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Scott Bakula says Quantum Leap movie is in the works August 7, 2010

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Sci-Fi , trackback

While speaking at the “A Leap of Faith — A Quantum Leap Retrospective” panel at Comic-Con last month, Star Trek: Enterprise star Scott Bakula revealed that a movie version of the hit sci-fi series Quantum Leap is in the works.


Quantum Leap creator Donald P. Bellisario writing script

Bakula told the gathered audience that “Quantum Leap” creator Donald P. Bellisario is currently writing a script for a big-screen version of the series and has a “big time” Hollywood producer interested in developing it. Unfortunately, Bakula says he’s now too old to step back into the role of Sam Beckett, but assured fans he’d play a role in it:

The good news is that Don [Quantum Leap creator Donald P. Bellisario] is working on the film script and has a big time Hollywood producer who wants to do it … It’s about time. But what I always thought would happen, happened … [that he’s now too old for the role]. But Dean [Stockwell, who played Al] and I will have a part in it somehow.

Don did say that as he was writing, he told me he was having trouble, ‘getting you and Dean out of my head.’ But I know he will do it.

As genre fans are well aware, before becoming Captain Archer on ‘Enterprise’, Bakula played the title character Sam Beckett on "Quantum Leap" for five seasons (from 1989 to 1993). Bakula received four Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations, winning a Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series in 1992. Bakula currently stars in the hit TNT series "Men of a Certain Age" which is entering its second season.

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1. Enterprisingguy - August 7, 2010

If it’s a reboot that would be great. If it’s a continuation of the dismall series ending they can forget about it!

2. Trek Or Treat - August 7, 2010

Never got into Quantim Leap. Guess I’d go see the movie tho.

3. David_Alexander - August 7, 2010


4. Enterprisingguy - August 7, 2010

Time for another reboot!

5. Prologic9 - August 7, 2010

Can’t we just de-age Bakula and Stockwell?

6. Red Dead Ryan - August 7, 2010

Gotta check out the “Quantum Leap” series on dvd one of these days!

7. Sunspot - August 7, 2010

I am a fan of the series, so the planned film piques my interest. I am hoping for a faithful continuation of the series, or better yet a satisfying conclusion. It is unfortunate that the roles will need to be recast, but the quality of the story is most important.

I will keep my eye on this project, and keep my fingers crossed.

8. Allen Williams - August 7, 2010

can’t we just say that hes been bouncing around in time for decades and that’s why hes old. make the movie about getting him back. The catch is that getting him back has to be both hard and interesting or it will seem like nothing more than a gimmick.

9. Hugh Hoyland - August 7, 2010

I got on a spurt of watching the show, but quickly lost interest and only caught it once in a while afterwards. I still thought it was a decent show though. But I made sure I viewed the series finally, and I thought it was just simply bad, even now I’m not 100% sure where they were coming from on that one.
Even if they didnt want to go with the obvious ending of “coming home” and instead be “ironic” or something, they could have ended it without the feeling the guy is stuck in some sort of forever temporal hell (or whatever the point was).

10. Dr. Cheis - August 7, 2010

I don’t know why Scott Bakula is too old to play his original role. It’s not like Sam Beckett doesn’t age while he’s leaping. And if as it said in the last episode, he never returned home, doesn’t that mean that he kept on doing it until he was gray?

11. Another Q - August 7, 2010

Loved the series! Was a big fan…until the
last show. The series finale’ sucked wind!
Horrible way to end it. Scott Bakula could
reprise the role, but they might run into
problems if it was good enough for sequels…
Then his age might become a problem.

12. Ben - August 7, 2010

YEEEEEEEAH – Please let him leap home – to this day I’m sad about how the show ended one and a half decade ago!

and now the angst starts…

make a respectful movie out of it with an extended role for Bakula and hopefully also Stockwell.

13. RTC - August 7, 2010

I met Scott last year at the QL 20th anniversary con. He was kind, gracious and full of energy. I completely disagree that he’s too old for the role. Same with Dean Stockwell. I sincerely hope that their joint appearance is not a mere cameo, and that the movie puts a satisfactory end to Sam Beckett’s travels.

Incidentally, at that same convention, Don Bellisario explained to the audience all the legal and logistical reasons why a QL movie would never happen. Glad he found a way!

