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EXCLUSIVE: Next Star Trek Comic Is All About Khan’s Exile – Details & Covers July 18, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Comics,TOS , trackback

We still don’t know if Khan Noonien Singh, possibly Star Trek’s ultimate villain, will appear in the next Star Trek movie. But today, TrekMovie has the exclusive reveal that Khan will be the subject of the next new Star Trek comic book from IDW. The "Khan: Ruling in Hell" series kicks off in October. We have details and covers below.


Khan: Ruling in Hell – The Comic

For their next new comic series, IDW has decided to fill a gap in Star Trek lore by exploring Khan’s time on Ceti Alpha V after he was exiled there by James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek episode "Space Seed" and before we meet up with him again in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. According to IDW the new "Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell" series will explain how Khan went from "the elegant, proud warrior-king to a grizzled maniac, twisted by loss and an unquenchable thirst for revenge". IDW promises that this new series will answer the question "What has happened between these two points in time to so radically alter what seemed to be an unbreakable will?"

New IDW comic to explain how Khan went from A to B

To take on this task, IDW has turned to their most prolific Star Trek writing team, Scott and David Tipton. The pair have already done a number of original Star Trek comic series for the publisher, including the current "Burden of Knowledge" series and their recent foray into Spock’s backstory in "Spock: Reflections" shows they are up to the challenge of filling in the blanks. The art is being done by Fabio Mantovani ("DS9: Fools Gold"), with covers done by Joe Corroney and Michael Stribling. The first of the four-issue series should be hitting comic ships on October 13, 2010.

Here are exclusive first looks at the two covers for issue 1.

Khan: Ruling in Hell #1 (Stribling Cover)

Khan: Ruling in Hell #1 (Corroney Cover)

Khan in the novels

"Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell" will be the first comic book series focusing on the character of Khan, not counting IDW’s 2009 adaptation of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The title of the comic series borrows from a line from "Space Seed" (borrowed from Milton), that "it is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven." But it also sounds familiar to fans of Trek books. In 2005 Pocket Books released Greg Cox’s "To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh". The book finished off a trilogy about Khan, with the previous two books covering the Eugenics Wars. It isn’t clear if the "Ruling in Hell" comic will tie into anything from the "Reign in Hell" novel, but usually Trek comics and novels have charted their own courses.

2005 Khan exile novel


As for July comics, IDW is packing all their Star Trek comics into the end of the month. That means that Burden of Knowledge #2, McCoy Frontier Doctor #4, and the Star Trek Movie Adaptation #5 all are coming out on July 28th.

New Star Trek comics coming July 28th


1. Harry Ballz - July 18, 2010

Gawd, how many times do you want to beat this Khan thing to death??

Come up with something NEW, people!!!!!!!

2. TJ - July 18, 2010

Don’t you know, the film industry has run out of ideas. That is why the new movies are based on old TV shows, cartoons, sequels and relaunching movies.

3. Harry Ballz - July 18, 2010

Oh, I know, and I’m quite disgusted by it! I remember when Hollywood had talent!

4. Vultan - July 18, 2010

Before last Friday I’d completely given up on Hollywood for anything original. Then I saw Inception.

5. StarFuryG7 - July 18, 2010

I’m not really into Comics per se, but this looks COOL!

But can they use Ricardo Montalban’s image like that even though he’s deceased without an agreement or compensation to his estate and family? Or have they gone through that process? The rights seem a little iffy and questionable here to me.

Has anyone else read Greg Cox’s “To Reign in Hell”? I think anyone who has taken the time to read that novel (like me) can’t be too thrilled by the prospect of this coming Comic series conflicting with what was laid out in that book.

6. Nachum - July 18, 2010

Not sure how Khan “changed.” He wasn’t so friendly to Kirk the first time around either, remember.

7. nuKirk - July 18, 2010

Although I do dislike rehashing old stories, hey whatcha gonna do? COmplain that there’s new Trek content? LOL

BTW: TO ANTHONY: TIME TO ADD another Trek celeb to the Twitterers library: http://twitter.com/JeriLRyan :)

8. trekboi - July 18, 2010

yeah but they only trusted Chris Nolan to make Inception because he made billions rehasing a 70 year old cartoon character done 4 times already- lol

I think they should write around the novels- why do They have to give us their version? why do we need another verion? cant they just illustrate the one we are already familiar with- I dont want STAR TREK to end up like Transformers where their are so mny different versions that contradice each other & stop you experiancing a coheasive fictional universe that you can believe in…

Just Say NO to KHAN in 2012!!!!!!!!!!

9. StarFuryG7 - July 18, 2010

# 6.
I think the change in Khan being referenced has to do with the fact that he embraced exiled at the end of “Space Seed” and parted company with Kirk and the Enterprise crew on a somewhat friendly basis, being that Kirk gave him and his people a choice concerning their fate.

10. Anthony Pascale - July 19, 2010

Guys get some perspective this is a comic book

RE: Ryan.
I independently verified Jeri was on twitter back when she joined (before Twitter verified her) and I added her to the TrekMovie Trek celeb following list. I tweeted about it a couple of times and I believe we also reported that here on the site as well

Here is the TrekMovie celeb list

11. Phaser Guy - July 19, 2010

I’d really like to see a monthly comic based on the new movie. It would really help me get over the fact that I won’t get to see anything new in Trek for a few years.

