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VegasCon Star Trek Products Panel: TNG on Blu-ray ‘Being Discussed’ + New Enterprise Pizza Slicer, Kelvin Salt & Pepper Shaker + more August 9, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,DVD/Blu-ray,Merchandise,TNG , trackback

The CBS Consumer Products presentation at the Star Trek con in Las Vegas mostly covered previously reported stuff, but there were a few new tidbits for Trek merchandise, like the USS Enterprise Pizza slicer. But the most interesting bit of information came from a response to a fan question about TNG on Blu-ray. See below for a breakdown of what is to come from CBS.

Next Gen on Blu-ray?

All three seasons of the originalStar Trek are now available in HD, but what about TNG? In a response to a question about TNG on Blu-ray, CBS Consumer Products VP John Van Citters told the crowd in Las Vegas that releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray was much more "problematic" than the original Star Trek, due to how the TNG original effects shots were composited, and how that makes the transfer to HD "incredibly difficult without making them look awful." However, he also said that there is "a lot of conversations going on" within CBS on how to convert TNG to HD, and Van Citters expressed optimism noting "It is being worked on and I expect it will happen, it is just a technical challenge."

Following his talk, I confirmed with Van Citters that even though he is optimistic that the challenges will be met, as of now there is no specific plan or budget for the project within CBS. So this is still something that is a long-term project.

More CBS updates on products, Exhibition & The Experience

Here are some more highlights from Van Citters talk and from my chat with him following the presentation:



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1. S. John Ross - August 9, 2010

The pizza slicer is a bit adorable, but it’s hard to guess the scale … I’d be worried that those nacelles aren’t quite long enough to keep my fingers away from that blade :)

2. Daniel Broadway - August 9, 2010

I desperately want to be a visual effects artist on the HD remastering of Star Trek: TNG. As soon as the project goes forward, I will be putting in my demo reel and resume ASAP!

3. Michael Hall - August 9, 2010


As a dilettante in the FX field myself (though I have little in the way of professional aspirations myself), I’d love to see your reel when you post it.

4. Cmdr Data - August 9, 2010

Yeah surely they could redo the effects shots like they did with TOS, no?

5. I'm Dead Jim! - August 9, 2010

While I applaud QMx for doing the USS Kelvin salt/pepper shaker, I think it’s kinda sad that we will likely see that before a screen accurate model of the ship.

6. Spambot#104 - August 9, 2010

There are 176 episodes of TNG. Remastering them would be an absolutely huge project. It would be worth it though.

7. Bill - August 9, 2010

#4 No

Well, some of them yes. Although the scale would be larger. The average episode of TOS had only a few seconds of FX whle TNG often had several minutes, and their were twice as many episodes.

So “those” effects – theoretically could be redone sure.

But the problem is that the entire series – while shot on film was edited in video, meaning “all” of the footage, live action or effects would have to be re-edited frame for frame from the original prints.

If Paramount were interested in converting just one episode of TNG, it would be quite a large and expensive proposition.

8. Daniel Broadway - August 9, 2010

I know a bit about post production, and remastering TNG properly is an ENORMOUS project. You’d have to find all the film negatives, re-scan them, and re-edit every episode. All visual effects would have to be re-done. You’d have to find all the old sound effects and lay them back over the footage. All the old audio tracks. It is a massive undertaking, basically you are doing the entire series over again minus the filming. However, I want to be a part of that project. That would be awesome.

9. Anthony Pascale - August 9, 2010

i have discussed the tech challenges before with mike okuda and he pointed out that one of the issues is all the times you see the viewscreen with someone in front of it. On TOS there were only a couple of occasions when someone walked in front of the viewscreen. On TNG they often did shots from the rear of the bridge with Picard’, Riker and/or someone partially covering part of the screen. Each of those shots would have to be manually rotoscoped frame by frame. Huge pain in the ass unless they find a way to do it automatically.

10. ety3 - August 9, 2010

I would guess that CBS would want to test the waters on public desire for HD remastered TNG.

Perhaps a special Blu-ray issuing of “Best of Both Worlds?” Yes, they’d have to redo the visual effects and scan the original film elements but only for those two episodes. If it sells well, they’d consider going forward with select episodes. I don’t think they’d jump into full season sets right away.

Unfortunately, I despair of ever seeing HD, fully remastered DS9.

11. I'm Dead Jim! - August 9, 2010

Maybe the most we can hope for would be remastered versions of the most popular episodes.

I’m a TNG fan most of all, but some episodes are probably not worth the trouble.

12. Thomas Jensen - August 9, 2010

Did anybody ask about possible blu ray releases of the Directors cuts/edits of ST II and VI? And a blu edition of ST:TMP with the new effects done in high def?

13. ety3 - August 9, 2010

#11 —

“Masks,” ugh. “Imaginary Friend,” gag. “Code of Honor,” yawn. …

14. I'm Dead Jim! - August 9, 2010

@13 Exactly.

