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CBS To Sell Assets From Original Star Trek: The Experience – Still Working On Creating New Experience February 9, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Trek Franchise , trackback

In September 2008, the Trek-themed attraction Star Trek: The Experience closed at the Las Vegas Hilton, after running for a decade. Since that time CBS has been working on developing a new Star Trek: The Experience at a new location, and that work is still ongoing. However, they have decided that most of the assets from the first attraction wont be able to be used and so they are going to be sold off. More details below.


Pick up a piece of Star Trek: The Experience 1.0

After Star Trek: The Experience closed its doors at the Las Vegas Hilton, the attraction was dismantled and much of what was savable was put into storage at a warehouse in Las Vegas, where it has remained. Since that time CBS has been working with the Neonopolis development in Downtown Las Vegas on a plan to put in a new Star Trek: The Experience at that location. According to CBS, they are still in the planning phase, but a decision has been made that most of what is in the warehouse will not be needed for any new Trek attraction. So they have decided to let the fans get a piece of what was Star Trek: The Experience.

A spokesperson for CBS has provided TrekMovie with the following statement:

CBS Consumer Products remains committed to opening a new and exciting Star Trek attraction. We continue to work with our partners at Neonopolis regarding the development of a new Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. In the interim, there are elements from the original Star Trek: The Experience that we know will not be utilized in any new attraction and plan to make those items available to the many wonderful fans of Star Trek: The Experience either by sale or auction in the near future. The final dates and details of such sales are in progress and we hope to announce more very soon.

Currently CBS is working on a deal with PropWorx to handle the sale of the assets. PropWorx is the same company that handled the Battlestar Galactica auction last year for NBC/Uni and is currently conducting a sale of Stargate assets for MGM. PropWorx CEO Alec Peters has made a post about the ST: The Experience sale on his Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog.

Some of the signage from ‘Star Trek: The Experience’

The preliminary plan is to sell most of the larger items at a warehouse location sale in Las Vegas, with many of the smaller (and more easily shippable) items being sold at a later Star Trek auction. Items that will be sold include signage, the big ‘ships’, the seats from the rides, prop replicas, set pieces, costumes, fixtures from Quarks Bar and the ‘Promenade’ shops. As of now it appears that the items from the "Museum of the Future" will not be sold (apparently these are being held for the ‘new’ ST: The Experience).

Dates have not yet been finalized for the warehouse sale or the auction, but TrekMovie will have an update on the Star Trek: The Experience sale soon with more details.

Borg alcove  from ‘Star Trek: The Experience’

What’s next for Star Trek: The Experience 2.0

As for the future of Star Trek: The Experience, it seems that CBS is still committed to bringing it back. However, it appears that the problems that hit the credit markets and the economy shortly after the first Experience closed seem to be slowing progress. Certainly early estimates that a new Experience would open by 2010 were overly optimistic. There are no estimates on timing available, but the release of the next Star Trek movie in the Summer of 2012 is likely to be top of mind for those working on the new Star Trek: The Experience.

It is actually an encouraging sign that CBS and Neonopolis are not planning on just transporting the Hilton version of the attraction to the new location. The original Star Trek: The Experience was designed in the mid nineties and is heavily themed around the 24th century of Trek seen in Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation and Voyager. Of course, the Trek franchise is much larger than that, including the 22nd century of Enterprise and the 23rd century of the original Star Trek. Obviously with the success of the new Star Trek movie, the new aesthetic (of an alternative 23rd century) will likely play a major part in a new Experience. Also, the assets from the first Experience have a lot of wear and tear, including being removed from the Hilton itself. So it is also encouraging that any new Experience will be built with new components. For now, there are no detailed plans to report, but TrekMovie continues to monitor the situation and will have an update when there is something new to report.

