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1987 Paramount Memo Reveals Actors Auditioning For Star Trek: TNG Cast August 26, 2010

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Celebrity,TNG , trackback

An old Paramount Memo, which was actually released a few years ago, has been getting a lot of play on the Internet in the last day. The Memo is about possible actors who were being brought in to audition for roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it includes some interesting names for those who almost became the stars of the show.


TNG Casting Memo with some interesting names

This memo showed up yesterday at Letters of Note and was picked up by a number of sites, but was actually first reported years ago by Slice of Sci-Fi.

Click to see full size at Slice of Sci-fi


DATE: APRIL 13, 1987

Per your request, following is a list of actors who are being considered for their respective roles in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

Patrick Stewart
Mitch Ryan
Roy Thinnes
Yaphet Kotto
Patrick Bauchau

Lianne Langland
Julia Nickson
Rosalind Chao
Leah Ayers
Bunty Bailey

Mark Lindsay Chapman
Eric Menyuk
Kevin Peter Hall (also for Geordi)
Kelvin Han Yee

Michael O’Gorman
Gregg Marx
Jonathan Frakes
Ben Murphy

LeVar Burton
Reggie Jackson
Tim Russ
Wesley Snipes
Victor Love
Chip McCallister
Clarence Gilyard Jr.
Kevin Peter Hall

Anne Twomey
Jenny Augutter
Cheryl [Gates] McFadden

Denise Crosby

J.D. Roth

The above actors will be brought in to read for Gene Roddenberry starting next week. However, Patrick Bauchau did come in to read for Gene today for the role of "Picard." His reading was well received; he and Patrick Stewart seem to be the favorites for the role of "Picard."

For the role of "Ryker," Michael O’Gorman seems to be a favorite. He’s sort of an atypical choice for the role, however, a good one.

Denise Crosby seems to be the only possibility for the role of "Troi" at this point; the same for J.D. Roth for the role of "Wesley."

There are several contenders for "Tasha," "Geordi," and "Data." However, Rosalind Chao seems to be a favorite for "Tasha"; Reggie Jackson for "Geordi"; and Mark Lindsay Chapman for "Data."

For the role of "Beverly," Cheryl McFadden is the favorite. However, her schedule may pose a problem. She’s currently performing in a play in San Diego.

General reading sessions are continuing; our next one is on April 14.

cc: Jeff Hayes

There certainly are some interesting names on this list (like Wesley Snipes for Geordi), including some head scratchers (like Reggie Jackson for Geordi)?

What do you think? Any names on the list you think would have made good stars of Star Trek: The Next Generation?



1. Wes - August 26, 2010

WOW! Some interesting stuff! Clarence Gilyard? LOL! Yaphet Koto?

2. Lore - August 26, 2010

Wesley Snipes as Geordi……….how did they screw that one up. He would have kicked Worf’s ass.

3. Ross - August 26, 2010

Rosalind Chao auditioned for Tasha????

You learn something new everyday

4. NDP - August 26, 2010

Didn’t you get the memo?

5. That One Guy - August 26, 2010

Oh my god….

This is totally awesome! I had no idea that Denise Crosby had tried out for Troi, or that Tim Russ was going for Geordi.

6. Deanna - August 26, 2010

THE Reggie Jackson?

7. kesseljunkie - August 26, 2010

Wesley Snipes? Really?

And Denise Crosby would have been an interesting Troi. I would have liked to see that. Spiner must have just come in and blown them out of the water (which, given his talent, is not surprising).

It’s hard to think of actors on TV at that time now that would have been good choices for the characters, especially in light of the fact that those characters have since been so well-defined by the people who played the roles.

Yaphet Koto? Really?

8. nuKirk - August 26, 2010

WOW.. Tuvok as Geordi? Keiko as Tasha? The Traveler as Data? Wait I’d heard rumblings that John DeLancie had also auditioned for Riker…and Wesley Snipes? FTW??? and I can only assume that Cheryl was the name Gates McFadden was goin by professionally at the time.

9. Allen Williams - August 26, 2010

Tim Russ? wow! That would have been interesting. Of course then who would have been Tuvock?

10. John O'Brien - August 26, 2010

I interviewed Brent Spiner a few years back and he mentioned he’d originally auditioned for Riker! Hard to imagine now.

