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Videos From Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale April 12, 2010

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Saturday the Star Trek: The Experience warehouse sale took place in Las Vegas Nevada. According to Propworx, it was a big success with huge crowds and everything being sold. There are some nice videos from the event available to view, check them out below.



Videos from Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale

First up the Las Vegas Journal has a report from the event that is worth checking out. Plus they have a nice video which includes a good overview from Propworx CEO Alex Peters and brief interviews from some of the attendees (including Mythbuster’s Adam Savage).


There are also some fan videos. First up one from YouTuber TheBlue Oracle

And finally a two-parter from ThoughtDragon



1. B.C. - April 12, 2010

After watching the videos, this stuff doesn’t seem “special” anymore. It just feels like a bunch of poorly treated junk. It’s sad.

2. Kayla Iacovino - April 12, 2010

I so want some of this stuff. I’ve heard rumors about another auction at the Vegas con…..

3. Mikeyy - April 12, 2010

There is no way they couldn’t have used some of this stuff at the new Experience… make me think the new one will never happen… How can it downtown? Neonopolis is a ghost town.. even if the experience opened there, it couldn’t survive.. this sucks.. a 70 million dollar attraction sold off in a dingy warehouse.. good job Hilton/Cedarfair..

4. Sebastian - April 12, 2010

Taken out of context (away from the glitz of the Hilton exhibit), I have to say I agree with #1; it’s just a bunch of junk.

It’s only special when used with love and care for all to see; not rotting away in a fan boy’s basement (or a dingy warehouse).

What a shame; I’ve been to the Experience twice (even stayed at the Hilton in 2003). It was so fun and memorable, but buying a piece of it now just makes one feel like a vulture; picking the flesh off of a poor unlucky creature’s corpse. ) :}

5. Kayla Iacovino - April 12, 2010

Oh, such downers on here today! I would love to own a piece of ST:TE, which holds a very special place in my heart. I wouldn’t consider it rotting away in my home, but rather paying homage to something that is so important to Trek fans.

I met some of my best friends at ST:TE, and it makes me happy to think about it, even though it is gone.

6. Rick Moyer - April 12, 2010

Thanks for posting the videos. Sad to watch, but we can always hope the next Experience will happen and be bigger and better. sigh.

7. Doug - April 12, 2010

Does any one know how much the refit Big E went for?

8. Rick Sternbach - April 12, 2010

Yow; seeing Voyager in bits is slightly disconcerting, since I know about some of the work that Penwal Industries put into it. Ah, well. I still have smaller models around the house to enjoy, and the 5′ filming model has gone to a good home.

9. WGW - April 12, 2010

My mom stopped by there, picked up an excellent wall panel with the famous engineering Okuda label it is fairly good sized, most of them, had been pryed off the walls with cro bars most of the stuff had been disassembled messily. My mom also picked up an lcars glass piece from one of the shuttles, rather long, and a headrest from the Klingon ride My mom happened to be up there on vacation! But, you know the thing is that alot of this stuff was junk and they wanted top dollar! Who would buy those big ships, as of 1 Voyager, 1701, and what was left of the D was there (the saucer by the way was destroyed, I snuck into the experience 3 months after closure and it was hanging there shrouded in darkness. And the rest of the experience was gutted, there was just the superstructure left in Dec 08. Alot of this stuff should have been free or for just a few bucks it was in such bad shape and badly run sale, with little notice

10. ryanhuyton - April 12, 2010

I think the models should have been treated better and put on display either at the Smithsonian or the Star Trek Exhibition. Everything else can and should be auctioned off. I just think that since the model ships were so big, it would have made more sense to put them in a space big enough rather than cutting them into pieces.

As for the new Experience, I think they should have the TOS bridge, the bar from Deep Space K-7, the TNG bridge, the NX-01 bridge, a replica of Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix, Quark’s Bar, the Kobayashi Maru simulation from “Star Trek”.