14. Joel1245 - August 7, 2010

I don’t get it. How would Bakula be too old for the movie? If it was a continuation of the series then it’s just the continuing story of, wouldn’t it? Am I missing something? That would be like Paramount having told Shatner back in the 70’s that he was too old to play Kirk in the movies. What do you mean? The movies were a continuation of the series.

15. David - August 7, 2010

Dean Stockwell looks pretty much the same today as he did then. He was perfect as Al, I can’t imagine someone else in the role.

16. trekreturns - August 7, 2010

Yeh c’mon…he’s not too old for that role…and neither is Stockwell…

17. NuKirk - August 7, 2010

I swear of they get Rob Pattinson to play Beckett, I will get SOOOO pissed!

18. NuKirk - August 7, 2010

On a related note, I’d say they should get Nathan Fillion to play Beckett

19. StarFuryG7 - August 7, 2010

He’s not “too old” to reprise that role, it’s just that they want it to be ‘younger and hipper’ for today’s audiences, as with most things being produced today, and that’s a crock. If anything it’ll be good reason to skip this feature once it hits the big screen.

20. The Unknown Poster - August 7, 2010

That doesn’t make any sense. Ofcourse he would keep aging and so would Al. In fact, moving the series ahead and assuming he’s been leaping for 20+ years is a great hook…

Sam has wanted to go home yet, the longer it takes, the more the people he knew and loved age and die. At some point, At will be too old and frail to help Sam.

A heartwrenching story right there.

I loved this series. And the final episode was fine by me…it was heart breaking when the voice over stated “he never leapt home.”

21. Sebastian - August 7, 2010

I once believed that a new QL would be sunk without the chemistry of the two original actors. But after Star Trek 2009? Well, I never say never anymore. It will be tough to shake the memory of Bakula and Stockwell; but anything’s possible….

I consider myself a fan of QL (good comfort food TV), and I have moderate-to-good hopes for the new movie (if it actually happens; Hollywood is a very fickle town).

22. Sebastian - August 7, 2010

And a P.S: I totally agree with #18;

Nathan Fillion would be a perfect choice for the Beckett character/surrogate (however they’ve written it). I somehow see Oliver Platt (or someone like him) as the holographic guide.

23. CPT Obvious - August 7, 2010

How about a reboot that has Bakula leap right before he does his first Quantum Leap with a bad guy killing a significant other (say like a mother) and throws him into a parallel timeline. So it honors the series but still a reboot and you get to have Bakula play in it too. And the new Quantum Leap facility that looks like an Apple Store, tons of lens flares, and we can see how Bakula and Stockwell actually meet in this movie.

24. fred - August 7, 2010

scott still look good and whats wrong with doing an older sam i want to see an older sam amd dean, we age in life so why cant we see and older and maybe wisers sam and al and please lets no re-boot it, quantum leap the montion picture follower by the wrath of the evil leapers then the search for al,the next leap home,leap fronties and final the undiscovered leap

25. Schultz - August 7, 2010

QL film: great! ENT film? Even better. After having heard Siddig & Mulgrew speak out during the last couple of days, I have to admit: ENT is the Star Trek show I’d like to see turned into a feature film most, whether cinema or TV doesn’t really matter. It needs proper closure. And I’m still in love with T’Pol. :-) Bring ’em back!

26. Daniel Broadway - August 7, 2010

Why would they need to de-age Bakula? He never ages to begin with, just like Keanu Reeves.

27. Captain Dunsel - August 7, 2010

Oh what the heck? Just have Beckett leap into Archer, and be done with it. Oh – and Al can leap into Porthos!

28. J_schinderlin56 - August 7, 2010

I’d have to say I’d rather see the story of the rescue of Sam Beckett played by Bakula, than some reboot. The reboots are getting annoying. Maybe holywood should switch to Mac, then they wouldn’t have to reboot as much.

29. Vultan - August 7, 2010


“Maybe holywood should switch to Mac, then they wouldn’t have to reboot as much.”

Good one! :D

30. Browncoat1984 - August 7, 2010

I don’t know why Sam and Dean would be too old? Honestly they really don’t look THAT different than they were when they were on the series. If it’s a reboot, it would be cool if it lead to a new TV series.

Almost everybody I know personally whose ever watched Quantum Leap loves it, whether they’re a sci-fi geek or not. Sam and Dean made great leads back in the day (still do IMO).

I’ve currently been going through the series via netflix (a little annoying because for some reason they can’t offer all disks via streaming) and enjoying it, halfway through season 3. One thing’s for certain is it’s shown me how much range Bakula has as an actor and how under-used he was on Star Trek. I’m sure he said “oh boy” out loud more than once when he got a new script for an episode.

