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Star Trek Online: Subscription Fees (& Discounts) Announced + Klingon Video & Intel Report January 14, 2010

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Star Trek Online has taken another big step today with the announcement of the subscription rates for the MMORPG, including some special discount packages. We also have a new Klingon video and intel reports on the Empire, along with new screenshots. Check it all out below.


Subscriptions Plans & Discounts announced
Today Cryptic finally announced the fees for the monthly subscription to Star Trek Online, and as expected they are exactly the same as Cryptic’s other game, Champions Online.

NOTE: Purchase of the game game comes with a free 30 days, so these prices are for your second month and beyond.

Regular Subscriptions

1-Month Recurring 14.99 16.49 8.99 12.99 82.45
3-Month Recurring 41.97 46.17 25.17 35.97 230.84
6-Month Recurring 77.94 85.73 46.14 65.94 428.67

You can pay with a credit card or Paypal, or pick up a game card.

They are also offering two promotional specials:

12-month subscription: $119.99 (USD), which includes

Lifetime: $239.99 (USD), which includes:

To get either of the specials you have to pre-order the game (which also gets your right into the open beta). You can pre-order the game from TrekMovie’s preferred retail partner Amazon (where you can select either the Standard or Collector’s Edition). The Amazon editions also include am exclusive Borg bridge officer. Cryptic also has a list of additional retailers at their site.


Klingon Faction video


Star Trek Online Intel Report: Klingon Empire
TrekMovie has been provided with intelligence reports (via Cryptic) on the United Federation of Planets, one of the two factions in Star Trek Online. One of the reports is from Starfleet Intelligence, and the other from the Klingon Empire

Klingon Empire – by Cmdr. Bradden, Starfleet Intelligence

Physically, Klingons are quite imposing. They possess a ridged exoskeleton encasing their craniums, giving them the distinctive Klingon forehead. They also are in possession of systemic redundancy, referred to as “brak’lul.” Notably, Klingons possess duplicates of all major organs. No doubt this was evolutionarily advantageous considering their seemingly genetic predisposition toward violence.

The Klingons are a warrior race. Proud of their battle prowess, their willingness to fight, and their code of honor, they can frequently be found in conflict with members of other races. This occurs both on an individual and governmental level..

In the past the Federation has had a complicated relationship with the Klingon Empire. Initial contacts were primarily negative, ultimately culminating in the Federation-Klingon War of 2267. Over time, the Federation and the Klingon Empire were able to come to a truce in 2293 with the signing of the Khitomer Accords. During the Dominion War of the 2370s, the two became active allies.

Unfortunately, in 2399 the Klingons withdrew from the Khitomer Accords, possibly because of the negative response of the Federation to a Klingon invasion of the Gorn Hegemony. In spite of Federation censure, the Klingon Empire continued in their attacks against the Gorn, ultimately annexing the Gorn Hegemony in 2403. Since then, the Klingon Empire has also allied with the Nausicaans. This is in addition to their alliance with the Orions, dating back to 2394.

The Klingons and the Romulans, both with expansionist military empires, have a very intense history of conflict with each other. In the aftermath of the Hobus supernova, which significantly damaged the Romulan Empire, the Klingons have opportunistically begun making forays into Romulan territory. Ironically, the two species share considerable genetic similarities.

We are receiving intelligence that indicates further military preparations on the part of the Klingon Empire and their allies. The likelihood that the Federation will be able to avoid another war with the Klingons is becoming a dim hope.


Klingon Empire – report by Cmdr. Korak, Klingon Intelligence

The Klingon Empire is perhaps one of the greatest empires ever to have existed, and I say this with all due modesty. Our warriors are fierce beyond measure, our musician and poets beyond compare. We are the stuff of legends, even if many of them are our own!

We have seen harsh times, though. Never doubt that the Klingon spirit has been tempered in the flames of adversity. We have fought against impossible odds time and again, and won through. We took tremendous losses in the Dominion War of the 2370s. But we survived and triumphed and drank blood wine in the wreckage of the Dominion headquarters. And though they will not admit it now, the Federation and the Romulans could not have survived without us. Bah! Cowards, both!

The Orions, ah, the Orions make properly grateful allies. We gave them a planet and our protection, and they gave us beautiful women to serve our great houses. The Gorn, as well, make decent allies, once we defeated them and took over their Hegemony. They swore allegiance to us, so we allowed them their own government. Never say the Klingon Empire is not generous.

The Nausicaans ally with us as well. They sense the coming the battle. They know that the Klingon Empire cannot fail.

Chancellor J’mpok leads us into a new golden age for the Klingon Empire. While the Federation rambles ever on about peace and equality and diplomacy, and the Romulans plot and murder each other, and the Cardassians desperately try to salvage what little is left of their civilization, we shall take over the Quadrant.



More Open Beta Keys
Open Beta for Star Trek Online started yesterday. As we previously reported, you can get an open beta key by pre-ordering the game. You can pre-order the game from TrekMovie’s preferred retail partner Amazon (where you can select either the Standard or Collector’s Edition). The Amazon editions also include am exclusive Borg bridge officer. Cryptic also has a list of additional retailers at their site.

