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UPDATED: Orci & Kurtzman On Star Trek Sequel Progress + Broadening Focus + Listening To Fans About Khan July 23, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are at Comic Con today doing a panel on their new Hawaii 5-0 series, but they took time out for a couple of interviews with to give a progress update on the Star Trek sequel. They didn’t drop any spoilers, but did talk about how the second film allows them to broaden the focus to the whole crew. They also implied we would see Pike back and more McCoy. Orci also said they "will listen" to fan input on if Khan should be in the film.


Significant Story Progress + Focus on whole ‘family’ + More Bones and Pike?

While at San Diego Comic Con, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman talked to MTV about the Star Trek sequel. They said that they are "making significant progress on the story" for the sequel and they are spending a two hour lunch break each day while they are filming Cowboys and Aliens to work on Star Trek. Orci also noted that the second film allows new opportunities:

Now that we’ve set up everybody– there were new characters in the last one, so we really want to focus in on them. For example Scotty, who you met at the end of the last movie, who [was] so important to the crew but had the shortest screen time, now is going to be in the movie from the very beginning. In fact, the whole crew is in it from the beginning. In the last movie they came in staggered and it really was focusing on Kirk and Spock and now the whole family is there and you want to focus on them first. Before you worry too much about new characters, make sure you have them taken care of.

Orci also seemed to imply that Bruce Greenwood would be returning and that we would see more of Karl Urban’s McCoy. When asked who "popped" in the first film Orci replied:

I loved, and a lot of people loved, Captain Pike. I loved Bones, who a lot of people thought he’s too good-looking to be cast as Bones… he was a fan-favorite. We’d worked with Karl way back in TV land days, so to get back together and have him surprise everyone was great.

Orci thoughts seem to parallel comments and polls taken here at TrekMovie where fans have noted they want to see Greenwood back, and they want more Bones.

Here is the video.

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Bob Says They Have Story "They Like" + Says "We Will Listen" About Khan

io9 also talked to Bob Orci at Comic Con about various projects, and got some brief comments about the Star Trek sequel saying "we have a story that we like like and we just have to get cranking it out". He also solicits thoughts on putting Khan in the sequel to say "log in, vote, speak up, we will listen".

Here is the video:


1. CoolPT - July 23, 2010

Yes, more Bones and Pike! Make it an original story, more of how things started than a full blown new villian shoot um up!

2. Gianni - July 23, 2010


3. Gianni - July 23, 2010


4. Jason Smith - July 23, 2010

They should have more Bones in the next movie. Even if they would have Captain Pike back for a cameo as an admiral as he was left off at the end of the first movie. I hope they find away also to include William Shatner to be back one more time as Kirk Prime…

5. Red Dead Ryan - July 23, 2010

I like the fact they plan on bringing back Pike and giving us more McCoy.
Shows that these dudes care!

6. CmdrR - July 23, 2010

Get a shave, hippies!

Yes, more Kirk-Spock-Bones. It’s Trek at its best. The others are good, too, but they’re not the central focus. We don’t need a ton of Chekov jokes. PLEASE. Just a little. Sorry, but that’s how Trek works best.

PLEASE give us something to think about as well as to feel, along with the ‘splosions.

No Khan. TYVM.

7. EJD1984 - July 23, 2010

My only hope is that they can lobby the Producers/Director/Paramount to give a proper Engineering set, and to initially write a reference into the new script.

Scotty: “The Federation finially ponied up enough money to properly upgrade Engineering” :-)

8. Buzz Cagney - July 23, 2010

Bob, I think you’ve read this site- and no doubt others- enough to have a good feeling about what fans would like.
But, most importantly, I think you writer guys need to do what you feel is right and do what, as fans, you would like to see most.
Go crazy. :-D Give us a roller-coaster ride.

9. Red Dead Ryan - July 23, 2010

I’ve always thought they were leaning towards Khan. May not be a done deal since a lot of people are against seeing him in the sequel. I for one wouldn’t mind a new version of the character. Naveen Andrews? Mark Strong? Nestor Carbonell?

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Gorn, Tholians and Andorians. A good variety right there. Especially the Gorn and Tholians, both of whom we have only seen twice before in Trek.

One thing we can all agree on though is we won’t be seeing any Borg, Cardassians, Ferengi, Bajorans or other TNG era aliens in the sequel.
However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of Xindi characters, such as the aquatics or insectoids as background characters. We never see enough non-humanoid aliens.

10. rm10019 - July 23, 2010

I vote to tease the appearance of Khan in the last act of this film, for the next. Take our characters on a big, emotional, and entertaining ride worthy of a motion picture and Bob, you will continue to do the Trek franchise proud. Thanks again for your dedication, I know it isn’t easy and you don’t take it lightly.

11. THX-1138 - July 23, 2010

No Khan. If you’re listening to what fans have to say.

FEATURE the main 3. The classic triumvirate of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy and their interplay is absolutely iconic and classic. Give Kirk a dilemna and have Spock and McCoy argue the humanist and logocal points of view and have Kirk base his decision on the counsel of his two great friends. And show them to be just that: Great Friends. I always thought of Star Trek to be something of a “buddy” show, even before I really knew what that meant. I don’t need to see Spock beat the hell out of Kirk again. I don’t want tons of animosity between the characters. I want to see their genuine friendship and love for each other. They need to be this group of people that when together, can figure out the solution to just about anything.

And no Khan. (Did I say that already?)

12. THX-1138 - July 23, 2010

And do a better job of spelling than me.

13. Clinton - July 23, 2010

I just have to put in a vote against Khan. We’re in a different universe now, full of endless possibilities. It seems so early to be drifting back to the familiar.

14. trekprincess - July 23, 2010

Brilliant news I am getting excited now so obviously they have a story for the sequel please more Kirk,Spock and McCoy and a great film

15. weyoun_9 - July 23, 2010

A. No Shatner. He’s got some great new work now for him, but he just doesn’t make sense and would be gimmicky, weird, and totally steal focus from what the film should be.

B. I’m on the fence about Khan. I trust that they could do it in a really cool way but they are such a solid, creative team, I think Star Trek could benefit from their unique and new ideas. Khan feels like more than a stand alone film and an option to hold onto until a later time.

C.@9 – It’s possible we could at least see Cardassians, as they referenced them in the last film. Couldn’t tell from your comment if you were anti these aliens or just didn’t expect to see them.

D. I disagree that Star Trek at its best is Kirk-Spock-McCoy only. The other characters have a lot of potential and deserve to be explored and deepened more than they have been. I DO agree that increasing their number of one-liners and cheap humor, ex. Chekov humor, is not the way to do that.

E. I’ve been having this thought for months…if T’pring survived the destruction of Vulcan, and Spock were to begin to experience the Pon Farr…the relationship Spock has with Uhura could create a lot of tension and conflict for Spock, wrestling with the nature of his human emotions and his logical responsibility to rebuild the Vulcan race. NOT as a main plot, but perhaps a side plot/conflict. (I’d love to hear people’s reaction to that idea…good or bad)

F. I’m overall just really excited to see where they take this next film.

16. rogue_alice - July 23, 2010

#7 – would be great if someone actually said, “Scotty, your Engineering looks like a brewery.” Of course Scotty would bristle, then a fight breaks out and everybodies shoreleave is revoked for a week.

Seriously though, my list is:

*mystery and wonder of space
*the shear novelty of exploring unknown areas of space
*wonders of space
*kirk, spock, mccoy as primaries, then the others
*the shared experiences of “family”
*no kahn as I don’t see how he can work into this given he needs the Ceti Alpha 5 experience to be properly “motivated”
*Nurse Chapel
*some of those long, slow shots of the E coming in and over our right shoulder (and making that GREAT engine sound)
*proper space-age engineering
*EDITH KEELER!!!! (Aw gawd a retelling of that story would have folks crying as they exit the theatre). I ask too much.
*scotty coaxing the E
*The E as a character, she always was, and should be again. Have the crew show their respect for her. And Kirk’s love for her.
*I don’t care if the Klingons show up.
*I think the Borg could.

I guess I should stop. But, I warn, I might be back.

17. Harry Seldom - July 23, 2010

In my heart, I feel that Kahn would be a huge mistake. How about having the Klingons take out the Botany Bay early on, like they did Pioneer(?) in the opening of TFF?

– Harry

18. maffc - July 23, 2010

No Khan in the sequel.
The main points of TWOK were the themes of Revenge and ageing. Both of which needed the 15 intervening years between Khan’s 1st and 2nd appearances.
It would not do the characters or the story any justice to try and shoe-horn it into one or two movies.
Besides, TOS has many other wonderful scenarios to explore in this universe, but don’t forget, Kirk is captain long before his primer conterpart so som events should be years away.

19. Dalek - July 23, 2010

Can we please have a space battle in which Kirk has to use his intelligence to outwit his opponent. That was always a fun part of TOS (Battle of Terror, Corbomite Maneuvre). You have the budget to create a really exciting starship battle, and that was missing in Trek 09, it was more like ships were target practice rather than battling it out.

More Bones and Pike is fine.

Scotty would need to be less bafoonish. Would really like Scotty to show his engineering and command skills ahead of being slapstick.

Oh and please don’t make Uhura into a Syndey Bristow kick ass femme fatale. She’s a competent lunguistic.

20. SPOCKBOY - July 23, 2010

Dear Bob and Alex,
What makes ANY film or television show great are, “moments”
Moments when characters connect with each other, moments when characters have a decision to make, or a dilemma to face. TOS was chock full of moments like that. When Kirk stopped McCoy from saving Edith Keeler, when McCoy confronted Spock’s vulcan facade in the jail cell in Bread and Circuses, when Spock first said “fascinating” in Corbomite Maneuver, When Matt Decker went into the Doomsday Machine, there are so many.
Maybe this will inspire you ;)


Good luck guys!

21. Red Dead Ryan - July 23, 2010


I’m not anti-TNG era aliens, I just think we won’t be seeing any of them in the sequel. I think Bob and Alex would prefer to remain in the TOS toybox for the second film. The third film is where they may feature some non-TOS/ENT aliens. Probably the way it should be.

22. Sybok's Secret Brother - July 23, 2010

Please no Khan, but bring on the Klingons!!

23. Jim - July 23, 2010

Khan’s motivations were no different before he was marooned than after – being marooned just focused those motives. He went from being a plain old megalomaniac to being a megalomaniac bent on REVENGE!

While Kirk and Spock are recognizable as being patterned after the “classic” characters, they are slightly “bent” into a different mold based on the “new universe” experiences. Khan would be no different. For example, he could start out as a young ambitious Starfleet officer (or diplomat, or planetary governor) with experiences that “bend” him in a different direction.

Or maybe he’s not a villain at all. Maybe in the “new universe” he’s a rogue who allies himself with Kirk and Co. to defeat the villain. Or maybe, his life went another direction, and he’s got a cameo as a janitor on a space station charged with getting rid of Tribbles…..

24. Trekprincess - July 23, 2010

I’m excited as well to see where they take the next film

25. Buzz Cagney - July 23, 2010

As you are asking, I’m leaning toward No Khan. He’s been done and done so very well indeed.

Do something new. Something wondrous. Something amazing. Something that really tests our imagination and that of the crew.

(Oh, and lots and lots of Gorn. Or even just one big, mean one will do!
I think I may have mentioned that one before? :-) Study up a bit on the lizard family. There are some interesting possibilities to give them some unique and testing abilities)

26. Ben - July 23, 2010

MORE Bones, Scotty and Pike + XI Klingons

Please NO Khan or Mudd in the next movie.

Thanks for listening/reading!

27. Torcflaed - July 23, 2010

I’m on the fence about a new khan but if we do have a Khan movie how about taking it in a differant direction.
original spock tells them where to find Khan, they go to safely move Khan to a planet that will not self distruct and encounter a new alian threat.
Khan even though he has a superiority complex is still human and teams up with Kirk to defeat the third party alians making Khan a hero for a change!
this means Kirk and Khan become alies not friends becouse Khan still belives his supiriority means he deserves to rule all humanity.
mind you just becouse he wants to be a dictator does not mean he cannot be kind and friendly with anyone who swears loyalty to him.

28. Hugh Hoyland - July 23, 2010

Well I’ll vote for Khan, its logical. But I have a theory here if I may. I think they have a solid story already hammered out.
Now I believe they want to see what villian they will to insert into the story, be it Khan, Gorn, V’ger ect.. And thats why I vote for Khan, really the ultimate Star Trek villian and best known (and liked) by both fans and public.
I know for a fact that when the trailer comes out in late 11 or whenever, and flashes of Khan are seen across the screen, people will NOT go “oh no, this is gonna suck” or “oh a remake, boooo!”, it ain’t going to happen. They WILL eat it up, and Im sure it will be fun.

29. Michael - July 23, 2010

I cannot wrap my head around Scotty hailing the bridge and in stead of telling Kirk, the dithium crystals are fracturing, he’d say: We need more hops and grains! Paramount seriously NEEDS to pony up major $$$ and upgrade engineering from the Budweiser plant to 23rd century sensibilties. I’d even settle for an exact 1966 tv series recreation of the set used, rather than another cinematic journey through industrial bottling plant backdrops again!
Here we have a state of the art bridge, and then wait…..oh we used a brewery for the main power deck that runs the whole starship? I guess we should be grateful the shuttles were not soap box derby cars w/ glued on papier mache nacelles! The budget clearly went for the actors, bridge, CGI rendering, and FX. NOT the bulk of the ships sets.

30. Happy Russia - July 23, 2010

There better be more Bones! Poor McCoy was just spouting one-liners during the whole film! “Space is, etc…” “Dammit, man, I’m a doctor, etc…” “Are you out of your Vulcan mind, etc…”

Nothing but one-liners and no real worth to the plot except to say, “LOOK! He and Kirk are friends.” Big whoop. He’s worth more to the Enterprise and to Star Trek as a whole much more than that.

No Khan, either. There’s no replacing Ricardo Montalban, there’s no redoing “Space Seed” or TWOK. No matter how creatively done. Must all new Star Trek movies have villains in them?

31. Chelsea - July 23, 2010

I’m totally against Khan. We already have a fantastic movie about him. I don’t see the point in redoing that when they have an opportunity to do pretty much anything they want in the film.

Please no Khan!

I’m pretty ‘meh’ about Pike. He was great in the first one but he’s had his turn and unless he’s saying ‘goodbye good luck’ to Kirk and co I’m afraid he might take away screentime from the others.

I’d like Chekov to mention ‘Wussia’ once. :)

I’m fine with them creating new aliens but I’d like to see the ones we already know and love. Except for Klingons. XD

I think it’s really great of them to listen to the fans’ input. I think whatever they choose to do will result in a fantastic movie. Leave out Khan though. :)

32. Praetor Shinzon II - July 23, 2010

great. Star Trek film by fan imput – let it not be so. I am about to puke.


It would be interesting to see a modern day Khan but there are so many great things you could do with the franchise. I don’t think Alex, Bob, and Damon should revisit what past Star Trek films have done simply because they have such great talent, they should put their flair on the series, their ideas, their stories.

I do have interesting ideas but since I am not a write they might not translate well in a story or movie. But every time the new film is talked about all I can say is Klingons and a massive battle scene, I want to see a Federation fleet of oh lets say 10 ships go into battle NOT THE ONE ON ONE submarine battles. I have faith that the overall story and character development will no doubt be great, but Klingons and a massive battle are a must for this movie.

34. John from Cincinnati - July 23, 2010

I vote for Khan, but with conditions:

-Khan shouldn’t be excluded simply because he is a villain from the Original series. Romulans and Klingons were from the original series should we exclude them from here on out? Kirk, Spock and McCoy are from the original series, should we exclude them?
-Khan shouldn’t be put into the sequel just for the sake of having a really great villain in it and he is the first that pops to mind. If Khan is going to be put in it, it should be done creatively and not simply copying what was done in Space Seed. We’ve seen that story already.

35. Majicou - July 23, 2010

Like others, I say Khan should be left out. It really seemed to me like one of the main points of this premise was that you could do new things while still giving the fans the classic characters we love. It also avoids the biggest problem with prequels–that the audience already knows what’s going to happen.
I also agree with those who say that a villain isn’t even necessary in the next movie. Nero was effective and enjoyable to watch, but aside from him, we’ve suffered too much “villain fatigue” in this series. Shinzon wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t too good, either. Ru’afo was forgettable and pointless, the Borg queen was kind of against some of the main features of the Borg (they’re outwardly emotionless and they’re completely decentralized), and Soran, while well played, was no great shakes. Kirk and crew ought to confront the unknown. They could have a foil who isn’t your average angry villain, like Mark Lenard’s Romulan commander or Kor, Koloth, and Kang. A worthy opponent type.

And yes, a role for Admiral Pike and of course more Bones! Especially more Bones/Spock interaction.

36. John from Cincinnati - July 23, 2010


I think you guys should really, really consider the Talosians and Talos IV. Their power of illusion can really open up the story to seeing anything and anyone……

37. Chain of Command - July 23, 2010

Cool. Would be good to see Pike again, but not necessarily in a “mentoring” role. Kirk should be firmly established as a strong leader in this film. In the last film he was getting his butt kicked all the time. I’d rather see him portrayed closer to the spirit of what he was in the early first season episodes than as a “rebel without a cause”. Remember, this guy is apparently commanding the most powerful and advanced ship ever built.

Also, the triad of Kirk, Spock and Bones really needs to be given more weight. I think the film overall needs a little more weight to it. I really want to see this group of professional explorers really tackle something “big”. Big ideas, big concepts, big adventure and can avoid the “forehead of the week” English speaking aliens with super weapons in favor of producing a wondrous, thought provoking, high concept story,I think a lot of people will be impressed.

38. KJTrek - July 23, 2010

I want some Carol Marcus and Gary Mitchell! This is the perfect opportunity, with the new timeline, to explore the people who we’ve heard just a little about, but never got to really know. PLEASE! I’d even compromise on a cameo.

39. olsojer - July 23, 2010

No Khan….Maybe Harry Mudd…and we need Klingons!!!!!!!!!!!

40. Greg2600 - July 23, 2010

No Khan…..No!

41. james - July 23, 2010

Please no Kahn.

Do something new !

42. Valenti - July 23, 2010

As much as I love the Khan character, I would like to see something new. Maybe you could use Khan in movie 3 or something?

I think it would be nice to see the Enterprise on a mission of exploration. You know, new life and new civilizations.

Have them meet a culture that is so vastly different, that you could write in a series of cascade reactions that could prove to be very dangerous.

This way, the crew would really have to work together to bring the movie to a good end, heh.

And then, after the ending credits, a gloomy shot of the SS Botany Bay?

(I really hope I made sense.)

43. John from Cincinnati - July 23, 2010


Harry Mudd and Klingons are so original but Khan isn’t?

44. rm10019 - July 23, 2010

Khan would resonate with a general audience, I do agree with that.

45. Mr Phil - July 23, 2010

Don’t think Khan is the way forward. But a little nod to the Botany Bay wouldn’t go amiss.
Also would be nice for a Carol Marcus reference or full role, every starship captain needs a muse.

