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Ron Moore Interested In Creating New Star Trek TV Series April 7, 2010

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Before co-creating the revamped Battlestar Galactica (and the spin-off, Caprica), Ron Moore began his writing and producing career working on Star Trek (TNG & DS9). And in a new interview, Moore said that if given a chance, he would love to Trek again. 


Ron Moore on another Trek (and another BSG spin-off)

Den of Geek has an excellent extended interview with Ron Moore, mostly about Battlestar and Caprica, but they did get around to talking about Star Trek. First they asked how Trek influenced his work on BSG:

Does your work on the Star Trek series influence the way you approached Battlestar?

Yeah, working at Star Trek all those years really was the place that I learned the craft of television writing, in story, in plot, structure, and character. It taught me how to write and produce TV. When I came to Battlestar, I also decided I wanted to break all the rules that Star Trek had about how it did stories. From the beginning, we decided that if Star Trek did something, Battlestar was not going to do it and we would try to, in every way we could, make a different show than what Star Trek did.

And later asking if Moore would like to take a stab at his own Trek show:

If someone offered you a Star Trek series of your own, would you take it?

I’d seriously consider it. I think ,at the moment, the franchise is in good hands. JJ Abrams has a really good take on it, I thought the last movie was very good. I’m confident that he’s going to chart a direction for Star Trek for the foreseeable future.

Also, recently it was reported that Syfy was talking to Moore about another possible Battlestar spin-off. Moore briefly talked about this possibility:

If you were to make another spin-off, where do you think you would go with that?

It’s really hard to say. I think there are other periods in the Galactica universe that might be worth exploring, including events that happened. It really depends on how far we take Caprica.

Check out the full interview from much more from Ron.


POLL: Would you like to see a Ron Moore Star Trek series?

So far CBS has not expressed any interest in developing a new Star Trek TV series. However, if the Star Trek movies continue to be successful, it might not be too long before CBS wants to get in on the action. Moore joins other Trek vets who have said they would be interested in developing their own show, including Manny Coto, Roberto Orci and Bryan Fuller. So what do you think? Do you want Moore Trek?

Want Ron Moore to develop next Star Trek TV series?

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1. A - April 7, 2010

So long as he doesn’t make it a knock off of BSG I’m all for it. I think a fresh take on the Trek is due on the small screen.

Just don’t forget the optimism Ron, I know that isn’t your specialty.

2. Cymantix - April 7, 2010

Bring ST back to TV!

3. They call me Stasiu - April 7, 2010

Given how well Moore developed BSG after all those years in ST, it would be interesting if he could develop ST based on what he learned from BSG.

4. Kenneth Of Borg - April 7, 2010


5. james rye - April 7, 2010

My life is incomplete without a Star Trek TV series.


6. Allen Williams - April 7, 2010

please give us new star trek tv shows! 3 years for just another movie is too long. If we have a new tv series it makes it easier to pass the time between movies. Of course then the summer break is difficult as well.

7. Lt. Bailey - April 7, 2010

Its about time!

We need the TV fix to keep us going. Which ever version is may be, a TOS expansion of the 5 year voyage or Romulan war for ENT or Cpt Sulu and the Excelsior, give us something. I am not sure how a new version of the current film would be as it will be on TV as it will be running the same time as the theater version. What ever they do will boost the need for a STTE to be made in Vegas that much quicker.

8. Jeyl - April 7, 2010

I’m going with maybe here. I fear Ron will bring in a lot of Galactica elements just like JJ did with Trek09.

9. skyjedi - April 7, 2010

Not a fan of Ron Moore Trek, any more than i am of Bragga, so i vote no.

If anyone should be doing the tv series it should be JJ, since the old trek universe no longer exists.

10. Benjamin Adams - April 7, 2010

Man, RDM as a Trek showrunner? I’d be there in a heartbeat.

11. skyjedi - April 7, 2010

Bring Manny Coto back and do season 5 of enterprise, it would be better than the JJverse and truer to Roddenberry.

12. Torcflaed - April 7, 2010

skyjedi, you missunderstand how JJ explained it, his star trek is in an alternate time so old trek not only still exists but exists unchanged.
he specifically said by making it an alternate timeline he was leaving it open to do more episodes in the original trek universe timeline.
but please PLEASE JJ do not do an old trek timeline evil universt trek and new trek three way crossover, I think my head would explode ;)

13. Dunsel Report - April 7, 2010

Bless Ron Moore and keep him far from “Star Trek.” This is the guy who wrote “Generations.”

14. Kev -1 - April 7, 2010

I like him but maybe new blood is needed now — somebody who has not worked on Trek already.

15. Jordan - April 7, 2010

I vote someone else. But he is better than nothing!

16. David C. Roberson - April 7, 2010

Since Star Trek: Enterprise is the only series canon in both the prime time line and the J.J.-verse, I think a new series focusing on The Romulan War would make the most sense. I would treat it as Enterprise Season Five, but change the look and tone of the show to be character-driven, optimistic, and yes, dark. I say set it shortly after the final episode–say 2061, and delve into the Romulan Wars. I know it’s a popular idea to do so, but I would not bring Trip back. I would however use the amazing refit designs of NX-01 by Doug Drexler:
I say bring in Ron Moore and Manny Coto to do this… keep Fuller far away.

17. Sunfell - April 7, 2010

I would love to see Star Trek return to its original venue- television. Moore knows how to tell a good story, and that is the core of what Star Trek is in its best moments- good stories.

Dooooo iiiiiiiit!

18. David C. Roberson - April 7, 2010

#13 Yes, he wrote Generations–which was his first FEATURE FILM. If anything, Rick Berman should have realized the man needed a little more seasoning. Regardless, hearing him and his co-writer Braga talk about their mistakes and regrets on the Generations commentary made me much more forgiving–especially since they were pretty much forced to do a “passing the torch” movie by the studio -AND- had to write “All Good Things”, the two-hour series finale. Moore is a very good writer. His sins on Generations are absolved as his great work far outweighs his mediocre.

19. MJD - April 7, 2010

It’s counter-intuitive to say it, but aside from all his stellar Trek work, BSG is PROOF that he gets Trek more than virtually any other writer. Only with such a firm grasp of what drives Trek can one craft a show to rebel against it.

I would be delighted if this happens.

20. MJD - April 7, 2010

Those criticising Moore for Generations should realise that that movie was made with an unfeasable number of restrictions and pre-written events which had to transpire. Go watch “All Good Things” “First Contact” and “Family” for a few examples of why Moore is so damned perfect for the next Trek series.

And yes, as others have said, Trek’s natural home is television.

21. Captain Lonestar - April 7, 2010

Two words: ROMULAN WAR

22. Michael Hall - April 7, 2010

That would be the best thing to happen to Star Trek in 30 years. Moore genuinely loves TOS and SF in general, understands the Trek universe, and has a great feel for his characters and what stories are worth telling with them. I probably wouldn’t be happy with all of his creative decisions, just as I didn’t agree with everything he did on DS9 or Battlestar Galactica, but there’s no doubt in my mind that his take on Trek would be at minimum thoughtful, literate, and more worthy of the label than anything that’s been produced since 1968.

23. velda - April 7, 2010

I’d like to see Moore do a series on the “Earth” that the 13th colony settled and see how that all evolved. I think it would be a good series. I want to see the final five in their glory days before everyone was nuked on Earth. ‘Course with the actors aging, might have to get new people to play them.

24. velda - April 7, 2010

If they can’t get an entire TREK series going, maybe a few made for TV mini-series with an emphasis on other parts of the Star Trek universe or how about exploring Section 31 – get some good spy stuff going on. ??????

25. Chadwick - April 7, 2010

Most of the best Star Trek episodes were done by Moore. And what he did with Battlestar knocked me on my feet. Like Star Trek, Battlestar was a series you didn’t want to let go of when it was over, you grow to love the characters and care about them, the visuals were great, the story was great. Battlestar was dark and edgy, and although Star Trek is about an optimistic future it could be WAY TOO bubblegummy at times. Moore can give Star Trek an edge, make it feel powerful. I am sure two more Star Trek movies will come out before we see even a hint at a TV series….say….oh…. no earlier than 2015. Star Trek needs to gain its reputation and popularity back and the movies are the ones that need to prove that before a TV series will pick up. Moore has tremendous talent, and in 5 more years he will only have gained that much more, same with JJ. If the new Star Trek series was spearheaded by both “Team” Moore and “Team” Abrams, this trekker would have a geekgasm, and it just might end up being the best Star Trek series ever! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

26. velda - April 7, 2010

Again, I keep thinking about Section 31. Everyone likes a good spy story. I could even see if it is in the same time as Picard, Sisko, and Janeway and their crews, they could do some guest appearances. I think it could have all sorts of possibilities. I want to know more about Section 31. I wish I was smart enough to write some Sec 31 stories!

27. Schultz - April 7, 2010

Not sure about Moore, but a new TV series? Definitely! Loved all of them. But let them make a few good movies first. :)

28. Schultz - April 7, 2010

#26 VELDA: Exactly. For years I’ve been talking about a Section 31 series. Would be great.

29. Kevin From Akron - April 7, 2010

As Worf would say, “Less talk!! More action!!” And I would say, okay we have the talking done, lets get the work going forward. I would love to see a new series say within 18 months.

30. David P - April 7, 2010

will SHAT be involved? then I am for it


31. RobertZ - April 7, 2010

Would appreciate any new Star Trek if done well and with less violence and no wars. Those are all excellent writers.

And Star Trek Phase II is Star Trek.

32. Harbinger - April 7, 2010

No thank you. Star Trek should be a motion picture EVENT. You’re just going to water it down if you start another series.

33. James Heaney - April 7, 2010

I was only mildly interested in BSG, but RDM was really very (very) good on Trek. He’s got his ups and downs, of course, like any writer, but it would be hard to do better than him for the next Trek series.

Plus, he co-wrote “All Good Things…” which was the greatest piece of Star Trek fiction ever written. So I like him. :)

34. Jake Cannon - April 7, 2010

I like Ron Moore. He did great work on TNG and DS9, and if we’re going to bring up Generations, then let’s not forget First Contact, shall we? My only concern would be in the tone of the show. BSG is the anti-Trek and I really didn’t care for it – I found it a chore to watch a show that was so dreary and depressing. I know WHY he did it – he wanted to break all the rules that he felt hamstrung him on Trek, and the post-apocalyptic premise called out for it – but there is a reason Star Trek has endured so long, and that is its fundamentally optimistic vision of the future. I don’t think that means that the characters have to be boring perfect people, but it should at least be encouraging and, for the most part, fun to watch. This while, of course, bringing up meaningful issues – but that doesn’t mean it has to be pompous because this is all “very serious business”. Fortunately, I tend to believe Ron Moore understands this – he is, after all, a huge TOS fan.

35. StevenMAW - April 7, 2010

I have some ideas, please let me help.

36. Will - April 7, 2010

The Romulans look like us now.

37. Luke Sutton ("The Tenth Doctor") - April 7, 2010

Woah there, just look at how all these fans are so desperate for anything with “Star Trek” written on it to come on television…

Kudos to Mr. Moore, however, I like him.

38. velda - April 7, 2010

Will !!!! LMAO!
So say we all.

39. hate ds9 - April 7, 2010

Where “interested in” = “desperately wishes to”

40. ModelMaker - April 7, 2010

remember that moore also wrote “first contact”.

41. Captain Braxton - April 7, 2010

as long as it is nothing like enterprise. going back before the original 5-year mission and before kirk was one of the dumbest ideas in trek history. i knew before the show even started that it was a bad idea and guess what? it became the first trek series to be cancelled other than TOS.


a post-nemesis series would be ideal. and for god’s sakes, no 7 of 9, t’pol, dr. phlox, lt. reed, ensign kim, icheb type of characters. get something original for once. you’re killing trek with these boring characters.


