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Leonard Nimoy “Hopes It Works Out” For William Shatner and Star Trek Sequel May 17, 2010

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This Thursday Fox airs the season finale of JJ Abrams Fringe, featuring what is likely the last performance of Leonard Nimoy as an actor. Nimoy recently did a conference call with reporters discussing the finale, where he also talks about his decision to retire (again) from acting, and he gives his thoughts on the next Star Trek.


Nimoy on retirement and Shatner in Star Trek sequel 

Nimoy on why Fringe will be his last job as an actor

It’s really coincidental. It wasn’t anything about the Fringe job or the character of William Bell that made me decide I didn’t want to do this anymore. It’s a coincidence. I’ve been at this for 60 years. My first professional work in film was in 1950. 60 years, I think, is long enough. I had decided not to do anymore acting and directing several years ago. I was called back to work to do the Star Trek movie, which was very attractive. I thought it was going to be a wonderful film. I read the script and a great handling of the Spock character and an introduction of wonderful new actor to play Spock. Then, J.J. Abrams who is the executive producer of Fringe asked me to do the William Bell character. I thought I owed him that. I’m very glad that I did it because it was an exciting project. It’s just coincidental that I decided some time ago that I really didn’t want to do this anymore. I just did this last job as a favor to J.J. Abrams. I’m glad I did it. I think we’ll see
an exciting episode next week. It’s a very good note to go out on.

Leonard Nimoy in season finale of "Fringe" 

Nimoy on the next Star Trek movie and if Shatner should be in it

I have no idea about the next film regarding Bill Shatner. I’m quite sure – I think I can be definitive about the fact that I will not be in it. I have said that I think it’s time for me to get off the stage and make some room for Zachary Quinto who is the new Spock and a wonderful actor, looks a lot like me. And I’m very flattered that the character will be continued by an actor of that caliber. He’s very well trained and very talented. I have no expectations whatsoever even being asked to be in the next Star Trek film. I cannot speak for J.J. Abrams or William Shatner. If they have a common interest, I hope it works out.

Go to MovieWeb to read the full call transcript, which has more from Nimoy on the Fringe finale and his retirement.


Trailer for the finale – "Over There" [YouTube]

Watch two sneak peeks here

"The Bell Tolls" (Leonard Nimoy) [YouTube]

POLL: Shatner in Star Trek sequel?

Once again it is time to take the pulse on what seems like an eternal question.

William Shatner in Star Trek sequel?

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1. Trekluver - May 17, 2010

“After reading the article” I sure do hope they share a common intrest. I would like to see the shat come back one last time. Alive that is! That was Rick Berman’s biggest flub up!

2. Hugh Hoyland - May 17, 2010

Well to be honest, I would like to see Shatner in the sequel in some fashion. Just being sentimental I guess but I would. Now in what format, I have no clue at the moment.

3. Atlantis1271 - May 17, 2010

This looks to be fun!

4. British Naval Dude - May 17, 2010

WILLIAM SHATNER: OK, listen… if this bald French guy ever asks you to help him kill Malcolm McDowell, well… JUST… don’t… do it. And make that knerk from Ferris’s Day To Jerk*ff just go down himself and fix things.

CHRIS PINE: Uh, alright. Say… when do I get the gut?

WILLIAM SHATNER: We’ve always had that.

CHRIS PINE: Uhhhhh… yeah, you’re right, man. That’s why I’m wearing a girdle now.

WILLIAM SHATNER: Now be quiet as we watch Lennie take his last bow. He may be retired but I still have to say Shat My Dad Says…

LEONARD NIMOY: (onstage at Fringe’s wrap party) I have been and always will be your friend. Now, who wants to show me boobies?


5. ryanhuyton - May 17, 2010

Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy!

As for William Shatner, I think it would be best if his role were to be a cameo. Chris Pine is the new Kirk and a large role for Shatner could overshadow Pine and the rest of the cast. A larger role would have made more sense in the first movie since Chris Pine and the rest of the new cast were just beginning.

DeForest Kelley’s appearance in the TNG pilot “Encounter at Farpoint” proved that a cameo can be very effective.

6. Spork - May 17, 2010

If The Shat comes back, he’s going to have to get himself in shape. I don’t want to see Denny Crane in the Star Trek universe.

7. goooknight - May 17, 2010

It would be wonderful to see Williams again, man , I can’t wait for the next one.

8. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - May 17, 2010

Looks like 54% for “yes” vs 40% “no”! We have a quorum!

9. Christine - May 17, 2010

#6 :: Hey, I love Denny Crane. xD But I agree with you; not in the ‘Trek universe.

But I digress, as usual.

I do think Fringe will be a wonderful note for Nimoy to go out on. It’s a great show with great writing, acting, and a wonderful cast and group of characters. And the season finale looks stellar! But this brings up an interesting thought: If Nimoy’s officially gone after Thursday’s episode, does that mean so is William Bell?

As for Shatner and a cameo, I don’t care either way. I say we let the new crew stand on their own. I think the success of the sequel would be an excellent gauge of how well the reboot really is. I love the Shat, but I don’t think he needs to come back to ‘Trek.

10. ryanhuyton - May 17, 2010


Who’s “Williams”?

11. Straker - May 17, 2010

I’m sick of this time travel Crap!!!..I say get on with the new crew and their ongoing missions..Kirk died in STV..OOppps sorry that was the director and writer…Wander who that was ???..Kirk died in Generations so let it be..to make another time travel movie after the other is just going to PO most fans…

12. Robert H. - May 17, 2010

The only way they can bring back Shatner is if they have Chris Pine’s Kirk seeing his older self, played by Shatner, the way the mirror universe Archer saw his mirror self.

13. mdbchud - May 17, 2010

I love the original cast and always will. As much as I love Shatner’s Kirk I’m afraid the ship has sailed on him having an appearance. The hologram that was proposed for the last Trek film would have been a WONDERFUL farewell to our original Kirk/Spock twosome….but unfortunately he chose not to do it. It is time to move forward with the new cast and new adventures….no more retreads.

Also, if this is the end for Mr Nimoy “Thank you for a lifetime of entertainment and joy”

14. Mitch - May 17, 2010

Shatner was never offered that cameo. He was never GIVEN the choice not to do it. Abrams is the one that chose not to use Shatner, not the other way around.

15. T.'. - May 17, 2010


To Shat, or not to Shat?

This could work, but please, no time travel.


93* 93/93

16. weyoun_9 - May 17, 2010

Now, I know that I’m not the biggest Shat fan…but despite that fact…I think that he is at a point in his career where his strengths lie in his humor and his ability to not take himself too seriously OR to take himself TOO seriously…both for a laugh. I think having the modern Shatner in the next Trek film would seriously compromise the film’s integrity and the direction its going. I think it would also end his relationship with Trek on a really terrible note. I imagine everyone would be disappointed…even those who are clamoring to have him back.

Just my two cents.

17. Dan Bollinger - May 17, 2010

I just don’t understand why Leonard Nimoy won’t accept the offer from the producers of “The Big Bang Theory” to do a cameo with the Sheldon character. That would be a better way to end the acting career than “Fringe”.
I’m sure that-given the way the show has incorporated TREK references in the past-his appearance would be treated with the utmost respect.

18. Harry - May 17, 2010

@8 — Check again. Things change. :)

19. olsojer - May 17, 2010

Well he might be a Kirk, not James T. There is a possibility he could be Grampa Kirk! George’s father could be alive and it might very well be the Shat!

20. Will_H - May 17, 2010

I’d like to see something similar to what they had planned for Shatner in the last movie and decided to drop. I think anything beyond that would detract from the plot but lets face it, a lot in Star Trek involves paying tribute to the Trek that came before, mostly TOS and TNG. I think Shatner deserves better than what he got in Generations to be honest as a last Kirk scene in the Star Trek universe. Then again, TNG as a crew deserves better than Nemesis, but we all know they won’t get that.

21. ryanhuyton - May 17, 2010


Just like the “Enterprise” cast deserved better than “These Are The Voyages…” because we know how that turned out as well, but we won’t get that either. There is a common theme to all this…but at least the DS9 crew and Leonard Nimoy got proper sendoffs.

22. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 17, 2010

I don’t think there should be cameos by anyone in the new universe. Unless they had some story where young Kirk aged due to some radiation and needed to be cured or something like that but two kirks or old kirk coming back from the future then no.

I would not mind seeing Shatner reprise the Kirk role in a mini series though. I would love to see a story set in the current universe but in the future where old kirk and spock have to save the universe.

A way for the characters to go out in style while we have the original actors with us.

Plus it would indicate that the change in events meant Kirk does not have the same fate as he did in Generations. It would just fix that problem nicely.

Without interrupting the new film series.

23. Zebonka - May 17, 2010

I’m pleased by the poll results. The two highest polling options are the definitive ones; Yes to a proper role, No altogether. None of this “cameo” nonsense, and the apathetic response is the lowest altogether.

Works for me!

24. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 17, 2010

Shatner would do well to lose some weight too if he were to reprise the role of Kirk.

25. Anthony Thompson - May 17, 2010

NO! Double NO! Triple NO! Has he even seen the movie yet? You know, that one released a year ago? What a j**k!

26. The Red Shirt Diaries - May 17, 2010

PLEEEEASSSEE!!! Shatner and Nimoy together one last time. How can anyone say they wouldn’t want to see that if they are a true fan of TOS? Do all of you naysayers realize how truly blessed we are to have these two men still with us and still vibrant? This may be, scratch that, WILL BE the last chance to see these two men who embodied these characters for 40+ years get the proper send off they truly deserve.
PLEASE Mr. Orci. You are the one true fan in the court and the one who can make this happen and make it work in the story.

27. bbgon - May 18, 2010

#25. The Red Shirt Diaries

YES!!! I completely agree! After all those years Kirk and Spock (I mean, played be Shatner and Nimoy) simply deserve a beautiful ending. I hope they could work something out, and if it’ll be a good script, I hope that Mr. Nimoy could also review his retirement for just one more time for Kirk and Spock.
We still have the chance, so PLEASE don’t waste it!

28. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 18, 2010

@24 The star trek franchise can make it without shatner. As I read in some of the above posts, The only way for shatner to be in the next movie is:

for him to lose enough weight to portray captain kirk.

For him to play the victim of radiation where kirk has grown old as a side effect.

To be a hologram like captain archer did in a mirror darkly.

Most of these senarios would relagate shatner to a cameo. (Shatner says’s he dosent do cameos).

The aging thing would be a terrible sub-plot. and would distract from the movie.

and yes has he seen the movie? ? ? ? ?

The last thing that Paramount is willing to do is cut shatner a big check when (judging by Trek 2009’s Box office tally) They don’t need to…sounds like irreconcilable differences.

29. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 18, 2010

I have been fighting for putting William Shatner into the new Star Trek movies, but more and more I feel like it would just work with Shatner and Nimoy together.
I think old Kirk and old Spock need to be reunited again for it to make sense and have an emotional impact.
William Shatner alone again would be… odd, I think.

So I really hope for Shatner and Nimoy together in the next Star Trek movie. Maybe Nimoy can be convinced to play Spock one last time (again).

30. Iowagirl - May 18, 2010

– William Shatner alone again would be… odd, I think… –

Agreed – as odd as Nimoy alone felt odd to me, although he was fantastic as Spock (as always :) Shatner & Nimoy together one last time – nothing else would work as a narrative and emotional completion. Abrams & Co. blew it once. And although there are many evidences suggesting it, I still hope it’s not too late.

31. Thomas - May 18, 2010

I list myself as among those who don’t really care one way or another, and voted as such. If it serves the very best purposes plotwise in the next movie to have him in some capacity, and if it feels organic to the plot and not just shoe-horned in, then do it. If not, don’t. I certainly enjoyed ST09 plenty even without him. My first thought on coming out of my first screening was, “Wow, Shatner wasn’t in this movie, was he? Huh.” I enjoyed the movie so much that I honestly didn’t miss him. I can’t say if his presence would’ve made me enjoy the movie any more although I would hope this would be the case, but his absence didn’t make me enjoy the movie any less.

32. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 18, 2010

For some one who “hasnt seen the movie yet” F*** you… Really, why would i want to see someone who doesnt have the time to watch trek 11 and get any role in trek 12???? Give screen time to some one who actually has an interest…. Give it to a life long fan. NOT some jealous premadona like Shatner!!

33. TK - May 18, 2010

The topic of the vote is too painful, I can’t bring myself to cast a vote!! Haven’t we pained over this enough already…. Whichever option we choose, it is going to be painful. Aaaaaa….

I agree with the camp that says there would be something missing if we only saw william shatner in the next movie. As much as I would like to see the original kirk one last time, and I really would like to, any scenario other than Kirk and Spock riding off into the sunset would be painful, to me anyway. Equally bad is, if we end up without Bill shatner in the next movie, which would mean that Captn’ Kirk died in Generations! I still CANNOT believe that they let him go in that way.

34. Chuck Watters - May 18, 2010

#10 ……..Williams is Tubby .

35. Admiral Shatner - May 18, 2010

I am only going to see Star Trek 12 movie if the real Kirk is in it.

36. Kirk, James T. - May 18, 2010

No to Shatner in the next Star Trek movie. I can hear the collective sigh of an audience now if he was involved however good his part may be.

Nimoy in the first movie was acceptable because it was apt to have someone from the old guard passing the torch – if they began putting other original series cast members in the sequels then it would become a bit of a joke.

Let the new cast stand on its own two feet. The first movie did a lot now it’s up to them to carry this franchise and continue to build on it’s mainstream acceptance. It still has a long way to go before the mainstream are won over especially in non-english speaking countries.

If anything should be added to the next movie it should be an A-list celebrity(s).

i’ll repeat; the first movie set the foundation, the second has to really start to build on it in a big way because come 2012 – “Star Trek” (2009) will have been forgotten by most mainstream audiences…

A-list Celebrities
deeper story
better story building on the universe set up in the first
bigger story
bigger scope
less in-jokes
No cameo’s by Star Trek Alumni
No Shatner
Khan only if it’s something different from the Khan we know.
Don’t destroy the Enterprise
More ships
More Kirk, Spock, McCoy moments
The Beginnings of a larger arc that could span a third film
Wrap up story within 3 movies.
between movie 2 and 3 begin development of live action TV series focusing on secondary characters from the movie
After movie 3 let a new team take over as the supreme court works on Trek TV show.

No Shatner!

37. philpot - May 18, 2010

id like to see a cameo from Shatner….even if it wasnt actually him in it – e.g. like ‘Arnies’ T4 cameo – taking face footage from Shats in the 1980s or 90s and augmenting it via CG over todays Shatner or even another actor..

dunno in what context – the hologram from Spock Prime? Pine aged up? a computer file from the Narada Nero had been checking out? JT Kirks grandfather?

nothing big just a minute or so if that

38. Jonboc - May 18, 2010

Shatner’s involvement in the next movie isn’t required. But the fact remains, his involvement would generate all kinds of buzz in the media as well as fandom. No one is going to NOT see this movie because Shatner is in it. But having Shatner as Kirk, in some capacity, is a calling card many would find unable to resist. The bashers hate it, but the man is incredibly popular. Any affiliation with the new movie would be just one more feather in JJ’s cap.

39. Mitch - May 18, 2010

Shatner’s an actor and a great one. He can do comedy and drama. He did quite a few drama scenes in Boston Legal. The only real issue is whether JJ wants it. If he does, then a lot of people will be very happy. If he doesn’t, then I hope he at least learns from the past mistakes and just says so early.

40. I'm dead Jim - May 18, 2010

The only way Shat would work in the sequel would be if the new crew came across the Nexus and found him there, where, according the Guinan, there will always be a part of a person there. But that would suck and I don’t want to see them take up a chunk of the movie trying to explain the Nexus.

Or… we have Leonard back as Spock reminiscing. But that’s not a good use of plot time either.

Please! Give it up!

Oh, I forgot. There are bunches of other alternate timelines out there and… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

41. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 18, 2010

Shatner & Nimoy in a telemovie or mini series set in the new universe but future to give them both a sendoff.

A Star Trek mini series each year should be in the works. It would give writers the creative options of expanding the trek universe, each series could involve existing characters or centre on completely new ones.

A much better idea than just another series.

42. Hugh Hoyland - May 18, 2010

Although my initial response of wanting Shatner in the sequel was more of a sentimental one rather than a “artistic” one, #38 made a very valid point, it would be BIG news, not only to Star Trek fans but in the media in general. The guy may be over weight (if he does appear in the new film that is something that would seriously need to be delt with) and he may be a bit of a ham when he gets in front of a reporter, but the guy is all over TV and is well known to the mainstream audience, perhapes even more than Nimoy is. If it were to be released before the film comes out that Shatner would indeed be in it, it would certainly make waves, something that for sure couldnt hurt Star Trek 2.

43. DD - May 18, 2010

NO!!!! They’ve had their time – it’s time for a new crew to take over otherwise this will never be a reboot. I’m not just aiming this at Shatner, but to all those who have been in TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise who want to jump on the band wagon.

THIS IS A FRESH NEW BEGINNING FOR STAR TREK that means going on without them.

44. cugel the clever - May 18, 2010

NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!

no time travel
no parallel universe
no old-Kirk in a holodeck reliving his younger days

the new crew are in their seats, LET THEM DRIVE !

45. Ensign Kirk - May 18, 2010

I was hoping Nimoy would drop by the Big Bang Theory

46. SirBroiler - May 18, 2010

I’m in the No Shat Camp! It won’t work. Let this crew stand on their own.

47. Sebastian - May 18, 2010

To have a star from TOS kick off the new movie franchise once is OK. It’s a ‘top-brass send off’, to quote Decker in TMP. But to do it twice is really pushing it. Then it becomes a crutch (or cinematic training wheels), and could only hurt the new cast in their quest to stake out their own claim.

And if Shatner’s role is reduced to an ‘image-only’ cameo, or a quick flashback, then it reduces any chance of a significant contribution by William Shatner. So, no matter how you cut it, it’s a lose-lose situation.

It reminds me of a Twilight Zone where a young man went back into his own innocent, idyllic past and tried to change it for the better and only wound up making it worse (his boyhood self suffered a broken leg as a result of his interference). His father told him (upon recognizing who he was), “This is HIS summer…”

Well, to Shatner and company; these are the NEW voyages of the starship Enterprise. They had a nice enough send-off with Nimoy. That’s enough, IMO.
This should really be THEIR franchise now…

48. VOODOO - May 18, 2010

Bring back the Shat.

Also, bring back Mr. Nimoy for one last scene where the two can walk off into the sunset together. I’m sure if the scene is written well and has meaning Mr. Nimoy could be pursuaded. I would think that he would rather have his last acting role be as his signature/iconic character than his Fringe role.

P.S. If you are truly done thanks for the memories Mr. Nimoy.

49. BiggestTOSfanever - May 18, 2010

No Shatner! Kirk died in Generations.
If he has to come back, make him Chris Pine’s Grandfather or something.
Yeah, Grandpa Tiberius!

50. Celeste - May 18, 2010

I wish there was an “I’m not sure” option. Because I’m not. On one hand, it would be interesting to see what they’d do with him and how he’d interact with the new cast. On the other, I do think the new cast should be able to ‘stand on their own’, as it were.

51. Uncle Joey - May 18, 2010

The general public would want to see Kirk, fanboys and girls like us even if we said no it doesnt matter, were not the general public.