46. PSB2009 - July 23, 2010

I really like the idea of using Kirk’s intelligence to defeat his oponent. The best episodes, and movies, were chess games with a dash of poker. And, no Khan- no matter how it’s handled there would endless comparisons to the original, which would be too distracting.

Shatner? Sure, why not? Let’s give him the trek farewell he deserves. Even Koenig has good things to say about him these days.

47. Uncle Joey - July 23, 2010

kirk prime!

48. rogue_alice - July 23, 2010

“One day…soon man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, maybe even the atom. Energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in some sort of…spaceship. And the men…that reach out into space will be able to find ways to feed the hungry millions of the world and to cure their diseases. They will be able to find a way to give each man hope and a common future, and those are the days worth living for. Our deserts will bloom…….”

49. Rhett Coates - July 23, 2010

Hey, Bob and Alex:

I have to agree with EVERYONE about that [terrible] engineering set in ST XI: even though 99% of those who saw the film (who never cared about ST before this movie but DID enjoy this film tremendously and are looking forward to the sequel), they also noted that it was plainly obvious the engineering set was a brewery. The firmenting tanks in Communications were too, too…. SIGH. I was embarrassed when I saw it, trying to reconcile their appearance as if they were spare dueterium tanks or something, adjacent to the warp core area, wherever that would have been.

Paramount needs a better set than we saw for engineering in the first film — even if they decide to go to a similar “design” (note the quotes there): that would be somehow explained away that the first film showed the “bowels” of the Big E in an UNFINISHED FASHION due to the nature of the Nero emergency. Or something.

Naw, ST XI’s engineering was a brewery, plain and simple: there didn’t seem to be ANY feel for it being a real warp drive reactor. I know the writers of a story don’t often, if ever, perform Production Design tasks (I took film production classes in college), but they might have a say in how sets are designed for a storyline if necessary. You guys are awesome, and THANK YOU for even taking the time to consider our concerns in any capacity. You did a great job with the [first film’s] story.

Break a a leg on the story, fellas, and as the Vulcans say, “Live long and prosper.”


50. John from Cincinnati - July 23, 2010

Klingons have been more overdone than Khan, NO KLINGONS!

Let’s see the Gorn

or the Talosians

or the Doomsday Machine

or Jack the Ripper from “Wolf in the Fold”

51. Red Dead Ryan - July 23, 2010

No to Harry Mudd. He just isn’t a characater that is timeless like the Klingons, Khan etc. Mudd is a character of the 60’s. Plus, I think he’s overrated.

52. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - July 23, 2010

Here we go. I say guys give us a Trek Movie that will Blow us away. New and fresh will be great and Bob. Use that crazy imagination of yours and give us the Movie we all want. A Great Sar Trek Movie like you did last time. But if I havt to nitpick any. Change the Engeneering section to make it look like one. Not the brewery we got in the last Movie.

53. Chris2 - July 23, 2010


No Khan.

54. Ran - July 23, 2010

Less action more philosophy, thoughts, remorse, dilemmas, etc, etc… you know, like the original series.

55. John from Cincinnati - July 23, 2010

Nero was already a vengeance story. Khan would be more of the same. I’m not against Khan, like in a later film, I just think fans want to see something fresh. Klingons are not fresh either and I agree Harry Mudd is just a bad character.

Guardian of Forever!
Jack the Ripper!
a virus!
the Greek Gods!

…or the race of aliens that built the pyramids and seeded Earth!

56. Oz - July 23, 2010

Oz’s suggestion box / wish list, since it seems Bob is indicating it’s not too late for input:

-No Khan. New story.

-A real engineering set.

-More Kirk, Spock, McCoy together.

-Kirk/Spock chessgame.

-Strange New World(s).

-Ease back Scotty just a tad from the comedy line and show us a little more serious engineer. I know Simon is fully capable of this.

-Kirk suffers death of a crewman under his command. He has his first crisis of confidence in his grief, which allows a nice opportunity for a conversation with Bones &/or Spock to bolster his confidence.

-Open the movie with the jazzed up climax of on original series episode like The Doomsday Machine. First line of the movie could be …”Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard.” After people realize what they’re seeing, mass cheering in the theaters across the land would ensue. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps.

That’s my two cents. I know you’ll pull it off, whatever direction you guys choose to go in. Good luck!

57. BigMac - July 23, 2010

Please NO Kahn. The whole point of using an alternate tineline was to allow you room to be original. Don’t give that up with something that was already done well the first time. Instead give us a new antagonist. Better yet, give us a story without an antagonist. Have them face the unkown. I promise you that the audience is smart enough to get.

58. Trekker1701 - July 23, 2010

The three most important elements:

1) Story – The story needs to be compelling, innovative and meaningful.

2) Social Justice- Closely related to the importance of the story is that at the core of Star Trek is a secular humanist philosophy. The story should examine an important social moral delimma in a substantive way. For example: democracy, environmental isssues, equality, peace, the ends NOT justifying the means, etc….

3) The Characters — the last film did a wonderful job of introducing the characters. The next film should show how the strong bonds of friendship/family have formed. The interaction of the characters are also central to Star Trek.

59. rogue_alice - July 23, 2010

55, great idea with the jazzed up climax. cool.

60. Ensign Kirk - July 23, 2010

If you can get Javier Bardem ….go for it. If not go with a new story.

61. mscottr - July 23, 2010

There may come a time for Khan, but I don’t think that time has come yet.

You gentlemen brought Trek back into the 21st century in a big way: part reboot, part rebirth. You told an origin story that nobody suspected was possible, and you made it your own.

The second “Trek,” in my opinion, needs to follow the same course of originality and excitement that you set in 2009’s Star Trek. Surprise us with an original and genuine story about the human adventure. There is so much of the Original Series that can be re-imagined or referenced without resorting to the iconography of Khan: moral dilemmas, danger, exploration, redshirt peril, Kirk talking a computer into self-destruction, Bones and Spock sparring, and the Enterprise as a genuine character.

I would love to see a closing “cliffhanger” scene (before or after the credits) with the Enterprise closing in on the Botany Bay. But before that, this new generation of Trek needs something to hang its hat on. We live in an era of bland film remakes.

Blow our minds. Beam us up. Have fun.

62. Vultan - July 23, 2010

Please, no Khan. He is not the villain we Sikh. ;)

Nah, I would like to see something truly alien, something so different it goes beyond human comprehension… or at the very least tests our understanding of the universe (for example: the monoliths from 2001, the Krell from Fordbidden Planet, etc.).

Enough with the villains out to get Earth or Kirk or their parents (Insurrection). Go for the big mystery. Challenge the audience. It doesn’t have to be on an Inception level, but some sort of philosophical element would definitely be more rewarding than a Romulan with a chip on his shoulder… and a chunk out of his ear.

63. bollywood - July 23, 2010

-No Khan.

-More McCoy and less Uhura. Establish the main trio as Kirk, Spock & McCoy again.

-Give Pine a hand to hand combat scene he can actually win. He lost every time in STXI…

-Give McCoy a scene where he’s not just the comedic relief, and screwing vaccines up and such.

-Please do not try to create the romance between Spock and Uhura as a focal point.


64. NO KAHN!!! - July 23, 2010

*** NO KAHN!!!!**** It’s been done and I thought the idea of the reboot was to introduce new antagonists? Besides, since the timeline is new and different Spock Prime would have probably warned Star Fleet of the “big” threats to the Federation that are still coming despite the changes to the personal histories. (V’ger, Borg, the whale probe etc.)

And spend some money on the set for engineering; it’s sad when the engineering section of a Federation Starship looks cruder than the engine of a 1960 Ford Falcon.

65. Chasco - July 23, 2010

How many times do these guys need to be told NO KHAN?
Every time this has been mentioned, every time it has been polled on this site, the overwhelming majority have made it clear that they DO NOT WANT KHAN in the sequel?

And please – please – upgrade Engineering

66. modelmaker4 - July 23, 2010

no khan.
yes for the klingons

67. rm10019 - July 23, 2010

They did a great job of starting MI III and Trek09 off with a bang, and grabbing the audience. Bob and the gang have a great sense of story structure, that’s for sure.

68. Vultan - July 23, 2010


Ahem, that’s FORBIDDEN Planet, not Fordbidden. What are you doing? Trying for a product placement?

69. RJO - July 23, 2010


70. Valenti - July 23, 2010


Why not? They did it for Nokia. :P

71. Vultan - July 23, 2010



72. girl6 - July 23, 2010

They need to find Captain Robau, floating in space, miraculously alive. Robau doesn’t die. He waits.

73. sean - July 23, 2010

I’ve got no real problem with Kahn, as it would be Space Seed Kahn and not Wrath of Kahn Kahn. Space Seed with a bigger budget and fleshed out with another hour could really be interesting. But I’m also totally into an original story with no familiar characters, too.

74. Myrth - July 23, 2010

Vote against Khan and for an original story

75. British Naval Dude - July 23, 2010

Starry Trek 2 without Khan?!

Oh, waits, this be a new film they be makin’… How aboot’ a completely new threat? Not a madman blowin’ up earth… but somethin’ totally alien… a whole very different and strange world wit’ hidden peril… like “Tha’ Mote In God’s Eye.” But God needs Visine, not a starryship.

Screw that then. Let’s have some hungry, hungry tribbles threatenin’ tha’ ship fur’ two hours…
“No one will be seated during the exciting cooing scene.”

Uhhhhhhhh… bad idear mayhaps…
I’d pay good money if I’d just shut up.


76. Daniel - July 23, 2010

I think it might be interesting to have a situation where Khan is involved, but has to work with Kirk and co. to deal with an even greater enemy, perhaps a “planet killer.” In this timeline, maybe Kirk appeals to Khan’s vanity and convinces him to sacrifice himself bravely, as a tragic hero.

77. mscottr - July 23, 2010

Also, I would like to echo Oz’s wishlist at #55. I could not have said it better myself. I LOVE the idea of the jazzed-up classic climax serving as an opening scene.

I will add a couple of items I would also like to see:

– More strong, capable, intelligent female characters. You have Chapel, Rand, Carol Marcus, etc. to play with, even if you don’t invent one outright.

-Spock’s scanner hood on the bridge. It’s a trivial thing, but I’d love it.

-Camaraderie between characters — Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Enterprise, for instance.

78. Dr. JAK - July 23, 2010

“Q” can make a LOT of things happen, that’s all I’m saying…. complete with winks and nods to ALL the Trek eras. Have his ‘people’ threatened if the timeline is not changed….I always felt that the “Q” fit more in with the original spirit of Classic Trek than Next Gen…. Plus, Imagine who could play him??? Johnny Depp, or, dare I say it, William Shatner!!!!!

79. BigMac - July 23, 2010

I really like Ran’s (54) idea of starting the movie in the middle of an action climax. It would show us that these people have actually been out there for the three years since last we saw them. You could make it a reference to an old story so we geeks can get it while new folks can enjoy the action.

Also, I need to add my vote for the Trek Triad. It is Kirk, Spock, AND Bones.

Finally, let Pine have the opening/closing narration. He should have had it at the end of the last one.

80. sean - July 23, 2010

Oh, and I might be in the minority, but please don’t cave in and drop the Spock/Uhura romance. Develop it, provide them with some conflict, bring in T’Pring if you need to, but don’t just act like it never happened.

81. Jai - July 23, 2010

Bob Orci & Alex Kurtzman,

I’m obviously one of the people here who’d be happy to see Khan in one of the new Star Trek movies; there is ample scope to take the storyline in a very different direction compared to “Space Seed” and “The Wrath of Khan”, as a few other commenters here have also said. Needless to say, the casting will also be critically important.

I mentioned this on another thread a few days ago, but (in case you missed my comments there) if you do ultimately decide to include Khan in the next film or any of the later sequels, and you’re considering casting an Indian actor in the role, here’s some excellent video footage of Hrithik Roshan, the Indian superstar I’ve been suggesting. It’s from a major Indian movie awards ceremony a couple of weeks ago; Hrithik initially strides onto the stage in full-scale imperious Mughal emperor mode (he’s dressed as the real-life 16th century Emperor Akbar, due to his award-winning portrayal of him in the Indian epic “Jodhaa-Akbar” – his arrival on the stage is accompanied by background music from the same film), and he then does a choreographed “sword dancing” routine which is a modified version of a martial arts training scene from the movie.

After that, he changes his attire and performs some modern dancing from some of his contemporary movies, but (as I’ve said on the other thread), although he doesn’t speak in this particular clip, the first 3 minutes of the video will hopefully show you exactly what I mean when I say that Hrithik would be absolutely perfect for the role. Apparently he’s quite keen to star in Hollywood movies too, for the right role. Please take a look at this:


The film itself won numerous awards and was a very large-scale, opulent, lavish epic, which you can see from the full trailer (it includes English subtitles):


By the way, Hrithik is clean-shaven (or perhaps more accurately, usually “designer stubbled”) in real life, as per the first Youtube video above.

Beyond that, the casting is of course entirely at your discretion, and a few commenters here have offered several excellent alternatives.

82. A Kirk for the Rest of Us - July 23, 2010

This is original era Star Trek. IMHO Klingons or Khan over any other villains. Just make them super nasty.

83. Ran - July 23, 2010

@ 78

I wrote “less action”

84. Janson Tycho - July 23, 2010

ive gotta say, i wanna see more Bones/Spock/Kirk, but also, i would LOVE to see one of those small side conversations between Chekov and Sulu, like c’mon, let the little guys have the limelight, even for a moment

and im against Khan…sorry….its just, we’ve been there, done that, leave it for later, if at all…

and we need more Scotty, not like, overly funny, just, that Engineer we all love

plus, would it be too much to ask for maybe Janice Rand or Christine Chapel? cause they were rather central characters in alot of the episodes

85. BigMac - July 23, 2010

78 should have said I really like Oz’s idea (55).

86. Brian - July 23, 2010

I’d like to see the borg show up earlier in the timeline, attracted by the heightened level of technology that the Narada inspired. Just an idea :)

87. That One Guy - July 23, 2010

Klingons for XII.
Khan for XIII?

It’s too early in the new franchise for Khan. If you’re going to do Khan, you save the best for last. And even then, I’m iffy on the whole it at all. It may feel too much like “Oh…. him again…. another reboot, just wonderful.” We don’t need that.

Klingons for XII definitely, though. They’re easily recognized, beloved by all, and it would give me a reason to use tlhIngan Hol in public.

88. Horatio - July 23, 2010

More McCoy – YES

More Pike – BIG YES

Kirk’s love affair with the Enterprise – YES YES YES. Enterprise is a character just as much as Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Scotty/Uhura/Checkov/Sulu. It is not an appliance.

Khan? NO. But if they do buck what seems to be the collective wisdom of most of the fans and do go that route, they better do it in a fresh unexpedted way.

89. A Kirk for the Rest of Us - July 23, 2010

Not having Khan is like Batman not having Joker! There’s nothing wrong with classic villains. It just has to be done well and with an original take on things.

90. Startrekker - July 23, 2010

Pine to actually win a hand to hand combat scene
more Bones, Kirk and Spock
a meaningful compelling great story that was central to the core of TOS
No Khan
various TOS homages and classic phrases

that is my wishlist Hope you are Reading this Bob and Alex

91. The Chief Engineer - July 23, 2010

I just hope Bob and Alex justify Scotty being on the Enterprise. Let’s face it, at the moment he’s a stowaway who was never really cleared to leave his duty on the ice planet. I realise it’s now an alternate universe but I’m sure this Scotty still has what it takes to be 3rd in command… would love to see him in the big chair making decisive command decisions which initially leave his crew baffled but ultimately save the day. I think there’s a pretty good character journey for Mr. Scott which I know Simon Pegg could nail.

92. Luis - July 23, 2010

No Khan.

More Enterprise.

Yes Klingons

93. FarStrider - July 23, 2010

Dear Bob, Alex and Damon,

I know you are trying to be fan-friendly and all and I think fans really appreciated it , but, and this is going to sound a bit heretical, asking Star Trek fans for advice on the story is like asking the blind men to describe the elephant.

We have a bright, shiny new universe to play in. . . new directions to take the story and the characters. . . an opportunity for them to become a true ensemble instead of Kirk, Spock McCoy and “the rest”. . .

Use Khan only if he is necessary to the story you want to tell, use the Talosians only if they are necessary to the story you want to tell. . . shoehorning in references and catchphrases just for uberfans ultimately alienates those who just want a good story. . .

We know you can tell a good story. .. just do it. . .


94. Shannon Nutt - July 23, 2010

No Khan. The sequel seems the perfect opportunity to introduce the Klingons and Kirk’s long-seeded hatred of them. That’s where I’d go storywise.

95. siphunclekaiju54 - July 23, 2010


Take a break from that kind of villain, we just had Nero who was very similar. You don’t want it to turn into “vengeful supervillain of the week”.

96. siphunclekaiju54 - July 23, 2010

And I agree with everyone who is saying Klingons!

97. LordBridges - July 23, 2010

So if they have a story, but the question “Khan or not” is still open, then the villain is again of the generic and replaceable kind, and the story is again very generic?

98. British Naval Dude - July 23, 2010

Why not just do a re-do o’ Tha’ Wrath O’ Khannie?

Thar’ be no way ta’ use Khan which woulda’ not diminish his character from Starry Trek 2.


KIRK: This planet is a paradise! My pine is pleased at being present here.

MR. ROURKE: Welcome, my old friend, to Fantasy Planet! Where I will grant your fantasy and enable it to come to life.

KIRK: I’d like to try a purple woman.

MR. ROURKE: Indeed. (shoots Kirk with bazooka) Ah, Admiral Kirk was a great man… in another life. Oh, is it not funny how Soren succeeded me in the remake of this very television show? He actually killed Kirk and I grew more envious of Malcolm everyday, every hour… that is until this Pine poser came upon my remote planet.

CHARO: Cootchie! Cootchie!


99. LordBridges - July 23, 2010

“The sequel seems the perfect opportunity to introduce the Klingons and Kirk’s long-seeded hatred of them.”

Please don’t let us cartoonize Kirk’s hatred against Klingons. KIRK HATED THE KLINGONS IN ONLY ONE (!!!) MOVIE: UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. And why? Because they killed his son. There is NO NEED to have nuKirk hate Klingons.

100. FarStrider - July 23, 2010

@96 No, it means that Khan wouldn’t be the main focus of the story. . . maybe even just a passing reference. . . and no one has said anything about villains. . .hell, in this new universe, Khan may not be a villain at all. . .


101. lostrod - July 23, 2010


Glad you brought up the fact the whale probe from ST4 is still going to happen in the new timeline.

When that happens and the new alternate timeline crew goes back in time will they encounter the TOS prime crew? That past exists in both timelines, right?

102. larrywl - July 23, 2010

@97 – I can’t stop laughing!