Cryptic also have updated their list of available sites for beta keys, here they are:


More Star Trek Online Coming Later this week
Tomorrow we will have our intel reports, this time on the Klingons. Plus we have exclusive video interviews and more.




1. MDSHiPMN - January 14, 2010

I will pay for anything.

2. somethoughts - January 14, 2010

That lifetime deal is a steal

3. toasteroven - January 14, 2010

But what does “Lifetime” mean? Madden ’09 lifetime, or WoW lifetime?

The Matrix Online lasted 5 years with official support… it’ll be interesting to see the subscription #’s.

4. Paulaner - January 14, 2010

#3 “But what does “Lifetime” mean? Madden ‘09 lifetime, or WoW lifetime?”

Tabula Rasa lasted 15 months :)

5. Craig - January 15, 2010

Well crap, guess I wont get to play this game. :-( THis pisses me off. The first Star Trek game that looks awesome since Elite Force and it has a sub fee on top of the cost of the game? What crap is that? $15 is a hell of a lot to ask too. Look at xbox live. Thats $50 for a year. Who in their right mind pays a sub fee after the initial cost of the game? Makes no sense to me at all.
I have plenty of bills as it is and barely get by month to month. Clearly another bill for a video game would never make it on the list of monthly bills. This really hurts the sales of the game too, not many people let alone Trek fans will want to pay a monthly fee.
Im just really disappointed that I wont get to play this game.

6. locutus - January 15, 2010

@5 – its the same with all mmos, it pays for the ongoing support, game fixes and new content.

7. NCC-73515 - January 15, 2010

I certainly would play it, but not with a monthly fee.

8. NX-17000 - January 15, 2010

I agree with 5. I cant afford 15$ a month. Was wishing that it’d be more like 15$/3 months, but i guess that was just wishful thinking. Guess i’ll have to be satisfied with open beta

9. herbyneo - January 15, 2010

for awhile there i paid 3 subscription fees for mmos, and two of them for WoW. If they could give us an “xbox live” fee for star trek online? i’d be HOOKED. i may or may not renew a subscription depending on how much they fix from now until 30 days after final release. thats MY deadline

10. herbyneo - January 15, 2010

i wish they announced that lifetime deal 6 months ago so i could save up for it. a playable borg would be badass, but i’m not going to want to level ANOTHER toon up for awhile. i mean leveling one up in beta, then one at initial release, and then another when i can afford 240 dollars + time constraints + RL commitments = bad juju. i’m not going to let this take over my life like WoW did….BUT i’m not going to pass STO up. i’ve been a trekker since the age of 4 and proud of it!

11. Dr. Image - January 15, 2010

A tv show set in THIS era would be VERY interesting!

12. GraniteTrek - January 15, 2010

The more I see of this, the more I see “Star Wars” (and the newer trilogy at that) overlaying a Star Trek universe. I don’t buy the Klingons suddenly reverting to their 2-centuries-old behavior after the Dominion War, especially under Martok’s leadership. This all seems just a big twisting of the ST universe so they can set up a grand war scenario so players can do lots of shooting. And then ask for a subscription on top of the game cost? Pass.

13. James Durdan - January 15, 2010

#5, Where have you been?????

WOW has a monthly fee, City of Heroes has a monthly fee, Champions Online has a monthly fee. Sorry to tell you that lots and lots of people are paying monthly fees to play a game. So your logic is faulty, and $15 a month is more than reasonable.

14. Olley Olley Olley - January 15, 2010


poor Craig,

you obviously havent seen how popular the open beta is, oh , and have you ever heard of a game called World of warcraft?
12 million subscriptions and still going strong after 5 years.

15. Nerdz - January 15, 2010

#5 Has to get with the massive multilayer program. If you didn’t expect a subscription fee that’s your own fault.

16. James Durdan - January 15, 2010

#12, While I agree that the plot is a bit tortured, it does work in game.

As for your mortification that you have to pay for the game and a monthly fee, it’s standard practice in the genre, and doesn’t deter a huge number of people from playing. And as far as I can remember most articles about STO have always indicated that their would be a monthly fee, so your rant really carries no weight.

17. Barihawk - January 15, 2010

Hey #12. If you took time to actually read the histories, Martok got ritually slain by J’mpok, who is now the aggressive one. The Federation only got involved because they don’t like the Klingons pouncing on what’s left of the Romulans and the Gorn. The Federation made itself involved. The Empire held no real hostility with the Federation.

18. BiggestTOSfanever - January 15, 2010

I can’t play the game! WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA :(
My computer won’t except anything related to the game for some reason and my internet isn’t fast enough.

19. Andrew - January 15, 2010

Would love to get the lifetime subscription, but I am hoping they offer it longer than the pre-order period. I am not sure I can come up with that kind of money in less than a month.

20. NX01 - January 15, 2010

I can’t afford it.

50 dollars for the game then 15 a month.

Nope, not for me.

I wish all of you who are going to buy the game a lot of luck., and fun.

21. gracliper - January 15, 2010

I’ve already ore-ordered it before these things. How can I get my beta key???

