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VIDEO: Shatner Reads Palin & Palin Reads Shatner December 12, 2009

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A recurring gag for the last few months on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien has been Star Trek’s William Shatner reading comments from former VP candidate Sarah Palin (see here and here and here). Friday night Bill was back, but this time there was a twist as Sarah Palin joined him.


Shatner & Palin read eachother


1. jocor - December 12, 2009


2. jocor - December 12, 2009

The applause she got are much bigger than any of the boos that he usually gets. on this show.

That was pretty good. I read his book and liked it a lot. My mom’s reading HER book right now. They picked some good excerpts from both.

Shatner looked like he was really enjoying Palin.

3. Hat Rick - December 12, 2009

I doubt that the political association with Palin will be of very much benefit.

4. Kieran - December 12, 2009

He didn’t look impressed, and looked somewhat shocked, at first of course

5. DJT - December 12, 2009

Look how Kirk , uh, I mean, Mr. Shatner always keeps his cool.

“Phasers on stun. Kirk out.”

6. Hat Rick - December 12, 2009

You know, he looks like he’s actually lost weight. I think he looks better today than he did about a year ago.

At this rate, he could very well be in shape to reappear as an elderly Starfleet officer — in due course.

7. testpilot2b - December 12, 2009

I don’t care what anyone says, Sarah Palin is hott !!!

8. Gordon Brown - December 12, 2009

What the hell is it with Palin? From this side of the pond she sounds like an idiot. Sorry, I just don’t get it and shudder at the thought that she could possibly end up as leader of the free world one day.

9. 24th Century Rockstar - December 12, 2009

THAT was awesome – loved Shatner’s response to the flute guy!

– 24thCRS

10. AJ - December 12, 2009

That was great.

I am a Palin-hater, but she gets a point for that.

Conan’s the funniest of the bunch, for sure. I hope he survives the shake-up at NBC intact.

11. Paul B. - December 12, 2009

Full credit to Palin for this, no doubt! And I love Shatner’s expressions as she read his elephant/underwear line. :)

Funny to think that, as Denny Crane, he’d LOVE Palin!

12. Smilin Bob - December 12, 2009

As Capt Kirk, he’d have her for breakfast,

13. Senator Vreenak Will Never Die!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 12, 2009

Yes, it was a setup and the ShatMan was in on it.

This was worth a couple of good brownie points for Palin, who gets props for appearing with the Shat-who mokes her tweets. A good night for Sarah all around.

Next stop for Palin? “Raw Nerve”. Trust me, it will happen.

14. Shatner_Fan_Prime - December 12, 2009

#8 “What the hell is it with Palin? From this side of the pond she sounds like an idiot.”

It’s not just your side.

“Sorry, I just don’t get it and shudder at the thought that she could possibly end up as leader of the free world one day.”

Don’t worry. All polls indicate that Americans of pretty much every demographic consider her unqualified. She is a celebrity of the moment, but she will fade away.

15. pat - December 12, 2009

How anyone could respect her is unreal? She won’t let her daughter’s boyfriend see his own dauighter and he has to go onto larry king . She is republican and republicans are dangerous. Shatnet should NEVER have appeared with her.

16. sunspot - December 12, 2009

Great job Sarah! It’s only fair for Shatner to get back a little of what he gives out so freely and so often. LOL!

I actually enjoyed that exchange.

Fair and balanced! Fox News watch out! LOL!

17. James R. Kirk - December 12, 2009

Shatner was so checking her out. That is awesome

18. TonyD - December 12, 2009

And once again, Captain Kirk ends up with the babe.

19. sunspot - December 12, 2009


“She is republican and republicans are dangerous.”

I thought Star Trek preached a philosophy of respect and tolerance? That sounds like prejudice to me. I happen to be registered as a republican at the moment so does that means I am dangerous? Really?

You are free to disagree with her ideals, but let’s not pre-judge people by skin color, or gender or political affiliation.

