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Quinto Curious About Star Trek Sequel Story – Doesn’t Expect To See Script Until End of 2010 February 9, 2010

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Zachary Quinto may be taking some time off Trek (perhaps to play Gershwin) but he appears to be looking forward to getting back into it. The new Spock talked briefly to Entertainment Weekly about the Trek sequel and how he is as anxious as we all are to find out what writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are up to.


Zach wants to be a Vulcan on the wall

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a very brief ‘Spock Talks Trek’ article, with some stuff about the new Star Trek Online game (with nothing new) and also a bit about Star Trek sequel. Here is what Quinto had to say.

How did you get involved with this?
It was a good way to show my continued support for the Star Trek universe, because I’m going to leave it for a while until we start the second movie. I played [Star Trek Online] for about a half hour. I’m not really good at that stuff. I had an Atari when I was a kid, when it was still the gaming console. Pitfall! is my favorite.

How’s the movie sequel coming?
[The writing team is] probably sequestered in a room somewhere. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what they’re coming up with. The next stage will be actually drafting the script. It’s a long process so I don’t expect to have anything to read until the end of the year.

Read the rest in the latest issue of EW, on newsstands now.

Quinto at the Star Trek DVD Release party in November


1. rm10019 - February 9, 2010

I’m curious too! first!?

2. Hat Rick - February 9, 2010

Whatever the story is, you can be sure I will be there to see it in the theaters, for one, two, or fifteen times. :-)

3. SebiMeyer - February 9, 2010

I would say it is save to assume that Damon Lindelof has his hands full for a few more months until Lost is at least written, let alone shot and produced.

(waiting for Lost at 4 in the morning)

4. somethoughts - February 9, 2010

I can’t wait for the story to be leaked or the teaser trailer to appear online/theatres.

Paramount Logo
Hela Bar Talk music fadding to James Horner UC music.
Star Trek Logo decloaks
New Klingon War Bird never seen before quickly passes by and destroys the Logo….KLINGONS ARE COMING STARDATE: JUNE 29 2012.

5. Bucky - February 9, 2010

Is Lindelof going to co-write the script or is he just going to be involved in the story production and the script credit will be Orci/Kurztman? Anyway, as for Lost eating up time, I think there’s about 4 more episodes to write or so. (they’re over halfway done the season, though, I’m almost sure of that)

6. USS EXETER - February 9, 2010

Please let us see in the sequel either The Gorn, The Tholians, or Abraham Lincoln.

7. Will_H - February 9, 2010

James Horner didnt do the music to UC…

But yeah, time to look forward to that next trailer, which, of course, proably wont be out for another year and a half.

8. somethoughts - February 9, 2010


*Cliff Eidelman.

9. JonE - February 9, 2010

Thank god for quinto. Class act all around

10. Jorg Sacul - February 9, 2010

Lincoln? He’s busy with the new pennies.. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=658155&l=3ad5830307&id=1662994078

11. indranee - February 9, 2010

10 bucks he won’t be able to completely stay away.

12. CarlG - February 9, 2010

@4: If the teaser is half that awesome, I will be one happy geek! I really hope you work for Paramount… ;)

Really, New Trek couldn’t ask for a better emissary than Zachary Quinto.
How’s Chris Pine and the rest of the gang doing, by the way (splendid fellows, all of them :D )?

13. somethoughts - February 9, 2010

Dug this up;


Cool MTV special about TOS, part 2 was pretty cool, Klingons!

14. Syn4Ever - February 9, 2010

God he’s gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall next to him ahaha

15. Mr. Delicious - February 9, 2010

#6 – Or The Gorgan, Vaal, or the High Advisor.

16. Codee - February 9, 2010

God, I can’t wait for ANYTHING on the sequel. I really wish this year would go fast…same with the next! lol.

17. lauren - February 10, 2010

I wonder how the other cast members are getting on

18. lauren - February 10, 2010

I wish they could get on with writing a script but why does it take time making a movie

19. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

As eager as I am to see what the next Trek movie will entail I don’t want to wish a few years away as I want to thinking about pushing 30 lol

Hopefully they will not put Khan in the movie but given the mainstream appeal that will bring it is inevitable they will do Khan. But I would love these guys to do something new yet completely unique to Star Trek.

Does this make sense?

20. Philip - February 10, 2010

18. It takes time to make a movie because that’s how you get quality. I don’t mind waiting if the end product is a jaw-dropping movie. When you think about how Voyager is generally regarded as one of ‘Trek’s less-liked episodes of the franchise among fans (I say “generally” -please don’t jump down my throat if you feel different, or use it as an excuse to launch another debate as to what’s best), you could put that down to the fact that they were working on the last few seasons of DS9, various TNG movies, and the pre-production elements of Enterprise. The creative force behind trek were too concentrated on quantity over quality, and we got a sub-par (generally speaking) series as a result.