Thank you for your time.

22. Weerd1 - January 15, 2010

20- I CAN afford it, I just refuse to. It’s why I have never gotten into any MMORPG. Either the software or the subscription should be cheap or even free. I refuse to pay monthly to play a game in my mind I already purchased.

23. Another Trekker - January 15, 2010

Server’s don’t grow on trees, and admins to configure the servers and keep them running don’t volunteer their time. Choices? Pay a fee or get spammed with advertising that subsidizes the cost.

I think I’ll pay the fee.

24. ix9000 - January 15, 2010


Where did you pre-order from? You should have got an e-mail with a key.

25. ix9000 - January 15, 2010


I’m currently playing the beta and I can all tell you that all notions of star wars disapear within minutres of starting and you do get a feel of star trek and that the developers are fans as well. IMHO

26. MacTrek - January 15, 2010

Even though this game is stunning, I just don’t see the logic of monthly fees. I cannot get past the idea of paying for the game once at $50 to $60 dollars, and then you have to pay each month for using the game you just bought.

I have always thought of MMOs as an old 1-800-000-0000 type of scam.

Why bother paying $50 to $60 for a game, which requires you to pay an additional $X amount of dollars each month to use? In order to play “Star Trek: Online”, you have to pay $49.99 to buy it and then $14.99 to play it per month.

$49.99 (plus tax)
$179.88 (per year @ $14.99)
$229.87 (not including credit card fees and interest rates)

– or –

$49.99 (plus tax)
$119.99 (per year @ Pre-Order Special Price)
$169.98 (not including credit card fees and interest rates)

Since I am a casual computer game player, I am not going to sign up for the lifetime or yearly subscription. No thanks.

27. Blowback - January 15, 2010

Woo Hoo… I just received an open beta key… I may not come out of my room for the next week or two… Depending on how long I have…

The subscription is pretty high for an unproven MMO but as I typically hang with these things for six months to a year I may purchase one of the longer term subscriptions to take advantage of the savings… It all depends how much I like the open beta…

When I played LOTR Online the often offered promotional discounts that kept me playing much longer than I originally intended. I am hoping for the same here….

28. SerenityActual - January 15, 2010

It’s a bit late in the game to be complaining about the cost of paying a monthly fee. Once it was announced that it was an MMO, people should have understood that more than likely there was going to be a monthly fee involved.

The only MMO that I have played that was without a monthly fee is Guild Wars. I don’t know how they keep the quality up with only selling the expansions, but that is a great game.

STO is interesting, I hope they do some minor fixes before launch, but I think I am going to stay with it :)

29. Admiral Archer's Prized Beagle - January 15, 2010

The game looks amazing, but the monthly fee is definitely not for me. I can see it for people that love one game enough to play it all the time (for example, the WoW fans), but I have a tendency to play a game for a few months then get sick of it.

30. Anthony Thompson - January 15, 2010

The music from the first video sounded like Star Wars. The music from this one sounds like wha?? Not Star Trek!

31. Anthony Pascale - January 15, 2010

For those who have not played MMOs before I understand how the monthly fee may not seem like something you are used to. However, there is a big difference between a regular computer/video game like Halo or Bridge Commander and a MMORPG like World of Warcraft or STO

Firstly the MMO is based on an online community of thousands of players playing simultaneously in a ‘persistent’ universe. That costs money.

Secondly the game is not one where you play for a 20-40 hours and finish. You dont ‘win’ an MMO, it is an ongoing adventure. There is new content being added all the time. That new content costs money to make.

It is like paying for cable TV, you pay a fee and you get regular programming every month.

According to Cryptic they have about 60 people working full time on STO, and that team stays in place after the launch and continues to develop the game. When a developer releases a game like Halo, the team move on to the next game,

The fee that Cryptic is charging is no suprirse, it is exactly the same fee as World of Warcraft and their other game Champions.

All that being said, the game is not for everyone to be sure. You should only commit to STO if you feel you will be spending time playing the game, at least a few hours a week.

We should be done some more articles between now and official launch that explain MMOs and STO in more depth for those who are unsure what this is all about

32. Mantastic - January 15, 2010

What’s funny is the lifetime subscription is the same cost as a new Neo-Geo game back in the day. In my warped sensibility that almost makes it justified. :P

33. Naver Drol - January 15, 2010

I’ve downloaded the open beta and played it, and like almost everyone else I’ve run into issues but I think I’ve found a work around. In the game launcher window in the top left corner their is a ‘options’ link. This opens a new window with several check box style options for you to select. One of which is ‘Safe Mode’. Selecting this starts the game in a smaller window and lowers the graphics settings way down. After getting back into the game you are then able to make it full screen again and adjust your graphics settings.

I have discovered that sometimes when the game locks up if I restart using ‘Safe Mode’ I am able to proceed where normally I could not.

34. Newman - January 15, 2010

awfully tempted…

35. doug_skywalker - January 15, 2010

actually, when standard math is applied it is cheaper to get the 12-month subscription rather than paying 14.99/mo. now, granted therer will be some who won’t be able to sustain that long of a gaming period (i myself am unsure as to my ability to keep fast internet in the near future), but for everyone unhappy with subscription fees Anthony is totally right: it costs money to maintain the game (they could always go the route of releasing expansions every few months at high prices to make up for no subscription fees).

