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Star Trek Nominated For SAG Stunt Award + Wins LV Critics Awards + Still #4 in DVD Sales December 17, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Thursday brings more data on how JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie is playing with both the industry community and the public at large. Star Trek has been nominated for one SAG award, and the Las Vegas Film Critics have handed Star Trek two awards. And in the mainstream we have the latest sales info on how well Star Trek is doing in home video.


SAG Honors Star Trek stunts + Vegas Critics honor Giacchino and ILM
The Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced today and although the main cast didn’t get any nods, the ones taking the hits were recognized. Star Trek was nominated for Outstanding Performance for a Stunt Ensemble. It is going up against Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Public Enemies. The full list of nominees is at

The Las Vegas Film critics have joined critics groups from Washington DC, Boston and Austin in honoring Star Trek. The film picked up two wins for Austin’s Best of 2009. Michael Giacchino won Best Score for his work on Trek. Plus Star Trek was also honored for Best Visual Effects.

Star Trek DVD #4 in 4th week of release + #5 2009 movie at iTunes
Just as it did with the theatrical release, the Star Trek movie is proving to have ‘legs’ in its home video release. Home Media Magazine reports that in its fourth week of release Star Trek has held on to the #4 spot in DVD sales, surpassing the sales of other films released after Trek including Night at the Museum 2, Angels & Demons, Bruno, and Terminator Salvation. The top three spots were all taken up by new releases.

Top 5 DVDs For week ending 12/13

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  2. Public Enemies
  3. Julie & Julia
  4. Star Trek
  5. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Also last week Apple released its ‘Rewind 2009‘ list of top selling media and with just three weeks of sales Star Trek was still the fifth best selling movie of the year. 

Apples Top 2009 Movies on iTunes

  1. "Twilight"
  2. "Pineapple Express"
  3. "Quantum of Solace"
  4. "The Proposal"
  5. "Star Trek"
  6. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno"
  7. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"
  8. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"
  9. "Up"
  10. "Bolt"



1. StarFuryG7 - December 17, 2009

How do the DVD sales add up in terms of dollars? Does anyone know?

Since the production and marketing costs of this movie were especially high, especially for a Trek movie, I’d like to have a better idea as to how much farther they’ve moved into the black including DVD and Blu-ray sales since the movie left theaters.

2. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2009

DVD sales figures are hard to come by but Star Trek has been in the black since June. This is all gravy. The studio chiefs like Dauman and Grey have talked up how Trek (and other q4 releases) have helped move the studio back into profit overall.

3. boborci - December 17, 2009

thanks everybody!

4. Joseph Chapes - December 17, 2009

Thanks boborci!

5. The Gorn Identity - December 17, 2009

Yeah, we should be thanking you, Mr. Orci. In my case, you’ve brought my heroes back to life and rescued James T. Kirk from the limbo he was once constrained to.

6. p.e.b. - December 17, 2009

thank YOU mr orci & team

7. Gabriel Bell - December 17, 2009

Did anyone else weep during the DVD commentary when JJ described the opening title sequence and the score and how it was designed to indicate that Star Trek was back? No? Oh, uh, then neither did I.

8. Sybok's Secret Brother - December 17, 2009

I still have some Christmas shopping to do and all my realtives are getting a copy!! (Well the ones who don’t have it yet.)

9. nscates - December 17, 2009

Congrats, Bob, JJ and everyone else involved with Trek 2009! Oscar or no, this film has definitely had an impact not only on the franchise, but on science fiction movie-making as a whole.

10. Noel - December 17, 2009

Bob and company, I wanted to thank you for bringing back Star Trek. I forced family and friends to go see it and now they can’t wait for the next one. By far you guys have done an excellent job. From the bottom of my heart, I thank yall!!!

11. Oztrek - December 17, 2009

Long may the gravy train run!

12. Lt. Cmndr. Beckett - December 17, 2009

Fan-friggin-tastic! I loved this movie so much. Ive watched the movie more times than I care to admit. Thank you Mr. Abrams, Mr. Orci, Mr. Kurtzman and everyone else who was part of Star Trek 2009.

