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Rumor Control: Tim Russ Has NOT Announced A New Star Trek Voyager Movie May 1, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Rumor,VOY , trackback

A new rumor is going around that there is a new ‘Star Trek Voyager film’ in the works. This rumor seems to have been started from a post on a Facebook page attributed to Voyager actor Tim Russ. TrekMovie decided to check with Russ directly to find out what is going on, and it appears to be a hoax.


Tim Russ announced a Voyager movie? – actually NO

The Voyager movie hubbub started this week at the ‘Tim Russ’ Facebook page, which has 517 Friends. On Wednesday a post was made on the pages Wall stating: "Tim Russ: Might be in a new Star Trek Voyager movie!", which was soon followed up with "Tim Russ: We do not know if we are gonna make the film yet."

Of course, as Paramount is currently developing another big budget JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, even some of the Facebook followers were skeptical. However, some thought there could be a Voyager DVD project or fan film in the works. The latter notion is not unreasonable, as Russ directed and appeared in the independent fan project Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Over the last couple of days internet buzz has grown with fans speculating, and TrekMovie received a number of emails regarding this Facebook posting, so on Friday we decided to check with the source.

Russ on the set of Of Gods and Men

Today, in an email to TrekMovie, Russ says that he has not posted anything about a Voyager movie on Facebook. In fact, Russ says the Facebook page in question is not authentic, pointing out how the page listed him as married even though he has never married. So this is another case of a hoax and social network celebrity faking.

As for the real Tim Russ, the former Tuvok tells TrekMovie that since his time wrapped up on the sitcom Samantha Who? a year ago he has remained busy with guest spots on TV series (like his recurring role oniCarly ) and voice work, including the upcoming Cartoon Network show Sym-Bionic Titans. Russ also recently directed the Dark Sky Pictures film Night at the Silent Movie Theater, featuring former TNG,DS9 & VOY guest star Tony Todd. Release details are still being worked out, but here is the trailer:


POLL: Direct to DVD Trek?
Although this was just a rumor, it does bring up the often-discussed topic of Direct-to-DVD Star Trek. Other franchises like Babylon 5 and Stargate have done direct-to-DVD films. It doesn’t seem likely that Paramount would make (or want CBS to make) a Star Trek film for DVD while they are actively producing new Trek features for the theaters. But if such a project did happen, what version of Trek would you like to see in it?

If there were direct-to-DVD Trek film, which series prefer?

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1. Matthew - May 1, 2010

shame really…

I’d love to see a new movie with the voyager cast.

2. Dac - May 1, 2010

Ah well, i don’t think many people really believed it anyway. It’s always a shame that there isnt any more Trek to look forward too, but as far as rumours go this was a far fetched one.

3. I'm Dead Jim - May 1, 2010

“Social networking celebrity faking”… fascinating.

Given the lack of love that some fans have for Voyager, a new movie based on that seems most illogical.

4. MikeTen - May 1, 2010

It would be nice to see Direct ot DVD stories. Come on CBS/Paramount, you know you want to cash in with some new Trek merchandise. Hell, it would be cheaper than a feature film or TV show. I know people would volunteer to help get it going.

5. trekteen - May 1, 2010

iwould LOVE a voyager movie

6. Kirk, James T. - May 1, 2010

maybe a direct-to-dvd/tv feature film with a substantial budget following the crews of TNG, DS9 and Voyager post Nemesis leading into the Star Trek: Countdown comic book.

7. Doug L. - May 1, 2010

I just want to know why Paramount has never considered producing a mini-series of Star Trek. It would open up the whole universe basically for an event that is essentially bigger in scope than a movie, while not being tied down to formulaic episodic television. ie it does not have to sustain 7 seasons and can really break some ground.

I’d love to see something like this.

Doug L.

8. el capitan dave - May 1, 2010

The plot of star trek voyager was a ship stuck in the delta quadrant so its unlikely a movie would ever happen. But i would love to see the voyager cast back on the screen. Maby a star trek film with a few familiar faces as the cast Star Trek: Pick N Mix

9. NuTrek - May 1, 2010

Sadly I think Paramount’s viewpoint is to go back to what they consider a poisonous wellspring..aka all Trek from TNG-ENT, would dilute the reinvention of Trek for the mainstream that last year’s film was… that being said, IF a new Prime Universe-film WERE made, it would more-than-likely be a DS9 film as of all the post TOS iterations, that had the most mainstream appeal and was closer in tone to the Battlestar Galactica remake that everyone loved…

10. Dac - May 1, 2010

9. Im afraid it wasnt… the higher up execs hated Deep Space Nine because they considered it strayed too far from the “successful” Trek formula. Even though Deep Space Nine was arguably the most critically acclaimed of the bunch, a whole load of people write it off as being “a show where no one goes anywhere or does anything” purely because its set on a station as opposed to a ship. Those people are wrong as hell, but I know a few who would embrace a Voyager film and wouldnt watch Deep Space Nine even if you forced them to with electro-shock therapy.

11. Matt G. - May 1, 2010

2 words.


Make it so, CBS/Paramount.

12. Allen Williams - May 1, 2010

I would actually like to see a where are they now type movie on voyager. Did star fleet drop the charges on the maquee? Are they still on voyager or another star fleet ship? etc….

13. Sean - May 1, 2010

Picking which series deserves a D2D is really hard. DS9 deserves it the most, but it’s been so long since the series ended that I don’t think it’s possible anymore. Voyager deserves it, too, especially after leaving the finale so open ended.

However, I think I have to pick Enterprise as the show that deserves the D2D. It’s the most recent, and the one that had the most promise going into its 5th season. The D2D should be about the Romulan War, and it should be a miniseries, much like the Battlestar Galactica miniseries was. It would make money and test the waters to see if its possible to bring it back.

Still, it’s all a dream, because as much sense as I think that makes, studios are just too dumb to try. (I’m looking at you, Paramount)

14. Enterprisingguy - May 1, 2010

Since Paramount has auctioned off all things TREK any D2D or mini series would have to be built from scratch. It’s unlikely that any project not worthy enough to hit the big screen or repeatedly on the small screen would merit that kind of investment.

But if money weren’t a concern and we are starting from scratch anyway I’d vote for TITAN only because we haven’t seen it yet.

15. vjeko1701 - May 1, 2010

Direct to DVD Enterprise. Imagine Romulan Wars told in Direct to DVD miniseries or movie Trilogy.

16. Pierre - May 1, 2010

I agree with the miniseries method with 10 episodes of 90 minutes. Though it would be nice to see any character from any series back, Voyager’s story has been told and so has DS9. ENT on the other hand, has suffered from premature cancellation with lots of stories untold. TNG of course exited with a somewhat sour taste with Nemesis, yet hopeful for further explorations…

17. Joel1245 - May 1, 2010

How do you do a movie on Voyager? After Voyager made it back, it would end up being just another film about a starship and her crew – which we have with the JJ Abrams.

18. Mike Stivic - May 1, 2010

Deep Space Nine and Enterprise would both make good DVD releases.

Voyager the least so.

TNG should have another shot at the big screen sometime in the future, doing something big with the TNG characters long after Nemesis.

19. Captain Rickover - May 1, 2010

Paramount / CBS

should make a three part mini-series around the Romulan War. If that’s sucessfull, they also should do a three-parter with DSN ten years after the Dominion War. If that’s sucessfull too, they should go on with one single USS Titan-movie, a Enterprise-E-movie and at last a Voyager-movie. Everything on DVD and spread over five years. So Paramount could create a bigger presence for Star Trek between the feature films (note: No DVD-movies for the years in witch a feature film will be released), make every fan happy, make a lot of money and increase the value of the Star Trek brand.

But I doubt the suits will ever consider such a strategy for the next years. There are certain powers who want to let us forget the older stuff – so they can make another couple of remakes, reimaginations or what ever and re-use stuff, stories and characters other creative minds invented in the last 30 years, etc.

20. Alex A - May 1, 2010

I would love to see Star Trek: Vanguard produced as a series of DVD movies. Vanguard is, in my opinion, the best Star Trek book series ever!

21. ryanhuyton - May 1, 2010

A direct-to-dvd movie can’t hurt once in awhile. The mainstream will still go to see the theatrical sequel as would the diehards. As long as it doesn’t infringe on what J.J Abrams is doing (i.e new timeline, TOS characters) I don’t see what the problem could be apart from the fact that sets, props and costumes were sold off. Animation is a viable option. Plus you could do things with animation that you can’t do with live action plus it is a lot cheaper.

The dvd movie I’d like to see is “Enterprise”. Romulan War, Mirror Universe, the further establishment of the Federation. “Enterprise” was just beginning to fulfill its potential when it was yanked off the air.

22. Jordan - May 1, 2010

ANY Dvd-type prime series movie would make me happy, but yeah, Romulan War would be awesome.

23. Ben - May 1, 2010

ENT the Romulan War Mini Series

24. Spork - May 1, 2010

I would love to see Enterprise back on TV, but a direct-to-video movie would be great too!

25. ChristopherPike - May 1, 2010

Star Trek – Enterprise

Where Season 5 was headin’… The Romulan War… building on the likes of the Babel One trilogy. Shran aboard as an advisor to the crew. Heck, probably the first Andorian in Starfleet.

