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VegasTrekCon10: Shatner Talks Star Trek ’09 & Chris Pine in ‘Captains’ Doc + Nimoy: ‘Never Say Never’ for Star Trek Sequel August 9, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Conventions/Events/Attractions,Nimoy,Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

One of the biggest highlight’s this weekend at the Star Trek Convention was the joint appearance of Star Trek’s original Kirk and Spock: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. The discussions covered the new Star Trek movies, details on Shatner’s The Captains documentary, Star Trek history and more. There was also a surprise appearance by Patrick Stewart. A full report and lots of photos below.


Nimoy: Never say never to more Star Trek + talks TOS, TNG & more

The Nimoy and Shatner show on Saturday started out with Leonard Nimoy solo quickly going to Q&A. A highlight was a question regarding returning for one more time for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Nimoy started his answer by again praising the new Spock, Zachary Quinto, as "a very talented and well-trained actor", saying he is "very proud that [Spock] has a new life, and is preformed by a very talented young man." Nimoy demurred on the notion of appearing in the next Star Trek film, noting that the writers used him effectively to "bridge the gap" in the first film, but he didn’t "see the need" to appear in the sequel. The audience of course did not agree, with a round of applause to show they wanted him back. Nimoy then offered this ray of hope to the fans, noting "I have learned in my Star Trek career – never to say never."

Leonard Nimoy
Nimoy not entirely ruling out a return to Star Trek but doesn’t expect it (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

The rest of the Q&A covered a lot of familiar territory like his famous "Shatner stole my bike" story, and his favorite TOS episodes (which would be "Amok Time", "Devil in the Dark", "This Side of Paradise", and "Space Seed" ). He noted that for these and other great episodes, writers like DC Fontana and Theodore Sturgeon don’t get enough credit for the quality of Star Trek. Nimoy was also asked if he thought Star Trek: The Next Generation lived up to the original Star Trek. The actor said he didn’t like to compare them, but noted how TNG "had it’s own qualities and it’s own tonality." Nimoy did admit that he was first skeptical when he learned "they were doing a show without us", but then saw that it was a good show with its own "wonderful quality that deserved to be around a long time."

A funny moment came when a young fan asked about directing the pon farr scenes in Star Trek III, and he cracked up the crowd replying "Pon farr is a delicate subject." It was interesting how many young kids were in the audience and asking questions, which was something that Nimoy noted as a good thing to see Star Trek appealing to yet another generation.

Leonard Nimoy
Nimoy answers fan questions at Star Trek convention (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

Shatner: Finally seen Star Trek 2009 + Pine to join Captains doc +STV lessons

Nimoy’s solo time transitioned for Shatner’s solo time, and the original Kirk began with going over his various projects, like Aftermath, $#!* My Dad Says, Raw Nerve, Weird or What, and his new The Captains doc (more on that below).  Things moved onto Q&A and one of the questions asked him why he doesn’t want to see the new Star Trek movie. Shatner replied with a yell "have I got a surprise…I saw it! I saw that wonderful motion picture!" Bill then recalled how after meeting JJ Abrams before the film was made he "sat by the phone but it never rang" until Leonard Nimoy called with the news of his return to Spock and Bill’s reply was "they are doing it without me?!"

Shatner updates crowd on projects – revealing Chris Pine will join "The Captains" doc

Regarding Bill’s The Captains doc, Shatner confirmed that Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk, will be included. The film crew for The Captains were filming his appearance on stage and were also filming Bill around the con (see photo below). Regarding this, Bill said "it was so much fun, walking among you, I’ve never done that before except once before and I was wearing a mask." Recalling interviewing Avery Brooks for The Captains, Bill talked about how impressed he was with his resume as a professor, musician and actor, but noted "Avery Brooks is a magnificent guy, but he is kind of out there." But Bill was so impressed with Brooks’ ability as a jazz pianist he asked him to provide music. Shatner also revealed that he asked George Takei to participate in the documentary and Takei declined. 

William Shatner Dealer Room
Shatner and his "Captains" film crew talking to Celeste Yarnall (TOS: Yeoman Landon) in the dealer room at Star Trek con (Photo: Kayla Iacovino)

Shatner wrapped up his solo time by answering a question on which was his favorite of the original Star Trek feature films. After a pause Shatner (in a mock serious tone) said: "V, V was so good, we had such a good time on V. Everybody loved V. It was huge, it broke records, it was brilliantly received, and it is by far the best movie ever made." Bill then went on to say he learned some hard lessons directing Star Trek V especially on dealing with a budget, noting "I had $30 million and I spent $29 of them before we started shooting."