103. Hugh Hoyland - July 23, 2010

I like Klingons to, and I trust that Bob and Alex could make them work well. But this is something that has me a little puzzled, some think Khan would be a rehash? You know that by the time Star Trek V came out even Gene R thought that they were being greatly over used in the movies.

There might be a way to incorporate them into the story on some level, but as the main antagonist I say no way.

104. Dr. Image - July 23, 2010

Here’s my vote: NO KHAN!!!

105. Starscream83 - July 23, 2010

Please no Khan! Make it an original story! There are endless possibilities in this new universe!

106. khawaja - July 23, 2010

At the screening of Star Trek 2, the genius Nicholas Meyer said ‘Art is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship’. So I’m surprised Orci is asking us.

But as he is… No Khan!

Khan was only brilliant because of the script for Star Trek 2. Orci & Co are talented enough to be able to come up with a genius villain that we’ll be talking about for years to come.

107. Alex - July 23, 2010

That’s right, the whale probe from ST IV is still out there, as well as V’GER. And also the Planet Killer and the Guardian (The City on the Edge of Forever). Kor, Koloth & Kang as well as one of the Dax-symbiont.

Also a sequel of a Star Trek: Enterprise Episode would be great.
Or maybe to show some planets we haven’t seen yet, for example, Tellar or Denobula. A small look on Starbase 47 / Vanguard.

Or what about Trelane / Q?

108. Chris Pike - July 23, 2010

If u give us a proper, sophisticated nice designed with a nod to MJ engineering set, please don’t even refer to an upgrade in the script as if it were there all along, as it was frankly an embarrasment…

109. Lore - July 23, 2010

I vote for a hint ot Khan coming at the end of this movie. It makes sense that Spock Prime would warn Starfleet about Khan’s existance. It also makes sense they would search for him.

110. JayB - July 23, 2010

My thought would be to bring back Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln…just because Gary Seven was a time traveler doesn’t mean there *has* to be time travel in the movie. I mean, c’mon they were originally thinking of using that episode as a pilot to a spin-off series in the sixties, so why not pick up on that and develop the characters more?

111. Lore - July 23, 2010

#54 In this age of internet, texting, email, everything is right now. Less action would lose the young audience in about 15 minutes. Then what, another reboot in ten years.

112. Simon - July 23, 2010

Yes to Khan.

But don’t listen to me or others here without a huge grain (or boulder) of salt. Most fans were against any of the changes brought on in the last film, especially the destruction of Vulcan or leaving out Shatner.

Go with your gut. If Khan is who you need to tell the best STORY possible then do it!

It’s your universe Bob, Alex, Damon and JJ. Make the rules as you see fit. I have a hard time believing people here would boycott the new film if it had Khan in it.

113. James - July 23, 2010

1. Please sort out engineering

2. Please bring back the classic red alert klaxon

3. Remember that Star Trek is just as much about the enterprise as it is her crew

4. Don’t introduce Khan just yet – focus on an entirely new foe (Klingon maybe?) make this enemy cruel with twisted humour – use the dark knight as a reference.

5. Need a massive space battle like nothing ever sen before on film, as someone else said we want to feel that these ships are fighting each other and not using each other as static target practice


114. SerenityActual - July 23, 2010

I’d like to see a new version of Kodos the Executioner or either a good Klingon story. No Khan please.

And replace engineering.

115. Vultan - July 23, 2010


I wouldn’t boycott the new film if it had Khan in it; I just wouldn’t pay to see it. Sure, it may be their universe now, but it’s still my money.

116. Dee - July 23, 2010

Yes or No for Khan?……they have a story already so ….

117. Scooter - July 23, 2010


New story line to go along with the new actors and timeline. Please don’t rehash something that’s been done twice already. Thank you.

P.S. No Shatner either.

118. Vultan - July 23, 2010


But I would watch the flick if it were on TV or playing at a friend’s house. I just don’t want to get Khanned at the box office.

119. spockatatic - July 23, 2010

i think khan was a great villain, but i don’t think they should stretch him any more than they already have. we’ve already seen and heard khan, and watched him die. he was great while he lasted.
but i do want to see more kirk-spock-bones. the thing that annoyed me in the last film was that it was all kirk-spock-uhura when uhura wasn’t even that big of a character. i also DO NOT WANT TO SEE more spock/uhura. i like them as mentor/student, but romance? and spock? when he’s in his own mind? no, that’s just wrong. i hate it.

120. John from Cincinnati - July 23, 2010

No Klingons,

they’re worse than Khan.

Let’s see something NEW and Klingons ain’t it.

Let’s see the expanse of the Federation, familiar and new colonies, the new Vulcan colonies, trade, new worlds, new civilizations and a new (or familiar threat)

The only death penalthy on the books, Talos IV.

121. Tony Hardy - July 23, 2010

If you want to put Khan in the picture then do something a little different with him. Ideas are cheap, so here’s a freebie for you:

Have the Klingons find the Botany Bay instead of the Enterprise. The Klingons (in their ignorance) think they have a bunch of weak humans and a priceless database of genetic engineering technology that they can exploit, but then Khan hands their a**es to them. He and his followers commandeer several Klingon D7s to take over the Federation, and guess who has to stop him?

Like I said, ideas are cheap. It could be a really fun movie though.

122. Gorn Captain - July 23, 2010

Here’s my pitch:

Relations between UFP and Klingons are tense, and Klingon outposts are being attacked by what the Klingons claim to be a federation vessel. It turns out that an experimental Constitution class ship (that could be a blend of JJprise and TOS ENT) lead by an admiral in secret is behind it. He is helped by a crew who believes the same thing as him…now is the time to strike the Klingon empire and defeat them, while their fleet is weakened (from Nero).
So Kirk and the crew pursue this mystery ship. They discover what it is, who the captain is (some respected Admiral), and that his first officer is a friend of Jim’s…Gary Mitchell. The Enterprise crew defeats this ship but the Klingons have already launched a massive counter attack. The Enterprise warps into the massive battle between a fleet of starfleet ships and klingon battlecruisers. The fleet is lead by Adm. Pike, and after the battle rages on for a little bit, Kirk and crew stop it by exposing what really happened to the Klingons.

123. Cathi - July 23, 2010

So, Not much to add, really.
-No khan because we did it already, you might redo it greatly, but Why not invent something new? Go boldly where no man has Föne before?
-more screen Time for Scotty and McCoy is Fine. I don’t reallyneed all that Action, i’m in for the characters. Love Some nice Kirk-Spock-McCoy triangle with difficult ethical questions. Ah and i don’t like that slapstick humour though i reckon you Need to put it in there for the Teens.
– i’d go for klingons. Maybe some Complex Story, something that Males you think. Maybe some nice strategic Space battles, idk

124. Sheldon Cooper - July 23, 2010

Khan as a peripheral character might work – find him and lock him up in that Federation penal colony in New Zealand so that he can break out for the 3rd movie.

Bring back Admiral Pike – there’s some real potential for conflict with his protege, JTK. Maybe Pike tries to get back command of the Enterprise, much like Prime Kirk did in “TMP”?

There’ve also gotta be a lot of ticked-off people in the rank and file that would love to see Captain Kirk fail… he’s in command of the Federation flagship, having never even been an ensign!

What is the state of the Federation after the destruction of Vulcan? Maybe xenophobia runs rampant, 9/11 style.

Did Prime Spock provide the Federation with knowledge of what’s out there, i.e. V’ger, the Borg, doomsday machines, First Federation, etc.? Did he provide advanced technology? Should he provide these things – would the Prime Directive apply to an alternate universe?

And, can we please get Lt. Kevin Riley to render “Kathleen”… one… more… time? :)

125. LordBridges - July 23, 2010

How about Kirk gets kidnapped this time, and Pike takes command?

126. mdbchud - July 23, 2010

Yes, I echo all the comments really. More of the Trio…the relationship of Kirk, Spock, AND McCoy is the heart of the original series….please make sure it is the heart of the new timeline.

Let’s move on to new adventures, no rehashing, unless it is on the periphery. I read a posting once that suggested that the “opening” section, like the Kelvin destruction scene, could be the end of a classic episode…say “Balance of Terror”…then spring board off to a new adventure. Gives the fans a hint that some adventures still happen….but it is a new world as well.

As far as Pike, I have no problem with a little mentoring….but Kirk should be on his own now. His “childhood” is over, time to be THE captain!!

127. LordBridges - July 23, 2010

You know, to repay the debt.

128. mdbchud - July 23, 2010

oh…and NO Khan. move on, no major rehashing.

129. P Technobabble - July 23, 2010

I really think if Khan is done in the next film, many of the people calling for his return will be the first one’s complaining, “They didn’t do Khan right!” Thanks in part to Montalban’s performance in both “Space Seed,” and TWOK, we already have a pretty good image burned into our memories about who Khan is, what he’s all about, and what sort of villain he is. Thus, bringing Khan to the big screen again, there’s a tremendous risk that he will not fit into the preconceptions we already have about him.
To validate my position, I point to the fact that some people have already complained that Kirk wasn’t done right, Spock wasn’t done right, Scotty wasn’t done right… must I continue? Why keep calling for Khan when there’s a pretty good chance you won’t like how he winds up being portrayed?
Of course, I still think all this Khan stuff is overblown. I’m betting that Khan will not appear in the next film because A) there’s a whole new Star Trek to develop; and B) he’s not needed. I totally agree with those who feel Orci & Kurtzman are clever enough to come up with something completely original and worthy.
As for Khan… let sleeping dogs lie…
My secret wish list is for a great big, deep space, boldly going adventure, to see things we’ve never seen before… Meanwhile, I wait impatiently…

130. et - July 23, 2010

Please, no Khan!


Make your own, brand-new legend. Don’t try to re-create one from the past. They never live up.

131. Balok - July 23, 2010

not another flippin’ Kahn thread. The fan’s have already spoken, he’s out…

132. Rashomon, or any other Pokemon - July 23, 2010

things I’d like to see in star trek XII:

– an andorian renegade captain/admiral
– carol marcus, possibly tragically dying
– a very important plot that is tied to sulu or checkov
– lt. kevin riley

133. Anthony Thompson - July 23, 2010

I like what I heard from Bob. Though count me as puzzled that he’s still soliciting opinions on Khan when the story is already well underway. Perhaps he’s leaning towards setting up a Khan story at the end of ST2 for the third film? That might be alright but let’s have ST2 be a completely original story. Please.

134. Alex - July 23, 2010

Gary Seven is not a bad idea. Or what about Flint from “Requiem for Methuselah”, the Fabrini from “For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky”? I also would like to see other charakters we know, like Guinan. Or things, like the mathematical problem: xn + yn = zn (n>2), Horga’hn, a starfleet museum with the NX-01, etc. …

What about the Gorn as enemies … the battle of Cestus III?

The Mirror Universe … but maybe to early.

The Tholians?

Will Spock inform Starfleet & the Federation of the future?
Why not? It is an alternate time-line … he could save million of lifes.

135. Alex - July 23, 2010


a new MAIN ENGINEERING with only ONE Warp Core!!!

thank you

136. Rashomon, or any other Pokemon - July 23, 2010

am I the only one who LOVED the new engineering?

just wondering

137. RetroWarbird - July 23, 2010

No Khan, gents.

I actually agree with Shatner – Khan is a well that’s been visited twice already, and there’s a whole universe of “new ideas” to be tapped.

Of course, I realize the argument could be made about Klingons as well … but I’ll admit I want Klingons, badly. In some sort of hybrid between their design sensibilities in TOS, and their ridged, warrior caste nature in TNG.

Let’s have a whole damn council of Klingon captains meeting in some vaulted chamber … with cameos from Kang, Kor, Koloth, and hell, even dishonorable scum like Kruge and Chang!

138. RetroWarbird - July 23, 2010

136 –

I like the “style” of the New Engineering. Pipes, very industrial feeling, some big tanks that could house all sorts of chemicals, air filtration/sewage/running water and the rest.

I hated how obvious it was that it was a brewery, that it didn’t feel like it could be housed inside the engineering hull, which is tube-shaped and round on the outside. And in that one scene where Kirk, tongue-tied, tries talking to Uhura in the Communications Area … it seemed scarily obvious they were just standing between stainless steel tanks. Why would sensor equipment for communication (presumably located behind the forward deflector dish in the “neck” somewhere), have old pneumatic valves clearly visible in between them?

So if they retrofit their very industrial feeling into a set that actually feels like it would fit I’d accept it.

139. 1701A2E - July 23, 2010

No need for Khan please. How about more Zoe Saldana since she’s very popular now and can attract more fans? How about fleet battle, and other captains die and Uhura / Spock assume command of those ships and coordinate attack? Imagine Uhura gets to be captain? some more no-win scenarios involve the love triangle that’s Uhura-Spock-Kirk during major battle or ethical dilemas that bring audience to it’s knees with tears? Bones is best in advisory role to Kirk or sooth relationship with Spock.. Pike would be awesome…

140. BringBackTheShat - July 23, 2010

How about Khan AND Klingons?

141. bgiles73 - July 23, 2010

Combine the stories from “Space Seed” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Just this time, Kirk needs Khan’s help to take out an omnipotent Gary Mitchell!

142. Viking - July 23, 2010

Anthony, it sounds like Bob needs a fresh ‘Khan’ poll put up around here. I know, they’re becoming a bit redundant; I know there’s been at least one before. But these guys have a story now, and it looks like they’re gearing up for the next phase, so time may be getting short for everyone to put one more collective hand on the tiller and guide the boat’s course a little, whether pro or con……..um,…….Khan.

And remember, kids: vote early, and vote often. LOL

143. TOY - July 23, 2010

It must be quite something to be fleshing out a new script for Star Trek after the first of the new team getting off to a solid start. The good thing is they can take it to places we’ve not yet tread, which off course one would think the reason behind the way this timeline story developed so with Vulcan being destroyed gave the outlook of not being predictable. Its good they say they are noting what the fans say and Bobs been on this site we know. Brave thing to do I think as forums can have some great debates and some pretty cruel remarks so kudos for that. The Khan character must be very tempting though in some form, probably the most notable adversary ever! I bet they would like to rise to that challenge and would appreciate the fans concerns not to have this icon tarnished. Hmm if I were in their shoes though I probably couldn’t resist, because if they managed to land it right even in some way to do Khan justice would be a great challenge indeed. Who knows in the new timeline Khan may end up saving the day. Maybe a spoiler right there lol

144. lawmanjcl - July 23, 2010

Kor, not Khan. Or, perhaps the better episode to emulate would be “Errand of Mercy”, not “Space Seed”. I’m not suggesting a remake, but in my humble opinion, Gene Coon hit the proverbial nail on the head on everything that is entertaining and thought-provoking in “Star Trek” when he wrote “Errand of Mercy”. For example: (i) the Klingons, (ii) an antagonist in Kor who was more than just a cliched, mustachioed-twirling 1960’s TV show villain, and who was not killed off in the last act; (iii) the Organians, who gave both Kirk and Kor a galactic helping of humble pie without violence; (iv) great Kirk-Spock “moments”, including the running gag of beating the odds; (v) massing of the two fleets — the Federation and the Klingon Empire — albeit unseen until CBS Digital created brief glimpses: (vi) last but not least, the memorable Dickensian title. If only the episode somehow, someway, had included Dr. McCoy.

145. BRT - July 23, 2010

No Khan. Be original with ideas.

146. Rashomon, or any other Pokemon - July 23, 2010

nice idea, but I would leave the Organians out. Let Kor and Kirk battle about some other planet…
maybe use the Gaia theory and use a sentinent planet as an antagonist to both Kor and Kirk

147. Jerry - July 23, 2010

Please no Khan – new stuff!

148. Thorny - July 23, 2010

Does anyone else see a bit of an incongruity between “we have a story we like” and “we’ll listen to the fans about Khan”. How can they have a story they like if they don’t already know who/what the villain is or if there is even a villain? If they have a cookie-cutter “insert villain here” script, then I’m again worried about this movie.

Anyway, I vote no Khan except for the final scene of the movie where we see the Enterprise change course to investigate a derelict ship named Botany Bay. Let this second movie establish the new cast, hold off on the movie-dominating Khan until Trek 2014.

149. Miles R. Seppelt - July 23, 2010

No Kahn.

BUT, how ’bout the Enterprise gets hi-jacked or something; as they are cruising through space they come across Kahn’s DY-100 sleeper ship, and the hi-jackers promptly blast it into oblivian!

So you have Kahn, but no Kahn…


150. Chingatchkook - July 23, 2010

Put Khan in. Or don’t. Whatever works for your story; in O & K I trust. You guys hit the ball out of the park the first time. Whatever you do with Khan (or without), I have complete faith that you guys will write another fantastic story.

151. JessIAm - July 23, 2010

Um, log in to where to talk about Khan?

I would really be disappointed with the new Trek if it just became a representation of the original stories.

I’m also hoping the “Save the Universe” trope is avoided. The new Enterprise crew are all competent newbies. I want to see them fail and learn like all of us do.

152. LordBridges - July 23, 2010

“148. Thorny – July 23, 2010
Does anyone else see a bit of an incongruity between “we have a story we like” and “we’ll listen to the fans about Khan”. How can they have a story they like if they don’t already know who/what the villain is or if there is even a villain? If they have a cookie-cutter “insert villain here” script, then I’m again worried about this movie.”

Exactly, I asked myself that before.

153. John in Canada, eh? - July 23, 2010

Khan: Kan’t.

154. Dr. Cheis - July 23, 2010

I’d rather see Picard than Khan.

155. Driver - July 23, 2010

NO KHAN. Please. Thanks. Evil Klingons. Yes. Over.

156. nonymoose - July 23, 2010

As long as they continue on from the previous film… I would like to see the repercussions from the Nero incident, how it affects diplomatic relations between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, the surviving Vulcans establishing a new home, things like that.

I do not want Khan. I think they *could* do a good job with a Khan storyline, but they’ll never escape the comparisons with STII, and shouldn’t they be making this new parallel Trek reality their own rather than resorting to rebooting everything? Change it up, dudes. :-D

157. Vultan - July 23, 2010

It’s Khan. K–H–A–N.

Kahn is Hank Hill’s annoying neighbor.

158. weyoun_9 - July 23, 2010

@86 – Have you read the “Countdown” comic that preceded the film? The Narada, supposedly, incorporated Borg technology when the Romulans developed it. Not that anyone would know that from the film.

159. Oh No, Odo - July 23, 2010

No Khan please.

Find a way to bring back planet Vulcan and make the phasers shoot beams again and you’ve got me on board.

160. Shaun - July 23, 2010

# 10 – “I vote to tease the appearance of Khan in the last act of this film, for the next. Take our characters on a big, emotional, and entertaining ride worthy of a motion picture and Bob, you will continue to do the Trek franchise proud. Thanks again for your dedication, I know it isn’t easy and you don’t take it lightly.”

i actually think this is a smart way to introduce khan and his “super men”. i would like to see the new movie feature a story in the vein of clarke’s “rendezvous with rama” – a more cerebral exploration story that could set up an ideological (and action-packed) confrontation with khan in the third film.

