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Bruce Greenwood: Pike Is Essential For Star Trek Sequel August 17, 2010

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Bruce Greenwood is out promoting his latest project, Mao’s Last Dancer, but in a new interview he again expressed himself strongly on his views about appearing in the 2012 Star Trek sequel, and he also revealed how he got some changes to character of Pike for the 2009 Star Trek movie. Excerpts below.


Greenwood: Pike is essential

Bruce Greenwood tells Collider he doesn’t know if he is being written into the next Star Trek movie, but he does have an opinion on if he should be, saying:

I think Captain Pike is an essential component to the whole franchise. I think there should be a whole offshoot of Pike’s adventures.

Greenwood also repeated previous statements that any appearance of Pike should be be on his own two feet, with the actor noting "I just want to get out of the wheelchair." Greenwood has had some success it guiding his character in the past, the actor revealed that there was one part of the script that he talked them out of:

I had a long conversation about that with J.J. (Abrams) early on because he wanted the hair to go [white]…because in the script it says the hair goes all white. I said (crying) “Do we have to get so Malcolm McDowell about it?”

Go to Collider for much more from Greenwood on Trek and his new project Mao’s Last Dancer.

Greenwood says Pike is "essential" for Star Trek ride

Will Greenwood be in Star Trek sequel?

Bruce Greenwood’s Pike is not assured a spot in the new Star Trek movie, but his character was very popular with the fans. This fact was ackowledged by Star Trek sequel co-writer Roberto Orci in an interview with MTV during Comic Con, where he noted "I loved, and a lot of people loved Captain Pike"

What do you think?

Bruce Greenwood's Pike in Star Trek sequel?

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Greenwood in Mao’s Last Dancer

Bruce will be seen next Mao’s Last Dancer, a film about a Chinese ballet dancer which opens in limited release on August 20th. Here is the trailer.



1. Will B90 - August 17, 2010

I thought he brought a good balance to the movie. I hope he does get the ‘offshoot’ he spoke of and hope he’s in the next movie(s).

2. Emotionally Locgical - August 17, 2010

I loved him in the first and if he is in the 2nd I would welcome it. I don’t see it as a necessity though

3. Lore - August 17, 2010

There’s a danger he might outshine Pine. I make it rhyme every time.

4. Allen Williams - August 17, 2010

I thought he was great and might be able to offer something to the next one, but not essential. We’ll see what happens.

5. Hugh Hoyland - August 17, 2010

I hope hes in it in some form, obviously not to over shadow Kirk, but hes to good to leave totally out.

6. Mel - August 17, 2010

I like to see him in the sequel, but I wouldn’t call his appearance “essential”.

7. Planetary Exile - August 17, 2010

I’d like to see him have his own series. I would watch a Pike series.

8. Alientraveller - August 17, 2010

I hope he cameos, it’d be good to see a disabled but heroic captain aiding Kirk in some way. I’m more interested if we’ll see see Kirk’s family again, where was his mum and brother at his promotion?

9. TMZ - August 17, 2010

Sounds like Greenwood is already becoming a pain in the ass.

10. British Naval Dude - August 17, 2010

PIKE: Beep, beep, beep.

ENSIGN JOJO: Yes, sir. The Admiral orders us to take our ship, the USS Spruce Bruce, to assist Pine- I mean Kirk! as he’s battling whatever Orci has come up with.

NUMBER ONE: It is only fitting that greenwood comes together with pine.

ENSIGN JOJO: Ma’am, in this Starfleet we have a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” And how come he’s in that sauna-box, not even speaking directly to us?

NUMBER ONE: Mind your post, Ensign. The Admiral is relaxing.

PIKE: Beep, beep, beep.

ENSIGN JOJO: This is one crazy ship. Number One programmed the computer to sound like her. I feel like I have to salute every time I use the replicator.


11. Dalek - August 17, 2010

Why would the eels have turned his hair white? Wasn’t the idea of Prime Pike’s hair changing colour, the fact he suffered severe radiation exposure?

12. David C. Roberson - August 17, 2010

Greenwood was amazing as Pike, but I cannot forsee a reason for him to be there unless he is in direct opposition to Kirk. I.E., make Pike the Captain of the Fleet and have Kirk question his orders. That may be a little too close to the last one, but that’s the only way I would do it. Maybe we could show the event that leads to Pike’s injuries in “The Menagerie”… except have it be a courageous sacrifice. Actually kill him. That would be a nice exit for him.

Above all else, I would really REALLY like this sequel to be a return to CLASSIC science fiction. Make it thought-provoking! I loved the effects last time, and I love action, explosions…. but I like TO THINK!

And please make the exterior of the Enterprise look a little more like the original maybe? Eh? No? Fine…

13. dep1701 - August 17, 2010

I would like see him in the sequel. I still see Pine’s Kirk as very raw, and it would be good to have pike available as sage counsel, or to kick him in the ass when he screws up. Perhaps he could be aboard the Enterprise as an envoy or for some other reason when she is called away to an emergency mission. That way he can be there to challenge Kirk, and maybe make him second guess himself.

Their scenes together were so good that I would welcome more interaction between their characters. I can almost hear the line now;

“Jim, I sincerely hope you aren’t going to make me regret recommending you for this command.”

14. I'm Dead Jim! - August 17, 2010

Hi think Greenwood’s Pike is essential to the next movie only in the sense that the fans embraced him so much. The only characters I consider essential are Kirk, Spock & McCoy.

@9 I don’t think so. These people just get asked the same questions every time they stick their heads out the door.

15. Pike - August 17, 2010

i doubt Pike will have a major role in the sequel – prob just a wheelchair bound cameo giving Kirk his orders at the start. Pikes had his shot as a major character in the first movie (just like he had his shot as the lead guy in The Cage) hes served his purpose and handed over the keys to Kirk and made it through without being killed or too badly maimed so anything more than a cameo would be fairly gratuitous….

time to focus on the big 7

oh and no to any new tv show just yet – Pike or otherwise…let the movie series fly the Trek flag for the next few years like Trek I-IV.

16. dep1701 - August 17, 2010

I can’t say that a spinoff for Pike would work as a movie though. A concurrent television movie might be cool … maybe like they did for the ‘Get Smart’ movie with a straight to DVD movie with secondary characters.

17. Lore - August 17, 2010

#9 TMZ Prima Donna?