I’m happy to wait for this movie. More than Trek 2009, I feel, this is an important film. It equates to that “difficult second album”, and assuming it takes place some few years after ‘Trek ’09, then you’re going to have to do a lot of unseen character development.

As for people putting forward suggestions as to who the adversary should be – let’s not revisit the series. And let’s not assume that a lot of what gets said here influences the writers on such big elements of the story! If they want to make another “everyman” (and woman and child) Star Trek movie, then I feel it would be a mistake to listen to some of the more obscure suggestions being put forward by the rabid ‘Trek fans

21. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

A new direction is preferred.

But I do feel the next movie will be the real test, a story that will keep the mainstream interested to get the big bucks and also to make sure it stays in the right direction so as to make sure you don’t lose anymore Trekkies.

Khan I believe will be the choice that will cause a strong split. It will work for the mainstream but I am concerned it will only serve to make more Trekkies walk away.

I hope this is not the case but it seems that more people don’t want Khan then those who do but then again it will be up to the mainstream unfortunately.

22. philpot - February 10, 2010

#4 id prefer this:

-ominous Horner-esque music
-Paramount Logo
-Bad Robot Logo
-Fade to Space field
-‘From director JJ Abrams’
-camera pans around unless it focuses on a small derelict ship…we can see the name etched on in faded red lettering ‘BOTANY BAY’
-dramatic beat/fade to black
-Starfleet Logo
-‘Vengence is coming’ Tagline
-STARDATE: JUNE 29 2012.

23. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

can I ask how many people would be in favour of Khan?

24. Hugh Hoyland - February 10, 2010

One vote for Khan here 23. but I wouldnt flip out if he wasnt in it on the other hand. And not that it matters, or that I cant do a few things between now and 2012 like (work, pay bills, hang with my g/f, ponder life, take care of my elderly mom, try to become rich ect ect) but I still say there is no reason this movie could not be made for a 2011 release.

25. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

how likely do you think its going to be that they are going to redo Khan?

I am not for this decision but it seems likely they will go in this direction.

I just think there is more to Trek than Khan and the Borg.

26. nerdinpink - February 10, 2010

25. “I am not for this decision but it seems likely they will go in this direction.

“I just think there is more to Trek than Khan and the Borg.”

I completely agree. I’d like to see a new bad guy from an old species or something completely new.

27. Hugh Hoyland - February 10, 2010

my buest guess, and its only a guess, 60-40 to do Khan.

28. Hugh Hoyland - February 10, 2010

ok Im fine wirth khan, if thats not good enough I would suggest to them the ST Story titlled “Star Trek: The Planet of Titins.” You know TPOT was one of the first stories written in the mid seventies (before ST:TMP) That the studeo greenlighted for a ST motion picture, then later backed out in favore of a series, then a movie, back and forth finally going with the motion picture.

29. Daoud - February 10, 2010

Khan is a dish best served for the threequel.

Encounter the Botany Bay at the end of ST XII, and then butts will be eagerly in the seats for ST XIII in what… 2014 or 2015?

Klingons for STXII is perfect. They’re pissed from Nero blasting out of Rura Penthe, they’re pissed from having the Narada destroy those ships, and they’re out for some vengeance. And Victor Garber’s already passed his screen test as a Klingon with flying colors. Koloth, Kor, Kang all await! And if they must use Khan, let the KLINGONS find him first this time. Just the thought of the Klingons realizing the DNA that caused their race’s mutation is the same DNA in Khan…. delicious. Really would “augment” the story. :p

30. philpot - February 10, 2010

im always abit surprised by the seeming negativity towards Khan being in Trek XII…its not as if itd be a remake of TWOK or even Space Seed due to the new universe…another federation ship could find the BB, gets taken over and khan goes on the rampage, or the klingons could find it, khan defeats them and causes loads of trouble between the federation and the klingon empire etc etc

Surely it makes most sense business/Box office wise to capitalise on Trek 09s success with the most recognisable/popular villain for the sequel…like TDK did after ‘Begins’

31. philpot - February 10, 2010

29 – exactly, Klingons for Trek XII leading to Khan for Trek XIII would surfice just as well (then the borg for Trek XIIII :-)

besides Khan referenced the klingons in TWOK – itd kind of tie in with that…

loving the augments connection…(although i wonder if the changing klingons apperance will even be acknowledged in the new film series)

32. TrekMaMa - February 10, 2010

#14 – Ditto! He is Fine!!

33. fansince66 - February 10, 2010


No khan for me, thank you.
I hope they don’t go “comic book” on us, ya know, like batman & joker rematches.

34. captain_neill - February 10, 2010


Khan had appeared in one episode and one movie, where as Joker had numerous encounters with batman over the years.

I would not say that Khan is Kirk’s Joker when Kirk had many other nemesis to deal with.

just seems to me that in the eyes of the mainstream Trek is just the Borg and Khan. Don’t people not realise that there is a lot more to Star Trek?