26. captain_neill - May 1, 2010

A shame I want more Prime timeline stuff.

27. Philip Dunlop - May 1, 2010

Even if there was to be a big-screen outing for Voyager, I don’t think I’d go see it. It was the one series of Star Trek where I wasn’t that bothered about whether or not I missed an episode. I couldn’t say the same for any other iteration, even DS9 which, for me, wasn’t Star Trek in the truest sense (since they weren’t “trekking” anywhere, per se), but it was still high-quality science fiction. If Star Trek were to do a straight-to-DVD release, I would welcome it, but probably not from Voyager. DS9 has loose ends to tie up. Enterprise have some stories left to tell. Titan would be good to see what happened with Riker, Troi, et al. I think there’s been enough going back through Star Trek’s history, though, and aside from the studio offerings, forwards is where we should be looking, not backwards, rehashing old material.

In saying all that, I would probably manage to twist my own arm and see anything in a cinema that had “Star Trek” pre-empting any kind of subtitle.

Tim Russ could, conceivably, appear as a cameo in a new Abrams-universe Star Trek movie. It wouldn’t be beyond the realms of doubt. He served aboard the Excelsior, after all, so why not make him up a bit younger and have him spreading out to find a new Vulcan homeworld? Have him join Starfleet, following the precedent laid down by Spock? given what happened in ‘Trek ’09, it makes sense that a lot of Vulcans will want to join Starfleet in an “emotional” response to solve the various problems facing the Vulcan people. Tuvok, as a character, could fit in there quite nicely. Who knows?

28. Tuvok was BORING !!! - May 1, 2010


29. Philip Dunlop - May 1, 2010

I think the Romulan War is a bad idea. And here’s why: we know (from “Balance of Terror”) that no-one in the Prime Universe had ever laid eyes on a Romulan before. That’s a big elephant in the room everyone would have to dance around. Making a series, mini-series or TV movie based on same would be too similar to Season 3 of Enterprise, not be very “Star Trek” (no new life forms, no civilisations, no strange new worlds), and probably be too big a story to tell in too little an amount of time. Consider it if it were Band of Brothers. They used ten episodes to tell the stories of a select group of soldiers in one company, all fighting along the same front, all in a very short space of time (albeit with a lot of gaps in between). If we were to take a mini-series route, that would be more the kind of approach I would like to see. I think there’s been too much conflict in Star Trek since season 3 of DS9 for the Romulan War to even be considered. The story of the inception of the Federation, for me, would be a far more interesting one as a Star Trek fan, but would likely not do well commercially.

The trick is finding the balance: to appease fans and non-fans alike, and the studio big-wigs, so the books are balanced. The only way to do that, at the moment, is to go with the feature film route. Give it a few years and, hopefully, we’ll see a revival, like The Next Generation was for the franchise as a whole when Paramount decided to go with a brand new Star Trek series in 1987.

30. Jordan - May 1, 2010

I think the “no one knows what a Romulan looks like” is completely stupid and bs, i think most people are willing to ignore it.

31. Hugh Hoyland - May 1, 2010

Im a big supporter of the studeo putting something/anything out to keep up the interest that Star Trek 09 generated. But I dont think a direct to DVD movie would work or a live action series either, they would be direct competition to the new movies which is why I think an animated series is the way to go between films. As far as either an ENT or 24th century Trek universe movie goes IMO that would probably be made by Fanfic, I dont see the studeo going back in that direction, but who knows, Sony is re-booting Spidey :} But even that would be cool too, I would watch a fan made Voyager (or other Trek based) movie.

32. =A= - May 1, 2010


33. Steve - May 1, 2010

Your pool did not include remaining cast members of Original Series, which would be my choice for a new direct to DVD film.

34. ryanhuyton - May 1, 2010


As much as I love the TOS actors, without James Doohan and Deforest Kelly it just wouldn’t work. Without those two beloved actors, you’d get a watered down and cynical(cash grab) TOS reunion. And besides, its time to let the new cast shine.

35. John Trumbull - May 1, 2010

Now that Paramount has successfully resurrected Trek, why would they ever want to go back to one of series that helped kill it in the first place?

36. Spectre_7 - May 1, 2010

When I vote Voyager, I really mean DS9 too.

They’re the same timeline and the movie should incorporate both.

37. Thomas Moore - May 1, 2010

I’m going to bring that facebook page down! I thought it was Tim’s real page because other notable personalities (that i now are real, like James Cawley etc..) were friends.!/profile.php?id=100000268047523&v=wall&story_fbid=115280065169292

Not to happy that this faker have tricked a bunch of people. Going to warn al of them and pointt them to this article. Thanks Anthony for getting to the truth!

38. Dom - May 1, 2010

How come the poll doesn’t offer anything set in the new universe? I’d like to see a Pike straight-to-Blu-ray movie!

39. Hugh Hoyland - May 1, 2010

#38 Now that would be cool, and wouldnt interfere with the Motion Pictures either.

40. Imrahil - May 1, 2010

Romulan War.

41. Holo J - May 1, 2010

Any Prime universe Trek would be good to see

42. Chris Dawson - May 1, 2010

Any new Trek show would be welcomed – as long as it is in the Original Universe – NOT JJ Abrams-verse . . . .

I wish the new franchise luck of course, but am not particularly interested in where it goes as long as it goes soemwhere. Glad that Trek is alive nonetheless.

43. Chris Dawson - May 1, 2010

@nd The Romulan War! The book was cool!

44. Crusade2267 - May 1, 2010

I would love to see more prime-timeline stories, but I would hope any direct to DVD Trek would be better than the Babylon 5 foray into the medium. It was half down, half up for me.

45. Tony Whitehead - May 1, 2010

Would like to see a back story of George Kirk, before timeline change. I always loved Diane Carey’s take on him.

46. Captain Dunsel - May 1, 2010

@14 Enterprisingguy “Since Paramount has auctioned off all things TREK any D2D or mini series would have to be built from scratch.”

Not necessarily. You’re forgetting that there are standing TOS-era NCC-1701 sets even now. They just don’t happen to BELONG to Paramount.

47. Will_H - May 1, 2010

Id have to say that Voyager would be my last choice for another movie. Nothing against the series, but its final episode wrapped the whole thing up. True, we don’t know how all of the characters spend the rest of their lives, but I don’t think that’s something worthy of a movie. Enterprise or DS9 I’d say would be the best candidates. Enterprise would be a perfect platform for the Romulan War and DS9 left a lot of questions in its ending. It would be nice to have TNG better wrapped up to, but for me that was a cast and crew that deserves better than direct to DVD.

48. RobertZ - May 1, 2010

I’d welcome most any new direct to DVD Star Trek.

But whatever happened to peaceful exploration stories, and stories about exploring what it is to be human?

49. Velda - May 1, 2010

I have to agree with Will H. As much as I liked VOY, I can’t see taking it further. I see the most potential with DS9 because I think they left it wide open with Sisco and the prophets and the opportunity for him to return “who knows when.” I also like the idea of exploring Enterprise more because I’ve felt cheated ever since they ended it after only a 4 year run. A Romulan war plot would be workable and something I think would work on a DVD release but not a big-screen release. THe TNG crowd is getting a bit too old (happens to the best of us!) and while they might be good for showing up in a TREK movie, I don’t think they can carry an entire movie on their own anymore. I believe TPTB could do something with SEction 31 and have characters from any or all of the TV shows as semi-regulars. This could turn into a whole sequence of DVDs if they approach it from a different angle of Trek focusing on something and someone other than the usual cast. Getting late guys – I feel like I’m rambling so I’m off to bed!

50. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 1, 2010

TNG Animated, with crossovers to DS9 & Voyager.

51. captain_neill - May 1, 2010


I would prefer a return to the Prime Universe, keep the new universe for a few movies then return to the the prime universe.

52. Sxottlan - May 2, 2010

Why would anyone believe this rumor to begin with?

53. Vardonir - May 2, 2010

Oh well. So much for fixing the garba– I mean, mess called “Endgame.”

54. trek - May 2, 2010

Voyager series//film would be fantastic – so many storyline possibilities as there were many opportunities left unexplored during the series, no matter what quadrant Voyager was on. An official trip back to the delta quadrant would be cool (don’t ask me how they would get there – that’s for the writers…..LOL)!!

55. T - May 2, 2010

@55. Tuvok

Wow sounds like a crossover to me! I love the idea! But I don´t think that anyone at parmount has enough balls to create this one!

56. - May 2, 2010

Voyager was a good show. If Abrams had not rebooted Trek i could have been happy with those guys in their own movies.

57. - May 2, 2010

Does Tubok exist now Vulcan was destroyed in the past? The odds are not in his favor.

58. Philip Dunlop - May 2, 2010

57. Why wouldn’t he? He was an adult onboard the Excelsior in the “prime universe”.

49. I think a Section 31 idea would be truly awful, and the only way you could explore something like that would be by removing “Star Trek” from the title. None of the Section 31 episodes up ’til now have interested me in the slightest. Plus, you’d just have someone sitting at a desk pushing padds around and telling people what to do. It’s not Star Trek. There’s enough of these types of shows already, set outside of a science fiction universe. The whole idea that Section 31 even comes into existence goes against Gene Rodenberry’s core beliefs as to what Star Trek should be about.

