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Leaked Paramount Memo: Star Trek Sequel Still Listed As A “Go” Priority August 18, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Here is a bit of news to file under: no news is good news. A leaked email memo highlights Paramount Pictures upcoming slate of films and the Star Trek sequel (planned for 2012) is still on the Paramount list as a "go". More details below.


Star Trek still on deck

The Wrap is creating some buzz today by revealing a long detailed email memo which purports to be the inside scoop on the status of a number of upcoming projects from Paramount Pictures. Each film listed is given a very quick summary on its status. The upcoming Star Trek sequel comes under the category "PRIORITIES/ON DECK" with the following notation:

STAR TREK: Writing; this will go next year

The translation is that the Star Trek sequel project is still a priority at Paramount, and is currently being written with no problems foreseen to get in the way of production starting in 2011. That kind of rosy outlook is not true for every project on the list. For example the next Jack Ryan movie (starring Chris Pine) is noted "Needs a rewrite (looking for new writer) before greenlighting".

As for the Trek sequel script, co-writer Roberto Orci has previously stated that they hope to hand it in by the end of the year. Last we heard from Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, they were still developing the story for the film, with scripting to follow. Production on the sequel is expected to start in May or June of 2011 with the planned release date of June 29, 2012.

The leaked memo at The Wrap has other non-Trek related info on, check it out at The Wrap.



1. Daniel - August 18, 2010


2. Captain Conrad - August 18, 2010

Why does it still have to be written by the same guys who did Transformers 2 AND tried to put a little SW into ST?

3. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

Second post a hater post. That was fast.

4. Rich G - August 18, 2010

#2, probably because the movie made millions. Just a thought.

5. The Big SciFI Geek - August 18, 2010

Looking forward to see whats next! You know the 2nd one’s going to be even better!

6. Losira - August 18, 2010

Great news! Hope its smooth sailing ahead for the remaining work. Ahead. Best of luck

7. MvRojo - August 18, 2010

The Jack Ryan movie isn’t in as pessimistic a state as you suggest. It needs a rewrite since it was a random script that they decided to adapt into a Jack Ryan film. So of course it needs a rewrite.

8. trekboi - August 18, 2010

there is need for concern
transformers 1 excellent, transformers 2 mess
Stat Trek 11 excellent, Star Trek 12?

9. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - August 18, 2010

Bob Orci and company did a fantastic job on Trek 09. I only hope they can do it again on the Story. But still guys. Give us a real Engeneering section ok. Then all will be well. So break a leg and get us a story that will blow us all away.

10. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

I thought Damon was also writing the screenplay this time?

11. Startrekker - August 18, 2010

What exactly does this mean anyway awesome now blow us away with a brilliant sequel :0)

12. Anthony Pascale - August 18, 2010

RE Jack Ryan
the point is that they have a hurdle to get over for the Jack Ryan movie to move forward. They have all the pieces in place for Trek to move forward. Of course if Abrams decides not to direct, that would throw a snag unless he has already lined up his chosen director.

But for the Ryan project, I wonder if they will be able to into production before Star Trek, which the producer seemed to indicate they wanted to do a while back. They could end up with a Jack Ryan script and a Star Trek script at the end of the year, both big Chris Pine led projects. But as they have already put a date down for the release of Trek, I suspect they will let trek go first

13. HunterRex - August 18, 2010

Star Trek 12 (or could be called Star Trek 2) is an even number, so it will be great.

14. nig - August 18, 2010

there was a little star wars injected into the original series movies as well, everyone just seems to have forgotten

15. Kevin - August 18, 2010

Transformers two sucked because Bay is a idiot.

16. Phl - August 18, 2010

Star Trek 12!!!!!!!

17. MvRojo - August 18, 2010

12. Yeah, I guess it depends on how big a rewrite they have to do. Considering they signed a director, I assume they’re still hoping to get that into production after Chris Pine finishes his next film and before Trek. Whether that happens will be interesting. Although by signing Bender as director, they could be looking at a faster shoot considering his extensive tv experience. That would also keep costs and risk low.

18. MvRojo - August 18, 2010

13. I think the odd movie curse is officially over after the last two films.

19. Vultan - August 18, 2010


And Star Trek ’09 (or could be called Star Trek 11) was—oh no!—9 and 11—both odd numbers. Maybe #2 (even number) was right…

20. Anthony Pascale - August 18, 2010

But Bender now has this new 7 minutes in Heaven project. I bet that film (which will be a small movie) gets done first. It would also give Bender some feature directing experience.

As for Pine he is currently attached to that comedy action movie with Reese, the Jack Ryan movie and the Star Trek sequel. He can probably fit one movie in before Trek but not two. But it isnt clear where that witherspoon project is either. That isn’t Paramount. Regardless he is probably going to have a very busy 2011. Of course that is nothing new for Kirk. Shatner would often fit shooting Trek movies in between other projects, like TJ Hooker

21. John from Cincinnati - August 18, 2010

Things I’d like to see in the sequel:

-Talos IV
-Cestus III
-Orion traders
– Haunted Castle (a la ‘Catspaw’)
– Great barrier
– Doomsday Machine
– Death of a major character (Uhura, Sulu or Chekov)
– More character development
– More Scotty and McCoy
– A moral crisis
– End of the awkward romance between Uhura and Spock (see #8 above)
– more Admiral Pike
– No Harry Mudd!

22. Joel - August 18, 2010

It’s been a while since a Trek movie was such a priority to Paramount. For all the haters: Transformers 2 sucked because Michael Bay is a terrible director and it’s a movie based on toys. Sure they’re were previous movies and cartoons, but they’re toys. Star Trek has 45 years of history, canon, and an incredible amount of love from its fans (the writers included). For once with Trek, I think it’s safe to say, we’re in good hands.

All hands on deck for Star trek (1)2!

23. spock - August 18, 2010

The one thing I am tired of in the Trek movies is the Enterprise VS. X format. They all follow the TWOK formula. Let’s see something different.

24. spock - August 18, 2010

What I don’t want to see in the next Trek movie:
Doomsday Machine
Klingons (they were over done)
anything from modern Trek

As to the sets, I agree the ship needs a real engine room, maybe Scotty can have a still somewhere as an homage to Trek09. ;)

25. John from Cincinnati - August 18, 2010

The Bridge is worse than Engineering.

Fix the bridge!

26. Vultan - August 18, 2010


Agreed! If Paramount only gives them enough money to redesign one set, let it be the Apple store—I mean the nail salon—I mean the bridge…

And if JJ & Co. are so determined to make the Mattel playset—I mean the Enterprise—look realistic, they should just take a look around the bridge of a modern aircraft carrier, spruce it up with a few futuristic displays, (maybe a couple of ferns and a throwrug) and there you go! You got a real bridge!

As for engineering… sigh….

27. florian - August 18, 2010

“viele köche verderben den brei.” is there an equal english saying?

28. florian - August 18, 2010

please fix
– the bridge,
– the engineering,
– the timeline/alternate mishmash and
– the definitely recurring bad script.

imho the story of trek09 was just horrible and stupid. i liked the overall atmosphere (if not thinking of this ridiculous story) and acting though!

29. Jeyl - August 18, 2010

What about Tholians?

30. Thorny - August 18, 2010


– I didn’t love the Bridge, but I didn’t hate it. If Mr. Abrams & Co. can squeeze money out of Paramount for only one new set, it must be Engineering. We need something that looks like it is powered by antimatter and a warp core, not a steam engine.
– Fixing the timeline would probably require time travel… yet again. Please, let’s call a moratorium on time travel in Trek movies.
– I’m still hoping Mr. Orci and Co., now freed of the need to reboot the franchise, will now be able concentrate on story, instead of getting all the characters where they’re supposed to be. No more one-dimensional villains like Nero, and a much lower Disbelief Suspension Quotient than the first movie.

31. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

I find the comments about the Enterprise not looking realistic amusing. Do we remember how bland the Enterprise Bridge was in TMP?

32. Winona - August 18, 2010

More epic friendship. And the Kirk, Spock, McCoy super brain at work.

33. C.S. Lewis - August 18, 2010

NuTrek was an answer in search of a question… or was that in search of a profit? No matter. I hope the “inner-authors” of the corporate creative team will rise to the occasion and give us ticket purchasers a story worth the time and money of a viewing.

Oh and skip the migraine inducing “lens flares” — I mistook it for CSI: Miami at first sight.

(Come to think of it, CSI:Miami is not such a bad Star Trek variant…

* cartoon-like morality plays that are more sophisticated than they appear (and the good guys win always win);
* unbelievable costumes that never get dirty/bloody;
* high tech gizmos galore;
* a leading man named “Horatio” who kills when bad guys needs killin’ and always has a beautiful woman by his side;
* and retro-fun cinematography that favors over-saturated primary colors reminiscent of a certain “Brought to You In Living Color” television program from long, long ago.

C.S. Lewis

34. Vultan - August 18, 2010


Bland and believeable.

But if you want to reference a great-looking bridge from a previous Trek film, how about the Enterprise-A or Excelsior from TUC? Oh heck, the first Excelsior bridge from TSFS looked better than the Abrams nail salon.

