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Make it ‘Sir’ – Patrick Stewart To Be Knighted December 18, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,TNG , trackback

Patrick Stewart got used to being called ‘sir’ playing Captain Jean Luc Picard during seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation and four feature films. But now it appears he will be being called ‘sir’ in real life as news out of the UK reports the actor will be knighted by the Queen.


That’s ‘Sir Patrick’ To You

The UK’s Mirror is reporting that Patrick Stewart, who has been spending much of the last decade returning to his roots on the British stage, is to be knighted by the Queen on this years New Year’s Honours list. However, the news is not official, and being cited to "palace sources" According to the report, Stewart is being honored for his "services to drama."

Assuming the report is true, Stewart will join the ranks of other great actors and actresses who have been previously honored as Sirs and Dames, including Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Lee, Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Sean Connery, Ian McKellen, Roger Moore, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and Alec Guiness. Now Patrick and his and friend Ian can call each other "sir."

Stewart with his friend Sir Ian McKellen at the Variety Club Showbiz Awards in London November 15th, 2009

Is the Queen a Trek fan?
The Mirror also notes that the sources say the Queen is a fan:

Palace sources said the Queen is a huge fan of the 69-year-old, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Not sure if that means she is a fan of his stage work, but could it be that Queen Elizabeth II is a Next Gen fan? If so, what could be her favorite episode? Does her majesty think First Contact violated canon because it introduced the Borg Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II – reportedly a fan of Patrick Stewart






1. tenfingersofdoom - December 18, 2009


2. BorgPhil - December 18, 2009

Well, as a staunch republican I can’t get too excited, but if anyone should be Sir, it might was well be Sir Patrick Stewart.

3. Sunfell - December 18, 2009

‘Sir’ Patrick sounds really fine- and he’s definitely earned it!

4. Adam C - December 18, 2009

make it so

5. Mark - December 18, 2009

Ian’s shoes are wierd

6. Christine - December 18, 2009

He very much deserves this. Congratulations ‘Sir’ Patrick Stewart :)

7. cc - December 18, 2009

Sir Patrick is one of the nicest folks I’ve ever met — worked with him a few times and ever the gentleman — and a consummate pro!

8. Dan Z - December 18, 2009

Aye Sir!

9. Henry Blake's Plane - December 18, 2009

“Sir” Patrick would be great… he has to get rid of the Magnum P.I. mustache first though.

10. Nivenus - December 18, 2009

Well, the queen is a Doctor Who fan and a technogeek, so her being a Trek fan isn’t too farfetched.

Cool, though. The title’s pretty much just nominal but still, Patrick Stewart belongs alongside Ian McKellan, Christopher Lee, and Sean Connery.

11. Ashley - December 18, 2009

:D Congratulations Mr. Stewart!

12. ryanhuyton - December 18, 2009

Well deserved. And he is in good company. Alot of fine folks with great talent!

13. Pensive's Wetness - December 18, 2009

Love your show, “G. Gordon Liddy”…

14. S. John Ross - December 18, 2009

It’d be entirely appropriate, and I’d get a royal kick out of referring to him as “Sir Patrick.” The man just rocks.

15. Pragmaticus - December 18, 2009


Seriously, I was simply dumbfounded that he hadn’t been knighted yet. Long overdue, and extremely well-deserved.

16. Imrahil - December 18, 2009

Wow, congrats. Christopher Lee was recently announced to be Knighted as well (long overdue!)

17. Sotirios Moshonas - December 18, 2009

Congratulations, Sir Patrick Stewart. You deserve that title.

And the last 5 years, I have called him Sir Patrick Stewart by mistake. I thought he was knighted long time ago without any public announcement.

Do you think Sir Patrick Stewart will make a guest appearance on the new TV series, base on the classic series, “The Prisoner” with Sir Ian McKellen?

It would be nice if both Sir Patrick and Sir Ian appear together in the final “Harry Potter” movie. Who knows.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. Live Long and Prosper. Long Life and Happiness.

18. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2009

Good for him!!!

19. aries127 - December 18, 2009

Wonderful! Just wonderful! Congratualtions with all my heart, Sir Patrick!

20. jas_montreal - December 18, 2009

First of all….

The fact that Royalty families still exist in this day and age is SAD !