36. MagicDan - January 15, 2010

This is my first MMO.

The closest I ever came to playing one was while I watched my brother play the star wars one. While it looked neat it seemed to take too long to do anything fun for me.

I have about 8 hours of this game and am hooked for life.

As for all the nay-sayers about paying an online fee: Go work 2 extra hours a month and pay for the dang thing, you cheap lazy people!

$15 a month is not a bill.

Besides, it’s worth the $ for me and my brother to work together to kill the Orions and their dry doc’s. Who can put a price on that?

So much fun.

37. DC - January 15, 2010

But….WoW DOES have expansions that you have to pay for AND subscription fees

38. Blowback - January 15, 2010


That’s a good point…. If they start rolling out expansion packs every few months I am dropping my subscription immediately. I expect a load of added content for the monthly fee…

39. Pyork (JE) Productions - January 15, 2010

Good thing I can’t play the game for a while and I’m glad I bought regular edition. All that extra money I was going to spend on Super Special Awesome edition is going toward my lifetime fund which by my math should pay itself off in 16 months if I did a month to month subscription.

40. Osi - January 15, 2010

Just to correct a few things, and things to note …

1. Pre-order is $59.99 via steam
2. Honest mmos give you the first month “free”, since you bought the game, this one does not.
3. This one is still in ALPHA testing. There are so many bugs with this game that have no business being in any beta at all.
4. They want it released in 2 weeks but cannot get basic functionality working.
5. Either management is holding a knife to the devs, or the devs are plain stupid. Either way, this is a complete embarrassment.

With the rate this game is going, it may be lucky to last as long as TR.

Lifetime isn’t worth it, it won’t be around long at all. Oh yeah, and Klingons are not available to play ATM.

41. THX-1138-Wielding the Wave Motion Gun - January 15, 2010

As a game player, I suck. So I don’t have to worry about paying any fees. I would be a miserable and consistent failure at it.

I do look forward to hearing how much fun everyone is having, though.

42. Jason Trotter - January 15, 2010


I just want to correct statement #2 in your post. STO, like all other MMOs that I know of, does offer the first month free. If you read all of their posts on the official site, they even mention that if someone is crazy enough to buy several compies from different retailers, in order to get the various extras, the free month for each copy will stack.

43. Raul - January 15, 2010

I canceled my pre-order and decided to use the money to import the Hokuto Musou Treasure box instead for PS3. There are so many good games coming out in March. Why invest in a MMO like Star Trek Online when it costs $59.99 right out of the gate without a month of gameplay? I had the Collectors Edition pre-ordered till I read about all the bugs, glitches and monthly fees. Hopefully this title will be a success but I would much rather have Secret of Vulcan Fury.

44. RenderedToast - January 15, 2010

€59.99 to buy it on Steam, plus €12.99 a month?

Not happening. WoW is free except for subscription cost and optional expansion packs, how about going that route? There’s a reason it’s the most popular – because it doesn’t rip you off before you’ve even run a tutorial. For €59.99, I should have had at least 3 months gametime before subscription costs kicked in.

Count me out Cryptic. Me and many others.

45. Pan Always Bored Me - January 15, 2010

I also really wanted to play Secret of Vulcan Fury but it’s not going to come out…EVER! Move along. I did.

46. Raul - January 15, 2010

Agree with #44. I think I will wait for it to come out for XBOX360. Supposedly it is coming out later this year. Maybe through XBOX LIVE it will be a little more reasonable.

