Philly Comic Con VIDEO: Brent Spiner ‘Happy Data Blew Up’ + Doesn’t Expect To Be In Next Star Trek + Crashes Patrick Stewart Q&A |
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Philly Comic Con VIDEO: Brent Spiner ‘Happy Data Blew Up’ + Doesn’t Expect To Be In Next Star Trek + Crashes Patrick Stewart Q&A June 18, 2010

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Last weekend a number of Trek celebrities attended Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con, including Next Generation stars Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner. And in video available online (below) you can see Spiner talking about (not) appearing in the new Star Trek movies and the death of Data, plus another video shows Spiner hilariously crash Stewart’s Q&A session.

Spiner on not appearing in new Trek and being ‘happy’ about Data’s death

During his Q&A Spiner talked about advise for young actors and hinted at a new project "coming soon". Spiner also said that he has not been approached to appear in the new Star Trek movies, joking "how can I do a prequel? Just look at me." The actor told the audience that he was "satisfied" with what he had done with the character of Data over the years. Specifically on the death of Data in Star Trek: Nemesis, Spiner stated:

I was happy to see [Data] blow up. If you are going to go out, go out in a blaze. People really didn’t really care for how Data met his end at the end of Nemesis, but we killed Data and then Paramount killed everybody else. So really what is the difference? It was really all of our last film. We knew it was over and we thought it would be a nice emotional ending, but no one agreed.

Here is the video (thanks to camilereads).

Spiner crashes Stewart’s Q&A

Sir Patrick Stewart also had his own panel. In the video below you can see after he answered a question on his most embarrassing role (Wild Geese 2), his Q&A was crashed by Brent Spiner who had some questions for "Lord Stewart." (video via mratoz)



1. Pat D - June 18, 2010

It was unfortunate Nemesis didn’t come together better based on the caliber of its screenwriter.

2. I am not Herbert - June 18, 2010

I love Brent! =)

I hope they DO use him in ST2012!

3. MarrkT - June 18, 2010

Wild Geese III: The Wrath of Data

I’m so there!

4. Allen Williams - June 18, 2010

Just because your ending a show, set of movies, or have a character leaving doesn’t mean you need to kill them off. I hate that about writers. You kill someone and usually it means they are gone for good.

Another thing that makes me made is relationships. You can start off with a married couple and thats ok. Dating usually doesn’t last and people rarely ever get married. Tom and Belana were an exception (even that didn’t happen till the last season). Look at troi and riker. They only let them get married because it was their last movie. Nothing ever happened with trip and tpoll after their initial encounter. Xander and Anya (buffy the vampire slayer) never got married. Just as willow and tera were getting back together tera was killed.

5. Harry Seldom - June 18, 2010

After my vote, the poll is in a perfect 3-way tie. How appropriate.

I loved the character Data. But Spiner could not have played him much longer, and I would have cringed had anyone else tried to take on the role. By destroying him, we don’t need to worry too much about someone trying.

On the other hand, I would have dropped everything to do with B-4, which would have saved us from Worf singing Gilbert & Sullivan, as well as the space dune buggy.

– Harry

6. Pro-Khan-Sel - June 18, 2010

To me, Data had a very heroic death, If Spiner didn’t like it, he could have refused to end his Data Character that way. Much Like Shatner in 1994’s Generations. He could have said No.

7. Lt. Bailey - June 18, 2010

Perhaps it could have been done better. Maybe if he was not blown up but deactivated so if left a body… as it was with Spock in TWOK.

However, Brent is hilarious on stage at the CONs. He is a riot with his stories and interactions. Plus he is very fan friendly when he takes the time to speak to the fans. You can see him playing Craps inb Las Vegas at the Hilton.

8. Bradley1701 - June 18, 2010

Since it was going to be the last TNG movie anyhow, I would have like the ending to be the Enterprise crashing into Shinzon’s ship and the Enterprise crew perishing to save the Federation. One character dying in a tv show or movie is totally over played now…lets see some real drama!

9. Valar1 - June 18, 2010

I was fine with Data dying, it was the rest of the movie being a Wrath of Khan cheap rip off that pissed me off. If the rest of the movie deserved Data’s death then I would’ve sniffled and cried like I do every time I see Kirk’s eulogy of Spock. Instead I am as pissed off about Data as I was when Kirk was cheaply killed off.

10. red dead ryan - June 18, 2010


Worf (and Picard as well as Data) singing Gilbert & Sullivan was from “Insurrection”.

I had no problem with Data’s death. Very heroic. It was fitting for a character whose quest was to become “human”.