12. KerriC - July 19, 2010

#1 – and the same old people making the same old complaints.

How about some NEW and original comments?

13. jas_montreal - July 19, 2010

this khan comic book looks really interesting. It would be nice to get a new perspective into Khan. I’m still waiting for someone to tell the story of Khan’s time between landing on ceti alpha, until meeting captain terril and chekov. I want to hear their story !!!!

14. jas_montreal - July 19, 2010

CORRECTION: Scrub my last 2 sentences….. I’m only half awake this morning.

15. Vultan - July 19, 2010


“yeah but they only trusted Chris Nolan to make Inception because he made billions rehasing a 70 year old cartoon character done 4 times already- lol”

And, yeah, “they” trusted Nolan to make Batman Begins because of Memento and Insomnia before it. Granted, Insomnia was a remake of a Norwegian film, but the same certainly couldn’t be said about Memento. And his “rehashing” of the Batman franchise is hardly a retread of Burton’s and Schumacher’s earlier efforts. (Oh, and Batman started as a comic book character, not a cartoon. There is a difference.)

Rant over.

16. trekboi - July 19, 2010


thanks for assuming im speaking from a place of ignorance.

I know batman’s history, he has had many incarnations comic, serials, tv series, cartoon series, a film franchise ect ect & i just picked one- the one I grew up with the cartoon one in super friends

& ur fooling yourself if u think momento’s brilliance had anything to do with inception getting green lit it was the money made from his batman treatments

17. Dom - July 19, 2010

Different interpretations of characters such as The Joker, The Penguin and Catwoman are commonplace in comics so why not Khan? People need to chill out a bit. There’s nothing wrong with some new stories about the character and I’ve never minded the contradictions between the books in different eras and the comics. I loved Kirk’s corpse’s fate in Spock: Reflections as much as I cheered for Kirk’s rebirth in The Return.

Spock said ‘There are always possibilities’ and the Khan comic explores these. It’s not some covert campaign to get Khan into the next film! I’ll certainly pick up the trade paperback. Enjoy it for what it is and, if you don’t like the idea of it, don’t buy it!

And folks, do you seriously think IDW would have used Ricardo Montalban’s image if they didn’t have the right to. They’re professionals and official licensees!

18. S. John Ross - July 19, 2010

Any bridge between original Trek and movie-era Trek is bound to be a special creative challenge. If it gets good reviews from folks I respect, I’ll snag the trade and give it a go.

19. philpot - July 19, 2010

excellent – an adaptation of Greg Coxs novel is long overdue!!

im actually quite stunned at some of the negativity in this thread toward the comic and Khan in general…do you guys even like star trek?! maybe they should do comics on Quark or Harry Kims origins…maybe then youd be happy

20. Weerd1 - July 19, 2010

Look- will I be a little miffed if Khan is the bad guy in the new movie? Yeah, but the comic world is where we CAN beat any dead horse we want, in several different fashions, and get away with it. I am really looking forward to this version.

Apropos of nothing, just finished the Trek online novel “Needs of the Many” and was VERY pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It is my firm opinion based on this and the Romulan War book that Michael Martin is a much better writer when he is not working with Andy Mangels. I did enjoy their work together on the first couple of ENT Season 5 novels, but Martin’s work flows better on its own.

21. OfficialSpudUk (Formally known as PropperTrekkieUk) - July 19, 2010

Its painful reading the negative comments on here sometimes, it makes me not want to visit TrekMovie…which does indeed worry me!

Do I care if they’re doing a Khan comic…yes, but only because I really want to read it.

Will I care if Khan is in the next film…no, not especially, because I believe it’ll be a good film!

All I want from the new film is a bit more Trek and a little less hollywood. More external shots of the big E, firing during warp, better engineering set. Less matcho action dialogue and a little more TOS style jibber jabber (the line where Spock doesn’t want to rescue Nero being a bug-bear)

That said, I love Star Trek 2009, I love all new Star Trek in general, I love new comics, I like the linear nature of Trek canon and that anything on screen happened, fact. I like that we don’t have a distorted, muddled universe like Marvel, or indeed Batman. I like that we have created a Universe for ourselves that has a history, and is constantly added to rather then deviated from. That said, I love non-canon, part-canon and canon comics, because I just like read ST stories…

22. DavidBowman - July 19, 2010

Granted it’ll be nice for comic but readers but imho the book was great. Really made one sympathise with the character yet still shows why he is and always was a monster. Poor Marla! and the book brings the Ceti Eel to a new dimension. A good read even of the first two in the trilogy were tepid.

23. JWWright - July 19, 2010

Theres plenty of unearthed material to produce, instead of re-hashing and recycling, why no movie from Nivens Ringworld? Forwards Starquake? Or any novel from them? Herberts Lazarus series (Destination:Void)?

Even for Trek, there were numerous novelles from the ’70’s that were quite good. Lets see screenplays from those!

With brilliance like “Moon” and “DIstrict 9″ there’s no excuse for re-heated leftovers!

24. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - July 19, 2010

How about a Novel from Babylon 5 with the Telepath Wars and how that happened. Or a new Movie to show it. Also. Avatar was a great Scifi film that was new and fresh and Inception was also great. So there is some new things out and coming. Looking forward to reading the IDW Comic with Khan.

25. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - July 19, 2010

Bob Orci. Please No Khan in the next Trek Movie. Make it new and fresh. Please!!!!!!!!

26. trekboi - July 19, 2010

yes I love Star Trek
im happy for new stories & no problem with khan stories just no same universe contradicting stories- im ok with 2 main trek universes/realities but keep the basic histories straight it makes the howl star trek universe harder to get into & believe when there are multiple versions of the same characters or stories.

27. philpot - July 19, 2010

id like to think Bob Orci will take NO NOTICE WHATSOEVER of all the ‘please no Khan in next movie’ statements

some of us would actually LOVE to see Khan in the sequel!!

maybe there were similar goings on in BatmanMovie.com when the sequel was gearing up after Batman Begins – ‘Whhhaah! i dont wanna see the joker in the sequel..its been done already we need something new and fresh! Whhhaaah!’

28. The Gorn Identity - July 19, 2010

I’m genuinely excited for this KHAN series. The Tiptons are great Trek comic writers, so I’m sure they’ll do a great job here.

As far as the comics tying-in with the novels? Who cares? In my view, they should all be free to tell their separate stories. If the stories are good, it doesn’t matter where they fit in canonically.

29. philpot - July 19, 2010

#28 yeah its been done before a good few times anyway – e.g. Enterprise The First Adventure novel and DCs Annual #1

this Khan series is going to be one of the more essential IDW buys for myself (TPB)

30. Nomad - July 19, 2010

I’m not into comics much but this one is a great idea – wonder why they didn’t think of it sooner?
As for the next film -bringing Khan back is just asking for trouble. New fans won’t buy the idea that he led a huge war in the 1990s that somehow escaped our attention at the time – but if they change the dates the old fans will grumble about canon. i really hope they’re not seriously thinking about it. For one, I wish Star Trek would do what it says on the tin and explore some strange new worlds.

31. CmdrR - July 19, 2010

Anthony, can you sneak out one more panel? I just want to see Alpha Ceti VI go KER-BLOOEY!

32. MikeTen - July 19, 2010

I agree, don’t bring Khan back. If you want to bring something back or redo a episode, redo The Doomsday Machine. Since Vulcan was destroyed maybe it could destroy Andoria or Mars.

33. Pensive's Wetness - July 19, 2010

Think about a moment. Khan is got his squeeze, got a planet, his ego is sated. Then the planet goes to hell (no problem). Then his squeese gets the bug in her ear. the suddenly squeeze is very odd, she goes along with EVERYTHING khan says (go shove your head in a blender. She tries too, to Khan’s sudden alarm), she slowly loses it, as does Khan (who probably had second thoughts about Kirk’s idea, when the planet started going to hell). Then Khan goes apesh*t because Kirk (or anybody) doesnt show up for 15 years or so (seems to be starfleet SOP to -not- revisit places needed to revisited often enough)…

thus you got a guy who’s only urge at a chubby is the chance to physically or electronically sodomize your foe… questions?

…but i agree with some, this isn’t a comic book topic to waste time on…

34. philpot - July 19, 2010

#30 “bringing Khan back is just asking for trouble. New fans won’t buy the idea that he led a huge war in the 1990s that somehow escaped our attention at the time – but if they change the dates the old fans will grumble about canon.”

they dont HAVE to mention it was the 1990s…just have it in earths past, like in the Enterprise Augments 3 parter (even Khan is mentioned) but no mention of the actual year

35. Mel - July 19, 2010

They can do whatever they want in comics.
I just hope Khan won’t appear in the next movie!

36. VGer23 - July 19, 2010

I read the “To Reign In Hell” novel a few years ago, and I’d be hard pressed to believe that anything could possibly top that story. I was so impressed with Greg Cox’s novel, I really wanted to see them do some kind of animated adaptation. It’s basically part of my “personal canon” now. Very good stuff…

37. Imrahil - July 19, 2010

Inception just uses the ideas from Dreamscape, doesn’t it?

38. ensign joe - July 19, 2010

“Guys get some perspective this is a comic book”

wow I guess Comic-Con is officially over folks.. lol

39. OfficialSpudUk (Formally known as PropperTrekkieUk) - July 19, 2010

Some people do seem to be forgetting this is an annoucment for a new comic…not the new film!

40. Roger - July 19, 2010

The whole thing just shows how Trek fans are so sad that everything has to be told to them. No imagination!

Pass on this comic and the rest of milking of Trek material.

41. captain_neill - July 19, 2010


I agree

To Reign in Hell byGreg Cox was an excellent read and would be hard to beat. I kind of put Cox’s novel into canon, it even gave a reason for why Khan kept one glove on throughout TWOK.

I don’t mind another Khan comic, just not keen on him being rehashed in a movie.

Although Khan is one of the best villains in Trek, Trek does not revolve around him.