The ‘Voyager’ from ‘Star Trek: The Experience’

Take a virtual tour of original ST: TE
If you want to get a good look at the original Star Trek: The Experience, the ‘virtual tour’ company DigitalProperties has created a site with 360 degree virtual reality images from the attraction as it was at the Hilton. Visit the site at



1. Connor - February 9, 2010

To bad they can’t reuse the huge ships at the new attraction. I’m sure one lucky fan will get good use out of them.

2. robowarrior - February 9, 2010

I want the Borg alcove. Put it in my living room and make people go o__O

3. DaiMonRon - February 9, 2010

The Borg alcove apears to be upside down!

4. Hat Rick - February 9, 2010

I hope to see a new version of the Experience soon.

I very much enjoyed the old version but sadly only got to experience it once. I liked the associated exhibits and Quark’s Bar.

It will be nice to be able to board a Federation starship once again. (Did I just actually write that? ;-) )

5. OneBuckFilms - February 9, 2010

I miss the experience :(

6. TrekMD - February 9, 2010

I was just in Vegas for a business meeting and I missed not being able to enjoy my favorite attraction while in town. Can’t wait to see the new Star Trek Experience they are developing.

7. captain_neill - February 9, 2010

I miss the experience as well

As much as I love the new movie I hope it doesn’t lose its 24th Century look. It was cool.

8. rogue_alice - February 9, 2010

I want that Voyager model. I will bid 50 bucks. ;)

9. Nick Cook - February 9, 2010

Nuts. But no great surprise. :(

I have my doubts they can recapture the magic of the original experience, but I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

10. Crusade2267 - February 9, 2010

Greatest April Fools prank ever: Buy the Borg Alcove, Put it in a Trekkie’s bedroom, remove the bed.

11. Lore - February 9, 2010

Spoiler Warning! One aspect of the “New Experience” has been leaked. There is a barber shop where a Klingon gives one a shaved head, so you can look just like Nero.

12. rogue_alice - February 9, 2010

Is Gaila’s dorm room on the tour? BTW: Didn’t she perish in the conflict at Vulcan??

13. ety3 - February 9, 2010


No. She was in the seats behind Kirk at the end of the film. Perhaps she escaped death via a lifeboat.

14. Jim Nightshade - February 9, 2010

I was afraid they were going to do something like this. This proves the new Experience, if it shows up, will be a mostly jj verse experience…That kinda sucks and seems backwards historically—How can they have a History of the Future museum when the future has been rebooted to a new version of TOS? Sadly this means both attractions will be gone. If they are selling seats of the simulator then their main plan has changed…They were going to update the vegas movie to land downtown instead of at the Hilton, now they are selling the seats…Quarks Bar is a much cooler bar than the one in Trek09—if they are not keeping the attractions I doubt they will keep Quarks either?? It would be very out of place….the New Experience needs to cover old and new and reboot trek equally….I cant believe they are scrapping the rides/attractions…there should be a jjverse ride along with the other two adventures. I am glad I got to experience them while I did since they dont seem to be coming back…mmm I bet they will have the JJverse talent design the whole experience….BAD IDEA….it needs to reflect ALL OF TREK….I wouldnt care if the JJVERSE was the main focus but TNG and TOS and Voyager and ds9 should all be represented…we need more attractions there not less…add a jjverse ride but dont git rid of the other two gread rides…Sadly I saw this because ebay was selling the collector dish from the ent.d model…and the glass panels showing the history of the future were also sold online…I can see Some of the stuff not being used but hey getting yer pix in the Borg Alcove should still be available to…I am not sure what Paramount is doing….I knew there was a reason we didnt hear anything bout it reopening….I had a feeling they were gonna start from scratch with jjverse now..SIGH…..

So Quarksbartender, April, Vernon Wilmer, all the experience fans, what does everybody think???

Is Vernon ever gonna release part 3 yet?? Cant even find his spot to dl the other two chapters anywhere….

15. Jim Nightshade - February 9, 2010

Also as usual being outta work since last April wont be able to afford to buy anything from the Experience when they do auction it off oh welll sigh sniff pout….:(

16. CmdrR - February 9, 2010

I know a few barflies who’d enjoy installing Quark’s in their basement.