Hence forth, i consider this ”honour” to be pathetic. Patrick does not need any lousy and pathetic ”royalty” to pay tribute to him. Patrick is awesome without it.

21. Hat Rick - December 18, 2009

Yes, being knighted is great, but being rich is better. (Of course, Mr. Stewart is both.) Besides, as the recipient of a knighthood, you’re only required to be called “sir” in the UK, not anywhere else.

Here in the U.S., he’s plain ol’ Patrick Stewart.

But congrats, just the same. :-)

22. LoyalStarTrekFan - December 18, 2009

I know I said I wouldn’t post here again but this article has changed my mind. As TNG is my favorite show, and I believe Patrick Stewart to be the best actor ever in Star Trek, I must offer my congratulations to soon-to-be Sir Patrick Stewart. Make it so!

23. skyjedi - December 18, 2009

A distinguished actor that deserves the accolades he is getting. The person he passed the torch backwards to, Chris Pine does not deserve them, yet.

Also he would never be knighted because as far as i’m aware he is not Brittish nor is Shatner who is Canadian.

24. Hat Rick - December 18, 2009

About the Canadian knighthood thing — please see:

Conrad Black is an example of a Canuck who recently received a peerage, but he relinquished his Canadian citizenship, I believe.

It’s amazing the stuff that gets discussed in a Trek forum.

Besides, did Mr. Shatner never secure an American citizenship? It’s an interesting question.

25. skyjedi - December 18, 2009

Of course hes American but first he was a Canadian and is known as a Canadian actor. And so is Hayden Christensen.

26. Nathan - December 18, 2009

Most excellent news, though in this day and age the honor of British knighthood is somewhat less, well, honorable than it has been in the past.

But I am definitely very pleased to see this. A heart-felt congratulations to Mr. Stewart.


27. MikeApollyon - December 19, 2009

Thats great!!! Couldn’t of happend to a nicer man!

28. Buzz Cagney - December 19, 2009

Bill once said he preferred the American way oh honouring talent- by giving them money! lol
But Bill could be given a Knighthood. Steven Spielberg was given one. Its just a title. Doesn’t incur wealth and vast stately estates on the recipient! lol
Still, Congratulations to Patrick. I knew he would get the title one day.

29. LJ - December 19, 2009

To all those saying Bill Shatner should receive a knighthood (and he is eligible as a Commonwealth citizen, and as a subject of the Queen as a citizen of Canada), I started a petition for the same on the Downing Street website a few years back. Nothing came of it. Perhaps it’s time to try again.

He deserves it.

30. DonDonP1 - December 19, 2009

Congrats, Sir Patrick. You have earned the title. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010. Live long and prosper!

31. Will_H - December 19, 2009

God knows he deserves it, has to be the finest actor to ever grace Star Trek and who knows if he hadn’t been cast if TNG would have made it (not to say that the rest of the cast wasn’t great). I agree that he has done a great service to theater around the world.

32. JLM - December 19, 2009

A parting gift from the Labour party whom Stewart funded whilst working in California?

33. true_brit - December 19, 2009

Steven Speilberg is acually a sir too, but as a non-brit he isn’t allowed the use the title. He gets to use KBE (Knight of the British Empire)


34. Nivenus - December 19, 2009


Correction. As an *American* he isn’t allowed to use the title. The constitution outright bars any American from holding a noble title. Of course, Americans have been and will likely continue to be knighted, but they can’t use it at home.

35. JohnnyMoo - December 19, 2009

Great news! I’m not really one for doing things out of tradition, but I think the Queen’s new year’s honours are a great way to thank people for their contributions to their field in a way that’s more special than an ordinary award.

Oh and the Queen likes going to watch plays quite often, so she’s probably seen Sir Patrick on stage a few times.

36. Hat Rick - December 19, 2009

I wonder if Captain Jean-Luc Picard knows that he bears an uncanny resemblance to an actor of some note who was knighted by the British monarch in 2009.

This brings me back to the classic question of whether there is an entertainment franchise known as “Star Trek” in the Star Trek universe. If the answer is “no,” then that sort of puts a damper on the idea that Star Trek is our future. If the answer is “yes,” then that sort of doesn’t make sense.

