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COMIC STRIP: Ensign Sue Must Die #22 August 10, 2010

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UPDATED: When we last saw Ensign Sue, young Spock declared that "Ensign Sue Must Die". So has she? You can find out below in the latest Star Trek movie-themed strip.



Ensign Sue Must Die 22: Heroic Freakout of the Spock kind
story by Clare Mosley, art by Kevin Bolk, written by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk

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UPDATE NOTE: A strip was posted earlier that was the wrong strip, sorry!

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Ensign Sue Must Die brought to you here at TrekMovie courtesy of strip creators Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. All of the Ensign Sue can also be seen at at Pot Luck Comics.


1. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

Spock, anything’s possible in comic strips. Even completely out-of-character actions and outbursts like yours. ;-)

2. Santo Guerro - August 10, 2010

Don’t be a geek, Rickhat. Watch some Star Trek, Spock’s self-styled emotionlessness simply doesn’t bear out on inspection.

3. enemyanime - August 10, 2010

Especially when reality-altering anomalies are involved. XD

4. Cynthia - August 10, 2010

Spock IS half-human, after all– he can be forgiven. :P

And thanks for fixing this– though I saw the other strip (rats, there goes my avoiding spoilers).

5. Areli - August 10, 2010

Welp, I’m throughly spoiled now, but I’m still gonna enjoy this page. :D

Oh, Spock. Sha Ka Ree can’t even explain this.

6. Hat Rick - August 10, 2010

Next thing you know, someone’s going to tell me that this strip is not only realistic, but it’s canon!

BTW, on the spoiler thing, I’ve compartmentalized away that part of my consciousness. It never happened. Can’t wait to see how this strip ends!

7. darbae - August 10, 2010

Is this regular universe or prime universe?

8. I am not Herbert - August 10, 2010

H-A-T-E-D it…, in any universe…

RDR: before you even start, why don’t YOU shut up and go away, OK?

9. Mark Lynch - August 10, 2010

Knew she would be back……

To paraphrase the Carlsberg adverts, “Quite probably the most annoying woman in the Universe!” :-)

10. Cynthia - August 10, 2010

@7– Prime.

11. Anthony Pascale - August 10, 2010

Herbert warning for trolling

it is not up to you who should stay and who should go. Perhaps you should skip these articles if they get you so agrivated, you do not have to click on them or make a comment you know.

12. Cynthia - August 10, 2010

At least, I think it is. Sorry. I don’t see a “take-back” button.

13. Michelle - August 10, 2010

I’m really enjoying this fun parody strip. I’m now tempted to start using the prhase “What in Sha Ka Ree…?!” the next time I encounter something confounding.

14. enemyanime - August 10, 2010

@Hat Rick

The twist ending of the comic: THIS IS THE LEAKED SCRIPT FOR STAR TREK XII. :D

15. Michelle - August 10, 2010

Oops, should be the phrase, “How in Sha Ka Ree…?!” ;)

16. Victor Hugo - August 10, 2010

HAHA delightful

Good idea for Star Trek 12, return of Sybok. :)

17. I am not Herbert - August 10, 2010

Thanks Anthony,

but it’s said that turnabout is fair-play;

…and you never warned RDR after HE made the same statement MULTIPLE TIMES.

Double standard?

18. enemyanime - August 10, 2010

Star Trek V: Kirk Fights God and Wins!

19. Bill - August 10, 2010

Nice Trek V shout out

20. Anthony Pascale - August 10, 2010

i dont even know who RDR is, but i dont like back seat admins of any sort,

21. I am not Herbert - August 10, 2010

Red Dead Ryan

22. Snarky - August 10, 2010

Bah, Star Trek stinks. You shouldn’t even have a Star Trek website. Please stop posting Star Trek items so I don’t have to keep visiting this site and complaining.

23. I am not Herbert - August 10, 2010

(Real) Star Trek is just fine… ensign sue, not so much…

Why don’t you quit complaining about the “complaining”? ;-)

24. Sunfell - August 10, 2010

It isn’t a genuine Mary Sue fic if Spock doesn’t freak out at least once. That’s half the fun! And that was the main reason I endured them back in the dead-tree fanzine days- what would set Spock off in THIS story?! Some of the writers were really inventive…

I haven’t laughed this hard in years. The writer and artist clearly know their fanfic.

25. Captain Conrad - August 10, 2010

Saw that coming. This comic is still enjoyable though.

