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Trek Book News: ‘Star Trek 365′ Cover & Description + New Vanuard & TNG era Books Announced For 2011 April 15, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Books,TNG,TOS , trackback

There are a couple updates in the world of Star Trek books. First we have the cover and description of the "Star Trek 365" coffee table book coming out in the Fall. Also, two new Star Trek fiction books have been announced for 2011, including a return to Vanguard.



Star Trek 365

In September Abrams Books will release a brand new Star Trek coffee table book "Star Trek: The Original Series 365". The 744-page hardcover (6 ¼" x 9 ¼" – landscape) is being written by Paula Block, along with her husband Terry Erdmann and will contain a forward by veteran Star Trek writer Dorothy ‘DC’ Fontana. This book will be similar to Abrams’ 2005 book "Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days".

Here is the product description from Abrams Books:

Star Trek 365 is the definitive, comprehensive and authorised guide to Star Trek: The Original Series, Gene Roddenberry’s landmark, groundbreaking television programme that first aired from 1966-69 and went on to become an international phenomenon. A cornerstone of popular and sci-fi culture for more than four decades, the show first catapulted William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy to fame and has, through a long series of feature-film and television spinoffs, led to the creation of a uniquely rich and detailed fictional universe. A visual celebration of the original voyages of the starship Enterprise, Star Trek 365 covers each episode and season in unprecedented detail, combining in-depth synopses, behind-the-scenes histories, and interviews with writers, cast, crew and fans with critical commentary on how the show’s themes resonated when they first aired and how they continue to be relevant today. The book also looks at the original days of Star Trek fandom and the show’s enduring cultural legacy, from the launching of NASA’s Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1978 to the Smithsonian’s exhibition of rare Star Trek material in 1992 to the present day. In addition to its wealth of never-before-seen images and newly commissioned photography of models, props, costumes, collectibles and ephemera, Star Trek 365 uses unprecedented access to the CBS archives to reproduce a treasure trove of still images – newly retouched and remastered – taken directly from the series’ original 16mm film slides. Written by longtime CBS insider Paula M. Block, Star Trek 365 boldly goes where no other Star Trek book has gone before, combining rare and iconic imagery with a complete reference guide to the original show’s seventy-nine episodes – a perfect gift for Star Trek fans of all ages.

Here is the cover (click to higher res image)


New Vanguard & 24th century books announced for 2011

Two Star Trek authors have made announcements about new Star Trek books coming next year.

First up is author David A. McIntee (who has written two Trek short stories), who has just revealed (on his Live Journal) he is writing a Trek novel for the Spring of 2011. McIntee says the title is "Star Trek" Indistinguishable from Magic" and he offers up this description:

So, 24th Century, current to the prime lit timeline. What generation? Well, a bit of a mixture, actually- On points it’d be mostly TNG, but as it headlines Geordi, Scotty, Nog and Guinan, with some other familiar faces and guest stars, it’s going under a more general "Star Trek" header.

And yesterday Trek author Dayton Ward also blogged about a new Trek book, the sixth entry in the Star Trek Vanguard series (created in 2005 by author David Mack and former Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri). Ward revealed he is working on a novella collection with Palmieri, Mack and Kevin Dilmore, to arrive late 2011. The working title is "Star Trek: Vanguard – Declassified", here is his description:

Each novella will feature one or more of the series’ rather large cast, with tales spanning the length of Operation Vanguard from inception right up to and perhaps even past the events of the fifth book, Precipice. Further, these aren’t intended to be throwaway tales, but will be considered integral parts of the storyline and may also even set up situations for the series’ next novel-length installments.

2011 Pocket Books schedule filling up

These two books bring the total number of expected 2011 Star Trek books up to seven. Assuming that Pocket Books keeps up with the same frequency as they have in recent years, that is probably half of the total books for the year. Here is what we know about so far (note that schedules often change):



1. Harry Ballz - April 15, 2010

With all these products coming out, what’s next? Star Trek toilet paper?

2. Ensign RedShirt - April 15, 2010

I am ALL OVER this the day it comes out!

3. Scotty - April 15, 2010

Star Trek 365 sounds interesting. I thought it would be just a picture book (one for each day of the year) but it seems like much more.

4. NX-17000 - April 15, 2010

Romulan War, Typhon Pact and Voyager. Cant wait. Vangaurd looks interesting too… I’ll have to get one eventually

5. Surak1701 - April 15, 2010

Harry, there is no such thing as too much Trek merch! ;)

6. Driver - April 15, 2010

STAR TREK in white font? Which season was that?

7. MvRojo - April 15, 2010

Cool. It’d be interesting if they did one for each series and then the movies.

8. Imrahil - April 15, 2010

Looking forward to Star Trek 365, but I’ll want it to be hardcover, and I’ll want to be able to look at it in person first.

