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Exclusive Phase II Update & Previews – Including First Look At Arex April 21, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

The popular fan series Star Trek: Phase II is planning on releasing three episodes in 2010, with the first premiering next weekend at FedCon (and online later in May). Phase II star/producer James Cawley has given TrekMovie and update on their 2010 schedule, including two exclusive video previews and a first look at a certain animated character making his way to the bridge.   


Exclusive clips: "Enemy: Starfleet" – Coming May 2010

The next episode from Phase II is Enemy: Starfleet". Written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, "Enemy: Starfleet" tells the story of a Federation starship that was lost for eighteen years and resurfaces in the hands of a renegade alien named Alersa (played by Barbara Luna). We have a couple of exclusive clips, including some hot ship-on-ship action. [Note: Audio is not the final mix]

As reported earlier, James Cawley is traveling to Germany to preview "Enemy: Starfleet" at FedCon next weekend. The episode will have its Internet premiere later in May. 

Test image from "The Child" – coming late Summer 2010

After "Enemy: Starfleet" comes "The Child," which was written for the original Phase II by Jon Povill (and was later turned into a TNG episode of the same name). The episode has been reworked by Povill to fit with the new Phase II, now with a new Deltan crewmember (not Ilia) who will give birth to a mysterious child.

The episode will also see the introduction of the Star Trek: The Animated Series character Arex, who is being digitally rendered by Tobias Richter. Arex will be voiced by Chris Doohan (stepping in for his dad James Doohan who originally voiced Arex for TAS). Here is a test image of Arex.

Arex is coming to “Phase II”

James Cawley will also show an early workprint "The Child" next weekend at FedCon. The Internet premiere is currently planned for late Summer. 

Exclusive clip "Kitumba" – Coming Halloween 2010

The last Phase II episode of the year is "Kitumba", a story originally written by John Meredyth Lucas for the never produced 1970s’s Star Trek Phase II. The episode, which got a Phase II fan series rewrite by Patty Wright, is about Kirk and crew visiting the Klingon homeworld and the Klingon child king (the "Kitumba").

In the following exclusive clip you will see Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) playing an Admiral and if you look closely you can also spot veteran Star Trek designer Andrew Probert in the background (as Commodore Probert. You will also see a historic moment, Kirk’s first encounter with a different looking Klingon. [Note: Audio is not the final mix]

"Kitumba" will be premiered on August 22nd at Fort Ticonderoga in New York (where some of the scenes were shot). The Internet premiere is planned for Halloween.

2 more episodes in 2011

Cawley tells TrekMovie that he plans to go into production on the Phase II prequel episode "Origins" (see previous story) in June, with a planned release in 2011. They will shoot another episode for 2011 this October. Cawley says he hasn’t picked which one that will be, but he has three scripts in consideration.

Poster for "Origins" the Star Trek Phase II ‘prequel’ episode


1. Aragorn189 - April 21, 2010

I really hope they stick to this Timetable. I love this series. I consider it that last missions of the Enterprise before it’s historic refit. Cool in bringing Arex to the live action screen. Hope it will look good in motion.

2. Kent - April 21, 2010

Looking Good. Can not wait to see this when they come out!

3. TrekGuy62 - April 21, 2010

Anyway to get this on my iPADD?

4. truth - April 21, 2010

i wish they would have one huge starfleet battle with many federation ships of different types. The original TOS had one chance in the organian peace treaty but still only showed one ship at the very end even though they even remastered it. CBS digital screwed up just like they did with the klingon battle cruiser on enterprise show instead of designing the new one.

5. Dan M - April 21, 2010

Arex looks great. I can’t wait to see some footage with Mr. Doohan’s vocals.
That beam-in of the Klingon has to be the longest uneventful materialization in Trek history. I hope that gets resolved in further editing.

6. Tiberius Kirk - April 21, 2010

Go Cawley.

7. CmdrR - April 21, 2010


So… M’Ress? Aw, c’mon! Here, use this clip:


8. Rick Moyer - April 21, 2010


9. CarlG - April 21, 2010

Arex looks fantastic. I am officially a Tobias Richter fanboy now! :D

10. nscates - April 21, 2010

Looking forward to it! James, your hard work is greatly appreciated. Wish I had the means to help out!

11. Magic_Al - April 21, 2010

Arex, wow. Not shying away from a huge technical challenge! It may be over a decade since Jar Jar Binks but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten easy.

The near-perfect quality of the sets and costumes in Phase II never gets old. Even when the acting and pacing get uneven, I always believe the footage was shot on the “real” Enterprise, and perhaps the real crew is tied up below decks. At its best, everything comes together and I believe Phase II is Star Trek.

12. Al Hartman - April 21, 2010

It’s “Patty Wright”, not “Patty Write” though given she’s a prolific writer, an interesting slip.

13. SciFiGuy - April 21, 2010

All of it looks REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Arex looks exactly as I imagined him to look…great job James & Crew!

14. Dr. Cheis - April 21, 2010

Wow looking forward to seeing it all. It’s come a long way since their first episode. Arex’s face doesn’t look like it sticks out enough to me, but if they keep it like it is I’ll accept it easily. He looks great! (Although I wonder how hard it will be to have a 3-armed, officer working the bridge controls).

I hope they’re able to keep to this sechedule. I still haven’t watched Blood and Fire part 2 because I’m waiting for a *downloadable* version with the final audio.

15. Hugh Hoyland - April 21, 2010

Looks very promising! Mr Cawley my hats off to you, keep it up, as it seems there will be nothing brought forth from the studeo’s dealing with Star Trek 09 between now and 2012, besides the Novel, and Comic books, which are great but not near what should be done to keep public interest and PR potential new fans (like a Clone Wars animated series), you continue to make a product that seems to keep getting better and better over time, Very well done. My only “creative” beaf is the title of the series. But that maybe coming from OCD tendencies. :} (Phase Two happens years after the original 5 year mission right?) Either way, hurray to FanFic!

16. Andy Patterson - April 21, 2010

Now, that is freakin’ cool. Always loved Arex.

17. Renee Wike - April 21, 2010

Oh, This is going to be a good year! First “Enemy Starfleet”, then “The Child” and finally “Kitumba”. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I just can’t wait! Thank You James Cawley and the cast and crew of “Phase ll”.

18. Jorg Sacul - April 21, 2010

better all the time!

19. MvRojo - April 21, 2010

It’s just a still shot, but I’m shocked at how good of a job Arex looks.

20. RobertMfromLI - April 21, 2010

LOVE being a part of this!!!

Anyone else wanna come join us make another episode? Surf on over to our website and click the recruitment link and come up and make some Star Trek!!!!!!

Rob from Phase 2

21. Khan was Framed! - April 21, 2010

Cawley, I appreciate the effort man!

This is way closer to what I wanted out of he new movie, but dude the production is just so cheap feeling.

Please invest in some sound engineering, the audio is just terrible on these.

I wish I could love this series, it’s got some first rate digital graphics, but the acting is so bad & the live sound is inaudible.

I tried, i really did. But it’s just so lame.

PS- Deltans have no hair, buy that chick a bald cap.

22. RobertMfromLI - April 21, 2010


(1) Did you read the part that said:

[Note: Audio is not the final mix]

(2) The Deltan hair comment… well, Jon Povill kinda thought that nothing prevented them from having hair… and… well Jon Povill is one of the few true experts on the topic… ya know… considering he helped create the race and all for TMP…

I’d take his opinion (if you can call it that) on that topic over yours… sorry about that.

Rob from Phase 2

23. James Cawley - April 21, 2010

Perhaps,you should read the caption above that says “sound not final”
And Deltan’s can wear wigs…lol.

24. LordCheeseCakeBreath - April 21, 2010

I love the fact that REAL STAR TREK (at least for purists) exists!

ALL HAIL New Voyages! I love it!

25. ryanhuyton - April 21, 2010

Great stuff. Really looking forward to “Enemy: Starfleet” and the other episodes. Awesome that they have brought in Arex.

26. Josh - April 21, 2010

Wow…Cawley is stepping up his game….awesome work. Any updates from the other fan series like hidden frontier…etc.

27. MorbidGorn - April 21, 2010

Arex looks seriously awesome. Very impressive.

28. wjteegarden - April 21, 2010

21. Please invest in some sound engineering, the audio is just terrible on these.

No problem; just cut Mr. Cawley a check for $100k, sign up for June and come on up. I’m SURE your obvious audio expertise would be of great use!

Oh… no $$$? Wow, too bad dude. In that case, button it and watch!
Fans we love, trolls we got WAY too many of….

29. Dr. Cheis - April 21, 2010

Regarding Deltan hair, I think you’d be better off making them bald for Phase II. Since we’ve only ever seen one of them, the baldness is what we recognize. Also Persis Khambatta had to shave her head for the roll, so it’s kind of like saying the new actor didn’t want to be bothered with doing it ;)

As I said with Arex though, I could easily accept a Deltan with hair. There’s nothing saying Illia was from a haired species who just decided to shave her head.

30. Dr. Cheis - April 21, 2010

Meant to say: “Nothing preventing you from saying”

31. Hugh Hoyland - April 21, 2010

James, you obviously observe the animated series as “cannon”. Now do you plan on doing the Phase Two series after this series is completed? (I believe there is quite a bit of material that still exist dealing with that project)

32. Jim Cude - April 21, 2010

James- did Gil Gerard have booze on his breath? Sounds pretty woozy…

33. ryanhuyton - April 21, 2010

It is quite evident that James Cawley and crew know what they are doing.
Their production values are top notch and anyone who nitpicks their work might as well just avoid this altogether and let everyone else enjoy it.

Aside from the acting(which I rate as good), James Cawley’s production has rivalled official productions, including the new movie.

I just wish that James and CBS can come to some sort of agreement to release his stuff on dvd. I realize there are numerous legal barriers, but maybe the profits can go to charity. “Star Trek: Phase II” shouldn’t be seen on a computer screen. It needs to be seen on a widescreen television. :-)

34. NX-17000 - April 21, 2010

This looks great. Cant wait for the final version

35. Kweeg - April 21, 2010

Well done again James, and crew! Looking forward to them and more episodes!


36. RobertMfromLI - April 21, 2010

32. Jim Cude:

It was a very late night, on a very hot set… and Gil and Andy had very little time to prepare.

37. MikeTen - April 21, 2010

Mr. Cawley,
Some of us wish we could do as good a job as you do with the budget you have to work with. As far as I know you don’t have the money Parmount or CBS has to do state of the art effects.
It’s too bad you can’t work something out with CBS on releasing DVD’s, I’m not really into watching internet shows especially with my hit or miss Verizon DSL
Once again Mr. Crawley thank you for your efforts and I would also like to say that before people start complaining about the quality of your work let’s see what they can do first with what you have to work with.

38. Allen Williams - April 21, 2010

something about the movements of the ships doesn’t seem natural in the first clip. I do love the way the camera pans up on the klingon in the first clip reminiscent of star trek 6.

39. bill hiro - April 21, 2010

Arex! Amazing!

40. bill hiro - April 21, 2010

And I thought Gil was great. Plus COMMODORE PROBERT! After 30 years, he’s on screen!

41. RAMA - April 21, 2010

Neat stuff…taking it up a notch.

42. Future Guy - April 21, 2010

Awesome! Phase II just gets better and better.

43. Desstruxion - April 21, 2010

Cawley needs to work out some deal where he can put his series on dvd sort of like the crew of that awful “Of God’s and Men” movie did. We could buy autograph pics or posters and get the dvd’s for “free”. Would love to have those in my collection.

44. Korax Lives! - April 21, 2010

Hey, dudes! Why does Bones have his arms go back and forth between having them folded over his chest and having them at his side? And why is the sound so bad? I mean, I see that its just temporrary sound, but why are you guys releasing clips with temporarry sound in the first place? Why not just wait until the sound is done? What’s the point? To show us how good it might become eventually? Or to show us how bad it still is?

45. 24th Century Rockstar - April 21, 2010

Not a bad job on Arex – go Phase II makeup artists!


46. Drake1701 - April 21, 2010

All look good- looking forward to ’em!

47. Pony Horton - April 21, 2010

To Jim Cude… not only was Gil Gerard TOTALLY SOBER when we shot that Transporter Room scene, I also have to tell you that he went out of his way to be friendly, helpful, and cheerful when most of us could barely keep our heads up.

It’s easy to heckle from the sidelines. It’s also really boorish.

