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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: John deLancie on New Trek + Malcom McDowell On Killing New Kirk+ Catherine Hicks on being “Leonard’s Girl” July 3, 2010

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Last but not least from our video updates from the Saturn Awards, TrekMovie had some quick moments with three of Star Trek’s most famous guest stars: John deLancie, Malcolm McDowell and Catherine Hicks. deLancie talked Star Trek: The Music and the new movie, McDowell talked about killing the original Kirk and the new Kirk, and Hicks talked about how she is "Leonard Nimoy’s girl."


Video chats with Trek Guest Stars at Saturns

highlights from each

John deLancie (Q – TNG/DS9/VOY)

Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Tolian Soran- Star Trek: Generations)

Catherine Hicks (Dr. Gillian Taylor – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)



John deLancie on the Saturn red carpet

Malcolm McDowell on the Saturn red carpet

Catherine Hicks in the Saturn press room

Photos courtesy of Albert L. Ortega


1. Toonloon - July 4, 2010

It would be cool if JJ referenced other Treks in the new movie. Q would be perfect and could be useful as a plot device to set something difficult up and running.

2. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - July 4, 2010

Malcolm McDowell on killing the first Kirk “why do we keep on having to repeat this. I killed Kirk. Get over it!”

Thank you for that sentiment! Seriously, best advice to Trekkies ever…

Viddy well, little brothers, viddy well….

3. Buzz Cagney - July 4, 2010

Wow, Catherine looking hot. I really had quite the, er, soft spot (yes that was a euphemism!) when she did TVH.

4. Buzz Cagney - July 4, 2010

and having just watched the video I wil add she is also a lovely, lovely lady it seems. I’m in love!

5. webitube - July 4, 2010

3: @Buzz Cagney: Yes, Catherine is a doll!

Is it just me or does she look even more attractive now than she did 24 years ago?

6. captain_neill - July 4, 2010

Its great that they are liking the new Trek movie.

The only thing that was annoying me was mainstream reaction that seemed to put our Trek in an unfavourable light.

I have been hoping to convert more of my friends into the Star Trek (ie the Prime Universe) I grew up loving as a result of this movie.

I have friends who only seen new movie and some TOS, I want to to show them more TOS and the spin off shows. Eage r for them to see the 24th Century.

Guys I am sorry for moaning abooutthe changes in the movie but I hope understand my gripes with the changes in the new movie.

7. Anthony Thompson - July 4, 2010

Malcolm wants to indulge in a bit of the old ultraviolence toward the new Kirk – haha! And he wanted to off Picard, too. You will never change your ways, my little droogie!

8. fred - July 4, 2010

great interview pls can we have more like them and i so want to see and well hear that music with q how cool would that be

9. www.chrisfawkes.com - July 4, 2010

Now if Soran had of killed Picard instead and James T Kirk went on to captain the enterprise again with the new crew for the rest of the tng movies that would have been awesome.

Spock could have joined the crew and it would have been interesting how the dynamic for the rest of the crew changed under a different leadership style.

10. Jonboc - July 4, 2010

# 9, good idea, but sadly the leadership behind the camera would not have changed and we would have had the same old tired Berman style Trek…which mixes with TOS style Trek like oil and water.

11. captain_neill - July 4, 2010

I get tired of the Berman hating on this site.

I happen to like a lot of Trek under Berman’s watch.

12. Pensive's Wetness - July 4, 2010

But #11, B-hate is like Pepis~light. I’ve very unhealthy but you smoke it anyway…

*Happy 4th of July!!!*

13. Pensive's Wetness - July 4, 2010

wow…. where did my thinking go. I’ve for It’s?

14. jas_montreal - July 4, 2010

Is it just me or should the last TNG film had involved Q ? He’s always been there during the premiere and finale of TNG. He was centric character to the TNG family.

15. captain_neill - July 4, 2010


Q should have been in one of the movies, that would have been awesome.

16. JJ Abrams Sucks - July 4, 2010

I have always hated Catherine Hicks. Thank God she’s just a footnote on the Trek legacy.

17. Dalek - July 4, 2010

But Soran never killed Kirk Prime (except in the original ending). In the reshoot, Kirk died in an accident.

#14 and #15 But where would the real jeopardy and drama be in a movie, when you have a guy who can change everything by just clicking his fingers? All Good Things ended the Q and Picard antogonism, so he wouldn’t have been an enemy, and as their friend he could just reset any event in the movie and get them out of any trouble at the drop of a hat. Take away Q’s powers and you are recycling old episode plots.