I’m a huge fan of Vanguard, but it’s with mixed feelings that I get this news–great that another book is on the (distant) horizon, but the format doesn’t really thrill me. The regular novels are already split up by characters, really, and I don’t feel like I want to retread ground we’ve already been over. I guess that means 2012 will see the regular continuation of that series, huh?

Oh, but it is nice to see Palmieri getting some work still. Damn S&S for firing him.

9. ryanhuyton - April 15, 2010

Looking forward to “Star Trek 365″. I wonder if there is a relation between Abrams Books and J.J Abrams?

10. jas_montreal - April 15, 2010

Its nice to see some TNG-era stuff.

11. Xavier - April 15, 2010

2010 sucked, because they did not continue the prime timeline.
2011 sounds like it could rock. The Typhon Pact makes the 24th century more interesting than ever!

12. Ben - April 15, 2010

too bad the next Romular War book only comes in 2011 (and with the luck we have likely at the end of the year or so…)

13. MikeB - April 15, 2010

What happened to the DS9 novels? The relaunch started out so strong and just fell apart. They got sidetracked by the whole Mirror universe thing and now nothing is happening. How about wrapping up all the current stories and starting fresh with a new “season”?

14. This Guy - April 15, 2010

They essentially will be in 2011–David George’s Typhon Pact novel will, at least last I heard, jump the DS9 storyline ahead to contemporary with the rest of the 24th-century line. It’s a long wait, but there should definitely be plenty of story progress.

15. Rocket Scientist - April 15, 2010

1. Harry Ballz

How else does one get rid of the Kling-ons?! 8^D

Star Trek 365 is definitely on the must….have…now list

16. BLFSisko - April 15, 2010


Your question sounds funny to me !! All Seasons!

Joking aside, I´ll explain it to you. Here in Germany, when Star Trek was first shown (ca. 1972) the TV-Station “germanized” the intro and thy used white fond. So I have grown up up with the white fond and I´m used to it. Indeed, the DVD Version with the original intro is still confusing me.

You can watch the german one on youtube:

17. Harry Ballz - April 15, 2010


Q:where would the Klingons hide when they’re about to attack Earth?
A: Probably somewhere near Uranus!

Nasty! :>)

18. CarlG - April 15, 2010

@1: Nah, the next product is “Star Trek: Da FLAMETHROWAH!”

… (The kids love this one.)

David McIntee’s novels sounds the most interesting, if only for the unusual mix of characters! I like it when books do non-traditional stuff like that.

19. Anthony Thompson - April 15, 2010

365 looks awesome though I wish it were twice the size with half the pages. Gene Roddenberry had worked on a TOS coffee table book that was said to be large format and definitive. But Shatner and Nimoy put the kibosh on it at the last minute (the “kids” still rebelling against “Dad”) and it was cancelled.

20. Matt Wright - April 15, 2010

Interested in Trek 365, Terry Erdmann is the author of the excellent Star Trek Action! book with vignettes about the making of an episode of DS9 and Voyager and a scene from Insurrection.

21. ster j - April 15, 2010

Looks like I found item #1 for this year’s Chirstmas list!

22. CmdrR - April 15, 2010

May have to take up drinking coffee. Loves me a good oversized book, I does.

23. Gary - April 15, 2010

Also looking forward to the forthcoming Haynes Manual as well.

24. The Gorn Identity - April 15, 2010

STAR TREK 365…Oh yes, it will be mine.

25. Odkin - April 15, 2010

So…. when is this blog going to cover Neil Armstrong’s obliteration of Obama for killing America’s ability to put a man in space FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 50 YEARS????

26. Imrahil - April 15, 2010


27. Rocket Scientist - April 15, 2010

17. Ha! Uranus…I love it!!

28. Andy Patterson - April 15, 2010

Thought I had all the “definitive” books after collecting them these last 30 yrs. But ok, “Star Trek: The Original Series 365″ looks interesting. I may do it.

29. StarFuryG7 - April 15, 2010

It looks like I’ll be adding “Star Trek 365″ to my Book Shelf.

30. LoyalStarTrekFan - April 15, 2010

I always look forward to new Trek books and I am currently enjoying the Vanguard series. I am looking forward to September the most with “Star Trek 365.” I’m glad that Trek literature continues.

31. Chasco - April 15, 2010

Going to start putting my pennies in the jar for Star Trek 365.
BTW – it will have a FOREWORD by DC Fontana. Not a ‘forward’ :-)

32. captain_neill - April 16, 2010

I really want to get Star Trek 365. It will be awesome

its great that the prime universe is continuing in the books

33. Kirk, James T. - April 16, 2010

I’m looking forward to the 635 book but it’s such a shame the book cover is so dull and badly composed.