42. JordRS - April 7, 2010

I would LOVE a Ron Moore Trek series! He’s hands down the best writer of the modern Trek era and anyone who doesn’t think he can do optimistic hasn’t seen the last 10 mins of BSG which in one fell swoop turned a brilliant but bleakly dark series into one of uplifting hope. Genius.

43. YARN - April 7, 2010

Uhm, NO.

He had a hit with BSG, but things fell apart quickly because he had no idea where to go with it. In the end, “God did it” and it turns out we’re all (yes us) Cylons.

I don’t like the contempt that he’s expressed for Trek’s optimism – sure, the shows could have been better and the characters (especially in the later shows) were a bit Pollyannish, but a defining characteristic of Gene’s vision was that our future involves the possibility that the world can be a better place and that we can be better people. Without that, it ain’t Trek.

44. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 7, 2010

Ron More can make Trek after Enterprise and have it during the Romulan wars. That would be kool.

45. JJ Savard - April 7, 2010

I say use the new timeline, but use another ship, perhaps the alternate USS Defiant, or an all new one. Also, OK all major plot points with the Supreme Court of the new film.

46. dmduncan - April 7, 2010

No Moore Trek.

He did great on BSG, and I’m liking Caprica, but it’s time for the Trek veterans to permanently do something else.

New blood please.

47. ensign joe - April 7, 2010

I’d take a good Trek series over a movie every 3 years..

48. StarFuryG7 - April 7, 2010

Keep Moore and prior Trek show alumni OUT OF IT ENTIRELY.

I don’t think CBS would have any interest whatsoever in another Trek show until AFTER the third Trek film is done and out on Blu-ray and DVD, if then even. But so as to not fall into the same traps, patterns, and humdrum pattern of storytelling in the prior modern Trek shows, new blood needs to be brought in or it will just be another in a line of post-TOS Trek series mistakes.

Of the list of names mentioned above, that would obviously leave Roberto Orci, or (and I realize this contradicts what I just said somewhat) Manny Coto, and that’s only because he only got involved with Trek about midway through the last TV series, “Enterprise,” and only worked as an Executive Producer on the show for its last season. I think he’s the one with the most potential and the best choice compared to the prior MT writers mentioned, and I would only like to see him there in an advisory role anyway, with an occasional script contribution once in a while perhaps, but that’s about it. Otherwise, keep those modern Trek writers out of the prospect of any new Trek show that may be discussed for the future.

49. Daniel Shock - April 7, 2010

I think he would make an excellent choice. He has a fine sense of logic and structure in his story writing….Generations excepted. I think he would be great.

50. No Khan - April 7, 2010

No way not a return to the old!

51. NotTimothyGeithner - April 7, 2010

Move it to the time of the Enterprise-C. Its not going to step on Next Gen toes. I don’t really care which universe. It can keep Klingons as a villain without having a war on the horizon. Fanwank can be accomplished with references to that Welsh speaking French guy. It won’t be near the Original Series, and they could always age someone to do a cameo.

The Ent-C looks great too.

52. Kinneas - April 7, 2010


71% of people have lost their minds.

Save us all from Mr, ‘The technology is not important and does not matter’.

CBS/New Trek writers: Look at current UFOLOGY, EXOpolitics, The current state of ‘The Disclosure Project’, Speak w/ Dr. Steven Greer, The Brookings Institution, Dr. Kaku, Ray Kurzweil.

Do not trust Star Trek to any writers who do not to reconcile Star Trek with current events.


53. sean - April 7, 2010

frak yah! RDM on ST again would be great….i hope after the movie run ST returns to tv and JJ hands over the franchise to RDM to helm and run right.

54. Eli - April 7, 2010

Moore made some of TNG’s best episodes and and part of the dream team that made DS9 great. Bring it on!

55. startrekkie - April 7, 2010

Yes a new Trek tv series would be really good

56. devonp - April 7, 2010

PLEASE bring Star Trek back to the small screen! I am starved for great sci-fi! Pay homage to what’s come before but be Original for once!

57. comeaution22 - April 7, 2010

Once again more Generations bashing….. It was the only star trek besides Star Trek VI that was emotion driven. Get a life with the hate.

58. Byron D. - April 7, 2010

I would say that if anyone, ANYONE was going to do another Trek show, Ron Moore would be the #1 top of my list. After Battlestar it really would be no contest. He could give us a Star Trek show with purpose. A show with an arc and major character development. It could end up being the best Trek shwo ever. Also, just thinking what a Moore produced Enterprise would have looked like, makes me weeeeeeeeep.

59. elodie - April 7, 2010

I want Manny Coto for Enterprise season 5 ! I miss Enterprise! Battlestar ending sucked! The complete series was cool.

60. Ran - April 7, 2010

New blood.

Someone who can make a serious TV show about the beginning of the crew and their voyages. Something with character development, thought provoking plots and scripts with depth. You know, the exact opposite from the JJ movie.

61. ryanhuyton - April 7, 2010

I’m kind of mixed on this one. I thought Ron Moore did an outstanding job on Star Trek. And I like what he did with “Battlestar Galactica”. But the writers I want to see for a new Star Trek series are Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Manny Coto.

And I don’t think CBS has any intention of doing a Star Trek series anytime soon. And they will not sell the rights to another network either.
I think we will see another CSI show before a new Star Trek hits the air.

62. P Technobabble - April 7, 2010

I have enjoyed much of Ron Moore’s work, and it’s pretty obvious why he (or anyone) would want to make some Star Trek — it’s a great playground to play in.
That said, I’m sticking to my guns: I think Trek is better suited for the big screen, rather than as a weekly series.
With movies, there is some breathing space between episodes, while episodic tv gets a little time off for summer re-runs. IMO, in order to make Trek fresh, new, exciting, inventive and imaginative as a weekly series, the same degree of changes would need to be made to the series that were made to Trek09.
When Moore talks about BSG not doing what Trek did, or doing what Trek did not do, I think he’s making it pretty clear that the old mold needs to be broken and a different one needs to be made. This is what JJ & Co. did in order to resurrect Star Trek on the big screen, and Moore (or whoever might do a new series) would have to essentially do the same thing for tv. Otherwise, I think we’d merely be in for more TOS, TNG, VOY, and ENT… not that there’s anything wrong with these, it’s just that they’ve been done.

63. DD - April 7, 2010

I would love him to do a series on the USS Kelvin, charting its voyages up to it’s demise in the recent Star Trek film. This could be the prequel that Enterprise should have been. This would be a fresh start, relaunching the franchise in the spirit of the recent film, by introducing Star Trek to a new audience at the same time staying in touch with the existing fan base. I would see such a series as being very gritty realistic topical sci-fi drama just like BSG.

64. Will_H - April 7, 2010

I think he’d be a good guy to do a new Trek TV series. JJ’s got it from the movie angle, but I don’t think it would be great if he tried to do both. I think Trek needs something fresh on TV, though. Enterprise, though everyone else seems to hate it, I think had aspects of what a Trek series needed to be fresh and pull new people in. Sadly it was bogged down by too much crap to make it. If they do another TV series, though, I hope that they won’t do another prequel or go back like the movies did. Time to move forward, and I hate to think that we’ll never see the Star Trek universe beyond Nemesis. Oh, and another thing, I pray that if they do a 25th century Trek that they ignore STO’s story. It works for an MMO but honestly it looks more like a complicated fan fic than a solid story.

65. Vernon Wilmer - April 7, 2010

Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!!!

66. startrekkie - April 7, 2010

DD that would be great anyway did you enjoy Abrams Star Trek just wondering’

67. tajlund - April 7, 2010

I am apparently in the minority of people who find the remake of Galactica to be a boring uninspired sci-fi version of the West Wing. So no, I don’t really want to see a Star Trek TV series in which people use landline communications, debate politics and philosophy endlessly, and constantly wonder which crew member is an android.

68. Pierre - April 7, 2010

ST is a television series with some movies in between. That’s the original premisse and how it should continue. Whether its a spin-off or continuation of ENT, TOS, TNG or DS9 (sorry VOY), or a brand new idea, it will be enjoyed. Ron Moore is excellent with strong production management and writing skills. Go for it Ron. Just don’t make it an alien or a disease of the week or having kids weekly save the ship.

69. Sean - April 7, 2010

Ron Moore wouldn’t be my first choice to bring back Star Trek to TV, but I’d rather have him do it than no one at all.

70. startrekkie - April 7, 2010

Ran come on you didn’t enjoy Abrams Star Trek did you

71. CaptSpock - April 7, 2010

I could live with out a new trek series…but if they were fully completed with the current movie direction (hopefully extending it beyond the three movie deal with the actors) I would enjoy a new trek based strictly on the current film ideas and recast the TOS characters once again for new weekly adventures with Kirk, Spock and McCoy!!!!

It is the only true Star Trek we have any way.

72. VZX - April 7, 2010

Ron Moore has a lot of respect for Trek canon. He is one of the few people that worked on 90s Trek that was an actual TOS fan. He co-wrote Trials and Tribble-ations and also peppered the 90s series with other TOS bits.

I would vote a big yes for a Ron Moore Trek series. I am sure he would not turn it inside out as some people think and create an awesome show.

73. Pat D. - April 7, 2010

I’d take Ron Moore, but I want Manny Coto, too.

74. Imrahil - April 7, 2010

Manny Coto, good idea.

75. MorbidGorn - April 7, 2010

Agreed with #73.

The two of them together would make a brilliant Trek show, I’m sure of it.

76. Ben - April 7, 2010

Coto and Moore doing ENTerprise Season 5 (Beginnings of Federation and Romulan War) make it happen…

77. THX-1138 - April 7, 2010

I would absolutely HATE for any prospective series to be set in the new timeline. The movie is good and entertaining and all but I don’t live in the new timeline. Why should I care about events in a different timeline? As far as I am concerned, the future of my humanity takes place in the original timeline. My Start Trek exists in the same timeline I exist in.

And I am starting to believe that this is the fundamental problem with the NuTrek film. Aside from any nitpicking that people have, I believe that fundamentally some of us in the audience feel disconnected with the characters and events in the new movie because we instinctually know that we don’t share the future that is being shown to us on screen. The events lack any relevence to us, even as a fantasy, because we have a previously established link to a perceived future as portrayed in all of the previous incarnations.

78. Hat Rick - April 7, 2010

Ron Moore also had a hand in early Voyager, and his stories were quite good. His track record would bode very well for Trek.

Ron, if you’re reading this, it was great meeting you and talking Trek all those years ago. Seems almost like a lifetime ago. I’ve always had a great admiration for your work. I have still have that gift you were kind enough to give me and I’ve always appreciated your thoughtfulness.

All the best.

79. Dave Chillycub - April 7, 2010

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned a Starfleet Academy series. My and my coworker were just talking about it today, how we would love to see a Starfleet Academy tv series in the vein of Caprica meets Grey’s Anatomy! I love the idea of seeing the show begin with a fresh set of recruits and watching them work there way through all the tests and courses of the Academy through their four years or however long its supposed to take! There’s so much they could do with that – have J.J’s set/digital designs for San Francisco as the backdrop. And like Grey’s Anatomy, when the cadets graduate, we could watch a new group come in to start the freshman year all over again, or simply continue on to watch what the graduates do afterwards. And the perfect era would be the Next Generation cast as cadets, to see how Riker, La Forge, the whole cast, earned their way through the Academy. It could be based off the Lost Era novel “Deny Thy Father”, and that would mean we could see more plot lines involved including Will Riker’s father, and the original Uhura cast as the Head of Starfleet Intelligence! Would love to see her back in uniform. And of course we would have so many cameo opportunities for guest lecturers in the Academy like Spock, and maybe even Brent Spiner as the guy who created Data.And oh! seeing Worf as the first Klingon cadet! That would be awesome – so much “outcast” drama could be written for that.

