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Watch Opening Teaser of Phase II’s “Origins” – Featuring Kobayashi Maru Test July 15, 2010

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The popular fan series Star Trek Phase II is currently in post production on their prequel flashback episode "Origins". Today they released an early version of opening teaser for the episode, where you can see a young James T. Kirk facing the famed Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy. Check it out below.


Opening Teaser for Phase II’s "Origins"

Here is a first look at the opening teaser for "Origins" where we get a glimpse of Cadet Kirk facing the infamous Kobayashi Maru test, and dealing with his Starfleet Academy nemesis Finnegan. (note: not final audio)

Written and directed by veteran Star Trek writer David Gerrold, "Origins" tells the story of young James T. Kirk as he starts his Starfleet career, including his time at the Academy and his first meeting with Mr. Spock. The younger version of James T. Kirk is played by Matthew Ewald (Galidor). The episode also features guest star Colin Cunningham from Stargate SG-1 as Captain Pike (see previous article for preview of scene with Ewald and Cunningham). When last we heard, "Origins" was planned to be released later this year. More information at



1. Tiberius Kirk - July 15, 2010


2. Gary - July 15, 2010

What does “not cut” mean?

3. Buzz Cagney - July 15, 2010

More. More. More!!!
More please, I was just getting into that!
I even gave up the chance to jump up and down and excitedly shout ‘First’ by watching the clip before i posted.

4. Losira - July 15, 2010

I’m checking the trailer pronto! Can’t wait for the main event!

5. Montreal_Paul - July 15, 2010

I look forward to seeing the whole episode. I just can’t stand John Kelley as McCoy… the guy really can’t act. But props to James Cawley for putting this together.. just wish he would have kept the name “New Voyages” … never liked the name “Phase II.” The guy that played Finnigan looked exactly like the original actor!

6. Sotirios Moshonas - July 15, 2010

“Not Cut” = = > Properly Editing to fit time period aka “Origins” may play only one hour or it could be into two parts. See Star Trek:Enterprise two or three part arc stories in Seasons 3 & 4.

As for audio, either some sound efx needs to be added to taken away because it may or may not fit the scene properly. Example: who ever heard of the phaser bank sound efx used as a transporter room beaming effect?


7. RobertZ - July 15, 2010

To coin a phrase: “Hope lives again!” with Star Trek PhaseII!

8. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2010

Like what I’ve seen so far! Can’t wait for the whole episode!

And speaking of Kobayashi Maru, last week I finished reading the “Star Trek: Enterprise” novel of the same name. Quite a suspenseful start to the Romulan War.

9. Denny - July 15, 2010

How can you have an external shot of the Enterprise taking fire when the Kobayashi Maru is only a simulation . . . you know, in a simulator . . . on the ground.

10. Chris - July 15, 2010

My God the acting in that was horrible. So bad it makes it tough to watch.

11. Prologic9 - July 15, 2010

There are supposedly 3 episodes to be released *before* Origins. So this should come out around 2014.

12. Harry Seldom - July 15, 2010

Nice touch, re-using (or re-creating) the graphics from TWOK for the tactical displays.

– Harry

13. Andy Patterson - July 15, 2010

Having Finnegan be part of the Kobayashi Maru is clever and an interesting twist. And he’s good too. Effects are great. Always fun.

14. CmdrR - July 15, 2010

Finnegan’s a douche… which I guess makes sense.

Also, the “strange new worlds” planet in the credits looks to be about a mile in diameter and spinning once every 20 seconds or so. I’d think the inhabitants are perpetually space sick.

Still, the CGI E gets better each time. Maybe a little TOO much detail for something that big, but what the hell…

15. I Dont Like Tennant - July 15, 2010


The acting sucks.

BIG style.


Everything else is perfect.

16. Buzz Cagney - July 15, 2010

#9 its what they are shown when they go for de-briefing.The sight of your ship exploding into a million (well, 3!) pieces only heightens the fact that you just blew it.

17. spock - July 15, 2010


18. Drew - July 15, 2010

How many completed episodes are there that havent been released yet before ‘Origins’? Takes so long

19. Holger - July 15, 2010

WOW! This is fantastic. What a teaser! Can’t wait to see the full episode.
But, no Trek without some friendly nitpicking :-)
The season 1&2 velour uniforms somehow just don’t look quite right. They look a little bit too glittery and Kirk’s looks too yellow. And why was the mistake/oddity from ST09 retained that Klingon battlecruisers are called “warbirds”? I also wonder how we could see the destruction of the Enterprise if this is the Kobayashi Maru test. Computer simulation with the purpose of shocking the trainees? (However, it looks awesome and so I’ll simply accept it as artistic license. Or maybe we’ll understand it after the opening credits.)
However, these are micro-flaws which do not really matter because this teaser was outstanding. In particular I liked how well the bridge style from “The Cage” was recreated. And Finnegan was almost indistinguishable from the original actor’s performance in Shore Leave. Young Kirk was also well played, just how I would imagine him.
Many thanks to JC and his entire crew!

20. Anthony Thompson - July 15, 2010

He woulda done a heck of a lot better had he been chomping on an apple in that scene.

21. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 15, 2010

Love the effects!!

Is that Dirty Daren?

22. I'm Dead Jim! - July 15, 2010

The Klingon ships appear to have the same bow contruction as the Kobayashi Maru Klingons in JJ’s Trek. Love this!

23. I'm Dead Jim! - July 15, 2010

Oh, I see Holger already touched on that.

24. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - July 15, 2010


Although it looks like the big E is finished.

25. James Cawley - July 15, 2010

First Off to those who are concerned and worried over release dates. We have been working to finish all the episodes together. We are planning on ONE big release over four weeks to occur late hopefully late fall. You will get one new episode for four weeks each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on our site.

To those who only come here to bash…
I simply have no words or time for you.

#19 – The velour is right on the money, trust me Lights do funny things.
as to why you see the destruction, not only is part of the simulation for the cadets, it is a cool bit of license for the audience.

26. OtterVomit - July 15, 2010

Cawley 2012!

27. British Naval Dude - July 15, 2010

I wish Bob Orci had thought o’ puttin’ Finnegan in tha’ Academy wit’ Jimmy… Grand idea! I do wish ta’ see how that thar’ test trurns oot’… great intro!

Nothin’ like a blambooie mick ta’ irritate ye’s…

COLIN FARRELL: Who ye’ be callin’ a blambooie mick, ye’ daft poofter?

BND: Oh, I only kidz cuz I luvz. And I wuz’ referrin’ ta’ Finnegan, not ye’, ye’ bloody sod-off kangaroo cackle! I kidz cuz I luvz!

COLIN FARRELL: Really? Well, ye’ gunna’ love me as I stomp on yer’ lucky charms and pee milk down yer’ throat, ye’ EDITED english arse!

Well, if I survives me beatin’, I’ll be glad ta’ watch Cawley’s shows…


28. Wyatt Clough - July 15, 2010

James, – I am a new comer for this exercise, as in, the last 30 days, but have drooled over every frame of all the produced episodes I found on line and watched. The genuine love and care you all have given to give us fans more episodes is evident, even if every thing inst or could ever be picture perfect. These are exactly the kinds of “fan wished” episodes I or manny cotto would produce given a chance. My heartfelt thank you and I hope you have much more in you all. I can be, and have been a hater on certain subjects, but in this case please tell the haters “Up your shaft” for me. This is amazing and I congratulate you all.

29. Pro-Khan-Sel - July 15, 2010

I thought the acting was fine. I also thought the opening shot of the enterprise arriving at earth was very well done. I like it better than the TOS Remastered versions.

Finnigan was well played, At first I thought he was a little over the top, but then realized that this is just another simulator exercise to him. Finnigan would be tossed into the brig if he had behaved like that on actual duty.

The camera angles were spot on, The over the shoulder shot of kirk conveys alot of emotion. I don’t think that gene roddenberry would have shot this any differently than what is shown here. The faithfulness to the original series shines through.

@ # 9, I thought the same thing at first, But then realized that this was a first act cliffhanger, No doubt that after the show’s title credits, We will see trainee kirk and crew picking up the pieces as pike walks onto the simulator, Shaking his head and says: “Kirk.. You blew up another one!”

@ # 20, Kirk only chomps on the apple when he knows he is going to win. Otherwise the apple moment loses it’s punch in trek 2009 as well as TWOK.

Looking foreward to seeing the rest of this episode. Again , Well Done!!!!

30. Renee Wike - July 15, 2010

As far as I’m concerned. I’ll wait as long as it takes for the episodes to come out. They’re Great!! As for the acting, doesn’t seem any different to me than the Original Series ( and I mean that in a good way). As for Haters, if you don’t like it , why are you even here? I’ve read some pretty negative things posted in the past here. A little positivity goes a long way, folks.

31. CAPT KRUNCH - July 15, 2010

Loved that Finnegan…those effects were awesome…if it wasn’t for the acting though…if they just wouldn’t over act every scene….
Visually though…top notch!

32. Michael Hall - July 15, 2010

“However, these are micro-flaws which do not really matter because this teaser was outstanding. In particular I liked how well the bridge style from “The Cage” was recreated.”

Well, thanks. :-) The idea was to re-create a bridge style somewhere between the “Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” eras (since that’s when the bulk of the story takes place), and I was mostly responsible for altering the color scheme on the upper bridge level. Unfortunately my idea of swapping-out the small viewscreen graphics for those more reminiscient of WNMGB was met with some resistance from the producers (though the art director thought it was a great idea) due to time considerations, but I still thought the set looked great, and being present on the bridge during the filming of this sequence was quite a thrill.

33. Allen Williams - July 15, 2010

why destroy a simulated enterprise? WHY NOT! Its fun! I already commented on youtube, but i’ll re-comment here. I loved this clip. Can’t wait to see the final episode. The CGI was finally believable. It looks just incredible. Loved that shot of the big E flying by.

34. THX-1138 - July 15, 2010

Haters suck balls and don’t have anything meaningful to contribute. They aren’t fixing anything so their complaints are meaningless.

I enjoy the stuff James is doing. Finnegan seems just about spot on. And if you have ever played a racing game on any game system you know that you can get multiple replay views of your car. From the driver’s seat, from just outside and to the rear of the car, and one that looks as if it was recorded from track-side cameras. Having a computer show you multiple views of a simulation isn’t something so out of the ordinary that it wouldn’t be expected in a test like the Kobayashi Maru.

35. Phaser Guy - July 15, 2010

That’s very cool. I’d love to buy a box DVD set of these.

36. scott - July 15, 2010

re: “as to why you see the destruction, not only is part of the simulation for the cadets, it is a cool bit of license for the audience”

Since I knew it was a simulation, that scene broke my focus, I knew it was “wrong.” If I hadn’t known it was a simulation, it might have worked… until I watched it a second time. :-)

I don’t understand how it could be part of the simulation for the cadets. What cadet is viewing the scene from that perspective?

37. C Miles - July 15, 2010

Young Kirk has his own “Q” in Finnegan during the Kobiyashi Maru.


See, this is my problem – young Kirk is Chris Pine in my head now.

This kid, I dunno. I know Gary Mitchell described him as having been kinda studious/ wimpy in Where No Man Has Gone Before.- but…

Well, anyhow

@Micheal Hall-
Good use of old look seats, etc. Nice old bridge look.

38. THX-1138 - July 15, 2010


I tried clicking the link and got bupkus. I will take that as a sign that there is no real need for me to check out the new Trek site. Until it has stuff to offer that I can’t get anywhere else I find it irrellevant.

39. THX-1138 - July 15, 2010


Wrong article. Never mind.