48. Michael Hall - April 21, 2010


The Phase II site has downloadable DVD versions of several of the episodes, including menus and case artwork. Just burn them to DVD and you can watch them on TV to your heart’s content. (There are also a number of very inexpensive programs that will convert standard MPEG and Quicktime files to DVD format.)

Forget the Abrams film, brought to us courtesy of a too-cool-for-school “Supreme Court” that promised to respect the source material but took a wrong turn at a Van Nuys brewery, ultimately producing a summer thrill ride that gave us many of the trappings of Trek with little of the soul or substance. Cawley’s effort, by contrast, is the real deal: a labor of love made by fans for the fans. However imperfect these episodes are (and I found some of the editing in the “Kitumba” clip pretty questionable), the fact remains that “World Enough and Time,” and to a lesser extent “Blood and Fire,” were by far the best things to bear the Star Trek label in at least the last decade. If Gene Roddenberry was wrong and there is some kind of an afterlife, I’d bet that he’s a lot more intrigued by the doings in an abandoned factory in upstate New York than those on the Paramount lot.

49. buddykarl - April 21, 2010

I may have been mistaken, but weren’t they working towards the refit of the Enterprise to make it look like the design from the Phase II that never happened and ended up being tweaked slightly for TMP? Either way, really looking forward to the episodes being released this year.

50. James Cawley - April 21, 2010

44- this is from my work print,and many adjustments to the edit for continuity must be made. This was given just to share with all of you, and in fact provides a look at just how much work we do. We actually accomplish a small miracle each time we make one of these.

51. RobertMfromLI - April 21, 2010

49: There are a lot more surprises coming…

52. ryanhuyton - April 21, 2010


They did do a “semi-refit”, but scrapped it after people wanted them to stick with the original. The new movie had a new design so James decided that the “true” original is what people wanted.

53. Jeyl - April 21, 2010

In a 150 million dollar movie, it gives us an all human cast with aliens being used just as background fodder and lame attempts at sight gags.

For a group of people who love Star Trek with next to no budget creates an alien character and gives him not only a voice, but a role.

150 million dollars. Where the heck did it go?

54. WannaBeatle - April 21, 2010

Phase II keeps on getting better and better all the time.

Plus, I love seeing Andy Probert anyway. My mother had met him while working on Farpoint back sometime ago and he autographed a sketch of Enterprise D for me (still have it, too-ya can find it on my MySpace and Facebook pages)

55. richpit - April 21, 2010

Good stuff. I can’t wait to watch the full episodes.

56. Kenneth Thomson Jr. - April 21, 2010


Thanks for sharing this! Having been there from day one of “Kitumba” and being there the final night for this scene and working with all of you for two weeks, I can honestly say that this was the best shoot I’ve ever had a chance to be part of and it was a dream come true for me. It is easy to criticize from the sidelines, but seeing the work put into it, and the heart of everyone who busted their tails to make this happen just for this one episode, I can’t imagine anyone being able to do better. It was very cool to see the entire process from start to finish, and I thank you sincerely for letting me be part of it.


Ken Thomson

57. The Original Spock's Brain - April 21, 2010

James, thanks for bringing back Arex! Awesome!

58. trekreturns - April 21, 2010

I applaud any effort to bring forth a classic trek environment into todays media. I can only dream of being in a phase II segment, since I live in rural Ohio…not much happening around here for Trek fans..that I know of.

59. Hugh Hoyland - April 21, 2010

Theres a time line problem here, Im not trying to grip, but from what I understand these are the stories from the last two years of the five year misssion. Phase Two happens several years after that. Is that not true or am I mistaken?

60. cw - April 21, 2010

I think all this shit is AWESOME! I am huge fan of Phase II and think Cawley is a genius.
I was in the Universal Studios Star Trek movie thing they used to do (make a movie in front of the audience and edit and sell it to them) and I got to play a Klingon, it was a hell of alot harder to NOT look at the camera than you may think (for all you haters out there)
James, if you need a red shirt……..

61. Philip Dunlop - April 21, 2010

This all looks great. Especially Kitumba. I had a book of lost Phase II scripts (the name of which escapes me) and the script for Kitumba was included in it. One quibble: Scotty’s accent is just awful. Like, really, horribly, cringe-inducingly off the mark by a long way. James Doohan’s Scotty made me uneasy by his inaccuracy and stereotypical Scottish sayings from time to time (and as he got older, his accent got further off the mark), but the chap in Phase II here might as well just speak with an American accent.

Looking forward to seeing Arex in action. Interesting idea to bring him over from the Animated Series! A brave move but it’s one I’m sure the fans will take to like a duck to water if it’s done right.

62. ryanhuyton - April 21, 2010

I wonder if James would consider bringing aboard M’Ress?

63. Erik Parrent - April 21, 2010

Mr. Cawley – I love the work you guys do. Please keep it up. Arex looks awesome!

64. BadJokeman - April 21, 2010

This is cool and fun and all, but my question is this: Do these people have to walk around in their normal day-to-day lives with triangle sideburns?

65. DJT - April 21, 2010

A lot of good ideas coming from these guys.

66. Matt Wright - April 21, 2010

Likeing the Arex :) Also looking forward to the new episodes!

67. Glenn E. Smith - April 21, 2010

Hugh Hoyland, our show continues the original 5 year mission.

68. robert - April 21, 2010

such good stuff! such a tease! Congrats James & Co. Thanks for sharing!

69. TrekFever - April 21, 2010

Cool! That’s the same Ken Thomson who worked on Richard Hatch’s Battlestar trailer!!

70. RobertMfromLI - April 21, 2010

64: No. We dont. :-)

71. dwnicolo - April 21, 2010

Thanks James for bringing us this update. Keep on keeping on!

72. Hugh Hoyland - April 21, 2010

Glenn, ok I have no problem with that and thank you that it does. Im just curious is all lol. Im just aware that Phase Two happened after the 5 year mission was completed is all. Feel free to contact me if you want, I want to help the program anyway I can.

73. VERG - April 21, 2010

I’m pretty sure that’s the chancellor gorkon costume from ST: VI from the “It’s a Wrap” Auctions a while back. That only makes it that much sweeter. ;) Nice going James.

You still hate my guts?

74. Capes - April 21, 2010

A few points ……

1) The criticisms here are made by pinheads. I mean really, who here could do better based on available funding? This. is. cool. End of discussion.

2) Scotty’s accent…….get over it.

3) Ilia’s hair……..Shatner’s hair……..Cawley’s hair……..really? Who cares?

4)Two suggestions…..suspension of disbelief, and flexibility for creative interpretation……..basic tenants of science fiction. Enjoy the journey, and appreciate the effort people!

James, I hope you come to Dragoncon again. Would love to meet you. Keep it up! Thanks.

75. Imrahil - April 21, 2010

Lookin’ great guys!

76. Sebastian - April 21, 2010

I love this series; the fourth season TOS never got!

Thanks to James Cawley and company for keeping the dream alive. While I love JJ Abrams take on Trek, I think Phase II is how the ‘prime timeline’ of the original series should’ve (*ahem*) logically continued.

Nice to see Gil Gerard in action, too. I met him at Comic Con last year and he is just great; wicked sense of humor, too.
“Put down your cards and your backgammon boards, Lucky Buck is back!”
; ]

77. Chasco - April 21, 2010

What I love about these productions is that they are so true to the original characters. The lines, the actions, the reactions are a perfect fit, and it’s easy to imagine the words being said by the original cast (much more so than some of the lines in the recent movie).
Fantastic to see Arex being beamed aboard, and even better that there’s a Doohan providing his voice.
Please keep up this great work.

78. MC1 Doug - April 22, 2010

Arex looks great, although according to Mr. Cawley (on his Facebook page), they have decided to eliminate Arex’s third apendage.

The looks they have come up with is awesome and incredibly lifelike, but I disagree with the decision to ‘humanize’ Arex’s appearance… I always thought the whole reason he was a tripodal being on the animated series was to firmly establish there were aliens out there in Star Fleet who differed from us us bipodal humanoids.

Having Chris Doohan provide the voice was a VERY nice touch too.

Just my .02!

79. Pro-Khan-Sel - April 22, 2010

As far as the klingon, I would rather see a traditional TOS looking klingon, with military decorations of course.

Spock is more convincing this time around, His reactions were spot on. and nice job with the ending music along with kirk’s reaction. Pure classic trek!

as far as Gil? Welcome aboard!!

Arex, If h is done right and becomes popular, maybe we will see him in Trek 2012!!

80. Pro-Khan-Sel - April 22, 2010

On the second video, from :46 to :50 Continuity error, Mcoy’s arms are folded for the closeup and at his sides for the wide shot.

81. Kevin From Akron - April 22, 2010

James keep up the great work!! As for the criticisms, some people have to much time on their hands!!

82. KingDaniel - April 22, 2010

A *huge* thank you to everyone involved in Phase II for fulfilling my dream of getting to see a live-action Mr Arex. Very much appreciated and I’m looking forward to it and seeing him in the flesh! Thank you!!

Here’s hoping Arex gets to be in Star Trek XII as well!

83. Hat Rick - April 22, 2010

To the Phase II crew: Good job!

84. P Technobabble - April 22, 2010

James and Co., you guys certainly do perform miracles. The work going on at Phase II is, by far, better than some of the stuff churned out of major studios who spend lots of $$$, and whose primary motivation is to make lots of $$$. Since you are not making any money doing this, it is obvious that your primary motivation is a love for Star Trek, and imagination and creativity get to rule. I know lots of people would like to see CBS get involved with you (and I’m sure their money would make things easier for you). But I’d say stay away from the uncreative suits. They’d only end up spoiling your work, IMO.
And as for those who keep putting Phase II and the Supreme Court up against each other, I’d say look at how much Star Trek is out there: books, comics, fan-made, feature films… there’s plenty of room in the universe for ALL THINGS Star Trek, and that’s what makes it all so interesting.
Awesome job, steady as she goes!

85. Admiral Bill Cartwright - April 22, 2010

I think this fan series is the alien trash of the galaxy. The whole Peter Kirk is gay thing was ridiculous. This show is for people who cant seem to get Star Trek out of their systems for a day. I don’t like it. If I were Paramount I would send out cease and desist orders. I am a dissenter. I dont like it. It’s fanboy wetdreams pure and simple. To say that its better than what the studios church out. Give me a break.

86. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

#73- No it is not the original costume. It is a replica built for us by John Paladin a fan who also did the Klingon makeup in the episode. A terrific and very funny guy!

#85- As the guy behind the project, YUP! it’s my childhood fan boy wet dream come true. It is a show for people who can’t get Star Trek out of there system for even a day, Yes that’s right, I love it that much! I am one of those people that fought for it to come back in the late 70’s by writing letters as a kid. I have watched every hour of it on TV since it’s return in 1987, I have waited in line countless times on each opening day for each successive new film including the NEWEST!
And Yes I choose to spend my spare time creatively supporting this wonderful franchise that I have loved as long as I remember!
So lighten up, life is way too short….

87. James Rye - April 22, 2010


wasn’t that impressed with the first couple of ‘New Voyages’ episodes, but this looks like a big step forward. Love the new FX, always loved the music, in all of the episodes so far.

Wish there was a way that it could become more ‘official’. Massive respect for what you guys are trying to do. Acting is very hard though and I guess you cant afford ‘professionals’ which is a shame. Walter Koening really raised his episode to something amazing – surely the best New Voyage yet.

Good Luck with the future.


88. Philip Dunlop - April 22, 2010

85: The script for a gay character in Blood & Fire was another one of the lost scripts that I referred to in the book above. The character may not have originally been anything to do with the Kirk family, but the fact remains, there was a gay character written into Star Trek a decade before The Next Generation decided to shy away from that particular elephant in the room (while, meanwhile, shows like M*A*S*H* were tackling the subject – albeit in a way that was right for it’s time – without any great fanfare).

81: How do you think the people making Phase II can improve what they’re doing without criticism? I love what they’re doing, but there are some serious things that, if improved, would make these shows just perfect. I’m not offering criticism to be nasty. I’m offering it in the hope that it can make the show a better one if someone might listen to it. Which is why I think it’s important to also praise the things that are done right. Being a creative myself (graphic design and photography), I would never improve if people didn’t critique my work. Sometimes it’s difficult to take. Sometimes you take it personally. But every time it goes a way to improving your craft.

89. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

Constructive criticism from fellow fans is always appreciated!
Trolling, flaming, and outright bashing no one has any time for.