80. Dac - April 7, 2010

First Contact is my second favorite Trek film, BSG is my favorite TV series of all time. If Ron D Moore made another Trek series, I would be all over that in a motherfrakkin’ heartbeat. Please let this happen.

81. Steve Roby - April 7, 2010

“Yes – Definately”

Do you mean definitely or defiantly?

82. Erin - April 7, 2010

I’m unlikely to watch anything that he does…am an old school trekker but I hated DS9 and not that fond of BSG take 2 and hated Generations…so I think no for me. I’ll stick with TOS, the first 6 movies and the reboot timeline if he is the best that they offer.

83. Janeways Knickers - April 7, 2010


Voyager sucked and had the basic premise of BSG – searching for a home called… EARTH. Problem was everything was too clean and shiny for the situation. Pink and fluffy even. The confines of a happy happy future no longer cut it when competing with today’s sci fi TV shows.

DS9 was great, but folks didn’t like the war arcs because it was a departure from tradition.

Think how cool Enterprise COULD have been if it had had a darker set up (and orchestral opening theme, of course!)

84. Munster79 - April 7, 2010

Just a few thoughts – and apologies if some of these have been made by previous posters:

1 – Why not a ‘Titan’ TV show starring Jonathan Frakes? He’d certainly be up for it, I would have thought.

2 – ‘Kelvin’ – such a shame we only saw a few minutes of Captain Robau in the last movie. Lots of early Federation development stuff for Moore/Coto to delve into.

3 – If any show was to be set in the ‘JJ-verse’, then maybe give Sulu his command of the Excelsior, as opposed to ludicrously having the same characters on the bridge of the Federation flagship for decades.

4 – Enterprise ‘E’ post-Picard – why not a whole new crew, with TNG characters making the odd cameo – Picard as Ambassador, perhaps?

85. Dr. Image - April 7, 2010

Well I’m an old school Trekker who loved DS9 and BSG (until that final episode) and would REALLY love to see a new series between movies- set on the KELVIN, before the events of JJ’s Trek, obviously.
That was a bad-ass ship- with Kirk’s dad, no less!

86. Munster79 - April 7, 2010

Actually, the Enterprise C series, which I just saw mentioned above, would be a great idea.

87. Dom - April 7, 2010

43. YARN

‘Uhm, NO.’

Um, YES!

‘He had a hit with BSG,’

Critical acclaim, but moderate to low ratings, in fairness.

‘but things fell apart quickly because he had no idea where to go with it.’

Debatable. Babylon 5 was a rarity where pre-planning was concerned. Most TV shows wing it!

‘In the end, “God did it”’

No, that really wasn’t the case. And “God did it” is the refrain of people who spend too much time drooling over Richard Dawkins!

‘and it turns out we’re all (yes us) Cylons.”

Um, nope! The original Earth the Galactica discovered was Cylon. Our Earth already had humanoid life. Whether any of the surviving Cylons succeeded in breeding is open to debate . . . as is the issue of who or what the Cylon ‘God’ is. Unfortunately, a bunch of crybaby atheists jumped at the possibility in a sci-fi show that there **might** be a God. More fool them for having closed minds.

‘I don’t like the contempt that he’s expressed for Trek’s optimism’

He didn’t express contempt: he criticised the ‘Roddenberry Box’ that limited writing in the 1986-2005 shows.

‘sure, the shows could have been better and the characters (especially in the later shows) were a bit Pollyannish,’

But Ron Moore was the token TOS fan on the staff and at times apparently treated with some contempt for it! Indeed Bill Adama and Jim Kirk could easily be drinking buddies. Actually, Jean-Luc probably could be too, on an off-duty day. Had the Borg won in The Best of Both Worlds, would Riker have made many different decisions from Bill Adama?

‘but a defining characteristic of Gene’s vision was that our future involves the possibility that the world can be a better place and that we can be better people.’

And in TOS we had a valid interpretation of future humans who still had foible and were far from perfected. Roddenberry’s interpretation became fascistic in TNG and its cohorts. Ron Moore simply brought believable people back into TV sci-fi.

‘Without that, it ain’t Trek.’

Then arguably Battlestar was a better Trek series than most of the trek spin-offs!


And yes, Generations was a disgrace and Moore admits that: Galactica makes his mistakes on that movie forgiveable. Also, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga had a hand in that turd of a film!

88. tman - April 7, 2010

If they come up with a new series, I think they have to break from the stories and characters already known. For a modern audience, they all (TOS/Voyager/Enterprise/TNG/DS9) look very dated. I think they have to have a new cast and crew, more of a modern feel to the show and possibly do a total reboot (raping the remaining prescious childhood memories some of you somehow hid from JJ’s new film). I think Ron Moore and JJ are two of the people who could do this. I don’t personally think Orci has the objectivity regarding Trek that he would need to pull it off.

However, I think this type of series cannot occur while the films are going on. I can imagine them making 2 more films under JJ’s tutilage and then making a TV show 2-4 years later. At that point in time those of you still alive will watch it because you are into Trek. And all of us will have 105″ 3D LCD panels with LED backlighting so Harbinger may still be happy with a weekly Star Trek EVENT. TOS will at that point be so old that any view that you can’t revisit those characters or change the timeline will seem so antidiluvian that noone will care and there will be a big mainstream audience of Trek fans who embrace it as something less than their religion and so offending the Trek geek crowd will not be a consideration.

89. Dom - April 7, 2010

77. THX-1138: ‘I would absolutely HATE for any prospective series to be set in the new timeline. The movie is good and entertaining and all but I don’t live in the new timeline. Why should I care about events in a different timeline?’

Well, I don’t consider TNG to be part of the same timeline as TOS and the TOS films and I get by! ;)

90. Arakna - April 7, 2010

Ron Moore should be writing the script for a FINAL – TNG – FILM!!!!!

91. THX-1138 - April 7, 2010


The difference being that TNG is actually set in the original timeline. And is a Gene Roddenberry developed show. But I belive you are making the funny. In which case, “Ha ha!”

Like I said, I enjoyed the new film. It was entertaining. But I don’t have the same attachment to the characters and I think it’s for the reasons I listed. Just a theory. And one that hopefully doesn’t resort to nitpicking, but rather tries to give an explanation based on ideas about storytelling and how it affects some of us on a sub-conscious level.

92. Blowback - April 7, 2010

I wouldn’t mind seeing RDM take on Trek. However please don’t make it as dark as BSG and include a few characters with a moral compass.

93. Kobayashi_Maru - April 7, 2010


94. NuSpock - April 7, 2010

#24, #26 and #28: EXACTLY!!! Alias, but in Star Trek!:)

95. thebiggfrogg - April 7, 2010

Ron Moore is fantastic. BSG is probably my favorite TV show of all time. Caprica is great.

However, I do think Trek needs its optimism. Trek is one place that the grit should be kept away (ST09 edged in this direction a bit and I hope that is the extent of it).

Also, I agree with the “new blood” comment. As much as I loved TNG (DS9 okay, Voyager and Enterprise big meh) I think we need new creators in the mix, preferably people with a good sci-fi sense (TV is the venue for good sci-fi) so we don’t end up with war Trek ad infinitum. The progressive degeneration of Trek series I think is closely related to using the same creative team, more or less, over and over again.

96. Jim Nightshade - April 7, 2010

mmm i dunno if moore could come back to trek after bsg—-personally i would prefer some mini series first using jj talent to prove viability of a regular series—jj verse or prime even—i would like to see more regular trek of various kinds on tv again—

97. Kobayashi_Maru - April 7, 2010

Excelsior!!! use everybody that’s still alive and kicking!!! while they still are!!!

98. Sarah S - April 7, 2010

I’d love a new series on the TOS crew as based on the new movie.

99. Travis Richard - April 7, 2010

Thenext televison series should be based on a federation starbase with a family. The father designs starships, the mother is a scientist, 3 kids. One son who’s in starfleet academy. Two girls one in school and the other in preschool. The show shoudl be set after the movies by 5 years. The show will center around the each family member, and there lives in the star trek universe. and there will be a very large even in the universe that changes the paths of all of them. and how each are affected. The father is a starship designer, Fans can submit there own starship designs and have it appear on the show. The father builds and test these ships. The story can be moved off the starbase in this way. and given the family a way to get off base. Also the show can follow the Son in starfleet academy from time to time.

100. Count23 - April 7, 2010

as long as it’s set in the real universe and not the JJ one, then I’ll watch it. He reimagined one show already but JJ beat him to the other.

Let him work in the sandbox he helped Gene roddenberry build and see if he can do better then the Beebs.

101. Greg2600 - April 7, 2010

Moore could write an episode resurrecting Shatner Kirk, and the universe would be saved.

102. Commodore Kor'Tar - April 7, 2010

Yes please! He added depth and intriuge to the Klingons of the 24th century , showing some as warriors and some as p’TaQs . We need more of that .

Perhaps a show with a Klingon Commanding officer …

103. michaela - April 7, 2010

i want ENTERPRISE back..with the ROMULAN WAR ..and to fix it the crap with TRIP’S DEATH!!MISS TRIP AND T’POL!!

104. Pierre - April 7, 2010

95: I’m sure you meant ad nauseum.

I have been watching Trek since its original run. All series were good, many shows were great and some not so. That’s life.

What a new series need, with Ron, is something different but respecting the Trek Cannon and Gene’s vision while expanding it further, not rewriting old storylines again and again…it’s a bit tiresome. Ideas are certainly not lacking and many are actually pretty good but Trek is Trek and the action is on the Enterprise, whatever version.

105. Viking - April 7, 2010

If Moore could be freed from the iron maiden of TOS canon, and use J.J.’s version of historic continuity to take a Trek series in a more oblique direction as he did with Galactica, I say HELL, YEAH!!!!!!! Paramount, give this guy a new office, a good parking spot, and stay out of his hair!

106. captain_neill - April 7, 2010


I agree

I would love for Ron Moore to do show in prime universe

Also as much as I like the new movie I would feel more comfortable with Ron Moore as the man in charge of Star Trek rather than JJ Abrams.

He can write good drama and wrote some of the best Trek episodes.

I am not a JJ Abrams fan but love Ron Moore’s stuff.

107. Rick - April 7, 2010

It’s been already 5 years… c’mon… it’s about time. Bring back Trek to tv.

Mr. Jonathan Frakes!

Where are you?

I need you to bring Trek to tv! Please , do something! You have to produce the new Trek tv series! Who else but you! You should be in charge.
With respect and sincere admiration

108. Captain Otter - April 7, 2010

For me, this is a no-brainer.

In his version of BSG, Moore took the original premise (post-apoclyptic humans fleeing from their enemy and seeking refuge) and gave it the gravity and emotional pathos which the concept requires, but which was not acceptable for 1970s network TV.

In other words, Moore’s BSG is more BSG-ish than the original. BSG-TOS gave a sketch, Moore turned that sketch into a masterwork.

So imagine if Moore did the same thing with Gene’s premise for Star Trek- big, bold, optimistic-yet-uncertain space exploration and let that premise in a way that was not possible on 1960s television. Of course, it wouldn’t be as dark as BSG because the premise is different. But it would allow the crew of the Big E be taken to the very edge of human experience in a way no previous Trek show ever has- full of thrilling discovery, agonizing loss, and the attempt to discover what “being human” really means in the midst of cosmic diversity. The possibilities are endless.

Yessir- Ron Moore all grown up and given free reign to make a new Trek sounds frakin’ awesome to me.