52. Philip Dunlop - May 18, 2010

All this talk of Shatner being in the next movie… we’re flogging a dead horse here. First of all, it’ll be too similar to ST’09. We’re talking about keeping the bums of the new audience ST’09 made on those cinema seats, as well as introducing a few new ones. Rehashing the story of ST’09 so an undignified, gratuitous appearance from another of Star Trek’s generations can be made, purely in order to appease some die-hard fans, at the expense of good story is box-office suicide. As a real Star Trek fan, I don’t want to see this happen. I want the franchise to continue. And I want to remember William Shatner as Captain Kirk for all the stories we already have – where new ground was broken and television history was made, where we got six-and-a-bit movies, all of them adequate, most of them excellent. I don’t want to remember him as a sad excuse for getting his face seen forty-and-odd years after his first appearance just for the sake of it. William Shatner’s Kirk has had his send off. It might not have been to a lot of the fans’ liking, but what’s done is done. Leave it to rest so we can enjoy the reboot without having to think about which septuagenarian cast member from the Old Show we shoehorn into the next film through some awkward storytelling.

53. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 18, 2010

I don’t unerstand why including Shatner would come at the expense of a good story? Why not have a good story with Shatner and Nimoy?

54. Philip Dunlop - May 18, 2010

It would be at the expense of a good story because a) you’ll be resurrecting him from the dead b) we’ve already got a story from Star Trek ’09 explaining why Spock came back from the future. How it altered the original timeline and created a whole new one. Surely bringing Kirk back will require a whole new, far-fetched storyline in order to explain THAT. And surely, provided we get past the whole resurrection thing, that will create yet ANOTHER timeline, further confusing audiences.

There’s no neat-and-tidy way you can explain William Shatner being in the next movie. So don’t do it. Tell a new story. Let the new crew show they have what it takes to carry the torch, as I believe they do. Let’s not rely on the alumni. To do so would be to make it look like a formula. And people will quickly lose interest, fans and non-fans alike. Think with your head rather than your heart and you’ll see that including Shatner in a new movie would be pointless, stupid and damaging to the franchise as a whole.

55. Danpaine - May 18, 2010

I love Shatner and would love to see the Real Kirk back in action one more time, if only in a cameo…but that would have to be one nifty bit of writing to make it work, to make the audience buy it.

I really wish that Shatner hologram bit had been filmed and put into the end of Trek 09′ That would have been perfect. Great writing there, fellas.

Shatner or no, I’m sure you’ll do it justice again.

56. Philip Dunlop - May 18, 2010

The chance came and went with Star Trek ’09. It was the last, best chance for Shatner to appear in a Star Trek movie. Though I’m not sure it would’ve given fans what they wanted, in terms of a dignified send-off. But there’s nothing dignified about trying to get him or any other member of the old cast, apart from Nimoy, who is already established in the new universe. So time to leave it be.

57. SerenityActual - May 18, 2010

I love the character of Kirk and TOS, but I think this incarnation needs to break free of the past and boldly go. I believe the cast is strong enough to stand on their own with Pike watching over them if need be.

“Out there…thataway”

58. Green Blooded Bastard - May 18, 2010

It’s apparent from Trek 11 that there doesn’t need to be a cameo from anyone to be a great film. It definitely stands on it’s own. That being said, a William Shatner cameo (which isn’t likely to happen due in no small part to Shatner’s ego being to big to capture on camera) would be nice.

Like I said though, the film will stand on it’s own without him in it. I like the new crew. Very well put together.

59. AJ - May 18, 2010

I say one more round with Shatner, Nimoy, and a couple of lirpas.

The prize is the big, hairy dude from the Priceline ads.

60. Polly - May 18, 2010

Love Shatner, but I really can’t see where he would fit in the next movie. The writters are smart/creative/different (which ever side you are on) so they could probably think up something good, but it will be hard to make it meaningful and not look like he’s just thrown in there just to please old time’s sake……

61. www.chrisfawkes.com - May 18, 2010

New time line, you know what that is? It’s when the last several offerings have been crap you make them out to be a dream sequence.

Hence Berman’s sins have beem wiped out and an older Kirk is still alive in the new timeline.

Not that i want to see him in the new movie series but as previously stated as a telemovie or mini series (just to prove the above point) i would not be complaining at all.

Now would anybody else in that context.

There is money in it.

62. Dennis Bailey - May 18, 2010

“No” leads by a plurality. Ah, Internet polls…

63. TJ Trek - May 18, 2010

I’m sure this has been said before several times… but here is goes: Who says that the “Shatner” kirk we are talking about has to be from the prime timeline. What if the “pine”‘s Kirk had to be visited by an older version of himself. In this alternate timeline, anything is fair game, including not having to have Kirk dead.

64. Lynne MacDonald - May 18, 2010

Through a time portal of some type could Orginal James T could come back for a moment/cameo. I love Chris Pine as the young Kirk. I hopping there can be more movies with the cast of the last movie. They were wonderful. The young Kirk, Spock, Urhara and Scotty – so perfect I cannot describe them. Please Please Please make another movie with them in it as the Star Trek cast. I would not miss it.

65. Ryan Spooner - May 18, 2010

On a side note, the Fringe finale looks frakking awesome, I can’t wait :)

66. Areli - May 18, 2010

Why has nobody reported on this site about the Nimoy in Kingdom Hearts thing?

67. "Check the Circuit!" - May 18, 2010

JJ and team pulled off a Mission: Impossible…create a film for general film lovers that is a fresh take on a classic while not alienating the hardcore (and shrinking) fan base. Who’d have thought it could even be done at all…let alone in a fashion that would be cricitally and financially successful. It’s a remarkable achievement.

Now the new cast is established, the mission is ahead of them…as is an unwritten future. PLEASE don’t hamper the sequel with head-scratching time travel elements, forced cameos and stunt casting. It doesn’t need them. On the contrary, it would be counter productive to what has been re-established. Mr. Nimoy literally passed the baton with grace and honor. No need to do it again and again and again.

At some point in the near-future when Pocket Books is allowed to explore the JJverse, the novelists can play with the adventures of Spock Prime to their heart’s content. Can’t see why he wouldn’t want to seek out the Nexus and retrieve his friend. And in our mind’s eye, a late 50’s Kirk and 200-year old Vulcan will work. Putting 80-year old Shatner on the big screen in a Starfleet jumpsuit? Not so much, I’m afraid.

Leave Star Trek 2.0 to the new crew.

’nuff said.

68. Philip Dunlop - May 18, 2010

Well said, “Check the Circuit”.

69. Gary - May 18, 2010

LLAP Leonard! The best!

70. I, Mugsy - May 18, 2010

FORGET the Shat in the next film – the new crew NEED to stand on their own feet now without any shoe-horned in cameos – BUT please for the love of V’ger whilst these two icons are still with us do a well-written TV movie featuring Kirk and Spock together again. One and ONLY chance to rectify Kirk’s death in Generaions, AND have these two legends bow out together.

Come ON Paramount – don’t lose this FINAL chance.

“It’s now or never!”

71. I, Mugsy - May 18, 2010

“The Return of a Legend…

Two friends reunited…

A galaxy in peril…

A Guardian of Forever…”

Buckle up for the ride of your life – Star Trek returns to the small screen for an exclusive 2-part adventure, Fall 2010.”

Ahhhh if only……

72. damian - May 18, 2010

The writers have stated in the past that time travel has been a bit overused in the movies. They needed it to link Star Trek (2009) to what came before in canon. To bring William Shatner back would require more time travel (at least in any substantive role-not a cameo). It would basically be a redux of Star Trek (2009). I think the next film should follow much like Star Trek: First Contact. Generations provided a needed link to the original series, and then the Next Generation cast had a chance to succeed or fail on their own terms with First Contact. The next movie is a chance for the new cast to succeed or fail on their own terms. William Shatner, being who he is, would completely overshadow the new cast, and everyone would be talking about Shatner, not Chris Pine.

And what is with the hate with the way Kirk died in Generations. I know many expected him to die singlehandedly saving Earth from some doomsday alien race in a fist fight to the death. But IMHO he died a much more heroic death. He died to save a civilization he had never met. Isn’t that what being a Starfleet officer is all about. The willingness to sacrifice your own life for people you never even heard of. Kirk-prime died a hero, let him rest in peace.

73. I, Mugsy - May 18, 2010

90% of fans out there do NOT want im to rest in peace, including Mr Shatner himself. After all his heroics he dies being shot in the back, and falling off a bridge…

The whole thing was badly written and very badly directed.

My own take is that this wasn’t ‘our’ Kirk – just some Nexus ‘echo’. He didn’t even act like Kirk in the movie – sitting their mucking about with Horses and making omelettes instead of finding a way out of the Nexus to his ‘first, best destiny’? Not OUR Kirk…! The real Kirk is still out there somewhere.

Having said all that, TOS ends officially for me at the end of Star Trek IV – perfect send off, and a beginning of new adventures on a new Enterprise, at least in my mind’s eye ;)

74. Danpaine - May 18, 2010

Re: I, Mugsy – May 18, 2010

Glad you said that, especially about ST IV. Even the end of ST VI was an appropriate send-off.

75. Captain Hackett - May 18, 2010

No Shat!

Enuff said!

76. damian - May 18, 2010

The whole point of Kirk in Generations is he was considering if he made mistakes in his life’s decisions. He gave up having a family to be that legendary Captain. When he arrived at the Nexus, it gave him a chance to “fix” things, to see how his life could be if he did not return to Starfleet. He was going through what everyone goes through, have I made the right choices in my life. He went through a similar phase during Star Trek II when McCoy chastises him for accepting a promotion to admiral, when he wanted to command a starship. At the end, he decides that, yes he did make the right decisions and he decided to join Picard to “make a difference.” Maybe his death was not as dignified as some would have liked, but he gave Picard the moment he needed to stop Soran and save a world, not to mention the crew of the Enterprise (twice if you count the opening sequence with the Enterprise-B).

I enjoyed all the films, including Generations. Could it have been better, sure, but not every movie can be a 10/10. As far as William Shatner not liking his death, that sounds a little like sour grapes to me. He had the script, he knew of his death. If he had an issue with the way it was carried out, I have no doubt the writer’s would have accomodated him. After all he IS William Shatner. They needed him more than he needed them. He certainly had the clout to demand changes be made to the way he died.

