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Shatner Talks Star Trek Sequel, Captains Doc & Free Enterprise 2 at TrekExpo [VIDEO] June 27, 2010

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On Saturday William Shatner appeared at the TrekExpo in Tulsa, OK. At the event, Bill gave the audience an update on future Trek-related projects, commenting on the Star Trek sequel, giving more details on his "Captains" documentary, and talking more specifically about Free Enterprise 2. See details below and watch video from the event.


Shatner on his Trek future

At the Tulsa TrekExpo a fan asked Shatner if he was going to play his great grand-father in the next Star Trek movie. Shatner then went into a whole history of how he had a public debate with JJ Abrams over the first movie (and not being in it), then went on to talk about his future with Trek. Here is what he had to say about three future Trek-related projects…

Shatner on Star Trek sequel

You may have noticed I am not the same. In forty years my cells have changed seven times, so this is my seventh iteration of this body. How do you put the old Captain Kirk in with the new Captain Kirk? I don’t know. So, they are going to make another movie in about a year and in the meanwhile I have become kind of acquaintance buddies with JJ Abrams and I don’t know what the future will bring apropos of Star Trek.

Shatner on ‘Captains’ Documentary

I am doing a documentary in which I get to interview all the captains of Star Trek. I am in the middle of doing it right now. Just three days ago I was interviewing Scott Bakula, spent five hours with him on a horse and in a Mexican restaurant having a great time listening to him [see TrekMovie photo]. And at the same time, what I am having the captains do is to interview me. So we tell anecdotes and experiences of our life and what we think and feel and I am going to do that with Patrick Stewart in England in a week, and then to New York with Kate [Mulgrew] and so it goes.

Shatner on Free Enterprise 2

Shatner: Free Enterprise…remember the film? Well we are doing a sequel, Free Enterprise 2. So they have got me involved in some fun stuff. And I will be shooting that in the next month or so.

Shatner appears on Sunday at the Star Trek convention in Vancouver. TrekMovie has someone on the scene, so we will be reporting back on any more updates from Bill, plus we’ll have a full report and photos from the event.


See Shatner talk about these things (from very far away) in the video below, he also talks. (Big thanks to jasonandrewiee on YouTube)  



1. Captain Conrad - June 27, 2010

Shatner should appear in the next film as his future self

2. Dytallix B - June 27, 2010

I hope he doesn’t forget to interview Avery Brooks.

3. DJT - June 27, 2010

Oh snap!

4. Tom - June 27, 2010

During a critical moment of self doubt for Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk in the new movie, he has a vision of his future self (played by Shatner) hawking Price Margarine. This has the benefit of putting the wind back into Chris Pine’s sails letting him know things could be worse and to enjoy it while it lasts!

5. Martin Quibell - June 27, 2010

I was thinking that too about Avery Brooks.

6. scifib5st - June 27, 2010

The real trick wold be to interview Jeffy Hunter…… or Gene Roddenberry for the Captians.

7. - June 27, 2010

He is the captains captain.

8. Dr. Image - June 27, 2010

Shatner and Avery Brooks together would be quite surreal.
It would wind up as the most interesting interview session by far.

9. - June 27, 2010

I would think Brooks is a given. Will he be interviewing Geore Takei?

10. Dalek - June 27, 2010

“How do you put the old Captain Kirk in with the new Captain Kirk? I don’t know.”

I believe he was talking about the logistics of getting him in the first movie, he mentioned this prior to the quoted paragraph in that context. I don’t think he’s referring to the sequel at all.

As the writers of Lost are involved, you can flashback, flashforwards, or even flash sideways to the Prime Universe. It’s science fiction, there’s always a multitude of ways you can bring back characters, dead or otherwise. But the only way Shatner will be in the movie, is if they factor him in as part of their story.

Either way I just hope they are upfront and say from the get go whether Shatner is involved or not. Last thing we need is another 2 years of will they or won’t they!

11. Phil - June 27, 2010

No flashing, please….forward, backward, or otherwise….