15. Ensign RedShirt - August 9, 2010

Just to echo what Bill and Daniel Broadway said:

It’s highly unlikely it will ever happen; the most anyone can hope for is an upconvert(and based on what i saw from the upconverted DS9 tribbles episode on the TOS Blu Ray set; it’s probably best not to try; it looked pretty awful). This will be a problem for all the spinoffs outside of Enterprise, which was mastered in HD.

The TNG masters never looked particularly good to begin with, even on DVD. They were always soft with excessive grain.

16. webitube - August 9, 2010

#11: Agreed. I mean, do we really need an HD version of “Shades of Gray”? A top 10 list of episodes voted on by fans would be a good start.

17. BLFSisko - August 9, 2010

With all that work to do, one season could/would cost about $150 or so. Maybe it´s better to wait until they find a faster (=cheaper) way to convert the material.

18. Pro-Khan-Sel - August 9, 2010

@ # 10, Exellent Idea! This will also give the people who will redo the Fx an idea of what is to come. Just to be fair, i would also include something from voyager and DS9.

DS9: Sacrifice Of Angels

Voyager: The Omega Directive

I would have picked two parters but I don’t want to push it.

19. New Horizon - August 9, 2010

> The TNG masters never looked particularly good to begin with, even on DVD. They were always soft with excessive grain.

That’s probably because all of the TNG stuff was done in video, not film. Would have lost a lot in that conversion. The transfer to DVD would have been directly from the video sources, and not film sources…as that would have required a re-edit as well.

20. CaptainDonovin - August 9, 2010

They could use a remastering, they don’t always look good on HD channels. I would love to see it though, but I agree this would be a huge undertaking.

21. Dr. Image - August 9, 2010

TNG- in fact, all of the Berman series- were shot with an over-abundance of diffusion. To hide make-up seams? Flatter the cast? Probably both.
Look at the T&T DS9 ep. The classic footage is razor sharp, (aside for when they would throw diffusion on for the women, or Shatner;) and the new stuff looks like mush. What were they thinking?? And being knocked down to “video” didn’t help.
In contrast, First Contact looks incredibly sharp by comparison- and MUCH better.

22. William - August 9, 2010

Wow, this is the crap that CBS is backing? Any chance of a new toy line maybe by Mattel or Bandai since Playmates is to stupid do handle it?

23. Cap'n Chris - August 9, 2010

They can’t even get round to releasing ENT (where the leg work is done ) on Blu let alone remaster TNG. Sigh :(

24. Phaser Guy - August 9, 2010

21 what are you babbling on about?

25. The Chief - August 9, 2010

I would love to own TNG on blu ray but the greedy bastards at Paramount are going to have an astronomical price tag on the things. Remember the standard DVD sets at $150 per season???!!!

The evidence that the blu rays will be high-priced because of the emphasis they are already placing on how hard it’s going to be to remaster it.

26. Marc Bell - August 9, 2010

@8: ur not the only one lol, i’m a CGI artist myself and have done gaming projects/sculpting and visual effects… It would be a freakin dream to work on TNG remastered! Oh and I’d also love to see your reel.

27. Vahe - August 9, 2010

It’s the same thing with Babylon 5. It was shot on anamorphic but the special effects were composed in 4:3. Any time you see a combined special effect show it’ll be blurry or stretched.

28. Chris Pike - August 9, 2010


Anthony the bridge screen plates were shot (on film) using blue screen behind the screen to create the matte, but the compositing was done on NTSC video using very early digital disc techniques (the horror!) – so the original plate would have to be sought which should be possible as all the edit were done similarly telecining the film to NTSC, but all the EDL (edit decision info) and every single film element would have to be sourced as none of the video final masters would be useable, and all shots graded/colour timed in telecine. Telecining (rather than 2k film scanning) to HD though is very straightforward and not expensive these days (I worked on Rome VFX plates, and that was all transfered to digital in that way although lin not log files). The sound mix master, however, would be different and probably much of that, as exists, could well be useable.

29. Rosario T. Calabria - August 9, 2010

I’d be interested , but they edited it in video, so it wouldn’t look that good up-converted.

30. Red Dead Ryan - August 9, 2010

TNG remastered for Blu Ray. Hmm…..tough task no doubt, but……

…..if there’s a Will, there’s a way…..”Make it so!” :-)

And I have to wonder why CBS hasn’t announced plans to release “Enterprise” on Blu Ray?

31. DJ Neelix - August 9, 2010

@28. Chris Pike – August 9, 2010

Is the EDL stored digitally so it can be applied to the original negatives, to simply “run them through the computer” and the edit time indexes tracks down the correct frames to edit? Can it be done this automatically? From what I’ve heard, the Seinfeld remasters went very quickly (despite it being nine seasons) since all the edit decisions where logged in a computer.

What also would be interesting to know, is if the old CGI are stored separately somehow, as separate/original files? I guess it could be a problem to alter the resolution of the original CGI despite that though.

Anthony, did Okuda mention anything about this?