11. rogue_alice - August 26, 2010

I bet the actors that won the parts are glad they did.

This is very interesting. I do wish it had clickable links to their photos.

12. John from Cincinnati - August 26, 2010

If they mean Jenny Agutter from ‘American Werewolf in London” she would’ve made a really hot Dr. Crusher.

13. Thorny - August 26, 2010

I think it is pretty well known that Tim Russ was a strong contender for the role of Geordi and that Worf was a last minute addition to the cast.

But Jenny Agutter (“Logan’s Run”) as Dr. Crusher? Wow!

14. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - August 26, 2010

Wow Wesley Snipes for Georidy. Denise Crosby as Troi. Wow. I wonder what it would have been like if TNG had these actors playing those parts. Would have been something. Oh. Didn’t James Avery go up for the Role of Worf.

15. rogue_alice - August 26, 2010

I thank the heavens that Brent Spiner got the role of Data. He is/was perfect in that spot.

16. mjmjr91 - August 26, 2010

wha? wesley snipes? wha?

17. Jeff Bond - August 26, 2010

No disrespect to Gates McFadden but Jenny Agutter would have blown her away, and made a much better match for Picard. To me this shows the beginning of the “safe TV” casting that made a lot of the later Trek shows a bit on the dull side. There were good actors on all the shows but a lot of the supporting cast members to me didn’t “bring much to the party” as Robert Mitchum used to say. If you have an actor who’s inherently interesting on their own they can make a boring script seem more interesting than it is–that happened a lot on TOS.

18. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - August 26, 2010

As much as I love Sir Patrick Stewart as Capt Picard I would love to have seen Sean Connery as Picard. Wouldn’t that have been something.

19. British Naval Dude - August 26, 2010

ROY THINNES-PICARD: My God, I finally have proof of alien invaders… and they’re all around me!

REGGIE JACKSON-GEORDI (with sunglasses): You want me to club them with my bat, captain?

DENISE CROSBY-TROI: You know I love chocolate, but these “Reggie” bars are inedible. Bleccch.

ROSALIND CHAO-TASHA: Hmmm… as head of security, I wonder if I can just handcuff that cute mick in the transporter room and take him to some secured quarters?

BND-WORF: Sorry thar’ Gene… I thought this bumpy prosthetic wuz’ supposed ta’ be glued ta’ me bom, not me forehead.


20. RAMA - August 26, 2010

Not the baseball player most likelyy

21. CmdrR - August 26, 2010

BND – HA, I say. HA!

Jenny Augutter would have been an excellent Dr. Crusher. Rosalind Chao has my eye wherever she shows up.

Interesting to see actors cast in later role were up for the TNG’s.

22. JWWright - August 26, 2010

J.D. Roth = Will Robinson… looks like plenty of bullets dodged on this lineup.

The final casting decisions were right on.

Although, I have to say, Patrick Bauchau would have at least had the proper accent for Picard.

Cheryl is from my hometown! C-Falls in da howse, yo!

23. Vultan - August 26, 2010

Wow, Kevin Peter Hall was the guy who played the Predator and Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. He also appeared in TNG as an alien in the episode “The Price.” Kinda hard to imagine a 7 foot tall Data or LaForge!

24. ncc1987 - August 26, 2010

Originally the character of Tasha Yar was to be called Macha Hernandez, a hispanic dark haired olive skinned security chief which Marina Sirtis (of Greek-English origin) was going to play.

However she was thought to be more suited to the role of an alien counsellor so Crosby (who was going to play Troi) and Sirtis swapped roles at the last minute.

Also, Eric Menyuk played the Traveller after coming close to playing Data.

Wesley was even going to be a girl at one point (Lesley). When the casting call went out 10/12/1986, it was for “an appealing 15 year old girl”.

The Continuing Mission (Star Trek: The Next Generation) book has lots of interesting facts including many memos about the TNG casting. Well worth a look for those interested.

25. Joel - August 26, 2010

Alright, it’s been mentioned, but is there any clarification on whether it was THE Reggie Jackson as in Mr. October that auditioned for Geordi??

If that’s the case… whoa.