13. Pete - December 17, 2009

I know I will get crucified by the other forum members for saying this, but I cannot get why everyone is so overenthusiastic. Please don’t get me wrong, I really love Trek, I wished for a great movie. And to be fair the characters are great (except for the fact that scotty seems to be on speed all the time). But the story was weak, the villain laughably flat and the if you have a minimum science education you just notice a lot of stupid blunders that make you fall out of the movie while you watch it. I don’t want to nitpick, I know it is science fiction, but within the context of the story everything should be plausible. And Star Trek always built on existing science. So when I here of a “supernova that threatens to destroy the galaxy” or of black hole generating “red matter” and traveling through black holes I just want to rip Robert Orci’s hair out.

I can live with all the new things, the new characters (actually loved the new crew), the new ship, hell, I’ll even buy the timeline crap. And there is nothing wrong with a little action. But PLEASE NO MORE STAR TREK FOR DUMMIES.

Cheers everybody. Don’t crucify me, this is just my honest opinion.

Live long and prosper :-)

14. Locke for President (in Exile) - December 17, 2009

They are a couple of weeks behind in their data, but this gives you a good picture of the DVD sales:

After two weeks, Star Trek had sold approx. 4.3 million DVD’s for a total of $60.5 million.

When you are on that page, you can click on any movie and get its weekly breakdown.

To be honest, I was surprised to see the numbers for Star Trek drop so much from week one to week two. Even though there were a lot of mainstream people who went and saw the movie in the theaters, I’m still guessing over half the movie theater tickets sold were by a core group of hardcore fans with multiple viewings.

So when it comes to DVD sales, each hardcare fan is only buying one DVD — it’s not like they are going to the movies to see it four times, which pads the numbers. So the DVD sales might not hold up as much as we would hope or expect.

15. Pete - December 17, 2009

Just to add: I quote from the Avatar-review on

“Just as with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, Avatar will clearly be divisive—an overrated white elephant for those for whom a movie is story, originality and, tellingly, the right kind of politics…and a revelation to anyone who can be pulled through a movie by the power of pure filmmaking”

Couldn’t have said it better. But the pulling through only works if you buy the setting and what the movie tells you.

16. Locke for President (in Exile) - December 17, 2009

In addition, I forgot to mention that all those hardcore fans ran out and bought their copy the first week it was for sale. So this also makes me wonder how well the DVD sales will hold up.

17. HotStove - December 17, 2009

#2 – Anthony, that’s a LOT o’ gravy…!

18. captain_neill - December 17, 2009


I agree with many of your points

I am a huge Trek fan and I did love this film but I do admit that this movie had one of the weakest scripts and Nero was by no means a great villain. God you have to read the comics to a better rounded character.

The film was great fun and the team got the essences of the characters right but to say this is the best ever Trek is an overstatement. I think this is a great movie but there are lots of previous Trek adventures which were better than this movie.

I congratualte the team for making Trek popular again, to me Trek has always been cool. But I will not be lying to myself and saying that it is a smart script when it clearly wasn’t.

I disagree with the guy who claimed the new movie has been dumbed down for the Homer Simpson mentality but I do admit that the new movie is a bit toneed down from past Treks. However I still like the new movie.

There is a quote Orci uses on the blu ray feature that Star Trek was the classical music and that Star Wars was rock n roll and that Trek needed a bit of rock n roll.

Yet I still love Trek as classical music.

19. captain_neill - December 17, 2009

I do find it annoying that a more dumbed down trek is more popular than a more highbrow one.

20. HotStove - December 17, 2009

#7 – Wasn’t that the end title sequence? How the original Alexander Courage theme and the “strange new worlds” were to indicate that Trek was back?

Because if it was, no, I didn’t get a lump in my throat, either… nor did I watch the ending over and over again on DVD, with a big dopey grin on my face…

21. RAMA - December 17, 2009

ST has about $75 million in DVD sales and about $25 million in bluray sales…so $100 million together!

22. Pete - December 17, 2009

I agree mostly with you captain_neill. I also enjoyed the movie (after an initial disappointment). And I am grateful that they made it popular again, gave it new prospects.

But I really hope the next one will be a crossover between classical music AND Rock N Roll, to use your metaphor. :-)

I just don’t get why they have such stupid errors in there the Spock watching a basketball sized vulcan in the sky of some planet delta vega. Or the supernova crap. Really makes you wonder whether the authors just don’t know and didn’t have any advisors or if they simply didn’t care because the blockbuster aspect would hook in enough people anyway.

23. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

I am very happy Paramount is making money with ST. I hope it is enough to make CBS want to make a new Star Trek TV series.

I bought S3 of TOS on BD today. Looking forward to watching it in hi def, like never seen before :)

Finally, I found a site that tracks all DVD sales. Thought I would share it,

So far in 2009,
# 7 Star Trek 4,297,113 $60,562,206 11/17/2009

24. Pete - December 17, 2009

And by the way: It’s much less hostile here than other trek forums. Well, for now ;-)

25. RAMA - December 17, 2009

#23 its 2 weeks out of date on DVD sales, and doesn’t include well over a million bluray sales.

26. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

#25, oh ok, noted.

27. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

#3 “thanks everybody!” ????

Wait a second, is that message from the real Orci and Kurtzman of ST?

28. I'm Dead Jim - December 17, 2009

@27 Yeah, Bob pops in from time to time.

Congrats Bob Orci & Co.!

29. I'm Dead Jim - December 17, 2009

@19 I don’t think you can accurately make the comparison by calling the movie “dumbed down”. There were more than a few TOS episodes that were incredibly dumb… and dumber!

30. Ran - December 17, 2009


Correct. But these episodes did not have $150 Millions to monkey around with.
For a movie / budget this big, you would expect something more than a light headed, dumbed down popcorn movie.

31. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2009

Bob is a regular and welcome guest. Other Trek luminaries drop by. You can be sure when you see a name here like Mike Okuda, Rick Sternbach, Alan Dean Foster, Bob Orci, or others that it is the real person.

The site has a ‘instaban’ policy towards anyone impersonating actual real-life people.

32. jas_montreal - December 17, 2009

I first have to say….

Congrads to everyone involved with the movie production.

BUT, lets not get too carried away….

If the Trek franchise is to live long and prosper… it must deliver a solid sequel. A sequel that improves upon all the mistakes made in this movie. The sequel must be more meaningful. Roger Ebert even echoed this concern with the new Trek.

“The Gene Roddenberry years, when stories might play with questions of science, ideals or philosophy, have been replaced by stories reduced to loud and colorful action.” -ebert

I PARTLY agree with Mr.Ebert.



33. OneBuckFilms - December 17, 2009

Thanks boborci. You wrote it :)

34. Charla a long time STAR TREK FAN - December 17, 2009

***CONGRATULATIONS JJ, Bob, Alex and crew of ST09!!!

Still going at warp speed selling the DVDs and Blue Rays – awesome!

35. TNSTROUD - December 17, 2009

Don’t like the rating, Star Trek should have been #1…….then again, I will admit that opinion is stated with bias.

36. Pete - December 17, 2009

I couldn’t agree more with jas_montreal (32) and Mr. Ebert. Great characters with a lot of potential, great choice of actors but storywise Star trek has been reduced to loud and colorful action. But why can’t we not have action AND Roddenberry style stories (qoute “with questions of science, ideals or philosophy”). I mean come on, we have brains too. give them something to play with. Not just laughs and eye candy. As much as it pains me to say this (and I say it because I care), this movie was a bit dumbed down.

37. Anthony Thompson - December 17, 2009

Cupcake, you da man!!!

38. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

@28 Well, I’ll be damned. is fantastic already, but if Bob & Orci read it, it makes it all the more intriguing.

Bob/Orci, if you are reading this, I think you would of been proud to see the crowds seeing your movie at the IMAX theatre here in Montreal this summer. I am in my mid 30s, which is the age of the crowd I expected to see, but I was surprised to see a lot of teens going. One day, there was an entire classroom that showed up and they actually erupted into applause at the end, which is something I rarely see at any movie here.

39. Anthony Thompson - December 17, 2009

Speaking of Cupcake…I really hope Bob will give me story credit if he uses my “Star Trek: The Wrath of Cupcake” idea. The film opens in the Budweiser brewery as Cupcake seethes with resentment over the promotion of his *nemesis* to the Captain’s chair. He starts plotting an *insurrection* with his bar-brawl buddies. The film writes itself from there. And they’ll save a lot of money by hiring the Cupcake guy instead of Antonio Banderas.

40. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

@39 Speaking of Budweiser.

Engineering being an actual beer plant is the only concern I have about the movie. What happens if Budweiser refuses Paramount access in the future?

