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Leonard Nimoy Says He Is Ready To Retire From Acting (Again) March 22, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Fringe,Nimoy,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Leonard Nimoy came out of retirement to appear as Spock one more time in the 2009 Star Trek movie. JJ Abrams was also able to convince him to appear on his TV show Fringe (where he will appear again later this season). However, in a new interview the actor states that these roles are likely his last. Details below. 


Nimoy on Trek and Fringe

Recently Leonard Nimoy revealed that 2010 will be his last year attending conventions, so he is doing a bit of a victory lap, appearing at a number of cons throughout the year (including the big Star Trek con in Vegas in August). He has already appeared at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. He will be appearing next at the Calgary Entertainment Expo on April 24th and 25th. He will also be dropping by Vulcan, Alberta, Canada on April 23rd. Promoting his trip to Canada, Nimoy has given a new brief interview to the Calgary Herald, where he talks about his plans to re-retire.

On returning as Spock in the Star Trek sequel, Leonard Nimoy told the Calgary Herald:

I don’t see it happening. I’m comfortable. I’m not glad, I’m not sad. I feel like I’ve had a great ride with the character. . . we started making Star Trek pilots in 1964. I’ve been involved in Star Trek for 44, 45 years. It’s been a wonderful ride for me and it’s been great for my family. We got to do some very interesting work outside of Star Trek because of Star Trek and I’m very satisfied.

Nimoy in "Star Trek" – likely his last time as Spock

As previously reported, Leonard Nimoy will be reprising his role as William Bell on the Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman Fox show Fringe. Nimoy will appear in three or four episodes at the end of the current season. And it appears these episodes may be Nimoy’s last work as an actor. Here is what he told the Herald when asked if his Fringe work would be his last role:

"I certainly hope so," he says with a laugh. "I’ve been doing it long enough, so I hope so. I’ve had a great, great run and I have no unfulfilled dreams or aspirations.

So it looks like that Big Bang Theory cameo isn’t going to happen. But, after a career spanning six decades, this is no surprise. Leonard Nimoy’s recent return from retirement in the Star Trek movie and on Fringe has been a great encore. 

Nimoy as William Bell in "Fringe" – likely his last role


1. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 22, 2010

Okay, fine. Let Nimoy go, then. How about hiring an actor who DOES still want to be involved with Star Trek? *coughWilliamShatnercough*

2. Cpt. Jack Ryan - March 22, 2010

Enjoy retirement, Leonard. I’ve say you’ve earned it!

3. Cpt. Jack Ryan - March 22, 2010

I mean “I say you’ve earned.”

4. Ben - March 23, 2010

go out with a bang (and make an appereance on BigBangTheory)…

5. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2010

Yes, but if a time comes, say a year from now, when Abrams begs Nimoy to come back for only 3 or 4 days of filming in order to provide a critical cameo appearance in the next Trek film……would Nimoy necessarily say no?

Not that money matters to him anymore, but think about it….Nimoy could provide his family with an extra million dollars or so by simply agreeing to having “one busy week” when he’s 80! Nice work if you can get it!

6. Kaylee Steffen - March 23, 2010

I say he has earned it. I’ve been a Star Trek fan for 10 years and I say he is one of the most talented actors on there but….Mr. Nimoy, I know I never got to see you in person but I will tell you this. You will always be Spock in my world. Nobody can change that and nobody will! :)

7. AJ - March 23, 2010

Well, I am grateful this fine man came out of retirement to reprise Mr. Spock for one last quality turn. Nimoy is such a large part of what that character has become these past 5 decades that he should be content as to where he is leaving Spock in 2010, i.e. a man with many possibilities ahead him.

I wish Mr. Nimoy the best, and thank him for being a positive influence on my own life as Spock. Live long and Prosper.

8. fred - March 23, 2010

Peace and long retiremnet but before you go please please do the big bang theory its one of the best sit coms

9. CmdrR - March 23, 2010

He’s always made the right choices in his career. If this is his choice, we will grudgingly accept it.

Best in all things, Leonard! As long as you enjoy them.

Oh, and an early “Happy Birthday!”

10. Alex Aslanidis - March 23, 2010

Mr Nimoy, all I can say is thank you so much
for giving us so much of yourself after all these years.
as long as I remember I have enjoyed and admired you as
an actor and a person. Thank you so much or
being a big part of my life.
I will miss you in the future will always have the past.
Alex Aslanidis

11. Daoud - March 23, 2010

Perhaps there is hope. He said he didn’t want to act… that there wasn’t a “role” he hadn’t had a chance at.