20. BringBackTrek! - December 12, 2009

Very funny. Maybe now Sarah Palin can forget politics and join the cast of Saturday Night Live so Tina Fey can run for office?

21. Chuck Watters - December 12, 2009

@15 ………..Don’t believe everything you read and hear in the media. How could you not respect a woman who chose life rather than death for an unborn knowing it had disabilities. If you love Star Trek and its philosophy at least respect her for that . Republicans are dangerous ? I think you should be more worried about the Democrat in there now .

22. Oogaboogawooga - December 12, 2009


This Democrat seconds that notion. I happen to know some very fine people who are Republicans. Now, one hting I would agree with is that Sarah Palin winning the Presidency would be dangerous. Very dangerous. But that’s because she’s a vapid fool, not merely because she’s a Republican.

23. JimJ - December 12, 2009

#17-Yes, he was. I bet he hit on her as soon as they got back stage! lol Probably said, “let’s go visit some of your Alaskan animals in our underwear” or some other smooth Captain Kirk line. lol-joking everyone

24. cbspock - December 12, 2009

Actually she would make a better President than the one we currently have.

25. cbspock - December 12, 2009

To #15, maybe you should actually do your own research and not just go along with the democrat talking points. Stop being a drone and open your mind.

26. cbspock - December 12, 2009

To #22 the same applies to you. You are like the people who attacked the Archons. Stop being a drone. Open your eyes and you will see it is your version of Landru that is in the White House who is dangerous.

I know attacking Obama will bring down the lawgivers, and the will of the body ;)

Return of the Archons so applies to democrat politics these days.

27. Admiral Shatner - December 12, 2009

This was awesome. Shatner is definitely still Kirk.

28. RTC - December 12, 2009

I’m not a fan of Gov. Palin by any means … but that whole thing was a hoot! Well played by all involved.

29. Jeremy Froth - December 12, 2009

I LOVE how she makes liberal Palin haters heads explode!

30. JimJ - December 12, 2009


Both “sides” need to enjoy this moment and forget their political views.

31. denny cranium - December 12, 2009

Did you see the Shat eyeing her up when she first came out?
I’m sure he was thinking:
“I’d like to see you on my plate next to the mashed potatoes”

This clip made my day!

32. AJ - December 12, 2009


This is a fun thread.

Can you lay off a bit, please?

33. John from Cincinnati - December 12, 2009

I’m an independant that voted for George W. and Obama. Everyone just shut up with the politico speech already!

34. JWM - December 12, 2009

Brilliant bit. Love it. The Shat has always been a good sport about things, and it’s nice to see someone else being a good sport about things, too. At the very least, it demonstrates that Palin understands the absurdity behind it and doesn’t get all twisted up when someone makes fun of her, like some other politicians out there right now. Regardless of whether you agree with her, it demonstrates a humanity that is sorely lacking in a lot of our lawmakers.

@AJ – Please make sure you tell others using this thread to open their attacks on Palin the same thing. Don’t just go after people with whom you disagree.

35. CmdrR - December 12, 2009

Conan rules!

Shat’s expression is priceless… or is that Priceline? I can’t tell if he’s embarrassed as hell, or thinking he’s back in the good old days and she’ll be joining him in his dressing room.”Pow! Taste my nightstick!”

36. nx01 - December 12, 2009

Sara Palin was not funny at all in that clip. I mean just to be fair, I mean funny is funny and she was just not funny in that clip. I thought Bill was funny as usual. I also want to point out that Bill’s book does not sound like a crazy person wrote it when read out loud, Sara’s does.

I happen to be a democrat that thinks Palin is not funny. That being said I feel she has a right to appear any where she wants, with whom ever she wants.

Time for the Final Analysis

Sara Palin = Not funny

Sara Palin =Bad Politics

+ Sara Palin is Hot

Final Answer I would do her.

Just some simple Math.

37. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! - December 12, 2009

Man.. it’s just so funny that some can’t get past their political prejudices and just enjoy a funny clip. BTW, personal degradation is no way to argue your point (on either side), it just makes you look petty.