William Shatner
Shatner laments his lessons learned directing "Star Trek V" (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

Nimoy & Shatner joke and get serious

The panel continued with Leonard Nimoy joining Shatner for some time together on stage, where the two joked around and showed the chemistry built up over decades. Shatner began by berating Nimoy to appear on his new sitcom, which Nimoy declined, noting that he has said yes in the past to working with Bill on Raw Nerve, TJ Hooker and even his Comedy Central Roast. Shatner claimed that Nimoy didn’t appear on his roast, and Nimoy exploded back "you forgot!" [For the record, Nimoy did appear on the show in a taped segment, but not at the actual roast]. The two continued to joke around and at one point Shatner exclaimed "I am having the best time, and they are paying me!"

Shatner and Nimoy yucking it up at the Star Trek con in Vegas

Although Shatner and Nimoy’s convention appearances are usually full of laughs, this time there actually was a serious moment. Nimoy noted that after all their long years of friendship they "had never talked about what it was like on those sets doing those [original Star Trek] episodes." Shatner then told a story about the day his father passed away while they were in production on "The Devil in the Dark". He was informed of his father’s death at noon and had six hours to fill until the next flight out so he decided to try to work in between but it was a "struggle". "The one thing that I will never forget was your presence like I have seen since then with elephants supporting each other in grief, having a physical presence which is also an emotional presence in support of the other. You were supporting me….your presence got me though that," said Shatner.  For his part, Nimoy revealed  "I don’t know if I have said this, but I want to say how proud of an experience it
was to work with you in those very intense, often difficult and trying times…it was a great and proud experience working with you and I want you to know that and the world to know that."

Kirk & Spock
Bill and Leonard get serious (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

Nimoy, Shatner, and Stewart!

A great bonus moment for the fans came up when Nimoy returned to the stage for his joint appearance with Shatner. Shortly after Nimoy joined Shatner, Patrick Stewart came to the stage to say hi. Captain Picard didn’t stay long, but it was great to see these three Trek icons together.

Patrick Stewart surprises Nimoy and Shatner

Shatner, Stewart, & Nimoy
Patrick Stewart surprises Nimoy and Shatner (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

Patrick Stewart hugs William Shatner (Photo: Brian Wilkins)

Stewart & Nimoy
Patrick Stewart hugs Leonard Nimoy (Photo: Brian Wilkins)


More Vegas Star Con 2010

For more from the con see our full reports:

…And much more to come with coverage of Voyager, TNG and Enterprise stars

All photos by Anthony Pascale/ except where otherwise noted


1. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - August 9, 2010

OMG thats was an amazing article, thank your so much, the photos and the story are very touching :)

Please Mr Nimoy, one more time

2. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - August 9, 2010


3. Luke Sutton ("The Doctor") - August 9, 2010

Sounds like a fantastic session. Loved seeing pictures of the big three up there. Shatner, Nimoy and Stewart. They really are legends.

4. Will_H - August 9, 2010

Would have been epic to have seen the three of them on stage together. Good to hear Shatner finally saw the new movie to.

5. Stan Winstone - August 9, 2010

Man- can’t Shatner hire a trainer and stay away from the burgers for at least a bit? He still looks youngish in the face considering his age but dang he’s a fatso…

6. CaptainDonovin - August 9, 2010

I don’t know, part of me would like to see a bit of Nimoy in ST XII but then again I think they should focus on this new crew. Would have been great to see those three onstage together. Think I may have to start saving now to get to next years.

7. Vultan - August 9, 2010

Were these fellows on old show or movie something?? Im from Caspiar and are not familar with American telvision programes. Please explain..

8. CmdrR - August 9, 2010

She threw Shat over for Chekov???? Bwahahahaahaha.
OK, it’s been 42 years. It’s still funny.

9. Red Dead Ryan - August 9, 2010

William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart. God, I wish I had been able to go!

Seems like Shatner and Nimoy’s friendship was cemented during the making of “Devil In The Dark”. Nimoy had cool things to say about TNG which was nice as well.

