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Patrick Stewart Interested In Appearing In Star Trek Sequel + Mad Max 4 Rumor + more from PS in OZ January 31, 2010

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We have even more Sir Patrick Stewart news for you this weekend. TNG’s Picard was in Australia Saturday and Sunday appearing at OzTrek2, and while there he said he would be interested in appearing in the next Star Trek movie. He also talked X-Men, animated TNG, Doctor Who and more. Details and photos below. Plus there is a new rumor that Stewart may be in the next Mad Max movie.  


Patrick Stewart Down Under

Con report by Brendan Waite and Hanne O’Connor

Patrick Stewart headlined the OzTrek 2 convention which was held Saturday in Melbourne, Australia and Sunday in Sydney, Australia.

No to TNG Animated – Yes to JJ Trek
It was while Stewart was in Sydney that he made his comments about his future with Star Trek. Firstly, regarding his most lasting impression of working on The Next Generation, Stewart said it was the lightness on the set and the "rolling on the floor with laughter" he remembers most. During the Q&A he was asked if there were ever an animated series of TNG, would he be interested in doing the voice work. Stewart said he "probably wouldn’t", noting that the actors of TNG "have moved on" and the "story has been told" and "the work stands on its own." However, he did say that he would do it if Seth MacFarlane wrote it (Stewart voices a recurring character on MacFarlane’s American Dad and last year did an episode as himself on Family Guy).

Stewart then went on to talk about JJ Abrams and the new Star Trek movie. He said that he really liked the work that Leonard Nimoy did in the film and then offered the following without being asked about it:

If I was asked to do a guest role, like Leonard, in the new film, I would do that. They’re a fabulously talented group of individuals.

[Editors note: Stewart is the fourth Trek captain to express interest in appearing in the Star Trek sequel. William Shatner has made his desire clear, and in recent interviews with TrekMovie, both Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula said they were interested. Avery Brooks has not spoken about the Abrams films yet, but did recently say he would be interested in doing a DS9 movie. So we have added a poll, which Captain would you like to see, if any…see right column.]

Patrick Stewart at OzTrek2 – says he is ready to suit up for a new Star Trek movie, but says no to voicing any potential future TNG animated series (Photo: Anas Photos)

Stewart on X-Men, Doctor Who and more
In both Melbourne and Sydney, Stewart also talked about the X-Men franchise. According to Stewart, working on X-Men with Sir Ian McKellen was "one of the best and most fun experiences" he has ever had, and that it was "the best job in the world" because every day he got to go to makeup and say good morning and give a kiss on the cheek to Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn, Famke Janssen and Anna Paquin (and even Hugh Jackman). As for the future of X-Men, Stewart talked about the upcoming young Magneto & Xavier film (joking they were going to hire 8-year olds), but he doesn’t expect to be involved. However, Stewart did note that "working with Ian again would be wonderful."

Stewart was also asked about the rumors he would be appearing in an episode of Doctor Who. He said that his Hamlet co-star David Tennant said he should do a guest spot, but nothing ever came from it and he now feels "that ship has sailed." (especially because Tennant is no longer part of Doctor Who)

While in Melbourne Stewart was asked about the Lion in Winter TV movie he did with Glenn Close in 2003. He first talked about how cold it was filming in Budapest, but then mysteriously said "watch this space". Could that mean there is a Lion in Winter sequel or other Glenn Close project? He didn’t elaborate so that will remain a mystery for now.

Stewart finished his sets with a treat, by performing a monologue from Macbeth.

Patrick Stewart gives a serious Shakespearean look at OzTrek2 in Melbourne on Saturday (Photo: Fannish Inquisition)

For more Stewart in Oz photos, check out Fannish Inquisition’s set at Flickr.

Stewart and Hardy together again in Mad Max 4?
The final bit of Patrick Stewart Australia news is most certainly a rumor. A reader of Aint it Cool News sent in a tip that she spoke to the actor while in Australia, and asked him if he would ever be shooting any films down under. The reader reports that Stewart said he would be "back here soon to film a movie with George Miller." Looking at the schedule of director George Miller there are only three known projects, Happy Feet 2, Mad Max 4: Fury Road, and The Odyssey. Stewart specifically said it wasn’t Happy Feet 2 and the reader report doesn’t get more specific. This has prompted a wave of "Patrick Stewart in Mad Max?" stories across the web. What makes it even more intriguing is that none other than Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis’ Shinzon) is reported to be playing Max (taking over the role Mel Gibson played in three films). Filming for the fourth Mad Max film is scheduled to commence in the summer, so we will know soon enough if this one is true.

[UPDATE: Rumor Debunked]

Stewart and Hardy in "Star Trek Nemesis" – will they be back together in "Mad Max 4"?


1. rm10019 - January 31, 2010

Would be nice to have Stewart and Hardy together in a better project than Nemesis.

2. RTC - January 31, 2010

Much as I love to see Patrick Stewart act in anything, and particularly as Capt. Picard, it’s hard to imagine a storyline with him in ST 12 that wouldn’t seem an awful lot like ST 11. Great idea, but I’m ready to see the new ST crew have their own adventures.

3. MDSHiPMN - January 31, 2010

#1 – I wonder if Mad Max has any shot at being that project.

4. Captain Dunsel - January 31, 2010


I’ve had one or two “first” comments in various threads. But today wa sthe first time I had “firsT’ in answering a poll question.