42. captain_neill - July 19, 2010

Because I have read the novel To Reign in Hell, this does seem like a retread that a filling in of gaps.

43. Dom - July 19, 2010

I grew up with comic books, cartoons, toy ranges and live action movies contradicting one another. My brain can easily separate them. So this is a comic book telling an author’s interpretation of what might have happened. So what? Enjoy it for what it is. I don’t give a flying frak if it contradicts a book I haven’t read! Why do Trekkies have some desperate need to be led by the hand to what is ‘canon?’

As for Khan being in another movie . . . well that’s a different story and it’s unfair of people to launch a tirade against the comic book writers about that.

The way I look at the Trek universes is that the old one is a future based on people’s views in the 1960s and 1980s. The prime one (ie the current one in the movies) is based in a present day view of the future, so Khan in that universe is presumably someone who will emerge in later decades. Hell, I’m Perfectly happy for him to have a completely different origin, given it’s a different universe!

44. Zebonka - July 19, 2010

I don’t want to nitpick but they’re not rehashing any stories here. What Khan got up to on the planet was never actually established. I mean we get the gist of it, but that doesn’t mean that stories can’t be told in that time frame.

Jesus, when did people become allergic to storytelling?

45. Greg Cox - July 19, 2010

Thanks for all the kind words about “To Reign In Hell.” As far as I know, this new comic book is NOT an adaptation of my novel, but I suppose there’s always room for another take on Khan’s life.

I’m definitely going to have to check the comic book version out!

46. Hat Rick - July 19, 2010

I love the idea of a comic book (or multiple storylines) dealing with Khan.

I mean, why the hell not? He’s a great SF villain — in all of science fiction, not just Trek.

Besides, it adds to the depth of the already amazingly deep universe of Star Trek.

If the “expanded unverse” works for something like Star Wars, there is no reason it cannot work even better for Star Trek, where characters and histories are at least as well respected.

I plan to buy an e-reader of some kind in the near future. (Although I might not, if I buy an iPad, which I haven’t yet.) It would be a pleasure to download on it any number Trek novels and comic books for perusal.

The future is now.

47. Desstruxion - July 19, 2010

I’m ready for “Zombie Trek” and “Vampire Trek”. How about a version where everyone is assimilated by the Borg….and likes it? What about “Sea Trek”?

To clarify, I am joking.

48. Denny - July 19, 2010

I still believe that a prequel Khan ala “Space Seed” Khan could make an even more chilling movie villan than TWOK Khan. In TWOK, Khan’s effectiveness was marred by his blood lust for Kirk. He was no longer the controlled mastermind and cold-blooded snake (though he showed a few brief flashes of his old self). He made too many mistakes due solely to his inability to control his base impulse to personally hurt Kirk at all costs (giving Kirk time to regroup on the bridge when he could have just finished him off, following him into the nebula and negating the damaged Enterprise’s profound tactical disadvantages and failing to think through his battle tactics once inside the nebula come to mind).

Before that, Khan was a very controlled, calculating personality. He would make an excellent movie villan and would bear very little resemblance to the Khan we see in TWOK, who has been reducted to a maniac.

49. Sharr - July 19, 2010

Khan is part of the Star Trek mythology, other writers/film makers are going to want to tackle him in their own way. They have that right, LIVE WITH IT!
Oh cover A is awesome!

50. Denny - July 19, 2010

edit: last line should be “reduced.” I need more coffee.

51. Victor Hugo - July 19, 2010

Hey, Greg Cox, loved your interview on the DVD extras of “Star Trek II special edition” AND your books on Khan! Loved the line “Kirk is no longer the abandoner” thing. You´re a genius!

BTW, tell those guys at Paramount to get a clue, who the hell is in charge?
Hate all those editorial contradictions, it´s like there´s too many blind people behind the wheels in a dark road to Silent Hill.

This is supposed to be Star Trek, not Highlander. :P

52. Greg Cox - July 19, 2010


Glad you liked the books–and that DVD interview. I’m always amazed that people are still watching that, since I did interview years and years ago. It’s going to haunt me forever!

53. Victor Hugo - July 19, 2010

Greg Cox, that “Star Trek II special edition” DVD was just relaunched in Brazil, it´s is having its way to Argentina, Uruguay, etc. So for the rest of the world who is just watching it now as it´s brand new, same thing for your books. :)

54. Victor Hugo - July 19, 2010

Must I point out that:

“Star Trek: Ashes of Eden” book had a good comic book adaptation by DC comics.

As for the Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars book trilogy had a great comic book adaptation by Dark Horse.

So it wasn´t really a stretch to expect that the new Khan backstory would be faithful to the book.

BTW: I do love IDW Trek comics.

Okay, rant mode off.

55. Chris Dawson - July 19, 2010

Perhaps Khan should meet up with the Borg . . . .

maybe not . . .

56. Rastaman - July 19, 2010

I wouldn’t buy it, but I’d be curious to flip through it quickly just to see the artwork someday.

57. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 19, 2010

Reign in Hell was okay not great. There are lots of places that could have been improved, but what are you going to do? That book, like comic books are churned out like butter, deadlines deadlines deadlines!

in any case, I see a Chonastock violation in the second cover, hope she doesnt see it, and both of those covers, while “Dynamic” are impossible. Try standing like that… ouch!