32. P Technobabble - August 9, 2010

…an Enterprise pizza-slicer… so this is what it’s come to…

As for the TNG Blu-ray… it is said necessity is the mother of invention, so perhaps whatever technology is needed to upgrade the episodes could come of it. It might be worth the time and investment since it could be used for more than just TNG.

And, if I may, on a totally unrelated note: just saw “Inception.”
I found it interesting and captivating. My girlfriend thought it was confusing. Tickets were $15, so I guess half of that was well spent…

and now back to the program…

33. Gorn Captain - August 9, 2010

TNG didn’t use CGI models as much as the later shows did, so I would hope all of the physical model FX footage is safe in the vaults somewhere. It might even same them some time and money.

Stock footage of the Enterprise D was used in Generations, and looked pretty good on the big screen!

34. Andy Patterson - August 9, 2010

I will get the Enterprise pizza slicer….it will go with my bottle opener.

35. MvRojo - August 9, 2010

#32. They already made a bottle opener. There’s ton of random stuff like that for SW as well. It is actually, oddly, a good sign in that companies think there’s a market for stuff like this.

I’d actually consider buying this just for the novelty of it. But I’d want to see if the nacelles are strong enough first since that’s where a lot of pressure would be put if/when using it. .

36. nfxstudios - August 9, 2010

#33: the enterprise and its interiors looked like crap in generations. Reused tv models and sets don’t stand up too well on the big screen. That’s the reason the D was destroyed. They needed to build a new model anyway. And I’ve seen the original D model in person. It’s definitely tv quality.

37. DonDonP1 - August 9, 2010

Let’s hope that all the episodes of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ on Blu-ray ends with both a Paramount logo and the CBS Television Distribution logo. Here’s my example:

38. allister gourlay - August 9, 2010

hellava more visual effects in TNG mind you compared to the original series!

39. Browncoat1984 - August 9, 2010

I’d be all for TNG HD but I think unlike TOS it’ll probably be several years before we’d see the full series on BD. I’d even go as far as saying that by the time the complete series is out the next format will probably be hitting the market and then everybody will be asking “will we see it on this format?”

I’d love to see DS9 on blu ray too, some of those space battles would look great in high definition. While Enterprise is my least favorite, it would be the easiest to update for BD right now as it was shot in HD. I imagine the reason that they’re not in such a hurry to release it is because it’s the least popular of the series.

Still, even though I recently bought TNG on DVD and watched through the show last year (bought the complete series set which fits nicely on my shelf – why didn’t they do that for Voy and DS9? Would take up less space) I’d sell them and buy them on BD if they did that. But since I have the complete series I’d only sell it once all seven seasons were available.

40. British Naval Dude - August 9, 2010

Never wuz’ a fan o’ tha’ Enterprize D Luxury Liner… mayhaps CBS could re-master tha’ series usin’ tha’ pizza slicer as a model…

“Captain- there’s mozzarella on the starboard bow and we can’t get it off.”

Guess that be as good an idear as flippin’ one o’ them Akiri starryships fur’ a show…


41. Gorn Captain - August 9, 2010

#37 Could have fooled me. You’re including the redressed TMP sets of course. And TUC used some of those sets too. ;)

And there are two D models, the really big ILM built one and a smaller version built later on. Which one did you see? I’m only aware of the giant saucer for the crash scene being built specifically for the film.

I wonder if we will be able to read all the gag texts on the labels and signage in HD?

42. Gorn Captain - August 9, 2010

I meant that for #36, sorry!

43. Ensign RedShirt - August 9, 2010

No new tech is going to help; 480p is 480p no matter how you slice it. Maybe we’ll get VERY lucky and see a compilation of a few select episodes, but I doubt it. TNG, DS9, and VOY are products of the era they were made in. Most other shows from the 80’s and 90’s were done the same way. It was far cheaper and faster to put together in post on video than film.

44. Troubled Tribble - August 9, 2010

will the merchandising never end? Perhaps we could make slippers out of the shape of the Enterprise?
Fcuk it, let’s build a whole house!

45. DJT - August 9, 2010

TNG-Remastered will be a b*tch. That’s for sure.

But you know what?… if it looks good …and wows fans – then the Blu Rays will FLY off the shelves. Next to TOS, TNG was the most popular show.

In fact, I think sales on TOS-R could have, most definitely, been helped if the FX would have been a bit more astounding. Unfortunately, that required a bigger budget.

I liked TOS-R for what it brought to the table. Although at the end of the day, I think it could have been much better. These shows are part of our youth and it’s hard to live up to the memory of the show you fell in love with. It’s hard to top that. But if you’re actually going to succeed at topping it, you have to swing for the fences. TOS-R was a conservative venture.

Here’s hoping TNG-R will ‘wow’ us in the future.

46. JamesP - August 9, 2010

This merchandise paves the tacky way for an Enterprise duel toilet roll holder. Why those warp nacelles were practically designed with Charmin in mind.

