at all with its own popularity or accessibility, such concern would render their awards even _more_ meaningless than they already are (which would, in its way, be impressive).

“They need to strike a balance between what they view as praiseworthy and what audiences can relate to.”

If a film is a great film, then it is, by definition, a film audiences can relate to. That we both agree that the Oscars often (most of the time, even?) make the wrong call, doesn’t change that. Furthermore, this is a separate axis from whether a film appeals to critics, and a separate axis from whether a film is commercially successful, and a separate axis from whether a film achieves its own creative goals.

“But if a good genre movie does come along, it shouldn’t be marginalized just because it is a genre movie or because it has managed to attain commercial success.”

I agree.

94. John from Cincinnati - November 30, 2009

Here are some of my casting suggestions for the next Star Trek movies:

Dean Cain as Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell
Seth Rogan as Harry Mudd
Ryan Reynolds as Lt. Garrovick
Ian Mckellan as Governor Anton Koridian
Selma Hayek as Miramonee
Jim Carrey as Trelane (Squire of Gothos)

95. Ensign RedShirt - November 30, 2009

Guys….Trek was a summer popcorn movie aimed at teenagers…it was an enjoyable entertainment, but that’s about it. There was nothing special about it.

Just because a Star Trek film finally reached blockbuster status doesn’t make it a great film or an Oscar contender. This Trek film, while enjoyable in parts, isn’t even the best Trek movie.

96. vorta23492392932939230 - November 30, 2009

how can anybody look at this list and still take the Oscars seriously as any kind of artistic achievement award?

The Oscars have always been a glorified press-agent/PR event but at least they had a bit more shame back in days gone by to kinda TRY to make the films they championed somewhat of an attempt at art as opposed to just solid entertainment!

Now don’t get me wrong, Star Trek was a great action sci-fi movie for what that’s worth (not even the deepest by far of the Treks, though) but can anybody say its anything more than a super-solid popcorn movie?!

97. Chinese Theatre Tour guide - November 30, 2009

The thing is though they dont give out oscars based on what the general public thinks is a good movie. The Oscars are awarded by the movie industry themselves to their peers. If you want an awards show that honors something just cause it made a boatload of money or cause a large portion of the public thinks its great then go watch the Peoples choice awards or the MTV movie Awards.

The oscars have been around for 82 years a number of those years were not even televised or broadcasted on the radio.

The nominations and votes for for an academy award are made by those who work in that particular section of the industry themselves.

At the end of the day the oscars are about those who work in the movie industry celebrating the work that has been done in the previous year.

to say that the oscars is out of touch with regular people doesnt really have any meaning as they arent awarding them based on what you or other consumers think are the best.

The great thing about the oscars is you can be a big big movie or a small independent feature and still have an equal chance to be awarded if the work in the production merits it. because voters have to see every movie nominated in a particular catagory if they are to vote.

Since over the years the general public has become vested in who wins these awards , is it wrong for a studio to not turn around and try to get there little film that might not have otherwise had an audience because of the sheer number of movies produced, to take advantage of the publicity and try to atleast make its budget back or a bit of a profit.
of course not.

your arguments should be more aimed towards fare like the golden globe awards because the people who award those are not industry people.

in the end even if you choose not to watch the awards will go on every year for many many many more decades to come.

but to say the academy is out of touch with real folk, doesnt make sense as they are awarding their peers.

98. MvRojo - November 30, 2009

#96 What list are you referring to? If you’re just referring to the four films Paramount is pushing, then yeah, Transformers 2 should not be there. But who knows, it might be in contracts to at least push for it even though they know there is ZERO chance it will get anything beyond technical awards.

99. Anthony Pascale - November 30, 2009

I think the truth lies somewhere in between some of the extremes here. I do think it is fairly certain that Trek will get some nominations, likely in effects, sound mixing, sound editing. Things like costumes, makeup, editing, and even cinematography are possible, maybe the score, but I do agree it is not Giacchinno’s best effort. I do also think the Best Picture is possible due to the new 10 rule. Some ‘popcorn’ films are going to make it in, that is why they changed the rule. I do imagine that paramount will include all of the above (and likely Director for Abrams) in their campaign

100. Enterprise - November 30, 2009

Best breasts in a motion picture – Megan Fox.