I hope this makes it to the big screen (and then the little screen as a new series) and is successful. Either that or I wouldn’t mind something that fixed that terrible (haven’t watched it yet but everyone talks about how bad it was) ending. It’s almost as bad as Farscapes “to be continued…” that would have stayed that way if it weren’t for Peackeeper Wars.

31. DonDonP1 - August 7, 2010

I’m so looking forward to a ‘Quantum Leap’ movie, whether a reboot or a big-screen continuation and I hope that movie will R-U-L-E, rule! Hope no one would say that a new QL movie would D-R-O-O-L, drule.

32. et - August 7, 2010

Um… I was at that panel. And from what Señor Bakula said, “In the works” is probably too strong of a term.

This is Hollywood we’re talking about. “Development” has a lot of stages, and just because Don Bellasario is writing a script, doesn’t mean anything more than some studio thought there was enough of a possibility of a movie there to option the rights and throw money at a screenplay.

There are many, many people who have to say “yes” to many, many steps of the process before we could say QL was definitely coming back.

33. Andy Patterson - August 7, 2010

I agree with others who’ve commented on him being too old. I don’t see how he’s too old for the role. He’s really kept himself young and in shape. Also will be very cool to see Dean Stockwell in it too. Saw Dean the other day in the last Thin Man movie as little Nickie Charles.

34. Jim Nightshade - August 7, 2010

i liked ql but i just cant see any reason for bakula n stockwell not reprising their roles—as someone else mentioned bakulas either been leaping for 20 years or imprisoned n that purgatory thingee–so the plot could be youngr people or son rescuing dad after 20 years n he ends up replacing bakula who finally leaps home–they could call it quantum legacy! in 3d! hahah

35. jas_montreal - August 7, 2010

Hollywood is running out of ideas ! Whats next ? A Three’s Company Movie ? Or a Golden Years Movie ?

36. Imrahil - August 7, 2010

I don’t understand why he’s too old to do it, really.

37. Jtk1982 - August 7, 2010

I can see it now Zachary Levi as young Sam Beckett and Josh Gomez as young Al..

38. Vultan - August 7, 2010


“Come and knock on our door…”

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a big screen version of Jack, Janet and Chrissy coming out in the next few years. That Hollywood remake excavation machine is in full gear and mining the past forty years of American pop culture for all its worth. Remakes of The Jeffersons, All in the Family, and Diff’rent Strokes are sure to follow…

But I don’t think it’s so much a lack of ideas that’s the problem with Tinseltown; it’s that less-than-dynamic duo of money and safety that are at work here. The great majority of the studio “suits” are afraid to invest in anything original right now (Inception notwithstanding), partly because of the economy, mostly because of a simple lack of old-fashioned, ballsy risktaking that built those studios in the first place.

And then there’s the more insidious reason for remakes — residual profits. Even if a remake (take the A-Team for example) is a flop or just breaks even at the box office and the DVD/Blu-ray market, even if this remake is a complete insult to the original, there will still be an interest created in that original product, which fans will loudly proclaim to be superior. And — ahem — who just happens to own the rights to the original series, which just happens to get a special boxed-set re-release around the time of the remake’s release?

Oh yes, there’s a lot of money, a lot of safety in tracing paper these days…

39. CmdrR - August 7, 2010

A reboot seems tough. The basic premise is really episodic. A movie would have a few leaps, but not a long series of them with lots of emotional churning in each. It would seem they’ll have to change the basic premise to fit a movie, even a three-movie deal. Dunno. Hope it’s fun.

40. Zinc Saucier - August 7, 2010

Something people need to understand about the ending is that it was never actually intended to be an ending. The show was canceled. What we saw was originally meant to be a cliffhanger for the next season which was going to take a different path with Sam being able to control his leaps. But when they found out the show wasn’t renewed they added on the little bumper saying “Sam never leaped home” to give some sense of closure.

41. Alfonso - August 7, 2010


I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure this occurred to them. Maybe Sam made it back in the interim, and Scott Bakula and Dean each have a small mentoring role for the new main characters? Can’t wait to see.