47. Dac - August 9, 2010

@ 2: Daniel, i feel exactly the same way. Its Dave Combe from Facebook here, and i’ll be right behind you with the resume and showreel :p

48. Scott Gammans - August 9, 2010

@33: The six-foot model from the TV series, with a bit more surface detailing, was used for “Generations”, but stock footage from the series was *not* used in the movie. Also, “Generations” was the first time a “digital Enterprise” was used: Anytime you saw the Enterprise-D go to warp, that was CGI. Everything else was new footage with the six-footer or the giant twelve-foot wide saucer created for the crash sequence.

49. jas_montreal - August 9, 2010

it IS possible. Its just hard. Especially with 7 seasons. I think theirs a huge customer-base that would actually purchase the blu-ray seasons. If they get the TNG one… then i’m 100 percent sure they can get the ds9 episodes on blu-ray too.

Fingers are crossed.

I hope Ronald D Moore returns and gives audio commentary for every TNG/ DS9 episodes. That would be awesomer.

50. Red Dead Ryan - August 9, 2010


Actually, there was one shot of the Enterprise-D originally created for “Encounter At Farpoint” that was inserted into the movie. It was during the “Captain’s Log” monlogue by Captain Picard. Its the shot of the Enterprise moving from off screen into the frame with the aft portion of the ship facing the audience.

51. Cervantes - August 9, 2010

I’d rather they just put their energies into RE-doing the TOS ‘remaster’ effects again, for a better, less rushed release this time…but that’s just me I guess.

52. CarlG - August 9, 2010

The pizza slicer is cute, but I’m still waiting on that model Enterprise… ;)

(I don’t care what anyone says — I love the new Enterprise!)

53. Jonboc - August 9, 2010

Me, I love me some 1080 p blurays…but I’m definitely in the minority. I really don’t think there enough bluray adopters out there to make it worth their while. But I love pizza too, and i can’t wait to get that pizza cutter in my galley!

54. Phaser Guy - August 9, 2010

TNG had some stellar effects for the day. Why would you want to replace those? Honestly, the TOS project bothered me too.

55. The Original Spock's Brain - August 9, 2010

@43. No it would not be 480p because they would have to scan the original film prints for 1080p.

56. Thomas Jensen - August 9, 2010

#48 has his act together.

57. S. John Ross - August 9, 2010

#54: “Honestly, the TOS project bothered me too.”

Me too. I mean, for one thing it’s a losing game … you take a show that looks like it was made in year XX, and update it so it kinda-sorta looks like it was made in year YY instead … and that’s fine, until five years later, when it just looks dated all over again, but simultaneously dated _and_ messed-with.

Just let it age with grace and beauty, and celebrate that it reflects the time it was made in.

58. AdamTrek - August 9, 2010

Wasn’t there a newer 4 foot model that was used in later seasons that had tons more detail than even the 6 footer?


59. Hat Rick - August 9, 2010

Finally, some news about The Experience. CBS is still “committed.” Yay, I guess.

The economy is still very slow and I have a feeling that CBS is waiting for its partner, the guys behind the Neonopolis, to pony up the resources. In turn, investment money is hard to come by and so it may not be possible to raise the necessary cash.

From what I gather, we can file the new Experience under “Project, burner, back.”

60. ety3 - August 10, 2010

#48, 50, 56 —

Yes, 50: the TV shot was in the “Captain’s Log” sequence.

The dead giveaway is that ILM added lights to the original model. Note the four above and below the saucer impulse engines.


Here’s the TV shot:

Far fewer lights.

I may be mistaken, but I think a shot of the saucer sep sequence may have been a reuse, too:

I haven’t seen GEN yet on Blu-ray so I can’t attest to the quality of the shot. Did ILM save their visuals for TNG on film? (They produced the opening sequence and several stock shots for the first season.)

That would be helpful for the conversion if they did.

61. Prologic9 - August 10, 2010

Yes, the Saucer separation shot was a reuse as well. Those were the only (2) reused shots of the Enterprise. Both were stock shots done by ILM in ’87 at the start of the show’s run.

62. Andreas -horn- Hornig - August 10, 2010


They should start to scan TAS in hd or higher, because it was done on film it is already hd (perhaps there is some restoration and cleaning needed). German channel Anixe HD already broadcasted it in hd from a self scanned source.
And then there is still ENT to be brought to bluray.
To start with both series will buy them time. Otherwise they will fail like they demonstrated with DS9 bonus episode on TOS season 2 bluray disc. Although they could have partially redone it in hd from the restored tos frame and re-edeting the DS9 bits and peaces they took the easy route and just scaled the sd source. Very bad decision!

I wouldn’t pay a cent for full season discs with scaled images!

Do it right or don’t do it at all. Star trek sets are always expensive to we could demand quality for these prices.

And TNG, DS9 and VOY will not only need a rescan, but most probably a reediting and new visual effects and cgis, because these are rendered for ntsc, as far as I know.


63. John - August 10, 2010

I wager all 7 seasons total will be $350.00.