The one thing our fellow Trekkers sometimes lose is perspective.
What we do is the 21st century equal to the old fanzines, albeit in video form!
Our episodes allow fans both PRO and AMATEUR to work together, to share the experience of Star Trek, and what it is like to actually be a part of a working set, A dream many fans share.
We are a kind of Star Trek Summer Camp and the class project is to make an episode. The fact that so many Love what we do enough to both watch and comment is an amazing reward!
Certainly I think CBS is missing a big opportunity by not getting involved in some form, but who knows what the future may bring.
The bottom line here is the Fun of the shared experience of Star Trek.

90. Scott B. here. - April 22, 2010

There’s more Star Trek in this ragtag production team than a Hollywood studio full of big-budget “Trek” blockbusters. My hat is off to Cawley and Crew for living their dream. I totally get what you’re doing. You guys inspire me.

Scott B. out.

91. MikeInNH - April 22, 2010

James – great job on the gape after seeing who just beamed aboard at the end of the Kitumba sneak peek. Just a perfect look on your face. And I know it’s not easy to sustain a close-up.

92. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

Hey Mr Cawley. I have to ask. Do you have any plans for doing anything with the Terran Empire. I love all that you have done so far and have seen all your Eps at least a half dozen times a peice. Keep up the good work.

93. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

I am a student of 79 episodes and 6 feature films, so forgive me but I do not know what the “Terran Empire” is. Did this come from a novel or comic?

94. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

Wow. From the Tos Episode Mirror Mirror. The one where Kirk,Scotty,Dr.Mccoy and Uhurah were transporting up and switched with there Mirror Universe Counterparts. That is the Epp where Actress Barbara Luna guest stared on Tos Trek. Come On Mr Cawley you havt to be pulling my leg on this.

95. Crusade2267 - April 22, 2010

Very nice.

One of the “Enemy Starfleet” ships looks like it came from the new movie. Intentional?

96. Oz - April 22, 2010

Other than being an admirer, I am not affiliated with Phase II in any way. Yet I find myself taking great offense at the occasional mean-spirited comments that always pop up. Some people just don’t get it. Cawley IS pulling off a miracle here, and it can’t be easy.

Anyhow, I send you great waves of respect from the nations heartland James & crew. Keep up the great work!

97. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

94- Sorry Mike, I don’t recall it being referred to as “The Terran Empire” in the episode at all. I only remember then referring to it as “The Empire” hence my confusion. And no, no plans to do sequels to any old episodes at this time.

98. falcon - April 22, 2010

James, Rob, Pony, and any other Phase II staffers who frequent this site:

Awesome job, as usual! You guys continually raise the bar on “fan” productions. I would equate the quality of your efforts to network TV-level – in fact, I’ve seen worse stuff on TV (both from a technical and storytelling standpoint).

If your efforts were not based on Paramount’s premiere cash cow, I’d recommend you submit your work to any one of several hundred film festivals…in fact, perhaps you should, even in spite of the tie to Trek.

I have a number of technical questions that I’ll probably raise on the Phase II forums, but one that I’d like to trot out here: Have you guys considered using the new Canon EOS 5D DSLR camera? We’ve used it on a couple of shoots, and the footage is (in a word) fantastic! Small, lightweight (it is, after all, a still camera) and very light-sensitive – you could do some great things with the Jerry Finnerman-style lighting to make it more “real,” if you will – and the choice of lenses is vast. (Imagine a wide-angle shot of the bridge from the perspective of the viewscreen.) The up-side is, it’s cheap to rent (from our suppliers, about $150 a day) and it fits in well with any file-based non-linear editing solution. This would make Phase II stand head and shoulders above any other fan-produced series, and put it even above many network shows in terms of production value.

(And no, I’m not a Canon shill. But I do enjoy seeing new things in the industry.)

99. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

That’s ok. Mr Cawley. I did not word it properly. It was called that in the Enterprise Eps In a Mirror Darkly and I think it was refered to in Mirror Mirror. Love your show and think you guys are doing a fantastic job.

100. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

We shot “Kitumba” with a Red One camera, and we mostly use a Sony HD cam, I forget which model. No plans to switch at this time.

101. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

99 – Mike, Thanks! If it was called that in Enterprise, I totally get it, I just never cataloged it! I only seem to remember that in TOS it was called “The Empire”.
I will have to re watch the Enteprise episode, which I enjoyed a great deal.

102. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

No problem sir. Oh. I may have missed it. When you do the Origins show will you show the U.S.S Kelvin from the Prime Timeline.

103. Glenn E. Smith - April 22, 2010

Hugh Hoyland, no problem. Just wanted to help clear it up for you. I think you’re right about the original 70’s Phase-II being set after the 5 year mission. However, our show started as “ST: New Voyages” to continue the 5 year mission. Later James decided to start transitioning toward TMP, and doing that via a version of Phase-II seemed the most…uh…logical way to do it.

If you’re interested in helping, keep your eyes on our website. We run open crew calls from time to time. Also, when sudden needs come up we usually announce them in our forum and provide instructions on how people can help if they are able and choose to do so.

104. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

102- Mike, you never know!

105. Tobias Richter - April 22, 2010

Glad you all like Arex! This is the creation of one of the artists in my Team – and he did a great job! But there is still a long way to go to breathe “life” into it.

106. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010


Don’t forget: it’s the *Nebula Award-nominated* “alien trash of the galaxy.” It’s the *Hugo Award-nominated* “fanboy wetdream.”

107. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

Hey come on MR Cawley. Throw us a bone!!!. Oh ok. I understand you have to keep certen things quiet. Anyway thank you for coming on here and chatting with us. Always a pleasure hearing your comments and talking to us crazy fans.

108. 05Ric - April 22, 2010

Well done James, I am a fan!!

109. Dave in RI - April 22, 2010

I believe the Terran Empire was the alternate Federation for the episode “Mirror, Mirror”.

110. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

#109. You are correct. The Terran Empire is the Alternate version to the Federation. In fact in the Enterprise Ep In a Mirror Darkly it was called the Terran Empire years before the Federation was formed. I read an Article that had Enterprise continued they would have done more Eps with the Mirror Universe to Enterprise.

111. Rich - April 22, 2010

I’m convinced that if I were halfway done building a boat and shared my progress with others, there would always be a few who would say “well it looks good but it’s not finished. You should probably put some paint on that thing.”

Despite the disclaimers in the article, the are still a few that seemed to have missed the part about it NOT BEING A FINAL PRODUCT!


112. montreal paul - April 22, 2010

the clips and effects look great. Looking forward to seeing the episodes. My only complaint.. the guy playing McCoy is horrible.

113. Allen Williams - April 22, 2010

I think it would be cool to see M’Ress. I always liked her, but if she was real I would probably be allergic to her.

114. JWWright - April 22, 2010

RIP Michael Pataki!

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” …. Karnas (1 episode, 1988)
… aka “Star Trek: TNG” – USA (promotional abbreviation)
– Too Short a Season (1988) TV episode …. Karnas

115. Lore - April 22, 2010

Is Trek breaking ground once again? Will major networks become unviable business models in the coming years? Will less expensively produced shows (made exclusively for the internet) like this one become basic home entertainment in the future? Time will tell.

116. Lore - April 22, 2010

#53 “150 million dollars, where did it go”?

2 Words answer that question.

Union Labor

117. Dr. Image - April 22, 2010

Congrats again James. Love your attention to detail.
Great to see Andy and Gil in there too.
Arex? Wow!
Kitumba should prove to be awesome.
And- ah- I noticed the TMP-style beaming effect creeping in!

118. Patty W - April 22, 2010

#59 Hugh –

The “Phase II” name is not meant to imply we are the series from the 70’s, but that we’ve melded the Phase II changes and timeline into what would have been the end of TOS.

as stated on our website….

Continuing the fourth and fifth seasons of the original series, we film the untold stories of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and his crew with the intention of filling in the missing years of the original five year mission, and bridging the gap to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

119. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

I’d like to address Falcon’s post about using the Canon 5D camera. I’m not only an actor, I’m a cinematographer/editor and stills man myself. I use Canon products almost exclusively. Having done and seen tests between the RED camera and the Canon 5d, the RED wins every time.
The reason?

RED cameras are made for shooting MOTION PICTURES, while the Canon DSLR is, simply, NOT made to do that, at least not well. During any kind of rpid camera movement or subject movement, you get HORRIBLE “rolling shutter” effects, which make the picture look like rubber. It comes from the fact that the DSLR’s, like their film counterparts, use a kind of “curtain shutter” that exposes the frame from top to bottom or side-to-side, rather than in a single burst, like the RED or other cinema cameras.
Second, the DSLR’s only put out 1920X1080 images, which is OK as far as HiDef goes, but the RED 4K and 5K images can easily be blown up to full theatrical or even IMAX with very little loss. HiDef won’t do that very well. The moving images from the DSLR’s are nice for talking head interviews, or rather sedate scenery shots, but hard-and-fast action (like when the ship gets hit with Klingon disruptors and everyone flies from their seats) doesn’t record at all well due to the rolling shutter.

Footage from BOTH types of cameras (RED and DSLR’s) must be “transcoded” before it can be read by Final Cut Pro or another editing system, which can be very time-consuming. And the sensor sizes of the RED cameras allow you to use large lenses, and even in some cases old 35mm SLR and cinema lenses, so the modular design is still there, which is very useful.

As a pro film maker and photographer myself (I don’t JUST play K’Sia and do Transporters, ya know!) I must say, RED is going to be the Panavision of the future. Without the multi-million dollar price tag. Unless they’re re-vamped, DSLR’s won’t be able to gain a foothold for shooting movies.

120. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2010



Any live animation of Arex we might see right now? Real curious. And are you having someone do a voice akin to what Doohan did for the cartoon? That would be fun…and a nice nod. Real curious about that too.

121. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010


“Arex will be voiced by Chris Doohan (stepping in for his dad James Doohan who originally voiced Arex for TAS).”

122. Patty W - April 22, 2010

For anyone who’d like to join us and help make Star Trek in June, here’s the link to let us know!


123. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

Sorry, there will be no animation of AREX released until the actual episode is ready. Tobias and his team are working their butts off. We willbe keeping any footage of the character under wraps.

124. I'm dead Jim - April 22, 2010

Wow, Arex looks great! Before I actually read the article (which apparently several people here don’t do) I thought Arex was makeup. Excellent, Tobias!

Keep up the good work Cawley & Co.!

125. Holger - April 22, 2010

Great news! Great pictures!

126. Losira - April 22, 2010

I’m seeing some wonderful things going here. The enterance of. Arex! Which tells me that star trek TAS has realy got back its place in trek lore. And recignized. As coming into annon so to speak. I’m so gratified to see this. Now as others have said let’s bring on M’ress. And I will see TAS. Realy getting respect. Perhaps as cauley. Goes on to make more fan films as well as oothers. Licecing and a evan a cable netwark will come for all to strut their trek stuff .

127. Kev -1 - April 22, 2010

Nice work. Hope you do “Deadlock”, too.

128. jas_montreal - April 22, 2010

Its really nice to see small production material out there. I just love it. Good Stuff !

129. Losira - April 22, 2010

There is a lot of talent out there. Untapped. Fanfilms like Farragut, Exeter and hidden frontier to mention a few and many foriegn made trek as well. Great work to all of you. Cauley too! Holly wood does not hold the center stage.

130. Bucky - April 22, 2010

Is Kirk in Origins a Force Ghost?

“Finnegan. You must go to the Dagobah system.”

131. Eli - April 22, 2010

The cgi and the effects used on the bridge look great. kudos.

James Cawley, have you thought about just dyeing your hair blond or lighter brown to match Kirks? The more stuff I see of yours, the more it’s the difference in hair color that breaks the suspension of disbelief for me as your portrayal of the character has become markedly better. Just a thought I had.

132. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

My hair is actually blondish/brown naturally. I have to dye it black for my job.

133. GSchnitzer - April 22, 2010

James’ hair *is* blond. He needs to keep it dyed black for his performances as part of his regular “day job”–which often coincide with a Phase II shoot.

I think people can and do get used to the different look–just as Sean Connory, Roger Moore, and Daniel Craig (“and the rest”) all have different hair color for the part of 007.

134. GSchnitzer - April 22, 2010

Hey, Boss. You beat me to it.

It’s always about the hair, isn’t it?

135. I am not Herbert - April 22, 2010



136. J_irwin56 - April 22, 2010


Where do you get the money for all this cool stuff? You’re doing a great job!

137. RenderedToast - April 22, 2010

I’m surprised no one noticed, but either Ilia and Decker states very specifically in TMP that Deltans have no hair – it was done in a very knowing “you know what that means guys” type way, but it was still said on screen.