I hope they do use some of the ideas from the book, including the underground gardens, explains where the rest of the ship was (Terrell), the hot springs, the predators, and the phaser accident that scarred Khan’s hand…. But the ceti eel deaths could have been creepier. Neil Gaiman writes creepy, give him a call.

BTW: something about moon tunnels… actually relates to the underground garden idea from RiH http://news.discovery.com/space/subterranean-living-may-await-moon-and-mars-colonists.html

58. Praetor Shinzon II - July 19, 2010

I am curious. I like the covers, especially the first one. The second one is O.K. but who is the young guy in back of Khan? He’s not from “SPACE SEED” that I recall. I’ll have to dig out my DVD and watch it again.
I am sure I am in a minority here but I never thought of Khan as a ‘villan’, more of an ‘antagonist’ and not all antagonists are evil. Even though ST-TWOK is my all time favorite STAR TREK movie, I think Nicholas Meyer screwed up some things royal. It could have been even better. Hopefully the coming sequel won’t rehash old stories already done.

59. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 19, 2010

That would be Khan’s adopted son, Joachim from the movie WOK

“I shall avenge you!”

60. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 19, 2010

48> Khan didnt give Kirk time to regroup, he wanted Genesis. Khan had no way of knowing that Carol Marcus & Son had beamed down to the interior of the planet. He wanted Kirk to find it for him.

Khan may have known that the nebula was sauce for the goose, but he had no practical knowledge of it, or how it would affect Reliant. Remember, he was overconfident of his superior intellect…

61. Vultan - July 19, 2010



Memento lead to Insomnia which lead to Batman Begins which lead to The Prestige which lead to The Dark Knight which lead to Inception. Like it or not, it all started with Memento’s critical success.

And I’m still not sure how Nolan’s involvement in the Batman franchise hurts his making original material like Inception now that he’s a big success. Would you prefer he just stick with comic book adaptations or remakes? Or would you have preferred he never bothered with Batman and remained an semi-obscure filmmaker while Batman remained in his Schumacher coffin?

The choice is yours, pal.

62. dmduncan - July 19, 2010

Thus far I’d have to say Nolan is a talented guy, but he does his best work when he’s doing Nolan, and not franchise stuff.

Inception was an amazing and challenging film, with a great score by Hans Zimmer.

63. Vultan - July 19, 2010


Agree with you about Zimmer’s score. It was almost a character in the film, with some nice Morricone-esque guitar work near the end.

To those of you who haven’t seen Inception, do so as quickly as possible. It’s definitely one of those you need to see on the big screen.

64. Imrahil - July 19, 2010

I read the first part of Cox’s Khan books and loved it. Just never got to part 2. Still on my “to buy and read” list. “Assignment: Eternity” was brilliant too.

65. Red Dead Ryan - July 19, 2010

Looking forward to this. A must read to be sure. IDW is great at doing Trek comics.

And yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bob Orci’s take on Khan for the sequel. And Klingons as well.

66. wi-kiry-lan - July 19, 2010

The problem with the novel is that for whatever reason it didn’t take the plunge and put the eugenics wars into a proper alternate timeline but snuck it into our present. I suspect most of the reason behind this is a large enough percentage of customers wouldn’t get a 1992 that wasn’t the exact same way as the one they remember – or some corporate person believed this and forced it to be dumbed down. (never mind people somehow accept a show called star trek doesn’t exist in the star trek universe!)

I personally hope this comic doesn’t try to be coy and tells a real Khan story where he and the others are the rulers of a third of the planet. (or whatever the number was)

Also the description of Khan’s people was remarkably accurate for an over expression PEPCK-C enzyme – stronger, faster, smarter, more endurance, more aggression, lives longer, high metabolism – all can happen from a single enzyme!

67. Thomas - July 19, 2010

5. StarFuryG7

I have also read To Reign in Hell by Greg Cox. I enjoyed it very much; the Khan trilogy books are the only Trek novels I have read cover to cover.

68. Mel - July 19, 2010

@ Greg Cox

I love your three Q continuum books! They are really great!
Is there a chance that you write more books with Q in it?

69. Roger - July 19, 2010

They put out ST(2009) and erased everything because they were all mad about the establish canon etc.

So now that you threw everything away, do something new and not just rehash. If so, then why did you bother even doing ST(2009) then?

New or nothing!

70. Chain of Command - July 19, 2010

I’ll be impressed when someone can make a Star Trek movie that doesn’t have an English speaking bad guy and some kind of super weapon.

Anyone remember the days when Star Trek was about exploration and how the unknown allowed the characters to grow and evolve?

Yeah, me neither.

71. Anthony Pascale - July 19, 2010

Roger warning for trolling

We don’t need any sweeping indictments of “Trek fans” here

Plus you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. The film makers didnt “erase” anything (check your DVD shelf) and they certainly are “mad at canon”

You just started posting here and already you are doing the whole ‘this sucks’ in every thread….that is going to get old fast
in general….lighten up

72. Lukas Ketner - July 19, 2010

10. “Guys get some perspective this is a comic book”

I agree. You really can’t take comics seriously, medium-wise. They’re right up there with sci-fi TV shows. I mean, ‘get a life’, right?