12. Magic_Al - June 27, 2010

The missed opportunity during Enterprise for Shatner to play the evil Mirror Universe Kirk from the future could in theory be just as well done in the JJ-verse. At first it seems like explaining the backstory for a movie audience would get pretty convoluted, but if it was a great story, it could be explained in an efficient way so knowledgable fans will understand the connection but casual fans are also satisfied. Young Kirk could be tricked into thinking Old Kirk is his future, alternate self, good and helpful like Spock Prime, only to discover he’s a villain from a different alternate universe which fans will recognize as the Mirror Universe. It would be a sequel to “Mirror, Mirror” for those who know it, but those who don’t would see it as a twist on the established Spock Prime alternate-future premise. We don’t really want our last image of Shatner’s Kirk to be as a bad guy, so there would have to be a boss villain that Mirror Kirk is serving under and can turn against. Perhaps young Spock could influence Mirror Kirk, echoing how Kirk once influenced Mirror Spock.

13. Andy Patterson - June 27, 2010


Now that would be a trick. And I very much look forward to his upcoming projects.

14. Sebastian - June 27, 2010

Here’s hoping Shatner does “Free Enterprise 2″; I loved the first one, and it’d be tough to do one without him.

It’s still strange when I see Rafer Wiegel (the movie’s version of “Robert”) doing the sports news on CNN Headline News in the morning. Here’s hoping they can rope the entire original cast back in. Their chemistry (along with Shatner’s great comic turn; a prelude to Boston Legal) really helped to make it the cult classic it’s become.

15. John - June 27, 2010

You know what Magic_Al I’ve been saying that for two years now, Mirror Universe Kirk would of been perfect to get Shatner in the last movie!

16. CmdrR - June 27, 2010

Wrong, Bill. You’re supposed to do the Mexican restaurant before you take Bakula riding. That way you can blame the horse.

The captains project seems like fun.

17. JimmyMac - June 27, 2010


I actually could see that working with JJ directing.

18. T.'. - June 27, 2010

Not a bad idea for a documentary, and the Emissary better be one of the Captains. I know they are probably gonna talk about this stuff from the actor’s perspective (that is their job, after all) but I would like to hear from them regarding their take on maintaining Roddenberry’s legacy. As with our superhero franchises, or other iconic genre works, these Captains are not just dramatic characters, but symbolic archetypes of the values of the Star Trek ethos. I am curious to find out just how ‘invested’ the actors really are in this, not as a just a performance, but in becoming living icons, living symbols…


19. Brett Campbell - June 27, 2010

16 – Burritos and beans — an explosive combination.

20. Brett Campbell - June 27, 2010

Workaholism, thy name is Shatner! Go, Bill! Go!

21. TheProblematique - June 27, 2010

12. WOW, that’s actually a very interesting idea!!!

22. Praetor Shinzon II - June 27, 2010

All you ‘FatShat’ loving Trekkies forget one thing-he is an EGOMANIAC and he would want the film squared directly on his ‘Kirk’ not Chris Pine’s Kirk. So just like his appearance on “STAR TREK ENTERPRISE” fell through, so would this. They will not allow EgoShat take over the film. J.J. will keep him dead. Oh and GET OVER IT!

23. Rhett Coates - June 27, 2010

Here’s my own “wishlist” for the kind of interview show that Shatner is crafting for The Captains of Star Trek:

Leonard Nimoy (Captain of NCC 1701 in TWOK)
George Takei (Captain, USS Excelcior)
Alan Ruck (Captain, NCC 1701-B)
Tricia O’Neil (Captain, NCC 1701-C)
Patrick Stewart (Captain, NCC-1701-D / E)
Avery Brooks (Captain, DS9)
Kate Mulgrew (Captain, USS Voyager)
Scott Bakula (Captain, Enterprise NX-01)
Chris Pine (young Jim Kirk in ST XI)
Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike, NCC-1701, in ST XI)

Did I forget any other memorable “Star Trek” Captains? Not to bust Bill’s budget, but those seem a given, IMHO. I would definitely include the two above-listed JJ Abrams film cast members as well, Pine and Greenwood, as it’s a continuation of the saga, even if if occurs in a parallel reality. It’s still STAR TREK. They have both said the ST XI roles they portrayed immensely expanded their appreciation of ‘Trek (not to mention bringing great noteriety to their careers) — even though neither considered themselves “fans” of the show, unlike others such as Karl Urban [young McCoy], so why not?