40. NCC-74656 - July 15, 2010

I really wanna like this (Phase 2 in general), but it just doesn’t do it for me. I get that this is Cawley’s baby, and as such he can be whoever he wants to be. But I just can’t suspend disbelief when it comes to that skinny dufus being James T Kirk. Neither Cawley, ‘nor the actor that plays a ‘young’ Kirk, can credibly play the character, IMNSHO.

41. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - July 15, 2010

Not impressed.

42. Balok - July 15, 2010

Finnigan… yes… fricken awesome…!!! Way to go Mr. Cawley… too bad new movie didn’t have some TOS old-timers, enough said on that subject…

Anyway, just love TOS sound tracks….

So, what were Klingons friring? Torpedos are disruptors??? Should be disruptors, please CGI out the torpedos and shoot them green dots from the nacelle tips…

43. OfficialSpudUk (Formally known as PropperTrekkieUk) - July 15, 2010

Wow…that Finnegan acting was painful! As was McCoy’s…but the effects are great….

44. Mark Anton - July 15, 2010

James Cawley, this looks totally amazing. I can’t wait to see these episodes. I’m looking more forward to seeing these than the next “official” Star Trek movie. I’m not putting that down, it’s just that I love to see your version of classic Trek, because it is done with so much care and feeling— and it genuinely captures the look and spirit of the original show. This is really an exciting time for Star Trek. I too am concerned about the release dates of the coming episodes, but mainly because I am anxious to see more. Also, I hope you release some kind of “director’s cut” of Blood and Fire with the two episodes combined together as a complete movie. That would be very cool, indeed. Thanks so much, James, for all that you do. This longtime Star Trek fan appreciates it very much!

45. Phillip Payton - July 15, 2010

The acting is fine ,as this is a non profit independent production. They do have pro acters guest star from time to time but the majority of the regulars have minimal acting experience,but do an exelent job with their characters. If someone gave you a gift ,put alot of time and money in it the last thing you should do is nit pick.

46. DREW - July 15, 2010

James…. what a great teaser… loved it, loved it. The only comment I have is, in the beginning it felt a little too rushed between Kirk and McCoy. (a lack of build up) That’s all!

Looking forward to the episode.


47. Tobias Richter - July 15, 2010

#21 Effects were done by me, utilizing and altering models made by Daren. (refitting the Klingon cruiser and the Enterprise to “Pilot” status)

#42 just imagine they are firing everything – just the disruptors when they are off-screen :) Torps look much cooler… this is probably why in EVERY Kobayashi simulation they are firing torpedos.

48. Nick Cook - July 15, 2010

Nicely done! I enjoyed this quite a lot. :)

Dunno what some people were watching, I found the acting quite believable. And for a quick rough cut, this is pretty good.

49. British Naval Dude - July 15, 2010

39- no worries, THX. I usually dunna’ know what city or state I be in. Or if I’m just out ta’ sea…

I just wanna’ say that while I dunna’ really get inta’ these fan-made productions, but I thought that teaser wuz’ grand.
I do not watch all o’ Crawley’s shows, but I applaud him fur’ revivin’ “that olde’ Trek magic.”

Kodos, Crawley. Errrrrrrr… I mean “kudos!”


50. TrekTech - July 15, 2010

Finnegan was…well…that was eerie. Seems as if (cant call it a spoiler because it was in the clip) red shirt Peter Kirk is now history hence McCoy/Kirk’s convo. Im guessing thats to free up the actor for his work on Buck Rogers. Effects looked great. Missed the swan necked viewers on the captains chair and consoles though.

51. flexus - July 15, 2010

The explosion of the constitution ship reminds me of the cutscene from Interplay’s 25th Anniversary Game. When you lost against the romulans or klingons in a starsystem that did not belong to your mission. I really like the way it is used here.

52. scifib5st - July 15, 2010

Un fricking beleaveable……. Great job on the pyro’s!
Thanks for the update for the release James!

You know you will be responcible for taking down the “Nets” every Thursday night at 7:35!

Vic’s preformance was GREAT.

I can tell Ralph will have a ball with the sound!

53. Prologic9 - July 15, 2010

“First Off to those who are concerned and worried over release dates. We have been working to finish all the episodes together. We are planning on ONE big release over four weeks to occur late hopefully late fall. You will get one new episode for four weeks each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on our site.”

-The JC

Fall 2012? :)

54. Pensive's Wetness - July 15, 2010

*claps* i cringed during last episode’s Gay trek but it was a very moving story for me. Seeing Cawley’s Kirk as irratable because of his loss was acceptable. Yeah the acting sometimes sucks but its the labor of love that makes STPII shine (and why we continue to support it BY WATCHING IT eagerlly…)

and yeah, seeing the ship from outside adds to the tention and critique that cadets go through in the Star trek universe(s)

55. Kirk's Girdle - July 15, 2010

Finnegan’s accent is a little goofy, but God, does he look the part. Oddly enough, for all the hatred Kirk had for Finnegan, he seems to be attempting to improve Kirk’s chances in the scenario and shows visible frustration when Kirk disregards his input.

56. PeteFX - July 15, 2010

Everything looks great James. Velour makes me want to cry. Simply lovely as always.

Pete Christian

57. Captain Otter - July 15, 2010

As someone who usually doesn’t dig the fan-produced stuff, I have to say that this looks promising.

58. Cousin Itt - July 15, 2010

I hated the Kobayashi Maru scene in Trek 2009, as it seemed to me that Kirk would never go to the trouble of reprogramming the simulation, then completely undermine himself by acting like a complete jerk during the test.

Looks like James Cawley and his friends are doing it the right way…

59. Bren - July 15, 2010

Say, Kiff!
These new velour uniforms are pretty snappy, eh?

60. Kweeg - July 15, 2010

Well done Phase II crew! Looking forward to more “real” Star Trek!
Keep it up!

61. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - July 15, 2010

hey James. Way to go. You have finaly out done your self. Now how about the encore. Can’t wait. Looking good.

62. sean - July 15, 2010

I try to make a habit of following the old ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say’ rule when it comes to fan productions, as I know the people involved put in a great deal of effort without much by way of financial compensation. And visually, these folks definitely nail TOS aesthetic. I must say, however, that Finnegan is a one-note Irish stereotype that was better left in the past. If there was any good acting in this clip, I couldn’t tell as it was drowned out by a hootin’ and hollerin’ Finnegan.

63. Erik Parrent - July 15, 2010

Can. Not. Wait.

64. Peter Trek - July 15, 2010

I was at the shore leave convention last weekend and saw
the episode enemy starfleet.
The episode was mostly done untill the last part of act 3
and a lot of act 4 so I think they will be able to release it in late fall.

65. Phaser Guy - July 15, 2010

Hey Jimmy Boy!!

66. Prologic9 - July 15, 2010

“I hated the Kobayashi Maru scene in Trek 2009, as it seemed to me that Kirk would never go to the trouble of reprogramming the simulation, then completely undermine himself by acting like a complete jerk during the test.

Looks like James Cawley and his friends are doing it the right way…”

Undermine himself how? Subterfuge was not his goal, if it were then he really would have just been cheating, and should pay harsh consequences. The point was to demonstrate his disagreement with the premise of the test. He was always going to get “caught,” as it were.

Regardless, in the Phase II teaser Kirk didn’t win, so this obviously isn’t “that” Kobiashi Maru test. I’m guessing this is his first attempt, and he doesn’t even know the fight can’t be won.

67. Corinthian7 - July 15, 2010

Well said James, ignore the bashers it looks great as usual and 4 episodes over 4 weeks is fantastic news. I agree that putting Finnigan into the story will be good to see but if Abrams had done the same he would have been slated by the fans as in that timeline he would have graduated a few years ahead of Kirk.

68. len - July 15, 2010

Compared to Trek 2009, this looks BAD.
Bad acting, crap sets, whats the deal with the hair

69. Goo - July 15, 2010

The visual production value on this fan series has become literally perfect.

Now if they’d only use a better directional boom mic to get rid of that amateur room echo.

That’s how good this fan series is getting that we can focus in on these little nits now.

(is the acting a nit too?)

70. DAK23 - July 15, 2010

I. Love. This. Stuff! lol If you folks haven’t gotten a TV deal by now, seek one out (of course, that would probably compromise you’re artistic license, so uh, don’t do it).

71. Cousin Itt - July 15, 2010

66. Sorry, but I never thought that Kirk would so openly and obviously be cheating during the test. What’s the point then? Kirk would beat the test, then make everyone wonder how he actually overcame the ‘no win scenario.’ Yes, he would eventually get caught, but the jerk in this scene would never win a commendation for original thinking. (Which he doesn’t, of course, he just gets grounded.)

I guess any differences would just be chalked up to the differences in the timelines. But I am definitely still on the side of those that would’ve rather seen the Prime academy years…

72. DJT - July 15, 2010

The sets, FX, lighting, costuming and heart are all spot on for TOS.

73. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - July 15, 2010

TOS Klingon ships didn’t fire disruptors from the torpedo hole…the disruptors were fired from the “nacelles” on either side. I think James needs to watch “Elaan of Troyius” again…

74. Phaser Guy - July 15, 2010

I liked the scene in the 2009 movie. in the 2009 movie, Kirk really didn’t reprogram the simualator. He just sent it a virus that screwed it up, and Kirk knew how to fix the virus, It showed that he knew the ship’s computer systems really well, and it was a good scene.

75. psb2009 - July 15, 2010

Mr. Cawley, thanks for making these. They are a lot of fun, I appreciate the chance to relive the days of the one and only original series. You are doing a great job!

76. NCC-73515 - July 15, 2010

The only thing that bugs me is the name “warbird” for a Klingon battlecruiser.
“Brannon Braga stated that the use of the term ‘warbird’ in relation to the Klingons, as used in ENT: ‘Broken Bow’, was a writer’s error” – Memory Alpha

77. Sybok - July 15, 2010

Looks good. I just wish they would concentrate on finishing the one that is two months past its release date.

78. Jeffery Wright - July 15, 2010

More fun to work on the production crew, than to watch… but still, hey Finnegan!

And Gerrold? Sweet.

All volunteer production crew, good experience, fun for the fans I suppose, much better than the stuff me & my pals shot on super8 back in high school.

Well, maybe the acting was the same. I’ll watch the ep, have to at least appreciate the effort and love.

79. Red Dead Ryan - July 15, 2010

Dear #68

The voice of Morgan Freeman:

“TrekMovie.Com……..Is no place for morons!”

And James, I really appreciate what you have done for us fans. Keep up the good work and don’t let these bastards get you down!

80. TrekTech - July 15, 2010

#68 ‘crap sets’…are you kidding me? Youre either new to Trek or a troll. Just remember in Trek theres no trolls ON the bridge…only under them.

81. Jonboc - July 15, 2010

Looks like a fun “what if?”.

My only criticism would be the editing and direction. I think the cut from the elevator door to Kirk and the elevator door is much too harsh and too similar in frame composition. I would lose the first shot of the door completely or cut in a reaction shot or close up of Kirk between tthe two shots. And I definitely prefer more camera movement, especially in action sequences…a little more old school camera shaking would have helped the kobiyashi maru scene.

Also, watch the original series and take note of how the camera is all over the place on the bridge. That split level design should lend itself to some great frame composition. A cheap steady cam should be able to emulate some nice dolly shots. But hey, the guy wrote Trouble with Tribbles, and is pretty new at all this directing stuff, so I can cut him a break. All in all, a great effort so far, should be a lot of fun!

82. Naver Drol - July 15, 2010

Once again well done. The actor playing Finnegan was spot on imho. And the visuals were just amazing. And while I know it’s just a nit-pick but do have to agree with #76. Klingon’s have battlecruisers not warbirds.