47. Tidras - January 15, 2010

Just wanted to chime in with a non-hyped view of the game. I’ve been a fan of the Star Trek universe since the ’70s (you can guess my age) and an avid LOTRO player. I pre-ordered the game from Gamestop and received the beta key on Tuesday. I have broadband, but it took _two days_ to download the game! Average bitrate was about 10-15kbits/sec, with two client crashes (one at night shortly after turning in). Now while I expect a slower-than-normal download the first day of beta, that was _terrible_ compared to LOTRO’s opening week! The reason that concerns me is it’s a preview of support to come. (LOTRO download rates are _always_ 10-20 times faster!) Okay, so… teething problems. Start up the client. After customizing my character (and there are a LOT of customizations… rather cool I thought), you’re dropped into a scenario where the feds are under attack by the Borg. Nice opening… but you’re hindered by a painfully slow update rate with the server. Lot’s of stutters, and the occassional “rubber band” effect. Okay, so… teething problems. (This is still in beta after all.) Your sent down to another deck by a rather tyrannical medical hologram (when did they ever take charge?) to combat some Borg intruders. You notice the interiors are _way_ too roomy for a starship, and poorly laid out. (I found myself wondering whether Abram’s use of the Budweiser plant for the Enterprise interior shots was more convincing!) Borg drop like flies — and obvious indication of fed’s tech improvements over the intervening century :p — and you’re never really in any danger, but I’m willing to cope with that for the tutorial. After getting the hang of the controls in firt person, you’re whisked off to take command of a starship (as an ensign — I guess feds were dropping like flies, too). Now there’s a nice, picturesque third-person view of your ship, the U.S.S. Fisher Price. Controls seem reasonable enough, and you kick it into full impulse to find some Borg probes to kill. THEN the deal breaker: I’m flying a starship in 3D space, but the flight dynamics are that of an F-15 (read: airplane). I steer right. It _banks_ right. I let go. It levels out. I pull up. It pulls up — to a maximum 70 degrees. Can’t go vertical, or straight down. Can’t continue a roll left or right. I suddenly realize I’m stuck in a “2D+” plane a la Kahn in Star Trek II! WTF?? I was looking forward to the flight dynamics of Klingon Academy, with three axes of control, ventral & dorsal shields, etc. etc. Instead of flying a starship, I’m steering a submarine. Now I’m sure the designers — nay, the executives of STO opted for this approach to simplify gameplay and increase accessibility (read: more $$$), but COME ON!! With that, the juvenile plot lines, big advertising budget and flirtation with paid download sites, I came to the conclusion that this would NEVER be a serious MMO meant to stay true to Roddenberry’s universe, but rather just a money-making venture meant to milk we poor saps with a wish to immerse ourselves in anything Star Trek. I went straight away to the Gamestop site and canceled my pre-order for the deluxe edition of STO. These guys need to take some lessons from the team that developed LOTRO and stay true to the universe they are creating in software. There are things in LOTRO which had me going back to Tolkien’s books to find out about. I seriously doubt STO will pay as close attention to Roddenberry’s work. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!! :-/

48. MDSHiPMN - January 15, 2010

But not this.

49. James Durdan - January 15, 2010


Axe grinding gets tiresome.

#2 – Your wrong about that as far as STO is concerened, first month is free. So either you were mis informed, or you intentionally mistated the facts.

#3 – Bugs, yes. Show stoppers no. This is no more buggy than City of Heroes was at this point and it was a pretty damn good game. This is a far cry from an Alpha version. It’s obvious you have never dealt with an alpha release

#5 – Tell us about your experiences developing a massive multi-player online game.

50. startrekonlineblows - January 15, 2010

This game blows!!!

51. Mantastic - January 15, 2010

It’s definitely in it’s beginning baby stages, and it operates pretty much how I expected it to (i.e., very much a beta, and this definitely won’t be the first or last MMO to feel like a beta even a few months after release).


You bring up a lot of good points. I’m also disappointed that your ship seems to fly like an airplane and that you can’t do full any straight vertical or horizontal flight. The steering on ships seems very stiff.

The corridors are also absolutely ginormous on all the ships and completely not to scale. I don’t really understand why this was done. I think it’s to give you a better view of your party, but other games have been able to have more realistically sized corridors and hallways and still be perfectly functionaly (e.g. Mass Effect).

Ship sizes also need to be scaled better as well.

Now, as for the Borg, it was explained that something was “off” about those seen in the tutorial, so they’re not the regular full strength Borg we’re used to. Besides that, it’s the tutorial, so it’s supposed to be easy.

Anyways, I’m going to stick with it and see how it goes. If it ends up not doing well, I’ll put it on the back burner and revisit it sometime in the future.

52. pizko - January 15, 2010

I just received the beta key, but after seing the vids with gameplay and reading some reviews I don’t want to play it at all.
This game is for little children with money and waste of time.

Bethesda killed Star Trek with their primitive games and now Cryptic joined the club.

I’ll better wait for unofficial Bridge Commander sequel – Star Trek Excalibur project which is build on Nanofx evolved game engine. This game is developed from fans for fans. It will be free of charge and zillion times better than this…
Look for yourself

53. =A= - January 15, 2010

i didnt like pay per monthly…

54. Craig - January 15, 2010

Go work a couple extra hours is your answer? You must not understand life. For some people working overtime does not help. Most the time you end up paying more in taxes and child support.
And yes, $15 is a bill.

As for WOW, played the beta, didnt like it one bit. Loved Warcraft 2, could play that for endless hours. WOW was totally different and boring. Never could understand why it became so popular. STO will never have the fan base WOW does just b/c it is Star Trek. It makes me sad this is a BIG Star Trek game release that we have always wanted then it turned out requiring a monthly sub fee and will most likely fail and most likely we will not see another star trek game in a very long time.
They should have made these games with single player in mind to accommodate everyone. I for one dont like playing people online b/c i am not a hardcore spend every waking moment playing a video game type of person and most online are. I end up dead within seconds of starting the game b/c people are shooting me in the head from a mile away. Its crazyness.

55. Will_H - January 15, 2010

Honestly if it was $10 a month or lower I’d do it, but its the same price as WoW and I had to give that up. Im not sure I’d trust the lifetime deal either, because if the game’s an epic failure that could be a whole bunch of money for not much. Im still holding out for a Mac version, though, since it seems like a huge waste of power to have to run windows and then run it on that.