35. Ian B - February 10, 2010

Why would Khan appeal to “the mainstream”? He’s a character from one movie nearly 30 years ago. Is there a great groundswell of fondness among non-Trekkies for Khan? No, there isn’t.

Please, NO KHAN.

Also, I’d like to ask for no threat to Earth and no fistfight/duel between Teh Captain and Teh Villain. Khan and Kirk didn’t have a fistfight. Khan and Chang didn’t have a fistfight. They’re the two most popular TOS movies. The TNG movies all end up with a fight between Captain and Villain, and that’s one reason they suck. Trek movies need to be different to that. None of the best series episodes (from TOS, think City On The Edge, The Doomsday Machine, Balance Of Terror, etc) end with fistights either.

One thing we see from TWOK and TUC is that they both end up with starships in conflict. The Enterprise is a major character in Trek, not just a conveyance that gets the captain from fistfight to fistfight. Give the Enterprise something to do, and something that is far from an Earth which is not in peril at all. Let’s get out on the final frontier again, where Trek belongs.

36. Ian B - February 10, 2010

er, I meant Kirk and Chang not Khan and Chang :)

37. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

Ian B

I happen to be a big fan of First Contact, its up there with Wrath of khan and Undiscovered Country.

I liked the TNG movies.

38. Ian B - February 10, 2010


I enjoyed FC and it’s the best of the TNG movies, but as with all of them it doesn’t make much sense, especially the “let’s all abandon ship, oh, I’ve changed my mind, I’m going off to engineering all by myself” ending which is apparently purely there so that Picard can have it out mano a borgo with the Borg Queen. It set the precedent for “I have to fight Ruafo by myself” and “I have to fight Shinzon by myself”. Why on Earth the writers thought they had to turn the intellectual captain of the series into Bruce Willis’s grandpa I do not know.

39. Frederick Von Fronkensteen - February 10, 2010

Bring back Khan! I love paying big bucks to see pointless remakes will people who somewhat resemble the original actor!

I’ve been watching re-runs for years, give me something new.

40. Chris Fawkes - February 10, 2010

I wonder if the constant badgering of questions about him playing Spock will put him off of reprising the role at some point.

That would be a shame. I would like to think there could be so many years ahead with this crew and it would be sad to either see that end because the actors eventually did not want any more to do with it or to see the roles constantly being recast.

So many interviews they are asked the same questions and give exactly the same answers, with grace i’ll add but it must get like a dripping tap at times.

Are there not questions that can be asked that provide opportunity for fresh responses?

41. captain_neill - February 10, 2010


The action front worked for Picard in First Contact, it made sense given his past with the Borg.

Oh Picard decided to stay behind to rescue Data, so Data so get off before the ship is destroyed. Remember it is Data who deactivates the auto destruct. Notice Picard’s face when he does so.

Anyway First Contact is much better film to me than the new movie, and I do like the new movie just feel that First Contact works better. Borg Queen was a better villain than Nero.

42. Ian B - February 10, 2010


Oh Picard decided to stay behind to rescue Data, so Data so get off before the ship is destroyed.

By himself. He didn’t want to take Worf and an assault team with him? It didn’t make sense to mob engineering with every hand available? One elderly captain can save Data, but nobody else can? Is he a magic captain?

43. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

don’t forget that it was a personal score for Picard due to his Borg ordeal and why risk his crew when he believe he was sacrificing himself for Data.

44. zanzibar - February 10, 2010

Dear Mr. Quinto,

I see you’re having a lot of success in keeping away fm Trek for a while. As if Leonard Nimoy didn’t warn you. Zach, you are Spock and that follows you forever. Enjoy! You can leave Trek, but it doesn’t leave Spock. Lucky you. And us.


45. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

but I just love First Contact, it is an excellent movie, the story is stronger for me than the new one

46. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

I guess to me Nimoy will always be Spock

47. Lauren - February 10, 2010

what if they have Gary Finnegan and other TOS characters other than the main crew or will they still focus on the main characters in the sequel just wondering

48. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

Gary Finnegan?

Don’t you mean Gary Mitchell?

49. captain_neill - February 10, 2010


would be cool to have other characters there though

50. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 10, 2010

I want to be a fly on Bob Orci’s shoulder thats where the real story is.

51. Ironhyde - February 10, 2010

My two cents… for the sequel, I don’t want Khan. TWOK was great because the movie was great, well acted, useful effects, poetic, something real at stake, and hella smart. There’s no need to revisit him, because the success of all that was not so much Khan as it was the way the story was told. Tell a good story. Besides, space is a big place, the chances of running into the Botany Bay with the timeline changes are astonishing. Chaos Theory … many people make false assumptions on it, but it came out of a contest where ancient scholars were asked to try to predict the positions of the planets around our sun into the future… It doesn’t work, because if you JUST forget to carry the 1, or even less than that actually, the error compounds and everything that follows is f__ed. Chaos Theory is the notion that predictability is impossible (unless you’re a God), because of how many complex parts there are in the equation of life. Look it up, writers. Of course, Lindelof likes his “fate” so the logic of Chaos Theory might not strike him as useful, but still, something to consider when you feel faced with — Do we do it again or don’t we…

And as far as Antagonists, let’s just say that even though most people didn’t like “Shades of Gray” (a real throw-away TNG episode from season 2) there was 1 VERY important line that Riker said there that is, and has always been, the key to Star Trek and its message and its value … “most life forms act out of an instinct for survival – not out of malice.”