However, portraying himself… such as many want on Big Bang… seems to be a convenient escape clause. Almost Kirk-Spockian logic there, too!

12. Commodore Redshirt - March 23, 2010

Nimoy seems so content and peaceful, He is a wise man and I wish him well in all his future days.

13. Richard Gong - March 23, 2010

To J.J. Abrams,

Here’s an idea. If Leonard Nimoy is indeed retiring from acting and from Fringe after these episodes, you might want to ask Zachary Quinto to guest star as a younger version of William Bell, perhaps in flashback sequences or maybe even a time travel situation.

Just a thought…


14. BiggestTOSfanever - March 23, 2010

I think it would be cool if Mr. Nimoy was in the Star Trek sequel, helping out the alternate Vulcans.
Please no Shatner though.

15. CarlG - March 23, 2010

Well, if anyone’s earned the right to take it easy, it’s Mr. Nimoy.

I’ll still miss him, though. :(

@13: That’s one of the more awesome ideas I’ve heard this month.

16. MikeTen - March 23, 2010

Mr. Nimoy is a one in a billion. Zachary Quinto does a passable Spock but he can never replace the original. The way Mr. Nimoy speaks and carries himself, especially in his younger years on TOS are some of the things that caused myself and possibly others to like TOS so much.

I think that is what kept me from enjoying the new Trek movie, it was missing the interplay between the characters, mainly Kirk, McCoy, and Spock and the feeling that these characters cared for each other.

Thank you Mr. Nimoy for the memories.

17. VOODOO - March 23, 2010

If Abrams needed Mr. Nimoy for the sequel my gut tells me he would be there. He has said as much in the last few months.

18. S. John Ross - March 23, 2010

Being away from acting has never slowed Nimoy down from other artistic pursuits like writing and photography, so I just wish him the best in those. Keep yourself busy, Mr. Nimoy, and we’ll all peek in now and then to see what you’re up to. Live long and the other thing.

19. jas_montreal - March 23, 2010

Fool me once Nimoy, shame on you

Fool me twice Nimoy, shame on me.

in other words, i don’t think your retiring.

20. Captain Kathryn - March 23, 2010

Just about every actor or singer who ‘retires’ ends up coming out of retirement. They are actors and they crave the spotlight! Where I wish Leonard the best in his future ‘retirement’ it would not surprise me if he did a bunch of cameos before his time is up!

21. Jim Cude - March 23, 2010

He’s a total class act- polar opposite to teh Shat.

22. Sarah - March 23, 2010

Well if I know any actor who has earned his retirement it’s him, but…..no nimoy :( ? I would still love to see him in the sequel.

Either way, I will always admire Leonard Nimoy. I wish all Hollywood’s actors would look to him as as an example for what it means to have class.

Your fans will always love you, Leonard. God bless you, with whatever decision you make on retirement.

23. THX-1138 - March 23, 2010

It was great to see the original Spock up on the screen one more time. Sorta made me misty.

Having said that, I sure could understand him wanting to bow out and get away from all the Star Trek craziness. 4 to 5 decades of dealing with nutjob fans should be enough for anyone.

24. Moonwatcher - March 23, 2010

Reminds me of a certain quarterback who used to play for my beloved Green Bay Packers. Although in this case, I’ll welcome back Mr. Nimoy any time he wants to un-retire again!

25. TJ - March 23, 2010

I have enjoyed his appearances at the Star Trek Conventions held in Las Vegas. If this is to be the last year he will appear, I will miss his stage conversations. He is very entertaining.

I just hope he will continue to come to las Vegas. It is near hsi home and he is very respected and welcomed by a large number of Star Trek fans.

26. Jane - March 23, 2010

Gosh I’m going to miss him so much! he deserves retirement and all, though, who are we to keep him from that. he’s getting old and tired, and there is nothing that can be done to stop that. :(

you know, I always thought that Nimoy as Spock seemed different than Quinto as Spock. Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock almost made Spock seem more caring, a bit nicer and more likable. Quinto’s job was good too, still the same, he just made Spock seem to be a bit more…well….like, cocky or stuck up. Not too much, don’t get me wrong, it was good too.