161. Vultan - July 23, 2010

#148 & #152

“If they have a cookie-cutter “insert villain here” script, then I’m again worried about this movie.”

A cookie-cutter story from these guys! Ah, get out of here! They’d have to have written some questionable scripts in the past for you to make such an accusat… uh, wait a second.

162. Thorny - July 23, 2010

159… I’m 100% with you about the real phaser beams. Mean looking Wrath of Khan-type phasers, too, not those wimpy little shots in Trek 2009. Even Archer’s pathetic Enterprise had meaner looking “phasers” (whatever their name) than that.

The phasers and the Budweiser Engineering set were the worst things about Trek 2009, to me.

163. NSM - July 23, 2010

No Khan, please!

164. captain_neill - July 23, 2010

Hope to God they listen to the fans who don’t want Khan.
They created a parallel universe, I hate for them to be lazy and redo Khan.

I secretly hope they can return to the prime universe at some point but guess that be wishful thinking.

165. Mr. Film - July 23, 2010

How about have “Q” in this movie but instead of having John DeLancie play “Q” have someone like Tom Hanks. Hanks says he is a big Star Trek fan and he is a big draw overseas. Isn’t that where this last Star Trek movie was a disappointment. Also, he is a big name that can also draw in the non trek fans. I’ve always thought “Q” was a great bad guy when they first introduced him on Next Generation but that was before the made him more tame in the later years of Trek.

166. Larry - July 23, 2010

No Khan!!!! The next film should have repercussions from the last film. The Narada was a Romulan ship with Borg technology. When the Klingons captured Nero, both him and the ship was a “prize” for the Klingons. There was technology on that ship that the Klingons never saw before and it would help them to reverse engineer the ship to use these technologies on their ships. Nero escaped and took the ship. The Klingons went looking for Nero. They found him at the time they had the final battle with Kirk and company. They seen the ship get destroyed. The Klingons hold the Enterprise and the Federation responsible for destroying their prize. So this starts a battle between the Federation and the Klingons. Then Kirk and crew saves the day at the end. Oh and did I say: “No Khan!”

167. Will_H - July 23, 2010

Glad to hear they’re willing to listen to us fans. Last time they did a poll here it seemed that there was a clear no Khan majority that I hope exists because I think putting Khan as the villain of the next movie would be a huge mistake.

168. Green-Blooded-Bastard - July 23, 2010

No Khan, no thanks. Something new and exciting, not repeated. I’m sure there are plenty of stories that could be told with him as the antagonist (or even protagonist), but this is a new Trek, a “new” and inexperienced crew just discovering who each other are, and a whole lot of space to explore. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kirk’s first encounter with Klingons and why he hates them so much, David Marcus aside. I would love to see Klingons as not just the “space bad guys” but their culture and home world explored.

169. Green-Blooded-Bastard - July 23, 2010

Matter of fact, if some folks are so insistent on seeing Khan in the sequel, he could be mentioned as part of the program that developed him. A cameo, if you will.

170. captain_neill - July 23, 2010


Thats good if they listen to us we wont ave a redo of Khan

Khan is a favourite but there si so much more to Trek than Khan.

If they did Khan I would consider them very lazy.

171. RetroWarbird - July 23, 2010

I seem to recall hearing William Campbell say that they’d originally intended for Koloth to be the “Kirk of the Klingon Empire”, every bit Kirk’s equal – slick, suave and efficient. A Captain who learns new things, but can fall back on his old skills. And somebody perfect for Kirk to butt heads with in possible future appearances.

Why not, right?

172. philpot - July 23, 2010

random stuff id like to see:

-Khan as the MAIN villain (or even cameoing for use in 3)

-Reliant and Excelsior….

-Klingon BOPs…been absent for the past 4 movies now…there was a time where it was in every movie…

-mushroom spacedock – maybe Starfleet can start building the Trek III spacedock like in the last Ships of the Line calender (K7 re-imagined was fine but I like the mushroom space dock)

173. BringBackTrek - July 23, 2010

Today’s my birthday so I’ll go for it:

How about an encounter with the mirror universe? The use of red matter has created portals into alternate universes so we see Shatner back as mirror Kirk prime. He has finally tracked down a sleeper ship of benevolent scientists/leaders who had escaped earth during the darkest days of WWIII but hoped to return and rebuild the planet. Both ships are intercepted by the new timeline’s crew. Shatner’s evil Kirk gets to chew the scenery arguing with the gentlemanly Khan after Pine’s Kirk invites both to a meeting in the briefing room. Pine’s Kirk is at times amused and appalled at what he sees, recognizing certain aspects of himself within mirror Kirk prime. He wonders what non-mirror Kirk prime would be like…

Ok, how about at least a major refit of engineering and the ship’s exterior? Please?

174. JKP - July 23, 2010

– more Bones
– more PIke

– Khan
– more of the “family”

Uhura, Sulu and Chekov were minor supporting characters. Leave them that way. Less screen time. More Scotty is OK.

175. tman - July 23, 2010

It’s really in being true to the characters when the story needs them on screen that they best stay faithful to the fan base.

2-2.5 hours is not a lot of time so I am very hopeful they do not work too hard to give Scotty more screen time or Sulu, Checkov, etc. I think the triumvirate in TOS helped the TOS movies.

I think they also had as much comedy as an audience can take last time around and they need to have some in the sequel but should work toward a more serious tone with a sense of danger in this film if they want something that will last the test of time.

Personally I’d love to see them take an away team to hell and back while maintaining their humanity.

176. rtrj - July 23, 2010

Please NO Khan but more Bones, Spock and new excitement.

177. Nomad - July 23, 2010

No Khan please. As The Shat Himself says, there’s too much imagination out there to go back to a well that’s been visited twice already.
And no soap-operas about the characters either. Go back to what it says on the tin. Explore strange new worlds. Go to a new planet with new aliens that aren’t just forehead-lumps-of-the-week but really alien both in the way the look and the way they THINK.
Make them just so darn alien we don’t know what to make of them but we have to find a way to communicate or, I dunno, the galaxy will shrivel up.
And when did we last see an alien planet in the cinema that really looked like an alien planet, and not just Earth with pink sky or something? There’s a design challenge.
In short, do this:
1. Explore strange new worlds
2. Seek out new life etc
3. Boldly etc.
Live up to that intro – just this once!

178. Eye of the Great Bird - July 23, 2010

To those who may be concerned:
Introducing the ‘Eugenics Wars’ and how they came to be. Perhaps a widespread dilema thats occuring throughout the federation. Perhaps the threat from the Klingon Empire. Some on the Federation council may feel the need to genetically engineer an army to face the Klingon threat.
I believe Khan should be, at least, introduced so that he can appear sometime in a future film.

179. somethoughts - July 23, 2010

Khan can be easter egg like the tribble on scottys desk. Khan does mean more screentime for bones. I dont want to see botany bay at end of film because i cant wait another 3yrs for khan.

Khan will work, choice is yours.

180. Trekker1701 - July 23, 2010

Re: #144 lawmanjcl

Great comment.

Let’s remember the guiding philosophy and creativity of Gene Roddenbury and Gene Coon!

The best Trek adventures are those that have strong stories that are thought-provoking and ask us to think about new ideas and the human condition.

181. moauvian waoul - July 23, 2010

No khan
action okay, but heavy on the suspence
allude to events of first movie to add weight to both movies but give us something new as main plot
maybe some backlash about promotions
allow audience to invest emotionally in characters and events
show us the beginning of 5 year mission
no need to jump ahead; what’s the rush?
more constitution-class ships and captains (cameos?)
space should be a scary place
another great opening scene

182. the Quickening - July 23, 2010

Directions for the next film:

• No Khan… for obvious reasons.

• No Shatner, as this would be just plain silly.

• No Pike. He’s done his bit, now, let’s move on.

• No Kirk-Spock-McCoy triangle, since: 1) this triangle didn’t really start ’til mid-season two of TOS saga, and early episodes worked just as well without it. Also, it fragments the team and only came about ’cause Roddenberry started taking himself and TREK way too serious; 2) it comes off as too racially and gender exclusive, especially if this is suppose to be the future. Instead, focus on the entire team. That seems much more contemporary and realistic seeing that this is suppose to be the future.

• A whole lot more females in major roles. The last film seemed so off balanced with only one female character among the major players.

• Better writing. Please. No more wild coincidence. The last film had so many of them they took me out of the story.

183. Trekker1701 - July 23, 2010

Here are a three important things that should NOT be in the new film:

1) Khan — too early and was done very well in ST II TWOK and in Space Seed

2) Killing a major character — this is trite at this point. It has been done numerous times in the films, rarely in the TV series.

3) Destroying the Enterprise — again it has been done more than once. The Enterprise is a CHARACTER that should be protected.

184. Trekker1701 - July 23, 2010

Make it socially releveant!

America and the world are in very difficult and uncertain times.

Let us know that we are going to make it.\

Modern not post-modern.

Gene Roddenberry knew what he was doing!

185. The Riddler - July 23, 2010

You will listen? Ok don’t reboot th….. oh too late.

Ok, Khan, Bones, more ship battles. Darker.

186. njdss4 - July 23, 2010

I would suggest to have a character reminiscent of Edith Keeler in the next movie. Someone who Kirk falls deeply in love with, but ends up dying. It could be that point where we see Kirk give up on ever settling down, and realizing that the Enterprise is his life. It would be poignantly tragic.

Also, please have an original villain, or a villain that never got the attention it deserved. No Khan, no Borg. Mirror Universe would be very tough to pull off well, and I feel that this new timeline hasn’t been explored enough to want to go to another one already.

Can we get some Andorians in the next movie? I can’t remember seeing one in the first movie, and they’re one of the coolest races in Trek, plus a founding member of the Federation.

187. Anthony Thompson - July 23, 2010

148 and 152.

I already addressed that discrepency in 133. And put forward a theory to explain it.

188. Just another German Trekker - July 23, 2010

1. Purrrleeeeeeeze no more Khan!

2. I’d really love to see another REAL science fiction story!
You know… some story that could only work in Space AND in the future… in my opinion Trek’s strongest stories were based around the basic plot that humanity has to deal with something totally unknown – “Devil In Dark” was one of those Episodes. There were some great Episodes in which the central story element was that the crew had to try to UNDERSTAND something they hadn’t yet encountered. Even TMP had quite a strong idea behind it although the execution was somewhat lacklustre…

3. Sci Fi: Hell yeah! Time travel: Oh no!

The first “new Trek” movie saved the franchise – the second one could have enough potential to save the whole genre!

189. Anthony Thompson - July 23, 2010



190. Ironhyde - July 23, 2010

Oh, I posted this in the Shatner Weighs In column… but if Orci and Kurtzmen are looking for fan input, I want to repost here…

Khan was a way of discussing an important issue — namely genetics (a big part of Nazi ideology which was central to the largest war the world had EVER seen). If you aren’t going to talk about the issues that Khan was created to address, then you have no place putting him in. It’s a mistake. Star Trek is about ideas. If you don’t have the idea, you leave the personification of that idea OUT.

This is where we lost focus on the Borg in Voyager — people started forgetting what the Borg were about, what they represent, what part of the human condition and the global order they address. When you lose the backbone in a character or race, the race becomes drowned in make-believe mythologies that mean nothing. The best sci-fi is about me. It’s about you. It’s about Orci and Kurtzman and JJ Abrams…

:) Thanks for listening.

191. ety3 - July 23, 2010

No Khan, please.

I reiterate my desire for something with Klingons and dealing with the Prime Directive.

192. Khan was Framed! - July 23, 2010

In this next movie, we should see the growth of these relationships & how they pose challenges:

Can you have a friendship or love affair with someone & be an effective leader to them as well?

& which do you choose over the other if not?

Can Bones take orders from his friend?

Can Spock give orders to his girlfriend?

How does this work when those orders are questionable?

Who do you turn to when the relationships break down?

There’s a lot of meat there for good storytelling, especially when these questions arise during a crisis.

As for Pike, I sincerely hope if he’s in it, that we see him in a more advanced state of decay; as though the damage from those slugs is degenerative.
By part three, put him in the full support chair, only able to flash lights to respond.

Lots of talk over a bad guy & I still think it should be a social metaphor involving a misunderstanding between Harry Mudd & Kor that leads Starfleet & the Klingons to the brink of war.

193. Mel - July 23, 2010


Please don’t rehash KHAN!!!

There was last year a poll about Khan on TrekMovie:


Khan in Star Trek sequel?

* Yes, he is the superior villain (6%)
* Maybe, but with a different spin (25%)
* No, been there, done that (twice) (69%)

Total Votes: 780

Start Date: November 3, 2009 @ 7:32 pm
End Date: No Expiry


I really like to vote in a current poll with ideally only two choices:

Khan in Star Trek sequel?

– Yes
– No

194. Victor Hugo - July 23, 2010

No Khan.

Let the Enterprise be like some Noah´s Ark saving some weird animals in some alien planet which´s about to explode. That´s for the first 20 minutes of the movie.

Then some background info about vulcan refugees…

Then some big storm in space leaving the Enterprise in a “Disaster” situation.

Then they save some aliens, whose planetary battery was stolen by the klingons.

Big battle in the middle of twin suns, and BOOM!

(plays Star Trek´s orchestra)

195. Ceti Alpha 5 - July 23, 2010

If it’s Klingons then use Kor:
minus the omnipotent beings that magically fix everything.

Or if you could use the Gorn, they never had real significant role during the series.

I’d save Khan for the third movie, seeing how in most cases it would probably be the final movie, might as well go out with a bang.

196. Xai - July 23, 2010

To the Supreme Court,
Dear Sirs,
No Khan please.
Well, just a little, maybe.. I can envision a scene, possibly near the beginning, where Spock is dictating a personal log.
” After a long period of silence, my elder self has sent me a message regarding his continuing work on the new Vulcan colony and other news that I find cryptic and slightly disturbing. Included in the vast array of detail and scientific study of our new home system, he gives a brief overview of another research project he conducted that concluded with a deep space rendezvous with a “sleeper ship” that was launched from Earth in the late 20th century. I assume his research is incomplete due to the fact he included no mention of a crew, alive or otherwise, just references to the Eugenic Wars of Earth and a mention of a human by the name of Khan Noonian Singh.. The lack of data from him is concerning and I will need to ask him of the detailed meaning of his farewell.
“The way is now clear, you will live long and prosper”.

Ok, it’s fanboyish, but a way to get Khan and old Spock in, without making them more than a footnote. It reminds us that elements of old adversaries are out there, but this universe is not in lock-step with the Prime Universe. Anything can happen.

197. Mel - July 23, 2010

I like to see in the sequel:

– more Kirk/Spock/McCoy triumvirate
– more McCoy
– a breakup of Spock/Uhura relationship
– Pike
– Gorn
– Horta
– Keenser

198. The Red Shirt Diaries - July 23, 2010

Pleeeezzzeee Mr. Orci! I know you’ve heard it ad nauseum but for the heart and soul of this franchise. and for us fans who are responsible for keepingTtrek alive in the darkest of times, Shatner and Nimoy together again for at least one last scene!!!

As much as this is the “new beginning” for TOS trek, it may be literally the last chance to honor the two men who are at the heart of this phenomenon.

They are both nearly 80 and as vibrant as they both are in the later stages of their respective lives, this may be your last chance!

Watch ST 2,3,4, and 6 again before you make the decision not to at least give them one more last scene, one more last hurrah.

If you do not, you will surely regret it when the first of these icons inevitably passes.

Plus the emotions and potential audience reaction would potentially put this film at the zenith of the entire franchise.

Please Bob. You are the one true fan in the “Supreme Court” that knows it is the right thing to do.

Make it so.

199. New Horizon - July 23, 2010

Please. No Khan.

It feels like remakes are all anyone wants to do anymore.

There was a time when Star Trek strove to be original, but now all anyone seems to want to do is have it repeat itself.

We have two great encounters with Khan. Lets find something new to explore. It’s a big universe. I want to feel wonder and excitement again when I watch Star Trek. I want to feel like I’m discovering strange and new with this crew. Lets go there together huh?

200. larrywl - July 23, 2010

The timeline has changed – space is vast, and the Enterprise crew has already been going places different than the prime universe. I had to really stretch my acceptance of the new Trek universe, and it would be far too gratuitous (in my opinion!) to believe that the Enterprise would be in the same place at the same time in the new universe as it was in the prime universe when they discovered the Botany Bay. I say let Khan and crew slip past the boundaries of the Federation and move forward with new stories as suggested above.

Thanks for hearing an old Trekker out!

201. fizzben - July 23, 2010

Although Khan is Kirks ultimate nemesis and I’d love to see them battle again I’d have to agree with the majority and say leave it alone. Ricardo Montalban owned that part and it would be so difficult for anyone to fill those shoes. The Star Trek universe is so vast with so many characters it shouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable villian. Kane or Kor come to mind or perhaps a lesser character that happened to come to power is this alternate universe.

202. Cygnus-X1 - July 23, 2010

Khan?!? Why would they put Khan in this movie?!????

I never suggest plot points or story ideas to Orci, because that’s his job and what he’s good at, but I have to say that the idea of putting Khan in this movie is just bizarre. Firstly, the chances of any actor playing Khan in such a way that is not shamefully disappointing vis-à-vis the performance of the late, great Ricardo Montalban (R.I.P.) are slim to none.

Secondly, Khan was pretty thoroughly experienced in TWOK. I mean, I could understand if this was 1981 and Khan was still just an intriguing character from TOS that was still not fully explored, but we’ve really been there, done that, got the t-shirt and worn it until it’s disintegrated. Khan has become a classic film villain, an archetype, even. You don’t just revisit the character for sh*ts and giggles at this point.

And, finally, rehashing an old character is something that I would expect to be left for when the writers are out of ideas. But, this is only the second film of the new series for crissakes. I mean, the whole point of this reboot was to rejuvenate Star Trek and make it fresh, and now there’s talk of rehashing a bad guy from a previous movie? I’ve seen some bad ideas being thrown around this place, but whoever has been pushing for Khan to be in the next film really needs to just leave the writing to the writers kthanks.

203. VOODOO - July 23, 2010

– No Khan

– No love triangle between Spock, Uhura and Kirk…I’d hate to see them go down that road.

– More Leonard McCoy

– Big name star to bring ST to a bigger worldwide audience…I want ST 2/12 to do for Star Trek what the Dark Knight did for Batman.

– Kill off one of the regular crew, but not one of the big three. With Uhura being one of the big stars of the first film I doubt it would be her. I’d kill off Sulu or Checkov to show just how dangerous this alt universe is…That said I suspect they will kill off Uhura in the third film because her contract will be up and she will want big money considering how quickly she is becoming a big star.

– A new opening weekend. The competition is going to be stiff where the film is slotted right now… I don’t want to get lost in a sea of blockbusters.

– An answer to what Spock Prime is doing.

– I would like to see a “weird” element thrown into the mix. The original series was pretty good at doing this.

– I’d like to see Kirk mature into the role of Captain and away from the arrogant cadet he was in the first film.