37. Hat Rick - December 19, 2009

I mean, 2010, not 2009.

38. captain_neill - December 19, 2009

This is great news. Patrick Stewart is one of my all time favourite and Captain Picard one of my all time fav characters.

This is an honour he truly deserves

39. Olley Olley Olley - December 19, 2009

this site has some real pond-life for members.
taking Stewarts good news as a chance to bash the monarchy.

I think they are jealous that we in the United Kingdom have one.


20 jas_montreal
it’s not royalty family, it’s ROYAL family.

here to correct you ignorance

40. Holger - December 19, 2009

Congratulations to Sir Patrick!

41. Chris Pike - December 19, 2009

Well deserved, one of our nations top thespians, and about time!
Trek’s first Knight!

42. CmdrR - December 19, 2009

Is that Sir Captain Jean-Luc or Captain Picard, SIR! ?

Congratulations! Mustn’t let Ian have one up on you.

43. Carol - December 19, 2009

Sir Patrick Stewart has a nice ring to it! Congratulations!

44. Marian Ciobanu - December 19, 2009

– Congratulations , Sir Patrick Stewart…!!!…

45. jonboc - December 19, 2009

It must be in recognition of his stage work. I find it hard to believe the scant amount of work Stewart has done on television and movies like Xmen and Dune would merit such an honor.

46. Z Remorca - December 19, 2009

wow. mckellen’s FTW :))

47. jas_montreal - December 19, 2009

@ 39.

I don’t care. I don’t think anyone is special over another person. That is not ignorance btw…. thats just modern thinking.

48. Imrahil - December 19, 2009

#39 – Yep, pretty ridiculous. Congrats again to Sir Patrick.

49. Hat Rick - December 19, 2009

No one is superior to anyone else in what would be termed the eyes of God — if God exists.

It is an unfortunate fact that, because of human vanity, ranks must be enabled and obeisance is demanded in certain circumstances. Call it meritocracy, or not — even if it isn’t.

I like to think of it as recognition for a life well lived or, at any rate, a life well accomplished. Nothing more. In the end, it really doesn’t matter, in the same sense that in the end, the Earth claims its own.

50. WowserUK - December 19, 2009

It’s always puzzled me why Sir Pat was overlooked.. up ’til now! well done.. you’ve most certainly earned it!

51. RK - December 19, 2009

No one from the Trek world deserves it more.
The best EVER Captain of Starfleet and by far the best actor in Star Trek.
Always been a big fan. Hope some day i will be able to see Patrick Stewart on a theater stage.
Congratulations (Sir) Patrick!!!!!!!!!

52. jas_montreal - December 19, 2009

@ 47.

How is that ridiculous ?

Your telling me… someone who has the title ‘sir’ attached to them, has worked harder then someone who has worked all their life in a factory to support their families ? I AM SORRY FOR STARTING A FLAME WAR, but it pisses me off ! I love patrick, he deserves an award or something… but ‘sir’ ? Come on….. then it is unfair for other hard working citizens to not have that title.

53. Techtrekker - December 19, 2009

About time!

Long Live Sir Patrick!

54. Julie - December 19, 2009

I remember when Patrick Stewart said that he didn’t care about being knighted – he wanted to be made “Lord” Stewart.

My congratulations to him, anyway.

55. Olley Olley Olley - December 19, 2009


it’s due respect for his body of work & the entertainment that people, like us, have been given by it.
Now, you can keep up your infantile rants. but it is demonstrating a huge amount of mean spiritedness to a man that I personally would feel honored to meet again and call him Sir.

56. Steve - December 19, 2009

Congratulations to Sir Patrick! A well-deserved honor.

57. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 19, 2009

Im not into the British Royalty by any means. But I a glad that Patrick Sewart is being given this honor. Yes there are people who work much harder for a lot less. But what Patrick has done is give us all great entertainment and joy over the years. Weather it be as Capt Picard or in the X Men Movies or Dune or any of the other works he has done. Congradulations Sir Patrick Stewart.