35. Vultan - August 18, 2010


36. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

34. The bridge from the new Trek movie was from a different time. It looks different.

37. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

also, I’d take New Trek over some bland Voyager or Enterprise episode any day. The first 3 seasons of DS9, too.

38. John - August 18, 2010

Lets hope the writing in this one is good! Just looking at the writing history of these two so called writers is abysmal.

39. Vultan - August 18, 2010


Oh, it looks “different” all right. Reminds me of when parents are trying to be nice to some poor kid when they’re critiquing his pug-fugly finger-painting— “Well, it looks… different, JJ.”

40. Trekprincess - August 18, 2010

Why do so many despise Trek 09:0/

41. Chadwick - August 18, 2010

I only want two thing, a new engineering set, a revamp of the TMP warp core or one of the images we saw in the new movie art book. The other thing I want is an epic battle, one that will go down in Star Trek history, one that will trump the DS9 retake of DS9 battle or invasion of Cardassia. Rob, Alex, Damon please please please give us ONE HUGE EPIC BATTLE!!!!!

@ 8. trekboi
Honestly I feel the second movie will be better, you cant compare Star Trek 11 to Transformers 1 and Star Trek 12 to Transformers 2. Star Trek has a huge legacy more so than transformers. They wanted Star Trek 11 to be huge but they had to numb it down a bit to bring the current fans to the light and non fans to the light and it was still HUGE. And those same writes might just be better at writing one thing than another. Transformers was good for what it was where Star Trek 12 was well written, I don’t that fact that they didn’t do the best job at writing Transformers will mean that Star Trek will suffer the same.

@ 9. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire
I agree I want a real engineering with a warp core, think of what warp core would look like with todays tech. Must be swirling lights like TMP or Voyager engine not TNG engine. And we know we all want a HUGE battle scene with armadas not one on one submarine battles, I will say this every time.

@ 10. Phaser Guy
Yes Damon is also writing with them, so three brains brewing.

@14. nig
How so?

@ 15. Kevin

@ 22. Joel

@ 25. John from Cincinnati
The bridge was AWESOME!! All white and Apple! Although it was a bight bright and yea could use a little tweaking.

@ 26. Vultan
Um yea the Kelvin bridge was a naval bridge they even said it in the special feature, they wanted to have a naval feel, the Enterprise was supposed to be clean and bright.

@ 30. Thorny
I don’t agree with the bridge, I loved it, but engineering is the one new set which needs to be built.

@34. Vultan
Are you kidding me! The first excelsior bridge looked light a cheap computer nightmare! It didnt have a definitive shape, it was like DOS on acid. My favorite bridge is a tie between Star Trek VI and Enterprise E bridge.

42. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

Beats me. I loved it.

43. jas_montreal - August 18, 2010

this memo IS A FAKE (inside joke: senator vrenak)

44. Chadwick - August 18, 2010

Apparently I don’t proof read :(

45. Gustavo Valente - August 18, 2010

You’ll probably disagree with me, but I always keep thinking that a good title for the new movie should be Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Why I think it would be well titled like that? The crew is now assembled, and there’s a entire universe for them to explore together. Many planets and civilizations to get to know about.

It’s just me thinking anyway…

46. Chadwick - August 18, 2010

@ 43. jas_montreal

lol YES! “IT’S A FAKE!” Vrenak was furious, he was going to expose this whole deceit, soooo….call Gerak, carful application of explosives can solve any problem.

47. Chadwick - August 18, 2010

@ 45. Gustavo Valente

I agree I the trek fan in me likes it, but the sceptic side of me in all honesty say’s it is kinda cheese.

48. Vultan - August 18, 2010


Yes, the Enterprise bridge was clean and BRIGHT. Maybe they should have Mister Moe bring it down to mood lighting next time. ;)

And, yes, the original Excelsior bridge was cheesy, but I’ll take TOS cheese any day over Abrams limburger.

49. Balok - August 18, 2010

TOS Bridge looked better, the corridors looked better, the transporter room looked better, the uniforms looked better, the dress uniforms looked way better, the engine room looked better then ANY of the movies

50. Odkin - August 18, 2010

@27 Florian –
“too many cooks spoil the broth”

Yep, They need one strong writer with a vision to revive Trek. Not a committee or a “supreme court” or other such dorm room BS.

Until then it’s going to be a compromised, negotiated hash, written for cheap laughs and toy sales.

51. Harry Ballz - August 18, 2010

Paramount says that the next Trek movie is still listed as a “Go” Priority?


They’d be complete morons if they thought anything else!

52. jas_montreal - August 18, 2010

@ 46 Chadwick

LOL. Gotta love Garek. He’s hilarious as hell.

53. Star trackie - August 18, 2010

# 40. ” Why do so many despise Trek 09:0/”

They really don’t, check out the box office and DVD sales. There’s always going to be a few grumps trying to swim upstream. They were, are, and will always be the minority. A vocal bunch, but the minority none the less.

54. Trekprincess - August 18, 2010

What is it about Trek 09 that really ticks you all off :0(

55. NuFan - August 18, 2010


Many? I don’t think so. You’re forgetting that nerd sites on the internet are not representative of actual society.

56. Jeff O'Connor - August 18, 2010

Mr. Orci,

Please don’t change a thing about your approach to the sequel. You guys did a stellar job the first time around, so whatever your secret was that time, do it again.


57. Jeff O'Connor - August 18, 2010

Also, @55:

Well said. There’s a reason Trek ’09 got ace reviews from A LOT of critics — it was good.

And I *hate* Transformers. Not just the second movie (admittedly I didn’t even bother going to see it) but the first. Even the first one was dreadful to me, but after seeing Trek ’09, I’m of the opinion there’s just a totally different approach to the two franchises and Michael Bay’s influence really shaped the one while JJ Abrams’ really shaped the other.

58. Vultan - August 18, 2010


We “grumps” don’t despise Trek ’09. At least I don’t. Criticism doesn’t always equal hate. If that were the case, film critics would hate nearly every film. But they don’t. Read any review by Roger Ebert or A.O. Scott. They pick out what they like about a certain film and what they don’t like, then sum up whether the film overall is worth watching. Sometimes the criticisms are perfectly valid (writing, acting, directing) and sometimes it can downright silly (set designs, the color of the Enterprise’s deflector dish, etc.), but it’s fun and usually done with good intentions—wanting a better product, i.e. a better sequel.

There’s a reason focus groups have people in them and not sheep.

59. Balok - August 18, 2010

I liked the new movie…

60. boborci - August 18, 2010

Better get started then.


61. John - August 18, 2010

the new Enterprise was absolutely beautiful.

62. Vultan - August 18, 2010


How goes Cowboys & Aliens?

63. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

People that liked DS9 hated the new Trek movie cause it had a plot.

64. Vultan - August 18, 2010


What flavor of Kool-Aid are you drinking?

65. Tanner Waterbury - August 18, 2010

I have an idea, how about doing a few modifications to the ship, they usually did that with the earlier movies. for example, the Bridge from TMP was changed by adding CRT monitors instead of the projectors. Plus it made the bridge a bit more colorful. Also, please put in a real engineering room. For the uniforms, I say add a black outline to the uniform lapels, give them some contrast. The Enterprise on the outside should be changed as well, replace the blue Buzzard caps with some Orange ones, Make the Deflector Dish gold instead of blue. Oh and killing more Redshirts is a must, like just slew 1/3 of all the Redshirts on the ship, that would be fun!

66. Boborci - August 18, 2010

Watching Daniel Craig shoot a pistol and Harrison Ford ride by me on a horse at full speed is geek nirvana.

67. Tanner Waterbury - August 18, 2010

Ack edit on my last post, for the Bridge, it should be darkened up a bit, it was just too dang bright the last time. Actually a good (and funny) example would be to do what they did in the Star Trek webisode of How it Should Have Ended, turn off all those damned extra lights. Made the bridge 10x better IMO.

68. Vultan - August 18, 2010



69. Losira - August 18, 2010

#65. Poor redshirts! They die in any universe. Now Ensign Sue will greet them at the Pearly-red gates! LOL!

70. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - August 18, 2010

We’re Go, No-Go for Launch!







71. Battle-scarred Sciatica - August 18, 2010


Bender is a director?

“Kiss my shiny metal ass!!!”

“…your ass isn’t so shiny…”

.”..its shinier than yours, Meatbag!!!!”


72. Christopher Doohan - August 18, 2010

66 LOL

73. Michael Hall - August 18, 2010

“Watching Daniel Craig shoot a pistol and Harrison Ford ride by me on a horse at full speed is geek nirvana.”

Well, “Casino Royale” was a stellar example of how to get a reboot right. That Daniel Craig bears no resemblance to Sean Connery didn’t matter; that geopolitics, sexual politics, and tech had changed radically in the fifty years since Bond was first conceived didn’t matter; that acting and directing styles have likewise changed was unimportant. What mattered was that they got the essence of the thing, and in doing so demonstrated that the franchise was still truly viable. And by depicting Bond as both heroic and a cold, calculating killer, the film actually enriched and built upon the source material rather than dumbing it down. I only wish I could say the same about Trek ’09.