109. Thorny - April 7, 2010

Why do people keep saying Ron Moore had a hit with BSG? It got lower ratings and lasted precisely as long as “Enterprise”, which in contrast is considered a failure.

107. Rick… “Mr. Jonathan Frakes! Where are you?”

Directing last night’s “V”.

110. Mel - April 7, 2010

I really don’t like BSG and everything I heard about Caprica doesn’t sound good. So I prefer someone else. With him I would be afraid, that the Star Trek series would be “dark” and I prefer optimistic science fiction series.

111. Drake1701 - April 7, 2010

The only worse idea would be Harlan.
Manny Coto, However….YES- BIG TIME!

112. Ritsu - April 7, 2010


Unless we WANT Star Trek to be all about angry sex, psychotic murderers and suicide. Oh, and not make any logical sense.

113. Ritsu - April 7, 2010

Moore: Hey guys! The Borg look TOTALLY HUMAN now! Isn’t that something? It saves the makeup department TONS OF MONEY! Plus their spines glow when you have sex with them!

Fandom: Why would anybody want to have sex with a Borg? I mean, Seven of Nine was kinda hot, but only AFTER she left the Collective.

Moore: Because everybody knows REAL drama = sex! Lots and lots of sex, mixed with contrived angst and pointless violence, is what makes great writing. Remember, dark and edgy is in. Bright and hopeful optimism is for wusses.

Fandom: But…

Moore: Shut up! I’M RON MOORE, BITCH!

114. agentm31 - April 7, 2010


You, sir, just said everything I wanted to say better than how I would’ve said it.

115. ryanhuyton - April 7, 2010

I really enjoyed “Battlestar Galactica”. But it was a side of science fiction that was totally different from Star Trek. So I think it was the right decision to end the show after four seasons. Ron Moore did a great job on that show as well as TNG and DS9. But again, I think I’d rather have Manny Coto, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman as the writers. Although I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have Moore as a fourth writer.

Bob and Alex, Manny and Ron. Could work well, infact.

And for all those complaining about J.J Abrams and his style, get over it.
He’s the “captain” now and will be for the foreseeable future. You can either get aboard the “J.J train” or stay behind. There is no other option right now and probably won’t be for several years at least.

116. Bucky - April 7, 2010

Nah, Moore had his shot. Let’s see a Bad Robot Trek series production masterminded in broad strokes by Orci, Kurztman, Abrams ala Fringe. Set in the JJverse, obviously.

117. LoyalStarTrekFan - April 7, 2010

1, I agree wholeheartedly. Optimism is an essential part of Star Trek and it isn’t in BSG. That said, Ronald Moore proved that he knows this by his work on TNG and DS9 and I am confident he would remember this. However, when ENT brought in new blood, like Manny Coto, and novelists like Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, the series dramatically improved and the fourth season was one of Trek’s best seasons of all time. Therefore, if CBS can get Manny Coto, novelists, who I believe are far better that television and movie writers, plus some Trek vets like Ronald Moore, then I think they would be capable of creating a great Trek TV show. Therefore, my vote is maybe. There are just too many factors to solidly come down on one side of the other.

118. Capt Brando - April 7, 2010

Ron Moore must introduce Nu-TNG

119. Dave Creek - April 7, 2010

THX 1138, you don’t live in the original TOS timeline, either. Unless you lived through the Eugenics Wars and saw on CNN where Khan was cast off into space. Original TOS is already an alternate universe!

120. Hat Rick - April 7, 2010

I read somewhere that Greg Cox’s Khan novels explain why it only appears we did not have the Eugenics Wars. According to them, we actually did; we just don’t know about it. Or something like that.

121. JP - April 7, 2010

Could the title of this news story be any more misleading if it tried?

122. fan - April 7, 2010

star trek the mini series, based on the klingon war, or a definate made for tv movies set on other ships or in other eras of trek, the trek universe has expanded due to abrams sharp story telling. the new film as well as any new series, mini series, or tv movie should reflect that idea. the next movie should not rehash old episodes. any new project for trek should give us new characters, and stories, new places and morality plays. the past is past only new adventures await

123. Zebonka - April 7, 2010

Wrong Man, Right Idea.

The ST09 cast need to be doing a TV series, not a movie series. Their price is probably too high now unfortunately, but that’s really what they have to be doing. It’d build on their interaction so much better than popping out a movie every 3 years.

124. StevenMAW - April 8, 2010

I wrote this as a comment a while back I am posting it again slightly modified.
We need a Trek series, and why not start by giving a more appropriate finish to Enterprise, give it three more seasons, this refit, and add Shran to the crew, do everything planned. Meanwhile start on fleshing out a new series, and I have an excellent idea for one.
I think Star Trek should have a series with an Asian Captain (specifically more along the lines of Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Cambodian), bring back the female doctor, have her of Mediterranean descent (Italian, Greek, Spaniard, Portuguese) [have the captain and doctor be married], bring back the Communications officer have it be male and of Hispanic descent and have double duty sciences/engineering, and have these characters be Roman Catholic, because I think exploring Earth religions in an era of space travel would be fascinating and the complexity and rich history of Catholicism, mixed with the Catholic acceptance of the presence of extra terrestrial life would make it the perfect choice. Have a female Muslim Arabic Chief Engineer, a Jewish transporter/shuttlebay technician, and a Hindu or Buddhist Indian Security officer. Have a Half Vulcan/Half Klingon Tactical officer (separate security and tactical to make it more interesting) and have this officer be completely at peace with his or her apparent contradiction of heritage. Have a Half Deltan/Half Vulcan male who is married to a Half Deltan/Half Betazoid female, who serve as chief nurse and counselor respectively and have it be that the Deltan sexual advancedness does not affect Vulcans nor Betazoids in the way it does humans. Have a Science officer who is a Nigerian woman, an operations officer who was born and raised in California’s Central Valley but spent significant time in Monterey and San Diego, California who can be of mixed Earth heritage, and Conn/Navigational officer who is female and of mixed Asian descent, and an Andorian first officer. Overall I want to see a rather diverse and less Anglo-American crew, Star Trek can do that I know it can. Also as a side note, though being mentioned in a background communication in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and present on the blueprints of the Enterprise-D, I want to see Cetacean Ops and Navigation. Oh and have it in the 24th century roughly a year after Romulus’s destruction, and have it introduced by Captain Harry Kim and Seven of Nine.
Work with Manny Coto, as well.

125. Trekboi - April 8, 2010

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any New Show must be from new creators- fresh & original-unique!
the same old Ship won’t fly…

126. Thomas - April 8, 2010

120. Hat Rick

Having read Cox’s Khan books (making up three of the only four Trek novels I’ve read start to finish, BTW) I can tell you that’s more or less what happened. It was presented as a sort of secret history; many actual historical conflicts and occurences happening due to the secret mechinations of Khan and his fellow supermen, as well as Gary Seven.

127. James Tyler - April 8, 2010

I got bored and wrote 500 pages of an idea. Whats Rons umber, I’ll sell it to him ;)

128. captain_neill - April 8, 2010

Ron Moore knows Trek and he is better than Orci and Kurtzman in my opinion.

I also would love Manny Coto to be showrunner as he did great stuff in Enterprise’s 4th Season.

I just feel more comfo table with Manny and Ron than Abrams.

129. U.S.S. Manila NCC-99232 - April 8, 2010

We want Trek back in TV! If there will be one, I hope it brings high ratings, unlike Star Trek: Enterprise.

130. Crewman Darnell - April 8, 2010

I would so much love to see a series (or mini-series) along the lines of “Star Trek: Captain’s Log.” A program based on stories that encompass the known, Star Trek universe and various series time-frames. For example, one episode could be set in TOS time and the next taking place in TNG world. Each episode would have a different cast, with some recurring cast members and episodes possibly crossing over to other episodes/time periods. Of course the sets and props would have to change accordingly per episode, which probably wouldn’t be cost effective… but damn, what a bold vision for the Trek franchise that could be.

131. Holger - April 8, 2010

After Star Trek JJ style, now perhaps Star Trek Galactica style? I’m nauseating :(

132. Captain Otter - April 8, 2010

I don’t get why you guys assume that every Moore project will be dark and full of fear and sex.

Again, the premise of BSG demands fear (because they are being hunted to extinction) and sex (because human beings need more human beings around and people tend to reach for sex when they are scared out of their brains.)

Moore wrote to the logic of the premise.

Given a different premise, I see no reason he couldn’t write a more optomistic style.

Think of it this way- just because a musician is really good at brooding music doesn’t mean they can’t also play happy music.

Talented artists can work in the full spectrum of emotion. GIve the guy a chance.

133. Holger - April 8, 2010

132 Captain Otter: OK, fair enough.

134. fansince66 - April 8, 2010

Oh hell yeah. Sign him up quick before he changes his mind! Get Ira Steven Behr as his co-producer too! Together they would make the best Trek ever seen.

135. fansince66 - April 8, 2010

Together, they can write the new Admiral Pike/Task Force series.

136. Paulaner - April 8, 2010

The new JJ Verse is a totally undiscovered country. Ron Moore could express his creativity without the old canon boundaries. Let’s do it!

137. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - April 8, 2010

@9 What do you want? Half of the “old trek” people are dead. Roddenberry and his wife are gone, most of the wrighters and designers are gone…. Should we not be able to watch more star trek because the old guard is no longer around??? If star trek is to survive the long haul then it needs to change with the times… Moore was on TNG… Was that series not good enough for you?

138. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - April 8, 2010

@89 Dom

1. Its good to see you commenting on threads again!!!

2. I agree!!!! New time line TV series would be a little much… The movies are great in the new timeline but the 26 eppisode a year grind would take away from star trek in the new timeline… There is NO shame in returing to your roots.

139. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - April 8, 2010


In 2016 star trek will be 50 years old!!! I can see paramount finishing the 3rd move and cbs/upn starting another TV series as a 50th birthday present to the fans. They did this for 25th anniversary, with Star Trek VI and a year and a half later you had DS9…. JUST A THOUGHT

140. Kyle Nin - April 8, 2010

RDM would be okay, but I’d rather have Manny Coto do it. And now since “24” is ending, he’ll be available.

141. Steve - April 8, 2010

I think Ron Moore would do a sensational job. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a Trek series not unlike Caprica… planetary-based, character-driven, etc. Make the show about Starfleet Command, the Daystrom Institute, etc.

Could be awesome, and a real departure from what’s come before. I wouldn’t want to see a “West Wing” style Trek (a la “Articles of the Federation,” which wasn’t a good book), but I think the above idea does have merit.

142. Hat Rick - April 8, 2010

126, thanks for that confirmation.

Regarding RDM versus Manny Coto, why not have both? They could write competing stories that could be produced under the same banner (same show). RDM wrote his Voyager episodes with Braga (his sometime writing partner) at the helm.

143. Jesper - April 8, 2010

CBS is not interrested in Star Trek series.
They say nothing at all.

144. Frank - April 8, 2010

I’d have to do a write-in vote for Joe Straczynski – Babylon 5 was a really underestimated epic that is wrongly (in my view) seen as some sort of mutually exclusive rival to Trek. I think he also expressed interest in doing a version of Trek on the small screen a while back.

145. Holger - April 8, 2010

145 Frank: I know what you’re talking about – when I saw B5 for the first time, I myself was thinking: Gee, what a cheap Trek ripoff. But as I watched more I learned I was completely wrong and I know lots and lots of Trek fans (in person and from the web) who think the same way and are also B5 fans. At the beginning in the 90s there was this sort of rivalry between the two shows and their fans, but it seems to me this has worn off now.
And yes, JMS doing a Trek show – that would be a dream come true. This guy can write!

146. Holger - April 8, 2010

Sorry, that’s 144 Frank, of course.