Finally, the simple fact remains, to bring back William Shatner (even as an alternate, aged Kirk) would likely require time travel, something I don’t think Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman are interested in tackling again. I truly hope the writer’s do not box themselves in with bringing back elements fromt he original series that have already been done. We have a new reality now, let’s take advantage of that by taking Star Trek where it has not gone before.

77. Iowagirl - May 18, 2010

– Not OUR Kirk…! The real Kirk is still out there somewhere. –


78. No Khan - May 18, 2010

Shat only if it says briefly that he escaped the Nexsus so we can finally forget about that movie. In fact do it in writing.

79. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - May 18, 2010

Shatner had his chance and happily allowed his character to be killed off in the 1994 movie Star Trek Generations.
I think that he believed there would be a Star Trek 8, the search for SHAT
and when that didn’t happened he went off to Ghost write Star trek “the Return” with Gar and Judith Reeves-Stevens as a way to bring his character back, albeit in a non cannon format.

JJ Abrams provided Shatner with a chance to reprise his role of Captain kirk, but because his version of Kirk was not central to the main plot, Shatner turned the part down.

From a personal point of view, I think that Mr Shatner believes that he is immortal, and that the right role to reprise “Kirk” will eventually come along.

Don’t get me wrong, Captain Kirk and Han Solo were my first heroes, but at least Harrison Ford has brought closure to his Indiana Jones character just as Leonard Nimoy has brought closure to his portrayal of Spock and allowed his version to bow out and exit stage right with a grace and dignity.
I only wish that Mr Shatner had given as much respect for Captain Kirk to have a respectable death, instead of allowing Ron Moore and Brannon Braga write a “CHEAP” death scene that was pointless, Christ!, Tasha Yars death had more impact

So my answer to the poll is NO
Shatner had his chance and his time as Kirk has been dead for 16 years!

Time to move on and as fans, and to no longer pander to the bohemoth ego of Mr Shatner

80. vjeko1701 - May 18, 2010

I say no to Shatner in the new movie, but not because I don’t like Shatner, it’s because I don’t care about the JJtrek movies.

81. andrew - May 18, 2010

How does “No” lead?

There are two ways of voting “Yes” don’t they count together?

By the way, I think the creators of this reimagined Star Trek deserve enough credit and faith that they would reject the premise of Shatner OR a good story. If they feel there is a way to include him as a meaningful part of telling another good story, then they will.

82. star trackie - May 18, 2010

#53 “I don’t unerstand why including Shatner would come at the expense of a good story? Why not have a good story with Shatner and Nimoy?”

Well said. The new movie is in an alternate timeline where Amanda Grayson is dead and Vulcan has been obliterated. The death of Kirk in Generations is a non-issue.

Jim Kirk, both young and old, can live. It’s all in the details, and that’s what good writing is for.

83. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - May 18, 2010

A question To the posters saying that Shatner needs to loose weight to reprise the role.

How do you get a man in his 80’s to loose 80 lb without killing him?
oh & how can you make a man in his 80’s look 20 years younger?

guys, “He’s DEAD JIM”
time to move on.

@ 82
We NOW only get ONE Star Trek “EPISODE” every 3 years.
As a fan, I do not want to loose plot time on a convoluted scheme to justify an “over the hill” HAM actor dominate the stage at the expense another great cast.

If CBS want to bring back Star Trek on a weekly series basis, then no problem, SHatner can be a prime piece of pork for all I care.

84. Impending Doom - May 18, 2010

I want Shatner in the movie…but this rings true. Captain Kirk, and the rest of the crew got their send off.

Captain’s log, stardate 9529.1. This is the final cruise of the starship Enterprise under my command. This ship and her history will shortly become the care of another crew. To them and their posterity will we commit our future. They will continue the voyages we have begun and journey to all the undiscovered countries, boldly going where no man…where no one… has gone before.

85. Mel - May 18, 2010

I REALLY like William Shatner, but I don’t see how it is possble to write a story with “old” Kirk, which isn’t convoluted. I don’t want a movie again, which includes time travel in any form.

86. bbgon - May 18, 2010

#71. I, Mugsy

“The Return of a Legend…

Ahh, we can only dream…

87. joel1245 - May 18, 2010

I, for one, hope it doesn’t work out for Abrams and Shatner. Abrams, DO NOT PUT SHATNER IN THE SEQUEL!!! This is not a series of reunion movies but a fresh start. A FRESH START!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Shatner and he will always be Captain Kirk but he’s had his sequel movie (Generations anyone?) and it’s time to move on.

88. Christine - May 18, 2010

#84 :: That was a great ending. I recall weeping tears of happiness..
(Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but that scene of the Enterprise flying into the sunset was beautiful. ..Exactly why we DON’T need ‘Trek alums in the reboot!)

89. Brian K - May 18, 2010

The OS Crew had their “bon voyage” in STVI. It was written as their swan song. A very fitting, well-done, fond farewell. They all literaly rode off into the sunset together……. It should have been left there.

We wouldn’t even be having these discussions had not TNG f**ked everything up and had the balls to stand on their own, rather than rely on TOS gimmicks for ratings or boxoffice.

For all of you begging for “one more time”, how many “one more times” do you need? Kinda like the behavior of a child, or an addict……. God willing, in 10 years if Nimoy and Shatner are still with us, I can hear some of you trying to find a place for them in a new Trek movie! LOL!

Folks, time to let go, really……

90. Tom - May 18, 2010


you are correct in that Leonard should go out with his iconoc role rather than that of Fringe. What better way to do that with some meaningful scenes which would bolster and couldn’t possibly hurt the new film. I don’t see why he would turn down JJ if the part had him in some great scenes with Bill Shatner. I recall JJ saying he couldn’t imagine a trek movie not needing Nimoy. He may turn it down but it would be remiss if the producers do not try. I think Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine are confident enough that a few scenes for the original characters could only solidify what they are trying to continue

91. Trek Lady - May 18, 2010

I think they should go back and refilm the idea they originally had involving Spock and a holo of Kirk, insert it in Trek 2009 and rerelease it in theaters (or on DVD) as a teaser for the next film. :) I would so be there!

92. Trek Lady - May 18, 2010

Poll won’t let me vote at all… Hmmm.

93. Brian K - May 18, 2010

@ 91-

I would be there too! Paramount has really let me down by their apparent lack of greed! There should be a “special edition” in the works by now! They need to take a lesson from his holy highness, the genius, James Cameron! Talk about a greedy MF’er!! (If you doubt me, see the endless Avatar dvd/blueray release schedule….)

94. Dee - May 18, 2010

For Shatner just a cameo…. and what happens with Star Trek sequel?…news please!!!

95. Kev-1 - May 18, 2010

Snarky comment #1
Nobody is standing on their own playing Kirk, Spock or McCoy– they’re standing on Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley’s shoulders. Not saying they aren’t adding something new, or that they aren’t fine artists in their own right.

Snarky comment #2
Having William Shatner doing a cameo in a Trek movie is like bringing the Mona Lisa to your local Sunday art in the park.

Snarky comment #3
Isn’t anything done in this alternate timeline a rehash, anyway? Why is everyone so eager to see the same players do the same things in a different way?
This covers my snarky allotment for the forseeable future. Thank you.

96. john - May 18, 2010

How about re-casting William Shatner as a new character?
Possibly: Harry Mudd

97. Kent Butabi - May 18, 2010

N-O to the Shat.

98. S. John Ross - May 18, 2010

I would like the next movie to include a cameo by Star Trek.

99. Canon Schmanon - May 18, 2010

No, please, no. Don’t do it. Let the next film stand without any of the original cast, or any other Trek cast. It’s been handed off, for God’s sake. Nimoy did a great job of passing the torch. We don’t need Bill coming in to grab that torch, like he did with Will Decker.

The next film must be pure, unpolluted by past icons.

100. FederationForever - May 18, 2010

On the contrary, the next film must be pure and unpolluted by idiots who think just because you’re over the age of 65 you are no longer useful in your field of work. I don’t care what any of the naysayers have to say cuz they’ve done enough already to ruin a wonderful opportunity for The Shat to appear in Trek 11 so let’s not allow them to ruin an opportunity for him to appear in Trek12. They had their way now it’s OUR turn and on behalf of all the true Trek fans I say “GIVE ME SHAT OR GIVE ME DEATH!” Ignore the critics and just find a way to put him in there. He deserved a better send off than Generations and anybody that thinks The Shat should not have been in the previous movie or the one that’s about to come is not a true Trek fan and that’s the end of it. Without The Shat there would be no movie franchise so if you’re truly a Trek fan then let him appear in this next movie so he can go out with some dignity. I don’t care what anybody says there’s no dignity in killing off Capt Kirk prime just like there was no dignity in killing off The Hulk (TV), Superman, and Spock (which is why they brought him back in Trek 3). Is anybody getting this at all? Shatner should NO! He MUST be in this next movie! It will not hurt the young actors in any way nor will it hurt the Trek franchise in any way. De Kelley already proved that when he appeared on the first episode of TNG. I say let The Shat be on Trek ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!

101. FederationForever - May 18, 2010


102. FederationForever - May 18, 2010


103. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 18, 2010

# 84 says it all.

# 101 and 102…remember kevin riley in the naked time? One More Time!!!

I’ll take you home again Kathleen!!!! I’m quite sure that is what you are referring to..and No Shat…….:)

104. FederationForever - May 18, 2010

No that’s not what I’m referring to. And I say YES to having Shat being in the next movie and NO to you having a say about it. You got your way in the last movie now it’s OUR turn let us have the Shat in the next movie and shut up.

105. FederationForever - May 18, 2010

sorry for having to be so harsh but I’m really sick of missed opportunities due to the public opinion of closed-minded ingrates. Maybe if somebody had stepped up and shut the mouths of such idiots, Enterprise might have been able to get a proper 7 seasons plus a proper send off instead of a mere 4 seasons with a mediocre send-off. So I say to those of you who are against Shat being in the next movie, WHO CARES WHAT YOU WANT! LEAVE TREK ALONE! Shat is not hurting the franchise in any way. YOU are!