74. Red Dead Ryan - August 18, 2010


“People that liked DS9 hated the new Trek movie cause it had a plot.”

I hate to break it to you pal, but that is an ignorant thing to say. I happen to still enjoy DS9. I loved the new movie as well. Both are great. I know that I’m not alone in saying that.


Lucky bastard! I assume that you’ve met both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford then?

75. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

74. Uh, I was making a joke.

76. Red Dead Ryan - August 18, 2010


Really? It was kind of hard to get that since there was no smile symbol or anything else to indicate that it was a joke. :-)

77. VZX - August 18, 2010

66. Boborci – August 18, 2010

Lucky bastard…

I’m stoked for Cowboys & Aliens…Can you give any tidbits about that one? The comic was just OK, I thought, but I’m optimistic that the movie will actually be better. (One of those rare cases where the movie version is better than the source material)

78. Star trackie - August 18, 2010

#73. “And by depicting Bond as both heroic and a cold, calculating killer, the film actually enriched and built upon the source material rather than dumbing it down. I only wish I could say the same about Trek ‘09.”

Why would you want to include James Bond in a Star Trek movie??

79. Boborci - August 18, 2010


Met them? We r all stuck together in the middle of nowhere!

80. Basement Blogger - August 18, 2010

If I may paraphrase Leonard Nimoy, “Star Trek” always had both action and intelligence. I want a smarter film this time. You can still make a blockbuster that has great dialogue and action. I just watched “Ironman” (2008). If you watched that movie, there’s an action scene at the begining which is followed about twenty minutes of dialogue. Let the next Trek breathe.

Roberto Orci should be made chief justice of the Star Trek Supreme Court. He’s a hardcore Trekker who really understands what makes great Trek. I don’t want to see Damon Lindelof use the “We’re worried about the lame Star Trek midi-chlorian explanation of the force” excuse that was used in guiding “Lost.” (Entertainment Weekly, 2-1-5-10, pg. 31.) There is nothing wrong with letting the audience think about a concept. If you’ve created an alternate universe, don’t just fly over it, to reach the next action sequence. Treat the audience with intelligence. Christopher Nolan does.

81. Jack2211 - August 18, 2010

Good news, engineering haters. I’m building the new engineering set in my basement — I’ve already got neighbours and relatives willing to house the cast and crew, if they’re fewer than 9 people (sorry, Chekov). Ideas and plywood are welcome.

And 80 and above, I still don’t think the movie was dumbed down. Although It certainly did go by too fast (it still surprises me, though, that it was only about 20 minutes shorter than the Dark Knight — I guess it’s a good thing… but I was ready for a lot more movie when it ended) But, yeah, I would like to see the next one hurt my head a little.

82. Sebastian - August 18, 2010

Bob Orci, you are living the dream for us all! ; )

Can’t wait to see “Cowboys and Aliens” ; sounds like a gas!
And as for Star Trek? Please give it your best! That’s all I ask….

83. David C. Roberson - August 18, 2010

79. Any way I can help write the new one? I don’t need money. :-D

I feel that while there were obvious problems with Trek 09, the good aspects far outweighed the bad. Engineering didn’t bother me. Don’t ask me why, but it seemed natural and a rather interesting take.

The bridge might have been more interesting had I been able to actually see it. Those lens flares were killer, and should definitely be done away with.

The biggest problems were with story, but I understand that this was a reboot picture attempting to please fans while attracting new comers to the franchise. And it succeeded. Let’s move into deeper waters now, shall we?

I read somewhere that they electronically deepened Worf’s voice in Nemesis… is there any way they can do that with Quinto? His voice is in no way Spock. Just a suggestion.

Other suggestions:

* MAYBE MUDD (ahem Paul Giamatti?)
* NO KAHN!!!

84. BeatleJWOL - August 18, 2010

“I read somewhere that they electronically deepened Worf’s voice in Nemesis… is there any way they can do that with Quinto? His voice is in no way Spock. Just a suggestion.”

They also electronically deepened Christian Bale’s voice in Batman. Be careful what you wish for… :p

Maybe Orci and the team should read some of the slim 1970s Star Trek novels. A lot of those have seemed to me to be more “typical” sci-fi; completely alien and difficult-to-describe environments, less action, more thinking (with occasionally more technobabble), things like that. Star Trek doesn’t ever need to be 2001 but there’s definitely a different vibe to TOS than the rest of Trek, and now that the big booming intro is over there can be more thinking.

85. John - August 18, 2010

You know in the sequel kill everyone off because you know killing off or destroying things is creative, oh wait Paramount wont then have a franchise to milk off of, if everything is destroyed, oh wait again everything is destroyed from a certain point of view! ;)

86. Disinvited - August 18, 2010


I take it then that, just as there was one in the first Trek ever filmed, there’ll be a horse somewhere in that thar 2012 Trek?

87. Jeff O'Connor - August 18, 2010

It’s like magic. I write a joke letter to Orci and he posts. I should try this more often, I’ll tell ya.

88. John - August 18, 2010

Why think of new ideas when you can just take them the last script you worked on, yeah a Star Trek western is a great idea! *rolls eyes*

89. tman - August 18, 2010

I think a good action vehicle for Pine to up his international box office status would only have helped Star Trek. Pitty the Ryan film will be after Star Trek. Still couldn’t wait longer for a sequel.

90. Jeff O'Connor - August 18, 2010

I swear, though, some days I do wonder how Orci manages to keep a level head around here. It’s such a touch-and-go site in regard to how an article’s comments will go. Sometimes there’s massive worship for his team’s work and sometimes it’s a matter of ‘if posts could kill’ and all that.

91. Phaser Guy - August 18, 2010

I agree. And he gets slammed for Transformers, even though that movie was based on a cartoon that barely had any character development.

92. FarStrider - August 19, 2010

Well, THAT was a bunch of non-news. . .the movie is coming out in mid-2012. . . of course production is a go for 2011. . .

And gosh, why should anyone listen to anything you complainers say. . . they did Star Trek your way for nearly 40 years. . . it died. . . and all of your “ideas” did nothing to save it. . . just what the world needs. . . More Monday morning quarterbacking. . . Sheesh. . .

93. SChaos1701 - August 19, 2010

Bob, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a great job.

94. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - August 19, 2010

I have one item, and one item only on my wish list for Star Trek 12:

Make the plot deeper, more thought-provoking.

I really enjoyed Star Trek 11; everything from the acting, writing, directing to the sets and ship design work for me (minor quibbles like the appearance of engineering aside). All I really miss is the mind-bending aspect that the franchise still has to offer.

95. vjeko1701 - August 19, 2010

Really? No one was going to mention the Star Wars hyperspace instead of Warp. The ship mounted turbolasers instead of phasers. The blaster rifles instead of hand phasers. The ST12 was just terrible to any true Star Trek fan. I hate what JJtrek is, it’s just a commercial crap like any other movie out there.

I loved star trek because it wasn’t for a wider public, it wasn’t about making money and it wasn’t about explosions, hyperspace, blasters and tattooed villains.

I would rather watch ten worst and most boring episodes of Star Trek instead of another JJcrap

96. David C. Roberson - August 19, 2010

One thing I have always yearned for in Star Trek is the Twilight-Zone twist. There has rarely been anything like it in Trek–which is weird because they’re supposed to be discovering strange new worlds–you would think that some of them would be stranger than a monster of the week. I would love to see a twist ending, though.

97. Admiral Pike - August 19, 2010

I want more:
Spock / Uhura
Mandala Flynn / Hikaru Sulu
Scotty / Porthos junior
Khan / Klingons

and I want to start now!

98. John - August 19, 2010

I want more brain dead Star Trek! Can’t wait for the sequel to the 2009 film, god my standards are low. Yeaaaah! someone help me……. Go JJ!!!
Some …please help me……Go Bob……GHAW!!!!

99. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - August 19, 2010

#96 — Off the top of my head, I think ‘Operation: Annihilate!’, ‘The Devil in the Dark’, ‘The Man Trap’ have a bit of a Twilight Zone feel to them. All creeped me out as a kid, and finding out what those _things_ were kept up the suspense and the spine-tingling factor. I too wish Star Trek could tap back into that domain, especially with some of the writers/producers from Lost on board.

I mean come on, folks, who’s not down with some flying CGI space-omelets?

100. DJT - August 19, 2010

79. Boborci – August 18, 2010

“Met them? We r all stuck together in the middle of nowhere!”

Can we join in?

101. DJT - August 19, 2010

Wait. That sounded wrong.

How about “can we drop by?”

Much better.

102. Anthony Thompson - August 19, 2010

RE: New Engineering set: It will boil down to whether JJ wants to spend X amount of dollars on a huge and costly set to keep a bunch of fanboys (including myself) happy. The general moviegoing public probably didn’t notice the brewery or care.

