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Brannon Braga: Seven Of Nine Should Have Died In Voyager Finale August 24, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: VOY , trackback

Veteran Star Trek writer producer Brannon Braga, the same writer who controversially wrote the deaths of both James T Kirk and Charles "Trip" Tucker", has revealed in a new interview that he also wanted to kill off another of Trek’s best known characters: Seven of Nine.


Braga on Seven and Voyager finale

Braga’s latest comment comes from an interview in the latest issue of SFX magazine (via SciFi Pulse), where he reveals how he thinks the Voyager finale could have benefited from one more element, namely the death of Seven. Braga states:

"It was my feeling that Seven Of Nine should have died. If you watch the episode ‘Human Error’ written by Andre Bormanis, it was not only a heart breaking episode in that Seven Of Nine learns, as she begins to explore her human emotions, that she can’t experience them. There’s a Borg chip inside her that will kill her if she tries to do so. First of all, that’s kind of an interesting ‘rape victim’ analogy or whatever you want to call it, about a damaged woman who can’t get past what happened to her, but I also always saw it as a crucial episode that would set up the finale.

"This was a woman who knew she was neither here nor there. She couldn’t go back to the Borg, nor would she want to, but she could never be fully human, so she was doomed. And I wanted to have her sacrifice herself to get her shipmates home."

Here is a clip from the episode "Human Error", where Seven learns that emotions can kill her (sorry audio is out of sync).

Kill Seven?

After taking so much flack for killing Kirk in Generations and Trip in the Enterprise finale, it is surprising that Braga would open up the floor to suggest even more death. However, it is an interesting prospect. Of course the Voyager finale "Endgame" did kill of Seven in an alternate timeline, which was then ‘fixed’ by the future Janeway going back in time to set things right. However, that death was not tied into her Borg implants reacting against emotions, but was just a mention of a death on some away mission.

So what do you think? Would killing off Seven in the Voyager finale have been a good thing?

Killing off Seven of Nine in Voyager finale?

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1. rm10019 - August 24, 2010

Interesting it may have added some depth to an otherwise lackluster finale

2. jas_montreal - August 24, 2010

Brannon Braga should have had the USS-Voyager die and break at the end of the show. They should have shown that it was falling apart. Sorta like the battlestar galactica. I don’t think it was necessary to kill 7 of 9.

3. Jordan - August 24, 2010

Yes! More Star Trek characters need to die. Do you realize how dangerous their profession is? It would have been good to see her sacrifice herself to bring them home, like they sacrificed voyager to bring her home to humanity.

But Janeway would have been a better character to kill. Her mission was to get her crew home, and after she accomplished that, here character feels flat.

4. Fletch Gannon - August 24, 2010

Nothing was going to fix ‘Voyager’ by the time it had gotten to the finale…you either liked the series or didn’t. Killing Seven wouldn’t have made the finale any better. The show was over with at the point. Killed Kirk and Trip but let Seven live….yup there isn’t any justice in the world. (NOTE: Kirk and Trip aren’t really dead as far as I’m concerned.)

5. Kenneth_Of_Borg - August 24, 2010

I hope they can bring as much dramatic depth to the Star Trek sequel.

6. jas_montreal - August 24, 2010


My thoughts exact about the show. But i still think they could have redeemed themselves a bit in season 7. First illustrating that the “journey” was taking a toll on the family and the ship. Things like…. a ship falling apart, desperation and characters emotional struggle with the idea that the ship is falling apart. Anyways, what do i know? Brannon and Berman obviously knew what they were doing. They treated Ronald D Moore like crap on Voyager since his ideas were horrible (sarcasm). Ron then took his “crappy” ideas and remade BSG (very similar context to voyager). BSG is probably the greatest sci-fi show of our time. Good job Brannon and Berman. You are my heroes.

7. Lonzo5 - August 24, 2010

He would say something like that.

8. Kevin - August 24, 2010

Both Kirk & Trip’s deaths were done awkwardly & pointlessly, killing off anyone besides Janeway would have been failtastic. Besides, Voyager & Enterprise did nothing but harm Star Trek’s legacy.

9. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - August 24, 2010

Thanks, but your times has passed, Brannon.

10. Kelly - August 24, 2010

Jeri was recently at Creation’s East Coast con, where she mentioned that the whole Borg chip was a plot element that got dropped for some reason. Her and Beltran were originally told their little romantic thing was a one episode deal, and she was surprised with their being together in the finale and all that.

– Kelly
The Convention Fans Blog

11. Phaser Guy - August 24, 2010

The fact was the backstory of Voyager was depressing – a ship lost in a quadrant? Not very Star Trek like.

12. Winona - August 24, 2010

…I am glad he didn’t get his way. Because he has some serious issues with death scenes; as in he’s really bad at them. Kirk’s death was handled so wrong, I mean seriously? A bridge? And Trip…just no. He didn’t really even need to die.

13. BenAvery - August 24, 2010

The Voyager finale was a terrible, missed opportunity. Man do I wish they had taken some time in season seven to build up to it . . . give some REAL closure instead of an alternate timeline that teased with closure but yanked it away. The actual ending, the moment we’d waited for over seven years, was anti-climatic. Voyager was about a forced blended family and their home: Voyager. The Voyager finale should have been about getting “home” and dealing with re-assimilating into their old/new home. I didn’t want to see a possible future that got erased, I wanted to see these characters changed because of their experiences. it just didn’t give me that — not hte way I hoped for, anyway.