26. Dalek - August 26, 2010

Here’s an interestong tidbit. They wanted to make Data bald, which Brent Spiner wasn’t a fan of. But when Patrick Stewart was cast they changed their minds. Wouldn’t work in JJ’s Trek, can you imagine the multiple lens flare reflections from Picard’s head???

27. grigori - August 26, 2010

Thanks #24 for that other info! cool.

Rosalind Chao and Tim Russ are great; I’m glad Trek did finally fit them in somewhere.

Jenny Agutter (I believe they spelled it wrong) would have actually considered Trek?! I suppose if Patrick Stewart were already on board…

I, too, am glad they went with Spiner for Data; classic fit. Also Marina Sirtis has made a memorable place in Trek history, as she is.

28. PEB - August 26, 2010

oh dear God…TNG could have SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED so hard…

from this day forth, i need a “Wesley Snipes…nuff” said t-shirt

29. rm10019 - August 26, 2010

Very intereting. It is always a bit political in Hollywood to discuss roles that were cast to others. A very delicate situation, but I agree 20 years on, I think it’s fair game.

I personally think that casting Patrick Stewart was a great fortune to the show, as well as all the others, but in the end, the story is paramount and I’m sure many of these fine actors would have brought their own unique presence to the show.

30. Losira - August 26, 2010

Its interesting reading of might could have been this is a great piece of trek history. I wonder if such a memo exists for TOS and the other trek shows Fascinating

31. Scott B. here. - August 26, 2010

No love for Ben Murphy? “Alias Smith and Jones” fan here.

I can’t wait for physicists to invent the transdimensional viewer, so we can see Star Trek-The Next Generation with Roy Thinnes, Ben Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Jenny Agutter. :-)

Scott B. out.

32. Jerry Modene - August 26, 2010

Fascinating indeed. I have read articles that suggest that Martin Landau was a possibility to play Spock had Leonard Nimoy turned the role down, and that the producers approached Lloyd Bridges about playing the captain after Jeffrey Hunter left the role. And, of course, they *did* cast the doctor three times, finally getting it right with De Kelley.

Then again, I also remember, before DS9 came out, the rumors that the TNG spinoff was going to be Lwaxana Troi comedy/drama thing.

33. Red Dead Ryan - August 26, 2010

Wesley Snipes as Geordi LaForge? Good thing they went with LeVar Burton instead! Wesley Snipes would have probably been fired after a few episodes anyway, judging from what I have heard in regards to “conflicts” with various cast members and crew on various projects he did.
Clarence Gilyard Jr was also an interesting choice. It would have been hilarious if it turned out that Paramount also considered Chuck Norris for the role of Riker. :-D

A very interesting “what if”.

By the way, James Earl Jones and Danny Glover were both at one point considered for the role of Benjamin Sisko.

34. Danpaine - August 26, 2010

Yaphet Kotto would have been excellent. He is one great actor.

No disrespect to Patrick Stewart, but…wow.

35. The Borg King - August 26, 2010

Jack Lord was also considered for the role of Captin Kirk also…..

36. philpot - August 26, 2010

i suspect Roy Thinnes as Picard wouldve been much more Kirk-like (esp in appearance)

obviously Stewart was great and its impossible to think of anyone else now but ive a feeling Thinnes wouldve been great too (big fan of ‘The Invaders’ here – still waiting for the big budget movie)

37. philpot - August 26, 2010

wasnt The Rocketeer William Cambell (Outrageous Okona) also under consideration for ‘Ryker?’

38. Elliot - August 26, 2010

Reggie Jackson? I wonder what that would have been like…

39. Eric - August 26, 2010

Patrick Stewart was great, but I think Patrick Bauchau could have pulled it off as well. Another great actor.

40. roy - August 26, 2010

Wasn’t there a rumor that went around quite a while back that Edward James Olmos was also considered for the role of Picard.

41. Mike in Iowa - August 26, 2010

After what happened while he was on the Nostromo, there was no way Yaphet Kotto was getting another ship. LOL!