18. Newman - August 17, 2010

Greenwood in the sequel!!!!!!!!

19. Cocolo_Joe - August 17, 2010


I say bring back Pike. And the “Penguin Dress Grey” TMP Admiral’s uniform because I think it rocks.

20. Pike - August 17, 2010

#12 yeah i too am hoping for some real Scince Fiction stuff in the sequel…i know The Trek movies only seem to work best when they are mainly action films with Khan like villains but i want some stuff that gets me thinking and taps into the wonder, awe and potential scariness/eeriness of deep space exploration…

21. Pike - August 17, 2010

@19 – although saying that i think Star Trek II had the perfect balence out of all the movies of action and thought provoking Sci Fi (genesis)

22. Karen Brown - August 17, 2010

Given the younger age of all the other cast, I think he would add a great element of gravitas, maturity to balance off Kirk’s brashness while Spock is still working out his issues.

23. DavidFuchs - August 17, 2010


I think that’s because STII was fundamentally uncomplicated, and the perfect application of the KISS principle. It’s got simple themes: Life, death, rebirth, redemption, revenge. It’s the writing and characters that make it shine. If you can’t nail what you’re trying to say in a simple manner, the film’s elaboration is going to flop and its not going to have its message to reinforce the plot.

Back on topic, I think Greenwood would be great to have back in a large capacity–not as much as the first one, since he’s no longer the Captain, of course.

24. gingerly - August 17, 2010

Loved Pike. :)

And Greenwood brought a real maturity the rest of the class hadn’t quite earned yet.

Yes, he is essential.

25. Pike - August 17, 2010

21 TOS cast seemed to do ok without having some mature mentor figure there guiding them

i dont think we need Pike beyond some cameo or maybe a death scene to raise the stakes…

26. Father Robert Lyons - August 17, 2010

To me, Pike was the best part of the film. I’d gladly watch a Pike series that featured Greenwood!

27. Jeyl - August 17, 2010

Essential to the plot? That’s an understatement. I want him as the captain of the Enterprise, not NuKirk!

28. Rene - August 17, 2010

Yes, Bruce Greenwood played an awesome Pike in the first movie. He is even more essential in the new movie than Prime Spock.

29. Losira - August 17, 2010

I would love to see Greenwood back as Pike. He’s like a family friend and mentot. He did pull Kirk out of the gutter of immaturity, not be heavy handed but a touch of a fatherly figure and guide. A good recurring character

30. Lt. Liz - August 17, 2010

I would love him back, but I don’t see him as essential. He’s a great character, but he’s not a main… so unless there’s a reason for him back, I’d rather remember him for what he is rather than some terrible impersonation. All the same…

31. Dunsel Report - August 17, 2010

Love the dynamic of Pike personifying the Federation and Kirk struggling to live up to Pike’s ideals. It was one of the smarter choices in the script.

32. dep1701 - August 17, 2010

“21 TOS cast seemed to do ok without having some mature mentor figure there guiding them”

Yes, but in the original series, they weren’t ALL fresh out of the academy. Only Chekov was, judging from his “I’m not that green” comment in “Catspaw”.

This version of the crew seems pretty raw ( Sulu even forgot the inertial dampeners ) as in this timeline most of them were rushed out into duty in an emergency.

As McCoy said of Chekov, “Oh great, Jim. He’s seventeen.”

I think Pike should be around for at least the next movie, just as I think that the crew should not be working as a fine tuned, well oiled machine. I would like to see them learning about each other and slowly getting to function together as a team. Then, after this adventure the crew should go out to the great “final frontier” on their own, without help easily available at a phone call – just like in the original series.

33. Eric Qel-Droma - August 17, 2010

Obviously Pike can’t outshine Kirk. However, wouldn’t it be a big change for Starfleet to have even a single competent admiral for once?

Gosh, it’s almost like Trek should be a… TV show… so that the rest of this excellent cast could have a chance to shine.

34. Areli - August 17, 2010

I love the nu!Pike. He should be the one issuing orders to Kirk. So yes to Greenwood. But he can’t have too much airtime or he’ll take away from Kirk. I’d be different if this was a TV show, but the movie can really only concentrate on the main cast.

So I wouldn’t say Greenwood’s Pike is essential, but he is definitely welcome to be seen again by fans.

35. Bill Peters - August 17, 2010

Love the Idea!

36. Steve - August 17, 2010

Greenwood is great, and classes up any project he’s in. He’ll always be the “Nowhere Man” to me though…

37. John from Cincinnati - August 17, 2010

Bruce Greenwood is da man!

38. Sammy Belil - August 17, 2010

It’s been a real long time since I’ve written a post. I have to say I totally loved Greenwood’s Captain Pike, he added a lot to the story and would love to see his character continue in the new timeline.
#1 — Get him out of freaking wheelchair
#2 — Captain Pike, like Kirk in many ways is a “man of action”, perhaps give him another starship to command
#3 — At this point I see no need for the “mentor relationship” with Kirk, now more of a friendship
What can I say this is what happens when you have a very talented actor portraying such an iconic (EVEN after only one pilot/episode) as Christopher Pike!

39. I'm Dead Jim! - August 17, 2010

Perhaps could pull rank on Nu-Kirk and take back the Enterprise just like Prime-Kirk did to Capt. Decker in TMP.

Nah! But he could get another command and come to the rescue, or get rescued. Whatever.

40. John from Cincinnati - August 17, 2010

The problem I see here is the new supreme court of Star Trek is having trouble saying No to it’s cast members.

I was at a convention and I heard the first tricorders designed for ST09 were very similar to the original series (meaning they were larger) and that the cast members complained about them being hard to work with so they re-designed them smaller, and eventually crappier IMO.

Then, it was Chris Pine complaining about not being put into yellow spandex uniforms, so they designed the uniforms differently than the originals.

Now, I see the script called for Pike ending up in the wheelchair with his hair going all white (a la The Menagerie) which would coincide nicely with the Prime Universe. It would have been a great touch.

Obviously, JJ Abrams doesn’t know when to say “no” to his cast.

41. Trek Nerd Central - August 17, 2010

I do love Greenwood. In anything. As anybody. He brings a touch of class to absolutely everything he does.

