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Star Trek Online Open Beta Begins – Find Out How You Can Start Playing Today January 12, 2010

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Star Trek Online, the massive multiplayer game set in Star Trek’s 25th century, took a big step today towards its release on February 2nd. Atari and Cryptic have begun the ‘open beta’ test for the game, giving more fans and gamers the opportunity to find out what it is all about. We have details on how you can get an open beta key below.


Get your open beta key
Cryptic have been running a ‘closed beta’ test of Star Trek Online since October. That has gone well for the company and now they are ready to open it up to a much larger group for the final tests before the game goes live in February. The Open Beta begins today, January 12, 2010 and will end on January 26, 2010. The easiest way to get an open beta key is to pre-order the game. You can pre-order the game from TrekMovie’s preferred retail partner Amazon (where you can select either the Standard or Collector’s Edition). The Amazon editions also include am exclusive Borg bridge officer. Cryptic also has a list of additional retailers at their site.

If you haven’t made up your mind, but want to try the Open Beta, Cryptic are also giving away keys at some of their partner sites:

Once you have your key you go to and download the game client. If you have more questions read the Open Beta FAQ.


Press Release 


Fans and Gamers Now Have the Opportunity to Explore the Vast Star Trek Universe Through Space and Ground Gameplay for Two Weeks Prior to Launch

New York, NY (January 12, 2010) – Atari, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized videogame publishers, and acclaimed MMO developer Cryptic Studios™, announced today that the highly anticipated Star Trek Online for PC has entered open beta, bringing fans one step closer to playing in the final frontier. The open beta runs through January 26, 2010. Fans with valid open beta keys can explore the Star Trek universe and play the first-of-a-kind massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Information about where to obtain open beta keys and where to download the open beta client can be found on the official Star Trek Online website at:

“We are thrilled to give open beta access to fans as we draw nearer to the official release of Star Trek Online,” said Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. “We are looking forward to the launch of our first-of-a-kind MMORPG with anticipation and excitement and we expect Star Trek Online to explode onto the scene, giving fans and gamers a Star Trek experience like no other.”

Taking place in the year 2409, Star Trek Online boasts extraordinary features and lets fans both new and old experience unparalleled adventures. Players will have the opportunity to become a high ranking Starfleet officer and will participate in missions that will take them into the depths of space, across exotic planets and even inside other starships. Star Trek Online offers total customization, where every ship players command can be customized, from color to construction. Additionally, anyone can create their own species in Star Trek Online, as well as customize the look of their avatar’s uniform.

Star Trek Online allows players to become a warrior in the Klingon Empire or join the Federation’s esteemed Starfleet and explore a never-before-seen, completely interactive Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Online is a licensed product from CBS Consumer Products. For more information, please visit: and




1. Eli - January 12, 2010

I’m downloading the open beta client now!

2. Sybok's Secret Brother - January 12, 2010

I won one of the 50 beta keys last week – my son and I have been having a wonderful time! It has to be one of the best Trek games yet.

Thanks Anthony!

3. Newman - January 12, 2010

I cried myself to sleep when I didn’t win…

4. Dr. Cheis - January 12, 2010

The beta test is only 2 weeks long? That doesn’t make me very optimistic about how good this game will be.

5. Andrew - January 12, 2010

So how do we report bugs? Anyone know? There is no e-mail contact info that I can find on their web site.

6. Spock Of Ages - January 12, 2010


7. Philip Dunlop - January 12, 2010

So…. anyone who’s tried it: how does it work in the real world? And what kind of tech specs are we looking at (in terms of real world performance, not just what it says on the box).

8. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2010


they have been running a ‘closed beta’ test since October. We have written many articles about it and given away three sets closed beta keys

9. Starfleet Panda - January 12, 2010

To anybody that still wants/needs a Key, i just got one from Fileplanet. They might still have more :D I can’t wait to download/try this game!

10. John - January 12, 2010

at Andrew #5 you should see a little thing on the far right of your screen it’s a green bug and that is how you report a bug

11. Kirk, James Kirk - January 12, 2010

man..I’ll never get a key..been trying for months

12. MagicDan - January 12, 2010

It’s awesome, thanks for the beta key.

BTW, do the old beta keys still work in the open beta, or do I need to pre order and get back in that way?

Stil trying to figure out the best pre-order deal with goodies for the game.

13. Adam C - January 12, 2010

preordered via no good downloaders luckily found a copy on usenet yay usenet 1hour togo..