24. Torcflaed - June 27, 2010

why not do the simplist thing
make shatner the new kirks grandfather !
not only could he be in the movie he could become a reacuring charactor

25. star trackie - June 27, 2010

#22- your jealousy of the Shat is all too apparent and very sad. Please try and let go of the anger you have because of his tremendous success in everything he does. It’s ok to be you! Only the Shat can be the Shat. We all have to accept that and move on.

26. Jo Jo - June 27, 2010

Sisko ain’t no Cap’n, he’s a “Commander”, I believe.

27. Cygnus-X1 - June 27, 2010

I’m tired just listening to it.

The guy’s an entertainment dynamo.

Gotta love the Shat.

28. Sebastian - June 27, 2010


Sisko was promoted to the rank of captain at the end of the third season of DS9.

29. Jonboc - June 27, 2010

#22. “and he would want the film squared directly on his ‘Kirk’ not Chris Pine’s Kirk. ”

…I don’t see the problem. :)

30. IcroBob - June 27, 2010

“22. Praetor Shinzon II – June 27, 2010
All you ‘FatShat’ loving Trekkies forget one thing-he is an EGOMANIAC and he would want the film squared directly on his ‘Kirk’ not Chris Pine’s Kirk. So just like his appearance on “STAR TREK ENTERPRISE” fell through, so would this. They will not allow EgoShat take over the film. J.J. will keep him dead. Oh and GET OVER IT!”

Sounds like Leonard Nimoy had a similar ego trip when he agreed to be in the new movie. He wouldn’t have done it had he not liked his scenes or Quinto’s Spock.

31. JJReinem - June 27, 2010

To be honest, a captain that I’d be very interested to hear from in the documentary would be James Cawley. After all, productions like New Voyages/Phase II demonstrate just how much of an impact these characters have had on the fans of the show.

32. Desstruxion - June 27, 2010

If I’m in a fire fight, I’m hoping the Captain is Sisko.

33. Magic_Al - June 27, 2010

There are Shatnerverse novels about Mirror Kirk and if JJ chose to be compatible with that backstory, to the extent Mirror Kirk’s whereabouts following “Mirror, Mirror” are exposited upon, Shatner might see dollar signs if he could reissue those books as movie tie-in prequels.

34. BiggestTOSfanever - June 27, 2010

The new Trek movie is great all by itself, and is going to be joined by a sequel. Shatner should not be in the next film, he was already given a send-off.

35. Dalek - June 27, 2010

#34 Yes he should if it’s a good enough story, and no he wasn’t given a send off: he was killed off meaninglessly.

These producers actually respect the TOS actors unlike Rick Berman and Sherry Lansing who sought to distance themselves and rebuild Star Trek in their own image. Bob and JJ would no doubt seek a way to honour Shatner one last time on film if that’s what they decide to do, but I have a feeling that’s not the direction they are going in, which is fair enough.

36. Miv - June 27, 2010

I was at Trek Expo and Shatner really came across as a plucky guy. Not at all arrogant, but he has a very offbeat sense of humor that some people don’t get.

This explains why so many people thought he was being a jerk when he was really just so dry that his jokes flew over their heads.

As for Takei, apparently he was a primadonna and apparently is still whining about the Star Trek Excelsior show. Shatner doesn’t care, so apparently it’s all on Takei’s side.

37. Chris2 - June 27, 2010

No Shatner in the sequel please. It’s time to move on and one Kirk (Pine) is more than enough at this point.

38. The Red Shirt Diaries - June 27, 2010

The question is, will he be interviewing Chris Pine? If he is including “all the Captains” then it should be a given that the new young Mr. Kirk be included.

Now THAT would be fascinating!