Never cared much for Shatner, but Nimoy going is going to be sad. We never know though, he just might be back…

27. Capt Kruch - March 23, 2010

It is very sad to hear he will leave us again…the last 18 or so years since his appearance on NEXTGEN.. made me realize my youth was done…
only having SHAT stay around and the occasional SULU apperance here and there kept the memories of TOS alive…I totally block GENERATIONS from my head….they might as well have shot Kirk in the back..as meaningless as that storyline was….

anyway blah blah blah….I will miss you ….but at least I can watch my seasons 1,2, and 3 i just purchased on bluray…..
Live LOng and Prosper…and an early happy birthday!!!

28. Duncan MacLeod - March 23, 2010

I have a Photo Op ticket for the Trek Con in Chicago in October…

Could be the last time Nimoy appears at ANY convention.. Still debating on the Christopher Lloyd photo op.


29. =A= - March 23, 2010

i understand spock want retired. he is too old you know let him rest and do something else.

30. Innogen - March 23, 2010

aw, crap

31. Buzz Cagney - March 23, 2010

Never say never, Mr Nimoy. When they re-boot the re-boot in about 30 years they will most likely be giving you a call!

Until then thank you so much for all of your work, but mostly thank you for Spock and all of your Trek work. To say its been wonderful to have been a fan is such an understatement!

32. Pat Payne - March 23, 2010

I don’t know if you read the TrekMovie boards, Mr. Nimoy, but like everyone else, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you. You’ve been a part of all our lives for so many years through not only Spock, but through your many other wonderful roles on screen and stage, through your photography and through your genuine care and concern for your fans. Your last hurrah as Spock in Trek XI demonstrated that admirably, by passing the torch and the ears to Zach Quinto in as classy a manner as you did.

God bless you, Mr. Nimoy, and may you find contentment in retirement.

33. DonDonP1 - March 23, 2010

Good luck on your retirement, Leonard. Live long and prosper!

34. P Technobabble - March 23, 2010

Best wishes to Mr. Nimoy. Thanks for all the fabulous Treks!

35. Chris Doohan - March 23, 2010

Enjoy your retirement, Leonard (well, until that next big role/pay day come around).


36. Lyle - March 23, 2010

Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy, and thanks sooooo much for everything!

37. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 23, 2010

Leonard…. Say it isn’t so!!

38. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2010

See, Leonard Nimoy knows how to appeal to the masses. Always leave them wanting more! Unlike another Trek veteran who won’t go away for 5 minutes!

39. Sebastian - March 23, 2010

Go out on top, Leonard Nimoy!
Enjoy retirement, and live long and prosper.

Thanks for the lifetime of work you’ve created for us (and all the generations after) to enjoy over and over again.

40. Tim Handrahan - March 23, 2010

Your portrayal of Spock in the new Star Trek film was the brighteest spot in a film that was filled with them. Your conversation with “young” Spock had to bring a tear to the eye of any longtime fan (along with a few new ones). If this is your final curtain as an actor, You certainly did it your way!

41. David Scrimpshire - March 23, 2010

He doesn’t like cameos, so I doubt we would see him in that capacity in Trek. Remember Generations …. he said “There was a character called Spock, that had a few insignificant lines…” or something very similar, when asked why he wasn’t in it.

42. Will_H - March 23, 2010

I think it’s a sign that its time to bring the Shat in for the next movie. I don’t think it should be a big roll like Nimoy had, but something along the lines of what they planned out for the first film would be fitting I think.

43. Lazers - March 23, 2010

*60 years of applause* lol
Really though. Thank you, good sir.

44. dmduncan - March 23, 2010

Live long and prosper Mr. Nimoy.

45. Tom - March 23, 2010

i still hope he returns. i can just see the interviews now. “i really thought i was done. but then jj called and there was bill so i thought why not”. Or an unannounced return. all the hype would be on bill and leonard could turn up to do one last scene

46. LT. BAILEY - March 23, 2010

While he may be missed by not being in films anymore, he willnot be forgotten by us fans. I will have to spend the money for his photo op & autograph at the Vegas ST CON.

47. ensign joe - March 23, 2010

Mr. Nimoy’s breadth of work is certainly one for the ages. When I retire I hope they can say: “Look at all that he did!”

Thank you Mr. Nimoy.

48. Luke Sutton ("The Tenth Doctor") - March 23, 2010

The fantastic Mr. Nimoy deserves a bit of peace and quiet after the past year or so, but I’d love to see him back someday in the future.

Peace and Long Life.

49. Tom - March 23, 2010

I’m curious to hear what jj, bob and alex think of this. Wondering if this may change their thought process regarding nimoy in the sequel or would they write a role and ask anyway? They definitely cannot write a role as important as this movie where they “couldn’t do it without him”. However if it was a role that you could easily remove, then it probably would not peak Leonard’s interest anyway. Yet i recall jj saying he couldn’t see a trek movie not needing nimoy.