147. THX-1138 - April 8, 2010


Well, of course I know that. But I think you get the idea of what I was getting at: That if we are to take the premise of TOS as being our positive and optimistic future, then the premise of the new Star Trek movie taking place in an alternate timeline (in other words, a timeline that differs from what the original premise pre-supposes as our reality) may have the effect of not having the meaning or drama on our subconscious. Because on that level one might not identify with it.

Anyway, I’m just trying to offer fodder for discussion, not wave an “I hate the New Movie” flag.

148. smotis1 - April 8, 2010

How about a show based on New Frontier books?

149. S. John Ross - April 8, 2010

If Star Trek really comes back, my only request would be: please make it an original crew. The guys making the movies are professional franchise rehashers, so it makes sense for them to go the route they did, but should Trek actually, genuinely return, it should be with its own crew, not a warmed-over remake of an earlier one.

I’d rather it not be Moore (someone upthread said Manny Coto – sounds good to me … or JMS or Joss or …) but, you know, whoever. Just bring Trek back; it’s been gone long enough.

150. Drij - April 8, 2010

No, his Battlestar Galactica sucks.

151. Buzz Cagney - April 8, 2010

Someone new please. Nothing personal.

152. Buzz Cagney - April 8, 2010

#137 no, for me TNG mostly wasn’t good enough. Sorry. I’m not going into why, its strengths and weaknesses are well catalogued now, and for me the weaknesses outweighed the strengths.

153. befuddled - April 8, 2010

Buzz Cageny just said that TNG was “not good enough” and its “weaknesses are well catalogued”? What a nut job. If TNG was not “good enough” please do tell me what is “good enough” for Buzz Cagney. What a joker.

154. ryanhuyton - April 8, 2010


Take it easy. Buzz just isn’t a fan of TNG. I happen to enjoy the show, and I strongly disagree with his assertion that TNG had more weaknesses than strengths, but I respect his opinion.

In my opinion, TOS, TNG, and DS9 were all equally great for different reasons.

155. Dom - April 8, 2010

91. THX-1138: ‘The difference being that TNG is actually set in the original timeline. And is a Gene Roddenberry developed show. But I belive you are making the funny. In which case, “Ha ha!”’

Nope! I’m entirely serious: I consider TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise to be completely separate from TOS. As far as I’m concerned, the last time we saw the TOS crew was in Star Trek VI.

The TNG-verse used aspects of TOS as backstory (although Roddenberry was happy enough to be revisionist if he chose to be, as Robert Justman’s book confirms) but I consider TNG to be as much a separate universe as the new movie is from either TOS or TNG.

For me, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Rand, Scotty and Chekov sailed off in their respective ships back in 1992 to an unknown future. The Kirk, Scotty, Chekov, McCoy and Spock that appeared in TNG and Generations are simply the versions from the backstory of the TNG universe: I mean, Kirk, Scotty and Chekov don’t even talk the same as the TOS characters in Generations!

Spock Prime in the new movie could be either the TNG version or the one from STVI: I don’t care, as it’s simply the great Leonard Nimoy! For me, he’s the guy from the STVI.

I know there was a comic book put out as a sop to resentful TNG fans, which is readable enough, but the new film is suitably non-specific that it doesn’t matter if you recognise the TNG universe or not!

Either way, ST09 goes on my shelf next to STVI and there will never be a TNG film in sight! Sorry, but that’s just the way I feel!

Star Trek was created by a Gene Roddenberry and developed by many other talented writers and producers. TNG was created by a Gene Roddenberry and effectively reset things to his template, removing most of the improvements made to the Trek universe by those other people.

Actually, if you read David Gerrold’s novelisation of Encounter at Farpoint, it’s a good deal more TOS in feel than the actual episode was: the script is essentially the same, but the way the characters are handled and the way the lines are delivered in the book are a world away from the wooden, rather dull TV version.

156. Jim Nightshade - April 8, 2010

I wish SYFY Channel would stop wasting all their budget making b movies like giant mega lesbian Piranas……instead they should work with cbs and start to do quality sci fi trek maybe jj company produced new direction type stuff with limited mini series or series to prove it can work….

SYFY has rarely put money on the actual GENRE they are supposed to be….with the right producers and channels and quality and sponsers it could be good for once heheh

I dont think I want ron moore any more involved than writing for any new shows if he has good ideas….

157. Anthony Thompson - April 8, 2010

No more tired blood and tired ideas! Bad idea.

158. Dom - April 8, 2010


Hello mate! Hope all’s well! :)

159. Jim Nightshade - April 8, 2010

HOnestly I dont know how we fans got lucky enuf to have TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise et al since they cost soooo much to make…..these days it seems no tv network wants to spend money on any good scifi tv…..

V is a rare exception, and so if fringe….

Its easier for a american idol, reality shows etc…..and much cheaper too

160. DJ Neelix - April 8, 2010

“Moore joins other Trek vets who have said they would be interested in developing their own show, including Manny Coto, Roberto Orci and Bryan Fuller.”

Roberto Orci a Trek vet? Seriously? The movie came out less than a year ago and he’s already a veteran… jeez.

161. THX-1138 - April 8, 2010


OK then. How about for the rest of us that don’t have that viewpoint? I look at TNG as the continuation of the Star Trek universe in what is now regrettably known as the Prime timeline. I guess since I would like to fantasize that TOS and it’s related spin-offs, for better or worse, are a fictional take on humanity’s future, the AU doesn’t do much for me from a storytelling point of view. Because, fundamentally, I don’t care too much about it’s denizens. As their future doesn’t have anything to do with mine. In my little fantasy I’ve devised about the Trek universe.

Guess it’s all perspective and opinion. I’ll stop beating the dead horse and move along.

162. dmduncan - April 8, 2010

I don’t think Moore is a good fit for Star Trek. Don’t get me wrong. The man is talented. And I think BSG was great because he turned his own philosophical reflections and thoughts into material for the show, and the result was brilliant, and something to think about.

I think given a free hand to tell the stories he wants to, he might come up with a good episode or two as a writer in the Trek universe, but I don’t think Trek is a reflection of where he’s at right now.

And if a new show tries the cheap and easy formula that so many of you fans seem to love and which was good enough only to tank the franchise, while you held your noses happy to sink with the ship and your memories, then it’s going to look that much weaker in comparison to the high energy spectacle of the Star Trek UNIVERSE finally come to life on the movie screen.

This new crew embodies the personality and verve of the original crew, of the original series IDEA, which is something that all the milquetoast variants of TOS have never managed to re-embody.

This original crew IS Star Trek, and as far as I’m concerned everything else has been like drama amongst fleas on the arse of Darth Vader’s dog.

163. Khan was Framed - April 8, 2010

I think Manny, Ron & JJ need to sit down with me to pen a “Kelvin” series.

We can explore the years leading up to the ship’s questionable destruction by Nero (depending on which side of the timeline you’re on)

The Kelvin was by far the most interesting part of the movie & a series based on it already comes with a great cast, a unique & consistent ship design & fills in a temporal gap between Archer & Kirk.

Did the Kelvin fight in the Romulan war?

What familiar species did it make contact with?

What races are the aliens on board from?

Endless material. Already designed.

What more could you ask for?

164. ryanhuyton - April 8, 2010


Yes! A “Kelvin” series would be classic!

Or a series that takes place aboard a Daedalus Class starship.
Why we still haven’t seen an actual ship of that type apart from a model in Sisko’s office is beyond me. It was one of the original designs for the original Enterprise. The Olympic class is a cool nod, but its time we get to see the original design.

Maybe we’ll see a Daedalus class ship in the next movie.

165. S. John Ross - April 8, 2010


Well, in fairness, he’s already been under fire … seems like a fair enough qualification :)

166. Nivenus - April 9, 2010


You know of course BSG was a cable show, which almost always gives it a smaller audience than something like Enterprise. Plus, it was by far SyFy’s most successful (original, fictional) program ratings-wise. It’s only considered a ratings disaster if you forget these two things.

Plus, it was highly admired by critics both within and without the science fiction fandom.

So yes, BSG was a hit and your snide comments make no difference regarding that.

167. U.S.S. Farscape - April 9, 2010

– I really want to see another trek show…

168. Greg - April 9, 2010

Although I loved the Battlestar Galactica mini-series, the ongoing story of the show was not my cup of tea. I stopped watching after the first two seasons and Razor. I watched Caprica’s premiere, but I didn’t find it interesting enough to continue watching. Having said that, I can’t deny that both shows’ *quality of writing* is very high. I’m sure that a Trek show run by Moore would be entertaining.

169. star trackie - April 9, 2010

TNG is a continuation of the universe vreated in TOS. It is NOT, in any shape, form or fashion similar in entertainment terms even close to TOS. The story structure is different, the type of stories told is different, the whole approach to aesthetics is different, from the “look” of the world to the lighting and music. It’s not that TNG- Enterprise = bad television. It’s just very DIFFERENT Star Trek. When I watch Star Trek, I want something that resembles TOS in both feel and execution. Ron Moore’s TNG failed to do that and the new incarnation of Battlestar, in my opinion, is a dreary dreadful mess. JJ’s success was due to a fresh “new” approach to Trek, where everything old was new. Trek doesn’t need a rehash of TNG or any other the Berman years, that is what buried Trek to begin with. I’m all for a return of Trek to the small screen. BUt let it be fresh, not a re-hash of the last 20 years.

170. Rocket Scientist - April 9, 2010

I’m a huge fan of “Babylon 5″ as a vast epic and I acknowledge JMS’s very strong vision. His big picture was unparalleled. Where he didn’t excel so much was in the writing of dialogue. It was often too expository. All too often his characters would say lines that advanced the plot but were awkward in the extreme. When this happened, I immediately felt removed from the story. He could be a terrific Trek producer, but I would want the people actually writing the scripts to take a more artful approach.

171. P Technobabble - April 9, 2010

One of the things I have often wondered is how much of an impact does it have on a sci-fi program when it is not written by a legitimate sci-fi writer?
I thought some of the great sci-fi writers that TOS used (Sturgeon, Ellison, Spinrad, Matheson, Gerrold, etc) made a huge difference in the kind of stories we got to see, while stories written by non-sci-fi writers tended to be more “soap opera.”
We did not see very many later Treks written by known sci-fi writers. I thought BSG was a solid, well-written show, but I don’t honestly know how many (if any) episodes were written by known sci-fi writers.
I’m not trying to knock any of these shows, but having a sci-fi show written by non-sci-fi writers is kinda like bringing in a baseball pitcher to sub for a quarter-back in the NFL. Just my opinion, of course…

172. Niall Johnson - April 9, 2010

I’d also like to see Ira Behr involved with a new Trek series.

173. Rocket Scientist - April 9, 2010

I think RDM actually gets the optimism inherent in Trek and would not make it into a dark, turmoil-ridden show. To me his writing is marked more by its depth and realism, qualities that would greatly benefit a Star Trek TV show.

174. Legacytxt - April 9, 2010

Would be good to have a Section 31 series…not only as black ops, but setting themselves up as big brothers that are actually keeping the federation working, allowing them to think they were in control while they are not ……doing all the dirty work that needs to be done….there could be a counter federation being built that could cause civil war…so many directions this could go if done correctly….not too many twist to follow all at once

175. greenappleman7 - April 9, 2010

The genius of BSG plus Star Trek! Like, yes, even during the current movie franchise, would be awesome!! (With or without the actors for the movie- i.e. same story or different story- don’t care)


176. JKP - April 9, 2010

I want no one that had anything to do with TNG+. Like JJ, if they’re going to do a new TV show, start with fresh talent who can bring fresh ideas.