– One final scene with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as Kirk and Spock that allows their characters to walk off into the sunset…As it stands now Kirk died by falling off a bridge and Spock is stranded in an alt universe…Give these characters a happy ending…It would bring down the house.

– Make it as great as the first film… You guys saved Star Trek. Lets keep the good times rolling : )

204. Cygnus-X1 - July 23, 2010

As an aside—and I acknowledge that I appear to be in the minority with this opinion—I really don’t understand the wide appeal of Karl Urban’s performance in the film.

I really wanted to like it, because I like Karl Urban generally, but his performance seemed stilted and awkward to me. The bits that were ostensibly comic relief didn’t make me laugh at all, not even snicker once. And his performance in general honestly just didn’t ring true: I could see that he was acting. It felt very unnatural to me. I wasn’t watching an idiosyncratic throw-back medical doctor; I was watching a man trying to act like one. In fact, I felt so badly after the film that Karl Urban had done such a poor job that I kept my mouth shut because I really felt bad for the guy. But now that I see that so many people appreciated his performance, I am free to express my honest opinion: Karl Urban needs to prepare more for that role. He needs to get to the point where the character’s behavior has become intuitive to him, because in the first film he really seemed to be struggling with it, and the accent was a big part of the problem.

Pike, on the other hand, was good. No complaints about Bruce Greenwood.

205. Dennis Bailey - July 23, 2010


206. Dennis Bailey - July 23, 2010

“In fact, I felt so badly after the film that Karl Urban had done such a poor job that I kept my mouth shut because I really felt bad for the guy.”

You speak as if Urban might actually become aware of your opinion, somehow, and that it might matter personally. You shouldn’t worry.

Urban was fine, anyway.

207. Trekker1701 - July 23, 2010

When you gentlemen finish the next Trek movie, which I’m sure you will make a great success, I hope you will push for a new Trek TV series.

Trek was made for television and the supreme court could make a series for the history books.

208. Red Dead Ryan - July 23, 2010

Here’s what I want in the sequel

-Khan. I’m sure Bob and Alex can do the character justice in a way that doesn’t rehash Ricardo Montalban’s performance but respects and pays tribute to it. If they don’t do Khan, no big deal.

-I mentioned them earlier but I’ll repeat it anyway: Gorn, Tholians and Andorians. Maybe Tellerites too.

-No Harry Mudd

-A real engineering. Something that doesn’t take the audience out of the movie like the brewery did last time.

-Klingons. In particular Kor, Kang and Koloth.

-Other Federation starships. Let’s see some more Constitution-class ships like the Defiant, Hood, Excalibur etc. Also a couple of NX class ships as well as the Daedulus type.

-Definitely more McCoy as part of a greater triumverate between him, Kirk and Spock.

-A more serious Scotty.

-Exploration of an area of space featuring anomalies, strange life-forms, dangerous adversaries and wonderous treasures.

-The Enterprise get pounded in battle, with phaser burns and torpedo holes to show for it.

-Nurse Chapel and Janice Rand.

Well, I guess that is enough for now since there is no way all these things can be incorporated into a two hour movie. It is my wish list.

209. Harry Ballz - July 23, 2010


210. Admiral Waugh - July 23, 2010

What I would like is…

1. Fidelity to the idea that it is the chemistry of the cast that keeps people coming back first and foremost BUT…

2. …the triumvirate of Kirk, Spock, McCoy that really keeps it kicking. We need to see these three grow together if it’s going to work. Even in season 3, which is generally written off even and perhaps especially by fans, their interactions works as the anchor. (The corollary to this is that the others are peripheral characters: sorry, but that’s the way Star Trek works best. You can’t cram major stories for all 7 into the movie effectively. Still… more Scotty and Uhura here the better.)

3. Beauty shots of the Enterprise

4. A story that doesn’t preach.

5. A story that deals with human nature and the messy meanings that come from it; paradoxes, those may be the most relevant meanings to us today.

211. jesustrek - July 23, 2010

More Science and teories TREKKIE please and resolusion of STXI,,,XII and XIII,,,pon a trabajar bien tus neuronas Orci Cabron ;)


212. JimJ - July 23, 2010

No Khan, more Pike & McCoy. More TOS theme, but keep the new “Enterprise” theme (Enterprising Young Men). The big 3 need to play off of each other more. Possibly more Sarek; it might be cool for Pike to be Kirk’s father figure and for Spock to have Sarek as a father figure in a way he never did until quite later in the prime universe.

213. DeShon Steinblatt - July 23, 2010

As long as it’s not Klingons or the Borg. Talk about overused.

214. Christine - July 23, 2010


THINK ABOUT IT. They’re like the perfect 21st-century villian.. group.. thing. It would be fabulous. And since it IS a new timeline, who’s to say that that wonderful little wormhole won’t be discovered sooner than later?

Or that the Dominion doesn’t find the Federation before Sisko’s time?

I’m really open to anything. Except Khan. But Klingons are okay, maybe as a sub-plot.. I guess…

215. Ensign Red Shirt - July 23, 2010

Tnank you for askng for our opinion! it’s great to feel included!

I know that by mentioning Khan, you get some free press, and free press helps the entire Star Trek franchise, so keep doing what’s best.

However, as far as the actual decision, I’m also one of those who wants something completely new.

Not the Klingons, not the Borg, not anyone we’ve seen before. Give us a brand new Star Trek adventure. You know you can do it!

Peace and long life, and thanks again for the great job in Star Trek 2009!

216. joey a. - July 23, 2010

Yeah, no Khan. Well, Chaka Khan, okay. But not Khan Singh. Too much recycling is kinda Pink Panther.

217. Buzz Cagney - July 23, 2010

213 definitely ditto.

I bet you wish you hadn’t asked now, Bob! lol
But it seems the over-riding feeling is No to Khan. A reasonably certain No to Klingons.
But a definite yes to Something New. Mostly a new Engineering set.

218. David C. Roberson - July 23, 2010


You guys have it under control, I’m sure. But I would like to emphatically beg: NO KHAN!!!!

There’s SO much potential for interesting, epic Star Trek movies that could actually shed light on the Prime Universe as well. An example? THE PRESERVERS. The Preserver obelisk seen in TNG… and TOS… How about something that deals with them? How about something involving Balok and the First Federation? How about tieing some things from the Prime Timeline together in ways previously un-explored? I don’t know about other people, but I’m sick of Klingons, Romulans, and the occasional mad man/scientist/renegade-with-a-vendetta. Let’s make this an epic film about an epic invasion by some previous, older-than-god power.

Just my thoughts. Oh. AND NO SHATNER!

219. The Dan - July 23, 2010

My opinion is simple: Write us a great story. The latest movie was not the typical “Trek” that everyone was used to. It was perfect that way. I wouldn’t even worry about “What can we bring in from the past?” Create a new alien species, a new villain, a type of threat or scenario that Star Trek has never had before. Don’t bring anyone back from the Prime timeline. Don’t even mention the Prime timeline. Take our alternate/familiar heroes someplace new. No Khan. No Q. No Borg. No Gorn. No Suliban. No Klingons. No Romulans. Something new and different.

220. Thorny - July 23, 2010

215… I’m on board with the ‘brand new adventure’, but not so much on the ‘not anyone we’ve seen before’. Why does the adversary have to be something new? Why not a renegade faction of Andorians, for example? Or how about the Breen? I think it would be better if the adversary is a race that has at least been mentioned once or twice before in Trekdom instead of yet another new alien menace. DS9 and Voyager got away with it by taking Trek to distant parts of the galaxy, but the TOS era is supposed to still be close to home, so we shouldn’t meet some new, never-before-mentioned aliens that are just as powerful as the Federation (and if they’re not, there won’t be much sense of danger.)
Who would I nominate? The Breen. (Maybe they destroy Denobula in the opening scenes, which is why no one ever mentioned Denobulans in the later Treks.)

221. Cygnus-X1 - July 23, 2010

—-206. Dennis Bailey – July 23, 2010

“In fact, I felt so badly after the film that Karl Urban had done such a poor job that I kept my mouth shut because I really felt bad for the guy.”

You speak as if Urban might actually become aware of your opinion, somehow, and that it might matter personally. You shouldn’t worry.—-

I know, but I can’t help feeling badly about that sort of thing—trashing the performance of someone who doesn’t know me, probably never will, probably will never know of my opinion, and might not care anyway.

Don’t think that this didn’t occur to me, but what I can I say other than to attribute it to the residue of Catholic guilt from my upbringing.

But, in my own defense, actors do tend to be very sensitive of criticism. It’s common for actors not to read reviews of their performances, or to have their managers screen the reviews and show them only certain ones. At least this is what I’ve heard actors say. So, perhaps it wasn’t too ridiculous of me to shy away from possibly starting a Karl Urban pile-on here where he might actually come across it. I mean, we do know of a few Trek people—Nimoy, for example—who’ve had a glance at this site, so it’s not all that ludicrous. Or maybe it is. Whatever. I meant well.

222. Adrick - July 23, 2010

I’ll go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and assume that Bob and Alex are reading these comments. ;)

First of all, after the last movie, I have complete faith in you guys to make the right choice about Khan in the sequel. If you do go down that road, remember to stay true to the new timeline you’ve created–Khan comes from an era before the timeline diverged, so the Botany Bay should remain unchanged. I know a little bit about film production, so I realize that this is more of a design issue, but if Khan’s initial retrieval from his ship can be dealt with offscreen, the fewer problems you’ll have. It’d be neat to see a flashback to Khan’s prime in the 1990’s…

Anyway, nitpicking over. This sentence: “They said that they are ‘making significant progress on the story’ for the sequel and they are spending a two hour lunch break each day while they are filming Cowboys and Aliens to work on Star Trek.”

Proves that you guys have the most awesome job in the history of jobs. ;)

223. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 23, 2010

Chadwick: this is not Star Wars

One of the main points of TOS was there was a limited number of ships.

eh,… what’s the point?

You kids these days think you can just replicate everything

Back in my day you didnt have replicators, or CGI

And you actually had to build these things. (google the auction, the Reliant alone was HUGE)

Why in those days, military men who actually served in WW2 designed the ships as if they were real military projects and thought about what went where, and why and didnt just kitbash the way the do now.

reminds me of the recent Futurama episode, Leonardo draws with a pencil because he cant use rendering software.

You kids get off my lawn… ;)

224. James Heaney - Wowbagger - July 23, 2010

I am strongly opposed to Khan, for all sorts of good reasons already well-argued above.

HOWEVER, in reaction to #9, I must say that Nestor Carbonell would be the PERFECT Khan.

Why? Because for four years, Ricardo Montalban played the magnificent super-rich island-dwelling villain Senor Senor Senior on Kim Possible. He even made some rather brilliant references to Star Trek II in occasional bits of dialogue (“I love you above the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and ’round the moons of Nibia…”). Montalban’s son, Senor Senor Junior, who was willing to stoop to supervillainy only if it furthered his ultimate goal of becoming an “international teen pop sensation” was played by… Nestor Carbonell.

So, if (Heaven forbid) Orci & Abrams & Co. decide to do a Khan movie after all, they should cast Nestor for NO OTHER REASON than so that I can go back to re-watch old episodes of Kim Possible and bask in the awesomeness of having TWO Khans on the same supervillianous team.

225. Scruffy the Janitor/Vampire Slayer - July 23, 2010

Dear Bob.O,

Please bring back Kevin Riley and Mr. Leslie.

And can you use Paskey’s idea that Leslie was a clone or an android? Because that’s what Paskey used to assert whenever anyone asked him, just what job did he do on the Enterprise? When in reality, he was Shatner’s stand in, and Gene hated spending money on something & not putting him to work…

OH yeah, if you’re going to do Harry Mudd, can you bring back the android planet?


226. Tim1701 - July 23, 2010

I’d prefer to see easter egg-type references to specific TOS stories/episodes, but nothing as a major plot point. I also agree that it is not necessary to have an obvious villain. Think about the best TOS episodes. Some of them are villainless. You don’t need a physical person to be an antagonist in order to have a good story. Character is king with Star Trek. Treat the characters right and tell a story that services them, and if you can make the themes relevant to a social issue, so much the better.

Besides, if you wanted to build off something already established, go off of what happened in the last film. Vulcan was destroyed, for frak’s sake, that’s huge. The Romulans are now known entities (which they shouldn’t be at this point, but OK), a founding member of the UFP has been wiped off the map, Starfleet had to have been decimated in order for Kirk to go straight from cadet to captain. The culture of the moment might see the Federation politically and philosophically licking its wounds and becoming a bit insular. If the Enterprise does just set out into the unknown to explore, it should make sense given the trauma of the previous film.

Speaking of making sense, please be more respectful of the science. Above and beyond (and including) an engineering deck that looks suitable for a spaceship. Star Trek 2009 is a fun movie, and I’m glad it was well-regarded and profitable and all that, but it was seriously flawed and I hope the writers learn from that experience. Star Trek ’09 was way, way, too evocative of Star Wars and failed some basic Star Trek standards when it came to believability. Science-fiction takes liberties with hard science, to be sure, but the science is still there. Warp Drive is made up, yes, but it’s made up with a foundation of explainability; we can accept it as possible even if improbable. Embrace physics! If “Delta Vega” (poor choice of name, that, given the previous Trek use of it) was really so close to Vulcan that one could observe Vulcan’s destruction as depicted form the ground, then it would suffer consequences from the event. It would shift orbit at the very least, there would be upheaval. Also, transporters are not, in fact, magic appliances. They operate under principles and logical constraints or else they, and by extension the whole of Trek technology, become completely ridiculous. Beaming with unlimited range — first to a ship traveling at warp, no less, then from many, many AUs distant in the Solar system — takes the transporter from “established technology relying on specific principles” to “deus ex machina plot device that can be used for anything and that promotes lazy writing.” We’re already buying a lot with black hole-creating “red matter” and the time-traveling, universe-branching wormhole thingy; you’ve got to keep the audience grounded in some kind of reality (even “reality” of the future) or else the story loses impact.

But even with bad science, character should drive the script!

My two slips of latinum…

227. visitor1982 - July 23, 2010

More Bones yes, NO Khan please… I would like an original story without some supervillain. Nature or an event should be the villain of the next movie.

228. Sid - July 24, 2010

More Bones and Pike, no Khan.

Still want to see a future sequel with wreckage from the Narada popping out of the red matter black hole in the 22nd century, obliterating the SS Columbia (NX-02), then lying undiscovered until “today,” starting a scramble by the Federation and Klingons to get their hands on the advanced technology. Could set a good story in that box.

229. DJT - July 24, 2010

I’m concerned that JTK is like 20 (ish) and he’s the *Captain*.

He’s gotta demonstrate he’s the CAPTAIN and knows one or two things most people might not.

‘Genius level offender?’ Is that going to get him in trouble? How does this guy measure up to Kirk Prime. is the essence of Kirk still there? Will his Daddy issues rear their head at all. Is Pike the surrogate dad now? I think by skipping from POINT A (cadet) to POINT D (captain) there was a lot of growth that was missed. If it had been a trilogy where Kirk eventually became the Captain by the third film – that woulda been cooler me thinks. But we’re so ADD that of course that’s not going to happen.

I dunno. Spock is Spock. Bones needs to be fleshed out more. Scotty needs to be more than a comedian. He’s gotta be a military leader that people respect.

230. Basement Blogger - July 24, 2010

Okay, here’s my two cents. Stop trying to remake “Wrath of Khan.” That means no Khan. Starting with “Wrath”, “Insurrection”, “Nemesis” and “Trek 09″, we’ve had enough of a villain wanting revenge. Don’t use Macguffins unless they have meaning, perhaps through metaphor. Christopher Nolan with “Inception” and “Dark Knight” has demonstrated that summer tent pole movies can have brains. No more “Star Wars” influences. Star Trek is science fiction not fantasy. Do not fear letting the audience think. Expanded dialogue is not a weakness, let the audience breathe. Star Trek always had interesting philosphical discussions even in the movies. Use Roddenberry as your guide for the message of Star Trek.

On more McCoy, absolutely. Star Trek’s main characters were more of a troika. Spock was the logical one, a metaphor for keeping our emotions from destroying us. McCoy was the moral conscience of the three and passionate about doing the right thing. Kirk was somewhere between the two. McCoy may have lost arguments but his heart was in the right place. See “A Private Little War.” He made difficult yet correct moral choices. He chooses to save goatee and possibly evil Spock in “Mirror, Mirror” even though it might cost his own return to his universe. He’s courageous. In “The Empath” he knocks out Spock so he may be the test subject of the aliens. Of course, he gets some of the funniest lines. One of McCoy’s funniest lines was at the end of “Journey to Babel.”

The real Supreme Court has a Chief Justice. Robert Orci should be Chief Justice of the Star Trek team. According to the documentaries and Entertaiment Weekly (10-24-2008, pg. 30) he’s the most passionate Trekker of the team. I believe he’ll keep Trek where it should be, Intelligent science fiction.

231. Sxottlan - July 24, 2010

No Khan for me please. Perhaps it’s the many hours of Trek that make me think of him as merely one of many villains the crew has had over the years. Sure, he’s pretty much the grand-daddy of Trek villains, but I have never thought that the conflict with him was central to Trek like say, the defining conflict between Batman and the Joker.

I would prefer a new story. If there must be a villain, I’d like to see another Starfleet captain, Like Captain Tracy. Or the Starfleet civil war we were originally promised in Insurrection.

Or another internal conflict, one that would also tackle the “big themes” of Trek Past could be Gary Mitchell.

232. Sunspot - July 24, 2010

Bob and Alex,

Here is my “Vote”.

Now that the crew has been brought together in the first film, the new Trek franchise needs to be launched with an entirely original story. Think outside of the box, and surprise us with something completely new and unexpected. Stay away from Kahn and time travel and the Mirror Universe and saving the whales and all the other ideas that have been done before.

Make it new. Make it fresh. Make it classic Star Trek, but with a totally new story.

233. izmunuti - July 24, 2010

No Khan do!

234. David B - July 24, 2010

If anybody bothers to read down this far.

No Khan, how many more times. If you want to look at another episode to do a similar idea of bringing it to the big screen then fine but leave Khan.

He is Shatner’s enemy Chris Pine should have his own enemy to be remembered by. The universe is massive don’t waste one or two films on the same character again!

235. captain_neill - July 24, 2010


An original story unique to Star Trek. That’s what I want.

Will the mainstream allow this though?

236. More Mr. Scott - July 24, 2010

Seeing as the last one was called ‘Star Trek’ how about calling the next one ‘To Boldly Go’ and then the third one ‘Where No One Has Gone Before’… would look good for the blu-ray collection.