42. Thorny - August 7, 2010

Actually, there is a logistical problem of a continuation rather than a remake. I think there were several early episodes which strongly hinted that more time was passing for Al back at Project Quantum Leap than for Sam in mid-travel. There was a reference by a hungover Al that “everyone partied all night after you leaped” but to Sam it had only been a few minutes. So Sam shouldn’t have aged nearly as much as Al.

A big vote against Nathan Fillion as Sam. Waaaaaayyy too smarmy for the “overgrown boy scout” that was Sam Beckett.

And for those of you who never watched QL on TV and only watch the DVDs, be advised that a large amount of period music had to be replaced for the DVD releases due to music rights. So instead of Ray Charles singing “Georgia on my Mind” in a pivotal episode, the DVD only has some canned ‘stock’ music. (This same problem has prevented the release of QL contemporaries “The Wonder Years” and “China Beach” on DVD, shows that wouldn’t settle for canned music.)

40… That’s technically true, but QL ratings were fading in its last season, and Mr. Bellisario really should have planned a true finale, given the unlikelihood of renewal. And the ratings were fading deservedly: the show abandoned its “little stories of normal people” plots in the final season and started doing “big” episodes like Lee Harvey Oswald, Elvis, and Dr. Ruth, alienating longtime fans. And then there was the misstep of the “Evil Leaper”, Civil War, and Vampire episodes. It was really sad to watch the show sputter and stall its way to the finish line.

43. The Original Spock's Brain - August 8, 2010

Gr8 news!

44. S. John Ross - August 8, 2010

Neither actor is too old for it; that’s just silly talk.

I was never a faithful fan of the show, but I’d tune in at random and catch and ep now and then, and enjoyed it when I did. A movie could be cool … very much a wait-and-see prospect.

45. Steve Dunne - August 8, 2010

Quantum Leap is well suited for a trilogy of films, as noted the leap premise wouldn’t work well with many leaps per film , however much like the “trilogy” episodes in season 5 a well executed movie trilogy could be epic . And yes this would then gives us a “happy” ending for sam and al which could then spin into Quantum Leap- phase two on TV.

46. Steve Dunne - August 8, 2010

On a side note I believe Sam Becket would be 57 today!

47. MP - August 8, 2010

Today is indeed Sam Beckett’s birthday!

I’d much rather see a show on SyFy than a theatrical movie. A-Team (which I loved) didn’t do all that well, and I’d venture a guess that it has quite a bit more nostalgia going for it than Quantum Leap does.

If there is a movie, I’d like it to be Bakula and Stockwell winding things down (And I’ve always wanted to see them hug after years of not being able to touch). New series: Go ahead and reboot.

48. John Trumbull - August 8, 2010

Please, Don Bellisario, cast Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell again and find a way to bring Sam Beckett home. Put right what once went wrong.

49. New Horizon - August 8, 2010

Scott and Dean look fine. They’re not too old for the roles. GAH!

We should get the word out that the fans want them in their original roles. Seriously.

50. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - August 8, 2010

OK, this is an opportunity for people who are sick and tired of age coming before ability in Hollywood.

Respectfully, Backula and Stockwell are NOT “too old” to play characters that have no age limitations. I mean, it’s not like they were in “Doogie Howzer, MD” where the whole premise was a teenage doctor. It would be absolutely compatible with QL that the two of them had been at it since 93.

Also, QL and ST have something in common: fans that look at the shows as a vehicle for delivering messages about society. Remember the QL episode Backula did completely in drag because he leaped into the body of a woman and other great episodes?

Casting Backula and Stockwell would send a signal: ability before age, which would be completely consistent with the show, and it would satisfy the fans.

From a ST point of view, I would never have gone to see ST:TMP if the studio had said that Shatner and crew were “too old” to play Kirk, etc.

51. P Technobabble - August 8, 2010

I, too, see no reason why Bakula and Stockwell could not front the movie, especially since THEY were the show. QL had some fine stories and fine writing, which is why the show had a loyal following. It is silly to say they are too old, since we all presume Sam’s adventures have been going right along for the last 18 years. However, a movie that brings him home would be the end of the franchise, so I’m sure this will be an open-ended thing. It is possible that Sam makes it home and some new character ends up leaping, or Sam gets morphed into some new character. But I think its just a shame that Bakula and Stockwell are being replaced to satisfy Hollywood mentality.

52. The Unknown Poster - August 8, 2010

Even if time moves slower for Sam, Bakula looks great. It would be easier to age Dean and place the movie in the near future so a “57 year old” Sam who looks 40 makes sense if say, 30-40 years have passed.