14. Newman - January 12, 2010

yeah Cheis inform yourself

15. Bradley1701 - January 12, 2010

#4 – this is only open beta….closed beta has been going on for months and the game is built on an engine that was tested on their last MMO so no worries…

16. Prologic9 - January 12, 2010

Now all we have to do is download the 8gigs of files. :(

17. Riker1701E - January 12, 2010

Big Queue but its getting there Cannot wait

18. Corinthian7 - January 12, 2010

I would love to get into this but I don’t like the idea of playing a game on my PC so I suspect I’ll have to wait for the console release. Assuming that actually happens…

19. Sybok's Secret Brother - January 12, 2010

It was a huge download and then there were the updates – but folks, I’m tellin’ ya – it’s worth the wait.


20. AJ - January 12, 2010

I’m salivating, but I’ll wait until the bugs are worked out.

21. MagicDan - January 12, 2010


It’s really cool. Come on, just try out the beta. It’s the coolest Star Trek game ever.

To me it feels like a combination of the 25th anniversary game and the PSP tactical assault game. All the good parts with more detail added in.

Plus you get to modify the look of your own ship! What more could you want?

I’m hooked.

22. NX01 - January 12, 2010

How much money is this going to cost per month?

23. Aqua - January 12, 2010

Sweet! Most of the download mirrors are currently overloaded though. Some have gone down completely.

24. somethoughts - January 12, 2010

I did not win a key on 3 attempts, I am going to pout and not try the game, they should allow anyone to beta test, specially someone with over 20 years of gaming experience and 10 years of mmo, oh wells, their loss. I will wait for non mmo D3.

25. 'Drew - January 12, 2010

So, the open beat keys only go to people who paid for the game already, or pay a third party for a service. No way to get one without paying?

Guess I’ll never know if the game will run well enough for my tastes on my slightly-below mimumum graphics card in my laptop.

26. Minitrap - January 12, 2010

***I did not win a key on 3 attempts, I am going to pout and not try the game, they should allow anyone to beta test***

The server already have problems to handle the mass of players. The beta-server wouldn’t be running anymore if everyone could access the game.

***specially someone with over 20 years of gaming experience and 10 years of mmo, oh wells, their loss. I will wait for non mmo D3***

Honestly, this comment proves that cryptic hasn’t lost anything.

27. somethoughts - January 12, 2010

Sure they lost a experienced gamer who was interested in testing a new mmo, all good. I am sure it will be a good game with good citizens, except for a mouthy poster who has to comment on others opinion and venting. This is when I wish was playing and can fire a torpedo at you and blow your face up and yell OWNED.

28. Skippy2k - January 12, 2010

Been playing most of the day, on and off as its been pretty full!

29. NX01 - January 12, 2010

How is everyone so excited about a game that has no price tag, as of yet.

I mean it sounds cool but , how do any of you have any Idea if you will be able to afford this game?

When I go to game stop every thing has a price tag on it.

I know what I am paying for and how much it costs.


30. Agentm31 - January 12, 2010

It’s a little crashy, but that’s because of all the people going in and out. I can’t wait for all the little bugs to be fixed. It actually is really fun

31. JD - January 12, 2010

Open “Beta”‘s aren’t really about testing and reporting “bugs”, though you can do both should you desire. Anymore, the “open” periods are really just pre-release test drives. Another form of marketing. Cryptic has made it pretty easy to try the game without buying a pre-order, so get your key, dl the client and have some fun.

32. loboblanco - January 12, 2010

you can get a key at Target for 99 cents and you also get a $5 off coupon for when the game comes out and a special phaser rifle only for target buyers.

33. Cerri - January 12, 2010

Well, i am not going to buy it until i can test it, not beacose i want to knew if is good or bad game, its beacose i want to tray if i cant play it or not with mi internet conecction. I dont have a key, so it would not be open beta, thats ok, but i hope they give up some free demo or something like that.. beacose if they dont, sorry guys, ive really would love to play it, but i am not rich, so, until i am not sure i can play it.. sorry.

And sorry for bad eanlish, not mi natural lenguage.

34. Ezytarget - January 12, 2010

I’ve looked at Target several times for this (and at different ones in fact) and never seen it available. I also have no interest in buying this game if I can’t test it out first. I’m not sure if my computer can run it. My graphics card is top of the line but my processor is horribly slow. After playing WoW for over 3 years I’m looking for a new MMO to play but again I have to be able to try it out first. If it runs and it’s fun then I’m all set to devote way to many hours to my former crack habit.

35. herbyneo - January 12, 2010

it’s fun. when you start playing the open beta keep in mind, it’s still a beta. give the game and developers a chance. the development team is doing a great job. it’s been laggy all day, and they just implemented a patch that fixed it. so far the loading times are fast. anyway, this mmo has a chance to stand on it’s own. non-trekkers can play it and have fun. don’t compare this to WoW or EQ. STO is it’s own game, and it’s worth it

36. Joe Michael - January 12, 2010

So if I preorder it via Amazon, the site says it’s emailed to you 2 days after you buy. So if I buy tonight, I have to wait 2 days still? All the linkys are showing “we are out of keys”. :(

37. johnny - January 12, 2010

If you go and Pre-order it at gamestop they give u the open beta key right there in the store… i have been playing for a few hours and it has been packed but fun.