52. Simon - February 10, 2010

Bring on Khan.

Klingons: done to death. Have them as support only, particularly with Victor Garber in command.

53. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - February 10, 2010

Another alternate timeline issue would be the way the Klingons and the Federation established the basis for their long-term peace via the Khitomer (sp) accords. This story was told (originally and brilliantly) in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” while throwing a bone to Trek’s history looking backward. It would be interesting, indeed, to look at this element *forward* from the perspective of the alternate timeline….

54. I'm dead Jim - February 10, 2010


Yeah, Abraham Lincoln can come back. Drama will ensue when the Enterprise crew learns that it is actually the Mirror Universe Lincoln and that he is actually in their universe to collect Orion Slaves!

Oh, the possibilities…

Are you getting this, Bob Orci????

55. Allen Williams - February 10, 2010

You could do a story about the enterprise getting stranded on the other side of the galaxy and it would take many decades to get home.

…..oh wait.

56. somethoughts - February 10, 2010

I went upon a Star Trek forum and a Khan discussion broke out, fascinating.

57. Colonel West - February 10, 2010

Each to their own and everyones entitled to their opinion but I really wish people would stop going on about Khan/ TWOK. TWOK is 25 years away in the JJverse. Now I’m not averse to the idea of Khan (and Nestor Carbonell) but please, enough of the Vengeance is Coming as one poster put it above and all the JJverse version of TWOK expectations and fanfic. If you’re pushing for Khan at least realise that TWOK is not a viable option…
:p :D

Khan is floating out there somewhere yes, but if anything with Khan gets done it’ll have to be based on Space Seed and not TWOK. Kirk & the Enterprise haven’t even met Khan yet in this universe to give Khan any sort of conflict or revenge motivation against Kirk that festers for 18 or so years. No Marla McGivers, no takeover of the big E, no decompression chamber, no hearing and finally no marooning on Ceti Alpha V has even happened yet, possibly might not even happen or JJverse variation of that for TWOK to come into the JJverse for want of a better term.

As I said I’m not averse to Khan showing up in the JJverse but I’d much rather they did their own thing to avoid the astronomical level of expectations they would no doubt fall short of with regard to Khan. Now that’s no slight on Bob, Alex, JJ et al but the level of expectation from fandom would be to paraphrase Tennyson:

Canon to right of them,
Canon to left of them,
Khan in front of them
Volley’d and thunder’d;
Storm’d at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of hell
Rode the Supreme Court of Trek.

A re-use of elements of Space Seed might work but for me the guys are just asking for a brow beating off that particularly vocal part of fandom that will nitpick even more than the rest of us, no matter how good it is it’ll always be compared to TWOK and most likely fall short of that pedestal that TWOK is up on.

There were a few nice juicy plot threads left hanging such as just why was the majority of the fleet engaged in the Laurentian system along with the Klingon mentions to name two, plenty of points to riff on and expand upon to fill out this new timeline along with some TOS that can be reimagined. Personally I wouldn’t mind some Klingon skullduggery leading into possibly the Organian peace treaty as an example, lots of stuff out there that can fit in to the new continuity, not just Khan.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on it, feel free to disagree, agree, spontaneously combust with apopoleptic rage etc….

58. Jane - February 10, 2010

You know, we never hear anythin g from the rest of the cast. Quinto seems to be the only on who ever goes into interview or makes comments good enough to make an article out of.

Of course we are all excited about the script. duh.

Quinto will be spock no matter what he says.

Khan is cool, but I would love to see something, well, um, let’s say…better

but whatever, it will all be good.

59. Jane - February 10, 2010

whoops I meant “anything good” not “anything g”. my mistake

60. Jason Fournier - February 10, 2010

In order to ensure the next trek movie is a mainstream success, I think there should be teenage vampires who somehow find themselves thrust into starfleet life and struggle with the complexities involved with being a cadet and their thirst for Ohura blood. Just saying.

61. somethoughts - February 10, 2010

The movie could start off with a rift in space and the Enterprise observes what looks like the NX-01 coming through. The Bridge of the Enterprise goes from bright light to dark red, a pure battleship, and all of a sudden Spock has a goatee and a Terran Empire symbol on their shirt.

Combining TNG’s Yesterday’s Enterprise and Mirror Mirror from TOS hehe I can dream can’t I?