237. Mustard Shirt - July 24, 2010

Bob: Delighted that you read these (I hope!). It would seem to me that we need the classic TOS scenario of Kirk, Spock and McCoy and a couple of Red Shirts on an away team mission exploring a ‘strange new world’, meanwhile Scotty sits on the bridge with rest of the crew fending off menacing threat. Wouldn’t that tick all the boxes of screentime? I’m sure everybody agrees that the Kirk-Spock-Bones dynamic needs to be established… now that Bones is going to have to accept Kirk’s new best pal Spock… and also a little more time for a serious, commanding Scotty and the rest of the crew. Wasn’t that the classic TOS scenario? Just a thought…

238. I Dont Like Tennant - July 24, 2010

no kahn

239. Øystein Håvard Færder - July 24, 2010

I’m also against using Khan again, but I’d like someone using the quote “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. I think it could be cool to have a movie which includes more exploration, going “boldly where no man has gone before”, but please don’t repeat the wrongs that were done in ST V: The final frontier! But having some klingons as bad guys (like some “road bandits”) could do.

Also an appearance of Q could be cool. Though he was not shown before TNG, it doesn’t mean that he can’t pop up in Kirks time!

240. Buzz Cagney - July 24, 2010

A big honking great – like 7 foot tall – lizard thing.
We’ll call them Gorn for want of a better word.
It gets upset because Kirk and co. make omelletes out of the contents of its nest whilst on a landing party.
And Kirk kicks its scaley arse.
Thats the ticket, laddy. ;-)

241. TheProblematique - July 24, 2010

I´m all for “family time” but PLEASE don´t forget to develop Kirk and Spock! I accepted their reboot versions in the new movie hoping to see them evolve, as I´m sure many TOS fans did, and it would be very interesting to have their budding friendship tested!!

242. cloudynow - July 24, 2010

no khan
yes garth of isar

243. The Big D - July 24, 2010

I would like to see Khan introduced at the end of the movie. Perhaps finding the Botany Bay floating in space and a boarding party (not nesessarily the Enterprise crew). This could set up a story line for the next movie.

244. Sanjay Govil - July 24, 2010

I maybe crazy but I thing introducing the borg is not a bad idea. After all Nero’s ship did contain technology from the future including borg technology.
They do not need to be the same as TNG and can be rebooted.

245. darkman - July 24, 2010

For the record my vote is no to Kahn
There are plenty of other things to do

246. SciFiGuy - July 24, 2010

Shat has it right — no Khan!

247. SciFiGuy - July 24, 2010

I really think either the Gorn or the Tholians would be awesome villains.

248. Jarok - July 24, 2010

I also think the Gorn and/or the Tholians would make great villains. There are a lot of things to explore with them and the special effects that could be done with them now would be Great! Bring us more females not just Uhura. Janice Rand and Nurse Chapel should be there. They played a large role in many of the early episodes. Rand as Kirk’s love interest would be my first choice.

249. NTH - July 24, 2010

Definetly more McCoy and Scotty…..and please let us see the more serious side of Scotty. Khan is the Moriarity of the trek universe and could be very entertaining ,perhaps though as a smaller part of the story in a manner reflective of the “Space seed”storyline.I would hope upon hope that finally the creative team might find an opportunity to bring Shatner in for one last appearance in the Trek universe…..please,please,please!

250. non-belligerency confirmed - July 24, 2010

hey guys
not one of you-not one-would have recognized engineering as a brewery if you didn’t KNOW it was a brewery. to say you would’ve is armchair arrogance, and particular to basement dwellers. i loved the set, mostly because of the new take between upper and lower decks, and the consistent art design throughout the film that supports it. okay, its not the E we knew, but it feels far more real than ever. just because the set didn’t feature rows of pointless blinking lights or voyager’s glowing bullshite doesn’t mean it’s not a functional, thinking mans engineering.
there, it needed said.

251. Vera the Gun - July 24, 2010

Boborci–first of all, you can do Khan or not do Khan. Just as the crew of the Enterprise is the same yet different, in the new timeline, so too, is Khan.

It’s not WHAT a movie is about but HOW it goes about it that makes all the difference. If you have an exciting, affecting story that includes Khan, then by all means GO FOR IT. If not, then leave him out for future stories.

Secondly, you have a true ensemble cast now. The focus cannot only be on Kirk-SPock-McCoy, no matter what the hard core fans think. Saldana, Cho, Pegg, etc are not hanging around because it’s REALLY FUN! They’re there to have something really awesome to do with their characters.

Third–Carol Marcus! And please cast someone who’s not the Hollywood flavor of the week. If you watch Bebe Besch in TWOK, she’s terrific. That’s a great performance.

That’s all.

252. dmduncan - July 24, 2010

I support a Khan story 100 %.

Although TWOK was a great movie, I have to vociferously disagree with my fellow Trek fans on the khancept that Khan is hallowed ground and shouldn’t be touched.

For all the complaints about 2 dimensional bad guys, that is EXACTLY what Khan became in TWOK, and what he was NOT in Space Seed.

Although Ricardo Montalban did an excellent job with what he was given, the potential of the Khan character was squandered in TWOK, and I welcome a new opportunity to revisit Khan to get an epic story about him done right.

253. chrisfawkes.com - July 24, 2010

If you khan do it well don’t do it at all.

Please, no Khan.

254. T.'. - July 24, 2010


I think, if we are looking at TOS inspiration for plotlines, I’m gonna go with something along the lines of The Cage, or Menagerie, especially as long as you guys have Greenwood on board. Talosians would make an excellent, thought provoking ‘villian’.

Then have the Botany Bay discovered at the end…


255. Tom - July 24, 2010

Ok, here goes…

Khan and his followers are eaten while they sleep by carniverous tribbles. There’s Khan, then there’s the villains.

Carniverous tribbles?

Yep. Unexpected, but a nod to the fans.

And we can do the tribbles in CGI AND 3D!

256. Phil - July 24, 2010

Easy problem to fix. Transition scene, just prior to some structural failure event. Ensign Kahn and Ensign Sue are walking down a corridor, fire off a snappy salute as Captain Kirk walks by, and Ensign Kahn gets back to grumbling about how his superior genetics qualify him for something more. Loud pop, red alert klaxon sounds, hole opens up in the hull, and Ensigns Kahn and Sue get sucked into space.

Next character assination, please….

257. moauvian waoul - July 24, 2010

235 Will the mainstream allow this though?

Sometimes you must lead them to water, and try and make them think.

258. chrisfawkes.com - July 24, 2010

Perhaps create a new dance for conventions as a way of making it up to the fans.

The Khan khan.

259. Jason spriggs - July 24, 2010

Retell Forbidden Planet within the Trek Universe.
Either way, some high concept sci fi space exploration story.
Look to the old sci fi authors.
No more wars with Klingons or evil federation conspiracies.

260. DeShon Steinblatt - July 24, 2010

Try to ignore the opinions of the old guard and make a movie “for fans of movies” once again.

261. Zebonka - July 24, 2010

They should not listen to the fans. Why? The fans can get it right sometimes, but they can get it mega wrong too.

Fans should not be a brains trust for getting a movie made. For every intelligent fan, there’s probably two that threw devil horns when they watched ST09 and emitted a gargling “THAT WAS AWEEEEEEEESOOOME” after it was over. Do you really want any of that being folded back into a creative process for an expensive movie?

Come on guys, you made your expensive summer hit movie. Now make an actual film – you’ve got the weight to throw around by now, and don’t pretend that you don’t. Don’t let us down like frigging Berman did after his halcyon days.

262. Buzz Cagney - July 24, 2010

#251 Yes, you are so right, Bibi was very special in Wrath.
I particularly liked her exasberated reply to Kirk when he asked her why she had never told David who his father was.
You could tell she had been expecting that conversation for years and just couldn’t really face it at that point. A very nice, subtle piece of acting.
And a very pretty lady as well. A sad loss.

263. patrick - July 24, 2010

i suppose my preference is to encourage the screenwriters to use their substantial talents to create a new villian(s) of their own.

a Khan-story is inevitable, but i think it’d give the new TrekFilms a bit more creative-credibility if they didn’t return to the TOS-canon so very quickly.

although i’ve always thought an evil-captain Kirk from the alternate-mirror-universe would be a good foil for our new TrekCrew. lol.

keep at it guys, i’m really excited and confident that you’re gonna give us some awesome entertainment in 2012!

264. Thorny - July 24, 2010

250… Whatever, I think the “basement dwellars” insult is totally uncalled for here.

You’re right, I didn’t know it was a brewery until I read that’s where it was filmed, but that doesn’t mean I liked the set. I actually thought it was filmed in a water treatment planet. Whatever the case, it was a ridiculous set. I really don’t understand why you’re complaining about “pointless lights” on Voyager but seem to have no problem with “pointless water pipes” in ST 2009. Trek has always shown us warp engines as huge glowing, pulsing apparatus, trying to convey the enormous amounts of power that they must be harnessing to achieve FTL. Now we have a warp drive that looks like it bottles Evian when they’re not at warp. I for one really did not want a steampunk Enterprise that looked like the 2004 Battlestar Galactica.

265. trekpower.org - July 24, 2010

in star trek 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 an 11 we have had ONE evil enemy. the question was: how will they defeat him ? from a certain point of view this is boring. and it is so simple. too simple. no real scifi, more a kind of fairy tale, western or so. i would really like to see a thriller. and no one knows what is the enemy or if it is an enemy at all. i would like to find them in a dilemma: a phenomenon that reflects their inner self. so they go in conflict to each other and are beginning to fall in madness. but “it” is much more different than anyone knows…. something like that. a “where no one has gone before” – story. that is what i would like to see. and if you have done that, please continue enterprise and tng in tv ;)

266. Greeley - July 24, 2010

Please no Kahn. In my mind only a few things from TOS should be used again. Such as the Gorn and the Andorians. I have a feeling that we will be seeing the Klingons since they were in a deleted scene.

267. Charla - July 24, 2010

No Khan.

Bob and Alex you have the con- ;D

268. captain_neill - July 24, 2010


There does appear to be a case of double standards from some fans, they critiicise something about a pst Star Trek show yet turn a blind eye to it when something similiar happens in the most recent outing.

Not naming anyone, just the feeling I get when I read these boards.

269. Sid - July 24, 2010

The true enemy of a great man is not a supervillain, but a mass of shabby, ordinary people.

270. Ran - July 24, 2010

Yes Khan, No Khan. I really don’t care. What I wish for is a decent script that will bring the spirit of Roddenberry’s vision.

271. Hat Rick - July 24, 2010

As I wrote in my blog, as long as the character of Kirk is served (and as long as there is a complex, emotionally and intellectually compelling story of action on a galactic scale), the Star Trek franchise will be served.

Not a simple task, but one I believe is in good hands.

272. Roland the Gunslinger - July 24, 2010

Yes no Khan. I’m sure they would do a good job, but the first version is a classic + an original story would be great.

The original series hinted that Kirk and McCoy did their fair share of carousing .. seeing a little of that would be fun, i.e. further growth of their relationship.

Also something that will further test and grow Kirk’s leadership skills into the Captain we new in the original series.

273. Munster79 - July 24, 2010

No Khan, please no Khan! Why not consider the Star Trek IV scenario – i.e. not having a villain – focus on the crew. Some of the best Trek TV wasn’t dependant on a bad guy. Greenwood was great as Pike so it would be great to see him back. And, it goes without saying, more Bones!

274. Munster79 - July 24, 2010

And let’s never see a Budweiser interior in a Trek movie again, please!

275. Captain Spock - July 24, 2010

If they do Khan to please the fans then I question how well that might turn out. Remember this is an alternate timeline so perhaps the circumstances under which they meet Khan will be different. Maybe he will be unfrozen ruling a planet filled with augments? Who knows. I want the sequel to evolve out of what they created. They did an amazing job on that first film. They hit it out the park. After so many years of getting mediocre crap from the Trek universe it was cool to get something that appealed to everybody. The thing that killed Prime Universe Trek was it was too isolated and they were trying to please the fanbase instead of creating original kick ass material they played it safe. Too safe. They need to do what they did with the first movie. Khan should done in way that works well and I dont want to see a rehash of Space Seed. He is a great character and if they handle him right he could be awesome. I would love to see the Klingons and the ship in serious combat. They have a bigger budget now so skys the limit.

276. Xai - July 24, 2010

Let’s see that’s 196 against, 20 for, and 12 votes for Budweiser.

277. somethoughts - July 24, 2010

How awesome would it be to wake up in the future and see all these cool technologies and cool aliens. Imagine yourself a warlord of a advanced race of human beings, being awaken for the first time to find out what wondrous technologies awaits.

I would join starfleet beat the KM sim, create cloaking technology, advance to Admiral and own the Klingons. Who can stop me? Kang? Pike? Kirk? pfftttt all bow to Warlord Khan and the true humans.

278. LovinTrek - July 24, 2010

Man, please…NO Khan! You’ve re-booted the franchise beautifully, and I implore you to not step back into an old storyline. Use those great imaginations to compose something new and exciting like you did for the first one. I would love to see an away mission gone wrong with an entirely new species where the conflict will take place in space as well as on the ground.

More Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty! Uhura DID NOT have more screen time than McCoy. More screen time for some characters DOES NOT mean less screen time for others. ALL can have their moments to shine WITHOUT limiting each other. All of the characters are super interesting (especially the way that the new movie showed them), and I would love to see everyone get equal time. It made things so much more interesting.

279. Cervantes - July 24, 2010

Just no more ‘Khan’…EVER!

I hope the writers have come up with something that completely juxtaposes with the ‘vengeful, humanoid, villain-of-the-week’ that we already got in ‘Nero’.

I’m hoping for something more cerebral, ‘otherworldly’, and yes…’alien’-looking adversary(s) this time around. Sure, build some fun ‘Star Wars’-ian sequences into the movie, if necessary, by way of ‘hand-phaser’ exchanges or all-out space battles…but just give us something substantial in the way of ‘discovering new worlds and civilizations’ this time. And I don’t mean rebooted ‘Klingons’ or ‘Borg’! Keep a full-blown ‘NU-Klingons’ storyline for the 3rd movie, if they *have* to be given yet another movie of their own.

I rather like the previous-mentioned notion of opening ‘mid-adventure’ near the end of a classic ‘TOS’ mission (done in an ‘alternate timeline’ way, of course). My own preference would be to open with the NU-‘Enterprise’ being sacrificed to blow up the NU-‘Doomsday Machine’ just after it’s crew has narrowly escaped to safety. We’d could then be treated to a whole new introductory sequence that gives us a BETTER-looking ‘Enterprise’ being built in space this time…before we embark on an ‘alternate timeline’ version of ‘The Cage/Menagerie’ storyline perhaps, or *something* that evokes the mystery of that kind of thing…

Just no ‘Khan’ plot whatsoever.

280. dmduncan - July 24, 2010

Khan was a ruler on earth. His kingdom crumbles, he escapes with a bunch of other super men and women on a sleeper ship, and wakes up in the 23rd century.

What does he do upon reawakening? Figure out how he’s going to conquer the Federation? Come on. Please. He’s smart, not an idiot, remember?

He’s out of place. He’s an anachronism. The forces which created him and thrust him into power were all contextual forces. He knows this. He knows that the same things that created the situation by which he and his people were able to rule no longer exist. It is a radically changed world — on earth — and it’s also something new: a wide open galaxy of worlds and life forms that Khan never knew existed.

And all he’s going to want to do when he wakes up is see how he can be emperor again? Come on.

I expect that Khan would be amazed at this wondrous new universe and he would also feel out of place.

He also has the memories of all the things he did as a king, of all the things he had to do to rule, which would no doubt make him feel even more out of place in 23rd century society.

But though he cannot conquer the universe, he is still the person he was when he escaped from earth. How does he adjust? What is there for him to do?

How do you make Khan interesting?

I’ve already suggested one theme: Khan as modeled after Gary Oldman’s Dracula: A cursed prince wreaking havoc to find the woman he loved hundred of years earlier.

Or what if the shadowy group who created the supermen faded back into the shadows, and after Khan was exiled into space they maintained themselves and after warp drive was created, they managed to find a world and to cloak it, so that they could rebuild an army as the Federation was growing.

For them the reawakening of Khan would be a most felicitous discovery, whereupon they emerge from the shadows, having infiltrated the Federation itself, to offer Khan leadership of a standing army and invasion force.

And perhaps Khan is torn. Maybe he has the chance to be different and doesn’t want to be the same dictator he was.

Maybe he takes the offer and begins to be his old self, only to turn on this shadowy force in the end to join the Federation. Maybe all that matters to him in the end is finding his sleeping wife, whom he knows is still cached somewhere in India where she will not be found.

281. dmduncan - July 24, 2010

To me, the subject matter of the sequel is unimportant. What matters is how whatever story they tell gets told. What matters are the emotions and ideas the story relies on and inspires in us. How I feel when I leave the movie — that’s the paydirt.

282. dmduncan - July 24, 2010

And who is this shadowy group responsible for creating the supermen?

They must be very wealthy — to fund the eugenics programs.

They must be very secretive — to safeguard what they are doing from interference.

They must be very powerful — they need political connections to introduce and insert these finished genetic products into positions of opportunity so that their appearance appears fortuitous rather than intentional.

And they must have a governing idea that directs all their energies — a one world order.

And because the world is many races, it is sensible that there be a collection of supermen and women of different races to fit into the regions they will govern.

Now who would be the likely candidates for such a group? Here’s a link that will give you some historically accurate ideas that also have current relevance, from which one could extrapolate a fictional background to Khan’s future story.


I think it’s very interesting that the man whose economics dominates the world today was a eugenicist. That would be John Maynard Keynes.

283. Cygnus-X1 - July 24, 2010

@ 282. dmduncan –

A development of the whole eugenics backstory would be very interesting, it’s rich in compelling and relevant themes. But I’d end with the conception of Khan—“This one will be the greatest man who ever lived.”—so as to sidestep the perils of re-casting a role that would probably not live up to the performance of RM and end up making the film a terrible disappointment in spite of all the other things that might be done well.

284. Cervantes - July 24, 2010

Some interesting speculations there, but I’d STILL rather see non-‘Khan’ scenarios for any future movies.

I’m ‘Khan’-ed out personally.

285. dmduncan - July 24, 2010

I suggested to Bob to adapt The Mote in God’s Eye as a big budget Star Trek story. It would be a great Star Trek story and a perfect fit.

But I’m not sure how blockbuster that would be. I think we still need a blockbuster for the second movie. A good classic Star Trek story that flops at the box office would be bad.

I say keep the momentum from the first film going right now, and if a Khan story is what they’re feeling can do that, then I say do that.

It looks like there’s some uncertainty after the third movie, so the third movie might be a better occasion to do a Mote in God’s Eye type story.

It may also be that I’m nervous. If the second movie flops, I’m afraid the scope of the third will be scaled way back, and that Star Trek will begin a new death spiral.

286. S. John Ross - July 24, 2010

Just challenge the characters this time. That’s the one small hope I keep floating out there. I suspect anything else would be asking to much, but just that … just challenge the characters this time, even if only a little.