64. Kirk, James T. - August 10, 2010

Ii think if there was one other slice of the Star Trek pie that could be as iconic as the original it would be TNG…

The TNG series is a classic however it’s because of films like Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Insurrection that have hindered the type of appeal TOS enjoys.

I would imagine that if CBS were to digitally remaster TNG in the same way they have digitally remastered TOS – perhaps being a bit more adventurous with TNG – then they will be on to a winner – BUT before they do that, they need to work out a way to keep fans hooked and bought – I think similar to how Disney have a vault – CBS should have a Star Trek vault, releasing series like Disney release then hold their movies.

plus on the product side of things, anything mentioned about who they have lined up for the next movie? Hasbro? Lego? or are we going to be left with the sub-standard Playmates again??

65. Jon B - August 10, 2010

To poster 8: Sound may not be an issue. When the DS9 episode was put on the TOS 2 set the audio was loseless and I heard it was a really good audio track:
(scroll down to the Special Features and look at disc four)
It seems the sound is less of an issue than the video. I am hoping TNG, DS9, and VOY come on Blu someday. (I didn’t include TAS or ENT because there’s little doubt about them coming to Blu. I even heard the the TAS episode on the TOS 2 set looked really good).

66. falcon - August 10, 2010

Here’s my take on the remastering issues:

1) The edit decision lists could well still be usable, if they were created on a system that outputs plain text (or comma delimted text) that could be read into another system such as Final Cut Pro or Avid. But if the EDLs only exist on paper, inputting them would be a massive undertaking.

2) If the show was shot on standard 35mm film, there is no way it can ever be stretched to 1080. Just as TOS is pillar-boxed for widescreen viewing (meaning black bars on each side of the frame), so would TNG be pillar-boxed.

I did see something somewhere that showed what a widescreen TOS would look like. It basically chopped off the top and bottom of the frame and resized it to fit inside a 16:9 box. But if you do that with 35mm film, the imperfections in the film stock become much more pronounced.

3) The EFX shots could probably be re-created fairly easily – in fact, a lot of what went into TNG was stock, meaning it was reused over and over. But the EFX for specific episodes (such as “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” for example) would be more difficult. However, they could also be more dynamic (such as the new EFX shots in TOS “The Doomsday Machine”) and add much more to the episode. The bluescreen shots would be more problematic, but with advances in keying technology those, too, could be less difficult than some envision. (And think how cool it would be to have a slight reflection of the bridge on the screen, too!)

Is it worth it? Um, probably not. It might be worth it to do a few episodes (fan favorites, or the most highly rated) but not all 178 or so. I doubt CBS has the budget for that sort of thing.

67. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

I also think that they should do product give-aways at the next movie premiere. A random audience member from the first showing of the next Star Trek movie at 46 (in order of Trek’s forthcoming 46th anniversary in 2012) randomly selected theaters across the nation should get a free Kirk or Uhura figure, for example (the choice would be the fan’s). Or a toy phaser or tribble. That would help create buzz for Trek merchandise.

68. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

^^ “in honor of,” not “in order of.” :-P

69. Kirk, James T. - August 10, 2010

67, not just nation-wide, world wide.

A major gripe i have towards Paramount/CBS is that Star Trek is in desperate need of some global recognition.

70. Allen Williams - August 10, 2010

I said a year ago if it takes $200/season i’ll do it. I want all 700+ episodes of star trek in HD. Just make it happen and I’ll buy it.

oh and code of honor – yawn
really just yawn? more like EWWWW and offended

71. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

Worldwide works for me, 69. And they could throw in a free pair of premium passes (a $700.00 value, approximately), along with a four-day, three-night all-expenses-paid trip to the 2012 Trek convention in LV for one lucky fan, to boot, together with free photo ops with a couple of Trek superstars. That could really create major buzz.

What really puzzles me is why The Powers That Be don’t come calling for my marketing advice. ;-)

72. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

^^ $1,400.00 value, actually, for the passes alone. My mistake.

73. DavidJ - August 10, 2010

I’d prefer to simply see a “Top 10 Episodes” kind of thing. Even as a huge TNG fan, I have no real desire to rewatch the entire freakin series again, even on blueray.

But seeing Yesterday’s Enterprise or BOBW in HD, with all new, redone FX, would be absolutely AWESOME. And I know they would be huge sellers too.

74. Peter N - August 10, 2010


Get two – you owe me a gift. :)

75. Captain Otter - August 10, 2010

Initial, I thought I’d like to see a best of package.

As I read through the whole thread, I don’t want any TNG on blue-ray.

I’d rather see CBS make a new, high quality Trek series (think BSG’s production values with a far more optimistic tone.)

76. Dr. Cheis - August 11, 2010

I’d love to see new effects for TNG, though I think CBS would have to change their style. The style they used for TOS was glossy and pretty and clean, which worked for that show, but TNG is more complicated and detailed with more lighting issued. I think something like how the Enterprise-D looked in “These Are the Voyages…” would be best.

Ooh I do hope they are able to do this. And syndicate it too because I’m poor lol.