Also, lets face it here, huge barrels of beer don’t look like an engine room. I miss the slick warp core engineering of TNG.

Perhaps there is a CGI fix for this in the next movie; unless of course people love this new engineering. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, it simply could be better.

41. Sybok's Secret Brother - December 17, 2009

@39…. Hmmm… that kina sounds like a TNG movie… ;-p

42. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

@36 Gene Roddenberry was excellent, but personally I have a greater admiration for the story writing and intellect of Rick Berman. Many TNG and Enterprise episodes he wrote have allowed me to think deeper, and better understand many complex subjects e.g., ethics, values, honor, religion, freedom, technology, etc.

For me, meeting Rick Berman in person would be a greater honor than meeting a Prime Minister.

43. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2009

Yes mr orci prime-thank u for caring bout us trek fans and for the great movie u guys gave us! Heck i bought 1 blu ray dvd and 3 regular trek09 dvds myself n also got a playstation3 n a 32 inch vizio hd tv for my trek blu ray–just got the tv a couple weeks ago its awesome! And i lost me job last april so it hasnt been easy getting this either haha

44. jas_montreal - December 17, 2009

@ 42. But Rick Berman never wrote any episodes for TNG or Enterprise.

45. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2009

oh yeh i forgot i also paid 14 bucks to download a copy of trek09 movie from the sony playstation store for my psp–

46. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

@43 Allow me to brag here a bit. :-)
So far this year, I bought
– Multiple IMAX tickets and 2 plain movie passes for ST XI.
– The comic book prequel to ST XI. Excellent TNG tie in.
– The ST XI paperback.
– The ST XI hardcover, signed. I bought it via (I support this site with click throughs when I can but unfortunately there are rarely links to Canadian retailers e.g.
– The ST XI audio soundtrack CD. Excellent for my ipod.
– TOS S1 2 3 on BD.
– All 10 TOS and TNG movies on BD.
– ST XI on BD (plain edition) Love the digi copy for ipod.
– ST XI on BD with the little metal ship.
– 4 ST XI coffee mugs

Nice collection huh? ;-D

47. Pete - December 17, 2009

@Lestat: Well, I don’t know about the meeting Rick Berman part ;-), but I agree that there were a lot of TNG, DS9 and even Enterprise episodes which were really deep compared what you normally see on television. I don’t mind if its akin to Roddenberry or Berman or whatever. As long as it is a bit deeper than the last movie. Again, I feel obliged to express my gratefulness for the successful rebirth of the francise. But this does not remedy the points mentioned. The writers know how to sell something, there is no doubt about that. They know all the mechanics. But next time, please give us something a bit more thought through, a bit more subtle and a more intelligent story.

I actually heard people comparing Star Trek to Transformers. No offense, but if a soulless (albeit fun) action movie like Transformers is considered on par with Star Trek then something is seriously wrong with Star Trek!

I guess it is really naive to assume that the studio sees Trek as more than a money making machine. But maybe one can have commercial success and a better story.

48. Anthony Thompson - December 17, 2009


Well, I was joking, of course. I think the Budweiser problem can be fixed with a “refit” overseen by Scotty. It only needs to be mentioned very briefly. The engineering set design by Ryan Church would really make the Enterprise whole and convincing as a ship propelled by warp drive.

49. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

@47 I seem to recall a recent comment by Abrams that they were planning a deeper storyline. He said something like going beyond just getting to learn about the new characters, how they met one another and their first voyager.

I would not want to be in Kurtzman and Orci’s shoes right now trying to come up with a new script that will top the first movie.

50. Pete - December 17, 2009

Well, that would be very nice if Abrams said that. Concerning Kurtzman and Orci, I am sure they can do it. There is no doubt about it that they know their business. And lets not forget, that storywise (concerning depth) the first movie should be easy to top ;-). I guess they were concerned with other things in the first one.

Let’s hope for the best

51. `Lestat` - December 17, 2009

Hey Pete, did you cry through the opening scene when George Kirk sacrifices himself to save baby Kirk? That could be considered a deep emotional moment.

At the IMAX the crowds always grew silent during the scene and girlfriends would snuggle up to their boyfriends.

I think that opening scene was genius. I wonder if Orci or Bob came up with it.