He’s not “essential” in the sense that K/Sp/Mc are essential, but he’d nevertheless be a wise choice during any script or casting discussion. I also love the way his Abrams-verse Pike has already veered so dramatically from old Pike.

If he wants back in for the sequel, I say: let him in!

42. Boris - August 17, 2010

Pike is as essential as establishing beyond any fan’s doubt whether the ship is 2379.75 feet long. In other words, not really.

43. Red Dead Ryan - August 17, 2010

The classic TOS cast will never be topped. Karl Urban does come close to matching DeForrest Kelley though in terms of performance.

But Bruce Greenwood’s Pike is more likeable than Jeffrey Hunter’s version of the character. I prefer the new Pike over the old Pike.

Bottom line, if there is room in the sequel for Admiral Pike then I’m all for it, though I think the role should’nt be so big as to over shadow Chris Pine.

44. Dalek - August 17, 2010

#40 The wheelchair was enough to nod to the Prime universe. Whitening his hair is unnecessary and there was no reason for it. Prime Pike was severely injured physically. This was mental and internal torture for Greenwood’s character.

45. Al - August 17, 2010

not needed on voyage

46. T.'. - August 17, 2010

There was a recent post on Trekmovie wherein Mr. Orci tried to steer sequel speculation towards “The Menagerie” or “The Cage”, which is, of course, perfect for Pike. The Talosians are an iconic Star Trek “villain” and would provide us an ideal hard sci-fi/action combo for the 2nd movie.


47. Chris S. - August 17, 2010

I think a tv series starring Greenwood as Pike would be perfect. A movie every three years just isn’t enough. C’mon Paramount, make it happen.

48. Michael - August 17, 2010

Explosion, Pike found near bulhead w/ a huge deck plate that’s clocked him, scared w/ radiation……….beginning of movie, Pike is an invalid rest of movie. That’s about all I’d like to see.

49. Daniel - August 17, 2010

Is anyone proofing this stuff?

“…and he also revealed how he got some changes to character of Pike for the 2009 Star Trek movie.”

And also…

“…Greenwood has had some success it guiding his character in the past…”

50. Jackson - August 17, 2010

I tried to vote “yes’ in the poll and was told to “please choose a valid poll answer.”

51. jas_montreal - August 17, 2010

I’m going to be ignorant for a second and say that everyone who questions PIke’s involvement in the sequel doesn’t know what their talking about and should stop talking. Pike IS part of the back-bone of the story. Sorta acting like a teacher/father to Kirk. He HAS to be in the sequel. No question about it.

52. Jackson - August 17, 2010

Successfully voted “yes!”

53. Horatio - August 17, 2010

Yep, bring him back in the second movie and in true mentor fashion … PIKE MUST DIE.

I love Greenwood’s Pike. But man, what a great opportunity to reintroduce some mental anguish into the franchise again as the most obvious red shirt of all – Christopher Pike – gives his life in some bad ass heroic way saves Kirk and the gang. Kirk is then forced to truly grow up and into his captaincy.

After all, the altered universe is still trying to correct itself, right? Just like Edith Keeler – Pike must die.

54. Trek Nerd Central - August 17, 2010

49. No.

55. Lt. Bailey - August 17, 2010

It is a shame he canceled his appearence at the recent ST CON in Vegas.

A lot of people wanted photo ops and his autograph. We had dinner on Wednesday night in Benehana’s with some people form Canada who came to see him when they found out that day he was a no show, due to filing obligations.

He would have been a great addition to the CON seeing that he was he only actor from ST XI to show up other than Leonard Nimoy. Rumor has it that the 2011 CON will have more of the XI actors for the 45th anniversary of Star Trek.

56. P Technobabble - August 17, 2010

I’m pro Bruce…
but I’m just gonna sit back and wait to see what happens in the sequel…

57. Red Dead Ryan - August 17, 2010


First of all, Pike can’t be the “red shirt” because he worked in the command division, not security. Plus he’s an Admiral now.

Second, Prime Pike did not die. He was badly injured and confined to a wheelchair.

58. Horatio - August 17, 2010

#57 – I was being metaphorical about the red shirt.

True, Prime Pike didn’t die but something horrific did happen to him. Whose to say that something horrific won’t happen to him again? The universe is trying to correct itself, you know. Orci said so.

And, since Pike is Kirk’s Obi Wan, it just makes sense to me.

59. jas_montreal - August 17, 2010

maybe Pike becomes captain of the USS Excelsior. Brought into proto-type development, because of the on-going Klingon-Romulan War currently underway. Captain Kirks mission is to successfully discover the true identity of the people who initially caused the war: KHAN and his radical group who were awaken by a mining ship called the Narada. The botany bay was Nero’s fail-safe, incase he was defeated.

60. Pike - August 17, 2010

32 – im betting the nuCrew will be quite seasoned when we see them in the sequel – at least 2 years into their mission

61. Kenneth Of Borg - August 17, 2010

“Greenwood says Pike is “essential” for Star Trek ride”
Hey, what about me?

62. star trackie - August 17, 2010

Desirable? Yes! I’m a huge Bruce fan going all the way back to Nowhere Man and his presence in Trek was commanding and solid. Essential? No.

63. John from Cincinnati - August 17, 2010


Where’s that interview? I’d like to read it.

64. John from Cincinnati - August 17, 2010


I never said it was necessary, I said it would’ve been a nice touch.


65. Anthony Pascale - August 17, 2010

I have no idea what 46/T is talking about. I have not seen Orci talk about ‘steering’ discussion of the sequel towards anything.

I dont like people using this site to post fake stuff.

66. James Tyler - August 17, 2010

I think it is essential. Right now they’re set up the idea that it’s fate that Kirk takes the Enterprise, but without the seasoning of the Prime Kirk, he’s going to need a guide, a mentor. And if thats an excuse to see more of Greenwoods Pike – then I’m all for it,

67. Darren - August 17, 2010

I’d like to have Pike return for a significant role in the sequel 100%. Bruce Greenwood is a fantastic actor, and added real “weight” to the recent Trek film. With all the young guns running around you need someone like him to bring the gravitas.

68. Geodesic - August 17, 2010

Pike should issue orders to Kirk. There is no sense in making up a new admiral to fill that role.

69. boborci - August 17, 2010

46. T.’. – August 17, 2010

My memory must be failing me:)

70. RetroWarbird - August 17, 2010

I’d love to see Pike show up. He’s supposed to be the “prototype” Kirk, but obviously the altered timeline messes with that.