73. jas_montreal - July 19, 2010

@ 70. Chain of Command

I think Alex and Bob did mention that their toying with the “exploration” story-concept. Now can they do both centeral-character-villain and “exploration” at the same time? Thats yet to be seen, but maybe they can leave story threads into a 3rd movie. We’ll see how it works out by 2011, when some details will emerge. I’m actually moving away from the idea of Khan-centric-story. I now want a old-fashioned exploration plot.

74. Chain of Command - July 19, 2010

73. Yeah, I hope they do that. I really loved the new film, but I would also love to see the new guys really exercise their creative chops and do something Wondrous. I think they have the talent to do it.

75. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 19, 2010

They should get the writers of the Vulcan Forge trilogy to help. It’s all about the “senzawonder”

oh, and build an engineroom, plz?

76. OfficialSpudUk (Formally known as PropperTrekkieUk) - July 20, 2010

@70 – Yes Trek was all about exploration and how the unknown allowed the characters to grow and evolve, but name me a film where that is the MAIN plot line, and not a villan…oh yea ST:V, that went well!

The boldly going works on the small screen, but it doesn’t sell film tickets! It should be there yes, but not as the MAIN plot element!

77. Damian - July 20, 2010

One thing Star Wars has on Star Trek is tighter control of the continuity (or canon, if you will). George Lucas has final say on all things Star Wars. I enjoyed Greg Cox’s book “To Reign In Hell.” It was thorough and it answered any possible questions about the evolution of Khan from Space Seed to Star Trek II. It is unlikely the new comic will chart the same course. Generally, I prefer the novels to the comic strips (with the exception of the Countdown series–though no novels have covered that same period). Sometimes I wish their was some authority that made sure all the stories maintained some consistency. You literally can have 5 different stories covering the same thing, and I guess it is up to the fans to decide what story they will follow. Unless you can split your brain up 5 ways, I suppose.

78. S. John Ross - July 20, 2010

#76: ” but name me a film where …”

The failures of prior films do not constitute an excuse for continued failure.

79. VGer23 - July 20, 2010

@ Greg Cox-

Your entire “Khan Trilogy” was very well thought-out and not only a nice piece of Star Trek writing, but just really good science fiction. I thought your way of “fitting” the Eugenics Wars into current events to still maintain the integrity of what was established in Star Trek lore to be very creative and effective.

Anyone who hasn’t read those books- I highly recommend them!

On a side-note, I thought the Q Continuum books did a great job of explaining some famous Trek phenomenon (Great Barrier, Galactic Barrier, Nexus, etc) and tying up some loose ends from Star Trek V.

Great stuff…!

80. Jai - July 20, 2010

Greg Cox,

Fantastic to see you here.

I just wanted to thank you for the level of research you undertook and the obvious sensitivity you demonstrated in relation to depicting Khan’s Sikh & Indian background. I’m actually from exactly that background myself, and it really was great to read how accurately and respectfully you wrote about those issues. A lot of those areas aren’t necessarily widely known amongst people who aren’t South Asian, and in some cases not even beyond other Sikhs or Punjabis, which made your own insight and careful handling of the subject all the more impressive.

I’ve been one of the commenters here who has recently been recommending Khan as a protagonist for the impending “new sequel films” (although of course I’d be happy with other storylines too). I’ve actually written a couple of comments mentioning your Eugenics Wars novels along with clarifying some areas of Sikhism and Indian history, and also some ideas for suitable actors to portray Khan, so you may be interested in reading my comments #288, #290, #305 and #306 on this very recent thread: http://trekmovie.com/2010/07/05/exclusive-producer-bryan-burk-talks-schedule-and-scope-for-star-trek-sequel/#comment-2809680 .

Considering your own books about Khan’s pre-Space Seed life, I suspect you might find my suggestion for the best Indian actor to portray a thirty-something Khan to be particularly interesting ;) [He’s mentioned in #306, and you may already know of him if you’re familiar with the Indian film industry.]

Anyway, thank you for your brilliant books and of course for covering this period of Khan’s life.

81. Denny - July 20, 2010

#60 — I don’t think the Khan we saw in TOS would have fallen for the idea that Kirk was going to give him anything. Khan should have known that Kirk would have blown up the Enterprise himself along with everyone in it rather than give him the information on Genesis.

As for the nebula, Joachim seemed to have a pretty good handle on what was going to happen when the went into the nebula. I viewed Joachim as having been in the movie chiefly for the purpose of showing us how Khan SHOULD have been thinking, had he not lost his marbles (it was Joachim who realized that there was no need to tangle with Kirk when they could get what they wanted (and then later when they had it), etc.). Joachim was much more coldly rational, as Khan was in Space Seed.

82. moauvian waoul - July 20, 2010

Hello Jai. I was expecting to find you here. And thoughtful as always.

83. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 20, 2010

Denny, you forget ONE vital piece of information:


Harve Bennet and Nick Meyer are both huge Drama fans.