77. ChristopherPike - August 11, 2010

I’d like to own Star Trek Enterprise on Blu-ray first. A season at a time, with great new extras like virtual tours of the ship, new interviews with the cast and even some new mini-episodes, however unlikely that might seem. That makes more sense. It’s more cost effective and comes from a modern point of view, like the last Star Trek movie.

With The Next Generation, DVD is good enough right now and most players I’ve come across do a reasonable enough job unscaling the episodes to HD.

Given the enormous task and expense of basically re-editing (remaking even) 133.5 hours worth of Star Trek… They should maybe adopt a strategy of Greatest Hits packages. Include the Pilot, Encounter at Farpoint and the finale, All Good Things in the first set, together with a selection of 10 episodes that top most fan surveys.

Repeat the same strategy for Deep Space Nine and Voyager, staggering each collection out on a regular basis.

As well as that, CBS should consider giving The Animated Series a CG make-over. Using the Filmation soundtrack and recreating Kirk, Spock and McCoy with modern computer-based animation.

Basically alternate Blu-ray releases to keep fans of all series happy… a pick and mix of TNG/DS9/VOY episode sets, TAS redone a bit at a time and a season of ENT once a year.

78. DJ Neelix - August 11, 2010

77. ChristopherPike – August 11, 2010

I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote.

79. Aran - August 11, 2010

What they really need is a toilet paper dispenser shaped like the navigational deflector.

80. Bill - August 11, 2010

To the people saying there’s a huge audience for TNG on Blu. (And keep in mind. I’d love to own it)

Ignoring the fact that Blu-ray is still a growing market and also ignoring that Trek fans are a definite large group, but not as large as they once were. And further ignoring that not all Blu-ray fans are Trek fans and vice versa.

I really want to stress that this isn’t about costing a few thousand dollars more. It isn’t strictly a technology issue. It’s a manpower issue. As someone else mentioned, technical issues aside, this project would be akin to producing a new television show from scratch minus actors. Editors and sound technicians would have to redo the jobs of the work done back in 87, except more painstakingly because they’d have to match someone else’s work and go through 25 year old notes.

TOS-R had a staff of people working on the restoration as well. And I’m sure they got paid. But the scope of that project doesn’t compare.

To put on a syndicated show in the first place is a financial idea because you sell the show to local affiliates. They in turn make money from advertisers. Take for example “Lost”. It has a large fan base and they make plenty of money on the Blu-rays, but they couldn’t afford to make that show if they were only selling Blu-rays. ABC didn’t pay for that show to only make money off of DVD sales.

As it stands now, they’d have to charge probably $1,000 for a season and have something like 80% market penetration. Those numbers are gross estimations, but it’s terribly unreasonable now.

Can technology solve “some” of these issues? Absolutely. But that will take time for Blu-ray to grow.

81. Mark Lynch - August 11, 2010

I want ST:TMP TDE on blu-Ray!!!!

Come on Paramount, all you have to do is re-render the new effects at the appropriate resolution and away we go.

you know you want to do it….

Also, I would like to see the same done with STV as was done with ST:TMP just so I could see the film william Shatner wanted to make.

82. Lt. Bailey - August 12, 2010

I am glad to see that the CBS/Paramount is still committed to recreate STTE.

They still look to Vegas and that is OK with me although the location is a good guess.since the city is wide open now. The fellow who owns the current licence to build it at Neonopolis has to the end of Sept and it looks like he is not going to do anything at this point. Then the licence goes back to CBS (or so is my guess) and then they can proceed with it.

As much as I would love to see it back at the LV Hilton (since Ceder Fair is no longer involved) the space is available but nothing is there. Everything was sold at the auction ($5,500 for a Quarks sign!) so it would be all new stuff. The best idea (my thoughts only) would be to have something from all concepts of ST: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT and all films.

Should there be rides??? Something would be nice as a treat for the fans or after you hit Quarks bar for a Warp Core to get the full effect of Klingon Encounter. The main point here is to have Quarks again as well as the retail shops and resturant, I thought the food was really great.

All I can say to CBS is: build another STTE and we will come.

83. Daniel Shock - August 13, 2010

I want TNG on Blu-ray… but I won’t buy it if its just unconverted. I know its a huge challenge. But if its going to be done…it HAS to be done right.

84. Parker - August 13, 2010

The Lowry process — they could do it. Not CBS Digital; but that will cost money. Web site here; their work restoring the Bond films and post production of AVATAR and BENJAMIN BUTTON is pretty amazing.

85. Danny - August 13, 2010

Here’s an interesting forum post on the intricacies of converting ST:TNG to Blu:

86. Trevor - August 13, 2010

I would definitely like to see TNG and even DS9 and Voyager Remastered in HD, instead of the worn out Betcam SP tranfers. Some of those effect shots with the ship, even though they were shot on film, considering how many lighting passes and then added on top of that if the ship was required to fire phasers or something or even share the shot with another ship, you are looking at more than 8, 9 or 10 generational composites to the one image, on tape that was guaranteed to not loose resolution up to the 6th generation, at the most the 8th, but the 8th was stretching it. And even the first couple of seasons of DS9 and Voyager look like this because they were done using linear editing. Compare that to the later seasons of DS9 and Voyager were they were edited on non-linear editing suites where every video that goes in (unless it comes from a multi-generational copy) comes out composited and edited together looking like 1st generation video.