What POWER! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of respondants agreed with ME!


5. Markus McLaughlin - January 31, 2010

I want to see Kirk Prime AND Picard in Trek 2, Kirk Prime in a recording, and Picard at the end of the film reflecting on his friendship with Kirk Prime. At his Ambassador inauguration with some of his old crew in the audience….

That would be SOOOOO cool! Make it so! :D

6. AndorianBabe - January 31, 2010

I thought Nemisis was impressive and deeply moving. It did have it’s moments of fear and doubt, but Hardy was awesome and the concept was fascinating

7. philpot - January 31, 2010

id say Homers The Odyssey is more likely than Max 4 for Patrick..but then again maybe not. I just hope Gibson turns up in Max 4 in some capacity..i still cant believe they’ve recast with Hardy…..Sly returns for Rocky/Rambo, Willis for DH 4, Ford for Indy 4..Nimoy for Trek, yet no Mel for Max 4? crazy

and yeah id like to see Stewart in trek 12..more so than Shatner actually…heck i fully expected him to show up in Trek XI in Spocks mind meld scene

dunno how though beyond more time travel…unless they have an opening scene set in the 24th Century Prime universe…or if they made a film of Countdown

8. CmdrR - January 31, 2010

No offense, but isn’t it just as likely that Stewart will pop up in The Odyssey?

And to paraphrase Family Guy: “Do we really need another Mad Max picture?”

9. Eridanis - January 31, 2010

Having just closed a stage production of Lion in Winter, I can’t imagine what a sequel could say that wasn’t said in the original. More likely, another project with the two of them working together?

10. NCC-73515 - January 31, 2010

What about Mirror Picard (we never saw him before, I could imagine Stewart with Chang’s moustache!)…?

11. Buzz Cagney - January 31, 2010

I’m getting sick of hearing the older Trek actors pitching for a role in the next film. Move on and stop trying to hog the new guys time in the spotlight. You’ve had you go- and in the case of TNG actors a very generous 200 hours or so of it.

12. SebiMeyer - January 31, 2010

I would love to see Stewart’s Shakespeare projects be released on DVD.

I know theater purists usually shy away from something like that, but flying to London just to go see Sir Patrick would easily run a thousand euros.

I’d love to see him, but not THAT much. :)

And get your ass to FedCon, man! He was confirmed at least twice now and had to cancel each time because a theater project came up.

13. Lancelot Narayan - January 31, 2010

The image you’ve used from Nemesis is back to front. Come on people! I hate that!

14. "Check the Circuit!" - January 31, 2010

Actually it might be kind of cool…and reassuring to the fans that feel the new Star Trek somehow negated the original…to have Picard appear in a flashback with Spock Prime leading up to his mission to stop the star from going nova….a la Star Trek Countdown.

Hmmmmm. Interesting plot idea? 24th century Prime Enterprise crew trying to retrieve Spock from altered 23rd century timeline. SOmewhere toward the end…imagine a face-off between the two Enterprises.

I’m such a fan boy.

15. jas_montreal - January 31, 2010

I actually prefer Stewart making a cameo in the trek sequel, instead of Shatner.

16. Schultz - January 31, 2010

Only 12% for Archer? Hate to say it, but you are not real Trekkies. Remember McCoy in TNG Farpoint? Archer’s the only thing that will work… as an old admiral, maybe with T’Pol. Bakula is a wonderful actor. In any case, the others have no place in a straight sequel, not Janeway, not Sisko, not Picard, and definitely not Shatner’s Kirk. Get over it, people.

As for Brooks’ idea for a DS9 film? Yeah, I’m all for it. Wait a few years, set it in the prime timeline, make it two films back-to-back, and that’s where you can bring your beloved captains back into the mix… Picard and Sisko still have to settle a few things. And maybe there’s also a place for Admiral Janeway. Would be interesting to see what happens in the prime timeline universe after the destruction of Romulus.

17. General Martok - January 31, 2010

I definitely want sir patrick in the sequel. Yes. MAKE IT SO!!!

18. Anthony Pascale - January 31, 2010


you do not decide who is a ‘real Trekkie’ and who isn’t. Certainly the criteria is not ‘those who disagree with Schultz’

19. DonDonP1 - January 31, 2010

Kirk Prime and Picard Prime in ‘Star Trek XI’? Sounds good to me! Let’s hope that new movie would end with either Kirk Prime or Kirk Alt. saying this:
‘Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its on-going mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.’ Or Picard saying the same thing but with ‘continuing’ replacing ‘on-going’ and ‘forms’ dropped.

20. =====================PICARDS ANCESTORS IN A SUBTLE WAY======================= - January 31, 2010

Why not have Picard play his bloodline from the First Martian Colonies?

21. OneFootForward - January 31, 2010

Here’s an idea: How about NO MORE CROSSOVERS OR GUEST SHOTS.

Enough of that. Let the new Trek stand on its own two feet. No more of the older casts, no remakes or revisiting old plots or ideas. A movie without Klingons or Romulans would be nice– you know, a movie where the crew actually seeks out new life and new civilizations. A movie without time-travel or something similar would be a godsend. It’s called Star Trek, after all, not Time Trek.

It was nice seeing Leonard Nimoy one last time to pass the torch, really it was. And I understand why the the writers and producers chose the device they did, and it really worked. But let’s look forward now.