It especially works when you begin playing with the notion that Al is getting too old.

53. Nemeis was a great movie - August 8, 2010

Scott is not too old to reprise the role, Sam never got home, and in the last episode he noticed he had aged, so if this was a continuation story of course he would age and so would Al.
I just got done actually watching every episode back to back with the wife, the series ended on a downward note, they need to pick it up where it left off (or some 20+ years later) and get Sam home, he could then pass the torch to someone else (a new character not a recast of Sam) who has his own “Al” to help him/her along, that would then setup a opening for a relaunched series with a new cast.

Get Sam home

54. Ashley - August 8, 2010

I agree, both Bakula and Stockwell should reprise their roles. They’re certainly NOT too old!

That said, if they HAD to reboot it, then I’d agree with #18. Nathan Fillion would be a pretty damn good replacement for Bakula. :D

55. N3176S - August 8, 2010

I, too, agree that Bakula and Stockwell don’t look too old to reprise their roles. They’re both still full of life and energy. Part of me would love to see the original Sam Beckett return home but I would not be against a reboot.

56. Kev-1 - August 8, 2010

#14 Initially, Paramount wanted new actors for STTMP. Roddenberry and the fans wanted the old cast.

57. Thorny - August 8, 2010

47… The difference between A-Team and Quantum Leap is that A-Team is poorly regarded as junk TV of the ’80s while QL is considered a classic. A-Team is better remembered today, but that’s not to mean people still like the show. I’ve tried to sit through an episode of that show on Centric (or whatever channel its on these days) and oh boy, that show stunk to high heavens. It had its 15 Minutes of Fame thanks to Mr.T in the post-Rocky III environment, and that’s about all it had going for it (George Peppard was definitely phoning in his performances.) So when they announced the A-Team remake, no small number of people were saying “they’re remaking THAT?” Curiously, because the original A-Team was so bad, the movie remake actually came off as pretty good in comparison.

A QL movie will be an entirely different situation.

58. Thorny - August 8, 2010

56… You sure about that? I thought Paramount simply transitioned from Star Trek Phase II (with all the original characters except Spock) to a feature film in the aftermath of Star Wars, and used the big screen to entice Nimoy to return as Spock.

59. Andrew - August 8, 2010

Oh man! I hope Michael Bay is available to make this AWESOME!

60. Matt Wiley - August 8, 2010

Oh Boy…

61. Dave H - August 8, 2010

If it’s not with Scott and Dean it’s another re-boot!
I wouldn’t be interested!

62. roy - August 8, 2010

Now that Donald Bellisario is working on a “Quantam Leap” film script with a so called big time Hollywood Producer. Perhaps he could revisit his most successful 1980’s tv franchise “Magnum P.I” by nudging Universal Studios to finally get that Tony Clancy story made into a big screen production with Tom Selleck while the interest is there.

63. Kev-1 - August 8, 2010

#58 In a Crawdaddy magazine interview in 1976, Shatner mentions Robert Redford as a potential ST movie star. Maybe Paramount just wanted to set up a tough negotiating position by floating big star names, but I remember talk at conventions about the original cast not being used. Keep in mind the thinking was, at the time, that television stars could not be reliable movie draws. Of course, in hindsight, “everybody” loved the idea.

64. grigori - August 8, 2010

IF they aren’t going to use Bakula and Stockwell in their original roles, then it’s a re-boot, and if it’s a re-boot, then there’s no fixing the sucky ending of the show, and if they don’t do THAT, what’s the point?

#39 is right: a re-boot would be difficult for something with a plot paradigm suited to TV. Whereas, on the other hand, the interest in what happened to Sam after his sacrifice for Al in that last episode could WELL carry an audience.

So let’s hope all this talk isn’t just Belisario making the mistake of jumping on the re-boot / muppet baby version of shows bandwagon.

And YES Bak is still sexy as all get-out! And full of energy and as dynamic as he always was. Watch him in an interview; his vigor jumps right off the screen. His depth of character in Men of a Certain Age and on CHUCK show that his familiar presence never goes out of style.

And Stockwell is an absolutely delicious character/actor–NO one could do Al, he WAS Al! Sure, only part of Stockwell’s considerable skills were Al, but what a show. How many TV actors have had his staying power in the biz? He’s just plain fun to watch.

65. Mark Lynch - August 9, 2010

As far as I am concerned, if it ain’t got Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell reprising their original roles, then it ain’t Quantum Leap any more and as such not worth my time.