287. Shelby - July 24, 2010

NO Khan. More Kirk-Spock-Bones trio. Less Uhura. Don’t make the whole movie with whole ” Spock and Uhura romance thing.” That 3D chess that Kirk and Spock play would be cool. (: And please put Chapel and Rand in it. (:

288. G - July 24, 2010

Just don’t make the movie “typical”. Don’t go for the predictable “One villain vs. the Enterprise crew ‘shoot’em up'”. They have to go deeper and broader somehow. Star Trek is (supposed to be) more clever and thoughtful than that.

289. John - July 24, 2010

No Khan! Take the franchise in a new original direction!

290. Charles Pratt Jr - July 25, 2010

I love Khan but I must cast my vote against him in the new movie. I agree with all of the other fans who are saying NEW FRONTIERS, NEW PERILS, NEW ADVENTURES! Why “reboot” the franchise just to retread what we’ve already witnessed.

291. somethoughts - July 25, 2010

Dr octopus, joker, borg, agent smith, empire, t1000,

What do these all have in common?

292. cpt.sel - July 25, 2010


DEAR BOB AND ALEX, think how the joker was introduced to us in batman right at the end…,
have the klingongs or someone else as the main enemy but someone behind their aggression, towards the end reveal that khan is the mastermind and trying to takeover the universe, by using less superrior, agressive klingongs to do his bidding.. and make the transition into the 3rd movie that way, and have the crew face this continuing danger. i think that would be pretty epic, have ur creative juices flowing in the second film, and then root it down to trek cannon at the end, with khan being the best villain of all time have him gloriously shown in a new story arc in the 3rd.

293. cpt.sel - July 25, 2010

like they did in batman the dark knight.. joker already done in batman history.. made to be 10x a better villain by christopher nolan…

294. captain_neill - July 25, 2010


A great, a different more scary interpreptation. I don’t compare Heath Ledger to Jack Nicholson as they are two different characters. But I still loved past interprataions of Joker as well.

295. captain_neill - July 25, 2010

I am a big Khan fan but I am not for a redo of the character.

Whatever they do it will be inferior to what came before. Don’t mess with a classic.

296. Antipodean - July 25, 2010

No Khan. Any Khan story would have to at least partly be a retread of “Space Seed”, and it’d be much better to have a fully original story.

If it were up to me, I’d bring in the Klingons as the villains. They are the classic antagonist species of the original series, after all.

I’d be happy to see Pike in an Admiral-Forrest-type capacity…

297. S. John Ross - July 25, 2010

#291: “Dr octopus, joker, borg, agent smith, empire, t1000, What do these all have in common?”

Hm. Character who was utterly lame until a movie made him awesome … character who was already awesome … cheesy opponent-race thing basically silly … guy from that overhyped anime ripoff movie … form of government .. catch-phrase gronky robot guy …

They’re all a bit goofy in one way or another?

298. jas_montreal - July 25, 2010

I think the fact that their “listening about khan”, then I’d place bets on the idea that they’ve included Khan in the sequel. Sounds Interesting…..

299. Steve Pinsent - July 25, 2010

I want to see Klingons – not villainous klingons (like Kruge), but properly motivated antagonists (like Korr or Chang) and some other new third party/strange new world.

How many episodes of TOS have Kirk and Co. up against the Klingons vying over some new planet/race….

300. captain_neill - July 25, 2010


Why do you say that the majority of fans dont want Khan in Star Trek XII?

301. jas_montreal - July 25, 2010

@ 300

Based on what i am reading on these message boards. Most of the fans seem to distaste the idea. I know i’m making an assumption based on these message boards , which don’t represent all fans, but i think theirs some validity to the correlation between these msg-boards and the trek-fans and what they want.

302. captain_neill - July 25, 2010


I meant to ask, why do theink the writers will go for Khan even if the majority has voted against a redo of Khan?

303. John Gill - July 25, 2010

No Khan. Time to move the franchise forward, not backwards.

304. somethoughts - July 25, 2010

We have seen the teams vision and their version of tos star trek and love it. If we can love their star trek, we will love their khan.

305. Thorny - July 25, 2010

293… Nolan made the Joker 10x better? I’m sorry, but no. Nolan made the Joker 10x darker, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing. “Dark Knight” is one of those good movies I just have no interest in seeing again (others are “Platoon” and “Saving Private Ryan”) In contrast, I don’t mind watching Burton’s Batman and Nicholson’s Joker from time to time.

I really hope Batman Begins 3 lightens things up a bit. Not campy like the Bruckheimer travesties, but not as oppressively bleak as “Dark Knight”. And I certainly don’t want Star Trek 2012 to be a gloom-and-doom nightmare like that.

306. somethoughts - July 25, 2010

Nolan seems to like Joseph Gordon-Levitt work so much in Inception he will most likely get the part for Riddler in Batman3. This kid is awesome, there was some scenes he reminded me of Neo in Matrix lol the way he talks and acts, so cool.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt should be the new younger Khan :)


Doesn’t he look like Heath Ledger?

307. Jack 2211 - July 25, 2010

You guys seem to know what you’re doing. You got the tone right. Please don’t buy into the “Gene’s Star Trek was all about social issues and speeches” bunk that gets posted here sometimes.

And, hey, I like engineering as is (it looked pretty Trekky/futuristic to me, generally).

But, on Khan, or, really, redoing (or reinventing) any episode — well, it seems like there’s a lot more out there.

But it could be done well (maybe with some flashbacks to the trouble he caused before exile in “the year 1996″ [the gulf war, OJ, producing Showgirls, getting Monica Lewinsky hired at the White House])

308. Janice - July 25, 2010

They implied that PIKE would be back???
Honestly?? For me, that would be a dream come true!!
I REALLY want to see Pike( Bruce Greenwood) in the sequel in a significant role!

309. Janice - July 25, 2010

OH—-I forgot to add–and NO wheelchair either.

310. somethoughts - July 25, 2010

I would rather they focus on the crew and leave Pike be, a small cameo as admiral would be ok, but let’s not take the spotlight away from the crew/ship.

As much as I love Bruce Greenwood, I would hate to see Pike become bigger than Kirk/Spock/Bones.

311. Janice - July 25, 2010

Well, Pike/ Bruce Greenwood was my favourite, so I always put him first.
The others were fine—but Pike was really special to me.

I tried to play that first video with Orci and Kurtzman and it wouldn’t play in my region!! I hate it when that happens!!! The videos should play for everybody!!

312. Cat - July 25, 2010

No Khan. It’s been done. We had the continuation of the episode and its done. The timeline might be trying to restore itself, but we don’t need a replay of the episode. We don’t need a replay of any episode, really.

The one thing I’d like to see though, is more on the aliens we only see once or twice. Bring on the Talosians, the Horta, the Gorn, etc.

If an episode is to be redone/revisited, there are other good/interesting ones (or ones that could have been interesting) other than re-hashing Khan.

313. SirBroiler - July 25, 2010

I’m all for Khan. Just set him up in an exciting way late in the movie for a main appearance in the third film.

314. Jack 2211 - July 25, 2010

@306 Pretty much the entire Inception supporting cast could fit well into Trek, especially Levitt, Murphy and Wattanabe. As who? No idea.

I liked Hardy in it too – which surprised me as I didn’t love him in Nemesis.

315. Robofuzz - July 25, 2010

I’m not opposed to Khan being in the new movie. What I do NOT want to see is a remake of TWOK or Space Seed.

316. captain_neill - July 25, 2010

no Khan full stop

I have people telling me it can all be different, but the bottom line it will be a retelling of a classic and it wont be done as well. 9 out of 10 reamkes are never as good.

Leave Khan alone.

Was the new universe created to avoid canon violations and do fresh things with worrying about canon or do you just rehash the classics.

If you guys do the latter then my enthusiasm for your movies will dwindle. If you do the former then I look forward to more movies.

Either way I will see the movie but I will be a happy Trekkie if you do the former.

317. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2010

Jack 2211, (@ # 307) your comment, “Don’t buy into “Gene’s Star Trek was all about social issues and speeches” bunk that gets posted here sometimes” is not entirely correct. I can agree that Star Trek was not always about social issues but wow, there was a lot of it in the original series So it’s not bunk.

First, let’s start with the cast. Multi-racial. During the sixties, this was unheard of. Clearly, Gene Roddenberry wanted to blow up the racism that existed then. First interracial kiss, okay it was forced by aliens but still happened between Kirk and Uhura.

Onto the episodes and their social issues:

“Arena” Kirk does the civilized thing, ignores his desire for revenge and spares the Gorn. He questions whether the Federation was right in establishing an outpost in disputed territory. Maybe my country is not right all the time.

“A Private Little War” This is an obvious Viet Nam War allegory. Penned by Roddenberry by the way. Kirk supplies weapons to simple aliens to counter Klingon interference.

“Doomsday Machine” Science fiction writer Norman Spinrad’s tale of an out of control alien weapon of war unleashed on the galaxy. Speaks to the need for arms control. This is the episode that I think could get big screen treatment.

“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” Another obvious metaphor. The Enterprise gets caught up between a war between black-white and white-black aliens. This time the message is about racial prejudice.

“The Devil in the Dark” Spock and Kirk learn the true nature of a rock like alien who seems to be killing miners. Later, they make peace with the alien. The message: tolerance.

” A Taste of Armageddon” Kirk takes strong action and delivers a stirring speech about the costs of war. Of course, it’s an anti-war message.

and the film, “ST: IV: The Voyage Home” The crew of the Enterprise save humpback whales so that they can be transported to the 24th Century to save the planet . An obvious ecological message and my favorite of all the films. A critical and finacial success, demonstrates you don’t need space battles to make an excellent Star Trek movie.

Zachery Quinto (Spock) of Trek ’09 thinks there was a message in their movie. “This is a franchise that offers hope for unity-and so does Barack Obama. When this movie comes out and Obama is president, hopefully there will be some parallels.” On the idea of unity, Leonard Nimoy (Spock Prime) says, “My only regret is that the movie can’t come out sooner… I think the world could use it. Don’t you?” Entertainment Weekly 10-24-08, pg. 32.

What I think we can all agree is that we want intelligent science fiction. And looking at Chris Nolan’s masterpieces, “Dark Knight” and now “Inception” , intelligent films can do well at the box office. Though I liked Trek ’09, my opinion is I want less “Star Wars” and more “Star Trek.”

318. somethoughts - July 25, 2010


As long as it is not a sci fi episode like Insurrection, with bad wardrobe and recycled sets that scream voyager or cheap flat looking cgi special effects.

Something grand like, Lord of the Rings in space mixed with Indiana Jones and Dark Night, I am greedy.

319. CaptainDonovin - July 25, 2010

Oh please no Khan. I know the Batman franchise has brought back villians but I think Khan should be left alone in this alternate reality. I would love a good Klingon enemy. Maybe Kor, Kang, or Koloth.

320. somethoughts - July 25, 2010

Khan can work and be introduced differently than space seed because of the events of the Kelvin.

Due to the Kelvin Incident, Botany Bay was located by Captain Pike years ago and the crew was revived and integrated into starfleet. First 20mins of film.

Khan went to the Academy with Pike and both of them are good friends.
Pike and Khan have disagreement on how to handle the cloaking technology discovered by Starfleet scientists and Khan goes rogue, steals a ship and goes missing.

Pike asks Kirk and crew to do a search and rescue.
Pike briefs Kirk and Spock about Khan, flashbacks

Kirk and crew locate Khan and missing Starship and discover something of great importance to mankind and the galaxy.
Khan grows a liking to Kirk and agree to solve galactic puzzle together, both quickly bond and become friends.

Search and rescue becomes a epic journey of space and time, dodging Klingons, Gorn,and trying to mend the torn friendship between Khan and Starfleet. Why did Khan go rogue? What did the crew discover? Why are the Klingons also interested in this new finding?

Khan is hurt by Kirk, (circumstantial accident) and Khan vows never to forgive Kirk nor Starfleet. Khan is saved by a brave Klingon warrior and gives his life to serve the Klingon Empire.

In a epic battle between Birds of Prey (JJ rebooted Birds of Prey) the Enterprise limps home without Khan and without the x findings and the movie ends with Pike killed by Khan himself.

The Federation/Starfleet is now offically at war with the Klingon Empire.

321. Maj - July 25, 2010

Bob and Alex,

Your challenge is to write a story that brings up important “philosophical” questions, but bring it about in such a way that it also appeals to non-trekkers.

For the first time since TOS, this crew (the cast) is actually “cool” in the popular sense, there’s not much “coolness” you can add beyond the first movie… if you can take advantage of that while also surprising the trek fans with one of those “anomalous scientific plots” – everyone will be satisfied.

322. Bennie - July 26, 2010

NO KAHN. NO KAHN, NO KAHN, NO KAHN. Please make an original story without Kahn. I want to see new things that I’ve not seen before.

323. captain_neill - July 26, 2010


Well that’s a bit unfair to the spin off casts. I love them as well.

324. spooky - July 26, 2010

Since suggestions are being asked for here are mine but I will warn that most of these have been mentioned already:
1. No Khan! Why would anyone want to repeat something that is already an iconic piece of history. Leave it alone!
2. No Klingons, we’ve seen them many, many times already. That is not to say that you could do interesting things with them but come on, we’ve already seen them so many times in the movies and the serieses. Introduce them later on around movie 5 or something.
3. Those engineering sets sucked in the last one… get some!
4. Focus on the three characters, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Be sure to create a second and third or fourth tier of characters that will share time with one another, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, Nurse Chapel, Kyle, etc.
5. Focus and examine alien characters, societies, etc. from the original series that were never thoroughly explored, Tholians, Gorn, etc.
6. Hire a science advisor to look at the logistics regarding science heavy concepts… the big problem I had with movie 09 was the blackholes, the atmospheric entry. Having a science advisor reign in your fantastic scenarios down to more tangible reality will really sell those big action sequences.
7. Less of the fomulaic bad guy vs. good guys storyline. Bring variety into the story… a movie without a central villain can work and be effective. Its challenging to the writer as well.
8. Oh and let’s not have Earth in jeopardy again. Infact, I would be happy if we barely saw Earth in this next story.

I want to see something different, something big and expansive with interesting ideas. Let’s explore the ancient temples of some Iconian planetoid, or even explore how the Tholians reproduce in underground caves on some asteroid orbitting a pulsar binary star system. Oh and I am still expecting to see one of those shuttle craft flying over a frozen sarangetti with strange looking fauna running across its frozen landscape. That would be something awesome to see. To have an interesting storyline and character development and dynamics to that would be even better.

325. P Technobabble - July 26, 2010

Let’s see Kirk cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring! Spock could do the math! Ni! Ni!

326. Daniel Knight - July 26, 2010

Leave Khan out of it. We all now how awesome Khan is, but he’s had his great movie. Keep it original guys. Loved Star Trek. We don’t want a Wraith of Khan Redux.
Keep up the great work.

327. Mike - July 26, 2010

It would be great if the next movie made a quick reference to Spock Prime warning Starfleet of all of the dangers heading its way. I imagine a scene at Starfleet Headquarters, where we overhear a few sentences of communication between two officers. One says: “The USS Excelsior has returned from the 20th century, and they have 16 hump back whales.” Another officer says “Acknowledged. Have them transport the whales to the Pacific Ocean.”

328. Hugh Hoyland - July 26, 2010

Do with Khan what they did with the whole franchise, make him new but familier at the same time. You can do this certainly without remaking TWOK (which appears to be the biggest fear with the fanboys), or even the Space Seed episode.
He could be brought into the story from many different angles other than the way he was in those two efforts. IMO they take a bigger chance of seeming to “rehash” things with the Klingons than with Khan. Done right, Khan as the antagonist in the sequel will blow people’s socks off.

329. captain_neill - July 26, 2010

NO KHAN Once and for all.

Why do I get the feeling that people seem to think that Star Trek means just Khan and the Borg. THere is so much more to Star Trek than this.

Khan and the Borg are two of my fav villains. But come on please do something more original. I can’t entertain any new notions of redoing Khan. It was done perfectly, it does not need to be redone.

As I said earlier any redo of Khan will be inferior to the original. I for one don’t want my memories of a classic episode and a great to be tarnished by a remake or reboot.

There is a rich universe to draw from. I hate to think that creativity of this universe went out the window when they created this parallel universe.

People criticised the Berman era of rehashing plots and stories, well to me a redo of Khan is no different. Please don’t lose your creativity and do what someone already did.

330. rogue_alice - July 26, 2010

Mike – July 26, 2010 – I think instances like that would be great. Any little background links to the prime universe (and TOS) would be awesome.

331. David B - July 26, 2010

Please, no remakes/reimaginings of original episode storylines.
Please, explore and seek out, and bust some Klingon heads along the way.

Something I would dearly love to see is Spock behaving in a more ‘Vulcan-like’ way. I loved Zachary Quinto’s performance, there were many moments where I got the chills because I felt like I was watching a young Leonard Nimoy. But I saw it as a much more human Spock, more of the Spock that we saw in the later part of Nimoy’s journey with the character, as Spock grew older in the films and began to embrace more of his human side. I don’t want to see a too-human Spock so early in his journey. I’d love to see Spock conclude that, because his race is now ‘an endagered species’, he should embrace the logic and lack of emotion of the Vulcan. It could make for some great moments with Uhura, especially, to see him pull back and distance himself from human behavior, to put people at arm’s length as we saw to an extent in the original series.

332. captain_neill - July 26, 2010


I felt they focused more on his human side rather than his Vulcan side.

I did argue it was out of character for Spock but guess given the circumstances it works.

For example I know the mainstream doesn’t care but will the Ponn Farr be brought up?

333. David B - July 26, 2010


I absolutely agree that the circumstances dictated or guided much of his behavior, particulartly the scene with Kirk goading him into attacking him after the encounter with the elder Spock. When I first saw the movie I came out thinking that it was wildly out of character, but I watched it again and really took into consideration all that had happened up to that point and it worked for me.

334. captain_neill - July 26, 2010


Vulcan being destroyed was a plot point I hated in the new movie but I guess as long as its a parallel universe I can live with it.

335. David B - July 26, 2010


I was just stunned that they actually did it. I immediately thought of the end of Search For Spock and thought “well, that won’t happen now”. It was definitely the moment in the film where it truly sunk in that this was its own thing. I kept expecting the continuity to somehow get ‘fixed’ as a result of some last minute time-travelling or red matter cure-all, but no such luck. I did love the movie, though, and I’m anxious to see where they go.

336. NOTBOB - July 26, 2010

This is a different universe from the old show, so Khan, if he were to appear, could have a different story. But it seems too obvious. It’s like pulling out the Joker in the Batman films. If you are gonna use Khan, that suggests there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

Things I wouldn’t mind or want to see:

1. Gorns–It doesn’t have to be anything major. It’s just something that I think can be done well today.

2. What are the Klingons gonna look like.

3. More Kirk, Bones and Spock. The other crew is important, but those three were together in most of the best shows.

4. Kirk must act like a leader in this one almost all they way through. He’s not a kid anymore. He has to be the man now.

4. Harvey Mudd.

337. S. John Ross - July 26, 2010

#335: “I was just stunned that they actually did it.”