And I do agree with #79 as well. ;)

83. Michael Hall - July 15, 2010

“Missed the swan necked viewers on the captains chair and consoles though.”

You’ll see the “gooseneck” viewer on the “real” Pike-era bridge. Just on the Captain’s chair, though–again, this episode is set somewhere between the two series pilots. There was considerable discussion on that bridge set, incidentally, regarding the simulator’s lacking the prop, and a geekier conversation with a dozen people chiming in can scarcely be imagined.

“I hated the Kobayashi Maru scene in Trek 2009, as it seemed to me that Kirk would never go to the trouble of reprogramming the simulation, then completely undermine himself by acting like a complete jerk during the test.

Word. Most of my issues with Trek 2009 originate with the script, but in the case of the Kobayashi Maru test both the writing and direction of the scene are hideously misconceived. Since Kirk himself obviously wasn’t taking the thing at all seriously, why would Starfleet Academy even bother to censure him for cheating?

84. Prologic9 - July 15, 2010


The purpose of altering the test isn’t to “win,” or to make himself look like a great captain when he really didn’t do anything. There’s nothing honorable or commendable about that at all, it really is just cheating and Kirk isn’t a cheat.

He did it to prove his point, that he doesn’t believe in the ‘no-win’ scenario. He wanted to prove that you can always change the conditions you face as Captain.

Putting on the facade of a great leader, when you know you’re going to win, just makes you a liar.

85. Phaser Guy - July 15, 2010

83. The Kirk in the new movie KNEW he was going to beat the test, that’s why he was cocky. He was being smug. Starfleet reprimanded Kirk because he broke into the systems and changed the test. Not because of how he acted during it.

86. S. John Ross - July 15, 2010

David Gerrold FTW. Real Trek by a real Trek writer.

#83: Amen to all of that, plus bafflement at the nonsensical response by that tech guy standing with Spock. Duh, nobody ‘beat’ the test and _nobody would be stupid enough to believe anyone had._ Someone clearly, obviously (remedially obviously) hacked it. Another case of the old cliche of “make Starfleet people look like morons to artificially boost Kirk.” Kirk sitting there with a S-E-G munching his apple just made him look like a whiny punk, and made no point at all about the test, or about no-win scenarios, or about Kirk except to re-re-establish him as a douche who felt entitled to something.

87. Phaser Guy - July 15, 2010

86. Did you miss the entire court scene following the test scene? it was all explained there. BTW, Kirk was kicked off the ship.

88. Jerry Modene - July 15, 2010

I’m still totally psyched (bad pun, sorry) that Phase II is doing “Mind Sifter”, the anchor piece from the old “New Voyages” paperback from the1970’s. When i first read that story, in 1975, I thought it would have made a perfect story for the first movie.

89. Zebonka - July 15, 2010

I may have said it before, but that Finnegan is freakishly similar to the original. !!! Great find.

90. Anthony Pascale - July 15, 2010

RE: Kirk KM in the ST09 movie
I would say the first time I saw Star Trek at first the Kobayashi Maru scene wasn’t what I expected. But maybe that isn’t a bad thing

You were seeing Kirk’s THIRD try. That means that he went through twice trying to beat it, presumably doing all the cool tricks you could do within the rules, only to realize that you cant beat the test. And since Kirk does not believe in the no win scenario he took offense to that and decided to reprogram the simulator and throw it back in their faces. His attitude wasn’t just being cocky but a calculated sign of contempt to those in the viewing gallery he knew were watching. He was thumbing his nose at the system. And he explained that at his hearing when he said “isnt the test a cheat?” So it was not only in character for the Kirk we know, but also a key part of THIS alternative Kirk’s emotional journey ‘from Jerk to Kirk’.

Things arent bad just because they are different then you imagined they would be. And maybe there is something to it if you look deeper.

91. Neumann - July 15, 2010

Just the addition of Finn in the “advisor” role was a stroke of unexpected brilliance, who would have thought to put him there? That dude felt RIGHT out of the original episode, and just having him there gave me more of a feeling of a complete universe than anything else the show has done so far, probably BECAUSE he looks lifted right out of an original episode.

Writing Peter off Phase II so he can be Buck Rogers makes sense, but part of me is still hoping that it’s a different person who Kirk’s ma loses… it feels to me the episode is setting that up.

92. S. John Ross - July 15, 2010

#87: I didn’t miss the scene, no.

#90: An excellently rendered and generous interpretation, sir.

93. S. John Ross - July 15, 2010

#90: “Things arent bad just because they are different then you imagined they would be. ”

I can’t find any post by anyone claiming that they are.

94. Chasco - July 15, 2010

For anyone who hasn’t read it (and I’m guessing there are a few around here) I recommend “The Kobyashi Maru” by Julia Ecklar. Not only explains how (the original) Kirk got that computer reprogrammed, but also gives credible and totally ‘in-character’ scenarios for Sulu, Chekov and Scotty’s Kobayashi Maru tests.

Look forward to seeing how the rest of ‘Origins’ plays out – loving it so far!

95. Frank Fischer - July 15, 2010

Very impressive work! I like it very much! I must admit I am begining to be a real fan of Phase II. I liked it from the very first minute and the first epsiode. But this now feels like new Star Trek episodes and not like new fan episodes. So its like waiting urgently for a new Star Trek movie or real episode for every new Phase II epsiode to hit the air.

Mr. Cawley and Team: thank you for your fantatstic work and that you share it with us for free!

You may all live long and Prosper! :-)

96. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 15, 2010

The guy playing Finnegan is on the mark.
Young James T. Kirk is sadly lacking.
And why doesn’t James Cawley part his hair on the correct side…and sideburns to a point??

97. et - July 15, 2010

Was he channeling the Lucky Charms leprechaun at 1:56?

98. et - July 15, 2010

Sorry, 1:54.

And the rest of it, for that matter.

I’m always impressed by the New Voyages team’s great work effects and sets. I wish they’d work on their sound a little bit more. And honestly… as much as it pains me to say it, because they’re all very sincere and obviously love Star Trek… the acting is almost always… well… not up to the rest of it.

I can’t help but feel if John Cawley was really serious about this, he’d clear the decks of everyone including himself and get some pros in front of the camera.

99. S. John Ross - July 16, 2010

#98: “I can’t help but feel if John Cawley was really serious about this, he’d clear the decks of everyone including himself and get some pros in front of the camera.”

I think that would mean he was really serious about something different than the thing he’s doing … (the thing he’s actually up to, he seems to take very seriously indeed).

100. TOY - July 16, 2010

It is quite something when this team has put together these episodes, the work they must put in to produce something thats free would take plenty of dedication and they have some great results. So sure the acting in places is not on par, but I’m sure they realise this and if they had license imagine what they would be capable of. Still for now, for fans it is an amazing feat none the less.

101. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

I just watched this again- for the severalth time! and I find I’m really pulled in to it! When the scene ended I found I had really been immersed in the action. You know, so much so that when the music started I came back to reality with quite a jolt!
James, I think that indicates, to me at least, that you guys did something very right here!
Can’t wait to watch it all.
And the idea to release your upcoming episodes weekly is very sweet indeed.

102. V'ger23 - July 16, 2010


If all goes according to pattern…we’ll see this sometime in the winter of 2014. Excellent!

103. len - July 16, 2010

Look, the acting is really bad. Why not cast someone as the lead who can at least act? This really reminds me of a high school production.
Why not move forward than emulate a show that went off the air in 69. We do not live in a vaccum, well at least most of us.
Shatner……1986 “GET A LIFE”

104. Dorothy Zbornak - July 16, 2010

Wow young Kirk is awful. But then so is Cawley, so for that it’s good!

105. Sotirios Moshonas - July 16, 2010

To Mr. Cawley:

Sir, please take your time. I ask, with your permission, that you and your editing staff do not rush your new episode “Origins”.

I see a lot of mistakes when I go to and see the GoAnimators make their own Star Trek (and other Sci-Fi stories) and they rushed it. Most turn out terrible or horribly awful. Only a few good stories with time taking editing does turn out excellent..

Sir, if you have time — that is — if you have time, please click on this website address:

This gentleman took his own time to edit and make the story exciting. He is one of the best animators in this website.

Thank you for your time and have a great weekend.

Respectfully Yours,

106. James Cawley - July 16, 2010

#104 is that the best insult you have got?
C’mon you can do better than that! I man your life must be painfully empty if it gives you so much pleasure to hide in internet anonymity and hurl insults at people. So if insulting people and name calling is the thing that makes you feel great about your life, get behind it and really throw out a good insult! I can use the humor!!!

107. Mark Lynch - July 16, 2010

Firstly to all the negative nasty critics above, please feel free to get out there and produce your own Star Trek episodes out of your own pocket and make them available to all for no charge. As you obviously have more talent than these other guys. I look forward to ripping your efforts apart with as much venom….

Anyhow, on to my real post.

Well, I for one am looking forward to this and the others which are about to be unveiled.
Phase 2 is the only place to go for real original Trek as far as I am concerned.
It does not matter that the acting is not of Olivier standard (Original Trek was not) what does matter is that, the stories are well written, the sets are faithful, the effects compliment the story and most importantly the people playing the roles have a commitment to the characters.

As far as I am concerned, Phase 2 nails all the above. Just get the episodes out the door quicker, before I burst! :)

@ 106 James Cawley… Any chance of ever seeing a Phase 2 built TOS engineering set? Pretty please…..

In awe of the miracles you guys do on a shoestring budget as always….


108. Moncynnes - July 16, 2010

Very nice.

So…. when, exactly, is “Enemy: Starfleet” coming out?

109. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

James, you said, and I quote … to those that come on here to bash I have no words for you.
Don’t rise to it. To each their own opinion. You need not feel insulted. You will never please all of the people all of the time.
But my goodness, you certainly please many people with your Trek work.
Many of us here, the vast majority, think its quite staggering in fact!
So keep at it, Mister, and thats an order.

110. Mister Landmark - July 16, 2010

@103 and 104

Well, I think it’s not just a matter of finding “a lead who can act.” I think it’s finding a lead who can act who is also willing to do it for hardly any compensation–if at all, and who is willing to pay for his or her own airfare and accomodations and food for two weeks and probably work long grueling hours in a schedule that can and does change at the drop of a hat–and probably even chip in a grand or two just for the sucess of the project.

Please mount a production and show the Phase II folks how it’s *really* done! That would speak far more compellingly than any post you could make here. I think they’d love to see the strength of your convictions.

111. Mark Lynch - July 16, 2010

Forgot to mention in my previous post….Another request for James Cawley.
You must make Mind Sifter made as the next episode… ;)

I think this was one of the best, if not “the best” of the first New Voyages books which came out way back when. Must dig it out for a re-read.

Is anyone else here going to the London Film and Comic con at Earls Court this Sunday?

112. The Conscience of the Cawley - July 16, 2010

I wish Cawley would put his ego aside and let someone else play Kirk in these. Everything else about these shows has gotten really good, and it is a real credit to him how well they are otherwise done. You can see the care & improvement in each new episode. I know it’s his to do what he wishes, and he has so many other talents, I just wish he would let someone else star in these.

113. John Gill - July 16, 2010

GREAT to see Finnegan in this, what a pleasant surprise, and I agree with #31, the acting is a little over-done in some parts, but over-all is WONDERFUL and eye-pleasing, especially the uniforms and the set.

114. James Cawley - July 16, 2010

#112- First off a little perspective for you. I do this because I wanted to play Kirk. Not for you or anyone else, but for my own enjoyment.
There is no ego to put aside. I do it for my own fun. It is my HOBBY, Not my JOB. Just like anyone who has a hobby, I pay for my hobby, I don’t get paid to do it.