On the other hand, the writers of “Countdown” brought him back using B-4. Not canon per se, but it makes Data’s sacrifice moot. Kind of conflicted about that.

11. RM10019 - June 18, 2010

9… But…. Data dying was PART of Nemesis being a cheap TWOK rip off… I’m sure you see that?

12. RM10019 - June 18, 2010

Either B-4 or Shinzon should not have existed. Two duplicates of two main characters is too much for one movie.

13. Horatio - June 18, 2010

Data’s death was to much of a Wrath of Khan Spock rip-off. In fact, the whole B4 subplot sucked and only existed to keep a modicum of Data alive should another film had been made.

There. I said it.

14. Horatio - June 18, 2010

….. and furthermore, I don’t buy into this “We all knew it was going to be our last film” crap. Had Nemesis been a financial and critical success they would have trotted out two or three more TNG films by now.

There. I said it again.

15. Trek Lady - June 18, 2010


“Just because your ending a show, set of movies, or have a character leaving doesn’t mean you need to kill them off. I hate that about writers. You kill someone and usually it means they are gone for good. ”

I agree. This seems to be a new trend and I can’t quite fathom the reason – ego on the part of the writers? The need to shock the audience? The desire to be the one who “killed” of some beloved character? It smacks of sticking it to the fans, and I frankly find it disgusting. Its a slap in the face of fans who have helped support a franchise for years and shows a total disregard for their feelings and a real lack of understanding of how fandom really works.

16. Buzz Cagney - June 18, 2010

Brent, it wasn’t emotional because you were still back on the bloody Enterprise! I’m sorry, but it was a total cop-out to have B-4 sitting there looking thick while he slowly worked through the programming that Data had previously downloaded into him. So, in the unlikely event of another TNG movie being made, there you’d have been. Same actor playing, essentially, the same character. It was weak beyond belief. And cynical too. Terribly so.
There, got that off my chest!

17. StevenPDX - June 18, 2010

Didn’t agree with it then and I still don’t now. If the goal was to make Data achieve the ultimate high point of humanity–sacrifice himself to save another–okay. So he achieved his multi-year quest to be human. But couldn’t there have been some other way? Then there’s the “I’ll download everything to B4″ gig and the humming of the song at the end. VIola! Data is still with us! That didn’t work for me at all.

The writers did SUCH a good job developing Data as a character over the show and in the early movies. (Remember when he stuck in the emotion chip and was drinking in Ten Forward. “Yes! That’s it! I that this!” he says with a huge smile on his face). IMHO, he deserved so much more that.

18. Horatio - June 18, 2010

Right on, Trek Lady! Sometimes heroes can be heroes and live to a nice ripe old age and not have to have some concocted dramatic exit.

Which is why I still have bile in the back of my throad over Kirk’s demise in Generations.

19. CAPT KRUNCH - June 18, 2010

It wasn’t as sorry as they way they killed Kirk off…’s always sad when a beloved character leaves us….and I guess that if they had made more TNG movies…B4 would have been ok…Data starts all over agin….

20. Buzz Cagney - June 18, 2010

13 and 14 lol just read your posts! Kindred spirits!

21. Harry Seldom - June 18, 2010


You are absolutely right. Show’s you how often I re-watch THOSE movies. Which means twice the B4 to annoy us with.

And yes, I saw Data’s resurrection in “Countdown.” *sigh*

As much as I loved TNG, the only movie they made that I frequently re-watch is First Contact.

– Harry

22. Lope de Aguirre - June 18, 2010

How the handled Data’s demise was actuall OK (but not great) but the in your face Data/Before memory download ruined everything.

Also I liked Shinzon and how Tom Hard portraied him bur I really despised Stewart’s out of character handling of Picard as the schildish action boy….

23. Lore - June 18, 2010

Why didn’t Spiner ask to see Stewart’s belly?

24. GaryP - June 18, 2010

I always thought Data should have been given human organic skin eventually, particularly for the movies. I think it would have been a cool, new leap for his character allowing him to age and not looking as hokey as he looked in the movies. The makeup just never looked right in the movies as it did in the show.

Data’s character took a nose-dive after he was implanted with the emotion chip in Generations. He became unlikeable, unfunny, and annoying. Pinnochio became human. There was nowhere else to go.

25. Hat Rick - June 18, 2010

Brent rulz.

26. S. John Ross - June 18, 2010

Data blew up?