I don’t know how fandom in general accepted the ending . . . I loved TNG’s ending, I loved DS9’s ending. With Trek VI, I loved TOS’s ending. But Voyager just fell flat. Having 7 of 9 die . . . could have been interesting, if it had been driven by her character’s arc. Sacrificing herself so her adopted family could return to their home: that’s a satisfying conclusion, and considering Voyager was the only home she had . . . she didn’t have the same drive as the rest of the crew to get home, but she did have the drive to help them because she loved them and they loved her. There’s some cool “family” and “home” elements that could have been brought out there.

14. Harry Ballz - August 24, 2010

Brannon Braga must have abandonment issues in his psychological make-up. He seems strongly compelled to kill off people he knows (or has created) before they ultimately leave him.

15. Another Q - August 24, 2010

They killed off Chacotay in the final episode, if
I remember correctly…the grave stone at the
beginning of the episode. I only liked maybe
four episodes, the Pilot, a couple in the middle,
and the final episode. Sad.

16. Seattle Trek Fan - August 24, 2010

Yeah, that would have worked SO well. To kill off a character that was designed to replace a character that SHOULD have been killed off in Season 4 (Harry Kim). I think Braga wants more attention to how badly he f***ed up Voyager.
I think the only character that was killed off right was Spock in WOK. Kirk, Tasha Yar, Jadzia, Lt. Carey and Tucker were all done to shock people. (Granted Crosby and Farrell wanted out of the show, but their deaths were done poorly.)

17. jas_montreal - August 24, 2010

@ 15

Chakotay died in another time line. After granny Janeway traveled into the past and helped them come home…. Chakotay survives and hence forth another timeline is created in the Trek-universe. Alternate universe explanation to everything in trek ;)

18. Magic_Al - August 24, 2010

Voyager was created with Kes presumably scheduled to grow old and die by the conclusion of a long series run so it’s not entirely surprising that Braga might, subconsciously even, plug Kes’s replacement into that arc.

19. Zebonka - August 24, 2010

Well SOMEONE didn’t take the break-up very well!

20. sean - August 24, 2010

Almost anything would have made the conclusion to Voyager better since the show really floundered for the final few seasons. There was no build-up to that finale, and thus no real payoff. They used the Borg as the ultimate crutch, and whenever they’d write themselves into a corner or run out of ideas they would go sprinting to the Borg again.

Robert Beltran was pretty ruthless about a lot of those final scripts on Voyager as well as the shafting his character received. Voyager had such a promising setup but they totally blew it by essentially making it TNG in the Delta Quadrant. There were a few bright spots like Equinox (which actually explored the idea of a ship on the edge with no command to turn to) but they were too few and far between.

21. Vultan - August 24, 2010

The USS Voyager should have ended up like the Bluesmobile, running in a mad dash across the Delta Quadrant until it lands and falls apart in front of the Cook County Assessor’s Office. ;)

“Ship’s got a lot of pickup.”

22. Buzz Cagney - August 24, 2010

They should have just put her in ever tighter fitting costumes until she could finally breath no more and gracefully fell over a expired.
I think i’d have enjoyed following that one over the preceding weeks. ;-)

23. Victor Hugo - August 24, 2010

I forgot everything about Voyager.

24. Ian Pond - August 24, 2010

Why does someone have to die to end a show/movie? Kirk dying in Generations is a great point. There was no need to bridge the gap between TOS/TNG, but whatever, Kirk is killed buy a rusty bolt on a rock cliff. What a way to go for Starfleet’s most decorated officer. FML

Star Trek VI and TNG: All Good Things are the best written endings to send a cast of characters on their merry voyages.

25. Captain Irving - August 24, 2010

I don’t know, I kind of like Voyager, yes some episdoes and season were blah, but for me the year of hell episode was best. I don’t think seven’s death would have been necessary plot wise although interesting. Kes’ character got robbed a good right off, I would have rather had her die a meaningful death or to just leave to explore with her own race. The finale was a decent one I felt, except I think with the credits rolling you could have filmed the welcome home celebrations, family friends, what happened with the former maquis.

However I agree with yall about the ship falling apart.

It really needed that look to it over the course of the season especially in the interior and exterior as you’re telling me all those hull breaches magically were taken way and repainted.

I think a good death would have been Voyager herself in the finale and having to blow her up to bring the crew home.

I agree braga shouldn’t have killed Trip, or Kirk. Kirk should have someone squeaked out of the death’s grip once again proving Kirk prevails over the no win scenario. Trip I don’t feel is dead, dead as the finale was a hologram program reliving the events of Enterprise. So we assume by records he is possibly dead, but could have survived.

26. Magnus - August 24, 2010

Didn’t the whole crew die several times in different timelines? Oh wait..they did.

Voyager was a great show. Braga likes killing off major characters that fans love. I’m surprised he didn’t get his way.

Kirk had to die someday, so I get that. The Trip death was..wait for it…LAME. But so was the whole BS final episode…but of course, we all know these things..

All Braga is trying to do is get people to listen to him by saying “controversial” things. Who care what he says anymore. He was good, but mostly bad for the Star Trek series.

Let him talk about how Seven should have died. Here’s the thing…she’s alive in the Prime Timeline. The *only* timeline that matters.