62. Ian B - February 10, 2010

The other point about Khan, and many Prime Universe stories, and it bears repeating, is that Prime Spock knows about them. It’s inconceivable that he won’t warn Starfleet about life threatening perils that are already out there- the doomsday machine, the big space amoeba, the Kelvans, the Guardian Of Forever, and, yes, Khan. It would be crazy to have anybody, particularly the Enterprise, bumble into any of these perils. Starfleet will already know about Khan and where he is and what to do about him.

It’s possible the writers are thinking up some contrived reason for Spock Prime to stay schtum, like, “this universe must work things out for itself” or “I mustn’t interfere”. The latter doesn’t work because there is no “messing with the timeline” in New Trek; it’s already firmly established that this is a different universe that never leads to the future we know, so there is no timeline to mess up. The former is gut-churningly selfish; if you had advanced warning of the Asian Tsunami, would you stay quiet so that all those people could experience it for themselves? Of course not. It would be utterly immoral.

So in *this* universe, Starfleet can preemptively clean up all these problems before they become a major threat; send a couple starships with a huge antimatter bomb to fling down the doomsday machine’s maw, and so on. None of these things can be a threat in this universe, including Khan.

63. somethoughts - February 10, 2010


There was a scene between Spock and Spock Prime, and Spock asked Spock Prime why he didn’t just come on the Enterprise to tell him. Spock Prime replied and said they had to find out for themselves, including their friendship.

I would bet a few thousand Latinum bars that Spock Prime will let this crew figure things out, thus allowing them to form their friendships through adventures in space.

64. Hugh Hoyland - February 10, 2010

As much fun it is for us to toss out ideas about what story the sequel should go with, its my guess that the Bob and the SC pretty much have the basic story line already down on paper and are now simply working out the who’s and whats of it.

65. lauren - February 10, 2010

This is getting really boring waiting on news on the sequel why can’t they not get on with writing the story just wondering

66. captain_neill - February 10, 2010

wish they would get something so this Khan talk can be dusted ans set aside.

67. somethoughts - February 10, 2010

I think they narrowed it down to;

a) Khan
b) Klingons
c) Natural phenomenon/peace keeping mission
d) all of the above

68. Ian B - February 10, 2010

I would bet a few thousand Latinum bars that Spock Prime will let this crew figure things out, thus allowing them to form their friendships through adventures in space.

How many billions of people on planets destroyed by the doomsday machine and numerous other dangers he knows of are a worthwhile sacrifice for Kirk and Spock’s friendship?

69. P Technobabble - February 10, 2010

I’m fairly certain the poll Anthony ran, asking about Khan, resulted in a majority vote of NO for Khan. Therefore, I imagine the Supreme Court MIGHT be taking this into consideration (and then again, they might not). We’ll just have to keep reading posts of “Khan!” or “No Khan!” until 2012.

65. lauren

Imagine you have been given the task of writing the next Star Trek movie. How long do you think it might take you? Think of all the baggage Star Trek carries. Think of all the various points of view all the nagging fans keep throwing at you. Think of how much pressure there is on your shoulders to come up with something to top Trek09. I imagine you’d be spending quite a bit of time brainstorming, hoping you are on the right track, and coming up with something that is going to please as many people as possible. I don’t know how Orci & Kurtzman & Lindleof manage to keep their sanity with all of this riding on their shoulders! (I wonder if they have a company counselor???) I’m sure I’m as impatient as you (and most of us are), but I also know the writing process is a time-consuming one, never mind trying to come up with a killer Star Trek! All we can do is hang in there until….. 2012 (my God….)….

70. Beck - February 10, 2010

I’ll throw in my opinion on Khan – I don’t mind him being in the next film so long as it’s done well and in a new and different way (and it would have to be different, this being an alternate reality and all).
If I were in charge though and had my own choice, I wouldn’t make him the next big villain. Make a reference, or even allow a cameo, sure – but TWOK was so great it would be hard to top, and making Khan the top baddie is a slippery slope.

Whatever you guys do, don’t fail me Orci and Lindelof!

71. somethoughts - February 10, 2010


How do you know Spock Prime hasn’t told Star Fleet in secret of the doomsday machine without telling younger Spock and Kirk and the doomsday machine has already been dealt with?

Just because Spock Prime knows of perils from his reality/timeline does not mean he will jump up and down and run and tell the Enterprise crew, Spock Prime can satisfy both by simply confiding in Earths leaders ie. pike etc.

72. somethoughts - February 10, 2010


Keep in mind the adventures of this new reality/crew is happening years ahead of the prime TOS crew. There is a bigger gap of time before the events of the prime TOS so in effect there are new and different stories to come up with, hence the reboot.

73. somethoughts - February 10, 2010

Sorry to spam, one more thing, there are temporal laws. How does Spock Prime know the effects of saving people that already died in another reality? Could it be more catastrophic to change something and to learn of something disastrous?

Remember what happened when Dr. McCoy saved a life in the past while going through the guardian? That was just 1 life, imagine billions.

