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Captains Sighting: William Shatner and Scott Bakula Spotted At Lunch Meeting Today June 23, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,ENT,Shatner , trackback

Today’s photo of the day is sent in by a reader and fan who spotted two of Star Trek’s captains today in the San Fernando Valley. Star Trek’s original Kirk William Shatner was meeting with Star Trek Enterprise’s Scott Bakula, and we have the photo below.


Captain’s Summit

This photo of William Shatner and Scott Bakula having a meeting at a restaurant in the Valley today was taken by a fan (who wants to remain anonymous) with his phone camera.

Although Scott is hard to see in the photo, TrekMovie has confirmed he was there meeting with Bill. Was this just a friendly lunch, or was it for business? If so, what could it be about? Perhaps Bill wants Scott to be on his Bio talk show Raw Nerve? Or maybe this is related to Bill’s recently announced "The Captains" documentary.




1. Protovulcan - June 23, 2010

Great pic.

2. Xai - June 23, 2010

Are these two men already friends or is this something new?

3. Newman - June 23, 2010


4. greeley - June 23, 2010

yeah Xai I wonder too.

5. Me - June 23, 2010

This totally means that Bill is gonna play Chef on Enterprise.

6. What is it with you? - June 23, 2010

Wow. Plotting their attempt to make it into the new movie?

Funny thing is, they would have to age B and de- age S.

But it would be awesome! Cameos for each… maybe Bob’s unused Shatner scene!

7. Sebastian - June 23, 2010

Interesting, but I doubt it means they are working on a project together. There weren’t any lawyers present, were there?

My guess is that maybe they met at a convention somewhere and hit it off.
Or they were just commiserating about how they were BOTH not approached to appear in Star Trek 12! Ha ha…

8. CarlG - June 23, 2010

@6: Maybe Scotty could finally rescue Porthos out of the transporter and present him to Admiral Archer.

Come on, it’s Scott Bakula plus beagles, how can you go wrong? ;)

9. Sebastian - June 23, 2010

Actually, as the article suggested, it’s most likely Shatner was asking Bakula to appear on Raw Nerve, which really IS a superior talk show (primarily because people actually get to TALK on the show, and not just rudely shout over each other).

I actually find Raw Nerve to be a unique and interesting animal in the talk-show jungle. Whenever I watch it (no matter who’s on), I find the stories very human.

It’s NOT the male answer to Oprah, either.

10. bill hiro - June 23, 2010

I miss The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder and Later with Bob Costas – both shows where people actually talked in addition to plugging product and setting up clips.

11. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2010

Look out the window! What nebula is their ship passing through? The Mutara?

12. Xai - June 23, 2010

Ok folks, it’s time to play….. “Fill in the conversation…”

What do you think they are saying? Share it.

13. MikeTen - June 23, 2010

More like the red pickup truck nebula.

14. Xai - June 23, 2010

I’ll guess first…
Shatner : “I’ll trade my Vulcan for yours…. whadduhyasay?

15. The Riddler - June 23, 2010

They are both talking about their large roles in the next Star Trek movie.

16. NCC-74656 - June 23, 2010

Where was this photo taken?? Very interesting background. And excellent citizen journalism!!

17. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 23, 2010

check out the picture
BILL “we can milk the fans more!

If theres a Captain summit, it will be the same old convention BS of Production stories and in house gags but with a PREMIUM PRICE TAG simply because it’s previous Captains spamming the same tired old stories TOGETHER!

There Might even be a scene Written BY Shatner [of course] and detailing what a “GOD”, KIRK was, and that all others should kneel

18. Nick - June 23, 2010

Looks like some kind of diner. paper towel roll on the table. neon “open” sign hanging in the window

19. NCC-74656 - June 23, 2010

Well, cool diner. Looks very sci-fi, doesn’t it?!

20. CmdrR - June 23, 2010

Caption contest?

“Spacemen of a Certain Age”

21. Mij Gnol - June 23, 2010

I like how the background colors are command gold, science blue and engineering red!

22. Kevin - June 23, 2010

Every time I see Scott Bakula, I wonder how long until a Quantum Leap movie. It took four years, but he finally leapt out of that Archer guy.

23. Sebastian - June 23, 2010

Imagined conversation (as Xai suggested);

Shatner: No, no, no. I was the first captain. You were the last. What was yours called? Uh… Starship Alpha-One, or something?

Bakula: Uh, no… it was called Enterprise. Like your old ship. And technically MY captain was first; in the 22nd century…

Shatner: 22nd what?! Look man, I was doing this back in the 1960s, when you were watching Batman and eating Cheerios, you little twerp …

Bakula: God, don’t you EVER read the scripts?? Captain Archer lived 100 years before Captain Kirk! So I was the first captain of the starship Enterprise!