I love Quantum Leap (second only to Star Trek) and it was due in no small terms to those two actors. I just could not accept their roles being recast or demoted to a mere cameo.

Now if we are talking a new take on Quantum Leap with new actors in new roles, maybe just maybe that is something which I could get behind…. But I honestly can’t see a new QL working, but that is just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

LLAP or Oh Boy?!?
You decide.

66. Thorny - August 9, 2010

I thought Mr. Bakula and Mr. Stockwell were terrific in Quantum Leap, but I have to say it has been too long now to do a continuation, especially on the big screen (a made-for-TV movie, maybe could get away with it.) It has been 17 years since Quantum Leap ended, compared to 10 years between the end of TOS and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and it was much easier to continue Trek because TOS didn’t end ambiguously and wouldn’t have to explain what happened in all those intervening years. QL will have to explain where Sam has been and what happened to him, and ignore the “Sam Beckett Never Returned Home” coda. That just makes the story too complex and too much of a risk for the studio.

So I’ll get behind a Quantum Leap remake, with a few caveats:

– Don’t turn it into a sophomoric comedy (like the thankfully abandoned “Six Million Dollar Man” remake)
– Don’t turn it into a CGI extravaganza where effects overwhelm acting and story (*cough* Avatar *cough*)
– Don’t send Sam off to change some major world event like 9/11 (pretend the fifth season never happened.)
– Don’t hire some talentless teen idol to play Sam.

The box office landscape is littered with failed remakes of TV shows, but most of those shows were 1960s or 1970s hits (and some non-hits like “Land of the Lost”.) Most of those didn’t just fail, they failed catastrophically (“Bewitched” may very well be the worst “A” movie of the 2000s. The less said about “McHale’s Navy”, “I Spy” and “Wild Wild West”, the better.) “The A Team” is probably the most recent defunct TV show to get the big screen treatment, and QL will be a few years more recent than that. I’d say a QL remake has a fighting chance at actually being good.

67. Joe T. - August 9, 2010

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell too old? I have two words in response: Indiana Jones!

68. nukirk - August 9, 2010

Ok, so not Nathan Fillion…you obviously don’t remember his portrayal of the slimy Caleb from Season 7 of Buffy, which retooled over to good and tweaked a bit could work as a slightly different, more modern version of Sam… who would you want, Chris Pine? Thus putting the Trek sequel on hold till 2014?

Too bad Ben Browder is aged more…he might’ve been good, knowing Hollywood they’ll get Zac Efron to play Sam -_-

69. nukirk - August 9, 2010

#42–that was called the ‘Imitate Doctor Who’ model for that final season; especially the Evil Leaper crap that was a poor ripoff on The Master…which is ironic, as The Master was already, in old Who, kinda hokey to begin with, thus serving as partial inspiration for the villain in Tom Paris’s Captain Proton holodeck program for Voyager…

70. Ken - August 10, 2010

If Bakula and Stockwell aren’t in it as their same characters, I have zero reason to go see it. EOS…end of story.

71. Al Hartman - August 10, 2010

I think that Scott and Dean aren’t too old to do it. the movie *SHOULD BE* about another Leaper Observer pair from a future after Al dies, leaping into Al to change the past so Sam DOES get home, thus explaining away the comment in the finale as being “something that once went wrong” that is being set right.

Future movies or TV series would then be possible if there are good stories to tell, using the newer pair.

Maybe SammyJo has a child that is also a genius and decides to go save his/her Grandfather?

72. stam - August 11, 2010

I loved “Quantum Leap”, but no way I will watch the movie without Scott Bakula! It is just insane to replace the two main characters, who acutally made the show to what it was!

73. Sid - August 11, 2010

If the movie doesn’t have the BK, I’m not watching it. And it’d better be a meaningful role, too.

Yeah, I said it.

74. MrBo - August 13, 2010


Scott Bakula made it sound as if the movie would take place after the last episode of the series. The very grim line shown at the end of that episode, “Sam never returned home,” was meant to leave the door open for a movie.

75. yep - August 21, 2010

Sam = James Franco

76. chim - August 24, 2010

Listen, I have to agree with a previous post:

“I don’t know why Scott Bakula is too old to play his original role. It’s not like Sam Beckett doesn’t age while he’s leaping. And if as it said in the last episode, he never returned home, doesn’t that mean that he kept on doing it until he was gray?”