38. mntrekfan - December 12, 2009

Sarah Palin is attractive. IMO, take a look at Erica Durance AKA Lois Lane. She could play palin in a movie! there is a very string resemblance!

39. Schultz - December 12, 2009

The Canadian thespian and the witch hunter from Alaska. Good one! :)

40. Vardonir - December 12, 2009

When I saw this earlier, I ROFL’d for real. (Then my mom got angry. Said I was too loud.)

Loved Andy’s comment after they left, though. “I was starting to think they were the same person.”

I’m so 1) buying Shatner’s autobiography 2) watching the rerun of this episode.

41. Gallandro - December 12, 2009

I find it odd we were asked to keep partisan political opinions to ourselves when it came to the “Nimoy & Orci Comment on President Obama’s Similarities to Spock” article. However, no such request is made when it comes to this article.

Can you say double standard?

42. Lore - December 12, 2009

#8 You don’t understand mainstream America, much in the same way we don’t understand parts of your culture. To millions of Americans Governor Palin represents their common values in a way no one ever has.

43. Lore - December 12, 2009

#38 I have been saying that for over a year. Erica Durance was born to play Gov Palin!

44. Rush Limborg - December 12, 2009

I am AMAZED at the prejudice Sarah suffers to this day.

C’mon, fellow fans: IT’S CALLED IDIC!!!

45. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 12, 2009

Ok. Here we go again. Im an Independent and I can Vote either way. I suported Hilliary Clinton for presedent. But I voted for Mccain when Hilliary did not get the Nom. Sara Palin is a good Woman and a Great Mom. What everyone on the Dem side is Scarred of is that she is a real Woman who Represents most of the Country. I do not think she is Qualified to lead the Country. But she is a good Woman and a good Mom.

46. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 12, 2009

The Shat Strikes again. As Mccoy said in Star Trek 6. (What is it with you!!!) Lol. Shat You are the Man!!!.

47. Rush Limborg - December 12, 2009

BTW, that clip was AWESOME!

I love how, as Sarah does her thing, Bill’s squirming like he just got OWNED!!!

They were both awesome–seriously.

48. Gallandro - December 12, 2009

Agreed Rush… all I can say is anyone who can’t laugh at that because of their political biases must have a pretty joyless life. Shat was brilliant, Palin was brilliant… funny, funny stuff.

49. Gordon Brown - December 12, 2009

#42 If she represents mainstream America the world is screwed. I wouldn’t want someone ‘mainstream’ representing me. I want someone better, someone smarter. And she ain’t it.

50. AJ - December 12, 2009

I think Conan was brilliant to get this as (what should be) the endgame of Shatner’s current hilarious run. The absurdity of having these two in one room reading from each others’ autobiographies made me chuckle even before I hit “play.”

I hope she was in awe of his Shatliness.

51. jonboc - December 12, 2009

I just love how politics somehow validates the childish behaviour exhibited by republicans and democrats alike. Both parties need to seriously grow up.

And yes, Shatner reigns supreme!

52. Gallandro - December 12, 2009

#49 I think William F. Buckley Jr. (a very smart guy) summed it up best:

“I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

53. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! - December 12, 2009

#49 – You just proved my previous point.. .petty and small

54. spock - December 12, 2009

Unfortunately #44 democrats pay lip service to IDIC. They after all supported slavery, segregation, and held up the civil rights acts in the 50s and 60s.

55. The Animated Series is not as bad as I had assumed....hooray! - December 12, 2009

54 – It seems to me that those injustices were beyond party lines. Social problems that large are usually more of a reflection of the people as a whole than by the political tools in charge. Look at gay marriage as an example. While the Republicans are pretty much all against it, the Democrats should be in support by taking the assumed contrary position, but they drag their feet none-the-less. Just because Dems drag their feet on some social issue it doesn’t mean that Republicans were all on board.