You keep looking at this movie as if it was a real human drama instead of one that was pumped up on steroids and superior ambition.

If Nimoy had directed it, it would have been less “operatic” and Khan would have been less tragic. How dramatic was Kruge? not much. And the whales? That’s what makes “nuclear wessels” shine, no whale catch phrases.

But Nick Meyer wanted Olivier’s Richard III, and Montalban gave it to him.

The books in the Botany Bay library were there to set the tone for the entire film. King Lear, Moby Dick, Paradise Lost, etc.

So if WOK is not what you want, write a letter to Nick Meyer & send it to 1981…


84. Damian - July 20, 2010

I generally accept the novels by Pocketbooks as part of the overall Star Trek story if they are not contradicted by canon. Since the new movies are in an alternate timeline, there is virtually no chance of any stories from the prime universe being contradicted on screen. Let’s face it, TNG, DS9, Voy and Enterprise will never be seen on screen again. Books are all we will have from those series from now on. I enjoy the books by the current crop of writers. Greg Cox does an excellent job of tying lose ends together, Keith DeCandido has given unprecedented insight into the politics of the Federation. David Mack, Olivia Woods, Peter David, Kristen Beyer, Michael Martin, really, everybody does a great job. And they all seem to respect each other’s work, and unlike the early days of the books, try very hard not to contradict each other’s works. In fact, many of the books complement and build on each other’s stories.

85. Roger - July 20, 2010

Regardless, we don’t need any more “fill in stories”. Just let it go and move on to something NEW! What was the point of erasing everything if you are just going to rehash and do nothing new? We are going to have 5 versions of STII now? It defeats the whole purpose if nothing “new” is done.

No offense Anthony but the movie erased everything in Trek. All that was done on your DVD’s is now not relevant to on going Trek thus erased.

Anyways, something new please!!!!!!

86. Anthony Pascale - July 20, 2010


Again facts are a funny thing.

What you say is just simply not the case. The film makers are on record that the original timeline was not ‘erased’ and CBS continues to create new content in that timeline in books, comics and games.

And the film makers also note that many elements from the prime timeline are still in effect in the new timeline, like the whale probe is still out there, Vger is too, and so is the Botany Bay. They also contend that the characters we see all have the same ‘soul’

So please calm down

87. S. John Ross - July 20, 2010

#86: “The film makers are on record that the original timeline was not ‘erased’ …”

And if there’s any doubt, we can just check our DVDs and VHS’s and whatnot. Yup. It’s all still there! :)

88. Denny - July 20, 2010

#83 – I’m not forgetting any of that. My whole point is that Khan has become Captain Ahab (which would make Joachim his Starbuck). Whatever Ahab was before (Moby Dick indicates that he was a brilliant sea captain), all of that was lost when he became consumed with the quest for revenge.

Khan does the same. He loses the emotional detachment and ruthless rationality that we see in TOS. I LOVE TWOK, I think it is a fantastic story. I’m not knocking the story at all. I am just saying that by presenting the younger Khan, who doesn’t make such foolish mistakes, as the foil for Kirk in a new movie you can open up whole new possibilities without rehashing.

89. Greg Cox - July 20, 2010

Thanks again for all the kinds words, everybody. And Jai: I’m really relieved to hear, even years after the fact, that you’re happy with how I handled the Sikh and Indian material. I tried very hard to get that right . . . and still have an entire shelf of books on India gathering dust in my office!

90. Alientraveller - July 21, 2010

Khan looks amazing in that get-up, like he’s cosplaying Ezio Auditore or something.

91. captain_neill - July 21, 2010


Anthony, I’m just curious are you in favour of a redo of Khan or would you be more in favor of something new and unique to Trek for Star Trek XII?

92. Jai - July 21, 2010

Like some other people on this thread, I particularly like the picture of Khan on the first cover too. His outfit is actually a pretty accurate depiction of the way that members of the north Indian aristocracy would dress in Ye Olde Days. You can still buy modified versions of those outfits from Indian designer clothing stores everywhere (including here in the West), for special occasions like weddings.

A major Indian movie awards event a couple of weeks ago actually featured the Indian actor Hrithik Roshan wearing the same kind of outfit during a short musical stage performance (he’s the actor I’ve been suggesting as Khan — and yes, I promise this is the last time I’ll mention this guy. Probably). It’s basically the same kind of clothes he wore during his award-winning portrayal of the Mughal emperor Akbar in the recent Indian historical epic “Jodhaa-Akbar” I’ve mentioned previously (the background music during his arrival on the stage is from the same film).