The Temporal Prime Directive is intended to prevent a time traveler from interfering in the natural development of a timeline. The problem here is that this time-line is severely altered, so does Spock Prime continue to mess with it or just leave it be?

74. Lauren - February 10, 2010

I’m sure it will take a huge amount making sure everything is right I suppose but make it exciting and good as Trek XI was

75. John from Cincinnati - February 10, 2010


They exist in a parallel universe now. Totally separate from the Prime Universe. Think independent actions and reactions. Whatever happens in the parallel universe does not affect the prime universe.

76. somethoughts - February 10, 2010


That’s right, was explaining to another poster why Spock Prime may not tell Starfleet or this crew anything and just let them figure it out.

77. philpot - February 10, 2010


“but please, enough of the Vengeance is Coming as one poster put it above and all the JJverse version of TWOK expectations and fanfic. If you’re pushing for Khan at least realise that TWOK is not a viable option…”

yeah that’d be me…

i wasnt saying remake TWOK….wouldnt Khan want vengeance for having to flee his home planet? he wasnt too happy when he woke up in Space Seed

78. Mark - February 10, 2010

JJ makes original stuff….this movie will be the same…no Khan no Abe no A B C or bloody D

79. philpot - February 10, 2010

oh and another thing


that is all

80. Ian B - February 10, 2010


How do you know Spock Prime hasn’t told Star Fleet in secret of the doomsday machine without telling younger Spock and Kirk and the doomsday machine has already been dealt with? Just because Spock Prime knows of perils from his reality/timeline does not mean he will jump up and down and run and tell the Enterprise crew, Spock Prime can satisfy both by simply confiding in Earths leaders ie. pike etc.

I didn’t specify telling the Enterprise crew. Indeed, I specified telling Starfleet. The whole point is that he is morally bound to tell them, and once he has done, these things are predictable for Starfleet. They can go and intercept the doomsday machine, the space amoeba and the Kelvans and the neural parasites and Khan. It doesn’t matter who does it. There’s no need to send Kirk, anyone can go.

The other point, regarding your other posts is, there is no timeline to mess up. This new reality does not lead to the “Prime” future. The future is entirely unknown. As such, Spock’s information about threats is only changing the future in the sense that every human action in the real universe changes the future, but none of us know how until the future plays out; that is every action *creates* the future. Like, maybe the Asian Tsunami killed somebody who, had they lived, would have been the next Hitler.

There’s no way of knowing, because you don’t know what the future is, and neither does Spock Prime. What he does know is the location of some dangerous things, like Khan. The only logical course is to warn Starfleet.

81. philpot - February 10, 2010

nah Spock (prime) should just kick back and enjoy his retirement on the colony hes gonna form…he dont wanna be bothering his younger self and Kirk 2.0 going over stuff like khan and the doomsday machine…

let them find out themseleves and enjoy the fun

82. somethoughts - February 10, 2010


Agreed, who wants to go watch/read a movie/book when someone has already spoiled it for you. Spock Prime will adhere to the alternative temporal directive ;)

83. Ian B - February 10, 2010

There aren’t any temporal issues. It’s a different universe. That was the whole point of the reboot.

84. Daoud - February 10, 2010

Spock Prime could give Admiral Blahblah a detailed itinerary of many future incidents and the relative dangers involved. Most internal challenges (Garth, etc.) likely will have changed since Nero’s Incursion in 2233 shifted timelines by destroying the Kelvin.

External threats such as the Doomsday, the Kelvans (crazy thought: in the prime timeline, the “Kelvan” invaders destroy the USS Kelvin and thus adopt that as their name when they take human form–now they’d just be Andromedan slugs or something), the Beta XII-A creature, the Intrepid-eating Space Amoeba, the Botany Bay, the Whale Probe, the Nexus, the Borg, and so on would still be awaiting this new timeline.

Of course, each of those could be twisted in some perverse manner….

85. somethoughts - February 10, 2010


Hence alternative directive lol Spock Prime will avoid giving away anything, like a book reader or movie goer coming out of a theatre, he will just smile and go home.

86. DonDonP1 - February 10, 2010

#4 and #22 here’s my trailer idea:
– Giacchino-esque music
– Paramount logo
– fade to CBS Films logo
– fade to Spyglass Entertainment logo
– fade to Bad Robot logo
– fade to starry sky
– fade to montage of clips from ‘Star Trek XI’
– ‘They have been journeying…’
– montage continues
– ‘…to places…’
– montage continues
– ‘….where no one has gone before.’
– montage continues
– ‘This summer….’
– Borg cube appearing
– ‘….they will face….’
– Lights coming from Borg
– ‘….what no one has faced before.’
– Star Trek logo fading in but three seconds later redecorated to get a Borg feel
– ‘Resistance is Futile’ tagline
– ‘Stardate: 6.29.2012′
– Credits

87. lauren - February 11, 2010

Oh please no Borg why would you want to see them in the sequel

88. captain_neill - February 11, 2010

NO to the Borg

Can we do something different for the next movie, something unique to Star Trek?