52 – That strikes me as being the kind of anti-intellectualism that Bush scared into people before proving that you can’t win them all by just being a cowboy. It takes a balance. If you want proof, randomly call one of the first 400 people in the Boston phone book….by odds alone, you probably won’t be ready to write in your next presidential vote.

56. Thomas Jensen - December 12, 2009

Turnabout is fair play… I love ’em both! Very funny! Oh and you Palin critics, what’s the problem? Why does tolerance only run one way?

57. Mr. Deliciious - December 12, 2009

My, my….so closed minded, intolerant and bigoted today. Quite the opposite of a vision of all men being brothers and working together to overcome their problems. Shame.

58. Montreal Paul - December 12, 2009

That was too funny! Loved it! As a Canadian I have no love and no hate for Palin. But I have to say that they both played this bit very well. And someone said it before.. Palin IS hot.

59. SChaos1701 - December 12, 2009

This was freakin’ awesome.

To those who keep calling Palin unqualified and other such things…look at who you elected President currently.

60. The Animated Series is not as bad as I had assumed....hooray! - December 12, 2009

I hope my message didn’t come off as Palin bashing. While I disagree with her politics I give her credit for this. Just like I unfortunately had to give Rush Limbaugh credit for being on Shat’s show. It’s nice to see people go beyond politics now and then and come off like real people.

61. LOO-SER! - December 12, 2009

This was hilarious.
Fair play to Palin!

62. BOOZBA - December 12, 2009

Palin is HOT!!!! i wanna pon farr her.

63. anti-Matter - December 12, 2009

i can’t stand her, but that was nicely done.

64. Odkin - December 12, 2009

That’s odd… the usual hand-slapping about going political has failed to materialize. I’m guessing it’s because Palin is be the target instead of Dear Leader.

65. shadow - December 12, 2009

That was great! Props to Palin for that, even if I don’t care for her. I liked Bill’s “The Shat just hit the fan” look even though it was obviously planned before hand. I guess that’s why he’s an actor.

And for all you arguing with each other because of your political affiliation, what’s next for you? Maybe arguing about religion, hrm? We are usually friendly with one another when discussing things on other threads and respect each others ideas and thoughts. Why do we feel like we can put that aside for an disagreement about politics on an article that’s suppose to be fun and humorous – and most importantly: in good spirits? Do you see Shatner and Palin duking it out on the stage? NO! There is a time and a place for everything, and this is not a place for bashing each other for our views on politics.

66. Olley Olley Olley - December 12, 2009

how come there was a warning about political partisan hackery on teh obama – vulcan story

yet on this, its open season?

67. MDSHiPMN - December 12, 2009

This thread is about Palin, Shat being on Conan, not Star Trek.

I appreciate that we can branch into other discussions here as long as everyone doesn’t hate on each other.

I enjoyed the skit. Good to see Palin is able to have fun with her celebrity.

68. AJ - December 12, 2009

It’d be nice if the partisanship were left for another site.

It’s nice to see O’Reilly on Stephen Colbert, Limbaugh on Raw Nerve, and Palin here, because they’re out of the milieu that we seem them in 24/7 on TV.

Sure, it’s a ploy to get her out of the stuffy strict demographic that seems to favor her and into a broader limelight, but it was damn funny, and not mean-spirited at all.

69. G - December 12, 2009

7. testpilot2b – December 12, 2009

I don’t care what anyone says, Sarah Palin is hott !!!

So, she should be President?? scary

70. Red Skirt - December 12, 2009

Hat Rick, the difference in height between Shatner and Conan is about the same as between Pine and Shatner.

Now I like Shatner’s Kirk, but he is not and never has been attractive to me. Pine on the other hand is one hot babe. I would love to get wrapped up in all 6’2″ of his muscular body and stare into those baby blues of his. Sorry, but the thought that he and Shatner are the same person is just wrong, much less put it on screen.

