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Jeri Ryan Talks Star Trek Fans + Seven of Nine May 25, 2010

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Jeri Ryan has worked constantly since her time as 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager, including her recent stint on the heist show Leverage. But in a interview promoting the Leverage season 2 DVD set, Ryan admitted she still gets more fan mail for her work on Star Trek.  


Ryan on Seven

Ryan was interviewed by TV Squad, mostly focusing on her work on Season 2 of Leverage, but the conversation also turned to Star Trek. Here are some excerpts:

What’s been your experience as a veteran of a ‘Star Trek’ series. Are you still invited to conventions?
Oh, absolutely. I still get more fan mail from ‘Star Trek’ than from any other job I’ve ever had. There is no fan base like the Trek people. They are incredibly passionate, incredibly loyal. They’re a pretty amazing group of people. I actually did my first convention in five or six years just this past year and it was fun just to reconnect with them. It was fun to revisit those times.

What was it about Seven of Nine that made her such a unique character?
It was part of watching her looking at humanity from a different, outside perspective. She was trying to regain her humanity and relearn it, so she was very child-like in a way. That was why I used my son, who was two-and-a-half years old at the time, as a model for the character. She was like a child, watching things, and when I watched the baby, I saw he did the same thing. His reactions were new, like hers. It’s an interesting thing to see ourselves from a different perspective and not somebody who’s just a different species who’s commenting on humanity. She was somebody who had to learn to embrace it herself and learn all the nuances of it.

Read the rest at TV Squad.

Ryan on Leverage

Leverage: The Complete Second Season is available now on DVD.



1. Oz - May 25, 2010

First off, I’d like to say I thought Jeri did a great job with the character of Seven. It was one of those special characters like Spock, or Data, that required an exta bit of skill to pull off, and she did it well.

2. Mark - May 25, 2010

has she held a job longer than Trek???

3. Polly - May 25, 2010

You’re awsome Jerri Ryan!!! I’d send you fanmail if I could! :)

4. WeArentTheBorg - May 25, 2010

LOVE IT. Grew up a lot during this show and as “science-fictiony” as a liberated borg drone was, I felt like I could relate to her befuddlement with humanity and the growing pains she experienced as an outsider trying to fit into a family. Made me have hope in my social shortcomings and basically feel like less of a freak. Absolutely superbly acted too. The Raven episode? GOLD. Hats off, Ms. Ryan, and thank you.

5. immortal redshirt - May 25, 2010

BOOBS!! lol seriously great rack on her.

6. Finding Nimoy - May 25, 2010


Someone had to say it. THANKS!

7. Schultz - May 25, 2010

I love her as an actor. (Great work on Dark Skies even before VOY.) But as a fictional character—you know, the female Trek co-star male viewers fall in love with—there’s nobody like T’Pol. :)

8. Allen Williams - May 25, 2010

I thought she did a great job, but i wasn’t ooohing and aaahing all over her like everyone else. Now T’Poll on the other hand………..

9. Kevin - May 25, 2010

Jeri Ryan did a great job as Seven. It was interesting to see her take what was obviously a Huge-tits MacGee actually be used as a platform for the understanding humanity character.

10. robowarrior - May 25, 2010

Seven s is one of the best characters from any Star Trek series.

11. ryanhuyton - May 25, 2010


Interesting observations. I can see this article has struck a chord somewhere! :-)

12. Anthony Thompson - May 25, 2010

I’ve always felt that she was anorexic during the making of Voyager – too skinny! Not attractive.

13. ryanhuyton - May 25, 2010


Totally disagree! Jeri Ryan was hot as Seven Of Nine, and is still hot all these years later!

14. PleasureGirl1990 - May 26, 2010

The most sex-citing Star Trek cast member ever? I’m a girl, and I think so!!!

15. Jim Nightshade - May 26, 2010

yes jeri really made seven live-especially episodes with her and the doctor with a hologram trying to teach her to be more human was great–also her interactions with janeway were excellent as well–will always love jeri as seven–she managed to put more depth into her character and became much more than just a sex symbol to draw in male viewers-

16. Alf, in pog form - May 26, 2010

She’s got a great pair of series in front of her now and became a better actor than most of the boobs she played opposite. I only have mountains of praise for her firm and inviting personality and have often found it titillating to watch as she lifted and separated herself high above the detracting knockers from her past. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be lights on high beam pointing to a bright and perky future, with mounds of opportunities ahead to embrace enthusiastically with groping hands outstretched.

Well what more can I say? She deserves jugs and jugs of success as she continues to rack up voluminous industry accolades by vastly exceeding the feeble measurements set by her peers!

17. trek or treat - May 26, 2010


18. crazydaystrom - May 26, 2010

LOL! That’s exactly what I was thinking….approximately.

19. Selor Kiith - May 26, 2010

Good one #16!

20. CmdrR - May 26, 2010

16 – Is that the breast you can do?

21. thebiggfrogg - May 26, 2010

She is an attractive woman, but that costume was truly f’ng ridiculous as titillating as it was (pardon the pun!)

22. Alf, in pog form - May 26, 2010

#21 – I was trying to be supple…er, subtle.

23. Alf, in pog form - May 26, 2010

oops, #20 I meant. (must be tired, it’s bed time here in Australia and it’s time to hit the rack…um, sack, and bury my head into my milk pillow….er, silk pillow.)

24. Brett Campbell - May 26, 2010

Is that John Laroquette with her in the photo from “Cleavage”?

Oops… I mean “Leverage.”

25. Horatio - May 26, 2010

She’ll always be Seven With Two to me….

Yes, i’m shallow.

