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CBS Releases New iPhone Star Trek Communicator Application July 12, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Electronics/Gadgets,Merchandise,Science/Technology , trackback

CBS Interactive has released a new official Star Trek application for your iPhone that turns it into an original series Star Trek communicator, complete with authentic sounds and voice effects. See below for demo video and more details. 


Turn your iPhone into a Star Trek communicator

The new official Star Trek Communicator can be used for fun or for real. The design replicates the original series communicator seen used by Kirk and his crew and the app comes with sounds from the original Star Trek, and it even ‘opens up’ when you flick your wrist. It has a paging function that allows for interactive role playing and a full dialer page that allows access to your personal contacts.

The official Star Trek communicator app (iPhone Savior)

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and costs $1.99 (although the phone function will only work with iPhone). It can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

This app is a case of if you can’t beat them, join them. It was developed by Talkndog Mobile last year who released an earlier version as the "Star Radio Communicator". After CBS had that unlicensed app pulled the Talkndog team worked with CBS to develop this new officially licensed version. The Talkndog team talk about the new app in interview with iPhone Savior. iPhone Savior also have put out this demo video.  


1. Pensive's Wetness - July 12, 2010

Wee. Should i finally buy a iPhone…?

2. Tim - July 12, 2010


3. Harry Ballz - July 12, 2010


4. Lore - July 12, 2010

They need to come up with a Tricorder App for the ipad.

5. et - July 12, 2010


But is it $2.99 neat?

6. DJT - July 12, 2010

Oh, yeeeah!. I-phone here I come!

7. I'm Dead Jim! - July 12, 2010

Makes me want an iPhone a lot more!

8. SirMartman - July 12, 2010

About time !

I cant wait for more TOS stuff to come out,,


9. Captain Dunsel - July 12, 2010

I’m all over that. Loading up the App Store right now. $2.99 quatloos, no prob, put it on my tab…. :)

10. CmdrR - July 12, 2010

Finally, an app I want.

11. Daniel Shock - July 12, 2010

What happened to that “Captain’s Log” app that was up briefly and disappeared? Was it unlicensed?

12. nscates - July 12, 2010

What, no love for Android users?

13. Imrahil - July 12, 2010

Still can’t get me to pay for an apple product, sorry.

14. The Original Spock's Brain - July 12, 2010

@ 4. Lore – They need to come up with a Tricorder App for the ipad.

That’s what i’m talkin about.

15. rm10019 - July 12, 2010

The Trek Communicator didn’t mind if you held it around it’s silver metal edge did it, you could even reach a vessel in orbit without a dropped call! They were smart enough to put the antanna in the coolest flip open lid ever :)

16. Andy Patterson - July 12, 2010

Cool, cool. And yeah, no android version?

17. Thorny - July 12, 2010

Call me when iPhone is available on something other that AT&T.

18. Darkowski - July 12, 2010

Downloaded it without hesitation :-)

19. Andy Patterson - July 12, 2010


And yes a tricorder app that works. Doctors suck.

20. Chris Dawson - July 12, 2010

Tooo Coooollll!!!!!!

21. FlyingWok - July 12, 2010

Hmmm, seems neat, but the button press sound effects sound too generic. Not very Star Trek-ey. Like when the user hit the button to go to the dialer, and when the number buttons were hit.

22. robowarrior - July 12, 2010

Meh. It would be better if they would just make a cell phone that looks like one. Not wildly impressed with a picture on a screen.

23. rogue_alice - July 12, 2010

What is an iPhone?

24. John Gill - July 12, 2010

Funny how the communicator “chirping” sfx sound happens when opening AND closing, like the communicator in Pike’s Cabin in “The Cage”…

25. izmunuti - July 12, 2010

Fun! What does the far right button do?

… and I have had no reception problems with my iphone 4 – lots of hype about all that as far as my experience shows.

26. DasInfoGod - July 12, 2010

Just went online to buy it, and was informed that the product is being modified and currently unavailable. What gives? Also, that $2.99 price tag is a bit steep; methinks that $1.99 would have been closer in line for what is essentially just a skin with sound, albeit a very cool one…

27. Naver Drol - July 12, 2010

I’ve already got the TOS communicator ‘chirp’ as the ring tone on my old black Razor flip phone. Some people know exactly what it is when they hear it. Others wonder why my phone sounds like a bird.