71. Syn4Ever - December 12, 2009

Perfect timing on her part! I thought she was really fun! Loves that the Shat was a good sport about it! Theyre funny together… if only they could do that kind of thing all the time… even if Palin would have to appear by satellite :)

72. Bob Mack - December 12, 2009

Let’s be adults and get past some of the political bigotry once in a while. This is a great forum for Star Trek, Shatner is a fun guy to watch and he participated in a funny moment with Sarah Palin. That’s all.

Why do we have to post hateful remarks for this? Some of you sound a lot like liberal versions of Archie Bunker, jumping at even the slightest opportunity to express your bitterness and hatred. At least you are making it obvious to all that bigotry and hate are not the domain of any particular political party.

73. SPB - December 12, 2009

If that look Shatner gave Palin doesn’t scream, “I would so totally tap that right now,” I don’t know what does.

An awesome clip, all the way around. It does this Trekkie heart proud to hear such a cheer for The Shat whenever he shows up on Conan.

74. Will_H - December 12, 2009

Yeah for real, people need to just enjoy stuff like this and not bring politics into it. For me its just better to not say anything about how I feel about Palin because none of it would be nice, lol. No, for those thoughts I have other websites. Shatner’s awesome as always, though.

75. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 12, 2009

Well. Sarah Palin is a Star Trek Fan. So as much as some people may not likie it. SHE IS ONE OF US!!!!.

76. Anthony Pascale - December 12, 2009

Warnings to pat and cbspock for trolling

everyone else should know by now that partisan attacks have no place here. It is just a silly video not a political statement

77. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - December 12, 2009

Sheesh, what’s with all the Palin hatred? I think people just hate her and don’t want her to succeed because she’s a woman – and in our patriarchal, chauvenistic society, heaven forbid a woman actually hold a position of political power (unless she looks like a man…a la Hillary).

I thought we would have moved beyond that 1950’s sh*t.

78. Odradek - December 12, 2009

Is Andy Richter regulary back on this show ?
Sorry, that I have to ask, but sadly it isn’t broadcasted here anymore.

79. Bren - December 12, 2009

I laughed at both readings, I thought she was a good sport to do it. I think she’s dangerous, and I think the American Republican party’s outlook is backward and dangerous. That’s not prejudice, that’s reasoned political opinion.

19. Sunspot, please don’t compare me to a racist for having a political opinion. There’s a massive difference. Political allegiances, such as yours to the Republican party, are expressions of consent to a given party’s world view. They [should] represent a well-thought out decision on the part of the member to ally themselves to a certain ideology.

Racism is almost always a knee-jerk reaction to the “new”, or a tradition passed down through generations. In the rare cases where it is thought out, it is my opinion that the thought processes behind it are irrevocably flawed.

Therefore, branding republicans (or anyone esle) as “Dangerous” is acceptable as the opinion of an individual or party, in my humble opinion.
I also happen to concur with that branding, in this case.

80. Bren - December 12, 2009


I second that question, Andy was always best in that capacity.

81. zanzibar - December 12, 2009

Probably the best commentary on you can get! Now, was he really surprised or is he really, as introduced “master thespian?” That was good. Two major media icons, conservatives both, having enough sense of humor to laugh at themselves. An Iconic TV moment.

82. Oktoberfest - December 12, 2009

Shatner/Nimoy 2012 baby!

PS: I still have my coveted “Picard/Riker ’96: The Team for Tomorrow!” shirt.

83. The Last Maquis - December 12, 2009


84. Captain Kathryn - December 12, 2009

Don’t count her out yet. Have you unlocked your closed mind and read her book at all. She will run in 2012 and she will win! And this country and the free world will be better for it!

85. Captain Kathryn - December 12, 2009

#15 Pat:
you sound dangerous to me! Sarah is gonna win in 2012! Just watch!

86. Captain Kathryn - December 12, 2009

yes, Sarah is a Trek fan. And by the way, Shatner knew all about it prior to her walking out. Her FaceBook page posted pix of their meeting and no Shatner more than likely did not hit on her after the skit. Beings her husband Todd was waiting backstage.