177. captain_neill - April 9, 2010

I have faith in Ron Moore doing Trek because he wrote some of the best episodes on TNG and DS9. He knows his Trek and is a veteran on the show

I trust him more with Trek than JJ Abrams

178. Hugh Hoyland - April 9, 2010

I enjoy listening to the commentary done on the DVD box set of the TOS motion pictures by various people who have been involved with Star Trek in one degree or another over the years. Ron Moore co-commented on Star Trek 3 and to me, he sounds like hes really just big a fan at heart, much like Bob Orci did when he did the comentary for Star Trek 4. But what was even cooler about Ron is he openly admited that he was simply not ready to write Generations, and that it didnt come off the way he had hoped, now that is someone who can admit a short coming and move on to improvment instead of making excuses. That was very refreshing to listen to. (He actually said Star Trek 3 is a better movie)

I would trust a new Star Trek series in Ron Moores hands in a heart beat, as I would would with JJ, Bob and Alex involved, but unfortunatly I dont see it happening anytime soon. It looks like theres going to be a big hole from now until 2012 as far as “NuTrek” is concerned. IMO its in the hands of the fans (Fanfic) and Phase Two and other programs are doing a very good job no doubt. But I would like to see something based on Star Trek 2009. If I only had a decent camera, a little $$$, some sets, actors and could come up with some stories………

179. vjeko1701 - April 10, 2010

Maybe, but my first vote would go to Manny Coto, he is a true TOS and general trek fan, as he said himself, and under his rule Enterprise got rid of much of the inconsistencies and became a true salute to TOS and other trek. We need people like that in Star Trek, people that don’t believe that Star Trek needs a total reboot, just a salute to the old and exploration of the unexplored (true to the canon Trek and about something not yet told about it’s universe.)

180. Dom - April 10, 2010

179. vjeko1701

In fairness, Moore was always a TOS fan first and foremost. BSG is much closer to TOS than any of the TNG-type spin-offs!

181. Holger - April 10, 2010

171: Very good point. I’ve seen too many episodes of various SF shows which were really soaps about human interests – in recent times it seems frustrated, traumatized or depressed characters are what human interest is all about – and which lacked any true SF ideas. All too often the SF is reduced to some futuristic or spacefaring background setting which is basically irrelevant to the core of the story. And, to my great dismay, BSG even eliminated the futuristic background setting, replacing it by a totally implausible and anachronistic contemporary style.

Can we really say that SF does not succeed with big audiences when they are not even offered any real SF? Maybe it’s just that low quality, unoriginal writing does not succeed.

182. Antipodean - April 10, 2010

Put me down for a “maybe”. I do think Moore’s a good writer, but I have certain reservations — and it’s not about BSG’s “Darker and Edgier” tendencies, because Moore knows Star Trek and he knows how to write for Star Trek.

My problem is that I don’t think there should be a spinoff just yet. Not until after movie #3, at the very earliest. At this point in time, with the new Star Trek proving surprisingly popular, it is not a good idea to rush in with a new TV show concurrent with the movies. Let the new Star Trek develop first — it’s had its “Batman Begins”, and now it needs its “Dark Knight”, followed by a third good movie just to cement it as being here to stay. *Then* they can expand it. But not before.

Another thing is that I firmly believe that spinoffs should grow organically out of the parent show, and have more substantial connections than simply being set in the same fictional universe. It’s not enough to just throw a dart at the Star Trek timeline and set the spinoff wherever it lands. Look at “Next Gen” and “Enterprise” — both catapulted the viewer 100 years from TOS into unfamiliar territory, and both took about three years to begin to find their feet. On the other hand, look at DS9: that grew organically out from TNG, built on plots established in TNG’s later seasons, had characters crossing over, and so on, and grew into its own *much stronger* show because of it. DS9 is an example of a spinoff done right. My point is that any television spinoff of Star Trek in the future needs to naturally extend from the movies in some way, rather than starting from scratch.

183. Hugh Hoyland - April 10, 2010

IMO the next show should not be a spinoff at all but rather a re-make of TOS, very much like what Moore did with BSG. But I do agree with one poster, it shouldnt use the exact formula BSG did, it may have suited that particular show well, but it wouldnt work for a new TOS series. I also like the idea of bringing in Sci-Fi writters to write the episodes or the stories.

184. Lee - April 10, 2010

Maybe the next show should be developed by Coto, Fuller and Moore (the three people I would trust to do a show right). In a perfect world, we’d get the Enterprise cast back to do season five through seven (better late than never), and then a new series.

185. David Stoeckel - April 10, 2010

It has been too long without a new series. I have a few ideas-NONE involve the JJ-verse or TOS!!!! How about one about the USS TITAN and its crew(Have you seen that ship?-WOW!!!) Maybe feature the USS EXCELSIOR ? I saw ideas from Virtual Star Trek and Star Trek Hidden Frontier that would be cool too).

186. Commodore Lurker - April 10, 2010

Decloaking . . .
Future Trek, RDM ONLY, please.
Recloaking. }:-D>

187. Hugh Hoyland - April 10, 2010

As much as I love TNG, DS9, Voyager and even ENT, those shows are finished, they had their runs and its over, and I really dont see a way to bring them back (except with fanfic productions). And truth be told, each and every one of those programs including TNG were spin-offs of TOS. The next logical step is a remake of the original Star Trek, and the obvious template to use for such a remake is Star Trek 09 “JJverse Trek”.

188. captain_neill - April 11, 2010


If Trek is to come back to TV I want it to be the Prime universe

189. I, Mugsy - April 11, 2010

If there is to be a new Star Trek TV series, we need behind it a man with enthusiasm for the human race behind it. It’s the only way to keep the spirit of Roddenberry’s original concept intact. Few Star Treks since his death (or even during his final few years) have actually been Star Trek at heart…

190. Admiral Shatner - April 11, 2010

Face it folks, there’s not going to be a GOOD Star Trek series until the majority realize that J.J. Abrams and Co.’s stuff is not real Star Trek. If they made one now they would insist that it be like Star Trek 11, because that’s what’s making them money now. So let’s not ask for a new Star Trek series just yet. We may get what we wish for.

What would be nice is a one-off Star Trek TV movie made for Trekkies. You know with a real science-fiction story and solid acting and in the real universe. It would be even better if they brought back Kirk for a large role.

191. DWW - April 11, 2010

New series definately… something post Voyager, and a combination of things from TNG/DS9/Voy and the TNG movies.
We also need more TNG based movies, and a Voyager based movie. Most of the movies are OS based, and now the prequel.

192. Holger - April 11, 2010

For what it’s worth, I’d like a show set around the ENT era. Still has lots of potential for storytelling.

193. Captain Robert April - April 11, 2010

If Manny Coto, Gar and Judy Reeves-Stevens, and Rene Echevarria can be coaxed back, then yeah, give Ron the reins for a while. I’m not sure they’d be legally allowed to do a series based on the movie, courtesy of that division of rights between the movie and tv sides of the Viacom house.

And if they chose to set this new hypothetical series during the early years of the Enterprise (NCC-1701, no bloody A, B, C, D, OR E!), then I’d be out there in a hot minute with a pitch. :D

194. JimJ - April 11, 2010

#191-That’s because the original series is the best. Kinda like comparing classic coke to new coke. IMO

195. Holger - April 12, 2010

I’m a huge TNG fan, too. But IMO this era has been sufficiently explored by now. If not: overused and worn out.

196. P Technobabble - April 12, 2010

I have a difficult time understand what people mean by “doing Star Trek RIGHT…” What, precisely, does that mean? Right, according to…?

For every Trekkie, there is a different Star Trek… the one they perceive inside their own head. In this sense, there is no “right,” or “correct” Star Trek. Those people who are still pissing and moaning about Trek09 not being “right,” or “correct,” aren’t really saying anything more than the movie doesn’t fit with what’s inside their own head… Star Trek is much bigger than what is inside any individual’s head. As it turns out, the group of individuals carrying the Trek Torch is the Supreme Court; these guys have been hired to do a job and are being paid. And, in spite of what some people seem to think, these guys are also Trek fans, so they care about it as much as any other fan (at least from what I have seen and read). The notion that the so-called “JJ-verse” should not be the basis of any new Star Trek series is essentially based on a resistance some people have toward change, and letting go of the past. Letting go of the past is part of human existence, and I believe it is part of the theme of the film. I’ve said before: if Star Trek is to continue on into the future, it is going to have to change and, quite literally, boldly go. I grew up on “Prime Universe” stuff, so I have nothing against it. But I think Star Trek, in general, got painted into a corner it couldn’t get out of. There was nothing new under the sun. The Star Trek movie — whether you liked it or not — was something new, and different. One can always pick on this little detail, or that, relative to ANY Star Trek, in ANY medium.. which may be fun to do, on some level. But it’s the big picture that really matters. The new, altered universe offers the potential of seeing things never before seen in Star Trek. In such a scenario, Ron Moore, or any other producer, could possibly make a new Trek series really NEW.
To rehash the sort of Trek series we’ve had since ’66 would just be going around in circles… “This week, Captain Kirk (or Picard, or Janeway, whoever) encounters a group of rogue Klingons, and must fight them in order to retrieve a valuable relic…” “This week, Captain Kirk (or…) discovers a derelict vessel in deep space. When they enter the vessel, it comes alive, and turns out to be an ancient war-machine…” And so forth… These are the kinds of “been-there-done-that” plots we’ve already seen. The altered universe would offer the potential to turn everything upside down, inside out, and backward forward.
My vote would be to let the past bury the past, and explore some real unknown.
Sustaining a weekly series (especially stand-alone episodes) is difficult in any case…

197. captain_neill - April 12, 2010

we can still do fresh stuff in the prime universe

look at Doctor Who, it does not need a full knowledge of the classic show to understand it yet it still makes references and nods to the classic run and its clearly in the same canon.

Star Trek could still be fresh within the Prime Universe under a diff show runner.

198. Dom - April 12, 2010

197. captain_neill

Doctor Who is set after a time war, so we have no idea what stories happened, changed or were erased.

Personally, like TNG and ST09, I prefer to see nu-Who as a parallel universe version. Otherwise, I’d have to believe that Russell T Davies’ dreadful stories are part of the same universe as classics like The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Pyramids of Mars. And that would be just . . . painful!

199. Dom - April 12, 2010

And no, the ‘Prime Universe,’ such as it is, should be left well alone now! Assuming it even exists! ;)

200. ryanhuyton - April 12, 2010

Yes! 200!

I think a new series should be set in the late 22nd century on a Daedalus class ship or the early 23rd century aboard the Kelvin.

201. captain_neill - April 12, 2010

I would watch it either way but I do have a preference for the prime universe

And new Who is in the same canon as old Who. Yes Russell T Davies did shit stuff but Stephen Moffett is doing great stuff so far with the 11th Doctor.

And Dom TNG is in the same universe than TOS, it is only this new movie that is not canon. I love the new movie but I would rather have the original TOS cast over the new ones and I love TNG as well. I love all Trek

and it pains me that the Trek we all love is being side tracked to a new film that is not the best Trek.

202. Jay El Jay - April 12, 2010

Star Trek: Titan anyone???

203. P Technobabble - April 12, 2010

201. neill

Sorry, but that “a new film that is not the best Trek” is entirely subjective. I think it stands right up there with the best Trek films, and I concede that is my opinion. I think Abrams and Orci & Kurtzman did all the right things in making Star Trek fun again. As far as I am concerned, this film is as much canon as anything that comes before it, since Nero and Spock Prime emerged from the TOS universe, which means it all existed anyway.

Lots of things pain me, too, but the current handling of Star Trek ain’t one of them.