106. Robert April - May 18, 2010

Shatner as mirror (old timeline) Kirk for the main adversary to Chris Pine’s Kirk.

Cameo for Nimoy’s old timeline Spock and Shatner’s new timeline Kirk.

107. FederationForever - May 18, 2010

Now that’s more like it. More ideas of how to include Shat in the next movie and less babbling idiots making excuses of why they shouldn’t put him in the next movie.

108. the red shirt diaries - May 19, 2010

my star trek will always be shatner nimoy and kelly et all. alll i am saying is it will be easier to accept the new crew if they givre the real kirk and spock the final send off they truly deserve after 40 years.

109. Data476 - May 19, 2010

I wonder if William Shatner regrets appearing in ‘Generations’?

110. FederationForever - May 19, 2010

109. I don’t think he regrets appearing in it but I do think he regrets dying in it. I know I do.

108. I do agree that it will be easier to accept the new cast if Nimoy and The Shat are given a proper send off and that’s not to say that the new cast isn’t being accepted already cuz they are. I’m just saying that giving these two icons a proper send off would be the icing on the cake and who here does not prefer icing on their cake?

111. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 19, 2010

point taken..And yes I wanted to see enterprise ended..It wasnt the idea of the show that bothered me, It was the look. Personally , I was hoping for much older starfleet ships, With crew members wearing suits like in forbidden planet. When i first saw the nx-01 in a issue of tv guide, my jaw dropped. It looked newer and more sophisticated than the TOS enterprise.

So then I thinks that Paramount just wants to be more contemporary.

So I watched the first episode and low and behold here comes a klingon looking like he just beamed over from the TNG timeline. Crap!! I said..don’t those guys at paramount ever watch star trek? and on top of that a shapeshifter follows him. Looking like odo just beamed in from Deep Space 9. If you are going to honor the future, (Enterprise to TOS) try harder to be more respectful to what made TOS so popular. By alienating fans like me, Enterprise limped in with a black eye. I gave up on it six episodes later. and only returned for exellent episodes like:

In a mirror darkly- It’s greatness explains itself.
First Flight-Very Important episode regarding warp flight.

and Regeneration, A failed attempt to bring the borg into the “Enterprise Universe” Thank god , fans didnt get excited enough to demand future “borg” installments.

As far as my feelings about trek, I like to express them here. Knowing that some may disagree. However I have never told anyone to “shut up” about any of their opinions here , or as a matter of fact , anywhere online. I see that kind of thing on youtube, news articles from big media sources.. and even video game chat. I hate to see that kind of thing here, and I will always be cordial. A good friend of mine said: Better any trek is better than no trek, I disagreed, Stating that good trek is better than some trek.

As far as the 2009 movie that I apparently fought all the way? I just didnt care for the I-Bridge. I liked the rest and still bought the blu-ray. Next to Avatar, Trek 2009 is a fanatstic looking film which i demo to show off my HDTV and sound system.

As far as Shatner, He will be too expensive when all the details “ever” get worked out. If he is in the next movie, I will be suprised.

112. FederationForever - May 19, 2010

111. As I said before, it’s nothing but excuses. “Shatner will be too expensive”. They also say that about bringing TNG, DS9, and Voyager into the world of Blu-ray. Stop worrying about how much it’s gonna cost! and worry about the big pay off in the long run! You’re like the grups in “Miri” and the “parents” in “And the Children Shall Lead” cuz you take the fun out of everything by ruining the things we love. Can you for once stop thinking like a corporate stuffed shirt and think about what it was like to be a kid wanting your parents to buy you stuff but couldn’t because they couldn’t afford it? What I’m saying is you’d be a lot more help to the Trek franchise if you would start thinking like an engineer and instead of just addressing problems with putting Shat in the movie find solutions to make it possible. To borrow a quote from “Spectre of The Gun”, Why don’t you join us humanoids in figuring a way to include Shat in the next movie and quit telling us why he can’t be in the next movie?

113. Tom - May 19, 2010

Bob Orci and team have yet to weigh in on whether they will write something for Leonard and Bill. Curious to know if they will not even ask Leonard because of his retirement. Anyway it didn”t stop them for the first movie

114. Olley Olley Olley - May 19, 2010

@ 100
“anybody that thinks The Shat should not have been in the previous movie or the one that’s about to come is not a true Trek fan”

Childish, infantile, absolutes.

FF your embarrassing yourself, put down the bottle and go to bed.

115. the Quickening - May 19, 2010


116. FederationForever - May 19, 2010


I agree. You are childish, infantile, and an absolute jerkoff. In fact, you are what gives Trek fans a bad name so instead of showing everybody that you’re capable of living without a brain why don’t you show everyone that you’re capable of dying without one too?

117. FederationForever - May 19, 2010


May The Great Bird of The Galaxy Take a Dump All Over Your Ugly Face.
Shatner will be in the next movie. Resistance is Futile.

118. falcon - May 19, 2010

How’s this for an idea: Ask Shatner to invest in the next movie, then list him in the credits as “Executive Producer” (along with the other myriad executive producers on the film). That will allow him to be involved in the movie without actually being in the movie.

Genius, I tell you. Sheer genius.

119. falcon - May 19, 2010

@116 – FF, Trek does not belong to you. Nor does it belong to us. It belongs to CBS/Paramount. Stop bashing people for expressing common sense opinions and acting like a spoiled brat. We can all have constructive discussions (knowing full well our discussions will not alter things one iota) without resorting to the kind of ad hominem attacks you seem to prefer.

In other words, to quote a former 1960s science-fiction television series actor, “Get a life!”

120. Trekman_Dave - May 19, 2010

Don’t normally get involved in all this whoha but really, all this arrguing is just silly.

@ 117 “May The Great Bird of The Galaxy Take a Dump All Over Your Ugly Face.”

I never had the good fortune of meeting GR but by watching his work grow throughout the ages and understanding his moral message I think to “take a dump on someones face” is disrespectfull and unbecoming of GR legacy.

We, however are all passionate of Star Trek and therefore will never see eye to eye on feel, direction, story and so forth. I still back the purpose of these forums, which is to educate ideas to the mass, much like GR vision, not name call or belittle.

You can never please everybody with a single idea, but with the francise that Star Trek has become – there “has been and always will be” something for everybody to enjoy.

Also I believe I would like to see WS one last time, but why not add a scene like this. New Kirk still feeling the effects of Prime Kirk’s Mind Meld sees Prime Kirk bringing Prime Spock to Vulcan (ala STIII) but this could be reshoot (Scotty and Bones to be CGI added) all other cast hired for this scene with deagaing technology.

This way all crew have a send off and then Star Trek 13 would be free to explore any direction it wanted free of past crew members.

Just a thought instead of fighting…

121. comeaution22 - May 19, 2010

I think Wesley Crusher should be in it. He can fix the whole timeline because he is super duper smart.

I’m writing Abrams right now. Claimed.

122. "Check the Circuit!" - May 19, 2010

@109….He didn’t regret cashing the check.

123. comeaution22 - May 19, 2010

and by the way. Who fights over Star Trek? And who fights about William Shatner?

124. "Check the Circuit!" - May 19, 2010

@FF Do you even realize you’re on TrekMovie.com? You sound you stumbled in from aintitcoolnews.com. Maybe you should go back.

Oh, and by the way, your precious Shatner had a chance to extend the life of Enterprise. There were discussions of a 4th season two-part episode that he would guest-star in. PROBABLY would have been a huge ratings success and saved the show from cancellation. (Under Manny Coto’s direction, it probably would have been an outstanding bit of television too.)It didn’t happen. Want to know why? Shatner wanted too much money! That guy owes everything he has to Star Trek and it’s fans. If he cared about the fans and the franchise, he could have stepped in and done it for FREE. But instead, he turned his back. Now we have to put up with years of his whining about wanting to be back in the new movies….for the right price, of course.

125. FederationForever - May 19, 2010


It’s like this. Trek doesn’t belong you to either so it’s not for you to decide whether Shat should be in the next movie or not nor mine but you could at least encourage people to be open to the idea instead of letting them shut it down completely. One of the things I’ve learned from Trek is that there are always possibilities. The only thing I learn from self-righteous idiots like you is that you take away those possibilities when you allow and encourage those opportunities to be missed. As I said before, if somebody had had the guts to stand up against YOUR kind of thinking, we wouldn’t have had TOS cancelled after 3 seasons, we wouldn’t have had Enterprise cancelled after 4 seasons, we wouldn’t have had Kirk prime killed off in Generations, we wouldn’t have had Data killed off in Nemesis, and we certainly wouldn’t have had Trip killed off in “These are the Voyages..” It’s real simple. The reason so many stupid ideas were brought to Trek was a because a dummy like you allowed those dumb ideas to be brought to the table. If you want to see an end to the bashing then I want to see an end to dumb idiots saying no to putting Shat in the next movie. if they’re not smart enough to see an opportunity to honor the man that helped put Trek on the map then you got no business taking their side. And if you don’t like it then here’s a quote from another science-fiction television series actor, “UP YOUR SHAFT!”

126. FederationForever - May 19, 2010


Maybe YOU should go back, to that junkyard where your mom first found you.

If there’s anything the Trek Universe does not need is a vengeful idiot who’s jealous of the success of one of the most legendary actors of our time. I don’t know what Mr. Shatner did to you to make you resent him so much and frankly I don’t care. He is a very important part of the Trek Universe and you better learn to treat him as such. If you wanna diss on him that’s your business but when you interfere with him being a part of Trek one more time. That’s taking it too far.

127. Crewman Darnell - May 19, 2010

Ouch! Oh Jim-boy… I can’t feel me legs…

If Shatner returns in the next flick, hopefully he’s down with wearing a set of sparkling blue contact lenses. :-/

C’mon, There’s *no* way we’ll be seeing “The Shat” in Nu Trek ll. Seriously folks. No frakking way.

128. thebiggfrogg - May 19, 2010

71. …a lawsuit by Harlan Ellison.