17. Jim Nightshade - February 9, 2010

Also how could they not want to use those beautiful giant models? They were imposing, impressive as hell….I find it hard to believe they dont want those? What they gonna do make better ones? I doubt that seriously….

18. David, Reading, UK - February 9, 2010

The Experience came to Hyde Park, London in ’02 .
I (and a couple) broke away from our guide….and I have a treasured shot of me sat in Jean-Luc’s chair with the (Science or Engineering?) station behind.
Scotty wasn’t available, but I beamed. :)

19. Markus McLaughlin - February 9, 2010

I think the Experience 2.0 should be a combo of ST-XI Enterprise, ST-8 Enterprise-E, and Klingon Bird of Prey, those three bridges; various props, and mural representations of NX-01, ST-6 Enterprise-A, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine. AND actual moon rocks on display from one of the Apollo missions. IMHO, that would be very cool!

20. Anthony Pascale - February 9, 2010

nightshade, did you even read the article, or the linked article on Alec’s blog? This stuff is not exactly in mint condition.

stop freaking out

21. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 9, 2010

Let’s hope they make it TOS-related this time.

22. Oktoberfest - February 9, 2010

Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton was wonderful. We’re fortunate that we had an entire decade to geek out in that immersive environment. It really felt like I was inside the Trek universe.

I’ll never forget Quark’s bar and restaurant (and the “Warp Core Breach” was delicious), the D bridge, and the total dedication of the 100% in-character talent. (BTW huge props to “3 of 6″, who somehow pulled off both “scary” and “friendly”.) It was pure heaven, and I have great memories and lots of pictures.

23. Thorny - February 9, 2010

Its too bad CBS can’t make a deal with Disney. “Star Trek: The Experience” as part of Disney parks’ “Tomorrowland” area would be fantastic, a lot better than the silliness that Disney has there (other than Space Mountain) currently.

24. Jim Nightshade - February 9, 2010

haha Sorry Anthony and thanx for your concern over me :)….I suppose it was in even worse shape when they tore it all apart too huh….I guess we will see….Your Opinion of the shabbiness of the Experience’s when you reviewed it was not quite my opinion of it at that time..In fact two weeks before closing it still seemed shiny and futuristic and wonderful to me but maybe at least part of my perceptions were subjectively influenced by how wonderful all the hard working actors, and staff were there…from my first visit in 1998 to my last the experience always lived up to and exceeded my expectations in every way….thanks mostly I admit to the atmosphere combined with the great employees who worked there…I hope their new incarnation will include actors in costume and not just be a sterile object filled museum or bar….I think the main reason for the experience being great were the people that worked there….part of me is afraid they may be trying to eliminate the human element as well….granted you are right Anthony we know nothing of what they are planning to do at this time….we will see…I promise to take a stress pill and talk to HAL about it….heheh

25. WGW - February 9, 2010

the ‘D’ was destroyed, I saw what was left hanging above the torn out experience in Dec. 2008. The saucer was still there and I was told that because of the way it was attached they could not save it.

26. Rick Sternbach - February 9, 2010

It’s a shame the big models are in such bad shape. They were originally fabricated by Penwal Industries, the folks who made the 1:1 (364 foot!) scale model of the Saturn V for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

27. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 9, 2010

GREAT article!

***ATTENTION*** Anthony Pascale

Do you know if the Voyager modle is the original that was used to shoot Star Trek voyager? Or is it a replica?

28. Jaryd Weiss - February 9, 2010

The pictures and virtual tour are really nice. But, does anyone have the videos they used to play in the lobby of Star Trek: The Experience? They were a bunch of clips from different episodes and movies. I really enjoyed them.


29. captain_neill - February 9, 2010

shame about the models

I hope they don’t change the entire theme to solely reflect the new movie. Perhaps in the History of the Future it could have its off shoot since it is a parallel universe.