59. Pierre - May 2, 2010

In addition to a miniseries on ENT with the Romulan war, Paramount could do a half hour sitcom based on DS9 where they modeled the bar on Cheers!. Titled Quark’s, it might just be funny enough with the right supporting cast to hold a wide audience. Guest stars would be interesting. Just get a creative Trek writer along with a funny sitcom writer, shake well and voila. Long live the Grand Nagus! Dabo….!

60. Dom - May 2, 2010

51. captain_neill

As far as I’m concerned, the Prime Universe is the one in ST09. History was changed by Nero for good and that’s that! Bob Orci and co can placate the more rabid element of Trekkies with stuff about MWI, but the public doesn’t care. As far as most people are concerned, ST09 was a reboot with Leonard Nimoy making a handover cameo!

I don’t mind that the old version has ‘gone’! People can still write stories about it, watch the Blu-rays and so on. I never considered TNG and co to be a proper continuation of TOS anyway, so colour me not bothered!

61. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - May 2, 2010

guys, let it go

The Braga / Berman universe is dead


62. Trekboi - May 2, 2010

direct to dvd was a posibility b4 they sold off all the sets & props.

cbs should still do it as they can can only use the prime universe – they could capitalise on the movie’s success & not care about stealing their thunder as they dont benefit from the films success…

63. Trekboi - May 2, 2010

oh & voyager series was is the most pointless- they are home, get over it!

64. - May 2, 2010

Perhaps i should have asked will he be alive in the new universe. If he was an adult on the excelsior he was probably a child on Vulcan when it exploded.

65. Dr. Image - May 2, 2010

We need SOMETHING between movies- hey, we DO have Phase II…
#61- OH yes.

66. Doug L. - May 2, 2010

To the guy who said “guys let it go”…

I think Star Trek 09 proved one thing… A well produced, well told Star Trek has market potential. Battlestar Galactica also proves that as well, who’d have thought BSG would be a critical hit, and a financial success (by syfy standards).

There is no reason why a miniseries * which are a very popular format right now * wouldn’t be worth pursuing from a business stand point.

67. Oregon Trek Geek - May 2, 2010

A Titan/TNG would be my first choice… something that would include how they restored Data to B4’s body using Norton backup/restore feature. ;)

I am quite confident that Brent Spiner would agree to playing Data again despite what he says about being too old… I would think something like that would be too juicy for an actor to turn down. One quick mention of Data using his “aging program” to fit in with his crewmates is all that’s needed. That wouldn’t bother me a bit…

68. Dom - May 2, 2010

67. Oregon Trek Geek

But, you see, you’re straight in there with heavy continuity: exactly what ST09 did us the favour of blowing away!

No one cares or remembers that Data died in a failed box office flop from almost a decade ago barring a few nerds. TNG is long over – 16 years since the last TV episode, where they should have called it a day, going out on a high and eight years after a dismal excuse for a film that made Star Trek V look well made!

CBS could comfortably come to an arrangement with Paramount/the supreme court is they wanted to set something in the revamped Star Trek universe, but anyone who thinks a bunch of actors, many of whom are older than the TOS team were when they retired, are going to be squeezed back into spandex for a movie aimed at the few people who still have any interest in the Berman-verse is sadly deluded.

69. it was an abomination - May 2, 2010

voyager sucked big time.

70. Philip Dunlop - May 2, 2010

I too think a lot of the TNG-era actors are probably a bit long in the tooth. That’s not to say we can’t see some kind of character crossover, á la Worf & O’Brien from TNG to DS9. But in general, I do agree. Seeing Riker take over a new crew on board the Titan would be interesting. But improbable. Especially since Jonathan Frakes is no spring chicken these days, no offence toward him intended since I’m a big fan of his as an actor and as a director. You have to weigh what the Star Trek fans WANT to see, and the realistic chances of what a studio will put into production. So by all means do a miniseries. Just make it new. Don’t revisit what we’ve already had.

68: I wouldn’t say Nemesis or The Final Frontier were badly made (though ST:V did have it’s cheap-looking moments). There were questionable design decisions made in both movies, but the quality of production really didn’t leave anything to be desired. It was the quality of the writing that let both down. Nemesis, in terms of how it looks, really isn’t that bad a movie, from a technical standpoint. The Remans look out of place in the Star Trek universe, the Scimitar’s interiors were a bit monotonous (the bridge was pretty bad I guess), but effects-wise, it wasn’t bad. It’s all very well saying that, though, when the story stinks.

71. SciFi Guy - May 2, 2010

There’s nothing left to say about Voyager. It had a definite beginning and end.

DS9 has a dangling thread — what happened to Sisko and does he return?

Bring on the DS9 movie!

72. - May 2, 2010

The Final Frontier and Nemesis are the two bad films in Trek history.

TFF suffered from too little budget and a mediocre story but is still remembered for several important character defining moments between Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Nemesis had no budget constraints and is remembered for forced storyline like creating an earlier version of Data so they could kill him off later but not really. Naming the earlier version b-4 just added to the pain.

It was a sad way for TNG crew to go out when the series ended so well. By the time that movie was over i think most of us were done with that crew and in a way that’s a shame.

73. VOODOO - May 2, 2010

#72 Chrisfawkes

Insurrection is the worst one of the bunch.


I do think that there would be enough interest in a TNG/Titan mini series/tv film to justify one more go around. TNG deserves a better ending than it got.

There are alot of Star Trek fans out there who were reenergized with the release of the last film… TNG might not have the gas left in the tank (TOS is the only ST property that is big enough to be on the big screen) to take on another big screen adventure, but I promise you it would thrive in the tv /dvd market.

As far as the rest of the series go I don’t think there is enough interest in any of them to warrant further projects… To the vast majority of people Star Trek is TOS and to a lesser degree TNG.

74. "Check the Circuit!" - May 2, 2010

If you really want a franchise to “jump the shark” and just about call it dead….do direct to DVD movies. I’ve never seen a good one. Even considering the Disney movies. Lion King, Aladdin, et al. They are cheap knock offs to make money for studios…not please fans.

Don’t go this route. It cheapens the franchise. They won’t spend money on good sets and cinematography. Probably tons of green screen CGI done badly. Ugh!

75. P Technobabble - May 2, 2010

I’m not anti- TNG, VOY, DS9 or ENT, but I never felt any of those shows had that certain “something” that TOS had… mostly chemistry. In spite of the fact that TOS had its share of plastic boulders and stinker-stories, it had a heart that none of the other shows ever had — none of them.
As for direct-to-dvd, I think the cost of making such programs would probably outweigh the income generated from them. Of course, I can’t say for certain, but if Paramount thought they could bring in considerable income, why wouldn’t they pursue that avenue? If a new TNG, VOY, etc. dvd film came out, I would probably buy it…

76. Starkiller - May 2, 2010

Enterprise is, in my opinion, the most deserving of a D2D movie. The plot was never wrapped up properly, and the series had just begun to truly prove itself. Whilst the new re imagined Trek is unquestionably very successful, I think paramount is missing out on a lot by ignoring the TNG-ENT era. For most people, particularly the younger generation, trek is more about TNG than the original series. It’s what people know best and identify with best.

77. RitualNo1 - May 2, 2010

I just want a new series, preferrably set in 2400. We can give all the great characters appearances in that.

O’Brien – Starfleet Academy
Ro Laren – Great episode when they find she’s still alive after the Maquis massacre and the Captain is forced to capture her
Kira – Bajor will have changed, all the young people will be leaving and no-one will be going to Mass – she’s still at the gateway to the Gamma Quadrant
Picard – retired, could pop up as ambassador / archaeologist / or working at that Atlantis thing mentioned in ‘Family’. I did think giving him a child was just fan wish fulfillment though
Riker/Troi – Enterprise F or something
Dax – I’d love to see a long-running story where a trill character has to solve the death of the previous host

Those are the only characters I’m really interested in.

If we had to have a movie, it should be DS9. Sisko needs to return, it has to much potential not to be seen on film and also it requires too much background knowledge of the series for more casual viewers to understand.

78. Lord garth, Formerly of Izar - May 2, 2010


Never going to happen in an eon. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Just Walk away, Just Walk Away

79. RitualNo1 - May 2, 2010


To clarify, you couldn’t have Sisko return in a new series I think because it would be too complicated for new viewers, so put it in a DS9 specific mov ie.

80. Dom - May 2, 2010

Direct-to-Video/DVD/Blu is a market that has remained largely untapped because there’s a lack of ambition behind them in the West. In Japan, many top mainstream and cult filmmakers work in in because of the lack of restrictions. Hideo Nakata (Ringu) Takashi Shimizu and Takashi Miike have all produced excellent work in the medium.

All we get is cheap American Pie knock-offs. The Grudge 3 wasn’t too bad, I suppose, given my limited expectations.

Tonight I’m going to watch Ju-on Black Ghost/White Ghost: two 1hr films made on video as part of the Japanese Ju-on/Grudge franchise.

If studios actually looked at direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray as an opportunity to foster new talent, we could get some great films. There’s still a bit of ‘class system’ that TV and film can’t cross over. It’s silly really!