129. comeaution22 - May 19, 2010

I’m beginning to think FederationForever IS William Shatner.

130. damian - May 19, 2010

This thread seems to be getting a little ugly. I for one am very respectful of the contribution of William Shatner. His way of acting worked great for Captain Kirk until he got to Star Trek V. He seemed to go over the top after that. Look, my reasons for not wanting to see Shatner in a sequel are that (1)–He will not accept a cameo role. If he is in it, he will demand a substantial role. I think that is clear
(2)–I just don’t see how they can involve him without yet another time travel story
(3)–I want to see the new actors (who I think most acknowledge did good jobs) stand on their own and not be overshadowed. After all, how many send offs does Shatner need.

I’m sorry if I get a little indignant here, but William Shatner had his day, and it was great. But it is time to move on. I have been a die-hard Trekkie since Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. I have loved all 11 movies and all the TV series, animated series, and novels. Just because I don’t want to see Shatner in the next Star Trek film does not make me less a fan. There seems to be an attitude among some fans that if you disagree with them, you are somehow less a Trekkie. I’ve seen some who say if you liked Star Trek (2009) you are not a real fan, and some say if you liked any of the Rick Berman created shows you are not a real fan. Well you know what, I loved it all.

I appreciate the contributions of JJ Abrams and co., Rick Berman and co., and Gene Roddenberry and co. Thank you all for keeping me entertained.

131. Anthony Thompson - May 19, 2010


If so, check out FederationForever’s recent posts and ban him.

132. "Check the Circuit!" - May 19, 2010

@ FF

I’m the idiot?? And a vengeful one at that? Why… because I believe Shatner’s time as James T. Kirk is past? It’s called an opinion. Last I heard, we were all entitled to one.

And what makes you think any of us here have ANY influence over decisions made by Paramount? Canceling a show. Casting decisions. Character deaths. You really think me and my idiotic friends had something to do wtih that?

What are you…12?

(BTW, Data wasn’t dead at the end of STX…he was conveniently downloaded into B4. That made for riveting drama. They should have killed off Riker instead and then had his transporter accident twin show up at the end. Much more believable)

133. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 19, 2010

@1 – 132

Why would anyone want to have Shat in the new ST?? HE HASNT SEEN THE FIRST ONE!!! WHY GIVE HIM THE TIME OF DAY?

134. Olley Olley Olley - May 19, 2010

“we wouldn’t have had Data killed off in Nemesis”
the only part of that entire movie that felt good!

135. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 19, 2010

It has been said many times before: if JJ and co. don’t want to return to the prime universe and have Bill as James T. Kirk … have him play Chris Pine’s grandpa. He could be a high ranking Federation official or retired Starfleet Captain who holds the key to helping the young Enterprise crew solve their crisis. His role wouldn’t have to be any larger than Leonard’s was last time, but it could be just as meaningful.

Shatner Returns to Trek … the publicity would be HUGE and new fans and old alike would like it!

136. comeaution22 - May 19, 2010

People, we are forgetting Wesley Crusher. We need him to come back! It would save the entire franchise!

137. VOODOO - May 19, 2010

– Kirk Prime needs a better ending. Simple as that.
– Abrams has said he like to have Shatner involved.
– Shatner publicly begs to be in it on a daily basis in the media.
– William Shatner’s return as Kirk would be a major media event.
– Leonard Nimoy’s last go around as an actor should be as Spock in a major film rather than a little known tv series.
– The public would go nuts if Shatner + Nimoy had one last scene together where they walk off into the sunset rather than having Kirk dead after falling off a bridge + Spock being stranded in an alt universe.
– THE BIGGEST REASON TO DO IT IS BECAUSE IT WOULD BE FUN!!! Isn’t that what the movies are about?

Bring back Mr. Shatner + Mr. Nimoy one last time.

138. Olley Olley Olley - May 19, 2010

Nice idea, But were Nimoy brought a poignant gravitas to the Role of Spock prime, Shatner would bring ham acting and “Jazz Hands” along with Diva demands on script input and a huge salary bill.

139. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 19, 2010

@ 138

Whatevs, man. Shatner’s acting is perfectly awesome as far as I’m concerned. He helped make a little show called Star Trek what it is, in case you hadn’t heard. His salary would likely be about the same as Nimoy’s. And as far as script and other “demands,” JJ runs the ship now, and with a firm hand I’m sure. Bill would be thrilled to work with JJ and the two men are already friends. There would be none of the tabloid problems you speak of.

140. Olley Olley Olley - May 19, 2010

@ 139
“And as far as script and other “demands,” JJ runs the ship now,”

how come he turned down the scene that was written for him in ST09?

Cool the patronizing attitude man, I am totally civil with you and I agreed that your plot idea was a nice idea, I only pointed out the reasons why I feel Shatners return would be a bad idea,

141. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 19, 2010

#140 “how come he turned down the scene that was written for him in ST09?”

No one knows for sure. But if I had to guess, I’d say it’s because he’s used to being on EQUAL terms with Leonard (their well known “Favored Nations” contracts), and they offered him one scene as a hologram when Leonard had substantially more. But if they were to offer Bill a role similar to what Leonard had in ST09, more than a cameo, I’m sure he’d agree to it. And if I have an attitude, sorry, but I don’t think it’s cool for people to speculate that Bill would be causing trouble behind the scenes, when that’s likely pretty far from the truth. He & JJ seem perfectly cool with one another; they often talk about how they admire each other.

142. ryanhuyton - May 19, 2010

Again, I have to say the best way for Shatner to be in the sequel is in the form of a cameo. If the writers can find a way. Which is the hard part since it would require the use of the unfilmed scene from the first movie or yet another use of time travel. Of course, there is the inconvience of his death on Veridian III as well. I suppose the only way is to just write a role for “old Jim” and not bother with explaining why Shat Kirk is alive. Of course, there is the possibility of the Mirror Universe, but that would still require some form of time travel presumably.

But I think this is where the idea of a straight-to-dvd “prequel” film can help. It can show us how Shat Kirk appears in the new timeline and also gives us a chance to see him reunited with Nimoy’s Spock. And hopefully a scene where they acknoledge the late DeForrest Kelley, maybe featuring an old clip refurbished with a little cgi as a tribute to both Kelley and McCoy prime.

Just a young fan’s fantasy…..

143. "Check the Circuit!" - May 19, 2010


Shatner’s apperance in STIIV didn’t help turn the movie into a blockbuster. If you make a Star Trek movie just for Star Trek fans, it won’t make more than $100mm. Probably less. His contributions to the franchise are the stuff of legend….but in the past. With today’s younger audiences….he’s a goof. The Priceline Guy. His prescense in a meaningful way would be a detrement to all that was achieved with Star Trek ’09….IMHO

Time to boldly go forward…with the new cast.

144. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 19, 2010

#143 “you make a Star Trek movie just for Star Trek fans”

No one is asking for that. How would having Shat in a supporting role, like Nimoy in the last one, make this “just for fans?” Was ST09 just for fans? No. You’re not making any sense.

“His prescense in a meaningful way would be a detrement to all that was achieved with Star Trek ‘09″

Again, I refer you back to Nimoy’s appearance in ST09. How would having Shatner be a detriment when having Nimoy was not? Please think this stuff out before you type, people. ;)

145. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - May 19, 2010

Even though I was early in my projections, with fewer than 50% of precints reporting in, I called the election early for the “Yes” votes. Total “Yes” (either Nimoy sized role or cameo) stands at 53% vs 36% “No”. The “no”s have actually lost steam from a high of 40%. Looks like a victory for the T(iberius) Partiers. And that is a long way to go for a pun!

We report, you decide. Fair and Balanced. All the news that’s fit to print.

146. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 19, 2010

From what I understand, Nimoy didn’t want alot of money to be in the ’09 movie. But shatner did. It’s probable that Shatner would want to be on the same pay level as nimoy but with a smaller part. Which is fair since nimoy didn’t want alot of money. Perhaps the money and not having alot of screen time turned shatner off to the idea.

Yes it would have helped Enterprise greatly to have shatner in a two part episode, I’m sure that many trek vetrans would have jumped at the chance to be a guest star in enterprise, God only knows how paramount was able to twist the arms of Frakes and Sirtis to be in the enterprise finale (being sarchastic).

147. ryanhuyton - May 19, 2010


Yeah, next time a similar poll is taken, it should be either yes or no. Which would be ironic since I voted “cameo”. But at least the results would be clear cut. Or at least don’t include “don’t care”. While many people “don’t care” either way about a lot of things, I’m not sure it amounts to a proper answer. At least a poll with a strict “yes” or “no” option would make people think a bit. “Don’t care” seems like a bit of a cop out.

And as with most polls, there should be a disclaimer that states that there is a 2 or 3% margin for error. After all, its entirely possible (and probable) that a few people use multiple computers and internet addresses when it comes to “stuffing the ballots”.

148. "Check the Circuit!" - May 19, 2010


I thought I was clear about why Shatner would be a detriment in a Star Trek movie. I won’t repeat it. But you said Shatner’s prescence would assure big box office…history shows it wouldn’t. You’re the one not making sense.

Leonard Nimoy, on the other hand, never whored himself out to make a buck and kept his reputation as a serious artist/actor/director/photographer. And his current age, he was physically in synch with the role of a 200 year old Vulcan.

Now you want any overweight, 80 year old Captain Kirk to appear in a serious Star Trek movie? And you don’t think that would be a detriment?

Leonard Nimoy as Spock was the soul of Star Trek. While he had his moments of greatness, Shatner was the ham.

149. Anthony Pascale - May 19, 2010

wow, poll nitpicking

some people are taking the polls here too seriously. As with all internet polls the margin of error is impossible to determine, because it is not a scientific poll since it is voluntary.

it is what it is. There is no ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ it just is. It’s not like jj abrams and paramount are going to use this poll to decide what to do.

150. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 19, 2010

#148 … “But you said Shatner’s prescence would assure big box office”

No, I didn’t. I said it would generate a lot of publicity. And it would. Don’t you recall how much press Shatner got last year, regarding the movie he wasn’t even in? I think big box office is pretty much a given for the franchise at this point, and I am very happy that it’s more popular than ever.

“Now you want any overweight, 80 year old Captain Kirk to appear in a serious Star Trek movie?”

You aren’t even reading what you reply to, are you? I said (in post #135) he should play Chris Pine’s grandpa. And what do you mean “serious?” As if the earlier Treks weren’t?

“And you don’t think that would be a detriment? Leonard Nimoy as Spock was the soul of Star Trek. While he had his moments of greatness, Shatner was the ham.”

No, it wouldn’t be a detriment. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re pretty off base if you think Nimoy was more important to Star Trek than Shatner. You should try watching the original series or the first six movies sometime. The characters were EQUALS. And Shatner/Kirk actually rated much higher in a recent TV Guide poll of the greatest characters of all time. He was the only Trek character to crack the top 10.

If you think Shatner is a joke, that’s your problem. Me, I love TOS, and that means I love Shatner as Kirk.

151. Christine - May 19, 2010

#111 :: “..So I watched the first episode and low and behold here comes a klingon looking like he just beamed over from the TNG timeline. Crap!! I said..don’t those guys at paramount ever watch star trek?..”

Ah, hello, those same ridged-forehead Klingons were also in TMP… just an FYI…
Besides, later in the series, they explained the change. And in a pretty good couple of episodes, if you ask me. I thought the change between TOS and TMP was weirder than between ENT and TOS! At least they attempted to explain it. (Unlike DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations”… Not that it wasn’t a stellar episode..)

#136 :: Marry me. Hahaha.
My dad and I were watching TNG the other day and Wheaton walked into a scene and said, “Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher reporting for duty,” or something like that, and my dad said,
“Yeah, bad acting Ensign Crusher…”
It was mean but hysterical.

152. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 19, 2010

#151 Hello? The Enterprise episode Broken bow took place many many many many years before the motion picture. Goodbye! (Click) :) The rest of your point taken.

153. Christine - May 19, 2010

#152 :: Just making the point that during the near-TOS era there were “TNG-Style” Klingons. And before the TOS era. And after. ;3

154. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - May 19, 2010


Hey Anthony
what happened to FederationForever?

was he Bill Shatners agent? ;-)

155. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - May 19, 2010

@ 141

Shatner got paid to die 16 years ago
Now its up to writers to sort that hubris out?

156. ryanhuyton - May 19, 2010


During the fourth season of “Enterprise” there were a couple of episodes that revealed the truth behind the change in the Klingons’ appearance.
The Klingon seen in “Broken Bow” appeared as he was supposed to until after the Klingons began experimenting with genetic enhancements using human augment dna. The Klingons ended up creating a virus out of the experiment and lost their forehead features in the process. They ended up looking like humans leading up to and during the TOS era. And by the TMP era, they began to revert back to their original appearance so that by the time of TNG, all Klingons had the bumpy foreheads.

Second time today I talked about bumpy foreheads! I discussed the Romulan foreheads on the 1 year anniversary of the new movie thread.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if William Shatner played a Klingon in the next movie?

157. Anthony Pascale - May 19, 2010



warning for flaming and trolling. Tone it down or move on.

158. Christine - May 20, 2010

#156 :: Weeeeeeell, it’s possible there were some smooth-foreheaded Klingons left in a few bloodlines, even by the TNG (and on) era… And that we just never saw them… Then again, it’s highly probable that the mutation gene was recessive, and that it could have been overrun by the breeding with healthy Klingons.

Genetics is so fascinating even in fiction.

159. Damian - May 20, 2010

#158–At the end of that story in Enterprise, Dr Phlox indicated that the Klingons may someday be able to correct the genetic flaw. I think that was the writers way of indicating that sometime between the end of the original series and The Motion Picture that it had been corrected, since we never saw those Klingons again (also, in DS9 when we saw Kang, Koloth and Kor, they looked like later Klingons).

I was actually glad Enterprise got those episodes in. Some of the early PocketBook novels have tried to explain the discrepance in story about the Klingon appearance but it never really stuck. They actually came up with a pretty good explanation there that made some sense.

160. Holger - May 20, 2010

12: “The only way they can bring back Shatner is if they have Chris Pine’s Kirk seeing his older self, played by Shatner, the way the mirror universe Archer saw his mirror self.”

You mean reboot-Kirk seeing the older Kirk from the prime-universe? That would be like the situation mirror-Archer was in.
But that’s not the only way. Reboot-Kirk could meet his older self from the reboot-universe (time travel, for example) played by the Shat. This would also explain why the older Kirk looks significantly older than at the time of his death in the prime-universe: he didn’t die so young in the reboot-universe.

161. "Check the Circuit!" - May 20, 2010


I’ve been watching TOS since it aired in the 1960’s on NBC. I have the blurays of each season and all the movies…so I’ve seen the episodes and movies a FEW times. I stand by my opinion, Shatner can’t consistenly hold a candle to Nimoy’s work as a performer or director. Even when the storyline’s streched credibility and logic (Spock’s Brain), he ALWAYS elevated the material. Shatner’s performances were uneven at best…and often laughable. The only reason Kirk and Spock were “equals” was because of Shatner’s insecurities driving a favored nation’s argeement to ensure it. Which led to less focus on other characters and ultimately the embarrassment that was Star Trek V…the movie that stopped all the momentum built up by The Voyage Home and nearly mothballed the franchise.

I too love the character of James T. Kirk and elements that Shatner brought to the role. But as we have all evolved and aged in the last 40+ years, he’s no longer in a position to service the character in a way that’s relevant to 21st century audiences…IMHO.

162. Enterprisingguy - May 20, 2010

I agree with the comments that Shatner’s time as Kirk has passed. While I will always love him as the original Kirk, I have long since stopped believing him in the part. What did it for me was in Generations when we saw that his idea of paradise was to chop wood and make breakfast in his Starfleet uniform! Now I see him being in the next Star Trek movie to be as much a distraction as Richard Prior was in Superman III.

I know he would never take a small or backseat part. Just look at how Capt. Harriman was made to look like a boob just so that Kirk could leap to the rescue. This was the brand new flagship. We should have seen Capt. Rabau in such a position. But they had to trash Harriman for Shatner’s ego. Sorry, but I can’t see Shatner in the movie not wanting to be the center of attention even if it meant diminishing Pine’s role.

163. Damian - May 20, 2010

For me, Shatner started falling apart with Star Trek V. In all fairness, some of the fault for the problems with Star Trek V lie with Paramount. Shatner wanted a straightforward sci-fi film, but with the success of The Voyage Home, they wanted him to add humor and they also wanted to reduce the budget (hence some of the cheesy special effects). However, the acting itself lie with William Shatner himself. This is where his acting started going over the top and he started becoming a mockery of himself. His acting in The Undiscovered Country and Generations was no better, unfortunately. Before Star Trek V, Shatner had his own distinctive acting style, but I was able to take him seriously, and he was excellent as Captain Kirk.

I agree with 162–Shatner will not accept a cameo. He would demand a substantial part. I also agree that it was unfortunate that Captain Harriman became a joke in Generations. I don’t know if that was Shatner’s ego or the writers, but it did seem to be done for the benefit of having Captain Kirk save the day. This is one area where I am happy for the novels. The novels featuring Captain Harriman in later years featured a man much more sure of himself and a much more commanding presence. Certainly someone more deserving of command of the flagship.

164. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 20, 2010

#162 “What did it for me was in Generations when we saw that his idea of paradise was to chop wood and make breakfast in his Starfleet uniform!”

Moore and Braga wrote that. In the Shatnerverse novels, which Bill obviously had control over, Kirk went on to a much more heroic and appropriate fate. Star Trek has always had its share of weak writing mixed in with the good; you can’t blame the actor for the script.

“But they had to trash Harriman for Shatner’s ego.”

Really? It’s statements like that – just making stuff up – that I feel the need to call people out on. Is it documented anywhere that Shatner told Moore and Braga to write Harriman that way? No. You’re just making stuff up.

As far as what size role Bill would accept in a new movie, no one can say for sure. But my feeling is that if they offered him something at least as substantial as what Leonard got last time, he’d take it. And having him in a few scenes as Tiberius Kirk (who was actually mentioned in ST09; perfect set up) would not be distracting AT ALL. Audiences would applaud when they saw him, just as they did for Nimoy.

165. Damian - May 20, 2010

(1) I’d agree that having Shatner playing some other role, perhaps as a relative of Captain Kirk, might be the only thing that would work without involving some convuluted time travel story. But would Shatner do it? I suspect (and this is just an opinion) that he would want to play James Kirk, not some grandfather or other character.

(2) I also agree, we do not know the reason for making Harriman look inept in Generations. The end result was to make Captain Kirk the hero and Harriman an idiot. But I don’t know who’s decision that was.

(3) Finally, I mentioned this before, William Shatner had the clout that had he not liked how his character was written in Generations, he could have demanded a rewrite. I have absolutely not doubt if William Shatner said he wanted his character written differently, the writers would have obliged, absolutely. They needed him, not vice versa.

166. Enterprisingguy - May 20, 2010


“But they had to trash Harriman for Shatner’s ego.”

Really? It’s statements like that – just making stuff up – that I feel the need to call people out on. Is it documented anywhere that Shatner told Moore and Braga to write Harriman that way? No. You’re just making stuff up.

Shatner’s ego is well documented. Read any of the many behind the scenes book and the evidence is plenty. You will also read how some directors could only get a good performance out of him by wearing him down with many takes to tone him down. I doubt that he would have stood still for his character sitting in the corner of the bridge with his mouth shut seeing that it’s possible that Kirk wasn’t the only capable starship Captain. Give me a better reason that they would show a Captain in Harriman’s position to be such an utter buffoon?

As far as I’m concerned Captain Kirk sailed into the sunset (literally) at the end of ST VI when they all signed their names in the credits. They ALL had their final farewell at that point. That was where he should have ended it! We don’t need yet another “one last time” for us to appreciate what they did in the past.