115. Jim's Kirk - July 16, 2010

For a bit of fun, these guys do it really well. The webisode with Sulu was wonderful!

116. Jim's Kirk - July 16, 2010

James, may I call you Jim, don’t rise to this nonsense. Ignore and detach yourself from it. Your passion kept Trek buzzing when there was none.

117. Lore - July 16, 2010

When are the lawyer’s at Paramount gonna grow a pair and put a stop to this crap.

118. cw - July 16, 2010

I really liked that. PLUS, I love the guy that plays McCoy. I have regrets not going to TREKFEST this year to see JC in the parade, but I just couldn’t get down there.

119. James Cawley - July 16, 2010

116- Don’t misunderstand my tone, I am simply trying to impart why I do these, nothing more.
117- Please. We speak with CBS often. They understand the value of Star Trek’s fan base, and the importance of the fans being involved. They embrace the fans not push them away.

120. Jim's Kirk - July 16, 2010

Jim, we have chatted many times, and I respect you passion for ’60s Trek. I share it. Keep doing what you do, and thoroughly enjoy it! Those naysayers seem to be missing the point and are just mean-spirited curmudgeons. Really, don’t waste your time or be hurt by it.

121. G. Washington - July 16, 2010

#114 – This may have started out as a hobby, but it is far from that now. You have many talented people involved, as well as many fans folllowing it. They are all doing it for their love of TOS, not because they wish to help you with your personal hobby. It has become their hobby as well that they spend two weeks of their vacation time, among other things. Unfortunately, I agree with the many others who believe you should step aside from the role of Kirk at this point. No offence ment – I couldn’t do any better than you do. It’s just a shame because otherwise the rest of it is very good, as are most of the rest of the players.

122. len - July 16, 2010

Imitation is not art.
This is imitation.
Society has changed, art reflects change.
This is only stagnation.
Money wasted that could be well spent elsewhere

123. James Cawley - July 16, 2010

114- No it is still my hobby, When I step away from it, it will go with me. Just ask all those involved. You see that’s the problem, the vast majority of folks out there don’t view this project in the proper perspective.

124. James Cawley - July 16, 2010

Sorry Len it is not your money. And Everyone can spend their own money and time anyway they wish.

125. Jim's Kirk - July 16, 2010

Damn straight!

126. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

jeez, so much negativity about here. James, you should just give the doubters their money back and let them spent it elsewhere. !


127. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

# 126 sorry, Spend! I wish you could correct hypos on here!

128. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

typos! lol

129. star trackie - July 16, 2010

#107 “It does not matter that the acting is not of Olivier standard (Original Trek was not) what does matter is that, the stories are well written, the sets are faithful, the effects compliment the story and most importantly the people playing the roles have a commitment to the characters.”

Such a sad commentary. Like it if you wish, but don’t ever underestimate the need for solid acting…in any production..aside from comedy and parody. If granny’s homemade chocolate chip cookies were baked with love and used all the right ingredients, but her eggs were rotten…you would still eat them as fast as she could pull them out of the oven…and then rave about them to your neighbors??

These guys love what they do. And they are having a blast. But dont think for a minute that they are anywhere CLOSE to pro quality…as a package. Some elements of their production are very polished, while others are noticably lacking. It’s a fun fan show, and at the end of the day, that’s all it is. Comparing it to TOS or JJ’s Trek is truly a case of apples and oranges.

130. falcon - July 16, 2010

For those of you complaining about the audio, remember in the article it did say it was a “rough” cut, and the audio was not final.

And to all of those bashing James because of his comments that this is is “hobby,” do you have nitpickers telling you how to do your hobbies? This is his money, it’s his effort, so if you don’t like it, take a hike. You don’t have to watch it. If all you have to do is nitpick, let’s see you do better.

And @122 – get off it. You spend your money the way you want, let James spend his the way he wants. This is not about putting out a commercially viable version of what the last two seasons of Trek would have looked like if they had gone the full five. This is James’ vision and dream of what he’d like it to look like. The fact that he has Trek vets like D. C. Fontana and David Gerrold, and actors/actresses like BarBara Luna and William Windom involved, tells me at least they think he’s on the right track, and I happen to agree. Don’t like it? Don’t watch. But if your only joy in life involves bashing someone simply because you have a problem with it, go find someone else to bash.

And personally, I don’t have a problem with the acting – I’ve seen worse on NCIS. (Although I do think it’d be cool for James to channel Mark Harmon/Leroy Jethro Gibbs on occasion and bitch-slap McCoy once or twice.)

131. Mister Landmark - July 16, 2010

>>”123. James Cawley – July 16, 2010
114- No it is still my hobby, When I step away from it, it will go with me. Just ask all those involved. You see that’s the problem, the vast majority of folks out there don’t view this project in the proper perspective.”

It *is* your hobby but is it *soley* your hobby now? Or is it now a *shared* hobby with other participants? Do the other particpants know that the hard work and money they have invested in the project will not survive your possible departure?

132. falcon - July 16, 2010

And as far as cool stories to do as episodes – I know James & Co. are doing “Mind Sifter” (which, btw, was a real tearjerker and a powerful story about friendship), but it’d also be cool to do a flashback story based on “Final Frontier” with George Kirk, Robert April, the first voyage of the big E, and some Romulans before we knew what Romulans looked like (and if you’ve read the story, you know Starfleet classified the entire mission-gone-awry, so it doesn’t honk up canon).

It’d probably turn out to be a three-parter, and would need some envelope at the beginning and end for context (much like the novel did with Kirk considering leaving Starfleet), and could use the same plot device (his dad’s letters) as the hook. I’ve always said this would make a great movie. I’d be willing to write the screenplay GRATIS!

And maybe we could get Don Cheadle to play Francis Drake Reed….. :-)

133. Craig P - July 16, 2010

What would be awesome is if they would use those sets to do Diane Carey’s “Final Frontier” – epic space battles, philosophical debate, Robert April, George Kirk; an early Starfleet, a rescue mission gone horribly wrong; the fate of a thousand worlds depending on one ship, a secret mission lost to the ages. This to me always came off as the one true Trek prequel.

134. Craig P - July 16, 2010

Falcon – Wow, I guess I posted the exact same thing at the same time?? . Crazy. I’d be willing to contribute some financial support and work on a screenplay as well if they would actually consider it. Am in Alberta Canada; one day we’ll have to build a TOS bridge in Vulcan = )

135. len - July 16, 2010

Maybe the new Superman film should be exactly in the style of the old George Reeves show, including all the same style special effects. That would be so Kewl. Not a waste of money at all. We could even use the SAME music cues. Could even use crappy actors to make it even better!!

136. G. Washington - July 16, 2010

#131 – Well said. That was the point I was trying to make but didn’t put it quite so well. Cawley seems very testy for something that is supposedly just a hobby – Makes one wonder if their are other motivations, with the ego being brused so easily with regards to the acting.

137. GSchnitzer - July 16, 2010

Well, I think it’s Star Trek Phase 2–not Star Trek Phase 1 or even Star Trek Phase 0.5. I think we will probably want to keep looking *forward* to new adventures rather than looking *backwards* to adventures that we already know about. We have a whole Trek universe to explore full of mysteries, yet so many people want to see _______ (fill in the blank) just one more time (e.g, Gary Seven, Harry Mudd, Tribbles). Doesn’t anybody want to see something they know nothing about yet?

138. len - July 16, 2010

Its all about him, and not the art. No matter what he claims, this is one big ego trip. Time for CBS to come in and shut this thing down.

139. len - July 16, 2010

130, He is entitled to spend his money the way he wants. It is my opinion that this whole thing is a waste of time and money. Money may be spent by helping the homeless, schools, your neighbors.
Once again, hopefully CBS will shut this down soon.

140. Mister Landmark - July 16, 2010

@135: Maybe when they made the sequel movie 2010 eighteen years after the original 2001 movie, they should have updated everything instead of trying to make it look like the original movie.

Maybe when they filmed “Scarlett,” the 1994 sequel to 1939’s “Gone With the Wind,” maybe they should have taken the opportunity to make everything look a little more 1990’s-ish instead of so darned 1860’s.

141. len - July 16, 2010

@140: 2010 was crap, just like this “phase 2″. I have an online petition to CBS that is nearly ready.

142. Allen Williams - July 16, 2010

just ignore all the haters. I think by responding to them your only encouraging them. Just remember that there are many people out there (like me) that enjoy these productions and anxiously await their releases. Especially with no new star trek shows in production.

143. GSchnitzer - July 16, 2010

Well, the money spent on Phase II actually *does* go to helping the homeless, schools, and neighbors. It’s not like the money spent on the project simply disappears. When the production rolls into town, business like restaraunts and hardware stores open up and do a booming business and they are able to bring in some revenue. When the production leaves town, it’s harder for these local merchants to make ends meet.

The Phase II production company has an agreement that enables Televison and Film majors at the local community college to earn college credit for their work experience on the Phase II project.

The annual taxes on the studio are considerable–and most of it goes to support the local school system.

Like I say: the Phase II money doesn’t just evaporate. It goes into the local economy where it is put to good use; it doesn’t simply vanish.

144. len - July 16, 2010

I guess that there is just no accounting for taste. Oh well.

145. Drew - July 16, 2010

Rolling my eyes at the basher’s. You guys are funny. James, don’t respond to their antics. NOT WORTH IT.

146. len - July 16, 2010

@145 Whatever. I am now rolling my eyes up at you.

147. Kev -1 - July 16, 2010

First off, I loved Finnegan. Nice touch. This was fun to watch. I never saw Kirk as “cheating” per se; I always thought he just purposely changed the programming because he refused to give up completely no matter what the odds. David is the only one who said he cheated, and David’s ethics (protomatter) were, unfortunately, questionable. But I liked this little piece.

148. GSchnitzer - July 16, 2010

Well, Saavik says to Dr. Marcus “So, like your father, you broke the rules.”

149. Mark Lynch - July 16, 2010

Lenny, Lenny (can I call you Lenny?). You have a lot of vitriol here.
You weren’t refused a bit part or something were you? :)

James and his associates are not hurting anyone here. In fact the majority class his efforts as what a fourth season of Star Trek would have been like if done for real back in the 60’s

The beauty of what we have from Phase 2 is that although the sets are true to what they were, The construction is top notch, we have proper screens used for the displays around the bridge and the kind of effects (especially the space shots) Gene Roddenberry could only dream of.

The fact that he is getting so many Trek heavyweights to help him, Jon Povill, David Gerrold, Andrew Probert, Walter Koenig, George Takei and the list goes on. Shows that whether you like it or not, James Cawley is doing something right.

You don’t like it. I get it.
And you are of course entitled to your opinion. I think you are wrong and that is my opinion.
There are more of us that enjoy Phase 2 than do not. For you to spout on about how CBS should shut it down is just childish and quite frankly, nasty to those that do enjoy the efforts of Phase 2. CBS should be taking notes of how to make Star Trek correctly by looking at Phase 2.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it, let those that do like it to get on with it. Sheesh.

To (kind of) quote a certain Mr Shatner “Get a life Lenny!”

Len, I do love your comments #139
When someone actually can’t put a proper argument together, they always say something similar to your drivel. How the heck do you know whether JC gives money to charity or not, and frankly is it your business? James Cawley spends his money on his hobby, the fact that a lot of people join in with him is neither here nor there.

Tell me please what hobbies you spend your money on and let’s see how much of a waste of time I think they are. Sounds reasonable to me.

150. Drew - July 16, 2010

146. Len… go back to work.

151. Mark Lynch - July 16, 2010

The movie 2010 was certainly not as good as the original novel by Arthur C.Clarke.