26. I'm dead Jim - May 26, 2010

Thanks for the mammaries!

27. Kenneth Of Borg - May 26, 2010

Males are so easily turned into babbbbalin foools en day r distracted buy a a purttty ace and a biggg rack.

28. Zebonka - May 26, 2010

She never needs to win a Golden Globe; she’s already got two.

29. Phil - May 26, 2010

Sorry folks, but 7 of 9 was part of the downward spiral of TV Trek, the “insert eye candy actress here” part of the formula. For all this high minded chatter about character development all you need to do is ask yourself, “if we stuck a rock hard guy in a catsuit that showed off his assets, would we have to modify the script in any way?”, most of the time the answer would be no. Vapid characters + vapid script = no Trek on TV anytime soon…..

30. Phil - May 26, 2010

oh… great bit of writing, 16!!

31. denny cranium - May 26, 2010


32. Lore - May 26, 2010

#29 People in the future aren’t made of stone. They need shapely crew members like 7 of 9 to make it through those long voyages. BTW Name one show cast with homely actors that has been a success.

33. ralf smith - May 26, 2010

When will they start making robotic 7 of 9s (for home “use”)?

34. Phil - May 26, 2010

#32. I’m not saying that sex doesn’t sell, but when a series goes from being story and character driven to parading someone around in a catsuit it’s usually a sign of trouble. The last few years of Trek on TV were so formula driven is was amazing that it lasted as long as it did. You could almost see the countdown clock on Enterprise, just waiting for the characters to morph into TNG light….

35. Voyager - May 26, 2010

Seven of Nine is my favorite star trek character

36. ryanhuyton - May 26, 2010



#29, 34

TV networks know that men tend to “vote” with their… *ahem*… remotes!

37. Al - May 26, 2010

Legs were too short for a borg

38. Alf, in pog form - May 26, 2010

#34 – I believe that the tight jumpsuit was a Starfleet requirement to stop her Borg implants from coming loose.

39. CaptainDonovin - May 26, 2010

I loved the show Shark – getting to see her made it even more fun.

As I remember Thek has always had skimpy costumes for the ladies. Uhura’s skirt was very short, Terry Ferrell’s uniform in DS9 was form fitting (not as much as the cat suit) & she is a knock out. Marina Sirtis also had a few tight costumes but I was lost in her crying so much during seasons 1 & 2.

40. THX-1138 - May 26, 2010


You can’t honestly say that Jeri Ryan was the begining of hot ladies in skimpy outfits in Trek, can you? Did you ever watch TOS?

41. A.J. - May 26, 2010

#29 – you thought she was nothing but eye candy? Really? I thought Voyager got better once she joined. She had some really heartfelt moments with Janeway and turned out to be one of the more interesting characters on that show.

42. Phil - May 26, 2010

Yeah, I watched TOS, and the producers didn’t try to hide that the ladies were there to hang on the Captain’s arm. TOS was very sexist, but it was a reflection of the time.

The point isn’t when did the hot ladies appear, but at what point did the producers start plugging in sex symbols for no other reason then to prop up ratings?

43. ryanhuyton - May 26, 2010


You have a point. There is nothing wrong with having some hot ladies on Trek, just not as a coverup for lame writing.

The problem with Seven Of Nine was, after season four, a lot of episodes revolved around her in some fashion. It was her, Janeway and the Doctor from season five onward.

44. Dannyboy - May 26, 2010

Shouldn’t her name have been Seventh of Nine?
Hugh was Third of Five.

45. - May 26, 2010

She is beautiful.

46. Valenti - May 26, 2010

@44: “Shouldn’t her name have been Seventh of Nine?”

Well, nobody’s perfect.


47. thebiggfrogg - May 26, 2010

46. To be geeky for a moment (Hope THAT isn’t out of place on Trekmovie). Seventh of Nine is more consistent with the Borg hive culture. Seven of Nine puts the emphasis on the individual, in this case “Seven” and makes the place order less significant. However, the ordinal number “Seventh” puts the emphasis on the place within the group, hence the individual is deemphasized.


Thank God, I finally moved out of my Mom’s basement…yesterday.

48. MikeTen - May 26, 2010

I think Seven of Nine looked best in a starfleet uniform, I’ve always preferred to use my imagination. The catsuits were alittle over the top, they reminded me of the suits that were worn on shows like Lost in Space and UFO.

49. P Technobabble - May 27, 2010

I like the Seven of Nine character, but I didn’t always like the stories of VOY. Some of the Seven-centric stories, especially, were among the most awful, IMO, such as “Someone To Watch Over Me.” zzzzz

50. Crewman Darnell - May 27, 2010

Bountiful ‘breastesses’ AKA the unabashed appreciation of “the fairer gender” have been alluring, visual components of Trek scenery from the very beginning.

God(s) bless the beautiful Trek Women. Cultural barriers, givers of pain and delight? Well, that’s a risk I’d be willing to take for the team!! :-)

51. Digginjim - May 27, 2010

The episode of Voyager where the doctor had to transfer toe Svens cortical node (or whatever technobabble it was) I thought was excellent – it was funny and showed Ryan was more than a tight outfit and a good figure….

52. cugel the clever - May 28, 2010

33. ralf smith – May 26, 2010

When will they start making robotic 7 of 9s (for home “use”)?

A blowup doll 7 of 9 would do in a pinch, too :)

Seriously, Ryan obviously came onboard to serve as eye-candy for the young male viewers, but she actually showed that she’s a good actress and acquitted herself very well. Some of the best and most thought-provoking episodes involved 7 of 9 struggling with her humanity. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.