39. 4600 II - June 27, 2010

Free Enterprise 2? Not gonna happen! I will bet one of the Shats sweet fat rolls on it. The only reason he did the first one is because his fame was at a low point after Kirks death in Generations. He had nothing to loose. He is talking about it because investors want to see if there is any intrest in making another one? A sequel is greenlit if the original made money and it didn’t. It’s a cult movie for the Trek nerds and thats about it. It’s the same as Shat talking about the Trek sequel and he won’t be doing that either. Another sweet Shat fat roll please?

40. Iowagirl - June 28, 2010

Yes, I’ve had more than enough of Pine at this point, too. :))

41. Neumann - June 28, 2010

I’ve wondered if the “heathen child” would be in it (joking, I like Pine’s performance). If the doc is about the Captains, I think it’d be interesting to hear two people discussing the character, comparing and contrasting their viewpoints and approaches and so on.

I’m sure they were auctioned off, but it would be brilliant if all the Captains had their interviews and discussions in their Captain’s Chairs.

I’m just hoping that production and attitude-wise, the doc feels like “How William Shatner Changed the World.” Very lighthearted.

42. Dalek - June 28, 2010

#39 your sloppy analysis is simply not true. It Is happening and they begin filming soon.

43. IcroBob - June 28, 2010

“These producers actually respect the TOS actors unlike Rick Berman and Sherry Lansing who sought to distance themselves and rebuild Star Trek in their own image. Bob and JJ would no doubt seek a way to honour Shatner one last time on film if that’s what they decide to do, but I have a feeling that’s not the direction they are going in, which is fair enough.”

Encounter at Farpoint: Leonard McCoy
Unification: Spock
Relics: Scotty
Generations: Kirk, Scotty, Chekov
Trials and Tribbel-ations: the entire TOS episode
Flashback: Captain Sulu
In a Mirror Darkly: the original TOS sets

All of these have been produced by Rick Berman.

44. ChristopherPike - June 28, 2010

Those behind the next Star Trek shouldn’t pander to Mr. Shatner’s desire to return. If there’s a good story to be told, that involves casting him and can’t be acheived by other means, then that’s fine. But the writers shouldn’t set out as they did with Nimoy, fashion a script that can’t work without him… if he turns around and changes his mind. Two such stories fell by the wayside during Enterprise Season 4 after negotiations broke down.

45. Jonboc - June 28, 2010

#42, aside from a truly heartfelt tribute in Trials and Tribbleations and last ditch effort to save the tanking ratings of Enterprise, all the above mentioned were gimmicks and stunt casting.

46. CJS - June 28, 2010

For the next movie they should redo the episode Court Martial, then Shatner could play Kirk’s lawyer – Denny Crane!

47. Dalek - June 28, 2010

#43 Encounter was Gene Roddenberry, Unification was very disappointing and the writing was an injustice to the Spock character, rumour had it Nimoy only appeared as a means to promote Star Trek 6. However Roddenberry was still the exec at the time, but I’m guessing the idea came from Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor.

Relics only happened because of Ron Moore.

Generations was a travesty. Berman knew he needed the TOS cast to legitimise the TNG movie franchise. They weren’t honouring Scotty and Chekov, those roles were written for Spock and McCoy and weren’t functioning roles (just reactionary dialogue). The way the roles were easily switched to Scotty and Chekov shows just how impersonal to Spock and McCoy the dialogue was. Nimoy had suggestions that would improve the script and if they listened to him would be open to direct. But they basically shunned him. Very disrespectful to a man responsible for the biggest grossing Trek movie at the time, and actor who loved his character.

Trials was run under Ira Steven Behr. Berman had little to do with DS9’s brilliance. However, he used his power to vito what would have been even more special. The production team wanted to have the episode showcase the original soundtrack from TOS. Berman wouldn’t have it, so we got the semi-bland usual scores of the Berman era, long drawn out string instruments with little dramatic punch.

Flashback has more continuity errors than most Trek episodes in his 40 year history. But you can bet the idea to have him was Jeri Taylors and not Rick Bermans. Jeri was running Voyager at the time.

In a Mirror Darkly should have been the Mirror Tiberius Kirk story. But when Enterprise was cancelled Rick Berman saw no need to spend money on Shatner (the show was dead), so instead we got Bakula hamming things up with the worst acting since “And The Children Shall Lead”. Pity. Bakula is a great actor. Oh and just for the record Berman’s idea for Shatner’s appearance on Enterprise was for him to play the ships chef and have the chef pose as James T Kirk. I think Shatner almost collapsed from disbelief when he heard that pitch!