I would like some of the stuff to be included but if there is any 23rd Century theme then I think it would be fun to do TOS era, be cool to dress it like the bar on Station K 7.

Also I hope that they can keep Quark’s as that was a great bar.

Add more of the other periods but don’t lose the 24th Century

30. captain_neill - February 9, 2010

nightshade, I think the problem with the bar in the new movie is that its very contemporary and like many a regular bar today but Qusrk’s was special, it felt like another place, another time and the architecture was a lot better.

I hope they keep Quark’s, It was great.

I don’t mind stuf added towards the new movie but I would not be in favour of the new experience tailoring just to the new movie.

I would likwt the 22nd Century, the TOS era23rd Century and the 24th Century to be reflected.

31. captain_neill - February 9, 2010


I was at the Hyde park Exhibit as well. Was brilliant sitting in the captain’s chair.

32. Christine - February 9, 2010

If they do make a new ST:TE, I hope a lot of it’s the same (or very similar) to how it was in Vegas. I still wanted to see it so badly, but I just don’t have any way to get to Vegas! )=

(Besides… I gotta see Quark’s, fo’ sho’.)

33. Jim Nightshade - February 9, 2010

All the models at the experience were replicas made for the attraction and i think all of en bigger by far than the original models–

And i also hope they keep quarks bar it was great and much cooler than the bar in trek09

34. April Hebert - February 9, 2010

Anthony; thanks so much for this article and the clarification. I think a lot of fans and employees were led to believe that most of this stuff would somehow be incorporated into the new STTE. I did wonder how they would accomplish that, however…I have no doubt the new one will be awesome. Different, but awesome.
Those of us who spent many happy years at the Hilton playing Star Trek are hoping to get some of our costumes out of this auction..frankly I think we should have been given those things at closing, but anyway, I’m not too proud to beg for (or bid on) Tahryn’s and T’Pril’s costumes. I’m sure they would want me to have them..
Oh, and #28, get in touch with Vernon Wilmer at He’s the archivist for anything related to STTE… He can totally hook you up, I’m sure.

35. Lt. Bailey - February 9, 2010

Lets just get them to build it again and then we can worry about what it is like or made into. I have seen some the items from when it closed down being sold on Ebay by Chad.

While one wishes that the signs, props, ships, etc could and should be used at STTE 2, it is nice to know that these items will find their way into the hands of the fans of STTE & Quarks. I sure would not mind a Saurian Brandy bottle. Better still, I will buy the drink replicator that was behind the bar that dispensed the drink base for Warp Core Breach and Borg Spheres…. I have the recipes from the bartenders.

Jim Nightshade, I feel your pain and share it with you as Sybok would say. But I think it is too early to give up hope for the actual, final lay out of the place. If they on on track for Neonopolis in DownTown LV, then there is still hope, that place is huge and the room is there for a many things. I am right there with you in that it would be great to have the old place back as it was or as close as possible. Realistically, I knew that there would be some or a lot of differences.

To all the actor and bartenders, I do sincerly wish that they get their jobs backs. In speaking and partying with them when I am in LV, they all loved their jobs and would be back in a heartbeat.

The nice part is that I have Quarls 1.5 to go visit when I am in Vegas, they even have a sign to prove it. However, Ceder Fair is still a big R.B. as far as I am concerned for not finding a way to keep it open with Hilton. We have to wait for the up-coming parts of Vernons film project; Star Trek: My Experience.

36. peb - February 9, 2010

how about two places to get food & drinks? k-7 (family friendly kaf complete with tribbles for the kids) and the iowa bar from st09 where you can go and get a stiff drink. i think it could work nicely and you’d get a wide range of ppl coming to the experience. basically, include the prime universe and the jj-verse but id love for this version 2.0 experience to focus on he 22 and 23rd centuries. i mean i want to walk down corridors of the the tos 1701 and sit on the bridge of jj’s 1701 for sure.

37. T'Cal - February 9, 2010

Watch this and see a great idea on how and where to revive STTE.