Cool of Shatner to reach out to George Takei for “The Captains” documentary. Too bad George turned it down. I hope he had a legitimate reason, but if not, then its his loss for which he can’t blame Shatner. Oh well.

10. Mike thompson Uk - August 9, 2010

#5 I’d settle for doing what he does at the age 79

Shatner, Stewart and Nimoy together, wow proving again what a missed opportunity Generations was…..

This clears up Chris Pine and the Captains…..though shame Takei has declined. At least he was asked.

11. Hugh Hoyland - August 9, 2010

Great article and photos, and so cool to see the three of them up there! I dont particularly have to see Nimoy in the next one, but Shatner being in it wouldnt bother me. But I have to agree with the above poster, if Shatner lost all that weight he would look 20 years younger.

Im not making fun either, its tough, but wow he does have a spread, just cant help but notice it.

12. Red Dead Ryan - August 9, 2010


Another “fat Shatner” remark? Can’t we go just ONE thread involving Shatner WITHOUT making a big fuss about his weight?

In my opinion, while he certainly isn’t the ultra-fit captain we knew from TOS anymore, he certainly looks healthy enough to keep himself busy. And I’m sure that even though he is 79, he’d still be able to get himself into shape if wants to or if he gets the call from J.J Abrams.

13. Kevin From Akron - August 9, 2010

Great synopsis!! Thanks for keeping us informed! Wish I were there!

14. Dalek - August 9, 2010

#12 Just ignore them. Even if William Shatner created world peace there would be people on here just poking fun about his weight and rug.

I personally believe if Bill lost a ton of weight, he would look a lot older. Shatner and Nimoy are the same age, born the same year. If Shatner was Leonard’s weight, I believe he would be extremely wrinkled and look frail. Whereas being overweight isn’t exactly healthy, it is youthful to the skin.

Loved the article. It is very touching that the relationship Bill and Leonard have is just as strong as Kirk and Spock.

15. jas_montreal - August 9, 2010


16. Chain of Command - August 9, 2010

I really think it would be cool to see Shatner, Nimoy and Stewart do something NON-STAR TREK related sometime. I just think that would be really cool. Maybe some sort of dramatic reading…something. Anything.

17. Losira - August 9, 2010

It was wonderful that Sirpat popped in to be with spock and Shat. A shame that Bacula and mulgrew did not join them. It would be a “captains” prevue live! Again thanks Anthony for your wonderful coverage. Now you better come and cover Dragon Con! Will be looking for you.

18. Another Q - August 9, 2010

Quite epic, I would say..
Sorry I missed it – this is why
I love Trek. These guys don’t
HAVE to do it. They don’t do
it for the money. They do it for
the fans. Incredible!

19. Red Dead Ryan - August 9, 2010


I’d gladly listen to those three read from a phonebook. I’m sure they’d come up with hilarious anecdotes. :-)

20. andrew - August 9, 2010

At the risk of being blasted, I was alarmed at Bill’s appearance. A bit discouraged, really, because I want him to defy those who say he can’t/shouldn’t be in the movie. I still want him in though.

21. Cervantes - August 9, 2010

Great article!

The Bill and Leonard double-act never gets old. Unlike the ‘fat Shatner’ cracks. Personally I still want to see him kitted out in some ‘future’ uniform of some sort, in all his well-earned girth. On the other, all J.J. has to do is film him from the chesh upwards to slot him into a ‘cameo’ this time around, if not… If they can work out a possible scenario of course.

22. Erik Parrent - August 9, 2010

20 – Andrew –

You know, I think having Shatner in the next movie wouldn’t be that hard. Now that they’ve introduced the idea of parallel timelines, he could just play a Kirk whose experiences track with the original’s right up until Generations, which this theoretical Kirk would have skipped….

23. Cervantes - August 9, 2010

That of course should have said ‘film him from the CHEST upwards…’

24. Mrs. Linus - August 9, 2010

Patrick is the most fit looking 70 year old I have ever seen.

25. Sarah - August 9, 2010

I would love for Nimoy to be in the next sequel. I would also still love to see Bill Murray have a part. Yes, seriously. Occasionally, I post that request to anyone who may have interest. I am, and forever shall be a fan of Leonard Nimoy. That man has a special place in my heart. While I am also fond of Bill Murray, I have seen his talent, the man can make you laugh your socks off one minute, and your blood run cold the next. I think it’d be great, for him to have a part (not to mention, he’d clean up real well in a Starfleet uniform).