87. Scooter - December 12, 2009

I like Palin and I like The Shat. Great segment on the Tonight Show! One of the funnier moments I’ve seen on that show in a very long time.

88. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! - December 12, 2009


HUH? Pot, meet kettle

89. Anthony Pascale - December 12, 2009

warning to Bren

I dont care who ‘started it’ the partisan political bashing ends now or i will start banning people

ffs people it is a silly video. Go to a political site if you want to get partisan

90. Andy Patterson - December 12, 2009

Now THAT’S great TV.

I love Shatner’s mock surprise look….the band guys even got in on that. Wonder if they got scale for playing and acting. Great.

I also love how reverential Conan looks every time he introduces Shatner. I think he really means it.

And as I always say….don’t care what anyone says or thinks….

I love Shatner. The greatest.

91. Lore - December 12, 2009

#49 Your country didn’t seem to mind when mainstream Americans came across the pond and gave their lives to save you from tyranny in WWI & WWII.

92. Predator's left nut - December 12, 2009


Mr. Spock and random space rock disagrees!

93. Roger Paris - December 12, 2009

“91. Lore – December 12, 2009
#49 Your country didn’t seem to mind when mainstream Americans came across the pond and gave their lives to save you from tyranny in WWI & WWII.”


94. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 12, 2009

Ok. Weather you Love Sarah Palin or Hate her. She is a Trek Fan and She IS One OF US!!!!!!!!!!

95. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 12, 2009

#93. You are correct. If it was not for the U.S this world would be either run by Nazies or the Imperal Japaniese Govt. I know this because in the Terran Empire that did happen thanks to one Dr Mccoy changing the Past.

96. Schiefy - December 12, 2009

I don’t know…first the Shat with Limbaugh and now with Palin…soon he will be going around say, “Crane, Denny Crane”! ;)

I am glad that people like the Shat, Limbaugh and Palin can come together (literally not politically) and show what does make America great–and what should typify the spirit of Trek in forums like this.

I, too, am politically conservative and dislike the Palin bashing but as a Trek fan I think we all have many of the same goals and merely disagree on the means. And that’s okay–the founding fathers were not all of the same mind but they did manage to come together enough to see the American Experiment come to fruition. Let’s not dishonor them by needless personal attacks but through civil conversation about the issues themselves and not the personalities regardless of how qualified or unqualified that might be considered for the Presidency. History is full of normal people reaching extraordinary heights and defying expectations–so let’s not discount the Palins or the Obamas and what they might yet accomplish. That is the Trek philosophy and the American Dream.

97. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 12, 2009

#96. Well Said. I could not agree with you more.

98. C.S. Lewis - December 12, 2009

Dear Sexists and Bigots on this site:

Why do you “hate” Sarah Palin? What has she done to you? Is she not the living embodiment of the feminism of Betty Friedan?

All this woman did was, perhaps unwisely, answer the call to service from presidential candidate an long-time United States senator John McCain, who has himself rendered selfless service to his country from a very young age.

Perhaps, in the lingo of feminism itself, you are threatened by a woman that dares no “know her place”. Perhaps you are threatened by independent thoughts from a woman who can, literally and in all ways, take care of herself from killing her own food to raising a family.

What has she done?

Is this payback from the nerds who are similarly ostracized from polite society, “Finally! Someone to whom I might condescend in bad form and belittle!”

Perhaps. For the violence and hatred directed against this woman is without class, without cause, without gentility, and with much venom and contempt.

Where I come from, we treat each other with respect.

Curiously, the very persons at this site who are first to feign offense crying “Tolerance! Inclusion! Diversity!” are the most offensive against Sarah Palin (and others of her kind).

Shame on you. Shame on you all. You are a disgrace to your sex and to your pseudo-religion of IDIC, which appears now merely self-serving to generate excuses for your own lack of meaningful accomplishment and acceptance in this world, filled to the brim with Sarah Palins. No wonder you prefer fantasy to life!