18. Fred - July 4, 2010

Apologized for having to cancel her appearance at next weekend’s screening of Star Trek IV? She’s been scheduled for months to be at a convention in Baltimore next weekend. Sounds like someone’s agent didn’t look at the calendar.

19. captain_neill - July 4, 2010


But who shot at the bridge to make it unstable.

People criticise the death of Kirk but at least in the final cut of Generations Kirk dies a hero rather than just getting shot in the back.

20. Anthony Thompson - July 4, 2010


You smoke Pepsi Lite? Maybe your ‘thinking’ is worse off than you realize!

21. T'Cal - July 4, 2010

That, as they say, is that…
Dr. Gillian Taylor, circa 1986

Worst. Delivered. Line. Ever.

She looks great and her acting has improved over the years but her performance in TVH was simply awful.

22. captain_neill - July 4, 2010


I loved her in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

23. www.chrisfawkes.com - July 4, 2010

If my idea in post 9 had come to be, the next film we could have had a sub plot where Q come along to wreak havoc with the mind of James T Kirk.

Kirk somehow finds a way to strip Q of his powers then dumps him on a planet to think about what he has done for the next 50 years.

Finally putting to rest that tired old argument that all true star trek lovers already know re who is the better captain.

I should have been a writer.

24. jas_montreal - July 4, 2010

@ 17 (Dalek)

I think they could have done Q. There was a few questions left unanswered regarding the Q story-thread in the TNG finale. I think Q did mention that humanity’s trial or wtv was still on-going. He didn’t say it directly, but there was a few implications made there.

I think they could have found a great story with regards to Q. Nemesis was too much of Wrath of Khan being over-used and butchered.

You made a good point about the fantasy-element of the Q character. They could have re-designed the character a bit, to work it into the film. But oh well…. enough pondering….. lol

25. Rastaman - July 4, 2010

I thought she was very charming in ST:IV — a very good match for Kirk at that stage in his life.

26. NTH - July 4, 2010

i enjoyed Catherine Hicks role in TVH and would definitely have liked to have seen her again.An appearance by Q would be fun.

27. Dalek - July 4, 2010

#19 Granted it was better than being shot in the back but I don’t think it was worthy of Kirk. A better ending would have been him saving the TNG crew from the exploding warp core, by having to pilot the battle bridge out of range (a bit like George Kirk letting the shuttles leave when the auto pilot had been disengaged), with the original timeline having the crew all die when the warp core exploded.

#24 Yeah not saying it’s impossible, but I have a suspicion other writers thought about Q but couldn’t find a way to make it work and have the jeapordy in the movie feel real without a “Q can click his fingers at any second to reverse or reset this”. It probably would have had to be a fantasy comedy type movie, and then you’d have the dilemma of a general audience shining to the character like the fans do.

Incidentally I did hear that De Lancie said at a con many years ago that he didn’t consider Star Trek proper science fiction.

28. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 4, 2010

He didn’t kill Shatner Kirk. The whole Next Gen history was wiped from existence never happened yet and likely wouldn’t in the same ultra lib, hippee commune way because this Trek’s future is decidedly more miltaristic. Sorry no Kinder care on a Federation Battleflagship and no Bay area empath shrink sitting next to the captain on the bridge. They can split hairs with a phoney alternate timeline thing all they want so a large number of Trekkers don’t have nervous breakdowns but this movie was a full blown reboot plain and simple. I’m cool with it

29. trekboi - July 4, 2010

love catherine hicks!

No Q he was always a joke.

30. Porthos Archer - July 4, 2010

I agree, Catherine looks smoking hot now, eventhough shes practically 60. It wouldve been a cool send off as well in Star Trek VI TUC if she got a chance to say good bye to our favorite captain

31. Holger - July 4, 2010

Well, whether these Hollywood actors love ST09 or not, they’ll of course always say they do. JJ Abrams is a Hollywood director and he might wanna cast them in some project in the future.

32. SciFiGuy - July 4, 2010

Catherine looks HOT!!! ::drool::

33. Captain Rickover - July 4, 2010

Q would be a fun edition to a new movie. He’s a guy very like Trelane, but much more dangerous and serious.

But… I think Q would have to be recast and I doubt anyone could portray a Q like John deLancie did.

34. Anthony Thompson - July 4, 2010

31. Holger

Sometimes, just sometimes my cynical friend, we need to take things at face value.

