Steve Jobs Invokes Star Trek (Again) While Unveiling 4th Gen iPhone – But Where Is Star Trek Mobile Video Chat? |
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Steve Jobs Invokes Star Trek (Again) While Unveiling 4th Gen iPhone – But Where Is Star Trek Mobile Video Chat? June 7, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links,Science/Technology,Trek Franchise , trackback

Back in January when Apple unveiled their highly-anticipated iPad, Star Trek was there, using the new movie to show off its multi-media capability. And today when Apple unveiled the 4th generation iPhone, Star Trek was again invoked, this time by CEO Steve Jobs himself when introducing the new video calling capability. This prompts the question: Is Star Trek actually behind the curve on this tech?


Jobs invokes Trek for iPhone 4

The 4th generation version of Apple’s popular smart phone was unveiled today at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose. Steve Jobs gave one of his famous keynotes introducing the new phone and it's key features, one of which is the new 'FaceTime' video calling feature. Jobs prefaced his introduction saying (via arsTechnica):

I grew up here in the US with The Jetsons and Star Trek and communicators, dreaming about video calling, and it's real now!

This bit of Trek injected into the event inspired the UK Times to title their article on the rollout as: "iPhone brings Star Trek to the modern world". More info on the new iPhone at A video report from the event is below.

Star Trek and video calls – when will it go mobile? 

The two-way video chat is a classic piece of Trek tech, starting with the original Star Trek and conversations via both the big bridge view screen and smaller screens. However, even though the classic Star Trek hand-held communicator has often been cited as an inspiration for the modern cell-phone, they never had a video function.

Video chatting was part of Star Trek from the first TOS episode aired ("The Man Trap") to the final TNG movie ("Nemesis") – but not with the hand-held communicator 

This missing bit of mobile Treknology was actually going to get an upgrade in the 2009 Star Trek movie. The new Star Trek communicators actually were designed with a screen on the inside (using a little green screen on the inside of the black flip-open cover), but this functionality was never shown on screen. The Playmates Toys version of the communciator was originally going to have a lenticular image to show this functionality, but in the end this was replaced with a simple starfleet logo. It is possible that we will finally see a mobile video chat via a communicator in the Star Trek sequel.

New "Star Trek" communicator was originally designed to have video chat – but was never shown in the film 




1. trekmaster - June 7, 2010

This is really hot!!!

2. John - June 7, 2010

looks really amazing wish i could afford a phone like that

3. Bradley1701 - June 7, 2010

Apple only holds 28% of the smartphone market while RIM, makers of BlackBerry holds 35%…so it would seem the iPhone is the 2nd most popular smartphone, contrary to the opening paragraph.

4. jas_montreal - June 7, 2010

hopefully they show the new communicator having video-chat capabilities in the sequel…… right boborci ? (if your reading….)

5. stevesf - June 7, 2010

Great new phone, love the features but the cruddy thing is AT&T will now limit the streaming data to a monthly, limited use charge-meaning after so many minutes of data used, you must pay the cost of going over that limit. Very similar to the old cell plans where there was no unlimited access. Their service sucks to begin with ( I get so many dropped calls) I can’t imagine trying to anger their customers even more. I really look forward to the day when other carriers can have the iPhone.

6. Prologic9 - June 7, 2010


I’m no iFan but they’re not talking about the company’s market share, but the popularity of the actual phones. Blackberry’s share is spread between dozens of models, no one phone comes close to outselling one of the few models of iPhones.

7. Anthony Pascale - June 7, 2010

RE: market share.
Right you are, i edited it to fit better

8. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 7, 2010

Ok Bob Orci. Make it happen ok. I am getting the Sprint Phone Tomoorow. It is the HTC Evo the worlds first 4g phone. But Video chatting will be the future here in the near future.

9. Captain Hackett - June 7, 2010

So freakin’ cool!

10. Captain Hackett - June 7, 2010

Clearly iPhone 4 is technologically beyond Star Trek communicator!

11. U.S.S. Manila NCC-99232 - June 7, 2010

Well, the future really begins for Star Trek…

12. James Kerwin - June 7, 2010

What this article should also mention is that the new iPhone’s screen is literally made of transparent aluminum, i.e. Scotty in ST4. No joke.

13. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - June 7, 2010

#12. You are right. But Scotty did not take credit for it. But he was the real inventer. Lol.

14. Bradley1701 - June 7, 2010

#12 – “Hello computer…” hahaha

15. Ensign RedShirt - June 7, 2010

I’m all over this.

16. Anthony Pascale - June 7, 2010

Although it does have the cool name, it is my understanding that the iphone’s aluminosilicate glass is regular glass with aluminum oxide mixed in to make it harder. that doesn’t seem all that much different than Pyrex, which isn’t exactly star trek tech. So i am not sure it can be said that it is ‘literally transparent aluminum’. I do believe they have actually made real transparent aluminum in the lab but it doesn’t last long and takes ridiculous amounts of energy. I think Kayla reported on that a while back

17. Aj - June 7, 2010

If you ask me, Star Trek TOS, the subsequent series and movies were right on the money with “video chat” not being standard on portable devices. I doubt it ever will be simply because most people would never use it even if they had it. It’s the same reason video calling will never be standard on house phones and the same reason video chat doesn’t get used as much as regular calling on Skype. Not everyone wants to be seen while they talk, it’s not always convenient and more often then not people on a calling device want to be doing other things. There’s also the reality that people like to make gestures and use body language when they talk and they don’t always want that body language to be seen. Sometimes, your gf just makes you roll your eyes during a conversation and what she doesn’t see won’t get you smacked.

18. XAi - June 7, 2010

The second (next?) generation communicator… from Apple. The iCommunicator


19. Captain Conrad - June 7, 2010

About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. CmdrR - June 7, 2010

I figure we’ll get holo-mmunicators in the next movie.

I likes me some good gadgets, but I won’t buy anything that adds a ton to my monthly bills. Keep going, Jobs. Invent affordable stuff.

21. Hat Rick - June 7, 2010

Hardly behind the curve. Trek communicators have a range of tens of thousands of miles, potentially, without the need for cell towers. Even satphones cannot compare.

22. Cap'n Calhoun - June 7, 2010


I think Bradley1701 makes a legitimate point. The Blackberry has a dozen different models with a dozen different names, but they’re all Blackberries. There are four different iPhones too, but they all look similar and go under the same name, and few people if anyone bother to split the numbers by model. Not saying Blackberry is definitively the leader, but I wouldn’t say the same about the iPhone either.

23. The Riddler - June 7, 2010

Korea is so way ahead of the world.

24. Scott G - June 7, 2010

Hasn’t the blackberry been around longer? Also with the introduction of the first gen iPhone, there were many features lacking, which large companies required. Now that iPhone has caught up and surpassed in some areas over the BB, corporations are more likley to adopt the iPhone as their standard phone, at least that’s what I have been reading. As most people know, the BB was originally marketed towards the corp markeet. Let’s see if this changes, as the iphone keeps improving. Apple is already workig on it’s next iPhone, which will have 1GB memory, improved camera etc.

25. Cyberghost - June 7, 2010

#17. The video talk feature doesn’t have to be used, just use the iPhone like a regular cell. Doesn’t another smart phone already have video chat?? I am not sure…

26. Irishtrekkie - June 7, 2010

i think i will just get the Nokia N8 instead its an amazing phone (sure even my old nokia had video chat for the last 3 years) , and according to star trek the Nokia company will be around in the 23rd century !

(nokia phone in the car kirk borrows in the new movie :) ).

27. richpit - June 7, 2010

I think the “official” range of a Trek communicator, at least in the TNG Tech Manual, is 40,000 miles without assistance.

The next iPhone will use subspace as its carriage medium to match this range. No joke.

28. Thorny - June 7, 2010

17. Aj… Exactly. Videophones are one of those technologies (like voice recognition) that just really isn’t needed or wanted. Sure, there might be a few times when having a videophone would be nice, like on Christmas or birthdays, but for everyday use? No. And on those rare occasions when they are useful, they won’t be the handheld variety with a teeny-tiny screen you have to hold at arms length. That’s uncomfortable for more than a minute or so, and its hard to see the screen. People will probably still do that like they use webcams today, but they’ll probably be integrated into your TV by the time videophones are practical.