52. Pete - December 17, 2009

I am sorry to disappoint. I did not cry. But agree that it was a moving scene, even if its purpose was all too obvious. Maybe I was expressing myself incorrectly. When I say “deeper”, I mean it as opposed to flat characters (a la Nero) and simple story (guy wants revenge). What I would like to see and is richer characters, more subtleties and a more meaningful and intelligent story.

53. Pete - December 17, 2009

It’s a pity really. With the great cast they have they could have made a much better movie (storywise) without cutting back on the action. After all, nothing wrong with a little action :-)

Still it upsets me when basic things are wrong which are easily avoidable (like the supernova crap). It really takes you out of the movie. It is like watching “Gladiator” and seeing the main character use a laser weapon instead of a sword. But maybe that is just me. Tell me if you think I exaggerate. Really makes you wonder either why the writers themselves don’t know, or why they think nobody will care.

54. GarySeven - December 17, 2009

Some really intelligent posts here, in my opinion. I agree with the need for a more intelligent and thoughtful second movie, although this one was entertaining.

55. StarFuryG7 - December 17, 2009

#14 – I don’t think most people bothered to see the movie in theaters multiple times. I’m sure that only applies to a small percentage of the hardcore fan base.

Thanks for the Link, although as you pointed out, those numbers aren’t up to date, but rather are about three weeks behind, and they don’t factor in Blu-ray sales at all, which have bumped up considerably over the last year in general. I was surprised to see this movie at Number 1 in Blu-ray sales at Amazon at one point in the weeks prior to its release.

I also noticed that of the DVDs sold in the chart you directed me to, dividing the total dollar amount by the number of units sold, that it only came out to just $14 per DVD in overall sales roughly, even though a lot of people, such as myself, were plunking down the extra cash for the Two-Disc DVD Set rather than just the bare bones movie DVD. So without delving into it any more deeply than that, I’m not sure how the differences between the two separate DVD releases, one disc versus the two disc set, not factoring in Blu-ray at all, affect the overall sales picture and revenue generated, but something appears out of whack to me with respect to all this, and I’d still like to know more than I do at the moment.

Thanks though.

56. StarFuryG7 - December 17, 2009

#21 – Thank you!

I would imagine that the overall sales will see a bit of a surge into next week because of Christmas.

57. Gabriel Bell - December 17, 2009

#20 … Right there with you, was not emotional at all during the roll to the end credits either. Not at all. Much to manly for that sort of thing. But do go back and rewatch the roll into the title card of “Star Trek” at the beginning. That’s the moment that had me balling. There, I said it. Feel so much better.

58. ryanhuyton - December 17, 2009

This movie has “nacelles” not legs, heh heh. As for the sales numbers, I hope Anthony can clarify if they include Blu Ray sales or not. And I enjoy learning about the stats!

59. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2009

Ok Lestat u rich vampire dude you-i think u got me beat—lets see—opening day seattle imax screen bought myself n 2 bros tickets-took my gal n a friend a week later to regular movie-took another friend,took my parents,mom 84 dad 90, altogether went 8 times took 1-3 with me every time,got all six original posters,got a trek 09 t shirt,tons of magazines with articles,a bunch of the burger king toys and glasses,two of the trek plates n 2 federation wrist strap 1 gig drives,set of photo badges from qvc,put all 4 trailers on my psp, also got the paperback novel,soundtrack put on my psp,also got the signed hardcover to support and got several copies of the comic gave to relatives, besides the items i mentioned earlier–n dont even mention all the tos stuff n experience stuff i got off ebay,pez set etc..hallmarks ornaments etc haha also drank a lotta budweiser in honor of the engine room

60. captain_neill - December 17, 2009

Actually Rick Berman did write for TNG and Enterprise

On TNG among his episodes were Brothers and A Matter of Time

61. Locke for President (in Exile) - December 18, 2009

55. StarFuryG7

1. A lot of people who post here commented about seeing the movie multiple times. I saw it three times myself . . . but I only bought the movie on disk once.

ST’s box office take comes out to about 36 million movie tickets sold. If 5 million hardcore fans went and saw the movie twice, that’s 10 million tickets right there. If they saw it three times, that’s 15 million and almost half the box office. So yes, a small group of fans seeing a movie multiple times has a big impact.

2. The BR sales and all the other factors you mentioned in your post would apply to all the other movies as well. Sure, the numbers on that site don’t paint a perfect picture, but it does give you enough information to compare Star Trek with the other movies out there being sold. If that chart shows a movie has sold twice as many copies as ST, or half as many copies, all things being equal the comparisons to ST are going to be fair when you factor in all those other considerations.