28. DasInfoGod - July 12, 2010

And I can happily report that the “update” was a lowering in price! It’s now $1.99. That’s the power of at work! Thanks, Anthony…

29. Shawn in LV - July 12, 2010

@ 26 I don’t know what you’re talking about as I just downloaded it to my phone. But seriously, $2.99 is steep? Are you kidding?

Nevertheless, the price is incorrect, it’s only $1.99 so now you can afford it.

30. Shawn in LV - July 12, 2010

Whoops… we posted at the same time.

31. Tarrax - July 12, 2010

‘Still can’t get me to pay for an apple product, sorry.’


32. I am not Herbert - July 12, 2010


…too bad I don’t have an iPhone… =(

33. Todd F - July 12, 2010

There *is* a Tricorder app, the TR-580.

34. Thorny - July 12, 2010

25… “… and I have had no reception problems with my iphone 4 – lots of hype about all that as far as my experience shows.”

Consumer Reports disagrees. They gave iPhone4 a “not recommended” rating today. They love the phone, but their testing says it has antenna problems (iPhone 3 and Palm Pre were tested similarly and didn’t have the problem.)

35. Anthony Pascale - July 12, 2010

I corrected article it is $1.99 now. I am not sure if the price changed after I first drafted the article last night or if it was a typo, but it is indeed $1.99

36. TrekGuy62 - July 12, 2010

Would have been nice if they could have tied in the Voice Control calling feature to make calls.

Although I’d rather they spent their efforts to make a Bluetooth Communicator.

Lastly, my iPhone 4 suffers from no dropped calls. I am getting better reception than I did with my 3G.

37. Will_H - July 12, 2010

Downloading it now. I remember when I got my first cell phone back in the day, got it home and did the communicator flip open with it. Lost my grip, though, and sent it flying across the room. Thankfully I have a case (one of the engraved delta badge ones) so that shouldn’t happen again.

38. Stan Wingston - July 12, 2010


39. TrekTech - July 12, 2010

@36 There is a licensed TOS bluetooh communicator in the works but its not an Apple product. Outwardly it faithfully recreates the original prop but with an LCD moire pattern as opposed to a stopwatch or motor driven pattern. All dimensions taken from an original. Hopefully there will be more ‘official’ news later on this year. BTW, this isnt one of the ones seen on Ebay but rather an offering from a major licensee so *fingers crossed*.

40. tony - July 12, 2010


41. DasInfoGod - July 12, 2010

@35 Yes, Anthony, they lowered the price from $2.99 to $1.99.

@29 Shawn, as noted in my subsequent post, the price dropped from $2.99 to $1.99. I must have hit that brief window during the price change on my initial attempt (my original post), and was happy to see the result. It’s a very cute little app, and yes it was affordable for $3, but what I was questioning was if you were getting much bang for the initial $3 in what is essentially a pretty skin with a handful of sound effects. My idea of some engineering and pizazz for a $3 app is the StarWalk Astronomy program, which is a great value and packed with tons of doodads and hours of explorable data.

I have no regrets buying this nifty little communicator app, but let’s face it, the bulk of the price goes towards the CBS/Paramount licensing machine, which has a maw the size of a Doomsday Machine. Hey, with any luck, later iterations may add more functions and whatnot.

42. Hat Rick - July 12, 2010

Trek rox! So does this app, which I now have on my iPhone. It’s well worth the $1.99 I paid for it.

No, it’s not gonna cure cancer, but it’s fun. And if you can’t spend a couple of bucks for fun on in a while, and for Trek no less, well, then, what’s life for?

So I’ll skip my next Starbucks fix. No biggie.

43. Drake - July 12, 2010

cool love to get it.
after I get the phone.
after I get a job.

44. Towaway - July 12, 2010

How about the communicator phone we were promised last year?

45. trekreturns - July 12, 2010

I want it for Android, darn it!!!

46. The Original Spock's Brain - July 12, 2010

@33 Not an iPad app.

47. jvzilen - July 12, 2010

Somebody made an app exactly like that that could be used to make calls and such in app .. i had it on my Iphone last year

48. Cindy - July 12, 2010

I need one. Yaaaaaaaa

49. =A= - July 12, 2010

no shit!

50. Digger - July 12, 2010

need one for android
I would get the app


Its cool but the flip animation is kinda slow.

52. The Original Spock's Brain - July 12, 2010

@34. Thorny “Consumer Reports disagrees.”