38. VorpalK - January 12, 2010

Well I don’t know about playing it today. The client is huge and will take at least anohter 8 hours to download, due to Cryptic’s poor planning (and no I’m not going to pay Fileplanet an ADDITIONAL subscription fee to download the client quickly).

Looking forward to it, but I really wish I could have downloaded the client when I input my beta key a week ago. Then I could have been playing tonight, rather than tommorrow night (maybe).

39. The Galactic Battleburger - January 12, 2010

A bit of advice: DO NOT PRE-ORDER THE GAME FROM IMPULSE!!! They promise the beta key, but there isn’t a download link anywhere. They’ve also made it very difficult to get your money back, requiring me to go through their tech support until the techies authorize a refund. By the way, their tech suppor line is only working between 9 am – 4 pm Eastern … and I live on the west coast >:(

I’ve also got the beta key I purchased from Target and it doesn’t make downloading the beta client any easier. All of the “non pre-order” download sites are jammed up like the 405 during rush-hour. File Planet is the absolute worse one of these: every time you click on a download button, it sends you to a window telling you that the link either doesn’t exist or has been re-named.

Best advice from me? Purchase a pre-order that gives you the beta client download from a more reliable & reputable vendor such as I’m downloading the torrent and it’s going to be another 26 HOURS before its done. I’ve also got the download from going, and it’s at a -51%. You read right, a NEGATIVE FIFTY ONE PERCENT download so far.

If anybody can help me find the beta client download on Impulse, I’d really appreciate it. HEEEEELLLLLLLLLP!!!

40. The Galactic Battleburger - January 12, 2010

@VorpalK – Although I’m having trouble downloading from FliePlanet, I’ve found that the “subscription” at all other sites only gives you the chance to start downloading immediately instead of waiting in line. However, the actual download itself is just as long as if you had waited in line. Definitely not worth the fee, much less the hassle.

41. Dr. Cheis - January 13, 2010

Re 8 & 15: My bad, I should have paid more attention to the details.

It still feels like a short time period though to hold an open beta, even if a closed beta has been going on previously. I’m sure the game will be smooth and mostly glitch free, it’s the “fun” and “good” part I’m worried about. Of course I haven’t seen any of this first hand and I could be worried over nothing.

42. Dr. Cheis - January 13, 2010

On the other hand, it seems like the open beta is more of a marketing tool/promotion than a beta test; get the big gamers/ star trek fans to play the game and hype it up before it releases. In that regard 2 weeks doesn’t seem like such a bad time period.

43. Dav - January 13, 2010

The open beta phase is more of a stress test of the game’s hardware and software and a chance to discover and sort out more bugs and glitches before the final retail release.

Those of us who are in the open beta, do not expect this to be bug free and there will be plenty of waiting involved. The first day was pretty hectic and it was hard to log in at times, but Cryptic have already released a patch which has fixed some of the major bugs brought to light during the last 12 hours or so.

It looks very promising. I don’t know if STO will be a WoW killer but it’s fun so far. If you get your hands on a beta key, I say check it out.. just be prepared to be patient.

44. Pizko - January 13, 2010

I preordered the game from on december 14, 2009 and I was waiting for the beta key, but after the order I received email from amazon.
From this email I know that the beta keys are sending only to people that preordered STO before December 8, 2009. Peple which preordered after this date will receive only exclusive borg crewmember key. I was furious.
I canceled the preorder, because I wanted to try the game before I buy it.
But from the vids on youtube I can say immediately that I really hate the sets. Bridge, doors, consoles everything is too big. I know its because of the 3rd person view, but it looks like every lifeform in the universe went into subspace compression anomaly and something went wrong when they came back…

45. Cerri - January 13, 2010

Pizko, its that true?? if i pre order now i wont get the beta key?? hooo well.. i guess they just loss 50 U$S, i am not going to buy it if i cant test it first… sorry.

46. Cerri - January 13, 2010

Star Trek Online: 1000 Open Beta Key Giveaway Extravaganza!

Go to:,2006

47. Emissary - January 13, 2010

Try the torrent file on it’s the last option on the page. It downloaded faster than all the other for me just takes a while to build up speed sometimes

48. The Galactic Battleburger - January 13, 2010

@#47 – thanks for the advice. I had tried the download you suggested yesterday, but after 4 hours it was at 0.4%. Ouch! I’m running it again right now just in case. By the way, as of 8:09 PST, my torrent download is at 48.3%. Looks like I’ll be trekkin’ after work – yeeeeehaaaaaaaa!