56. Olley Olley Olley - January 15, 2010

QUOTE “I canceled my pre-order and decided to use the money to import the Hokuto Musou Treasure box instead for PS3″ / QUOTE

a statement made of WIN, by a TRUE Star Trek fan . . . . . . .

57. Olley Olley Olley - January 15, 2010

final message regarding all the tight – fisted QQ “I hate MMO”
“count me out” crowd…….

Myself and a lot of others here on this board, who are currently pew pewing the open beta.

We sure are gonna miss you guys, but perhaps its for the best that your not coming along for the adventure………..

Could you image the bitching and crying over loot from that lot??


58. Olley Olley Olley - January 15, 2010

Engineer, stand by to beam me up from Space-dock and set a course for the Vulcan sector!
I’m coming aboard………………..

Lt Cmdr Zar {yes, that one}
Commander of the USS Gallifrey

59. Mantastic - January 15, 2010

Personally, I bitch because I care. It’s my hope that these issues are fixed and the weak parts are improved, and I really don’t want this game to fail.

60. Christine - January 15, 2010

Wow, that’s a lot of money. It looks good, but I don’t think it’s worth a hundred bucks a year.. More than that, actually. No way, josé.

Hopefully those of you with the funds and the willingness to invest enjoy it. Have fun!

61. ryanhuyton - January 15, 2010

I won’t be playing this game even though it looks intriguing. I do hope IDW does a miniseries based on the game. That would be cool.

62. Navy - January 15, 2010

Well considering we’re what, 2 weeks from launch or something…

Here is my issue, the game has alot of great features, but at least as it is presented now it is very unfinished feeling(yes I know it’s beta!), and in places really lacks the thought and creativity that I would have expected.

The music is repetitive and boring, many times feeling as though it is not even close to “trek” sounding. The music for space battles is weak at best. shields are at 20% all around, hull is like 20% there is 10 photons coming in, seconds left until I can put emergency power to shields… I still have evasive maneuvers… I gain the precious seconds I need to boost my shields, I swing around fire off two high yield torps and take one bird-of-prey out as my Miranda class has a core breach. The music? not epic thats for sure, maybe a Saturday morning cartoon, but not epic Star Trek. Some of the music is good, no question but I would say it is on the minority side of the available tracks.

I could go on listing things I dislike about the game but then I would have to write a review, but i must say I also love it, I wish STO the best, completely… I would buy the game tomorrow for $59.95 or whatever it is if that was the only thing I ever had to pay. There is no way this game is worth a monthly fee, so when my beta access is up I’ll be done with STO.

I still think 25th Anniversary was/is the best Star Trek game ever made… We need a MMO set in “that’ universe.

63. Pyork (JE) Productions - January 15, 2010

Great now I’m on the fence

64. Aqua - January 16, 2010

game is a nightmare, have been downloading patch after patch for 4 days straight and still haven’t been able to run the game to actually PLAY it.

65. Hawaiowa - January 16, 2010

LOL, I can envision Mr T. doing an add in 2011 for ST:OL.

“Hey, ya suckerz, what’s this I hear about you saying the Klingons are so brave? The Romulans are so scheming? The Borg are so relentless? I’ll show you relentless! In yo’ face relentless with the new Vermiform Rayfactor weapon that turns your enemies into rats. You can come and get yours anytime! Just try and take MY starbase, humph! ST:OL, where you’re a man or a mouse! Jus’ tell ’em Mr. T. sent yuh!”

Just another Trek moneypit…

But hey, I ordered the deluxe edition at GameStop just so I can fool around with it for a few times. Unfortunately, combining an MMO with computer-savvy Trekkens will wind you up to an unprecedented level of exploits/cheats/hacks during online play that you’ll have to contend with.

66. Stringfellow Hawke - January 16, 2010

Argh. As much as I want to keep trying to play this (been with closed beta since F&F abouts), I find it real hard to justify paying the CAD rates while using American servers (laggy), and the constantly fluctuating USD (Some analysts are predicting CAD to be at par or better than USD this year – long-term). It just feels like I’m getting less for more. I don’t know.

Or it could just be me. :: shrugs ::

More likely my ISP, though. Ontario providers throttle us constantly. And not just the bandwidth.

67. MagicDan - January 16, 2010

Ah, so much worry over $15 dollars a month.

If people say they can’t afford it I say that is sad.

There is no way anyone can’t save up $15 dollars over the course of a month just in spare change. I bet I could take money from the penny trays at the gas stations and make it happen. It’s 50 cents a day. Drop 1 coke a day off the diet and it’s done!

As a matter of fact, if people can’t afford the $15 a month, how do they expect to have a system that runs this thing? Computers at the library? It boggles my mind.

Eat ramen noodles twice a week and you can save up enough to play this wonderful game.