58. TroubledTribble - December 19, 2009

My fellow Americans, reading alot of the statements made here, it’s nice to see that American arrogance and conceit is still going strong. Maybe that is why the rest of the world hates Americans(notice I say Americans and not America). We still have that undieing need to feel superior to everyone else.
Sir Patrick Stewart has worked long and hard for that title and the honor. He is a great actor and thespian and deserves all the accolades due him. Don’t deminish the honor bestowed on him with arrogant statements about not being able to use it here in America. All that does is make us look like small minded spoiled children.

Congratulations, Sir Patrick Stewart!!!!!

59. Andy - December 19, 2009

Well done Patrick Stewart! Well done.

60. Demode - December 19, 2009

William Shatner could be made a KBE (Knight of the British Empire), but he could not be referred to as Sir William Shatner, because he is Canadian. Coming from a commonwealth country does not grant you the title of Sir. You have to be a British citizen to be allowed the title.

Conrad Black, who famously renounced his Canadian citizenship so he could assume the British peerage as Lord Black of Crossharbour, did so because the Prime Minister of Canada objected to a Canadian citizen being given a foreign title.

I’m happy to hear that Patrick Stewart is being Knighted. He certainly deserves it. I really hope to see him again in a future Star Trek TNG movie.

61. jas_montreal - December 19, 2009

@ 54.

Your right. I am mean-spirited.

62. CarlG - December 19, 2009

I’m amazed that this hadn’t happened already, actually! Congratualtions to Sir Patrick!

And Queen Elizabeth is a geek? That’s just a little bit awesome.

63. AdamTrek - December 19, 2009

So, basically if Britain is every attacked by Romans, the Queen shall call forth her loyal Knights to fight for the homeland. Sir Knight Patrick Stewart shall be given the title of Captain in the Royal Navy and shall then be sent on a diplomatic mission in the Spaghetti Sector aboard the flagship HMS Enterprise. Then, as the away party commences he shall meet with the Emperor Bascetti and henceforth try to talk him into surrender or he shall blow their boot out of the water with a nuclear torpedo. Perhaps the mustache will prevail, perhaps not. “Fire!” To be Continued… In the “Best of Both Entres, Part II”.

(Disclamer: above author has nothing against Italians. Just using the puns for funny one-liners and jokes in above story. End disclaimer)


64. CarlG - December 19, 2009

He should lose the ‘stache, though, it’s not really working for him.

And I like Sir Ian’s shoes — shiny! :)

65. zirclet - December 19, 2009

Great news, well deserved, and perhaps long overdue!

66. Nuallain - December 19, 2009

Has anyone pointed out yet that who gets a knighthood and who doesn’t isn’t decided by the Queen? She’s ordered who to honour by the democratically elected government.

67. Nihonshu :: Sir Stewart :: December :: 2009 - December 19, 2009

[…] vår Jean Luc Picard – Patrick Stewart – ska dubbas till riddare. Därmed kan han titulera sig "sir". […]

68. Buzz Cagney - December 19, 2009

#65 yes, another poster above suggested it was probably more to do with him associating himself with the governing Labour Party. But then it’s always worked that way whoever is in power. As an actor I think Patrick can stand quite happily with any of his peers that have been awarded a Knighthood, so good luck to him. And I say that as no particualar fan of Picard or TNG, but I recognise a fine actor when I see one.

69. RTC - December 19, 2009

Great news and well deserved!

(And just think, if he ever does another Trek film, he’ll be able to stand before an invading Romulan army, brandish his sword and declare, “None shall pass!”)

70. devon - December 19, 2009

Awesome, well deserved… a superb thespian! Cannot Dame Maggie Smith be added to the list as well or am I mistaken?

71. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2009

Here’s a million dollar idea……somebody should open a fleet of sewing-machine repair shops with Sir Patrick Stewart doing the voice-over for the commercials. The name of the store chain?


(runs and hides)

72. CmdrR - December 19, 2009

44. jonboc – December 19, 2009
It must be in recognition of his stage work. I find it hard to believe the scant amount of work Stewart has done on television and movies like Xmen and Dune would merit such an honor.

Don’t forget ‘Lady Anne,’ ‘I, Claudius,’ and ‘Excalibur.’
Of course, the clincher has to be ‘Lifeforce.’

73. Olley Olley Olley - December 19, 2009

@ 70

or perhaps a cooking show Harry!