50. Hallbjorn - March 23, 2010

he can go into retirement when he’s done appearing on Big Bang Theory !

51. spb - March 23, 2010

Someone, somewhere, will stroke Nimoy’s ego, butter him up and dangle a hefty paycheck. Hey, it worked for STAR TREK ’09…

52. Tom Spangler - March 23, 2010

Hi all I am a fan of Star Trek since he first saw as a child in 1968 and today I still see, I think at this point and is something that is in my blood.

53. SciFiGuy - March 23, 2010

Thanks for all the great years you gave us fans, Mr. Nimoy!! I grew up watching you on TV and the movies and it’s going to be odd not to see you somewhere in some role.

But: Enjoy your retirement and…thanks again for all the magic over the years!

54. U.S.S. Manila NCC-99232 - March 23, 2010

Well if he’s retired, we got a new Spock anyway!

55. ryanhuyton - March 23, 2010

Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy!

No actor understood his character better than Leonard Nimoy with Spock.
Its almost like Spock was an extension of Leonard Nimoy.

56. The Red Shirt Diaries - March 23, 2010

Nimoy and Shatner.
One last time sharing the screen in some fashion in ST12/2012.

A dry eye will not be had.

Please make it so Mr. Orci. This will be the LAST chance to give these men the great send off they deserve after embodying Trek for the last 45 years.

57. boborci - March 24, 2010


no pressure;)

58. Zebonka - March 24, 2010

I don’t care if he doesn’t act again, I only really wanted to see him do something with Shatner. I still can’t believe he didn’t want to do Boston Legal.

59. Antipodean - March 24, 2010

It wouldn’t be right to bring back Spock Prime for the sequel: I think that Nimoy’s last scene in the movie “Star Trek” was the best of possible send-offs.

Good luck to him, and thanks to him for everything.

60. I, Mugsy - March 24, 2010

45 years playing a constantly evolving and much loved character – that’s incredible! Not to mention Mr Nimoy’s other memorable roles over the decades – I particularly like his performance in Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

I think he’s more than earned his right to retirement, but I would imagine if he read a script that peeked his Vulcan-like curiosity sufficiently he might make the odd appearance here and there ;)

I assume the photography is still an on-going concern? I’d love to see some of his work come over here to the UK for an exhibition or something.

Peace and very long life in your retirement Sir!

– John

61. Michael - March 24, 2010

HEY! He can write a 3rd book entitled I Am Not Spock Anymore! Or I’m Defiantely NOT Spock Anymore! Or , I’m tired of being Spock & I’m outta here! Or, Spock Has Left The Bldg.!

62. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - March 24, 2010

Come on Mr Nimoy. One more Trek Film and you can go on all the talk shows and say that Trek something something is your last. Please!!!!!!!. (On my knees and begging) But what ever you decide thank you so much for all the joy you have given us playing Spock and other roles. From Invasion to the Twlight Zones to T.J and of Course Trek. May you live long and prosper.

63. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - March 24, 2010

Hey Bob Orci. True. No Pressure. But it is building for you. Please get Mr Nimoy on there one more time. If you can get the Shat. Then Bonus.

64. Sarah - March 24, 2010

Mr. Orci: I agree with 63. Quinto is wonderfully talented and nailed the role, but there’s a special charm that Nimoy has which just can’t be replaced.

I don’t know what it would take to convince him, maybe if you got on your knees (no, just kidding, PLEASE don’t do that).

If Leonard just plainly doesn’t want to, then nobody can or should even try to pressure him into anything. Leonard is loved by his fans though, and it would be wonderful if he were open to doing Spock 1 more time. Let’s keep in mind though, he does have a life, and a wife who rightfully gets dibbs on her husband. Where Nimoy is concerned between Star Trek and her, I can totally understand how she should have the first pick. I’d be the same way, if my husband and I were in that situation.

65. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2010

Yes, Sarah, but it begs the question……..does he ever put on the pointed ears for HER? :>)

66. The Red Shirt Diaries - March 24, 2010


No pressure, but it is the right thing to do if it can be worked credibly into the story.

And with yours and mssrs. Kurtzman and Lindelofs combined talents, I know it could be believably done.

67. Cheap Cigars - March 24, 2010

Mr Orci,

I have to agree with several of the other posters…Please give Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Shatner one more go around as Kirk and Spock. I would be happy with a single meaningful scence where their versions of Kirk and Spock can ride off into the sunset with a happy ending instead of the somewhat somber ending Spock Prime was given in the last film and the downright awful ending Kirk prime was given.

