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VIDEO: George Takei On “Star Trek VI: Captain Sulu To The Rescue” + John Cho, Shatner Feud + more July 25, 2010

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Last night Star Trek’s original Sulu, George Takei, was the guest for the screening of Star Trek VI at the Royal Theater in West LA. George and I talked a lot about his long lobbying effort to get the Captain’s chair for Star Trek VI and how he wanted to get it back for a Sulu TV series. We also talked about John Cho’s new Sulu, his famous feud with William Shatner and more. See below for highlights from the event plus full video.


Takei: Captain Sulu to the rescue


Full video
(again thanks to my friend Jennifer aka bdbdb)

More videos from the Summer series:


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1. rm10019 - July 25, 2010

Love Mr. Takei! Great role model for us all!

2. Zach - July 25, 2010

I always feel that six never really gets what it deserves in the trek world, six is just damn good. I hope that the new trek movie sequel will have shades of star trek six in it as. also Taki always gives a great interview.

3. Will_H - July 25, 2010

That would be epic if you moderated the end of the Shat/Takei feud. It needs to end, though, it’s just dumb.

4. Hat Rick - July 25, 2010

Cho has a feud with Shatner?

Oops — read that wrong!

5. jas_montreal - July 25, 2010


6. jas_montreal - July 25, 2010

Oh wait….. BOTH OF THEM ON MAURY !!!!!

7. Joe Lazlo - July 25, 2010

…so ENT series following VOY series was wrong, because it was “going backward”, against GR’s vision and intention. So says Takei.

But isn’t a 23rd century Sulu series following a 24th century VOY series “going backwards”? And THAT’S okay?

I’m just asking.

8. Red Dead Ryan - July 25, 2010

Can’t believe George Takei wouldn’t go on “Raw Nerve”. And judging by some of his statements here, he is a master of irony. First, he accuses Paramount of “going backwards” with “Enterprise” while he wanted his own “Excelsior” show, which itself would have gone backwards to the end of the 23rd century/start of 24th well before TNG/DS9/VOY. Then he denies that there is a feud, yet continues to put the blame on William Shatner. And I can’t believe this guy had the nerve to go to Paramount DURING THE RUN of TOS to press for his own series.

Now, don’t call me a hater. I like George Takei. I think he played an important role in the franchise. But judging from some of his statements, it is clear to me that it isn’t just William Shatner who has a big ego.

9. Red Dead Ryan - July 25, 2010

#5, 6

I’d rather see David Letterman help resolve these guys’ feud. He handled his own scandal well plus he is a damn great interviewer.

10. Nelson - July 25, 2010

Thanks for doing the videos of the guests at the screenings. It’s great to be able to see them and hear the guests speak! Too bad there wasn’t one for Star Trek The Motion Picture.

11. JohnWA - July 25, 2010

I don’t know if an Excelsior series would have done better, but I thought Enterprise was a disappointment on many levels.

What irked me the most was the lack of any real connection to the show’s 22nd century setting. What was supposed to make this voyage interesting and different turned out to be little more than a quickly forgotten gimmick.

Originally, we were going to get the back story to the end of Earth’s internal troubles and the coming of a new era with the Federation. Supposedly, the last holdout nation only joined United Earth in 2150 (a few years before the show). This wasn’t supposed to be a fully unified planet and society. Yet, there was practically no conflict between the humans. The show didn’t delve into any of that controversy over World War III, global unity, and so forth until the very last season. And even then, it was handled in a very timid manner. ENT was a straight continuation of the same show we’ve been watching since TNG.

12. Bucky - July 25, 2010

Wheton will be a blast for Nemesis. I actually dig the flick, but it’ll be more fun to watch him tear it to pieces and mention how he’s in the corner of, like, one shot. Hopefully people won’t get too nasty with Braga, he takes a lot of undeserved flack on the Interwebs and seems to mention it once in awhile (Voyager’s Threshold, though? Totally deserved on that one, yo.). But his script for First Contact is one of the best pieces of Trek he has his name attached to. (other great ones are All Good Things… and Frame of Mind, which is a personal favourite)

13. KJTrek - July 25, 2010

Anybody else find it funny that Will Wheaton… who had a CAMEO in Nemesis… is the guest?