35. VoR - July 4, 2010

Always loved Q in TNG and some of the best scenes in the series are between DeLancie and Stewart. It’s a shame they never brought him over into the films, but then again, how do you deal with an all-powerful entity and have the story be satisfying as a feature film?

36. jas_montreal - July 4, 2010

@ Dalek

“Incidentally I did hear that De Lancie said at a con many years ago that he didn’t consider Star Trek proper science fiction.”

Wow, lol. I think everything of Trek up until Star Trek 09′ is proper sci-fi. I think star wars + trek 09′ is improper sci-fi.

37. captain_neill - July 4, 2010


Its stil lscience fiction but it takes the space fantasy element more from Star Wars this time round.

I do think the destiny card that Bob Orci plays is more into the comic book realm.

38. jas_montreal - July 4, 2010

@ 37

Yea, thats a good point. Its still IS science fiction, but its very very weak science fiction.

Also, regarding the “destiny card”. I do think thats also one thing that was a weaker point of Trek 09′. I think adding more layers of reality into Trek 09′ would have been more enjoyable and believable, then Kirk randomly meeting Spock on Delta Vega (which isn’t supposed to be right next to vulcan). Not even our moon is that close, lol.

When a movie adds many layers of reality…. it gives the viewer the ability to BELIEVE in whats happening and to completely understand the motivations/relations.

39. Capt Major - July 4, 2010

I don’t think its too late for Q to appear in a TNG film. I just think they need to re-evalute how to do it, with a healthy budget. O don’t see TNG back in theatres any time soon, if ever, but I could see a VERY successful Direct t DVD series, or trilogy, being made. If Stargate and BSG can do it, surely so can TNG!

Probably the best thing to do would be a TNG “trilogy”, with the first and last one including Q.

40. SirMartman - July 4, 2010

One “quick” way to save Shatners Kirk would be to film a quick 5 min part with Leonard Nimoys Spock leaving the “new Trek” and zipping back to the Kirk, Picard and Dr Tolian Soran, fist fight, and have Leonard Nimoys Spock save the day.

Shatners Kirk is saved,Dr Tolian Soran is arrested,(and may return one day),and Picard rides off in the sunset.

There would be afew ways to save Shatners Kirk, but I see this as the best easy option.

you would only need 4 cast, and the same couple of props set up.

Gees I wonder what Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman think of that,,

41. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - July 4, 2010

#28 Lord Garth — this comment reminds me of a line from the much-maligned movie, “Sphere”:

So that’s what the little green men are saying now? “Take me to your therapist”?

42. SpockOut - July 4, 2010

Catherine Hicks looks great!

43. Harry Ballz - July 4, 2010

Interesting facial expression on Catherine Hicks when talking about Nimoy and Shatner. While talking about Nimoy her face is practically beaming, you can tell she loves the man. When she mentions Shatner, you can almost see her lip curl with disgust. Yup, the track record of every actor who ever worked with Shatner hating his guts is consistent to this day!

44. bill hiro - July 4, 2010

Its criminal that DeLancie never got to be in a NextGen movie. He was practically a regular – the Sideshow Bob of TNG. I would much rather have seen a Q-related movie in place of the truly heinous “Insurrection”. Someone turn back the hands of time!

45. bill hiro - July 4, 2010

Re: # 31, I think Holger got it exactly right – nobody with any sense of self-interest in Hollywood is going to say anything bad about anybody else’s work because they don’t want to burn bridges and knock themselves out of getting a job down the road. Hollywood is a small town with a very long memory, so OF COURSE everybody loved it! People gotta eat!

46. Charles - July 4, 2010

great video…enjoyed that.

47. www.chrisfawkes.com - July 5, 2010


I tried to find the bit where she was curling her lip in disgust as she talked about Shatner. Wasn’t there.

48. Lope de Aguirre - July 5, 2010

Will they ever produce a direct-to-Blu-Ray or Tv movie with Patrick Stewart as Picard and John de Lancie as Q?

“Nemesis” wasn’t a good ending and Q promised to return to Picard.

Also the Q/Picard dynamic was the best thing of TNG, Picard or Q in the first place.
With more modern SFX a lot should be possible with Q.
I wish they would have made a Q movie as the final TNG film instead of the clone story.

49. Holger - July 5, 2010

34 Anthony Thompson: I don’t know whether I’m your friend, but I’m not cynical but – I believe – just realistic. I agree with you wholeheartedly that sometimes things have to be taken at face value. My point here is that, realistically, Hollywood actors’ comments on Hollywood productions are not among those things.