But I’d like to see him show. The torch is passed, so he’ll have a smaller role, but definitely a memorable one. Then again, I’d like to see Garth of Izar and Bob Wesley as well.

71. Jack2211 - August 17, 2010

The danger of movie cliches in bringing him back scares me a little. He ould die and then come back for to supply exposition, as needed, as an Obi-Wan-like specter, or maybe as a hallucination had by an overworked Kirk? Solaris-like alien in Pike’s form?

Great character, but tricky to pass the torch to the new cast but still have a father-figure in a major role. They’ve already come to his rescue once.

And, arguably, it would be be a waste of material to have him as the guy giving orders from light years away on Kirk’s viewscreen, a la Janeway, or home on Earth dealing with the fallout/ helping from a distance like M… or disappearing and leaving clues to some mystery like James Cromwell in I, Robot?

But, if it worked, it would be interesting.

72. Sid - August 17, 2010

I think Pike’s maturity and grit provides an excellent balance to the crew’s youthfulness and inexperience, and Greenwood was one of the standout performances of the movie.

Maybe having Kirk & co. screw everything up in the end of the second act, and Pike riding in to help save the day in the third? Either way, not having him in the sequel, after having created such a wonderful character, would be just plain stupid.

73. Pike - August 17, 2010

46 – thats odd cos im certain bob orci was trying to subtly steer sequel discussion to Spocks Brain on the thread i was reading…

74. StarFuryG7 - August 17, 2010

Well, Greenwood was a decade and a half too old for the role to start with unfortunately, even though he made a great Pike, that inconvenient age factor aside. But that ship has now sailed.

I find what Greenwood had to say to Abrams about the hair color illustrative though, as it certainly appears to indicate how much Abrams doesn’t know about the original series in general. The change in Pike’s hair color may have been attributable to more than just age, as it probably happened in large part as a direct result of the accident he was involved in wherein he was exposed to high concentrations of delta radiation while trying to save a bunch of cadets after a baffle plate ruptured on the ship they were on. In the reboot that’s obviously not a concern though.

This is why these guys end up just making up their own facts as they go along rather than having paid attention to what was actually established in the original series.

75. Steve - August 17, 2010

Pine’s young Kirk needs the kind of guidance that Greenwood’s experienced Pike can offer. He should be in the sequel, no doubt.

76. "Check the Circuit!" - August 17, 2010

I have to assume his “essential” comment and suggestion about a whole series of advertures were make with his tongue firmly in cheek.

But, that said…it sure would be cool to have multiple Trek productions going on that complement and build on each other. Kind of like Marvel is doing with their characters and movies; Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor all leading up to Avengers. Why not have an Enterprise-crew based series as the “tent pole” but add movies in between those focused on Pike, Prime Spock and the Vulcan refugees, Starfleet Academy or other extensions of the Trek universe?

77. pock peared - August 17, 2010

hey b’orci:
why not split the diff and let greenwood keep his hair, but put him in a really fast, nacelle-driven hyper-drive wheelchair? zoom!

78. pock peared - August 17, 2010

orci is always trying to steer the thread away from transformers 2…

79. lieutenant_non - August 17, 2010

three words:

Le Var Burton

80. Dee - August 17, 2010

Essential?….I don’t know…. but I like Pike!

81. Balok - August 17, 2010

He was very good as Pike, but don’t understand all the comments about him being exceptional. Pike is not all that critical going forward, smells like a little bit of pumping himself up here…

82. GarySeven - August 17, 2010

Who is Bruce Greenwod?

Jeez. It’s the title of the article!

Trekmovie Staff-
I dare you to do better.

83. Pike - August 17, 2010

” I think there should be a whole offshoot of Pike’s adventures.”

we’ve already had them in Marvels rather good ‘Early Voyages’ (which contained the full story of Rigel VII and a pretty cool ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’ style adventure where one of Pikes crew goes into the future and finds Pike as captain of the NCC 1701-A and Kirk working in the commercial sector after having quit starfleet as pikes yeoman – who teams up with Scotty to set the timeline right)

i remember way back when the new star trek movie was just a rumour (2005 or 06) thinking how awesome itd be if they did a Pike movie (or series of movies) and had some big name actor as Pike – maybe even showing him take over command from Capt April in the 1st one (therefore set pre Cage) or had Pike as the very 1st captain of the just built NCC 1701. and at the end he hands over the ship to the new captain – doors swish open and outsteps CG 1966 Shatner in the WNMHGB uniform

84. Sebastian - August 17, 2010

I very much liked Greenwood’s interpretation of Pike (also liked his work in “Nowhere Man” and “Thirteen Days”). He brought a much-needed adult gravitas to a young, cadet-filled Enterprise.

Here’s hoping the sequel finds a place for Admiral Pike (sans wheelchair; I would hate to see this Pike become an invalid as well, poor guy), but only if it fits organically into the plot and story. He could still continue to function as a ‘father figure’ to the young, 20-something Capt. Kirk (who got his captaincy a bit earlier in ST:09 than in the prime timeline).

I’d love to see BG’s Pike get to express some of the same worry and angst as the late Jeffrey Hunter’s. Maybe that’s another reason why he was so glad to see Kirk take over command of the Enterprise. The military and stoic “I am relieved” line seemed to have much undercurrent (especially in how it was played).

85. The Geek that Gets Laid Often - August 17, 2010

If he’s a fleet admiral he can easily be present in another ship if there’s a big important conflict and have a key role in a few scenes without overstepping his bounds.

For example: He and Kirk could communicate on and off-screen and coordinate a strategy unknown to the viewing audience until the film’s climax. He would only have a few minutes of screen time but would be hailed as a hero who masterminded some bad ass Starfleet victory with the indispensable help of our intrepid captain.

86. Corinthian7 - August 17, 2010

Let’s hope CBS are listening! I’d love to see an Abrams produced Pike series , ideally with Bob and Damon as show runners and if possible involving some Trek vets like Coto, Fuller and even Braga! Whilst I couldn’t see the likes of Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana ever appearing in it I wouldn’t think the likes of John Cho, Zachary Quinto and even Simon Pegg would be averse to doing the odd episode.

87. CmdrR - August 17, 2010

Sequels being what they are today, if Greenwood is in it, I’d be waiting for him to get killed.