I can’t count all the times I’ve seen friends, family, or co-workers duck for cover or hurry out of a room when someone breaks out a camera (this seems especially true the older you get.) I’d put serious money that if videophones suddenly became widespread tomorrow, at least 75% of them would have the video part disabled by the user.

222. Cap’n Calhoun… “The Blackberry has a dozen different models with a dozen different names, but they’re all Blackberries.”

Right. I’m still trying to figure out when having choices became a *bad thing*. Man, that Apple hype machine is good!

29. Thorny - June 7, 2010

24. Scott G… “Now that iPhone has caught up and surpassed in some areas over the BB, corporations are more likley to adopt the iPhone as their standard phone, at least that’s what I have been reading.”

Three strikes against iPhone:
1) Corporations would be stuck with AT&T. No choice in the matter.
2) Stuck using Apple/ITunes Store’s software. Everything your company wants to do on their smartphones has to be blessed by Mr. Jobs first.
3) No physical keyboard. iPhone has a nice Onscreen Keyboard, but that’s still a poor man’s keyboard for anyone who has to input a lot of information. Even Blackberry’s tiny keys are better than that.

Those three scare off lots of corporate customers right there. There’s a reason Blackberry continues to dominate the corporate market, years after iPhone debuted.

30. Polly - June 7, 2010

Woah. Sweet.

but I have to say, something looks insanely wrong with Quinto’s hand in that one picture………ok those “walking dead” pictures from that previous article really creeped me out, lol. Yeah, I know, I need to grow up.

31. Sebastian - June 7, 2010

I never cared for the idea of ‘video calls’ (be they from 2001, Star Trek or Apple). Personally, I appreciate the fact that I can call my friends from home and can look just as badly as I want to! ; )

I think it’s a nice option, but I don’t think it’ll set a new standard for phone calls. Besides, can you imagine people having 2-way video conversations in movie theatres?? Regular voice calls interrupting movies are bad enough….

32. Buzz Cagney - June 7, 2010

i’ve never really felt the urge to look up someone’s nose while i’m talking to them on the phone.Sorry, video calling on mobile/cell phones would just be a gimmick that wouldn’t last.

33. Will_H - June 7, 2010

I wish my contract was anywhere near up so I could grab one, but for now my 3Gs still rocks and the only people I know with a phone that compare have the exact same thing. All of my friends that have Blackberry’s have tons of problems with theirs, stuff I’ve never had much trouble with.

34. allister gourlay - June 8, 2010

no 32: “Sorry, video calling on mobile/cell phones would just be a gimmick that wouldn’t last”….eh?

Friends said that about the first ipod when i got mine on the launch day.. now all my friends have one or 2!… Kids will love it, adults will love it. It is the future… here now.
If you travel for work it will be great to keep in touch with family, i thought the promo ad with the deaf couple signing was amazing what a damn clever idea! And looks like it wont cost anymore than making a a phone call!

35. steve t in ny - June 8, 2010

The iPhone is ok, but the droid phones are outselling them two to one in most markets. I have the droid Eris, and its the most convenient phone I’ve ever had. I just wish it flipped lol, but it is an awesome piece of tech.

36. Buzz Cagney - June 8, 2010

#34 sorry, I don’t agree. The ipod was a terrific leap forward. Looking at the person you are talking to? meh, who care’s.
Anyway, on the off chance it should take-off I’ve got a Patent in for a mini tripod for placing it on. Other than that it will be like watching one of these trendy tv shows with the shaky cam. You know, the one’s that make the viewer feel like up-chucking.
I know when I make my phone calls I like my dinner to stay in my stomach. ;-)

37. RM10019 - June 8, 2010

It’s obviously a nice function to have, but certainly not for all calls. It’s not an either or. Once it is available it will be used for many applications, and not used by those who don’t want to. Simple as that, but to say it shouldn’t exist because it’s not practical for everyone is just silly.

38. Thorny - June 8, 2010

35… That’s because Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile outnumber AT&T two to one (at least). The iPhone is an excellent device, I’m not saying it isn’t. (But I do think iPhone 4 is only going to get current iPhone users upgrading, not many new customers until its available for other networks.)