101. AJ - November 30, 2009

I don’t think this “Trek” will make Best Picture, but it’s certainly something to strive for in 2012. JJ and the team will be more sure-footed now that all the actors have come through with solid interpretations of their respective roles.

And we will have passed the ‘origin’ stage into a chance for a real adventure story. If they attract a top star, all the better.

This year, I hope Trek gets one. Let it be for sound, but a first Oscar for something would be great.

102. Chinese Theatre Tour guide - November 30, 2009

99 I believe you are right about Giacchino being nominated for his trek score. I also believe that he will be nominated for his score for UP as well.

103. The Quickening - November 30, 2009

Don’t know if any rules apply to which films get Oscar nominated, and which do not. I’m not a fan of any awards, but I have noticed that films that are more recently released have a better chance than those not. It seems we Americans have very short attention span. Seriously, the only chance this TREK film has for an Oscar nomination is best sound. Despite the sucess of the film (compared to most genre movies of this type, it wasn’t all that impressive), this is STAR TREK and the Academy is going to stay well clear of any group that calls themselves Trekkies.

104. rogue_alice - November 30, 2009

Award for Favorite Line: Spock to Kirk – “Out of the chair.”

105. montgomery - November 30, 2009

I hope nobody’s planning on giving this thing a cinematography award just because it did something risky with camera shaking and flaring … because none of that worked and IMHO, it was the worst part of the picture. Or of any picture this year.

STXI would, however, deserve an award for special effects. The exterior shots of the ships and the way things moved with substance in space has never been done quite this well. I also wouldn’t mind a sound award for STXI. Certainly, the technical achievement on the movie was amazing. But next ST movie, I’m hoping they shoot for a writing award.

106. ML - November 30, 2009

I will be surprised if Star Trek isn’t nominated in major categories… and shocked if it win any. The Oscar-fodder movies of the year haven’t even come out yet, and even with 10 slots I think they will crowd out the movies people are mentioning that came out earlier in the year, but Star Trek received Oscar buzz even before it was announced that the nominations were expanding. It was considered a long shot, but that’s more than, say, Transformers 2 and Wolverine, which never even occurred to people.

107. ML - November 30, 2009

Also, I can’t get over how much criticism Michael Giacchino is getting on here for his score. I thought it was fantastic and his scores have been among the most memorable of the past decade, in my opinion. On both the big and small screens.

108. Third Remata'Klan - November 30, 2009

No offense, folks, but I’m not sure Star Trek is quite Best Picture-worthy. (And I KNOW Transformers isn’t–and I haven’t even seen it!!!)

Best Director, however…. I could see that.

109. MvRojo - November 30, 2009

#107. I love his scores. I just think that his work on “The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” and “Up” far exceeded his work on “Star Trek.”

110. McCoy's Gall Bladder - November 30, 2009

Trek may win a technical Oscar but it wont win the ones people dream it will win.

To my detractors: You may think I hate the movie, but I really don’t. I hate the Vagina Monster, I think i’t really inappropriate for a family movie. I think the Vagina Monster belongs in the same universe as the Penis monsters from “Flesh Gordon” the parody of Flash Gordon.

The film is what it is, warts and all. What I want is for the team to DO BETTER. If everyone keeps kissing their butts, they’ll stop trying to do better. Some clear examples of this are Quentin Tarantino, Frank Miller, and Robert Rodriguez. Might as well let Sam Raimi direct the next one.

Guillermo del Toro’s Labyrinth is a fantasy movie with serious subject matter and a real story behind it. You cannot say you felt nothing for the little girl and her brother at the end of that movie. That’s what JJ & Bob O. were trying to do for Spock in this movie. You felt for Spock in Trek ’09.

Trek ’09 was all about Spock. The rest of the movie was sort of tacked-on. They tried to do too much and wound up doing not enough, forced to use co-incidence and the universe correcting itself to fit all the characters into one 2 hour movie. I doubt Cecil B Demille would have tried that. Robert Wise tried it and failed.