JJ Abrams is a prime example of someone who likes to encourage new talent, along with Robert Rodriguez.

I’d be well up for a Star Trek Blu-ray film overseen by Abrams that lets an up-and-coming team do something different and interesting with Trek!

81. Dom - May 2, 2010

Forgot to say . . .

I mean the above in the sense of something you wouldn’t see in the cinema, of course. ST09 started to liven up the franchise already!

As for a TNG universe TV movie, that would really confuse people. The casual buyer will expect something connected with ST09 and won’t want brand confusion caused by parallel universes and so on!

82. Khan was framed! - May 2, 2010

Enterprise: The Romulan War

This much discussed, never shown chapter in the history of Starfleet needs to be filmed.

Archer & his crew got a raw deal thanks to bad production decisions like a horrible theme song & slow to develop storyline in the first two seasons.

I maintain my opinion that once Manny Cotto came on board, we saw some of the best Trek in years.
With exception to the horrific finale, season 4 of Enterprise was the best Season of Trek since DS9 season 6!

A 4-8 part mini-series for TV & then straight to DVD, created by Cotto & Abrams production team would keep fans interested between movies & would be the respectful sign off we all deserved.

As for which movies are the worst: The Final Frontier & Insurrection of course!

Nemesis would have been better if Stewart had played both Picard & Shinzon, it would have let his acting chops off the chain to see him play an evil version of himself.

83. ChristopherPike - May 2, 2010

I can’t see their being any confusion over ENTERPRISE. Archer and his prized beagle are name checked in the film. All a Direct-to-DVD production would need is add scenes set in the 23rd Century, with Scott Bakula as Archer telling cadets about the Romulan War and Simon Pegg as Scotty.

84. Curtis - May 2, 2010

It appears everyone has forgotten what made TNG so successful.

It REINVENTED a whole NEW generation of Trek, and inspired nerds and artists alike to aspire to a whole new level of human innovation.

This is what the next Trek TV series needs to be. COMPLETELY brand new, set 100 years or so in the future, and featuring an entirely new production crew who is inspired by past Trek but not limited to it in any way. BRING on the FUTURE! Let’s inspire a whole new generation of people to make it something like both TOS and TNG did. We already have our cell phones and MRI machines and iPod’s and microchips and diversity and racial harmony (sorta) and so many of the things Trek showed us how to do… let’s see what a new generation can do!


85. Lope de Aguirre - May 2, 2010

My ranking of how strong I wish for direct-to-DVD prodcutions:
1. Something new
2. Enterprise
3. Deep Space Nine
4. Mixed 24th century
5. TNG
6. Sulu/Excelsior

86. Simon - May 2, 2010

“Enterprise” was left incomplete. It deserves continuation.

We also need better closure than the finale did.

87. KingDaniel - May 2, 2010

I loved Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Something similar centered on the Voyager crew (not that SToGaM wasn’t already packed with Voyagers!) would be great.

Minus Chakotay, he was the most boring Trek character of all-time :-P

Just how they’d dress up James Cawley’s sets to look like Voyager I don’t know!

Going back to the Delta Quadrant (to save Neelix from Hirogen or something) on the Quantum Slipstream-driven Voyager II would be fun.

88. Dom - May 2, 2010

84. Curtis said: ‘It appears everyone has forgotten what made TNG so successful.

It REINVENTED a whole NEW generation of Trek, and inspired nerds and artists alike to aspire to a whole new level of human innovation.’

No, TNG appealed to coastal city-dwelling liberals who were too blinkered by the show’s PC overtones to notice that its ‘perfectibility of the human race’ utopian ideals were inherently fascistic. In TNG alien lifeforms are essentially a neurosis- or fallibility-of-the-week with a bumpy forehead put there to allow the characters to ‘finger-wag’ about how humans used to be the like that before their ‘enlightenment’ – y’know, when they banned religious freedom in the human race and any literature, music or entertainment post the Jazz Age! TNG’s Federation is essentially Blake’s 7’s Federation with a smiley face!

On a creative level, TNG’s future setting also tied the hands of the TOS team, because they couldn’t do anything substantial without contradicting TNG continuity. It’s a shame STV:TFF was such a dismal film at such a key moment in Trek’s history. If STV:TFF had been really, really good, a good TOS film could have kick-started the TOS films and stamped out TNG before it infected people’s perceptions of what Star Trek was!

‘This is what the next Trek TV series needs to be.’

No it doesn’t!

‘COMPLETELY brand new, set 100 years or so in the future,’

Oh GOD no! More of the same with shinier knobs and buttons!

‘and featuring an entirely new production crew who is inspired by past Trek but not limited to it in any way. BRING on the FUTURE!’

STOP shouting!! ;) You type like Shatner talks! We’ve got a new Star Trek, thanks, so your comments are a decade out of date!

‘Let’s inspire a whole new generation of people to make it something like both TOS and TNG did.’

JJ Abrams has already done that: pick up the Blu-ray in your local HMV!

‘We already have our cell phones’


‘and MRI machines’

Uh huh!

‘and iPod’s’


‘and microchips’

Yeah, got some knocking about somewhere!

‘and diversity’

erm . . . what?

‘and racial harmony’

Bwahahahahahahahahhaahahahah!!!!!! You’re kidding right? Bwahahahhahahahhahaha!

‘and so many of the things Trek showed us how to do…’

Trek was a glorious adventure show with a philosophical soul. It was ***not*** a lifestyle guide. It was not Mein Kampf, al la TNG, aka Star Trek: Triumph of the Will. TNG’s disturbing utopian ideals thankfully will be diminished as JJ’s new era drives it from people’s memories. Ron Moore saw what a dangerous creed TNG was preaching and at least poked fun at it in DS9!

‘let’s see what a new generation can do!’

Already there, thanks!

89. Philip Dunlop - May 2, 2010

Chakotay was a decent XO, when you cut away all his Native American mysticism. When Trek gets into mysticism, it gets dull. Neelix, on the other hand, can be hung, drawn, quartered, disemboweled and EATEN by the Hirogen, as far as I’m concerned, and I still wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

90. ryanhuyton - May 2, 2010


We get it. You hate TNG and its spinoffs. Enough with the analogies to Hitler and fascism, which I don’t understand, but you do have a right to free speech nonetheless so I’ll just say that you are wrong about your criticisms of TNG.

Anyway, as I said earlier, the only series that should have some sort of continuation is “Enterprise”. That show was only beginning to live up to its potential when it got cancelled.

91. VOODOO - May 2, 2010

#76 Starkiller

“I think paramount is missing out on a lot by ignoring the TNG-ENT era. For most people, particularly the younger generation, trek is more about TNG than the original series”

I couldn’t disagree with you more. TOS is by far the most iconic/popular
part of ST. Younger people simply don’t remember how big ST was in the Kirk/Spock era.

Kirk and Spock are cultural icons in the same way that Indiana Jones and James Bond are. Can you say the same about Janeway,Sisko and Archer? The answer is a resounding NO.

It was a no brainer to go back to the most popular characters and series in an attempt to restore the once powerful franchise to the commercial relevance it once enjoyed. $385 million dollars later it seems that their decision to return to the franchises most popular characters was the right choice.

I will agree that of the spinoff series TNG was by far the most popular. As a matter of fact I think a TNG series or tv film would do extremely well, but the other shows simply are not in the same league with TOS on the cultural landscape and do not deserve to be brought back. The mass audience simply isn’t there.

92. Philip Dunlop - May 2, 2010

88. I’d prefer if you speak for yourself. While there are elements to Curtis’ post that I disagree with (the attainment of racial harmony and diversity, for example), I do agree with a lot of what he’s saying, so don’t bandy about your opinion like it’s gospel.

93. captain_neill - May 2, 2010


I refuse to believe that the Trek I love has faded out of existence.

The past stuff is canon, the new movie is not.

Its a good movie and I love it but one it is not is Canon.

94. sean - May 2, 2010

i want to see riker as the captain finally

95. Dom - May 2, 2010

90. ryanhuyton

Anything that espouses a utopian view of a perfectible human race is fascist. TNG is at its core more like Riefenstahl’s Olympia or Triumph of the Will than Star Trek.

92. Philip Dunlop

I believe I just did speak for myself! AND I wasn’t the ONE writing bits OF sentences IN capital letters!

93. captain_neill

There’s no such thing as canon! If you want to believe it all fits together and that makes you happy, fine. Personally, I’m happy to believe that Spock in ST09 is making his first appearance since STVI and that TNG is merely one possible [frightening] view of Star Trek’s future. I don’t think any Trek has faded out of existence or been made irrelevant [except hopefully TNG! :p ;)]

TOS on Blu-ray has proven the old show has legs. I simply look at Trek or any other show as mythology. King Arthur has been retold in many ways and in different eras, but no one version has had to overwrite another and equally the differences should need explanation.

For example, the BBC show about young Merlin doesn’t need to have Nichol Williamson turn up for a formal handover scene to tie it in with Excalibur.

Rather than pull everything together into one cohesive fixed continuity, I like to view Trek shows as stories featuring a bunch of archetypal characters I like.

When ST09 was announced, my reaction wasn’t one of ‘How will canon cope?’ I didn’t get pernickety about how it would tie in with what Janeway said in ep 25 of season three of Voyager or some such geek nonsense.