37… I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist, I’m saying no one wanted or asked for it. As long as vanity exists in the human soul, videophones will be nothing but a gimmick. Apple’s marketing machine simply can do no wrong: “Buy our iPhone 4! It’s a VIDEOPHONE! Woo hoo! Star Trek tech is here!” and the usual “gotta have it” suspects will line up at the Apple store to buy one.

Then they’ll realize they didn’t really want a videophone.

39. Gary - June 8, 2010

40. Fubamushu - June 8, 2010


1.) This is the only point where you are correct.
2.) Businesses DO NOT need to have their apps go through the App Store for deployment. And enterprise solutions exist that can deploy applications without the need for iTunes.
3.) Guess you’ve never seen a teen texting on an iPhone.

The reason the Blackberry dominates the enterprise market is because the Blackberry is designed for the enterprise market. The iPhone is designed for the rest of us.

41. Hat Rick - June 8, 2010

I have a 3GS. I purchased it earlier this year. In my opinion, it’s the best handheld communication device in the known universe, in the history of human civilization, bar none. I haven’t tried the HTC Incredible, but I cannot imagine how it could be better than my 3GS.

I also recently purchased a Google phone — the original one, the G1, that runs Android 1.6 (as updated). It’s a T Mobile phone. I purchased it because I still like physical keyboards. It’s very versatile and I use it for streaming video and audio, just as I do with my 3GS. I use it all the time as a phone, as well. However, my G1 isn’t as good as my iPhone. Admittedly, the G1 is older technology, having been released in October of 2008.

I have a second line with AT&T that is eligible for an upgrade. I plan to upgrade that second line to an Apple iPhone 4 from my existing LG.

42. DJ Neelix - June 8, 2010

I agree with previous posters that Star Trek so far probably have been pretty spot on with the lack of video function in their communicators, because it just isn’t needed in that situation.

All of you seem to be forgetting one thing with the video function though. It has become a bit of a blessing for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, since they can use the video function for sign language. Obviously though, this is still a minority and in a situation similar to that of Star Trek, it probably wouldn’t be needed.

The larger view-screens however, is a different matter. This of course since people then are sitting down, and with a larger screen, you can see the person clearly. It becomes pretty much as a personal meeting, which is sometimes preferred, especially when discussing more important matters.

43. Dr. Image - June 8, 2010

I’ll just say this:
Touch screens suck. (Especially for cameras.)

44. Live Long and Do Not Prosper, Jobs you iDouche! - June 8, 2010

Steve Jobs is definitely trying to alienate the iphone userbase with that iSpam crap and the stubborn refusal to upgrade the storage capacity of the iphone in the nbew model. HD VIDEO, VIDEO EDITING and in order to use it to any meaningful effect I gotta eliminate half my music library because Apple wont put out a 64GB iphone? GRRRR

45. T'cal - June 8, 2010

Evo blah blah blah.
iPhone blah blah blah.
Droid blah blah blah.

Why is there no cell phone that looks like a TOS communicator??? I’m amazed that there isn’t even a case of some kind to snap your cell phone into that looks like the classic prop. This is unbelievable.

46. John from Cincinnati - June 8, 2010

Great, now when is someone going to work on warp drive?

47. star trackie - June 8, 2010

I’d say the portable video conferencing of the new iphone is more akin to Dick Tracy’s video wrist watch than Trek’s communicators. And, ultimately, it’s something I would never use…as I ‘m usually talking while doing other things. But I can certainly see it’s advantages, and to be able to do it, on the go, in my lifetime is still is still pretty amazing. What’s next, Hondas that fold up into a briefcase?

48. falcon - June 8, 2010

@6 – According to AT&T, new customers to the iPhone will be required to pay the new data plan rates. But current AT&T customers (whether they used the iPhone or not) will be grandfathered under the old, unlimited rate. I’ve been checking on this because my daughter wants a 4G, and I wanted to make sure she didn’t go over on her data.

At least, that’s what AT&T is telling me. Grain o’salt, and all that.

49. captain_neill - June 8, 2010

wont video on the communicator not ruin Trek tech canon.

It wasn’t in the prime universe, should the new parallel universe have it just because technolgy has advanced?