I knew Data “died” in that film, but I never realized he got to ‘splode. That’s a little cool. Almost tempted to rent it now :)

27. jas_montreal - June 18, 2010

Nemesis was poorly executed. Given how bad the starting of the film was…. the last 20 minute battle couldn’t save the film’s horrible start. Thats the main reason why no one cares about Data’s death. People just wanted the damn movie to end already….. sadly.

I still love all the Trek movies…. its just one of the poorly executed films.

28. Brett L. - June 18, 2010

Despite the obvious TWOK rip-off, John Logan’s original script had the makings of a decent adventure and send-off for the TNG cast.

In the hands of someone who actually cared about Trek (e.g. Frakes), we probably would have had more of the character moments that ended up being deleted. Seeing that post-wedding scene between Picard and Data, or Riker’s joke on the new first officer would have been more satisfying and memorable than all of the forgettable exposition we end up getting from Shinzon.

29. nuSpock - June 18, 2010

#10 canon got redefined for the nuTrek; now everything directly relating to nuTrek’s timeline is official canon, the Countdown comics, the movie, the Nero comics, everything… so there LOL

#26–excuse me? what movie were you watching? in Nemesis, when Data fired his phaser into the Scimitar’s thaleron matrix, the ship went kaboom and Data with it…what, did ya think Q snatched him out from death’s doorstep like he did Picard in the 6th season ep Tapestry? NOTE: that wouldve been a better ending, at Data’s wake in Picards quarters afterward, suddenly have a human version of Data appear and Data tell everyone that at the last sec Q snatched him out and made him human…thus Brent couldve continued playing Data with his aging… because Data wouldve been human henceforth…the rest of the movie couldve gone on as it did, except what Picard said to B-4 in his quarters wouldve been different, as would Picard’s mood.

P.S.–thank me everyone for the new social networking share buttons; i’m the one who emailed the site staff and suggested them LOL j/k im humble i dont need thanking LOL

30. nuSpock - June 18, 2010

also: Spiner could do a prequel… in the rebooted universe he could play another ancestor of Noonien Soong like he did in 3 episodes of Enterprise’s 4th season…

31. I'm Dead Jim - June 18, 2010

@26 I don’t think Data really “blew up” per say. It was more like probably vaporized being so close to the explosion. So if you’re looking to see Data’s parts flying in every direction, you may be disappointed.

32. I'm Dead Jim - June 18, 2010

Oh… and I love Brent and Sir Patrick’s interaction at conventions. Classic!!!!!

33. CAPTAIN HASH - June 18, 2010

We Still have B-4.

34. S. John Ross - June 18, 2010

#31: “So if you’re looking to see Data’s parts flying in every direction, you may be disappointed.”

D’oh. That was in fact what I pictured; thanks for the heads-up. So it wasn’t that Data blew up, it was that something _else_ blew up?

35. Valar1 - June 18, 2010

#21 “As much as I loved TNG, the only movie they made that I frequently re-watch is First Contact.”

Ha! I thought I was the only one that did that.

36. Valar1 - June 18, 2010

#11 ” But…. Data dying was PART of Nemesis being a cheap TWOK rip off… I’m sure you see that?”

I mean, if they had a non rip off story that was well written and executed and then capped off with Data having to sacrifice himself I would’ve been fine with that. The death of a main character deserves a proper send off, a proper storyline, this felt rushed and cheap, because the rest of the movie felt rushed and cheap.

37. Magic_Al - June 18, 2010

^31. Of course there are many opportunities to see Data in various states of damage, dismemberment and decapitation throughout the series and films.

Of course Brent could play Data again. Technology would allow molds of Brent’s head made during TNG to be scanned to make a digital Data appearing exactly as Brent did in 1987, and Brent could bring it to life with a Avatar-quality motion capture performance.

38. andrew - June 18, 2010

I thought it was time for Data and his mates to be done.

However, if you wanted to continue, Spiner’s age isn’t this insuperable problem. It would take ten seconds to fix.

“Captain, I believe my emotion chip has triggered a sub-program that I was not aware of.”

“Are you all right, Mr. Data?”

“Yes sir. But I believe that I am now….aging.”( Plucks gray hair).

End of problem

39. I am not Herbert - June 18, 2010

Yes, I prefer that Brent play Dr. Arik Soong again, in ST2012.

He was EXCELLENT in the Enterprise “augment” episodes!

40. bill hiro - June 18, 2010

“Of course Brent could play Data again. Technology would allow molds of Brent’s head made during TNG to be scanned to make a digital Data appearing exactly as Brent did in 1987, and Brent could bring it to life with a Avatar-quality motion capture performance.”

That sounds expensive.