But I get the feeling the new Experience will be built on the cheap, yet end up costing customers a lot more to attend.

11. ryanhuyton - April 12, 2010

#8 Rick,

In the TNG book, “The Continuing Mission”, there are pictures of the Enterprise-D and Voyager models under construction. A lot of effort went into those and it just breaks my heart to see those models in such bad shape. Makes me appreciate and love my Art Asylum Enterprise-D, E, TOS Mirror and Refit even more. :-)

By the way, did you ever get any “souvenirs” when you were working on the various shows and movies?

12. Pro-Khan-Sel - April 12, 2010

Wow at :53 on the1st video :)

13. Thomas - April 12, 2010

It was a weird mixture of nostalgia that melted into sadness to see the stuff there. I worked there for two fantastic years, and every last thing there had sentimental value to me, no matter how damaged it was. I snatched up a conduit from Copernicus Station, a table from retail, and a like-new uniform jumpsuit. Meeting Adam Savage was fun too.

What does this mean for the new Experience? Well, I guess it means we won’t see much of the Borg, and the bridge of the Enterprise D will never be put back together (this breaks my heart). But as long as CBS takes their time and respects the fans, the new Experience will be worthwhile. Of course Neonopolis is a ghost town; that’s why the developers have paid so much to get STTE– to attract tourists.

So wait to see what comes. The old attraction was amazing, but it could have used some major updating. And if you’re worried about the new place closing down too soon, just make sure you’re first in line!

14. Irishtrekkie - April 12, 2010

Jesus that first video with music is basically the most depressing star trek thing i have even seen, I mean its one step away from scotty playing the bagpipes over the wrecked hulls of the ship.
As one of the many star trek fans who never even got to go to STE when it was open i really feel like i missed out , and now i know i can never go , it really hurts more . (basically it was the only reason i could ever see myself going to vegas )

Hearing about all the great memories of fans who got to experence it.
The place must have been really something in its day , most fans say it was still a great even near the time is shut up shop and was more gurby and so on.

Hopefully we will see the likes of it some day again (and this time i will make sure to go).

Star trek is biggest franchise ever , and deserved to be done right , and the only place i can see that done is in some large theme park , somewhere with alot of land that can have a something like a star trek suttle rollercoaster and other rides with a resturant/bar….etc etc maybe even a star trek themed hotel. Just my opinion anyway.

15. Will_H - April 12, 2010

I think these items are going to be totally different to people that have gone to the experience and have a tie to them. I’ve never been so to me the only thing I feel is sadness that they’ve been treated so badly. I can see the point, though, in selling them off, rather than just trashing them. Better these items than the things that were truly a part of Trek history that got sold off to private parties.

16. Captain Underpants - April 13, 2010

The shaky zoom in and zoom out with the digital zoom puts JJ Abram’s Cloverfield to shame

17. Jim Nightshade - April 13, 2010

Wow it looks like a Trek Convention almost…A few familar fan and employee faces too….i read the Klingon Ship went for 1000 but it had a price tag of 2000 on it..hmmmm

Heres the thing IF the NEW Trek Experience is not going to be set in TNG era then WTF—-After all—if its all TOS AND JJ it isnt going to have the sense of history this place did….in fact since none of this happened yet if they went the tos route it invalidates almost everything here…That is the only reason I can think of why CBS didnt want to try to reuse any of this….it woulda been cheaper to refurbish the models for instance and repair em than start from scratch…Makes me think they are not very serious for making a new Experience certainly not very soon anyway…..

I thought the History of the Future Museum was perfect as was the time station story..they cant do any of that with a tos or JJverse set Experience…

Lastly yeh by itself most of this is just junk…Living Breathing Artists like Rich Sternbach/Mike Okuda etc.. brought life to the place along with the great employees who made it all come alive for us….Heres hoping a new experience will have as much or more LIVE interaction with great employees who care like this one had…..