I find it funny that the people crying about the new movie violating canon just overlook this because it’s in a version of Trek they’re happier with (ie. one that seeks only to replicate than refresh).

138. RobertMfromLI - April 22, 2010

98. falcon

We’ve used the Sony EX-1, which is a wonderful camera. As for the still cam, though it too is a wonderful camera, and our DP is very happy with the output it creates, we dont have the infrastructure to handle it. All of our production decisions need to reflect the resources and capabilities of every team, so, in this case, the Canon is not best suited to our shooting schedule and post-production team’s capabilities (ie: manpower and time – not skill, which our sound engineer and editor have in abundance).

139. RobertMfromLI - April 22, 2010

111: Rich (re: not complete)

Yes indeed!!! And the irony is at the same time, we get a plethora of requests to see what we’ve got, to see unfinished portions so they can see all the work that goes into things and so on. Guess we cant make everyone happy on this no matter which road we take. ;-)

I for one, love seeing how the dark studio we walk into on Day Zero (when the core crew arrives) turns into a bustling workplace, cranks out footage and then all that work comes back from the post production teams as a finished episode. Of course, it also gives me a tremendous appreciation for what’s involved in producing one of these episodes.

140. Philip Dunlop - April 22, 2010

119 – Interesting insight into the dSLR vs. RED technical differences. Thanks for that! I’ve been noticing on various places around the internet (including a piece on jalopnik.com about a BMW ad shoot) using dSLR cameras for various broadcast-quality purposes. But your explanation of the different shutter architecture makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, this difference will never be overcome, as to change how a shutter works on any kind of SLR camera would mean it was no longer an SLR. I wonder if Leica’s digital rangefinder cameras can record hi-def film, as that should negate the “curtain aperture” effect. Unfortunately, it would also do away with the many types of lenses available for your common-or-garden SLR, and come in at a much heftier price simply for having “Leica” written on the chassis.

141. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

#137- How do you know that our Deltan does not prefer to wear a wig?
Everyone has their own style and preferences, even Deltan’s! lol.

#134- Greg My Brother, It is always about the hair!

142. RenderedToast - April 22, 2010

#141 (or just James),

Perhaps your Deltan does indeed wear a wig. My point was not that you were wrong to have a Deltan with hair, just that it seemed a lot of the earlier comments were very quick to defend what is in actuality a canonical error when these same people will pick apart the new Trek revamp for similar inconsistancies, even when they have a better excuse to not follow canon to the letter!

My own opinion, not that it’s very considered, is that the way the Deltans were introduced in TMP suggested a religious or similarly devout people – I think the lack of hair and the fact they didn’t cover it up was central to the character AND the species, as was her vow of celibacy. I didn’t get the feeling that it was just Ilia that was like that, but the entire species. To have a Deltan wearing a wig is a little like that Deltan is ashamed of its lack of hair. This can of course be the case, since it’s set before TMP and perhaps Starfleet don’t know much about them (am I correct in thinking we never saw a Deltan again after the first movie?). Just my thoughts.

143. GSchnitzer - April 22, 2010

I think that we’ll find that the Deltan Isel in “The Child” is a bit more self-conscious about her Deltan differences than Lieutenant Ilia “will be.” Isel has been known to wear wigs. And it’s not just a comfort level for her; it’s to provide a comfort level to the humans she has to interract with, too. Being a Deltan among all the humans (and one of the first) can be a bit of a distraction; I think she’s trying to downplay her Deltan-ness. I think by the end of the episode, we may find that she’s less self-conscious about it all and is more comfortable being who she is. But we’ll have to see how our episode finally resolves–and how it’s different from the TNG version of “The Child.”

144. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - April 22, 2010

I will say Mr Cawley. Your hair looks better the the Shats.

145. Desstruxion - April 22, 2010

Mr. Cawley , forgive me if this has already been addressed, but have you ever considered doing another spinoff series that takes place on another starship during TOS? Maybe on a Daedalus or smaller class of starship. Or maybe an Earth/Romulan war mini series. I’ve always been curious to know what else was going on during these times. It would be interesting to see it from your perspective.

146. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

142- I had to adhere to canon as much as possible and also I could not expect a non paying volunteer to shave her head. So we had to write around the issue, and do our level best to maintain canon.

147. RenderedToast - April 22, 2010

146 – Yup, of course there are real world reasons for it and you have to justify it via story. This is the same thing that the real franchise did (Trials & Tribblations, Enterprise Season 4 etc). I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this at all.

148. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

145- No I have never considered it. To me, STAR TREK is about the voyages of The Enterprise. I always knew that if I did this, I had to have the balls to tackle Kirk and co. I still believe and I always will.. that I made the right decision.

149. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

147- Absolutely. And Thanks for being so cool and sharing good conversation.

150. Desstruxion - April 22, 2010

Well I hope you decide too one day. I think you’d do it justice. I’ve enjoyed the work so far.

On a side note, the “back engineered” ships in the clip are quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing more.

151. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

To #140, Philip – Actually, I don’t see any reason why the shutter properties on a DSLR could not be made to emulate an iris-shutter or progressive scan imager. After all, it’s not an actual shutter (after the mirror flips up, that is) it’s a chip, and as such, there could be a software or firmware patch that could solve the rolling shutter configuration. It would STILL be a DSLR, because the Reflex properties have nothing to do with the shutter. Reflex in the case of an SLR camera mean you view through the same lens that images the film. There are tons of SLR’s that use iris shutters, such as Hassleblads, Mamiya’s, etc.

If they did that, the rolling shutter problem would be solved. Too bad they don’t just build them with RED Mysterium sensors. Then we’d have the best of both worlds.

152. Trekboi - April 22, 2010

looks great i want them released on a propper dvd release one day

153. James Heaney - April 22, 2010


154. Losira - April 22, 2010

Mr. Cauley has a platterful of fish as it is with Buck Rogers and new voyages. It would be great to see his vision of life from other ships however we are lucky to see what Mr. Cauley is doing now! Keep it coming! But you know down the road Mike is right a mirror-verse story would be fantastic. And just for the record in TOS season 3 Kirk’s hair was dark brown. Also no mention was made that all Deltans are bald or have hair we just saw Ilya. Little was said about customs. So james. Don’t worry keep trekkin and for all your wonder works and your labor of love which I feel in watching these wonderful fan works.

155. Lore - April 22, 2010

Sorry to be off topic, but for those of us who have been grieving the retirement of the space shuttle fleet, the US Air Force is launching its unmanned spaceplane (X-37B) which is essentially an unmanned second generation of the shuttle. It will take classified cargo to space, and reenter the atmosphere and land just as the shuttle, but with a pilot doing it by remote control.

156. Dr. Image - April 22, 2010

#151- Right. (I’m a pro photog.) The whole DSLR movie thing really IS in it’s infancy, though. I’m amazed that the 5D Mk II is being used on such a serious level. Yeah, it’s cheaper, but when you factor in the cost of accessories to get it up to functionality, you might as well have invested in RED or something more dedicated to the task.
Meanwhile, back at Phase II- I’m going to look into getting involved with you guys. It’s well worth it to keep the dream going!

157. Lt. Bailey - April 22, 2010

Excellant job!!! Well done and well played on all counts. I really enjoy seeing this and it never grows old. Had theTOS series carried on, this is what it would/should look like. My fondest wish is that these can be on DVDs to play on my TV. It great on the computer screen but my TV is a lot larger. That would be the best of both worlds.

Great work James. There are a lot of us behind you to support this. Hope to see you at the CON in Vegas.

158. STTE - April 22, 2010

Holy crap. There sure is a giant response to this posting!

So much effort is put into producing this Phase II fan series… however, what it is SCREAMING for is a proper film-look filer applied to it.

The fact that it is so clearly “video” is very distracting.

If they were to experiment with a Cinelook-type processing final 24p effect to it, it would lend a ton more “gravitas” to the end project.

159. JTK - April 22, 2010

Mr. Cawley, there was a photo in the closing credits of one of your episodes of Kirk in an ST: Enterprise era jumpsuit. Can you give any hints? Please…

Love what you guys are doing @ Phase II

Keep up the good work.


160. Sci-Fi Bri - April 22, 2010

James Cawley does not look like kirk… i can’t really get past that…

161. Daoud - April 22, 2010

FWIW, in Wrath of Khan, Vonda McIntyre wrote that two of Dr. Carol Marcus’ team were Deltans (with hair). I see no place where it was said that *male* Deltan’s couldn’t have hair.

I’ve always rather assumed female Deltans shaved their heads (or used a lot of Neet? :) ) because the combination of killer love pheromones, and a gorgeous head of hair would drive human males to madness.

Sort of a “what if Medusa had just cut her hair off, then what!?!?” :)

162. Patty W - April 22, 2010

#158 – Since we shot both “Enemy: Starfleet” and “The Child” with a professional Sony HD digital camera, and “Kitumba” with the RED ONE digital camera, the very notion that it’s “clearly video” to you is a little confusing….

163. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

#158 – We DO shoot and edit at 24p, and I should know… I’m one of the people who creates the visual effects, as well as being on-set.

The image looks perfectly “film-like,” it’s just a lot SHARPER than any of the TV’s of the 1960’s, or even the 1990’s, could resolve.

Also, this clip is NOT YET finished. When it is done, I’m sure it will look quite different.

164. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010


One of the things I really like about this web series is how the footage doesn’t look like video; it looks just like film. The photography team seems to really know what they’re doing. You can see from the footage the 24p quality and it looks great! I think you can probably see it better on their completed and released episodes more than you can see it on these still-in-production early footage clips. The richness and the depth of the cinema quality in the images especially when viewed in HD is astounding. It’s like you can almost see film grain!

165. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - April 22, 2010

It will be nice to see some phase II

166. Pyroboy - April 22, 2010

What do you think Capt. James T. Kirk should really look like? Shatner? Pine? Or someone else. I think we all would like to know.

167. somethoughts - April 22, 2010

really impressed, looking forward to it!

168. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010

@ 160:

Christian Bale doesn’t really look like Adam West; I can’t really get passed that.

169. Simon - April 22, 2010

My only issue with the series is the sometimes slavish recreation of some of the parts of the show that haven’t aged well and Roddenberry himself changed immediately when designing PHASE II in the mid ’70s:

Sets & control panels

and the reuse of music which was annoying even on the Original Series…note that every episode of TNG had an new score, they even hired 2 composers to handle the workload. I’m sure there are some fan musicians out there with a synthesizer willing to provide some new music.

Finally: Arex looks a bit too…human. Even the cartoon looked more alien. If we’re using CG, lets get crazy. I know the mega-talented Richter is up to it. :-)

170. Dr. Image - April 22, 2010

You know what looks “video?” The early TNG eps. Disturbingly so.
Phase II looks positively cinematic by comparison.
And it pretty much COULD be, given the resolution being used.

People should chill and give credit where due.
After all, we’re gonna get more Trek from PII in the near future than from Abrams!

171. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010


“…the sometimes slavish recreation of some of the parts of the show that haven’t aged well….” I don’t kno: can one be “slavish” only “sometimes?”

For Phase II, I think the exact same costumes were going to be used as in TOS–and they had a few new styles being added. So the costumes weren’t actually changed; they were simply supplemented.

A reminder that by the time of TNG, it was illegal to reuse music (so that composers would stop putting themselves out of work). I think if you want to try to conjure up the sense of the old series, you probably need to use much of the old music. Having an original score for each episode would make it seem like an 80’s or 90’s show. (The reuse of music on TOS was not annoying; it’s one of the most identifiable aspects of the series; it’s the opposite of annoying.)

Can you compose? I’m sure the P2 folks would love to hear your usable music. Want new sets and control panels? Send ’em about $10K. Or were they on their own to try and foot the bill for that?

172. "Check the Circuit!" - April 22, 2010

For all the purists out there….I’ll say it; don’t try to update Arex! He was and always should be a 2-dimensional character. Please don’t try to update TAS. Reboots NEVER work.

But if you must, then stick completely to the source material. His skin shouldn’t look like…skin. It should be flat PMS Orange #328. He needs to have a thick black line around his head and key facial features. And remember….and this is critcal…the only thing that moves on his face are his lips. He doesn’t even blink! So don’t pull any of the CBS Digital crap like they did on our beloved rubbery Gorn. NO BLINKING!

But it’s probably too late. I can sense it! THIS IS A DISASTER!!

April Fools!! :D I kid.

173. CaptainDonovin - April 22, 2010

Have always loved JC’s work, having Arex on is a great move – amazing effects for the budget you have.