103. Disinvited - August 19, 2010


Not to mention that the first Trek ever aired, THE MAN TRAP, was written by the THE TWILIGHT ZONE writer, George Clayton Johnson and he wasn’t the only TWZ contributer to 60s Trek.

104. Carmen Vergara - August 19, 2010

The Orion Syndicate who should be the villains of the sequel as they are essentially the Mafia of the Star Trek universe, involved in piracy, smuggling, and extortion.

I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in. Midway through Star Trek 12, I’d like to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a concert of hers on a distant planet like with Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element (1997). Her character (the most famous and successful singer in the Alpha Quadrant) could have dark connections to the Orion Syndicate. An explosively intense, thunderous phaser fight could erupt interrupting the show when she sings Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Poker Face or Just Dance between Kirk, Spock and McCoy and some Orion Syndicate henchmen.

105. Marcelina - August 19, 2010

Four stunningly beautiful and talented actresses were wasted in the last movie and should have had more screentime. Jennifer Morrison only appeared at the beginning and we don’t find out what happened to her, Rachel Nichols was only in it for three minutes and we don’t find out what happened to her, Winona Ryder was in it for nearly ten minutes and was needlessly killed off and Diora Baird was nowhere to be found (except in a brief cut scene).

The Jerry Goldsmith theme music from the Star Trek Insurrection end credits should have been used at the end. The Original Series theme music and new theme music in the movie was unnecessary. The soundtrack was disappointing overall. ‘Labour of Love’ was the best part of it.

All of the cut scenes should have been included in the final film. J.J. Abrams made a bad call removing the Rura Penthe scenes. He said that the test audiences were confused by those scenes in particular. I am at a loss as to what was so confusing about the inclusion of the Klingons in the film. It was absolutely shocking to leave such a huge plot hole regarding where the villains were for 25 years. It makes them look lazy and stupid on top of the fact that they were superficial. Nero and Ayel would have had more depth at least as well.

106. Tellar Electra - August 19, 2010

The sequel needs a larger all-star cast with many recognisable actors making cameo appearances.

There need to be larger space battles with more starships.

I hope that James Kirk has several (human) love interests like James Bond and that they are played by Hollywood’s most beautiful young actresses.

James Kirk needs to be quicker and more brutally effective with better fighting skills like Christian Bale in the Batman films, Daniel Craig in the James Bond films, Matt Damon in the Bourne trilogy and Liam Neeson in Taken.

107. Admiral Pike - August 19, 2010

The title would be: STAR TREK – Spock said: The show must go on!

108. David B - August 19, 2010

If I wanted to see anything in the next film it is the belief that the Federation and the crew can still become what we remember.

The timeline has changed but it is still trying to correct itself in that Kirk and Spock should be together.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy will learn their friendship as it should be.

We can have Spock say fascinating

We can have Bones say “He’s dead Jim”

Scotty can prove he is not just an idiot as portrayed in ST09 in my opinion.

Develop themes of Star Trek both musically and topically.

Give us the sense of adventure, not just bad guy of the week.

We don’t need to give the writers specifics just pointers to write in to the next film.

109. Disinvited - August 19, 2010


I think the whole “new ideas” concept was pretty much tossed out the window when they decided to make a movie titled STAR TREK featuring another parallel universe with an alternate timeline and a ship named Enterprise with crew members named, Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, etc.

However it should be noted that in this “mirror” universe Enterprise is launched with that crew almost 2 decades before it was in the Prime universe. If the Iotians developed their Chicago mobs based “government” in the same time frame that it popped up on our United States of America then they’d likely be in their western phase of development in the JJverse. So, I wouldn’t be surprised by a FIVE EASY PIECES OF THE ACTION 2012 plot. I mean if it isn’t obvious by now, isn’t visiting an alternate expression of Earth’s past pretty much de rigueur in ToS?


An artist can pretty much do what he wants when his muse compels him but ultimately it’s his choice to keep it locked in the closet safe from criticism or to expose it to the masses and risk it in hope that it at least speaks to some few others who find it worthy.

I’m pretty sure these writers entered into their chosen profession fully aware of what they were getting themselves into. Perhaps even more so when they decided to do Trek.

As for your TRANSFORMERS remarks, nobody shanghaied them and forced them to write for it. Besides, regardless of how bleak anyone might think the basic concepts of that movie was, a writer knows that the starkest bleakest single thing that he has to face is the vast emptiness of a simple blank page.

It is an essential part of the human learning process that mistakes are going to be made and in adjusting and correcting for them learning takes place. For example, in my half-century on the planet I’ve never encountered a baby who plopped out of the womb walking and talking perfectly with no missteps. There’s a lot of stumbling and fumbling before the first sure steps are taken and words spoken.

I’m not certain, but there seems to be this advocacy that somehow some people must be protected from the notion that anything they do might somehow be less than perfect. I think my departed father described it a being akin to “Believing that their tear inducing choking farts are indeed scented roses.”

All I can say about that is in an environment where a person is insulated from their missteps, growth, as a human being, is impossible and learning halts. The fruits of the labors of such insulated individuals are often stagnant and fall to the waysides.


You need to restudy your history. According to many corporate coroners over those 4 decades STAR TREK died many deaths but in spite of the numerous corporate pronouncements, the fans kept on Trekking.

I also find it very difficult to accept any supposed death pronouncements by corporations that continue to put new discs of the supposed instruments (ENTERPRISE and NEMESIS) of that destruction on the retail shelves. Actions speak louder than movie marketing hype.


People keep advocating that the same thing that was done in 2008 be done in 2010, but isn’t that pretty much darn near impossible now that writers have been expanded from a duo to a trio?


I’m a Jerry Goldsmith fan from even before Trek, but as much as I’d like to see his return to a Trek film score, I think his death has pretty much put an end to that. Any attempt by someone else, even his son, to reintroduce his style to a new Trek film would be just a pale imitation and not Jerry Goldsmith.

110. Losira - August 19, 2010

1st creativity went out the window in the 80s onward! We must coform! Like facsits home owners ASSociation. Only in space. 2nd James Bond finaly is dead no bombs,bullets,torture, etc. One of his many lays gave him AIDS!! LOL!

111. philpot - August 19, 2010

96/99 – in regard to TWILIGHT ZONE trek, for me Spectre of The Gun felt like a 60s Twilight Zone the most – the trippy music, the half sets, the odd camera angles, red backdrop, the almost robotic performances of the Earps, the twist our the heroes playing the villains… one of those very eerie, strange, off kilter, slightly scary trek episodes that could easily be a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits…. i mean if you turn the colour off so its B&W and edited in a Rod Sterling intro and TZ opening and closing credits then it could easily pass for a TZ ep…and the crew could be some kind of generic space crew

other e.gs would be stuff like – What Are Little Girls Made of, Corbomite, Charlie X, Man Trap, City of the Edge, The Archons, Arena, Balence of Terror, Alternative Factor, Operation Annihilate, Where No Man has Gone Before, Cage…(obviously TZ and OL had done their own version of some of those stories) but i think Spectre of the Gun had the TZ feel spot on

with all the spin offs certain eps had the TZ/OL thing going on – ‘Genesis’ was very Outer Limits…and i think Yesterdays Enterprise too…plus Inner Light, Elementary Dear Data/Ship in a Bottle, Far Beyond the Stars (all very ‘Inception’ too)

And Generations was like a big budget Twilight Zone or an Outer Limits in parts…the concept of the nexus and the way Guinen describes it as a ‘doorway to another place…a place of bliss etc’ …could the nexus be a portal to heaven?…the Ent crash landing on the unchartered planet with the sister planet full of pre warp people – like if a giant flying saucer crashed on our moon…the sun going nova, then darkness and the ribbon approaching the planet was eerie and Picards nexus Christmas had a TZ feel to it (esp when he looked at the tree baubles) and Kirks house scenes were quite TZ with stuff changing all the time..

and ST09 was TZish at times – the opening scene – the embodiment of everything TOS was: the Kelvin alone in deep space, where even the radio connection to Starfleet is spotty, coming across a gigantic monster of a ship and no one around to help. it was very Trek early TOS but also carried that Twilight Zone/Outer Limits vibe…..and Spocks mildmeld was kind of trippy/eerie

im hoping theresgoing to be Twilight Zone type stuff in the sequel…maybe not a ‘twist’ (although thatd be ok if done well) – just freaky/eerie stuff

112. skyjedi - August 19, 2010

With all the projects the director and writers have i doubt we will see 2012 as a release year, unless they made Star Trek their top priority. And since i don’t see that following the entertainment news does that mean a different crew of writers and or a different director ?

Even if Orci and Kurtzmen can somehow juggle all the work they have i doubt JJ will be directing the second one. I bet he will be the producer.

113. Daoud - August 19, 2010

Attention. Attention.

Also in Breaking News: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

That is all.

114. trekreturns - August 19, 2010

For sure a new engineering section, with a explaination why…such as major ship damage and refit….

115. moauvian waoul - August 19, 2010

Fix the phaser banks, install a dimmer on the bridge. More scenes like the opening of the last film, with a distant, eerie, anything might happen feel. Looking forward to it Bob. :)

116. G - August 19, 2010

Bob Orci.. get Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig to do Star Trek. As Starship captains. Get them drunk and talk them into it.