I think the communicator should stay similiar to what it was. The new movie had one too many changes.

50. captain_neill - June 8, 2010

no forget what I said in number 49

Its no longer canon what they do as its a new universe. Would be cool to see the two way video on the communicator but I still like to be faithful to the original communicator

51. captain_neill - June 8, 2010

but the most important question is can an iPhone 4 communicate with a starship in orbit?

No therefore a Starfleet communicator without video is far superior. :-P

52. Thorny - June 8, 2010

40. Fubamushu… “2.) Businesses DO NOT need to have their apps go through the App Store for deployment. And enterprise solutions exist that can deploy applications without the need for iTunes.”

Interesting. I stand corrected.

“3.) Guess you’ve never seen a teen texting on an iPhone.”

Texting CUL8R is hardly the same as making sure you input your customer’s order correctly. Businesses generally don’t like on-screen keyboards. They didn’t like them in the Palm era, but put up with them until alternatives existed, which is why Blackberry became popular in the first place. I don’t seen them going back to on-screen keyboards even if they no longer need a stylus. (iPhone’s screen is not much bigger than an old Palm T|X’s, so accuracy is still a problem.)

And I generally see more people texting with those flip-out / slide-out keyboard phones, not on-screen keyboards.

53. Doug - June 8, 2010

Oh WOW a new ipho….zzzzzzzzzzz

54. Red Skirt - June 8, 2010

#52, “which is why Blackberry became popular in the first place. I don’t seen them going back to on-screen keyboards even if they no longer need a stylus.”

And yet, Blackberry is launching very popular touch screen models and continues to lose market share to Apple. Most of those flip/slide keypads are on much less expensive phones as well. See a pattern?

55. Biggles12 - June 8, 2010

Only works over WiFi unfortunately…

56. R. Daystrom - June 8, 2010

i would buy it in a second. 3 face buttons and a touch screen.
makes that beep beep noise when you get a call.

57. Canadianknight - June 8, 2010

Well, I’ll say this…

I’ve owned three smart phones to date. Two with physical keyboards, and my current iPhone 3G.

This may be a shocker… don’t tell anyone… and you might want to sit…

I can type just as quickly on my iPhone as I did with the physical keyboards! *GASP*

It took me a little while to get used to it… that’s for certain… but after a little while, it felt just fine.

I’ve had WinMobile phones, an iPhone and I’ve played with a few Android models.

I want the iPhone 4. Hands down. (..and no, I’m not an Apple fanboy.)

58. Dom - June 9, 2010

My current phone contract runs out next month. I’ll definitely be getting this iPhone (I’m in the UK!)

My family and I all use video calling at home. We live in different parts of the country and don’t get to meet up as often as we like, so it’s great to see each other and chat. Also, on iChat, I can fix up my parents’ MacBook Pro when they have problems with it.

I never intended to be an Apple fanboy, but by now, I’ve owned an iBook, superceded it with a MacBook Pro, owned an iPod Classic 60GB which I gave to my parents when I bought the 64GB iPod Touch, just ordered a 64GB Wi-Fi/3G iPad and plan to get the new iPhone.

I know, I know! Apple aren’t perfect and I have my share of issues with them (my iBook’s DVD burner stopped working because they didn’t issue a firmware update after a Tiger update clashed with it) but generally I like their stuff. I just wish they’d start including Blu-ray readers/burners in their computers.

59. Hat Rick - June 9, 2010

I am not an Apple fanboy either, and prior to my iPhone 3GS, I only tolerated Macs, even though the world of higher education is infused with Apple products.

I’m still not fully convinced Macs are all that much better than PC’s, although I am admittedly starting to be fed up with the problems of Microsoft-operated products, such as the need to buy third-party anti-malware products.

However, my iPhone is a dream to use and works just as smoothly as the fictional tech I see in Star Trek. The fact that there is a marketing tie-in to Trek is actually quite logical — as in Trek, Apple tech actually works. As a phone, it can be used to call the entire world, as well as serve as a worldphone on AT&T’s unparalleled worldwide network, at a reasonable cost.