Why not send someone after Sam? Someone to finally make Sam’s next leap his last. This would open up opportunities for sequels and a several possibilities for a spin-off series.

77. Disinvited - August 27, 2010


What I struggle with comprehending for the Sam character is if he’s been leaping for 20, 30, or even 40 years where’s home? Put another way, if he’s been leaping longer than the life he had just prior to his first leap it seems if they stop his leaping now he’s going to go back to his aged body but not his lost years.

I suppose the story could have his last leap be into his body as he was about to step into the machine for his first leap and stop himself but then wouldn’t that undo all the good he had done? Maybe he could rededicate himself to getting the leap recall to work and then change the structure of the Quantum Leap Project to send chrononauts on missions to fix all those things he once did and now are undone?

As much as I don’t want to accept it for the character, I think we may be stuck with the series ending after all this time.

78. Becky - October 22, 2010

No one can take the places of Scott and Dean. These guys had great chemistry. I would rather see them do one movie and end it properly to give us fans closure.

If Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner and DeForrest Kelly could come back after 30 years then so can they. It’s just one movie so I hope they will reconsider.

79. Erika L Soul - November 9, 2010

I reckon they should have Scott Bakula play the role and work in how he has aged who cares if he’s older we are the fans and we want him to play the same role.
my husband and I love the show and got all the episodes from our local library and watched them.

80. Juke Early - November 23, 2010

I see no reason why Bakula & Stockwell can’t play integral support rôles as their original series characters. Doing so would provide continuity & inform the young “stars” meant to give the movie big box. Hopefully somebody important uses the net & reads the passion & affection fans have for QL. At the very least, I sincerely hope Scott, Dean & Don see all these comments. It was/is a great show.

81. Jan - March 11, 2011

I agree very much in it. Please let Scott and Dean be at the new Episodes of Quantum Leap!! There will be a new series or continiuation of it, right?? Sorry for my bad english, I am german, but I can not wait for more series to come up!

82. Jim - April 30, 2011

I was happy when i found out about this new movie. But then i got unhappy real quick when i found out scott bakula is not gonna be sam. I want to see sam get gome in the end. And i want to see scott and dean. They look fine. And its not like its going to be a crazy action movie. Even if they did they got stunt doubles right?? lol

83. R.S. Pecchenino - July 1, 2011

They really screwed up when they canceled ENTERPRISE, as I watch the entire DVD series I see where there were TON of off shoot shows that could have been written, follow-ups, unansered stories ? I feel it was the Network Executives that just get tired of the show and want something new. There was nothing wrong with the show, It still had a HUGE fan base. There was still TONS of material that could have been developed into stories. Now nthere bis no star Trek but a Scant Movie every now and again, and NOW JJ Abrams, takes the franchise and RE-CREATES the entire series. Rick & Brannon where are you when we needv you the MOST! It seems all the Network execs do is like the Governments, they SCREW shit up !

84. Kim Lowery - August 9, 2011

on the new quantum leap movie they should do a show…where sam goes back to the 1970’s to a church outing where he meets a young girl. They like each other so they go 2 the barn to talk and get to know each other alittle more, they are doing fine untill 2 of his friends show up and tell him it is time 2 go…they dont like the girl they say she is to skinny and has no shape and she is ugly..and sam replays… I dont think so…but he has 2 leave and walks out of her life

85. Debbie Morann - August 14, 2011

I am a great fan of QL & was devastated by the ending of the series. I have seen the whole series several times & at present watching it again on ITV4 so I would love to see proper closure & to finally see Sam get home (with Al,s help!). For me the show was successful BECAUSE of the brilliant way that Scott & Dean played Sam & Al & I totally agree that they are not too old & that its purely Hollywood ageism! Its about time the producers started listening to what the paying public has to say!
Hollywood, give us what WE want & not what YOU want to give us!

86. Andrea Willard - October 19, 2011

We really need to keep Scott and Dean.Those two were so wonderful together. It was my favorite show growing up. It wouldn’t be the same without them. They are not too old to continue this series. I feel there needs to be some closure for the two characters after the disapointing series ending. Quantum Leap rocks!

87. HERP - January 3, 2012


88. Shawn Wray - February 3, 2012

I’ve always had kind of a fanfic in my head that Sam wakes up and realizes that the first Leap was unsuccessful and that he’s been in a coma for two years. Then they could act like the entire series had been a dream and his whole life is different. Then I thought that at the end we’d find out that he had actually leaped into a guy that was in a coma and that only THAT story was the dream. It would make a great season finale, but I don’t think that it would make a very good movie.