Consumer Reports also ranked the iPhone 4 as the BEST smart phone:

53. =Captain Obvious= - July 12, 2010

“Need to stay in contact with your ship and landing party? There’s an app for that…”

One of the few must have apps, IMO.

54. torombolo - July 12, 2010

Any version for Windows mobile/smartphone?

Need one

55. Hat Rick - July 13, 2010

Correction: “And if you can’t spend a couple of bucks for fun once in a while, and for Trek no less, well, then, what’s life for?”

On the iPhone 4: I waited for almost three years before getting my iPhone (I have the iPhone 3GS) and it was worth the wait. It’s a fantastic product that reminds me of the kind of futuristic technology that works in Trek.

I don’t plan on waiting more than a few months before buying an iPhone 4. (I’ve been eligible to buy one for the lowest subsidized price since it came out, since I can upgrade one of my other ATT phones.) But by that time, all the bugs should have been ironed out.

Worst case scenario, there is in fact a design flaw in the iPhone 4 which affects the receipt of cellular signals. That’s not a significant problem for me; I’ve never had much problem with ATT’s signal strength. Besides, there are two workarounds for that — hand positioning, and a case for the phone, which I would buy anyway to protect it, just as I have for my existing iPhone. There’s also a software solution / mitigation / correction / whatever-you-want-to-call-it that Apple’s already mentioned it’s working on, based on the idea that the cellular signals were never as strong as any of the iPhones reported them to be. Whatever you think of the software solution, it doesn’t necessarily affect the workarounds.

Some say that Apple hasn’t been forthcoming about the signal strength issue. Despite this, and related, recent criticism, the fact is that millions of iPhone 4 purchasers are apparently just fine with their new phone.

And, signal issues notwithstanding, the device is intrinsically a top-notch design that makes it the Ferrari of cell phones. I base this on weeks of using the iOS 4 system I have on my 3GS (which is the same OS version as on the iPhone 4) as well as months of experience with the prior iPhone OS. As a basis of comparison, I also have two Android phones, including both the G1 and the newest one that T-Mobile offers, the MyTouch 3G Slide, with Android 2.1, which, incidentally, will be upgradeable to 2.2 when Froyo is released. Although the Slide offers amazing features and incredible integration with Google’s navigation program, which features a virtual reality, compass-based capability, I’ve found that the user experience is still not as good as the iPhone’s.

As is par for the course, the iPhone has raised the bar. As a fan of Trek, I’ve become a fan of the iPhone as well.

56. Paul - July 13, 2010

“…and it even ‘opens up’ when you flick your wrist….”
“…The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad…”

*imagines someone trying to flick a wrist with an iPad*
*snickers viciously*

57. Hat Rick - July 13, 2010

^^Shrek could probably do it.

58. Daniel Knight - July 13, 2010

Haha! So Totally Awesome

59. Holger - July 13, 2010

This sucks! I want a mobile phone which is physically shaped exactly like a communicator.

60. BLFSisko - July 13, 2010

Sorry,but am I the only person here who finds that ridiculous? I mean that´s one of the reasons why Trekkers are considered as nerds. Give me a authentic communicator and I´m happy – but I dont´t need the iPhone nor that stupid app. (BTW: I think the iPhone -. or any other modern mobile phone can do more than the communicator ever could)

61. Sagart - July 13, 2010

I just downloaded it – NERDGASM!!!!

62. T'Cal - July 13, 2010

I simply don’t understand why some phone manufacturer hasn’t worked out a deal to produce a real cell phone that looks exactly like a TOS communicator. What are we in the dark ages??

63. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - July 13, 2010

Release it for Android, then we’ll talk.

64. Randy H. - July 13, 2010

#60 – Let’s see an iPhone, or Droid, or Nokia set up a harmonic feedback that blows up rocks (as in “Friday’s Child”) – then we’ll talk!

65. The Riddler - July 13, 2010

Wow, this is the first time I have ever wanted to buy an eye phone.

66. Dr. Image - July 13, 2010

I’ll stick with my Verizon Alias 2. It looks like something out of Archer’s era.

67. Lousy Canadian - July 13, 2010


I must have this!

68. nscates - July 13, 2010

Well, at least Android users still have the Tricoder App, which a lot cooler than I expected it to be.