42. Mister B - August 26, 2010

Ben Murphy? Couldn’t he have just clicked his watch and gone invisible? :)

43. philpot - August 26, 2010

if theyd done TNG as a big movie instead of a tv show in 1987:

Sean Connery or Terence Stamp

Vasquez from ‘Aliens’

Lance Hendikson

Christopher Reeve

Wesley Snipes

Susan Sarandon

Carrie Fisher

River Phonix

Carl Wethers

44. Basement Blogger - August 26, 2010

They thought about casting Reggie Jackson as Geordi?! The baseball player?! Mr. October?! Jenny Agutter would have been interesting as Dr. Crusher. But that would be two English actors, maybe too much for an American audience. And by the way we Americans shouldn’t care about too many English actors. They thought about Bunty Bailey for Tasha? Who is Bunty Bailey? Glad you asked. According to IMDB, she’s the girl in Aha’s “Take on Me.” Video below.


45. daryl bowlin - August 26, 2010

Lloyd Bridges was approached to be the replacement Capt. he didn’t try out for it (He’d only recently come off of the very popular “Sea Hunt” series) but he wasn’t interested. Back then he thought sci-fi was the kiss of death to a serious actor. It wouldn’t be until a dozen years later that he changed his tune & took the plunge as Cmdr. Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus. Loved the character myself, very Patton like. Made Adama look like Bradley.

46. Harry Ballz - August 26, 2010

40 “Edward James Olmos was also considered for the role of Picard”

I’ve seen Olmos on recent talk shows where he brags that he was OFFERED the Picard part, but turned it down. Now seeing that his name didn’t even make the short list makes me wonder if he made the whole thing up. Wouldn’t surprise me.

47. grant johnston - August 26, 2010

@3 hell yeah that’s crazy.

Keiko O’brien as Tasha Yar??

Imagine how pissed she was to get the wife of O’brien and to only be in a total of 40 episodes over the years (although I guess Tasha didn’t have more than about 40 anyway)

48. Andy Patterson - August 26, 2010

Ben Murphy for Ryker…now that’s an interesting footnote. Would have been an interesting choice. The wrong choice…but interesting. After Pete Duel effectively ended “Alias Smith & Jones” that kind of ended Ben Murphy in a way. I saw him in “The Gemini Man” after that but that’s about it.

49. Andy Patterson - August 26, 2010

And yes…..Yaphet Kotto would have been very interesting.

50. Colonel West - August 26, 2010

Wesley Snipes as Geordi, bloody hell… as much as I liked LeVar Burton in the role that would have been some ride if Snipes had of been cast….

*rolls under closing door after warp core breach starts*

“Always bet on black….”

:D :D :D

51. BLFSisko - August 26, 2010

I´m happy with the actual stuff. I don´t want to imagine any other actor in the roles I´ve learned to love. It is good as it is.

52. starfall42 - August 26, 2010

I’m also very happy with the way the casting came out. Spiner as Data was particularly inspired.

There’s no other credits from that era on IMDB, so “Reggie Jackson” was the baseball player or a complete unknown. He was at the tail end of his baseball career, so he may have been considering going to acting. He has been in a number of TV episodes and movies, but they’re all as Reggie Jackson the baseball player or a thinly disguised version.

Snipes was at the beginning of his career. That could have been interesting.

53. Admiral Archer's Prized Beagle - August 26, 2010

Interesting that Denise Crosby almost played Troi. Just imagine the drama if Riker’s imzadi was killed off in the first season.

54. Imrahil - August 26, 2010

Haha, Reggie Jackson!?

Still, Jenny Agutter. Rrowr.

55. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - August 26, 2010

Im glad we have in the history books the actors we have.

56. jas_montreal - August 26, 2010

Patrick Bauchau was wonderful in the tv show ‘The Pretender’. What a great show.

57. Jim Nightshade - August 26, 2010

I had such a crush on jenny agutter(stupid memo didnt even know how to spell her name) after logans run,american werewolf in london etc…she woulda been a great crusher–all in all those chosen for tng were all awesome

58. Captain Dunsel - August 26, 2010

It might have been interesting to see Mitch Ryan as Captain Picard.

Picard and “Ryker” beating each other’s brains out in martial arts?

59. Thomas Riker - August 26, 2010

I would like to see Rosalind Chao as the next captain. She could be Sulu’s granddaughter.

Yaphet Kotto could be similar, than captain Oliver Hudson in the third season of Seaquest. Homicide: Life on the Street my favorite crime series.