Did Anthony git his exit sign he wanted? did April get her costumes? Vernon?? Wish I coulda been there to grab something….even a pair of 3d glasses oh well…..Watch E bay over the next week see what shows up haha

Hope Vernon gives us more background on it too

18. Craig Paup - April 13, 2010

$2000 for the BOP!!! That’s a great price. Wish I would have known about the auction 1 day sooner. Then it would have been possible to do a marathon road trip to get there in time.

19. TJ - April 13, 2010

If only I could have gone. I wonder what they will have at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention this August??

20. Jim Nightshade - April 13, 2010

Yes Craig-i remember those models cost hundreds of thousands to mske? Anyone remember their behind the scenes tour? Even if they were only 50,000 2000 is very cheap-I wonder who got the quarks sign? i woulda luved to have one of the original bar stools from ds9–whoever got the replicator if that still worked it would be awesome-

21. Captain Hackett - April 13, 2010

I wonder when they will re-open STTE at Necropollis,

22. Marius - April 13, 2010

In every video shown i see only fat people. It’s that true that in US are only extra fat people and only ugly womens?

23. John Gill - April 13, 2010

It is sad to see the stuff in such poorly-handled condition, it’s like “WE COULD CARE LESS ABOUT IT, IT’S JUST JUNK, JUST PUT IT OUT THERE FOR THE FANS AND SOMEBODY WILL BUY IT ANYWAY”, that really pisses me off.

24. jas_montreal - April 13, 2010

@ John Gill

I think your letting those pictures over-exagerate the idea that items have been mis-treated. Their simply huge pieces that they lay down in the warehouse. If the ship was entirely intact together, wouldn’t you think its been handled with proper care ? So many people on the trekmovie boards have been complaining about the condition…

“its sooo uselesssss !!!!” -khan (Space Speed)

25. MC1 Doug - April 13, 2010

#22: don’t be so superficial…

26. bmar - April 13, 2010

I think the thing that strikes me as odd is that people have such emotional attachment to these objects that aren’t, in reality, even connected to the show. They are props that were made for an amusement park ride, essentially – not for production of the movies or tv series. Did fans weep when they threw away the movie-era “Bridge Set” that was used at one of the Paramount theme parks? (Can’t remember which one…)

Anything that was really connected to one of the shows or movies that was at The Experience, was taken by CBS/Paramount. The rest is just so much smoke and mirrors – trappings of a Vegas attraction.

If you loved these objects because you loved ST:TE, then that’s one thing and to want one merely because it’s cool, i totally get. But to think that they should be cared for, stored or even put in the Smithsonian because of their tangential connection to the franchise is a bit overkill, in my (very humble) opinion.

27. Travis Richard - April 13, 2010

It’s Very sad to see the models broken and damaged, and wasn’t taken care of. :O(

28. Lore - April 13, 2010

#25 Don’t use such bigs words, I don’ts thinks Popeye, I means Marius #22 speaks such goods English in his countries. I guess their all really “hot” though, hey Marius, where you from? Maybe thats where the real Experience is.

29. Horatio - April 13, 2010

#26 – Ditto.

BUT, knowing how Trek fans will pay for anything you’d think that more care would have been taken in dismantling ST:TE to maximize the value of these ‘artifacts’.

I get the impression that this sale was really more of an afterthought.

30. I'm dead Jim - April 13, 2010

@22 Oh yeah? Check out the hot chick at :53 in the first video!

31. I'm dead Jim - April 13, 2010

I mean the first YouTube video!

32. King of the Nerds. - April 13, 2010

Everyone has such positive memories of the Experience. I wanted to go ever since I was a kid. I finally had my “experience” in 2008, and it was very lame. Everything was outdated looking, and the rides were only so, so. Don’t get me wrong, the part where you beamed aboard the Enterprise, and got to be on the bridge was amazing. However, this last experience was wrecked by being pushed off the set after 60 seconds. booourns!