I think he was a tremendous boost to ST09. I’d love to see him in a sensibly-sized role in the next one… or maybe the one after that.

Has anyone seen Mao’s Last Dancer? Um, Bruce is all over that movie. Seriously, I think he has more lines than the main character. And he’s… how shall I put this… flamboyant in the film. It’s a good date flick. The book is also very good.

88. Anthony Pascale - August 17, 2010

Good news for Greenwood, 54% say he is essential so far.

I actually voted in the middle one. I don’t think he is essential, but a good nice to have as long as it fits the story. The first movie was full of fathers and surrogate fathers to help the new kids fly out of the nest (Pike, Sarek, George Kirk, Spock Prime) . But now they got the ship and it is theirs. The don’t ‘need’ Pike, but he is as good as anyone to be giving Kirk his new orders.

89. NuFan - August 17, 2010


Why would events in one universe have any bearing on events in a different universe?

90. John from Cincinnati - August 17, 2010


They don’t have a bearing, but the new universe is trying to correct itself.

91. Schultz - August 17, 2010

Quote: “I think Captain Pike is an essential component to the whole franchise. I think there should be a whole offshoot of Pike’s adventures.”

I don’t know about the offshoot idea. But Pike (and I mean Greenwood’s Pike!) is absolutely essential for Star Trek as a whole. So yeah, offshoot maybe, but probably on TV, right?

Oh, my… there are so many great stories to tell: old universe, new timeline, different eras. Can’t they simply turn one major TV station into an all-out Trek station? I mean, I do like the Trek movie stuff and all, BUT I NEED MY FIX!!!



92. Stan Winstone - August 17, 2010

Not like Kirk-Spock-Bones and the Enterprise are essential- by any measure. Without them it’s not Trek. Without Pike it’s just Trek without Pike…

93. MDSHiPMN - August 17, 2010

Not too many characters to bring back outside of main cast. So I think it’d be nice to see a familliar face. He is also a fine actor. I say BRING HIM BACK!

94. captain Mateo - August 17, 2010


95. Boborci - August 17, 2010

78. LOL! U caught me;)

96. Boborci - August 17, 2010

89. Only in as much as probabilities prescribed by QM might dictate similarities in similar universes.

97. For Bob - August 17, 2010

Give us one scene where Kirk thinks back to something Pike suggests to him after his promotion. Maybe it’s a video transmission so we’re guessing whether Pike is in his chair, or finally recovered and able to walk. I’ll assume the scene might not make it into the movie, BUT it would make a great DVD extra. (An expensive one at that.)

And yes, I want to see Shatner back. No apologies. Digital de-aging, a la Tron. :)

98. cd - August 17, 2010

96 – So does that mean we get Vulcan back? >;>}

99. Robofuzz - August 17, 2010

I liked the character and wouldn’t mind seeing him have a major role in the sequel. Maybe in a Kirk-Sulu sort of interaction like in ST VI where we had the Enterprise and Excelsior working together.

How about Pike wanting command of the Enterprise back like Kirk did to Decker in TMP?

100. dmduncan - August 17, 2010

Bruce Greenwood is right. He’s a part of the new universe now. James Bond has M. Star Trek has Pike.

101. Vultan - August 17, 2010

Oh boy, they’re dusting off the quantum mechanics playbook again—plot holes and contrivances rejoice! You’re back in the game!

102. Maj - August 17, 2010

Admiral Pike could speak at some point on the viewscreen and remind Kirk of the “prime directive” when the Enterprise is engaged in a political situation.

Which is something the new fans need to learn about, and I don’t recall it being mentioned in the first movie, so I think its a good idea to put it in this time!

103. Maj - August 17, 2010

Also, I don’t think there was any problem with Pike and the wheel chair. He could easily walk again like that was a temporary disability/recovery period and nothing more. No problems, I don’t think anyone will complain.

104. CarlG - August 17, 2010

Bring back Pike, but please no Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome!

I have no doubt that Bruce Greenwood can die awesomely on film, but I want Pike to stick around for a while! :)

105. John - August 17, 2010

My dad and I love the guy, we both think he was one of the best parts of the last movie!

106. Boborci - August 17, 2010

98. Nope!

107. cd - August 17, 2010

106 – >:>P

108. YARN - August 17, 2010

The last film would have been better if Pike were still in command at the end of the movie. Our nu-Kirk is still wet behind the ears and isn’t really all that likable/respectable as a a captain yet. It would have been more realistic for Kirk’s actions to have been rewarded with a position on the bridge of the new ship. They could have made him a sort of coltish Riker character on the bridge.

But that isn’t the direction they took.

Frankly, I don’t see where Pike naturally fits into the next film. He’s not a part of the regular crew and the Captain’s seat is now filled.

Write a good story and find the right people to play the part, but don’t just throw someone in because they are begging for a role.

109. StarFuryG7 - August 17, 2010

#89. NuFan
“74. Why would events in one universe have any bearing on events in a different universe?”

Exactly. Tell it to Abrams, since evidently he doesn’t get it.

110. Ironhyde - August 17, 2010

Pike should definitely come back, there HAS to be a place for him. Besides, he was a nice injection of subtle intelligence in STXI. When he talked, it was hard not to listen.

But I say, keep him in the chair. Georgi kept his visor even though they could have fixed it in the second season because that stuff is important to recognize. People with disabilities should have a representative and be allowed to feel like they, too, are part of the future.

Disabilities will always be around in some form. And the thing is, disabilities aren’t even about fixing the body but about making the ENVIRONMENT accessible. Disability is the result of poor environmental design. Trek is in a future with all kinds of weird and wonderful aliens… so surely people have improved things? So that the chair is almost invisible anyway.

That’s my two cents.

111. S. John Ross - August 18, 2010

I’d be happy to see an entire movie about Pike; he was certainly a lot more likable than Kirk, and seemed like he might actually have a whiff of real strength to him … and more fundamentally, Greenwood was probably the best actor in the movie. He lent his scenes more believability and depth than they had any claim to otherwise. His talent elevated that film considerably, and they’d be foolish not to bend heaven, earth and whatever passes for their screenplay to accommodate and highlight him in the next one.