38. Dr. Image - February 9, 2010

Just this:
Please keep Quark’s.
It had become a modern institution.

If they do, I’ll be there in full Odo regalia for its re-opening.

39. WillDecker - February 9, 2010

It’s a shame to see the 1701 refit in the corner behind Voyager.

40. scifib5st - February 9, 2010

Anthony, thanks for the great update!!
April, thanks for the replay and insight!
I just wounder how much money they would have made if they had kept the Experience open until they built the new one! If I’m not mistaken, nothing has gennerated any money in the old place! If CBS waits long enough, they will have ST The Experience on the web with skype type interaction and they will charge by the minute. I’m sorry, but attention to the fans has not been the number one rule.
Again great job Anthony!

41. Hat Rick - February 9, 2010

Many people I think would have visited The Experience in the wake of the excitement over ST2009, and it’s a crying shame it was closed by the time the movie was released.

I had wanted to visit TE again before its closure in September of ’08, but it was not to be.

It seems to me that the Hilton has been a destination of choice for Creation conventions in LV and it’s sad that TE is no longer actually there.

I’ve stayed at the LV Hilton on several occasions since, and the place where TE was is a shell of its former self, bearing advertisements for in-house restaurants and generally looking a bit sad.

The SpaceQuest Casino itself has apparently fallen on not-so-great-times, judging from the bar hours there (it didn’t open until about 4 p.m. on the days I was there on each occasion I stayed at the hotel).

I did enjoy the fantastic Star Trek slot machines near the entrance of the old TE; those machines have been a fixture of LV casinos for the last years or so and have been quite popular. Still, not at all the same.

They could at least have kept Quark’s Bar open, somehow, some way, despite its location.

42. Hat Rick - February 9, 2010

^^ and the place where the TE formerly was is a shell of its former self….

As corrected.

43. Jim Nightshade - February 9, 2010

Well April, Sheri and me (jeff) hope you do get your costumes-i agree you all should have been given them originally when it closed-i still miss you all and the dedicsted employees like yoou were what brought the experience to life for so many of us-thanks for the kind words n support sybok bailey(that could be a new drink)-i guess we will see what happens-i am sitting at quarks bar in the 360 degree tour i am at the far right end by the ice machine-they must have taken that pic two weeks before they closed when we were last there….

44. richpit - February 9, 2010

Different isn’t necessarily bad, folks! So many people freak when they hear that everything isn’t going to be exactly like it used to be.

I hope the new Experience is mostly TOS (both Classic and JJ), with some elements from the other eras of Trek.

Like it or not, 24th century fans, but TOS sells. it’s been proven time and time again. I don’t mean that to be a taunt, just stating fact.

45. Canadianknight - February 9, 2010

Saddened to see both the ships and those signs sitting abandoned and dusty. Loved those shops.

I miss ST:TE, but I’m one of the folks that thought it had gone downhill over the years. I remember attending in ’98 (my honeymoon!) and being totally bamboozled. The rides, walking the promenade and looking up at the (faux) second level, and imagining Odo staring down at me. The selection of high-end items in the Admiral’s Collection. The museum… everything was amazing! (I still have a bottle of Klingon Blood Wine from ’98! I’m sure it’s no good by now… but it’s a keeper!)

Over the years, the “stores” just became one long continual store. The high-end stuff vanished, and more and more cheap goo-gags appeared. The second level of the promenade vanished, and became a plain ceiling. (That took away a LOT of the immersive quality for me. Didn’t know they’d made a function room up there until much later.) The rides became dated. The admission got higher and higher. Finally, I was mostly just going to hang at Quarks, which I never fell OUT of love with.

My last visit kind of depressed me, as Klingon Encounter felt SO out of date… and I bought nothing on the Promenade. There really wasn’t anything cool anymore. (I’ll always regret not buying a jean jacket they had years prior… that had an amazing image of the Klingon homeworld on the back.)