On a different note… I WISH I LIVED IN CALIFORNIA! I would totally drive to see one of these.

14. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2010

Thanks, Anthony Pascale and for the George Takei interview. George is very funny. I think it would be cool for him to be in the next Trek movie as another Starfleet officer, perhaps even Sulu’s dad.

15. Jordan - July 25, 2010

Excelsior show would have sucked, and probably killed Star Trek for me. The irony i suppose it that Enterprise only made me like the franchise more.

16. Buzz Cagney - July 25, 2010

Now being in England I’m not exactly up to speed with such things, but would Stern be neutral? Not that I care particularly. Takei pretty much bores me.
And if Gene was so intent on going forward I wonder what he would have thought of Trek ’09?

17. Vultan - July 25, 2010

Well, Captain Sulu can still have his own series and still be forward chronologically of the TNG era. Consider the prospect of Takei’s head being in a jar in the 30th century– ooh, sorry, that’s already been done. ;)

18. Canon Schmanon - July 25, 2010

I would have loved an Excelsior/Sulu series over Enterprise. No brainer.

19. Chakotay - July 25, 2010

Start the Excelsior series, now!

20. Phaser Guy - July 25, 2010

The Voyager Excelsior episode was pretty boring. And they were working off of Trek VI!!!

21. Hat Rick - July 26, 2010

It sort of depends on what the Excelsior series would have been about.

Honestly, Star Trek Enterprise was decent, in my view, but it wasn’t spectacular. I was quite active in following the series but became a bit annoyed with it after a while because it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. I began to lose a bit of interest in it, in the same way that I began to lose interest in Voyager (despite the fact that Voyager had some very good stories) near the end of its run. And yes, I’m shallow enough to expect excitement once in a while. Star Trek Enterprise was canceled just when it had found its stride (or at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it).

That said, I like STE a great deal and plan to buy the entire series on DVD when I get the chance. I missed probably a whole 30%-50% of it.

Now, what could Excelsior, the series, have been? If it were to have been produced by Berman and Co. in the same style as Voyager and STE, then I’m not sure the results would be much different than those series, and people who liked or disliked those two series would probably feel the same way about it.

All in all, I am of the opinion that when I have the time to watch Voyager and Enterprise again, and particularly those episodes I missed the first time around, I will find myself immersed in a world of fascination and wonder. And I like feeling that way. I have very high praise for every Trek series, bar none.

But the top three Trek series, to me, are ST:TOS, DS9, and TNG, in that order. There are moments when I would prefer one series over the other; for example, I think that certain TNG episodes are better than certain TOS episodes. However, judged on the basis of overall merit, impact, characterization, profundity, continuity, integrity, and the like, I think that my evaluation in general terms is well-supported and fair. That said, DS9 and TNG, to me, are nearly tied.

STE and Voyager, to me, are not on the same level, despite the fact that many of their episodes are excellent.

Perhaps this is just a matter of personal preference. Perhaps not.

I think that Rick Berman and certain others had simply run out of new ideas and relied too heavily on existing tropes. There is a reason that “Year of Hell” made such an impact — it’s because it was so different from the general run of Voyager, I believe. And yet, I must say, even Voyager and STE were better than 90% of all television programming out there, and certain ones (including, for example, the VOY episodes about “Tuvix” and Neelix’s loss of faith in the the afterlife, respectively) were better than 99% of all dramatic programming, period.

Excelsior, thus, would have been a product of its creative circumstances, and to say more about it would probably rest on speculation as much as not.

22. Zebonka - July 26, 2010

it wasn’t Sulu’s fault. It was just a superbly lame premise for an episode. Exploring Tuvok’s memories?? Please. That would’ve been a bad episode no matter who guest starred in it.

Excelsior series would’ve been way better than Enterprise. “What might have been”, I guess.