117. star trackie - August 19, 2010

#95 “I loved star trek because it wasn’t for a wider public..”

Oh really? That would be news to my uncle, a car mechanic, my mom, a housewife, my dad, an administrator, countless retail clerks who have, if you’ll pardon the expression, ” beamed” when I bought something TOS related, college kids, little kids…etc etc. When TOS was on the air, that’s all it was..a TV show that was on 1 of 3 channels, and the “wider public” loved it.. Perhaps thats the reason the new movie was so successful across the board…it returned Trek to its roots and got away from what pleased hardcore 24th century fans…instead, focusing on just making a fun good movie.

And for Bob, the bridge is cool, but please add something…anything for spock to stand and look through!! It aint Spock without his viewer!

118. philpot - August 19, 2010

116 – Ford would be better as an Starfleet Admiral (April?)

i remember rumours somewhere of Craig saying he wanted to be in Star Trek as he was a huge fan

119. BiggestTOSfanever - August 19, 2010

We have to wait 679 more days.
We need a countdown!

120. philpot - August 19, 2010

btw i really hope Ford does Indiana 5 next…maybe they could get bob to write that one too (based on whatever idea Lucas has of course…which hopefully would be more Sci Fi like Indy 4)

121. Daoud - August 19, 2010

Any word yet on when that Star Trek sequel is coming out?

@120 Bleh. Who cares? If they want buns in the seats, they’ll do INDIANA JR. & MONTANA, starring Miley Cyrus and Shia Le Even Stephen.

122. Desstruxion - August 19, 2010

I have enjoyed (and still do) each and every Trek movie and episode. I do however nitpick off and on. I too would like to see a proper engineering section. The bridge I think suits the new exterior designs so I kind of like it. I also think Kirk was promoted way too fast. Pike should have remained in command for at least one more movie with Kirk taking over in the third. No Khan in the new movie unless they can do something different with him. No Romulans either. What about a Starfleet/Klingon war over two movies? Just my thoughts. Looking forward to the sequel regardless of the plot.

123. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010

79–Bob Orci

“Met them? We r all stuck together in the middle of nowhere!”

Sounds like you’re living out your own version of “Spectre Of The Gun”! ;-)

124. Bill Peters - August 19, 2010

I like to see Klingon’s!

125. John from Cincinnati - August 19, 2010


Right on my friend, right on.

I don’t understand why TOS gets bashed for its sets, costumes. The old effects needed an update, yes and they did but they updated it while honoring the original. They didn’t try to change it, just updated the effects. The new movie while trying to honor some things (characters, uniforms) totally ignored other things (character history-see Kirk, Bridge, Engineering, phaser props, communicator props).

I loved the original uniforms, sets, corridors, bridge, engineering, everything! The show has endured for over 40 years so they must’ve got it right. Don’t fix what ain’t broke!

I did like the performances by some of the actors in the new movie namely Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Bruce Greenwood, and the girl who played Kirk’s mom.

The question is, would Star Trek 09 have been as or more successful if they were more faithful to the original look of the sets, costumes, props and the answer would be a resounding Yes!

126. Rocket Scientist - August 19, 2010

125. John from Cincinnati

I hear what you’re saying–those elements are all very precious to Trekkers and a fond update instead of the outright reboot we got would have been heartwarming.

But does anybody beyond us care? Probably not. The more casual viewers are only peripherally aware of the details that we hold so near and dear. The movie was a huge success regardless.

(Regardless of all my picked nits too!)

127. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - August 19, 2010

These are the Voyages of the Enterprise that a Spock Prime would advise Starfleet and the Enterprise crew to persue – immediately!

Picture a “Journey to Bable” plot-line mixed with Khan (p1) (i know, but screw it – as a background polotline it would work), Who Mourns for Adonis, Elaan of Troyius, Day of the Dove Mudd’s women, The Enemy Within, Enterprise Incident and capped with the Doomsday Machine chasing the “E” throughout the movie – and with Kirk and the Crew all doing acts that are truely heroic and mesmerizing, many times thoughout thew movie!

Of course, TPTB would have to many writers to pay for such a plot. Should’nt they all be Public Domain by now?

These are the Voyages I want to see!

128. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - August 19, 2010

Star Trek!

…\__________|) . . . ____.—‘—`—.____
. . . . . . . . || . . . . . . . . \————————-/
. . . . . . . . || . . . . . . . . / . . / . . .—-`—
. . . . . . . . ||_,_____/ . . /___
. . . . . . /_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||(-
. . . . . . . . `—__________-‘


129. AJ - August 19, 2010

It was always my impression that putting these young actors into ST09 would be launching their careers, or at least bringing them to the attention of the public (Zoe in Avatar, Yelchin in T4, Pine in his next few high-profile films, etc).

ST2012 would then feature these same actors as stars in their own right, especially given the time-lag between the two films, and bring in higher numbers internationally, as well as far greater attention to the franchise as a whole.

It does seem like a plan as Pine is filming with Denzel, and Paramount is trying to sandwich in the ‘Jack Ryan’ pic. I think Mr. Quinto requires something hi-profiley too, as “Heroes” is through.

I’m there regardless ;-)

130. Phaser Guy - August 19, 2010

Back in the 80s during the heights of Treks 2, 3 and 4 everyone loved Star Trek. It wasn’t just for a “smart” audience whatever that is. Also EVERYONE watched TNG. It’s only when the other shows came along and got more dark people dropped out of Trek.

131. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010

I think the one thing that we should all remember is when Bob said how he considers us fans as “consultants” to the sequel he didn’t mean that he would do what we want, or give us everything we want. Such as the plot and story idea. Bob, Alex, Damon and J.J have figured out (or will do so very soon) what the next movie will be about on their own. For example, most people accordiing to several polls don’t want to see Khan in the sequel. I happen to believe that the ‘Supreme Court’ has taken that into consideration, but are not beholden to the wants and desires of fans.
Whether Khan will be in the sequel or not will be based on how the character fits/doesn’t fit into a particular story idea. Also, because of the potential for lawsuits, there is no way the writers will even remotely base anything off of some fan’s homemade script or story. Plus, that would just be plain dumb since most fans have no talent whatsoever in regards to writing an actual script.

Where the “consultation” part comes in though, are devices such as the Spock/Uhura romance, space battles, more McCoy, a less stereotypical villain etc. as well as controversial things such as the engineering set in a brewery. Basically its about feedback with regards to certain issues from the first film. The writers feel compelled to not repeat any mistakes from the first film and to also respect the things that worked.

What I want in the sequel is a great, unique story that evokes the feel of “The Original Series” ie the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio, exploration of an unknown area of space, a villain made of/from idealogical/cultural differences not revenge, humor, sexiness, and a moral dilemma that makes us think and feel, yet doesn’t preach. Add in some awesome action sequences as well as an epic space battle for some icing on the cake.

132. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010

I would also like to see a Daedalus class starship. It would be a great nod to the late Matt Jeffries.

133. Phil - August 19, 2010

Yeah, and the Daedalus can use the Coors brewery for the engine room!

134. Maj - August 19, 2010

131. Love your ideas there, I happen to agree with every single point you made. But I think are beloved franchise is in good hands now.

135. Vultan - August 19, 2010

@========( O O )========@
( ) ——— ( )
—————————— ””””” ——————————
l_____________________________________ l
l l –____– l l
l l l l
l l l l
l l l l
——- ——-

Khan was here

136. Vultan - August 19, 2010

D’oh! disregard. trying to draw Reliant… FAIL

137. Dennis Bailey - August 19, 2010

Orci and Kurtzman did a great job on the last Trek movie. I’m sure they’ll do as well or better this time out.

138. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2010

News alert!! Dennis Bailey actually complimented someone! :>)

p.s. Dennis, did you ever get around to seeing The Illusionist?

139. AJ - August 19, 2010



I am convinced Messrs. Orci and Kurtzmann and the boys ‘n’ girls are completely serious in viewing the fans as ‘consultants.’ Anthony is adept at making sure we’re in each others’ lines of fire on a regular basis, and Mr. Orci can decide not to read if he wants to.

However, if you recall the way this site was leading into ST09, it was a far crueler place for the writer(s) to tread, and it was absolutely obvious that many fan expectations for Hail-Mary wishes or even basic references would not make the cut, or even first draft.

What we did get, however, were, in no particular order:

1. Kirk’s parents is a nail-biter of an opening. Names referenced from early Pocket novels.
2. Spock’s backstory from “Yesteryear” fleshed out, and including TVH references in the Science Academy teaching wells, as well as his refusal to join in the end.
3. Captain Pike. New and improved, and absolutely terrifically written and acted with no loss of the gravitas we remember from “The Cage.”
4. Spock citing his decision to marry Amanda as “logical.” And admitting later to Spock that he was in love the whole time, something regular Spock won’t learn until he is much older, from a mind-meld with Picard.
5. Green Vulcan and Romulan blood, obscure Commodores and Admirals from TOS lore and the books, Katric arcs, the real TNG Starfleet logo, tribbles, and real references to how closely related Vulcans are to Romulans.
6. ‘Regular’ Spock (Nimoy from the old timeline)

You don’t get that far in a franchise re-boot without a full boatload of nutty fans shouting at you, and a good filter on your end as the writer, I’d suspect.