22. Schultz - January 31, 2010

#21 Hear ye!

23. Schultz - January 31, 2010

#18 Anthony: I’m definitely in the position to observe who is producing reasonable ideas within the logic and timeline of the Star Trek universe and who is not. Unless the writers find a similiarly compelling and convincing way to integrate Picard, Shatner’s Kirk or any other Prime Captain into the sequel as they managed to do with Spock Prime—and not just a forced flashback or hologram message—, then all of that is simply irrelevant. Moreover, it would be disrespectful of Star Trek if they simply slam Stewart or Shatner in there, just so we can see their faces again.

24. Anthony Pascale - January 31, 2010

Schultz I dont care what you opinions are, everyone here is a trek fan and you are no better at being a fan than anyone else

we just dont tolerate the ‘people who agree with me are the real fans and the rest of you arent’ bs. find a way to debate without labeling and attacking the others

25. USS EXETER - January 31, 2010

While I agree seeing Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard on the big screen again would be awesome, I tend to believe Stewart when he says the cast has moved on. JJ’s Trek is based on TOS, so if we ever see TNG again it will probably have to be a reboot.

26. Schultz - January 31, 2010

#24 Anthony, you might have noticed that I removed the sparse ad hominem language. But the style of my post has no bearing on the fact that I am entitled to criticize other people/fans for their opinion. And slamming Stewart and/or Shatner into the sequel just for the sake of it is utter lunacy. It’s beyond fandom. That’s all I wanted to say. We have a new timeline now, a new universe, and we should work within the confines of that framework. Archer is in there. Is Picard in there? Is Shatner’s Kirk in there? How could they be? If someone has a decent idea of how to include one of them (or both) in the sequel, tell me. I’m all ears. But nothing half-baked, please, because the logical answer would always be: Leave them out.

27. Pragmaticus - January 31, 2010

The only cameo that could POSSIBLY work is Bakula as Archer. Otherwise, the fabric of time and space completely unravels. But regardless, let this crew stand on its own, pass the torch to another TV crew after the movies finish, and let them make cameos.

28. VOODOO - January 31, 2010

Schultz #26

Hate to break it to you, but nobody outside of these boards even knows who Archer is.

Shatner and Stewart as Kirk Prime and Picard would be a big deal to the casual fan/general public that recongnize them (along with Leonard Nimoy)as the face of Star Trek. As to how to do it…There is always a way. The writers came up with a pretty clever way to get Shatner involved last time, but it just didn’t work out.

The return of Archer would generate a lot of who is that guy comments from fans.

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t welcome some type of cameo from Bakula, but I don’t think that people that didn’t watch Enterprise for free at home would get too excited about him having a role in ST… Shatner and Stewart have a much broader appeal with a general audience.

29. P Technobabble - January 31, 2010

s26. shultz

No need to get too demanding… whatever the writers decide, that’s it, period. They aren’t gonna listen to you any more than they listen to everyone, in general. The logical answer is not simply to “leave them out.”
That is just your opinion. Don’t make it sound like LAW.

30. Desstruxion - January 31, 2010

I’ve got it. Just as in the “Five Doctors”, Star Trek should do a movie called “The Five Captains” that way all of the old guard could have one last hurrah before finally moving on.

…and I’d also like to see Stewart on Doctor Who. He’d be a great villain. He would be fantastic as an incarnation of the Master maybe during a time war flashback or something. Or maybe the return of Barrusa (did I spell that right?).

31. Schultz - January 31, 2010

#27 Pragmaticus. Above I fiercely spoke out against Stewart, Shatner et al. being in the sequel. I also said that only Bakula would work. Simple logic. So we could simply acknowledge that the whole thing is a non-discussion and go home, but it would be fun to think of ways of how to include the prime captains in the sequel—beyond mundane ideas like flashbacks and holograms and “we need some of your whales”. But is there a way?

The only thing to do this is probably a take on what you described as “the fabric of time and space completely unraveling”. Sounds like big worthy Star Trek drama to me! What if the new timeline is somehow unstable, the whole alternate universe? Let’s assume for a moment there is a (“science”-fiction) possibility for the new alternate universe to collapse back into the prime universe, or even worse, rip apart etc. What if the actions of the Pine/Quinto-Enterprise—ultimately going back to Nero’s initial intrusion—, have a devastating effect on the future of that timeline, the alternate TNG universe? What if that’s the reason Picard *has* to return to the past to try to repair the damage, or ensure a smooth fusion of both timelines? Using future technology? Or even together with a Starfleet captain from the farther post-TNG future? That’s just an idea.

32. Alvin - January 31, 2010

The film could always open in the TNG era ‘present’ just following Romulus’ destruction, with Ambassador Picard doing this or that. Or maybe the film ends with Spock returning to greet Picard and co? If the new picture includes Elder Spock again, a return to the other timeline is always possible (though i’ll admit, unlikely). Would be great to see a deleted scene like that though, especially as the TNG era cast seem willing to do small cameos, unlike Shatner.

33. Alvin - January 31, 2010

#11: I don’t think anyone is actually lobbying to be in the film. It seems like they’re simply being asked in interviews “any interest in being in the ST sequel?’ Their answer is always ‘if they asked me, sure!’