I have no problem wigh a Deltan with hair – perhaps it is this officers way of fitting in with the humans or an experiment of this officer to see what it would be like with hair. Haven’t seen the clip or read why this one has hair but so what – looks like a good episode.

174. Balok - April 22, 2010

Mr. Cawley, I’ve been looking forward to seeing the latest work…

175. Simon - April 22, 2010

#171 – “The reuse of music on TOS was not annoying; it’s one of the most identifiable aspects of the series; it’s the opposite of annoying”

Uh, no. It’s one reason a lot of people consider it campy and low budget.

176. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

No, Simon, there’s NOTHING campy and low-budget about re-using the Original Series’ music. Rather, it is an intrinsic part of the TOS experience, and that’s what we’re trying to re-create. This show is NOT SUPPOSED to be anything else, with the exception of using the higher-end visual effects and filming technology that Roddenberry himself would have used if they’d had the technology or the budget back then.

That music is one of the most signature aspects of STAR TREK, and I think it should stay just as it is.

177. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010

“A lot” of people? Well, vague, but plausible enough, I suppose.

I’ll clarify: the music is one of the things that makes TOS endearing to *me* and is one of the things *I* find to be the opposite of annoying.

I’ll stipulate to your “campy and low budget” description of TOS; but I assert that those are reasons for it’s longevity after 40+ years. When stripped of its “campy and low budgetness,” all you’re left with is a crappy JJ Abrams movie. Time will tell if 40 years from now the popular consciousness thinks about Star Trek in terms of TOS or in terms of JJ Abrams’ vision. I’ll put money on the former.

178. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 22, 2010

If Cawley was truly a TOS purist, he would be sticking with TOS material instead of constantly trying to incorporate influences from the movies and TNG with every chance he has.

179. Captain Dunsel - April 22, 2010

No Phase II tribbles yet?

180. Tobias Richter - April 22, 2010

#169: We´ve tested some skin colors, and this is – for the moment – the best of both worlds between the TAS version and a natural skin. It´s still a lot more orange then human.

#172: Good one :)

#173: Budget? We have a budget? James?

181. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010

@ 178:

Please, please, PLEASE! *Show* them how it’s done correctly! What are you going to do, shoot every one of your productions in your Trek-themed bedroom?

182. John Gill - April 22, 2010

Mr. Cawley strikes gold again, this is looking fabulous, thank goodness we have him and his team in this day and age.
About the musical scores and cues being “re-used” from TOS: It makes it real STAR TREK, it gives it that “Original Feel”, I can’t explain it, but using the old cues gives it a deep feeling that stirs emotion.
As for the great Gil Gerard, my goodness, he is catching up with The Shat on that waist line…

183. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

#179- The one thing I LOVE as a Star Trek fan is that all the subsequent films and series did their absolute best to continue on and build the universe and canon that was the classic universe! until this new film, every spin off attempted to continue what was started more than 40 years ago. Details were kept track of, and all those extremely talented people tried to keep continuity from series to series, film to film and they did so amazingly well over 40 years.
If I can somehow use that continuity from the PRIME universe to tell a good story and not intentionally violate canon, I will.

184. MDJackson - April 22, 2010

I am absurdly excited by this.

185. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

Gil was a lot of fun on this set.
He was and is a Television hero of mine, and I am Blessed that he participated in the show.

186. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

Our budget is the amazing talent and good will of all those who participate!
Without the Terrific people I work with Like Greg, Patty, Tobias, Gary, Charles, Jeff and I can go on and on, there would be no series

187. dmduncan - April 22, 2010

Some continuity problems in that clip with McCoy and his crossed/uncrossed/crossed/uncrossed arms.

188. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

#187- read post 50.

189. cd - April 22, 2010

I like the inclusion of Arex! It looks very ‘realistic’. I would prefer it looking a little more like the original Arex (longer snout, no chin, little more pencil necked geek look), but this looks very cool.
As far as using the original music, I don’t think you can do that zoom in on Kirk ANY OTHER WAY! Perfect.
And I think Gil Gerard did a fine job from what I saw. A little low-key, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Good to see him doing well after his health issues.

190. Hugh Hoyland - April 22, 2010

103. Glenn E. Smith – April 22, 2010

Ok Glen, cool deal and it makes sense as well. And I’ll keep an eye on the Phase Two site for sure, keep up the great work!

191. MDJackson - April 22, 2010

Hey! James! I know you’re reading this. Stop being coy!

M,ress… yes or no?

I’d love to see her in the flesh… fur… I mean, you know, not 2 dimensionsl.

Not that I have a thing for cat women or anything. That would be weird… right?

(slinks off, his face turning red)

192. Jasper - April 22, 2010

It’s all looking great! I can’t wait to see it…one thing though…isn’t the “Origins” title already taken by another fan film? Star Trek: Origins? That may be a bit confusing but either way it’s going to be awesome!

I think you should work with the people at Star Trek: Origins on an episode…the “timeline” would be fun to play with!!!

193. Captain Cartwright - April 22, 2010

I apologize for my rather harsh criticism of phas II. May the Great Bird Of The Galaxy forgive me. I will give it a chance before I beat it up. My bad James Cawley. My bad. I tell you what why dont we get some saurion brandy and head down to the orion girl strip club. Hey if you do an Orion girl strip club I will definitely tune in. Again my apologies, You are doing what we all dreamed about doing as kids. Playing Star Trek. Maybe you can get Scott Bakula for a Enterprise themed episode or something.

194. Bill Lutz - April 22, 2010

You guys have to be patient, this is gonna be one of the best things ever done. James has never let the fans down.

195. Frederick, the Trek Scrapbook Guy - April 22, 2010

Oh, man, that new Spock is awesome! The best they have ever had or could have. Almost as good as the new movie.

196. Falvoant - April 22, 2010

when I was on set I asked John Povill about the hair on the deltan
he said “Its not an issue ”
“Not all Deltans are bald”
I said realy…hmmm who Am I to argue with the man who in his head invented the charactor and brought it to life in ST the motion picture …try looking up who John Povill is and tell me you are going to argue with him about the hair on a character he invented….
I said “OK Then …’Good Enough for me”’
and picked up my headphones and went to work


197. nscates - April 22, 2010

@ 98

The Canon 5D does create some lovely pictures, no doubt. But as one who has had to wrestle with it’s shortcoming in edit, I would advise against using it – particularly for longer shots where sync sound is required. The main issue is the 5d runs at true 30 fps, not 29.97 (all North American interlaced formats), so if you are using an external audio recorder (which you really should) you run the risk of drifting audio sync. This plus the weak audio quality and the lack of audio input connectors makes this camera tough to work with. Add to that the fact that the camera doesn’t actually use timecode in any useful sense and you’ve got a post-production nightmare. I shudder every time one of our producers mentions it. If you really want to use a Canon DSLR, use the 7D – at least it shoots 29.97.

Besides, it sounds like James already has a better camera – RED cameras are truely spectacular if you know how to use them and process the files correctly.

198. Brian Holloway - April 22, 2010

Hello to all —

I thought I would chime in about the whole “Deltan hair” debate. As the SFX Make-Up supervisor for many of the episodes (had to bow to the great John Paladin for the Klingons in KITUMBA……and very glad I did; he is simply the BEST), we had many debates on the phone with James and Jon Povill regarding the look of the Deltans. We looked at eye makeup designs, wigs, hair colors, bald caps, etc. Finally, it was Povill himself that staed that Deltans were never stated to be 100% bald. He created them and he would know. I also went to all of the films and subsequent series (TNG, DS9, VOY…) and checked extensively with James and Jon and realised that NOWHERE in official canon does it state that all Delatans are bald. The closest we came was the court scene in ST:IV and the Kitomer sequence in ST:VI where we have bald characters, but nowhere does it state that they are Deltan. With this latitude, we decided that Isel could look how we wanted and to quote James earlier “We cannot ask an unpaid actor to shave her head” and potentailly loose paying jobs back in California because she chose to do a fan series. The idea of using a bald cap was dismissed immediately because it is extremely difficult to make them NOT look like a bald cap, especially when you are filming 10-12 hours a day and over a 10 day shoot. We do what we can, but there are simply some things that James chooses to sacrifice in favor of a much better production and a better overall set atmosphere.

199. Patty W - April 22, 2010

#180 – Tobias, didn’t James tell you? We have a NEGATIVE budget! Please insert your time, talents and money…… and have fun!

200. nscates - April 22, 2010

Ooops, my bad, I just read the part about where you guys shoot in 24p… However, I think they are better off with an EX 1 or a RED camera. DSLR still has a ways to go. I still wonder who in their right mind would create a motion picture camera with no provision for timecode.

201. Simon - April 22, 2010

#198 – “We cannot ask an unpaid actor to shave her head” and potentailly loose paying jobs back in California because she chose to do a fan series.

Loose change? Pay them in dollars (or a check) and they won’t *lose* them! :-)

On the music issue: it’s one thing to use themes, something Goldsmith and Horner did: give a ship or a character a theme, but keep the music specific to the scene or the mood. TOS reused music to save money, it wasn’t a “creative statement” or the like. Gene loved music and with TMP and TNG (when he was in control) it was front and center, fresh and new.

Same thing with the visual effects. He didn’t want to keep reusing the same shots and ships over and over and over and over and over (ad naseum)…

202. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010

Can you please use all your Trek knowledge to make an episode? What you produce would speak far more compellingly than what you could say. I think the amateurs at P2 would benefit from your knowledge of what Gene loved and what he wanted to do.

203. Neumann - April 22, 2010

#44, it’s important to remember that the original Trek had NO continuity errors whatsoever. EVER.

I’m going to second what everyone said about how awesome Arex looks, but please don’t bring in M’Ress… I just feel that every time there’s more attention paid to a new character like that, we’re robbed of time with the original crew. Don’t get me wrong, I like Peter Kirk fine and I dig Xon and whatnot and I’m EXCITED to see who else comes into the mix, but we want to see the classic characters, that’s the FUN of being on the original Enterprise.

What works about Arex is that there tended to be someone different at that panel all the time, today it’s just a non-human. Whatever.

Digging all the previews, but I do hope there are surprises left to the final episode, the kind where you jump back a minute and rewatch because you can’t believe what you just saw (even if it’s just something like that jump in the teaser for E:S)

204. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010

@ 201:

If TOS reused music to save money–even with a budget of $160,000 per episode in 1966 dollars–I can only imagine the degree to which saving money is a motivator for James and his P2 team. It looks like James has a budget of a mere fraction of TOS’s budget. I don’t know how small of a fraction; I think dividing by zero is an illegal operation.

205. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

Larry, regarding your post #202, sorry, but I think you’re assuming far more about Roddenberry than you should. I used to work for one of the optical houses that created numerous effects for the Original Series.

They went to great efforts to maintain a consistent look to the effects between each optical house (Van der Veer, Westhiemer, Film Effects of Hollywood, Pacific Title, etc.), otherwise every week we would have had different phaser beams, different transporters, and different shots of the ship going by.

It wasn’t just expense; it was also done to create a strong sense of CONTINUITY. In the 1960’s, the TV networks and producers were not nearly as adventurous in their approach to series programming as they are now. These days, many shows are shot like a mini-movie, and can sometimes stand alone. Back then in the 1960’s, it was more important to remain CONSISTENT in the minds of the viewers. Hence, re-using familiar shots, visual, and sound (and music) elements. If what you’re saying really held true, there would have been a different theme music opening for every STAR WARS film.

Maintaining thematic consistency is VERY IMPORTANT in the mind of the audience.

206. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

Sorry, I meant to address that last postto SIMON #201, NOT Larry. Again, sorry.

207. Robert J. Sawyer - April 22, 2010

I’m pumped to see Arex, but he’s looking way too humanoid — like a man in a rubber mask. Neck is way too thick, face is very human. Contrast the “real” Arex, here:


208. Simon - April 22, 2010

#205 – I addressed THEMES: Star Wars used the same opening theme but had original music throughout, using variations of themes for various characters. Williams (and Goldsmith) then used the same opening and closing marches for the end credits with the new themes in the middle.

“Back then in the 1960’s, it was more important to remain CONSISTENT in the minds of the viewers”

Well, viewers today are more savvy. Especially us Trekkers…I’m sure if the show continued they would have put in some new music here and there. Even Mr. Cawley knows he can’t get away with using the same VFX shots for everything. People like Tobias and Daren stepped up to help, I’m sure there’s some talented musicians out there willing to do the same.