26. paul - August 9, 2010

bring back tng

27. Jon Spencer - August 9, 2010

I might kill indiscriminately to meet any one of them.

28. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - August 9, 2010

I remember reading Vonda N McIntyres novelization of ST III The Search for Spock :
Captain Styles was transmitting “Mayday Mayday” messages just a few hundred miles from Earth Space dock, Uhura was listening in while thinking “serves you right for stealing the Excelsior from Hikaru” .

I also remember George Takei being excited at finally have command of his own ship during the publicity for STVI The Undiscovered Country.

I also recall that he and a lot of fans lobbied Paramount for a Captain Sulu series before “ENTERPRISE” was commissioned .

So Yeah!, it would have been nice for George to forget previous upsets by Shatner and the Studios and to reveal what he would have done with the character of CAPTAIN SULU!

His loss and our loss, unfortunately.

29. Cervantes - August 9, 2010

#20 Erik Parrent

Of course! Nice thinking. :)

Even if J.J. and co. didn’t want to have to come up with a storyline that *undid* the PRIME Kirk’s death just to include Bill, then we could at least have seen him onscreen again playing an older NU Kirk instead!!

Pity they didn’t come up with a slightly different ‘time travelling’ storyline in the first movie which allowed for that in some small way, so that we got to see both Leonard (playing older PRIME Spock) AND Bill (playing older NU Kirk) in the same movie at least!

Or maybe they just never thought of how that kind of scenario could have worked… Some may still have bitched about it being a cop-out to actually coming up with something that ‘revived’ the older PRIME Kirk properly though…but I’d have been satisfied with your notion, personally.

30. Cervantes - August 9, 2010

Er, I meant # 22 Erik Parrent in my last post.

Damn typos.

31. philpot - August 9, 2010

mentioned this before but maybe the nexus isnt such a stoopid idea anymore now everyone is loving Inception

theres yor Shatner (and Stewart) cameo – nexus for Trek XII!!

32. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - August 9, 2010

Regarding George Takei not wanting to be a part of the Captains reunion film being made by William Shatner, I am confused by this since there had been rumours of Sulu getting a Captaincy just after ST II The Wrath of Khan those rumours were formented by other references in various forms.
Check out STII Sulu is piloting the shuttle with Admiral Kirk and crew towards NCC 1701 in dry dock and he says, “Any chance to get aboard the Enterprise !!AND CUT!!, it looks like he was about to say more, what was it ?
I remember reading Vonda N McIntyres novelization of ST III The Search for Spock :
Captain Styles was transmitting “Mayday Mayday” messages just a few hundred miles from Earth Space dock, Uhura was listening in while thinking “serves you right for stealing the Excelsior from Hikaru” .

Later, after it was confirmed that Sulu was going to the Captain of the USS Excelsior, I remember George Takei being excited at finally have command of his own ship during the publicity for STVI The Undiscovered Country.

I also recall that he and a lot of fans lobbied Paramount for a Captain Sulu series before “ENTERPRISE” was commissioned .

So Yeah!, it would have been nice for George to forget previous upsets by Shatner and the Studios and to reveal what he would have done with the character of CAPTAIN SULU!

His loss and our loss, unfortunately.

A note to moderators, why was this post deleted before?

33. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - August 9, 2010

^^^ delete this post, silly me, i missed my original, sorry :S

34. SChaos1701 - August 9, 2010


What the hell have you ever done?

35. Greg2600 - August 9, 2010

Will this be the final public convention/event appearance of Nimoy and Shatner together? :(

36. Brian Wilkins - August 9, 2010

Anthony, Thanks for including some of my photos in your post. If anyone is interested, I’ve put together a Flickr set over at:

37. Sebastian - August 9, 2010

Great coverage. I’m sad to have missed it, but thanks to this site and it’s diligent coverage, I almost feel like I was there.

I have seen Shatner in person (many times, in fact), and I’ve met Nimoy once (last year at Comic Con), but it’d be a gas to see them together on stage live.

And the added benefit of Patrick Stewart as well (whom I’ve recently seen in the BBC production of Hamlet with David Tennant in the lead, in which Stewart was utterly magnificent in dual roles as the late King’s ghost and his evil, scheming brother Claudius. IMO, the best since Branagh’s version in 1996).