23. Mike Thompson UK - July 26, 2010

Original Trek ended when Kirk fell out of Enterprise B, I’d have loved an Excelsior/Sulu series, but guess there would have had to have been some cast changes from the Star Trek 6 appearence. By the Voyager episode Rand had aged, sadly.

24. captain_neill - July 26, 2010


I hope so too, Brannon Braga is one of my favourite writers on Trek and with Ron Moore (another fav writer) wrote one of the best Trek movies wih First Contact.

I still find First Contact a stronger film than the new one.

25. - July 26, 2010

With a moderator? Get on the phone and work it out.

Then pretend that you haven’t and do it with a moderator, make it fiery before ending in hugs and tears.

That should make you guys a few dollars.

26. - July 26, 2010

Seriously though, call the guy and make a time to sit down and talk.

27. captain_neill - July 26, 2010

Am I the only one who enjoyed Enterprise?

It was not my all time fav Star Trek show and some of the first season episodes were terrible but once it got into the 3rd and especially the 4th seasons it becaame a great show. Just a shame it got cancelled when it was getting great.

George Takei may be right in saying that going back was the wrong direction but it has been going back ever since the end of Voyager. His Excelsior show would have been going back, hell the new movie is going backwards because, although it is a parallel universe, the year is 6 years before the start of the 5 year mission on TOS.

Going forward would be StarTrek Online or the current novels set in the post Nemesis era.

I do hope that Takei and Shatner can work out their differences.

28. sci-fi bri - July 26, 2010

dear george tekei

when i was 7, i wanted your hair from TOS… and i parted it that way with the fleck of hair down on the forehead(see ) … but, my granny wouldn’t let me have it that way.

also, i just finished ‘Excelsior: Forged in Fire’.

also, these comments are entirely random.

29. captain_neill - July 26, 2010

I know others do like Enterprise but I do believe it gets too much of a bad press.

But it was by no means the quintesential Trek show.

30. Dom - July 26, 2010

Really, Takei’s vanity is unbelievable! He had a small bit-part in Star Trek VI, the most important part of which was helping the Enterprise out a bit in a battle. If anything, his role in that film was diminished compared with part films.

Then cue customary dig at Bill Shatner! I mean, seriously George: Bill Shatner turns up on the web talking about anything and everything. He’s brash and entertaining. What do we really know about you? Let’s see: you used to play Sulu, you’re gay and you have an obsessional hatred of the lead actor of a TV show you worked on 45 years ago! BORING!!

Go away until you have something worthwhile to contribute beyond behaving like a bitter old has-been, riding on being a supporting act in a show made a success by the the man you hate!

And an Excelsior series made by the people behind the TNG era would have been dire. We saw that with Enterprise until Manny Coto turned up. A TNG-team-produced series would likely have convinced TPTB that no era of Trek was marketable any more!

31. David C. Roberson - July 26, 2010

I honestly feel as if Takei has gone on too long about this “Excelsior” series that never was.

I met him, you know. In 1997. He seemed to me a courteous man, but nothing more. I felt no great excitement in meeting him. I remember he actually announced that Star Trek: Excelsior had been green-lit, much to the unevenly positive response of the audience.

I remember reading interviews back when was still relevant. Takei, nearing the end of Voyager, was a common subject for news. He was everywhere it seemed, pitching this very idea. He also commended Rick Berman and Co. on their dedication to “Gene’s Vision”… which I never really bought into anyway… As soon as Enterprise was announced, he was bashing Berman and Co., saying just what he did here, that it was going backwards… and, no, it is not unreasonable to point out that going back to Sulu’s time would be “going backwards” as well. What struck me was the lack of integrity he displayed. For not only did he simply disagree with the decisions of TPTB, he further bashed them, claiming that TPTB had run that wonderful “Vision” of Gene’s into the ground, that Gene would be spinning in his grave. Never respected Takei at all after that.
And as for this supposed “Fued” between Takei and Shatner… well, I would be remiss failing to mention the ridiculous behavior of Bill Shatner, but Takei has held onto this for too long. George, old boy… he’s Bill Shatner. Star Trek would have succeeded with or without YOU. Hands down. Might have even been better.