209. Simon - April 22, 2010

#202 – Using stock answers? I’ve heard of stock shots and stock music, but your reply is the same for any kind of constructive criticism.

210. Pony Horton - April 22, 2010

Simon, I don’t know your background, but for you to say “Even Mr. Cawley knows he can’t get away with using the same VFX shots for everything. People like Tobias and Daren stepped up to help,” I find to be presumptuous. Do you work with James? Do you know any of us on the show personally? I have contributed effects on four episodes so far, and I can tell you that there’s a constant balancing act we have to do between making the effects look “too 1960’s” versus making them look totally up-to-date.

Until you work with us, and know our mindset on the show, I think your arguments are rather pompous.

211. SciFiGuy - April 22, 2010

#209 — Why does he have to look EXACTLY like the animated version? I don’t think he does, but Tobias said the frame we see here is a test version, so who knows? Maybe the final version will look closer to the one we see in TAS but if not I’m not going to cry about that.

I wouldn’t expect M’Ress to look exactly like the TAS version if they decided to put her in an episode one day. They could make her look far more catlike and alien…

212. SciFiGuy - April 22, 2010

Correction: My comment in #211 was directed at #207 and his comment about Arex — not #209

213. Larry Talbot - April 22, 2010

@ 209

“I’m sure Mr. Cawley can find a resourceful way to do things the way *I* think they should be done. Oh, me? Oh, no no no. I can’t be of any *real* value. Offering all my valuable constructive criticism should be contribution enough.”

214. James Cawley - April 22, 2010

Please find me a composer who is willing and talented enough to compose music which has a feel like the Original stuff, but is new and different, and by the way has access to a full orchestra because I hate Synth stuff and I would gladly include some new music.
I love the TOS incidental music. It is part of the feel of the show to me.

215. Simon - April 22, 2010

#210 – So you’re saying they didn’t help? They didn’t volunteer time and effort?

So it’s pompus to think the show, had it continued, would have changed and evolved?

#211 – I agree it shouldn’t look exactly like the animated version, but the current screen shot does make him look more human than alien.
M’Ress would be pretty silly, having a giant kitty woman on the ship. We got a taste of that in STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER (bar scenes).

216. Gary - April 22, 2010

The problem with New Voyages is the schedule. At the rate these episodes are filmed, James will be an old man before he makes two seasons worth of episodes.

So I guess the real problem is money. What James needs is a shipping container filled with cash.

I like the show. Keep them coming!

217. Falvoant - April 22, 2010

Anyone who has a shipping container full of cash can send it to
James Cawley
13 Wiley Street
Ticonderoga NY 12883

218. Thomas Moore - April 22, 2010

@214, Qinda of a fantasy but I would love to see Murray Gold compose Star Trek. He currently does Doctor Who, would be interesting to see what he would do with Trek. And hey, at last check he lived in New York :)

219. The Captains Neck Is Broken - April 22, 2010

They do an awesome job…CBS has to know there is a market for this.

220. Captain Conrad - April 22, 2010

Hey Cawley, I just want to say that your Krik is getting better with each episode. I wish I could join you guys on set, however i have my own dreams about my own series about the USS Yorktown. Anyway, keep up the work, I admire the fact that you’re able to crank these out.

Oh and do you by any chance play STO? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t cause of time constraints.

221. "Check the Circuit!" - April 22, 2010

Weren’t there some M’Ress-like species seen in the background of the court martial scenes in STIV too?

222. VERG - April 22, 2010

That’s a damn good replica then. Kudos!

223. CarlG - April 22, 2010

@218: Ohhh yeah, that would be epic. (And on a quasi-related note, wouldn’t Danny Elfman do an amazing Doctor Who theme? :))

@207: They’re probably have an actor on the bridge set for reference, so I think the Arex model has to be at least built thickly enough to cover up the actor.

By the way, Phase II-ers, if you need any more VFX guys, you should check out Andrew Comb, aka “tobian”. He’s the mad genius responsible for the crazy awesome “Pluto Station” starbase on the cover of last month’s 3D World magazine. Epic stuff.

224. Hetoreyn - April 22, 2010

Well James I wish you’d get back to me about doing music for Phase II but you haven’t yet .. Naughty you!

225. Shatoupee - April 22, 2010

Love the new clips. Hope to see Cawley and the gang at DragonCon again!

226. MagicDan - April 22, 2010


Holy cow. I have only glanced at your episodes before.

I just watched “WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME”. It blew me away!

Here I am hungry for good Star Trek, and there it was all this time.

By far the best Star Trek I have ever watched! Series that is. Wow, now I have to watch them all.

Bravo, keep it up.

227. Michael Hall - April 22, 2010

I’m of mixed mind on the music issue. I love the TOS scores (hell, my iPod is packed with the stuff), but it’s a fact that the approach to dramatic scoring has changed enormously in the 40 years since (to take one example) Kirk fought Spock to the death on Vulcan. Gerald Fried’s music for that episode is a cultural touchstone, but it’s been sent up so many times since then (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Get a Life, etc.) that to use it seriously at this point almost becomes self-parody. I found it interesting that one of the things that really sold “World Enough and Time” to me as “real” Star Trek was its original score. Not only did I find the music compelling in its own right, but another advantage to this approach was not having the distraction of the score reminding you by its very presence that this show wasn’t really shot with the same cast, let alone in 1969. Like so much of WEAT, it seemed a near-perfect balance of sticking with the original concept while infusing it with a more modern sensibility. Is that composer no longer available?

(And Robert J. Sawyer, what about you? I can’t think of a better choice to write an original Phase II episode. C’mon, I know you’re a busy guy, but you know you want to. :-) )

228. Kenneth Thomson Jr. - April 22, 2010

224– That’s okay, Heto, because I definitely like the theme you sent me for “Starship Saladin.” :)

Comments about Deltans….

According to the novelization, the Federation President in Star Trek VI was deltan and he had hair. Also, the helmsman of the Saratoga in Star Trek IV was the same species… and had hair. Though it wasn’t said on screen that they were deltan, the novelizations did indicate this. Other novels had Deltans that had hair and plenty that didn’t. It could be a biological maturation process, like puberty, even. They may have hair at different stages of their lives and lose it when they become sexually mature or something. It doesn’t really matter.

In case anyone is interested, you will be able to see Ilia and a character that is the sister of M’Ress in Starship Saladin stories coming up in comic and 3d animated formats.

Now, back to topic!

Ken :)

229. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2010


Hey, I’d love to try.

230. N3176S - April 23, 2010

Bring these on! Can’t wait to see them.

If I ever fall into some money, I’d definitely hit up the Phase II Recruitment Page… would love to help out in some way.

231. Rick Calabrese - April 23, 2010

I looking forward to this…..

232. Robert J. Sawyer - April 23, 2010

Re SciFiGuy in 211/212. First, because the whole point of Arex in the animated series was to show a nonhumanoid alien; the less alien he looks, the less impressive he is. He looked like he wasn’t played by a human being on the Animated Series; he looks like a man in a suit (even though he’s CGI) here.

Second, because the voice Arex had in the animated series (provided by James Doohan) was high-pitched, thin, and reedy — and sounded *right* coming from a being with a long, thin narrow neck; presumably they’ve brought in Doohan’s son to immitate that voice, and it will sound accoustically wrong coming from a being with a thick, short neck.

Finally, what’s the point of showing a test image if not to get feedback?

233. RobertMfromLI - April 23, 2010

224. Hetoreyn:


229. Andy Patterson:

Contact me through the “Contact” link on the website. Please provide links to your resume, samples of your work, a bit about your experience and (if you have the time) examples of how you envision a new score that fits 1960’s TOS (pick an episode… ours or TOS… and re-score a section). And of course, indicate that you are aware that this is an all volunteer production and that (other than an episode credit) there will be no other compensation for your efforts.

While there’s *no guarantee* that James will consider using your talents, that is the best way to approach the situation and be considered. Especially as, if anyone has noticed, some of the music cues in our episodes have not been heard before.

So far, I’ve gotten a few offers from people who have wished to compose scores for the episodes… they either have consisted of offers with nothing indicating the person’s skills (or abilities to produce something that fits 1960’s Trek) or with a requirement for pay (that wont happen) or vague promises of limited availability to help (we cant hold up an episode over something our current team can finish over an offer for help that does not materialize in time).

230. N3176S:

Well, hopefully something will come up before the June Shoot… I’m closing recruitment for it in the next few weeks…


234. Robert J. Sawyer - April 23, 2010

In fact, look at the Phase II text picture again: Arex (at the navigation station) simply looks like a morphing of the actor who is seated at the helm station (same forehead, same eyes, same cheekbones, same long face):


No such comparison can be made in the still from the animated series; Arex looks *alien*:


235. Sunspot - April 23, 2010

I am looking forward to Kitumba. The costume and make-up for the young klingon leader looks great.

All the best to STP2

236. Pony Horton - April 23, 2010

Hey #235 Sunspot, I am the “young” Klingon that you speak of, K’Sia. And I’m 52 years old and my own kids are in their 30’s.

If you think I look young, then you are my NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!

Thanks! (giggling and blushing) (And YES, Klingons DO giggle – but then we kill any witnesses!)

237. Pony Horton - April 23, 2010

Unless, of course, you are referring to ANOTHER Klingon, in which case… I take credit for teaching him HOW to look young.

238. Mark Mercieca - April 23, 2010

I have to agree with “Khan was framed.” I take my hat off to James Cawley for what he’s done with so little money. The effort is evident in the quality of the sets, digital effect and the writing. Phase ll is a true achievement. But the acting is so uninspiring that it makes it difficult to even impossible to watch. James does not play a convincing role of Jim Kirk. And Dr McCoy is God aweful. I know everyone is sacrificing their time and all, but that doesn’t make the episode easier to watch. I think people should give a little slack to those that are critical of the project. I doesn’t mean I don’t admired what Mr Cawley has accomplished, I do it’s just that it seems to me all the hard work has a shadow casted over it by the acting.

239. George - April 23, 2010

I had a hard time with this series when it first started but you know what? I’ve watched every episode several times. This is simply excellent work by James Cawley and his team. Can’t wait to see these and can’t wait to learn more about future episodes.

Thanks for keeping TOS alive and well! As much as I enjoyed ST2009 (and, in fact, every one of the TV series) I still hold a very special place in my heart for the original and it’s great to see it being treated so well.

240. Mark Lynch - April 23, 2010

I think that everything, including the acting, has improved a great deal since the beginning of New Voyages/Phase II

It might not be perfect but considering everything, certainly the fact that no one gets paid! I feel it is pretty good. Especially when you also take into account that most, if not all, of the people in front of the camera do much more behind the scenes.

I’m flabbergasted and impressed they have the energy to do it at all.

Anyone who thinks they can do better, have at it! Or better still, volunteer to help them out and raise the standard!!!

I wish I was near enough to lend a hand, I’d be there in a flash.

241. ELDIABLOCOJUELO - April 23, 2010

Why is Mr Cawley attending at the Fedcon event in Germany and he on 2008 ignored his Spain’s fans at Seville?… In Spain, he did not come and Spanish organisers lost a lot of money!! We’re still waiting for an official explanation.

242. GSchnitzer - April 23, 2010

I don’t know ho “official” this is, but there is the following comment from Co-Executive Producer Gary Evans on the Star Trek Phase II board:

“James (and I) sincerely regret that he missed the flight out of New York and that he was unable to reschedule. We realize that no excuse, no apology can make up for the initial sense of disappointment due to this travel snafu.”

It’s fortunate that the always-popular Bobby Rice (“Peter Kirk”) was still able to attend the convention in Spain.

On behalf of James and the entire Phase II team, I’d also like to apologize that James’ travel plans fell through back in 2008.

243. Sci-Fi Guy - April 23, 2010


To me (and I didn’t know this at the time of mr first Arex post — the issue is dropping the third leg. That, to me, is what made him look alien more than anything else. I don’t care so much about the changes they’ve made si far but they Arex really should have three legs.

I agree with you on the reasoning behind the character too.

But, I am not one who thinks every detail should be exactly the same.

Sure, this IS the time for feedback. I never said one shouldn’t provide that.

244. James Cawley - April 23, 2010

241- As with any convention appearance for any actor/performer it is dependent on their work and travel schedule. My schedule was extremely difficult, I had an unavoidable delay and could not attend. Sorry, but this stuff does happen in the real world. Hopefully, someday I will be able to attend a con in your country.

245. Christopher Valin - April 23, 2010

#233: Robert, since Andy Patterson hasn’t had a chance to respond himself, I’m going to jump in and say his scores for an imagined intro to an “Assignment Earth” show a great deal of talent and definitely have a ’60s feel.