167. Sci-Fi Guy - May 20, 2010

No Shat. Love the guy, but he’s too old and fat. Also have no interest with Nimoy in it and he’s said he is retiring. I think he SHOULD retire — so, that pretty much kills any Kirk/Spock reunion and, for me, wanting to see Shat return to Trek.

Nuff said.

168. Pro-Khan-Sel - May 20, 2010

No No No No! You guy’s are reading harriman the wrong way. He didnt become captain because he won the raffle. Harriman was nervous because not only was he going to command a ship with a legendary name, He was going to get a send off by one of the greatest captains in starfleet history. The Enterprise B wasn’t fully ready. Harriman went by the book, and kirk said S#%#$ The book. I never doubted harriman’s ability and I didn’t see him acting like a boob in the fanfilms either. What I saw was Kirk saving the day, And he gave his life to prove it.

169. Damian - May 20, 2010

#168–the 2 novels that I read that followed Generations that included Captain Harriman did do a much better job of portraying him as a strong captain and leader. But I was left with the same impression as Enterpriseguy of Harriman being some sort of idiot after seeing the movie the first time. You’re interpretation of Harriman in the movie is certainly legit, certainly after reading the novels that followed about him. But if Generations is all you saw of Harriman, and nothing else, you could be left with the impression of him being some sort of loser.

170. Enterprisingguy - May 20, 2010


Thanks! That was the point I was making. I couldn’t see Kirk looking that bad with Pike on the bridge. And we’ve seen him with a whole bridge full of Admirals looking fully confident and in charge. To become the Captain of the flagship you must be a cut above the rest to arrive at such a spot. Instead we saw a Captain who wussed out when the call came in. Rather than taking charge and making due with what he had he stood there wringing his hands with indecision. That’s not what I would have expected from Harriman or any other Captain who attained that coveted Captain’s chair.

Pro-Khan-Sel….I see your point about Harriman coming into his own later on. I did like his portrayal in the fan films. I just wish they could have made him shine more in the movie. He could have easily been holding the ship together from the bridge while Kirk did his thing in a group effort of capable Captains. I just think that Harriman was unjustly slighted to make Kirk look like the hero.

171. Rick - May 20, 2010

Wow the posting here crazy man. Anyways bummed the Nimoy is out of FRINGE now as his appearances although very small were great. I was also cool to see him finally interact with Walter. I guess all cool things have to end. FRINGE has really gotten so good of late.

172. dan hewitt - May 21, 2010

Why can’t there be a fresh approach to the old serie…Different ship, different crew, done at the same time as the old Trek…more of the space cowboy stuff!

173. David P - May 21, 2010

Khan, Shat, come on JJ do something

174. Enterprisingguy - May 21, 2010

172. dan hewitt – May 21, 2010

“Why can’t there be a fresh approach to the old serie…Different ship, different crew, done at the same time as the old Trek…more of the space cowboy stuff!”

Excellent idea Dan!!

Every new series started out with a new set of characters that we eventually came to know and hopefully love. So I’d be happy to see a new ship and crew in the same time frame as TOS. It would allow them to dovetail some events in the TOS but seen from another perspective. Imagine seeing the events on Organia unfolding from one of the ships massing in orbit. Your idea could open up a lot of new twists on familiar stories as well as all new ones!

175. anon - May 21, 2010

To many the opinion is thge killing of kirk was a mistake. to me it wasnt. If trekkies could have an open mind and let go of hardcore science and cannon.

who says he cant come back, who says they cant go back to veridian3 and resurrect shatners version, yes he’d be alot older now, perhaps an undetected ability of the planet regenerated kirk and hes currently living on the planet, something happens, hes scooped off the planet, a temporal disturbance occurs and he end up in the abrams verse like spock did.???

there are always possibilites.

176. The Next Star Trek Movie - May 22, 2010

Since Leonard Nimoy has announced ( again ) that he is retiring from acting, I think the next Star Trek movie should include a rescue of Capt. Kirk from his death on Veridian III. It would be a better movie if Spock ( played by Nimoy ) were in on the rescue, but also intriguing if Kirk would be rescued by a much younger Spock. Who can blame Mr. Nimoy if he wants to retire? He has been acting for 60 years, also writing, producing, and directing. He has appeared in countless episodes of Star Trek, Star Trek movies, classic TV shows like Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Night Gallery, and Hawaii-Five-O, to name a few. He has also done many feature films over the years ( my favorite is Gray Lady Down, about a disabled nuclear submarine ). Over the years, I have always hoped the writers at Paramount Pictures would finally give Spock his own starship, manned entirely by Vulcans ( maybe the replacement ship for the USS Intrepid, destroyed in an original Star Trek episode ). To Mr. Nimoy, I can only express my appreciation for his extensive career as an actor, writer, producer, and director. His contribution to movies and television have been immeasurable.

177. Red Skirt - May 22, 2010

Having finally seen the finale, I’m curious, does Nimoy mean he will continue acting in Fringe as long as he’s needed, or does he mean he is done as of the Finale?


WIthout understanding exactly the “science” that was being referenced in Nimoy’s finale scene, I’m not sure whether to expect that he survived, or whether he was eviscerated with his final sacrifice as a penance for his guilt. Either way there could always be a flashback, unless Nimoy is saying he’s hanging up his greasepaint for good as of this announcement.

It was interesting how they staged the action scenes with Nimoy, who is definitely not spry enough to handle them anymore.

178. ryanhuyton - May 22, 2010


Mr.Nimoy has made it clear that he wants to retire for good. He hasn’t said that he would never do “Fringe” again but he has indicated that he is leaning that way. Its possible he could return since he is a fan of J.J Abrams. But It would be a safe bet that the “Fringe” season finale was the last on screen appearance of Nimoy as an actor.

Even if Leonard Nimoy said “never again”, I doubt the writers would kill off the character of William Bell. They have too much resspect for Mr. Nimoy.
If they do kill off the character, it will only be because of Leonard’s blessing. I think the fate of William Bell will be left up in the air.

179. Becky the Awesome - May 23, 2010

I just think that it’s shit that the most iconic line from the Star Trek franchise wasn’t put on reserve for Shatner. I mean ‘These are the voyages…’ were made famous by him. It doesn’t seem right that at the end of the 2009 movie it was Nimoy who said them. I mean don’t get me wrong I love him, I love the movie, and I love his role in it…but at the same time, those lines ‘to boldly go’ belong to William Shatner. And should there be a second movie, that’s all I think Shatner should do in it because as loath as I am to admit it: Abrams was right when he said ‘Generations’ really put an end to Capt. Kirk [as portrayed by Shatner], and that reviving him would just be echoing what happened with Spock in the third movie. Unoriginal and repetative plot lines don’t thrive.

180. ryanhuyton - May 23, 2010


Remember, Leonard Nimoy also spoke those words at the end of TWOK after his character died. It made sense in that movie, and it made sense in the new movie since it was a passing of the torch.

181. lostrod - May 30, 2010


Mr. Shatner didn’t turn down the cameo scene because no one bothered to offer it to him.

182. David Pease - June 1, 2010

shatner is and always will be Captain James T Kirk. Pine is a cheap, unbelievable, cut rate knock off!! Lame. The rest of the cast is fine, but Pine was an incredible mistake.
With that said, if the new movie can have Shatner in it BELIEVABLY, and it adds to the story I say great, BUT it’s going to be REALLY hard to pull off I imagine. Killing off the REAL kirk in Generations (horrible movie) was dumb, and although that won’t have ANY bearing on him being in the new movie, making a good story and overall good movie should be first priority.
I’m a HUGE TOS fan, and even have a full size captain’s chair in my living room, but pushing Shatner for the sake of pushing him into a movie isn’t wise.
William Shatner is and always will be Kirk. If they can put him in the new movie and not be there for the sake of doing it, I say great, but only if the story warrants it.

183. Pappy Caligula - June 2, 2010

I have to agree on the Chris Pine thing here.. He pretty much was kinda’ lame.

I think Shat doing a “man up” speach to Pine would be hillarious and fantastic and just PERFECT!..Him and Nimoy saving some part of the day in some ancient vessel.AND don’t forget Christopher Pike isn’t damaged by Delta Waves in the new series. All things can happen in the Nexus.

184. Rico the Chief Engineer - June 9, 2010

What about the Shat as the infamous Harry Mudd? Shat can be eccentric (as he is) and a scene stealer (as he will) but not screw up the newbies playing the “new version of an old thing”.

Also – AND FOR THE LOVE OF Q, PAY ATTENTION HERE – no more pop-culture, bubble headed, Eric Bana-like characters – good or evil. His script was poor, the acting was worse… “Hi Christopher, I’m Nero. Let’s be BFFs…”

Or, how about Shat as a Klingon captain who has never been beaten… dangerous enemy for Pine-Kirk to defeat and it gives Bill all the screen time we can handle… maybe the last descendant of Kahless the Unforgettable or Fleet Admiral Khitomer set on destroying the Federation for some past slight. The character should be sanctioned by the High Council, not renegades like Kruge or Chang.


185. Elvis Springsteen - June 17, 2010

Newbie here!

I’ve always thought it a shame how the Shatner was killed off in Generations. But before too many accuse him of snubbing ST09 for not having a big enough role isn’t this precisely the reason Nimoy gave for not appearing STVII?

I seem to recall a quote from Nimoy at the time saying something along the lines of ‘The lines you’ve given to a character called Spock could be spoken by anybody.’

Of course STVII should have had The Shat going down in a blaze of glory in the captain’s seat of the Enterprise D!

186. Thomas - June 19, 2010

sulu: captain, we show a singularity showing on sensors
kirk: bring us about, but watch carefully
chekov: scanning the singulawity sir, shows debrwis, and a human body, it seems, senses show its alive and human
kirk: beam it into sick bay chekov ..

And these are the final voyages of Captain james T Kirk… the continuing mission to mess with the timeline, to boldly go, where star trek, has gone before… doooOOOOOo…

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