50. Harry Ballz - July 5, 2010

47Aw, c’mon, Chris, it’s subtle, but just watch the expression on her face when she says, “Shatner”. You can see she’s biting her lip from wanting to say something more.

51. Pat Gleeson - July 5, 2010

I’ve always thought Catherine Hicks has had a raw deal. She made the very best of a rather thankless role

@43 The extras on the ST:IV DVD/Blu-Ray show that Catherine Hicks was picked as the love interest in part because of the chemistry between her and Shatner.
Perhaps by the end of the shoot however ?… :-)

52. Ralph F - July 5, 2010

#14 “Is it just me or should the last TNG film had involved Q ? He’s always been there during the premiere and finale of TNG. He was centric character to the TNG family.”

Oh, agreed. The problem with Q as a story element is that he can come in, snap his fingers, and solve (or muddle up) everything. Too convenient a plot point.

But, yeah, I always figured on a Q appearance at least once in the films. Maybe, though, if you take “All Good Things…” as the real first feature film for TNG, he has, and he did his bow-out there.

Now, a new-era TREK (JJ) with Delancie as the Q that come for Trelane…

53. I, Mugsy - July 5, 2010

Wow Ms. Hicks looks absolutely gorgeous!! I always wish they’d bought her back she could hold her own with Kirk and was the one that left him standing at the end of IV, and not the other way around haha!

54. andrew - July 5, 2010

Catherine Hicks, born 6 August 1951. Does NOT look her age. Very nice.

55. Porthos Archer - July 5, 2010

Catherine Hicks is a MILF

56. SciFiGuy - July 5, 2010

She’s drop dead sexy! Definitely a MILF!

57. Porthos Archer - July 5, 2010

Hard to believe her hubby is Kevin Yagher, the man who created and designed Chucky the killer doll… Lucky guy to be married to a hottie MILF like Hicks

58. Sarah - July 5, 2010

Catherine Hicks seems like a really nice person. On a different subject, I’d love to see Q in a new Star Trek universe movie. One thing I was always hoping the writers in the other movies might have played with, would have been for one of the movies to reveal “who” Q really is, or “why” the character chose the appearance he has (was it just a random, or somebody who Picard did/will know, or later be an ancestor to?). There’s still a lot that can be done with this character. John DeLancie is such a good actor, he can be funny as heck one minute, and the next be serious enough to make the room chilly. I’d like to see that again.

59. Battle-scarred Sciatica - July 5, 2010

Catherine Hicks’ worst line by far in TVH was…
…”see ya ’round the galaxy…


60. Robert Bernardo - July 5, 2010

I’ve seen Ms. Hicks a few times at the Hollywood Collectors Show over the years. Always as sweet-looking as ever.

61. Balok - July 5, 2010

Ha, Picard an old bore, love it! He really didn’t kill Kirk, he needs to get over it. Great take on Leonard and new movie.

Ms. Hicks did good in ST4, great pick by Leonard…she does look pretty good…

62. Kev - July 5, 2010


I absolutely agree, they killed him with time travel, just bring him back with it if it bothers you so much (the original one) and leave poor Malcolm McDowell alone.

and watch gangster no 1 and give him some new great parts too, hell why couldnt he play the new Dr. Soong in the next ST?

63. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - July 6, 2010

Catherine looks better now then she did in Star Trek IV!

64. Imrahil - July 6, 2010

Yeah, she looks great.

65. Damian - July 6, 2010

My wife hates Star Trek, but loved 7th Heaven. I always loved throwing it in her face that the two stars of the show had guest starring roles in two Star Trek movies. It drives her crazy.

66. Dovile - July 7, 2010

I loved Q in TNG, so I’ll keep hoping that he appears somewhere in the new universe sooner or later, preferably sooner.

@17 Q being an omnipotent being is really no problem for the script. Yes, he can do anything he likes, he can save a ship or whole planets just by snapping his fingers, but the thing is he simply doesn’t do that. And there’s no way to make him to save anyone or anything. Q does only what he wants and what is fun for him, and a whole universe of primitive lesser beings like humans is really beneath his notice.
Which is why it was so interesting to watch Q and Picard, and try to figure out what was it that made Q to become interested in Picard and his ship, of all the universe.

67. John Moore - October 16, 2010

Catherine Hicks – How her memory has faded!


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