33. marius - April 13, 2010

#28 But at least i speak two languages..not only english. I just made a statement about the movies shown from the states. Most of the people are fat and damn ugly, paled looking people. And i am from France.

34. Horatio - April 13, 2010

#33 – It figures.

35. Jane - April 13, 2010

33. So every single person in France is super hot?

36. ElContusion - April 13, 2010

#33 We may be fat and ugly, but we’ve never surrendered in a world war…

37. Jim Nightshade - April 13, 2010

And super rude to Americans also? I hope not! But I am fat n old n I like trek so sue me I guess–Some are in wheelchairs too shall we belittle them too?

38. British Naval Dude - April 13, 2010

I am buyin’ me as many mini-skirt uniforms as I cans! Me dream ta’ go ups ta’ tha’ top o’ tha’ Eiffel Tower wearin’ ’em and allow tha’ breeze ta’ make me lower self sneeze…

Izzat wrong?

Maybe I’ll just buy me a Bjorg outfit and settle in Sweden.

Say, is Archer’s jumpsuit up fur’ sale? Wuz’ Archer even part o’ tha’ Experience? “Golly, folks, I overcharged you for your drinks. Here… you can spank me. That’s what Admiral Forrester does when I’ve been a bad captain.”

And dunna’ be makin’ fun o’ Popeye…

A-gagagagaga Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

39. marcus Watts - April 13, 2010

I must be the luckiest guy in the world. Every time i visit the site i’, the 999999th visitor and i win something.

40. Losira - April 13, 2010

A thought for caring for these priceless artifacts. I hope those involved making Fan Films took advantage of this chance to buy and use these pieces of trek history in making their fan films. A great way to honor and give these items a home. Using them in plots! Props! A thought!

41. Dr. Image - April 13, 2010

How depressing.
The new Experience isn’t happening. This proves it.

42. Lousy_Canadian - April 13, 2010

As many others here have stated: It’s pretty depressing to watch, but knowing us Star Trek fans, these will definitely find good homes and get the proper care they deserve. Wish I could’ve been there…..

Man, if I had all the money in the world, what I would spend just to get the TMP Enterprise. :P

Also being a huge MythBusters fan, I got very excited when they showed Adam Savage. Haha.

43. THX-1138 - April 13, 2010


It’s a good thing that all French aren’t as amazingly superficial and obtuse as you are. Having been to France I got to meet a lot of really great, respectful people who enjoyed exchanging thoughts and ideas about life in America and were willing to point out the bad as well as the good about their country. It’s real easy to point out the stuff in the U.S. that doesn’t work. We Americans do it all the time.

Are you willing to criticize the problems in France?

Anyway, I am sad as well about the closing of the Experience. I loved the place and I would have loved to get a backlit display or uni or something. I know it’s not from the TV shows or movies but it’s still special.

44. greenusmarine - April 13, 2010

Marius, take a look:

I don’t think it’s just an American issue bud. Seems to me that it’s a global issue. Granted this was published in 2006, but it’s a safe bet that the problem hasn’t just gone away. Notice the aritcle states that the national average was 42% or nearly half.

Oh, and I’ve been there. I can say with absolute certainty that there are indeed ugly French people. But the architecture was first rate.

45. Losira - April 13, 2010

No nation is perfect we all have our points of pride. We all have our banes of embaressmnt! Ex. France had its rioing we are stuck w/ teabaggers. Other countries are the same we are made of the human race. So we f all fix what’s wrong and be proud of what we all have going for us and move in the right direction. Hold up our heads Fat or Skinney

46. Coconut - April 13, 2010

Who cares, everyone’s fat. Quit pointing fingers at each other and live and let live

47. Anthony Pascale - April 13, 2010


warning for trolling

comments to

everyone else, dont fall for the bait

48. Lt. Bailey - April 13, 2010

For those who spent a lot of time at STTE when ever they were in Las Vegas, then these props & fixtures mean a great deal. My friends in Vegas got us two bar stools and I like believe, or I will always choose to believe, that these are the same ones I sat on many times for many hours watching ST Movies and TV shows while Matt or Darren or Shannon or Jeff , etc made us the finest of ST drinks.