34. Schultz - January 31, 2010

#29 P Technobabble: Of course it’s the law, but not of Star Trek, but of filmmaking. If an idea is half-baked, forced, illogical, artificial, it must be ignored, ergo: captains left out. Sure it’s the writers who decide, but I don’t think they’d be willing to include any prime captain just for the sake of it. Would you?

35. Anthony Pascale - January 31, 2010

RE: Lobbying vs. just answering questions
Well in the case of Mulgrew and Bakula that is true. However, Stewart wasn’t asked about it, he suggested it. He was asked about voicing a TNG animated show. As for Shatner, there can be no doubt he is lobbying for the job

36. Hat Rick - January 31, 2010

I think that there is plenty of room in the Trek universe for Patrick Stewart to reprise his role as Captain Picard. The question remains whether it should be in the next Star Trek movie, and my first inclination is to answer it in the negative.

Nevertheless, the conceptual room is there, since the events of “Countdown” could be relevant, albeit the comic is only semicanonical.

On another note, I am disappointed in Obama’s cancellation of our Constellation program. NASA’s history is intimately tied with Trek, both fictionally and nonfictionally, and I believe that our future is made less interesting when we, as a people, fail to support a strong space program. Private enterprise has its role, but it is not up to the task of human exploration of the Solar System.

37. Shunnabunich - January 31, 2010

#21: Sorry, but are you forgetting who’s writing the sequel?

#23: Wow, not only are you acting like a dink instead of simply pointing out that Archer would be the most sensible choice for a cameo considering the setting, but:

“Unless the writers find a similiarly compelling and convincing way to integrate Picard, Shatner’s Kirk or any other Prime Captain into the sequel as they managed to do with Spock Prime…”

Please tell me that was dripping with sarcasm. Props to Nimoy for the good job he did and all that, but Spock Prime’s appearance was even more contrived than everything else in that movie, which is saying a LOT. O&K could literally just have all of them show up for the hell of it and it wouldn’t be much worse.

Okay, I’m feeling better now that I’ve vented. :)

38. Schultz - January 31, 2010

#32: “The film could always open in the TNG era ‘present’ just following Romulus’ destruction, with Ambassador Picard doing this or that. Or maybe the film ends with Spock returning to greet Picard and co?”

That’s all fine, but Spock’s or Picard’s “this or that” would need to be inseparably connected to the main plot, which of course takes place in the alternate TOS era with Pine, Quinto & Co. If there’s no compelling connection, it won’t be done.

39. J. Carbaugh - January 31, 2010

As delightful as it would be to see Patrick Stewart return as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (…and believe me, I’m clamoring for an alternate-reality version of TNG), I do believe that this new cast should be allowed to carry a movie on their own. I ultimately agree with Schultz: do we want Bob, Alex, and the Supreme Court to shoehorn in Kirk Prime or Jean-Luc just because they can? I mean I lurk enough to know that most of you are sick of the time-travel angle and that is the only feasible way I can think of that you could deliver a cameo. Even more than Picard, do you know who I would GEEKGASM to see Sir. Patrick play again, on the silver screen and in a new Star Trek? Locutus. But…how would they ever bring him back?

No, I trust Chris Pine and Zac Quinto, not to mention our good friends Bob and Alex in this next film. Khan, the Klingons, or whomever, I think 2012 can NOT get here quick enough.

40. Bucky - January 31, 2010

Admiral Archer is the only one that would make sense. And he’s still pissed off at Scotty for leaving his “abandonment” on Delta Vega! So let’s say he has some sway on the council then.

“I sent you there cause you atomized my dog, you jerk!”

and so forth.

41. Will_H - January 31, 2010

I think a TNG animated series wouldn’t go over well. There’s no real lost years, maybe some inbetween time during the films, but that’s it. If anything I think a last film to wrap up both TNG and DS9 would be the best, but I know the chances of that happening are slim to none.

42. Matt G. - January 31, 2010

The only captain cameo that would make even remotely any sense is Archer. He’s probably still alive, in fact the way they talk about him and his beagle implies he’s around, plus it would be another nice way to tie the continuity together. It doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe kind of like Janeway in Nemesis, though in person would be better. T’Pol and maybe Dr. Phlox could also still be alive.

43. Pyork (JE) Productions - January 31, 2010

If Stewart said yes to a new Trek Film then they should make Countdown into a movie.

44. Steve - January 31, 2010

Let me ask: Is it as hard for the TOS generation to see Shatner get older as it is for people from the TNG generation (such as myself, born in ’87) to see Patrick Stewart get older?

45. HotStove - January 31, 2010

Logically, I had to vote for Archer in the next Trek movie – although I shoulda voted for “none”. The fanboy in me wants to see all of them in a film, but I’d rather see our new crew go where no one has gone before rather than keep treading old ground.

On another thought – where is my DS9 movie??? Let’s get Sisko outta the Temple and back to work protecting our interests in the Bajoran sector!

46. Pro-Khan-sel - January 31, 2010

I don’t see any reason to have any TNG era, or enterprise charactors being in the second film. I do see a way for TNG era and enterprise in the 4th film which would or could be a reboot of TNG.

Until the 4th film, all of the cameos can be told in novels, comics and fan films.