Mr. Nimoy brought so much to the last film. I can only imagine how much fun and emotion Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Shatner could deliver in one last scene together as Kirk and Spock. It would bring tears to everyone’s eyes. How could this ever be a bad thing?

P.S. I don’t want my last memory of my boyhood hero being crused under a pile of rocks for no reason. You are one of the few people who can reverse this : )

68. rose - March 24, 2010

56, 66. I totally agree. Please, Mr. Orci, if you guys can, it would be much appreciated. I’ll be going to see it (hopefully the day it opens) regardless, but it would be nice to see them one last time.

Anyway…Leonard Nimoy does deserve it, I’m not going to be mean and say he doesn’t, but I honestly do not believe that the world will be the same without him acting in it. Oh, well. At least I have all the TOS shows and movies. Congratulations Leonard! Live long and prosper.

69. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - March 24, 2010

Man, I’d love to see him do that BBT cameo. It would be priceless.

70. Wes - March 24, 2010

Dear Mr. Nimoy:

Good luck on your second retirement. You certainly have earned it. Unlike a certain person that probably most NFL fans know. CoughcoughBrett Favrecoughcough. Six decades. Numerous roles. Including the one you are most famous for. I’d bet you are deeply grateful for everyone who has followed your career for the last sixty years. I loved Spock. Through the TV series and films. Especially the last one. Awesome job.

You will be missed in the entertainment industry. You are definitely one of a kind.

Loyal Fan

71. Anthony Pascale - March 24, 2010

The character of William Bell is a very important character on Fringe. It was great that the guys brought Nimoy on for the role but it is a double-edge sword as his availability has been limited for this season and will be nil for season 3 and beyond. However, I have an idea! They should create some technobabble at the end of season 2 that puts William Bell into some kind of ‘temporal flux’ or whatever and have him revert to an earlier age…voila now they can have Zachary Quinto play William Bell!

72. Jim Jim - March 24, 2010

Class act, all the way. Bon Voyage, Mr. Nimoy.

73. YARN - March 24, 2010

As much as I love the old cast and as much as I wish for their character choices and chemistry to inform the future of Trek, it is time to stand aside so “the next generation” can do their thing.

It’s Quinto’s role now.

“No, you’re the Captain. You need to be on the bridge.” – Kirk to Capt. Cameron (LOL – ok, it’s Harrison) in Star Trek Generations.

Shatner should take his own advice – the torch has already been passed (a couple of times now) – it’s time to move on.

74. Thomas - March 24, 2010

71. Anthony Pascale

The way Heroes is going, he might become available.

75. John - March 24, 2010

The latest Star Trek movie is a mess. Nero wants to save Romulus by destroying all of the federation planets, that’s not going to stop the Romulus sun from going Super Nova in the future. If he had a brain he would go to Romulus and warn them about what will happen in the future. Old Spock tells young Spock that young Kirk was told that universe ending paradoxes would ensue if he broke his promise, when did old Spock tell young Spock this in the movie, or is old Spock lying to young Spock?

76. Andy Patterson - March 24, 2010

Am I wrong or isn’t it Nimoy’s birthday today?

77. ryanhuyton - March 24, 2010

I hope Zachary Quinto doesn’t replace Leonard Nimoy on “Fringe”. It would obviously be stunt casting in the pursuit of drawing in more viewers to make up for a slip in the ratings. Casting all those former Trek actors on “Heroes” is a prime example of that kind of cynical thinking. Plus, I don’t think Quinto would want to be known as “Nimoy Jr.”. I think they should just replace William Bell with another character played by a “non-Spock” actor if Nimoy isn’t going to do it anymore.

78. Tom - March 24, 2010

#56 bob orci

there is presssure for any trek movie. Your last had enormous pressure and you guys aced it. Think of this as a golden opportunity. Leonard just needs to be sold on it just as you guys did before. as for Bill he wants in plus a few $$ i’m sure. This would be incredible

79. ryanhuyton - March 24, 2010

Maybe Bob can name a starship after Leonard Nimoy. U.S.S Nimoy? :-)

80. Sarah S - March 24, 2010

65: LOL

81. John in Canada, eh? - March 24, 2010

Damn, but he looks good in the ‘Fringe’ pic here.
Betcha he could still go for a few more rides around the block.