48. Sebastian - June 28, 2010

I really don’t see a place for Shatner in a new Trek film. Nimoy gave the new franchise a gentle push-off, nothing more (and Nimoy had been with the franchise since the first pilot filmed in late 1964; Shatner has not). Nimoy’s appearance in new Trek was organic to the film; a new Shatner appearance would have to be shoehorned in somehow.

I believe this new crew has to succeed or fail on their own. No more ‘hovering’ by the original cast members. I love TOS, and I also enjoyed the new movie. The TOS cast made a very memorable show, so let’s see if the new cast can do likewise (I suspect they can); at least for a few movies.

The Star Trek training wheels have to come off. And Shatner will do just fine without a new Trek movie on the horizon (personally, I’d much rather he tackle “Free Enterprise 2″; that’s a much better fit for him at this point). He’s got about a dozen projects lined up anyway…

Besides, how will they explain the change in Kirk’s eye color (from hazel to the current Kirk’s blue; did he live on Arrakis)? ; }

49. Dalek - June 28, 2010

#48 Sebastian, the reason Shatner’s Kirk has brown eyes is due to an allergic reaction to the medicine that would fix his reading vision. Pine’s Kirk has yet to have his dose!

I wouldn’t agree that Shatner has to be shoehorned. The cameo they wrote for him in the original script provided perfect symmetry to the story, and IMO played a lot better than the ending we were given.

There’s no such thing as shoehorning when you factor in a character at the earliest story stages. The reason that Nimoy’s appearance was organic is because the writers chose to focus on his character and wrote it that way. If they wanted Shatner and chose a plot that included an older version of Kirk, then its not shoehorning, its part of the story they chose to tell.

Like I say, it’s not necessary or essential, but would be nice. If they aren’t thinking about Shatner, fine. I would hope they would tell us they haven’t considered him this time, rather than another few years of speculation.

50. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 28, 2010

@ 47. Sebastian QUOTE:
{Besides, how will they explain the change in Kirk’s eye color (from hazel to the current Kirk’s blue; did he live on Arrakis)? ; }}

naw, a different sperm hit the egg over in teh alt universe XD

51. 4600 II - June 28, 2010

“Dalek – June 28, 2010
#39 your sloppy analysis is simply not true. It Is happening and they begin filming soon.”

Sloppy? Why would you invest money in a project if the original (made 12 years ago) didn’t make money? Ever notice that the fanboy side projects never seem to work or get off the ground? Star Trek makes money when it can hit the mainstream and not a small hardcore fanbase. Just keep talking about it and it will happen?

Filming soon and pre-production doesen’t mean it’s happening…..

52. Canadian Shane - June 28, 2010


53. Justin - June 28, 2010

I talked to Rafer Weigel briefly about a year ago on an HLN online chat about Free Enterprise 2, he said that he was hoping to do a sequel but that they’d “never get the funding.” Here’s hoping it’s coming!

54. MJ - June 28, 2010

He still has time (8 months) to be the ultimate Nurtisystems guy and lose those 80 pounds, at which point he would be credible for a cameo in the next Trek move. No fat Shat in Trek 12 please….

55. grigori - June 28, 2010

On the Captains documentary: The Captains interviewing each other? It hadn’t occurred to me that Shatner might be taking a page from his hugely effective interviews in Raw Nerve. Some of the best interviews I’ve ever seen–and I’ve been as ripe for laughing at the Shat’s cheesiness in other venues as the next guy.
I’m geeked NOW, hoping that this documentary might actually have the depth and relevance of a Raw Nerve interview! Here’s hoping.

56. Red Dead Ryan - June 28, 2010


This thread was going great until you showed up…

Why does Shatner’s weight have to be an issue on this site? It got tiresome a long time ago.

57. Bucky - June 29, 2010

1) I’ll be quite disappointed if Shatner doesn’t interview Pine and Brooks. Greenwood would be awesome too. But I somehow doubt it.