47. Trekluver - January 31, 2010

Truth is is that as much as I want to see Kirk Prime in ST:2, having Ambasador Picard would make more sense. Still after boborci answered his takes on timetravel in this Trek it probobly won’t happen because to do so may interfier with STO and I don’t believe CBS, Paramount, The BadRobot Guys, and Cryptic would b e happy with canon going haywire! Could just change the laws of physics, like they did in Voyager! :)

48. PJ - January 31, 2010

There was an ideal spot to have had Archer at the swearing in ceremony in the movie, so he could easily be worked in in ST XII. If it works with the story line, I am up for all appearing in some fashion.

49. Trekluver - January 31, 2010

But you could do just a cameo if they took Any of them and put them in somewhere. Mabye a name in some text or something? You never know what the writers may come up with. Let me make this plain and simple for any of the ST:2 writers reading this; I WANT KHAN! Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

50. Trekluver - January 31, 2010


I Fell the same way.


I enjoy debates but Anthony is right, we all have oppinions. He’s not asking that you keep those oppinions to ourselves but to tell them and leave it and not discriminate what others oppinions are. People do this stuff all the time elsewhere and the staff here just wants it to be toned down. Just lighten up and have fun with Trek! Live Long, and Prosper!

51. UAB Blazer - January 31, 2010

Boborci, keep it original and keep it with the new “original” crew. There’s no need to throw in characters from TNG, Enterprise, etc. All I ask for is an adventure with Kirk, the crew, the E, and a star to steer her by.

52. Jim Nightshade - January 31, 2010

If Archer is used they could follow the st09 novel n porthos could reappear on the big e n scotty could present him to admiral archer who would then thank scotty n officially remove his sentence on delta vega n scotty could give him a tour of the new ship ala dr mccoy on tng-

53. Chris Fawkes - January 31, 2010

No disrespect to Tom Hardy but he could not do a young Mel Gibson.

Having them both together may not be a good idea either. Imagine the headline from any critic wanting to paint a negative review – “The Boys From Nemesis Are Back”, that would kill any film in it’s tracks.

54. Chris Fawkes - January 31, 2010

Young Kirk getting it on with T-Pol could work. It could be a tribute to the original scene from the motion picture where we see the ship for the first time.

55. Geodesic - January 31, 2010

They could dress Sir Patrick Stewart up like an alien or include him in a Spock Flashback if they include Spock Prime agian.

56. assimilator47 - February 1, 2010

About Picard in the alternate Trek universe (JJverse): imagine the alternate timeline being drawn straight into the TNG era: how would the ships look by then? How about the peace treaty with the Klingon empire? How about the Borg, assimilating the Founders? (shape-shifting Borg!!) And so on, and so on… Sadly, it’s not going to happen. Gladly, it is not going to happen. JJ Abrams and the wonderful writing staff have given us back Kirk and crew and a sexy new Enterprise (i love those phaser sounds). Let’s keep it in thát era, nó spin-offs, no cameos, no remakes of old villains. Let’s keep the sequel as bright and shiny as the Enterprise, with new adventures.

It keeps the older fans satisfied with new exiting stuff and the new fans don’t care about ‘what once was'; you can’t blame them for that. These are new times with new adventures.

As for Sir Patrick Stewart: i really, really, REALLY would love to see a final and well-written sendoff movie with the TNG cast. Or do a two-part movie with the casts from TNG, VOY and DS9 as a final farewell, those actors deserve it, the fans (well… some of us) want it and mr.Orci and Mr. Kurtzman have proven themselves over and over that they can write winner-scripts, both for series and film.

Again, sadly, it’s not going to happen. Gladly, it’s not going to happen. In most minds of Trekkers, we áll have created movies in our minds and to ús, they are great blockbusters. For a studio, ánd for a writing staff, it is the art of writing an exiting ánd doable script to attract as many audience and sell as many commercial products from it as possible.

Within thát confinement (that, and budget) the STSC (Star Trek Supreme Court: JJ Abrams and staff) have delivered us a stunning new movie, with a confirmed sequel on the way and yes: we know…. the third movie will follow soon after that. =)

Sir Patrick Stewart in Mad Max 4: Roadfury? I love all the things that Sir Patrick does; he ís one of the greatest and most versatile actors i know, both on the big screen as in the theater. No matter what work he gets involved in, whenever i get the chance to watch it or visit a play nearby, i’m there. Not as a Trekker persé, but more as someone who still is intrigued by that deep, clear and wellspoken bronze voice which touches the heart and soul.

57. Dan - February 1, 2010

I’d be up for Prime Picard showing up in the new movie and returning to his timeline, It would certainly shut up the fans who think the Prime timeline has been erased.

58. Paulaner - February 1, 2010

No gimmicks please. IMHO, in the new Trek universe there’s no space for believable cameos. Recordings or flashbacks, maybe, but they would be a watered-down experience.

59. elodie - February 1, 2010

Archer is my first choice and he deserves to be on a trek movie. My other choice is Picard, who is an incredible captain too.

Kirk prime : no way!

60. Odradek - February 1, 2010

I have an obvious solution, how they could bring in Picard without any time travel, recordings or flashbacks.

61. EFFeX - February 1, 2010

I think Archer would be the most logical choice, but I’d love to see Picard even though I’m not sure how they could even work that in.

62. denny cranium - February 1, 2010

Please just the new Trek actors in their own universe.
They can handle it.
Lets develop THOSE characters and build a history and canon with them.
Loved all the predecessors but they have played their shift (It was Hockey Day in Canada this wknd)
Its time for Pine/Quinto and crew to play their shift.