My G1 Android-operated set has given my substantial problems with Wi-Fi and I cannot get it to run on my home system, nor on the free AT&T Wi-Fi system they have in Barnes & Noble, which bothers me no end.

However, my 3GS operates instantaneously on any Wi-Fi network I authorize.

Further, even on AT&T’s 3G systems, the MobiTV system, which allows me to watch live TV such as MSNBC as well as various network shows, the video and audio are of HD quality.

I can also hook up my 3GS to my flatscreen HD TV, and have watched the latest Hawking documentary in precisely that manner.

In short, the 3GS is a dream device.

I am lucky I am already eligible to upgrade my other AT&T line to an iPhone 4 when it’s available on June 24, for the $199/$299 price. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

And, even though I don’t yet have an iPad, I’m seriously considering it.

While this may read like an ad, there’s no doubt in my mind that, at least to me, the iPhone truly is a magical device.

60. Dom - June 9, 2010

Why is it that everyone feels compelled to start their posts (and please don’t think I’m singling you out Hat Rick because I do the same thing) with something along the lines of ‘I’m not a fanboy?’

Often as not, it’s followed by someone saying they own a Mac product they like, or someone spouting bile at them and trumpeting PCs, which admittedly are necessary for web developers!

What’s wrong with being a Mac fanboy? Is it like going around saying you’re a Star Trek fan? I mean, most people like Star Trek, especially TOS, even if they think it’s silly and dated, but they would never admit to being a ‘fan!’

One of my friends has Windows Media Center and spits poison about Macs, in part because the company he works for tend to use Neo-Office rather than Microsoft Office, which to be fair, isn’t Apple’s fault. But his main bone of contention with Apple is their stores. He says they’re the most annoying, pretentious shops he’s ever been in. I haven’t been to one yet, having always ordered over the phone or on line. But I need to pop into the nearest one for an iPad case, so I’ll see if I’m similarly scarred for life when I go there! ;)

61. Hat Rick - June 9, 2010

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a Trek fanboy. ;-)

I have no problems with Apple stores. I think their staff is well-trained, helpful, and courteous, and I don’t feel pressured to buy their stuff.

They have no problems with my spending literally minutes trying out their products, and I got a good sense of how much I wanted the iPad through just such a method.

Apple Support has also been excellent with my iPhone.

Apple is a good example of a successful American company and I feel good about my Apple purchases — even the admittedly overpriced spare headphones I bought for my iPhone.

If you’re looking for cheap prices, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for clean, fresh-faced employees who seem interested in helping you out, and service the way it used to be, then I think Apple is for you.

And no, I don’t own Apple stock (darn it!).

62. Allen - June 9, 2010

I totally knew Apple was “Trek” and Microsoft was “Wars”!
 Go Apple! 

63. Chadwick - June 9, 2010

Video calls will become more popular when they are able to fit the camera behind the screen. We all know having the camera above the screen, well…you never really look each other in the eyes. If you look directly at the camera it will look to the other person as though you are looking at them but then you can’t see them. But when you look at your screen it appears to the other person as though you are not looking at them. We all know this. When someone can make a screen where a camera can see through it and we have direct eye to eye contact that’s when video calls will BOOM! I am sure a are a few companies already working on that.

I love that about Star Trek, it was influenced by science and technology and therefore influenced people to become scientists and engineers who are now attempting to produce technologies from Star Trek. Cell phones, Tablet computers, and dozens are others are thanks to Trek not Wars!

64. Dom - June 10, 2010

My friend who has Media Center is Wars fan. He he!

I notice someone one the page about Simon Pegg’s iPad has said they like their iPad, but immediately follow it with: ‘But I’m not an Apple fanboy!’

Ah, Apple: the love that dare not speak its name.

I’ve always been a bit perverse about the popularity stuff! I love Apple’s products (although I wish they’d give the very domestic-looking Final Cut Pro interface a bit of a polish, because it still looks like a poor man’s Avid!) When Star Trek: The Next Generation was at its peak, I still stated I preferred TOS and when Doctor Who was at its nadir of popularity in the 1990s, I still read the novels and bought the magazine. Ironically, it took until the latest season for me to like the new show and lead actor!

65. high eq - September 22, 2010

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66. baidu123 - September 8, 2011

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