Repent and apologize. Do penance for your most grievous offense against this woman and for the small-minded bigotry that informed it. You of all people on earth are the least qualified to engage in such wicked acts.

C.S. Lewis

(Oh and by the way, I am a bonafide member of the so-called “elite” in the United States with all the expected proofs, qualifications, and benefits thereto pertaining. Do not dare attempt to dismiss me and my condemnation of your offense as some “redneck” or other equally ignorant and empty claims. Typically, upon investigation, I find those that do such things are themselves drawn from peasant-immigrant stock undeserving the very opportunity and riches they would deny others. Again I say, SHAME ON YOU ALL.)

99. Sci-Fi Guy - December 12, 2009

Sarah Palin is HOT!!!!

100. Sci-Fi Guy - December 12, 2009

And…oh yeahhhh…that was hilarious!!! Especially the Spock’s Brain reference. You know Shatner wanted to do her…cos, damn….she is FINE!!!!

And a heck of a Republican. ;-)

101. Anthony Pascale - December 12, 2009

everyone please stop with the preaching and attacks and stupid political stuff. i dont want to close another thread because people turn something silly into an excuse to attack each other

102. The Animated Series is not as bad as I had assumed....hooray! - December 12, 2009

I don’t understand why political discussion is barred from a website about a show that had such important sociopolitical themes. Granted, people being childish is one thing, but why warn against any political discussion at all?
I guess when this page is linked to by political sites you’re going to get people posting that don’t care anything about Trek and are only looking to flame…which is sad. I wouldn’t mind being able to have mature conversation on what’s going on in our country with fellow Trek fans.

103. SciFiMetalGirl - December 12, 2009

I’m sorry, but she still doesn’t impress me, and this was obviously a setup. I wish they’d stop giving her the attention that she so obviously craves.

104. JP Saylor - December 12, 2009

This made my day! That was awesome!

105. Ian - December 12, 2009

That was great!

106. brady - December 12, 2009

Anthony….new poll How Hot Is Palin 1-10. ;)

107. Trekluver - December 12, 2009

I only want to know if those quotes really are in those books…”I was approaching the Elephant in my underwear!” Oh yea and “There’s plenty of room for all those animals in Alaska, right next to the mashed potatoes!” LOL Hilarious!

108. Sci-Fi Guy - December 12, 2009

#106 — She’s off the scale! LOL!!!

109. Tony Whitehead - December 12, 2009

Too funny! I have to hand it to Conan and his team for a successful skit

110. BrF - December 12, 2009

“Sheesh, what’s with all the Palin hatred? I think people just hate her and don’t want her to succeed because she’s a woman – and in our patriarchal, chauvenistic society, heaven forbid a woman actually hold a position of political power (unless she looks like a man…a la Hillary).

I thought we would have moved beyond that 1950’s sh*t.”

The internal contradictions here are amazing. You’re saying that because Palin is a woman one is obliged to like her politics, no matter what they are? You’re making cheap fun of H. Clinton’s looks? And you think you’re the one who’s moved beyond the ’50s?

Anyway — fine job by both Palin and Shatner in the clip. May they both have long and successful careers in comedy.

111. ryanhuyton - December 12, 2009

Some people sure can act like idiots. There was no discussion of politics in the video and there definitely shouldn’t be in this thread. I don’t find Sarah Palin a bad person as some apparently do. I would rather think that if she is indeed a Star Trek fan, then that is the only thing that matters as a topic of conversation on this thread. She is a capable woman whether or not you agree with her politics. I don’t agree with her political views, but I find her an incredibly fascinating and beautiful woman. And finally, both Sarah Palin and William Shatner provided some fun moments and hopefully they will do it again.

112. combatkarl - December 12, 2009

Heck, I’m just tickled that I wasn’t geo-blocked outta having a good laugh. Thanks for the linkage Anthony!

113. TNSTROUD - December 12, 2009

I like Sarah Palin. She’s got character…..REAL character. Go get’em, girl!!!