140. section9 - August 19, 2010

A couple of things:

Trek XII will have to be Trek’s version of The Dark Knight. Everyone at Paramount knows this. “Batman Begins” put the Batman Franchise back on the map with Christian Bale as an acceptable Bat. However, no one was ready for the impact of TDK and the Ledger’s Joker.

That’s what Trek needs. Harry Mudd as the Joker.

141. Harry Ballz - August 19, 2010



you da man!

142. Tovias - August 19, 2010

The old trend was odd numbered Star Trek Movies were bad, even numbers were good. But now that we have had a reboot that may not hold true.

I wasn’t a big fan of the new movie but I did enjoy it and I didn’t hate it. I hated that the timeline was mushed all to heck and that I’ve basically wasted 35 years of my life memorizing stardates, deck numbers and obscure crewman names that now do not apply. I hated the arrogance from the writer when discussing Quantum Theory as if he were some kind of expert. But I didn’t hate the movie and I was happy to see that in brought in new fans and breathed new life into the franchise.

But now, if we consider the first movie to be good, could this be the new trend? Odd movies good, even movies bad? Either way I can’t wait for the third movie. (if there’s a third movie it means second movie was good enough to warrant another sequel, or if second was bad third will be good).

143. John from Cincinnati - August 19, 2010


I don’t know why you consider 35 years wasted? The Prime timeline still exists and is alive and well, per Bob Orci.

I think of the new timeline as I did when TNG started, it doens’t replace TOS, it simply is just another version of Trek to enjoy.

199. boborci – August 15, 2009
Actually, there is a bit of implied evidence that the Prime universe still exists, and that is the fact that Spock Prime does not disappear! Chances that young spock will fall into a black hole 100 years later while being pursued by Nero are VERY SLIM. In a linear universe, therefore, Spock Prime’s presence would likely be affected by changing his past. But it didn’t. Also, he jokes with young Spock about Kirk’s assumptions when he says, “He (KIRK) assumed universe ending paradoxes would ensue…” essentially saying Kirk thought it was all linear time travel, not QMMWI.

144. G - August 19, 2010


(===================) M
\ / {===============================}
\ \ \ / W
\ \ / /
_________\ \____________ /____/_
_ \ | (
\_______________ (-(–
\________________ | (

145. G - August 19, 2010

Ooooh :( It got scrunched :( Major damage

146. Desstruxion - August 19, 2010

I’m with 132. A Daedalus class would be great to see. An NX refit still in commission would be interesting as well. The Kelvin’s exterior textures and bridge set make it appear that Starfleet ships in this timeline are following the NX design lineage. I think this new timeline goes well with the Enterprise era.

147. Disinvited - August 19, 2010


I wouldn’t blur the distinction between THE OUTER LIMITS and THE TWILIGHT ZONE, but your basic premise that the founding series drew from both is sound.


I think your anecdotal evidence to the contrary is largely trumped by the NBC network’s decision to consider canceling it: Not once, not twice but three times for lack of ratings with the third one being the charm. Granted it was later discovered to appeal to a demographic that had pockets deep enough to have justified keeping it on the air but that would still never have been because in the 1960s STAR TREK ever appealed to a “wider” audience than the TV fair it was pitted against.


By and large I share your sentiments but I do recall in later syndicated viewing wondering how those sets with their sharp edges and protuberances would ever get by OSHA in a return of TV series production. Thus, I don’t begrudge them smoothing out the rough edges, so to speak.


“Huge” can be an ambiguous and relative term. Certainly the top 10 worldwide film performers of 2009 cast a HUGE shadow over anything the 2009 STAR TREK did.

And in a planet with a population of 7 billion that number dwarfs that of the number that attends films summed together with the number that buys them on discs.


Interesting you should note that. Back in 2006 Dauman declared the goal was:


“Dauman was speaking about the company’s overseas strategy — where he sees margin expansion in the range of 10 to 15 percentage points over the next few years — but it was interesting all the same for him to bring up an image of the company’s past in taking his own company to task. Simply landing on the moon isn’t enough for Dauman. Apparently, he wants to colonize” – Rick Aristotle Munarriz, THE MOTLEY FOOL, December 11, 2006

And most reasonable people admit that the 2009 effort contributed little to this strategy of exceeding merely an impressive moon landing by significantly improving the overseas take.

148. Disinvited - August 19, 2010


Don’t try and sell Trek’s appeal to the “smart” short on the University of Texas’ El Paso campus:


for something to be Trek it has to do more than duplicate just the feel of it. It has to have its head too. Otherwise it’s Spock’s body without the brain, and while Dr. McCoy might find a silent Spock infinitely appealing, I don’t think the people that find him the most popular alien of all time would find a muted Spock very compelling.

Just in case you have any doubt that they were referring to the 1960s edition:


#139. AJ offered “Spock citing his decision to marry Amanda as “logical.” And admitting later to Spock that he was in love the whole time, something regular Spock won’t learn until he is much older, from a mind-meld with Picard.”

This must have happened during the part of my 2009 screening when the digital projector got bored and decided what was needed was a reenactment of the premier of THE JAZZ SINGER’s lack of audio synchronization during the meeting of the two.

What a reveal! I’m not even going to ponder which Spock was which. ;-)

149. Chadwick - August 19, 2010

Thought I would do an update of TMMW’s TOS 1701 and make the 1701A, lol bored.
\______________|// . . ____.—’—`—.____
. . . . . . .. .\\\\ . . . . . . . . . . \\——————–—//
. . . . . .. . . .\\\\.. . . . . . . . / . . / . . .\—–`—–/
. . . . .. . . . . .\\\\______/ . . /___
. . . . . . . . . /_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||
. . . . . . . . . . . `—__________-’

…\__________|) . . . ____.—’—`—.____
. . . . . . . . || . . . . . . . . \————————-/
. . . . . . . . || . . . . . . . . / . . / . . .—-`—
. . . . . . . . ||_,_____/ . . /___
. . . . . . /_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||(-
. . . . . . . . `—__________-’

150. Chadwick - August 19, 2010

…..1701A needed a larger saucer.

\______________|// . . ______.—’—`—.______
. . . . . . .. .\\\\ . . . . . . . . . . \\———–—–———–—//
. . . . . .. . . .\\\\.. . . . . . . . / . . / . . . . .\—–`—–/
. . . . .. . . . . .\\\\______/ . . /___
. . . . . . . . . /_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||
. . . . . . . . . . . `—__________-’

…\__________|) . . . ____.—’—`—.____
. . . . . . . . || . . . . . . . . \————————-/
. . . . . . . . || . . . . . . . . / . . / . . .—-`—
. . . . . . . . ||_,_____/ . . /___
. . . . . . /_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||(-
. . . . . . . . `—__________-’

151. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010

#134, 139

What I should have said was that the writers seem to know when to listen to the fans and when not to. And I absolutely agree that Trek is in good hands.

—————————————–I ————-
—————————————–I — ——————–
I I I —————————–
I I I ———————————
I I I ————————————————
I I —————————-
I I I ————————
I I I —————

Daedalus Class

152. Red Dead Ryan - August 19, 2010

errr…..it got disassembled apparently. DAMN IT!

153. vjeko1701 - August 20, 2010

@117 What they did in the JJverse was not returning to the roots, but destroying them and replacing with a brand new tree. Any true fan will never fully accept ST XI, we can watch it, we can even enjoy it for a few minutes. But there are just too much fails that I’ve already mentioned, and not to say a story that was pretty much braindead explosions, fighting and poor design. Not to mention lensflares blinding you in virtually every scene. I mean, what was the point of that?

154. vjeko1701 - August 20, 2010

One more thing, everyone is talking about the movie being so successful. But no one stopped any thought why was that. Imagine that you grew tired of Coke, you liked it before, but at one point you just grew tired of it. Now don’t drink Coke for 5 years, and first chance you have to drink it you’ll take and it will be the best thing that you’ve ever tasted even if it’s old and bad.

Now that was just a metaphor, there wasn’t anything new in the Star Trek movie scene since Nemesis in 2003 and in the TV scene since 2005. That 6 years of movie drought and 4 years of series drought before the 2009 movie.

People wanted more, they wanted something they haven’t seen, and even those that grew tired of star trek in 2005 were hungry again in 2009.
I’m assuring you that any other “Prime” movie in the ENT era, or the TNG era, or even after any know era would have been just as successful.

There’s an old proverb: “You don’t know what you had until you lose it.”

155. mr. NUspock - August 20, 2010

to 108 : the timeline has not changed!!!!
There are two different timelines now:-)

Two universe, but I hope you know that….