Again, much thanks for the vicarious ‘tele-presence’ at the con!

38. VOODOO - August 9, 2010

‘Never say never”

IShatner and Nimoy in the next ST movie if even for a single scene would bring the house down. If anybody is listening please make it happen.

39. robowarrior - August 9, 2010

Amazing. I wish I could be there.

40. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - August 9, 2010

@ 36. Brian Wilkins

A Huge THANK YOU for the beautiful pictures :)

41. Sid - August 9, 2010

Shatner and Nimoy together, one scene, one last time.

Do it. Do it do it do it.

42. Dee - August 9, 2010

Mr. Shatner saw Star Trek, FINALLY!!!…..CP will be in The Captains!!!!…. I don’t believe…OK it’s awesome!!!!

43. Kenji - August 9, 2010

Thank you for such a wonderful article. I would’ve loved to be there. America is too far away…
Good to hear that Shatner finally watched the new film and that he will be interviewing Pine for the documentary…. but Takei declined……..? Oh well.

I think I’ll just stare at Sir Patrick’s shiny shins now.

44. Phaser Guy - August 9, 2010

Takei declined cause he wasn’t a Captain of the Enterprise.

45. GarySeven - August 9, 2010

I was there…one thing I want to add is that Nimoy told Shatner he considers him an “emotional brother,” and Shatner said he felt the same way. Very touching. Also Stewart and Shatner said they loved each other. It was all very sweet.

46. Brian Wilkins - August 9, 2010

@ OLLEY: My pleasure.

47. Shat Hands - August 9, 2010

Absolutely fantastic.

Thank you for a great article.

I love the fact, that even after all these years, the alumni still turn up and give the fans their moneys worth.

Just one of the many things that make Star Trek so very special.

48. bill hiro - August 9, 2010

We should all be as fit and healthy as Shatner when we are 79 years old. So he’s put on some weight. It happens to most people. Who cares? He’s probably still more svelte than a lot of the uniformed convention attendees.

49. The Original Spock's Brain - August 9, 2010

@48 LOL! Good one.

50. Andy Patterson - August 9, 2010

Cool. Shatner is the man. The original. The one. THE Captain. Love the man. Has always meant a lot to me. I’ve always said the franchise wouldn’t be what it is without his performance. Celeste Yarnall looks great. Are those coolats Patrick Stewart is wearing?

51. Hat Rick - August 9, 2010

I was privileged enough to be in attendance during the onstage appearance of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Their conversation and banter ended on a serious and moving note indeed, and it must be said that Mr. Shatner said to Mr. Nimoy that he felt exactly the same way that the latter felt about him — that the two were brothers.

It was quite a good appearance and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. These two are a credit to not only Star Trek, but Hollywood itself. In an age when the Mel Gibsons of the world make all the headlines, the skill and vivacity of these two titans of Trek are a rare and pleasant exception to the ordinariness that is present-day Tinseltown.

Both Saturday and Sunday were full of wonderful memories. I hope to post some images of the Convention on my blog.

52. Magic_Al - August 9, 2010

Shatner has said he’s asked Takei to be on Raw Nerve and now to be in The Captains, and that Takei has refused both. Maybe Takei feels that making nice as part of a show Shatner is doing is phony? Maybe Shatner feels the whole feud is phony and since it played out in public it should be ended in public?

53. Zebonka - August 9, 2010

So what if he’s fat? There’s worse things to be.

I can’t name 5 guys my age (24) who do as much as Shatner does with his day.

54. Greg2600 - August 9, 2010

Takei is an idiot, plain and simple. All he has done for 40+ years is complain about the other actors, directors, writers, producers.

I guess Shatner says he “saw” the newest Star Trek, because he wanted to be prepared for Chris Pine. I hope he did see it, because it will be fascinating to see what they discuss about it.

55. Hat Rick - August 9, 2010

Bill Shatner doesn’t look a day over 60, and he’s almost two decades older than that.

I can think of some people who are in their thirties who don’t have his looks.

Besides, we should be more enlightened than to judge people by their looks.

A note on Patrick Stewart’s headwear — he said on Sunday that he was covering up his pate after a meeting with his physician, as I recall, that resulted in something or other; I couldn’t really hear. He ultimately removed the hat and from where I was sitting, he looked perfectly okay.