Plus some movies have legs, and their sales don’t fall off as drastically as other movies have. Any movie that appeals to children tends to hold up, because parents will buy the movie and their family can watch it multiple times at home. And it’s cheaper to wait and buy a $15 DVD than take your family of four to go see the movie in theaters. My family hasn’t seen any of the Shrek movies in the theater, for example, but as soon as they hit DVD we bought them . . . . Are people going out and doing that for a movie like Star Trek. Maybe, but not as much.

62. jas_montreal - December 18, 2009

@ 60.

Your right. I made a mistake.

63. StarFuryG7 - December 18, 2009

#55 Locke – Look at where you are posting; you ARE a part of the hardcore fan base obviously, but overall, you factor into a small percentage of the fan base.

I saw the movie twice in IMAX myself while it was in theaters, and while I enjoyed it as a popcorn action movie, I have a lot of reservations about the script and about it as a Trek movie, but I still saw it twice. I don’t consider myself part of the larger, broader audience that went to see this movie however, the vast majority of which only saw it once. And I wouldn’t agree with your assessment of five million fans seeing the movie two or three times either because of how we saw the fan base whither over the last decade or so — “Nemesis” brought in a measly $42 million at the Box Office when it was in theaters, and the audience for “Enterprise” was so small, at just a couple of million, that that show was cancelled at the end of its fourth season. No other Trek show save for the original had that short of a television run.

As for your point 2 — I wasn’t even looking to compare how this movie was selling on DVD to other movies that have been released on DVD necessarily. I was interested in figuring out how well it was selling, and how much that has helped to move its revenue into the black given that this film had ridiculously high production and marketing costs (especially concerning the latter). The Link someone provided me with only showed a small part of that overall picture being that it was three weeks out of date and didn’t include the Two-Disc DVD Set sales (apparently), or Blu-ray sales, which today are a lot more substantial than they ever were previously.

I would also add the following for what it’s worth, even though it’s really only anecdotal: I was at ‘Best Buy’ twice within the last week or so, and noticed that there weren’t any copies of the new “Star Trek” available there on either DVD or Blu-ray, and the same goes for “Terminator Salvation” …well, almost for the latter. They did have a small number of copies of it on standard DVD, but there weren’t many left, and there were only two copies of the Special Exoskeleton Set on Special Edition Blu-ray, and those probably hadn’t sold because the Exoskeleton Head that was with the case was just an excuse to make it overpriced. But the bottom line to me is that if that store had more copies of both films on DVD and Blu-ray, they obviously would have sold considerably more there, but since they didn’t have any more, or were nearly out of them in the case of “Terminator Salvation,” they weren’t there for people to buy. I wonder to what extent this has affected the sales of both movies potentially throughout the country.

64. denny cranium - December 18, 2009

I always shake my head at the number of people who piss and moan about how bad ST09 was/is

orci and kurtzman has a daunting task of writing this movie.
They could have wrote a story that was a total fanboy fest.
And we would have probably loved it.
But we as fanboys (and girls) would not have been enough to make the movie profitable.
Star Trek probably would have bombed at the theatres and we wouldnt have seen another Trek in years. (if ever)
Trek would have limped off into oblivion.
Yes there were little things I can nitpick about but I love this movie!
I can watch it with my non trek friends and they like it.

as far as DVD/BLU RAY sales go, a HUNDRED MILLION is sales?
I would call that a winner.

65. S. John Ross - December 18, 2009

Here’s a simple trick: take a Star Trek logo (cut it from a comic book cover, perhaps) and glue it on lots of your DVD cases. Now they’re every bit as Star Trek as the Abrams film was, and you get even MORE Star Trek movies! Yay! Star Trek movies all the time!

66. StarFuryG7 - December 18, 2009

#61 – Sorry I posted the wrong number concerning your post in my last message, Locke.

67. Eli - December 18, 2009

So, I was watching an episode of “Cheers” last night where Norm gets to be the taste tester for a local beer company. It’s funny that the brewery Norm was in looked just like the Enterprise’s engine room! :-)

68. StarFuryG7 - December 18, 2009

#67 – :::Sigh::: Yeah, not exactly one of the better, more innovative choices for that particular setting.