About Robert Wise’s TMP: Bob Wise knew how to direct a drama, but he didn’t understand Star Trek, or the comedy between Kirk, Spock, & Bones. Mr. Wise looked to older 1950’s stark. bleak visions of the “future” when he directed ST TMP. He thought Sci-Fi was supposed to be depressing, and so he gave us dull sets, dull uniforms, and dull acting. Nimoy himself laments the lack of comedy, one liners, and teasing in “I Am Spock.”

Contrarywise, the A-team has given us a roller coaster ride/ summer blockbuster, a “Star Wars” for “Star Trek” fans and the result feels hollow. Instead of a serious thought problem, like: what is God? (TMP & FF) Kirk’s mid-life crisis (Wrath), How far will you go to help a friend? (Search), Friendship, human arrogance, and the Earth itself (Voyage), and Can we get over the hate and learn to be friends? (Undiscovered Country), instead of a serious notion, we get R2-D2 and a Vagina Monster. Kid Stuff.

Vagina Monsters dont win Oscars. Ask the director of “Teeth”

Think of TMP as something Spock would say, and Trek ’09 as something McCoy would say, and you can imagine Kirk saying, “Reality is somewhere in the middle.”

I don’t hate the movie, I just think they can do better. I’ll hold them to the fire, and if you want the next movie to be better than the last one, you will too.

If all you want is a summer block buster, I’m sure Harlan Ellison can write it, Paul W S Anderson can direct it, and Kurt Russel can star as Kirk.

111. S. John Ross - November 30, 2009

#95: Well said.

#109: Yeah, the Incredibles score, in particular, makes me hop in my seat and do a little happy-dance :) And I agree that “Up” was his standout work this year among the movies I’ve seen (that said, I’ve not seen “Earth Days” or “Land of the Lost,” so maybe those have better scores; dunno).

#110: Amen on holding them to the fire.

112. Charla- a long time Star Trek fan - November 30, 2009

Biggest A** on a blog ——————> # 100

Also why do some people insist on referring to Star Trek as a summer “popcorn” movie?? Star Trek is much much more
than that- Just because I wasn’t emotionally drained afterward
doesn’t mean it was any less of a high quality film-

113. Ensign RedShirt - November 30, 2009


Because that’s what it was….a typical loud summer blockbuster aimed at teenagers. That’s totally fine, but it does not even remotely approach Best Picture material, especially at the screenwriting level.

114. Enterprise - November 30, 2009

I would love to see Trek get nominated just to watch the long time TOS fans go apeshit.

115. ryanhuyton - November 30, 2009

#110 Vagina Monster. Hee Hee! Very funny!

Michael Giaccino’s score was good not great. I do think J.J Abrams did a fine job of directing and deserves a nomination.

116. Hat Rick - November 30, 2009

I guess I don’t understand why some fans of Trek are so negative about the chances this movie has of winning.

Whatever happened to advocating the best for what you liked? I think that if you are sufficiently fanatic about something, you should overlook the minor faults of a movie — and urge that everyone else do so, too.

I just don’t get it.

ST2009 deserves an Oscar BP nomination if a relative lightweight like Rocky or Oliver! can get actually win one — intellectual rigor or no.

Being a fan, to me, means: Don’t just toss up your hands or roll over and say, yeah, it’s not that great, I liked it, but I can see how it isn’t that great. That, to me, doesn’t sound like a fan, but some kind of cineaste, auteur, or cinematic sophisticate. These latter things may be good, but they’re not the sign of a fan. They’re the sign of a detached critic.

When it comes to Trek, I’m not a detached critic. I’m a fan.

If there’s one thing that Trek teaches us, it’s that there’s a place for logic, and there’s a place for human emotion. Let’s quit being so damned logical and show our support for what we love.

117. Bill Peters - December 1, 2009

#116 I Think the Oscars will surprise us postivly about Trek but I also think many Trek fans have become too used to Trek Being In-gored. I hope it wins best Picture but it does have some Compton. I also hope JJ wins for Director of the year!

118. Enterprise - December 1, 2009

I pretty much knew the Oscars were crap when they voted Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan

119. somethoughts - December 1, 2009

You guys see this yet?