27. ilkers - August 24, 2010

history has proven you are wrong about a great number of things Brannon. Please do retire, play Playstation and relax in some corner, and don’t ever try to pry your way into Star Trek again. Because YOU almost killed the frakking franchise boyo!

28. Simon - August 24, 2010

I think it would have been a bad idea because the whole concept of Seven was for a person who was once Borg to readjust to being human, all the lessons she had learned would go to waste with her death.

Being on Voyager helped her prepare for truly rejoining humanity once they reached Earth.

I *did* hate the Seven & Chakotay romance. Blech.

29. Allen Williams - August 24, 2010

what is it with writers and killing off people. killing off trip sucked. Don’t kill people. killing 7 would have only made it worse.

30. trip should have lived - August 24, 2010

stop killing people! you evil evil man!

31. Vardonir - August 24, 2010


Yours truly,
A JetCer.

Just kidding.
Maybe if she died in a way that truly “ended” her story (e.g., sacrificing her life to save someone else, as mentioned) then it would be fine. If she was the one who used the SC4 for the final scenes of Endgame, it would have worked.

32. Jim Nightshade - August 24, 2010

bah! Killing Seven would have done nothing to improve the finale–as others have mentioned most of the characters deaths in trek were pointless n not particularly well done–tasha yar perfect point–killed by an oil slick-the very touching hologram finale speech was so great it almost redeemed her death–and seeing her character pop up in other episodes was great-her romulan incarnation was also well done–deaths of characters has become too cliched with tucker to data–im glad 7 did not suffer a similar lousy death–

33. Chris M - August 25, 2010

Firstly as much as we acknowledge the mistakes Brannon Braga may have made it’s important to remember that he co-wrote Star Trek: First Contact which is by far the best of the TNG movies and probably in the top four at least of the eleven Star Trek films. Killing Seven would have served very little purpose as did killing Trip in the last episode of Enterprise, it was a needless death and the character deserved better than that. I wasn’t too fussed about killing Kirk (who is my all time favourite character) as it seemed his destiny to die saving the world/universe had been forfilled and with the latest movie we also saw the birth of Kirk so we have seen his full ife cycle! Also the fact that Kirk and Picard wer together on film made Generations a worhtwhile film, even if it’s not a fan favourite.

34. Mary Czerwinski - August 25, 2010

It’s interesting that this subject has come up recently as new information from Braga re: the 7 of 9 character. I did an interview with Brannon in 2007 where he revealed this information. Obviously, my little youtube video doesn’t have the reach of StarPulse. If you’re interested the video link is below. He mentions it about 2:20

35. Mary Czerwinski - August 25, 2010

I do feel like killing off a main character would have upped the stakes a bit and taken away some of the stigma Voyager had with the reset button. I’ve always been a big fan of Joss Whedon because he’s never afraid to take such risks. It always make it feel like anything can happen and that there are real consequences.

36. Data476 - August 25, 2010

It probably would have been similar to Data’s death in Nemesis – afterall; Data and Seven are both pretty similar in the arcs that are created for those two characters – therefore I probably would have hated it.

If the writers were willing to create a really compelling and believable and most importantly, emotiional, death of Seven then I’m sure it would have been the greatest Voyager episode there ever was and I probably would have accepted the death.

But the writers obviously were not willing to stretch the evelope at that point. They must’ve been to busy on there’re Enterprise project at that point…!

37. skyjedi - August 25, 2010

He had some of the worst star trek ideas ever.
Thankfully he no longer writes star trek, and i hope it stays that way.

38. Kevin - August 25, 2010

I keep thinking about how Braga co-wrote some things with Ron Moore. Man, how much better Trek would have been if Moore had just written it all by himself.

39. captain_neill - August 25, 2010


She mentioned that at Vegas as well.


He also had a lot of cool ideas that I liked. I happene to like him as a writer.

40. Chain of Command - August 25, 2010

Voyager was part of the era of Star Trek that took no risks. Many have already mentioned how interesting it could have been if it had been more like the re-imagined BSG. Oh well, it was what it was.

41. Holger - August 25, 2010

Here’s another outstanding idea for a series finale from the man who brought us ENT: These are the voyages. Wow, this guy really knows what the fans want.

42. Robert H. - August 25, 2010

Killing James T. Kirk, it was a good idea. Not only cementing the end of the original series movies, before JJ showed up, but it gave Kirk that sense of going down guns ablazing. As well the situation brought forth what Kirk had always known, he’ll die alone.

Killing 7 of 9, bad, bad, bad. It made sense that she dies in the alternate timeline, cementing Janeway’s urge to take her future self’s suggestion of taking the shortcut home. But killing her anyways … what’s the point? An act of spite from the Queen? Even that act of spite from the Queen made sense, it would be totally pointless for the Queen.

Killing Trip, mixed, but still seemed pointless on a poorly written and poorly executed episode.

43. YARN - August 25, 2010

I would have killed off Brannon in the finale.

Now that would have been cathartic.

44. P Technobabble - August 25, 2010

I’m sure Braga is imagining a universe of criticism without all the sarcasm.