112. Pike - August 18, 2010

i think ive worked out the end of the final movie (3rd)

the heavily damaged Enterprise is in its final battle with Khan and his army of renegade Klingon followers, alone with the rest of his bridge crew dead Kirk in a final act of desperation puts the ship on auto destruct and sets the Genesis II carrying enterprise at the center of a nearby nebula – he fires all weapons at the armada of ships as on screen he watches the shuttle pod carrying Carol and David escape….just before everything goes kaboom the burned and bloodied Kirk starts to hear a overpowering loud noise like a shuttle landing and what sounds like Bones shouting ‘Get that damn light outta my face!’….cut to:

Kirk (CG 1989 William Shatner) awaking horribly hungover in his sleeping bag, empty bottle of Romulan Ale and a copy of Quantum Mechanics Monthly near the campfire along with a bag of half eaten marsh ‘mellons’ (hey dream movies are cool now)

113. P Technobabble - August 18, 2010

I believe there was a similar discussion last time Bruce Greenwood made some comments.
I have to agree with those who say it would be nice to see him in the sequel, but it’s not essential.
What, specifically, would make him essential — unless the part is essential to the story? And if his part is essential to the story, then does that make Kirk Capt. Dunsel?
I believe the star of the show is Capt. Kirk, not Capt. Pike. To insure that Pike is in the sequel would seem a rather contrived move. In the first movie, while putting the original characters together, it was natural to have Pike there. But now everything is in place, and the crew is poised to set out on new adventures. Where does Pike fit in? To suggest that he be there as a mentor-figure might work in some way, but do we really want to see Capt. Kirk call home to “daddy” when he gets into a jam? I don’t think this is something Kirk would do, nor do I believe anyone really wants to see that happen.
I am totally pro-Greenwood/Pike and thought he was superb in “Star Trek,” but I don’t think it is imperative that he be included in the sequel.
As for spinning him off, I think that’s a much better idea — give him his own show. I have no doubt the man could easily star in, and carry, a movie or a weekly series, but he should have his own little world and not merely be along for the ride in the Kirk/Spock/McCoy little world. There are numerous possible formats for a Trek starring Greenwood — spin-off features, tv series, tv mini-series, direct-to-dvd. It would be great for us if Paramount/ CBS had some vision for other avenues for Star Trek, but do they???

114. YARN - August 18, 2010

I suppose, if you absolutely had to have him in the film, you could work it.

1. Greenwood/Pike as the send off pep-talk/story exposition guy.

2. Pike is a judge at Kirk’s court marshal (Kirk is wrongly accused as usual) – the story is told in flashbacks (as per usual).

3. Pike is in charge of a battle group headed up by Pike. The Enterprise, of course, winds up being the first or last ship on the scene (as usual) and gets separated from the battle group. Enterprise gets top honors for her independent action to save everyone else (and there was much rejoicing).

4. Pike dies but visits Kirk as a force ghost.

5. Recast Kirk as Bruce Greenwood–those zany Vulcans and their red matter. This time they created an alternate universe where Greenwood is Captain Kirk!

6. Pike’s ship gets blasted and Kirk rescues Pike (a la Doomsday Machine). Pike is now the one who awkwardly tries to fit in. He finds a role as the “guide-on-the-side” during the movie offering some sage advice before getting dumped off at the end of the film.

7. Pike heads up a battle group to destroy the Enterprise (a la the ultimate computer). The film plays out like The Hunt For Red October in space. Pike secretly arranges to speak with Kirk by using “one ping only” from the navigational deflector.

8. The opposite of 7. The Enterprise is sent out to destroy Pike in U.S.S. Whatever. Is Pike a traitor or is there a deeper mystery (the correct answer, as usual, is the latter).

9. A love quadrangle where Pike is “hittin’ it” with Uhura. A wacky rom-com.

10. The Enterprise gets miniaturized and has to navigate its way out of Pike’s body.

115. Gorn Fishin' - August 18, 2010

when i first heard they were going back and making a TOS era film, i had wished it was about the Pike/ Spock voyages. What had created the bond between them that would have Spock risking his reputation and career to take Pike back to Talos IV?

That’s what i wanted to see. Of course, this is not mainstream enuf, i get it. but still was what i was hoping for…

116. Randall - August 18, 2010

Bruce Greenwood deserves his own TV series as Captain Pike. THAT’S where the next ST show should come from. He was fantastic, clearly had great fun, and brought a warmth to Pike as a character that Jeffrey Hunter never did.

117. Pike - August 18, 2010

115 – yeah thats what i thought would be the way to go too…but going back to Kirk and Spock made the most sense as most movie goers wouldnt know Pike and would be wondering where the hell Captain Kirk was

really doing star trek without Kirk and Spock is abit like doing an Indiana Jones film with Mutt Williams as the main character or a ‘Force Unleashed’ Star Wars film or an Adventures of Miss Moneypenny 007 film….really its amazing that anything other than Kirk Spock etc was even accepted by the mainstream (TNG)

118. ensign joe - August 18, 2010

Bruce Greenwood brings what William Shatner brings; what Chris Pine so far has not been able to produce: Gravitas

This next movie will be telling..

119. Mary - August 18, 2010

I like Pike and I think Bruce Greenwood did an excellent job, but I think the sequel should focus on the core seven characters. Particularly Uhura, Sulu and Chekov. If they can get Pike into the story in a way that doesn’t detract from them, I’m all for it, but I would be SERIOUSLY opposed to a story that develops Pike at the expense of any of those three.

120. janice - August 18, 2010

I’m all for Pike having his own series and I dearly want to see Bruce Greenwood as Pike in the Star Trek sequel and to have a significant role to play! Bruce was AWESOME as Pike and was my favourite.

As the poster above said so well—Bruce brings Gravitas to the role and if the writers are smart they’ll have Pike on-board for lots of the Star Trek movies—not just the sequel.

I sure wouldn’t mind Number One being cast either! There was definitely something there between Pike and One in The Cage. I thought so anyway—

121. Lore - August 18, 2010

I’m guessing Bruce Greenwood did not sign a three picture contract as the rest of the crew did. This means if they put him in, it’ll cost em because he will want to renegotiate his contract. Also, this guy has a pretty active movie career. Not sure he’d work a tv show schedule and the lower pay that would come from SY FY.

122. - August 18, 2010

A new series about the enterprise under Pike leading up to the movie.