After stalking onto the stage in “Akbar mode” he subsequently proceeds to do a short choreographed “sword dancing” routine which is also a modified version of a scene from the film. After that, Hrithik changes his outfit and dances to some modern music from some of his more contemporary Indian films, and he obviously doesn’t speak in the clip, but the first 3 minutes of the video clip should still give you some indication of exactly why I’ve been saying he’d be such a great choice to play Khan in any new ST films. Please do take a couple of minutes out to take a look at this:


Moauvian waoul,

Re: #82

Hello there, good to see you here too (and thank you for the kind words). I’d actually been hesitant about commenting on this thread because I’ve obviously been discussing Khan quite a lot during the past week, and I didn’t want to go into overkill ;)

93. Jai - July 21, 2010

Greg Cox,

Re: #89

Thank you for your reply. I’ve mentioned this on other threads here, but (without wishing to accidentally give away any spoilers to people who may not have read your Eugenics Wars novels yet) I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you for your absolutely superb description of the fast-moving sequence of events resulting in Khan “taking the wrong fork in the road” and finally “going over to the dark side”. It was obviously such a split-second situation which could have gone either way, and for those of us who really are from that background and know the full scale of “the other destination” which Khan was heading for (and everything it symbolises), the depiction of what actually happened was very moving, and made all the more poignant by your brilliantly sensitive writing. “So near and yet so far” is a clichéd choice of words on my part but particularly apt in this case, and the nature of “the other destination” and what happened instead to Khan in his life made this an Othello-style Shakespearean tragedy.

Regarding your handling of the Sikh and Indian material, you didn’t just “get it right”, you “got it perfectly” ;) [Even the fact that the surname of Khan’s mother was ‘Kaur’ rather than ‘Singh’ was a really nice touch]. Not all writers of fiction in general are so enlightened or respectful, by any means. I think that this is comparatively less of an issue with science fiction writers due to the ‘forward-thinking’ nature of the subject matter and also because the writers and readers tend to be more progressive and open-minded; however, this isn’t necessarily the case with historical fiction (which I’m also a fan of). I’ve found that a worrying number of high-profile writers of that genre haven’t done the proper research and in some cases clearly haven’t even had much social contact with the people they’re writing about, resulting in caricatures and pandering to some negative stereotypes; during the past decade some false “War on Terror” analogies have also deliberately been pushed in some of those novels, even if the comparisons are frequently completely inaccurate and sometimes even highly offensive to the people who are actually from the same background as the characters being written about. The fact that you obviously had a far more enlightened and well-informed approach was both refreshing and something I’m very grateful for.

I get the impression that these things are less of an issue in Star Trek because it’s always been very “internationalist” in perspective. In more recent years, I think Ron D. Moore’s input has also played a big part; as I’m sure you know, like yourself he has a considerable amount of accurate knowledge of the Indian subcontinent and some of its neighbouring regions, along with the culture, religions, history etc.

It’s nice to hear that you own all those books about India too ;) There’s an award-winning British historian called William Dalrymple whose books are particularly good if you like reading about that sort of thing. His main interest is Mughal history along with the British colonial era in India, but he’s also something of an expert on India in general along with the Middle East. You can read his profile via his website http://www.williamdalrymple.uk.com/Pages/Biog.html , and quite a few of his excellent published articles can also be read here http://www.williamdalrymple.uk.com/Pages/Links.html . I’m sure you’d enjoy visiting India too if you haven’t been there yet; it’s obviously a rapidly-modernising country now but there are still plenty of incredible historical sights to see, especially in Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Amritsar etc. I expect the Golden Temple in Amritsar might have particular resonance for you, given your knowledge & research for the Khan novels :)

Thanks once again for your wonderful books. I hope your writing career continues to go from strength to strength.

94. captain_neill - July 21, 2010


I know you want him in the next movie but I am hopeful they will do something else. There is a lot more to Star Trek than Khan.

95. Jai - July 21, 2010

“There is a lot more to Star Trek than Khan.”

That’s true. There are also Klingons ;)

Just kidding. Whatever they decide to do with the next movie is fine by me (as long as they do it well, of course).

96. captain_neill - July 22, 2010


same here. Although I do admit I wont be as enthused if they do decide to redo Khan.

Now TWOK is my fav of the Trek movies so I am not keen on a redo or reimagining of one of my favs. I would prefer something different.

I’ll still watch it but I think I would have a bit of disappointed that the new universe was just being wasted.

97. dmduncan - July 22, 2010

92: “I’ve obviously been discussing Khan quite a lot during the past week, and I didn’t want to go into overkill ;)”

Go into overkill all you want. As a Sikh, your perspective is invaluable. And your actor recommendation is excellent.

98. Jai - July 24, 2010

Thanks guys. I’ve added my own 5 cents to the new thread where Bob Orci is apparently checking out fans’ views on including Khan in the new films (my comment is #81), so I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

“And your actor recommendation is excellent.”

Thank you. As I’ve said before, the guy is born to play Khan.

99. Warp - November 13, 2010

Too bad you guys couldn’t make a made for Tv movie of Kahn’s origins before he meet Kirk knowing what his woirld of earth was like the war he and his augments started and how he and the others made there way to the DY-100 class Botiny Bay , Know i know a ship like that could not be launhced on earth but maybe they stormed in the ISS in orbit and vanished into space not knowin what there future will be like for the next 200 years and instead of leaving from the year 1996 how about 2026.

Anything is possible and since Kirk timeline but altered who knows how they met Hmmmmm ?

100. Warp - August 14, 2011

It would be nice if your comics weren’t so limited and there are Trek fans who like to find them but your only picking some states that sales them seems unfair and some of us are angry that we can’t get access to them ,
unless you really do want to go for broke witch means your cheating everyone who wants to read the comic book !

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