Killing off Seven would have been a mistake, IMO. I think there are only so many times you can get away with pulling the heart-strings by the death of a character. No other death in Star Trek could ever top the death of Spock in TWOK, and that should have been recognized and accepted. Killing Kirk’s son was string-puller. Kirk’s unnecessary death was a string-puller. Trip’s death was a string-puller… Killing off a major character in order to evoke an emotional response from the audience is (or should be) a no-no. It comes off as contrived. Spock’s death was not only an integral part of the story, it was an integral part of his character. None of these other Star Trek deaths fit the bill. IMO.

45. Craig - August 25, 2010

I’d of prefered more of a conclusion to the Borg Arc eluded to in Dark Frontier, I like the idea the collective released her intentionally to prepare her for becoming a queen better equiped to assimilate humanity.

46. Craig - August 25, 2010

44. Tasha Yar was integral in the development of Data and Worf and paved the way for one of Trek’s best villians Sela

47. ChristopherPike - August 25, 2010

This is probably the one finale sacrifice which would’ve made sense. Seven wasn’t part of the crew to begin with afterall. I thought that was the direction, they were going in at the time. Whereas killing Charles Tucker came so out of the blue, with episodes left to deal with the aftermath, you needed to set it up as a possibility early on and gave fans used to the idea, it go either way. At least with Seven, there was some sense of that with her various relapses into being Borg.

48. Christopher Pike - August 25, 2010

^ should read – “with NO episodes left to deal with the aftermath.”

49. TonyD - August 25, 2010

#29 – “what is it with writers and killing off people.”

It’s called a lack of imagination (or, if you want to be kind, burnout). They need to come up with some big “event” to get people to tune in / buy tickets and rather than actually work to make a good story they just say “Let’s kill off one of our most popular characters. That’ll get people talking.”

Braga contributed some good stories to Trek but by the end he’d clearly run out of ideas; no shame in that, it happens to anyone associated with something for so long. Still, its a good thing he’s no longer involved in Trek’s creative process.

50. YoJIMbo - August 25, 2010

BRANNON BRAGA is the WORST thing that ever happened to Star Trek. He took a beautiful and unique genre and corrupted it beyond recognition.

51. JWWright - August 25, 2010

Brannon is right. Lack of imagination? I suppose Shakespeare could have been accused of the same… Tragedy is no less a lack of imagination than comedy.

The idea that 7 of 11 is killed by her borg chip is at least interesting, in contrast to most of the dull Star Trek:Lost In Space, er, I mean, Voyager outing.

52. whokiller - August 25, 2010

Interesting comment considering Braga and Jeri Ryan use to date and now she’s married again. I wonder.

53. - August 25, 2010

To kill her off there would need to have been some payoff. By that i do not just mean saving the crew but her being able to experience her emotions in her last moments because of her sacrifice.

I’m not so sure Braga understood the need for a payoff. It was as if he though killing a popular character was itself sufficient for the emotional resonance to satisfy us.

Hence dropping Kirk off of a cliff was empty and meant nothing. A wasted opportunity. I’m not so sure Braga could have learnt his lesson for 7 of 9

54. jdennis_99 - August 25, 2010

Difficult, as Trek generally sucks at good series finales. TOS didn’t have a proper ending due to it’s cancellation, TNG’s was OK, DS9’s was a big disappointment, VOY’s was lacklustre, and the less said about ENT’s the better.

Would killing Seven have improved it? If executed well, maybe. But Trek deaths have rarely been executed well. Tasha Yar’s? Contrived. Kirk’s? Awful. Jadzia Dax? Lacked meaning.

55. Pensive's Wetness - August 25, 2010

well, you can say they learn some lessons (and forgot others) during ENT’s run. The NX did look beat down at times during later episodes, which is something they didn’t do during VOY… but they still made a poopy product in the end, for both serial runs…

56. Lore - August 25, 2010

#21 Its got Romulan nacelles.
Romulan armor plating
Klingon Disrupters
& Borg Computer Processers

Where’d you get it

Police Auction.

57. CmdrR - August 25, 2010

Somebody’s seen that episode of M*A*S*H where Col. Blake dies one too many times.
The WORST part about “These are the Voyages…” was the utterly gratuitous and sloppily handled death of Trip. The WORST part of “Generations” was Kirk’s pointless death. These were handled so badly they became a beacon of bad writing.
I mention M*A*S*H because in that case, the death was written as a clever — and painful — twist at the end of a season. It worked. Spock’s death worked in TWOK, especially since we got a hint of his rebirth a couple minutes later. But, that’s it! You’re done. You can’t keep striking the same emotional nerve or it goes dead.

Having said all that, I fully expect Pike to show up in the sequel specifically so he can die.

58. BringBackTrek - August 25, 2010

#43 Braga does seem a little obsessed with the subject, but I would have opted to off him prior to the premiere – and Generations.

59. Horatio - August 25, 2010

Well, killing Seven off actually would have made alot more sense than the pointless death of Tripp or the unnecessary death of a cultural icon.

Killing Kirk off in the manner it was handled in Generations was really poor.

Killing Tripp was just plain stupid.

Trek just doesn’t do a good job of killing off its characters. Tasha Yar anyone?

60. Ralph F - August 25, 2010

I think I recall reading the ST: NEMESIS novelization (yeah, yeah; I know) and that, originally, Seven of Nine was to take Riker’s place as Picard’s First Officer. Problem with it on screen was that Ms Ryan wanted far too much money for what was a less-than-a-minute cameo.