For instance, the tension between America and the Soviets was not needed and was nowhere to be read in the book. Simply added as a cheap dramatic sub-plot. Easier to believe two countries about to go to war rather than working together to further Mankind’s understanding.

But to call it ‘crap’ is a little strong… Simplified, maybe. But not crap.

Same with Contact, amazing novel. The film was good, don’t get me wrong. But not a patch on the book.

152. cw - July 16, 2010

Len, you’re a frakkin’ Troll (and probably 12 years old and a benchwarmer on your little league team) and I know you’re probably sitting there at your mom’s laptop wearing your spiderman undies drinking yoo-hoo and eating pop tarts and just being that mean little bastard type kid that likes to burn ants with a magnifying glass. You can stop now, I am sure there is somethink interesting on Cartoon Network right now, so head off and let the big boys talk.

BTW James, I love this shi#, Phase II is a blast to watch, my kids love it and everyone I have turned onto it love it, so James, keep on keepin’ on. I think the cast is great and fun and you’re an awesome Kirk too. I will go so far as to say that World Enough and Time is your best work to date.

153. len - July 16, 2010

This whole project is about one mans ego. I feel sorry for all of you who cannot see this. I think you need some real art in your life. Maybe even………a girl. Time to move out of the basement.
Phase II suks donkey
Really, it does
Fact…the guy can’t act

154. Mister Landmark - July 16, 2010

@ 153: Remember way back in 2008 when the Phase II episode “World Enough and Time” was nominated for a Hugo Award *and* a Nebula Award? Yeah, that was great. Good times. Good times.

155. star trackie - July 16, 2010

#149 “There are more of us that enjoy Phase 2 than do not. For you to spout on about how CBS should shut it down is just childish and quite frankly, nasty to those that do enjoy the efforts of Phase 2. ”


“..CBS should be taking notes of how to make Star Trek correctly by looking at Phase 2.”

…I wouldn’t go that far.

156. Red Dead Ryan - July 16, 2010


It is clear that you don’t care for fan productions. You also have ZERO respect for the folks who bust their asses at their own expense to give us their product FOR FREE.They do it for love. Most of us on this site APPRECIATE that. So what if James Cawley isn’t William Shatner or Chris Pine? He may not be as great at acting as he is at producing “Phase II” but who really cares? His acting is good enough for me because he cares. He knows what he’s doing.

Quite frankly, we’re getting sick and tired of your blind, arrogant, holier-than-thou bashing towards James and co. From the quality sets, props and visual effects I can see James knows how to get the most out of his money. He doesn’t need some couch-sitting, ball-scratching, belly-aching douchebag talking down to him over the internet. And I would assume that James Cawley does give to charities just as other fans do. It isn’t important to me though and its none of my business what he does with his own money on his own time in his private life. But I do know this: we are extremely lucky to have James Cawley give us something great for for us to enjoy for free. CBS recognizes this; that is why they have given their blessing.

No one cares that you don’t like “Star Trek Phase II”. But I’ll be damned if I let you insult and belittle a fellow Trekkie.

Next time, don’t even bother with this thread. It seems to bring you great misery.

157. Col. Greene - July 16, 2010

CBS can’t shut it down as it is done just for fun & no profit. I for one enjoy them immencely. Even James Cawley’s acting isn’t that bad, not enough for me to stop watching them. I am really looking forward to this latest episdode, much more of what I would have liked to see them do with Star Trek 2009 myself. I would however, be willing to sign a pettition that Cawley resign his membership in the hair club for men, and spring for a decent hairpiece since so many people download these episodes. (Last year he tried highlights & that did not work out so well as I recall). Hey – they’ve spent enough on the sets & costumes – why not?

158. GSchnitzer - July 16, 2010

Having personally gotten Kirk into his Kirk makeup, I can tell folks (for the umpteenth time):

James’ natural hair is very pomapdour-ish and quite blond. Since his regular livelihood is as a professional “Elvis impersonator” (although the term is so inadequate to describe his act), he generally has muttonchop-ish sideburns and dies his hair jet black and wears blue contact lenses when performing as Elvis to cover his brown irises. Depending upon where a Phase II shoot falls in relation to his livelihood-generating Elvis gigs, James may or may not have the opportunity to allow his natural blondish hair to grow back in. But I think by now, no one much cares that James’ hair color and style don’t match the hair color and style of any other actor who has inhabited the Kirk role–just as no one really cares that Daniel Craig’s hair doesn’t match Sean Connery’s.

James: It’s always about the hair, isn’t it?

159. Anthony L. - July 16, 2010

len…..I assume you are talking about ego in the sense that you think Mr. Cawley has an over inflated sense of self worth and importance like he is somehow better than us for doing this, and that this is all being done as a vanity project to make him look cool.

Well if that is the case then you need to apply that to everyone who has ever had a dream to do something, put a lot of thought, and effort into, and then succeeded at it.

If people do this in everyday life out of the public eye then they are often cheered for making their dreams come true, but if it is even the tiniest bit in view of the world as a whole then they have a huge ego. This is tied into TV stars, film stars, politicians, athletes you name it.

Personally I think it’s incredibly arrogant on your part to make assumptions about a persons motives without knowing them personally or stating publicly that you do (if you do). So far the only people that know this man and have worked with him have had nothing but positive things to say about their time.

Perhaps you are fine with judging a book by its cover, but you only need a history book to see where that line of thinking has gotten us.

160. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

Well, I just watched it again and I still think its a fine looking ep. Hell, i’ve enjoyed everyone that I’ve seen.
But that may just be because I am watching it in the way its intended. As a fan production intended to entertain other fans.
Its not pretending to be a multi-million production and I’m more than happy to remember that when I watch it.
Jeez, guys, Len, lighten up, man. It just doesn’t deserve such hatred.

161. Landrew - July 16, 2010

#158 – yeah, sure……………….and my uncle has all his real hair, too (he did buy it after all)……………………………..

162. GSchnitzer - July 16, 2010

@161: As Co-Executive Producer, I know all the actors on Phase II who wear hairpieces or who have plugs or grafts or who use spray “hair in a can.” James is not one of these. James’ hair is his own, naturally-growing hair and he goes in for a haircut from time to time. And, of course, if James actually *could* simply swap out his hair depending on the role he needs to play on any given day, he’d just get something far more Shatner-like to wear when he plays Kirk instead of having Elvis hair. Not wearing any kind of hairpiece for the role of Kirk is one of the ways James is *not* like William Shatner.

163. Rodney King - July 16, 2010

Can’t we all just get along on this site? I mean, we’re all stuck here, as it’s the best site for new Star Trek information. Can’t we all just get along?

164. Michael Hall - July 16, 2010

“Things arent bad just because they are different then you imagined they would be. And maybe there is something to it if you look deeper.”

If the film’s plot was supposed to represent the journey from “Jerk to Kirk” the KM test still registers him far to the left on that particular dial. . . and, sadly, for my money the needle barely budges all the way to the denouement. Sorry, Mr. Pascale.

“When are the lawyer’s at Paramount gonna grow a pair and put a stop to this crap.”

My guess would be: about the same time you learn the proper use for an apostrophe.

“Well, the money spent on Phase II actually *does* go to helping the homeless, schools, and neighbors. It’s not like the money spent on the project simply disappears. When the production rolls into town, business like restaraunts and hardware stores open up and do a booming business and they are able to bring in some revenue. When the production leaves town, it’s harder for these local merchants to make ends meet. “

Word. Trust me on this: the upstate New York town where James Cawley’s “studio” is located is a small, badly depressed place at this moment in history, and New Voyages brings in badly needed revenue to local businesses every time an episode is in production. Folks like myself wearing Phase II production badges are treated like minor celebrities in many of the local eateries, and Mr. Cawley enjoys some pretty surprising local support for location shooting when an episode requires it.

My own experience with Phase II was definitely a mixed bag (the best of times, the worst of times, yadda yadda): in some respects wonderful and exciting, in others disappointing and even disillusioning. But for all of its flaws and the quirks of those involved, in terms of the enjoyment that it brings to the fans along with its “real life” benefits there’s no doubt that, on balance, James Cawley’s hobby a very good thing that has touched the lives of many people in a positive way. In a world that seems to get crazier by the hour, that’s not something to be despised, particularly by those who are fans of Star Trek.

165. ken - July 16, 2010

every time i read what Paramount is doing to greedily milk the very life blood out of its franchise… al i have to do is head on over to the Phase II website and fall in love all over again with TOS!


you guys are truly, the hardest substance known in the (Trek) universe!

166. Brian Tubbs - July 16, 2010

James, Matt, and Jeff; Please don’t read this shit any more. I want to say thanks to all the fans who enjoy the show, but to the haters, I say, just GO AWAY! No one cares what you think.

Seriously James, ignore this bull shit. Your passion is impressive. If it were not for you Phase II wouldn’t exist. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Matt, you’re an awesome actor and writer. Don’t let the jealous bitches affect you, brother
Jeff, once again my friend, just focus on the positive, which is what I see mostly here. Just skip the negative comments by losers who have nothing better to do than bash others.

167. SH Cone - July 16, 2010

Mr. Cawley– Don’t listen to people like Len. What you’re doing *is* art. Something as big as Trek becomes part of the fabric of a culture; we can’t help but make it our own and play with it. It’s perfectly acceptable to turn it back out because we love it! New Voyages/Phase II is laced with the same attention and joy as kids playing Trek in the back yard, you just have more expensive toys. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Len– I guess my question is… why do you *care* so much? Don’t go to the website, don’t click on the links to articles here. Here’s a secret about the internet: it’s not important. You only experience what you want to here, for the most part. If you try hard enough, you won’t even be able to notice that Phase II exists! You can go watch your TOS DVD’s or Blu-Ray discs and never even know someone else is having fun with Trek and what it means to them in their own way. Ultimately, Len, CBS owns the rights and they don’t care, why should you? You’re like a nosy parent, trying to tell someone else how to raise their own kids. The only “time” for CBS to shut anything down is when they’re damn well ready, now when angry, bitter people with nothing else to do but bitch and moan on the internet are ready.

Hats off, Mr. Cawley! Enjoying the work as a fellow fan.

168. SH Cone - July 16, 2010

Also, Mr. Cawley, I wanted to say that the first shot of Kirk and the reverse when he’s looking back at the turbolift doors were really interesting. That was a cool way to get that emotional vibe across off the bat. Gonna steal that shot and throw it in my toolbox.

169. darendoc - July 16, 2010

Here’s my take on it.

I really don’t think it’s about James’ ego. If it were, he would have stopped a long time ago, cause his ego takes a bruisin’ every time people react out of hate and jealousy or whatever…

I agree. The acting isn’t up to the standards that other aspects in the production. I’ve told James this myself from the first time we met. But…
it HAS gotten better each time they do one of these shows… Everyone is growing, learning, exploring this “strange new world” of putting on a show. I had the good fortune to go up there and visit them when they were shooting this episode, and it was a blast. Truly, the people behind and in front of the camera are doing this for love. Love of a show long gone, and a a time never to be seen again. It’s a couple weeks out of the year where fans from all over the world get together and create. They put their money where their mouths are… and give of their time, their resources, and their talent.

And they’re getting better at it all the time. So it made me think of those most important words in the world “Let me help.”


170. Michael Hall - July 16, 2010


Well said. And may I say that it was a particular thrill–maybe my biggest thrill–to be able to hang with and learn from you and the other FX maestroes on the set of “Origins.”

171. Anthony Pascale - July 16, 2010

A reminder that all opinions are welcome at, however you do not win points for finding more original ways of being rude and/or offensive. Nor is it required to post the same thing over and over again.

I would be warning one poster above but since he also chose to post under multiple names, he gets the permaban instead as that is an instaban offense here at TrekMovie.