123. NuFan - August 18, 2010


Thank god. I’m so very tired of reset buttons. Drama is better when it has actual drama in it.

124. Jai - August 18, 2010

“I’d be happy to see an entire movie about Pike; …and seemed like he might actually have a whiff of real strength to him … and more fundamentally, Greenwood was probably the best actor in the movie. He lent his scenes more believability and depth than they had any claim to otherwise. His talent elevated that film considerably, and they’d be foolish not to bend heaven, earth and whatever passes for their screenplay to accommodate and highlight him in the next one.”

I agree. I was really impressed with the level of charisma, strength and sheer gravitas that Bruce Greenwood brought to the part — enough to be able to hold his own as Pike in the lead role of a Trek movie, or (probably more realistic, although still a long-shot) a new Trek television series. He really did project the kind of “leadership presence” that you’d ideally want/expect in a seasoned commander — the kind of officer who would genuinely inspire tremendous loyalty and trust.

So, he’d make a superb addition to the next Trek film, both as an Admiral and as a mentor & surrogate father to Kirk, although presumably it would have to involve not so much screentime that he ends up accidentally overshadowing Chris Pine & co. That’s actually a compliment to Greenwood’s charisma, rather than necessarily reflecting negatively on Pine, Quinto etc (says Jai very quickly).

In fact, I think he’d be able to successfully play the lead role in a new Trek series regardless of whether he was actually playing Pike and regardless of whether the show was set in the original universe or JJ’s version.

It’s also occurred to me that another actor might make a good addition to the next Trek film too, since someone mentioned “Alias” on a recent thread: Victor Garber, who played the senior CIA guy Jack Bristow and father to Jennifer Garner’s character. People familiar with him will know that he has the same kind of commanding presence and ability to radiate strength as Greenwood, so he’d be good as another Admiral in the film and one of Pike’s colleagues — either his own commanding officer or one of his peers/friends. Especially if JJ, Mr Orci etc want to show that Pike isn’t the only competent and highly-accomplished admiral in Starfleet. Or, alternatively, Garber could play someone senior (and non-Starfleet) in the Federation government.

125. - August 18, 2010

The series could start with Tpol and transition to Spock as the vulcan officer.

126. THX-1138 - August 18, 2010

Too many posts to read all of them. Here is my $.02.

They should do a series in the Prime time line with Pike. Number one, Spock, grey classic bridge, the whole nine yards. Keep the old aesthetic and tech it up a bit to give it a little more polished look. Put Greenwood in the center chair if he wants it. I would watch that. Of course, being a long, long, long time fan I would watch anything.

And I HATE having to call it the “Prime” universe now.

127. ChristopherPike - August 18, 2010

107. Re: A Universe without Vulcan…

I’m not up on my emoticons. Is that a Yay or a Boo?

I wish Enterprise had gotten to the Romulan War closing days of their series. But a series set in the original universe, with Bruce Greenwood as Pike, would be neat.

128. ChristopherPike - August 18, 2010

As for Pike in the sequel, sure – why wouldn’t he be in command of another starship? Do look like he’d ever settle for a deskjob.

What I think would genuinely be great, after watching The Doomsday Machine, is for Pike to end up changed by a personal loss of somekind. A crisis takes Kirk away from the Enterprise for part of the film, leaving Pike to re-assert control and making a bad situation worse. Then Kirk has to save the day and prove he has surpassed his mentor.

129. Jefferies Tuber - August 18, 2010

He’s the new father figure, so to the extent we want Kirk to stand on his own two feet in this new movie Pike may need to be reduced to a face on a screen in ST02. The guy just saved Earth and arguably all of the Federation, so we don’t need to see him consulting with ‘dad.’ In addition, his premature promotion mirrors Kirk’s unfortunate promotion before TWOK–the guy is going to get shaky knees and will not be satisfied with a desk job.

The idea that a person would be permanently stuck in a 19th Century style wheelchair 300 years in the future is absurd, so I’m with him on the chair.

130. AJ - August 18, 2010

Give Pike his heroic rescue amidst the delta rays. His character is a true Trek legend.

It will absolutely devastate those of us who know it’s going to happen, but if the “out” presented by the Talosians is still there, we know how he will live out his days.

131. Maj - August 18, 2010

Kirk still needs nurturing, Captain or no Captain, Pike is alive and well and will be there for Kirk as the father he never had.

Right Bob!!!

132. gingerly - August 18, 2010

If Pike is brought back, I think it would interesting to keep his chairbound status.

Hollywood typically either throws off disabilities or somehow makes the disabled person strange, special, or sympathy-worthy.

One of the small wins with How to Train Your Dragon was that they didn’t do that.

Pike continuing to be Pike while in the chair would be fantastic. :)

133. THX-1138 - August 18, 2010


You mean like “beep” and “beep, beep”?

134. cd - August 18, 2010

127 – that was meant to convey a tongue sticking out, which seemed to be the appropriate response. >;>}
In terms of Greenwood as Pike, it was kind of a double edged sword (and really don’t most swords have two edges) in that he did a very good job but that leaves Chris Pine as Kirk with big boots to fill. They got away with showing Kirk as a class clown / smartass (got away with it with most of the audience anyway apparently) but in the next movie Kirk is really going have to be (or should be) a much more commanding presence like he was in TOS and the movies / prime universe. (And Spock should throw fewer fits.) >;>}
Ultimately, Pike may a distraction from focusing on the primary crew, so they might not show much of Pike. If Pike does have a ship and a crew in the next movie, can we get Number One, and Bones Boyce and the original gang in there? I am still hoping for a cameo with Jennifer Garner as Number One. >;>}

135. Jack2211 - August 18, 2010


“9. A love quadrangle where Pike is “hittin’ it” with Uhura. A wacky rom-com.

10. The Enterprise gets miniaturized and has to navigate its way out of Pike’s body.”

Brilliant. Combine these into one movie and we’re all set. We’d need at least one scene where a cleverly targeted tachyon beam or two leads to a really embarrassing romantic Pike/Uhura dinner.

136. Zoberraz - August 19, 2010

I personally think Pike would be an ideal authority figure for Captain Kirk to refer to as needed, in the same trend that Captain Archer had Admiral Forest to turn to whenever he needed to contact Starfleet Command.

Better Pike than some unknown admiral to hand out orders if that’s needed.