61. Greg2600 - August 25, 2010

I couldn’t stand Seven of Nine, so that would have been the rare case where killing a Trek character would have been fine with me.

62. Losira - August 25, 2010

Kill 7 of9? Why? So much could be done with her after coming to Earth like comic book or evan a novel. Brannon! Stop being the grim reaper! Its un becoming! A lot can be done example her charge that’s in Starfleet academy. She is his mentor. Her and chacotay holds a lot of potential ex she works at the Daystom institute cybernetics div. Researching Soong’s work. How about discovering that some Borg tech will stop the destabilization of the posotronic net like what happen to LOL. That’s a start in opening a pleasent Pandora’s box with endless possibilities. In short close the casket Braga! Let’s live instead life is a never ending story.

63. John from Cincinnati - August 25, 2010

Hi Brannon Braga,

I hope you’re reading this. The death you wrote for James T. Kirk is the most deflating, uninspired heap of garbage in the history of writing. I mean, if you got a panel of the worst writers in the world and asked them to come up with the flimsiest death for one of fiction’s greatest heroes you would still have them beat.

Thanks for nothing.

64. John from Cincinnati - August 25, 2010


You should have to turn in your screenwriters Guild card for the talentless body of work you contributed to the world. We are all dumber for having watched your slop.

65. Harry Ballz - August 25, 2010

If memory serves, Braga and Moore went off to Hawaii to pen Generations. Probably smoked too much wacky weed when they dreamed up killing off Kirk. If any outside writer had pitched that idea, they would have been laughed out of the room. This is what happens when Hollywood “circles the wagons” and won’t let fresh talent in the door! Disgraceful!

66. Danpaine - August 25, 2010

62. John from Cincinnati – August 25, 2010
64. Harry Ballz – August 25, 2010

Right on, Gentlemen. If they Had to kill off Kirk, which they Didn’t, there were about 256 better, more honorable, more eloquent, more meaningful ways to do it.

Horribly done, Mr. Braga. A rusty bolt. Classy.

67. CmdrR - August 25, 2010

(inspired by #64)

Kirk, Picard, and Malcoolm McDowell’s generic villain are on a bridge, wearing grass skirts. The bridge spans the maw of an angry volcano.

McDowell: (holding a remote and pointing a complicated gun) All I have to do is fire my missile and wait for it to destroy the sun, kill a civilization we never see, and alter the gravitation constant for this sector, so I can get back into the bliss of the Nexus.

Kirk: Is that really the least complicated way you could get that done?? I could fix you up with some Maui Wowie that’d get you there all weekend for under 50 bucks.

The volcano rumbles. Kirk goes arse over teakettle over the side of the bridge and grabs for the nearest support.

Picard: Hold on, Captain of the Enterprise! You’re about to make a difference.

Kirk: Thank goodness I grabbed your grass skirt.

Picard: That’s not grass you’re holding.

Kirk: Oh my!

Picard: It’s been fun.

Kirk slips off, falls to his death.

McDowell: Nice try.

roll credits

**In the sequel, it’s revealed that Kirk only burns off his legs and naughty bits. McDowell rebuilds him, taller, and with the voice of James Earl Jones.**

68. CmdrR - August 25, 2010

out-take on the DVD Gold edition of #66:


(shot of Kirk falling to his death)

Kirk: Sh*****************************************************t!

Justin Halpern: (standing on the rim,) Hmmm.


69. Losira - August 25, 2010

#14 you have a point. Very well put. Also Braga may be inseure. Perhaps he fears or envys another writer that will take a said character 7 of 9 and realy develope other facets of her in passage of time. Taking her places and situations that will blossom into far better storytelling. And out shine him. So he killed her like Trip. So much great material laid ahead. Like him and T’Pol, or a permotion and new assignments. New great material. For comics and novels. You no what! Trip did not Die. As others said. I agree. There are always endless possibilities explore them Braga not kill them ok?

70. DarthDogg - August 25, 2010

What would everyone have thought about Kirks death if they did not have him meet with Pickard and die on the bridge, but instead, simply showed him dying saving the Enterprise-B and left it at that?

71. Danpaine - August 25, 2010

69. DarthDogg – August 25, 2010

….I, for one, would have much preferred that.

72. Buzz Cagney - August 25, 2010

Perhaps she could have died of heart failure right after she beat Neelix to death?

73. Renee Wike - August 25, 2010

# 19 Zebonka

True words my friend! That must have been one Ugly Break Up. Sonebody’s ego took a major blow.

74. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - August 25, 2010

I understand the dramatic reasons for killing of interesting TREK characters but it grates with me that the TREK version of Jar Jar Binks is allowed to live while Kirk, Sisko and Trip are killed off.
…………. I’m looking at you Neelix!,

75. Thorny - August 25, 2010

71. Buzz Cagney.. “Perhaps she could have died of heart failure right after she beat Neelix to death?”

Just in case everyone’s forgotten… Neelix left Voyager in the episode prior to the finale. He stayed behind on a remote Talaxian colony.

76. bgiles73 - August 25, 2010

Thank God this dude is no longer steering the course for Star Trek. I loved alot of his earlier work, but it’s amazing how unispired his last storylines ended up being. Star Trek is in better hands now. I can deal with the lens flares, the destruction of Vulcan, and Kirk going from Cadet to Captain in a few hours time. I wouldn’t be able to deal with another “These are the Voyages”. Good riddance.