204. Hugh Hoyland - April 12, 2010

Star Trek 09 is a major point in the history of the franchise, like it or not. The franchise was at best asleep and at worse dead in the water. ST 09 brought it back to life, much like TMP did back in 79. A lot of fans didnt like that movie either, but it still made every bit of Star Trek to follow including the spin offs possible. Now its just my opinion, but any new series that might happen (and I dont see any new series coming anytime soon) should be based on Star Trek 09. Not a spin off, but a remake of TOS.

205. ryanhuyton - April 12, 2010


I agree with everything you said. Except for the remake of TOS. We already have the new cast portraying the TOS characters on the big screen. The better way to go would be a Kelvin series or maybe a show that takes place during TOS but on a different ship. I understand that you don’t want another spinoff, but I’m not sure that remaking TOS is such a good idea. You can’t replicate the the intangibles that made TOS so great and so the “remake” would pale in comparison to the original.

206. captain_neill - April 13, 2010

Why can’t the new universe stay in the movies yet keep the TV shows in the Prime Universe, we can get the best of both worlds (pun intended)

Why must everyone be unkind to the past Treks because of this movie, you criticise me when I say that this movie is not the best but yet its ok for you to bitch about Enterprise.

I like Enterprise.

I know everyone here thinks Abrams is such a genius but I do like past writers such as Ron Moore, Brannon Braga, Michael Pillar, DC Fontana, Jeri Taylor, Ira Behr all better.

207. Holger - April 13, 2010

204: It remains to be seen if the ST09 movie brought Star Trek back to life the way TMP did. Let’s make that call in a few years, not now.

208. Adam C - April 13, 2010

I neeeeed star trek my guess is since paramount has such a lucrative movie franchise they wont want to mess it up with a tv series.

on the other side i really really want an updated version of tng with elements of dr who story telling in it pleaaaase

209. Nerd Rage - April 13, 2010

A couple of years ago, I would have said yes.

Having witnessed the spectacular debacle of BSG’s downfall? No, no, a thousand times no.

Ron Moore is dead to me. Let his name never darken science fiction again.

210. The Dwayne - April 14, 2010

Why not ? Someone’s gotta do something !

211. The Sisko - April 18, 2010

DS9 was the best Trek which is why The Sisko demands a new Trek series from Ron Moore.

212. Insider - May 21, 2010

Culver City (The Hollywood of TV land) producers do not react well when their cash cows bite them in the ass. They bear a grudge for a long time. When the fans turned their back on ENT, the TV money decided fine, then they will get no more TV Star Trek. If you watched ENT, thanks for the support, if you hated it and turned your back on ST because of a theme song, or a big boobed vulcan or whatever else… enjoy your trekless TV, you earned it.

If Trek does return to TV, you might swallow your nerd rage and make sure it gets decent ratings, because if it fails as well, it will be a cold day on mercury before we see it again.

213. BC - May 23, 2010

Just a few words on this…..

Manny Coto, and more Enterprise after the likes of season 4 PLEASE!

214. psytce - May 24, 2010

Do Voyager the way it should have been done!
Make a Star Trek that is serialized and doesn’t re-set at the begining of each episode.

215. Mary - May 24, 2010

I had an idea for a star trek series the other day. I thought maybe there could be a series or movie about ‘kids’ of star trek. Wesley Crusher could be Captain, Nog or Icheb could be first officer and all of the other ‘kids’ like Molly O’Brien, Miral Paris, Naomi Wildman, could all be crew members.

216. bob - May 25, 2010

While I’m desperate for a new Star Trek show, I would hate to see one set in the new timeline. I think it would be a really cheap move by the writers – yeah, the prime universe is complicated, but work with it.

217. Sher Shah - May 29, 2010

What I would love to see is a Star Trek series with each season focusing on different race. The Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians et al have become major players in the Trek universe. We need to move away from a series focused on a predominantly human crew. I’d have faith in the writers’ skills to tie each season in to a global story arc. What you think?

218. James - June 2, 2010

I do hope for a new Trek series. But in the proper Trek timeline. Not that abortion that masquerades as Star Trek. JJ Abrams destroyed all that Gene Roddenberry built up in one fail swoop. I mean what the hell were they thinking, giving that idiot the reigns when he has not even seen one episode or film, does not know the legacy or even the characters he was directing.
All that film was, was a special effects laden, lets chuck Nimoy in there, farce.
I am no fan of Nemesis or Trek 5, but I would rather watch those 50 times over than sit through another showing of that piss poor attempt of Trek.
It does not even deserve the title Star Trek.
If fans were honest, most would say the same. But they won’t because most are so desperate to see it come back after Enterprise. They will watch anything.

219. Captain John C Baron - July 2, 2010

#218 – James, I have to disagree – thought Abrams did a wonderful job of rebooting Trek. He gave it a fresh twist, quite rightly moving away from the continuity which – IMO – was an albatross around the neck of writers watning to inject frsh ideas and invention into a crowded universe.
And I’m being honest (I’ve been a MASSIVE trek fan since the 70s, grew up on reruns of TOS etc etc) – who are you to speak for other fans anyway? Do you know every single one of us?
Destroying Gene Roddenberry’s vision? What rot!
I think you should try watching it again. There’s much more then the special FX – it’s actually more character-driven than a lot of what’s passed as Trek since 1968.
George Kirk, facing certain death, movingly names his new son; Sarek’s admission of his love for Amanda; The growth of both Spock and Kirk in the movie; The love of Spock for his old captain – and on and on… There was a whole lotta character there. You might not agree with the direction JJ took, but at least
Sure, I can pick holes in it – I didn’t like Scotty, the engine room and yeah, I’d have preferred a bit more intelligence in the actual storyline, but there was nothing so inheritantly bad that made me want to renounce the JJverse as heresy.
Oh, and I’d love a new Trek TV series from Orci, Kurtzman and the boys – but I’d be happy with Moore as well. Many of my fave TNG and DS9 episodes were written by Moore. Only people I’d rule out are Berman and Braga and Fuller (he was on VOY when series went downhill for me).

220. NCC 74656 - July 3, 2010

I would like to see something that takes place after Voyager. The Enterprise started off strong but the plots just got to weak and a whole season devoted to just one thing probably isn’t a good idea. Everyone is used to the Kirk and Picard era. I think something like a second Voyager or maybe what happens after voyager returns to service after the books. Something in that time frame would be nice.

221. des_sniper - July 13, 2010

I want a new Trek series. But please, please, promise it will NOT be based off of Abrams Trek!!!!

222. phil - July 26, 2010

yes i think a new series is the right move 4 star trek if u ask me i think there is to much that has been left unaswerd like sisco its bin 12yrs we still dont no if hes coming back to ds9 . i think thay should do a new series with one of the cast members of ds9 or voyger with there own command like tom paris- worf – harry kim – or mix them like harry kim as toms first officer that would bring some of the voyger cast in and out of it uno keep them in the mix theres so much thay can do i just just wish thay would pull there finger out there arses and make somthing happen cuz i hate waiting yrs 4 somthing new !!

223. phil - July 26, 2010

ohh and dont 4get that voyger came back with all that new technology so yh think of wa kind of ship thay could build so tom and harry in charge would be a kind of second voyger

224. Michael S - July 27, 2010

We want a new Star Trek series. five years is enough time to recover from Enterprise

225. Yanks - July 30, 2010

For the “Moore haters” that have posted here, go back in TNG and DS9 and look at the stamp Ron has left on Star Trek. He was one of the reasons we got 17 years of Trek on TV. Also, take a look at his comments.

“I also decided I wanted to break all the rules that Star Trek had about how it did stories. From the beginning, we decided that if Star Trek did something, Battlestar was not going to do it and we would try to, in every way we could, make a different show than what Star Trek did.”

I don’t think that’s a “hate Star Trek” thing, I think it was a smart decision. BSG had to be different than trek to succeed. I would welcome with open arms Mr. Ron Moore back into the Trek universe.

226. Make it Fun - August 2, 2010

I am down with Moore running the show, just leave the heavy drama of BSG and Caprica behind. Any good Stark Trek Series is full of levity and good humor. I want to be inspired by Trek, not dragged down to the depths of despair (the reason I quit watching BSG and Caprica after the first season). Also, some action and solid special effects would be nice.

227. WildFire - August 3, 2010

Two options I would like here, both would involve Manny Coto and Ron B. Moore:

1.) Continue in the ENT era, just after the formation of the Federation and possibly do a season with the romulan war. Have Manny coto Exec Producer and RBM Junior Exec

2.) Continue with a Post-Nemesis Show. Anything is good: just like someone stated before in this post, maybe the idea also of doing something with section 3,1 (But I thought A movie would be best for this).

It can involve the USS Titan and Riker. What would be interesting is have something have like Riker die like in season 2, and have another captain take over or his XO. Again, Just like books state, Titan is one of many post – Dominion war ships made to continue the exploration. This idea could be used in the series. I’m not sure if all elements can be used (The doctor in the books is a non-humanoid with many tentacles. CGI would be expensive due to the fact a doctor would have to be on screen a large part of the show.) I would love to have some species we saw in ENT that the other shows never delved into, though we knew they were there. (Andorians, Reijellians, etc.) Have them apart of the crew. Also, add Cameos of some crewman from the other series that we didn’t see too much off. Maybe have like an LT. Nog, or LT CMR. Harry Kim. I want to see some cameos of previous Trek starts from TNG, VOY and DS9. Also possibly have a season of “BORG INVASION!”

I always thought a short series on the Romulans would be cool. We don’t know alot about them. We know plenty about the Cardassians and Klingons (They have their own friggen language outside of the show!) Why not bring more light on how the other Alpha quadrant Super Power is and their way of life? (Jolan True, To you TOO!)

A series in the trek09 timeline might work, but it definitely shouldn’t involve primarily the character in the movie. I agree a sister ship would suffice. I’m not sure the Kelvin would be a good pick. I mean, in the end you know what will happen to the ship (KaBoom!) It’s like reading a book’s ending few pages and then going back and reading from the beggining.

And this is what I want to say about the Trek09 Movie. Because a lot of you are missing the point: JJ Abrams and company didn’t make the new timeline just to make it. They didn’t say, “We can’t do anything with the current stuff, so we’re just going to make a new timeline.” JJ Abrams is not a “Trek Fan.” He’s said it himself. They made this timeline to prevent a mob of Angry Trek Fans. You see, this is what Hollywood execs and writers are doing these days. They take something and make it their own. The recent line of remakes and reboots are an attest to this. They didn’t want to anger fans, and at the same time, they didn’t want to be boxed it with 30 seasons and 10 previous movies of set scenarios. They wanted to take the core elements and make a story that was their own. It was Pretty smart, and they were able to make a movie that could please Trek Fans (and when I say “Please” I mean it doesn’t contradict any past Trek shows/movies. There’s no way to please every trek fan. It’s impossible cause you’re a bunch of lunatics) and be enjoyable to the normal movie goers.

228. jon carlson - August 5, 2010

I know there are a few Trek serieses being worked on out there.

Definately something new.

229. star trek fan - August 20, 2010

You guys are loosing it., first why would we do another TNG?? You do know how insanely boring that show was compared to others like DS9. Focusing one one lone ship is just stupid. Thats why i Love DS9!!! ITS MORE DIVERSE!! Has WAY MORE stories and ARE NOT ONE DIMENSIONAL AND AREN’T STUCK TO ONE SINGLE SHIP. And of course way more battles. The NEW show should be more like DS9 Having the WHOLE FEDERATION and other races involved and not just one lone boring ship.

And I think it should be about the evolution of the federation. Meaning changing of the prime directive and star fleet. Since there was a whole bunch of threats that almost destroyed the federation and its allies such as the DOMINION. Therefore it should focus about the federation changing its status quo on star fleet, meaning moving towards having warships, and moving towards into isolationism. This would of course cause a divide amongst the federation allies and within the federation itself. This would create a lot more stories when compared to a TNG style show.