You can check them out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmynXHrR74w&feature=related

246. Christopher Valin - April 23, 2010

Re: the uniforms for Phase II, I have a “coffee table” book from the ’90s called “Star Trek: Where No One Has Gone Before: A History in Pictures,” and it has some test shots of Ilia and Xon from before they decided to go the movie route, and the uniforms are very similar to the TOS uniforms.

247. MegaBiteme - April 23, 2010

@James Cawley

I’ve said it before, but I wanted to say again, and echo #226. World Enough and Time was just terrific. One of the best Star Trek episodes ever.

248. ELDIABLOCOJUELO - April 23, 2010

Mr Cawley,
we appreciate your respectful response and apology to us, but we believe it is not enough yet. We also would like to see a worldwide release of a Phase II episode on Spanish soil since the work of people such as coordinators and translators for Spain was the first to have Phase II in its beginnings in 2005 before other countries.
It seems that the public image of our conventions in Spain is that they are humble and not too attractive to travel 8000 kilometers to get here.
Believe me, if I say that this has changed and we bring great Star Trek actors as our guests; this year will be ENT and TNG actors sharing with fans from Spain and Portugal their experiences and memories in our beloved saga.
We hope that in some years as you say we can count on your presence in our country because many things have changed by then.

249. Melonpool - April 23, 2010

I would have loved to have created Mr. Arex as a puppet. That’s the way they would’ve done it in the 60s — and so long as he didn’t have to walk, it would have worked great!

250. RetroWarbird - April 23, 2010

I think Phase II is probably the strongest route these guys could take. And I’m glad they waited until they’d gotten a strong handle on their effects and actors so they can do it their own kind of justice.

Man, I’d love to play an Andorian crew-member. Possibly Thelin.

Actually, just on an aside … I’d absolutely love it if these guys adapted The Animated Series into live action as well, giving us cooler, mildly re-written (to better utilize continuity or history) versions of The Slaver Weapon, The Survivor, The Pirates of Orion and a few other stories. But mostly just so we could see some live-action Orions, Kzinti, Vendorian, Romulans, and Caitians.

251. RobertMfromLI - April 23, 2010

248. ELDIABLOCOJUELO: Why dont you send an email? Or perhaps you think this is the best way to ensure Phase 2 participation at a future event? Really?

252. Hetoreyn - April 23, 2010

#233 .. guess you guys haven’t been watching Starship Farragut eh! .. (Rock and hard place contains my best example of 1960’s style Trek music). Have my efforts in fan film music gone so un-noticed? :P

253. Anthony Pascale - April 23, 2010

I would have to say that I agree with Robert J Sawyer….and it is always great to see one of my favorite authors drop by TrekMovie!

The world of CGI gives you the opportunity to create bizarre aliens. Like they did with the Species 8472 on Voyager. So why not up the weirdness as much as possible.

But I have a lot of faith in Tobias and so I am sure the final version will be great (or great for a fan film). To be honest I was shocked when James told me they are going to even attempt to do this as adding a cgi character is not easy to do and not something you would imagine a fan film could pull off. So i have to give props for even trying.

254. Patty W - April 23, 2010

re: Phase II uniforms. We are, in fact, using Phase II uniform designs.. as well as original Phase II costumes, such as the Kirk short sleeve variant and the “jumpers” that Peter and Alex wear in “Blood and Fire.” As the episodes progress you’ll see more of the Phase II ‘variants”….jumpers, smocks, short sleeved women’s uniforms. You’ll also see plenty of Phase II “standard duty uniforms”… but they are so close to the original TOS designs you wouldn’t notice the difference unless you’re sewing them, like James and I.

#203 – regarding new crew taking the spotlight off our old, familiar crew… this was James’ concern as well. He’s laid down the law that the stories must be Kirk&Spock&McCoy focused as TOS always was. Secondary characters and new crew will have their spotlights in moments when those moments are inherent to the K&S&M story driving the episode. The real trick is letting the unique character of each of our beloved crew shine through in those moments.

James has a real talent for editing those moments to the perfect blend without one word too much. And from what I’ve seen, fans are going to be VERY happy with what they see in upcoming episodes!

story editor
Phase II

255. Tobias Richter - April 24, 2010

Robert/Anthony: There are reasons why we changed the appearance to what we have now – both artistic as well as technical. First, what does work in comic form doesn´t necessarily work in real. E.g. we did the orange color as seen in TAS – and in a “real” environment, this just doesn´t look convincing. So we toned it down a bit.

Regarding the neck – same goes here, as well as the technical aspect. Since we want to use a real actors body, the neck has to fit onto that – and ideally the CG head would cover much of the actors head to minimize roto work.

As you have noticed, a CG regular char has not been done in a fan series (and even very seldom in a full budgeted series) – because it is one of the hardest things you can do in CG. Our main goal is to create a believable character – which alone is quite an undertaking. We´ll see if it works out. Maybe we´re going to tweak the face and neck if we´re confident enough that the whole concept works. Keep your fingers crossed…

256. SciFiGuy - April 24, 2010

Anthony’s post is right on the money!

257. Mr. There are always possibilities - April 24, 2010

Another great effort by Cawley & Co! I can’t wait to see them!

Keep it up, Mr. Cawley! This is outstanding work.

258. SciFiGuy - April 24, 2010

#255 — I commend you guys for trying this! You are quite correct — it’s a difficult thing to do in a fan film for sure.

Best of luck to you on your efforts! I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I won’t be throwing rocks at it for sure — I’m just glad you are trying it.

Thanks for trying to put Arex back in Trek!

259. Kirk's Girdle - April 24, 2010

Re: 254

… this was James’ concern as well. He’s laid down the law that the stories must be Kirk&Spock&McCoy focused as TOS always was.

Does this mean in 10 years, John Lim will be saying “Damn you, Cawley, you cut all my lines!”

260. Sam Belil - April 24, 2010

It’s been a while since I posted comments.
I just love your work and the passion you bring!
Just imagine if the powers that be at Paramount gave you a budget — I can only dream about it! Thanks so much for keeping Star Trek alive and in my view you are the “keeper of the flame” of STOS!
G-d Bless!Best Regards!
Sam Belil

261. Frederick, the Trek Scrapbook Guy - April 24, 2010

That comment about the music of the original show supposedly accounting for people seeing it as campy and cheap was so ridiculous that I almost fell out of my chair laughing. The music was the best and most memoriable of ANY series on TV EVER, and the music carried the action and drama much of the time when the budget didn’t support big sets or scenes. Using it on the new show is the only choice to invoke that feeling.

262. Scotty - April 24, 2010

I agree, the music is brilliant. But using the old cues to make up a new music is like using pieces of the old video to make up new scenes to ‘evoke’ that old feeling!

If you’re gonna go and use new actors, new sets, new stories, new everything then it’s a disservice to not have new music. As much as I like the original cues I think if your going to use them then you may aswell also mix and match the original TOS film too.

For me the new actors, and sets do not evoke the original feeling, and nor should it, so why use original series music. There are plenty of new composers who could do a good job. No they won’t be able to do 1960’s but why should they .. None of the phase II actors can do what the originals did either, I’m not holding that against them though.

New music is not a sin. If it is then so is new actors, new sets, new FX and everything else. Come on, be fair.

263. Bill Lutz - April 24, 2010

I think many will agree that when Kitumba is relased, it will be considered one of the best epiodes yet. The preview was a rough cut and it still envoked that Star Trek feel. As someone who worked on the set, I can guarantee that the fans won’t be disappointed.
I do have one thng to say to the nay sayers and people who have issues with Phase II:
Try it yourself or come and join us in the fun before you put it down.
It is easy to be an armchair critic, you don’t have to anything but comment, pop some zits, look at old Baywatch posters, troll on the internet, and pretend your self important; its a lot harder and and lot more respectable to actually make one of the epiosdes.
Making Star Trek and Star Trek Phase II is worthwhile fun.

264. startrekkie - April 24, 2010

Mr. Cawley what did you think of JJ Abrams Star Trek anyway I love Phase II it’s great.

265. Michael Hall - April 24, 2010

“I do have one thng to say to the nay sayers and people who have issues with Phase II:Try it yourself or come and join us in the fun before you put it down.”

Mr. Lutz,

Though I’ll always call ’em like I see ’em, I’m far from a crtic of Phase II. I did think the “pilot” was frankly pretty unwatchable (aside from the sets, FX, and Juliette Irons, who was very watchable indeed), the following two episodes showing substantial improvement but still not quite up to professional standards. “World Enough and Time,” though, was a revelation: the single best Star Trek segment aired since the heydey of DS9. In spite of a few flaws, were it an original series episode it would easily rank in the top 20, if not the top 10. And while I honestly didn’t feel that “Blood and Fire” was quite up to that level of accomplishment, overall it was it was thoughtful and provacative (two elements sorely missing from last year’s feature film). So I can honestly say that it’s my excitement over what you’ve accomplished so far that’s inspired me to join the Phase II team, rather than any need to know how the sausage is made before trashing it. :-) See you in June.

266. SciFiGuy - April 24, 2010

I like the old music — particularly the third season music you guys have been using. It really adds to the feeling that this is the “fourth or fifth” season of TOS. I am sure they would have had some new music for those seasons had Trek continued on NBC, but they probably would have used the older music too just as they did in previous seasons.

Star Trek wasn’t the only show to use “canned music”. That went on at least until the 1970s on many series.

267. RetroWarbird - April 24, 2010

The old “Kirk/Spock/McCoy” rule is always a good rule of thumb. But there’s also that secondary element of “when the trio is away, Scotty will play”. It always (rightly so, since he’s the best) seemed that Scotty was the easy “Number Four”. Somehow above Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, and the various one-off crewmembers. Like he’s Kirk’s ace-in-the-hole. (Especially noted in moments like the end of Lights of Zetar, when Kirk marks the historic occasion when all three command crew members – Spock, McCoy, and Scott, all agree unanimously on a subject.)

There’s also the atypical episodes – atypical but still quite common – where only a single member of the K/S/M trio is spotlighted, along with one of the secondary officers. The Way to Eden was certainly a “Spock & Chekov” episode. Shore Leave was something of a “Kirk, McCoy & Sulu” episode (with a surprising amount of focus on the survey team members).

So where it allows, there’s definitely the possibility of pairing a “Main” with a “Secondary” and running with it – the best possible way to keep the star the star, but to really give a side character some showtime. DS9, of all shows, really mastered this device, by the end we’d really gotten to know all of the background players.

So say you do “The Savage Syndrome” … a story where the dark urges of humans are unlocked by an alien device. It’d be a fine choice for a “Spock/M’Ress” or “Spock/Arex” episode, since they’re half-Vulcan and non-human. The two non-humans have to save everyone.

268. Kenneth Thomson Jr. - April 24, 2010

Regarding the original music being used vs. all new music, I have to say I love my original theme music and still get chills to the music from “The Doomsday Machine” when I hear it. The TOS music is like a character on the ship, just as the Enterprise herself is a character.

I think that in Phase 2, it is still very appropriate to use TOS theme music.

I also very much like the new themes used in Farragut and Exeter that still evoke the feeling of TOS, but since they’re not the Enterprise, I think it works to have them have their own themes.

I like a blend, personally. Some of the TOS music with new music for certain things, like a central theme for other starships, etc. I like how “Rock and a Hard Place” has overtones of the Klingon theme by Jerry Goldsmith, yet retains a Farragut quality to it. I also like the use of the “Day of the Dove” battle music in the “Blood and Fire” opening, and the use of the music in “Kitumba” seems very TOS to me.

I’m sold either way. Love them both. New music is great too!

Ken :)

269. Ron Albanese - April 25, 2010

Not only is it great that Trek Movie and Phase II bring us cool previews of their toil, but then we get great commentary from Cawley and company … excellent!

I’m psyched for the future of this one-of-a-kind … ahem, enterprise, and would love to be a part of it at some point, in some way.

James, if recruitment is open, how exactly do I apply?

270. John Moscato - April 25, 2010

Awesome work – keep it up! And for all the poo-pooers, I LIKE the idea of seeing the rough cuts before the finished product!

Anybody willing to burn the episodes onto DVD to send over here to a troop in Afghanistan???

Thanks James!

271. Al - April 25, 2010

You are officially now The Man

272. John Moscato - April 25, 2010

Just an idea –

Has anyone ever given a thought to doing Ellison’s original teleplay for City On the Edge of Forever? Or would the legal hurdles be too ugly?? While it is still a favorite episode, Ellison’s original story just blows it away…

273. RobertMfromLI - April 25, 2010

Hmmm… seems my last post didnt make it. I’ll try it without the link this time.

