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Star Trek Wins 3 Canadian Constellation Awards July 19, 2010

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The Award Ceremony for Canada’s fourth annual Constellation Awards was held over the weekend. The 2009 Star Trek movie went in with five nominations in four categories and took home three awards, including best Film. More details below.


Star Trek The Big Winner at Constellation Awards

Star Trek had five nominations in four categories, more than any other film (Avatar only has three). The awards are handed out based on member votes, and Star Trek won in three categories:

Zoe Saldana had two nominations for Best Actress and won for Avatar, but her combine votes for Avatar and Star Trek added up to over half the votes even though there were three other actresses.

A full breakdown of the voting and all the winners can be found at



1. Basement Blogger - July 20, 2010

Congratulations, Bad Robot! I’ve been critical of Star Trek 2009 but that doesn’t mean I still didn’t like it. I’ve viewed it again, and it is the best made and best looking of all the Trek films.

I went back and listened to DVD commentary, and one of the writers, I think it was Bob Orci said they had additional lines for Spock Prime’s first meeting with Kirk about the alternate timeline. That would have been nice. Because I wanted to get my head around the alternate timeline idea. I mean if I were Kirk, I would want to know what kind of man I was in the Fringe universe, um, sorry about that , got confused, I’m mean Spock Prime’s universe. What’s my destiny here? Kirk is pretty good guy in Spock Prime’s universe. See “Arena” “Journey to Babel” “Mirror, Mirror.” It’s okay to let the audience breathe and think about heady ideas.

But on to Star Trek 2012. Now that Vulcan has been destroyed, do humans control the Federation? What about the Klingons, will they try to dominate the Alpha Quadrant? Will the Romulans allow that? And can we depend on the pig race Tellarites or will they become bacon in the face of Klingon aggression? I’m excited because there’s no longer in need to tell Kirk or Spock’s background story , more time for cool science fiction ideas. Oh, if Paramount releases Trek in 3-D, please film it in 3-D. No conversion from 2D. I saw “Last Airbender” a conversion in 3-D, and the effect was useless and too dark of a picture.

Now, onto to catching up with “Enterprise” the show that will tide us over till 2012. Could someone please replace that “Patch Adams” song used for the title sequence? Calling Ron Jones.

2. Hat Rick - July 20, 2010

Has anyone tried to do a mash-up of the Enterprise opener with Christopher Franke’s musical intro to the B5 series? I think it might work if you change the clips for the sequence and swap them out with some of the more exciting scenes from the series (where things blow up real good).

I love Enterprise, just as I do all Trek. I do think the music could be reworked, if only for fun.

3. Dee - July 20, 2010

GREAT for Star Trek!!!…..Karl Urban deserves OK!…..but CP is my fav…he’s AWESOME!!!

4. Janice - July 20, 2010

SO happy to see that Bruce Greenwood won!!
Well deserved.

5. Phobos - July 20, 2010

Bruce Greenwood was awesome as Pike. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.