68. ryanhuyton - January 16, 2010

#67 I agree. Bitching about something as trivial as a $15 a month fee for something that is clearly mere entertainment is pathetic. To do so during a time of immense need for the people of Haiti who don’t have the “privilage” of owning computers, let alone playing games, reeks of extreme self-pity and self-centeredness. The good people of Haiti struggled just to put food on their tables. They had limited healthcare. The kids didn’t have many toys to play with. People were living in slums. That was BEFORE the earthquake. Now the death toll is rising to unimaginable numbers. Alot of innocent people died in the quake. A lot more are dying because of a lack of health care. Food and fresh water, which was in limited supply before, would have run out had it not been for the massive humantiarian effort of millions of selfless and caring people around the world. The Haitians are in need. Big time. It’s life and death for them. So I suggest that before people get worked up over something as trivial and meaningless as a stupid computer game, they try to feel empathy for those who have truly been dealt a bad hand. I personally don’t care what system this game runs on, nor do I care what monthly fees Cryptic decides to impose. In fact, I hope they donate a portion of the fees to helping out Haiti. So you’ll just have to excuse me for not “condemning” Cryptic for making people pay for mere diversion and entertainment. It’s pretty shallow.

I don’t mean to paint a broad picture, knowing that many on this site have donated to Haiti, but there clearly are folks who need to be reminded that life could be worse, a whole lot worse.

69. MacTrek - January 16, 2010

@ 67. MagicDan – January 16, 2010

I owe $35,000 in college loans. An extra $15 to pay it off faster can go a long way. Also, the price of gas is climbing. You never know when you need to the extra cash.

@ 68. ryanhuyton – January 16, 2010

Are you married? Do you have children? Do you have a full time job?

70. RenderedToast - January 16, 2010

#68 – what on EARTH are you talking about? The shallow ones are the people who’ll burn $15 a month on some computer game while people die in Haiti. Maybe we don’t want to give Cryptic that kind of money when it can go somewhere better? Hell, leaving Haiti out of it (because it has nothing to do with this), some of us just have more important things to put our money towards, like food and shelter.

71. ryanhuyton - January 16, 2010

#69,70 I was completely out of line for using the humanitarian crisis for my own arguments. I ended up being arrogant and condescending. I was trying to make the point that no one should get too worked up over a $15 a month subscription fee. I have no right whatsoever to tell how others should spend their money. I also overlooked the fact that many of you are also suffering in different ways. MacTrek, I am saddened to know you are deep in debt. I assume that you have a family to raise as well. I hope you succeed at whatever you do. And while I am still looking for work and don’t have a whole lot of money, I am doing a lot better than a lot of you out there. I am the last person on Earth who should be pointing fingers and accusing people of misplaced priorities.
My criticisms were misplaced, pompous, arrogant, ignorant and completely uncalled for. I wish I could take back the things I said but I can’t. A lot of people have been deeply offended by what I wrote. And they should be. All of you are more generous than I could ever hope to be.
I just want to make a heartfelt apology. I am sorry.

72. MagicDan - January 17, 2010

So funny.

My brother just bought the lifetime subscription.

My only comment to him was “And why WOULDN’T you?”

This game is absolutely the best on so many levels. and it’s just the beta version right now.

It only gets better from here.

73. Navy - January 17, 2010

I would pay the monthly rate if the game was good enough, but it isn’t. STO is just good enough that I would pay the software amount.

Those of you who are going, support it because it’s Star Trek need to think about that a little harder.

This is what I don’t understand, the developers/producers are making a Star Trek game, so what do they do? Try to make it accessible to everyone.

Well if you’re building a Star Trek game and you want the support of the Star Trek community you need to build the game for people who love Star Trek then they’ll give you their money until they are choosing between Macaroni and Cheese and STO.

STO isn’t built for the Star Trek community, it’s just another half ass effort that has the Star Trek name, to guarantee a minimum number of sales and when even the die hards finally say “I’ve had enough” We’re all going to be a little poorer and yet another less than satisfactory Star Trek title will be on the shelves.

Someone pickup the damn ball and make Secret of Vulcan Fury, or buy into one of the fan projects and produce it into something great.

STO… will not receive any of my money, even though I truly enjoy the game. It just isn’t real Star Trek, and while it is close… it isn’t enough for the money they are asking. That is the point most of us is trying to make about the monthly cost. I can afford it, but I only spend my money on things that are worth it.

74. MagicDan - January 17, 2010


Sorry to disappoint you (even though that seems easy). This game is AWESOME.

You can fly around in the Star Trek universe, go on away missions, fight in huge battles with lots of others online.

It’s beautiful, fun, and easy to understand. You just can’t beat being able to warp around different systems, answering distress calls and saving them from all kinds of different situations.

For anyone trying to figure out if they want to try this game, don’t base it on the nay-sayers.

Sounds to me like they wouldn’t like anything anyway.

I myself am having a blast at this game. I think it captures the look and feel of the Star Trek universe very nicely.

It’s defiantly not half of anything. Even on my crappy machine with an even worse graphics card.

75. Eli - January 17, 2010

Either I haven’t spent enough of my time in the past few years locking myself away and re-watching old episodes of trek and becoming as obsessive compulsive as others on here or I just have a better grip on reality.

I sympathize with those who would like there to not be a monthly fee or for the fee to be a little less for STO. I am on a fixed income, but seeing as this will probably be the last computer game I will likely ever need to purchase or play in my lifetime if it is successful, I see the expense as justified.