26. Quarky - August 10, 2010

@14, I love you.

Now, to start building up an immunity to phaser blasts…

27. 24thCentury RockStar - August 10, 2010

#6 – I’m beginning to think that it’s going to be up to the Enterprise crew to keep Ensign Sue contained on their Enterprise and keep her from escaping out of the fan fiction and into cannon.

#15 – If anything should make it out, it’s gotta be Spock’s “How in Sha Ka Ree?!” line! (Ha!) Leave it up to a Sue character to not only take decades of Vulcan emotional conditioning and throw ’em out the airlock, but make it look easy!

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Sue! XP


28. ThisIsAName - August 10, 2010

“Regular universe or prime?”

That’s like asking if your coffee is regular or caffeinated. The “Prime” universe is everything but ST09 and following. I guess if it needs a better name than “ST09 movie universe,” it’d be “Ultimate.”

Anyway, ESMD is styled after ST09, in design, timeline, and characterization.

29. Skippy - August 10, 2010

The only person who can kill Ensign Sue is Captain James T. Kirk (from “our” timeline)…that man can get random people onto an away team and always return with one or two fewer red/blue shirts.

30. Losira - August 10, 2010

Poor Spock this just isn’t his day!
You gotta figure in the mirrorverse Sue is. Immune to the agony booth, tantalus field, right. Here in prime verse , its Phasers, photon torpedoes, frustrated half human Vulcans…etc etc. Etc. And Sha-cha-ree! And KHAN…a true blue Mary Sue!!!

31. Losira - August 10, 2010

As someone recalled the fanzine Sues they were cleverly written. And many were fun @ funny to read I had a blast writing about my 2 Mary Sues..that right 2 of them I unleashed on a unsuspecting federation! Keep the Sue and Stu story memories coming. In there is more out there in fandom closets! Anthony. Are you harboring any good ones? Thanks for this great funny comic! Hey keep the stories coming! And ensign sue too!

32. Balok - August 10, 2010

love these…

33. et - August 10, 2010

The only way a Mary Sue can die is to selflessly sacrifice herself for the good of the main characters / the ship / a doomed planet / her true love, etc.

Of course, it will only work if everyone is in tears.

34. Cynthia - August 10, 2010

Quote: 27. 24thCentury RockStar – August 10, 2010
“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Sue!”

I LOVE this.

35. Bucky - August 10, 2010

JJ-verse is a fun enough name that I quite dig. Memory alpha goes with “alternate reality” but I think that’s kinda dull. JJ-verse rox.

36. Captain Carrot River - August 10, 2010

What does Mary Sue need with a starship?

37. Cynthia - August 10, 2010

@36– Victims.

38. S. John Ross - August 10, 2010

Another entirely polite and basically helpful post deleted? :( :( :(

39. Daoud - August 10, 2010

28, 35, etc. I have lately been calling JJ’s version the “Silver Age”, with the original Prime series as the “Golden Age”. It parallels DC comics neatly… but if you notice this:

Original series had gold braids for rank, and golden Enterprise patch.
Star Trek 2009 has silver braids for rank, and silver Starfleet patch.

Gold. Silver.

In 2049, when they recast again, they can go with Bronze braids. ;0


40. Techtrekker - August 10, 2010

Thanks for posting these comics. I enjoy them. :-)

41. Christine - August 10, 2010

I can’t get over how amazing the expressions are in this. xD They’re over-the-top, ridiculously so at times, but I looooove it.
This strip actually got a fave from me on dA. I just look at that last panel of Spock and I start laughing.

42. Zinc Saucier - August 10, 2010

Maybe this is a dumb thing to ask about a parody comic strip, but they get so many other details right. So why does “Ensign” Sue have Lieutenant rank stripes?

43. Red Dead Ryan - August 10, 2010

Keep these strips coming!

And #17

I said the statement ONCE, but judging from your pre-emptive attack it still stands!

44. FarStrider - August 10, 2010

@42 She got the stripe when she was promoted to senior staff by Star Fleet. .. until that strip, she didn’t have one.


45. S. John Ross - August 11, 2010

#39: “In 2049, when they recast again …”

I’m already salting my hat for if they don’t recast at least one member of the main crew by 2020 (if not much sooner).