I definitely wouldn’t want to see anymore episodes upressed to 1080p like the DS9 Tribbles episode was, since those masters only have enough info in them for, theoretically, 720p, since the tapes themselves, depending on the machines and the amount of information that was transferred from film, probably contain video ranging from 800i to 950i.

But one Trek series, aside from Enterprise, that I’m suprised hasn’t hit Blu-ray yet is the Animated series. Come on, the series was Remastered for HD for its DVD release, but hasn’t been issued on Blu-Ray (aside from the Tribble episode which looked a lot better on Blu-ray than it did on DVD, even though Animation doesn’t have the background detail that live-action does); the Animated series seriously needs a Blu-Ray release.

87. Trevor - August 13, 2010

I want ST:TMP TDE on blu-Ray!!!!

Sorry for the double post, but I was talking (by email) to one of the digital artists on the TMP Director’s edition and he was telling me that when they created the models and everything for the DE, everything was done at 480i, so to get a 1080p image, everything would have to be essentially, redone from scratch.

88. John - August 13, 2010

I would think that re-syndication of TNG in HD would offset some of the cost.

89. Dom - August 14, 2010

88. John

Difficult to say. To create HD TNG would cost millions and millions of dollars.

You’d essentially be running seven seasons of post-production from scratch. It would be the same as editing a modern TV show, only hampered by the fact that you’re trying to replicate what went before.

Timecodes might well not be useful and no one’s sure what condition the original negatives are in. I’ve also come across lots of EDLs which are faulty in my job. No one uses them much these days and their inclusion in deliverables for a show is more or less a formality. Unfortunately, people can be pretty careless with them, not to mention that files from 25 years ago can be prone to corruptions. I mean, who casually looks at an EDL file from 1987? These are all potential blockcades, which, while solvable, will take time.

On top of that, no one will deny that the first couple of seasons of TNG in particular have some really duff episodes. While I’m no fan of ‘George Lucas-ing’ movies and TV shows, if you’re going to remaster The Last Outpost, for example, a 40-minute cutdown might actually be helpful! Other episodes suffered pacing issues too – how many times did people complain about rushed resolutions in TNG?

If you’re going to be forced to re-edit TNG from scratch, frankly it might be better to create an entirely new edit with a fresh eye, aimed at a 40-minute duration from the get-go. Also, with a modern telecine perhaps considerably increasing the amount of picture information scanned on screen and the lack of five per cent overscan on HDTVs, it’s possible (and I know I’ll probably be flamed for this) that there will be enough additional picture information gained at the top, bottom and sides that it’ll be safe to crop the episodes to 16:9, losing relatively little from the top and bottom of the image!

If the originals still exist on SD, then would it be such a crime to reconstruct TNG in better-paced, modern edits, in 16:9 with modern FX for global syndication packages rather than slavishly reconstruct episodes only to have them hacked down for syndication anyway?

For the vast amount of money it will cost to reconstruct seven years of a television show (21 years if you include DS9 and VOY) I’m not convinced syndication packages and Blu-ray sales would begin to cover the costs.

That said, decently upscaled, Blu-rays would still include vastly more picture information than DVDs.

Better perhaps to create a revamped TAS with modern animation, using the original actors’ voices and spend the money on a kick ass new TV show set in the Abrams-verse, in all honesty!

90. Fred Mushel - August 14, 2010

As good as HD video is today, it’s still not as good as film.

I bought ST:TNG on DVD and the episodes look horrible compared to ST:TOS which was finished on film, like all TV shows prior to mid 1980’s.

It will be very expensive and will take a long long time to find and scan the original negatives, then edit them and add new HD video effects.

Today, most TV shows and films are done as a “DI,” a Digital Intermediary.
While most film is scanned at 2K (2048×1556) resolution, some are scanned at 4K (4096×3112), but then down rez the image data to 2K because working with 4K is incredibly slow, as one 4K scanned film frame is almost 51 MB in size versus approx. 12.75 MB for 2K resolution.

The NHK, Japanese Broadcast Network is experimenting with UltraHDTV which has a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels.
Perhaps as early as 2025 this will be the new HD standard. I have seen this and it makes current HDTV look worse than SDTV as it is now compared to current HDTV.

35 mm film is a universal format worldwide, and it still captures images better than any current electronic methods. Maybe that’s why Christopher Nolan edited the original camera negative and added digital effects which were recorded back to film for “The Dark Kinight.” He did NOT do it as a DI like most recent films are finished.

91. Reality Bites - August 14, 2010

DVD to Blu-ray Disc sales are about 10:1 in the US. You tell me if you think Star Trek TNG Blu-ray Disc would be worth it.