Everyone else, there is no need to feed the trolls. they will be dealt with

172. Griffin - July 16, 2010


the trolls here can’t even come up with new complaints… it’s the same idiocy every time.


We’ve seen this scene acted out several times. Why on Earth did an excellent production like Phase II waste the time to film it again. Pretty effects. Good acting. But there’s nothing new here… can’t “new Trek” actually be new?

173. S. John Ross - July 16, 2010

#129: “These guys love what they do. And they are having a blast.”

As are we who love the work of Cawley and his associates. To a lot of us, it’s the real deal. Doesn’t matter if parts of it are clearly hobby-work, because it’s clearly a hobby project, so it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

“It’s a fun fan show, and at the end of the day, that’s all it is.”

And that’s what it’s supposed to be.

#159: “Personally I think it’s incredibly arrogant on your part to make assumptions about a persons motives without knowing them personally…”

Just quoting this to highlight it. :)

174. S. John Ross - July 16, 2010

Oh, and I do have one question for Mr. Cawley, if he’s still listening in … do you think David Gerrold would enjoy doing a James Blish pastiche on his own episodes? Because that’s the only thing you guys are missing :)

175. darendoc - July 16, 2010

Frankly, I’d enjoy seeing “Fotonovel” versions of them. lol


176. Captain Rickover - July 16, 2010

I like this scene! Something like that should have taken place during the KM-test in the new movie. Gon on, James! I want to see more.

177. Gary Evans - July 16, 2010

I know you see the IP addys. The Troll using 2 or 3 names was obvious from the tone and consistency of grammar and spelling quirks.
I could name the person within 4 tries BUT I just ignore these as far as reacting.
One statement James has made is key: when he leaves this crazy adventure is over! Star Trek boot camp is one grand experience – FRIGHTFULLY expensive!!
The release schedule will be announced later. Just remember To keep some free disk space to hold these eps.

178. Shatoupee - July 16, 2010

Love the teaser and can’t wait to see all the new Phase II episodes. The velour material on Kirk looks great, but Cawley’s “fit” didn’t seem right–the tunic looked large on him. Maybe it was cause he’s seated?

179. Lyle - July 16, 2010

James, that trailer was simply awesome – looking forward very much to seeing the rest of the episode when it’s ready to go! You’ve done an amazng job of both keeping the look and feel of the original series and expanding it to do things that they couldn’t do in the sixties! I’ve been a Trek fan for 40 years and I think you’re doing great!

180. 24th Century Rockstar - July 16, 2010

Holy CRAP that Finnegan was a dead ringer for the one in Shore Leave – not bad! XD

– 24thCRS!

181. trekreturns - July 16, 2010

I skipped to the bottom to make my comment, the first half was enough, first off…its great someone is bringing this back in some form…and for that we should be thankful, I know I am.
Secondly, I am a big fan of trek, and it started with the original series, and guess what, I was very critical of it….but believe it or not, I liked it because I had an imagination that helped make it so much better. And well, frankly that’s what Rodenberry wanted you to do….as he had to make do with the best he could do at that time.
I think just like the original series, this Phase II, only gets better with time.
Keep up the good work Cawley. After all CBS certainly isn’t gonna reboot an original idea.

182. skyjedi - July 16, 2010

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product of this, as well as Buck Rogers when it is released if ever.

183. Alec Peters - July 16, 2010

You know, you actually have to go spend a week on the set and see the passion of everyone and get a sense of how much fun everyone has and what crazy Star Trek fans everyone is. And since this is the best of the fan productions, and the level keeps getting better and better, I think it deserves everyone’s respect.

I saw a rough cut of “Kitumba” and frankly, it is pretty damn good! Amazing special effects, a really good story, no “cringe” moments and some really fun stuff.

And thanks to Anthony for eliminating the worst of the trolls!


184. Captain Atkin - July 16, 2010

That was awesome! Really well acted. The Kobayashi scene was so good. You can see why Kirk would be pissed off, and “change the rules” to win the next time.

185. Captain Atkin - July 16, 2010

Hahhaa… I love all these negative comments, by the way. If you read the names from start to finish, it becomes pretty clear that IT’S THE SAME GUY leaving all those negative comments. He’s just changing his name over and over to make it sound like it’s a group of people. Nice try, buddy.

186. S. John Ross - July 16, 2010

#175: Good call!

187. John Cooley - July 16, 2010

For any and all reading this…what the hell is going on?

My name is John Cooley, and I have been a Trekkie my entire life. I remember the early days of syndicated STAR TREK fandom. Of my friends and I running around in a child sized tunic and staying in contact with “the ship” with our Mego Communicators.

In those days there was a feeling of brotherhood between people who loved STAR TREK, and desperately wanted more. Those fans wrote fan fiction, founded fan clubs, and started the first conventions that so many enjoy today.

What James and Phase II has done is the ultimate expression of fan love for STAR TREK. James is standing in for you, me, and every fan who’s ever wanted to walk the corridors of the Enterprise. And rather than keep it all for himself, he’s sharing it with all of us, just as a fan of our generation would. Why? For the pleasure of it. Trekkies used to feel a sense of shared passion and community in which a production like PHASE II would be hailed as the achievement that it certainly is. I simply cannot fathom the hurtful tearing down of James’ production, because the fan community I grew up with would never act in this manner. Is this Gene’s legacy? To see the fans he loved snidely stab at each other?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!


p.s. James, you go right on playing Jim Kirk. It’s your basement after all! And thanks again.

p.p.s. Just please let me sit in the chair for a bit if I can ever make it out. It’s all I want.-J

188. Buzz Cagney - July 16, 2010

We should ALL be ashamed? As I see it there has only been one poster on here that need feel that particular emotion, and Anthony has dealt with him.
Lets rejoice in his removal and move on.

189. S. John Ross - July 17, 2010

#188: “We should ALL be ashamed?”

I was wondering the same thing. It seems to me that most of us are here celebrating the awesomeness of Cawley’s projects. :/

Not ashamed of that at all, #187. Not at all.

190. Frank Fischer - July 17, 2010

I just want to say that I not just like Phase II in general very much but I also like your acting.
I really like the way how you incoparate the “Shatner-Kirk” into your performance!
I think the Shatner-part of your acting is the part that many negative people misinterprete as “bad acting”. But damit Jim, thats the way it was! :-))))

Please continue your fantastic work and … by the way: this is the ultimate torture for Phase II Fans: show a glimpse of a new epsiode that will be released more than one day away. :-) I can’t wait.
By the way: are you trying to refilm the episode were the computer destroyed itself and burned (no not THAT episode – the other with this computer based war game between planets) with your weekly release of new episodes in fall. This will the servers make burn. :-) You should stand aside the server and talk (you know everythin must be erased and destroyed and so on) to the server while it smokes and fim it. :-)
I must admit I really would have prefered an epsiode every month now instead of four so close together.

Best regards and Live Long and Prosper!

Frank (from Germany)

P.S.: I also like your McCoy and Tobias Richters work!

191. John Cooley - July 17, 2010

Sorry about that folks, let me be more precise…
To those who seem to follow PHASE II clips and trailers around the net to simply slam the hard work of so many fans time and again.
Sorry, I suppose I was kind of venting abit here, but the same old comments and critisisms get realllly old after awhile. AICN, Facebook, other STAR TREK boards and the talkbacks on even this site, have always had their fair shair of people sliceing up PHASE II’s acting, or James’ hairstyles, etc…really? It gets old.

To those enjoying PHASE II for what it is…a fan’s take on STAR TREK, Keep on Trekkin’!


192. S. John Ross - July 17, 2010

I think I’ve watched the teaser like 20 times now. :)

193. Buzz Cagney - July 17, 2010

No problem John.

192 So have I. Its spectacular!

194. Adam Collings - July 17, 2010

This has really got me hungry. Can’t wait to see the full episode.

195. Holger - July 17, 2010

@ James Cawley:
Will Number One play a significant part in “Origins”?

196. Sonny B - July 17, 2010

Mr. Cawley . . .

I’ll be honest with you, when I first saw your work I wasn’t sold on it at all. After watching you repeatedly refine your attempts at “giving back” to the world of fans, admirers and trekkers alike, I’ve come to appreciate the dedication that you’ve shown in keeping “the candle of Star Trek” lit in a world that’s become very dark indeed. My compliments and respect to you sir for your painstaking efforts in trying to make many of us happy with your interpretations of the characters and Star Trek as a whole that so many hold so dear.

All the best.

Sonny B.

197. James Cawley - July 17, 2010

To all of you, My Fellow Trek fans. Thank You.
What I do, I do for the love of the game. I share it because I can.
I do not expect everyone to like it, that would be absurd. What I do expect is common courtesy, and constructive criticism without personal insults.
I know that the vast majority of Trekkers out there due jut that, as it has been proven to me time and time again over the last 6 or so years.
We do our level best, even if some times we fall short of the mark in a few eyes. After all these years it still amazes me that any of you really care about what we do. It is nice to know that our product does matter in some strange way.
Keep On Trekkin’

198. Captain Otter - July 17, 2010


As someone who has worked with tons of young smart asses who went on to become leaders, I found ST09’s depiction of Kirk in the simulator to be perfect for where the character was at that moment.

If you met most of the great leaders in history a few years before they became great, I suspect you would have found them as repugnant as Kirk in that moment due to their arrogance and the way they seem to take serious matters too lightly. There is an evolution from cocky jerk to confident leader- and usually you don’t get to point B without starting at point A.

In ST09, we simply see that maturing process initially delayed due to his fathers death and the soul-sucking period of extended adolescence he was stuck in. Then that growing up process accelerates rapidly through two moments- the conversation with Pike in the bar and the confrontation with Nero.

The Kobayashi Maru scene, being in between those catalytic moments, shows us a Kirk who is noble enough to stand up to what he sees as an unfair test, immature enough to address said injustice with a rather juvenile solution, and cocky enough to glibly celebrate his own ingenuity with an apple and a wicked grin.

The Kirk in TWOK pretty much paints that exact picture of a younger version of himself.

199. VGer23 - July 17, 2010

Mr. Cowley,

Unfortunately, Star Trek fans, just like any other fanbase, have their share of rude, entitled, arrogant jerks. Most of them are the “vocal minority.” I have been a fan for 30 years, and started with TOS when it was in syndication, and that series is still my favorite. I’ve watched each of your episodes as they’ve premiered and I think they are a fantastic treat for the fans, and they capture the flavor, tone, and details of the original. It is CLEAR that this is a labor of love for you, and working these projects must be a dream come true.

Keep up the good work. Yours is the best example of “fan fiction” out there, and the fact that you’ve gotten so many old hands involved is truly extraordinary.

Ignore these self-righteous idiots who are so fargone from reality they can’t see straight. They wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit them in the goodies, and they are MUCH more happy complaining than they are simply being happy and content.

Kudos to you for going after a dream and making it happen!!!!

200. Gary - July 17, 2010

Haters gotta hate…

Everyone has hobbies. Some people make furniture in their basement. Some collect Transformer toys. Some sell Cutco knives. Some still futilely collect Beanie Babies.

JCawley’s hobby is making Star Trek in a defunct car dealership building. With hundreds of other people. With professional actors, amateur musicians, derelict scripts, real money, etc., and no air conditioning.

The difference between his hobby and yours is that he can and does put his results on the internet, where as you can’t do that your wood working projects.

He knows his Star Trek is not perfect. Have you compared the first episode to the most recent? Sure, there’s more homosexual behavior, but have you noticed that the Elvis coif is much less prominent? ;)

Why are you trashing this man’s hobby? If you haters can’t offer constructive criticism, why bother? Writing “It sucks” is not helpful.