It is the idea that you have some thing that once was part of STTE. Some thing that you can now claim is yours and you now have pride of ownership. Picard expressed it best in First Contract when he is touching the PHOENIX and explains it to Data.

Does this sale mean the demise of a future STTE?? Hardly, it only means that these tired, old worn out, slightly used items will not be placed in the next version. It would be very hard, if not impossible to use these items that were custom made into a space at Neonopolis. It might cost more to refurb these fixtures then does to create new. If this is the case, all new and custom build items will have to made again to fit in Neonopolis, sadly this includes those fine starship models. We just have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

49. Jim Nightshade - April 13, 2010

Well said lt bailey-congrats on grttin the chairs u lucky peoples you–i saw in one of the videos teo toilets-mens n ladies room st quarks? Hey we remember using those! haha–not quite the fortune telling urinals in spacequest tho-may the luck be with u!

50. Rastaman - April 13, 2010

Yeah, too bad those huge models are in such poor shape. Although I’m sure some Star Trek fan paid WAAYYY too much for them. Wished I’d visited The Experience before Vegas killed it.

51. Richard Marshall - April 13, 2010

Me and my wife were married on the deck of the Enterprize D in Lv, NV. Have it on tape and lots of pix’s.

52. Jim Nightshade - April 13, 2010

It was awesome Rastaman-I will remember my many visits there 4ever—yeh Disneyland,universal are cool too but trek means more to me–closest we will ever feel to being in that future-the new experience will have a helluva lot to live up 2–thanx mainly to the incredible people that worked there,there was nothing like it anywhere on the planet,or universe-

53. TJ Trek - April 13, 2010

I like the fan film shout out. That would be so awesome of some of these props could actually be used in some of the great fan stuff that pops out in the years to come.

54. Will - April 13, 2010

How much did the Borg Alcoves go for?

55. Batfink - April 13, 2010

Just sad, too many good memories of visiting the Experience in Vegas and to see the models trashed, what a waste.

56. ES - April 14, 2010

Hey–I’m in the first video!! 1:21 mark, right side, playing with my iPhone!

Anyways, I went to ST:The Experience back in 1998. And in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2008. I was there when they officially boxed it up at the ceremony in September of 2008. And I’ve been back to the Hilton several times since just for nostalgia’s sake. That place meant a lot to me.

I’ve been a fan of the show for decades (lots of really old merch). Well, ST:TOS, TNG and DS9.

But anyways, it seemed to me that around 2005 the attraction was getting long-in-tooth. Maybe I’m wrong, but what were once long lines had dwindled down to a handful of people. Trek itself just sort of faded away after about 2002. The attraction burst out of the gate hot on the heels of “Star Trek: First Contact”. But alas, cable t.v. and other sci-fi shows, weak results for “Insurrection” and “Nemesis” and a sort of shift in the culture moved all but the fans elsewhere. Also, “Voyager” (IMHO) created “Star Trek Lite” and diluted the menace of the Borg, the Q and everything else it touched. That didn’t help.

Not to mention the problems with the attraction. In its final years the “Klingon Encounter” ride film had become very blurry. And you could see gold grid lines on the screen. And what happened to the janitor who would “find” your shuttle at the bottom of the Hilton elevator shaft? And the last time I rode the “Borg” ride they didn’t hand out 3-D glasses–the ten people or so in the ride simply watched the film play out on a regular screen.

So the warehouse sale was really the last in a sombre trajectory. Going there was kind of like burying your dead.