His exchange with Brent Spiner pretending to be a fan made mention of the reason for his wearing the hat, and was truly hilarious. The two make a great team. Spiner also mugged at the reference to their not being a “bad egg” among the cast, perhaps making sly reference to that egg-on-Stewart thing that some of the cast (Frakes, I think) have been mentioning.

Spiner also did a dead-on impression of Stewart’s polished delivery, and I think the both of them mocked Frakes’ “John Waynesque” swagger as Riker. (Frakes explained the origins of this during his appearance, separately.)

Shatner and Nimoy, Stewart and Spiner — such great dynamic duos. The world is lucky to have them.

Also on Sunday, I was able to catch the last twenty minutes of the Voyager cast reunion, where — again — hilarity was the order of the day.

I love Trek conventions.

It would be great to have all of these guys together again next year.

56. Hat Rick - August 9, 2010

^^ I mean, Saturday, for the Voyager reunion.

57. Iowagirl - August 9, 2010

Very touching. Wonderful article – thank you.

58. DJT - August 10, 2010

I hope someone *records* these conventions so that one day, I can buy the video.

Yeah, Creation, I’m looking at you.

59. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

They clearly have video because there are giant video screens. I’d be amazed if they didn’t have recordings of at least that videostream. However, weirder things have happened.

I didn’t see more than one official-looking video camera in operation at any one time. That video camera, incidentally, was occasionally blocked when people walked in front of it.

When Shatner was onscreen, he said to Nimoy (as the latter was leaving) that he was filming his appearance for one of his projects — the “Captains” film, I think. I don’t know if he was joking or not.

I, too, would like to see Creation offer videos of these conventions for sale. But I’m not holding my breath; I looked at its website, and no such videos are in evidence. Could be related to legal rights to likenesses, and so forth. Besides, videos might diminish the popularity of live events.

60. Penhall - August 10, 2010

I’m so glad this thread clears up three things that fans on this site have been whining about:

1. Shatner has now seen the new movie

2. Chris Pine will be in his doc

3. He asked George Takei to be in the doc

Too bad Takei can’t get over himself and his ego and actually appear in Shatner’s doc. It would have been neat, but oh well. Once again, Shatner reached out to him and he shunned him.

I hope this settles the whole “feud” once and for all. Takei does not want to make amends with Shatner. He wants to continue to whine and bash Shatner every chance he gets in an effort to stay in the spotlight.

61. Jim Nightshade - August 10, 2010

Yes i have to admit Creation cons aint cheap but u cannot deny their great guest lineups always the best–i saw shatner/nimoy together at the 06 vegas con-just as entertaining then too-what a great moment it musta been with sir stewart popping on stage for a few minutes–lets see also in 06 we met takei,grace lee whitney n koenig at a breakfast-expensive but worth it, bingo trek also fun but not cheap ditto getting pix taken with bill seperately n 1 pix with uhura,sulu n chekov–the awesome party at the experience with picardo n masterson entertaining,watching the shatner on comedy central on the screens in quarks/shops, the champagne toasting to 40yrs with rod n majel–all the other great funny n entertaining trek stars from janeway to trip to worf–my only letdowns was that puppet tribute n i think a berman no show–since 06 havent been able to afford another creation con but they are tons of fun–glad everyone who went this year had such a great time! Trek Lives-(n i am ole enuf to remember that slogan originally)–and since the slogan it has lived–

62. Jim Nightshade - August 10, 2010

Creation does have some videos of some of their guests speaking sometimes–check out their web site-it took about a year for them to offer a video from the 06 convention(we are in it several times hahah thanx to the bingo room)-so if they got the oks they do make videos sometimes-i also have one from one of the 1st times shatner/nimoy were together n one rembering deforedt kelly-all good videos

63. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

It says in the official program (last page before the closing advertisements) that it costs $199.00 for a photo op with Patrick Stewart, and it says “(limited)”, presumably meaning that he will not be posing for as many pictures as some of the others.

A photo op with Bill Shatner was a relative bargain at just $90.00. And, for $229, you could pose with both Shatner and Nimoy (page 9 of the Schedule of Events official program; page 10 of the program if you count the letter page).

Interestingly, a photo op with Jeri Ryan cost $100.00.

So, yes, it’s kind of expensive. As for me, I paid just $70.00 ($35.00 each day), and it was worth every cent, even though I could attend only a few of the main theater events.