On the other hand, if a younger guy (maybe a son that Sam fathered in one of his Leaps that finally learned the truth) were to try to save Sam by Leaping himself and stopping the original Leap. Then we could see an alternate future in which the series never happened and then the younger guy could decide to go back and put it all right all over again. Then we could have kind of what we had with the 2009 Star Trek where it’s kind of an alternate reality to the series with a new guy in the lead.

I don’t know….maybe….

89. Sarah - February 7, 2012

Hello people,I discovered QL by accident on a rainy autumn night circa 1991,I was channel-hopping through the four channels that I had-channel 5,cable and Sky tv were embryonic back in those days (By the way,did I mention I was from England?)Anyway,BBC 2’s announcer said something about a time-travel series,which piqued my interest immediately as I’m fascinated by the subject of time-travel,so I tuned in,saw the opening credits,and I’ve been hooked ever since!,I had Sky for a while, so I was able to watch re-runs n the Sci-Fi channel (or SyFy as I believe it’s now called) I ony have Freeview now but,QL is currently being shown on itv4,although the scheduling is somewhat erratic,today(7th February 2012) there were two episodes,”Animal Frat” and “Another Mother”.
Like many fans,the abrupt ending was a huge disappointment to me,though I think that the shows producers were kind of forced into it by nbc cancelling the show (Was it nbc?,you’re welcome to correct me if I’m wrong.)In my opinion the series still had plenty of scope left in it,which has been demonstrated by the superb fan site “Al’s Place” the stories in the Virtual Seasons archive are fantastic,as is the spin-off series they’ve created “Quantum Retribution”.
I’m excited by the news of a QL movie or maybe even a new tv series,I just hope that they don’t “Hollywood-ize” it and ruin it,like they did with the A-Team and Battlestar Galactica.

90. jodie watkin - April 12, 2012

Hu , this may be abit late to post something but oh well
I saw and heard of quantum leap when I was a little and
Have missed it ever since , and I now love them even more
Than I ever did before not only was it a wounderful thing to watch
But I always felt some how apart of it , each leap was something
Special and has made me so happy and feel so meany different emotions
Over the years , when I searched to find out if quantum leap would ever
Return and I saw this I was a bit wheare because I know full well
That some remakes but I was so happy in away , .. untill I saw it said Scott and dean said they would be main charicters , but I wounder if its them saying it or is it Donald P. Bellisario that said it or is it the companys that own them , you know the ” every ones got to be young or look about 12 years or under ” types who can be actors or actresses.

I know this is going off the point for a second , but apparently the man who played cornileus fuge ( exscuse my spelling) from harry potter was written in the harry potter books but was called up after the first movie because the producers feared that he would die half way through filming simply because he “was to old ”

I don’t belive or think that Mr Scott bakula is to old I last heard that he was about 57 , but Wikipedia can be very unrelieble at times , and even so I still don’t think that Scott bakula is old from what I’ve heard dean and Scott were full of life on a interview , and I also heard that Scott was on desperate house wifes or something like that and I don’t think they would consider him is they thought that he was to old.

And just to finish , I get upset that quantum leap is something I probably can never be appart of , i wanted to be in a program like quantum leap along side these grate people and when I heard this movie could happen I thought many there could be a chance but its obulesly won’t happen though I wish it could , and I don’t think its right to do a program with out the origanl Sam and al , Scott and dean brought a certien bond between them a certien feel to the show , if they generally dis not wish to do it then ok its there chose we have no chose but to respect that and , remember the series of joy that they brought to us , but if it is Donald P. Bellisario or the companys been ageist then they are been stupid .. I mean they are still fine and lets see
Indana Jones came back look at him FINE
You know what I’m saying its just the companeys
Thinking that we want to see alode of Justin BEBER look alikes takeing peoples jobs over and its sad because I don’t nobody dose , but what comes around gose around because onn of the days these agest piging basterds are gonna be old wirh no jobs and then they will get the call that drops them that ends there carears and they they will see how it feels.

And wi always stand by the fact that they are not to old and even if they were they are still exseptional actors and them and there Sam and al will al will never be forgoten and if the film ever did happen I garente it wont be as good with out Scott bakula and dean stockwell and that it will be smotherd with cgi and shit like that is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.