46. David C. Roberson - August 11, 2010

I think it would have been interesting to see Ensign Sue actually die… but seeing as she’s part vulcan, she could have transferred her katra into spock as she was slowly fading from the phaser blast. Then we could have Spock galloping around acting like Sue–which could have been entertaining…

47. 24th Century RockStar - August 11, 2010

#34 – Hahahaha! Thanks! I’ve passed the mantra on to comicalclare so I can only hope that we can start something fun with it :3

#42, 44 – Yeah, I don’t think she’d be the epitome of Mary Sue-ness if she not only made her way up the ranks like the Enterprise bridge crew did in ST:09, but managed to do it faster (ie. her mentioning how she legally beat the Kobayashi Maru in the last issue). How in Sha-ka-ree is that possible, you ask? The name of the game is Fizzbin ladies and gentlemen, and Ensign Sue holds all the high cards (especially on Tuesday). >:3


48. 24th Century RockStar - August 11, 2010

Oh yeah, forgot to end the Ensign Sue post with the (hopefully) eponymous ending:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Sue!

(Sorry, it’s the roommate’s birthday and I’m kinda ripped off of so many vodka shots that it would make the Kelvins blush (o_@))

– 24thuknowtherest (XP)

49. Frederick - August 11, 2010

And, my prediction in the comments of the last strip’s post was right. Still standing!

50. I am not Herbert - August 11, 2010

43. Red Dead Ryan: as long as you can refrain from making such stupid statements in the future, i’m sure that we can be friends ;-)

…now here’s a hug and a cupcake =)

51. Red Dead Ryan - August 11, 2010


I’ll certainly try to be a bit more polite!

MMMMMMMMM!….(enjoying cupcake)……..delicious! :-)

52. EJames - August 12, 2010

Ensign Sue is awesome! Funny, clever, and has that which has been missing from Star Trek for twenty years, a pulse.

BTW, the comments of some people are what keep away from most things Star Trek these days. Seems the parody hits a little close to home.

53. Charley W - August 12, 2010

#27- You’re obviously not familiar with MS fandom: it’s “The wants of the Sue outweigh ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING else!!!! No ‘ifs’, ‘ands’, or ‘buts’.


Stop complaining, give yourself into the Sueness…

Now, go get her chocolate (or cheesecake). It’s the only way to shut her up…

54. TheTingler - August 12, 2010

To all those people suggesting titles for Star Trek 12 – if it’s anything but “Star Trek 12 – So Very Tired” I will be cross. :)

55. Jerry Modene - August 13, 2010

Got the book version of Ensign Sue in the mail yesterday. I won’t say a thing about it, except that I loved it!

And, in the credits, I see where they gave a shout-out to Paula Smith. IIRC, she was a BNF (big-name fan) from the early 70’s, who published one of the better fanzines of the day (I want to say “Interphase”, but it could have been “Rigel” – I need to dig out my old box of ‘zines!) and who may have been the person who wrote the original story of “Lieutenant Mary Sue and the Mysterious Yellow String”, in which Sue does indeed sacrifice herself for the crew and in memoriam they make her birthday a National Holiday on the Enterprise.

I know I’m going to sound like an old curmudgeon here (I’m really just a middle-aged curmudgeon), but being a ST fan was a lot more fun back in the early-to-mid 70’s, when we had to do it all ourselves, no videotapes, no TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, or movies.

I remember a highlight of my early fandom days as being when I got an audio cassette recording of “Court Martial” and some film clips from Lincoln Enterprise (I no longer have the cassette, but *do* still have the filmclips).

56. Jerry Modene - August 13, 2010

Oh – I just remembered; Sue’s immunity to phaser blasts shouldn’t be any surprise; the mirror-Sue is immune to the Tantalus Device, remember? ;)

57. 24thCentury RockStar - August 13, 2010

#53 – Nevaaaaar!! XD

McCoy: My God Jim it’s like USS the Intrepid and the Gamma 7A system all over again!

Kirk: Bones! It can’t be! Captain’s Log: Supplemental – We’re under attack by an incredibly cute but simple cellular being whose energies are totally destructive to all good writing. We need to find a way to destroy her and free the ship. Dr. McCoy has the medical and biological knowledge, but Mr. Spock is better-suited physically and emotionally to stand the stress. Which of my friends do I condemn to endlessly reconned origin stories, constant plot hijacking, erotic slash-fic, impossible romantic pairings and bad shojo manga references?


Kirk: Bingo!

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