230. star trek fan - August 20, 2010

Oh and yes bring back some of the characters like worf, nog, sisko, harry. torres, janeway, kira, tuvok etc to fill in the hole since there are still so many unanswered questions.

I miss DS9 :) okay the first seasons of TNG was good and was pretty cool back in the day but after it just got BORING AND WEAK!!!! And after i watched DS9 I WAS HOOKED. LIke think about it, it focuses on the whole federation on the whole star trek universe and not just one lone ship doing its daily duties every single episode.

231. star trek fan - August 20, 2010

Edit: I watched all of the TNG episodes and they sucked

232. Si Frost - August 25, 2010

I think a new star trek tv show would be fantastic. I see no reason why Ron Moore make the show as well. I feel that it could be a breath of fresh air. After Enterprise, I think we need a show with a good start middle and end, which was lacking in ds9/voyager.

So yes let the man have a crack at the tv shows, which can be inspired by JJ Abrams, a fresh crew, fresh ship and lets see what happens..

233. Ken Stella - August 31, 2010

Ron Moore is exactly what the new Star Trek Television series would need. his experience and his familiarity with jiving of sci-fi with thrill and turns. Good Stuff.

234. ClosetTrecky - September 1, 2010

I love the endless possiblities available to writters when working on series such as Star Trek and BSG. I didn’t watch BSG until it was canceled and then I picked up the first season. I was hooked from then on. I’d love to see another concept for the the Star Trek franchise. Although I think it would be better to make it some what like Voyager. Less of the same old characters and more introductions of new species and situations is why I fell for that show. That and of course the cast. I think if done right a new series would be great. Just don’t try and go pre trek like you did with Enterpirse.

235. Adam - September 1, 2010

I’d love a new series of Star Trek, but if this guy is given the helm I hope he doesn’t opt for ‘wobble cam’ – I hate that fake documentary look.

236. Cro-lord - September 13, 2010

If Star Trek does come back to the telly screens, it has to evolve slightly first – there has to be a larger element of modern realism. The last shows petered out a little because they showed too much 80s style syrup (except Enterprise) which was a little better at this. Imagin the show didn’t evolve beyond TOS? It wouldn’t work. It has to be more gritty with less beautiful people with nice hair and great wise cracks and highly articulated lines, it just isn’t real – thats why viewers get bored, they know this!!!

237. Rob Cobb - September 19, 2010

Keep this crazy man away from Star Trek!

He may have done a good job with Deep Space 9 way back when… but have you seen his latest work? Battlestar Galactica?! Paprica?! Virtuality!? The man has taken a walk off the deep end, people…

Let someone with fresh new ideas and a mind not diluted by ego and madness try to make something worth watching.

238. T. Prohaszka - September 23, 2010

Hi for Everybody,

I think the main thing is the story, the frame of the story… All Trek series and movies was scened in our Galaxy. IT IS HIGH TIME TO TRAVER INTO OTHER GALAXY(IES)!!!!
The next serie must be in the years 2500-2600, when there would be an alliance between all the main races in our Galaxy, as well the BORG!!! The Alliances – not sure it is an official one – would built a new and the FIRST ship (not a starship, but a galaxyship) capable for galaxy range travel! With Borg technology and Borg members. AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS…WITH UNBELIEVEABLE ADVENTURES, ON THE BOARD OF A VERY NEW ENTERPRISE!!!

That is my opinion,

239. Myxlplyx - September 24, 2010

Film it true High Def 1080 for tv(maybe even in 3D masters ahead of the 3d TV’s so the 3d blue ra’s can later be collected). Make it more photography oriented, one thing missing in new shows is the old school 80’s panorama and scenes filming style as opposed to a “soap opera” feel( just filming a bunch of faces talking in a room). More astronomy oriented…beautiful nebulas, new and exciting aliens and undreamed of planets and locations. Get back to “twisted lessons and fairy tales” plots and unimagined Isaac Asimov like stuff like the originals, not just “alien wars” and “these are the days of our lives” sitcom. Memorable characters, Bakula was good and Milla Jovavich, “Enterprise” had good characters. More intelligent plots and twists, you can even twist modern current life plights and hide them in Great True Sci-Fi shows. PSST..take a note from TNG..fabricate background noises and hums etc, and small details, and music(even symphonic). Watch the first Star Wars and listen to understand.

240. Captain Jack Sparrow - September 27, 2010

As long as it’s good i’ll watch it. I was gutted when they cancelled enterprise. It actually started to get good in its last seasons. At the moment SGU ect.. is stealing the screen with no real competition. I’m not really a big fan of going back to the Kirk days for a new series tho, do it with a cool ship, new weapons with some old people.

241. Stef - October 6, 2010

I’m already waiting for six years for a new trek series, and i don’t want to wait six years more. My fascination for star trek has been since i was a little boy, and it blew my mind. But i would prefer that the next series begins well into the future, let’s say, the first time the federation bagan to use time travel technology. The next installment shouldn’t be in the era of “Voyager” or “DS9″, but at least two centuries in to the future, then you will see how successful the next series will be. Please don’t let us down!!!

242. Jeff Baily - October 29, 2010

Ron Moore,

Please send me an email, so I can share some ideas for a better more advanced technology for the new series, I am working on some things myself that would be awesome in the show plus when I do complete and market them they will be the wave of the future and that is one of the things that seems to be lacking in the newer series I have noticed it’s like your technology just got to a certain point and stopped, it should have kept advancing and in the right direction so that society can incorporate it and make it looks like things in the past how they were first fiction then reality very cool when it patterns that way. Also I would love to see a new series far too long a gap in this genre, I’ve been able to watch this complete list (while waiting for new series to start) from start to finish The original series, the animate series, the next generation, deep space nine, voyager, enterprise, and every star trek movie. That was back to back while I was out of work for a while so totally caught up and awaiting a new series to fill my free time, but I am catching up on stargate and battlestar while waiting so it’s not like I don’t have any star gazing shows to watch yet, but soon I will be caught up with them if you continue to make us wait for a new series and be missing star trek even more. oh & awesome job with the re-imagining of battlestar I love the series so far, I think the new starbuck is way better, cuz I could not ever stand the one in the original series anyway he came across to much of a girly whimp and what most people who call an actor that can’t act maybe it was just the part he was given but it reminded me a lot of when you throw a singer into a movie or television series without first having them study acting or taking drama classes, it just looked like he was there to hog the camera lens and try to look good. Very poorly done in that role, but I also did not care too much for the original as a series it was ok, yours was way better.

243. Jeff Baily - October 29, 2010

sorry *would call* I meant there

244. D - November 19, 2010

As long as it doesn’t follow the course charted by the new movie. TOS is TOS, and will never be duplicated, and especially not by JJ Abrams, who decided to ignore the whole of the hardcore trekkie fanbase. He makes a good movie- he just shouldn’t have touched Star Trek. He’s not the only one at fault- the script itself was absurd, with plot holes that could span the Grand Canyon- but I digress…I do’n’t know. I gues the bridge being spic-n’-span, and then seeing engineering as a sewer. And when the heck did Scotty ever have an ewok for an assistant?

Back on topic…

All for a new series, though. In a big way. TNG, DS9, and BSG are quite the impressive resume. If this series is to be done right, it needs to be high-class, like the series that have come before it. ST proves that you don’t need idiots dropping F-bombs, or a ‘whose baby is this’ scenario to have good TV. Deep stories, character evolution, references to real life problems cleverly woven in to a plot. Personally, the series I liked best was Voyager. I watched it side-by-side with TNG (loving both, naturally). Voyager had a bit of a faster pace, which suited the series well.

245. Tunde - January 2, 2011

I despised his Battle star Galactica. Why people liked that show is beyond me. Personally i think that the, “Day of the Triffid” type concept (your enemy comes disguised as one of your own) is pretty lazy and unimaginative Science Fiction. I also think that it is not clever to do pessimistic but rather easy since most people in the world wallow in misery.

He did alright in TNG and DS9, if somehow he comes to see that work not as learning whose trues expression was in giving birth to his work on Battle Star then he might alright.

246. Beef36 - January 30, 2011

I am surprised that it the actually TV shows were mostly talked about when the star trek books, video games, evan the fan films have ideas in stories, characters, casting, time line, and an era..

Redue of the animation series is one or make an new animation series to compete with Star wars: the clone wars.

have the huge gap from Enterprise B maiden Voyage to the Enterprise D maiden Voyage.

room for Enterprise B, Enterprise C, Stargazer, Academy (siskos), Excelicior. talk about xenkethie War, and other smaller neighbors.

Books Excalubur series, titan, star gazer, DS9 after Dominion War, Capt, Dax, Federation massacre from the borg, Corp of Engineers, computer games also add smaller enemies into the mix too, gorn, lyrans, iconions, hydrans, orion syndicate, etc.

Shattered Universe as well.

Time ship,

ENT season 5 go into the Romulan War, or do the Kelvin,

cartoon, animation, or real life for setting and putting in new or old characters.

i really do not care who writes it but if the main point of star trek is lost than it going down worse than ENT. So have some diversity, discovery, challenges, obstacles, battles, identity, being human or striving to be one and more.

there is always overlap or mistakes in the time line from books and movies so the writers are going to have to do their homework who ever there going to be.

247. Beef36 - January 30, 2011

I am surprised that it the actually TV shows were mostly talked about when the star trek books, video games, evan the fan films have ideas in stories, characters, casting, time line, and an era..

Redue of the animation series is one or make an new animation series to compete with Star wars: the clone wars.

have the huge gap from Enterprise B maiden Voyage to the Enterprise D maiden Voyage.

room for Enterprise B, Enterprise C, Stargazer, Academy (siskos), Excelicior. talk about xenkethie War, and other smaller neighbors.

Books Excalubur series, titan, star gazer, DS9 after Dominion War, Capt, Dax, Federation massacre from the borg, Corp of Engineers, computer games also add smaller enemies into the mix too, gorn, lyrans, iconions, hydrans, orion syndicate, etc.

Shattered Universe as well.

Time ship,

ENT season 5 go into the Romulan War, or do the Kelvin,

cartoon, animation, or real life for setting and putting in new or old characters.

i really do not care who writes it but if the main point of star trek is lost than it going down worse than ENT. So have some diversity, discovery, challenges, obstacles, battles, identity, being human or striving to be one and more.

there is always overlap or mistakes in the time line from books and movies so the writers are going to have to do their homework who ever there going to be.

248. JonathanJK - April 2, 2011

I just hope they carry on withthe rich culture of the 24th Century. So much has been established. I’d hate to jump another 100 years ahead like the Next Generation did.

The last movie jumped 8 years ahead of Nemesis and Voyager, that’s fine, the small gap inbetween can serve as a good source of material for stories.

249. Matthew Braithwaite - April 21, 2011

Hi there, I observed this blog when, then lost it. Took me forever to arrive back and uncover it. I wanted to view what comments you got. Rather excellent blog by the way.

250. Edward Cahill - May 15, 2011

I like Ron moore

251. Nick - May 30, 2011

I don’t know personally I think jumping to a next generation into the 25th century would work. Think about it, it worked when TNG came out in 87 and personally star trek has always been about enterprise, the other shows were pretty good but the true heart of the show is about the flag ship of the federation. Another aspect to keep in mind is the crew dynamic. The first star trek had captain Kirk a free spirited unorthodox style of command, Somewhat of a renegade and has 9 violations according to voyage home lol. Spock worked as an anchor to kirk which blended the 2 really well. Then there is Captain Picard more disciplined and rigid but passionate and data served as an anchor for asking deeper questions about the human condition. I think that a new perspective of a crew ensemble should be explored but also thinking along the same lines. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.