I hope we gets to see some klingons, and even talosians(Those from ´the cage´) and good story telling and big booms(Just like the beginning, and the destruction of vulcan, and the end…), they did it for me…..
I mean, thats what I liked about the movie…..New startrek, in fresh spirit of roddenberry´s vision of humanity…..
but yes, a ´´real´´enginering would be great too :-)

156. Star trackie - August 20, 2010

#154…the problem wasn’t the lack of Trek since Nemesis and Enterprise, the problem was there hasn’t been any TOS style Trek since 1991.

There is also an old saying, familiarity breeds contempt, and that is what definitely happened with the Berman era.

157. mr. NUspock - August 20, 2010

#156 : true……

and had they continued in the old era, with a titan-series, and maybe even some enterprise/romulan-war movie(s) then thats where we might have been now, in the year 2387, where we would seen an burn out trek, that people did´nt wanna see anymore, even though a titan-series would had been great, but there would´nt had been any new in it, I mean in a such a series we would probadly had seen a peace-treaty with ufp and romulans, moving towards the vulcan/romulan unification, but again, who cares about if they got united ????
And then klingons???
would they had maked them enemies of the UFP again???
Probadly, because what else could had been maked???

So I am glad that we now are in new universe, with endless possibilities , in surroundings we ALL KNOW……

158. philpot - August 20, 2010

156 ” the problem was there hasn’t been any TOS style Trek since 1991. ”

thats true – in a way Trek was in a similar sceanrio as something like Indiana Jones whereby ok there had been the young Indy tv show but there hadnt really been any PROPER Indiana Jones since 1989…

159. Dennis Bailey - August 20, 2010

#153: “@117 What they did in the JJverse was not returning to the roots, but destroying them and replacing with a brand new tree.”

The old tree was dead. The whole place needed re-landscaped.

#153: “Any true fan will never fully accept ST XI…”

I’ve been a fan since 1966 – hard for me to care much what your criteria for “true” are.

160. boborci - August 20, 2010

“And for Bob, the bridge is cool, but please add something…anything for spock to stand and look through!! It aint Spock without his viewer!”


161. Disinvited - August 20, 2010


That’s not exactly the most accurate way to describe the 2009 story stage.

It is just another parallel Trek universe with a divergent dimension of time – something that’s been with Trek since the character Lazarus. As the dimension of time is unique to each universe there’s really no way to declare one universe “newer” than the other as QM universes spring into existence in timeless voids.

Also, it most definitely is NOT the era of the original series as it isn’t even up to the stardate of Christopher Pike’s pilot STAR TREK adventure. It is more akin to CBS’ ENTERPRISE in that it is in a prequel era.

Ergo, by your own reasoning, the 2009 movie fails your TRUE STARTREK litmus test.

#159. Dennis Bailey echoed “The old tree was dead”

People keep saying things like that, but the only true death to corporations is lack of market viability.

Name one version of Star Trek that either Paramount or CBS has found so devoid of economic life that they ceased all plans to supply video stores with discs?

When even what is regarded in some circles as the worst of STAR TREK is still considered viable enough to release on Blu-ray, the patient, tree or what have you has been anything but dead.

162. Desstruxion - August 20, 2010

If the “Mirror Universe” is an accepted part of ST canon (by the “true” fans) then why can’t another one be as well. Isn’t it a belief within the ST universe that infinite possible realities may exist? I have seen every episode and movie and read several novels of every ST incarnation and have enjoyed them all. I like Trek because it stimulates the imagination. It’s also a great diversion from the rigors of life. I hope the ones griping about the new flick are in the minority because for awhile I was worried that we may never have another movie or series to enjoy. So quit yer bitchin’ and sit back and enjoy this wonderful, made up universe that is ours to explore.

163. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2010

Bob, you are being remarkably forthcoming in regard to fan comments. Such as Vulcan is NOT coming back and now almost a confirmation that Spock’s viewer will make an appearance. So, what’s the main thrust of the story for the next film? Villian or circumstance? I promise I won’t tell. :>)

164. dmduncan - August 20, 2010

I second the call for Harrison Ford, at least, to appear in Star Trek. Even if it’s just a cameo role that would be great.

And hey, the middle of nowhere is a great place to go to get away from it all.

165. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2010


Ah, quoting from TWOK………….nice!

166. dmduncan - August 20, 2010

Doesn’t shooting a movie about aliens in the middle of nowhere make these guys targets for UFO abduction?

167. Harry Ballz - August 20, 2010

The truth is out there……..in the middle of nowhere.

168. Red Dead Ryan - August 20, 2010


Don’t forget about the dreaded “anal probe”!

169. cd - August 20, 2010

As far as the Prime universe goes, another series showing the aftermath of the Dominion War, specifically the effect on Cardassia could have been interesting. Parallels to Europe and Japan after WWII, or go the other way and have it parallel current Iraq, or maybe some of each; showing noble elements versus some not so noble elements within the Federation and Starfleet and their attempts to rebuild Cardassia. It would have been a great opportunity for the kind of political commentary Star Trek is known for.

170. cd - August 20, 2010

159, 161 – As far as the old tree being dead: maybe it just needed some new gardeners.
But the tree is not dead: Abrams, O and K, and company did not kill the Prime Universe, they just created a new one to play with. I appreciate that. One day, we may see Star Trek return to that universe, or not. In any case, it is still there, in our imaginations, for us to play with. >;>}

171. Trek Lady - August 21, 2010

154 “I’m assuring you that any other “Prime” movie in the ENT era, or the TNG era, or even after any know era would have been just as successful.”

I wouldn’t have been there. My family wouldn’t have been there. My closest Trek friends wouldn’t have been there. We are TOS era Trekkies all the way… Maybe others would have gone in our stead… and sat through the film the six times I did… but maybe they wouldn’t hqave. You should avoid making such sweeping statements based upon nothing but your conjucture.

172. Disinvited - August 21, 2010


Indeed, the well worn saws of parallel universes and time travel have been employed in ST from the beginning. I don’t think it would be far off to say that they are STAR TREK clichés. But never before had it been proposed in Trek, except possibly in limited published print editions, that what were temporary narrative diversions should usurp the entire mythos because “Universe xyz is just that much more relevant.” as if such a thing could ever be definitively established in just one outing.

And the marooning of Spock Prime there is straight out of the play book of what has been loosely referred to as “The Competition”, LOST IN SPACE.

I’m not saying these clichés haven’t been employed in an entertaining fashion (Good B movie popcorn munchers often do.), but “new”, “brilliant”, “original” or even “STAR TREK”? Well, let’s just say I entertain doubts.


You say that as if Lazarus’ alternate, the Mirror, Worf’s almost infinite, etc. universes were explored to exhaustion and somehow less “new” and therefore inferior to the 2009 variation. Those other universes were so furtively explored that I doubt you could even argue that they were any more tied to the original canon than the one you consider “new”. In fact, as those previous parallel universes never established exactly were the time parallels and breaks were with the original Trek universe, I’d argue that they are even less tied to established Trek canon than the 2009 one.


I find it infinitely fascinating that just because the 2009 film got familiar faces onto a ship named Enterprise, that ToS “era” fans continually and erroneously believe that it takes place in the ToS era time frame. It does not. It is before even Captain Pike’s reign which lasted at least 13 years. Like the ENTERPRISE tv series before it, it is PREquel Trek.

173. skyjedi - August 21, 2010

As a stand alone sci fi action flick i really liked Star Trek 2009, but it really did not feel that much like a star trek film to me. No exploration and no themes to really chew on during repeat viewings.

174. Trek Lady - August 21, 2010


Um… I have no illusions that NuTrek took place in the TOS timeframe. I can read stardates (Even though they often make no sense). However, as it was focused upon *characters* that I love, I went to see it. I really don’t give a flying fig what *timeframe* it took place in. I went to see it because I love the characters of Kirk and co. Which is also the reason all my TOS friends went to see it. Not that difficult to understand, really. So maybe it isn’t that fans, “continually and erroneously believe that it takes place in the ToS era time frame” but rather that you misunderstand why many TOS fans liked it! :)

My point was, I would not have bothered with a Next Gen remake or an Enterprise remake, etc. They don’t interest me. Others might have loved it, but I would not go so far as to say a not Kirk and co film would have been just as successful. Hard to say.

175. Disinvited - August 21, 2010


I wasn’t picking a nit. I think the way a few of my fellow ToS fans misspeak about the 2009 effort is very revealing and you’ve just confirmed it. Their priorities are that it merely just have enough elements so that it “feels” sort of like ToS era Trek. No doubt feelings are important in Trek but as the Kirk, Spock and McCoy triad often reveals feelings are only one third of the whole kit and caboodle.

Until I see something with a little more of Trek’s head in it that give’s us something to think about I’m in 173’s camp. But I’m more open-minded about it than I was about NEMESIS.

And even at that, I need to re-up my “Never seen NEMESIS” support group because I’ve seen it sitting in a $3 bargain bin for the past three weeks and I think I’m weakening.

176. moauvian waoul - August 21, 2010

Disinvited, don’t do it! Stay strong my brother. Think of all the better things you could do with that money, like tossing it out of a moving car.

177. Harry Ballz - August 21, 2010

Buy three lottery tickets! The odds of winning are better than finally liking Nemesis!