Also, I agree with everybody above who said Nemesis was bad because it was a lukewarm retread of TWOK. Nimoy did it better and without showtunes.

41. Zoinky - June 18, 2010

Nice thought but make it more emotional, Data actually wants to age, maybe he found a pretty lady or lad, or triped.

42. British Naval Dude - June 18, 2010


I thought Nemesis had a great villain in Shizone… Shitzon… Shizzie-O…
Picard’s clone… and he had great exposition scenes as he wanted ta’ get ta’ know Picard afore’ he drank all his blood…

Data’s death wuz’ unsatis’afying… but whose death could e’er be satisfactory? I think “Nemesis” wuz’ a grand film in tha’ middle bits wherein they meet Shitzon. Wonderful moments thar’ wit’ Picard and his Nemysis. Though- a human commandin’ Rommies? Well, it wuz’ a movie…

Then it gets silly. “We have no more photon torpedos.” Uhhhhhhh… let’s shoot Data at ’em then! Wait- dunna’ shuttiecrafts have transy-porters he could have used?

At tha’ end o’ tha’ film, like all else, I expected B4 ta’ become tha’ new Data…
O’ course I also thought that Thelma and Louise had parachutes.

Data indeed had wonderful moments. And Brent is a hoot!

‘Course I drink gin made o’ me own pee, so what does I knows?


43. Zebonka - June 18, 2010

Spiner is suffering a misconception. I cared about how Data was going to die – which is why I think he deserved his *own* ending, and not a cheap TWOK ripoff. The only reason it seemed that people didn’t care is because Berman kept on making dreck. To say nothing of the Enterprise finalé… I mean he had the gumption to call that a ‘valentine’??

TNG really grew on me, I just think that the cast deserved a far better final movie.

44. fax_ - June 18, 2010

‘How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life’.

Data’s death in Nemesis came out of the blue, part of a storyline which was distinctly un-TNG-sih. What should have been a celebration of Data’s life and a celebration of the TNG era drew too excessively (and poorly) from TWOK (a film of distinctly TOS character) with all but petty little contextual references and throwback to TNG (the Riker wedding, which made an admittedly pleasant opening, the contrived Lore-esque [and lore ignorant, by both meanings of the word] discovery of B4, and a few other odd comments, nothing more). Did I mention that the whole idea of the Romulan senate being utterly decimated with little ostensible impact (at least, as displayed on-screen) on Romulan culture/society was pretty outrageous. At least they didn’t blow up Romulus as they did Praxis …

..oh wait, that’s a whole other story…

That said, I relish any chance to see the TNG crew together on the big/small screen (lacking any other opportunity), but it was a damned shame it had to be like this.

45. fax_ - June 18, 2010

Oh, but I do love Brent and Patrick so. I have very little trust in actors’ (or anybody’s) personalities towards the great public masses, so I can forgive some of the unbelievable and rhetorical nonsense they spout. I would love to see them on a more private stage, how they chat at dinner or go about the ordinary side of their lives… but then it wouldn’t really be a private stage anymore.

46. Desstruxion - June 18, 2010

I enjoyed Nemesis. Can’t see why so many didn’t.

47. CmdrR - June 18, 2010

42 – ‘Course I drink gin made o’ me own pee, so what does I knows?’

More than Paramount, BND. More than Paramount.

48. NotTimothyGeithner - June 18, 2010

The problem with Data’s death was because it was not organic to the story which was terrible. Spock’s was a good story because it was part of his overall arc (not taking the Kobayashi Maru test), but Data had put himself in danger in other episodes so the growth wasn’t there.

Much like Dax’s death, it was inserted at the wrong time for no reason other than a desire to no longer play the part. If Dax had died on the jungle planet, her death would have had more impact than being killed by wormhole aliens in a crummy episode swimming amidst the Dominion War.

49. Will_H - June 18, 2010

I just thought as a whole TNG should have had a better send off. They revitalized the Star Trek franchise and were on TV over twice as long as the TOS crew. Kirk and co. got a great sendoff in VI I thought and I just think TNG deserved better. Part of my problem with how Data died and all is they left it open ended but we’ll never find out what happened. In some ways I wish there hadn’t been the whole B4 bit. Either way, it wasn’t nearly as bad as how they killed off Tripp at the end of Enterprise, I just like to pretend that episode never happened.

50. Quatlo - June 18, 2010

I wish he had blowed up real good. Like right at the start of the script idea sessions. Boom, and then everyone could have said, “He blowed up real good. Now let’s get a real script and make a decent last movie.”

But NOOOoooo…

51. JP Saylor - June 18, 2010

“Are you a young actor?”