And if he were to appear on “Big Bang” — please let it be better written than most of the recent episodes. I’m a fan of the show, but I think it hit its high-water mark with the Christmas – Nimoy-napkin episode. Few episodes have hit that same point in terms of story, character development, and sheer laugh-out-loud funny.

82. VOODOO - March 24, 2010

Bob Orci:

How cool would it be if Kirk Prime and Spock Prime are reunited in the last scene of the new film with the ST music blasting in the background?

I love the new cast and I agree they could stand on their own, but a Shat/Nimoy reunion would be the ultimate the ST universe could offer.

Shatner is just about begging to be in it and I don’t think you would have to twist Mr. Nimoy’s arm to do it.

83. dmduncan - March 24, 2010

If Star Trek managed to somehow get going with Jeffrey Hunter it probably would’ve lasted only one season.

“One more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

Only Shatner can close the breech.

84. Iowagirl - March 25, 2010

This is getting a bit boring, Mr. Nimoy. :))

85. Bill Williams - March 25, 2010

I don’t blame Leonard for choosing retirement. He is, after all, 79 (will be tomorrow as I write this), and he’s always been a very wise and intelligent craftsman. He made the right choice not to get involved with “Generations” because the marquee value given to Spock in the initial script didn’t dignify the character, which is why his lines were given to Scotty (James Doohan’s delivery of “I have a theory…” is just such an example), and also not to direct the picture because he would have given it more time and development to make it right (as opposed to Paramount and Berman’s push to have it made right after TNG’s TV run ended).

Though I’ve not seen any of his “Fringe” work, he appears to have a great run in the William Bell character and appears to continue doing it as long as the character has significant work to contribute to the development of the series. Ditto for his return as Spock in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” film (not movie, but FILM) last year, because he had a significant contribution. I agree with him that he’s brought closure to the character and passed the torch to Zachary Quinto, so unless there’s another major significant reason for him to do the sequel story-wise, he’s made the right choices.

Then again, we’ve all heard who knows how many others make this same kind of statement before – Garth Brooks, Michael Jordan, and Brett Favre, to name a few – who’ve retired, then came back, then retired, then came back, yada yada yada, all for a bigger paycheck. Let’s hope that Leonard Nimoy doesn’t follow the same path just for the money – he’s too classy to make that decision.

86. Harry Ballz - March 25, 2010

Bill, I understand your point, but in Nimoy’s case, it isn’t just money. When he says he wants to retire from acting, I really think he truly believes what he’s saying. However, a year goes by, he gets a bit bored and some offer comes up that he finds “fascinating” (sorry about that), and he nibbles at the bait. No agenda involved, just human nature!

Well, er, at least as human as one can get for the original Vulcan! :>)

87. Uncle Joey - March 25, 2010

Yes Prime Kirk and Prime Spock…

“Oh my”

88. Sarah S - March 25, 2010

85 and 86: Exactly. I know a couple of people who retired, only to become involved in other projects because retirement sounded good on the surface but then they found themselves bored to tears. Sometimes, the best thing for a person my not necessarilly be retirement, but maybe a sabatical.

89. Elerrina - March 25, 2010

Happy retirement, Mr. Nimoy! I’ll be thrilled if for some reason you decide to gift us once more with your awesome acting, but understand if you don’t. You will always be the best Spock in my book! Live long and prosper! (And happy birthday tomorrow!) =)

90. The Bandit Bo Darville - March 25, 2010

Shatner needs to come back one more time as Kirk. The way they killed him off was really stupid. What a waste.

It would be great to see the two of those icons on screen one more time. What a treat that would be for us long time fans.

91. SciFiGuy - March 25, 2010

Nimoy’s appearance/farewell at the end of the last one felt final to me. I don’t see any reason to have him back. If you guys had Shatner and Nimoy back in the next one, you’d just want them back in the one after that too.

Bob, there would be NO END to it.


Just write your own story and make this thing your OWN.

92. ryanhuyton - March 25, 2010

I don’t think Nimoy will be back. Unless William Shatner is worked into the story in a logical and sensible manner. But anything more than a cameo from each will overshadow the new cast in my opinion and appeal strictly to Trekkies as new fans are most likely mainly interested in the younger cast.

93. BiggestTOSfanever - March 26, 2010

No Shatner!!!

94. James Tyler - March 26, 2010

It’s better to bring a close to it all than it is to wank it out forall it’s worth. Good call from the Spockman.

95. Edwin - March 26, 2010

Sad to see Trekmovie has missed his 79th birthday today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. NIMOY! I share the same birthday with you!

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