For the person complaining about the game not using true 3-d space… Give me a break! 90 percent of the time Star Trek never used true 3-d space either! Have you played the STO in beta? I have some of the maps are huge! And right now there’s not a way to track all the objects in the maps. So if you get lost in those maps, it takes FOREVER to find those objects you need to find to finish the mission. If the game used true 3-d space, that issue would get only worse. I’m hoping the devs will add an object tracking system to the game to solve this little issue, but your overall complaint is so petty it’s laughable considering how thick the 2-d planes really are in game, they might as well be 3-d, the only thing you can’t do is a loop-de-loop or barrel-roll like the (DS9) Defiant did a few times, but that’s about it.

This game will continue to get better if the majority of the fan community supports it. It’s our best shot in decades at a good Star Trek game and if this fails, it will probably be the last shot in another decade. I got brain cancer. I might not have time to wait for another try at a good trek game.

76. Navy - January 17, 2010


“Sorry to disappoint you (even though that seems easy). This game is AWESOME.”

You are correct, from your point of view.

If you would have read my posts you would realize that I do enjoy the game, but feel not enough effort was put into it for real Star Trek fans. It’s less than half way there. That is my opinion and there are others that share it as well, just as people share your opinion that the game is awesome(which aspects of it are, but it is the sum as a whole and not individual items I am considering when looking at this game.)

To anyone considering STO, do your best to get into the Open Beta and try it for yourself and make your own decision as to if you like the game or not.

77. Jim Durdan - January 17, 2010

If this weekends performance is any indication, Cryptic/Atari have horribly underestimated public demand. The developers have not admitted that they are in serious need of more server space. It took me 2 hours to get on last night, and today is no better.

78. Navy - January 17, 2010

#77 I’ve been trying to connect the last 3 hours.

I seem to remember waiting two days for the beta to download, then another 6 hour long patch and I have good internet.

I downloaded L4D2 off steam in 2 or 3 hours…

79. MagicDan - January 18, 2010

It took me a couple of trys last night, but I got on and finished a few missions.

So much fun!

80. Whatsit - January 18, 2010

If my life calms down a bit, I might go for it. I don’t mind paying a monthly subscription fee. I played Diablo II a lot, and honestly, a fee keeps a lot of the bad players away. A lot of people won’t want to pay $15 a month to annoy people. There’s also slightly better support when you pay a monthly fee.

81. mrtikiviki - January 21, 2010

its a rip off, that the game cost 49.99$ in us and 49.99Euros in Europe ? was the dude who converted the prices high because this isn’t fair ?
1 Euro = 1.4039 U.S.

or the game cost 35.5euros in Us and 49.99 euros in Europe. impossible but true.

82. jeff - January 30, 2010

wow what a rip off. that is the largest subscription fee i’ve ever seen.

83. Michael - January 30, 2010

I pay a month fee to play LOTRO, a game that has been around for awhile and is, for the most part, a polished well rounded game. But to pay 15$ a month for a brand new MMO? That still has bugs and a ton of work needed, and I’m now expected to pay the same cost as you would pay for a game that is proven (LOTRO, WOW, EQ). Total BS. STO can get bent.

84. daniel - February 3, 2010

what happens if i cancel subscribtion for say 6 months but then want to rejoin?? would i lose all my progress???

85. Rados - February 27, 2010

So here is the plan which I suggest for those of US who are Trek fans and would love to have the money to pay the subscription fee (if we had the means, and even buy a lifetime if we could)


This time next year, if the game lasts that long,

A. The initial price of the game will probably have dropped significantly.

B. Much of the bugs and bullcrap of the initial release will probably have been ironed out

C. a dollar aside every day and assuming the price of the lifetime subscription doesn’t go up by this time next year you’ll have more than enough to buy a lifetime subscription.

I would love to play this game right now if I could, but i can’t plain and simple, yet I know that if I just wait a while the game will improve AND i’ll be more likely to be able to afford it.

I paid almost 60 dollars for Guild Wars when it first came out in 2006 now in 2010 I’ve seen the original release in bargain bins for $5.00!

Yeah that’s a four year wait for a game, but what a difference that four years has made in terms of stability, and content.

I’m almost positive the same thing will happen with STO, and its not like a copy of the game bought one, two or even four years from now is any less valid than one bought tomorrow. (Who knows, the subscription fees might even drop in that time)

In the meanwhile if you really need a Trek fix, watch the shows, play the great Classic Trek Games, Final Unity, Starfleet Command, Bridge Commander, and be patient, There always are…possibilities.


To all those loudly claiming that Cryptic HAD TO charge a subscription fee and that it’s just the Way THINGS ARE DONE IN THE MMO WORLD perhaps you could explain to me how games like Guild Wars, Runescape and Dungeons and Dragons Online are still flourishing without these fees?

Clearly Criptyc had a choice of business model when they decided to launch STO, they chose the subscription model, but with that comes the burden of constantly having to prove that what people are paying for is worth it, and defending their model at every turn. From the majority of these posts it seems that at this point they have not earned their 15 a month. I hope this changes in the next few years….See the rest of you out there in 2012 hopefully. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.