My reaction was a simple one of unadulterated delight. I thought: ‘Great! I get to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy again!’

96. _DNB_ - May 2, 2010

D2D (or video-on-demand) is a growing market and will continue to become more important. First, although real cinemas will never cease to exist, the DVD/Bluray market is already profitable enough to justify nice budgets. I know the suits love the big screen because of the short-term profits, but that’s also possible with home entertainment. Second, the internet has made it more difficult to seperate cinema and dvd releases. Third, digital production and screening make everything cheaper and easier, we will see much more low- and medium-budget stuff of high visual quality, which also means: more competition. It is also going to be easer to release movies on multiple platforms at the same time. In short: There is a good chance to be financially successful with a D2D movie of high quality, as home entertainment takes over considerable relevance from traditional cinema. Times could not be better for some D2D Trek.

By the way, it’s always been interesting how there are so many TOS purists out here. In Germany TNG-era Trek is at least as established in the cultural consciousness as TOS. Also, I think, TOS is much more subject to the declaration of being “nerdy”.
Over here, ST09 has been much less successful than the TNG movies. I have many friends who do not watch Trek on TV but used to watch Picard and his crew on the big screen. However, they just were not very much interested in ST09.

Personally, I really enjoyed the last Trek, but I would love to see some old timeline. I don’t see why it would interfere with the movie franchise. The old Trek is on display on DVD everywhere, doesn’t matter if there is a DVD box more or less. By the way, it always baffles me that so many people are so glad that Trek has finally arrived in the oh so beloved mainstream. As if that would always mean something good in the entertainment business aside from profits. Has it been so socially difficult to be “nerdy”? ;)

97. tim gueguen - May 2, 2010

Of course there will be a Voyager film. It will be called Star Trek: Form 6279 and deal with Captain Janeway’s misadventures as she is forced to fill out the 7 years of paperwork she missed while Voyager was halfway across the galaxy.

98. Philip Dunlop - May 2, 2010

@ 95

“I believe I just did speak for myself! AND I wasn’t the ONE writing bits OF sentences IN capital letters!”

To quote:

“No, TNG appealed to coastal city-dwelling liberals who were too blinkered by the show’s PC overtones to notice that its ‘perfectibility of the human race’ utopian ideals were inherently fascistic.”

You’re a hypocrite. You’re rhyming off this drivel claiming it to be factual when it is just your OPINION (sorry, does that bug you?). An OPINION which a lot of people on here don’t share. Ergo, you’re not speaking for yourself, you’re speaking out your rear-end.

As for who’s writing in capital letters and who isn’t – why does that offer any kind of weight to your gossamer-like argument? Insulting someone’s typing style/grammar/spelling (especially when what they’re trying to say is perfectly understandable) is the bailiwick of the inarticulate. And again, you go on and on about it, yet you’re the only person it seems to bother.

I’ve come to the conclusion you’ve got some sort of complex…

What would McCoy say?

99. demode - May 2, 2010

I would prefer a “SULU – EXCELSIOR” movie, because “budget wise” it would be the most affordable, and can could open the door for pricier movies like “DS9″ DVDs. Enterprise would also be interesting, if they chose to tackle the Romulan War.

100. ryanhuyton - May 2, 2010


“Anything that espouses a utopian view of a perfectible human race is fascist.”

I would say that almost everything you have wrtitten so far amounts to fascism.You speak as if your opinions are facts. You clearly believe that anyone who likes TNG is a fascist. You have no problem attacking something that a LOT of PEOPLE INCLUDING MYSELF ENJOY IMMENSELY.

“TNG is at its core more like Riefenstahl’s Olympia or Triumph of the Will than Star Trek.”

Sure. Whatever you choose to believe. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

101. robowarrior - May 2, 2010

Pretty much every direct-to-DVD movie I’ve ever seen was crap, so I wouldn’t be particularly thrilled with the idea.

102. Philip Dunlop - May 3, 2010

101: In general I’d agree, but there’s Battlestar Galactica’s miniseries, or Razor which would go against the grain in that department. The Plan, not so much. But it just goes to show that it is possible to make a direct-to-disc version of something that doesn’t suck. In the case of Razor, I guess it was a lot easier because it was made using a lot of standing sets, props were easily available and most of the actors didn’t have to make up some kind of new contract in order to appear.

103. Dom - May 3, 2010

98. Philip Dunlop

Nope. Anything anyone puts on here is opinion. It’s chat, not journalism.

But if it makes you feel better to fling insults, which I haven’t done anywhere (discounting a casual bit of snark) then whatever! It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

The show’s long dead and gone, but part of what makes TNG interesting as part of its era is that in its naive way it espoused an agenda not far off that of Stalin or Hitler. Also writing in CAPITAL LETTERS is seen as rude on the web – the equivalent of shouting. People don’t like it!

100. ryanhuyton: ‘I would say that almost everything you have wrtitten so far amounts to fascism.You speak as if your opinions are facts. You clearly believe that anyone who likes TNG is a fascist.’

No. I don’t. This is a chat page. It can only be opinion. What’s more interesting is that people are scared when you point out the sinister undertones of TNG: the human race’s lack of artists, drop-outs, counter-culture types, rock stars, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, journalists. They wouldn’t just vanish between Kirk’s era and the present day unless they were made to vanish.

Why didn’t the press go after Picard after Wolf-359 for example? The man is directly responsible for 100,000 deaths and yet he keeps his job and doesn’t go through so much as a court martial! Picard’s brother clearly had no idea about any of the events of The Best of Both Worlds, which screams ‘Cover Up!’ Jake Sisko was as close to a journalist as we ever got to see in the TNG era and that’s because he was brought up in a frontier outpost among non-Federation citizens.

The Federation had banned money by the 24th century, effectively trapping its citizens in their territory. We know Kirk got paid, even if people of his era didn’t carry around cash! DS9 actually mocked that ‘no money’ weirdness!

I’m not saying don’t enjoy TNG. I’m not saying people who enjoy it are fascist. It had some superb moments, but its message was naive and, as with all well-intentioned movements, is frightening! It’s message, though, seems wrong headed and contradicts the show created by the talented team in the 1960s, one of whom was Gene Roddenberry!

Thing is, I’ll discuss this till the cows come home. A ‘hypocrite’ would run away, but I can name endless examples of what’s scary about TNG’s universe. I’ve seen every episode more than once, and my feelings about the show is something that has developed more and more down the years as I’ve grown to see what kind of world view it espouses. Thought has gone into my opinions, not just a knee jerk reaction!

104. nomadder than you - May 3, 2010

frak that…..garbage show…garbage Captain….garbage skow……NO

105. Philip Dunlop - May 3, 2010

Dom, you’re clearly mistaking fascism with something more akin to the theory of Communism (which is very different to Communism in practice). I don’t think it “espoused” any kind of agenda. People opted for that way of life because they wanted to. Unlike fascism, there was no animosity toward different races, even if they had been enemies in the past. Compared with how the fascists went about eradicating Jews and other minorities.

As for writing in capital letters, I know I use some words in capitals to highlight them, because this forum doesn’t allow any kind of bold, italic, etc, formatting. To emphasise a word, it’s just as easily to put it in capitals as anything else. So, in actual fact, you’re the only person this bothers, but again, you’re speaking for everyone bay saying “PEOPLE don’t like it”.

The human race’s lack of artists? Did you forget that Data (while striving to become human) practiced art, of various types – painting, music, sculpture, acting. That theory of yours is flawed from the get-go.

No drop-outs? What, like Wesley Crusher?

There were no rock stars because that was probably seen as something that would date the show prematurely. Quite rightly. There were hippies in the Original Series, and look how much that dated? There were counter-culture types, and rock-star types (without being actual rockstars) – look at episodes like The Outrageous Okona.

No religion would probably have been seen as an evolutionary step, since most wars since the dawn of man have been over religion. Hell, even today, by comparison with the 1960s, we’ve got less people as devoted to religion, by several orders of magnitude. Look at my country, Ireland, as an example. This country had the Catholic Church holding the government by the balls. They had deemed themselves to be above the law. It’s only now that cases of child sexual abuse from various members of the clergy are being addressed, and addressed up to the highest authority within the Catholic church, the Pope. Churches are, inherently, corrupt. To see their eradication by the 24th century, for me, can only be a good thing. None of these religions were ever referred to during Kirk’s time either. So that argument is null and void.

Why didn’t the press go after Picard after Wolf 259/why was he not Court Martialled – because he was captured and, for all intents and purposes, tortured. He didn’t willingly give himself over to the enemy. Why the press didn’t go after him is probably the same reason he wasn’t court martialled. Another thing that, hopefully, will have died by the time the 24th century comes around is tabloid-style sensationalist journalism… Just because journalism isn’t referred to in the Next Generation doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I mean, you never see anyone read a newspaper in Central Perk either. But that surely must mean New York in the Friends universe has no journalists, right?

“The Federation had banned money by the 24th century” – who said it was the Federation who had banned money? And did Jim Kirk not say in The Voyage Home that money was obsolete by the 23rd Century? Also, without money, there can be no poverty. Do you suggest that money should be reintroduced, and thus revert to a classist system, where, for all intents and purposes, the “rich get richer, and the poor get poorer”? Besides, with transporters, holodecks and replicators, what need for money?