The main thing that struck me about it was that, in a film allegedly for the uninitiated, they make the Vulcans _massively unappealing_ before dusting them. To go by this movie alone, Vulcan was the planet of the Snooty Space Snobs and Yee-Haw Cracker Bully Children. The closest we got to a sympathetic Vulcan was Spock’s dad, and his flavor of “sympathetic” was “Guy who just stands there, looks weary, and takes it.”

With stronger writing and less whiz-bang direction, such an unusual approach could have been a challenge to the audience, provoking thought about sympathies and differences between cultures … but alas.

338. StarFuryG7 - July 26, 2010

Okay, coming in on this one way late obviously, but I wasn’t on my computer at all this past weekend, SO . . . I like Bruce Greenwood a lot and think he’s a fine actor, and that he did a fine job as Pike, even though he was about a decade and a half too old for the role. That said, what’s done is done in that regard, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t bring him back.

As for Khan …Oh Boy, this one is going to be touchy for a lot of people. As the main villain to center the next film around . . . I think that would rub a lot of longtime fans the wrong way. How can you top Ricardo Montalban in that role? Seriously. If they want to make reference to Khan in passing though as a character they may bring in later on perhaps and see what kind of reaction they get by doing that, I’m skittish on that prospect also, but more open to the idea of it being done along those lines instead. But to do a sort of remake on TWoK …what’s the point?

339. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - July 26, 2010

For me, the Spock-Uhura relationship was the sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb weak spot of ST09, and I say that as one who is an unabashed fan of the Abrams reboot. Just from my own little corner of the world, it seemed forced, and if there were a desire to reinvent a romantic angle for Spock, it would have been nire credible to revisit Christine Chapel in a bit more authentic way, rather than her as a pining teenager longing for the proverbial high school quarterback.

I also hope that what Vulcans are left will return to their logical roots..its been fine to mature the Vulcan mythos by admitting to a greater element of emotion, but IMHO its been the understated way emotions play into the Vulcan characters that make them successful. We’ve now brought very nuanced admission of emotions onto the table, where TOS worked just as hard to establish how thoroughly entrenched non-emotion is woven in to their culture. I fear we may be pulling too hard the other direction – in that vein, however, I would never have assented to destroying Vulcan. Never.

340. StarFuryG7 - July 26, 2010

@ #264. Thorny – July 24, 2010
“250… Whatever, I think the “basement dwellars” insult is totally uncalled for here.”

You’ll note that it’s usually the most snooty, pompous, supremely arrogant people who like to use the “basement” insult in the direction of fellow Trek fans (they’re above everyone else you see).

“I didn’t know it was a brewery until I read that’s where it was filmed, but that doesn’t mean I liked the set.”

Whether a viewer knew it was a brewery or not is really immaterial, because you didn’t need to know it was a brewery to sense something very amiss about the set for a Trek film. It was clearly unusual and out of the ordinary.

341. StarFuryG7 - July 26, 2010

#283. Cygnus-X1
“A development of the whole eugenics backstory would be very interesting, it’s rich in compelling and relevant themes.”

Yes, but it’s not practical for a film for which the focus will be the original cast of characters that’s set in the 23rd century, and for them to do flashbacks to 20th century Earth during Khan’s rise and reign would probably take up too much time in the movie.

342. ZEITGEIST - July 26, 2010

just like mr shatner said… there is no reason to go to the well 3 times when there are so many other new ideas that can be explored.

no khan please but i would like to see the triad explored between kirk, spock and mccoy.

343. StarFuryG7 - July 26, 2010

#339. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers
For me, the Spock-Uhura relationship was the sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb weak spot of ST09, and I say that as one who is an unabashed fan of the Abrams reboot. Just from my own little corner of the world, it seemed forced, and if there were a desire to reinvent a romantic angle for Spock, it would have been nire credible to revisit Christine Chapel in a bit more authentic way, rather than her as a pining teenager longing for the proverbial high school quarterback.”

Well, what was interesting about how they chose to ‘reinvent’ the character of Spock in ST09 was the extent to which it contradicted how the character had tended to carry himself and lived his life as far as we saw in the original series, which was exactly why Christine Chapel, nor any other female for that matter, could ever get especially close to and romantically involved with Spock. There were a couple of rare exceptions in the original series: Leila (played by Jill Ireland) in “This Side of Paradise” in which Spock was under the influence of the “happiness pill” spores, but as soon as he sobered up he kicked her right to the curb; and of course Droxine in “The Cloud Minders”, which as we all know, also went nowhere. So having Spock romantically involved with Uhura in ST09 just wasn’t consistent with his character therefore and amounted to an eye sore. I know why they did it, so as to also give him a shoulder to lean on given that he also loses his mother and his home world in the story and to show him as a potentially vulnerable character just like any other flawed human being, but for those reasons it didn’t exactly ring true to the character. It’s just not the way most people tended to see and perceive Spock as an individual.

“I also hope that what Vulcans are left will return to their logical roots..its been fine to mature the Vulcan mythos by admitting to a greater element of emotion, but IMHO its been the understated way emotions play into the Vulcan characters that make them successful. We’ve now brought very nuanced admission of emotions onto the table, where TOS worked just as hard to establish how thoroughly entrenched non-emotion is woven in to their culture. I fear we may be pulling too hard the other direction – in that vein, however, I would never have assented to destroying Vulcan. Never.”

Well, you and a hell of a lot of other people, including myself. But for someone who has declared yourself “an unabashed fan of the Abrams reboot,” you’ve just pointed to two serious problems that you have with the film, which you have no qualms about pointing out obviously.

344. Josh S - July 26, 2010

I agree with the others posting here that Khan shouldn’t be in the next film. First, the Khan has already been done before. Second, the whole “20th Century” eugenics wars that the Space Seed and TWoK are based are dated and the timeline would have to be moved back to make any sense. Use the alternate universe to do something new. The next movie should utilize some of the main alien species in an original way. The screenwriters shouldn’t be afraid to approach Star Trek from a different angle that somehow “blows up” the formula. The sequel could also start a larger story arc that will take 2 films to conclude. Maybe you could incorporate elements from the political thriller/ conspiracy genres as a guide post. Some hidden threat that place the Federation at risk from the inside with help from the Klingons or one of the other species. Maybe something that resembles Spock’s World, but that doesn’t deal with the Vulcans with more dramatic elements. The screenwriters could also create a story in which the Federation experiences a technological/economic/political crisis with some horror elements. You could start the film with some dramatic or disorientating scene with Kirk and crew trapped in Starfleet HQ or somewhere in the Federation Council under siege. They need to forge some despair way back to the Enterprise and escape to another Federation world, such as Andoria, to get help. Or they need to escape San Francisco on foot to escape or travel to another part of United Earth to save Star Fleet and the Federation.

345. Red Skirt - July 26, 2010

#343, ” There were a couple of rare exceptions in the original series: Leila (played by Jill Ireland) in “This Side of Paradise” in which Spock was under the influence of the “happiness pill” spores, but as soon as he sobered up he kicked her right to the curb;”

I remember that episode. Yes, that is an adequate summation of what older Spock did, but as I recall, it was a young immature Spock who was in a “relationship” with Leila in which he could not express his love for her. Since this is a completely different Spock, I would take that as an indication that he was more than capable of having a relationship, and in this new universe, slightly more open to exploring it than he was in the original universe.

Agreed that this is not what most expect from the portrayal of Spock, however, as has been pointed out elsewhere, by Shatner himself recently about Khan, the fans have already seen traditional old Spock, surely there is something new and different they could do we haven’t see before and still explore his inner conflict? The relationship explores the what-if that didn’t happen the first time around, and actually gives Spock more issues with which he must come to terms.

After all, why did Spock ask his father about marrying his mother, if not to better understand his own relationship and feelings with a woman he was in a relationship with? This young Spock seems much more in tune with his humanity as we saw with old Spock in Star Trek IV, so I don’t see any reason why that moment in his life could not have come in his youth rather than mid-life – the precedent is there, just at a different time in the original universe.

346. Khan Forever - July 26, 2010

Since there is a minute possibility that one of the writers will actually read this, I’d like to forward a humble proposal with regards to Khan:

Blow the WORLD (not just the Trekker microcosm) away: Take the TOS Khan’s face off every frame and CGI splice it onto a new actor a la Avatar. Your audio wizards can recapture the “fine Corinthian leather” tone and accent. Then you’ll finally get those Academy Awards you deserved for your first ST film.

Storyline? Why mess with the TOS one? Of course feed it lots of script steroids, but the basic concept of the Big E coming across an Eugenics Dictator from the late (21st) century in the Botany Bay is just too perfect to miss. A charming, handsome, strong, hypnotic ladies man who wants to start euthanizing the Federation’s untermenschen so that “his breed” can take over their habitable planets.

Should there be a one in a zillion chance that you actually like this, then kindly leave a reply on this thread as I would like to receive a CODED mention in the movie. I don’t want $ or credit. I just want to know that you got it from me. I’ll sign any NDA and future income waiver your attorneys can draw up.


Hey, I live to dream!

347. somethoughts - July 26, 2010

Khan or no Khan, can’t wait to see new ship designs, special effects and a roller coaster mind blowing sci fi drama epic. I would love to see a 3D enterprise in space with debris coming towards me or a layered bridge.

Come up with new special effects technology just for the script and wow the world.

348. moauvian waoul - July 26, 2010

344. I like your ideas. Especially Our heroes having to retreat to get help from Starfleet.

349. Crosby - July 26, 2010

My 2 cents here guys. Bravo if you get through all the comments to this. To the people saying give us less action and a more intelligent story, I say this: Remember what happened when they tried that in the movies? The 2 biggest disasters of films in the whole franchise. TMP bores everyone who attempts to watch it to death. Final Frontier could have been passable if not for a terrible script and really lousy sfx. It is possible to have an intelligent story that’s action packed. See: ST 6, TWOK.

In terms of things i’d like to see in the sequel:
Big fleet battle. I think that every trek fan would love to see an epic battle scene. We can make one now, we have the technology. A large scale Fed/Klingon or Fed/Romulan matchup would be epic and something I have wanted since First Contact. Think Helm’s Deep. In space.

If Khan is going to be in it, please cast an Indian actor. I understand that to many hardcore trekkers Ricardo Montalbon is the face of Khan, but this really ruins suspension of disbelief for anyone else watching. Khan is sikh, get a sikh actor. Furthermore, it would be amazingly cool to have Khan integrate sikh martial arts into a fight scene. Give Khan a whip sword and we could see a fight scene to the caliber of nothing ever before seen in Star Trek. No offense to shatners classic double fist to the back.

In terms of story: Kill Uhura. I know many of you will hate me for this, but hear me out. Think of what this event would mean to the Kirk Spock Bones relationship dynamic in the movie. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening as Zoe Saldana is the biggest star around right now, not to mention great to look at. Uhura’s death could be an incredibly powerful moment in the franchise and totally mess up the audience in a great way.

A last word: I am solidly a member of the no Khan camp. Not saying I wouldn’t love to see him make an appearance down the road, but this is far to early to trot out the big guns. Don’t take this to mean I want an episode other than Space Seed rehashed, as I would rather see an original story. I do think that if you wanted a current day analogy, you have no further to look than the events unfolding in the states right now. A “Tea Party” faction of xeno-phobic, regressive aliens who refuse to accept their races membership in the federation is one possibility you could consider.

Whatever happens story wise i’m sure I will thoroughly enjoy it, and hopefully it will be good enough to warrant me going back to the theater as many times as I did for the last one.

350. FarStrider - July 27, 2010

@349 Dude. . .does the term “Fridging” mean anything to you? Here’s a clue. . .in terms of storytelling, it’s a bad thing to do. . . look it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_Refrigerators. . . ST09 already had a hint of it with Amanda. . . no need to do it to the only African-American and female main character in the cast. . .

And for goodness sake, let’s develop ALL the characters this time around. . .the “Big Two plus Bones and all the Rest” has been done already. . .


351. John from Cincinnati - July 27, 2010

How about Kate Beckinsale as Edith Keeler?

Except in this universe, she must get SAVED to restore the timeline.

352. John from Cincinnati - July 27, 2010

and for God’s sake, fix the bridge and engineering.

Both are too cluttered.

The beauty of the art direction of the original series what how sleek and minimal the future looked.

353. Cygnus-X1 - July 27, 2010

341. StarFuryG7 – July 26, 2010

—-#283. Cygnus-X1
“A development of the whole eugenics backstory would be very interesting, it’s rich in compelling and relevant themes.”

Yes, but it’s not practical for a film for which the focus will be the original cast of characters that’s set in the 23rd century, and for them to do flashbacks to 20th century Earth during Khan’s rise and reign would probably take up too much time in the movie.—-

Fair point. And telling the story through other genetically-engineered supermen who might have somehow survived into the 23rd Century off of the USS Botany Bay would probably be lame. We’ve already seen the best of that bunch in Khan, and the best performance likely in RM, so anyone else they might cast as a genetically-engineered superman would most likely be a disappointment by comparison, not to mention being a conspicuous symbol of failing imagination that they had to rip off STII.

354. RetroWarbird - July 27, 2010

I agree about the social relevance notion somebody brought up (probably multiple people brought up).

I’d like to see the Vulcans relocate onto Mars (Heh.) and I’d like to see something mildly Cold War in execution – like “A Private Little War” carried to movie levels of extreme. Only rather than have the Klingons funneling weapons to some backwater planet with meager Federation interests (Which was an allegory for Vietnam), why not have them finance an actual Federation Separatist Movement (Possibly by the Andorians). I don’t know if I’d want it to be 100% directly like the situation with Israel in the Mid-East. If it’s too close, it’ll be too obvious an allegory … but the idea is something worth exploring in the context of Star Trek.

(And has been done before … with Bajor v. Cardassia, but Bajor was more like Ireland, and Cardassia more like Nazi Germany than Britain. But I think that keeping it more abstract and extreme an example than the real life counterparts is why it worked.)

355. dmduncan - July 27, 2010

353: “it’s not practical for a film for which the focus will be the original cast of characters that’s set in the 23rd century, and for them to do flashbacks to 20th century Earth during Khan’s rise and reign would probably take up too much time in the movie.”

That all depends on the length of the flashback moments. Bob and Alex have proved they can pack a lot of information into a short amount of screen time, so it wouldn’t be fair to presume flashbacks would eat up too much screen time.

If they can’t imagine how to do it, maybe it would be fair to leave off doing it that way. But nobody should impart their own failure of imagination to Bob, Alex, and now Damon, as if to say those three cannot imagine how to do it because some anonymous Star Trek fan can’t imagine how to do it.

Show me the fan commentary that predicted such a poignant short opening to ST.09. I don’t think you’ll find any.

And Damon, we may remember, has extensive experience crafting flashback scenes for a recently ended TV series he wrote for. I have no doubt he knows how to effectively compress things for a 2 hour movie should that practice be necessary for the story.

356. Roger - July 27, 2010

They will not listen to fans. Why would they start now? They haven’t so far.

357. Maj - July 27, 2010


I personally love the spin offs even more than TOS and those characters were brilliant, but I’m just speaking in terms of the broader *external* view that non-trekkers possess.

The reality is nowadays, that first and foremost the writers have to find an appeal for the non-trekkers, the average movie goers. And then they can inject our ST *fix*. It does sound kinda disappointing but we should be glad the franchise is big again. Imagine the alternative with another failed show like Enterprise, or another franchise killer Nemesis. I for one am excited by what the new writers have introduced so far.

Oh and agreed, NO Kahn!

358. moauvian waoul - July 28, 2010

I’d prefer something new but I’m wondering why nobody brought up Sherman’s Planet as a possible plot and a source for conflict with the Klingons. I’ve wanted to see a large battle sequence since Kor and Kirk’s showdown was interrupted.

359. a mere ensign - July 31, 2010

Count me-too on +Klingons, -Khan.

360. Malcontent - August 1, 2010

As good as Kahn was, he could have been so much more. He could have been a recurring character, the Gul Dukat to Kirks Sisko, if you will. I don’t think a new Kahn could possibly be as good as the old Kahn until the new crew has had a chance to mature and grow into their own stories. The inevitable next Kahn encounter will be all the sweeter for the character development. STII was a character driven movie, one of the finest examples of Trek. There’s no need to put yourself up against that, yet. It’s like in BSG where they didn’t do the Pegasus story until mid second season. The show was so much more sophisticated by then and it showed in how that story unfolded. Just my two cents.

361. If We Can Dream It... We Can Do It... - August 1, 2010

A new and fresh revival of perhaps the most enduring story of all time has been born… the possibilities are virtually endless, and while I LOVE Khan and the Botany Bay crew, do I think now is the time to jump right into making parallels from TOS material? No. Maybe when you begin writing the script for the 5th installment of this “fresh” interpretation of the Trek universe… maybe. For now, however, you have so many possibilities… so much back-story and origin to answer to and elaborate on. What about bringing Backula on to reprise his role as Archer? Tie the generations together visually and with intelligent scripting. Elaborate on the relationship between Kirk and Decker… and what exactly happens between Kirk and Spock (other than the events that occurred in the previous picture) that plant the seeds of a long and strong friendship despite their tenuous relationship early on? So much to choose from!!

Although I enjoy the TNG movies, I was saddened in those years to think that the back stories, it seemed, were never to be told… the original cast was aging, and it was clear they would never again work together. I am almost 40, and this revival has brought the kid out in me… I hope to be enjoying this new adventure well into my 60’s :) Thank you for bringing the magic back… Long Live the Enterprise!

362. aj - August 4, 2010

kahn would only be ok if they did it differently. no rehashing of space seed/wrath of kahn, plz.

don’t forget the quote:

to boldly go “where no man/no one has gone before…”

so why go where somebody else has been?

363. Scott Cook - September 6, 2010

Khan is a great advasary of Kirk, and I like the idea, but it should be taked from a point of a skewed timeline. Instead of Kirk stumbling upon Khan’s space pod, and marooning him. why not have some other vessel stumble upon them only Khan gains control of that vessel and the enterprise is the only ship in the area to take on Khan.

The point is involve the character but Change the events as now that the timeline is changed they can have more fun with it.

364. TheTrekkie - September 7, 2010

As much as I enjoy the classic movies of the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s I appreciate contemporary ideas. Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan was the most loved movie of the original Star Treks; there is a prequel to back up Khan. In TOS, Montalban had an entire episode with him guest starring as Khan. in the alternate timeline that started with the 2009 movie, there would be little or nothing to explain Khan. And also, if you were going to follow the original 1982 movie’s storyline, then bring back William Shatner, because if you want someone who LOOKS like a Rear Admiral, you need someone that looks less teenage-like. Chris Pine presents too young a character and if you use special effects to make Pine look more age-appropriate for an Admiral, I personally would have a hard time recognizing him. Shatner also has the stature and experience of an Admiral.

Also, just putting it out there, you could put in Pike as Fleet Captain overviewing the cadet vessel that he got Delta Radiation poisoning on to somewhat explain what happened in TOS: The Menagerie Parts I and II.

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