69. Hat Rick - July 13, 2010

Currently technology is far more primitive thank Kirk’s communicator. No cell phone can operate without a terrestrial network of cell towers. Even our best satellite phones can contact only nearby orbital transceivers (a mean altitude of 500 kilometers), of which there must be dozens in order to ensure adequate coverage. Cell towers and satellites costing billions are required to be in place before either cell phones or satphones can work.

Compare this with the communicator, which, as a stand-alone device, is capable of long-range communication over a distance of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of kilometers without the apparent need for transponders. Two communicators can communicate over such distances with each other independently of the aid of any third device. They also serve as focal points — geospatial transponders — for transporter operations, without which personnel cannot be accurately located (during Kirk’s era). Moreover, communicators do not appear to require recharging for lengthy periods of time. The energy required for such a device, alone, would power a small car. All this, in the palm of your hand.

Granted, communicators do only one thing — communicate, and by voice. But it does it very well indeed. We have some progress to make before Kirk’s communicator seems old-fashioned.

70. Pointing out the Obvious - July 13, 2010

1.99 for a novelty app? I don’t think so.

Thank god my iphone is jailbroken.

71. nscates - July 13, 2010

The Android Tricoder app is free…

72. Red Skirt - July 13, 2010

#69 – well said Hat Rick. People really don’t understand the technology involved behind their smart-phones. Kirk’s communicator only looks dated. We’re decades if not centuries away from that kind of technology, which if I recall operates in subspace (but i’m probably making that up).

I have the iPhone 4 and have had NONE of the antenna reception problems being reported. And have held it in a “death grip” as well as every other hand position. Not denying it’s real, but this seems more like a limited manufacturing defect, being blow out of proportion by the media and competition, than a design flaw. Only time will tell how many units this actually affects. But so far the percentage seems small compared to the units sold.

My only complaint is the glass back. That is simply the dumbest idea anybody could ever incorporate into a hand-held mobile device. Still looking for a case that’s slim enough and slick enough to allow it to slide easily in and out of my jeans pockets. Anything rubberized makes it look like I’m fondling myself. ;-)

But it’s worth putting up with for what’s inside this baby. Wow

As for this app … yeah major geekage. Don’t think I’m gonna fork over $2 for this. My boyfriend might though. LOL From a marketing standpoint alone, they should have offered a free version that just did the flip lid and effect an nothing else.

I’m curious too, several people have purchased this, what does that right button do? And can you set the preferences to flip it open to the phone function? It would drive me crazy to use this App to make a phone call and have to press more buttons than I do already.

73. Bones Rodriguez - July 13, 2010

OK Android programmers- GET ON IT STAT!!!!

I love this!

74. Andy Patterson - July 13, 2010


What does mean, “jailbroken”?

75. Hat Rick - July 13, 2010

72, thanks for that.

74, in this context, it means that you’ve broken the software lock that prevents you from installing any program on the iPhone other than one purchased from the Apple App Store. Despite the risks, people do this to avoid having to pay for official apps or to download content that Apple doesn’t want on your device, or for whatever other reason they may desire. Doing so voids any Apple warranty you may have on the iPhone and may have other ramifications. If either the jailbreaking process or any non-Apple-approved app or other software damages your device, or your iPhone is damaged somehow after it is jailbroken, you have no recourse against Apple, as I understand it. Also, jailbreaking is apparently irreversible.

Unlike Android phones, Apple iPhones are programmed to prevent you from installing any such unapproved apps or programs and you cannot opt out of this bar without modifying the iOS itself. (With Android phones, you can install unapproved (by Google’s app store) apps or programs without jailbreaking them — at your own risk, of course.)

76. Hat Rick - July 13, 2010

^^I should say, it MAY be irreversible. And I think that Apple claims that any jailbreaking voids the warranty, but other sources differ. There is some conflicting information out there.

77. samrock83 - July 14, 2010

Coolest. Thing. Ever.

78. Michael Foote - July 14, 2010

Just downloaded it on my 3gs. Works great. I love it.

79. Stan Wingston - July 15, 2010

I only wish they would fix the app name so it’s less than 12 characters. On the iPhone screen it shows up at Commu…ator not cool. Please rename to Trek Comm or something that fits on the next update.

80. T'Cal - August 4, 2010

Still waiting for a “real” communicator – a flip phone that looks exactly like TOS communicator.


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82. Stef - November 29, 2011

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