178. Data Logan - August 21, 2010

Agree with 24,30,41,65,155, I’d like to see a new Engineering in the next movie. Where’s the warp core? I don’t mind that Engineering is bigger, has plenty of interesting places. And I understand that the story also didn’t really require the use of a warp core set (and didn’t have much for Scotty to do on the ship), so I understand the choice of not putting the money into creating a warp core set for the movie vice just using a standing brewery set, etc.
But if the next movie has need for more Engineering scenes (and more for Scott to do!) I hope they take the time and effort to create a great new set.
Agree with 30, no more time travel please; let’s just stick with this timeline for a while
Agree with 33,83,115,153 less lens flares; a few are OK for realism/drama, but they just became distracting and annoying
Agree with 80,84,94,173,175 more thought-provoking story, please

179. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - August 21, 2010

I believe in Starships that have ceilings.

180. Data Logan - August 21, 2010

To add on to discussion between Trek Lady & Disinvited on timing of StarTrek09 :
It seems clear by the stardate that the movie was taking place in 2258; this makes Jim Kirk 25, which works for his story line in the movie; but the problem is Chekov’s age of 17; Chekov stated in TOS episode Who Mourns for Adonais? that he was 22; this episode is normally placed in 2267 (about 200 years after the airdate), so this movie would take place about 2262 (about 5 years before the timing of Who Mourns for Adonais?) and Kirk is about 29. I think the best placement of this story (or the “real” time, if there is such a thing) is somewhere in between
Either way, it is definitely before the timeframe of TOS, since all the characters are younger and Pike is still captain.
The movie was definitely not 13 years before TOS timeframe; the characters are much too old for that
Obviously in this parallel universe Captain Pike’s “reign” on the Enterprise does not last 13 years.
The Enterprise is only just now being launched in this parallel universe, yes, but that just means that the launch of the Enterprise is much later in this timeline for some reason (over 15 years later)

Most changes between the timelines can be explained by all the people that were killed on the Kelvin, even if it’s a bit of a stretch. Perhaps one of those people in the original timeline was one of the designers of the Enterprise. So, with that person now dead, etc, the launch of Constitution-class ships was delayed significantly. This could also explain why the design is so different in the new alternate timeline.

181. Data Logan - August 21, 2010

169 cd– Have you read A Stitch in Time or The Never-Ending Sacrifice or Cardassia: The Lotus Flower (Worlds of DS9 story)? Great work done with the post-Dominion War rebuild of Cardassia and the surrounding areas of the once-DMZ.

182. Data Logan - August 21, 2010

I think there needs to be some acknowledgement of Kirk’s inexperience in the next movie. I can think of at least 4 episodes of the original series where there are references of Kirk coming up through the ranks (Obsession, A Private Little War, Court Martial, Patterns of Force), and that doesn’t even count all the episodes where he just mentions a woman he dated, etc. I understand the need to move along the story. I support the decision to get everybody into the right position by the end of the first movie. Still, I think there should be some acknowledgement. Just one line would be all I expect/ask.

183. Data Logan - August 21, 2010

I think a good villain for the next movie would be Garth of Izar. Noble, tragic figure of Shakespearean proportions. A villain that could even rival Khan. A Starfleet captain who actually came up through the ranks and has the experience to draw on. Good foil for the new, young Captain Kirk to learn from. (Although, I must say that I didn’t really like the book by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski; I think this character could be done so much better.)

184. Data Logan - August 21, 2010

I still don’t understand why no one is talking about the transwarp beaming.
This thing is huge!
The ability to use transporters over intergalactic distances is way beyond the technology of the time. This was well established in TOS episodes Assignment: Earth and The Gamesters of Triskelion, as well as TNG episodes like Bloodlines over a hundred years later.
Now that the Federation has that technology, at least 100 years before they would otherwise reasonably get it, there are bound to be major changes.
Remember when the Federation and the Klingon Empire goes to war in Errand of Mercy? If the Federation had transwarp beaming technology they could beam warheads onto military targets from light-years away. Makes short work of the Klingons.
They same would be true of almost any threat.
Even if regular shielding works against this type of beaming, you can’t keep your shields up all the time.
Certainly it would be a devastating weapons for months/years until the foe adjusted.
And what about non-military aspects. No need for that quadrotriticale to be shipped through Deep Space Station K-7 to Sherman’s Planet where it would be unnecessarily vulnerable to Klingons like Arne Darvin when you could just transport it from a planet a few solar systems over.

185. Disinvited - August 22, 2010

#176 & 177

Thanks, for the support. It has passed.


Interesting points. But I suppose that means that Captain April’s been skipped over as well?


I think it would be more interesting if Garth was headed down the path but not yet criminally insane. I suppose that means I don’t want to see him as a villain just yet but rather as the excellent captain he was struggling with what would eventually best him.


I agree. And as much as I’d like to avoid something analogous to STAR WARS, wouldn’t it make sense that the Federation would convert small planetoids into giant transwarp beaming stations that could dispatch starships instantly to wherever they are needed? Maybe the next film could explore the political ramifications of trying to gear up to that?

186. moauvian waoul - August 22, 2010

185 Whew! Almost lost another one.

184. All good points. As I’ve asked here before, what would be the point of starships any longer? This strikes at the heart of the necessity for starfleet. I once posed the question with another and Mr Orci was kind enough to answer the second. I do wish he would have answered that one though.

187. P Technobabble - August 22, 2010

IMO, if there is to be a villain in the next film, he-she-it should not be someone previously seen in TOS, but should be something entirely alien – strange, bizarre and not understood.
I think this is something TMP and TVH tried to do but were not entirely successful in that, in the end, they weren’t really “villainous” enough.
Harlan Ellison’s proposal for TMP would have made a great film, IMO — a reptilian species wiping out humanity in the past, to insure that their fellow reptiles would become the dominant species on earth. And then Kirk struggles with the morality of wiping out the reptiles in order to insure human survival. A truly nasty villain and a moral dilemma — I believe this is what makes a good Star Trek AND a good story. IMO, as always…

188. cd - August 22, 2010

187 – Sounds more like a Doctor Who episode than Star Trek.

189. Trek Lady - August 22, 2010

175 “Their priorities are that it merely just have enough elements so that it “feels” sort of like ToS era Trek. ”

LOL! have you read any of my comments previously concerning this film? Yes, for me to enjoy it, it needed to have elements of TOS… the characters were paramount (pardon the pun)…beyond that there was quite a bit lacking. For me, NuTrek was a fun summer film that recaptured a lot of what I loved from TOS, but which fell short in several areas. It was an excercise in missed potentials, and sometimes was so far off the mark as to leave me still bitter a year later. I am very nervous about the next film, because, although I was willing to look the other way for some of the issues I had with 2009, the next one will be a make or break film for me, depending upon how they handle those issues.

190. Disinvited - August 22, 2010


And if you’ve read any of mine you’d know you have nothing to apologize for. Being heavily influenced by Groucho at an impressionable young age, I love a good double entendre.

We are more alike in thoughts on the 2009 effort than the impression offhand remarks might give.

Except, having lived through its first cancellation and total corporate abandonment , and the efforts the fans did to keep it alive like fanfiction, do it yourself conventions and this:


I don’t despair of STAR TREK “dying”. It never took root and nor truly flourished in the tiny grinch hearts of mega-corporations to begin with.

Besides, to everything, there is a season (Pun intended.)

191. Trek Lady - August 22, 2010

190 “It never took root and nor truly flourished in the tiny grinch hearts of mega-corporations to begin with.”

I think they did more to kill it than anything else… it was the fans that kept it going – and I was there through the dark ages too. :)


192. Disinvited - August 22, 2010


I would agree except I’m pretty sure Harlan came up with it before the Who episode of which you are thinking.

It is also worthy of note that Ellison was/is a HUGE Who fan (To which he attests in his introductions that he wrote for the Who novels by Terry Nation.) from way back and at the time he created this concept, could have easily steered away from any hint of plagiarization and would have.

193. P Technobabble - August 23, 2010

188. cd / 192. Disinvited

I believe Ellison pitched this idea in ’77 or ’78. And I’m not an expert on Dr. Who, by any means… although I enjoyed the show when I was able to watch it (mostly familiar with the Tom Baker episodes).
You probably remember, when Trek was moving to the big screen, the studio execs and the producers wanted the film to be really big in scope — far greater than the tv series, and epic in scale. Ellison was attempting to design a story that would give Kirk a real moral dilemma, much as he did in “City,” where Kirk had to choose between saving Edith Keeler or saving the future. I believe Ellison’s story would have made a great Trek movie.

194. Disinvited - August 23, 2010

“Certainly the scope of this ‘Star Trek’ is unlike any that’s come before it. So if you want ‘Transformers’-scope action sequences in space? That’s what you will get when you see ‘Star Trek.'” – Alex Kurtzman

195. Danzig - August 27, 2010

John (post 25) The bridge could be a little less blinding white enamel, but it’s the engine room that needs an identity, it just looks like a load of pipes!!

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