Shatner: You’re crazy, Bakula; you actually READ the scripts? Back in my day, we just counted lines…

Bakula: So…. what were we talking about? You want me on Raw Nerve, right? Do I have to cry about something?

Shatner: Your series almost killed the franchise; cry about that!

24. James Heaney - Wowbagger - June 23, 2010

Guessing, per Xai:

BAKULA: Oh, c’mon. Let’s not get all misty-eyed about the “glory days” of Captain Kirk. Your… speeches… were: RIDICULOUS. Your words… all the trouble… STRINGING them, TOGETHER!

SHATNER: Really? You know, that reminds me of a story. One time, when I was in Africa, I saw a gazelle giving birth…

BAKULA: Low blow, Bill. Low blow.

25. Buzz Cagney - June 23, 2010

wow, how cool would that be? Popping out for a burger and seeing these guys at the next table!

26. Jim Nightshade - June 23, 2010

I m betting it is regarding the captains doc shatner is doing-i was wondering with a title of captains plural why it was only gonna have shatner in it—im bettin bill has to hit up mulgrew n stewart n brooks too–shats good at his talk show bet he is very thorough on the captains doc too-starting to be interested in it-

27. Jim Nightshade - June 23, 2010

and this is a great trekmovie scoop too—will anthony start having enquirer like headlines now? “Newspocks Secret Heartache: Has Mancrush on Oldspock–character narcissism?–”
details below—

28. Brett Campbell - June 23, 2010

13 – Holy crap! It is a pickup truck!

Time to get my fifty-year-old eyeballs to the optometrist!

Thanks for keeping an old man honest!

29. JP - June 24, 2010

Am i the only one who finds taking pictures of people without their consent and posting them on the internet more than a little creepy?

30. DJT - June 24, 2010


I’d have to agree. But I’d also have to say that is one great camera phone pic.

The fact that you can’t see Bakula for the most part, and the fact that Shatner is perfectly in focus causes me to think Shatner was in on it.

31. stef - June 24, 2010

@JP: Yes.

32. Starkiller - June 24, 2010

#29 yeah, it’s called ‘stalking’ in some legal systems… still, as long as there was no malicious intent.

Who’d win in a bust up between Kirk and Archer? I’d go for Archer myself…

33. Anthony Thompson - June 24, 2010


If you’re in a public place, you’re fair game. Bill could have invited Bakula over to his home if he wanted complete privacy.

34. Jonboc - June 24, 2010

#17. “There Might even be a scene Written BY Shatner [of course] and detailing what a “GOD”, KIRK was, and that all others should kneel”

Let’s hope so, since it’s true!

35. Melllvar - June 24, 2010

@ 23

Here’s a technicality many of you are probably aware of —
Bakula is clearly getting in Shatner’s face for the fact that, during The Motion Picture, the NX-01 was heinously left off the picture of ‘previous Enterprises’.

I imagine he’ll be targeting Sir Patrick next for the same reason from First Contact…

36. Tired - June 24, 2010

29. That’s my question. And so they’re in a public place – so what? Just because you CAN take a picture of people and post it on the Internet doesn’t mean you SHOULD. And Trekmovie bears some responsibility for it. In fact, it kind of makes this site look bush league, imo.

37. BuckeyeTrek - June 24, 2010

Both are going over a potential New “Temporal Cold War” miniseries for Enterprise. Daniels takes Kirk from the moment of his “death” and deposits him on the NX-01 to help Archer fight a new Suliban threat.

38. Ralph F - June 24, 2010

Likely it’s for Shatner’s Captains thing, but maybe they’re talking about an appearance on Bakula’s “Men of a Certain Age”.

39. The Gorn Identity - June 24, 2010

34. Jonboc – June 24, 2010

#17. “There Might even be a scene Written BY Shatner [of course] and detailing what a “GOD”, KIRK was, and that all others should kneel”

Let’s hope so, since it’s true!

I’ll second that!

40. pop - June 24, 2010

Are these two men dating?

41. Crypter Crypter Crypter - June 24, 2010

Sam: “Al, why haven’t I leaped yet???”

Al: “Ziggy says there’s a 99.9% chance that you are here to get Bill Shatner into JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel Sam!!!!”