32. denny cranium - July 26, 2010

27- I’ve recently started watching Enterprise on HD net.
The pilot was great the first season had some good episodes,
I’m just into the 2nd season and its PAINFUL to watch for the most part.
Cue the 3rd season- Yes it was a stunt to turn Trek on its ear but it succeeded for the most part.
Episodes like Similitude were Classic Trek moments- Archer barking “I want Trip!” to the clone gave me chills.
In the 3rd season finale Archer was finally a heroic figure to me.
The 4th season? It had definitely found its legs by then -Thanks Manny Coto.
Then they cancelled it.
I remember TNG didnt get any legs until its 3rd season either.
Go watch it again- Its better than you remember.

33. P Technobabble - July 26, 2010

I think STVI was a good film for the original cast to go out on, especially on the heels of STV. I recall reading that it was Leonard Nimoy’s idea to use the fall of the Soviet Union as the basis for the film’s story. It shows that Nimoy had a real knack for taking present-day situations and turning them into Star Trek stories. The hand of Nick Meyer is quite evident in the film, from story to direction. The film had a more cinematic look than TWOK, but it had about double the budget. It kept to the flavor of the series, and was pretty well received. One thing that bugged me was Valeris being a traitor. It seemed somewhat illogical that a Vulcan character would take sides. I understand that it was hoped Kirstie Alley would return to the Saavik role, which would have made a bit more sense because she was half Romulan. And there would have been greater shock value. But Valeris being involved in the conspiracy to essentially wipe out the Klingons just didn’t ring true, IMO. Also, as has been mentioned often, the transponder which Spock applies to Kirk’s uniform — and then it stayed there throughout Kirk’s imprisonment — was awfully contrived. Whatever happened to McCoy’s injected transponders? We never saw those again cos they’d have cost the characters a lot of close-call adventures!

As for Mr. Takei, what more can be said? I like the guy, I liked Sulu, and I’m glad he got a career out of Star Trek. That said, I think the only way an Excelsior series would have worked would have been a half-hour comedy where Takei was surrounded by a Seinfeld-like ensemble of characters. I simply cannot see George Takei as the primary star of a dramatic series. I’m sure he’d want to slug me for saying that, but that’s my opinion.

Finally, Anthony if you end up moderating the debate between Shatner and Takei, you should do it in a wrestling ring. I’m giving Shatner the edge.

34. JimJ - July 26, 2010

George, I can understand your point of view, but “the Shat” is the man and you are not! Bottom line.

ST: Enterprise wandered during season one, though I liked the characters. Season 2, it was totally lost. Season 3 was a wake-up call, but too soap opera-ish to bring in new viewers weekly. Manny Coto then arrived and found what Enterprise should have been from the series premiere through season 4. The bad part was, MANY had given up on ST: Enterprise by then and refused to come back.

Who can blame those people. B&B’s biggest mistakes that DROVE people away include: Drop the name “Star Trek”, put in a totally out of place song for the “theme song”, allow dry and boring stories during season 2 that were often rehashes of previous shows, allow races in the series that didn’t belong (like the Borg & Ferengi), and then ending it all with that final episode “Valentine” that was more like a gift of an STD. Only good parts of that final show were when Archer was getting ready to head out for the speech and the final “Space, the final frontier” montage. For the record, killing Trip in that episode was ultra-stupid and pointless.

Sad part is, I loved Enterprise. My choices in order of preference for Star Trek series TV is: TOS, TNG, ENT, DS9, Animated TOS, VOY

Don’t even get me started about the problems with VOY!!!!!! lol

35. memi - July 26, 2010

I like William Shatner anyday over this dude what in the world did he really contribute to Star Trek except being the helmsman on the old program if this be the case should’nt they give the other characters that are still living their own personal show cause they did more than this guy sounds to me like someone wants attention

36. Horatio - July 26, 2010

As much as I like George, I gotta weigh in and say how happy I am that there was NOT an Excelsior tv series. It would have seriously sucked and put a bullet into the franchise’s head.