2) How was Spock out of character in Unification? Really? Highly illogical statement. And Bakula’s hammy-hamminess in Mirror Darkly was one of the best damn things about that episode. It was entertainment times a billion. Gold!

58. Disinvited - June 29, 2010


Human eye color is not necessarily a constant:

especially among those with hazel colored eyes.

59. Dalek - June 29, 2010

#51 You’re comparing low budget Indie Productions to that of Hollywood Blockbusters made by the fat cat studios. Indies are usually made out of love, not money, and they probably have something of a profit share deal going with the cast and Shatner.

Where is your evidence about funding and investors? I haven’t read any such material anywhere.

As for fanboy? Not really. Robert Meyer Burnett is an industry professional!

#57 The fact that his character could have been substituted for any Vulcan based on his dialogue and actions. Spock wasn’t any Vulcan. Only a couple of moments felt Spock like (his chat with Data on the BOP, and when he shared Picard’s thoughts). Other than that a story that wasted Mr Nimoy’s talents and could have been any Vulcan character played by any actor.

60. Sebastian - June 29, 2010


I have hazel eyes. And they’ve never changed color in forty odd years.
But hazel to bright blue is a big leap. Never mind that McCoy’s, Scotty’s and Chekov’s eye colors also changed (from blue to brown and vice versa).

Really, I’m kidding about the eye color issue (it is NOT a big deal for me; honestly). I’d much prefer they just get good actors in the roles (as they did with Trek 2009, IMO).

61. Sebastian - June 29, 2010

Besides, I still think New Kirk just drank too much Arrakis spice beer (thus the blue eye color). Or maybe he did summer camp there as a boy!

It would also explain his new ‘genius level’ IQ as well (maybe in the next film, he will have psychic visions as well). Maybe Chekov also did a pint or two (I don’t recall TOS’ Chekov being a ‘whiz kid’ either, but I like the idea). Or in the new timeline, Chekov’s mom fooled around a bit…

“The spice must flow…” (ha ha ha)

62. Daryl - June 29, 2010

I’ve been on this site CONSTANTLY, and this is the first post I’ve made out of the 3 years I’ve been RELIGIOUSLY checking this site. I have to say, Shatner has no business in the new Star Trek.

It wouldn’t be the same. I seriously don’t even think he can even jump back into Kirk’s CHARACTER. I agree one Kirk is good enough, let’s make the movie about the crew, and not Shatner, it’s just better off that way.

63. Amadeo - June 29, 2010

IMHO, would be cool to see a comparative interview between Harrison Ford and his role as Han Solo and The Shat and his Role as JTK.

64. braxus - June 29, 2010

I was at the convention in Vancouver on Sunday and Shatner didn’t say too much about Trek related stuff.

65. KellyInCalgary - June 30, 2010

With the right make up Shatner could play George Kirk (Jim’s father).

66. Mathias - July 1, 2010

He WILL do Avery Brooks too, don';t worry :)

Tweet bij The Shat:

“Going off on my adventure; taking a Bombardier jet half way around the world to interview Star Trek captains: Stewart, Mulgrew, Brooks. MBB “

67. April Hebert - July 1, 2010

Hey #39. it’s definitely happening. Naysay to your heart’s content; it’s on. So cool.

68. G. Bjay - July 16, 2010

Shatner, Nimoy and all are class acts, as is J. J. Abrahms (his FRINGE is off the hook)! Therefore, I hope all can come together and turn out a 2012 film that is equally as dynamic, and surrealy more thrilling than 2010 [STAR TREK: THE MOVIE] including, a good cameo with Shatner. Now that would be a great treat! Keeping all fingers crossed… GBJ

69. Thomas Evans - July 18, 2010

Shatner should NOT be in this movie. He should be involved behind the scenes though…

70. Jim Newb - July 29, 2010

The new Kirk, Pine, needs to die. Have a near death experience where he meets himself, Shattner, who shows him what his life could be if he lives. Then, McCoy zaps the new Kirk with something painful and revives him. That would be fun and would work well.

71. Jami Jess - April 12, 2011

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