63. P Technobabble - February 1, 2010

First, I have to agree, there are no “true” Trek fans… either you’re a fan or you’re not.

Second, to Anthony: #29 is using my moniker. I am the REAL P Technobabble, and this is the first post for me. I don’t know who #29 is, and I’m not too happy about someone else using my name. I already changed my name once to accomodate someone else. I’d hate to give up my name again…

Third, everyone wants to be in the Trek sequel, including me. nyuk nyuk

64. Dom - February 1, 2010

It might be fun to have Patrick Stewart appear as Jean-Luc’s grandfather. Personally the only TNG character I feel could comfortably appear in the new Treks would be Guinan (recast, obviously!)

65. Damian - February 1, 2010

I’d like to see an Archer cameo. Maybe a kiss and make up moment between him and Scotty (Archer did not seem to be the childish type to hold a grudge for long anyway). To the hard core fan, it obviously would have some meaning. The non fan would not care.

I think it was Bob Orci who said that for their last Star Trek project (whenever that ends up being), they was the beagle to reappear.

66. Daoud - February 1, 2010

TNG animated? Only if it’s done in the STO timeframe (which actually makes hella sense, eh?) would it draw eyeballs: as it would accompany the goings on of STO, and take place post-TNG, DS9, VOY and post-ST09.

Stewart’s right about the USS Enterprise-E’s stories with Picard being done.

However, animate the USS Titan with Admiral Riker and Commander Troi (and friends), and I’ll watch. Both Frakes and Sirtis would do it in a heartbeat (or in a valentine, recalling the end of Enterprise), as they have plenty of voicework experience from _Gargoyles_.

Then again, since STO is in 2409, it’s about 42 years after the start of TNG. So, perhaps instead… we get…

Animated Star Trek: Generation 2410:
on the USS Enterprise-G….
under the command of Captain Wes Crusher… (voiced by Wheaton!)
his first officer Commander Alexander Rozhenko… (voiced by Dorn)
chief medico Dr. Selar… (voiced by Plakson, or Sirtis, or Genie Francis)
and his science officer B-9…. (voiced by Spiner)
with special appearances by
Fleet Admiral Will Riker (voice by Frakes)

produced and directed by Jonathan Frakes
executive produced and written by Manny Coto
consulting executive producers JJ, K/O, L and the gang

67. Mel - February 1, 2010

I hope no old Star Trek actor will be included in the next movie. We have a new young cast, there is no need to bring any of the old actors back. They should stand in the limelight now.

And I also prefer a more straightforward story in the next movie, so hopefully there will be no time travel story or any other strange convoluted ways to include any of the old actors. I guess the only one you could easily include in the new movie is Archer, because it seems like he is still alive. Otherwise Scotty wouldn’t have spoken about him.

68. BiggestTOSfanever - February 1, 2010

@ boborci
NO No No…..
No Captain cameos
Sir Patrick, You’re a nice guy but seriously, this is NEW TREK, not cameo trek.

69. Daoud - February 1, 2010

Well, Patrick and any others could have voice cameos in Generation 2410… ;)

Cameos overall would seem a bit too much like Star Trek: Of Gods And Men though….

70. Watcher - February 1, 2010

SebiMeyer: “would love to see Stewart’s Shakespeare projects be released on DVD.

I know theater purists usually shy away from something like that, but flying to London just to go see Sir Patrick would easily run a thousand euros.”

Good news, SebiMeyer! Hamlet was filmed and is already out on DVD in Region 2. Will be shown on PBS in US at end of April and released on R1 on BluRay/DVD then. (It is brilliant!!)

Macbeth has been filmed but the transmision date hasn’t ben released yet. It will also be broadcast by the BBC in the UK and PBS in the USA.

71. SJU - February 1, 2010

I’d like to see all the captains.

72. Jim Ertel - February 1, 2010

Oh no, everybody want’s to appear in next sequel, why not Data’s cat also ?

73. Nick Cook - February 1, 2010

The fan in me would love to see Picard in the next movie, even though it’ll never happen. Archer would be nice too, and admittedly a bit more practical.

74. Canon Schmanon - February 1, 2010

Please please please leave any past Trek actors out of the new film. Unless they’re playing different roles. There’s just no reason to have Kirk, Picard or anybody else in the next movie. Nimoy handed it off to the new guys, keep it new. Please please please.

75. Canon Schmanon - February 1, 2010

Skinny, effeminate little Shinzon as Mad Max? I sure hope Hardy has more going for him that was on display in the second most wretched Trek film ever made.

76. Canon Schmanon - February 1, 2010

Oops, I hit “say it” too quickly. I meant to beg for an appearance by Mel Gibson in the new Mad Max film. We need Max Prime!!!!!!!

77. Marvin the Martian - February 1, 2010

Even though I’ve been one of the most vocal proponents of a TNG animated series, I’ve been saying for years now that Patrick Stewart wouldn’t be interested. So, his comments don’t surprise me.

The rest of the cast could be coaxed into doing it, led by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, who would probably be chomping at the bit for the opportunity.

Throw enough money in Stewart’s face, combined with some pressure from the rest of the TNG cast, and I’d bet he’d be willing to do a special story arc, though.

78. That guy... - February 1, 2010

Patrick is most likely referring to The Odyssey. It’s based on the Homer tale which sounds like a perfect fit for Stewart.