You’re forgetting Gene Rodenberry still had to approve every Next Generation script until his death. So he had as much to do with the creative process on the Next Generation as he did on the Original Series, and if you think otherwise you’re misinformed. Furthermore, the philosophies and values of The Next Generation didn’t change overnight once he did die. In fact, if you ask me, it didn’t change at all, throughout the entire series run.

You might have thought long and hard about this, but perhaps you’ve thought a bit TOO much into it, because for every one of your arguments, there is a counter argument which suggests otherwise.

106. Philip Dunlop - May 3, 2010

And before you jump down my throat in reference to various typing mistakes, yes, I do know I typed Wolf 259 rather than 359, and I did mean “speaking for everyone ‘by'”, and not “bay”.

107. Spock Beta - May 3, 2010

Paramount is not going to touch the old universe again. Did anyone notice how selective they were in the new DVD releases of the old films. Generations, Insurrection, Final Frontier, Generations, and Nemisis were left out. I wonder why? I think paramount is moving forward unapologetically with a new universe and continuity. I don’t see Avery Brooks in anybodys fan film. Fanboys need to accept that the old universe has died and let it go. Trying to do both would do nothing but confuse a lot of people and I think that is a risk they are unwilling to take. The arrogance of Rick Berman almost sank the franchise. Nemisis was a mess. Enterprise was cleaned up by Manny Coto. Voyager had some okay episodes but it got old real fast. I like the new universe and the possibilities. Fanboys let it go. It is over.

108. RitualNo1 - May 3, 2010

We know very little about the Federation. We know almost nothing about its cities, its government, how ordinary people live. There is nothing jarring about TNG’s universe that can’t be fixed in a continuation of the franchise that looks deeper into the Federation.

In my opinion, the invention of replicators has eliminated hunger and this makes money unneccessary on the whole. Federation credits will be designated for anything of higher value like cars etc. Its possible that within the Federation other systems can be used on different planets.

I think the theory linking human struggle and the creation of great art is misguided generally but irrelevant here. The TNG-verse is a universe of wonders, wars and regrets. Great artists will not go wanting and the majority of people who don’t seek posterity or greatness when creating will go on just like we do.

TNG-Earth may seem like a repression of individual aspiration to some people but 1) we don’t know enough how people actually live there and more importantly 2) this is a society borne out of the trauma of the third world war and the dreams of eradicating poverty, disease and war is completely understandable and noble.

All these concerns that we all have had about the TNG-verse can be rectified in a new series. Could people have protested about Starfleet’s power in a Federation where the government are dangerously centralised and isolated from the edge of their territory after the end of the Dominion War for example? With a lead writer strong enough to deal with the issues a lot of these questions could be answered instead of the parade of hacks who think Gene was a lunatic we’ve had for the last twenty years.

“We don’t have money Nog we work to better ourselves”
‘What does that mean?”
“I don’t know! But it means we don’t need money.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don’t come back Ron.

109. Philip Dunlop - May 3, 2010

108: We already had that. They were called The Maquis, and they were boring.

107: I bought a brand new box set of the Next Generation movies with all new content, different to that if I had bought the movies seperately. Paramount have put far too much money into the Next Generation movies to simply forget about them. Especially when a franchise like Star Trek makes money for a studio more consistently, over a longer amount of time than, say, Avatar will, with a lot of money at the box office, a lot of money upon it’s DVD/BD release, and then that’s pretty much it aside from a few isolated incidents of a sale here and there. Star Trek doesn’t break any records, but it keeps a nice consistent trickle coming down. Which explains why people are still buying copies of The Motion Picture now, 31 years after it was first released.

110. Desstruxion - May 3, 2010

Direct to DVD Enterprise flick about the Earth/Romulan war. That’s what I’d like to see.

111. Commodore Kor'Tar - May 3, 2010

112. - May 3, 2010

The actual number of wars attributed to religion is about 3% from memory.

Without defending the atrocities of what has been done by those in the church the suggestion that the church itself is inherently corrupt is extreme and does your cause in pointing out the churches wrongs by taking such an extreme position no good.

I’m not a catholic but i know atheist and agnostics who would argue strongly that despite it’s shortcomings the christian value system is the best we have and what makes our cultures superior to those of other value systems.

Also worth noting is that the second largest sub group in any westernized society is the christian church. How many churches are in your own home town? Now compare that to any other sub group. The christian church dwarfs them all.

The vast majority of charitable works in any community have been started by christian organizations. Feeding the poor, providing shelter for the homeless.

I don’t think we should look at the good and suggest that cancels out the bad, nor should we look at the bad, done by a few (comparatively speaking) and now ignore the good done by the majority. Each should be addressed and dealt with on it’s own merits.

113. Dlope - May 3, 2010

wow, i just checked back to see what people were saying about star trek as a mini-series. I love producing sh*t in my head… seems this thread’s lost it’s focus.

Doug L.

114. Simon Zerafa - May 3, 2010


I thought it had been established that Star Trek Enterprise was not Prime Universe either?

It’s very close to the timeline of the Prime Universe but I can’t see how the events in ENT tie up with ST:TOS.

There could be room to make a ENT movie that does not interfere with either the new Universe or upset fans of the Prime Universe.

How about a follow-up to the Temporal Cold War or the Cold War going hot leading to multiple alternate universes including ST;TOS and the new Universe?



115. Lt. Bailey - May 3, 2010

I voted for ENT for D2DVD. They can expound on the Romulan war which has always been the big question on most peoples minds. Even from the short breifing Spock gives us in Balance of Terror begs to explored in depth and in a DVD format and over a few hours of time as in a mini-mini series. A two hour moive would not cut it for me. There was a great little film shown at last years ST CON in Vegas about having ENT go to DVD, the film was great and well made!

116. Damian - May 3, 2010

#114–Enterprise is technically prime universe. The Romulan War Book that came out last year tries to explain some of the inconsistencies in technology (such as why the ships in the original series looks less advances than Enterprise).

When it comes to Star Trek, Paramount and CBS do not seem interested at all in trying new ways to tell the story. The only things they are interested in are motion pictures and television series. I seriously doubt we will ever see any mini-series, DVD releases or cable TV shows on Star Trek. If you like the different series, try some of the relaunches of the novels. Some of them are quite good (TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise and Titan all have novel series which have been good).

#10–Part of the reason why Paramount did not invest all it’s time and energy into Deep Space Nine was because it was syndicated. When Voyager came out, it was on their flagship network, so obviously they have it more attention. Your reasoning also has some validity too, but the fact DS9 was syndicated played a role. In my area, Voyager was broadcast primetime on UPN. I had to record DS9 because it was relegated to 2 am in syndication.

117. ryanhuyton - May 3, 2010


Beautiful. Couldn’t have said it better myself. :-)

118. Dom - May 3, 2010

105. Philip Dunlop

Well it beats calling me a hypocrite! I wasn’t particularly picking on your typing (paranoid much? ;) ) but the person to whom I replied was caps ‘shouting’ and that’s well-known bad ‘netiquette’ (although, given I can vent on the web from time to time I might go and justify those hypocrite remarks if I go much further!)

Fascist art, notably that of the Nazi era was all about physical perfection as part of the propaganda about creating an Aryan super-race. Jews were routinely portrayed in films of this era to look and move about . . . in a way curiously reminiscent of the Ferengi! Just going to prove that they were TNG’s Jar-Jar!

The Soviet Union was no better than the Nazis either and again manipulated their art in an attempt to try to establish a sick utopia. There’s a peculiar double standard among the literati: it’s okay to walk around with a hammer and sickle on your duffel bag, but put a reverse swastika on the same bag and you’ll probably be arrested. Which is strange, since the Soviet Union was far worse than even the Third Reich. But the Soviet Union was ostensibly left wing, so champagne socialists like to bury their heads in the sand about just what a bunch of evil, racist murderous scum they were! And, of course, they also try to pretend that they never thought Mao was a great thinker!! ;)

Anyway, to answer one or two of your comments:

‘The human race’s lack of artists? Did you forget that Data (while striving to become human) practiced art, of various types – painting, music, sculpture, acting. That theory of yours is flawed from the get-go.’

Data was an android. He studied art, but clearly there had been no significant human movements since the 20th century. Same goes for books.

‘No drop-outs? What, like Wesley Crusher?’

Wesley quit Starfleet Academy. If he hadn’t been Picard’s and Bev’s (probable) love child, he would have been kicked out on his ass. As it stands, he was allowed back into Starfleet, in spite of his direct involvement in the manslaughter of a fellow student! I mean a drop out as a dole scum who sits on the side of the pavement smoking the remains of someone’s roll-up.

Re: the church comments. Your Dawkins-esque mischaracterisation of religion ignores the good that the church does. In your world view, old ladies got to the vicarage after Sunday services to prime their Kalashnikovs! Certainly as a youngster going to church, being an altar boy and taking boxes of food to the impoverished elderly, I never saw such activities! Best we ignore the (long-deceased) paedophile vicar who made my life rather awkward at secondary school, though!