Wesley Snipes as engineer? He need a Bird of Prey, looking for wraiths, goaulds and anzats. The sky is full stars and vampires. He need a vizor and a good name. For example -Wesley Crusher. And a blade, of course. … I think i just have written…The Chronicles of Riddick!

And I want to see Marina Sirtis as Macha Hernandez.

60. Herb Finn - August 27, 2010

I still say this has to be the earliest round of casting. Worf wasn’t even created till June or July.

It would be great if more cool memos turn up.

61. pasty - August 27, 2010

#43: In “Aliens” Vasquez was played by Jenette Goldstein. She also played the unnamed communications officer of the 1701-B in “Generations”.

62. Enc - August 27, 2010

I vote some one photoshop those actors into a cast pic

63. Will - August 27, 2010

Yaphet Kotto was also considered for the role of Adama on the new Galactica.

64. Captain Dunsel - August 27, 2010

@61. pasty – “…Jenette Goldstein. […] also played the unnamed communications officer of the 1701-B in “Generations”.

I believe she also doubled Beverly Crusher when Data pushed her over the side of the sailing vessel.

65. Vger23 - August 27, 2010

If Jenny Agutter had played Beverly Crusher and Marina Sirtis would have still taken the Troi role, TNG would have hands-down been the Trek cast with the hottest chicks.

66. Daoud - August 27, 2010

The original discussion in 2006 on Slice of Sci Fi is recommended to anyone before posting here!

Interesting how there were a lot of other people brought in to read for Ryker/Riker, such as Erich Anderson (later “Commander MacDuff”), William O. Campbell (later Okona).

Folks should remember too that at that point in time, Natasha Yar was a raven-haired “Siberian” of Russian and/or unspecified non-Chinese north Asian (Mongolia, Korea, etc.) origin, that the name had been changed from Macha Hernandez because it was WAY too derivative of Aliens’ Jenette (“the alphabet starts at D”) Goldstein’s Vasquez. (Funny how Gene Roddenberry was lifting from James Cameron’s film, given that Cameron now wants to turn the Avatar universe into the next Trek-like product!)

Needless to say, at this point in time the Ilia-replacement Troi (please, people of unknown education, get that the ancient city of Troy’s older Greek name is Ilion. Get it, Ilion/Ilia becomes Troy/Troi!?!?) was a blue-eyed faerie-haired (think KES!) type.

#40, 46. The memo is from APRIL 1987. Gene was pitching the older grizzly combat-weary Captain’s role to Eddie Olmos in late 1986. I’m not certain that Roddenberry had named the character Picard at that point, because the concept was the “Older, Wiser Kirk” of the unproduced Phase II. Someone should ask David Gerrold, who was the real workhorse behind TNG.

But, cheap shot at ELO on your part Ballz.

67. British Naval Dude - August 27, 2010

I could go fur’ a cheap shot whilst ELO plays on tha’ jukebox…

“Don’t bring me down- Bruuuuuuuuce!”

‘Specially aftar’ all this speculation… but some of it be fun ta’ think who could who… why, I could be you… then ye’d be screwed…

Aftar’ tha’ cast is set, ye’ canna’ see anyone else in tha’ roles… ‘specially aftar’ seven years on telly… well, I suppose ye’ could be someone else if yer’ a bewitched Darrin or a rose o’ another colour Becky or movin’ on up Lionel… or tha’ Duke boys… or Chris Pine… or Sarek / Rommie Commander / Klingon killed by V’GER…


68. British Naval Dude - August 27, 2010

Just what wuz’ ELO singin’ in that song? Bruce? Spruce? Goose? Juice? Loose? Moose? Bauer–Fike theorem?

Oh, beg yer’ pardons. I would ne’er wanna’ go oof’ on a tangent in one o’ these threads.

So, who else coulda’ been a good TNGer? Let’s do more doppelgangers fur’ tha’ Ent-D gang…


69. gingerly - August 27, 2010


Great minds!! LOL!! I imagined a similar scene in my head, as well.

70. gingerly - August 27, 2010



I imagined a similar scene in my head, as well.

71. T'Cal - August 27, 2010

Tim Russ lucked out by getting Tuvok over LaForge. At least the Vulcan got lucky every 7 years. Geordi? Not so much…

Besides William Cambell (TNG’s Outrageous Okona), I remember reading that Christopher MacDonald (Lt. Richard Castillo from the Enterprise-C) was considered for Ryker, too.