Make it Stew XD

74. Harry Ballz - December 19, 2009


Yikes! :>)

75. iplaicawd - December 19, 2009

that’s a funny picture

76. nick - December 19, 2009

60 … you’re wrong, you don’t just have to be British to be called ‘Sir’. Many of the countries of the Commonwealth use the title ‘Sir’. I’m not specifically sure about Canada … but for example New Zealand (a member country of the Commonwealth) uses the titles (as appointed by the Queen).

Congratulations to Mr Stewart, great actor & top bloke!

77. EFFeX - December 19, 2009

Congrats Patrick!

Thanks for all the memories over the years as well.

78. Doc Holliday ™ - December 19, 2009

Congrats Patrick, as you said in the deleted scene from Nemesis, when the seatbelt fastened you, you said, “its about time” …. well here ya go, Sir!

79. Demode - December 20, 2009

#76. You may not have to be from Britain, but as a Canadian, we cannot be knighted into the highest orders, and as such, we cannot have the title of “SIR” or “DAME” in front of our name. This might not be the case for all Commonwealth countires, but it certainly is the case for Canada (this may have something to do with the province of Quebec.)

Only the two highest ranks admit an individual into knighthood automatically, an honour allowing the recipient to use the title “Sir” (male) or “Dame” (female) before his or her first name (though one can be knighted separately from the Orders of Chivalry).

To be dubbed a Knight by the Queen, you have to be “knighted” with a sword.

Honorary knighthoods, given to individuals who are not nationals of a realm where Elizabeth II is Head of State, permit usage of the honour as a post-nominal but not as a title before their name. These recipients are classified as honorary members of the Order they receive, and do not contribute to the numbers restricted to that Order as full members do.

Several past American statesmen and diplomats who have performed service for, or on behalf of, the United Kingdom have been given the designation of Knight Commander of the order. However, since membership requires swearing allegiance to a foreign head of state (currently Queen Elizabeth II), the title is officially considered “honorary”, and the person is/was not “officially” titled Sir or Dame.

80. Buzz Cagney - December 20, 2009

#74 or the special effects outfit that can orgainise a ‘Chritmas’ scene for movie shoots- Make it Snow.
I’ll get my coat!

81. Buzz Cagney - December 20, 2009

Ha they really exist! Not an SFX company, but the right name! lol

82. mateo - December 20, 2009


Why would being a Republican have anything to do with it? It’s not like he’s trying to grant equal rights or stop wars from happening…you should still be okay with it, right? ;)

83. Ştirile zilei: 2009.12.20 « dreptungeek - December 20, 2009

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84. claire - December 20, 2009

Congradulations Patrick Stewart i am so proud of you to be a Sir Queen Elizabeth II is proud of you too i hope you are a good actor and a very good sir.

85. roy - December 20, 2009

Congratulations to Patrick Stewart on receiving the honour for a Knighthood. However there is something wrong here that Patrick gets to be knighted before the likes of the legendary Bruce Forsyth whose contribution to British entertainment spans over 50 years.

86. Charybdis - December 20, 2009

It’s about time he was knighted. My wife and I think it is wonderful that he has received the honorary and much deserved title.

Congradulations to Sir Patrick Stewart and for his devotion to the arts. Be it cinema, stage, and television.

87. Christine - December 20, 2009

Congrats, congrats to Patrick Stewart!! Such a fine actor, and Star Trek was blessed to have him as part of the franchise for so many years. I hope he goes on with theatre (he’s SO good at it) and.. dare I say it, “lives long and prospers”.

88. ryanhuyton - December 20, 2009

It’s nice to see a Trek actor become even more successful after Star Trek. The role of Captain Picard opened up doors for Patrick Stewart, specifically as Professor Xavier in the “X-Men” trilogy. Now I (and many others I’m sure) can only hope that William Shatner gets into the Order Of Canada. Not the same thing, but similar as it is a national honor just like the knighthood in Britain. Preferably while he’s still alive of course!:-)

89. Me - December 21, 2009


Patrick Stewarts contribution to British entertainment spans over fifty years too…

90. Jim Smith - December 21, 2009

What’s important about this is that it’s recognition. It’s not political. It’s not even overtly monarchical. All countries have honours. American ones are just called the Presidential Medal of Blah Blah Whatever Etc. There is a tradition of knighting great Shakespearean actors that goes back to Shakespeare’s own lifetime. (Look up Ned Alleyn.) This is for history. It’s so the future sees Sir Patrick in the lineage of Alleyn, Benson, Olivier, Beerbon-Tree, Kean, etc.