79. byron d. - February 1, 2010

why oh why cant they make a direct to dvd ds9 movie? if stargate can do it why cant trek? they would totally make back their money. i just. i want to know what happened to sisko… bring back ron moore to write it.

80. ClassicTrek - February 1, 2010

No thanks – No patrick stewart in Trek 12 for me.

If anyone should appear it should be The Shat!!


81. Professor Harken - February 1, 2010

what about Picard as the villain of Star Trek…?

82. Balok - February 1, 2010

any former Trek actor would say “yes” if asked to be in the next Trek movie(unless they want too much mula)…

83. The Disinvited - February 1, 2010


If Scotty’s post on Delta Vega had something to do with the wrath of Archer then why’d the Admiral post him within 10 feet of a a functioning transporter?

84. Rhett Coates - February 1, 2010

Well, there is also the theory that Bob and Alex will write a story for [ST XII] that may or may not actually benefit from any “guest” characters to appear. If it works for whatever story they do write, then any guesting would make sense, or be – as the saying goes – logical.

We have, above, several interesting notions of how Picard might appear (concerning the missing Spock in the Prime timeline in the late 24th century), and others as well. Bob and Alex (and whomever else is involved with imagining the next story) might come up with something completely different that actually DOES make sense concerning a guest appearance by Picard, Kirk (Shatner), Archer, Janeway, Guinan, or anyone else from previous ‘Treks.

If they really want to go off the deep end, maybe they could take the ultimate step: during the next story, young Kirk (Chris P) has a “delayed reaction” episode from the mind-meld that elder [Prime] Spock performed on him in ST XI, and young Spock (Zachary Q) is needed to perform his own meld on Jim K. to find out what’s going wrong. In that meld, Prime Spock’s entire life-experience is seen in about 10 or 20 seconds: particularly the ST captains: all of them from April through Pike, Kirk, Harriman, Garrett, Picard, Sisko and Janeway are seen (–in some form that makes STORY SENSE in such a scenario, and not just to get them screen time–), pointing toward a climactic answer to some major dilemma facing Jim K. and the new (younger) crew.

Too broad? Well then, ‘Trek Movie Report’ readers: YOU figure that kind of idea out, and/or let your imagination run wild until its distilled down to a workable, honest framework within a sci-fi context that fits Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

Okay, and while we’re there, let Scotty finally retrieve Archer’s beagle, putting that to rest. (I’d love to see how Archer fares anyway, since it’s believed – not canon – he passed on the day after Kirk’s Enterprise was christened, but in the new parallel ST universe of ST XI, that might have changed when Nero altered history by destroying the USS Kelvin. Not only was Starfleet upgraded (as Bob and Alex have said) as a result of that attack, beyond technology of TOS, but perhaps such a drastic emergency could have encouraged Starfleet Medical to make very fast, very dramatic developments in treatments that might keep humans like Archer live longer than would have happened in the original timeline.

That might be a good enough reason for Archer to appear, if they choose to have that character in the next story.

Again I ask Bob and Alex, and everyone here, “??” My take is simple: literary fiction is where anything is possible; sci-fi literature is where EVERYthing is possible. Think about it….

85. The Disinvited - February 1, 2010


I think you are forgetting that in the Prime universe the christening of Kirk’s Enterprise takes place a full 13 years or more after his captaincy in the 2009 movie’s universe. So Archer doesn’t need any medical advances to appear in the next Trek movie.

86. Daoud - February 1, 2010

Archer Lives! Porthos Lives!

Of course, he’s got Klingon DNA in him, and Klingons are long-lived (except when they die young in battle!). He also has been the receptacle of the katra of Surak. Plenty of excuses in Enterprise for him to live an extremely long life.

Porthos has the chamaeleon transplanted organ in him…

I wouldn’t be surprised if T’Pol was bringing Jonathan some plomeek soup before you know it.

87. Demode - February 1, 2010

It would alter the time line again (in the TNG era, anyways), but have Spock Prime return to the future moments before the solar blast takes out Romulus. As is, it feels like Spock failed and billions dies cause of it. I don’t really like that. Give Spock prime a true happy ending. You can have “Ambassador Picard and Captain Data” meeting him in the future and taking him home onboard the Enterprise.

As for DS9… lets get some Direct to DVD movies made. I think that is where they would excel. If they prove successful, they could do the same for the other series.

With TNG… theyw ere a very successful show, and everyone knows the characters. I would like to see them get one or two more films that take place after Nemesis (but before the destruction of Romulus.)

88. Dune sequel - February 2, 2010

– A Mad Max movie without Mel Gibson …?!?…hmmmm…

89. Rhett Coates - February 2, 2010

#87. Demode – February 1, 2010 said:
“….It would alter the time line again (in the TNG era, anyways), but have Spock Prime return to the future moments before the solar blast takes out Romulus. As is, it feels like Spock failed and billions dies cause of it. I don’t really like that. Give Spock prime a true happy ending. You can have “Ambassador Picard and Captain Data” meeting him in the future and taking him home onboard the Enterprise….”

NOW, THERE’S A GOOD NOTION of what I also felt about Spock’s involvement in the Hobus supernova destroying Romulus (not to mention infuriating Nero on the loss of his world and family), and I thought just this type of scenario might provide “closure” for that part of the ST timeline. I wonder how Bob and Alex might brainstorm about such a scene….? A lot of ST lore has centered around “restoration” of the timeline, so who knows? Demode: thanks for voicing my opinion in clearer words than I was able to articulate.