That all said, the staff and actors were ALWAYS phenomenal. I wished I could have their jobs! The 100% in-character never ceased to amaze me… especially several of the Klingons. Couldn’t be easy to radiate friendly hostility all the time! YOU guys kept me coming back.

I doubt I can afford the auction… but I’ll be watching. Meantime, I look forward to ST:TE 2.0. If it’s half as much fun as 1.0 was… I can’t wait.

46. Evan Malik - February 9, 2010

Anyone know where this warehouse is? I’d like to look around, even if I cant buy yet.

47. Tox Uthat - February 9, 2010

#3, Shields at max, that alcove is upside down. Nice catch.

48. Rick Sternbach - February 9, 2010

#27 – The hanging model from The Experience is simply a medium-detail replica from Penwal Industries. The actual filming miniature was 5 feet long and built by Brazil Fabrication, and currently resides with a collector in the UK.

49. captain_neill - February 9, 2010


yo can get that Iowa bar anywhere

we need a star tek specific bar.

50. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

44 As I said I would like all eras represented, 22nd Century, 23rd and 24th Century

A bar designed like K7 would be cool to see. And the lighting would be excellent.

51. captain_neill - February 10, 2010


That would be really cool.

I would love to see the look on people’s faces if I did that.

52. Horatio - February 10, 2010

I loved ST: The Experience in Vegas. It was the ultimate Trekgasm. It was just fun to hang out at Quarks.

Hope version 2.0 is equally as great.

53. Gerry L - February 10, 2010

This is encouraging news. When we first heard of the auctioning off of the old STTE stuff, we figured it was the final nail in the coffin.
However, to hear a CBS spokesmen say that a new facility is still being planned is great news. But, we’ve been teased before by these types of statements. I just wish they would start hammering nails already.
My personal opinion was that why were they trying to save some of the old stiff from STTE in the first place? Auctioning it off makes sense, but trying to reuse it? Everything in that place was custom made for it. Trying to dismantle it and put it back together made no sense from a construction standpoint. It’s difficult and expensive. I was there during some of the demolition and those guys were tearing things apart with little regard for preservation. Saving a few things that were easiliy taken apart may work, but for the most part, it just wouldn’t work. I’ve been in the engineering / construction business for almost 30 years and from experience, building all new makes more sense financially.
As for what should be included in a new STTE, I’m sure there will be something for everybody. We can’t get caught up in nit picking. Just having it back will be awsome. We’ll probably see quite a bit of the latest Star Trek. That’s where the money is going to be.
As for Quark’s, I see no reason why they would change it from what was depicted on DS9 or at the old STTE. It wouldn’t be Quark’s otherwise. It would make no sense.
Many of the great folks at STTE have moved on to other things, but I’m sure we will see some familiar faces when it opens. Living in Las Vegas has spoiled me and my wife. We’ll probably spend way too uch time there as we did before.
In the meantime, we keep things alive with STTE get together here at Quark’s 1.5.

54. T'Cal - February 10, 2010

Perhaps in its next itteration, The Experience should have a bit from each era. I would want Quark’s again as a higher end lounge/restaurant but I would also want a family friendly (read: cheaper) cafeteria set up like Ten Forward from TNG. The rides should have a theme from STXI with the younger crew, and the 24th century with Captains Picard & Riker and a few of the others on the E-D and Titan. Gift shops could have themes from ENT, VOY, and TOS movies. One could sell high end props, costumes, alcohol, and collectables, another could sell toys, games, and videos, and another could have clothing such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, etc.

Again, I’m a big fan of the idea of this NOT being a stand alone place but instead a part of Disney World or another theme park. It would have a much better chance at survival.

55. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 10, 2010


Thank you for the information!