69. J. Pablo Fernández - December 18, 2009

Hey, Pete, why would anyone crucify you? Science Fiction is supposed to have science on it, it’s not called crap fiction. Not sure if the other star treks are much better than this one in this regard. You are welcome to voice those kind of opinions on

70. CarlG - December 19, 2009

@7: “Did anyone else weep during the DVD commentary when JJ described the opening title sequence and the score and how it was designed to indicate that Star Trek was back? No? Oh, uh, then neither did I.”

Yeah, who would have a reaction like that?
*shifty eyes*
On a completely unrelated note, can I borrow a kleenex?

71. jas_montreal - December 19, 2009

@ 64.

Hear, hear !

72. TrekFanForever - December 19, 2009

The January issue of Wizard magazine has the movie poster (four colors w/ Nero, Kirk, Uhura and Chekov) on the cover and has named Star Trek the Best Movie of 2009.

73. TrekFanForever - December 19, 2009


Well said. It would be selfish to have a movie tailored only to us fans. Star Trek should deserves to have a universal appeal to non fans as well. I think that JJ, Bob and Alex, created an appeal that the franchise has never had before and gave it new blood. Star Trek is no longer on life support and I am happy for it. Bring on Star Trek: Something Something, ASAP!

74. pete - December 19, 2009

I am sorry, but it’s not about having the movie tailored to the hardcore fans. I was never implying that the movie should have been a pure fan-fest. On the contrary. I think with the terrific cast they could have gotten away with a complete reboot.

@64. denny cranium:
One could argue equally well that the audience would have been even bigger if it had had a more intelligent story. I am of course happy that Trek is alive and kicking. But as I already said, that could have been achieved equally well, if not better with a better story. And I don’t like the idea (I am not suggesting that you intended this), that you need to dumb-down a movie to make it commercially successful. That would be really sad. And in the present case I am not sure it would still be Trek if it continued this way. Let’s see what the second movie brings.

And concerning the science part:

69. J. Pablo Fernández:
Yes it is called Science-Fiction, so thank you very much. But just to clarify. Of course I am aware that even Trek – like all Science Fiction – is not entirely scientific (hence the fiction part). Nobody is requesting this. Least of all me. But Star Trek so far at least incorporated known science and built fiction on top of it. Maybe except for some naive TOS episodes (but, hey, those were simpler times :-). But in ST 2009 there are things that are known today and plain wrong. This is upsetting to me. I mean, hey, just do that minimum amount of research. That really makes it look the writers didn’t care or know themselves and just wanted to hook in all the morons that cannot distinguish a planet from a star -> commercial success.

75. moodo2 - December 19, 2009

JJ Abrams and Bob Orci/Alex Kurtzman have done what all Star Trek fans wanted……a GOOD Star Trek movie!

To the critics of the 2009 movie-Keep in mind, Director Nicholas Meyer had to almost change the philosophy of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of what Star Trek is to make it appealing to a wider audience in Wrath of Khan. That movie barely stretches the gray matter as it’s thesis is about vengeance (similar theme to 2009). JJ Abrams simply did what Meyer already did before…..make Star Trek appealing to a wider audience! And I think he accomplished that, without altering the basic philosophy of what we love about Star Trek.

76. pete - December 20, 2009

Don’t agree: Basic philosophy behind Trek might not have been explored in The Wrath of Kahn. But it was not developed into another direction either. And Kahn only works because he is played wonderfully by Ricardo Montalban. Just compare the number lines of Kahn and Nero. Nero’s dialogue fits on a credit card and half of what he says is “Ahhhh!” and “Spooooock”.

77. Moodo2 - December 21, 2009

Eric Bana’s villain is no comparison to Ricardo Montalban’s Khan, I agree. Many things were cut from the film that would have better explored Nero as a villain. How long would you want the movie?
If you recall, in Shatner’s book Star Trek: Movie Memories, Gene Rodden berry was not at all happy with the changes Meyer was making with his creation. According to Meyer, Wrath of Khan was more militaristic than utopian, and it was an adventure movie-much like Star Trek 2009.

I don’t think for the movie to work was to make Nero as meaningful as a Khan. Take the Borg for example. We don’t need to know much about them. They’re amoral. They destroy/assimilate everything in their path. It works as a good villain. Nero fits this well.
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