42. Desstruxion - June 24, 2010

The Borg make one final attempt to assimilate earth. This time they take the newly resurrected (and assimilated) Kirk and go back in time (yes again) to try and destroy the Federation in it’s infancy. Only one crew, lead by Captain Jonathan Archer, will stand in their way (because again they just happen to be the only ship in range). Coming in 2012 (before the world ends of course) “STAR TREK ENTERPRISE: THE MOTION PICTURE” AKA “HOLY CRAP NOT THE BORG AGAIN!!”

43. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - June 24, 2010

Sorry, as much as I love Scott Bakula, there’s only one canon captain picutred above. ;)

44. jas_montreal - June 24, 2010

is TrekMovie the new Star Trek paparazzi ?

45. Lore - June 24, 2010

No one thinks Shat is asking Scott to guest on S#*T My Day Says?

46. Adam Bomb 1701 - June 24, 2010

Or, Bakula asking The Shat to guest star on his TNT series “Men of a Certain Age”? (That show returns in December.)

47. John from Cincinnati - June 24, 2010

The Shat looks 15 years younger.

48. Lore - June 24, 2010

#46 A trade perhaps? You guest on mine and I’ll guest on yours?

49. Dayton Ward - June 24, 2010

Shatner should play Bakula’s dad on “Men of A Certain Age.” That show’s a riot. :)

50. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 24, 2010

@ 47. John from Cincinnati

It’s called “Just for Men”

51. Losira - June 24, 2010

Welcome to the captains show with Shat @ Arch

52. grigori - June 24, 2010

Archer would totally take Kirk in a fight, ’cause Tae Kwon Do kicks trump fist-fighting every time.
But seriously #9, Shat may need to be taken with a grain of salt, and I’ve both loved him and laughed at him, but he is one hell of an interviewer on Raw Nerve. Thanks also to good editing, but even so.

53. JP Saylor - June 24, 2010

wtf? it looks like they’re on a space station or something! Look out the window! lol

54. Oregon Trek Geek - June 24, 2010

Maybe they’re dating!

55. CarlG - June 24, 2010

@52: But… but… Kirk has Shat Fu on his side! ;)

56. denny cranium - June 24, 2010

29. Cell phones make a clicking “shutter” sound when taking a picture. I think its the law.
Shatner and Bakula are in a public place and MAYBE its fair game to take their pic.
I don’t think its creepy to post the pic.
I hope Bill is meeting Scott for the Captains documentary.

I seem to remember Bill praising Scott on his acting skills when Enterprise started.
Maybe they are friends.
I miss Enterprise- I watch the 3rd and 4th seasons regularly when I’m on the stairmaster. Archer matured as a Captain and he had that hero aura about him.
Manny Coto definetly “got” Star Trek.I would like to see Enterprise come back in some kind of fashion.
I’m not excited to see “plug in” cameos from Bakula or Shatner in the next JJ Trek.
Let the new actors carry the next movie. They’ve earned it.

57. demode - June 25, 2010

So, will Captain Sulu be in the doc too?


58. Lore - June 26, 2010

Captain Kirk would win the fight. Here’s how the fight begins:

Shatner: My stuntman is bigger than yours!

Bakula: Oh yeah, well my stuntman was a stand in for Jackie Chan!

Shatner: My stuntman is Chuck Norris’s personal bodyguard!

Bakula: Your mother!

The stunt men go at it with Shatner’s guy coming out on top, then the special effects people put Shatner and Bakula’s faces on their respective stuntmen. As they leave the set, Shatner quitely says “Told Ya”.

59. ChristopherPike - June 26, 2010

Clearly an arm wrestling contest to see who makes into Star Trek: Something Something in 2012.

Scott: “Oh no, you don’t! I’m an Admiral now and I out rank you!”

Bill: “Get real. Besides me and Nimsey are neck and neck for 7 films now. It’s in my contract, I’ve got to go one better than him!”

60. P.E.B. - June 27, 2010

no disrespect but i never got the ‘captain’ vibe from him. especially when they were in the expanse. archer came off like he’d be a good first officer but the series always felt like it was missing a real captain. janeway had much more command pressence than archer….much

61. MrRegular - June 27, 2010

Sadly Enterprise was canceled after it had just found its groove in the last year of the series. What should have happened was a multi-year arc of the Earth/Romulan war that would have been a real attention getter.
Perhaps the Shat and Bakula were discussing the possibility of making an upcoming film/series along these lines?

62. Jons01 - June 28, 2010

My guess is this could be a first meeting of the “Captains”. Up until last year Scott was saying the only Captain he had not met was Shatner.

Side note: Scott is recognizable and gorgeous even from that angle.

63. grigori - June 28, 2010

#62 Scott is gorgeous [stop]. :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.