137. moauvian waoul - August 19, 2010

As for Kirk calling for daddy; there is often tension between father and son.

138. trekkie - August 19, 2010

Pike is essential, because the crew is too young (unbelievable).

It needs at least one character who is mature and doesn’t act like a teenie.

139. StarFuryG7 - August 19, 2010

Zach Quinto is already 33 and could easily be serving as a commissioned officer in the Fleet by that age, but he’s probably playing the character a bit younger at roughly the same age as Pine’s Kirk.

140. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2010


“Bruce Greenwood brings what William Shatner brings; what Chris Pine so far has not been able to produce: Gravitas”

Yes, and to think that both men are Canadian. Makes me proud…….(sniff, wipes tear)

141. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010


Agreed! They both make me proud to be Canadian, and so do you, Harry, even though you live in Toronto. ;-)

142. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2010

Well, not everybody can live on the West Coast! :>)

143. Karen - August 19, 2010

Greenwood is a brilliant actor, and at this point Kirk still clearly needs a mentor. And Greenwood widens the audience beyond kids. Thirty-something mothers can take their twelve year old kids to see Star Trek and get to have a little swoon over Pike.
Yes, Pike is essential.

144. Arazarn - August 19, 2010

Just throwing it out there, that if you watch any of the making-of features on the DVD, or watch virtually any interview with Greenwood, you can tell he’s a pretty sardonic, sarcastic, self-depricating guy who jokes around A LOT.

I would imagine that his comments about being essential and having a spinoff series are less than half serious and that he’s just kidding around. He’s just being quoted out of context.

145. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010


It is a beautiful place, though with the hot summer we’ve had, forest fires have been an issue unfortunately. In Victoria, we’re safe from the fires but a few times smoke from the interior had created a bit of a haze. Had some interesting sunrises!

146. THX1128 - August 19, 2010

its obvious that Bruce Greenwoods tounge is filmly planeted in his cheek with the pike is essential comment. He is having fun with the question.
of course the writer of the article has to make the headline and actual qoute seem like its something other than that.

147. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2010

145 “a few times smoke from the interior had created a bit of a haze”

Uh, Ryan, in your case, with what you tend to smoke, shouldn’t that read, “a few times smoke I had inhaled had created a bit of a haze”? :>)

148. Red Dead Ryan - August 20, 2010


LOL! Look who’s talking Harry! I think you’ve had a few too many glasses of red wine!

149. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2010

….and your point would be?

150. Cocolo_Joe - August 20, 2010

The TM admiral’s uniform! Let’s keep the “dress grey penguins” around in the next film

151. erin - August 21, 2010

While I don’t think Pike is “essential” to the next film, I’d love to see him in it. Maybe as stated above in some sort of mentor role. I think that since Kirk didn’t gain his captiancy the normal way, he’d want someone who could advise him. Plus Greenwood is awesome.

152. moauvian waoul - August 21, 2010

Red Dead, been there. Place is awesome. Would move there in a second if you guys excepted refugees from Colorado.
I say to you Ryan, tear down this wall!

153. moauvian waoul - August 21, 2010

Though I do the wildland firefighting thing. Perhaps that’s my ticket?

154. Red Dead Ryan - August 21, 2010


Thanks for the kind words! We could use more firefighters up here in “California North” unfortunately. It looks like the smoke is headed east. It has covered the skies over Alberta and even parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If the fires keep going (there is no substantial rainfall in the forecast anytime soon) the big smoke clouds may reach the Big Smoke (Toronto) where Harry Ballz lives.

155. moauvian waoul - August 21, 2010

I feel sorry for that fire. Wait’ll Harry gets a piece of it. He’s probably sittin’ there already, with a bottle of his favorite red, just waitin’.

156. janice - August 22, 2010

No,No,No—-Not that gray and white thing Pike was wearing while in the wheelchair!! I thought that “uniform” was hideous!!! I loved Pike in the dark uniform—-he looked great. Just keep him out of that white-turtleneck gray thing!!

157. Keachick - August 22, 2010

I loved Bruce Greenwood’s performance as Pike. I don’t see him as essential for the next movie, but it would be good to see him give Kirk orders and a little timely advice. I like that line from 13 “Jim, I sincerely hope you aren’t going to make me regret recommending you for this command.” I can see that happening.

BTW, what was with that antiquated wheelchair? I’ve seen people whizz around in chairs far more modern than that. No, there is nothing wrong with Pike remaining in a wheelchair, although by then, those chairs would be only for initial recovery. I suspect that most, if not all, injured would, by the time of the Trek universe, regain mobility, perhaps only need the aid of a stick sometimes.

40. Bruce was right to have the script changed so that his hair wouldn’t go white. Just awful. I’ve always been a TOS fan but I barely remember the first episode with Pike played by Jeffrey Hunter. It was one show only. The newer generation won’t know or care. For me at least, the real TOS began when Kirk became captain. Bruce played a great Pike though, better than the original actor.

As far as tricorders and uniforms for the new movie – well, it is the actors who have to use them or wear them, not the writers, director, producers nor the viewers. Given how hot and uncomfortable the original velour costumes were that the original cast had to wear, it was good that an actor (actors) got what was comfortable for them to wear from the outset. The uniforms look great.

Yes, let’s have a bit of Pike in the next movie.

To Bob Orci: I am being distracted by a DVD playing Transformers 2, because I am enjoying some of what I see and hear. My daughter is watching it. She loves it. Good one, Bob!.

158. Harry Ballz - August 23, 2010


Yeah, except with the amount of booze that I consume, I’ll be the first one to explode into flames!

Oh, wait, it’s only SMOKE coming our way? Whew! What a relief!

(goes to light cigarette)


159. greenappleman7 - August 28, 2010

Pike should definitely be in it. Not necessarily a big role but he has to have a part.

160. Randy - October 27, 2010

I would like to see Pike return, he comes back as a capt giving up being admiral for one last mission, he misses the command – thats where Kirk gets it later on in his career,Pike and Spock join up to rescue Capt garth on an alien planet but it goes terribly wrong, Kirk meets harry mudd and the crew of the enterprise must find Pike Spock and garth , Mudd has a few tricks up his sleeve and his own agenda, klingons are also after kirk because he crosses over into the neutral zone,some where kirks brother is involved and gets killed – alot going on here – but thats sci fi is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.