201. Michael Hall - July 17, 2010

“I think I’ve watched the teaser like 20 times now. :)”

Try watching it for 40 takes or so, standing next to a contingent of elderly ladies there as someone’s guests, who gamely observed the action through the opening where the main viewscreen would be. Truly one of the more surreal experiences of my life (and that’s saying a lot. :-)

“In those days there was a feeling of brotherhood between people who loved STAR TREK, and desperately wanted more.”

Hey, I’m old enough to remember a time when fans were not only united in their love for Star Trek, but also for its ideals. You know, all of that universal peace and brotherhood stuff. Now that’s all deemed “controversal” and “political” and unfit for polite conversation. WTF happened??

202. Buzz Cagney - July 17, 2010

The Internet happened, Michael. Its a force for both good and ill i’m afraid.

203. RenderedToast - July 17, 2010

What was that ridiculous irish accent? Seriously, you may as well have stuck a ginger beard and a green top hat on the guy and had him do a merry jig.

204. The Traveler - July 17, 2010

@203- Have you ever been to Ireland? That little country has over 30 quite different accents, and believe it or not, yes, there is an area in the south where they actually do sound like that guy.

205. Patty W - July 17, 2010

#183 I saw a rough cut of “Kitumba” and frankly, it is pretty damn good! Amazing special effects, a really good story, no “cringe” moments and some really fun stuff.

Thank you, Alec. It was an honor to translate John Meredyth Lucas’ story concept into a story and script that will hopefully keep fans entertained – and add to the history of the Klingons. But I still maintain that with the incredible work of the director, DP, gaffer and Tobias Richter… Kitumba is a visual extravaganza that fans would enjoy watching in IMAX with only music. They’re so talented and have done such amazing work on this episode that there isn’t a need to hear the dialogue to walk away cheering!

206. denny cranium - July 17, 2010

Mr. Cawley,

Thanks for producing these and giving these episodes to us for FREE.
For the most part I find the episodes entertaining and well done.
The special effects are amazing.
Storytelling goes from solid to OUTSTANDING. (Go watch World Enough and Time)
I hope I have the epsiode title right.
When I was in public school- I had to make a film- It was a Trek epsiode.
I had my model Enterprise- made props wrote a script and even had some special effects- I don’t remember if it was well received or not. I remember being able to play in the best “sandbox” so to speak.
I was asked recently what would I do for a living if I didnt have to work- I promptly answered- “Write Star Trek episodes.”
You and your crew are doing a fantastic job in making these episodes-
Please don’t let the naysayers get you down.
Thanks again

207. Malcontent - July 17, 2010

You guys do amazing work. Visuals and spot on (or better) and audio couldn’t be more faithful or appropriate. This looks and feels exactly like TOS, an amazing achievement.

Putting on my critical hat, I do think the delivery on a line or two could use work, but maybe that’s just my preconceptions about the characters talking. The presentation is so good that I expect to hear the original cast, and I almost wonder if part of the problem here is that the characters are TOO faithful. I get it when James Bond changes actors, primarily (I think) because he’s almost presented as an entirely new character with some similarities who also happens to work at MI5. It’s not someone effecting a Sean Connery voice, it’s another dude entirely with his take on who Bond is. Cawley’s Kirk has to be similar to Shatners, but he cannot be Shatner’s Kirk, that was a unique blend of writer(s) and actor and the individual personalities of each that is too unquantifiable to be reproduced (imho). Maybe I have to rewatch all the NV/P2 stuff to get a better idea of Cawley’s Kirk’s character, but I still tend to think Cawley’s Kirk might benefit from being a little more like Cawley himself (just my two cents). I think a lot of Kirk’s charm as a character owes a lot Shatner’s naturally hammy nature. That may not be Cawley’s thing, but that’s no fault to him as an actor. Actors have to draw from themselves to fill in the gaps in the characters, otherwise they rarely seem like living, breathing people. Obviously this goes for everyone, and obviously my thoughts may be totally useless, but maybe not. Regardless, thanks to all involved for taking the time to make this. It’s awesome and it’s totally Star Trek, more so than a lot official Star Trek, at least to me.

208. Khan was Framed! - July 17, 2010

Cawley sucks!

The beauty shots are great & the bridge mock up is nice, but the acting & sound production on this thing is lame!!!

please stop bothering us with this waste of web space!

209. Michael Hall - July 17, 2010

“But I still maintain that with the incredible work of the director, DP, gaffer and Tobias Richter… Kitumba is a visual extravaganza that fans would enjoy watching in IMAX with only music.”

The FX and compositing work of Pony Horton and Juve Vique also deserves special recognition. Not only was it instrumental in lending “Kitumba” the feel of a real epic, but I was continually impressed at just how hard these guys would work over the slightest detail, regardless of how unlikely it was the audience would even appreciate how much effort went into the shot. Phase II may be a volunteer gig, but their pride in the work could not have been more professional, or heartfelt.

(And thanks, Juve, for giving me the opportunity to do a little roto work on that “Kitumba” crown scene. That, too, was a real thrill I’ll never forget.)

210. Boborci - July 17, 2010

Enjoy these so much!

211. Michael Hall - July 17, 2010

Then you would certainly have appreciated the take where Young Kirk tossed an apple into the air and then bit into it. Seriously, that happened. :-)

212. James Cawley - July 17, 2010

Yes, that happened but only as a crew staged blooper to get me going!

213. Red Dead Ryan - July 17, 2010


“please stop bothering us with this waste of web space!”

Ironically even though you were referring to the article, this very statement can apply to your own post.

So if you don’t like what the article is about, why even bother with it?


214. Michael Hall - July 17, 2010

Mr. Cawley,

Having been present for most of the shooting of “Origins” (and I say this with the greatest respect for what you’ve given to both the Trek community and the wider world beyond it–see my post #164 above), in my limited experience a staged blooper is hardly required to “get you going.” :-)

215. Holger - July 18, 2010

213: “Ironically even though you were referring to the article, this very statement can apply to your own post.”

LOL! Yes, I support that 100%.

216. Arazarn - July 18, 2010

Not a fan.

217. Michael Hall - July 18, 2010

Not one who cares that you’re not a fan.

218. Falvoant - July 18, 2010

No it is not required but sometimes it brings the best out in James and in others it breaks the tension and seriousness and reminds us were there to have fun
and we get the shot and have fun doing it too…plus gives us material for the blooper real…

219. Peter Trek - July 18, 2010

I just watched the movies star trek 11 and star trek 2
and in both movies kirk said he took the kobayashi maru test
3 times before he finally beat the test.

So I think its a earlier test in the origins teaser.

220. Michael Hall - July 18, 2010


Hey, I laughed at Matthew Ewald’s bite at the apple as much as anyone! (I assumed the gag originated with him as he seemed to have a great sense of humor.) A tension-breaker that brings out the best in your Executive Producer can only be a good thing, so by all means you should do it as much as your shooting schedule permits.

221. Dennis Bailey - July 18, 2010

There was really nothing I didn’t like about Abrams’s movie – I *really* liked their version of the Kobyashi Maru test – and I liked this teaser just fine.

There, that’s not so hard…is it?

222. Michael Hall - July 19, 2010

Not at all. You are large, and contain multitudes. :-) More power to you. I can tell you, though, that Mr. Gerrold flatly stated on the set that “Origins” was specifically written as an answer (that is to say, refutation) to the Abrams take on Kirk’s academy days. I think the episode will provoke some interesting and lively debate in these forums upon its release.

223. Dennis Bailey - July 19, 2010

“I can tell you, though, that Mr. Gerrold flatly stated on the set that “Origins” was specifically written as an answer (that is to say, refutation) to the Abrams take on Kirk’s academy days.”

That and twenty-five cents…

224. NCC-74656 - July 19, 2010

Mr Cawley – first off, I apologize for the tone of my earlier comment. But I stand by my statement overall. The reason is – these things are getting good! Very good, in fact. A lot of us would LOVE to see one of these done with someone in the lead who not only can act, but who also looks the part.

Funny thing is, when you first started all this, you playing Kirk was a non-issue (from a viewing standpoint) as the overall production wasn’t nearly as polished as it is now. But with everything else becoming so mature, it’s just making you stick out like a sore thumb (and I don’t mean that to bash, just constructive criticism) as one of the last parts of the production that hasn’t gotten that ‘polish’.

Just out of curiosity, has the thought of recasting Kirk ever entered your mind?

Anyway, a lot of us envy you and would probably do the same thing if we could, so in that vain carry on! :)

225. Michael Hall - July 19, 2010

“That and twenty-five cents…”

Won’t get you much, even in upstate New York. But in certain circles it might be worth more than J.J. Abrams’s autograph. . .

226. James Cawley - July 19, 2010

#224- “a lot of us would LOVE to see one of these done with someone in the lead who not only can act, but who also looks the part.”
That’s an insult, not constructive criticism. But don’t worry this show and myself won’t be around forever and folks can just move on to the next Trek thing to bash.

227. Guru - July 19, 2010

#226 – agreed that #224 was a bit unfriendly in his phrasing. Nevertheless (and I say this with all due respect and as a true fan of your marvelous production)…. he does have the germ of a point. It’s not that you “can’t act”, sir, far from. It’s just that you are obviously a talented amateur, as opposed to a professional actor. Taking umbrage at that would be the same as me being insulted upon being told that I cannot perform a decent appendectomy. It’s true that, having never been to med school to receive the extensive and specific training that that task requires, I simply can’t.
I would further suggest that, again as #224 alluded to beneath his unfortunate rudeness, you should be honored by some of this criticism (the constructive, non-troll-y posts, anyway.) It’s only because New Voyages/Phase 2 is easily *the* best, most elaborate fan film project *ever* mounted that this is a viable consideration. The acting done by your talented amateur company only stands out because the production as a whole has become so polished and so professional — in virtually every other respect, Phase 2 could easily pass as professional tv fare. And as the person behind the project, ALL of that is a truly extraordinary credit on you. Anybody who could manage the herculean task of pulling all of that together while ALSO being a first-rank wunderkund, unschooled, at both acting AND Shatner-impersonation…. would basically be a total superhuman. There is NO shame in allowing for the possibility that, talented as you are and as your associates are, you may be better at the former than at the latter.
So it’s not that those of us with reservations about the performances are down on the project OR dismissive of your remarkable work. On the contrary, we readily acknowledge that none of us could do anything even remotely close to this impressive, nevermind something better. We’d simply love the chance to watch as the last bit of gap is closed and Phase 2 truly makes the full transition to a professional-caliber production, under your stewardship. Could you imagine….?

Regardless, we’ll all be watching, avid and grateful for all the incredible work you’ve done so far.

228. RobertMfromLI - July 20, 2010

#55 and others complaining about Finnegan. Please watch “Shore Leave”

#224: Hmmm… someone who can act and looks the part… like Chris Pine? Oh, wait, he cant act, and doesnt look the part. Or perhaps you are upset that James isn’t mimicking Shatner? I for one am happy he isnt. It would make the episode seem like a parody. I’d rather he evoke Kirk, than imitate Shatner. If you have watched TOS (especially 1st and 2nd season, where some character development took place), you can see a lot of the Kirk-isms in James’ portrayal.

Various: Really folks… do it yourself if you dont like it. Stop watching if you dont like it. Why do some of you KEEP WASTING TIME WATCHING EVERY LITTLE THING WE DO JUST TO COMPLAIN? ALL WHILE CLAIMING IT’S NOT WORTH WATCHING? Really?!?! Then STOP WATCHING, and STOP WHINING! Instead, you keep spouting off how terrible it is, and that you will never watch us anymore, then keep coming back as soon as there is another TrekMovie article about us for you to bash.