90. David Stoeckel - February 2, 2010

I’d love to see Patrick in the Next Film!!!

91. Micdavor - February 3, 2010

I wish they would make a true origins of star fleet movie starting with the discovery of F.T.L. travel and the meeting of the vulcans for the first time and make the movie about the first Enterprise NX-01 using Bakula and the crew from ST-Enterprise.Then make a movie or two leading up to the current Enterprise crew of Pine and Quinto.Star Trek needs a true origins movie and the ST-Enterprise crew deserves a couple to.I think it would be a kick ass ride with the current writers of Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman and JJ Abrams at the helm.

92. Apolo Drakuvich - February 3, 2010

I want Picard and Data in the next movie! Make it so!

93. Ibrahim - February 3, 2010

i think there silly for remaking star trek! what is the point? its like saying all the old work was useless and not appealing..they should have continued on from the 24th century, they could have developed it alot alot of programes like heroes, and lost, have elements of star trek within it. they could have competed at the same level, but continue the storyline from the 24th century.

94. Jon - February 4, 2010

I want them in. Picard, Janeway, and Kirk. It would be nothing but awesome. They paved the way for the newest generation, and would do nothing but compliment them on their way.

95. claire - February 14, 2010

I wish Patrick Stewart good luck for the next Star Trek sequel

96. michael - February 21, 2010

I’m not sure how you could really fit any of the captains (or any prior characters for that matter). The timelines are now “split”. I’d love to see all of them there but does it work? Maybe if you had someone “follow” Spock through and emerge a few years later..but they would be stuck there.

97. densuke - March 10, 2010

i think i would be very nice if picard was in the sequal it would go with the story of how spock prime got there through the black hole he made, if none of you have read it read the new star trek comics it tells how spock and nero got there, and picard and captain data of enterprise were involved so it would only make sense if picard were put there like to look for spock or something i think its a good idea.

98. Matt - March 20, 2010

What about this: the alternate reality Jean-Luc Picard (Tom Hardy) and the Enterprise-D displaced to the 23rd century, where they team up with Kirk and crew to fight the Borg?

99. BRIAN ROBERTS - March 22, 2010


100. Mike D - April 13, 2010

No shat, no cameos and no JJ!!!! sorry JJ you made a great Star Wars film with Star Trek names. Take your shakey camera and LSD inflicted lens flares back to that little island used in lost and stay there. Never set foot on a trek stage again.
Now, lets see the return of DC Fontana writing trek plots. Maybe a REAL TNG VOY and DS9 send off and farewell. Star Trek has always been about moving forward and the future. Going back 100 odd years was against Gene’s vision in my opinion. Lets see a Titan series, or a federation expedition into the gamma quadrant now the dominion is squashed. Or how about the borg go back in time to the 50’s (again) and prevent the conception of JJ Abrams, so humanity isnt tortured with Lost, Alias, Fringe, MI3, Cloverfield and Star Wars – sorry Star Trek. Then they go to vegas and get drunk and meet vic fontaine. Then the hilton take on a new residence act: Vic Fontaine and the Spacemen that runs for 30 years? This will then put Elvis out of the job and maybe confirm the suspicion that Elvis was infact abducted by aliens, (maybe Species 8472) and didnt die of burger related injuries.

101. Alejandro - May 1, 2010

Jonathan Archer is the only captain I see making sense with the new timeline. T’Pol and T’Pau would probably also be alive, along with maybe Phlox and some other Enterprise characters. Now, would the general audience like it? Would they recognize the characters? I think they would. You’d be surprised how many people (non-trekkies or ST fans) know about “Bakula’s Star Trek show”… And anyways, both Stewart and Shatner have been in many movies, don’t you think Bakula deserves at least a 5 minute scene in a Star Trek movie??

102. RJ - June 2, 2010

Honestly I would love to see them work in Q, lol.

103. Daniel enterprise - August 12, 2010

Picard is the best capt. for the any roll in any new movies that are coming, in fact I wish there would be many more Trek adventures with Picard ….series or movie doesnt matter as long as you dont wait till its too late!!….
Enok Tah!! E chuu ack….
my fellow bretheren till we meet on the enterprise again end hail transmision…………..

104. let me hear your war cry - August 12, 2010

tok ock eechaaa tika neee FOCK TA JAA In klingon this means The PIcard doesnt like any of you traders of the StarShip Enterprise

105. Disinvited - August 17, 2010


What is it about the dealer’s room that the fictional Picard finds to his disliking?

106. Joseph E Gutshall - January 10, 2011

We need Patrick back and spock just one more time to give some wisdom to next crew. Just one more time, please??

107. Trojan - April 8, 2011

Abrams had not seen Star Trek Nemesis because the franchise had “disconnected” for him,[66] explaining that for him, Star Trek was about Kirk and Spock, and the other series were like “separate space adventure[s] with the name Star Trek

108. Adam - April 23, 2011

star trek was about kirk and spock ? which was the highest grossing series……..kirk and spocks star trek was almost like a pilot the enterprise peaked with tng but unfortunately some of the films made about tng let the whole thing down. jj abrams is a great director.

what i and everyone has always been waiting for is a film with an all out armada style battle like the one in ds9 when they fight off the founders and just as they think they’ve lost out of nowhere come the kllingons, amazing :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.