I loved the concept behind Enterprise and feel that they didn’t really realize its true potential until season 4.

But what do I know… i’m just a fanboy.

37. Buzz Cagney - July 26, 2010

#30 I guess what you are saying, Dom, is Love George or Hate him you certainly can ignore him.

38. DAK23 - July 26, 2010

Well, I for one am of the opinion that Mr. Takei is more vain than Shatner. /His/ character came to the rescue in Star Trek 6?? Really? His was a bit part. Sure, Sulu opened the movie, but hell, Uhura was the one who came up with a way of tracking Chang’s bird of prey! What did Sulu do? “Target that explosion and fire”. He was smiling when he said it. He didn’t even convey that much emotion to the moment. At least Shatner’s Kirk got his butt outta the command chair and growled out, “Fire!”.

I quite agree with Dom #30. Shatner has been out there for decades selling himself & his charities. What Do we know about Takei? I would add we do know he was interred in an Arkansas camp during WW2 and he ran for some public office in California in the 70’s. But really, what else?

39. P Technobabble - July 26, 2010

There is no doubt, just when “Enterprise” was getting its legs, UPN made the brilliant move of pulling the plug. Yes, ENT had low ratings. Yes, Star Trek was dying a slow, painful death. But rather than invest any energy into ENT, rather than give it more of a chance under Coto’s watch, rather than try to re-promote it, UPN just gave up. I do believe that after 14 years of TNG and VOY, Berman and Braga were seriously burnt out, and it showed in the quality of those series. I also believe the two most serious mistakes they made were A) trying to distance themselves from TOS; and B) not using legitimate sci-fi writers to bring in stories.

40. Shona - July 26, 2010

I have to say I agree with Bill on this (and in my opinion this is part of the reason Bill is a star and George isn’t) – Takei is confusing a good role for an actor and real life. The role he has in VI is not good for him, he’s away from the action and has what is basically a bit part. And even worse, when there is the family photo at the end of VI (makes me tear up), HE ISN’T THERE. All the other characters basically give up their careers for the Enterprise and each other, Sulu actually prefers his career … Bill told him being on the Enterprise was a better role for an actor for V, but George didn’t listen. Sorry, but Bill was right.

The point is not your position on the ship, it’s your acting, and the roles you choose.

41. Buzz Cagney - July 26, 2010

I would add that he did deliver the ‘fly her apart then’ line with some style.
Beyond that I agree with Shona’s well posted comments.

42. Hugh Hoyland - July 26, 2010

I dont know George personally, or any of the cast for that matter, never meet any of them so far (hope to change that someday). I just know that they created character’s (esp. Shatner, Nimoy, and D. Kelly) that had an inpact on my youth, and even into my adulthood, for that I am grateful to them all.
George appears to be a nice chap, and I love the character of Sulu, but honestly I cant wrap my wits around a weekly TV series with him( Sulu) in the lead. I cant blame him for wanting it, what actor would’nt? But I just dont think it would have worked out very well in the end. I dont know, I could be wrong and I suppose we’ll never know, but thats how I see it.

43. Anthony Thompson - July 26, 2010

I love George! And what an amazing voice! This was fun. But I fear that another feud has begun – haha!

44. Sean - July 26, 2010

#27 Am I the only one who enjoyed Enterprise?

No, I quite enjoyed Enterprise, and count it as my third favorite series behind Voyager (#1) and TOS (#2). The first two seasons aren’t the best in Trek, but both have some great episodes. The third season was quite good and the fourth season was just spectacular. I was sad to see the series canceled.

45. British Naval Dude - July 26, 2010

I saids it afore, I’ll says it agains…

I would pay good money ta’ see Cap’n Sulu again… even if he be sweatin’ and had a sword in his hand…

Oh, I kidz cuz’ I luvs…


46. CoolPT - July 26, 2010

Enterprise would have been a great sho if they would have stayed in the Solar System and showed how things would evolve. They went to fast to go out and explore. Can you inagine what a 4-5 part arc of reminising about Khan as he was exiled!? More about the 1st warp flight? How the transporters and phasers were being tested and invented? More about the Utopia complex on Mars being built? More about Starfleet HQ? I would have LOVED seeing those types of shows!!! Stay close to home and make it so!