89. philpot - February 11, 2010

86 – that dosnt sound unlike the FC teaser

– ‘….they will face….….what no one has faced before.’

lol…what about picard?

save the borg for Trek ‘4’ after klingons/khan (or khan/klingons)….itd be about 20 years since FC by then – high time for a redo – and although the borg have been done on TNG (& VOY/ENT) and in a prior film they are firmly a TNG era villain and we have never seen Kirk and Co have anything to do with them (bar a comic in the Star Trek Manga series and Shatners ‘The Return’) – plus post Q Who (when the borg were at their most menacing) theyve always seemed to have a spokesperson which kinda lessened their impact somewhat – so while initially it would seem they are treading old ground itd would actually be fresh if it was Kirk and Spock vs a non Locutus/Lore/Queen led borg…. perhaps it would be more interesting to see how a young Kirk at the beginning of his career faces up against a Ridley Scott style borg – kinda like Star Trek does Aliens mixed with Terminator – horror Sci Fi (what FC was)…plus fans would obviously be intrigued with how Kirk, Spock deal with the borg threat – almost a TOS vs TNG thing going down

plus there was a hint of the borg in the new film (Neros ship – ok that was just a reference in Countdown but the design of the interior and green hues of the stations certainly had me thinking ‘borg technology’)

also havent seen the origin of the borg yet or the borg homeworld – so the origins could be explored abit via flashback or the like? (prob like Ridley Scott is gonna do with Alien 5) could V’ger even be involved? (ok it wasnt too popular but TMP was the biggest box office Trek movie b4 this one when adjusted – plus Vger appears in the Nero comics and im sure there was a novel that ties Vger into the origin of the borg – was it Shatners The Return? if the borg were to be in a sequel id kinda like to see that element explored)

-The studio will want to capitalise on the popularity of Trek – going with a Dark Knight inspired new interpretation of a previously established villain like Khan or the borg will certainly do that. Paramount wont forget the box office success they had with First Contact, far more so than any of the other TNG films – or Trek V and VI for that matter…the reason behind its success? The Borg of course…and Best Of Both Worlds part 1 is regarded as TNGs finest hour (next to Yesterdays Enterprise) and just about changed American dramatic television (the season cliffhanger) – as bob orci acknowledges on the last page of Countdown

plus Robotics/cybernetics will always be in vogue thanks to the continuing installments of Transformers/terminator – i dont see it fading anytime soon

i think Trek09 and its sequels will be kinda like ‘greatest hits’ of Trek (like the Brosnan Bond films) and will focus on the more popular villians in TOS (& maybe TNG) as opposed to anything lesser know or totally new so i think we’ll get a Khan film and Klingons (maybe both in the same film like Joker and two face in TDK) and since the Borg are one of the most popular Trek villians (along with Khan, Klingons and Romulans) its not impossible we’ll see them take centre stage in the 3rd or 4th film…

90. lauren - February 11, 2010

I think they should do their own thing what do you think

91. lauren - February 11, 2010

I mean do their own story for Trek XII

92. captain_neill - February 11, 2010

khan, klingons and borg, guess these are the only choices people want for a Trek movie. There is so much more you can do with Trek but we are confined to these 3.

93. Anthony Pascale - February 11, 2010


i am not sure if you have been clear enough. So you want Khan in the next movie? That’s great I think your vote is the one that pushed them over the top. Thanks for the input, and when you see Khan in 2012 you can know it was all due to your input! Well done

94. Jim Cude - February 11, 2010

The whole Quinto takes time off from Trek narrative is just insipid. Guess what- Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin etc are ‘taking time off’ from Trek as well. Which basically means they are desperately trying to distance themselves from the Trek typecasting curse and not planning to come to our geekfest conventions. And probably ahem not doing voice overs for Star Trek online as well.

95. Lauren - February 11, 2010

Do you think the cast will return for the sequel I don’t know what they are planning to do for the sequel keep it a surprised, anyway how is the other main cast members doing.

96. Robert Scorpio - February 11, 2010

Part two will have khan as ‘friend’ with Kirk/Spock. Something happens…part three will be WRATH OF KHAN..

Khan only works because of the history between Kirk/Khan. So, to foster that ‘connection’, khan will be a good guy of some sort in part two, then something happens to him, he blames kirk “his old friend” and then…part three is his wrath..


97. Anthony Pascale - February 11, 2010


All the main cast (Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Urban, Cho, Pegg and Yelchin) signed on to do three movies, so they are all expected to come back for the sequel (and the sequel sequel). All of them have at various times expressed their enthusiasm for the sequel.

98. Lauren - February 11, 2010

Good that is brilliant that they are returning for the sequel looking forward to it are you curious to what they want in Trek XII.