56. Lt. Bailey - February 10, 2010

The best thing would be for all eras of Trek to be featured: from TOS to ENT & JJ’s ST XI. Yes, there is room for ENT even though some may not think so. The ENT episode “First Flight” shows a bar called the 602 Club. Perhaps they can have Space Mission patches & emblems on the wall as that place did. TOS started it all for us so that would be easy to fill in for ideas. TNG, DS9 & VOY was on TV when STTE was created so they still must have Quarks as the best bar going. After all, STTE Quarks won AOLs Best Drinks award in 2008 for Las Vegas… and yet they still closed it down, the R.B.s!!! (Gerry L. knows what that means)

I would have no problem if any or all of the former employees obtain the items from the auction or better yet, give them the costumes. I need to see April as an Andorian again, don’t get me wrong, she is very nice in person when we see her at Quarks 1.5 but I still picture her blue for some reason….must be the drinks.

Depending what is available I will most certainly bid on props and things. I must have something, anything from STTE, as it would be the jewell of the collection. Overall, the main reason is to preserve this stuff. It is as much of Trek history as Cpt Kirks chair or Spocks harp or Picards wine or Cpt Archers prize Beagle. (My wife & I love that Porthos!!)

This is the best news we have heard in a long time regarding STTE 2.0 and it will be worth the wait. To sit in the best bar in Vegas once again with our friends, enjoying drinks, food, movies and drinks will be a pleasure none too soon in coming.

Vernon is the go-to guy for any thing you have questions about STTE. He has a great film project going which is both joyful and sad at the same time. You must view it with a Mind Meld in hand….or both hands.

57. Gerry L - February 10, 2010

#54 – Some good ideas, however I disagree with putting it in a Disney type park. Those parks are geared more towards young children. I’m not sure they would appreciate Star Trek the way adults do. They want Mickey Mouse and friends. CBS would have to design a very kid friendly attraction for a location like that. I bit too corny I’m affraid. I’d hate to see that.
Having been to the old STTE a couple hundred times, I noticed that it’s really geared more for adults.
Survival wasn’t the problem with the old STTE. It was profitable, but they couldn’t reach a new lease agreement with the management tha twas in place at the Hilton at the time.
That space has been empty since. I hope the Hilton regrets their decision.

58. David West - February 10, 2010

My dream job would be to be the webmaster/network administrator for the new Experience. It is the one job I would willingly move from my home for.

I saw the Experience the first year it was up, and the last year before it was torn down. It was easily my favorite location in Vegas.

At least I have David & Darren, and sometimes Vernon, to listen to on Trekcast, and Darren’s Intergalactic Bartender recipe book, to keep my memories alive until the new Experience comes up.

59. jr - February 10, 2010

When I went, I noticed that most of the stuff were just replica’s of the orginals… some were not very good at that. BE CAUTIOUS.

60. Charla - February 10, 2010

I would like to enjoy the “experience” too! There are others who can’t get to CA. that would like to see it. They should consider making it a portable exhibit to travel the US.

61. Jim Nightshade - February 10, 2010

Rumors were that The Hilton kicked out The Experience to make a new theatre for Michael Jackson to perform at….he was also looking at home in Vegas….I think he wanted to follow Elvis who performed at the Hilton for years….So how did that work out for the Hilton?
I cant believe they havent remodeled it to at least get rid of the experience complelty since they hated it so…

So where is Quarks 1.5? Spacequest?

62. James Lytle - February 10, 2010

Wasn’t happy to see this but can’t say I’m surprised, it’s been forever since we heard something. I’ll just hold out hope that the new one is top notch. They should have threw in a 1% royalty off the new movie to pay for the experience lol…. I know dreaming. I think if they don’t open in the next two years though it will be all for nothing.

63. "Check the Circuit!" - February 10, 2010


If it was themed around TOS, the only people showing up would be like Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show. Hobbling in with their walkers, demanding to get new episode releases on VHS tapes or Laserdiscs.