47. Jorg Sacul - July 26, 2010

@ 46… Khan’s (and his followers) exile was hidden from the world, per “Space Seed.” Archer’s people shouldn’t have known anything about it.

However, I agree they did zip out into the galaxy too fast. Maybe it’s just the closet engineer in me, but I’d have loved for episodes of Enterprise that were akin to some of the outstanding programs on the History and Discovery Channels.

48. VOODOO - July 26, 2010

Anthony, do it!

Takei vs Shatner on Trekmovie would be epic!!!

49. Bucky - July 26, 2010

40 – you could also say that even though he’s not on the ship, he still has a pretty big impact on the movie’s plot ala Nimoy’s short role in Star Trek. Also, George gets a chance to chew out Christian Slater. Did anyone else in Star Trek ever get to do that?

50. Buzz Cagney - July 26, 2010

Why on earth would they need a moderator? Is Takei worried Shatner would make him look a bit of a wimp? Oh wait, I think I just answered my own question.

51. Damian - July 26, 2010

I liked Star Trek: Enterprise. As a matter of fact, I got a friend of mine to start watching it. He was a pure original series fan who stopped following around Star Trek VI (he did watch some TNG, but no DS9 or Voyager). He started getting into Enterprise and even strated reading the relaunch books. Enterprise is grossly underrated. I agree, there was some missed potential in the first two seasons. But as others have noted, TNG and Ds9 took until about the 3rd season to find their legs. I had my doubts about both until the 3rd seasons pulled me in. I have no doubt a 5th to 7th season of Enterprise would have been just as good. In the 4th season, they finally found their calling. And we would have been able to see the Romulan War on screen, instead of having to read about it in the novels (I’m still a little miffed I have to wait over a year still for the 2nd book).

52. Tony Whitehead - July 26, 2010

George Takei. . .or I stretched my 15 Minutes into 44 Years.

53. Anthony Pascale - July 26, 2010

Although I am flattered by Takei’s suggestion that I moderate the George/Bill Summit, it would never happen. I think that Howard Stern is a good choice as he is someone they both trust.

54. AJ - July 26, 2010

I can never get enough of George Takei. It’s great to see the TOS folk get out there and knock ’em dead the way Shatner and Takei (and Nimoy!) do.

And it’s heartening to see that their stars can rise late in their careers. If I were Paramount,, and I am not, I would put Takei in that Captain’s chair to kick three years of solid ass at least. “Don’t tell me that was any meteor shower” indeed.

55. Dom - July 26, 2010

53. Anthony

Better they sort it out themselves in private than give the public such an unedifying spectacle!

Hasn’t Takei heard of a telephone?

56. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - July 26, 2010

I think a Sulu series would have been a perfectly good idea; he could have had a ship with a (slightly) different mission, different challenges, and it surely wouldn’t have fared any worse critically than did Voyager. I still think it would have eventually woven into no small degree of repetition, but having had TOS “genes” it would have had a good shot at success. Obviously, we’ll never know.

Sulu’s scenes on the Excelsior in ST VI were great, tho!

57. The Great Takei - July 26, 2010

What a great guy. He sounds like he was the most enthused and engaging of the guests. By the sound of the audience, is it fair to say this was the largest turnout, or one of the largest for the TOS 70mm film series?

What is the likelihood of repeating this again next year, maybe some of us east coasters will save $ or use our miles for at least one of the movies?

58. Anthony Pascale - July 26, 2010

The largest turnout was Star Trek II/Meyer, but this was the second largest

59. Anthony Thompson - July 26, 2010

55. Dom

Takei DID talk to Shatner on the phone! He talked about it on the video above (perhaps time for you to get that earwax cleaned out?). Well, George was not happy that Shatner denied during their tel. conversation that he had called him psychotic. So another impasse.