‘Another thing that, hopefully, will have died by the time the 24th century comes around is tabloid-style sensationalist journalism…’

God! I hope not! Like the Church, it can have its bad points but trashy tabloid journalism is the lifeblood of a democracy! It was still around when Harriman took command of the Enterprise-B! I reckon they had a fied day with him!

‘I mean, you never see anyone read a newspaper in Central Perk either. But that surely must mean New York in the Friends universe has no journalists, right?’

That bunch of freaks are waaaay too self-involved ever to read a newspaper!

‘who said it was the Federation who had banned money? And did Jim Kirk not say in The Voyage Home that money was obsolete by the 23rd Century?’

No, there was a joke made in STIV that was taken way too seriously. It’s quite clear in TOS that the characters are paid and that the Federation has an economy.

‘Also, without money, there can be no poverty.’

Yeah, everyone brought down to the lowest level: everyone starves, literally and metaphorically! The egalitarian nightmare made flesh!

‘Do you suggest that money should be reintroduced, and thus revert to a classist system, where, for all intents and purposes, the “rich get richer, and the poor get poorer”?’

Yep! Making money makes aspiration and leads to social mobility. Why should someone in the 24th century come up with a good idea only for the state to nick it?

‘Besides, with transporters, holodecks and replicators, what need for money?’

Depends on whether you can afford to buy one/use one! ;) Plus, if you go outside of the Federation, how do you buy a beer? People have gone to war for less! ;)

‘You’re forgetting Gene Rodenberry still had to approve every Next Generation script until his death.’

Nope, not forgotten! He was involved, even though David Gerrold was the writer of the series bible and wrote a rather more wonderful novelisation of Encounter at Farpoint than the broadcast episode turned out to be! The writers all complained about the ‘Roddenberry Box’ and tried to get around it. JJ Abrams stuck some gelignite on it and blew it to bits, thankfully!

‘So he had as much to do with the creative process on the Next Generation as he did on the Original Series, and if you think otherwise you’re misinformed.’

No, I’m not misinformed. Rodder’s involvement in TOS steadily diminished. Robert Justman, Herb Solow, Gene Coon, DC Fontana and John Meredyth Lucas arguably had a far bigger impact on how TOS ultimately turned out. Read Solow and Justman’s book. I don’t subscribe to the Cult of Roddenberry. He was a very good ideas man, but TOS even by the time it first turned up on screen had had a great deal of work done on it by other people, whose work was subsequently buried by the ‘Great Bird of the Galaxy’ myth.

‘Furthermore, the philosophies and values of The Next Generation didn’t change overnight once he did die. In fact, if you ask me, it didn’t change at all, throughout the entire series run.’

You’re right, they didn’t. The philosophies didn’t have much to do with those of TOS either! Roddenberry’s ‘pure’ self-controlled Star Trek was TNG. Frightening really and a good example of why creative collaboration is essential!

‘You might have thought long and hard about this, but perhaps you’ve thought a bit TOO much into it, because for every one of your arguments, there is a counter argument which suggests otherwise.’

Well kudos to you for arguing rather than calling me rude names this time!

At least I have a sense of humour about this stuff!

By the way, watch Blake’s 7! It’s like a tabloid exposé of the TNG Federation! ;)

119. Philip Dunlop - May 3, 2010

112: Based on what evidence is 3% the percentage of wars based on religion? And what criteria do they follow? I mean, the combined occupation of Afghanistan which is going on currently was in response to terrorist attacks on New York, which, in turn, were caused because fundamentalists from one side wanted to attack the way of life of “infidels” on another. Even when it’s not about religion, it boils down to religion.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest the church is corrupt. Well, when I say “the church”, I’m speaking of the Roman Catholic church, and most especially, it’s place in Ireland. But the Roman Catholic church has been involved in cover-ups and various shady big-business dealings (ever seen The Godfather part III? It’s not too far from events that did actually conspire). As for the situation in Ireland with regards child abuse; the fact that the Church very deliberately harboured abusers, protected them, claimed Canon Law (not the type most often referred to on these pages) to be a higher authority than our own national law is only starting to come out now, but has happened for decades, possibly longer. Child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church in Ireland was… I wouldn’t go as far as to say “encouraged”, but is most certainly endemic. That is not to say child sexual abuse was committed EXCLUSIVELY by members of the clergy here, but there’s a very high percentage compared to the lay community. And even one Bishop Joseph Ratzinger, as he was then known, has harboured members of his clergy while being investigated (internally, I might add) for committing acts of child sexual abuse in Germany. Who watches the watchers?

As for the Christian values system – it has it’s merits, but they shouldn’t have to apply to whether or not we’re religious. They should simply be put down to the fact they’re human. I think that’s part of the point Star Trek tried to make by not bringing religion into it. That people have, for all intents and purposes, the power and ability to be good people. To do unto others as they would like to have done unto them, and without the promise of material gain. That is my personal value system, and I am non-religious.

The Christian church in my home town CERTAINLY dwarfs any other group in my home town. It is only relatively recently that any kind of influx of diversity in terms of religious demographic has come into Ireland. Subscribers to the Catholic Church before this would have ranked somewhere in the high-80s percentile (perhaps even in the 90s). I would say it would be below 50% now, between other religions coming in, and Irish people having a generally bad taste in their mouths from the acts of the church in this country. However, what that has to do with your point is beyond me, to be honest. The fact this number has gone down so significantly does nothing but actually back up my own claim. I don’t live in the same melting pot as a lot of people here do. And subscribers to the mainstay religion (or any) here in Ireland is going down on, it would be fair to say, a daily basis.

A lot of charity done here was started by Christian (more specifically Catholic) organisations too. In recent years, a lot of them have become lay organisations in an effort to distance themselves from the Church and to entice people of other (or no) faiths to help them do their work. Such agencies include Concern, GOAL and Trócaire.

Unfortunately, while I agree that we shouldn’t condemn the majority for the misdeeds of a minority, that is how the majority of people in ireland now view the church. And when you hear the church’s responses on the news, on a day-by-day basis (they’ve gone from denying such a problem existed, to admitting it existed but refusing to do anything about it, to actually asking for Irish people to pony up and pay the compensation and legal fees of those members of the church who have been found to be guilty), one PR gaffe after another, I can kind of understand why so many people in this country have become so disenchanted by the Church.

120. Dom - May 3, 2010

108. RitualNo1: ‘We know very little about the Federation. We know almost nothing about its cities, its government, how ordinary people live. There is nothing jarring about TNG’s universe that can’t be fixed in a continuation of the franchise that looks deeper into the Federation.’

Yeah, it’s called Blake’s 7! The impression given in TNG is that everyone has either been conscripted into the military or is irrelevant. Most planets consist of a spaceport and a capital.

‘In my opinion, the invention of replicators has eliminated hunger and this makes money unneccessary on the whole. Federation credits will be designated for anything of higher value like cars etc. Its possible that within the Federation other systems can be used on different planets.’

So money is still necessary!

‘I think the theory linking human struggle and the creation of great art is misguided generally but irrelevant here. The TNG-verse is a universe of wonders, wars and regrets. Great artists will not go wanting and the majority of people who don’t seek posterity or greatness when creating will go on just like we do.’

So where are they? Presumably in a prison camp with the convict Tom Paris who manslaughter a bunch of people and covered it up!

”this is a society borne out of the trauma of the third world war and the dreams of eradicating poverty, disease and war is completely understandable and noble.’

The third world war was centuries earlier. At best, it’s vague backstory by the TNG era.

‘All these concerns that we all have had about the TNG-verse can be rectified in a new series.’

Most of us just want a show about a spaceship where a bunch of astronauts visit strange worlds beyond Earth’s frontiers and learn something!

‘Could people have protested about Starfleet’s power in a Federation where the government are dangerously centralised and isolated from the edge of their territory after the end of the Dominion War for example?’

Probably, although given we see no evidence of unrest, one has to assume they were silenced or too cowed under to protest!

‘With a lead writer strong enough to deal with the issues a lot of these questions could be answered instead of the parade of hacks who think Gene was a lunatic we’ve had for the last twenty years.’

Well, he did develop some odd ideas in later life. Read about the early days of TNG and you’ll realise that!

‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don’t come back Ron.’

In spite of the crime that was Generations, Ron Moore created the best and most important sci-fi show since the original Star Trek! He was also the one TOS fan they kept on TNG! His criticisms of TNG and its successors are extremely eloquent and are only jumped on by fanatics who can’t accept a staff-member saying the show was less than perfect!

121. Dom - May 3, 2010

117. ryanhuyton: ‘#105 Beautiful. Couldn’t have said it better myself. :-)’

At least Philip had the grace to argue back with me after originally hurling abuse! You on the other hand are like a little child hiding behind the big boy’s legs shouting ‘Yeah! Yeah!’ because you can’t speak for yourself without writing ‘[sarcasm]’.

It makes you look like a whiny coward. I respect Philip for replying to me. You, on the other hand have only hurled abuse in the way a member of a gang of playground bullies does when he’s about number three in the pecking order. It’s sad, because I’m sure you do have worthwhile things to say, but you’ve blown it on this discussion!

122. Philip Dunlop - May 3, 2010

Stereotypes of Jewish people have existed since Shakespeare’s time. I’m sure I don’t need to write a thesis on The Merchant of Venice. The Ferengi were originally intended to be a lot more menacing than they were. Their failure at being TNG’s Klingons/Romulans led to the development of the Borg as an adversary. A far scarier prospect than that you say was proposed by the 24th Century Federation.