And to others: Thank you from myself and the rest of our gang for your support and constructive criticism and comments.

229. RobertMfromLI - July 20, 2010

Michael Hall: (re: reason for this script) Dont count on everything you hear on set – sometimes, some little bits of information are left dangling out there to see just who decides to run to TrekMovie or elsewhere and discuss things they are told are to be kept between those who were on set. As for the look of the Cage set… that was planned months before shooting.

230. TRP - July 20, 2010

All of us who play in James Cawley’s sandbox understand that this is James Cawley’s sandbox. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to play there. But there is no mistake, and none of us have a problem with it: Every one of us can be replaced as part of this production, except James Cawley.

When it’s time, James will fold up his tent and go home. The rest of the circus will move on down the road or retire right along with him.

Thanks James for letting us play Star Trek with you, George, Walter, Nichelle, Luna, Denise, Chase, JG, Garret, Tim, Rod, Doug and Darren, Jim, David, Dorothy, and so many other very talented people. It’s hard to beat playing Star Trek with the people from Star Trek. Its really funny, too. I had to become an adult to learn how to play Star Trek, and you taught me how it was done.

(When you feel like wrapping this whole thing up, lets just all get together and make these just for us–we won’t tell the internet. After all, that’s where it all started from anyway . . . )

231. Michael Hall - July 20, 2010


With all due respect, I hope that your reference to “just who decides to run to TrekMovie or elsewhere and discuss things they are told are to be kept between those who were on set” does not refer to myself. I happen to post very little on these forums in any case–and anything I have revealed has never been related to plot points (obviously something to be kept secret until the episode is released), let alone malicious gossip about any secrets or events that occurred on-set. In the case of Mr. Gerrold’s intentions regarding “Origins,” it seemed to me that his comments were germane to the subject matter of this thread, and not all that different in essence from what can be read on the “Phase II” forums themselves. In the context of Mr. Cawley’s choice to divulge large chunks of footage months before the episodes are released, it is not always easy to judge what topics are not appropriate for forums like this one, but as I certainly have no desire to do damage to Phase II or “Origins” please feel free to contact me privately with any clarifications regarding what I may appropriately discuss.

As for the look of the bridge in “Origins,” I took credit for the physical work I did on part of the set, and nothing more.

232. Mark Lynch - July 20, 2010

I think that Phase 2 is becoming a force of nature and it would be a shame for it to die once James Cawley decides it is time for him to stop.

Well, here’s hoping JC never gets bored then!

233. Patty W - July 20, 2010

I’d like to correct one thing I see repeated often… James Cawley is NOT an “amateur actor”… not by any means. He’s been a professional actor for more than 23 years. Just because his work has been in plays, theater and on stage and can’t be looked up easily on “IMDb” doesn’t mean it’s not “professional”. He’s paid to act – and paid well. (when he’s not donating his skills to charity.) He’s part of SAG. That makes him a “professional”…. and he’s been doing it a long time.

For those who’d like to see “another Kirk”. There are tens of thousands (at least) who’d like to play the part. I challenge them to try. James has got Kirk nailed.. he IS Kirk. He’s not Shatner, but neither is Pine. No one could ever do this part and NOT have some fans criticisize their “take” on it as an actor – especially with how easy it is to do on the internet without having to actually face the human you are speaking to.

If you ever have the opportunity to be on set and see the “transformation” that happens between James cutting it up one minute in the turbolift to striding out onto the bridge seconds later as “Kirk” you will never again doubt his “acting skills”.

As far as Phase II dying when James leaves… anyone asking it to go on does not understand the entirety of the weight of leadership that James carries for this production. Asking for it to continue without him is pretty much akin to asking a body to keep living without the brain present. You may have McCoy operating Spock’s body with a remote control but, believe me, you don’t want to see Phase II without James behind it fighting for it all to be done right.

It IS a team effort…but without James’ tirelessly work as the “production designer” and his commitment to having it done precisely right – no matter how long it takes – well, you wouldn’t want to see the result.

James is also the heart of this production… the “team”, the “production family” gets tired and discouraged and it is James’ continued and unfailiing positive energy and enthusiasm, and belief in his “family” – and his unwavering belief that ANYTHING is possible – that keeps everyone going.

Phase II might be able to continue without James but, frankly, you wouldn’t want to see the product…

… and I don’t know who’d be making it, because if there is anyone in the production team that would want to continue making the episodes without his leadership and friendship….well, they’re probably the folks that only showed up for David Gerrold’s autograph.

234. scifib5st - July 20, 2010

So glad to here from you Patty W, I felt you were still out there watching James back. Having never met either of you, but just reading your posts for the last 5 years, I can see a bound of faith and hard work and trust. All the hard work you ALL do, is loved and worshiped by us the fan of Star Trek and good story telling! Gene Roddenberry could not please all the people all the time…. , like Gene, you find ways to tell stories that reflect on our life and times.

235. NX01 - July 20, 2010

It’s not an insult, James (Are you suggesting that you look like the character described in books, as well as the obvious comparison to Shatner or Pine?). You yourself said you do this for ‘you’, which tells me that you’re not concerned as much with the ‘acting’ as much as you are with the ‘experience’. I dig that, and as I said, many of us would love to do something like this if we had the resources.

Assuming that you don’t see yourself as an actor, as much as you are a fan having fun, my question stands on it’s own and is most certainly not an insult. I mean, if Michael Cera had been cast as Clark Kent in Smallville, would it be an insult to make the observation that he doesn’t even remotely look the part?

Again, I’m not bashing you at all. In fact, I’ve enjoyed New Voyages/Phase Two since it started. While I may not be blown away by your acting or your look, as it relates to the Kirk character, I AM blown away by every single other aspect of your work on this project. I really was just wondering about the Kirk role as it relates to how much polish you and your team continually apply to this production.

Contrary to what you apparently think, I’m looking forward to Origins. The trailer looks fantastic and it looks like you’ve upped the bar again with Phase Two.

236. Guru - July 20, 2010

Several points here: credits (amateur or professional) do not make a peformance. Nor do endearing behind-the-scenes antics. The PERFORMANCE makes the performance, as to an extent does face, voice, physical type, and other innate God-given assets. And all that is right up there on the screen, where (though of course subjective and admitting to debate) it exists in wonderful isolation from all that other stuff. For the purpose of evaluating it, being on set (much as I would LOVE to be) is immaterial. Imdb credits are immaterial (if you like I’ll show you mine.)
That said, James’ performance as Kirk is FAR from the worst/least professional of the lot, just as he does readily admittedly have fair leading man looks. However, the role he is tacking is THE central role of the production (or so says Bill Shatner) and as such is the most important/subject to the greatest scrutiny. The viability of the lead makes or breaks a production. And, all other things being equal, getting an actor of commanding ability (pun intended) who typifies the role as classically envisioned would substantially elevate the production. And yes, I appreciate that things are NOT equal, that this is James’ project, and that his desire to do it is contingent upon his playing Kirk. Grateful as I am to the guy for all that he has done here, of COURSE there is no way that I or anyone else should begrudge him that.
Elaborating on what I said above, this is also by no means an argument solely applied to Mr. Cawley. ST:P2 has made some considerable inroads into getting true pro talent involved in guest roles, and the difference is night and day. I still maintain that it is neither insult on my part nor shame on theirs to suggest that talented amateurs might by outclassed by people who train their entire professional lives for screen acting. Whether such people are realistically available or obtainable is of course another matter – I am well aware that this production is zero-budget, inconveniently located geographically, and runs on the hearts, wallets and enthusiasm of the wonderful volunteers involved. I simply suggest that the inclusion of such performers represents the last barrier separating STAR TREK PHASE 2 from the ranks of true professional productions.

237. Patty W - July 20, 2010

#234 – just telling it like it is. Facts are facts!

Anyone who doesn’t think James can act hasn’t met him…cause that ain’t James on the screen. It’s Kirk.

#235 – like the obvious comparison of Pine to Shatner? Or Quinto to Nimoy? Or Yelchin to Koenig? Or… c’mon! None of these people look anything like the originals. That’s not what it takes to play the roles. (Or maybe it’s time for James and Chris Pine to both rip all their hair out and invest in a toupee.)

238. NX01 - July 22, 2010

#237 – Never said anything about looking like the ‘originals’. What I said was that all those actors LOOK like the characters as described by Gene, as well as in books and other publications.

It DOES take looks/appearance to make a part when the character is described a particular way. To suggest otherwise is to be disingenuous. The Kirk character is described (and I paraphrase) as being handsome, intelligent, popular with the ladies, very fit physically etc. etc. Sorry, James doesn’t fit that mold in any way other than intellect (and the actor playing young Kirk even less so). Shit, I don’t either! But I’d never suggest that I’d make a great Kirk (or Buck Rogers, or James Bond, or Jason Bourne, etc, etc, etc), and I don’t think I’d be offended by someone asking me if I’d thought about recasting the character, by someone who has recognized how polished/professional the rest of the production looks.

It’s all good – as I mentioned, I enjoy these just as they are. It was simply a question that I’ve wondered about and figured I’d ask.

239. Michael Hall - July 22, 2010

“The Kirk character is described (and I paraphrase) as being handsome, intelligent, popular with the ladies, very fit physically etc. etc. Sorry, James doesn’t fit that mold in any way other than intellect (and the actor playing young Kirk even less so).”


240. Pyroboy - July 22, 2010

I beg to differ. Have you ever met James in Person?

241. Michael Hall - July 22, 2010

I mean, I sure wish that I was in the position to snipe at the looks of James Cawley or Matt Ewald!

242. Pyroboy - July 22, 2010

previous post was for #238

243. Trek Ahead - July 22, 2010

Teaser is right! Very exciting!

Looking forward to the release of your new project Mr. Cawley! I don’t care what anyone says, I enjoy your portrayal of Kirk!

When my friends and I were young, we all pretended to be Kirk at one time or another. You’ve taken that imaginational playtime and brought it to life!

I will enjoy the episodes as long as you keep making them!

Trek On!

244. Patty W - July 23, 2010

#237 The Kirk character is described (and I paraphrase) as being handsome, intelligent, popular with the ladies, very fit physically etc.

Sorry, Chris Pine doesn’t fit that description at all for me and many other women…. and his portrayal of Kirk less so.

245. Bill Lutz - August 8, 2010

It is an absolute honor to be a part of the team that makes Star Trek where others can only watch and incite. Having read some of these quotes over the last few months, it makes me feel very grateful to be a part of something as fun and wonderful as Star Trek Phase II. its easy to review from an armchair at home, much harder to actually get off that chair and do the work.
Thanks James and crew.

246. dwnicolo - August 13, 2010

James Cawley, don’t let the haters get you down. You give good Kirk as far as I’m concerned. Keep on keeping on!

247. Herb Finn - August 18, 2010

I still don’t get why there are still a handful of “Haters” – But then in a fandom this large, even a single hater stands out. Ironic that the haters don’t grasp IDIC.

I personally think James does a fantastic Job in front and behind the camara – with ST:P2 and I’m eager to see what he does producting BUCK ROGERS BEGINS

If ST:P2 isn’t your “cup of tea”, that’s fine – but dissing a person’s skill and ability becuase it doesn’t fit “you” image of how it should be is not cool.

248. Juve Vique - October 17, 2010

This is directed to Michael Hall.

Happy to have had you help with the roto work on that Kitumba shot.

Get a hold of me ASAP. It’s important.

249. Vert - October 25, 2010

When will they release the previous 3 episodes?

Enemy Startfleet

The Child



250. Pyroboy - October 27, 2010

Enemy Starfleet Premiering over the Thanksgiving holiday 2010
Other Episodes are in various stages of post production. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.