60. Paul - July 26, 2010

Yawn. Please. George is a nice guy, it appears, but really a mediocre actor. Even his turn in Heroes was mediocre at best. I appreciate his contribution, but honestly, if Sulu was not a part of the Star Trek universe, I would not miss him. I can say the same about Chekov and Uhuru. Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty on the Enterprise, baby!!! The rest is background.

61. The Great Takei II - July 26, 2010

Re 58. Perhaps II had the greatest turnout was because of Meyer, himself. It seems he had the most appeal and, of course, II is a good Trek film.

Perhaps the next time, and/or for the upcoming TNG films, you could solicit fans for questions to ask the guests for the Q&A and pick the best. I think there are questions that need to be asked that haven’t been answered.

Re 60: It is probably a fact that if any of the supporting cast were killed off during its initial run, they may not have been missed. I think the fact of the matter is the show took on a star showcase for Kirk and Spock, so your supporting cast were denied the opportunity for their characters to shine. This is especially true in the movies. So, its only natural one would not care so much since there wasn’t much character growth. I think Uhura got shorted the most.

62. Daoud - July 26, 2010

#60 Takei’s work in Green Berets was pretty good, as was much of his work during his prime.

63. Oregon Trek Geek - July 26, 2010

The best thing to happen to George in years was the “feud” with Shatner. Talk about a career boost. He owes a lot to Bill just for the feud.

And, I agree with #60 Paul.

64. captain_neill - July 27, 2010

Guys. some of the words are too unkind. George Takei has done well in other projects outside of Trek.

To me he will always be the real Sulu.

To me George, Walter, Nichelle and James where just as big as Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly.

65. AzarN - July 27, 2010

He describes ‘Enterprise’ as “uhh… not a prequel…uhh, but back in time”. Methinks George has never watched a frame of the show.

In addition, as was mentioned, a 23rd century show following a late 24th century show (set in a different quadrant) suffers from the very same problem of going backward that Takei criticises ‘Enterprise’ for.

Very illogical…

66. Hugh Hoyland - July 27, 2010

The problem I had with ENT was it seemed much more of a prequel to Next Gen than to TOS. It had a proto Next Generation feel to me, even the bridge and design of the ship itself. But I did give it a chance none the less, and it had a few interesting elements to it.

But after about season one and all the Zindi (sp) stuff (which seemed like a rehash of the Dominion) it lost me more or less. I still would pop in now and again to see how it was going, and only when I came across Mirror Mirror did it grab my interest again, but by that time the channel it was on switched its time slot which conflicted with my work hours, and I wasnt able to see many more episodes. I think Shortly after that it was canned.

A shame because I keep reading that Manny Coto came in and shot some life back into it.

67. Buzz Cagney - July 27, 2010

I do like the way he tied his jumper around his shoulders. Very jaunty. :-D

68. Woulfe - July 27, 2010

Wil Weaton hosting Nemesis ?

I’d love to go see that, as Wil was shafted big time by the editing of the film.

He’ll rip into MST3K style knowing him.

It needs that to happen to it too, we all KNOW it’s a rip-off of TWOK.

Right ?

69. Hat Rick - July 27, 2010

I like George Takei. I think he has a good sense of humor and, despite the whole Excelsior thing, doesn’t take himself all that seriously. Anyone that pals around with Howard Stern (of which, however, I am not a particular fan) has got to have a sense of humor.

Of course, I like Trek actors in general, but some more than others.

And nice comments as usual, Buzz Cagney. :-)

70. Kobayashi Maru - July 27, 2010

The voyager excelsior episode was my favorite one voyager did. VI is my fav movie, so any tie to that one or TWOK always gives me chill bumps. i would have loved to have seen an excelsior episode.. that way we could see how the rest of them lived out their lives, guest stars the old people without coming up with crazy ways they’re still alive, etc. (i.e. scotty in RELICS)

71. P Technobabble - July 27, 2010

66. Hugh

“…The problem I had with ENT was it seemed much more of a prequel to Next Gen than to TOS. It had a proto Next Generation feel to me, even the bridge and design of the ship itself. But I did give it a chance none the less, and it had a few interesting elements to it…”