I also paid for an autograph with one of the TOS guest stars.

More random musings: There were some negative comments about Brent Spiner’s alleged lack of interaction with fans during his signings, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He seemed very gracious and relaxed (of course, with a Secret Service-looking security guy right next to him, he could afford to be relaxed!).

64. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

62, I didn’t see that, but I’ll check again. Thanks for the tip!

65. P Technobabble - August 10, 2010

Shatner says Takei declined. Now it’s Takei’s turn to say “I was never asked.”

66. ensign joe - August 10, 2010

Great write up.. would have been great to be there..

67. Cap'n Chris - August 10, 2010

I’ve only been to one ST convention and that was Generations in London way back in 1994 (I think) at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an amazing experience and was great fun with the cast of TNG (the Premiere was awesome too with Shatner making a great surprise arrival). This sounds like the fun is still there and I must get to another convention at some point.

Thanks for the fantastic article and pics.

68. Anthony Thompson - August 10, 2010

Shatner’s definitely not in fighting form. You’d think that with his ‘Shit…’ show coming up that he would have tried to control his weight. I think this is the heaviest I’ve ever seen him.

Good that he’s including Pine in his doc. (that’s probably why he finally saw the film).

69. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

^^ Nothing that a few weeks with a Hollywood personal trainer can’t fix.

Honestly, yes, it’s probably better to be slimmer than he seems to be. But at his age, he probably figures, what the hell?

If they offered him a role in Trek, I’m pretty sure he could see his way clear to reducing his weight.

Also, I think one should consider that not every actor his age needs to look like Chris Pine. Marlon Brando (who can forget his role in “Godfather”?), Orson Welles and Raymond Burr were hardly svelte in their post-middle-aged years, as I recall, and they had some good roles.

This weight issue is really overrated, aside from the health aspects.

70. Shatner_Fan_Prime - August 10, 2010

As a fanbase, we’re really lucky to have had these guys around for so long. 45 years later, and they’re still so active and relevant! It is nothing short of amazing. What other shows from the 60’s can boast this kind of enduring popularity? And what other shows from that era can say its leads are still so high profile?None that I can think of. Star Trek, Shatner and Nimoy are truly special.

71. Cap'n Chris - August 10, 2010

I don’t understand people having a pop at him for his weight. He’s 79. Most people his age are lucky to even be mobile. He’s a really good role model for people of his vintage and as Hat Rick mentions has kept far better than a lot of his contemporaries. He is constantly busy with the energy of someone half his age and has a sense of humour about himself that people who have digs at him obviously don’t get.

If you don’t like him or his style fair enough, but enough with the constant hate, you’ll be lucky to look as good as him at 79.

72. Shona - August 10, 2010

@41. Sid – August 9, 2010

Shatner and Nimoy together, one scene, one last time.

Do it. Do it do it do it.

Yes yes yes.

Plus this will probably be the last chance.

I’d have a cameo, Pine and Quinto need advice, they beam down to Spock’s new pad on earth and when they get there – Shat is there too. Of course Kirk and Spock would end up together … Pine gets his pearls of wisdom from the Shat. Either make up something to get around the Shat is dead problem or …. have them interrupted every time they go to explain and finally, they/ we never find out .

Sheesh. It writes itself.

I could write this …

73. snoopytrek - August 10, 2010

@5…yeah, but if Bill starts loosing weight and getting in shape, that means he will play Kirk again. Even before the announcement hits the press, watch his weight go down then we will know it before then. You always knew when a new Trek movie was coming out, he would shape up…LOL

74. SJU - August 10, 2010

Great article!

75. Barb - August 10, 2010

This sounds like Shatner was actually… gulp… gracious! These repeated invitations to serve as the ceremonial head of state of Canada may be having a positive effect on him, even though he keeps turning them down. Shat! You’d be the King of Canada! That’ a great gig! Do it!

76. Chuck Watters - August 10, 2010

#12 Hey , get a load of Tubby ! Oh how I wish the Shat will drop some weight . He has so many years still ahead of him and that weight isn’t helping him.

77. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

75, LOL, that’s classic! :-) “King of Canada” — love it! ;-)

Well, here’s the thing: Nimoy has this great line about Shatner. Shatner says something about him, feeding him just the perfect line; Nimoy will stare at him, transfixed, and then turn to the audience and say something like, “You see? This is a mean man! You all think I’m kidding when I say that. I’m NOT!” It’s really funny; you just have to be there.