64. JT - February 10, 2010

#34 Hey April how have you been doing? We miss you guys so much and hope to see ya soon!!! Jeff and Big Brian from Atlanta

65. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - February 10, 2010

I think it wouod be neat if they did the attraction so you could ‘choose your universe’. A Quarks Bar Prime universe promenade or the JJ Iowa Bar universe. I can see the one attracting the older die hard types and the other attracting the newer fans. They could actually use the ‘common’ timeline museum elements that lead to a ‘fork’ (ie the Kelvin incident) and depending on which way you decide to go you are either lead to the JJverse attractions, bar, etc or to the prime verse Quarks Bar, promenade etc…sort of ‘choose your own attraction’. The rides on both sides would of course be geared toward that universe.
JJverse ride: “Escape from the Kelvin on a shuttle”
Primeverse: “Escape From the Borg/Klingons/Doomsday Machine (Id really like to see a TOS themed ride in the new Experience).
Just thinking out loud….

66. SciFiMetalGirl - February 10, 2010

I knew those poor models wouldn’t hold up well after being dismantled and relocated.

67. Diditallbaker - February 11, 2010

If you have any Risca outfits or Luraya outfits(the very often forgotten Major from Bajor)…… I will wear them for you if I can have them. They are both quite modest and will NOT do anything weird….they just want their minds back…. and I’m the ONLY one with those. Can’t buy that. The prophets and profits know…..

68. Captain Robert April - February 11, 2010

My vote is for a K-7 bar. Every so often, stuntmen can reenact the fight from “The Trouble With Tribbles”.

69. Capt. Kral (one of the Klingon brothers) - February 11, 2010

I am the leader of a TOS Klingon “ship” here in Vegas and we have been trying to get the STTE to allow us to reenact the K-7 bar sene,but they were so worried about injuries.We offered to sign releases but no luck.I wish they would consider adding 2 or 3 bars to the new STTE.You could pick which ever bar suits your mood at that time and they would make more money.This is Las Vegas after all.

70. Will - February 11, 2010

I personally would like to see a Trek experience that is again themed around a space station and have areas themed to the different eras(through Holodeck “Museum Programs”). I think that would be really freaking cool and allow for a central “era neutral” area so that there’s a way for everyone to get what they want.

Just think, through different doors you can access different “tours” of different ships(sort of along the lines of the Klingon Encounter’s lead up to the ride itself). Maybe even with new glasses-less 3d display tech they could have it contained so everyone can look out the “windows” and see the proper perspective/parallax distortion as they move. Heck, with that they could simply make each “area” a museum ship and, as you approach the door, you can see out the window to see the HUGE ship docked in spacedock.

Ahh, one can dream.

71. Hat Rick - February 11, 2010

I wish I could be fully confident that the Neonopolis project will take off soon, but there’s been a false start or two as far as reports have gone and I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the financing to go through, for the business climate to improve, or whatever it is that’s holding up the project.

All I know that as soon as I know when The (new) Experience opens, I’m booking a hotel room in Vegas for that weekend.

72. Lt. Bailey - February 12, 2010

You can bet that once the construction starts and we get a possible opening date, that will be the biggest weekend or week in Vegas for Star Trek fans next to the CONs when the place opens up. Vernon’s film project will have a lot of opening of STTE 1.0 back in 1998.

While I would like to think the opening of STTE 2.0 would have as much if not more spectacular ceremony, it would be great just to be there to share drinks with all the fans. I am sure we all will be there, I know Gerry & Francine will so that means we will too.

Maybe the Klingon brothers (since they live in LV) would know something about the rumor that Neonopolis is getting a complete make over. Perhaps that must happen before STTE 2.0 can start. Hopefully they actually start at the same time or better yet, that is what starts the make over.

73. Gil Whaler - February 13, 2010

This puts “Star Trek” into a kind of Living Hell with all these “Versions” flying around. Lets get back to CANON, or CURRENT, decide.

74. NEWSbits: Quinto erwartet “Star Trek XII”-Skript 2010 | Celeb Trends - March 14, 2010

[…] TrekMovie berichtet, hat CBS sich entschlossen, einen Groteil der Kulissen aus “Star Trek: […]

75. Tony Atkins - March 15, 2010

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