34. tkhobbes - April 16, 2010

@ 13 and 14 – right, the typhoon pact will kick the DS9 storyline forward to the current Borg-less universe; however, the last DS9 novel was placed in 2377, which leaves 4 (or even 5) years with events to fill.

I am a bit disappointed as well…

35. Pierre - April 16, 2010

The windows on the leading edge of the saucer seem to be in the wrong place. Perhaps the choice of angle has pushed that detail into a weird place but at first I thought the windows had actually disappeared.

I know it means nothing in the grand scheme of things but if they are going to produce an authoritative book about the original series then I’d expect the cover image to show the ship somewhat accurately.


36. Holger - April 16, 2010

What?! I’ll have to wait ’til September for this Star Trek 365?
But on the bright side my birthday is in September so I can get it as a present :)

37. Captain Dunsel - April 16, 2010

@16 Vielen danke. Sehr interssant! Aber “fond”? “Liebevoll”? Vielleicht weiss “font”?

38. KingDaniel - April 16, 2010

When will the USS Kelvin books appear?

39. Dom - April 16, 2010

16. BLFSisko

Ah yes! I well remember watching Raumsciff Enterprise and Raumschiff Enterprise – Das Nächste Jahrhundert in German when we had analogue Sky dishes in the 1990s!

It was most British people’s first mass exposure to foreign TV. Couldn’t believe some of the stuff that got put out on RTL+ and Sat-1 back then!!! ;)

40. BLFSisko - April 16, 2010

@ 37

Oh, sorry. Of course you´re right. It´s font.

41. Captain Dunsel - April 16, 2010

@40 Thanks for not making me try to trot out any more of my incredibly ancient German. I have eough trouble with [dIvI Hol]

42. DonDonP1 - April 16, 2010

Wow, new ‘Star Trek’ books coming next year just in time to celebrate the 45th anniversary of ‘Star Trek’.

43. Dovile - April 17, 2010

I’m really can’t wait to read the DTI novel, as well as the new ones about Romulan War, New Frontier and Voyager, but to wait until 2011? SOOO long, especially for the RW novel. I’ll forget what happened in the first one until the second will come out:)

44. Lancelot Narayan - April 17, 2010

The 365 book has an absolutely shit cover!

45. JT - April 17, 2010

Is that a unobtainium enterprise they are using for the cover?

46. Shatoupee - April 17, 2010

The PR on this one sounds good and I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but why the tiny book format? Also, non-fiction Trek books the last decade have been krap—maybe some new blood is needed to produce something worthwhile?

47. ryanhuyton - April 17, 2010

Why are people complaining about the cover for “Star Trek 365″?
I think it is pretty good. The Enterprise looks good. And so what if the font is in white? Does it have to be in blue or yellow font to match the opening title of TOS?

48. Russell T. - April 18, 2010

You know, StarFest is happening in Denver right now… just saying…

49. The Dwayne - April 18, 2010

Always up for more Vanguard , keep it coming !

50. CRAIG - April 18, 2010



51. Imrahil - April 18, 2010

44, 47: Yeah, what? The cover looks really nice.

52. ryanhuyton - April 18, 2010


Read what I wrote again. I said the cover was nice.

53. Damian - April 19, 2010

I’d like to see one book from each of the series relaunches at least once a year. That would be 4 books right there. Add in 2 to 3 of the original series books, then fill in with New Frontier and Vanguard books, and eventually some based on the 2009 movie, and you would still have 2 to 3 months to work with with anything else. Maybe have them rotate each month, that way some of the relaunches may have 2 books in a year and you would never wait more than a year for the next one.

I also find it frustrating that there are sometimes years wait for the continuing story arcs. They pulled me in with the relaunches, only to make me wait sometimes 2 to 3 years to see what happens. When I started reading Kirsten Beyer “Full Circle”, I almost totally forgot what happened in the prior Voyager books. The same thing happened when I read Olivia Woods “Fearful Symmetry” after “Warpath.” I forgot some of the details of what happened to Taran’atar. It’s never a good idea to make readers wait so long for the next book that they forgot what built up to the next story you are reading.

54. toughlittleship - April 23, 2010

The Pocket Books catalogue description has been released for Rough Beasts of Empire. Its inaccurate (Kira isn’t in the Bajoran Militia anymore), but you can see the direction DS9 will take:

55. eric klopfer - August 4, 2010

Having edited this book, I’m a bit perplexed by the negative reactions to the cover. The front-cover image was created from new photography of the screen-used Enterprise model housed at the Smithsonian Institution. There’s nothing distorted or broken about it—that’s the model. No CGI. No Photoshop work on the body of the model itself, just the engines. And yet it looks worse than an AMT model-kit boxtop? I may be biased, but I beg to differ. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.