49. pizko - January 13, 2010

It is true. If you preordr from you won’t get beta key.
Only the borg crewman key, which really is useless.
But perharps is different from

I tried to get the beta key from fileplanet. They wanted me to subscrime to their site to get the beta key. So I subscribed and payed $8.27 inclusive vat for a monthly subsribtion.
The site then informed me that all beta keys are given away but they are expecting to get new ones and they put me on waiting list.

I don’t think that I will receive any key from them. But they really pissed me off…

50. Olley Olley Olley - January 13, 2010


Aye, I’m trying to download the D2D preorder and its saying

“Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition was removed from your cart due to : Age restricted.”

they are certainly making UK customers jump thro a lot of hoops to try the “open beta”

if in fact it is open to UK customers.

and yes , to hell with the borg crew member, I would much rather have a TOS connie, yet another example of bias towards USA customers

I am starting to have second thoughts about this game without even playing it

51. Eli - January 13, 2010

Cool! I was first!

I got to play the beta for a couple hours last night and so far Cryptic can call me a happy camper.

Just add the Excelsior and Nebula classes and I’ll be an ecstatic camper! :-D

52. Cerri - January 13, 2010

Check star trek on line web page, there new keys out there, easy to get, but go FAST.

53. Xeos - January 13, 2010

The game so far is very fun but very tasking at High or Maximum graphics settings on the ground. my Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz and 8800GTS struggles to keep 10-15 frames per second at high settings, and drops to around 5 on maximum. Runs at 30 on medium but the game just doesnt look great on that setting.

Core 2 Quad 9550 and the GTX 375 arriving next week should help :D

54. Nemesis4909 - January 13, 2010

Does anyone playing really hate the starship combat camera and controls? I’ve found the camera to be just useless when fighting another ship and the controls unintuitive, I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

55. MacTrek - January 13, 2010

Even though I am passing on this game (to keep my credit cards clear), I would die to play an offline spin off of “Star Trek: Online”. Incredible graphics and interesting concept. I am jealous of those who will get to play.

56. Holo J - January 13, 2010

Any news on whether this is definitely coming out on the Xbox 360?
I have seen Gamespot showing 360 screenshots but I have heard nothing more about it being released on the 360 elsewhere.

I see they even date the release date for a 360 version on here the same as the PC’s release date. Apart from this I still I havent heard any confirmation of this elsewhere.

57. Olley Olley Olley - January 13, 2010


Holo they are only releasing STO on the PC platform atm

58. Olley Olley Olley - January 13, 2010

In addition, the code for a “Wrath of Khan” Admiral’s uniform is included in the DVD release of “The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation Volume 2″ and the Blu-ray release of “Star Trek: The Original Series — Season 3.”[24]


59. Pan Always Bored Me - January 13, 2010

#54…Yes the space combat portion can take some getting used to. I’ve discovered using your mouse to to spin the camera works ALOT better than just turning using the keyboard. Oddly enough, I credit Star Trek Legacy on the 360 for getting me used to this kind of combat. That was tricky too but when you got it down it worked pretty well.

60. ryanhuyton - January 13, 2010

I doubt a console version of “Star Trek Online” will ever see the light of day. Firstly, the number of copies sold must be enough to justify rebuilding the game from scratch. Apart from the hardcore fans, most gamers will skip over this one no matter how good the game might be.
Secondly, these types of games don’t sell well on consoles. And having the name “Star Trek” on it won’t help matters. A “Star Wars” version would sell at least 20x better anyway. And finally, with publishers planning further cuts to both staff and projects, it just wouldn’t make sense to spend many millions on a game that will only appeal to a tiny fraction of gamers. Yes, I do realize that Cryptic has said they plan to make a console version, but it all comes down to whether it is financially viable.
In fact, Cryptic has already taken a huge financial gamble spending tens of millions on a game that may end up wasting valuable space on store shelves. A low selling game can bring down a small studio such as Cryptic.

61. Steven Wagenheim Pic 129 | I Can Haz Waggenstuffs - January 14, 2010

[…] Star Trek Online Open Beta Begins – Find Out How You Can Start … […]

62. Dav - January 14, 2010

Re: #44

I pre-ordered STO from on 31st Dec and was not mailed an open beta key.

However, I e-mailed customer support via their contact options on the site, and within a few hours they e-mailed the key to me. Discussions on the forums under the product indicate that a lot of other people have gotten their keys this way too.

If you’ve already cancelled your pre-order then unfortunately you’re out of luck, as everyone had to pre-order before something like the 5th Jan to qualify for one of’s keys.

I also pre-ordered the DDE from D2D and they provided their key as soon as I had purchased it.

Just though I’d clarify that IS giving open beta keys out. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.