These are essentially my feelings as well. Probably owes more to the fact that the same team were producing the episodes, and TOS was, apparently, a real thorn in their side.
TNG certainly developed into a great show, had a terrific run during its middle period, then started to falter, IMO. I believe the producers were truly burnt out. DS9 was, to some degree, outside the box and didn’t seem to suffer from burn-out as much. But VOY was really a long run of burn out. By the time ENT came along, I don’t think there was an ounce of energy left in the producers (Berman & Braga). When Manny Coto and the Reeves-Stevens came in, you could feel some new life. Who knows where ENT might have gone. But it did owe more to TNG than TOS, which was always my biggest gripe. A true prequel should have been an obvious lead-in to TOS, IMO. It could easily have been a lead-in straight to TNG.

72. Hat Rick - July 27, 2010

^^I must opine that VOY had some very good episodes in it, particularly the “high concept” stories that were, for the most part, quite good. Some of the character-based stories were also very good. I liked, for example, the ones about Annorax, about Tuvix, and about Neelix’s loss of faith. I even liked the Kes episode where she returns as some kind of she-devil.

There are some real gems in VOY.

However, the pyrite-to-gold ratio in VOY was probably significantly lower than in any of the Trek series, other than ENT. Part of this was due to the requirement that some way had to be found of saving the ship and main characters in every episode in order to continue the series, coupled with the restrictions imposed by the fact that there couldn’t be much interaction with the rest of Starfleet which otherwise would have made the episode resolutions more plausible. But, that said, TOS had much the same problem, since the Enterprise was far away from the known Federation and thus from ready rescue, and yet the episode resolutions didn’t appear as implausible or contrived.

I like the comment I read here that the problem was that there wasn’t enough of a science-fiction element in ths show. Several alien races seemed less alien than they could have been; Q, for example, seemed positively emasculated for some reason. The Borg, which one would think would have assimilated the entire ship without batting an eye, were somehow artificially inhibited from doing so for plot reasons that I never found very plausible.

And, without dissing Kate Mulgrew, I thought that Captain Janeway grew less compelling as the series progressed, in part because of that episode where she was immersed in some kind of Victorian holodeck story.

I do hold out hopes, as I said, that when I view the series again (and some of the episodes for the first time), I will find that some of the criticisms directed against VOY are actually overstated. It may be one of those series that grows on you over time, if for no other reason than nostalgia, but possibly also because one sees in them things one might have missed for the first time for reasons of misplaced expectation.

73. bill hiro - July 27, 2010

To whoever said Takei was lousy on Heroes, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Some of the best work done on that show was done by George Takei. I’m not saying that means he could or should have fronted his own Sulu show, but on Heroes he was dynamite. He brought a lot of gravitas to that part and he played it with strength, grace, and dignity. So there.

74. Simon - July 27, 2010

#70 – So the horrible continuity errors of the episode didn’t bother you?

Takei’s acting was, putting it mildly, not good either. Meyer in ST:VI directed him a LOT better.

Problem with Sulu being a Captain is that Sulu never really *did* anything to show he was Captain material. Mr. Scott showed better command material than Sulu did through TOS.

An Excelsior series would have been disastrous. 2 seasons at most.

75. Hugh Hoyland - July 28, 2010

#71 P. Tech

Thats pretty much the way the show came across to me as well. IMO it should have been a prequel to TOS, I expected it to be so. But it came across more like the Next Generations “TOS” than it did an actual prequel.

76. captain_neill - July 28, 2010


THere were continuity errors in the episode but I thought Flashback was a great episode.

Anyway this site has proven to me that if something they love has errors in plot they will ignore it.

I still cant get past the guy who can’t watch First Contact because of ONE plot hole yet can happily watch Star Trek XI which has LOADS of plot holes.

I love watching both films even though I prefer FC. But I don’t understand this logic other than some people have double standards.

77. D Borgman - March 17, 2011

Ive been to all the conventions that do not include george, cant blame shatner one bit , you se george is an it not a man, and hes the one who should be ashambed of him self, just look how he goes on and on about shat Im so glad they never made a show with this idiot is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.