77. Cafe 5 - August 25, 2010

Most of the problems on all the “Star Trek’s” was lazy writing. If a problem popped up its was lets blow something up…then it was we need to kill somebody. Sometimes it was both….a means to justify the ends so to speak.

78. Thorny - August 25, 2010

69… I would have liked that, but I didn’t have a beef with the way he died on Veridian III anyway. Sure, the “oh my” line really was horrible, but otherwise, Kirk died to save millions of Veridians. What’s so heinous about that? I always had a much bigger problem with the Enterprise-D getting taken out by an obsolete Bird of Prey.

79. Captain Braxton - August 25, 2010

being one of the lamest characters in trek history, she should have been killed off.

on a sidenote, it would have been hilarious if ensign kim was still an ensign on the final episode. career ensign kim! lol what a douche. they should have killed him off too.

80. Thorny - August 25, 2010

74… Well, I hated the “Cadet to Captain” groaner in Trek 2009. I understand why Mr. Orci and Co. wanted to end the movie that way, but it still is ridiculous. At least when Ron Moore wrote the same story for DS9 (“Valiant”) it was in the context of the Dominion War and was only temporary until the Valiant could get back to a starbase. Trek 2009 made it permanent. Ridiculous.

81. Kev -1 - August 25, 2010

It’s OK to kill of characters, but there should be a good reason. Too many times it seems writers add a death scene just to give “gravitas” and “poignancy” to a story. As if adding death makes “sci-fi” more realistic and palatable. I’ll never understand why they killed Kirk that way. It just didn’t make sense and it probably cost Paramount money; in movie attendance, merchandising and fan enthusiasm.

82. Damian - August 25, 2010

I for one have always liked happy endings. I was glad Voyager made it home, major characters intact. Voyager was a difficult show for me to grab a hold of. I eventually got into it and liked some of the development of the characters. Their were some characters I loved and hated depending on the episode, like Janeway, the Doctor, Neelix, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine. Because of their unique circumstances, it was a show with greater character growth. The characters at the end of the series were much different people than when they started. I am not a hater of anyone involved with Star Trek and have enjoyed all their work in general. However, I have to disagree with Braga here. Killing Seven would have negated all the work that was done to develop her character (we already know she would have given her life for her crew by the end). Fortunately Berman and co. thought better of it, rightfully so.

83. Daoud - August 25, 2010

@17. Excellent. Granny Janeway’s time travel did two things:
Caused the Hobus Supernova. (Bingo!)
Created the Nexus propagating backwards in time (Bingo!)

We solved everything. Woo hoo! It’s Miller Time.

84. izbot - August 25, 2010

73. Renee Wike – August 25, 2010
# 19 Zebonka

True words my friend! That must have been one Ugly Break Up. Sonebody’s ego took a major blow.”

I heard Brannon took Jeri to a swingers party and had continually pressured her to enter ‘the lifestyle’ — that’s when she left him.

85. Buzz Cagney - August 25, 2010

Forgotten. Never cared. The line is incredibly blurred on that one for me!

86. Bart - August 25, 2010

Seven’s death could have been very dramatic, if it had been executed properly.

While I love ALL the Trek series and characters. As a whole, Voyager was my favorite of all the sequels.

Kirk’s death was the most pointless piece of shit I’ve ever been subjected to in the Trek universe.

87. Bart - August 25, 2010

Well wait a minute….Kirk’s death ties with the whole of NEMESIS as the most pointless piece of shit I’ve ever been subjected to in the Trek universe.

88. Vultan - August 25, 2010


Haha! Good to see another Blues Brothers fan on here.

89. David Stoeckel - August 25, 2010

I don’t think they should have killed her off. I Love VOYAGER. What they should have done is found a way to fix the Problem.

90. Harry Ballz - August 25, 2010

#84 “I heard Brannon took Jeri to a swingers party..that’s when she left him”

I think it was her ex-husband, not Brannon, who did that to her. The news of that got out, causing her husband to drop out of politics, clearing the way for a young upstart named Barack Obama to capture the Senate seat!

91. Dopplerganger - August 25, 2010

Both deaths, Kirk and Trip’s were worthless, added nothing to the storiesnor the franchise and were poorly concieved, written, and executed. Braga harmed the frnachise with both these worthless deaths.

Killing Seven would have been equally stupid.

92. Lore - August 25, 2010

#90 I remember him, whatever happened to that guy? Oops now everyone one knows I’ve traveled back from the year 2016.

93. Lore - August 25, 2010

#91 If he had killed Seven he shouldn’t show up at a Trek convention ever again. Us Trek fans are protective of our “Hot Trek Chicks”.

94. CaptainTrekkie - August 25, 2010

Both Kirk and Trips deaths were both pointless, as most of you have pointed out.

Another pointless death was Data’s at the end of Nemesis.

95. Harry Ballz - August 25, 2010

93 “Hot Trek Chicks”

Is that like, in hockey, when somebody gets three easy goals, they call it “An Easy Hatrick”?

96. Ceti Alpha 5 - August 25, 2010

Given his track record of character deaths: Kirk, Data, Trip….it would have been just as pointless and terribly executed.

97. Will_H - August 25, 2010

I think it would have worked a lot better than future Janeway. I mean her death meant nothing really since Janeway was still alive.

