Star Trek ‘Mighty Wallets’ Coming In September

Would you like to keep your love of Star Trek even closer? How about in your back pocket? Well Mighty Wallets are introducing a line of three brand new Star Trek wallets next month. We have more details including video of these interesting new Trek products below.


Star Trek Mighty Wallets

Mighty Wallets from Dynomighty are thin, tear-resistant, water-resistant wallets made from from Tyvek® (the same material for express mail envelopes). They are expandable and recyclable with an oragami folded construction with no stitches. They offer a number of different designs, now including three officially licensed Star Trek designs.

Each wallet is 3.25" tall x 4" wide (folded) and costs $15. Here are the three Trek designs:

Star Trek Mighty Wallet – 1


Star Trek Mighty Wallet – 2


Star Trek Mighty Wallet – USS Enterprise





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Capt Mike of the Terran Empire
August 16, 2010 1:03 pm

Wow. Can we say GEEK Heaven!!!!. I may just get one but would only use it for special occasions. Like Howloween or a party thing. Or just to have it around. Kool.

August 16, 2010 1:07 pm

They don’t use money in the Trek universe. Who is the customer? The Ferengi?

Buzz Cagney
August 16, 2010 1:13 pm

Oh yeh, one of these could definitely replace my Scooby-Doo one. :-D

August 16, 2010 1:23 pm

A true fan would never wear such wallets, since they are completely non-canon for our time period and reality.

August 16, 2010 1:45 pm

Very nastolgic especialy the one with the comic book disign. However I will take 5 for each of my family in differant designs great Xmas stocking stuffers! Oops I will take 6 one for me too!

August 16, 2010 1:47 pm

If I spent all my money on desirables like this, I would have a wallet but no money to put in it!

August 16, 2010 2:07 pm

nice wallets but what I want to know is where can I get that graphic of the ship, thats one awsome deck graphic

August 16, 2010 2:23 pm

Yeah, those will really help a guy break the ice with women! ; )

Like the retro-graphics but honestly, a Star Trek wallet? No thanks. I love Star Trek very much as a favorite entertainment, and I have many collectibles, books and even a few autographs, but I think when it comes to a wallet, that’s a little too much like wearing a ST uniform to work. Just doesn’t feel right somehow.

Just my opinion…

Dr. Image
August 16, 2010 2:59 pm

I OWN those comic books!!!
(That’s how fkn old I am!)
I could make my own, but… now I don’t have to.
Want the deck graphic….

Phaser Guy
August 16, 2010 3:33 pm

There’s no money in the 24th century!!

August 16, 2010 3:44 pm

Why couldn’t this have come out a few months ago. I just bought a wallet. >_> To have Star Trek in my purse or have french words? Oh, choices. No, I can’t get it. I still have a really expensive book to buy.

August 16, 2010 4:02 pm

Cool, ordered the last one.

August 16, 2010 4:09 pm

Do want the Enterprise one, yess….

August 16, 2010 4:09 pm

Tyvek. Wasn’t he Spock’s cousin?

August 16, 2010 4:14 pm

#7 I think the Enterprise images from the third wallet are from the Haynes USS Enterprise Manual.

August 16, 2010 6:01 pm

out of stock already? must keep watchful eye on.

I am not Herbert
August 16, 2010 6:20 pm


…these’ll make for some wet panties ;-)

August 16, 2010 6:30 pm

Lol @ #14!

August 16, 2010 7:28 pm

I want the Enterprise one. Though I’m pretty attached to my Batman one.

August 16, 2010 11:19 pm

I like them. :)

August 17, 2010 1:22 am

Got the Enterprise one! Can’t wait!

August 17, 2010 4:39 am

Are we ever going to see more merchandise from the new film? I got the Hallmark ornament, but that may be the only JJVerse item out this entire year; or did I miss something?

Kirk, James T.
August 17, 2010 6:24 am

I am so surprised that they aren’t focused more on CURRENT JJ Abrams Star Trek merchandise – whilst these wallets are cool, why aren’t there any items from 2009’s Trek.

Also – CBS for god’s sake market internationally and not just within the US.

August 17, 2010 7:31 am


I’m surprised they aren’t marketing JJ “TREK” more too, but I’m very relieved as well! I was sure when that thing came out we’d be flooded with that over the original stuff, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

August 17, 2010 7:42 am

I love trek but….. a wallet? Seriously?

August 17, 2010 9:22 am

too small wallet?

August 17, 2010 11:46 am

I like the blueprint Enterprise, but I like wallets that have the chain/clasp to hook on to your belt hoop so, no one pick pockets it @ the clubs!

August 17, 2010 12:51 pm

That blueprint/cutaway may have to replace my Doctor Who walllet.

August 18, 2010 3:09 am

They look like that after 3 months, geez that looks horrible!

August 20, 2010 11:13 am

I think the cutaway is from an image included in some if the amt models. I have one with movie era Kirk for the Ent A and Picard for the D

The Dude
September 3, 2010 11:46 pm

Awsome wallets I want them all …. geekness here i come my g/f just love me lol