In its hey-day “The Experience” was easily the best thing in Vegas. So much so that other places tried to cash in on the popularity–there was a “Ride to Atlantis” at Caesar’s and a mining-type ride at the Luxor. But none of them submersed the visitor into the world the way the Star Trek ride did.

Last year’s movie made Star Trek cool and serious and intense again, but the momentum will be quickly lost. Here’s to a new show (and good-bye, Rick Berman). My vote would be something dark and gritty. Complex, like “Galactica”.

Anyways…just rambling. I miss “The Experience” with all of my heart.

57. Jim Nightshade - April 14, 2010

Well ES, that never happened to me–KEs fil was always in focus for me and the last ]ouple of times were even better cuz we tried being in the front row in the simulator which was great-Likewise Borg 4d always used the glasses with me-my last time was 2 weeks before they closed-The Atlantis ride was all digital n not the good kinda digital-KEs simulator film took a year n a half to do 4 minutes n the quality shows-Atlantis was noisier faster n more violent/shaky but not nearly as good–i dud like their line being in a fog enshrouded room tho and the robot show in the mall advertising it with flames was still playin last time i checked–
The Luxor also had a simulator ride designed by Douglas Trumball-it was pretty good n was there before star trek-also faster n shakier than KE–also had a line area where u crossed a bridge in the dark with a huge showscan movie playing in the background makin ya dizzy–i agree both trek adventures were way better than any other ride or simulator–best comparison is to Terminator 3d at universal n the back to the future ride-they were almost as good as trek-really liked the humor in both adventures

58. J_schinderlin56 - April 14, 2010

Uh, can you hold the camera steady? I’m going to be sick.

59. J_schinderlin56 - April 14, 2010

You would think that if they wanted to auction this stuff off they could have managed not to completely DESTROY 2/3rds of it. I wouldn’t pay $.50 for that garbage. You could probably build some of that stuff from scratch cheaper than buying it from them.

How is Picard’s chair still worth $800.00 completely busted? They could have sold it for $5,000.00 if they had just kept in in mint condition. What were they thinking?

60. Spork - April 14, 2010

“Thought Dragon” needs to learn how to run his camera, way too fast….Makes people sea sick, what a dope!!

61. Spork - April 14, 2010

Have to add….Why was this stuff treated so badly? Guess CBS/Paramount didn’t see it as making any more dough for them so they said to hell with it. Bet they wish they had taken better care of it now!

62. ThoughtDragon - April 15, 2010

“Be glad I uploaded anything” is what I say to my critics , I did not force you to watch it or ask to put it on this website.

I don’t owe you anything at all , and you did not pay me.

It was really just for me but I uploaded it , I use a pocket cam and that is unlikely to change.
Next time I do a video I’ll keep youtube in mind
and try to be more smooth and walk slower for the cam.

I did expect some complaints Ha Ha , but I maintain “Be glad I uploaded anything” is what I say to my critics , I did not force you to watch it.

63. THX-1138 - April 15, 2010


You could have used a steady cam and meticulously framed all of your shots and someone here would complain that you thought you were Scorcese.

64. Vulc4n - April 15, 2010

Great footage, thank you. These props are better in the homes of fans than lying in some warehouse. I just wish I could have been there.

65. Jim Nightshade - April 15, 2010

Yeh Thoughtdragon wheres the jj inspired lens flares to go with the shaking–haha j/k thanx for sharing bud–

66. Spork - April 15, 2010

Maybe you should put some “thought” into your video before you go “dragon” your ass all around with it. If it was “just for you” why did you upload it anyway?? You couldn’t be that proud of that sloppiness, I’d be down right embarassed!!! Please “keep it for yourself” next time.

67. Anthony Pascale - April 15, 2010


warning for flaming. and just being rude.


thank you for putting out your video.

68. Laura - July 11, 2010

I have 39 original VHS tapes of Star Trek, Never opened, Never viewed. 2 Episodes on each tape. Is anyone interested in buying them.

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