98. T'Cal - August 25, 2010

I like these games “what if”? I particularly liked the concept of Picard not being restored from Locutus either dying or escaping, leaving Riker as captain and Shelby as XO. Or the one in which Tom Riker stays onboard while Will Riker leaves unable to deal with Tom’s and Deana’s rekindled relationship. That would’ve meant promoting one of the senior officers to XO (or bringing in another character). The problem with killing off 7 of 9 is that if it happens in the final episode, big deal. It changes very little. I’ve always liked the idea of killing off a main character during a series to bring in some trauma, which will allow the others to grow deeper.

99. Thorny - August 25, 2010

96… Credit/blame where it’s due: Brannon Braga had nothing to do with Data’s death. From what I understand, that was mostly done at the behest of Brent Spiner, and it was written by Rick Berman and John Logan.

100. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - August 25, 2010

The killing off of characters is so cleshey its a desperate attempt at getting good ratings

101. Captain Otter - August 25, 2010

I think the rest of the crew should have died and Seven should have been rescued by a ship full of Orion women.
Yeah…. like 20 greek chicks and Seven just lost in space…
…sorry, I got a little distracted there. What were we talking about again?

102. Terran_Guy - August 25, 2010

I got to say, what the heck is with them and trying to kill off popular and central characters for no apparent reason?

Data, Trip, Kirk, etc.

It really wouldn’t have helped the series in my opinion. The show was poorly done, they are trapped in the Delta Quadrant for 7 straight years and in almost every episode the ship is new and clean. which makes no sense. Adding a death to show the toll wouldn’t have been effective unless they were showing the toll the whole 7 seasons.

103. jarok - August 25, 2010

I agree with Terran_Guy that if they were going to kill off someone to show the toll the 7 years took, they would have to have done it through out the 7 seasons. And killing off 7 of 9 would have been stupid just like killing Kirk, Sisko, Data and Trip. Why some writers think this is great writing or drama I don’t know. Mr Whedon does the same thing in his series. And I don’t get it.

104. Tom1701 - August 25, 2010

Obviously that’s Brannon’s idea of drama (see Generations). I voted she should die purely because I couldn’t stand the character.
-just made a bad show worse.

105. Alex Aslanidis - August 25, 2010

Killing Kirk was a waste and unnecessary, figures BB thought up that dumb idea. Anyone who thinks up a counselor Troi cake shouldn’t have been giving the reins to kill Captain Kirk. Worst decision ever!

106. sean - August 25, 2010

Yeah, how dare these writers kill off a character they created and force me to reflect on my own mortality! I want my heroes to live in a consequence free zone where their dangerous lifestyles have no repercussions whatsoever!

107. wissaboo - August 25, 2010

It could have been brilliant if done correctly. Her character was never used on screen again so why not?

108. Sid - August 25, 2010

It would’ve been perfect IF IT WERE DONE RIGHT.

Given how they gratuitously killed Trip off at the end of ENT, I wonder. Of course, given how and where Voyager ended, there would’ve been plenty of opportunity for it to have been done intelligently…

109. EvilB - August 25, 2010

Considering Braga was dating Ryan (and it didn’t last), I wonder if this was some sort of sweet revenge or ill will (conscious or subconscious) from him…

110. Hector Alfonso - August 26, 2010

Braga should have written the ENT finale with Riker and Troi for the VOY finale instead. Heck, throw in Q and Picard saving the universe with Voyager returning home as a lame afterthought.

Has anyone else noticed that every post-Trek show that Braga has done has been canceled after one season?

111. Ed - August 26, 2010

I quite enjoyed the Voyager finale. Thought it was one of the best final episodes.

112. Horatio - August 26, 2010

You know, Braga also killed off Picard’s brother and nephew. Lets see…. the Braga casualty list includes:

James T Kirk
Charles ‘Tripp’ Tucker III
Robert Picard
Renee Picard

Anyone care to add to the list?

113. Lore - August 26, 2010

#95 Keep that talk north of the border Harry.

114. Harry Ballz - August 26, 2010


His career?

115. Harry Ballz - August 26, 2010

Lore, funny how your name rhymes with bore, spore, ignore, sore……

116. Desstruxion - August 26, 2010

They should have killed off Chakotay in the first episode. Very boring character.

117. Lt. Bailey - August 26, 2010

Even though Kirk and Trip were killed off in a movie and TV respectively and I thought ill about both deaths. I have the satisfaction of knowing they both survived in literature. William Shatner wrote his books that started right after Picard buried Kirk on Veridian and Kirk was lifted of the planet in front of Picard to be regenerated… may sound funny but it worked for me and I was glad to read about his further adventures with Pricard.

Trip lives on in the recent ENT books coming out that deal with the (finally) Romulan War. Again, its nice to read about a favorite character that was killed off, whether you agree with it or not. I sure thought it was wrong to kill Kirk especially that way, but then how should he have died? Old age perhaps? Or maybe sailing off to Risa to die of pleasure? Trip dies saving his ship, people in the military can understand his sacrafice and why some one woudl do that.

I know a lot of people regard the books as non-canon so what ever is written in a book does not mean a thing in the real time line or history of Star Trek… I disagree, but that is my opinion.

118. Ro_Laren - August 26, 2010

I would have been really mad if this had happened!!! Of course hooking her up with Chakotay was almost as bad!!!