99. philpot - February 11, 2010

some random stuff id like to see in various star trek sequels:

-the borg
-vicious evil klingons (maybe even kruge)
-Reliant & Excelsior
-various TOS stuff cameoing/referenced/easter egging (but not centre stage, e.g. Guardian of Forever, Doomsday machine, gorns, cloud killers, corbomite, evil kirk, talos IV, tholians, wild west, Mitchell, rand, No 1)
-Klingon BOPs
-Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/TOS style eeriness
-ripped shirts, dropkicks and kirk Fu
-mushroom spacedock (was missing that in Trek 09)
-C Marcus & genesis
-Matt Decker
-big name cameos (Ford, Arnie, fox etc)
-system interupting nebulas
-death of a major character
-TMP/Abyss/Black Hole style menace/wonder/unknown (just a dash – not an entire film)
-enterprise blown up or *really* badly damaged
-NCC 1701-A
-more references to the prime timeline/alternate future
-more nimoy
-Shatner as Kirk Prime cameo (not via timetravel)
-Patrick Stewart as Picard cameo (not neccesarily via timetravel)
-‘long stream’ phaser beams
-various different FX/sound FX for transporters, warps, etc (always fun to spot the changes when there was a new trek film in the 80s)
-TWOK style uniforms and field jackets
-guinan (just messin :o)

basically a lot of stuff weve all seen before but with a new slant …sue me

and oh yeah did i mention Khan?

100. lauren - February 12, 2010

that’s sounds good

101. captain_neill - February 12, 2010

Guess it is inevitable regarding Khan. Tired of all the classics being redone

I think Hollywood has gone to the dogs, even more so these days.

I will see the movie but if they do Khan I wont help but feel a great opportunity will be missed.

102. somethoughts - February 12, 2010


I think what you want neil is a boborci alexk jj TMP type film, adventure, unknown, minus the slow paced and keep the epic feel eh?

103. captain_neill - February 12, 2010

not exactly but there is so much more that we can do with Trek than what is being proposed her.

Be interesting to have a TMP style story with a bit more pacing to it but the main thing I was getting it is there is more open to what can be done other than Khan, the Borg or Klingons.

104. Seany-Wan - February 12, 2010

I wrote in the talkback section a while ago that it is too soon for Kahn and that the Kahn everyone wants is from “Space Seed,” not “Wrath of Kahn”. I still think they should go the “Batman Begins” route and show how Kirk becomes the legend he is. At the end, have they pick up the signal from the Botany Bay? The third film could start with the Enterprise returning home (like in Star Trek 3) all battered and damaged and we could then jump into the story of Kahn. Since they rebooted history, why not stretch it and have another starship find the Botany Bay first? That ship could be taken over ( like the Reliant in Star Trek 2, heck have Lt. Marla McGivers on board that ship, Uhura almost wasn’t on the Enterprise after all!) and when Kirk and crew show up, we could jump into a Wrath of Kahn like battle. In the end, Kahn could be like the Joker (I know, I am using Batman as a springboard) and hold the crew of that ship hostage and threaten to blow up the ship with the crew on board. Kirk decides that he has to beam over to stop it. He rescues science officer Carol Marcus then gets into hand-to-hand combat with Kahn while that starship’s self-destruct mechanism is counting down. I can see a few echoes of “Wrath of Kahn” in there.
Opinions? Comments?

105. yelseW - February 12, 2010

Who would play Khan?

106. philpot - February 13, 2010

ben stiller

107. captain_neill - February 13, 2010

I will go see next movie no matter what, but just thinking there are so many options available be shame if they only limited themselves to Khan.

108. Lauren - February 14, 2010

philpot I think all of the things you written down on your list is a must

109. philpot - February 14, 2010


-changes to phasers, commuincators,
-Scott Bakula Admiral Archer cameo
-Michael Dorn as grandpa Worf cameo
-federation starship vs. federation starship carnage

110. philpot - February 14, 2010

oh and Spiner as Dr Soong cameo

111. fansince66 - February 15, 2010

#80 exellent points. It seems certain Spock would receive a thorough debriefing from Starfleet intelligence, & proceed to remove these threats in advance, so that we can get on with new stories in the JJverse.

112. SA Points - March 4, 2010

I love the New Star Trek. Can’t wait for the next installment, Original charactors only and Please hurry! Loved that kid and the convertable! What a hoot!

113. NEWSbits: Quinto erwartet “Star Trek XII”-Skript 2010 | Celeb Trends - March 14, 2010

[…] einem kurzen Interview mit “Entertainment Weekly” (via TrekMovie) uerte Zachary Quinto (Spock, “Star Trek XI”) sich zum Stand der Dinge in Sachen […]

114. G.McArthur - April 6, 2010

I’d love to see something having to do with a Dyson Sphere (re-imaging of TNG: “Relics”), it’s creators and/or inhabitants. Given that “Relics” brought members of two generational crews together due to a technology-related story, it’d be fun to see how it could be re-imaged into a plot with far more depth.

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