120. somethoughts - December 1, 2009

Nevermind, I thought that was a sequel to District 9 lol

121. S. John Ross - December 1, 2009

#116: “Whatever happened to advocating the best for what you liked?”

We have been. Just because we’re Star Trek fans doesn’t mean we aren’t also fans of other good movies. Star Trek fandom doesn’t come with a responsibility to abandon all other fandom, after all.

122. Hat Rick - December 1, 2009

Ah, the old just-because-we’re-fans-of-Trek-doesn’t-mean-we-can’t-be-fans-of-good-movies trick. Shoulda seen that comin’. Missed it by THAT much. [/Maxwell Smart]


123. doug_skywalker - December 1, 2009

hate to say this, but as much fun i had watching Transformers 2, i must say it does fall short in many ares. the story was a bit of a re-hash of the first one (the robots searching for an item of power, the bad guys almost win, but Optimus/Sam pull it out in the nick of time), the acting was so-so, and the childish humor almost killed it for me.

definitely not worthy of any major Oscar noms outside of Special Effects and Sound.

Star Trek i can see being worthy of a few…but that’s just my opinion.

124. S. John Ross - December 1, 2009

#122: I also know the one with the rubber duckie and the invisibility spray (speaking of good movies) :)

125. ML31 - December 1, 2009

I haven’t seen many movies this summer. But I will say it was the best of the 5 or 6 I did see.

126. JHeroes - December 1, 2009

Where did this notion that a good film has to be emotionally draining come from? Trek does not deserve Best Picture when so many better films have come out this year, not because it was a popcorn flick.

127. S. John Ross - December 1, 2009

#126: “Where did this notion that a good film has to be emotionally draining come from?”

I’ve been wondering that, too. This thread is the first and only place I’ve seen it mentioned :/

128. Hawaiowa - December 2, 2009

Trek is the Three Stooges of Hollywood…never got a major Oscar award. None of the Stooges ever got an Oscar despite being one of the force majures of Columbia studios in popularity and green energy creation. The guys were living legends, yet they were deemed to gauche by the Oscar-makers. Same goes for Trek and its actors. As for emotionally draining drama, I focus on Asian cinema which is much more intense and invested than anything coming out of Woddyhole or the so-called ‘indie’ circuit.

“And did I not score the highest marks when tested in oral proficiency?” Uhura speaking to Spock in ST 11.

Not exactly Oscar-level writing (or grammatically correct)…more like the common style of coarse simpleton humor one finds in the National Lampoon movies and their ilk.

129. Jan - December 2, 2009

I guess STs best Acadamy Award chance is “sound” and “sound effects editing”, because the sound department was often honorably mentioned by critics.

“Visual Effects”? Maybe, but there’s a big competition (Terminator, Transformers, … )

And “Best Movie”? Mhhh…. I’m afraid that’s too much!

130. Son of a Maui Portagee - December 2, 2009


I have to agree. It was the oddest choice to have her be an expert linguist but represent her expertise onscreen with such poor English.

131. MvRojo - December 2, 2009

#119. That’s the sequel to an excellent French film, “District B-13,” which has amazing action sequences.

132. S. John Ross - December 2, 2009

#130: “I have to agree. It was the oddest choice to have her be an expert linguist but represent her expertise onscreen with such poor English.”

Yet another reason it might have been nice to have some writers hired on as consultants to the, ah … the writers.

But in seriousness, even I must face the possibility that she was being colloquial/casual because she’s social, and that’s one way to characterize with language (kind of a remedial way, but still a way). Impeccable grammar might lend Uhura a note of pedantic stiffness, and pedantic stiffness is Spock’s territory (insert your own joke here).

133. Son of a Maui Portagee - December 3, 2009


I took it the other way, that her impeccable grammar was one of the things that most likely attracted him to her.

134. S. John Ross - December 3, 2009

#133: The two needn’t contradict, though … her _capacity_ for impeccable grammar needn’t be questioned, but if she also has social skills, then she knows the difference between being right and being correct. That’s the thing a pedant can’t (or won’t) understand, but Uhura isn’t presented as pedantic.

135. Adaline Agoras - April 21, 2011

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