These guys are amazing. Shatner really is a national treasure — both of the United States and Canada. World treasure, even!

The next day, Stewart and Spiner did their routine, and at one point Spiner picks up on a fan’s question saying that everything they say on stage is pre-scripted, including the fan’s question. “You’re wonderful,” he deadpans, “We love your work.” (Something like that.) The audience howls. :-)

78. Tom - August 10, 2010

How sweet would seeing them both in the new movie.That would be awesome! Are you listening Bob? Nah he never posts on these threads

79. Chris M - August 11, 2010

It is always wonderful to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy together, you can really tell what close friends they have been for so many years! :)

80. NTH - August 11, 2010

“Never say never”, it’s wonderful to hear Leonard say those words.One last time on screen together, even if it is one scene only, would mean so much to so many fans out here including this one.It could bring our journey with them to a fitting end.It is also good to hear that Bill has finally seen the last movie.Thank you Anthony for this article, it is quite memorable.

81. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - August 11, 2010

Great touching article

82. spark - August 11, 2010

Nimoy, Shatner, and Stewart…….Epic

83. Tom - August 11, 2010

#80 NTH

i agree with you. That would be incredible

84. denny cranium - August 11, 2010

Great coverage- Thanks.

As for Mr Shatners “size” he will always be compared to his TOS days.
I think he looks great for a guy pushing 80.
I think its just wishful thinking on our part.
I would like to see him fitter just for health reasons.

85. Jim Nightshade - August 11, 2010

Also another word about creation videos…when they make them, they are only SOME of the speakers….the one from 06 only had maybe ten different stars doing parts of their videos….I think they probably have to ask ahead of time and get permission as it seems some they can film and others they cannot…its never a complete video by any means but it does capture the con pretty good and lets you remember some of the stars speeches…

86. skyjedi - August 12, 2010

Using the words never say never is a bad omen though Remember Never say never again,lol.

87. skyjedi - August 12, 2010

Also does anyone know why Mr Shatner never did an audiobook version of his academy novel and why the sequels never happened?

88. Kevin from Australia - August 15, 2010

I waited 40 years for this moment – to come to America and see the Shat at a convention. I was not disappointed. Have since struck that one off my bucket list.

89. Keachick - August 15, 2010

It’s great to see pics of those guys having a good time among fans. Great stuff!

I am concerned as well about William Shatner’s weight. I can’t recall seeing any pictures of him looking as large. I think he is careful about diet and tries to get regular exercise – he can still ride his own horses. Yes? No? Weight gain can have other causes, other than overeating or being a couch potato. I just hope that Mr Shatner is able to address these underlying health issues that he may have, largely due to age I would think.

I am really pleased that William Shatner is including Chris Pine in his Captains documentary. For me at least, I have been unclear as to whether Mr Shatner has passed the torch to his “understudy” the way the other TOS actors have done for the new cast. Hopefully, this film should be a wonderful chance for the two “captains” to publicly shake hands on it. So cool. Love both those guys – so glad they got to play my favourite character James T Kirk!

What feud between Shatner and Takei? Is it because Shatner wouldn’t go to George Takei’s wedding? Are they still on about that?
If anything, it was George Takei who first started any kind of “feud” when he wrote and published an autobiograhy in 1994, where he really slagged off William Shatner when they were acting in the 60s TV series, almost 30 years before. Boy, that Takei can sure hold a grudge. The book was quite vitriolic in places, airing a lot of “dirty laundry” in public, mainly about Shatner. Some of it did not make sense and was quite unpleasant to read. Now I realise that William Shatner can be something of an arrogant arsehole on occasions, but George Takei sure didn’t earn himself any brownie points for that literary publication. I can’t remember the name of the book, probably because I’ve tried to forget it. Holy crap!!

90. Deafdoggy - August 16, 2010

Thanks for this – being Deaf I would not have access at a convention so this is great to read! Can’t wait for the next film!
A few pounds extra weight – at 79 Shatner looks better than most people at 59 – leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE TO NIMOY and SHATNER for being able to go to a convention and talk – it is like they are still 20 years younger and I am TOTALLY AMAZED! They are great role-models. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.