The Soviet Union killed many, many more of it’s own people than anyone else did, and the numbers of Soviets killed during WWII does tend to dwarf that of pretty much every other party of the war combined. I’m not sure if the figures I saw take into account the genocide committed upon those who were unfortunate enough to end up in concentration camps or similar. But your right, this is a fact of history that cannot be ignored… I consider myself socialist (perhaps more accurately “Liberal” in non-local parlance, since I don’t subscribe to leftist views quite as extreme as Communism). But as I said, Communism in practice was very different to Communism in theory. You say the abolition of money would abolish ambition and aspiration – I think the point being made in TNG-era Star Trek was that ambition and aspiration is about the bettering of ones self, not the material means with which one can claim to be “better”. If you’re not working hard to “put food on your family” (to quote a past world leader) because you don’t have to, you’ll still work hard because it’s what you want to do. Frankly, it’s a situation I’d love to be in. I’m broke, currently unemployed having just lost my job, and it was a job which I hated, which required hard work (and injury… which is part of the reason I lost my job to begin with), and gave very little in return. A world where I could just take my camera and be creative in my own time, for no-one other than myself, and not have to worry about how my bills get paid, where my next meal comes from, and how to look after my family would be an ideal world.

And there was clearly no (or little) reference to post-20th century artists in The Next Generation so as to retain a level of reference and relateability (I’m not sure if that’s even a word) with the audience!

In reference to my church comments – you’re right. My views might be somewhat distorted by my (actual lack of) world view and slight distaste given my geographical impediment. I’ve just made another post which might go some way toward explaining that. But I maintain that a Star Trek without religion is better than one with it. There may not have been any religions that we could relate to, but Klingons still believed in the afterlife. And Mr. Chakotay was still fond of the odd vision quest.

Why would someone come up with an idea only for the state to nick it? In theory, this wouldn’t be the case. But an aspiration might be to better society as a whole. Zefram Cochrane invented the warp drive, it benefitted society as a whole. Replicators were invented – anyone who wanted one could have one (see episode “The Survivors”). That benefits society as a whole.

123. Dom - May 3, 2010

Sorry Philip. Looks like we’ve crossed comments! Signing off now cos I’ve gotta get up early. Thanks for the discussion and I’ll read up what you said next sometime tomorrow.

Take care. :)

124. michaela - May 3, 2010


125. ryanhuyton - May 3, 2010


You want my response? Well here it is.

I haven’t hurled any abuse towards you. It is merely a fabric of your immense paranoia. In fact, I would say that it is you that is being abusive when you attack something the rest of us enjoy by comparing it to the ideals of Hitler and Stalin. And by the way, I still don’t think you understand what “fascism” means, but you sure as hell don’t hesitate to use to use the term. All your statements (which I’m not going to bother quoting since there are too many and it would take all day) make it clear that you are full of hate and paranoia which I would argue fits the definition of “fascism”.

I think that you need a history lesson. Clearly you are not aware of what true “fascism” was and is. The oppression of minorities through violence and propaganda. A total oppression of freedom of speech by the state.
The erosion of human rights. A paranoid and delusional leadership.
A government structuring the social order based on its own idealogy. The lack of political opposition. The intolerance of differing opinions and beliefs. TNG era Trek on the other hand, allowed for freedom of speech and the rights of minories. Never once did the Federation try to indoctrinate people. Nor did it deny people rights based on ethnicity or skin colour.

Comparing the idealogies of Hitler and Stalin to the central theme of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is completely baseless and offensive. The Federation of the 24th century is portrayed as a place where everyone has a place and role to play. That is determined by their own abilities and ambitions, not by any government. The absence of money as we define it doesn’t indicate absence of currency. I believe there have been mention of “credits” a few times. But money isn’t the prime motivator in the TNG universe and it wasn’t during the TOS era either. People joined Starfleet because they wanted to explore the cosmos or discover other civilizations.
And people of numerous backgrounds came together for a common interest. During TNG, poverty was eradicated by the advancement of technology and the realization that some things are far important than the pursuit of personal wealth.

Captains Kirk and Picard got to where they were through ability, talent, perserverence, and hard work. No one gave anything to them that they didn’t earn. Ditto for everyone else.

I also don’t recall TNG era Trek promoting hatred of minorites or trying to indoctrinate anybody. TNG embodied Gene Roddenberry’s hope for a better future. It is an ideal. So maybe its flawed in the sense that everything seems too perfect in the 24th century. But so what. It is Gene Roddenberry’s dream. A dream for a better world. If you can’t see that, than that is your problem, not anybody else’s.

126. ryanhuyton - May 3, 2010

By the way, Tim Russ was also in “Live Free Or Die Hard”. I liked that movie. Second behind the original “Die Hard”.

127. Philip Dunlop - May 4, 2010

Dom – I had the same problem. Hence my abrupt cut-off at the end of my last post. I was quickly falling asleep.

128. captain_neill - May 4, 2010

TNG along with TOS is one of the best shows ever made

Dont forget your Trek roots because of JJ Abrams ONE movie.

129. Zebonka - May 4, 2010

If it would’ve been anything nearly as bad as Of Gods and Men, we can all thank God right now that it was just a rumour.

130. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 4, 2010

I can only pray that Paramount has the BALLS to create a Direct to DVD Deep Space 9 movie. I dont think that they will do it… Its obvious that they are short sited when they refuse to do a parody for family guy.

131. Donald - May 4, 2010

What I’d like to see…. “Star Trek: Excelsior”.

Enterprise should never have been made. If they were going to do a prequel, they should have gone back to Kirk’s era and continued the voyages from that period. Sulu is an awesome choice for Captain.

“By God that’s a big ship” – McCoy

“Not so big as her Captain, I think” – Scotty

As for a Voyager movie, or direct to DVD release, I’d love to see it but they probably sold off all the props.

AND NO MORE TIME TRAVEL! Thanks to JJ Abrams, we have certain things to look forward to again…. The Doomday Machine…. V’Ger…. The Whale Probe…. Khan…. Space Hippies on their way to Eden….

“Landru, guide us!”

132. captain_neill - May 5, 2010


You prefer to have rehashes rather than new stuff?

133. Hugh Hoyland - May 5, 2010

Was there not a reference to Christianity in the episode where the Enterprise discovers a duplicate Earth that was ruled by an advanced Roman civilization? And at the end of the episode it was reported that a new movement was growing in the empire whose theme was about the “Son Of God”?

134. Karnid 7734 - July 5, 2010

What is not yet realised about Voyager is there were some enormous questions left unanswered, which could lead to the makings of a great movie. Why did Temporal Law Enforcement not intervene in ‘Endgame’. What was the Borg Queen so afraid of. What is the Power of the Gods? – ‘Subatomics’ as used by Kes in ‘The Gift’. There are greater evils in the Galaxy than the Borg.

135. Ryan - September 30, 2010

I would love a Voyager movie and even a post Voyager series. I think a speak for a lot of Star Trek fans that we miss the weekly Star Trek series.

136. Capt Quinn of the Sutherland - October 7, 2010

all i have to say is any new trek with old or fresh caractors is good by me. and as i am a actor…. why not start at home.

137. handi - February 14, 2011

I would like the new series in time line after enterprise (the battle earth vs romulan) or after deep space nine series

138. handi - February 14, 2011

Enterprise have much to explore like : expanding the federation, build starfleet academy, earth colonozation, further more exploration because they build new ship with warp 7 capability, advance weapon etc.

139. Khryon - April 1, 2011

@11, 12, and 13-Get this through your heads-The kind of movies that you want to see ARE NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Not in a million years. At all.

Direct to DVD is done when a company has no faith in a property and just wants to teat it shabbily. That’s not how Star Trek is now. The movie made millions at the box office, and is a prestige commodity, so Paramount/CBS won’t cheapen it by making direct-to DVD movies of the other series even if the actors want to come back.

There is no evidence of enormous “pent-up demand for Star Trek out there in the real world. Simply putting out DS9 or Voyager movies ‘just because’ there are fans like yourselves out there is not sufficient reason enough to make DVD movies.

As for those who hate the new movie: the success of the new Star Trek film was based on the fact that it entertained people, and folks who saw it told their friends that it was worth seeing, etc. Just because it didn’t entertain all of you doesn’t mean it didn’t entertain millions around the world- it did.

The focus of Paramount (and this website) is the TOS-based movies. That’s it for now, and for the next couple of years, and you all must accept that. The 24 century epoch is over.

140. Nicholas A. Baker - October 16, 2011

Hello I’m captain Nicholas A. Bakerof the Starship Jennifer and I hope if Tim Russ films the Star Trek Voyager movie on the same time as I film my star trek show called Jennifer.

141. Nicholas A. Baker - October 16, 2011

Hello I’m captain John T Davidson of the USS JENNIFER NCC 74695 I like Tim Russ he has to make the new Star Trek Voyager Movie.

142. Nicholas Baker - December 16, 2011


143. Chakotay - May 27, 2012

Hope voyager had movie like TNG, miss old voyager and it’s crew. Wanna see them wear white uniform :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.