92. Trevor - August 15, 2010

I think upgrading TNG, DS9 and Voyager to HD would be in the best interest for Paramount, since as television standards change, more towards the HD end, and SD channels are phased out, then TNG, DS9 and Voyager are probably going to be discontinued, no matter what the ratings are, because the only tapes available would be SD tapes of transfers that look closer to VHS consumer quality than HD broadcast quality.

So, in their current forms, I think TNG, DS9 and Voyager are going to be money-losers and unsellable for Paramount in the future. And in the future it is going to cost more for Paramount to transfer and re-edit the shows in HD than it is going to cost now. And as 90 Fred said, if the next generation of broadcast television is going to be Ultra High-Definiton, then TNG, DS9 and Voyager are going to look 10-15 times worst than they look now on DVD and Broadcast Digital Standard (or even the one DS9 on the TOS Blu-ray).

I’m just using this as an example, but when you watch TV now, how many times do you run across an old black and white TV series like Disney’s [i]Zorro[/i] or Warner Brothers [i]Adventures of Superman[/i]? Both series have been remastered from their original film in HD, but TV stations and networks are not that interested in them because they are black and white. And with TNG, DS9 and Voyager, even if CBS started offering them on some sort of HD-tape or server, I don’t see TV stations wanting to licence them because they are in SD and the quality fluctuates so much. And when you think of all the Star Trek that has been made for TV, you are talking about 30 seasons, with 9 of them already being remastered for HD. So if, whenever Digital SD is phased out, then the majority of CBS’s Star Trek shows won’t be able to compete for syndication.

93. Dom - August 15, 2010

90. Fred Mushel

Frankly, I’m dubious about any new HD-only-moreso format taking over for a good while yet. Globally, TV companies are still making the costly transition to 1080 and there’s precious little benefit to be gained going much beyond that unless everyone is suddenly going to be able to afford to have 200″ TVs in their lounges and, indeed, have the living space to accommodate such a monstrosity!

I think we’ll have 480/576 kicking around for a good 10 more years as 1080 is phased in and SD CRTs wear out and are replaced by LCD, LED and so on! I think it’s highly unlikely the broadcast community are going to have any great desire to phase out their 1080 equipment very quickly to adopt yet another format, assuming national governments are even going to be prepared to legislate to allow broadcasts the massive bandwidth increase required.

Japan’s always been way ahead of the game, but most countries will take decades to catch up with such a standard. In the UK, we’re still running 576i as standard, with HD channels being an extra. I don’t see many of the smaller channels being able to afford to go HD. Indeed, the analogue TV switch-off doesn’t complete until 2012. There’s talk about Freeview HD, but most people’s TVs aren’t equipped to cope with it! On radio, we’ve had DAB for a decade and still most people use FM. It looks like the 2015 analogue radio switch-off is getting postponed again, too.

So while there are always experiments in higher definition going on (I remember Francis Coppola and Vittorio Storraro experimenting with HD back in the 1980s) I’m dubious about whether consumers or the industry itself would accept, or be able to accept, another change.

Personally I’d rather they started shooting at a higher frame rate – 48 or 72 fps. Then all this crap about 3D with stupid glasses would go out the window as 2D at that speed gives the impression of being 3D anyway!

94. Daniel Shock - August 15, 2010

89 – I totally agree…. I don’t think it’s so important to stick to the old edits or enen the old aspect ratio like a bible. I’d even go so far as to re-score the music in some episodes. I’d prefer the original composers get to do what they wanted to do originally instead of the sonic wallpaper the producers made them produce.

95. starbase63 - August 16, 2010

So I take it CBS decided to dodge the bullet and didn’t mention much about because of all the problems that were plagueing the new site (some which still are) while the convention was going on?

Liz Kalodner sent her VP instead of showing up in person like she was scheduled to?

96. post12 - September 6, 2010

Question: if they were to go through with a ‘full rebuild’ of TNG would they be able to do it in 16×9 or would they have to stick with 4×3 even in going back and starting from scratch with the original negatives?

97. Super XP - September 25, 2010

I will surely buy the Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray once it gets released. I just hope it’s the extended versions.

98. Warped Trekker - October 11, 2010

#9: The new Adobe After Effects has a new feature of Automatic Rotoscoping. This would speed up the process a lot.

#96: Another thing they need to consider is, will they open up the matte to widescreen or keep it 4:3 aspect ratio? I think they will have to remaster the HD transfer with 4:3 aspect just like the TOS remasters. Because some scenes on the TNG DVD’s already have some lighting equipment showing on the edges of the frames. This is already very noticeable on newer HD TV’s that have NO OVERSCAN. Old TV’s were calibrated with overscan in mind, so the industry used to get away with putting equipment on the edges of the scenes. It would never be seen with old TV’s.

If they decide to open up the matte to widescreen, the FX artists would have to manually erase all of the equipment in some scenes.

99. Ultra HD TV - March 19, 2012

Cant wait for Ultra 4K HD TV to come out. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.