91. Daoud - December 21, 2009

@82 You misunderstand. #2 is a *British* republican, not an American Republican.

British republicans would like to see the monarchy removed from all governance. They don’t care whether the peerage is disestablished or not: it could function like the Greek, Russian, and various Italian houses and they’d be fine. They just want an elected, republican, head of state rather than the current lineal descedants of some chap who happened upon a sword stuck in a stone. And they don’t want the public having to pay so many millions of pounds each year for their royal “services”. It’s quite an expense you know.

In that sense, British republicans would find themselves most aligned with American Democrats.

92. Bill - December 21, 2009

Make it so. It’s about time.

93. Jorg Sacul - December 21, 2009

@#36… you’re multi-verse hopping. Stop it. You’re creating new universes with every possible incarnation of what if… soon, we’ll be up to our ears in them!! Oh wait.. now I’ve just made one! *Drat*

94. roy - December 21, 2009


You’re absolutely right as Patrick’s career also spans over 50 years, but the big difference is within Britain Bruce Forsyth has been far more influential and in additon he will go down in history as one of the greatest British entertainers of all time. As I mentioned in a previous post that it’s a bit strange that Patrick gets the Knighthood before the likes of good old Brucie.

95. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 21, 2009

3 cheers for SIR Stewart…. HIP HIP, HORRAY!! HIP HIP, HORRAY!!! HIP HIP, HORRAY!!!

96. Lwoxana's twin sister - December 22, 2009

Congratulations Sir Patrick Stewart!!!!
Some of us can remember your fine work before Star Trek. My personal favourites are your stunning performance as the evil Sejanus in I,Claudius, and your snooty French Maitre’d in LA Story. A truly gifted actor. Few actors have worked harder in their profession, or so tirelessly outside it, as you have done. Few actors would have sent themselves up so hilariously and so generously as you did in Extras. It always puzzled me that you had not been offered a knighthood before this.

As far as HRH being a trekkie – why not? She likes her Earl Grey as well.

Congratulations again, Sir Patrick and a very Happy New Year

97. LordEdzo - December 29, 2009

It’s about freakin’ time!!!

98. JOANIE R - December 30, 2009


99. Ingrid Mueller - January 3, 2010

Congratulations Sir Patrick and a happy New Year

100. Sir Ben - January 12, 2010

#60….Do a bit more research before you start making observations about the Commonwealth. New Zealand PM John Key restored knighthoods soon after he came to power in 2008, and the NZ Governor-General has been giving them out ever since. The latest recipient was Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, whose knighthood received a lot of press. Papua New Guinea also gives out knighthoods on rare occasions. If Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott wins the next election, there’s every chance he will restore knighthoods as well. The man is a staunch constitutional monarchist, even more than former PM Howard.

101. Inside the San Francisco Star Trek Convention - January 24, 2010

[…] their social rituals and merchandise for sale. Nor could I stick around to have my photo taken with Sir Patrick Stewart, […]

102. princeminski - January 24, 2010

To 39 and 78–As an American (Texan at that) I find it extremely mean spirited to use this honor to slam the idea of knighthood. No one who goes to a Star Trek comments page should sneer at heroes. Also to #82, speaking to #2–Seconded. Everything on earth doesn’t demand comment “as a Republican.”

103. Kiwi Tigger - January 25, 2010

If it please our Sovereign to knight a man, it matters not at all that the USA has a Constitutional edict relating to titles. The person is knight of the BRITISH Empire/Commonwealth and while in one of our countries, is referred to by his title. The titles are not extended to them because they are American you know, all sorts of people get them, the Mayor of New York got one, and rightly so.

Robert A. Heinlein said it best. No democracy is safe with a popularly elected head of state, give me a King for true freedom.

We wish our US cousins well you know, but you really must keep out of our business until it interferes with yours.

104. Jess - June 2, 2010

YES!!!!!!!!! congrats Sir Patrick Stewart, so awesome!!!!!! Finally someone that I feel deserves it, who in the sci-fi world is next? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.