72. Greg2600 - August 27, 2010

I guess Reggie Jackson struck out?

73. Phaser Guy - August 27, 2010

Ted Danson as Riker.

74. SciFiGuy - August 27, 2010

Jenny Agutter as Dr. Crusher…she would have been awesome!

75. Trek Fan - August 27, 2010

Jenny Augutter who stared in Logan’s Run and An American Werewolf in London would have been my choice for the ship’s doctor.

76. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2010


Cheap shot? I don’t think so. Olmos is terribly limited as an actor (all he ever does is grimace and look like he’s pissed off about something) and would have stunk up the place sitting in the captain’s chair! Besides, I said I saw him say he was OFFERED the part, which we know NEVER took place.

77. Lt. Dakin - August 27, 2010

Olmos’ agent was probably contacted to have him come audition, and since he was a snob against science fiction, he probably didn’t even respond.

Remember when doing press for Galactica he basically derided all other science fiction.

78. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2010


79. Adrian Patrick - August 28, 2010

Harrison Ford was considered for Magnum P.I. but couldn’t get out of his contract for Indiana Jones

80. Harry Ballz - August 28, 2010


Uh, actually it’s the other way around. Tom Selleck was set to play Indiana Jones, but couldn’t get out of his contract for Magnum P.I.

81. British Naval Dude - August 28, 2010

A damp sponge bucket wuz’ originally cast as R2D2…

Mickey Mantle wuz’ gunna’ be Morpheus in tha’ original Matrix, but he wuz’ deceased at tha’ time…

Arnold Shwarzenneger showed up in a blonde wig and sailor suit, with a lolly fur’ director John Hughes ta’ get tha’ lead in Home Alone…

Though unable ta’ lift tha’ sword, 18 year old Crispin Glover wuz’ considered fur’ Conan…

Mickey Rooney wuz’ gunna’ play tha’ Horta…

Oh, I kidz cuz I’m drunk…


82. Dr. Image - August 28, 2010

Never did understand why they changed Ryker to Riker.

83. captainedd - August 28, 2010

#79 – Actually, Tom Selleck was considered for the role of Indiana Jones, but scheduling conflicts, and the requirement of shaving of the mustache for the role had sent Spielberg to look elsewhere…

84. kmart - August 28, 2010

They changed Ryker to Riker and Julien Picard to Jean-Luc in order to screw David Gerrold out of his ‘created by ‘credit, since he wrote most if not all of the show’s bible. I remember that Data’s name was supposed to be rhymable not with theta, but that-a, so that changed as well.

I think the original notion for Picard was a widower as well, since in Gerrold’s novelization of FARPOINT I’m pretty sure there is a reference to this.

I remember that Stephen Macht was a real near-winner for Picard, and that would have been great by me, somebody a lot more vital than Stewart. And he could have managed a kind of french sound, going by his role in Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift.

85. Phobos - August 29, 2010

My heart stopped for a second, I though CBS was preparing a new Star Trek TV series.

86. Commander Thor - August 29, 2010

Leah Ayers is the hot babe from Bloodsport! If she had been cast as Tasha then there would have actually been a good looking woman on the bridge. That would have been cool !!!!!!!!!

Kevin Peter Hall is the guy who played the Predator, he would have defanitely kicked Worf’s arse.

Julia Nickson is also good looking…could have cast her as Troi and there would have been two hot babes on the bridge…where no Trek has gone before!

87. Cygnus-X1 - August 29, 2010

Reggie Jackson? The baseball player? Really?

Well, he’s had enough major acting roles since 1987 to evidence the demand for him at that time as an actor, and we can judge for ourselves whether he’d have been good as Geordi.

Uhh, I mean, no he hasn’t. What a head-scratchingly bizarre casting decision.

I wonder if anything happens to casting directors who come up with such bad ideas.

The probably get promoted to director.

88. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - September 7, 2010

Boy, not only did they choose someone less better looking than Jenny Agutter but a far less better actress in the wooden board that was Gates McFadden.

It would have been very interesting to see one of my favorite actors play Picard. Yaphet Kotto is always fantastic.

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