“How young?”


52. Buzz Cagney - June 18, 2010

#49 I think the word ‘revitalized’ may be a bit strong. Remember, TNG came along on the back of the massively well received Voyage Home. In fact it probably only came along because, in the main, all of the movies, to that point, had been highly popular.
Lets not over play TNG. For many fans it was just a ‘make do’ show.

53. Kirk, James T. - June 19, 2010

@ 46

I enjoyed it too however there was so much wrong with it. I felt it lacked the spirit of the TV show in favour of being darker and sadder.

The things i would change in Nemesis is i would have made it bigger, I would have had Shinzon actually get to Earth and wipe out a swathe of it. I would have had more tension between Picard and his clone, i would have given Shinzon some back story so that the audience would have felt more for sympathy for him but i felt it was rushed and not explained properly. I mean this clone created as a child and then abused by his creators and sent to prison when the Romulans didn’t need him anymore – that would have made a far better opening to the movie read by a narrator leading up to the mass murder of the Romulan senate. I would have injected REAL emotion and got my audience to feel that through the sublime performances Sir Patrick Stewart, Tom Hardy and Brent Spiner and Co. are so capable of performing. I would have gotten rid of the whole B4 plot line and found some other way to bring Shinzon and Picard together in some way but like ST:II it wouldn’t have been as soon as it was in the movie – i would have built up tension by having Picard still figuring out this guy who seems to know all of Picards best tactics as if he was one step ahead…

In a way it would have been a tug of war movie between Picard and this unkown villian, a race to Earth to stop this guy from destroying the Federation – i would have had more starfleet ships including Worf leading a fleet of warbirds as a Klingon ambassador as he was meant to be at the end of DS9 – i would have had characters like Martock involved too.

Not until the last half an hour would i reveal Shinzon to Picard – the audience would have been so engaged with the will he ever see the guy who’s creating all this mayhem??? and then he does and Picard is just blown away… as the audience, we’ll already know that this is his clone but Picard has just found out around all his friends and then WHAM, the biggest war in Star Trek begins, federation, klingon and then Romulan fleets engaging Shinzon and the Remans at sector 001…. EARTH.

In this war i would have had Riker lead a ground assault on the planet with Argo’s and Reman troops terrorising civilians…

In space i would have had the tension escalate between Picard and Shinzon…

I would have had the Enterprise fly into the Scimitar and an emotionally deeper version of the climax between Picard and Shinzon in the real movie with Data flying a shuttle over to the Scimitar and saving the life of his friend.

I would have had the toast to Data’s life scene, but ended the movie with the wedding between Troi and Riker in a Star Wars style ceremony shot on location and afterward everyone going their separate ways as a montage with characters moving forward but remembering back to TNG days with clips from various episodes: Troi and Riker on the titan, Crusher at starfleet medical settling into her role and so on.

Picard would then be left on his own reflecting on what had just happened, remembering back to when he was young. Picard would be strolling around an empty bridge of the Enterprise. remembering scenes of his time as captain of the Enterprise flashing before him and finally exiting the bridge one last time. as the doors shut the camera pans out to reveal an empty bridge… scene fades to black and what should bring a tear to any fan of TNG… the original intro to the TV series with the captains monolog read by…. Captain William T. Riker of the starship titan which just happens to be…. a galaxy class starship.

this was meant to be a generations final journey yet it felt flat and well dull, the spirit that had made TNG such an amazing and exciting journey was the characters and the emotion yet none of that was present in Nemesis – sure it was a fun movie for any Trekkie but as a movie it didn’t live up to the TNG legacy.

I would have also got Frakes or Burton to direct it and had Bragga and Logan write the script without any help from Spiner or Berman.

54. - June 19, 2010

Data was such a great character in the series. Not so much in the films and unfortunately there was no emotional resonance when he died in Nemesis.

Spock’s death was incredibly powerful. Ironically by the time Data died our own emotion chips had been switched off as far as that character went.

Shame really.

55. boxker - June 19, 2010

I had no problem with data being destroyed (not dead, he’s a machine) there is a lot you can explore with that. Also there is a lot you can do with saving his mind(program). Put it in a look a like body, put it in a new body, make him the Enterprise, what ever. As long as its written well and carefully, it can work. It would be foolish to not consider it.

I don’t have a problem with character’s dying, it happens. It would be very unrealistic to never have a character die.

What I really don’t get, is that person complaining about people getting married. To me nothing is more annoying than writers coming up with reasons for character’s to have difficulties for getting together when they want to get together.

56. Starman - June 19, 2010

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