119. RA - August 26, 2010

Usually I would welcome exploring the death of a character, but for a finale? There’s just so much waisted writing potential when you can’t get into the real issue, which is now so much the death of a character but instead how the characters who are left have to deal with that death.

The only times they really had a chance to explore this was ST2/ST3 with Spock’s death and the beginning of season 7 of DS9 with Jadzia’s death.

In TNG they seemed more concerned with who was going to take over the dead person’s job. They practically forgot about Tasha after that. Data’s death and Trip’s death was just too last minute rushed.

And when you think about it, Admiral Janeway was all knotted up about 7 of 9 dying… kinda would have felt like defeating the purpose at that point. Besides if anyone they should have killed off WunderNoob Harry Kim. I think he’s the one Trek character that truly got on my nerves.

120. Hector Alfonso - August 26, 2010


Spot on. Spot on.

121. Harry Ballz - August 26, 2010



122. OMNI - August 26, 2010

Braga is a Denebian Slime Devil.

123. Jack2211 - August 27, 2010

i had the same complaints with flash forward as with voyager — there wasn’t a lot of character consistency and romantic relationships often felt forced/unnatural, in my average viewer opinion.

The finale was really not Star Trek, for me anyway, Janeway alters the past to shorten the journey and save 7 of 9… entirely selfish motives… and everything works out beautifully. it’s almost accidental that she happens to really mess up the Borg while there. At least if she’d done it all to save the federation/ the earth, whoever from the borg (based on some real mistake she made years before that, if done differently, could have prevented it all)… I tend to ramble when I post after4 am.

124. "Check the Circuit!" - August 27, 2010

Just because someone is damaged and/or can’t reach their goal they are “doomed” or become suicidal. Stupid reason to suggest a character should die. IMHO

125. denny cranium - August 28, 2010

Wtf is it with Braga that he wants to kill off Trek characters?
Trip had personality and killing him off was a waste of time.
7 of 9 was interesting as a character.
Killing Kirk off ? uhhhh

If Braga stayed with Trek the end credits all would be a graveyard

126. Harry Ballz - August 28, 2010

Yeah, talk about coming to a dead end!

127. Konsta - August 28, 2010

Voyager was amazing. And all these posts prove that many people watched the show.
Make a TV movie and let Seven live..

128. Harry Ballz - August 28, 2010

Yeah, like I say when playing craps in Vegas and throwing the dice, “C’mon, Seven!”

129. Disinvited - August 29, 2010

Would I be slapped with a restraining order or by other means if I confessed to often thinking of the character as Seven of Mine (sic)?

130. Harry Ballz - August 29, 2010

How do you think I feel referring to her as Seven Times?

131. 24thCentury Rockstar - August 30, 2010

While I don’t consider myself a Braga hater, the real nut-punch here is that I don’t think that he realizes that the deaths of Kirk and Trip simply WEREN’T THAT DRAMATIC – AT ALL (of course your mileage may vary).

#102 – “I got to say, what the heck is with them and trying to kill off popular and central characters for no apparent reason?”

There are two articles over on that do a decent turn on covering the subject of writers who suddenly hijack well established plots, or character narratives by killing off series leads as a cheap means of amping up the drama – and as you might imagine, Berman\Braga era Trek is a pretty big offender. While you might not agree with everything the tropers have to say, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Personally, I’m glad they didn’t off Seven of Nine. I’m not a fan of Voyager, but the notion of forcing a ‘Heroic Sacrifice’ into the story for the deliberate purpose of inducing drama would have smacked of cheap trickery. Better to have kept ‘Endgame’ as a straightforward action\adventure story then derail it with some clumsy attempt at profundity.


132. Sarah Borke - September 4, 2010

Brannon Braga’s email address is and his phone number is 323-314-1336. He welcome’s emails and phone calls from anyone who wants to ask him questions or make comments about the work he does.

133. Malcontent - September 20, 2010

I bugs me that they just threw away canon again to make the finale digestible for the mainstream. After they went through the transwarp thingy, they should have all started turning into slugs, since it’s been established that in the voyager universe trans-warp travel turns you into a huge slug super with no tongue from the future (or something). Naturally, they would go straight to an earth aquarium of some sort and spend the rest of their lives humping each other silly as sub-sentient toady things, but it could have been one of those bittersweet things and would have been a very challenging send off for the show.

134. anon - September 27, 2010

Whatever the best outcome could be. No sane male would willingly vote/press the “kill Seven” button.

Seeing as the finale wasnt exactly good quality, her possible death wouldnt be cool either, and be washed out with a lot of whining, crying and emotions blahblah.

135. iphone skydd - April 11, 2011

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136. dubbing - May 27, 2011

had they killed 7 of 9 thousands of fans wudda been up in arms , im glad alternate janeway ensured her survival! brannon dont be a d**k , seven was by the end the shows best character! thank christ shes alive! it would of been interesting had we seen what she got up to in the alpha quadrant!

137. One to beam up - May 14, 2012

I wish Voyager had been slowly upgraded to the Borg killing machine it became rather than the dios ex machina of time travel.

Janeway should have died in a Moses-like sacrifice for her people.

And if assimilation was a rape metaphor then killing Seven would have been just the absolute worst thing they could have done. “If you’re raped then you’ll never have a normal life and it’ll kill you”? Is that the message the writer wishes he’d sent?

Also kinda wish the Dr. had met Data in the end. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.