114. JKP - December 12, 2009

That was great. The Shat’s awesome!

115. Dunsel Report - December 12, 2009

This is just like when Nixon showed up on “Laugh-In” to make himself seem more likeable.

116. Iowagirl - December 12, 2009

I don’t like Palin any better now, but kudos to her for playing along. :)

Shat’s definitely the better comedian, but both Palin and Shatner provided a great performance. Priceless.

117. dwnicolo - December 12, 2009

Shatner + Palin = LOL!

118. cd - December 13, 2009

She can read from a teleprompter. She is a shoo-in for president.


119. Anthony Thompson - December 13, 2009

She’s a much better comedienne than she is a politician. Heartily agree with poster above who suggested that she join the SNL cast and let Tina Fey run for political office!

120. AJ - December 13, 2009

I am a liberal and one of my newest friends made in the last year is a gun-toting Texas conservative. In the pure light of day, we can discuss the pluses and minuses of the whole political spectrum, and we laugh constantly about it. I frigging love the guy.

Something about the discourse here is wrong, and it pops up again and again. Star Trek appeals to a broad spectrum, across political and religious lines, and, as such, attracts a great breadth of Americans, who are caught up in the bipartisanship which, if you watch lots of TV, is apparently ripping this country apart. It attracts many others from other nations as well.

I’ve had my share of political/religious arguments and disagreements here these past three years, but you know what? You don’t get fulfilled. No matter how eloquently you make your case, or how angry you are, it’s a site dedicated to a SciFi franchise. It’s not worth it.

We’re all better served by coming here to have fun and talk about Star Trek.

121. indranee - December 13, 2009

hilarious! I’ll give her this: she’s got balls. she’ll never be prez, but she should do more of this stuff. she’s got the makings of a good gadfly.

122. TrekkieJan - December 13, 2009

Rather sly of Bill, a vegetarian, to pick passages he must have felt some horror at reading. He goes to the wild to photogragh, not eat, the animals.

123. Balok - December 13, 2009

Ms. Palin is hot. Picture her in an TOS red skirt.

124. Captain Kathryn - December 13, 2009

Bill – a vegetarian? Since when? Sounds like he and I have more in common than I thought. Does he say that in his book?

125. TrekkieJan - December 13, 2009

He’s a vegetarian since always. Both he and Nimoy, I believe. (And yes, this is from their autobiographies.)

126. Sci-Fi Guy - December 13, 2009

#123 — I can definitely picture here in one of those, without the glasses of course…hot!!!

127. Rick - December 13, 2009

Wow the Shat he is so short next to Conan! Wow! It was a nice little clip. Thanks for posting as I miss the Conan show because of work, etc.

128. Lore - December 14, 2009

#107 I’ve read both books and yes the quotes are there.

129. john - December 14, 2009

the two biggest hams in the world unite!

130. Someone - December 14, 2009

Is it just me, or has she obviously been working with some sort of coach on thinning her accent? She sure is working hard at looking less like an idiot. That scares me.

131. Chinese Theatre Tour guide - December 14, 2009

No 11 you forget though that Denny Crane, somewhat admited he didnt vote for McCain/Palin that he had actually voted for Obama.

132. Charles H. Root, III - December 17, 2009

I don’t think I’d ever vote for Sarah, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her painted green in the Mrs Orion swimsuit competition, ha ha.

133. Shar - April 15, 2010

In Reply To:
“24. cbspock – Actually she would make a better President than the one we currently have.”

Yeah, she’d make a great Pres., but only if you want all of your wildlife DEAD! Can you say “Aerial Hunting” or should I say, oh, I don’t know, maybe…. AERIAL SLAUGHTER!

In case you haven’t noticed, she’s out to destroy wildlife and nature. Don’t give this bimbo “professional celebrity” any more pull with which to accomplish her disgusting willingness to destroy wildlife and natural habitats to cater to the interests of the oil and gas industry, not to mention the hunting industry. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.