269. Ron Albanese (and anyone else who wants to apply for the upcoming June Shoot)

Go to the main website front page, and scroll down towards the bottom. You will find a “Star Trek Phase 2 Now Recruiting” link there.

Star Trek Phase 2 Team

274. Patty W - April 25, 2010

Mine either Rob!

The link is at #120 though!

#270…. John, contact me at pattyawright@gmail.com and we’ll talk about the DVD’s and how we can help support our troops!

275. Patty W - April 25, 2010

oops.. actually the link is at #122

276. Pony Horton - April 25, 2010

I don’t presume to speak for anybody but myself here, but as much of an honor as it was to have been allowed to work on Phase II (thank you James, Joel, Sarge, Patty, and Company) it is absolutely humbling to know that Phase II is being enjoyed by our troops overseas.

If even one soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman gets even a few minutes of respite from their duties thanks to our efforts, it’s all worth it, and then some!

277. Andy Patterson - April 25, 2010


Well, I wanted to post my comments before this thread is no longer topical.

I’ve never done any scoring for a movie or anything this scope. Having said that, I still think I could do it. I don’t have a resume for this kind of thing either, but I have thought about this sort of thing for a long time. I had a brief talk with Robert Myer Burnett at Comic Con 3 yrs ago at a panel that showed my Assignment: Earth stuff. He was very nice and suggested I get together a clip that features different styles and ranges of my music as a demo. The kind of stuff you hear people say you should do when they’re aspiring film composers. No, I still don’t have really anything like that. Maybe some day I’ll get serious about that. I feel like I could do it without going through that process.

I am a published composer and have done a wide range of styles and moods through my compositions, however. And I’ve forever been a student of music from that era, as Christopher Valin pointed out @245 (thanks for the plug)…and as he pointed out here’s our Assignment: Earth Theme One http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6lmBbV3VWo&feature=PlayList&p=8195FBFFE1177356&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=45

I’ve long wanted to do a soundtrack for a 60’s era show, as I am a real student of what those guys were doing in that era. And, in particular, Star Trek. The composers of that day were very knowledgeable of orchestration and limitations and strengths of the instruments; stretching the instruments from their highest range to their lowest to maximize the emotion and drama of a scene. Knowing what voicings and colors work best. I don’t feel that’s utilized as much these days or people are as well schooled. Those old guys knew their stuff. This again, is something I’ve studied for years.

As for the direction I’d take to the music itself – I think doing a combination of a few musical cues from TOS, at times, as well as new stuff would be the way to go. I know they had to recycle music in the original show for economic reasons, but because of that those cues have become as much a character in the show as the actors themselves. I think you’d have to use some original stuff too. Can’t do away with it completely. I’d do my own thing too but It gives you a reference point and everyone an emotional cue to latch onto.

There’s a sting they used a lot on the old show which is a 5 or 6 note cluster. It is another example of the musical vocabluary of TOS that’s I’d bring into it and borrow from. I based a whole piece around that cluster on a piece I did about the planet Organia and it’s ruling elders that Kirk and Spock encounter in “Errand of Mercy”. For anyone interested I talk about it and you can hear it on a blog entry (yes, I have a blog. I don’t do Facebook) anyway the piece is at the bottom of the page http://www.supervisor194.com/blog/?p=468)

I used to really hate some of the third season music as a kid….the more experimental electronic instrument stuff like what George Duning was doing. As an adult now and a composer I have an appreciation and like for it. I also, aside from just doing electronic stuff, would continue to borrow some flavor and style from Gerald Fried,Fred Steiner and even Courage’s stuff. I think that’s essential to the feeling and flavor of the show. They would have probably written more had the show gone on.

So, I know that probably shoots my chances down but there are my thoughts on that.

Having said all that,…I still think I could do it, and do it justice.

278. Andy Patterson - April 25, 2010

And hey, if nothing else you could pull a David O Selznick and have several composers on it and not tell any of us as he did on “Gone With The Wind” until you could see if you like what I did. Except it wouldn’t matter because none of are getting paid anyway. He paid all three of them.

279. James Cawley - April 25, 2010

Feel free to contact me at cawleyent@yahoo.com

280. Michael Hall - April 26, 2010

“Has anyone ever given a thought to doing Ellison’s original teleplay for City On the Edge of Forever? Or would the legal hurdles be too ugly?? While it is still a favorite episode, Ellison’s original story just blows it away…”

While I’ve always thought it would be fascinating to see an actual production of Ellison’s original concept, my guess (not trying to speak for Jim Cawley) is that Phase II definitely isn’t the place to do it. Cawley’s mandate, after all, is to continue the voyages of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, which has already aired its version of “City.” Ellison’s script is many great things, but Gene Roddenberry’s Trek is not one of them. Love to see another group of fans take up that challenge, though. . .

281. JMAN - April 26, 2010

Andy Patterson: Good stuff, man! I listened to your Organian piece and enjoyed it. Nice execution on the counterpoint, and a mood that is certainly in keeping with some of the original series scores.

282. Andy Patterson - April 27, 2010


JMAN,Thank you I appreciate that.


And James I’m going to contact you when I get a chance to be thorough.

283. Mikey - April 27, 2010

Anybody else sick of Phase II? I think it’s overhyped, poorly acted nonsense. The last five minutes of Blood And Fire Part II were unwatchable.

284. GSchnitzer - April 27, 2010

Anybody else sick of Star Trek. I think it’s overhyped, poorly acted nonsense. The last fifty-nine minutes of “Spock’s Brain” were unwatchable.

285. ryanhuyton - April 27, 2010


No one is forcing you to watch James Cawley’s Star Trek. If you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t bother reading the article, let alone post on it. James and others do a fantastic job bringing us new adventures FOR FREE. If you think you can do better, prove it by making a high quality fan series with your own money, blood, sweat and tears. I doubt that you have the talent to pull it off. So lay off.

“Fans” like you who bash the talents of James and co. give Trekkies a bad name. True fans are able to critique something without insulting other fans’ work.

286. RobertMfromLI - April 28, 2010

283: Mikey

Don’t worry, we wont force you to watch the next one.

285: ryan

Thank you on behalf of the whole production team!!!


287. Denise Dion - April 30, 2010

Dear wonderful cast and crew that make Phase II possible,
We were all dissapointed when the original show ended with only three seasons under it’s belt. So when I found this show a few years ago I was very pleased. Mr. Cawley you have been there through it all. You wanted that dream to come true. It’s one thing to say I wish they had had a complete 5 year mission it’s completely another thing when it comes to fruition. If it wasn’t for your dream and your perseveance we wouldn’t be witnessing each remarkable episode on our screen. We can argue over acting abilities, special effects, and anything else we like to knit pick…but the bottom line is …your dream is no longer a dream but for all us fans a wonderful reality which we look forward to watch with bated breath. merci beaucoup……….

288. Graphixuser - May 4, 2010

I didn’t think they had a Klingon “Emperor” until TNG season 6 – when the cloned “Khaless” became a titular monarch.

289. Ken Thomson - May 5, 2010

Every Empire has an Emperor. They may be a figurehead, but they have them. Once they change that, they’re not really an Empire anymore. Just like a Monarchy has a King or a Queen. There could still be a figurehead King or Queen and a government that is no longer classified a monarchy but they keep them around because of tradition and heritage, etc. Just because ST:TNG was the first to discuss the Emperor, doesn’t mean there wasn’t one around, or what his (or hers if an Empress) role really is. Keep an open mind and wait and see. :)

290. RetroWarbird - May 6, 2010

I’ve always thought (although awaiting the Phase II version has me even more focused on it) that Kitumba was very easily reconcilable with the later Trek canon.

Empires have Emperors. The Klingons have noble houses – I recall Kor (as opposed to his compatriots Kang and Koloth – cunning warriors but purely warriors and not as aristocratic) was descended from Imperial Blood. It stands to reason whoever has the “closest” match to the bloodline has the figurehead position, and at some point the notion of it being a mere boy is perfectly legitimate.

The caste system, I like. The “Warlord” I like (In fact, he reminds me a LOT of General Chang). It always seemed like the Klingon High Council is in fact the military guild – especially since the armies of the Empire are led by and owe their allegiance to specific houses. It gives the Council a whole new spin to think that they’re all military (hence the uniforms) leaders, and that technos (scientists, engineers, doctors and technicians) and laborers (mechanics, farmers, minimum wage types) don’t get much respect whether they try to live honorably or not. It explains why a guy like Arne Darvin did what he did, or Grilka, or a host of others. Even Gorkon. Perhaps a techno who inherited his council chair from his military father.

Also … while I always prefer the Klingons as “Space Vikings”, rather than the semi-Japanese feudal system we see in Kitumba, I find the Imperial analogy works anyway. The Vikings evolved just like every other culture, and by the time of Colonial days they’d developed into the Swedish Empire, a powerhouse in Europe, possibly with old traditions, but also updated. And Star Trek owes a lot to Colonial (Rather, Nautical) Earth, since it’s arguably the same concept – Horratio Hornblower on his good ship, exploring, fighting, juggling concepts of duty, and empire building.

Anyway, I’m eager to see where and how they reconcile everything.

Also, you guys filmed at Ticon?! Sheesh, I can’t believe it never crossed my mind to drive out and check it out. I’m only an hour from there. I’m sure I’ll find out in a few months, but did you guys use it for the set, but then commission a matte painting for long shots?

291. mia bouvier - June 18, 2010

So i just wanna know when Hugh Hefner’s gang is gonna do an interview with James in Playboy?!

“Playboy: The StarTrek Issue

The James Cawley interview: carrying the torch, the little fan show that could.”

just…sorta seems…like the next phase

A Playboy exclusive, in the way they used to interview odd and cool things coming up through American/Amercianasa Culture. Hell, the centerfold could be an Orion Slave Girl. Why not? **giggle**

Luv you guys out there in ST: NV

Keep doing that Vodoo that You Do sooooo well :)


292. Nagilum - June 30, 2010

People, give STP2 some credit – this is a FAN production, but with VERY good quality equipment. I have been there during shooting, and you would not believe the problems they face (roads with 18-wheelers doing ‘jake-brake’ right outside, and the technician “cleans it up” great).

Add to that the other sound effects in TOS fashion – remarkable, as far as I am concerned.

Am I biased? Maybe. I have helped on 2 productions, and — well, I can’t tell all.

I CAN say that I have seen a couple “rushes” of Gil and Erin in the new “Buck” — both can act better now than when they did “Buck” decades ago. Regardless of what else you think, check them out in James Cawley’s new production.

Look at some of the other fan productions – mainly ‘green-screen'; they do the best they can with the money available. Cawley BUILT REAL SETS. If you want studio quality, pay for it. But I think what they do here is better than what was done with millions of $$ those many years ago when “The Movie” aired.

Know what? Think it is easy? Then go make something better yourself.
And – If you don’t like Trek, then (DUH) quit watching.

293. Neville A. Ross - July 2, 2010

@ryanhuyton & MikeTen: You both can download Star Trek Phase II from Bit Torrent and then burn the episodes on to DVD: it’s not that hard. Phase II also provides a burn image for the DVD that you can use the ImgBurn program to make a professional looking DVD of complete with DVD menus and chapter stops-I’ve tried it, and it works.

294. John E - August 16, 2010

James and Crew are Fantastic!

Please do check out their site and the episodes. James and Crew have brought Star Trek The Original Series back to us!

James, Live Long and Prosper

295. Odysseus - September 28, 2010

James, as always, you and your production company do an excellent job in crafting such fine episodes and continuing to uphold the legacy of Gene Roddenberry’s original space odyssey.

Regardless if it is four or five episodes a year, it is still an absolute joy to watch over and over again.

Keep up the good work, and may you and the others live long and prosper.

296. nike air jordan jumpman pro - October 7, 2010

Cryptic as nothing but used toilet paper in the gaming world, and they need flushing away.

The two worst things that could ever happen to this franchise

297. Daniel Bingamon - November 26, 2010

James, you guys are doing a great job. Ignore the critics, they aren’t happy with anything.

We have been doing a small Star Trek inspire play at our congregation, we mixing stage acting and video together. It amazing how much time can be consumed shooting and editing 20 minutes of video.

298. Billy Pyo - April 21, 2011

Hey there would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you recommend a good web hosting provider at a fair price? Many thanks, I appreciate it!

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